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Union Jack

The Union Flag, also known as the Union Jack, is the flag of the United Kingdom.

Captain Britain Diego Maradona Royal Family John Deacon St George Larimer Square Tel Aviv Regent Street West Ham City Hall

Freedom fighter Fatima Sughra who pulled down the Union Jack from Civil Secretariat Lahore in 1947 & replaced it with Pak fl…
New Tommy Hilfiger stuff is so beaut but it’s got the Union Jack all over it 😩😩😩😩 GAD, SUCH A LET DOWN
Have those two Union Jack cardi wearers come straight from the UKIP conference?
Dude I love that scene in Lawrence of Arabia, that & when the Union Jack parachute opened up in The Spy Who Loved Me
australia: Replacing the Union Jack with the Australian Flag at the British International School in Jakarta
You've got to love the Union Jack 🇬🇧 inspired rear lights on the new Mini Cooper JCW concept. That's clever 😏
Merchant Navy or Merchant Marine fly the flag on Sept 3rd. Union Jack flag. How sad the stupidity of people.
So do they think Texas should get rid of its Lone Star flag? Should we ban the Union Jack? Ridiculous!
Oh take a hike - you're a British nationalist waving the Union Jack for £s
In tribute and respect to the Barcelona terror attack victims we have lowered our Union Jack at Surrey Heath House to half-mast.
Such an honour meeting acting British High Commissioner Richard Crowder to return the Union Jack from the top of
"Sometimes I wish Roger Moore would come back. with an underwater car or some kind of jetpack. or a hover-thunderlog and a Union Jack"
Great article. So true, so amusing. I suggest they get those Union Jack graphics back onto…
Why not the Union Jack, their national flag? Charles I made it illegal for all ships, other than his own, to fly it because merchants (3/4)
I fly a Orbiter Star rainbow coloured sock and a Union Jack. Also have lights up the pole😀
So, when we are away, we will by flying Bruce the Shark and the Union Jack flag. What do you fly from your flag pole?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Well maybe not the Royal Standard I just thought about that that would be improper and not protocol so I fly the Union Jack
How dare they? The Proms is a very British event and the Union Jack is the flag to fly. These peop…
If people want to fly a flag, fly the Union Jack. Not the flag for the people that's been subjugating/ra…
The proms has nothing to do with EU there flags should be banned we are proud of the Union Jack and fly it with pride
The fact the Union Jack on our flag is a good start to create passion for a republic.…
Nobody on is supporting without having a Union Jack, Crusader or Lion profile picture. That's just a fact.
Celtic fan that attacked Tommy Robinson now knocked out on a Union Jack pillow unreal😂
Yeah and The Union Jack? 🇬🇧 not an English flag it's the flag of the UK, 4 countries mate! Although they weren't cool enough 2add a dragon😝
I think the pro- English-nationalist fervour of Farage, who sees a Union Jack at every corner, is true…
Ooooh you told me! So easy to take you seriously with a Union Jack on your profile
The Union Jack has come to symbolise idiocy.
you weren't the same Alice who was camping/had friends camping in the Union Jack tent were you?
I'm trying to a Union Jack Booster Seat from with
Being at all emotional for YES was totally derided in 2014. now you're allowed to shed a tear for Union J…
or place related bed sheets... always Union Jack of las vegas
Union Jack's of Annapolis. bringing the party 7 days a week!. Check out their calendar and BRAND NEW menu! Ju…
Union Jack's is hosting the Gold Cup Finals today @ 9:30PM! . 25% off British fare 3-10PM and 1/2 price bottles of w…
Would you not prefer a Union Jack chat?
Check out our Union Jack themed furniture. DM for details.
this nerd has been watching Doctor Who for hours and JUST realized she is also wearing a Union Jack flag shirt made out of little Tardises.
Just behind the *** in the union jack shorts and the copy of Mein Kampf
When the car dealership sends u Deere of a new set of wheels... & fail to tell u it's got a Union Jack on the roof! 🚗 🇬🇧
I block all bullies. Esp those with a Union Jack and an extremist agenda. . You'…
'EU elfnsafety red tape be dratted, you didn't hear people complaining about chlorine in the blitz!' *chugs from Union Jack f…
It looks like he followed through in his union jack pants.
