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United Air Lines, Inc., is an American airline, one of the world's largest airlines with 86,852 employees and operating the second-largest fleet with 702 aircraft. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. 1.7/5

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World’s Worst Airlines for Customer Service and via
Interesting study... Customer Service: Who is worse—Comcast, United Airlines or the DMV? via
Disappointed in the lack of Customer Service with United Airlines Denver lost and found dept.
Customer Service fail - or Why Airlines are going under - This just happened: I call United Airlines to book a one way and round trip flight to get my daughter to Utah (I didn't book online since I needed two different types of tickets). The agent was helpful, stellar actually, looking up flights and helping me save money - I get the round trip ticket down to $717 and he puts me on hold, and we get disconnected. OK - so I call back.. give the new agent all the info I was just told and he tells me the flight is $950... WHAT??? Plus because I called to make the reservation, I'll get charged $25 more per ticket. While I am on the phone with the agent I go to United's web site and put in my flight, that says $856. The agent transfer my call to "web services" since there is such a disparity... I still want to know what happened to my $717. I hop on over to Cheapo Airfare.com and punch in my departure and destination and low and behold - US AIrlines has it at 720 - I hop over to the US Airlines web site (d ...
My post on United Airlines tonight: How do I thank you for ruining my daughter's trip to Spain? You took the Travel Insurance money...never ticketed the trip...confirmed the upgrade...then, and this is the best...wait for it...wait for it...your agent put us on hold for half an hour then hung up!!! Amazing. This is why I fly Delta. Happy Easter to you at Customer Service at United Airlines. I will always remember this...
According to the McAllen International Airport please check with your airlines before traveling. Here is an advisory from United Airlines, "If you are traveling to or through Houston IAH airport over the next couple of days they are experiencing inclement weather UA airlines has put in place some waivers for travel modifications. Please review united.com for the latest updates for your travel itinerary, you will be able to make modifications there also if your travel is impacted or if you wish to avoid possible weather delays and reschedule at a later date. Again this is just customer service advisement."
United Airlines has unveiled new uniforms that will be worn by flight attendants, customer service agents,...
Answered 'How could United Airlines improve its customer service?' on
I just got pissy with the customer service rep for United Airlines because I still haven't gotten my itinerary after several calls. Then he couldn't find anything booked, so I started to get a little more pissy. Then I realized I booked the kids flight through US Airways.
Well I made it home but my luggage did not!! This has been the worst flight experience I've ever had. Every flight I was on was delayed by at least an hour and then I miss the flight I was supposed to be on here because the flight before that was late so I get on a different flight and even after I confirm that my luggage will be with me with Customer Service, they still somehow manage to lose my bag... Never in my life will I fly United Airlines..Ever!!! Signed, a very very annoyed young lady!!
My take on the dynamic duo, Denver Airport/United Airlines: good luck everyone! I hope you get home sometime! Specifically I came in from Chicago, with ticketed seat assignments to Billings. Our plane was late, and I had five minutes to go from gate B18 to gate B4000 (approx). I RAN through DEN in 3 inch heels, wheeled around the corner, and the plane was still there! However, UA gave my seat to someone on standby, so after a century at Customer Service, I got a seat to, of course, Cody. Although I sat with my head against the bathroom wall in the noisiest plane ever, I am elated to be in Wyoming again.
Stuck in LA, United Airlines has the worst customer service ever.so much for going home
Chapter 59. Currently spending my night in the lonely airport. Security system is like paranoia - 55 billion dollars annual expenses for boots checking, X-ray system, conversations at immigration service so I can stay in the lines for 2 hours. Have being emotionally crushed, missed my flight to Miami. Nice lady told me that "She is REALLY sorry. The aircraft leaves in 5 minutes. However she already closed the door." I said that "You have time to open and close it several times. And ask if she can." Got to change the tickets at the customer service. Only way to get what you want in that kind of situations - yell, lye and follow the rules. Sorry, United Airlines for the one-ticket damage I caused, never feel guilt for corporations. You are big, you are not an Ethiopian child, can stand it. If somebody believes in the Venn diagram. If somebody situated at the intersection of the sets of people reading this message and have the advice for accommodation and time for the message - send me the message please. M ...
