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United Airlines

United Air Lines, Inc., is an American airline, one of the world's largest airlines with 86,852 employees and operating the second-largest fleet with 702 aircraft.

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United Airlines is a West-Haven for miserable flight attendants, disgusting planes and the worst service I've ever experienced.
American Airlines finds on-time groove in February as United Airlines falters - Chicago Business Journal
Storms reportedly force United Airlines to fly 747 from San Francisco to Los Angeles
La Crosse (WI) Tribune: United Airlines to offer flights out of Rochester . More -
Air Wisconsin just signed a new 5 year deal with United Airlines. Also included is a new career path program to...
United Airlines sets a record commercial Honolulu, Hawaii-to-San Francisco, California, flight time of 5 hours 43 m…
Thank you to the wonderful team at United Airlines. Here's to the next million!
LAX - Do I have enough time - Flying with United Airlines on both parts of the journey from Sydney to Denver I...
United Airlines pilot removed from flight after rants about her divorce and Donald Trump over plane's intercom. $UAL
Whew! When English majors are stressed, WE just recite sad poems! UA pilot removed from flight after intercom rant.
United pilot not in uniform removed from flight from Austin to SF. An investigation is underway. .
Woman says at fault for her dog's death
YIKES! Unhinged United pilot removed from plane after her ranting about Trump and Clinton & her divorce
Muslim woman flying refused can of coke: staff: 'she'd weaponize it'
Pilot removed from after ranting about and
Pilot's bizarre intercom rant about US election and her divorce
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
United pilot replaced after intercom rant while dressed as civilian
United Airlines pilot removed after election rant - Reuters
‘Sorry I’m late, I’m going through a divorce´: United Airlines pilot is removed from flight from Austin to San Francisco after ´ranting abo…
FACT: Nigerian Christine Izuakor (27) is the first ever black woman with a Systems PhD at UCCS. She is the new Vice Pres of…
United Airlines pilot removed from flight after delivering rant about politics and her divorce https:/…
Pilot’s bizarre Trump, divorce rant: A PILOT had to be removed from an aircraft after…
United Airlines removes pilot from plane after rant about Clinton and Trump
Not exactly what you want to see and hear when you're waiting for the plane to take off:
United Airlines pilot removed after going on a bizarre political rant over the intercom
United Airlines investigating pilot being taken off San Francisco-bound flight
United Airlines FEMALE pilot removed from flight after MELT DOWN rant over intercom via
United Airlines pilot removed from flight after rant over intercom via
United Airlines pilot removed from flight at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport after “rant” over intercom.
Flight (United Airlines) from Singapore arrived at gate 09:18.
United Airlines says it has resolved computer problem that grounded domestic U.S. flights
UPDATE: United Airlines ground stop has been lifted after IT problems delayed planes. htt…
United Airlines Lifts Ground StopFlights are impacted by this delay. - CBS Local
Just in: Airlines has issued a ground stop for all domestic flights due to an IT issue
Computer glitch grounds all domestic United Airlines flights
United Airlines restarts domestic operations after grounding flights
Computer issue forces ground-stop for all United Airlines flights in the U.S.
UPDATE: United Airlines back up and running after grounding flights
United Airlines flights set to resume after "IT issue" causes delays:
United Airlines grounds all domestic mainline flights Sunday night due to an IT issue, spokesperson says.
United Airlines restarts domestic operations after grounding flights.
I wonder if Roger Goodell will use the airlines grounding as his excuse in two weeks??? https:/…
United Airlines grounds all flights due to computer outage | New York Post
United Airlines resumes flights after temporary ground order - CNN:.
Computer issue forces ground-stop for United Airlines in the U.S.
United Airlines grounds domestic flights because of IT issue - CNN from US News on:
FortuneMagazine: United just had another big computer glitch
United Airlines has lifted the ground stop on domestic flights, two sources familiar with the incident told CNN.
United just had another big computer glitch
United Airlines’ IT issue affects flights at McCarran
United Airlines domestic flights have been grounded, Federal Aviation Administration says
JUST IN: United Airlines has grounded all domestic flights because of a computer problem, a spokeswoman says
United Airlines grounds all U.S. flights because of a computer problem
United Airlines issues ground stop for domestic flights because of "an IT issue."