I have been sent a Union Jack "lest we forget" mug. I have no idea who sent it or why.
Alright. I'll give it to ya. You're still an elitist, Union Jack.
Funny that whenever it was voted not to flag the Union Jack over City Hall you protested…
Everyone knows about Dunkirk. No one's heard of St Valery. . Britain doing what it does best, forcing the Union Jack specs on us all.
The most valuable I have is a hand-written white label of Union Jack's Two Full Moons And A Trout. Prett…
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As a fellow 10 year old Hill fan at the time, I too cried. But I was so happy when he won f…
Thanks Jules! Will be there with our union jack cheering on the boys
Thank goodness for Trade Unions despised by many who think they will n…
The owner of the shop said how he had two union jack flags and had to take them down because…
Dressed in his Union Jack onesie, tucked up in his UK map duvet with a big pile of Commando comics next to his bed.
Chicago & North Western and Union Pacific streamliners at rest in C&NW's 40th Street Yard in Chicago in 12/42. Jack Dela…
You’ll like this one 😍 Chunky Union Jack statement necklace - Union Jack necklace . http…
1887 Protection Agreement Cancellation Ceremony on July 26,no Union Jack dramatically to haul down,No members of Br…
Union jack with uda hanging over his bed. I'm no bigot.
in 1999: WCW Nitro: Steven Regal defeats Mikey Whipwreck and buried him under a Union Jack post match fo…
Jade a girl of France wears the Union Jack medallion to show her love for the late Bowie
A detail of the huge pair of custom made Union Jack curtains I have for sale. Constructed of…
Why, on Hull marina does the flag of the EU take centre stage pride of place over and above our Union Jack. Why is it still there at all?
I hate BA. They're just RyanAir with a Union Jack now.
More coming Jack - Congressional Federal Credit Union used as slush fund by CoS Cynthia Martin of Reps John…
The Union Jack is not the England flag. England is not Britain. Britain is not the UK. The UK is not England. Questions?
(Cough cough) technically that's the Union Jack, not the England flag.
They dont care to much when you bring Union Jack to one of their "heritage " rallies
Wait for the abuse from the Celtic fans you putting a union jack next to their club name 😂
in local authorities. Is it really a "white-collar union"?)
Just a few more photos of Farage and Boris standing next to things with the Union Jack on them and every…
So won't communicate with FM, lets remove Union Jack from our buildings and replace with Saltire, that should ***
Man fined for displaying Union Jack in his garden, council sends in BAILIFFS via Brexit
There is no black in the Union Jack
EU-Canada deal to share air passenger data in a bid to fight terrorism is illegal, says European Union's top court
2002? I seem to remember my dad bought the shaggy album and kept saying "wasn't me!"
Check out where talks about his fav member of and union jack dress
Union Jack. I cannot be proud to be British ?
Britain's ambassador to Spain will wear a Union Jack apron to host a cookery show extolling the virtues of our food
U know what dem need fi do? Mek dem owna flag an leggo affa dat union jack sittn
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Recent big buys have put a lot of pressure on sp to take off! . 👁️👁️
And now I'm singing. Union Jack all over my shirt. Virginia Wade still gleaming. 39 years of hurt. Never stopped me dreaming.
Like the highjacking of the Union Jack years ago, I agree with you there. But its a fin…
No chanting/singing. No waving St George's or Union Jack's. No RACISM. No VIOLENCE . This is the things that help make
Bugger .. missed out on new bridge crossing ballot . Was looking forward to waving my wee Union Jack too ..
I still dress in red, white, and blue (with ironic Union Jack belt buckle no less), but let's not pretend that Amer…
And now Gwen Stacey has an interview for Oxford University. Shown by a giant Union Jack with "Oxford" at the bottom left. Uh-huh.
Kate Garraway sparks frenzy as she channels Geri Horner in THAT Union Jack dress - :
😜 Depends on if she's in or not. If it's the Union Jack flag flying, she's away. If it's the Royal Standard flag, she's in.
