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Uniting Church

The Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) was formed on 22 June 1977 when many of the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Congregational Union of Australia came together under the Basis of Union.

St Stephen

Japanese group launches 18C racial discrimination case over 'comfort women' memorial via
I'd ❤ to see church leaders focus less on criticizing His Church, and more on uniting us in the fight against the real enemy.
So good to be at NewLife Uniting Church this weekend on Australia's beautiful Gold Coast!
are visiting the homeless shelter this evening at Uniting Church in Sketty
My peace I leave with you - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Great example of uniting in our country. Despite differences we are all children of God.
Is this some kind of sick joke?! complaint lodged against 'comfort women' memorial https:…
A NSW Uniting Church minister is defying calls to remove a statue in memory of 'comfort women'
My sis won two tix for tonight's Wafia concert at St Stephens uniting church n she was so incredible live!!!
Saw live tonight at St. Stephen's uniting church. I'm still in awe. Her voice and performance was incredibly inspiring 💖
Uniting Church President Stuart McMillan sent a 2017 Survival Day message. Here it is if you missed it! look out f…
Sydney! Tonight we curate at Paddington Uniting Church. See you there
Playing with in the beautiful St Stephen's Uniting Church as part of Sydney…
The Horsham Uniting Church is set to throw open its doors again
We partnered with Hope Uniting Church on Garden Party. Lots of fun was had with live entertainment, BBQ,
Wafia chats about returning to St. Stephen's Uniting Church for the Festival - the AU review (blog) :
What's on at Uniting Church in the City this week...
.performs tonight at St Stephen's Uniting Church in Sydney for
This is great. Denominations uniting under one banner for church planting.
Well Sydney, tonight is the night I swoon you 🌚🌚🌚. ✨Paddington Uniting Church. ✨Doors open at 8…
Proud of top honour for my oldest mate Al Macrae making a more civil society- Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Congrats to Dorothy, coordinator of 40 Hour Famine, on being awarded honours!
suggest members of the Uniting Church travel to the Middle East and see how Tolerant Islam is toward Christianity!
Celebrating Survival on 26 January - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly via
Top honour for Alistair Macrae - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Uniting Church President Stuart McMillan's 2017 message! Please take the time to listen!
Thanks for the personal share. Why would discovering boys obviously move you from local church if Uniting?
Uniting Church sold out to anti Christ Islam
😷👀looks like Uniting Church is sold out to Islam anti Christ. Anti Christian hm
At the Recognition Service held in West End Uniting Church. So important to join with our…
SIKH leaders are aiming to establish their first place of worship in Geelong, eyeing off a historic former church. https:/…
Sikh leaders looking to convert former South Geelong Uniting Church into local place of worship -…
Larry & Wafia chat about a fusion of darkness and optimism within her songwriting ahead of her show…
Touring Annesley with the newly appointed Moderator of the Uniting Church - Rev Sue Ellis
Cooking scones for the Red Dove Cafe at the Royal Show, to raise money for projects across the Uniting Church.
Hearts on Fire for Tongan youth at national conference - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly via
Conservatives in the Uniting Church call themselves Confessing Congregations (after churches that stood up to Hitler). It's wildly off-base.
Margaret Jurd College is a Ministry of the Uniting Church in Australia. A registered Non-Government Secondary...
Here's something you don't see everyday - some true facts about asylum seekers Good job Balmain U…
The Uniting Church of Australia has changed its constitution to recognise that white people did not 'bring God...
Sad that some Aborigines have mashed Christianity and traditional beliefs to decide they can't cull feral animals
The Uniting Church has officially recognised that white people did not 'bring God' to Aboriginal Australians
A four-channel sound installation in a church? Meg Clune's amaze project at Northcote Uniting Church for
After taking a wedding at our Croxton Uniting Church
Our Year 10's had a great day yesterday preparing and serving a Mexican Feast at the Uniting Church Community Lunch!
