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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (commonly known as the United Kingdom, the UK, or Britain) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.

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you can watch also on for fans out of United Kingdom
I might go to at Albert Hall in Manchester, United Kingdom - Sep 2
"Walking atom and Humber by the sea.". From Manchester, United Kingdom
The Isle of Mann is also part of the British Isles but part of neither Great Britain nor the United Kingdom.
A year ago today, we as a nation voted for a sovereign United Kingdom outside of the European Union. Happy Independen…
A stunning specimen beside Liverpool Street Station, London just now @ London, United Kingdom
I'm going to at Parr Hall in Warrington, United Kingdom - Jul 15
Ose is currently in development on film, digital and television projects in the US, Africa, the United Kingdom and the M…
Is Labour MP Diane Abbott regretting her repeated racist remarks towards the indigenous people of the United Kingdom?…
I might go to at The Garage in London, United Kingdom - Sep 8
Staff Nurse - United Kingdom, PeterboroughAll registered nurses can apply with experience in caring
petition: Email Theresa May: stop the UK selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
Noel Gallagher's setlist at Twickenham Stadium (Supporting U2) in London, United Kingdom on July 09, 2017. Via:
as Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, no. And kept Copeland, more gains when stude…
This man is so, so good. Joseph McElderry is from South Shields in the United Kingdom. Back in 2009, he...
1948: National Health Service Acts create the national public health system in the United Kingdom.
You may or may not be shocked at this news coming out of the United Kingdom (📰:
It is amazing how many people in Kentucky are fans of the United Kingdom!
I'm going to at Met Bar in Peterborough, United Kingdom - Jul 13
I'm going to Sainte at The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London, United Kingdom - Aug 11
I might go to at Old Royal Naval College in London, United Kingdom - Jul 7
I'm going to at Royal Albert Hall in London, United Kingdom - Oct 3
Poland, Portugal (since 1386!), the Czech Republic and Ireland are true friends of the United Kingdom. The Eurocrats of…
I'm going to at Old Fire Station Bournemouth in Bournemouth, United Kingdom - Oct 12
We want to keep Northern Ireland moving forward & strengthen each part of the United Kingdom via
“… connections between the United Kingdom and the Inuit, go back more than 400 years.” Prince Charles in Iqaluit
I might go to at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, United Kingdom - Nov 21
I can't wait to be a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland stan, instead of a United States of America stan
I might go to Jake Isaac at Islington Assembly Hall in London, United Kingdom - Sep 20
I might go to BAY CITY ROLLERS starring Les McKeown at William Aston Hall in Wrexham, United Kingdom - Sep 29
The greatest view of the greatest city on earth @ London, United Kingdom
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I might go to at Telford's Warehouse in Chester, United Kingdom - Dec 12
I might go to at Music Room, Philharmonic in Liverpool, United Kingdom - Sep 19
I might go to at Winchester Science Centre in Winchester, United Kingdom - Sep 22
I'm going to at Norwich Arts Centre in Norwich, United Kingdom - Sep 11
Billy Joe Saunders will be fighting at the Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney Wick, London, United Kingdom on Sept 16
it dawns on the Arch of the door of Lulworth, Durdle, United Kingdom. 📷by The Narratographer.
I'm going to at London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, United Kingdom -...
The future King and Queen-Consort of the United Kingdom, Their Royal Highnesses The Prince Charles, The Prince of...
Is it that Northern Ireland was getting a raw deal before? Or is it that the rest of the United Kingdom is getting a raw…
One of us is working hard, the other is working smart 😎 @ North Petherton, Somerset, United Kingdom
Daniel Ricciardo, danielricciardo is now trending in United Kingdom.
Daniel Ricciardo, is now trending in United Kingdom.
Had a great day hiking in the Lake District! @ Buttermere, Cumbria, United Kingdom
ICYMI: declares "dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom"
Today we have the pleasure of welcoming the TUI Discovery, a 2.000 United Kingdom passengers cruise. Welcome to Roses! ⛴🇬🇧…
United Kingdom: Like dominoes and darts, pigeon racing is a Great British pastime. But with fanciers claiming the...
