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The United States Postal Service (also known as USPS, the Post Office or U.S.

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Not the whole United States Postal Service, just the south Jersey postal system, they are incompetent and irresponsible. I have been dealing with these "people" for 9 years. They constantly put other people's mail in my mailbox, 8 years. Isn't that a little bit long to deal with this kind of stupidity? They also lose mail.
i'd like to hand-write you a letter and mail it to you using the United States Postal Service. i even want to lick that *** stamp.
You should never trust the United States Postal Orifice
United States Postal Services Work Miracles or I can stop thru that Friday omw to Claxton
H.R.3455 Latest Title: To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 201 East Pikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as the "Chaplain (Capt.) Dale Goetz Memorial Post Office Building".
I'm bouta get so much money when I sue the United States Postal Service lma thought y'all was bouta get away wit a hit and run
Effective January 26, 2014, there will be an increase in postage by the United States Postal Service. Due to this...
Time to make a call to the USPS (United States Postal Service). I recently have been getting my neighbor's mail and today they got mine. We are lucky we both are so honest. She could have had fun with getting my credit card bill/info. Still never got last months's Allstate bill.(but I paid it)
Well trying to figure out the United States Postal Service. I apparently had my Christmas Cards cut too small...
IF Obamacare is HALF as good as the United States Postal Service. It will still be an utterly colossal failure. Evidently 57% of American *** think the postal service is great. They are the same ones that think UPS and USPS are the same thing! Good luck with that.
So again the United States Postal Service fails me. I sent my manuscript to the United States Copyright office on December 11. I called them because I looked online and there was no record of them receiving my books. They told me the children's books were not received. So where are they? Luckily the electronic filing did go through even though the website told me to mail the manuscripts. So wonder who got my books or if they are floating in the postal world? I am sending FedEx next time.
United States Postal Service is going out of business.?
My job, the United States Postal Service is hiring for Carrier Assistants, the starting pay is $15 per hour! Today is the last day applications will be accepted so hurry hurry hurry lol
last yr I mailed my taxes in. Trying to support the United States Of America Postal Office. Did you?
Mailing information and affiliate packets to perspective clients. — at United States Postal Service
Interested in operational inefficiencies? Talk to your doctor about the United States Postal Service.
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never will I ever tell anyone what someone else said. I nons work for the United States Postal Service
January 13, 2013. A United States Postal Service. REPRESENTATIVE. (Will be on site at the BETC). Date: Tuesday –...
Career Opportunities for Veterans with the United States Postal Service . Wednesday, January 15th 2014, 11:00...
On this date, January 13, 1979, the United States Postal Service issued a commemorative postage stamp to honor...
Having long been genuine admirers of the United States Postal Service (USPS), which gives amazingly reliable service especially compared with many...
The 1st online of workplace dispute was run on Jan. 9 w/out any tech problems with PC & Ipad
If the government subsidizes the United States Postal Service, why is it cheaper to send packages through UPS, a private carrier?
Clearly the United States Postal Service lost my package between Trenton NJ and Spring Valley NY
I can't stand this new United States Postal Service commercial.
I'm here!! Ready for 2 days of orientation for the United States Postal Service!!
Lol that nigg got a. UNITED. STATES. POSTAL. ACADEMY. polo
So now you can return Christmas gifts you don't like, using the United States Postal Service?? Lol STAHP.
Hey, Theo is in that United States Postal Service commercial.
The United States Postal Service is probably my favorite service that actually brings me trash to my house. Second favorite is me.
That new United States Postal Service commercial rubs me the wrong way.
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United States Postal Services need to step they game up √
For the First Time, the United States Postal Service Tries to Resolve a Workplace Dispute Through Online Mediation
Look who came to visit uncle Courtney and Teetee Kim via United States Postal Service! 504sparkles…
Just scheduled a drug test for the United States Postal Service
u wanna know if u have mail? come fn look. my name is not United States Postal Service. 😤✋
I'm very ticked off at the United States Postal Service. I made a special trip last Saturday to mail my Dad's birthday present. I shipped it 2-day priority mail (please note 2-days) and paid a premium to make sure he would have it by Friday morning (his birthday). It did not get there until today (please note 6 days). I assure you I'm getting a refund. What horrible service!
And on the 6th Day, the United States Postal Service decided to once again deliver mail to West Town.
Sorry for damaging your junk mail. . Love,. United States Postal Service
I hate the United States Postal Service. No wonder they are going under when they deliver packages to the WRONG APARTMENT.
Oh, the United States Postal Service---Had a package to be delivered today. Tracked it online. The clerk checking it out to the mailman decided he couldn't read the delivery address, despite their having it correct on the barcode and in the computer, and returned it to sender. AND THE SAME FOLKS THAT CAN"T GET A BOX FROM POINT A TO POINT B ARE NOW RUNNING YOUR HEALTH CARE !
USPS (United States Postal Service) *** !! On Wednesday of this week I ordered 3 items from Amazon. Because one item was an overhead shoulder pulley required for my shoulder surgery therapy, I selected, and was charged for, Guaranteed Two Day Delivery. For whatever reason, Amazon broke the order into two shipments, whereas I subsequently received a separate link to track each shipment. Each tracking link informed me that the shipment would indeed be received no later than 8:00 PM on Friday 10 January. Since I did not receive either shipment yesterday (Friday), I checked the tracking info this morning only to discover both shipments have been sitting in the Hebron, KY USPS facility since 9:30 AM Friday morning. Hebron, KY is approximately 35 miles from Cincinnati. This week my wife received her American Express statement and noticed she had been assessed a Late Payment Fee of $125.00 for the December billing cycle. My wife can and does send payments for most every bill the day of or day after receipt. U .. ...
Benjamin Franklin would be proud!!! The United States Postal Service (USPS), also known as the Post Office and U.S. Mail, is an independent agency of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States. It is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution. The USPS traces its roots to 1775 during the Second Continental Congress, where Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general.
Happy Anniversary to me and the United States Postal Service - it's been 33 wonderful years!!! January 11, 1981 I walked into the USPS on Washington Street excited and a little skeered. Having a dad who retired from the Postal Service I knew it was a good place to work but it was totally different from the office environment I was used to. I think it took a month before I remembered to clock in and out every day! I've always had jobs I enjoyed but it's the people who have made work fun. When you work with the same people for three decades you experience weddings, births, divorces, deaths - all the good and bad of life alongside them and they become like family. They remember when your grown children were babies, how sad you were when you went through that divorce - they know your history like family. Of course as time goes on, people retire and new people come in who don't share that with you. But they share the joys of the grandchildren, etc . In fact, I believe I'm the only left still working o ...
HCR67 [Update] Recognizing the need to improve physical access to many United States postal facilities for all pe...
