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United Airlines

United Air Lines, Inc., is an American airline, one of the world's largest airlines with 86,852 employees and operating the second-largest fleet with 702 aircraft.

David Dao Jimmy Kimmel San Francisco

United Airlines just announced it's changing its theme music to Rhapsody in Black and Blue.
Passenger brutally removed from United Airlines flight is kind of "Jack of all trades": Vietnamese airline staff
United Airlines should learn the value of a sincere apology
Before you lynch United Airlines, get the whole story, and stop defending the ridiculous behavior of David Dao
United Airlines staff will no longer take the seats of boarded passengers
United Airlines passenger David Dao launches legal action over his forceful removal:
Legal situation: "United Airlines will be writing David Dao a large check. The end."
United Airlines passenger David Dao never wants to fly on a plane again, his attorney says
Family of David Dao ready to battle United Airlines
Here’s how much United Airlines stock tanked this week
overheard in coffee shop " Amarillo PAC is as genuine & caring about ALL citizens as United Airlines is with passengers"
Breaking news - over heard in coffee shop "AMARILLO MATTERS PAC" ads & comments are as genuine as United Airlines caring for its passengers"
SNL rips United Airlines and Pepsi in the same sketch
AIRLINE NEWS: Engaged couple kicked off United Airlines flight to Costa Rica ‘for repeatedly trying to sit in…
Policy change hits United Airlines in light of recent passenger fiasco
Aviation law expert suggests the law was broken on Flight 3411, but not by United Airlines
As it happened, that United Airlines story involved a poker player.
After passenger fiasco, United Airlines issues new policy requiring its commuting staff and crew to be booked sooner
United Airlines issues a new policy requiring crews to be booked into flights 60 minutes prior to departure
United Airlines issues a new crew policy.
New video shows United Airlines passenger moments before forced removal: "I am not going!"
Lawyer of Dr. David Dao schools United Airlines in fantastic speech.
Dr. David Dao was beaten on United Airlines. His attorney argued, how is my client supposed to suck a patient's ***
Had the United Airlines incident happened in Pakistan, there would have been no justice for Dr David Dao
Watch: Jimmy Kimmel mocks United Airlines with safety video spoof | The Seattle Times
Jimmy Kimmel creates hilarious parody of viral United Airlines video.
Regarding the man dragged off the United Airlines plane: The Vietnamese name "David Dao" The doctor on the plane...
United Airlines changes crew booking policy in reaction to David Dao being dragged off plane UNITED
Family of David Dao is ready to battle United Airlines after he was dragged from his seat. DETAILS…
David Dao likely to file lawsuit against United Airlines
ICYMI: the uncut video showing the argument moments before David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight
No one should fly United Airlines ever again Dao is proof!
Gogglebox viewers FURIOUS at sisters Ellie and Izzi's 'disgusting' joke about United Airlines passenger David Dao.…
Worried you might be dragged off a United Airlines flight? A world-famous martial arts expert has got you covered. https:…
Watch Jimmy Kimmel roasts United Airlines in this hilarious commercial:
Doctor on United Airlines flight says incident was 'more horrifying than Vietnam War'
Lawyer for Dr Dao who was forcibly removed from United Airlines flight says he lost two front teeth & will undergo surger…
United Airlines CEO apologized to the flyer after his Market Capitalization fell by 1 Billion Dollars. . Lesson: The more managers think th…
United Airlines removes customers from overbooked flight
United Airlines flight attendant training video
As if things couldn't get worst for United Airlines this week, some poor *** got stung by a scorpion on one of their flights 😂😂😂
Chinese travellers are cutting up their United Mileage cards in anger
When you are flying . United Airlines and they announce the flight is overbooked...
Put Greys on this afternoon and immediately there's an asian boarding a plane and my bf goes "hey is this united airlines all over again" 😂💀
My mother in-law and myself don't see eye to eye, so to smooth things over, I bought her a ticket on United Airlines
Delta will offer passengers up to $10,000 to give up seats on overbooked flights by via
. This will be the future of United Airlines Flight 3411(I think)
United Airlines apologizes and officially changes their theme song to Rhapsody in Black and Blue.
