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Union College

Union College is a private, non-denominational liberal arts college located in Schenectady, New York, United States.

Rick Bennett Theta Delta Chi Maya Lin

I enjoyed my college experience thoroughly even the moments where I, as the President of the Black Stu…
On to NYC for my son's college graduation from Cooper Union College of Science & Art! So proud!!! Straight A's!
1974 :: Arun Jaitely during his college days as the president of Student Union at Delhi University
Robert A. Cushman Jr., Ph.D., has been selected as the president of Pacific Union College in Angwin.…
Extremely excited to announce that I received my first offer today from Union College!!
Blessed to receive a offer from union college 🐶
It is fake news anyway..If there are any,they will be Royal College of Nursing (aka nurses' trade union ) activists
Nurses with dementia should be allowed to continue treating patients, their union says. The Royal College of……
Sign of end of the Medical college in the USSR Soviet Union Russian aluminum badge
I left college 11 years ago and now I work full time as a trade union officer helping exploited workers.
Great day at Union College met great people great coaches and spent some time with my mo…
I got some young adults from Union College that make me feel like there is hope
Union College just Confirmed they will be in attendance at the Commotion by the Ocean next Saturday & Sunday ( May 27 - 28th)
Fours years ago, I landed at Union​ University as a freshman in college. And I had the…
Made it to Kentucky redy to see Union College tomorrow
Can't be more proud of our representation at the Union College combine this morning! Big things in 2017…
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🚨 🚨. Congrats to 2017 prospect Makenzie Staton on her commitment to Southern Union Sta…
A day at Union made me realize even more how much my life is a mess and how I should probably just not go to college. 😊
SD Rostra ♦ From Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction… We have confirmed that after two years of back…
The Royal College of Nursing support HCSWs not just as a union but a professional body!.
🚨 🚨. Congrats to 2017 prospect Tyler Staton on his commitment to Southern Union State Community Co…
The Fired 3: Fallout of Ithaca College's - P.S. How do I get an Ithaca union shi…
The efforts of Bradford College staff are set to be recognised at the fifth annual Students’ Union Awards next week. h…
Volunteers from Suncoast Credit Union and Pasco Hernando State College worked at Bridleton Rd today!
Blessed to receive an offer from Union College
Blessed to receive an offer from Union college 🙏🏾
Blessed to receive my first offer from Union college!!!
Also gives smaller states more of a voice. Without the electoral college smaller states would never…
Union College forward Spencer Foo attended Oilers game last night. Edmonton is hoping to sign the local lad, but other te…
You do know we are a republic with an electoral college , right?. Or did u go to one of those Dem/union run failing public sc…
Two more players got offered by Union College. See who
The Empty Bowls Project of Schenectady. Sunday, April 23 at 5:00 pm at Union College, there will be a fundraiser...
-> Blake Hayward (F) from Coquitlam Express to Union College: Date:…
We have a meeting tonight College Republicans!At 6:30 in the Union Ballroom S we will discuss campus carry as well as Trump's administration
My kids will be raised in the European Union [Germany] where college is affordable & knowing 3-4 languages is quite…
Where rich kids go to college in New York (psst, Skidmore + Union make the list)
Training opportunities for unemployed individuals at Union County College. Register now!
Union County College features ALL 6 of cutting edge learning trends. Find out which courses and register! http…
Excited to hear what Zack Hollenbaugh will tell us about developing reservation rates for the college union.
you don't have to be highly qualified, just have a few college credits and join the union.After that collect paychecks for 30 years
Will debt-free college education in San Francisco aid homeownership?
Happy Valentines' Day, contingent faculty to vote on strike Feb.13–14:
a college student didn't know Michigan was in the US great union schools
you an ignorant Trump supporter? I'm a college professor in Michigan. Not in a union. BETSY DEVOS IS THE WORST.
when California exits the US 2 form a more ideological imperfect Union, electoral college goes from 538 to 483!😆 ba-bye!
I've fallen in love with like 6 college girls since sitting down in the union. So you could say I have a robust love life.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Before signing with New Jersey in 2011, Kinkaid played for Union College in the ECAC league, a division of the NCAA.