How to help the ailing United States Postal Service, video cameras in classrooms, and hats. Our new podcast:   10% Off
Thank you United States Postal Service!! Not only do I appreciate the fact that you delivered my family's gifts super late, I'm rather excited that you guys decided to open all the wrapped presents then kindly reseal the package with all the wrapping inside destroyed! Beautiful! Next time you decide to tamper with a package and retape it, you better know I remember taping that box like 10 times the estimated amount of tape because I already knew you Post Office rejects were some scandalous *** ! Mmmk
United States Postal Service. I made a address change months ago. Im still getting mail at my old…
If I hear anyone complain about the United States Postal Service, listen up. No-one is as bad As Fed-Ex is the worst!
I am completely baffled as to why it is so difficult for the United States Postal Service to get my books here.
On December 9, 2014 the United States Postal Service conducted its first online mediation for resolving a workplace dispute between a USPS manager and employee
Its been 2 interesting years working for the United States Postal Service but God has called me in a new direction and now its time to say Farewell. I have made some life long friends and too you I say good luck and you are the best at what u do, I will miss u all from the bottom of my heart. Now back to school and time focus on my business. Been a good run. OUT! God Bless.
Google will map my new house, but the United States Postal Service site says it's not an address which exists and won't give me the zip code for it.
Local News Briefs - January 10, 2014 (Steuben) – Firefighters from three communities responded to an early morning blaze in Steuben this morning. A dispatcher tells WNSX the call came in to the King Road at 3-o’clock this morning. Cherryfield and Milbridge also responded to the scene. There are no reports of injuries. (Ellsworth) December’s ice storm affected a lot of retailers, including those in downtown Ellsworth. Poor road conditions and power failures left many businesses without the retail sales they’ve come to expect around Christmas. That’s why this weekend, merchants will participate in a Holiday “Do Over.” Stores will have special sales to try to make up for the slow holiday season. Sandcastle store owner Jess Morehouse tells WNSX, the special sale this weekend could be a lifesaver. (Bangor) – Prosecutors continued to outline their case against three Maine men arrested for their roles in a huge marijuana growing operation in Washington County. Federal Jurors listed to law enf ...
Well hoot hoot!!! I was sworn in today as a United States Postal Worker... Thanks for Gods Blessings... Part-time for now but God has a plan.
I got this in the mail today and want to warn all of my friends. This is a secret shopper letter and a counterfeit money order from the United States Postal Service in the amount of $980.00. THIS MONEY ORDER LOOKS 100% AUTHENTIC. This letter asks me to cash the money order at my bank, purchase something at Walmart for $50, keep $150 for my time, and then Western Union the money to a completely different person from who supposedly sent it to me. I called the Postal Service Money Order verification line and big surprise, this doesn't match their records. I then called the Altoona police who referred me to the Attorney General's office. They Attorney General is aware that this is happening, but they aren't actively investigating unless someone has lost a huge amount of money. They told me unless someone has been scammed out of $25,000 or more they can't use their resources on this. They then told me to call the FBI because this is a counterfeit USPS Money order and that they might be interested in p ...
Washington — The United States Postal Service was once again ordered to rehire a National Guard solider fired because of his military service according to Stars and Stripes. The governmental...
Has anyone else had experience with United States Postal Service tracking? As in, "it SUX"? They scan the package at the counter and then you are in limbo until it arrives at your door. Next day? Their website shows, "Delivered"...Come-ON... This is TRACKING?
From: NAVSUP FLC Sigonella Many of our Sigonella Citizens may have noticed a slow down in mail over thepast two weeks. This was caused by delays in Rome with customs and a lack of flight availability for mail from Rome to Catania. NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella has been working to resolve these issues since they were brought to light and a way ahead has been executed. The delayed mail will be available to mail orderlies on Monday, 13 January 2014. NAVSUP FLC Sigonella sincerely regrets the mail delay and we are working with the United States Postal Service and Military Postal Service Agency to ensure similar delays are avoided in the future.
Does anyone know the situation with the United States Postal Service? It has been days since we have gotten any mail. I wasn`t sure if they were delivering or not!
BLUEFOX 2 EHHH I became very confused when I heard...the word "service" used with these agencies: Internal Revenue 'Service' United States Postal 'Service' Telephone 'Service' Cable TV 'Service' Civil 'Service' City , State & Public 'Service' Customer 'Service' This is not what I thought 'service' meant. But today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'service' his cows. BAM!!! It all came into focus. Now I understand what all those agencies are doing for us!
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Someone explain to me how the United States Postal Service completely *** at their duties. They leave packages on our doorstep in an apartment complex. They lose mail that has clear as day postage on it!! The things I would do to that place if it weren't highly illegal!!! Ah!!!
We recieved a little plastic bag from our United States Postal Service today with half of a envolope with our address on it, so if U didn't recieve a Christmas card from us blame the postal service. They apologized but I don't know who's it was :(
I am moving up at the United States Postal Service. I am now a City Carrier Assistant. I will get a mail truck and deliver mail, plus after 90 days I get to wear a uniform. More money too! Start next week.
Coleman A. Young – Detroit’s Finest Team Detroit! Legacy! Full of Fire – Mentor, Leader, Activist! Young was born on May 24, 1918, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In 1923, he took a job at the Ford Motor Company, which soon blacklisted him for involvement in union and civil rights activism. He later worked for the United States Postal Service, where with his brother George he started the Postal Workers union. He was drafted during World War II and served in the 477th Medium-Bomber Group (Tuskegee Airmen) of the United States Army Air Forces as a bombardier and navigator. As a lieutenant in the 477th, he played a role in the Freeman Field Mutiny in which 162 African-American officers were arrested for resisting segregation at a base near Seymour, Indiana in 1945. After returning to Detroit, Young helped found the National *** Labor Council in 1951. In 1968, he became the Democratic National Committee's first African-American member. In 1973, Young ran for the Detroit mayorship and won, becoming the city's .. ...
I know I posted this late last evening but I think it is important to know when planning your wedding budget: The United States Postal Service and the Canada Post are increasing rates as of January 26. Forever stamps will increase from$.46 to $.49. International Priority Mail will see a $.40 postal increase and a 5% increase on First Class packages. If you are sending out your wedding invitations, birth announcements or any mail for that matter, please keep this in mind for your budget.
So shipping costs have gone up with the United States Postal Service , so instead of $2, shipping will go up to $3. This pertains to normal orders, not agreements or free ship sales
Yesterday was my 17-year anniversary for working for the United States Postal Service. Wow! Now just double that and that's when I might be able to retire :-S
It is no wonder the United States Postal Service is going broke. I sent a certified letter from Hubert NC to Jacksonville NC (the address is 13 miles away). The letter went from Hubert to Fayetteville sort facility 225 mile round trip to get to Jacksonville.