London, United Kingdom | AFP | British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to "try to force an early...
Optometrist Job, South West London - United Kingdom, South West LondonOur client, one of the biggest
New Consul General of the United Kingdom begins mission in Kurdistan.
Woody Johnson, New York Jets Owner, will serve as US Ambassador to the United Kingdom per Don Cheeto. The interview went lik…
BREAKING: President of the European Council Donald Tusk says the door is open if the United Kingdom wants to stay in th…
I'm going to at O2 Apollo Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom - Oct 18
changed tool from Magento to WordPress. Hosted in United Kingdom.
Today in 1812, US President James Madison asked Congress to declare war on the United Kingdom
Of the United Kingdom, Teresa May, making sure she identified the attacker as a white male, makes me no never mind, I'm white guy myself.
Jordan Tracey, is now trending in United Kingdom.
'PC Keith Palmer' appeared on Saturday 17 at the 16th place in the Top20 of United Kingdom's Trends:
1812: A declaration of war by the United States on the United Kingdom is passed by Congress and signed by President James Madison
1812: The United States declaration of war upon the United Kingdom is signed by President James Madison.
to Steve Harris British Lion at Colchester Arts Centre in Colchester, United Kingdom - Jul 27
I might go to at Plymouth Pavilions in Plymouth, United Kingdom - Jul 25
I might go to at Custom House Square in Belfast, United Kingdom - Aug 25
I'm going to at O2 Academy 2 Newcastle in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom - Jun 19
Good morning it's a new day full of new possibilities @ London, United Kingdom
I'm going to at Oran Mor in Glasgow, United Kingdom - Oct 29
I was going to add that Scotland would leave the United Kingdom but pushed that back by three years…
It's the United Kingdom, the clue is in the name. Scotland voted to stay a part of it
Great day at the Grand Portfolio Tasting today in London @ London, United Kingdom
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ever gone to a Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland match or do they just go to England games? 🤔😑
👉 We're bringing people together this Friday for Re-United Kingdom in memory of Jo Cox & part of
Because they prevent becoming law in one part of the United Kingdom. The above didn't matt…
A useful article on , & -economic benefit from being a part of the United Kingdom
Only Scots/Irish/Welsh actually understand that it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain (i.e.Scotland+England & W…
The occupied six counties are, presently part of the United Kingdom. Bri…
It's the United Kingdom and Scotland is part of it.. we voted Conservative for the union..
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Vladimir Putin has sent a warning to United Kingdom, telling them “Brexit will never happen” if left to the Elites!. https:…
I want out of United Kingdom. The only way to get stability is Independence for Scotland & rid of Westmi…
Which country inside the United Kingdom does NOT appear on its flag, the Union Jack? Wales, Ireland, Isle of Wight or Scotland?
As it currently stands the British state is: the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) AND Northern Ireland.
United Kingdom: Latest “Beast,” the Unicorn of Scotland, is unleashed on new coins | Coin Update
Islamic terrorist supporter Corbyn is a major problem for the future of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
They could have made it. Heart . of Edinburgh . of Midlothan . of Scotland . of United Kingdom . of Europe…
Parliament of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland - England 10 (or) 0. Democratic Unionist Party and Conservative Party. -…
Morning! No, you didn't dream it. I stood on a stage with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (And I did a dab).…
Arlene Foster: "We are as seized of the interests of the United Kingdom as a whole as we are for Northern Ireland", citing…
Me five minutes ago: I'm not sure what the United Kingdom is. Me now: very good result in Newcastle Central, bodes poorly…
“Could be messy for the United Kingdom in the years ahead … Price to be paid for lack of true leadership.”. —Carl Bildt, former Swedish PM
Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn are literally the most popular constituency MPs in the history of the United Kingdom. Stunned.