I guess Union Jack had to cheat in order to keep Uncle Sam from winning Le Mans twice in a row.
Which country inside the United Kingdom does NOT appear on its flag, the Union Jack? Wales, Ireland, Isle of Wight or Scotland?
So what was the meaning of the Union Jack in today's rallies' context? Je suis London Bridge? Bring back the Queen?
This is Victoria's State Library tonight, in the colours of the Union Jack. We are all in this together.
If Labour wins I will actually move like a white Brit. You'll see me on the news with the bloody Union Jack painted on m…
A beautiful, poignant sight: Union Jack fluttering with EU flag. Unless your mind poisoned, no need to see contradiction…
Tel Aviv City Hall lit in colors of the Union Jack in solidarity with people of the UK & Manchester following the h…
St George's Hallaksi bathed in the colours of the Union Jack tonight to remember those who have died in Manchester
lighting up the Mall with the Union Jack. It was well known Bin Ladden had at least two trips there for medical procedures. Dubai
so, we are in hashtag mode now, then candlelight vigil, turning buildings into the Union Jack, stat…
'I have a bit of an obsession with the Union Jack after being part of Team GB' tells
Royal Marines from 3 Commando Brigade raise the Union Jack on landing at San Carlos beachhead during Operation SUTTON…
It was a bit mod for me all Union Jack panels crash bars he's down kings Heath industrial estate he has…
Local Wetherspoons just called the police on some footy fans who were waving a large Union Jack. Eight policemen arrived.…
Union Jack flag colours are Red, White and Blue. Bearing in mind the new tenants for 2017/18 any chance of repainting seats
Union Jack flag cotton car accessories , red, white and blue with FREE shipping
Nice to see you coming to Welshpool but why the huge Union Jack? This is Wales- our flag is the Red Dragon.
West Ham with a Union Jack on the edge of their sleeve, the Brexit ***
The weekend is not over yet!! SIN night is tonight at Union Jack's Rio!! $3 U-Call-It's for all service industry...
The red flag was flown alongside the Union Jack in Albert Square and a brass band played the soviet national anthem.
However if anyone feels inclined to want to project the Union Jack, that isn't a problem here.
domain names
Union Jack flies proudly at Birmingham Central Mosque ahead of EDL march in town
Why does it have to be just It's International Beer Day! FW Union Jack with Guinness layered over for a BlackJack!
A British Racing Green Cooper with a Union Jack roof graphic is perfect for the Anglophile within!
Bristol is turning anti-British. judges give death sentences for throwing bacon, the city bans the Union Jack. It's Ant…
With current I think free celebratory plastic Union Jack cake stand for every house…
Nothing says Brexit quite like the Union Jack upside down tied to some bins. .
We're Britain - this is exactly what we do. That's what the Union Jack symbolises to much of the world.
This from James "Union Jack" Dyson, who wraps himself in the flag, then moves production from Malmesbury to Malaysia.
We do realise we aren't the only English club in the PL? Why do we keep putting the Union Jack on our kits ffs 😂
The gang's all here in our Union Jack lingerie. Just waiting for Vodka Jill so we can launch into White Cliffs of Dover.
1 of 2 As a vet I'm staying at the Union Jack club in London Hotel 4 Service and vets. Here is the…
Tel Aviv City Hall lit up w the Union Jack
Get ready to proudly wave the Union Jack all night long as The London Cabaret Club pumps up the volume showcasing…
And go check out the Union Jack on full display at Larimer Square!
Is it coincidence that Larimer Square has Union Jack flying the week is in town? I think not. Denver…
Will she have a Union Jack suit on. Borrow one from Ian Murray maybe?
Ian 'Union Jack' Murray on his feet to attack not the Tories, but the Scottish Government and our First Minister!
30th anniversary of groundbreaking "There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack". Dodd in conversation with htt…
all they stand for?. 4. How regularly do you wear Union Jack boxer shorts, or underpants with a picture of a British bulldog on?
yep! I can ask if he can get the Union Jack on a SW for u? Now that I type it that would b amazing!