Uniting Church HQ buy sees control over a hectare of Melb CBD
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"...The Uniting Church would team with Leighton Properties to deliver a new premium office tower opposite Wesley Chu…
Community meeting West End Uniting Church tonight will focus on Boundary Street mega development
US Catholic Priest molested/raped 130 kids over 3 decades. Church just transferred him. In India, not even tracked.
The entire Church hierarchy reports to the Vatican. China nationalized Church, Mexico its land, Time…
Catholic Church is biggest pvt landowner in India, part of colonial loot. Nationalize that land and institutes.
Sanu ji, can you throw light on what pak and bg did to church's land in these countries. Unlike India, she has…
NGOs lose funds if they speak out against gov. Uniting church was very vocal against LNP til work for the dole grant.
Uniting reformed church of southern africa. I so love my church
Uniting Reformed Church Northern Synod Convention on Channel 340 That was held last week ko PTA ♡♡
Uniting Church Synod NSW/ACT supports decriminalizing of people using small amounts of illicit drugs for personal use; but not legalising.
.uniting of the left in Labour's broad church and proportional representation are key.
Leaders of Australia’s 12 Christian denominations call on to "stop the clock" on aid budget cuts:
Oz won’t become mature & unified until we honour Indigenous ppl as sovereign says Uniting Church president |
and I will be speaking at North Ringwood Uniting in
Will be speaking at North Ringwood Uniting in tomorrow. Those in town are welcome to attend.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Congrats to Rev Simon Hansford Minister at Southside Uniting Church chosen to be next Moderator of Uniting Church Synod NSW & ACT
I just started following Uniting Church in Australia on
What a pile of religious claptrap & drivel. Church has only done this because they were caught & exposed.
UPCI Ecuador is also doing its part uniting all donations to bring relief to our brothers&the victims a church united will never be defeated
offer healing to survivors CLAN has only learnt policy NOW
I'm ex Mormon born in it! This is just a scam for votes uniting Church & State & 1 reason our Fathers left Europe
Uniting with 800 Church Leaders this week from 29 states and 8 countries. Pray God would awaken the hope of the world.
: Charter Hall’s holy hectare Charter Hall has secured full ownership of the Uniting Church headquarters…
Uniting the Church, Community, World and All people with God's Love is key to Cross- Cultural Peace among all people groups on Earth!
Hey why does the Uniting Church get left out of faith discussions? I know McCrossin is a congregant, but will they not send anyone?
One of my favorite places, St. Michael's Uniting Church in Melbourne.
Uniting Church to offer healing and justice to survivors
"The church is called to un-muffle these marginalized voices. We must be uniting, not just united."
market on April 30 from 8am until 3pm at the Uniting Church Grounds.
"By spiritual uniting you with Christ, God has made you all He wants you to be." Jeff Jackson
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
The KCC are performing next Saturday and Whaley Bridge Uniting Church tickets avail on our website. It will be a fantastic evening
The Stirrer asks why the Uniting Church is allowing the Australian Christian Lobby to hold its conference on its premises.
So proud of the Uniting Church marching here at for LGBTI Refugees
What a great night and a big leap toward uniting the next generation of the church!
Money being raised to build new church in Bahdurgarh . Christians with HINDU names are collecting money https:/…
Gospel for Asia.. Each month, our church supports a missionary in India through Gospel for Asia. The name of the... htt…
Join us this Sunday evening at 6 pm for a special prayer service. We are uniting with area churches in prayer through Lent. Bring a friend!
Tradies team up to help drought-stricken Longreach - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Living the Christian Life as a Military Chaplain - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Gifts to be shared and treasured for the common good - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
UCA Disaster Recovery on the ground in Fiji - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
This Sunday 6th March 2016 Evangelist Grant Hay will be speaking at Bute Uniting Church at 10am Service.
Tonight we invite you to share in 24 Hours for the Lord, uniting us with Pope Francis and the Church throughout...
