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United Airlines

United Air Lines, Inc., is an American airline, one of the world's largest airlines with 86,852 employees and operating the second-largest fleet with 702 aircraft.

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Belligerent man in Donald Trump cap removed from United Airlines flight as passengers chant 'Lock him… ^…
. United Airlines shows why it's time to deplane corporate-speak
United Airlines announces breach in cockpit access information
useful and succinct analysis of distinction bw Chinese immigrant & American-born Chinese views of racism in US
Thank you United Airlines for letting me hang out with these precious angels at the airport…
my dad's snake *** booked my flight to san diego with UNITED AIRLINES i can't wait to get beat up
United Airlines says info was made public about accessing cockpit doors, but other safety procedures are in place
Bryan "United Airlines" Holaday throws Adames off the bases for a caught stealing. We still trail by two. Bottom 7:
As compensation, we received two $10 meal vouchers and $200 United Airlines credit. As if I would want to fly after all that.
Woman says she was forced to pee in a cup at her seat on a United Airlines flight.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders has the exact persona of United Airlines staff telling you flight is overbooked and your ticket is…
United Airlines customer service Fail and CEO PR Fail causes shares in Continental Holdings to drop early Tu https…
United Airlines takes an L, and so do the Caps in the playoffs
United Airlines: We made the biggest PR blunder of any airline this year. Spirit Airlines: Hold my beer.
United Airlines watching the Spirit Airlines fight like "Find these people, hire them immediately. This is what we need."
Man says United Airlines agent canceled his trip for videotaping argument via
United Airlines apologises for flying Paris-bound passenger 4,800km in the wrong direction
Sally Yates put a beat down on Ted Cruz that a United Airlines security officer would be proud of. .
Warren Buffett said Monday that United Airlines bungled the case of the passenger dragged off a plane last month...
Hare-raising story! Will be taken over by Corp? will to have to offer v big carrot to owners!
Many organisations only think about ethics after something goes wrong. It could be different, argues http…
United Airlines apologises after passenger put on wrong plane ends up 5,500 miles from home
Wish the plantation dwellers at United and other airlines had such balls and tatas.
Where is the option for all airlines.
Wondering if E. Fudd Esq. happens to be working for Obviously season!
PRO Talks: Brad Gerstner on United Airlines, Uber and cloud computing plays via
Owners of giant rabbit that died on United Airlines flight want investigation.
Buffett faults United, but sticks with airlines investments - Houston Chronicle
When United Airlines says you can't fly but you bought the ticket
United Airlines flies woman 3,000-miles in the wrong direction--- to San Francisco instead of France.
More San Fransico! to increase MCI-SFO to 3xDaily with larger jets in Summer 2017. Good news for htt…
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What next?? United Airlines murdered a giant bunny, then apparently tried to cover it up, says lawsuit. -
I would but I don't trust United Airlines not to drag me off the plane.
Airlines flies woman to San Francisco from NJ instead of France |
Owners of dead giant rabbit on United Airlines flight seek damages, probe
ORNGE to use United Airlines procedures to remove patients who can't cough up for the bill.
United Airlines says this man was forcibly dragged off the flight because it was overbooked.
United Airlines. Owners of dead giant rabbit on United flight seek damages, probe
Things can literally not get any worse for united airlines
United Airlines' cremation of rabbit was tantamount to "destroying evidence" in the case, says lawyer. via
Why didn't they just let them get off the stupid plane. United airlines is run by ***
Define "creative solutions" in terms of the United Airlines dictionary, which includes terms like "reaccommodating."
Dang girl, are you United Airlines because you're such a drag.
Buffett says United made a mistake in its initial response to dragged passenger
Whoops - Instead of traveling to France, this United passenger ended up in San Francisco.
Warren Buffett faults United, but sticks with airlines investments..