Winter storms in Michigan have effected our warehouse deliveries as well as our shipments to our customers. The United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx have all had delays. We hope everything will be back to normal in just a few more days. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
I am not on bit surprised the United States Postal Service is having issues staying afloat. They lost my package then said my package has been found and delivered. Problem is I do not have my package and their phone line is an automated system that no matter what you do you cannot reach a live person! So IRRITATED!!!
On this date in 1993: The United States Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp of Elvis Presley, showing a likeness of Elvis in the 1950's.
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released this statement in support of the workers at the United States Postal Service: "Reform of the Postal Service.
Dear United States Postal Service, Since it has been 9 days since you have delivered mail to my house,not counting Sundays or Holidays because I know you don't deliver. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to pay my late fees for my bills or happily call my Wholesalers and let them know that you are the reason as to why they have not been paid for outstanding invoices? I only ask because last time I checked you have one stated purpose and that is to deliver the mail and you are not living up to this purpose. Please feel free to deliver my mail to me as quickly as possible or take a few days if you feel it is necessary. Thanks and keep up the great job!
I am so mad? How hard is it, United States Postal Service, to deliver a small package to a 91 year old in a nursing home??? Huh? And how hard is it Manor Care, to get their mail to their room?
do not ship or mail anything via the United States Postal Service! I shipped a package of stained glass to a store a store in Colorado to sell, insured it for the value that it would sell for. They broke the biggest piece which equalled half of the total value. I was told that they cound'nt pay partial payment, it was all or nothing so they took the whole shipment. Now they've denied the claim and they have the stained glass and the money! Thats how the U.S. government works. ***
Give it up for the united states postal servive ,I was just watching the weather channel while everyone else was bundled up inside and the roads were shut down up north postal workers were walking the block doin tha dam thang!! Shout out to all of them cause if it was me mail would just be late! Just sayn
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, a Republican from California's 48th Congressional District, has publicly stated his desire to dismantle or otherwise diminish the United States Postal
Today is my 2 yr anniversary with the United States Postal Service.can't believe it's been 2yr it feels like forever
User Wrote: PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST IF YOU AGREE THE United States Postal Service SHOULD BE HELD LIABLE FOR PACKAGES THEY SHIP. Here's my story. I own a small educational company that provides quality vocal education and vocal health products. These products are shipped to our international customers via First-Class International Mail. When you fill out a customs form you are required to list the contents of the package on the outside of the box and are also given a tracking number, which is useless. They do not scan the package at every sorting facility. USPS also offers no insurance for First Class International Mail and this year alone our little company has lost hundreds of dollars in lost packages. If you are not aware, to get insurance you have to EXPRESS MAIL which is a ridiculous fee for a 8 oz. package. USPS has now lost another package, costing our little company another $300.00 by the time we ship another to our customer or provide a refund. It hurts anyday, but in these economic tough ...
Does anyone know where the United States Postal Service lost packages all end up who benefits from all these items I lost a huge package that should have been delivered in California mid December and they have no record of it throughout the whole United States this is absolutely unacceptable it left Dubuque Iowa to Cedar Rapids and was never received in and got lost from there
Rain Heat or Snow. . . Me and my friends at the United States Postal Service are coming to your home. Respect that.
Thanks to the United States Postal Service! True to their motto neither wind nor rain nor sleet nor hail nor sub freezing arctic temps (or something to that effect) will stop the mail. I didn't even bother to check yesterday but, this a.m, as I got the paper, I took a peek and WOW we had mail! Seriously save our USPS the best value money can buy! Seriously, do not let the TP/GOP screw with our Post Office!
THE United States Postal Service is offering collectors an opportunity to obtain 10 different pictorial cancellations on the new Capex wildlife stamps. Collectors can prepare their own covers and
Notes for today: The United States Postal Service talks really big about rain, wind, snow, cold etc, but frankly, they're full of crap because they all stayed home today. Do not take your glove off and answer your phone outside, wait until you're somewhere warm. Ice is slippery, whe! The second time you start your car in the cold is the one you need to worry about.
That's United States Postal Service for being so careful with my package. My new hat.
If you've never respected the men and women of the United States Postal Service now is the time to do that. Out here despite the weather to make sure you guys get your bills, checks, magazines, packages, or whatever your supposed to get.
In West Harlem, the sheer and unrepentant ineptitude of the United States Postal Service is staggering.
First and foremost. My prayer goes to United States Postal Service "delivery men and women" who work despite the state of emergency declared by government due to the weather condition. You shall not die but live as you are out working with snow everywhere and -15 temperature. I heard my doorbell rang, I asked my son whether I am hearing double. he said that may be from TV. I check the door only to sees a postal man with boxes and some envelopes. Chicagoan if you don't have anything to do outside, it is advisable to remain indoor. And for as many that always says "How will I pay my bills when I remain indoor". Well this is my answer for you "Bill payment can only be made by a living and never a dead". I want to appreciate those who call my family due to the weather condition, and those weather stations who send an emergency alert ahead of time.
Thank you to Larry Laidley, the greatest United States Postal Service's Mail Carrying Professional, for not looking at Jolene Aubin and I weirdly as we sit in car in our driveway for over an hour, waiting for Skyler to wake up from her nap.
The United States Postal Service says that mail delivery may or may not be possible today due to the weather. The safety of our letter carriers is our first concern.
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The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) announced a software update for the PostalOne! production system with an implementation date of January 12, 2014. The Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) will get its update on Monday, January 13, 2014.
Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About FedEx It was not very long ago that the United States Postal Service was the only means by which to ship physical packages in the US. While this service had been invaluable, its quality had progressively declined over the years. Letters were lost, packages were damaged and customer service was nearly non-existent. This opened the door for private corporations to pick up the slack. FedEx was hardly the first private parcel delivery service but it quickly became the market leader. With regional, national and international services, FedEx has been filling the need for a reliable way to send packages. Over the years it has expanded its reach through acquisition of similar companies as well as adding retail locations. FedEx’s success has been due to the satisfaction of both its customers and employees. When a customer hires FedEx, they know their package will be delivered on time. And the company’s competitive employee benefits and professional work environment have ...
The United States Postal Service is heartless, selfish and a complete and total joke. How do you rationalize sending a woman out in this life threatening cold to deliver her entire 6 mile WALKING route and than on top of that give her an extra hour of mandatory overtime because so many people called in? ?? I hate the mail and hope the lazy post master who sits his butt in a 70 degree heated office making 100 Grand a year has a horribly miserable life.
Hats off to the United States Postal Service for still going door to door in this cold...I'm sure everyone around is overly concerned about that box full of junk...i hope you have warm food & hot coffee waiting for you...
Dear United States Postal Service workers: It's drifty and icy and the wind chill is in the negative forties. There isn't any piece of mail I could possibly receive today that is worth your lives. My cat magazine and Coldwater Creek flyers can wait another day. If you're being made to work, stop on by my house. Warm up by the fire. I'm running out of coffee, but I have herbal tea, hot cocoa, and whiskey. Yay!