...and thank you for flying United Airlines.
It's time for some game theory, United Airlines edition - Marginal REVOLUTION
Why airlines overbook flights and what 'bumped' passengers can do about it
'Sorry, not sorry': United Airlines fallout shows why businesses need to apologise, writes
United Airlines in spotlight again, passenger says scorpion bit him on flight from Texas
Kyle Seager thinks United Airlines has great service
This photo was taken on a United Airlines flight this morning. 😂👏🏻
When she thinks she won the fight on the way to the airport but you rebooked her flight with United Airlines
Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus asks for investigation into United Airlines incident-as long as YOU pay!
People are roasting United Airlines after a passenger was dragged off a ... via Stop flying United please.
Unbelievable. Scorpion incident aboard an united airlines flight: Man stung by a scorpion! .
It's def not EDM... just music. it gives u chills and then makes u wanna fly (.. not united airlines but just fly like a bird...)
We are beginning to see the Trump/Sessions effect on Law enforcement as shown by the United Airlines incident and increased…
Why United Airlines was legally wrong to deplane David Dao
Does train their staff to make the wrong choice in *every* situation?
Calvert should send his resume to United Airlines 🙄
Chaos in Penn Station tonight as a man is tased, causing an apparent stampede. United airlines is being called in to contr…
Sorry I was late tonight just got off my Airlines flight
Shame on you Your airlines should be shut permanently! https…
When you are at the United Airlines flight and they announce that the flight is overbooked
Here at Airlines, our friendly new customer service representative is here to help you disembark quickly and effic…
United is the honeybadger of airlines.
United Airlines has troubled past, ties to 9/11 attacks
United Airlines Special Forces could have killed more than 36 ISIS for probably about $300 instead of $300,000,000.
A scorpion stung a passenger on a recent United Airlines flight
United Airlines now has to drag people on.
Pacific Business - United Airlines pilots are fuming over violent removal of passenger
Karen Walker hits it out of the park. Editorial: United Airlines: Brand on life support via
Update your maps at Navteq
Delta OKs offers of up to $9950 to flyers who give up seats. United Airlines pi...
apparenty on United Airlines when Harrison Ford says "GET OFF MY PLANE" is not enough to kick them off
"America" upset about the guy on United Airlines! CEO apologized, but nobody did for Eric Gardner!
Sully 2 (2017): Tom Hanks lands a United Airlines plane in the river after learning that one of the passengers is an As…
To better prepare them for real world situations, we are enrolling all border patrol agents in United Airlines' customer…
Tell him Air Force One is broke down, let him fly United Airlines a couple times to Florida and back and this whole th…
Lawyers and family of man forcibly removed from United Airlines flight speak out at news conference…
so what are the men's rights activists doing about the man who was beaten up by United Airlines, and the *** concentra…
List of people this man can now sue:. 1. United Airlines. 2. Chicago Police Dept. 3. The for leaking criminal records…
My guess would be SNAKES ON A PLANE. "What next? Scorpion stings man on United Airlines flight"
Man dragged off United Airlines flight lands company in hot water
Daughter of man booted off United Airlines flight says she is horrified, sickened by what…
Meet the man who trolled Sean Spicer, Pepsi and United Airlines in one meme I like this guy!…
Hey North Korea, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the United Airlines way. Your call. Merica.
IMAGE: Passengers on a United Airlines flight today
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
United Airlines feeling that it can also violently "reaccommodate" passengers w/ impunity this way is a…
Key last line: United Airlines feeling that it can violently "reaccommodate" passengers w/ impunity is also…
United Airlines apologizes one more time - and disputes claim it never reached out to bloodied Dr. Dao.
Prescient 2014 article by the brilliant Tim Wu about United Airlines and the "ritualized abuse" consumers will...
What can we learn from United Airlines' breathtakingly bad crisis management?
What can we learn from United Airlines' 'breathtakingly bad' crisis management?