Ground stop lifted, United Airlines flights set to resume
Computer glitch grounds domestic United Airlines flights(Orlando news)
.launches investigation after worker found in cargo hold following flight from Charlotte to Washington, D.C. https…
Flight has been delayed 3 times since 5 AM. Missing our connection to the Dominican, great start to vacation!! Thanks,…
These baggage and cancelation fees are ridiculous. You airlines should be ashamed
A baggage handler was shipped to Washington D.C. after getting trapped inside cargo hold of a United Airlines flight
Trapped baggage handler rode in cargo hold during hourlong United Airlines flight
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. Congrats and good luck in Texas, Coach Beck! Kathy Mays (former Nebraska United Airlines Inflight Coordinator)
I need someone's help that know how to deal with airlines and get me home to Newark today! can't
United Airlines investigates after baggage handler locked in cargo hold for flight
Still looking for your 2017 goal? How about conquering 13.1 miles in the United Airlines NYC Half! Join the MMRF...
Mid-Air Meltdown Between Flight Attendants and Passenger on United Airlines Flight | Watch the video
United Airlines investigating after baggage handler ends up in cargo hold during flight
United Airlines employee found trapped in plane's baggage hold
Baggage handler survives flight trapped in United Airlines cargo hold.
Appears that really needs to recruit some competent security people.
Baggage handler trapped in cargo hold during United Airlines flight
United Airlines baggage worker spends flight trapped in cargo hold - National |
Baggage handler found locked in hold of Airlines Flight.
At least United Airlines is holding people accountable-Flight diverted to New Zealand after hate slurs
Terrifying flight: baggage handler spends flight trapped in United Airline plane's cargo hold. .
Canceled 3 segments of award ticket, 1k agent says, partial mileage refund not possib. Hello All,. Writing this fro…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
World’s Worst Airlines for Customer Service and via
United_airlines my back hurts and all I have done is sit in an airport for 15 hours. Now to red eye. Hopefully.
This United Airlines pilot will convince you: The truth is out there
Hello Angie. We only have one terminal. Are you flying with United or American Airlines?
United Airlines has got my daughter and her husband stranded in Houston airport tonight!
The seats on United airlines might actually be baking sheets covered in 100 count bed sheets.
Dear major US Airlines, do you carry AEDs on all of your planes? ❤
Since will charge 4 carry on, I'm DONE w/ them. Hello to other airlines.
I'd rather take my chances on Southwest Airlines than deal with United.
Rahm Emanuel, the business booster: Emails show push to lure PayPal, reluctance to 'bash' United Airlines
EWR - 55 min layover - I have a 55 min layover with United Airlines flight from DFW to EWR, then a connecting...
Seriously? -- United Airlines will begin charging to use overhead bins in 2017 – The Denver Post
Cocktail, burger, hot shower, nap: see the United Airlines' new Polaris Lounge
Cocktail, burger, hot shower, nap: You can have it all at United Airlines' new Polaris Lounge…
United Airlines Flights. Bookmyseat offers the best deals on cheap tickets with United Airlines from the worldwide.…
United Airlines adds three automated screening lanes at Chicago O'Hare International Airport |…
Flying to Cuba: What you need to know - On Tuesday, United Airlines starts flying to the island and on Thursday...
Find cheap United Airlines flights and book on
United Airlines bans overhead bags in new Basic Economy fare – Travel Weekly
- United Airlines introduces 'basic economy' class with carry-on bag restrictions | Fox News
✈️ Why do flight attendants love United new basic economy seats?.
It figures that would take even more away from its customers. or lack of it
Top story: United's new tickets ban use of overhead bins see more
Say goodbye to yet another free thing airlines were giving passengers: the overhead carry-on
Always looking for more profits in anyway possible... United's new tickets ban use of overhead bins
Thank you to our Golden Fellowship Dinner-Centennial Edition sponsor We appreciate your endless suppo…
A Airlines pilot made an unusual request of his passengers on a flight to Mexico.