"The dominance of college graduates in the economy is, if anything, accelerating," reports the…
Like mother like son? Some "poll" info from Seth. Cracking the Code: AP Poll Week 14 - Student Union.
College need not reimburse union for negotiation expenses; NLRB order vacated
Havering College's student union are raising money for
Today is the last day to sign up for campus visits to Cornell, SUNY Geneseo, and Union College over Feb break!...
Deadline approaches for free community college in San Diego – The San Diego Union-Tribune
Everywhere in college is a nap room. You in the lart building? Nap on a bench. Union? Nap on a lil couch. Library?…
There's a room on the third floor of the union with giant bean bags and dim lights so people can take naps
Come see me today at Southern Union State Community College - Opelika Campus!
why cannot the union government end funding to a college like JNU?
DFI co-hosted KY Directors College today with to discuss issues impacting credit union leade…
That's the plan!All children deserves great educ.w great educators not Union Indoctrinators or uneducated college grads!
Another great day with great people (@ Klau Library - Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, OH)
We like co-working as long as it isn't a college student union.
dissolve the teachers union. No unionizing of federal employees, end tenure at every US college.
College need not reimburse union for negotiation expenses; order to that effect vacated by 7thCir -
There's a room in the union at Buff State that students go to and take naps on couches and that pretty much sums up my college experience👀
Arrested TMC student ldr was GS of Harimohan Ghosh College in 2012 when union switched SFI to TMCP. via
PhD alumnus (Class of 2016) Khaled Zayed will be teaching Health Care Computer Skills at Union County College in New Jersey next semester.
Union- look to take the 1A by storm in 2017 behind Seniors (Coker College) & (…
Participated in a Panel Discussion on the Union Budget 2017 at KLE College of Business Administration Hubli, I am...
Need to talk? Youth Concern are in College every Tuesday for drop in sessions. Sign up at the Student Union desk.…
Many union truck drivers,UPS,DHL are college ed. yet make more money and better benefits...
it's definitely a great year for college hockey , Denver & Union aren't bad either
Union College chapel gon be live tomorrow. Y'all gon see..
i think just for playoffs u could get union's buy in 4 15 more mins. Not fan of college OT (2 much adv. 4 team that goes 2d)
More success for our girl rugby players as Ayesha Leti-Liga (Porirua College) has made the NZ Black Ferns World...
Porirua College has been represented early this year with Ayesha making the training squad!! Congratulations to...
"We do not need fake news to come into maternity services that only provokes fear." -
The QNU & Australian College of Midwives call for end to misleading and fear-mongering criticism of midwifery care
Here's a joint statement from the Australian College of Midwives and the Queensland Nurses Union.
Today with we call for end to misleading, fear-mongering criticism of midwifery from
We’ve launched Our Strategy 2017-20 - our vision for the future of Imperial College Union. ⚡📝 . 👉 👉 Read it at: .
You guys have home meets at Union College...few things in college athletics more embarrassing than that...
Missed UB today, but want to sign up for college trips to SUNY Geneseo, Union College, or Cornell University?!...
WBB| Your team remains on the road to take on Union College at 12 pm in Liberty League play.
Women's College Basketball: Pacific Union College team has a new look
Maya Lin speaks at Union College: Maya Lin, the artist known for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington,...
Maya Lin speaks at Union College: In 1981, Lin was a 21-year-old senior majoring in architecture at Yale Univ...
Director of Aviation Program and Director of Flight Center: Pacific Union College - Location: Angwin, Califor...
The Amos Alonzo Stagg bowl is local-Union College has gone before- he was a great man!!!
Savannah Popick '20 at center ice of Achilles Arena at Union College.
Ada Kepley-1st U.S. woman to earn a law degree in 1870 from Union College of Law which was later taken over by my alma mater
Got invited to visit Bowdoin College, Colby College, and Union College 🏈🙏🏼
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Excited for the official return of Eta Gamma Chapter to Union College!
Campus paper reports that Union College is open for extension and Kappa Delta, Alpha Epsilon Phi and Alpha Chi Omega are presenting for F16
Where we'll be having dinner the next couple of nights. Chipmunks eat for free. @ Union College
Union College announces HC Claudia Asano Barcomb will not be returning for her 10th season.
"Columbia College's restive part-time faculty union lobbed another shell at the administration today, contending...