Join us for our lunchtime concert at St.Stephens Uniting Church!. Book you free ticket at
According to there should be 232 Uniting Church Oberonians trying to get into Oberon UC on Sunday!
Members of the Shepparton Uniting Church help out at the community kitchen every Friday afternoon
I sing for a Uniting Church now which is very traditional choral music but I can't really clap along to it you know
JONATHAN PRAG CLASSICAL GUITAR IS on at Church of The Trinity - Uniting Church, Goodwood Rd, Clarence Park,...
I think the caller was defending Pell and wanting balance as no one reports salvos uniting church etc
A sneak peek of the upcoming musical production of Godspell, performed by the Weerona Uniting Church in Bendigo
I love Christian bashing, but have to give props to Uniting Church for policies
The Weerona Uniting Church in Bendigo rehearses for its Godspell musical production. See it on March 19 and 20!
'UCA Funds leading the way on gender diversity'. UCA: Uniting Church of Australia
Uniting Church in the City invites you to our 7th annual Stations of the Cross Art Exhibition. Wesley Uniting...
Come and Celebrate Easter with the Uniting Church in the City!
The Moderator of the Uniting Church in Western Australia, Rev Steve Francis, has a new blog! Check it out and...
Uniting Church News. On Friday evening World Day of Prayer at the St John’s. Anglican Church will commence at...
It was great having the Morpeth Uniting Church come to our Newcastle & Hunter office yesterday for morning tea !...
Love seeing this on my way to work this morning! We agree Pitt Street Uniting Church. -Zoe, ChilOut Youth Ambassador
Now we are far too cool for school 🙄 @ Mallala Uniting Church
Debut concert in coming up. Sunday, March 13 at 730, broadview uniting church…
Glad to be at the Uniting Church a while back for the persian Thanks
“Uniting ourselves to the body of Christ—the Church—is an important part of taking His name upon us.” .
Chinese jasmine growing at our South Port Uniting Church Parish Mission Centre project
Pope Francis meets head of Ethiopian Orthodox Church at the Vatican
suspect 's real grievance is the Catholic Church has not folded on moral issues like the CofE, Un…
Congratulations to all Uniting Church people recognised in the Australia Day Honours list.
Last year we provided £7,000 to St David's Uniting Church Pontypridd to refurbish its kitchen which feeds vulnerable people
The President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Stuart McMillan, has issued a Survival Day message, calling for...
Uniting Church President calls for a conversation on sovereignty & treaty in his message
This is where it's happening Cape Town - 13 FEB 2016. Uniting the church & the people to Jesus!
Forced labour, human trafficking in Aus, , Uniting Church investigation, on ABC radio now
A bully, not a uniting Senator, a phony,never a regular church goer and tithes less than 1% as a multi millionaire. Lost my vote
Glorious nite praising God, opportunity to help the unborn & uniting the church! Thank you
Dazzle Dance enrolments are today, 10am - 1pm at the Uniting Church Hall.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The Uniting Church was surrendered to the loony left years ago, once the mental asylums were closed, the Uniting Church boomed...
The refugees are welcomed with open arms at Intravenous Drug Injecting Centre by the Uniting Church
Concern for the communities of Western Australia - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
President's Survival Day message urges new talks on sovereignty and treaty - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Who turned this OBC boy with stars in eyes into a monster? Owaisi? Kancha? Church?. Pl order CBI inquiry https:…
More than 1000 retired Uniting Church ministers had retirement incomes slashed by government superannuation changes
Some great work here from the Brown Hill Uniting Church |
Satan's plan is to divide and conquer the church, but we won't let him. Here is how!.
In 2015, we secured a £4,260 grant for Llanfair Uniting Church in Penrhys to repair its residential flats for volunteers.
Please check this amazing charity of Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania serving hundreds...
This ministry gig does have its compensations. The chairperson of Wagga Wagga Uniting Church Council, a keen...