United Airlines is trying to complete with some low-cost airlines. Here's how:
Thanks for moving in the wrong direction and being THE worst airline ✈👎😠
United Airlines pilot shuts down political arguments on his flight after one passenger verbally assaults another. "Nobody wants to…
A united 787-8 arriving at Sao Paulo in a cloud of condensation. Photo by Sergio Brandao
Why do flight attendants love United Airlines' new basic economy seats? - Los Angeles Times
How United’s Oscar Munoz bounced back after a heart transplant
United's new tickets ban use of overhead bins:
When I was younger I believed life would improve. The Jetsons told me so. So why has airline travel gotten worse?
mashable : United's new tickets ban use of overhead bins: …
United's new tickets ban use of overhead bins via
United looks to woo budget airlines’ customers with “Basic Economy” fares
At a time where fuel costs are low... Other airlines can improve margins without negatively impacting customers
United Airlines pilot bans political talk on flight after passengers fight over election results
United Airlines pilot forced to intervene when passenger dispute over presidential race disrupts flight
United Airlines announces fares. Passengers can begin booking basic fares in 2017.
Flying keeps getting better and better
Why is trying to be the new Spirit airlines?! Is it necessary to charge for every little thing?!
United to Introduce Basic Economy Fares. Basic Fares with No Perks Coming to United. United Airlines introduces Ba…
United Airlines reveals plans for low-cost fares to compete with Frontier, others
Not classy United Airlines just banned carry-on bags for certain economy class passengers
United Airlines pilot forced to intervene when political dispute disrupts flight
United Airlines reveals very restrictive details of new basic economy fare.
United aims at budget travelers with 'Basic Economy' fares
to start sucking even more... Sad state of US aviation. only fly or
Berkshire Hathaway invests in American, United and Delta. "US airlines have exercised restraint in adding capacity…
Denver Business - United Airlines adds low-cost fares to compete with Frontier, others
shares fall as United Airlines cancels 737 order. Read more: $BA
Boeing shares fall as United Airlines cancels 737 order
Statement from European Commission contradicts DUP & airport claim it blocked United Airlines subsidy; says it "did not tak…
If Donald trump was President in 2001, United Airlines Flight 93, would've made it to the white house.
Tube Northern Line to H&C to Paddington, Heathrow Express, United Airlines, BART P/BP to D/P to Coliseum, Amtrak to Centerville.
United Airlines has to be the worst airline I have ever flown on...poor customer service..the most cramped seats I've…
United Airlines to stop Belfast to New York flights - BBC News:.
United Airlines to leave Belfast.incompetent minister,bureaucratic Europe or rip off airline?
A pair of aircraft from United Airlines and Lufthansa clipped wings during a minor on-ground incident at Newark...
Stuck at MSP due to another banner day with United Airlines. The gate agents just stand and stare at their computers.
in Chicago. Nonstop service on United Airlines beginning December, flying every Saturday.
Sad to see signs are pointed towards Monarch Airlines going bust! Random how a United Airlines flight is going ORD-TFS. Repatriation?
7 days til the hubby and I head to for our 10th wedding anniversary!!! Do airlines ever give free seat upgrades?
Uh, true Muslims aren't supposed to drink alcohol. .
Never going on united airlines ever again .
Any End to Status Match. Hi,. I'm interested in the 90 day status match challenge, but I want to start on 10/10. Ri…
United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz: Please meet with United Retirees - Sign the Petition! via
Unruly passenger causes Airlines plane to make emergency landing.
First class food on united airlines flight to Las Vegas. Wouldn't feed it to my dog.
United has to be one of the worst airlines there is. 😑
United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after muslim immigrant vandalizes plane
Our great airlines awe me. Yet I know they were not produced in a day or a decade. — William A. 'Pat' Patterson- CEO United Airline
NEWS Passenger causes disruption to United Airlines flight forcing an emergency landing
Sixteen injured left severe turbulence on a United Airlines plane
congrats on the deal with United airlines bro. Sick brag.