United Airlines is not having a good year
United Airlines speeding up shift from small regional flights to larger planes:
How to make United Airlines keep its promises via
The is the United Airlines of health insurance. You'll be dragged out of your hospital bed by Paul Ryan's thugs
"'Self-inflicted' problems of airlines under glare of U.S. Senate panel"
and other airlines might learn a thing or 2 from Southwest.
what's wrong with American Airlines, U are a piece of United, booting a fmly w/kids from the plane shame on u
First now Which Airlines can we fly w/out worry? Can start long/international flights?
You would think t/airlines would get it figured out, without paying customers you have no job, respect t/customer
It's like the Boston-Baltimore series is being umpired by United Airlines employees.
What businesses can learn about process design from the United Airlines incident
United Airlines pays owner hefty price for death of her giant bunny
Airlines decides it will take over for and become the *** of the air. customers m…
THIS is how you handle an emergency.maybe UNITED AIRLINES should take some notes on this one! Great story!
I'm sure if worst comes to worst, United Airlines will take him on.
First, United Airlines in Chicago. Now Firstbus in Norwich. Or is it ?
Thank you for flying United Airlines just prior to take off can you all remain seated except you sir…
Florida senator says airlines make travelers feel like 'self-loading cargo'
What if we treated the government like United Airlines? asks
Broken wheelchairs and manhandling disabled vets - New complaint against & other airlines by at senate hrg
Lessons learned from…the United Airlines reputation crisis
. United: Thank God that is over with . American Airlines: Sorry about all that mess . Delta: THAT'S OUR CUE…
How the United Airlines incident is the tip of the iceberg; my latest op-ed in
People have a right to not have a right to demand SILENCING...there is a difference..boycott United Airlines etc.
I am sorry you aren't considering visiting the USA but I understand. Our airlines are the real
I just find it so weird that after the United Airlines incident, all these other incidents are now surfacing
We need to start boycotting airlines! If we stop flying, they will loose millions daily! They can treat customers rudely!
Read quotes from Members who ran the 2017 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon! Go on, I dare you not to feel...
I think and Airlines are fighting for who can give the worst service out there
I think we should put. Airlines in ch…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
IDG Contributor Network: United Airlines discovers the complexity of talent management
colbert. Keep it going. Need apology from cbs. This is worse than united airlines incident. He didn't even a…
out, now out as well. Who's next to be off my choice of airlines? ?
[Author: lucky] This year we saw both American and United introduce basic economy fares.
United Airlines and Pepsi suffer the wrath of cutting ‘SNL’ sketch
Dr. David Dao, dragged off of United Airlines plane in April 2017
The role of ageism in Dr. David Dao’s ejection from his United Airlines flight should not be overlooked:
Dave Kingman used to be a PR rep for United Airlines, which explains a lot.
Doctor dragged off United Airlines flight reaches undisclosed settlement | Business | The Guardian.
United Airlines has reached a settlement with Dr. David Dao, the passenger who was violently dragged off a plane
The whole Civil War thing started when Andrew Jackson ordered Frederick Douglass to give up his seat on a United Airlines fl…
David Dao settles with United Airlines after being dragged from plane
Hundreds or thousands?. United raises the "bump offer" stakes to entice volunteers to cede seats on overbooked planes. https…
Photos leaked of airlines newest crop of flight attendant trainees.
CNN: United reaches settlement with passenger
Second United Airlines passenger threatened with handcuffs to give seat up for 'more important' f...
Giant rabbit died after United Airlines staff put it in the FREEZER via
United Airlines reaches undisclosed settlement with passenger dragged from plane
United Airlines reveal their new plane safety cards
New from United Airlines for your comfort & safety!
United Airlines in new PR disaster after giant rabbit dies on UK flight
United reaches settlement with passenger via JusSwaggTV
New on The Blog: "United reaches settlement with passenger" at
United Airlines accounted for a third of animal deaths on U.S. flights in last 5 years. //. 😡😡😡
Welcome to United Airlines . How tough are ya?
