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Union Buildings

The Union Buildings (Afrikaans: Die Uniegebou) form the official seat of the South African government and also house the offices of the President of South Africa.

Luthuli House President Zuma Cape Town Nelson Mandela President Jacob Zuma South Africans

Do you agree that the Union Jack should be flown at all public buildings, including schools, all year round?
Hardly surprising. We have a criminal occupying the Union Buildings. It was always going to happen.
A bet that a certain person in the Union Buildings is doing a dab at the news.
If we South Africans want 2 keep out Guptas & Treasury we must avoid either of the 2 ladies 2 ascend 2 Union Buildings.
we go to the streets, union buildings and parliament, including anchq in numbers. Or vote them out
New pages about Thrapston Union Workhouse. The building is now used by East Northants Council. More pages to follow
it wasn't because it wasn't popular ,buildings being blown up, violent Union actions, Sacco&Vanzetti.
But don’t call it Asia. Government buildings here, as they do all over Georgia, fly the blue-with-yellow-stars flag…
If Die Stem reminds you of Apartheid you had beter erase the N1,Jacaranda trees, Union Buildings, good schools&the 1st h…
Weren't those your buddies/CEO's in the top 1%? Did you hire union workers to build your buildings/golf courses? Or illegal
Lastly you should do better... Making the Union Buildings a low hanging fruit! May as well be an audition for the KUWTK
Promoting healthy and energy efficient buildings in the European Union: JRC Science for Policy report -
They've demolished the old union & most of the buildings I knew tho which is helping diminish the shame
Was it for this? Union Jack flying over Government Buildings today. 🇬🇧 🇮🇪
Union Jack flying over government buildings
We're sunburst-ing with pride! Our beloved Union South is named one of the 25 most amazing college campus buildings…
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Pravin Gordhan attack similar to what happens to Thabo Mbeki we stood by and watch thieves enter Union buildings
It can't be a Cabinet reshuffle as that should happen at Union Buildings (party & state), or at Saxonwold Shebeen
Efficacy effectual buildings are callow ebbing on up-to-date union: NsKINwk
Ask them what steel is used on Trump buildings. He pays slave wages in foreign countries for HIS biz. Greedy capita…
So Bra Jeff wants this position. One of the longest serving cabinet ministers, and he's already inside Union Buildings.
Footbridge and buildings, Grand Union west by Robin Webster
Used to watch the sun set behind the Union Buildings from my old apartment's balcony. Now my view is of other apartments😔
View from the Union Buildings today . Absolutely stunning.
Protest maybe. Or occupying Union buildings to register our concerns. Surely, there are many legitimate ways
So when the union troops marched on campus they set there sights on one of the biggest buildings the library 4
There is talk of using the 16 December holiday to go express our collective disgust at union Buildings - what you think?
would think highly if you asked questions abt things like this Moron~
like buying steel from China and lying about it.
isn't funny how he helps China by using their steel? Wise up Mommy!
Sophie De Bruyn who led the march to the Union Buildings with Helen Joseph, Lilian Ngoyi and…
The MD & consultants in Igbobi have refused to join the union in the strike. They used staff salaries in erecting new buildings.
go picket a Union Buildings ask for stolen taxes back
SDSU's student union was declared one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world:
News Alert: Union is now LEED Double Platinum status & is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world! https:/…
1001 buildings you must see before you die: Union Buildings – Pretoria, South Africa
Botanical gardens, Union Buildings, Fountains, Klapperkop, where the Gautrain station is now next to the. Road in Vermeulen street, etc
The question now is where to move Union Buildings, National Assembly and Luthuli House?
might I direct you Parliament, Luthuli House, Union Buildings or Department of Higher Education so you can continue the struggle?
Since government withdrew it's membership with ICC,it's time the same was done by withdrawing criminal Zuma from the union buildings.👎
My thoughts are with the those who will be marching to union buildings. Please be safe
Mr & Mrs Gordon at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
School kids joining in on yhe movement at Union Buildings
"..the group had not been granted permission to march" permission?. march to Union Buildings.