I just heard on WISH-TV that we (United States Postal Service) need customers to clear a path for your mail carrier. Sidewalks/curbs. Smh
Anyone who is a victim of mail theft should file a mail theft complaint through this website at If you have friends or family who've been the victims of mail theft, please refer them to the website to file a formal complaint. Your complaints should provide as much information as possible regarding the missing mail items, including tracking numbers, gift card information and other specific information about the missing/rifled mail. We are also looking for eye witnesses or anyone in the area who has video surveillance cameras that may have captured evidence of this activity. Please provide this information in your complaint. Thank you in advance for your... See More United States Postal Inspection Service Like · · Share · Get Notifications · De
Sermon Sunday! A few words from Rabbi Lewis... I had sent out a note to a congregant a couple of weeks ago, and in today's mail it was returned. It happens. We forget a stamp. We omit the address. We have all received at one time or another Elvis's 'Return to Sender.' As I checked out the possible reason for the letter coming back I was puzzled. Everything appeared in order. The postage was there. The address looked ok. I was a bit mystified. I took out the shul roster and rechecked the address and, sure enough, what I had written down was incorrect. It was not a colossal digital blunder. I was not off by thousands but by one number. I had scribbled a five and it should have been a six. That was it. That was my postal sin. My error. An ever-so-slight deviation from proper accuracy. I was, of course, a bit upset with my sloppiness and the wasted need of a new stamp and a second envelope, but a sad thought hit me as I rewrote the address with the six and not the five. How far away from the ...
Will try to keep this as short as possible and, while comments are always appreciated, that's not the purpose of this post. It does not surprise me that most are ignorant of the actual plight of the United States Postal Service. If I didn't work for them, you could probably count me amongst that number. What does surprise me is when a long time postal employee, who should know better, lets politics blind them to what is being done to the postal service and how easy it would be to fix it. We made $600 million last fiscal year. The $5billion loss, as with %84 of our red ink since 2006, is SOLELY due to the PSRHBP prefunding requirement of PAEA. Funding it is no longer necessary as all current and future retirees now employed by the USPS are now covered. Eliminate prefunding, change CSRS/FERS funding to the Fortune 500 standard of 80% and refund $27billion in postal monies paid out in 2003 for our military obligation. Do these three things and you've restored full solvency to the USPS overnight. No need ...
I think I should go work for the United States Postal Service. You can suck at your job and there are no consequences. Three lost packages that I nicely tried to find out what happened to MAGICALLY appeared when I got a little nasty. Lesson learned. Nasty Jaime first!
Daniel Jacobi United States Postal Service (USPS) hired the world’s largest commercial real estate firm, CB Richard Ellis Group (CBRE), to sell the properties. Richard Blum is chairman of the board at CBRE. U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) is Richard Blum’s wife. Most of the citizens served by those four thousand Post Offices soon to be for sale think Dianne Feinstein’s wifely relationship to CBRE’s Chairman Blum represents a conflict of interest. Such thinking is certain concerning California’s Post Offices and a strongly held belief among La Jollans about to lose their beloved building to a lifelong politician helping her husband. The same is happening to the Berkeley Post Office. Despite plummeting stamp sales and bill-paying moved from mail to online, Berkeley residents, too, want their historic Post Office saved from sale. They are buying neither stamps nor the story that their senator acts in anything but a conflict of interest. On December 4 in protest, Berkeley residents marc ...
the United States Postal Service is the worst run " business" i have ever dealt with. We have a community mailbox thing with multiple mailboxes that are locked and keyed. Our lock broke on ours so i tell the postal carrier who tells me to call the office on huff drive. I call them and they are clueless and say i have to call the main office who then tells me they cant help me and that i need to call my local carrier who told me to call them…. SO i call USPS and get put on hold for 35 minutes just to be transfered and hung up on. Dj is currently getting his drill ready to take care of this lock and do a little destruction of government property.
Shipped with United States Postal Service on December 18th (Atlanta to Tampa). The package finally arrives at destination on January 2nd with the watch stolen from inside the crumpled box where the watch case remained as well as the Christmas card with gift certificate. The only thing that was left was a petite leather jacket. I guess it wasn't their size. Never again will I ship with our postal system.
Happy Birthday Little Brother! After all these years Wyatt continues to amaze us with his God given autistic ability to sort containers full of mail far faster than most would think possible. Thank you United States Postal Service, Bay Area Special Ed Teachers and the Americans With Disabilities Act for giving him a chance to show we are blessed with miracles that are not always readily apparent when a child is born. Wyatt turns 57 today! He also does pretty good at making up slogans for the Postal Service! :)
When USA completed 1 years of occupation over Iraq, US President George Bush wanted a special postage stamp issued for Iraq, with his picture on it. He so instructed the Head of United States Postal Service, stressing that postage stamp should be of international quality. The stamps were duly released of the stamp, Bush began hearing complaints that the stamp was not sticking properly, and he becomes furious. He called Paul Bremer and ordered him to investigate the matter. Paul Bremer checked the matter out at several Post Offices in Iraq, and then reported on the problem to Bush. He said: “Sir, the stamp is really of international quality. The problem is, Iraqi citizens are spitting on the wrong side!“
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Dear United States Postal Service: Once again you have failed! I have been waiting for over a month for my wig to come in. I have been contacting the seller, whom I am sure is quite fed up with me. I come to find that after an extensive tracking you never delivered my package. You have it sitting at the Post Office in Ocean Beach. There was no notice left on my door, nor any type of notification by phone or email! I could've had this *** costume finished weeks ago! Thank you for wasting my time!
Scam Alert Related to Bogus Traffic Citation Calls:    The CCSO and the Green Cove Springs PD are working cases today related to scam calls made to residents. The male caller is posing as a law enforcement official and is telling the resident to pay for an overdue traffic ticket to avoid arrest. One resident realized the call was bogus, hung up and contacted our agency to report the scam. Another resident made the payment via a pre-paid card but reported it afterwards once he realized it was a scam. Please help us spread the word that this is a scam (no actual citations existed for those targeted) and that local law enforcement agencies would not make such calls. Detectives are working to identify the caller/criminal behind this scam.   We will keep you posted on any further information on the Bogus Traffic Citation Calls. If you have received any calls related to traffic citations: call The Clay County Sheriff’s Officer at (904) 264-6512) or (904) 284-7575.      Thefts:   On 12/22/13 a package ...