ICE. United Airlines. Trump threatening to use the Nat. Guard to attack citi…
United Airlines... just voted in Chinese takeout. Chat Conversation End
United Airlines frequent flyers are taking some drastic steps to protest the company
Is the United Airlines man being smeared in the media even the right David Dao? It doesn't matter
UNITED AIRLINES CEO: 'This will never happen on a United Airlines flight again'
United Airlines to compensate passengers on flight David Dao was dragged off
Call me racist but every time I see that United Airlines video, all I can think about is Leslie Chow on crazy awesome coke binge.
United Airlines removing customers from an overbooked flight
BREAKING NEWS:. United Airlines personnel re-accomodates Ben Carson from elevator.
United Airlines: We demand the resignation of United CEO Oscar Munoz via
Bill O'Reilly's ratings are up because they want to know if his new producer is a former United Airlines flight attendant.
United Airlines -- you are a disgrace!!! I had already cancelled my United credit card and will NEVER USE YOUR AIRLINE AGAIN!
Well payed by after United Airlines passenger dragging video! . Pakistan International Airlines
United Airlines: Other airlines are taking a swipe on social media
Pakistan International Airlines ripping and making fun of United Airlines due to their recent incident where they...
Jimmy Kimmel has an updated safety video for United Airlines.
"We're United Airlines. You do what we say when we say, and there won't be a problem, capiche?" 😂
Jimmy Kimmel rips into United Airlines with parody vid
United Airlines is not gonna love Jimmy Kimmel's new commercial for United Airlines
Jimmy Kimmel takes on United Airlines in hilarious mock safety video
Jimmy Kimmel savages United Airlines in parody ad – video
United Airlines recently added a new food system to their flights. . Chinese takeout.
Welcome the new United Airlines' public relations manager!
NBC News with Lester Holt brought up the doctor's checkered past as if that justified the asinine treatment by United Airlines. SMH
Dr David Dao gets dragged off a United Airlines flight and media decides to bring up his past drug charges...?
'The problem starts with airlines,' says CJ columnist Joseph Gerth about United Airlines fiasco
United Airlines is Sarah Michelle Gellar at the end of Cruel Intentions rn
Philip suggested we take notes from United Airlines on how to remove unwanted palace guests. . Probably not advisable.
United Airlines is HIRING a new Public Relations Manager! https:/…
Just saw a job listing for "Manager - Brand Public Relations" for United Airlines. Why might they be hiring for such a position right now?
Apparently, Moshiri has hired United Airlines security to try and get Bill Kenwright out of the Goodison boardroom.…
"United Airlines. Putting the hospital in hospitality".
BREAKING: United Airlines stock price currently being 're-accommodated' to a value $1bn lower than it was yesterday.
Boarding a flight with United Airlines... "My name is Brian Chelsea Potter, and I am not the taliban!"
United Airlines Commercial (Jimmy Kimmel Live) via the new United Airlines commercial. lol
United Airlines still has better customer service than Bill O'Reilly.
United Airlines taking mixed martial arts to the sky's.
From 10:00 on with Adrian Chiles. School behaviour . United Airlines. 40 years of The Clash
United Airlines passenger forcibly DRAGGED off overbooked flight in shocking video
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Things that will get you kicked off an United Airlines flight:. Wearing leggings. Having an United Airlines ticket
Terry Butcher arriving off a United Airlines flight back in 1989
I'm sure our new stolen Supreme Court justice will be happy to support United Airlines over paying passengers.
United Airlines renamed FLYX Airlines by new owner Elon Musk Craig Ferguson first investor !!
I just got a stomach ache after watching the shameful United Airlines video. These singing bowls help me to cope:
Oh my god he's saying "just kill me", how can anyone watch this video and justify what United Airlines permitted on…
If you visit the USA, never ever EVER fly with United Airlines. Here is innocent customer in trauma after being assaulted on…
.'s next attack on Assad will involve booking Assad on a United Airlines flight https:…
United Airlines and the economist who solved the overbooking problem
United Airlines: this flight is overbooked, we need your seat. Paying customer: but I need to get home. United Airlines: ht…
*** Airlines really has the best flying options
.United Airlines passenger dragged off overbooked flight after refusing to give up seat …
United Airlines staff drags passenger from overbooked flight
Horrified by that video from airlines flight. They. Let. Police. Taser. A. Passenger!?