United Airlines reaches settlement with the passenger who was violently removed from a flight earlier this month.
United reaches settlement with passenger
The new airlines uniforms are pretty snazzy looking.
Chicago drafted like they used United Airlines business model as a blueprint
United Airlines pilots "infuriated" over United's reprehensible treatment of Dr. David Dao on flight 3411.
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Tomorrow! . It's gonna be a real, real drag. But hey, not in United Airlines way. . Tickets:...
United says dead giant rabbit was alive when plane landed - :
Are we all hating on United Airlines today? Count us in!
I'm paying $40 more to not get my face kick by Airlines.
Bad news just keeps piling up for United.
Any last min inexpensive tickets to Scotland in June? Or free tickets?!. Will blog!😊. . . .
Amazing!!. Trumps approval Rating is 30% LOWER than United Airlines. I guess people would rather get punished one time, rather…
This might refer to statement uttered by united airlines brass! Maybe? From one human to all other humans-🤤😱
celebrating your awful service as well? In my opinion same as United Airlines. You have separated…
Who froze Simon rabbit? Giant bunny died after bungling United Airlines staff put it in the FREEZER for 16 hours
In light of the abuse from Airlines & now videos, is it time Airlines revamp their attitudes towar…
This Chrome extension blocks United Airlines from flight searches.
We're more than toilers, can choose to expand our freedoms as automation potential rises http…
.I only found out by way of other passengers that had already found alternative flights through other…
"United Airlines has created the model for how to destroy a brand overnight." . "hold my beer*". (*Beer…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Shocker: United Airlines has the most in-flight animal deaths
More animals died on United planes in 2016 than any other US carrier - :
United Airlines let a cat on a plane, kicked off an allergic woman, kept the cat.
United Airlines reaches settlement with David Dao after doctor was violently dragged off flight
JUST IN: Lawyers for David Dao say he has reached an “amicable settlement” with United Airlines. . The announcement: htt…
Dr. David Dao, passenger physically dragged off United Airlines flight, has reached 'an amicable settlement' with airline: l…
BREAKING: No lawsuit in United Airlines dragging case. Dr. David Dao and United Airlines reach settlement
United Airlines settles with David Dao, who was dragged from United Express Flight 3411:
NEW >> David Dao, who was dragged off Chicago flight, has reached settlement with United Airlines:
United Airlines introduces these new policies after David Dao dragging incident video went viral.
David Dao and United Airlines reach 'amicable' settlement after viral video incident Hope NBC got pd 4 their support
United Airlines reaches 'amicable' settlement with passenger dragged from a plane
David Dao, the passenger dragged off a flight, and United Airlines have reached a settlement
I got the United Airlines email. They're always sorry until the next time they beat you and drag you off the plane.
Like many Minnesotans, I was both concerned and disturbed when I saw the video of a man being forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight.
Giant rabbit dies on United Airlines flight to United States - Investigation Underway. Love this headline
North Platte (NE) Telegraph: Death of giant rabbit adds to United Airlines woes . More -
United Airlines now has a scorpion attack, dead rabbit, and bloodied man as part of its journey. What's next: typhoid and fording a river?
Officers in the United Airlines incident say David Dao was combative when asked to leave plane.
United Airlines passenger David Dao was violent before removal, aviation police say
Lawyer to take on United, American Airlines in recent viral video lawsuits
Join 13 people right now at "If United Airlines Was A 1980s PC Game from SquirrelMonkey"
United Airlines pilot sitting next to me in Chili's. Lots of things left out of the doctor story. Sounds like doctor is way m…
This is a worse assault on passengers than United Airlines could ever have dreamed up in their "consumer abuse" R&D…
Lawyer representing United passenger takes on American Airlines
United Airlines' slogan promised the friendly skies. It is, by now, safe to say that the promise has been broken. r…
United Airlines' profits down. It's so bad they're dragging passengers ON board.
via Go Dr., tear United up.I hope all Airlines starts to eat a little s*** like they've been doling out 4 yrs
United Airlines' stock fell by 1.1% on April 11th, temporarily wiping $255 million off of it's market value.