10 year-olds marched with us to the Union Buildings to demand Free quality and decolonised for ALL yet there was less than…
Calm restored at Union Buildings following march
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Police killed a person at Union buildings
lol I was speaking about the march to the Union Buildings doubt u know what I'm talking about
Student dies after crash during Union Buildings march via
Student dies after crash during Union Buildings march: A student who took part in the march to ...
Calm restored at Union Buildings following tense stand-off between cops and protesters https…
It is unfortunate that a student leader has died during yesterday's march to Union Buildings RIP.
The Union Buildings, Pretoria . home to tourists all over the world
Student dies after crash during Union Buildings march
so that's why students marched to Union Buildings?
some time back MK took township kids out of school to defend Luthuli House maobane kids were removed to go to union buildings
please correct the post. The student died outside TUT Soshanguve Campus during a protest but not a march to Union buildings
Please verify whether a student has indeed passed on at TUT due to yesterday's Union Buildings March
Pic of the Day: Tear Gas at the Union Buildings -
South Africa: Huge Student March Planned for Union Buildings: Hundreds of students are expected to march on t...
you've never jogged ko Union Buildings? Ever?
Tshwane University of Technology , Soshanguve campus student has died amid student march to the Union Bu…
Totally agree! All public buildings should fly the Union Jack!
eNCA | Thousands expected to march to Union Buildings
To avoid marches to Luthuli House & the Union Buildings, the ANC govt have pitted students against universities.
There's isn't shortage of money or method. There's a shortage of political will - from Luthuli House to the Union Buildings.
Hope somebody is watching the Union Buildings in Pretoria all those lawns and gardens
Where is Mandla Mandela when thinks goes this far? "New poster next to Union Buildings. CM
Preparations at the Union Buildings, Pretoria ahead of the Official Visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. https…
SA flight march to welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Union Buildings in Pretoria
So the Indian Prime Minister is at the Union Buildings, Pretoria...
President Jacob Zuma will be meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Union Buildings in Pretoria *today.
So yesterday more than 800 people marched on the Union Buildings requesting King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo’s release (1/2)
AbaThembu community Have marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria calling on President Zuma to pardon their King
how long is the Ruling party going to defend the indefensible? Maybe We need to Embark or a Mass action to the Union Buildings
From the JSE, the mass action will go to Union Buildings for a Night Vigil, to demand free education, ban of labour brokers & …
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it's the same speech in a different year. The rose coloured glasses needs to come off at the Union Buildings
that other building looks like Union Buildings
u wouldnt see a saltire or a union jack flying over council buildings in Ireland thats for sure
I'm not sure what happens at the union buildings, but how does its stuff move?
I need to go to Union Buildings tomorrow to thank President Zuma for providing a clear road-map for all of us, SAns
too quick. I put in my tender for the Union Buildings tonight!
I guess as students, not being taken seriously, we will have to force them to take us seriously 😡 Hello Union Buildings
You heard wrong, they said they were going to protect the Union Buildings. Someone needs to send cameras there. They're lost!
I heard like they went to protest at a wrong ABSA branch they went to Union buildings wrong venue again
Earlier today at the union buildings. I even thot that the was happening there. There were too many cops.
Students were at your doorstep at Parliament and the Union Buildings. And all you gave them was ONE paragraph of nothingness.
The same youth that paid him a visit at the Union Buildings last year?
he wanted a dumb deputy n took JZ from nowhere to the union buildings
izinto ze1st year,first visit to the union buildings. @ Union Building Pretoria…
"Nine thous hundred, nine thousand six hundred." Yep, this is The Zuma I knw. Him nd Numbers are like TUT nd The Union buildings.
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gosh what does that mean? Parliament and Union Buildings combining?
Or union buildings relocated to Cape Town! Parliament is moving to Gauteng
if it's Cape Town, will government sell Union Buildings? What about all the newly renovated government departments in PTA?
Zuma: We must consider the current arrangement of Parly in Cape Town and the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
It looks like the Union Buildings will be shut down.
knew who the enemy was. We went to Parliament, Luthuli House and Union Buildings. We were serious. Fees had to fall.
... I wonder what would have happened if those hood guys from at Union Buildings were in Parliament?