An exploding Elizabeth Tower and a burning Union Jack under a title of 'Endland.' That'll be the civil part of nati…
Tories wrap Brexit up in fake patriotic posturing - waving the Union Jack while preparing to sell out public services & c…
Fond memories drawing a Union Jack on the toe caps of my first pair, aged 11. Converse's Chuck Taylors Turn 100
3 men dressed in kilts, pouring flammable liquid onto the Union Jack flag and setting it on fire
Hawaii’s state flag is the only US state flag to feature the Union Jack upon it.
Do you agree that the Union Jack should be flown at all public buildings, including schools, all year round?
Was it for this? Union Jack flying over Government Buildings today. 🇬🇧 🇮🇪
Union Jack flying over government buildings
if Canada can have a flag without the Union Jack and still be part of The Commonwealth so can Australia.
Mrs. Thatcher’s triumphant Czechoslovak procession, the Union Jack car, and what to do with Denis…
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Is Arlene Foster seriously walking around Norn Iron wearing that hidious Union Jack scarf? And she is First Ministe…
Because Brexit is a political ideology. That's all it is. But it wants to wrap itself in a Union Jack and claim to be the na…
NEW: Welsh Guards: Soldier: Union Jack timber framed canvas with floating frame in choice of colours and sizes.
While Labour compares the Union Jack to the Nazi's, UKIP will work to keep the flags flying in Thurrock
We scoff at daft Loyalists protesting about right to fly Union Jack at Belfast City Hall. How is your tribalism an…
As pointed out by Paul mason Buck Pal lowered the Union Jack when king of Saudi died last year-Human rights?
Louis Riel was a terrorist, only the Union Jack should be flying
Union Jack themed 🇬🇧 A British Song (With their own twist if they want to change it up a bit)
hmm. It's not a million miles from UK is it? Union Jack. English. Founded by the British
why are you putting a Union Jack after McGregor's name? Another Irish person Ye want to claim as British?
There ain't no black in the Union Jack. There's too much white in the Stars and Stripes.
"There ain't enough black in the Union Jack, there's too much white in the Stars And Stripes" via
Peter Whittle wants schools to fly Union Jack to restore i... via
Totally agree! All public buildings should fly the Union Jack!
the Union Jack, named after James VI of Scotland who designed it upon succession to the throne of E…
would someone please tell Alan Brazil and his co-presenter that the Union Jack is Not the England flag.
The only time I will ever wear/celebrate the Union Jack is if it has Thames irons works around it.
Goudies dating tips No.18: show lassies yer pure cultured an open minded by havin the Union Jack as yer profile picture
Diego Maradona in a Union Jack t-shirt with Brian May Freddie Mercury Roger Taylor and John Deacon from Queen 1981 htt…
yes Darren barker when you jump in the deep end you need towels and not a Union Jack flag
saw a guy at Carnival this year with a "Britain's Goth Talent" t-shirt on. It included a grey and white Union Jack. Was odd.
Union Jack sock, coincidence? ;) 🇬🇧 sunny day at the barn on the other side of the world
Union Jack style trike from London Taxi. With London Taxi Bell at handlebar,make this trike and your kids more...
Hi Dan, just wondering why the saltaire cross of St Patrick has disappeared from your Union Jack?
The collection will be marked with a "Made in the UK" icon & you'll see the Union Jack flag right next to the sofa.
Union Jack formation by the Red Arrows, very special
Why is there a Union Jack on the West Ham sleeve, proper sports direct that
Look away Scottish nationalists. celebrates gold with the Union Jack
South African rugby team banned from playing due to apartheid !! Rangers fly Union Jack
Paul Gilroy, author of "There ain't no black in the Union Jack" calls "essential viewing"!
No matter the sporting event or where in the world it's taking place, you will always see a Union Jack with 'Hornchuch' plastered across it.
Theatre, Double Decker, Big Ben and the Union Jack all in one frame. What a day out in London.…
If it's any consolation won bugger all medals today. is the only reason the union jack is flying high
The Union Jack looks simply ridiculous on our flag.It no longer belongs there !