United Airlines passenger forcibly removed from overbooked flight
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
United Airlines staff drags passenger from overbooked flight by via
When I read stuff about United Airlines I feel scared to fly.
After this incident United Airlines will never have to worry about a flight being overbooked again.
United Airlines would like to formally apologize for running out of Pepsi.
.United Airlines: You might get home, you might randomly get beaten by cops and dragged off a flight for flying…
United Airlines in training for mass deportation flights once Trump gets the all clear.
i'm so disappointed in this, United is one of my favorite airlines..Truly disturbing and that doctor was not hostile
Outrageous! United crazed, Police drag passenger from overbooked plane
We at Airlines just don't discriminate against "leggings", we also assault our paying customers that don't volunta…
is using physical force to remove paying customers? Last time I fly with this airlines.
First the leggings fiasco, now this -->> United Airlines staff drags passenger from overbooked flight
United Airlines social media staff arriving at work today
Daily Wire -Customer forcibly booted off plane- United overbooked! - a Dr. That had patients to see in the morning!
The United Airlines incident sums up the relationship between corporations and regular people pretty effectively.
Video shows man dragged off United Airlines flight after overbooking
Yup, people are furious with United Airlines again.
What's the world coming to... Passenger dragged from United Airlines flight | Reuters
Do United Airlines and Pepsi share a PR firm
Outrage after man is forcibly removed from United flight: "Shame on you"
Shame on airlines for beating a man bloody and dragging him off a plane like an animal because YOU overbooked a f…
Man violently dragged off plane after United Airlines overbooks flight
This is how Airlines treat their paying customers by assaulting them to "volunteer" their seats. https:…
Outrage as videos show guards pulling Asian man from his airplane seat and dragging him off United Airlines flight
Perhaps can help Airlines with the definition of "volunteer"
RepresentDotUs: United Airlines is in the headlines we decided to look at their lobbying for the last y…
United Airlines overbooked then picked a random passenger to force off the plane... this is terrifying
People are outraged by this shocking video showing a passenger forcibly dragged off a Airlines plane
I guess they must not serve Pepsi on united airlines
United airlines is TRASH - please go watch the video if you haven't yet. What a horrific way to handle the mess ups of your own company
If United Airlines were Breitbart, they would be the article content.
VIDEO: Male passenger who refused to volunteer to get off overbooked United Airlines flight dragged off plane
United Airlines forcibly dragged a randomly selected passenger (a doctor) off a flight to make room for a United employee…
Safe to say United airlines won't have overbooking problems again
I'm a little sick of everyone dragging Airlines' good name through the aisle.
United Airlines is pleased to announce new seating on all domestic flights- in addition to United First and Economy Plus we…
Explains why United Airlines is thoroughly hated by air travellers: Man forcibly removed from overbooked flight
Statement from Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz: “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”. That's one wa…
United Airlines flight will begin soon! Come on down to the flight! .
Delta, United Airlines can start removing coach folks prior to 1st/biz class if a flight is overbooked?
Do you think United Airlines was right to stop two girls from boarding a flight for wearing leggings?…
Special early release episode! This week we discuss Chico’s, United Airlines and guest is here!…
United Airlines was burned on social media after it refused two teen girls from getting on to a flight in Denver...
United Airlines defends decision to bar girls wearing leggings from flight
They wouldn't have been able to board the United Airlines flight in those legs, sadly enough
Teens barred from United Airlines flight for failing to comply with corporate dress code
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
United Airlines bars girls in leggings from flight
United Airlines faces wrath of leggings lovers after teens barred from flight
United Airlines responds to backlash after barring teenage girls wearing leggings from flight via
United Airlines The decision by United Airlines to deny entry onto a flight to two girls w...