Please be advised..due to road closures..the United States Postal Service is experiencing significant delays in the arrival of mail to local facilities. Translation: Dont call the Post Office to ask about ur mail..its coming..very late like around five! But its gettin delivered..and its very lite so u may not have any!!! Have hot coco ready for ur carrier! :-)
After a few holiday glitches with the United States Postal Service, putting us behind a few weeks, THE LIGHT FRAGMENTS AURACLE CARDS(c) have left my hands and are off to be printed as soon as you read this! I will keep those of you that pre-ordered posted when the decks come in! *Happy Dance!*
Happy new year?! All our packages were stolen from our mailbox downstairs today. Thank you, United States Postal Service for being too lazy to leave them upstairs on our doorstep.
heading out today to Flavors Ice Cream Factory Outlet , United States Postal Station , and of course my fav ever!!! Walmart -- oh oh can not forget Trader Joes xoxox cosco YAY! Just got the "REMINDER" from my mom, we need the Kirkland 1% milk LMAO for the breakfast essentials :D
This isn’t going to engender trust in the United States Postal Service.
The United States Postal Service is reminding homeowners and business owners to clear ice and snow from sidewalks, driveways and porches.
SF Post Office Helps Answer Letters To Santa: This time of year, the United States Postal Service could quite...
1998: The United States Postal Service issues a 32-cent postage starom the books is George, Fred, and Peeves
We need common sense reform of the U.S. Postal Service: The United States Postal Service has been an essential...
Corporate raiders targeted the United States Postal Service (USPS) for privatization as far back as Nixon
Support USPS: Award all Fed. Government Agency’s Shipping Contracts to the United States Postal Service.
jk jk jk...I work with the United States Postal Service !
If you for real want a mix CD, DM your address and I'll send you one via the United States Postal Service.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm so irked with United States Postal... There's no reason for a letter I sent Saturday to not be there by now and it's Thursday. 😑
United States Postal Service Problem - Google Drive Every part of the US Government and offshoots are being degraded.
Don't you ever talk down about the United States Postal Service!
Dear everyone: sorry I'm not sorry I'm so annoyed with the United States Postal Service.
is closer than ever to running the United States Postal Service. See what's happening on Sundays! l
And this concludes why I abhor the United States Postal Service and refuse to use them to send ANYTHING. No wonder they are going bankrupt.
Hate the United States Postal Service. Just so flawed
I dislike the United States Postal Service
When's Gingerbread House Day. Sure glad Kwanzaa got mentioned...I guess the United States Government needs to...
Time for one of my rants. It's been a while! Hello United States Postal Service! Can you say "2 day service" means "2 days"?
The United States Postal Service created a new set of stamps, from "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter". ;)...
I really can't stand United States postal... When it's not that important it gets there on time. When it is it doesn't. 😑😑😑😑
Harry Potter characters as first living people on postage stamps (I thought it was the United States Postal Service), now this.
A United States Postal Service letter carrier was carjacked at gunpoint in Detroit
My second post for Tweak Your Biz. What can businesses learn from the new Amazon and United States Postal Service p…
New The Start Of A Great Partnership?: The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been in a dea...
United states postal managers start out at 75k a year. I want
Repeal the 2006 Postal Accountability Act. The United States Postal Services is older than the Constitution and...
United States Postal Service unveils sneak preview of its Harry Potter stamps RT
New The Postal System of the United States and the New York General Post
One from the 20-stamp USPS Harry Potter series on sale tomorrow. Image from htt…
USPS offers reward in search for carjacking suspect: A United States Postal Service mail carrier was ...
I have a serious bone to pick with the United States Postal Service.
I do not like the United States Postal Service. At all.💀
Just explained to my mother two of my life goals. Shut down the United States Postal Service and take Ohio Bobcats basketball to the top.
Hmmm. Hope my car is still outside when this is all said and done. Yikes. (@ United States Postal Service)
that's because there won't be the United States Postal Service...
nope comes to use first then we send it to different buildings I work for the government United States Postal Services
I will never ship United States Postal Service again. Sticking to fedex and ups now.
In late 2006 the Republican party began an assassination attempt on the United States Postal Service
My husband works at United States Postal Service in san francisco and i worked in the hospital sa san francisco din.
Lakeland Electric Stumped by Disappearance of Thousands of Bills: United States Postal officials said F...
"You gotta lick it before you stick it" - The United States Postal Service
Apparently, the United States Postal Service has a police force. I saw one of these driving down my street:
I got 50 dollas in my pocket, I'm, I'm thankin, United States Postal Service
Out for a walk, dropping off some mail (@ United States Postal Service Mailbox)
Random Fact of the Day: The United States Postal Service handles over forty percent of the world's mail volume.
17 lbs. of pot: arrest on delivery: The United States Postal Service slogan "if it fits, it ship...
is now the only organization to recognize the crimes against humanity committed by the United States Postal Service
realized through Ive become the biggest fan of the United States Postal Service THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH rules
The United States Postal Service made a national commercial? So much for all the money they were gonna save by cutting out Saturdays.
Im calling the United States Postal office gave me the wrong mail
Major postal centers closing this year (CT) - It looks like hundreds of United States Postal Service workers...
The United States Postal Service is the prime example why no business should ever be run by or even related to our government
Study: Packages Sealed with ‘Atheist’ Tape 10 Times More Likely to Disappear: Do employees of the United States Postal Service have a...
The United States Postal Service is an antiquated delivery system that needs to change.
I try hard to support our United States Postal Service...I buy stamps, mail packages, send it too much to ask to get a package delivered to my mail box? It only had to go a measly 15 miles to get whereever it is...its having fun.
A Berkeley city councilman has suggested that a tax on email may be wise way to help fund the United States Postal...
"Congraulations" I receive my RETIREMENT letter in the mail today. I don't know if it's good or bad but as of February 15, 2013 I will be RETIRED from the United States Postal Service.Thank You GOD for all of the good times and prescious memories!!
United States Postal Service just keeps letting me down!
Congratulations Netflix and the United States Postal Service for figuring out how to send me discs in just one piece.
“Send me a postcard!” - Dad's so naive. He believes that the United States Postal Service is still in operation during the Zombie Apocalypse
The United States Postal Service is trying to ruin my winter break
Remember that one time the United States Postal Service took a month to bring me my game
Sorry we're late today, favorite P band, go!
Once as much of a test of a civilian government's effectiveness as collecting the garbage and keeping the peace in the streets, the delivery of packages and letters via a government postal service...
Royal Mail called off protest while hunger strike hits the United States Postal Service
The Titanic’s Postal Clerks There were five postal clerks aboard the Titanic, who were responsible for all mail being carried aboard the Titanic - William Gwinn, John March, Jago Smith, James Williamson, and Oscar Woody. They worked for the Royal Mail and the United States Post Office Department; they were not on the payroll of the White Star Line. On the night of the sinking, they had been celebrating Oscar Woody’s 44th birthday. The mail was stacked on the Orlop deck, far down in the hull of the ship, and they tried to move the approximately 200 sacks of mail up to G Deck. However, the water quickly reached G Deck and began to flood the sorting room. Jago Smith alerted Fourth Officer Boxhall to this. The mail clerks then tried to bring the mail up to D Deck in the hopes that the mail could be offloaded from the First Class entrance, but this was not to be so. All 5 mail clerks perished in the sinking, bravely attempting to save the mail. Only two of their bodies were recovered. This statement I came ...