Drunk passenger speaking in Arabic causes United Airlines plane to make emergency landing
United Airlines passenger drunk off lemon drop shots forces emergency landing after breaking ...
You gotta potato baby that's ugly AF? United Airlines got you covered! Wrap that baby in a floaty and toss it to sea
Unruly passenger causes United Airlines plane to make emergency landing via the app
Paralympic veteran screwed by airlines https:/…
14 passengers and two cabin crew injured as United Airlines flight from Houston to Heathrow is forced to land
United Airlines is the worst airline in the USA! Period!!
United Airlines restocks C-suite with hiring of Scott Kirby, other new execs
Dear fellow pilots (United Airlines) *** guys?? You know better, particularly when transporting other humans!
like... Travel is he worst because airlines make it painful
Two United Airlines pilots arrested at Glasgow airport because they were 'too drunk'
Two United pilots arrested at Glasgow Airport on suspicion of being drunk https:/…
if you're booking me on an American Airlines plane why would you never send me an AA check-in number??
2 United pilots arrested for suspected drunkenness:
Two United Airlines pilots who were supposed to fly from Glasgow to Newark arrested for suspected intoxication
United Airlines pilots arrested at Glasgow Airport, too ‘drunk’ to fly
Two air pilots arrested in Scotland on alcohol charges before flight to Newark, NJ. htt…
Police and airline officials say 2 United Airlines pilots have been arrested in Glasgow for suspected drunkenness.
Sounds like a couple of flights I've been on. "Two United Airlines pilots in Glasgow prevented from flying to U.S.".
United Airlines pilots suspected of being drunk arrested ... -
Can't believe United Airlines today Flight 466 Denver delayed over 2hours because of a missing placard?
FortuneMagazine: Two United Airlines pilots held on alcohol charge in Scotland
2 United pilots arrested for suspected drunkenness via
2 United Airlines Pilots Arrested in Scotland on Alcohol Charges Before Flight to NJ -
2 Pilots Arrested on Alcohol Charges Before Flight to N.J.: Two pilots preparing to fly from Scotland to New ...
United Airlines have confirmed their service from Newcastle International Airport to New York / Newark will not be retu…
All flight attendants at United Airlines will be working under a single contract
United Airlines Flight Diverted to O'Hare After Threat: A United Airlines flight was diverted to O'Hare Inter...
United Airlines shows off its new business class amenities in Denver via
Some of our team are having a great time at Birmingham Airport with United Airlines! Thanks for inviting us!
Whatever you do,don't fly United Airlines. Flight was to leave I am still @ IAH
I think that United Airlines pilot is headlining later this week
Probably won't be a 787 flight for me but looks like United is one of airlines set to head into Cuba.
United Airlines is the absolute worst! Always have been, probably always will be.
That awkward moment when United Airlines realizes one of its pilots probably qualifies for no fly list.
he works United Airlines? I used to ride for free to until madre quit. 😭😭
Im gonna say this as kindly as possible, United Airlines *** ***
Turns out I'm just stupid for trusting the United Airlines app, they were at a different gate, called my name. On the plane now!
Sleep Rooms In NRT F Lounge. I will be flying BKK-NRT and arriving around 8:00 AM connecting to a 4:55 PM UA to IA…
Top story: Houston-Havana flights approved for United Airlines see more
The supposed crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania on 9/11. Many believe the plane was shot down https:/…
I've been on hold with United Airlines for the past 10 minutes
United Airlines announces more free food
United suspends their pilot lawmaker after he wishes harm upon via
I've encountered some bad service from airlines before but just took the top spot for not even beginning to care about customers
For our honeymoon, we had the opportunity to take a variety of incredible airlines during our travel. The worst was by far airlines
Lufthansa_DE: robstefanik united If you stay in Washington, you have to report your lost luggage in IAD. /Nina
For the record, Airlines customer service *** donkey *** - and not in a good way.
Alright, despite the best efforts of the TSA, and United Airlines, I am back home, and I've decided to drink Pinot Noir until I fall asleep.
I'm boycotting United Airlines they suspended a pilot for not supporting Hillary Clinton. . .