United Airlines barred two teenage girls from boarding a flight on Sunday morning and required a child to change... https…
What’s Current: Two girls banned from boarding United Airlines flight for wearing leggings via
A gate agent at United Airlines prohibited two teenagers from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings. ht…
On a flight from Denver to Minneapolis early Sunday morning, Shannon Watts observed a United Airlines gate agent...
¡Me quedo muerta!. United Airlines defends gate decision to bar girls wearing leggings from flight
United Airlines bars two girls from flight because they were wearing leggings
United Airlines bars girls in leggings from boarding flight: they're "not properly clothed" https:/…
What? WHAT?? Surely we are missing something in this story...
that the rule is silly. Who looks at a ten-year-old and thinks she's a representative of United Airlines?
United Airlines Tried to Ban Girls From Flight for Wearing Leggings yet advertise with this picture. As If doesn'…
United Airlines bans girls from domestic flight for wearing leggings — sparking social media uproar
United Airlines slammed for 'barring girls wearing leggings'.
United Airlines barred 2 women from boarding a flight after a gate agent decided they were dressed inappropriately
Hey I fly a LOT. About to go on tour all April and changing all my flights to other airlines
Internet erupts after United Airlines boots girls for wearing leggings via
This whole united airlines dress code thing is stupid and I don't really understand why people are getting mad.
American Airlines is helping Trump. Fascims has arrived to America.
Two teens barred from United Airlines flight for wearing leggings | Toronto Star
United Airlines finds itself in a social media frenzy after barring 2 teenage girls from boarding their flight toda…
United Airlines bars teenage girls in leggings from flight
Thank you to all of the Hackensack University Medical Center team members who participated in the United Airlines...
NewsWorld. United Airlines pilot jailed for boarding flight from UK while over alcohol limit
I know it hurts but knows how to deliver customer service.
Air Wisconsin to fly again for United Airlines as an United Express carrier
Shoutout to airlines for keeping it real on that catch phrase
United Airlines Will Protest Emirates on Sunday with Members of Congress -
American Airlines bulks up to defend O'Hare hub against United
CAIR-Chicago announced its filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit against United Airlines after wrongfully...
Mumbai: Live owl found in landing gear of United Airlines aircraft after landing, safely removed by the maintenance team of t…
Im so absent minded! help needed. Hello everyone,. So my family and I have plans to go to Canada tomorrow from the …
Reenergizing employees with the New Spirit of United, congrats Oscar on Communicator of the Year award!…
The past year has been defined by progress and success — congrats on being named Communicator of the Year, Oscar!…
The nastiest feud in the airline industry has reached fever pitch via ~ Everything is a mess.
Suburban Muslim couple ejected from O'Hare flight sues United Airlines
Does anyone know how much IT interns at United Airlines make?
airlines suck. Im sorry. worst flight I ever had was with united a few yrs back.
UA Bag Drop at LAX TBIT. Does anyone know if I will be able to get a bag tagged at the TBIT baggage drop? I recall…
Muslim couple sues United Airlines, alleging discrimination when they were removed from flight at O'Hare last year http…
Pilot JAILED for attempting to board flight when drunk
.in United Airlines President says Emirates tests Trump with money-losing Athens-Newark flight https…
Tracking Sarah Sharp in the UNITED AIRLINES ROCK 'N' ROLL WASHINGTON DC. Check it out!
United Airlines new N2737U out for a taxi test at KPAE this afternoon.
"I’m running b/c I care about the quality of our youth programs" Regina on running the United Airlines NYC 1/2. https:…
GSO-ORD is one of the new AA routes!. American Airlines Strikes at United Hub With New Chicago Routes
Guess we'll opt out of this card. Other cards & airlines offer better benefits. Hope u catch on.
Suburban Muslim couple ejected from O'Hare flight sue United Airlines - Chicago Tribune
United Airlines pilot jailed 10 months for attempting to fly drunk. Removed from cockpit minutes before takeoff on Glasgow-N…
You can refund if u want to & value our business. Just like my husband & I have a choice in airlines 4 future. We will remember.