Guys my friend, who is super great, moved to England and came back. While she was there she sent me 7 pairs of Union Jack socks. No joke.
Very cool customer who got a great Marantz from Hawthorne Stereo and a Rega RP1 (Union Jack) from Gig Harbor...
. Babysitter. Jack in the Box. Fabric store. Theater janitor. Typist. Housecleaner. Credit Union clerk
Leonard and I are sitting in our Union Jack shorts and t-shirts and we're blowing our horns for . It's a sight to s…
🚨🚨🚨. I'm gonna be doing 2 stand up shows on August 13th at 8PM and 10PM at the Memorial Union. Come watch ya boy flop no…
HONG KONG - All HK government offices are to bear a photograph of the Royal Family, alongside with a Union Jack.
Belgian PM: Early indications Charleroi machete attack was terrorism
Soldiers should wear their uniform with pride in the UK,don't like it tough,it should be the burka that is banned http…
BBC news-. "The attacker shouted God is Great in Arabic". They wont even report screams of 'Allahu Akbar' anymore. FFS
A new peer on David Cameron's honours list has donated more than £2.5m to the Conservative Party, it has emerged.
Memo to all the terrorist nutters out there:. If you're violently attacking innocent people. YOU'RE THE BAD GUYS. https:/…
SWEDEN - Iraqi rapist receives low sentence because he had not raped in years.
Polling suggests that almost 3m people voted tactically in 2015. We should be able to vote for what we believe in, not…
Successive governments speak up loudly for immigrants and minorities. Who speaks for US, the tax paying mugs of the Br…
Europe is under attack by muslims not people with mental health issues as government tell us h…
part of the reason why the Union Jack doesn't fly in WDC
Forgot about carrying Union Jack for Davey Boy Smith at Summerslam 1992. Classic.
pooh the new clubman! Nice! What color? I have a whit Countryman, JCW package with the Black Union Jack mirror covers
Meet the Instagramer with the Union Jack umbrella
their rugby team is also yellow/green , think it's to distinguish from Union Jack
lol will do .. The union jack trunk is full of CDs and cassettes and 7" vinyl .. Heading to east Europe Prague Poland Croatia
Europe eh?! Which part? I really need to go home but in the meantime, unpack the Union Jack cushion before I get to Vancouver!
yep, that Union Jack needs to disappear.
That Union Jack has to go from our flag
Well done! Just beat in a new world record time in the Get the Union Jack off our Flag for the 👍🏻😉
Have to disagree, our current flag does NOT reflect our country, for starters the union jack has got to go
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Meet the London Instagrammer with the Union Jack umbrella - by
Really like Duran Duran, union jack & everything UK!
I swear I have one similar somewhere... just no union jack. (Gotta love a Goth phase...)
Star n Stripes is a Beautiful Flag as is the Union Jack!
Australia, get a new cool flag, like Canada did in 1965! Union Jack is so last century.
The Union Jack may soon be replaced by Sharia Law. Enlist in the at Patriots only.
Sad to see so many still have the butchers apron that is the Union Jack on their flags.
TMW you have to flag down your Uber driver and explain the Union Jack umbrella you're holding is your wife's... cc/
"The Union Jack is getting the jiggle."
Happy Independence Day Jamaica! On this day in 1962, the Union Jack was lowered and Jamaica's…
At one point the guy who was SURE London would beat Sweden even called the Union Jack "the London flag".
Goal ! Amazing reverse! Just saw jumping on a chair aswell in what looks like a Union Jack morph suit?!?!
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Union Jack Tank Top 🇬🇧. via
Oh oh oh!I bet you think that wiping your feet on a union jack is BENEATH you!1!!!1!!!
Respect to our Battlefield Brothers under the Red White and Blue be it the Star Spangled Banner or Union Jack we stand as 1
Heard on radio 4 that some Italians are using the Union Jack as a sign of rebuke to the EU. . Warms my heart.. European u…
Union Jack deck chairs. Scream racial abuse in comfort
He just said "Union Jack" deckchairs. Thought that was banned or racist or something as it's now the Union Flag.