In one C4 News report: Saw Senate House (next to West Bromwich and Sandwell College (I was union president…
Excited to name our new head coach. Meddings is a former Union College and assistant.…
Excited for the next chapter of my life as a Dutchmen, Union College Soccer Class of 2020
City College management puts out salary offer -- without telling the union | 48 hills
Enjoying the beautiful day God has given us! @ Union Bible College
OPSEU takes union drive to St. Lawrence College | OPSEU
Cooper Union Administration: A college in New York City tore down gender markings from all bathrooms! - Sign:
An embarrassing article for UK universities:
Voting has now closed. The students of The Sheffield College have voted that They would stay IN the European Union by 251 v…
High school parties at labor union to college parties at boxing gym to real nightlife at hookah jax and endzone, now Eiffel har…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Never seen a high school student more giddy than this morning when I was watching some walk into the Union for Junior Day.
New employers added roughly 17,300 new# jobs last month
Kudos to Union College engineering student Diana Temple on helping Schenectady Arc employees with disabilities.
FE saves lives says Daniel Nikolla President of City and Islington College Students Union.
The Union College Chronicle for week 3 of spring term -
Community College Student ✓ . Veteran ✓. Activist ✓. See the First Lady's guests for the State of the Union:
Great to have students & staff from Union Theological College at today and talk about
Community College of Rhode Island, faculty union agree to tentative 3-year pact
This story is about UK not US, but similar conditions here.
How much is a part-time professor worth? At Columbia they get 13% of all wages + salaries but teach half of classes.
If college not in not in your child's destiny, the Boilermakers union plants to hire 5 new apprentices!
I was recruited by a Sicilian run labor union when in college years ago. I talked it over with my Sicilian uncle & respectfully refused.
applauds latest report at County event
These centers will provide education and retraining opportunities at Union County College, Rutgers, and Camden County Coll…
when it comes to college sports dynasty it's Mount Union in Ohio hands down
Local colleges get high marks in Forbes Magazine
Barnard contingent faculty union struggles to reach agreement with college over union contract
UCU: Fixed-term now the norm for early career academics
Majority of junior academics are on ‘precarious’ short-term contracts, says UCU via
More than half of academics are employed on precarious contracts, says UCU report:
Union College fraternity Theta Delta Chi accused of hazing
Union College fraternity punished after alleged hazing: Theta Delta Chi was put on probation for…
Proud to announce Union College field hockey's Angelina Stewart and Hannah Christian have been named NFHCA Scholars of Distinction.
and his Union College coach Rick Bennett after Sat win at WFC, where they won NCAA title in 2014.
Among those listed in the house tonight is Union College coach Rick Bennett. Also known as Shayne Gostisbehere's college coach
Great time with Union College profs and MAUC Min about core qualities of the pastor
SB takes on Union College (Ky.) in Barbourville, KY today. Let's Go
Trinity College fly's tricolour on 1 day only (tomorrow). Under British rule the Union Jack was hoisted every day
Nominations are now open for the Newcastle College Students' Union elections!
Good awareness work by our partners Wakefield College Students' Union
"After Coal" was supported in part by WV Humanities grant.
New post on my blog: College Point building costs a whooping $4.2M to Queens labor union
Kaitlin Duff is signing today with Union College at 4:15 in the library. Come support her and our bowling team.
This might be a great fit for you: SAT INSTRUCTOR - Union County, NJ - NJ
It's great to see student's ideas being put into action, as moves it money into ethical banks.
Asofa-Solomona going back to union, he was a beast at Wellington College
The best parts of being at the ACS conference:. 1) made bomb *** friends from Union College when they adopted me for the past two days
Part 2: Union College 10:00 PM all girls chapel was on 🔥🔥! Loved sharing the
Use to watch the union for ulike no prob. Cause u was in college complaining about no jobs. You was uh whole time. *** better than no job
In college ... I was President of Black Student Union . I quit for a week when racist students tried to attack me in the school paper
Thoughts and prayers from Union College and Athletics to all in Owen County!
All-State women's team: Kiana Johnson found a home; Virginia Union found a dazzling star
I'm a local 3 apprentice going to work and being put through school. Lucky that my union pays for college
I used to western union ya money like it was no prob.. Cus you was complaining after college there won't no jobs..