This is how Jeff Klein becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Vote DUP to secure the best deal for Northern Ireland as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.
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Job in Information & Communication Technology Officer in Not Specified - United Kingdom
Incoming Squirrel.Looking so forward to coming home! — traveling to Gold Coast from London, United Kingdom
The Mayor of London is more concerned with keeping President Trump out of the United Kingdom than known terrorists. Sa…
Mayor of London calls for cancellation of Trump's visit to United Kingdom
The International Space Station is passing over the United Kingdom at June 05, 2017 at 11:51AM, for 566 seconds.
. United Kingdom Citizens elected you shameless man,you are hidden Islamic terrorist
A British extremist violently threatens Pakistanis living in the United Kingdom with a hand-grenade and a sword.
Another terrorist attack in the United Kingdom. It won't end until common sense is valued more than political correctne…
Sounds like some fraction of the United Kingdom actually likes
UNITED KINGDOM: 'Attack during Ramadan shows they respect neither life nor faith'
The United States stands with the citizens of the United Kingdom in our joint fight against terrorists and those who suppor…
How's that Climate Change doing the United Kingdom🇬🇧 3 Islamic Terror attacks in 10 weeks.
Chairman of Peoples Party strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Kingdom. .
30 seconds of footage that every single voter in the United Kingdom has a right to hear.
Murder rate in the U.S.: 3.9. . Murder rate in the United Kingdom: 0.9
- Amazing spots to visit in Ramsgate, United Kingdom
- Awesome attractions to enjoy in Ramsgate (United Kingdom)
Readout of President Call With Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom. 🇺🇸🇬🇧 https:/…
Lil joke you know the answer. . Joke is similar to . United Kingdom leaving Europe Union. ( EU ).. the joke. Arab nation leaving
So United Kingdom authorities again has the info needed to stop the terrorist attack, but failed to act. So yeah, inter…
U.S. citizens in the UK: If you're safe,please notify friends & loved ones. If you use social media, update statuses
Condolences to people of the United Kingdom over terrorist attack in
To "move or stir any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom" is still considered High Treason under UK law
"Ariana should become the new Prime Minister because she's the only person that's united the United Kingdom" - my dad💛
It is with a heavy heart I offer my condolences and support to the people of the United Kingdom. America grieves with you. – L…
A critical first step to creating a more United Kingdom would be ending state funding for ALL faith based schools.
The Securities and Exchange Commission hates United Kingdom . this is
I'm going to at Leeds Town Hall in Leeds, United Kingdom...
on 1693 John Wildman, English soldier and politician, Postmaster General of the United Kingdom (b. 1621)
Guardiola ready to unleash Aguero. MANCHESTER, United Kingdom: Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has no qual
I might go to at The Troxy in London, United Kingdom ...
📺 This video from is trending today (4th) on YouTube United Kingdom
In the United States of America and the United Kingdom, both advanced leaders in the information and new digital...
United Kingdom and the United States both provided substantial material aid in the form o…
Optometrist Job, based near Maidenhead - United Kingdom, OxfordshireAre you looking for an employer
The National Endowment for the Humanities hates United Kingdom . this is
So what will a post UK offer nations like Estonia? Can the United Kingdom guarantee them security from Russia?
30 May 1972 The Angry Brigade went on trial over a series of 25 bombings throughout the United Kingdom.…
John Phillip in His Studio - 1863-1864. John Ballantyne 1815-1897. oil on canvas. Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum…
The United Kingdom truly is the pinnacle of human society and elegance.
After interview with Jeremy Paxman, is he fit to run the United Kingdom?
The United Kingdom have declared war on Canada.
Young Adult Carers in the United Kingdom and United States: Iden ty, Choices & Life Paths, Lewis Feylyn,...