It's This week win this Union Jack iPad Air 2 case! RT&F to win. Ends 10/8. UK only.
The entente cordiale is live and well in Portsmouth. Normandie's Tricolour flies next to HMS Dragon's Union Jack https…
Why the Union Jack? Is there a British League I'm not aware of?
By me: Fly the flag for team GB, then take down the Union Jack. The idea of Britain is all but finished
28.7.81(2/2) Watched the fireworks on Parliament Hill. The Union Jack flags everywhere for the wedding are ridiculous.
not entering the contest. I just thought the Porter blend could've been called Union Jack.
God bless the flag that I lie under, the Union Jack red white and blue 🇬🇧🎵
Road to Wigan Pier. Refurbished with EU funds. Someone has covered the EU flag with a Union Jack. Speaks 1000 words
It's that day of the week again!. SIN Night at Union Jack's Columbia!. Enjoy $3 U-CALL-ITS and FREE pool from...
pole sitter Hamilton has a New blue Benz cap with a big Union Jack on it. Thought BMW-owned Mini had the franchise on that?
Farage wearing Union Jack shoes chatting to Murdoch at a garden party. Brexit really socked it to the 'elites'
At a summer fayre. A gust of wind led me to be momentarily garotted on some Union Jack bunting. A painful metaphor for our troubling times.
Hamilton Collection
Let's be a little more patriotic RT&FLW to win this Union Jack phone and storage box ends 01/07/16
As Cameron left Brussels the Union Jack had been taken down and the EU’s blue and gold stars run up in its place
Look for the British pavilion with Union Jack flags and Orlando City colors (that's purple). Bring your own beer and join the party!
The Iceland flag should replace the Union Jack around the world.
Flying the Union Jack . Britain outside EU = stronger ally for US.
congrats Great Britain! It's a independent day in old blighty! We believe in Queen and Union Jack !!!
The EU flag being flown at the house up the hill gives me hope for Barrow. That house has flown the Union Jack as long as I can remember.
I have it on good authority that Bruce Forsyth owns a Union Jack bedpan.
do what you have to do to win. This is the Union Jack where anything is possible
well Captain Britain and James Bond--I mean Union Jack--have shown up rn
It appears, the flag of allah, will be replacing the Union Jack, doesn't it?
So Spain can arrest anyone with a Union Jack and charge them £10,000. So ... when are you closing the fence and...
The prettiness of the Union Jack and the Flag of Europe combined would be enough to promote Unity and Democracy the continent over :)
Two activists with the EU flag and Union Jack painted on their faces kiss each other in front of Brandenburg Gate
tbh, images of either a Union Jack or EU flag don't help. The two flags are not incompatible with each other.
Update your maps at Navteq
Australian Pommies.! We've NOT forgotten there's a 'Union Jack' on that Aussie Flag.! & https:…
How the Remain Brigade can fly the Union Jack is beyond me. They are for us to be controlled by Brussels by giving way our sovereignty. .
Just ordered some EU flags. Taking that *** Union Jack down near my home, or at least adding to. Didn't even bother to fly at half mast.
Would rather fly the Union Jack thank you.
Fly the Union Jack with pride to tell the world we are proud to be British and that we're BACKING BRITAIN by voting to lea…
Union Jack, 'GREAT' Britain, the pound, our Royal Family, Parliamentary Law, no to Euro, Member of the Euro, European law. Rule Britannia!
Union Jack sign farmout for UK onshore license. Read more: $EDR
Egdon, Union Jack sign farmout for UK onshore license: Egdon Resources PLC has farmed out 8.3...
North of Ireland fans kicking off now in Nice apparently.. what is it with the Union Jack lovers that make them all repro…
For one week only, get 20% off our Union Jack 5cm X 5m kinesiology tape!. Simply click the link below and use the... https:…
Captain Britain is making Union Jacks in the air above Union Jack the hero, who is trapped. Brian, you're a jerk.