Seattle/Tacoma Airport and United Airlines are fighting it out for the worst customer service in the airline industry.
Two new events at next Olympics: 1- walking through a crowded club to get to bathroom. 2- trying to reach a customer service rep at United Airlines.
In a recent customer service survey, United Airlines came in dead last. Here's why--and how not to suffer the same fate.
have a 6 month battle with United Airlines for a refund of airline tickets for a flight THEY cancelled . finally get notice that the refund has been issued - when credit still hadn't appeared on my Visa ... was told I should have read the small print that credits can take 4-6 weeks to actually appear. United's customer service rivals that of Bell!!!
Jim Stanek, a disabled veteran and Paws and Stripes cofounder, claims United Airlines staff physically abused his service dog, Sarge, and verbally abused him during an unexpected three-day layover at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. In a video posted to YouTube detailing the ...
I read about this last week and still can't believe it. I hope this goes viral. United Airlines, if guilty as alleged, has a high price to pay.
I flew with United Airlines for the first time today...and if I can figure out another way to get home it will be the last time. The horror started at check-in and ended as I walked off the plane. Apparently United Airlines requires employees to have surly dispositions and provide substandard customer service.
It didn't let me share so I'm trying it this way. It is unconscionable treatment for any person and/or dog to be the victim of. I have had the privilege of having a service dog aid me in getting my college degree. Service dog are very quiet and even tempered. As the incident is reported Sarge did nothing to bring on the abuse. When a person gets their service dog, you form a close bond. The longer you are together the stronger the bond. Jim Stanek will have to start from scratch if Sarge is unable to recover from the abuse. Please contact United Airlines and let them know that this type of behavior is toward anyone but especially those disabled and again especially disabled Vets who have earned and deserve the best treatment. Thank you, Maureen Self Reliance Expo Airlines Mistreatment of Disabled Veteran, Equip 2 Endure www.youtube.com Paws and Stripes spokesman Jim Stanek tells his 3 day ordeal with United Airlines customer service. Jim suffers from PTSD and TBI from his 3 combat tours in ... shed on Ju ...
Unbelievable! Shame on United Airlines! Customer service is a difficult job, but behavior from a representative as described in the video is inexcusable. And kicking a service dog because you're startled by its presence? Huh?! I also think that there should be veterinary services and dog supplies available at airports for service dogs caught up in situations like delays, etc.
Bob's Log My flight has been cancelled and I'm stuck in Dulles airport. The corridors smell of sweat and despair. My only hope is that I can get a flight relatively soon; otherwise, I fear for the customer service employees of United Airlines.
Let me put this as politely as I can. United Airlines *** in every aspect of its operations. Homer Simpson does better contingency planning, corrupt third world governments have more empathetic customer service
United Airlines customer "service" actually told us to call customer service when attempting to reso
Anyone looking for a job, United Airlines is hiring full & part time Customer Service Agents. Go to united.com/careers to apply. They needed them bad.
A United Airlines executive has contacted me via telephone and email to apologize for the treatment that I received from one of the company’s customer service agents at George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport on May 19, 2012. The response ...
Home Sweet Home - but what a day/night. United Airlines.you need to work on your Customer Service skills!
To all my traveling friends...please give me feedback on airlines other then United. I have been loyally traveling with them for ten years. After their merger with Continental, they have gone to crap! I am currently sitting on the Tarmac an hour and a half delayed with our second maintenance issue! This is my third trip in a row I have been delayed; the two previous for over three hours each. So I write customer service to express my disappointment and they don't even have the decency to either acknowledge my e-mail nor respond! I fly almost sixty flights a year with them. Any alternative suggestions? I would encourage all of yo to take your business elsewhere. United Airlines *** Mr. Smiley (united CEO)
It's an interesting story. One day, Dave Carroll was taking a flight with his band-mates on United Airlines. When he landed at his destination, he noticed that United staff were throwing his $3,500 Taylor guitar around, and ultimately, damaging it pretty badly. When United did nothing to hel...
I agree with my sister in law United Airlines *** I will never fly this airline again. Thank God I found my problem early and can fix it by July. Customer service is horrible...I thought the customer was always right. I'd be out of business if I treated my customers in the manner they are treating me.
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