David Saker's experience in England could be a big boost for the Aussies in the Champions Trophy
Zookeeper killed in the United Kingdom and more
Cranio from Global Street Art Foundation, London, United Kingdom. Global Street Art is the largest online street ...…
"The leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom walked the streets of Taormina. Trump foll…
Pictured: ‘Courageous’ Navy SEAL who plunged to his death after parachute failed during aerial display
Saudi Arabia's security and prosperity is also the United Kingdom's security and prosperity. h…
Senior Scientist - United Kingdom, StevenageBasic qualifications PhD or equivalent number of years o
Key projects at risk as Greens back NDP in British Columbia
Yesterday Today Their solution to terror 'sharia, Imams, community elders'. Taking the United…
Can't believe Liam Fox said “the United Kingdom is one of the few countries … that does not need to bury its 20th century history."
Today we celebrate the birth of Isaac Newell, who was born in Kent (United Kingdom) on the 24th of April 1853 🔴⚫ https…
Portland knife attack: tension high as ‘free speech rally’ set for weekend | US news
These young activists are trying to change the world
'Joanne' has charted in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, Australia and Brazil,…
Elvis Duran Show, elvisduranshow is now trending in United Kingdom.
Popular on YouTube - United Kingdom May 29, 2017 at 01:37PM Everlong- Foo Fighters at Bottlerock 2017 via Popular...
Turkey 🇹🇷 so much greatly admires the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 much more than any other countries around the universe!!...
PULLING FOCUS LTD - information about company from United Kingdom you can found there
We have just added company WESTINCO LIMITED. You can look at it on
Prime property predictions for 2017: Sotheby’s International Realty -
- Wonderful places to go in Christchurch, United Kingdom :
- Awesome attractions to enjoy in Christchurch (United Kingdom)
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in a Q & A with Pastor at
Learning from the United Kingdom about the Laffer Curve, Dynamic Scoring, and Class-Warfare Ta…
1966: becomes as it gains its from the United Kingdom.
1966: British Guiana becomes as it gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
Well done to for the great review in Great result for a great hotel!…
Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) deadline fast approaching for Financial Institutions
My heart aches for these lives, cut short so maliciously. 😢. We stand with you, United Kingdom. We so…
We are a UNITED KINGDOM -do not let the abhorrent behaviour of the VERY small minority destroy our communities & what mak…
We hope everyone in the United Kingdom is safe and can still find peace within humanity and with each other. We love you…
Emma & Rylan glam up for the United Kingdom of Big Brother!
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the attack, and with the people of the United Kingdom. https:/…
This shows how beautiful the United Kingdom really is.
U.K. stocks lower at close of trade; United Kingdom 100 down 0.21%
We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.
Turkey stands in solidarity with the United Kingdom and will continue its joint and decisive efforts against terrorism.
Expel Canada, United Kingdom and the Vatican from the UN General Assembly:
it is a sad tale. dignity as a human right is dead in the United Kingdom - only…
Not a palace for a Raja in Rajasthan but a pavilion for Prince Regent of the United Kingdom. Brighton. Sussex.
Parliaments of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom: Advocate and introduce legislat... via
H.E Mr Nasser Kamel Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United Kingdom of Great Britain
A United Kingdom (that's if you mean the one about Sir Seretse Khama)
No man is free who is not master of himself. . || Seretse Khama, A United Kingdom (2016)
Don't forget, we're in the United Kingdom next to London. Note that the American Richmond,VA s…
Looking like a 'Rat race' down there w/ n.llyw @ London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom - Travel News - Leeds Bradford Airport evacuated, and flights diverted, after discovery of a suspicious package
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Secretary-General António Guterres today appointed Mark Lowcock, a national of the United Kingdom, as the United...
In December, 1901, the Society made him the principal clarinet with the United Kingdom and discovery.
Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan was interviewed on Monday in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom ... (Google Alerts)
The Local of Notting Hill in the District of United Kingdom gathered together in unity to propagate their faith...
On this day In 1997, ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ by Michael Jackson hit in the United Kingdom! It became his 7th single…
Hey Ian Thornley thanks for the follow! How's the weather in United Kingdom?