Union Jack everywhere to celebrate Queen's 90th birthday this weekend . … (w/ Tria at Regent Street) [pic] —
Regent Street in full Union Jack mode for the Queen's 90th birthday! Xx
📷 Artiste, du jour: Artist of the day: Alex Ross Joker and / et Harley Quinn Vision, Union Jack, Namor,...
The Queen is in Cardiff today. Rumour has it she is coming to check out the new PG Union Jack range...
was given Parliamentary approval in 1908 when it was stated that “the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag”.
Someone just walked into our pub with a 'br£xit' t shirt and is using a Union Jack as a beer mat...
Wallahi I'd rather let the choppa sing and make us look even more savage than ever wear some dusty poppy and ugly Union Jack hijab
This gorgeous Union Jack bed is the star of our Outfit of the Week!
"At one end of Goose Green a Union Jack flies above the school. At the other end, the flag of 2 Para." https:…
what makes him an expert? someone who won't show the Union Jack flag above the town hall of London
& probably a huge chip on his shoulder. Why replace the Union Jack at City Hall?
Can't you just imagine David Davis waving a big Union Jack when he's making a point. Jingoism at fever pitch.
Just Pinned to Vintage Bedrooms: OHHH!!! Looove this!!! Union Jack for Moore and
you need to get your feckin flags right first folks. Union Jack is not the English flag…
Europa farms-out Holmwood stake to Union Jack - Holmwood is located about 12 kilometres to the Horse Hill oil d...
Commonwealth flag in the wild in Gravesend, Kent alongside English and Union Jack flags
be honest and truthful with ourselves,there's more flags flying around the UK which in time will see the Union Jack go extinct
So my Union Jack flag arrived for our trip to Everbank Field in September!
"James Bond is competent, but is he practical?". *rides in on a Union Jack hot air balloon with a machine gun*.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
oh dear that's a tacky dress Catherine Jenkins is wearing - Union Jack clothing never a classy choice
The fact that the Aussies have the Union Jack on their flag didnt help with those jokers!
Union Jack flag, not Irish Tricolour, so I'm guessing, Tim Wonnacott?
The one with the Union Jack tie looks like the act at a national front variety performance
Can’t see any flags from the home nations. Just the Union Jack :(
71 years since the Union Jack was hoisted from the Pomme D'Or hotel balcony, marking the end of…
Draped in Union Jack flags and proudly waving celebratory balloons, well-wishers have taken their place outside Windsor…
SCENES. A man with a Union Jack is removed from the crowd.
have banned the Welsh flag? Suspect given what the UK are going to do they might as well banned the Union Jack
2 May 1829: Captain Charles Fremantle hoists Union Jack at head of Swan River, founding city of Fremantle
The country is and its flag is the Union Jack. flag became popular again after devolution.
Swansea city fans with a Union Jack flag at the stadium just seems wrong, get the Welsh flag out & be proud of it
. Hi all ! Union Jack,Scottish saltire and Welsh car badges at £6.99inc delivery
Noel Gallagher with his Union Jack guitar, exactly 20 years ago at Maine Road. http…
my father says the country's gone wrong.his way of rebelling is not to work. The father's wearing Union Jack underpants 😨
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Liverpool Town hall Union Jack at half mast
Right then me Union Jack towel is out, had a full English Breakfast. off to the pool to read the sun and have a san Miguel
it's not. But it has those associations. I mean EDL people don't carry the Union Jack. They tattoo the cross of St.George and.
If you're planning a street party to celebrate the Queen's 90th you can make your own Union Jack/red, white and...
a lot of flags have the Union Jack. Like, a lot of countries.
Get your Union Jack flags etc ready for Thursday. The Queens real birthday.ENJOY.
We had flags to hold up that had either the EU sign or the Union Jack and we had to hold up for in and out and there was just a sea of EU
Now, I do not think blacking up should be a problem, but lying about it is and BOTH Union Jack flags upside down?
dry yer eyes. I didn't see any English flags? Do you mean British flags? You know..the Union Jack...
Day 1604 completed with serious 5 mile club race in Union Jack tutu, bringing up 15,000 streaking miles!
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