Come join us tonight at 7pm for coffee van. We will be at southport uniting church next to…
UNITING CHURCH NEWS. This week will be our last service with Rev Gi Won Kang as our minister. We have enjoyed...
Ash Wednesday Service is on 10 February at 7 pm in our Church. . (We start our Lent Season with Ash Wednesday Service, leading to Easter.)
Come on down to Adelaide West Uniting Church for a free car wash!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
A wonderfully striking shot of the Ballarat Central Uniting Church by
Gov cuts pensions of Ministers pls report this
Gov cuts ministers pensions pls raise this with the Gov
Gympie Uniting Church in Gympie QLD commences Alpha on 20 January. Bring along a friend and Contact... htt…
God is uniting churches and every church forgetting the religious background just to unity for one goal to serve God together
Cutting the retirement incomes of ministers? Come on! .
Uniting Church ministers face pension shock after welfare crackdown
This is also true for many state and federal public servants affected by the changes. They weren’t all fat cats.
Church ministers face pension shock after being caught in welfare crackdown via
When the Scripture speak, God speaks! Uniting the Church, the Community, the World and All people for Christ is what Dr. King's Dream reps!!
How many former MPs & Ministers have had their pensions cut like this?
Christine, Newcastle, Uniting Church Minister, "fell" into mental health chaplaincy; called from teaching
Uniting Church ministers face pension shock Porter sounds like Ley, "it's about everyone treated the same"
So much to learn from Uniting Church's Middle Eastern Leaders - shukran
The Uniting Church SA's is now available online! Download a copy here:
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm almost certain the Uniting Church will push for whichever system brings greater Christian unity. I'm happy with that
Should be on a fixed date? South Australian Uniting Church Moderator, Dr Deidre Palmer weighs in:
Worshiping in the wonderful community that is Balmain Uniting Church this morning.
Uniting Church in hosting its 24th annual Christmas community lunch at the hall. All welcome
[QLD] 'Executive Officer- Chaplaincy' required by Uniting Church in Australia in Brisbane
I was very honoured to be a guest tonight at the Tamworth City Uniting Church's Girl's Night In…
.shows have the most nuanced discussions about faith in public office on TV. Why are my Uniting Church peeps attacking them?
There is always great excitement in the office when we see the Uniting Church of Bright setting up their...
Great to see so many members from Frontier Services & Uniting Church Adult Fellowship at the synod centre today
Digger James public memorial being held today at Albert Street Uniting Church in Brisbane, at 11am.
well, in Mosman the Uniting Church now has talks on climate change and hosts yoga, which is Protestantism, ie whatever polls well
The 24/7 prayer movement has been uniting church for 15 years:
I wasn't *quite* as surprised. We have a few notoriously politically hardline Uniting Church members in Queensland.
Had another great night performing at the Vines Uniting Church show on the 24th. Climaxed with cards flying everywhere!
Recently I went to Kew uniting church with my art class to record a video dressed as ...:
The Uniting Church SA Synod just voted to ordain Priscilla. Her ordination is on 21st Feb.
Coffee van tonight at 7pm come join us at oz fair near southport uniting church and come join us for…
Thinking of the Uniting Church, Synod and Presbytery of South Australia, gathering today and the next few days. Thoughts and prayers.
there are plenty of church groups which do support like Uniting & Anglican churches -please be more specific
Partnered with the Uniting Church of Palmerston, Somerville Community Services recently coordinated the annual...
Macrame. The shared curse of the Uniting-Church-raised child.
“The Uniting Church will continue our work to make amends for the wrongs in our past”
NEW Reasons for Uniting the Church and Dissenters by A. B. Paperback Book (Engli
: PM 'should follow' ALP on redress: church The head of the Uniting Church in Australia says a national …
Family and Friends' Day is Nov 1, 10:45am. Theme: Uniting Church and Community Through Fellowship.