The Tory Party is a national party or it is nothing. Wonderful to see that noble vision of a United Kingdom take su…
The Iron Lady is sworn in on May 4th Margaret Thatcher — Prime Minister of United Kingdom via
Queen Elizabeth has ruled the United Kingdom for over a quarter of the time the United States has been a country. https…
Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by John Springfield via
BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II’s entire staff from across the United Kingdom has been summoned to an emergency meeting at Bu…
David Davis has insisted that the United Kingdom will not be paying €100bn to leave the European Union.
A billboard for the James Bond movie Skyfall in London, United Kingdom.
PRESS RELEASES Commission warns Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom of continued air pollution
Procol Harum tickets - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Liverpool in United Kingdom on 10-05-17
Country boy in London, just needed to see something green. @ London, United Kingdom
wow, EU actively working towards the breakup of the United Kingdom? Or was it Great Britain?
Magistrate Michelle Davis of United Kingdom; potty mouth loser .
"Author was special adviser to Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal and special counselor to the Saudi ambassador to the United Kingdom" 🤣
Can Americans compete for the United Kingdom championship? I don't see why they can't considering our current US champion is Canadian.
In 1983 The compact disc (CD) goes on sale in the United Kingdom.
Lee Johnston, is now trending in United Kingdom.
the 1st mention of 'Queenstown Road' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United Kingdom!
Throwback to this show in Colchester, United Kingdom! . Photo by OPS.
Uh, hey, Kim Fatty Fat, only the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China have hydrogen bombs.. go b…
I'm going to at o2 apollo in Manchester, United Kingdom -...
Literally accurate - it's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland, so GB is a sepa…
In Slovakia, using the names Britain or Great Britain instead of the United Kingdom can land you with a €6,600 fine.
I live in United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. My en…
[THE Prime Minister OF Great Britain] There are a lot of political issues in Great Britain today. United Kingdom is
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Your choice at this election: strong, stable leadership for the United Kingdom or a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corby…
Happy birthday 'Your Majesty' Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
*United Kingdom ya pie Northern Ireland isnae part of of Great Britain
The difficulties of completing a drop down when you're English:. Britain. England. Great Britain. UK. United Kingdom
Dear Majesty you are the soul of the United Kingdom of The Great Britain. Bless you in your day of born. From Perú with love
JOIN the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland & get a place on our team before our…
Forget Party Politics in the forthcoming Election. Vote for Her Majesty The Queen, The Crown and the United Kingdom of 🇬🇧Gr…
David Duchovny, davidduchovny is now trending in United Kingdom.
David Duchovny, is now trending in United Kingdom.
Well I'll be Prince Albert of the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland Great Britain and Wales ;()
Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Call with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom
You don't abbreviate United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland into united kingdom do ya
- The Royal Collection -. A woman walks past 'Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom' . - by Andy Warhol
UNITED KINGDOM - Lucie Jones will represent the United Kingdom in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, singing Never...
Jacqui Oatley, jacquioatley is now trending in United Kingdom.
Jacqui Oatley, is now trending in United Kingdom.
David Torrance: A United Kingdom? The people are more divided than ever ^HeraldScotland
Southgate gives England stars chance to seize power. ENFIELD, United Kingdom: Gareth Southgate has revealed he i
Russian “contacts” made in Ukraine. London, United Kingdom. As the international press goes into a frenzy……
I biked 10.00 mi with Check out my route in Market Drayton, United Kingdom!
What's that got to do with the shadow home secretary of the United Kingdom?
Severn Trent Water say they are unsure when the water will be back on 💧💧💧. Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jimmy Wales, jimmy_wales is now trending in United Kingdom.
Gee South Africa! How come your United Kingdom lets you reclaim 5 provinces?
United Kingdom | Made in Chelsea spin-off In Bed with Jamie Laing gets a second series |
I think they cut the mustard. tods @ National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom
Bill De Blasio, billdeblasio is now trending in United Kingdom.
Bill De Blasio, is now trending in United Kingdom.