Once again United Airlines fails. Apparently, "should be hung" is comprehended as a threat. Where did they learn English?
America's airlines are finally getting better (DAL, AAL, UAL, LUV, ALK). via businessinsider
I just checked in for my flight from ORD to LGA using the United Airlines mobile app
United Airlines suspends pilot-lawmaker who called for hanging Hillary Clinton - Chicago Tribune
United Airlines is A S S . Within the hour that we've been at the airport it went from being a hour delay to 5 hour delay.
People who advocate violence should be called out on it. I thank United Airlines for doing so.
WASHINGTON, July 16 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has prohibited all airlines from flying from Turkey to the United
United Airlines suspended pilot and GOP W. Va. Rep. Michael Folk from flying after he said Democratic...
What is said is rigth on! She is a lying-cowardly politician who had only one interest - protesting her...
Really ticked at airlines for cancelling flights for my friend in Cincy tonight. Needs to be in Vancouver tomorrow.
as a 1k frequent flyer, I'd fly with Michael Folk anytime.
Meanwhile engaged in a losing battle w/ one of Hillary's biggest donors- state sponsor of terrorism, Qatar:
Houston-Havana flights approved for United Airlines- get there in just under 2 hours: https…
“This pilot has been removed from flying pending our investigation,”
BREAKING: Ex-Port Authority Chairman Samson to plead guilty in United Airlines probe $UAL
Flights to U.K. cheapest in years - Carriers such as British Airways and United Airlines have ...
Michael Cimino, who died at 77, directed this United Airlines spot in 1967. It's as extravagant as everything he did https:/…
Ben Affleck ranted on HBO about Deflategate, J. Lo and the time Robert Wuhl clowned him on a United Airlines video.
Scott say American, Delta,Jet Blue, Southwest, and United Airlines have given free flight to "thousands" of family members.
United Airlines.. photo Gallery United Airlines, Inc., commonly referred to as "United", is an American major airl
Transport > American Airlines today commended the United States D..
6 US airlines just got approved to fly to Cuba. Not United or Delta.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Give it up, lads. United Airlines have you beat today.
United *** worst airlines ever next 2 Spirit.but u gotta give Spirit a pass Bc it's so cheap..United has no excuse.
US airlines chosen for scheduled flights to Cuba - USA TODAY
Ran into my boy fredvanvleet 2 youngins grindin and puttin on for the city... @ United Airlines…
Miles earned for shopping online...UA vs. AA. Hi guys, I'm not sure where else i could ask this question since it'…
Airlines halt flights to crisis-hit Nigeria: United and Iberia respond to falling energy sector traffic and curbs on for…
United Airlines just unveiled a new business-class cabin with single-file sleeping pods instead of seats
Is there ANYONE working baggage at United Airlines in Atlanta. Come on - get it together United
United Airlines is fighting back against competition with a stunning new service:
The U.S. Government has authorized six United States airlines to begin air routes
United Airlines: Request to United Airlines for free air travel for dogs rescued from meat trade in S... via
The United States has approved flights by six US airlines to Cuban cities other than Havana:
Six US Airlines to Begin Scheduled Flights to Cuba in Fall: The United States has approved six air carr...
United Airlines' Oscar Munoz to face pickets as he convenes 2016 annual meeting - Chicago Business Journal
The United States Department of Justice has answered the two questions United Airlines does not know how to...
United Airlines to reveal new business class seats this week via (ugh)
According to the United Airlines report, Nigeria is owing $575million to airlines as of March 31. . Who are Buhari's economic ad…
Chicago-based United Airlines is the latest casualty of Nigeria’s economic slowdown as the company has announced...
Not worried about United Airlines to be honest. . When there's . Qatar . Emirates. Virgin. Etc etc etc
Maverick flew from San Antonio Texas to Japan on United Airlines...
United Airlines out, Royal Brunei Airlines in as federal government rejigs air travel panel -
United Airlines is taking a second look at its uniforms: Another irritant from the Jeff Smisek era at United…
You know, we never have heard what the flight attendant's story was. I haven't even heard a rumor! Have you?