Okay-- so united airlines. They dragged a man off of a flight a couple of weeks ago right?
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Wow United Airlines is really having a bad month 🤐
Well looks like the heat is off United for a little while now...
Bill O'Reilly and Jason Chaffetz seem like a natural fit to head up the United Airlines public relations department.
[ United Airlines: Hold my beer. Pepsi: Hold my whiskey. American Airlines: Hold my crack pipe ]
We know more about the United incident where a passenger was forcibly dragged off a plane http…
Aviation officer gives his version of United Airlines flight debacle
Before flying on a United Airlines flight versus after
United Airlines sued by passenger over alleged seat shift
Would a United Airlines joke here be piling on?
Aviation officer’s version of David Dao’s removal from United Airlines flight released
United Airlines: Hold my Pepsi. American Airlines: No you hold my Pepsi. Shea Moisture: We'll hold the Pepsi & cast Kenda…
Americans prefer United Airlines over Donald Trump, poll shows .
United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz will not resign - BBC News
Let Richard Branson kill United Airlines - great read - is still a basket case for an airport!
Yes, another United Airlines post, but this one by expert is so on point! #
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United Airlines alters chairman roles and Exec compensation packages as a result of their recent mishap
United Airlines will now pay executives according to customer satisfaction
United Airlines: We demand the resignation of United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz - Sign the Petition! via
American Airlines joining United Airlines, Pepsi, and other corporations in the club of Bad PR.
United Airlines: We beat up an Asian guy. American Airlines: Hold my unicorn frappuccino...
Nah American Airlines, United Airlines & Delta Airlines all need to get thrown in the TRASH.
In China, a politicized view of the United Airlines debacle: The New Yorker -
Writing about the United Airlines debacle, Chineseness, & the complicated politics of symbolism
Matt Damon got kicked off a United Airlines flight, too. By Jimmy Kimmel
Hear Matt Damon get bumped as the United Airlines spokesman on
Jimmy Kimmel kicks Matt Damon off a United Airlines flight in this hilarious spoof ad...
Matt Damon gets kicked out of his United Airlines seat in Jimmy Kimmel's spoof via
Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's feud takes to the skies in an United Airlines parody
One of every 10,400 passengers is bumped off flight in the US. United bumps more than other large American Airlines. https:/…
But when United airlines forced the asian man off the plane, you allowed the video to get 500mil+ hits on Weibo. YOUR NARRATIVE IS SHOWING!!
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Following AI one proposed compensation from unruly passengers for delay,United Airlines adding right to throw out over booked passengers 😜😂
United Airlines they put the hospital in hospitality
United Airlines not to fire employees who dragged passenger..
Truly despicable comments about United Airlines & remainers. Should be made to apologise on air. Nasty piece of work.
United Airlines says it will not fire employees who dragged passenger. .
United clearly didn't have a workable Crisis Management Plan. Now might be a good time to think about yours. .
I just flew in on United Airlines, and boy are my arms dislocated!
There seems to be more energy behind the anti-Pepsi and anti-United Airlines movements than the anti-war movement at the momen…
GolfDigest : Are leggings OK for golf? (Yes, but follow these guidelines)…
United CEO: nobody will be fired after man was violently dragged from plane
United airlines is tired of there passengers...: via
Via United Airlines CEO: No one will be fired in passenger-dragging incident |…
Like United Airlines, he should step down.
I survived a flight at United Airlines where had Donald Trump as air host.
i cannot believe that my oppositional son actually defended United Airlines over they guy they beat up.…
A new Chrome extension removes United Airlines from your flight search results.