Register for the 2016 Assembly of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women:
Peter Collins built 10 organs in Australia. Here is his magnum opus there @ Toorak Uniting Church, Melbourne
So you are a ASPD with Narcissism thrown in? The Uniting Church are onto you! :-0
The Uniting Church supports motion by to end offshore detention as part of ALP policy
Are we emotionally prepared for bushfires? Hear more at a meeting tonight at the Tea Tree Gully Uniting Church hall at 6.30pm
domain names
You're invited to a special event The Plan to Change Pitt St Uniting Church 5 November
Uniting Church President one of 61 asking for no new coal mines to be considered at COP21
wow!, didn't think the Uniting church opposed anything!?!.
Amazing day w/our friends at Christian Center Church! May we never lose the joy of uniting in worship! http:…
Excited to follow and see what the future brings by uniting the party as a broad church of thought. Great initiative!
But more with softer churches. The Uniting Church is a pretty good case in point
big contingent of Catholic left protestors social workers etc, & Quakers. & Uniting church alternatives .
Thank you everybody who attended St Luke's Uniting Church for the 3 course dinner to raise funds for the West...
We're uniting for the common good, marching for climate justice
Whn Church cant resolve smple issue like *** Hw do u claim 2 B bettr thn us?
answr my qstion. Wnt 2 prov again hw inconstnt ur church is. Homosexuality ?
wot is church stand on Homosexuality?
1) When GD came out I was at a college run by the Uniting Church. They held a big gathering
Any body hv an idea wher Indian Xtian church funds finally end up? What is the legal basis? Shud laws not B equal?
Bill Hybels and Brian Houston together, not surprising | Uniting Church in Australia
Vera Wade Gallery in the heritage listed St Andrew’s Uniting Church, is showing “The Empty Chair” - an exhibition...
Beautiful new banners at Pitt St Uniting Church. A rainbow of peace.
tonight: The city church is uniting together to launch our 14 day fast and consecration - Let's seek him together...
had no conflicts of views when at baptists, uniting, salvos, Lutherans, church of Christ, ACC.
Fantastic Uniting Church,'All life is Sacred,all refugees welcome...Leichardt UC generosity.
Great effort by North Ringwood Uniting Church, who raised significant funds to assist Vanuatu
Dressed appropriately for the sci-fi service at Brunswick Uniting Church today!
is a collection of songs born out of a church uniting to serve a city in need. This city, actually. htt…
Today the will gather at Brunswick Uniting Church on Sydney Rd. Join the world's only(?) cosplay service of worship.
absolutely, we used to sing it at my Presbyterian/Uniting Church in Australia, 'twas always everyone's favourite.
Every church has free Sunday school to give kids religious education.
A church UNITING with someone who says God had sex with Mary? That jesus and Lucifer are brothers? Really?
JD's malady synonymous with Church & Bishops wrldwide.
Some terrific Quilts on display at the Uniting Church in Laidley for Spring Festival.
. Can we STOP this ?. Video Missionary Church in chennai
All purpose parts banner
.it needs to be normal for the life of the Uniting Church to involve First Peoples in all that we do
this is kind of similar to what Europe and USA do to India - Church Planting. Though church planting is by harvesting souls.
My father was a Uniting Church minister, so I'm a heretic :)
[NSW] 'Children and Family Worker' required by 'Willoughby Uniting Church' in Willoughby, Sydney
Seeking an abundance of generosity for refugees - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly via
The Shrug Accords are signed in 1419, uniting the church in the name of Fragmented Goreth'pesh, may his molten gaze never fall upon me.
The Uniting Church has renewed calls for the immediate closure of the detention centre
Friday Evening Fundraising Movie Night for the Bundeena Choir!. Starts 7.30pm -Hall of Uniting Church. All...
We're so pleased to be supporting this event. We love to see the church uniting together! Come and be a part of it
Discussing values today in Envi.Sci. class. Using to look @ the links between religon & environmental conservation.