I used the western union for you like its no prob cause you was in college complainin about its no jobs
Ability test offered locally for firefighter recruits. [from The San Diego Union-Tribune]
As the President of the Confederation College Student Union, you should know how to google by now.
Community college introduce: an requisite so that getting goodwill so that the faultless union: VYv
Part I: Union College morning Chapel was fun & real as we shared our life testimony on the good,…
"Documentary filmmaker to present After Coal at Union College"
[Times Union: College Basketball Blog] Danes know it won’t be easy in Ohio
Union County has hired Newberry College graduate Bradley Adams as its next HC replacing Taneyhill. I attended Newberry with Adams
The College will be joining the network this spring term, providing students with a car-sharing option!
Spent some time w/ Union County College students today in Trenton. Thanks for bring them down UCC President https:/…
I had to approach my teaching Union NAPTOSA to negotiate. It was Yeshiva College in Johannesburg 2011.
Kim Canine from shares how her snuck up on her! Sound familiar
labor union paid $4.2M for a College Point building in an all-cash transaction
March 25 and 26 - TBT is honored to have Dr. Josh Holo, Dean of Hebrew Union College, present a special learning...
Don't unfollow me because of my school spirit. Trying to help my beloved Wiley College get a new Student Union bldg
He transferred from Jacksonville State to Union College. He was a RB. He said it was him and Dana another transfer from Mich
Congratulations to 2016 RHP Josh Garber, Lawrence Academy product, for his commitment to Union College.
Some Gostisbehere facts. born on 4/20... from Margate. FL... went to Union College.
Jean-Ralphio from the show parks and rec went to Union College and that's pretty awesome
Back to Union today. Good luck, everyone! @ Union College
Do I get some leeway as a Union College alum on my Ghost OT goal. Always enjoy the commentary and Frozen four play by play
Congratulations, for defeating Union College in the Opening Round of the NAIA National Championships. Sioux City here we come
Things I want this weekend:. - A win over Nevada. - A win over Union College or whoever those poor suckers are. - My test score. - 🍕
MSC - Six different Dutchmen scored as Union College extended its unbeaten streak to seven with a 6-1 win over Bard College on Saturday.
Southern College of Optometry Information Session will be held TOMORROW (10/8) at 12:30pm at Union 311.
Union College plans to use grant money for local students
Hey UT students! AT&T is at the College of Liberal Arts Career Fair right now! Go to the Union Ballroom and catch the last hour of the event
Half Priced foot-long subs 2pm-3pm Mon-Fri in the union. Make sure to bring in the coupon!
College is just me sitting @ a far table in the student union alone eating a blueberry bagel w strawberry cream cheese and listening to RHCP
The Resources for College Success fair is today 4 -5 pm in K-State Union Little Theater. Visit for more info!
The Foundation is so proud of Union County College's Practical Nursing Program!
rejects of college football players -- and more briefs in the fall edition of Focus.
Congratulations to all newly elected NSUI supported candidate of Mahatma Gandhi college students union election.
hey Democratic debate watch party oct 13 7pm in student union rm 221! hosted by MT College Dems! come out and bring friends!
It's not too late to join the Tutoringstaff outside the College Union for their carnival!
Which college hockey team will be this year's Union College?
Tomorrow night meet us in the Rhode Island College Student Union Ballroom as we present our second…
Former college players take union fight to AFL-CIO
Crawl on me, sink into me, die for me, living dead girl 🎶💜 @ Union College
Learn about Nepal's earthquake from George Varguhese on Oct. 20, 6 pm, 420 Union/University Building, Casper College
Would be a huge hit for College Basketball
I don't know who some of these people think they are... Honey it's just little ole Union College
Don’t miss the screening of on October 14th! More info here:
White Professors are in charge of the African American Student Union at my College smfh.
Virginia Union tied for No. 1 in HBCU poll
This week's campus editorial was quoted in this morning
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
This is a huge win for the growing adjunct organizing movement.
Quality time with the College Union CAS standards = preparing to start another program review!
From 12-16th October YOU are invited to support the Student Union, Christian Union, Islamic Society, *** Straight...