Pres Zuma honours Sophie de Bruyn. She is the only surviving woman of the lead-pack of 4 of the 1956 Women's march to …
. Zuma: 2016 is 60 years since women's march to Union Buildings demanding an end to pass laws. . Hear hear
President: 2016 marks 60years since women marched to the Union Buildings to demand an
Zuma: 2016 marks 60 years since the womens march to the union buildings to march against the pass laws
Zuma: the year 2016 marks 60 years since the women's march to the Union Buildings
😂😂😂😂 this is what Zwelinzima Vavi said at his 50 person protest outside Union Buildings 😂😂😂😂
Ths is hw th so called seat of looks like th Union Buildings is dump.
10 000 student march to The Union Buildings starts at Burgers Park in PTA at 10am on Friday!
I dare White people to start a march to the Union Buildings against racism or the fall of the likes etc
like when the Union goons took over gov buildings in Wisconsin or dont that matter cause it was liberals doing it?.
So, can all white people call a march for fall? The Union Buildings? Or perhaps Mandela bridge?
When leftist students or union government employees take over buildings, it's called civil disobedience.
Siberian larch wood covers this house and its adjoining wrap-around terrace i...
Dezeen's top 12 buildings to look forward to in 2016: . . Dezeen's archite...
Dezeen's architecture editor Amy Frearson looks ahead to the buildings we can...
Just done my 21km at the Union Buildings. Happy Sunday.
Nge 31st when the crickets were going off. Felt like I was union buildings again when shots were fired. I was so scared. :'(
Can't wait to see it demolished. Reminds me of buildings in former Soviet Union! New building will be wonderful
When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died of natural causes, the Union Jack was lowered at half-mast over government buildings.
Gordon Brown soon after becoming PM wanted union jack flown more often. That figures.
good for Union Buildings that quantitative qualification makes no sense!
It's as tall as our Nelson Mandela Statue at the Union Buildings 😂
Spread the word..a tsunami of SA citizens is coming to Parliament and Union Buildings in Feb..SA shall Rise..
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Clenched fist high held - Viva Democrat. Phambile siyaya. Union Buildings is our destiny
It seems there is a super tribe which benefits from the super king at Union Buildings. People are not blind mfowethu, bayabona/babhekile
there was a JK High Court judgment on Dec 27 ordering display of both state & union flags on govt buildings. Suspended now.
parliament & Union buildings are built to serve an actual utilitarian purpose. Not to glor…
"Say something TUT students dont wanna hear and the only thing left of the Union Buildings will be the Union!"
Union Station (Los Angeles) is just one of the many charming buildings associate so much with the history of this...
This guy at the Union Buildings tried to sell me a guava ice for R5 like we're not fighting excessive prices.
The only reason uBaba will come out of the Union Buildings tomorrow is if he got assured by umama amhambayo ukuthi it will be s…
Multiple teargases that got us in a confined space the Union Buildings.
Hostage situation with TUT Shoshanguve campus buildings
Terreno Realty Corporation Acquires Four Buildings in Union City for $37.3 Million and Provides Leasing ... -
my heart is sad,the king should not have been jailed.we have crooks running amok,some are even around Union buildings
Fam! "I really don't understand why Mampintsha doesn't have a statue at the Union Buildings."
African women were the most oppressed, but also stood up, as we know of the 1956 women's march to union buildings
So no point in marching to Union Buildings or Luthuli House. March to Saxonwold
Read section 89 and 102 of the constitution and you will understand why I say the march must go to Luthuli House, not the Union Buildings
Why is the going to the Union Buildings and not Luthuli House?
Cadres, when are occupying Luthuli House and the Union Buildings? . This conversation must move beyond just…
Chinese President Xi Jinping walks the red carpet at the Union Buildings on his State Visit
Chinese President Xi Jingping walks past the Presidential Guard of Honour at Union Buildings.
Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs arrives at Union Buildings for China's President welcome ceremony
Lol ndoda... UP is St Doms all over again. Can't tell you how many I bumped into at union buildings. Ay ngeke ndoda😕
Let's not forget when led us in struggle songs before going to the Union Buildings. 😁😁😁. That's a King !
on member: Why do you have to wait for the union buildings to burn for something to happen?