The boys practicing their singing... Get to the church service @ Croydon Uniting Church in Tallent Street Croydon...
Why I took part in the recent vigil with my Church
Proud to be there representing The Uniting Church
I liked a video Brunswick Uniting Church - 2015
Good message from the lovely folk at Pitt St Uniting Church
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Uniting Church President welcomes the government’s offer to resettle 12,000 Syrian refugees
The early church was constantly uniting to pray. I Thessalonians 5:12-18 NLT
BLOKE’S NIGHT OUT. You are invited to a Bloke’s Night Out on Friday 18 September at the Dunolly Uniting Church...
UNITING CHURCH NEWS. This week the Uniting Church Car boot Sale will be on Saturday 12 September in the Church...
The Uniting Church in Australia has created a wonderful Season of Creation resource thank you for sharing it!
A Welcome First Response to Refugees from Syria - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly
Don't forget to head down to the Uniting Church for Saturday's floral extravaganza.
Congratulations to you and the NCC on holding the line on divestment. The Uniting Church NSW/ACT stands with you in this.
Let's not forget the bush dancing. No Such Thing played at the Uniting Church. Visit Flickr to see the whole album.
cunning and shrewd Germans will make even a wold eat grass like a lamb.
great story about Vanya Broadland: can we translate part of it for our Russian news site?
Hi all, Laidley spring carnival is on this Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Pop into the Uniting church to see the quilt & craft expo
. Which was a complete surprise as Rev Wright's church was all about uniting.
Check out the amazing performance of Karl Jenkin's Requiem at Trinity Uniting Church Perth on Good Friday 2015
Quick questions on reading the Bible with past president of the Uniting Church, Andrew Dutney
Chris Walker is moving a proposal for the Uniting Church to recognise the Armenian Genocide
The Uniting Church seeking the will and spirit of God in this This is how we build community. Meeting processes serve this.
The team delivering the new South Port Uniting Church Parish Mission Centre project.
EVENT: TODAY - Church week of big decisions 14:00 More info
will be installed as the 14th President of the Uniting Church at 2130AEST today. Watch it live -->
Just when you couldn't get more niche than our Uniting Church memes...
Church plans for next three years in WA (AAP): More than 250 members of the Uniting Church will meet in Perth ...
Y you think many west ppl gave up on Church this is bitter truth
Church has work along mny Tyranny Colonial Empire powers no doubt 2 tht Atheist right
. Pls send me your church name. and your location U r doing conversion.
Do you work for church ? CONVERT Hindus openly. Which is illegal .
. You work for church? that works for foreign Govt,. need more proof ?.
Just come out of a meeting with KEY church influences from & Planning a…
Funny how two Priests from the Uniting church were part of the counter Rally against us back in April, then their...
I am an ordinary evangelist. Do not expect more in-depth theology from me. Instead go to a Church
They are available at your nearby Church. My job here is just showing the salvation from Jesus.
Go to a nearby Church. Talk with the Priest. He will give you the address of Heaven.
the Church of Creativity in Victoria are extremist Christians the Uniting Church are not.
the church is uniting no longer will religion be a divisive institution. Soon we will see the kingdom of God. That's why im:)
If you are in Adelaide, come on down to the Semaphore Uniting Church and support the SA Senior and Junior Women's...
.they have been that they r 'saved' from Roman Catholic Church. A friend of mine Tony was .
Roman Catholic Church of St. Paul & Minneapolis US filed for bankruptcy to PAY for SEX ABUSE Claims, approx $100M. http:/…
Eastwood Uniting Church asking a good question of the Australian Govt and community
Recitation from ch 91 of The Koran at an Iftar dinner at the Broadmeadow Uniting Church. People together.