Xmas mixes are now in the somewhat capable hands of the United States Postal Service elves.
Who has purchased and read the novel "Loughshinny"? Written by New Bedford native and United States Postal Worker Michael C. Nunes it was released in 2008 and is a story about family, friends & divine intervention with Irish roots. It is available @ today and would make a great Christmas gift for a person of all ages. Support local artists.
If U.S.P.S stand for United States Postal Service, what does UPS stand for? :l
phones and the United States Postal Service work both ways, I never get texts calls letters or even post cards anymore.
Bring food for the Food Bank (or buy a few cans at the MGS to donate). Collection until December 24. ~ New PIZZA flavor! Philly Cheese Steak: cream cheese, meat, onions & green peppers Sound yukky? Sound good? Come and try a piece. Dare ya! Pizza of all kinds: hot, fresh & delicious. Wings too... Hankerin' for a pie for supper? Call it in by 5:30 (886-5815) to pick it up by 6. We are now taking Christmas orders for: Gourmet Chicken Salad Cranberry chutney Buck's Pimento/Pimiento Cheese Anyone wishing to purchase these may call the store for prices, & to place your order. Consider doing some of your Christmas shopping at the Middlebrook General Store...and take the time for coffee or tea, to sit and chat with your neighbors. Holiday gift ideas to purchase in the MGS: Virginia peanuts MGS hoodie sweatshirts -- soft, warm, unique MGS gift certificates T-shirts, long and short-sleeved Stunning cards by a local photographer Gift baskets Local art & food products Local (and other) wine Sodas & a variety ...
They come in daily, bundles of letters addressed to Candy Cane Lane and Santa's Workshop and Polo Norte, with shout outs to the elves and, in one case, a request to actually own an elf.
The United States Postal Service is the slowest load of crap ive ever seen.
Timing of Charitable Contributions Charitable contributions are considered to be made on the date of delivery to the charity if the donor has irrevocably parted with ownership (possession and control) of the property. The date of delivery depends on the type of property contributed, and how and when it is given to the charity. Determining the date of delivery is important because: (1) it determines the tax year in which the gift is deductible; (2) for assets that fluctuate in value (e.g., stock), it determines the value of the gift; and (3) sometimes, it determines whether the gift is long-term or short-term property. Contributions made by credit card. Contributions made to a charity by credit card are deductible as a charitable contribution in the year that the charge is made.[1] In Publication 526 the IRS distinguishes charitable contributions made by credit card from the special delivery rules that apply to checks.[2] Therefore, contributions made by credit cards that are processed by midnight on Dece ...
I am starting a petition to remove "service" from the name United States Postal Service. It is false advertising!
Office Candy Organizing Blog My efficiency rate goes up 110% when I use the United States Postal Service
I have never been more insulted! And I have been to AND worked for the United States Postal Service.
Three pieces of mail today. None of them for me and neither of them are my Netflix movie. Another failure, United States Postal Service
Destination: Heaven Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7bRecommended ReadingMatthew 6:19-21A letter received by the “Conscience Fund" of the U.S. Government stated: "Please accept this money for two postal stamps I re-used." Another person seeking relief from their guilt wrote, "About eight years ago I took from a railroad station an item worth about $25... so I'm enclosing $50 to clear my conscience." Since 1811, the U. S. Department of the Treasury has received millions of dollars of voluntary contributions from people who have stolen from or defrauded the United States Government. Most gifts are sent in anonymously, but others are forwarded by clergy who received deathbed confessions.1Surprised? It's interesting how a heartfelt fear of judgment can spring us into action, especially when we consider death. None of us knows how short or long our lives may be, and it's a good practice to keep our consciences clear with God each day. When your feet touched the floor this morning, did you ...
United States Postal Service (USPS) and Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) have released deadlines to ensure packages arrive to Military and State Department Post Offices overseas by December 25, 2012. Deadlines to ensure arrival by Dec. 25 are Dec. 3 for parcel airlift mail; Dec. 10 for priority mail and first-class mail, letters and cards; and Dec. 17 for express mail military service. Deadline for priority and first class mail going to Afghanistan or Kuwait is Dec. 3.
The United States Postal Service is amazingly inept and needs defunded.
We know that timely receipt and delivery of your shipments is vital to you and your customers. Jewelers Mutual maintains a premiere relationship with the United States Postal Service (USPS). As a result, we can work with our USPS contact to obtain a more thorough, detailed search for a missing or de...
i think the United States Postal Service system DELIBERATELY hire slow people-- im convinced 😑
Recruit Holliday designed JAA's Little Groove Master logo, and we just found out that StickerMule posted our orange sticker in their gallery! Sweet. Update: If you ordered a JAA's Signature Tee or a Limited Edition Tee, we expect to pick up shirts from Monkey in a Dryer Screen Printing late today. Then we'll stuff the envelopes, slap on a mailing label, and hand them over to the United States Postal Service.
Introducing “Santa Sundays” By the United States Postal Service What: What do the U.S. Postal Service and Santa...
Wow...I never knew that the United States Postal Service has Choir.😳
United States Postal Service loses contents of a box + returns the empty box.hope you thieves choke on the Drakes goods.
Thank you for restoring my faith in neighbors and The United States Postal Service.
Yeah. And it usually involves employment with United States Postal Service. I would hate that!
I can't stand the United States Postal Service. What's the point of priority mail if its gonna get delivered 3 days late?
You kinda suck, United States Postal Service. Thanks for doing kickflips with my package.
I feel like I am single-handedly funding the United States Postal Service this month, gah. And boxes and boxes to go before I sleep...
Thanks to a very special U.S. Postal Service program, Santa will reply to children who mail him their Christmas wish lists this holiday season.
Are your kids sending a letter to Santa this year, well he might just write back! The United States Postal...
Read about the awful customer service experience a woman had at the Post Office on Elm Street in McLean.
I checked in at United States Postal Service USPS on
Enjoy Christmas with Santa Claus every day, an award-winning Christmas web site. Email Santa or learn about Operation Santa Claus and help a needy child. Find delicious Christmas recipes, Christmas stories, Christmas entertainment and free games to play. Take the naughty or nice quiz or enjoy the ve...
Did you know? On this day in history in 1933, James Joyce's book, Ulysses, was ruled as not obscene by a federal judge. The book had originally been banned form the United States and England after publication. It had first been published in serial form, but the US Postal service cut its circulation short for the same reason it was banned. For more about James Joyce or banned literature, visit Prince George's Community College Library.