United Airlines is revolutionizing the Business Class experience
United Airlines is a West-Haven for miserable flight attendants, disgusting planes and the worst service I've ever experienced.
American Airlines finds on-time groove in February as United Airlines falters - Chicago Business Journal
Storms reportedly force United Airlines to fly 747 from San Francisco to Los Angeles
La Crosse (WI) Tribune: United Airlines to offer flights out of Rochester . More -
Air Wisconsin just signed a new 5 year deal with United Airlines. Also included is a new career path program to...
United Airlines sets a record commercial Honolulu, Hawaii-to-San Francisco, California, flight time of 5 hours 43 m…
Thank you to the wonderful team at United Airlines. Here's to the next million!
LAX - Do I have enough time - Flying with United Airlines on both parts of the journey from Sydney to Denver I...
United Airlines pilot removed from flight after rants about her divorce and Donald Trump over plane's intercom. $UAL
Whew! When English majors are stressed, WE just recite sad poems! UA pilot removed from flight after intercom rant.
United pilot not in uniform removed from flight from Austin to SF. An investigation is underway. .
Woman says at fault for her dog's death
YIKES! Unhinged United pilot removed from plane after her ranting about Trump and Clinton & her divorce
Muslim woman flying refused can of coke: staff: 'she'd weaponize it'
Pilot removed from after ranting about and
Pilot's bizarre intercom rant about US election and her divorce
United pilot replaced after intercom rant while dressed as civilian
United Airlines pilot removed after election rant - Reuters
‘Sorry I’m late, I’m going through a divorce´: United Airlines pilot is removed from flight from Austin to San Francisco after ´ranting abo…
FACT: Nigerian Christine Izuakor (27) is the first ever black woman with a Systems PhD at UCCS. She is the new Vice Pres of…
United Airlines pilot removed from flight after delivering rant about politics and her divorce https:/…
Pilot’s bizarre Trump, divorce rant: A PILOT had to be removed from an aircraft after…
United Airlines removes pilot from plane after rant about Clinton and Trump
Not exactly what you want to see and hear when you're waiting for the plane to take off:
United Airlines pilot removed after going on a bizarre political rant over the intercom
United Airlines investigating pilot being taken off San Francisco-bound flight
United Airlines FEMALE pilot removed from flight after MELT DOWN rant over intercom via
United Airlines pilot removed from flight after rant over intercom via
United Airlines pilot removed from flight at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport after “rant” over intercom.
Flight (United Airlines) from Singapore arrived at gate 09:18.
United Airlines says it has resolved computer problem that grounded domestic U.S. flights
UPDATE: United Airlines ground stop has been lifted after IT problems delayed planes. htt…
United Airlines Lifts Ground StopFlights are impacted by this delay. - CBS Local
Just in: Airlines has issued a ground stop for all domestic flights due to an IT issue
Computer glitch grounds all domestic United Airlines flights
United Airlines restarts domestic operations after grounding flights
Computer issue forces ground-stop for all United Airlines flights in the U.S.
All purpose parts banner
UPDATE: United Airlines back up and running after grounding flights
United Airlines flights set to resume after "IT issue" causes delays:
United Airlines grounds all domestic mainline flights Sunday night due to an IT issue, spokesperson says.
United Airlines restarts domestic operations after grounding flights.
I wonder if Roger Goodell will use the airlines grounding as his excuse in two weeks??? https:/…
United Airlines grounds all flights due to computer outage | New York Post
United Airlines resumes flights after temporary ground order - CNN:.
Computer issue forces ground-stop for United Airlines in the U.S.
United Airlines grounds domestic flights because of IT issue - CNN from US News on:
FortuneMagazine: United just had another big computer glitch
United Airlines has lifted the ground stop on domestic flights, two sources familiar with the incident told CNN.
United just had another big computer glitch
United Airlines’ IT issue affects flights at McCarran
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