NUT members at Hailsham Community College win victory as school agree to re-participate in East Sussex union facilities agreement.
that's a kid I went to hs with and I bet there mac and cheese ain't even nearly as good as ours😅😋
Congratulations to karyakartas in Assam for winning major seats in central panel of the Cotton College Students' Union (CCSU…
*** y'all be safe out there in college park / union city . This is the third person that has been killed in a week!!
The Fall Blood Drive is TODAY from 10am-3pm in the College Union Bistro. Help us reach our new goal of 50 Pints of Blood!!
immuneApps: College player union leaders still pushing for chan
The prison club had invited the Harvard College Debating Union to participate.
Hey# Pappu Are you speaking for an NIFT/NID college union election or for a state election. Only dress design and color.
College player union leaders still pushing for chan
Students - do you need help affording college? Stop by CFCC's scholarship fair today! Union Station Auditorium U-170- 10am-4pm.
Mrs. Hunter and I "representing" on college apparel day for Spirit Week. Mount Union Alumni ROCK!
Just learned that Union Local senior has committed to Notre Dame College in Cleveland for basketball.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
*** "secularist beef festival " crazy students union.. why dont they protest for freedom of religion in Kerala?.
Is chik-fil-a and a chik-fil-a in a college union really that much different from each other? Because NSU ruined it for me forever
Interested in learning about the National College of Natural Medicine? Come to the info session today at the Union.
College player union leaders still pushing for further changes
Great to see Springvale students graduate after working on union lock with Lagan Canal Trust and Waterways College
Congratulations to the adjunct professors at Maryland Institute College of Art!
Union College's Alex Sigmon (Tennessee High) connected for a FG on Saturday vs. Lindsey Wilson, the NAIA's No. 1 team.
Happy to entertain the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders (and Alex Abner) for a few minutes today, on their way to Union College. .
GAME RELOCATED: The Knox Central vs. Clay County game will be played at Union College on Friday night beginning at 8pm due to wx conditions.
Wholesome, homemade bread. It's made here in Lincoln, at Union College. Now available at 33rd & Hwy 2.
Eagle Rivers Sean Harrison commits to Union College for next season. Sean led the BCHL's Cowichan Capitals in scoring last season.
Sean Harrison (Cowichan Capitals) has committed to Union College for 2016-2017
Nebraska newspaper offers interesting history of Adventists in area around Union College.
Union College is proud to be hosting National Guard Family Day on Aug. 23 (cc & …
The first college radio station began it's broadcasting on Oct 14, 1920 from Union College by African American college student Wendell King
Union College coach Paul Wehrum (Little Falls) inducted into Adirondack Chapter of U.S.Lacrosse Hall of Fame today - 98-49 in 9 yrs at Union
The Nott Memorial @ Union College is as beautiful on the inside as it is striking on the outside.
Opening night tomorrow! Most competitive league in upstate NY. Union College. 6:00. Just a single $1 to get in. Watch the …
Union College "revitalization project"--building new dorms on a rundown block in Schenectady.
Board of Education considers new college admission proposal - Albany Times Union: Board of Education considers...
Credit union else two-year college reviews: differential trend in order to have it taped la rochdale cooperativ...
College and Association are set fees, union is percentage of wages. ~ 2% of gross, best I can calculate.
It's official! and spitshinepoets will be hosting the 2016 College Union Poetry Slam…
. Stephen Godby was an All-State OT wearing 77. He went on to play at Union College, and is currently on the staff at PC.
*Paid Up Union Members Only*. Elana is booking college students for tomorrow in Santa Clarita so if you are a male...
I never wanted college as union either but don't think they have to be mutually exclusive.
I want my Union to work with my employer and a college to champion and protect professional quality different roles for me.
Fantastic 2 day conference topped off with the Rugby Union College of the Year 2015
News like this is the reason I refuse to go to college in a state that seceded from the union.
Clean out your sink and basement! Bring hazardous waste to Union College June 19th (52nd & Cooper Ave)
ABVP victorious on five posts in student union election of Cachar College, Silchar, Northeast States on 7th October.
Huge congrats to for committing to Union College to play college hockey! So proud of you! 💙
The information in our most recent post was brought to you by Union College Career Development Center.
Green Party Trade Union Group - More strikes at Lewisham Southwark College in row over job losses ...