United Airlines CEO says no one will be fired over the dragging incident that left David Dao with a concussion and a broken nos…
United Airlines. Board as Doctor, leave as patient. . .
Scorpion stings man during flight on United Airlines
Tories announce a 'United Airlines' policy for NHS waiting times. Anyone near the end of the queue will be dragged out…
Cannot believe I just heard say that "remoaners" should be treated like the ejected passenger on United Airlines. APPALLING
United Airlines apologises to investors, says no one will be fired over Flight 3411 passenger incident
United Airlines' CEO vows the airline will learn and grow after passenger-dragging fiasco
Mr Cooper might be a graduate from the United Airlines school of customer service!
The Fight or Flight instinct has never been more applicable than now, in the age of United Airlines.
United Airlines: A Lesson for Internal Auditors on the Risks of Social Media
United airlines hired a new employee recently
United Airlines loses nearly $1bn in value after passenger is dragged from plane
on the crisis - "Opportunity and the Crisis Comms Flowchart”
easyJet passengers removed from plane at Airport just a day...
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Drew Gulak just inked an endorsement deal with United Airlines
United Airlines' brand takes a beating after bumped passenger dragged off plane
PR Crisis Teams weigh in on how this unfolded for United Airlines
We've just been thrown off the train at Colchester. "Reallocated"? Not quite United Airlines but same effect...
United Airlines have submitted a £80m bid for Arturo Vidal after seeing his ability to be able to get sent off for no reas…
United Airlines just announced it's changing its theme music to Rhapsody in Black and Blue.
How Russia Might Be Taking Over Your Local Gas Station - United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) was blowing up in the head...
United Airlines president Scott Kirby: 'We had a stumble last week in operations.'
Passenger brutally removed from United Airlines flight is kind of "Jack of all trades": Vietnamese airline staff
United Airlines should learn the value of a sincere apology
Before you lynch United Airlines, get the whole story, and stop defending the ridiculous behavior of David Dao
United Airlines staff will no longer take the seats of boarded passengers
United Airlines passenger David Dao launches legal action over his forceful removal:
Legal situation: "United Airlines will be writing David Dao a large check. The end."
United Airlines passenger David Dao never wants to fly on a plane again, his attorney says
Family of David Dao ready to battle United Airlines
Here’s how much United Airlines stock tanked this week
overheard in coffee shop " Amarillo PAC is as genuine & caring about ALL citizens as United Airlines is with passengers"
Breaking news - over heard in coffee shop "AMARILLO MATTERS PAC" ads & comments are as genuine as United Airlines caring for its passengers"
SNL rips United Airlines and Pepsi in the same sketch
AIRLINE NEWS: Engaged couple kicked off United Airlines flight to Costa Rica ‘for repeatedly trying to sit in…
Policy change hits United Airlines in light of recent passenger fiasco
Aviation law expert suggests the law was broken on Flight 3411, but not by United Airlines
As it happened, that United Airlines story involved a poker player.
After passenger fiasco, United Airlines issues new policy requiring its commuting staff and crew to be booked sooner
United Airlines issues a new policy requiring crews to be booked into flights 60 minutes prior to departure
United Airlines issues a new crew policy.
New video shows United Airlines passenger moments before forced removal: "I am not going!"
Lawyer of Dr. David Dao schools United Airlines in fantastic speech.
Dr. David Dao was beaten on United Airlines. His attorney argued, how is my client supposed to suck a patient's ***
Had the United Airlines incident happened in Pakistan, there would have been no justice for Dr David Dao
Watch: Jimmy Kimmel mocks United Airlines with safety video spoof | The Seattle Times
Jimmy Kimmel creates hilarious parody of viral United Airlines video.
Regarding the man dragged off the United Airlines plane: The Vietnamese name "David Dao" The doctor on the plane...