This clause ... After the United Kingdom leaves the Union, no agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom...
. London and serving as North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom when he and his family defected to South Kore
Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) by Clean Bandit is number 1 in United Kingdom top 100 songs
travelling to London, United Kingdom from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
2/2 in the best interests of the people of Scotland and of the rest of the United Kingdom. UK Govt provided Smith: what h…
David Davis: We will repeal the European Communities Act and return power to the United Kingdom
I like that Very funny, but sadly, very true. We have consigned ourselves to be little England - not even a United Kingdom!
first Brexit followed by no more United Kingdom but Divided Kingdom!!
Praying for all tweeps, esp the peoples of the United Kingdom and the European Union.
By triggering Article 50, the United Kingdom is bound to lose influence on the world stage.
Pm letter: I hereby notify . the European Council of the United Kingdom's intention to withdraw from the . European Atomic E…
Prime Minister: "I would simply remind the Honourable Gentleman (that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom"
Marathons are bad for your health, scientists warn runners 
Brexit: The worst thing to happen to the United Kingdom? Current news about Britain, all in 2 minutes!
/r/makeadelivery chews over when u follow them to the United Kingdom.
Asia stocks gain with dollar, sterling hit by Brexit woes Finance Kingdom States
Scottish waters are U.K. waters, because Scotland is part of the United Kingdom
Another special thanks to in partnership of producing the first annual ORW United-Kingdom Tournament,…
381: quick better follow me before the United Kingdom becomes less united
Louis CK releases trailer for new Netflix special
Theresa May, David Cameron & Jeremy Corbyn will be remembered as the triumvirate of destruction of the Union of the United Ki…
Dear EU, We the people of the United Kingdom.. but not Scotland... possibly Northern Ireland.. Wales?... anyone?
Desperate Spain tackles calls for independence by splashing MILLIONS on Catalonia
Tonight on Spaced Out Radio, Gary Heseltine joins us from the United Kingdom to talk about his cool research...
The Scottish Parliament votes for a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom
The beginning of the end of the United Kingdom!
Have you ever been to 21 yalding house, clarence road, united kingdom, e5 8jn? There is only 1 company
Sharapova proud of her passion, integrity as doping ban ends
Agree with my friend that some may disagree but today feels a sad day for the United Kingdom.
29 Mar 2017 The United Kingdom will trigger Article 50, beginning the formal process of leaving the European Union.…
Mexican man cleared in sexual assault of schoolgirl because he didn’t enjoy it | World news
The picture they'll use in history lessons on the economic and constitutional collapse of The United Kingdom from 2017 o…
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June 13th. The United Kingdom. I have a date with destiny.
Brides vent fury after dress shop closes without warning weeks before weddings
What do you know about IFOUNDATION LTD? Information can be found here
I asked my MP to protect - Tell your MP to protect puppies. Please Sign&RT
Deportation protest halts flights out of Stansted Airport
Girlfriend prank backfires when she accidentally strips on camera
I liked a video from IMPACT Wrestling & WOS Wrestling United Kingdom Press
Ah yes, the well known fascist police states of Canada and the United Kingdom, where dissent is crushed with an iron will. htt…
It's impossible to stop every radicalized person who wants to kill from renting a car or buying a knife.
soon to be the former United Kingdom
It's 2017. Two women's decisions will determine if United Kingdom continues to exist. And front page news is their lowe…
Correct! We liked to be called the United Kingdom or Great Britain
- Best things to do in Royal Tunbridge Wells - United Kingdom
Mr Farage You have achieved more for the United Kingdom than most politicians could in a life time You ha…
Anybody know when the ultimate fighter starts in the United Kingdom. can't find anything on listings.
On this day in 1994, Radio Five Live broadcast for the first time in the United Kingdom.
Today in 1994: BBC Radio Five Live broadcasts for first time in United Kingdom.
In my view they are.regions of the United Kingdom. They are not seperate Nations bound in a federation
Come March 29, British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that the United Kingdom will notify the European...
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