I am extremely disappointed in the United States Postal Service. Pictures to come later of my mangled box. :-(
Apparently St. Nick now uses the United States Postal Service. Lol gotta love my mom
I am at War with the United States Postal Service.
Mail Santa Claus a Wish List, He's sending a Reply this Year Every year, millions of children sit down to make a wish list for Santa, hoping he will make all of their Christmas dreams come true. But what if Santa actually wrote back? The United States Postal Service is now accepting "Letters From Santa," a program that allows any person to play Santa by sending a letter signed by Saint Nick to any child. According to a postal service news release, "The 'Letters From Santa' program helps parents fulfill the dreams of their own children." Instructions to send a letter from Santa: Write a letter to your child from Santa Claus and sign it "From Santa." Put the letter in an envelope addressed to your child with the return address SANTA, NORTH POLE. Ensure a First-Class Mail stamp is affixed to the envelope. Place the envelope into a larger envelope, with appropriate postage, and address the larger envelope to: NORTH POLE POSTMARK POSTMASTER 4141 POSTMARK DR ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998 Your letter "from Santa" will ...
The world's worst agencies--the DMV and the United States Postal Service--are conspiring to make my life miserable.
If you are doing any shipping this Christmas season...ship with the best! Ship with confidence!! The United States Postal Service!
QUESTION: Which shipping service do you use with your business UPS, FEDEX or USPS and why?
Learn about statistics for the upcoming holidays with statistics provided by the United States Postal Service
From a collection of images, they are actually hilarious. >>;
Oh the line... At least 15 people in front of me (@ United States Postal Service) on
Got 4/5 of my cyber monday purchases...the 5th one is currently lost thanks to The United States Postal Service ='(
I have yet to see anyone that works for the United States Postal Service smile. Is there a rule or does the job just suck that bad?
Voting in health plan’s board of directors election by mail if only to keep the United States Postal Service alive for one more day.
United States Postal Service can suck my *** I just wanted to share that with you.
no, usps. United States Postal Service. The regular mail ppl lol
United States Postal Service is going out of business because 10 people in line and one person working the counter
I will never have anything shipped by the United States Postal Service ever again..Sorry So slow...
The United States Postal Service has recently made significant changes to their shipping policy. Petty Officer Marcus Suorez got the scoop at Marine Corps Ai...
Whe! In the city now! (@ United States Postal Service Morgan P&DC) [pic]:
Just mailed out a bunch of eBay Miss Kitty 8x10s! (@ United States Postal Service) on
Learn about the United States Postal Services’ shipping services and how you can make sending mail easy, convenient, and personalized.
Bill Wolford is a veteran recording artist, composer, sound designer and performer currently established in Seattle, Washington. His body of work crosses many genres from country to techno rock or from meditation music to movie soundtracks.Recently he is recording with his band Yesod and composing c...
The United States Postal Service announced the Lansing Main Post Office at 18125 Roy St. will have holiday Sunday hours, open from 1 to 4 p.m. Dec. 2, 9 and 16. Tell your friends about the extended hours!
There is still a great deal of confusion between here and my new website. So those of you that are here we can do your orders here. Send me a private message on here and let me know what card, print, canvas, calendar, or bumper stickers you would like. We happily accept Postal Money Orders, Personal Checks and PayPal in the United States Only. For international orders we accept Paypal only. Everything we offer is plus shipping. Thank you *dale*
The United States Postal Service is moving EXTREMELY SLOW THIS WEEK!!(Because of the holiday season) We received some items in today and the rest of our shipment should be arriving tomorrow, if we have inboxed you your shipping info today your item was shipped today, if not your item will be shipped tomorrow... all items should arrive to it's destination Friday or Saturday.
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the beauty lover who seems to have everything? We all probably have at least one beauty lover on our shopping lists thi
The following packages went out today: Joan Baker- Jones, Pam Norris, Teresa Rohr, Suzanne Elder, Autumn Burkett, Carla Otto and Susan Gubelman! Tomorrow I will be shipping 3 more. Mindy Marion, Jill Trudell and Debbie Milcic knitting, knitting, knitting. I was investigating the cheapest/most efficient way to go...and believe it or not the United States Postal Service Won! What a relief!
United States Postal Services offered HERE!!! Don't waste time in line at the main Post Office, stop in get your beer, wine, tobacco, and shipping needs all in one stop!!! Cheers!
The United States Postal Service belongs to the American People and is older than the Constitution! It is the worlds largest employer of Veterans and an American Heritage. It is worthy of saving from an un-ethical and corrupt Congress! Please share this!
Steps you can take to decrease your chances of being a victim.
Becki Gray documents un-American attacks on religion. What do you think about this commentary?
Bags of toys could be spotted next to mailboxes throughout the Bay area Saturday. It was the US Post Office annual collection of Toys for Tots donations in the Suncoast district.
What is your favorite kids songs CD?? I need some new music in my car :)
Very impressed with the turnout and the candidates present today at UL Philly in anticipation of the United States Postal Service Info Session scheduled for Dec 18th. They deliver mail...we deliver job opportunities. Let's GO! else!
The United States Postal Service offers tips and suggestions so holiday packages arrive in time for the holidays.
Post Offices nationwide will be open Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec. 24, and New Year’s Eve, Monday, Dec. 31. Most Post Offices will shorten retail lobby hours and close at noon on these dates. Regular mail delivery will be unaffected by the change. Revised hours will be posted at each Post Office and commercial customers are asked to check with their Bulk Mail Entry Units for specific information regarding holiday hours of operation. Blue collection boxes having final collection times before 12 p.m. will not be affected by these changes. However, collection boxes with final collection times scheduled after that may be collected early. Therefore, mail should be deposited into these mailboxes by 12 p.m. for early pick-up on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31. Customers requiring postal services later on those days are encouraged to contact their local Post Office. Customers also may call 1.800.ASK.USPS for additional information. Areas where Post Offices may have different hours from this schedule will issue local media an ...
Hello! My name is Nicole. I would to request prayer concerning the Mail Processing Clerk position at the United States Postal Service. I've recently missed an interview :(. Now, I'm thinking that I won't get the job. Please, uplift me in prayer, that the Lord will grant me another opportunity to get the job. Thanks & God bless you! :)
Obscenity, assault, theft and much more on Richfield's latest crime reports.
The Postal Service has worked collaboratively with the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Universal Postal Union and the Federal Aviation Authority to secure the changes needed to allow international mail shipments containing lithium batteries to begin.