Pike County Central Hawk signs with Union College: Patton is the third Pike County Central football player to ...
The College Fair happens from 3 to 5 in the Student Union today! Come out and meet reps from over 80 colleges.
U-M hockey sked for 2015-16 includes 1st trip to Union College, games at Boston University, hosting Dartmouth.
Academy Director of Rugby Pete Glackin collects AoC Sport Rugby Union College of the Year 2015
I just wrote, "at the University of Mount Union College"...old habits die really hard.
Scott Walker, union tamer, preparing to campaign for president. Hisnew fight? Weakening tenure for professors
College coaches WILL NOT recruit players who yell at their teammates, disrespect their coach, or score 30 a game on a …
Vote now for your new Presidents of Newman College Student Union! Who will you choose? Go to the Lecture Theatre and make your vote count!
Sichuan University is against Luzhou Medical College to Change its name to Sichuan Medical University
PCS General Secretary Mark Serwortka at Regional AGM at lunch today at City College, Brook St
Rahul shout like college Union member,KEJRIWAL shout like. Master of all,Khetan shout like para goon.
Workers' College, South Africa - trade union and community education
You was a college student abusing the credit union.
Speaking today at the opening of College of Europe Alumni Energy Group on Energy Union. htt…
Loans so that credit union: jump at hold up to thine community college expenses: YCWIJHij
"Intro to Logistics offered at Union County College this fall"
If you believe the Union loved Blacks, I hope you did not spend your own money on college tuition.
Track is the dream i gave myself and union college is the place God is allowing me to achieve it
Yo is anyone from Roc going to the Empire State Takeover at Union College over the summer ? I need a ride !
Union College 16U Match between Bay State Magic and Prestige Preg goes into overtime at 53 a piece
John Denio has grand finale at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Albany Times Union
bookstores or the Union of a college campus.
Congrats to Anna Gunter for signing with Southern Union Community College today.
If you don't get a return on that investment its your own *** fault.. can't stereotype college students bc you chose a union over a diploma
Why are charter operators Northlawndale college prep, &opposed to teachers organ…
I work for the Royal College of Nursing in the UK. We're a trade union a bed professional body for nursing.
.merging, campus to be called Clarkson University, campus
Trustees at and approve merger; expected to be complete by January 2016.
Clarkson University comes to Schenectady for its graduate campus. reports
Union Graduate College will merge with Clarkson University: Union Graduate College in Schenectady, New York will…
We are pleased to announce that our merger with will move forward! Read more:
Two upstate colleges are merging: will be administrative hub for graduate programs at
Union Graduate College will merge with Clarkson University via
One takeaway: Union Graduate College will be the administrative hub for graduate programs at the university
Fortunately, volunteer jobs are NOT In fact, here are 5 ways to use volunteering to land a FT job: http:/…
We were honored to celebrate Rabbi Sagal's Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish...
Can't say that I'm surprised that Union College staff has given me an incorrect grade for the SECOND time this year. Beyond irritated.
I think tomorrow during my final day as a college student I will stop for the first and last time at the student union store
One of my favorite places on the planet. . Jackson's Garden a peaceful retreat at
Jersey Bound Latino would like to publicly thanks to Union County College for the sponshopship, support and...
Restore funding and made college an option in prisons - Times Union via
In case you missed John Bolton's recent visit to Union College, read the articles of Peter Li and Dima Yankova!...
Check out my new article on the York College Women's Lacrosse team!
Congrats to EDGE-Trained KIVA Committing to play College Volleyball for Union College!.
Do you mean college football? Because as a pro, I assume you consider it work & respect the union
are you going to play for Union College???
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District and Grossmont Union High School District are working together to...
Learn about 3 Steps to Financially Prepare for at My Credit Union dot Gov.
Jackson's Garden at a hidden Schenectady gem perfect for daydreaming
HS ones too? MT College football player makes case why NCAA athletes need unions:
A college football player makes the case for why NCAA athletes need unions:
FACT: Union College provides a great liberal arts and engineering education (since 1795!)
This Sunday Team Dante v. The Harlem Wizards at Union College!! Pick up your ticket at...
Congratulations Tashi S. on your acceptance to Smith College, Union College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,...
Congrats to all my ex-college mates getting married.GOD bless your union!
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