People gather for an Iftar dinner hosted by the Hamilton Broadmeadow Uniting Church. For the Common Good
Uniting Reformed Church Night prayer :) my team will definitely be featured on this one
Best place of worship in wide area - Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia. Visit this place
education is open to all... Not a church bequest anymore... Sadly for you
Wadjuk Noongar - 14th Assembly Uniting Church 2015 Perth WA. Honoured to be welcomed to this sacred ground.
Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia, Adamstown - churchs, place of worships and much more at
Proud to be hosting the Church's 14th triennial Assembly in Perth.
place of worship Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia, phone number +61 2 4957 1887
Uniting Church unlikely to approve *** marriage at this year’s Assembly
Over 300 Uniting Church members will gather in Perth over the next week for the
Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia... this is really interesting. Want to know more? Look at
place of worship near Adamstown? Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia is the clear choice!
Just a reminder that our meeting will be on monday 13th at the uniting church hall on duckett st beaudesert.
Yet what is in the Bible is examples of accepting a church's decision & members uniting once a decision is made.
Are you near Adamstown? Visit Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia, more informations at
Do you know Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia? It's - church expert from Adamstown.
Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia - churchs, place of worships in Adamstown.
Awesome! Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia can be found at Australian places website
When we were last in Adamstown Uniting Church in Australia, we were thrilled. See more
Had to laugh; if Journey tried to give away a hamper w/ these contents in the Uniting Church we'd be in deep trouble!
Newtown is an inner city suburb of Sydney. The Newtown Mission on King Street is a Uniting Church congregation.
Reminder that our monthly meeting is on this Friday 1st Aug at the Uniting Church, Church St, Kangaroo Flat, 7.30pm
Power of God’s Love on Display at UCA Tongan National Conference - Uniting Church in Australia Assembly via
My Pacifica article on 'John Wesley, the Uniting Church, and the Authority of Scripture' has now passed through peer review. Here is the abstract: 'This article aims at contributing to the Uniting Church’s theological discourse by appealing to its Wesleyan heritage in order to establish a workable approach to the authority of Scripture. It takes note of attempts by both liberals and conservatives to hijack John Wesley’s opinions to defend idiosyncratic views of biblical authority for political and ecclesial purposes of their own. Rather than relying on Wesley’s ‘rhetorical flourishes’ on scriptural authority, this article considers his overall approach to argue that Wesley affirmed rigorous biblical criticism within the bounds of a generous orthodoxy. Recognising that in the light of reader-response criticism, the Protestant principle of sola scriptura has limited value, it is argued here that some kind of traditioned reading of Scripture (such as ‘canonical theism’) is necessary and desira ...
We will celebrate EIGHT years of spiritually inclusive services at Pitt Street (264) Uniting Church in Sydney on 15 June at 3pm. It really is quite an achievement and has absolutely depended on the commitment and goodwill of many people. Each 3rd Sunday of the month, at 3pm, we come together without "labels" to celebrate, heal, and extend our sense of life as a sacred experience. You would be so welcome to join us any month - and if you can make it for our anniversary service that will be especially beautiful. (I think all our services are beautiful and special...birthdays, though, have a particular place in our hearts.) Glorious music as always from Kim Cunio and Heather Lee: so much to be thankful for. Please do share this invitation through your own social media. We never know where it needs to land.
Great message outside the Uniting Church "God loves boat people" with
One of our custom designed & fabricated bronze cauldron fittings for Habitat Uniting Church
"the work of the Lord did prosper unto the baptizing & uniting to the church of God, many souls, yea, even tens of thousands.”. HELAMAN 3:26
The 8 Christian leaders and clergy, representing the Anglican, Uniting, Baptist, Catholic and MCC Churches, who...
There was lots on offer at an Australia's Biggest Morning Tea event at Uniting Church in Wannanup.
Live in eastside Brisbane & concerned about the uncovered coal trains? Public meeting this Saturday, 3.30 pm, Uniting Church, Thynne Rd.
Our blog post: How the 2014-15 Federal Budget will affect the Uniting Church's service providers and those they serve
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