Hi Guys (And Gals)... Today we had a good shipping training session. Tuesday we are shipping more. Tuesday's and Thursday's are now the major shipping days of the week until Christmas. Once shipped the United States Postal Service takes 2-4 days to deliver the box. It's by USPS Priority mail. Sunday does not count as a day in estimation but Saturday's do. I'm letting you know now because it's best to order on or before the 14th for Christmas. We ship all we can on a designated shipping day and left overs are carried to the next shipping day. try to get your orders in as soon as possible and make the Autism Candles part of your Christmas experience. :) Visit and click on "Candles". Nathan Young
Amy Fox Kmot-Tv - From Christmas cards to gifts, the United States Postal Service is keeping very busy during this holiday season.
Guests from the United States Postal Inspection Service sit down with host Diane LeBlanc in episode 13 of Your Federal Government.
/Well here goes "THE NEW FOREVER STAMP" A MUST READ PLEASE !!! just keep rubbing our faces in what happened on 9/11as if we coUld forget 46 CENT FOREVER STAMP comes out in Jan.2013 46cent beginning1/27/2013 Apparently they think that putting hearts and butterflies on the new stamp will make most people not realize that the rest is Arabic and probably not something to suport. NEW STAMP-the second MUSLIM one ! USPS new 46-stamp celebrates a Muslin holiday. PRESIDENT OBAMA has directed the United States Postal Service to REMEMBER nd Honor the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new commemorative 46 cent first class holiday stamp Remember adamantly and vocally BOYCOTT this stamp,If when you purchase stamps at the Post Office .Say NO!THANK YOU I DONOT WANT A MUSLIN STAMP ON MY LETTERS!!THE FLAG OF THE USA HAS AND WILL ALLWAYS BE MY FAVORITE. COME ON AMERICA LETS KICK *** !1
I like I get stuff cheaper than at the store. I do not have to drive to the store. I buy stuff with my Discover cash back bonus and nothing comes out of my pocket. Good deal. I would not want to have to drive all the wat to Spartanburg just to get ink for my printer. I support the United States Postal Service through mail order.
Well...say goodbye to the United States Postal Service.
Pitch is in the mail. Now hope the Canadian or United States Postal Service doesn't lose it.
*Enjoy free standard shipping WORLDWIDE (United States Postal Service - USPS) on all orders placed before 12 noon EST tomorrow 10/26/2012!*
Excited to be a member of the United States Postal Service for tomorrow 😏
Thank you to all my friend praying for me. Got the job! life here we come .MOVIN ON UP United States Postal Service BABY Thank you all with love
The UNITED STATES POSTAL SEVICE *** ( ALBA AND ELMIRA) because they don't know where the roads r. They need to go back to PO boxes
The Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer is back in stock! Just delivered from out wonderful United States Postal Service!
I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but the United States Postal Service is a joke and a waste of tax dollars.
The United States Postal Service is slow as ever
This is too funny! By the way, it is NOT a real dog - just the hair from a german shepherd.
Fingers crossed that my costume shows up by tomorrow. Otherwise The United States Postal Service will be getting a punch in the eye.
How was it okay for the United States Postal Service -- a government agency -- to finance a pro sports team? When did we vote on that?
Thank you, United States Postal Service, for losing all of my mail. You have proven once again that you are capable of staying afloat, that you should not be cannibalized by other shipping services, and that you deserve to continue increasing postage rates. You are a model of American semi-public services!
The United States Postal Service is Now Hiring in Northern NJ. Postal Support Employee Clerks Hourly Rate is $14.60 & Transitional Employee City Carriers Hourly rate is $22.15 Applicants must pass Postal Service Examination and must be available to work nights, weekends and days as needed. Driver license is required for Carriers benefits are available for PSE Clerks. Application period is Oct. 20 through Nov. 4 Click the Search jobs and Apply on line
Today I work 9-6! Ugh dealing with these foreign accents is not the business. Smdh! Then they wanna get mad cuz I be like SPELL IT OUT! Ugh. Life of a United States Postal Service Agent. Have a good day everyone!
Does anybody know how long the United States Postal Service Takes. Im still waiting on my Halloween costume that was last tracked in Springfield MA. on 13th Oct.
I have relatives that work for United States Postal Services and the political mail is soaring. Vote.
Just a normal Wednesday night watching Kanye West at the United States Postal Service
The United States Postal Service cant borrow any money from the US Treasury because the US Treasury cant borrow any more from China.
The slogan for the United States Postal Service should really be "We know where you live". 😂
Ruth Snyder ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES OF THE United States Postal Service: Go to page 25 and READ what the Republican Plan is for YOUR job. See the line that says "Seriously UNDERFUNDED Pension system"? LIES! We have overfunded our pension system! YOUR VOTE.YOUR JOB.YOUR MEANS TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY.IT'S RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE! Are you still in denial?
Local residents can learn more during next week’s hearings on the United States Postal Service (USPS) proposal to cut hours at area post...
Almost 6pm & no mail yet. United States Postal Service is terrible!
You have to pay for your own tape now for $3.49. Super ridiculous... (@ United States Postal Service) on
In case you're a complete moron: If you get a note from USPS aka United States Postal Service left on your door do not drive to a random UPS store to pick up your package. If you look carefully the address where to pick it up is on the note! And look it's located at the Post Office not UPS! Wow who would have known that UPS and the Post Office are two different things.
A little over 8 years ago we purchased licensing of a great new concept to use in our business. The reactions have all been very positive. It has occurred to me that we might be able to be of immense benefit to you, your family, your friends or your business! ;) Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming soon. Traditionally, many businesses and individuals send Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards to their friends, clients and prospects. Very few however, look forward to picking out cards, addressing envelopes, licking stamps (ugh), or standing in line at the Post Office. We can change that for you. With our new technology, you can choose a card from the convenience of your computer (IT IS NOT, I repeat, NOT an Ecard). Although you choose your cards online, the cards are printed on card stock and sent through the United States Postal Service with your return name and address. There is no minimum. There is no maximum. We also use First Class metered mail. The addresses are printed on the envelope as tho ...
The United States Postal Service (USPS) to test same-day delivery service. Insert your own joke here.
Well it's clear that the United States Postal Service will survive another few months...thanks to the Presidential Election and all the money both parties are spending to buy your vote. I don't know about you, but they probably could have saved money and bought more votes standing on a street corner in Cleveland, handing out Benjamin's to buy that vote.
Have I ever mentioned how much the United States Postal Service ***
Signed up for United States Postal Service 3days ago and already got a call back.
The United States Postal Service is working on determining the new hours for the smaller Post Office branches in our area.
I'm officially a Mail Handler for the United States Postal Service
Cuts off ear & sends to kitty cash via United States Postal Service.
*** everybody came to work today (@ United States Postal Service Processing & Distribution Center)
This is what happens when you see someone you know at the United States Postal Office. @ US Post Office
I'm starting to feel like Joey's parents about the United States Postal System
It amazes me that, in the year 2012, the United States Postal Service barely has a vague idea where a package might be.
Ha! I get this much hair off my GSD every couple days!
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