United Airlines teams with Rush in bid to cut health care costs, boost quality - Chicago…
Head in the clouds on this gloomsday @ United Airlines Flight 1605
United Status Match Date calculation. Hi,. I was approved for a status match about a month ago and it expires on Ju…
Customer fuming over 'bait-and-switch' travel insurance. Read more: $UAL
Words I don't want to hear from United Airlines:. Your hold time will be greater than thirty minutes.
United airlines should really Make gate 88 closer that was a big work out 😩😩🔫
The Host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur kicked off American Airlines, the Captain was uncomfortable. Welcome to The Unit…
no personal device entertainment on IAD-DEN tomorrow? Disappointing. Airlines have had entertainment on these flights for years.
Southwest drops in on-time rankings for April as United Airlines surges:
Looking for advice regarding travel on UA for an internship. Hoping someone has some ideas for me. I've accepted a…
(5) New concerns about kids and coffee. The new push for a photo ID/voting bill in Missouri.. United Airlines grounds its 757's...
A United Airlines aircraft bound for Omaha, Nebraska, made an emergency landing in Cleveland Thursday less than two hours…
United Airlines, Intel, Kellogg Company among business leaders to speak at
United Airlines&Newest China Route Takes Customers from the Golden Gate to th...
On our United Airlines flight to Beijing. After we loaded our luggage, the flight crew balanced…
Southwest Airlines' ranking drops as United Airlines surges in April on-time arrivals race
United Airlines cuts top exec's pay by $1 million over Port Authority probe, via
What a great story! // 'What are you doing on my flight?' United Airlines pilot surprises soldier son (
United Airlines cuts COO Hart's pay by $1 million over Port Authority probe
United Airlines and American Airlines surge in new customer satisfaction poll -CBJ
Is It Time to Give Up on American Airlines and United Airlines? - Fox Business:.
United Airlines bows to activists, adds directors
United Airlines bows to activists, adds directors: (Reuters) - The agreement by United Continental Holdings Inc to install airline in...
United Continental settles fight over board: DALLAS (AP) — United Airlines will make changes…
United Airlines to 'Shake up Board' yet Again: United Continental is close to announcing new board appointment...
Board standoff at United ends in deal with big investors: DALLAS (AP) — United Airlines will make changes to its…
Not once have I ever flew United Airlines because they have the United Center or shopped at Sears because they have Sears tower
IAH - Flight Connection - Thank you. United Airlines keeps on insisting that this is sufficient time after they...
United Airlines flight attendant fired after deploying slide in Houston - Dallas Morning News (blog)
RelNews: United Airlines pilots are upset, and they're taking action to show it -Seattle Post-Intelligencer-
United Airlines flight attendant deployed emergency slide at Houston airport. .
kicked off a United Airlines flight because my 12yr old is allergic to peanuts. son less important than serving nuts.
United Airlines pilots plan to picket. Here's why.
BRIEF-United Airlines and Air China extend strategic partnership
Hey let's say you are on United Airlines Flight 93 and 6 men in Muslim dress with beards get up
THANK YOU for being so accommodating to those with peanut allergies. I was so sad to see how heartless airlines is.
March 8 Reuters - United Airlines said it would buy 25 narrowbody aircraft from Boeing Co in addition to the 40 it had ordered earlier
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
All-female flight crew inspires new generation of women pilots:
Never any "in flight entertainment" availabe! Nothing gluten free to eat- EVER! Switching airlines for my weekly flights to Boston!
I had similar experience w/ last week. When did customer care become non-existent to airlines We're supposed to trust?
Certificate redemption What's the best value for certificate redemption? Can it apply to United flights operated b…
Great airline food fight. goes into battle via
A very big THANK YOU to all who supported at the United Airlines 2016 NYC Half Marathon!!. We still have...
Signed in for Expert Mode - No fare class displayed Hello, I have verified twice that the box of the Expert Mode i…
Bad phone connections to 1K desk? Last few times I have called the 1K desk, the connection is been very bad, with …
United has set an example in the industry but also among Fortune 500 companies:
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