United Airlines changes crew booking policy in reaction to David Dao being dragged off plane UNITED
Family of David Dao is ready to battle United Airlines after he was dragged from his seat. DETAILS…
David Dao likely to file lawsuit against United Airlines
ICYMI: the uncut video showing the argument moments before David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight
No one should fly United Airlines ever again Dao is proof!
Gogglebox viewers FURIOUS at sisters Ellie and Izzi's 'disgusting' joke about United Airlines passenger David Dao.…
Worried you might be dragged off a United Airlines flight? A world-famous martial arts expert has got you covered. https:…
Watch Jimmy Kimmel roasts United Airlines in this hilarious commercial:
Doctor on United Airlines flight says incident was 'more horrifying than Vietnam War'
Lawyer for Dr Dao who was forcibly removed from United Airlines flight says he lost two front teeth & will undergo surger…
United Airlines isn't alone in overbooking. It's legal in Australia and 'fairly common' - ABC News
United Airlines CEO apologized to the flyer after his Market Capitalization fell by 1 Billion Dollars. . Lesson: The more managers think th…
United Airlines removes customers from overbooked flight
United Airlines flight attendant training video
As if things couldn't get worst for United Airlines this week, some poor *** got stung by a scorpion on one of their flights 😂😂😂
Chinese travellers are cutting up their United Mileage cards in anger
When you are flying . United Airlines and they announce the flight is overbooked...
Put Greys on this afternoon and immediately there's an asian boarding a plane and my bf goes "hey is this united airlines all over again" 😂💀
My mother in-law and myself don't see eye to eye, so to smooth things over, I bought her a ticket on United Airlines
Delta will offer passengers up to $10,000 to give up seats on overbooked flights by via
. This will be the future of United Airlines Flight 3411(I think)
United Airlines apologizes and officially changes their theme song to Rhapsody in Black and Blue.
...and thank you for flying United Airlines.
It's time for some game theory, United Airlines edition - Marginal REVOLUTION
Why airlines overbook flights and what 'bumped' passengers can do about it
'Sorry, not sorry': United Airlines fallout shows why businesses need to apologise, writes
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
United Airlines in spotlight again, passenger says scorpion bit him on flight from Texas
Kyle Seager thinks United Airlines has great service
This photo was taken on a United Airlines flight this morning. 😂👏🏻
When she thinks she won the fight on the way to the airport but you rebooked her flight with United Airlines
Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus asks for investigation into United Airlines incident-as long as YOU pay!
People are roasting United Airlines after a passenger was dragged off a ... via Stop flying United please.
Unbelievable. Scorpion incident aboard an united airlines flight: Man stung by a scorpion! .
It's def not EDM... just music. it gives u chills and then makes u wanna fly (.. not united airlines but just fly like a bird...)
We are beginning to see the Trump/Sessions effect on Law enforcement as shown by the United Airlines incident and increased…
Why United Airlines was legally wrong to deplane David Dao
Does train their staff to make the wrong choice in *every* situation?
Calvert should send his resume to United Airlines 🙄
Chaos in Penn Station tonight as a man is tased, causing an apparent stampede. United airlines is being called in to contr…
Sorry I was late tonight just got off my Airlines flight
Shame on you Your airlines should be shut permanently! https…
When you are at the United Airlines flight and they announce that the flight is overbooked
Here at Airlines, our friendly new customer service representative is here to help you disembark quickly and effic…
United is the honeybadger of airlines.
United Airlines has troubled past, ties to 9/11 attacks
United Airlines Special Forces could have killed more than 36 ISIS for probably about $300 instead of $300,000,000.
A scorpion stung a passenger on a recent United Airlines flight
United Airlines now has to drag people on.
Pacific Business - United Airlines pilots are fuming over violent removal of passenger
Karen Walker hits it out of the park. Editorial: United Airlines: Brand on life support via
Delta OKs offers of up to $9950 to flyers who give up seats. United Airlines pi...
apparenty on United Airlines when Harrison Ford says "GET OFF MY PLANE" is not enough to kick them off
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