Spending tym with politically minded people leaders,going to Union buildings
The "royal telephone" to the Union buildings is never busy for Myeni. When she gets in trouble, number 1's a phone call away.
Realized that the answer is the annoying: felt replicas of white buildings with many windows: Broad, Union Bank, Library Tower, you're next.
"the skies over the Union Buildings darkening with the wings of economic chickens coming home to roost".
Today adopts conclusions on governance. We call for mandat…
Today adopts conclusions on governance. We call for mandatory EU targets
Right wing Afrikaner groups marched to Union Buildings to present manifesto where right of self-determination was demanded.
Energy Union Governance to get implementation of energy efficiency legislation in buildings
march to Union Buildings in pictures
Currently at march to Union Buildings for self determination
If it can happen at the Union Buildings without systems there noticing, yours is nothing.
Lol, if ele ako Union Buildings then I can compromise into a polygamist relationship 😔's gna be tough tho!
March today in CBD to the Union Buildings from 10 : 00 to 14 : 00 officers will monitor affected streets
With my gal at the union buildings on 22/11/2015
Weekend special at the Union Buildings (White house/state house) . A leader with an achievement let people come...
Video of new Office Buildings beside Union Station. Warning: extremely cheesy narration.
Angry grannies ready to march to the Union Buildings for their rightful pensions
- 1910 . The first cornerstone of the Union Buildings in Pretoria was laid. .
Everyday this country is going down the grain thanks to Capitalists puppets in Union Buildings!
Today,1910- Cornerstone of the Union Buildings, designed by Sir Herbert Baker, is laid at Meintjieskop, Pretoria
Together for See video and how should be a priority
Anyway the pensioners March yesterday at the Union Buildings happened without a hitch.. 😊
Council 400 member and former Executive Director Bob Rinker tells the long story of the CSEA union hall.
Called my gogo. She said she was marching today to the Union Buildings... . Homie still got it🙌
Govt lied to us, say retired civil servants at Union Buildings
- President Zuma to unveil statue at Union Buildings today..
First in Toronto was at City Hall but most appear to be on private property- in buildings connected to Union Station.
Hundreds of retired public servants march to Union Buildings in Pretoria in a bid to pressure government to pay them outstand…
Pres. Jacob Zuma receiving Prime Minister Mark Rutte of Kingdom of Netherlands at Union Buildings
SA: The ANC Women's League is planning to march to Union Buildings on Friday to defend the honour of President Jacob Zuma,
students that went to Union Buildings deserved to hear pres Zuma first announcing no fee increase next yr not to hear it frm us ppl nt there
Saps create a human chain on the road leading to the front side of the Union Buildings.
AF, ciggies and nik naks etc. "Cool Time business is blooming daar Union Buildings"
goodbye Cape Town, hello Joburg and then off to Pretoria to the Union Buildings, because these
Tomorrow, at the Union Buildings, Zuma will address the one thousand and eleventy nine fourteen thousand and sixty and tw…
Zuma wants to meet students at the Union Buildings tomorrow. When the abuser texts you, "I'm so sorry, I really love you, w…
Zuma to meet students tomorrow at Union Buildings,Pretoria.
The Premier League - 3 corrupt premiers who want to control Luthuli House and The Union Buildings..You keep pushing us away
Explore Chicago's contemporary and historic architecture on our new Pinterest board: . Dezeen...
Dezeen is reporting from the first Chicago Architecture Biennial this week. Browse the city's newe...
Donna Lackie of Government Services Union warns of hazards of Legionella in public buildings. Hazards need daily rigour HS Conf
Union buildings with bro flakes and saw these two fascinating statues. . And white people talking about their history
Check the moon's shadow. Moon shadow @ Union Buildings
did u support the guys who trained people for free at Union Buildings open field?
My week: Got into a stampede @ The Union Buildings, lost school work, missed deadlines and only slept for three three hours...
Tennessee Gov. is trying to privatize building and facility services at state buildings but say no
They demanded it. They got it. Vavi took them back to Union Buildings this week. Similar placards on hand. Kumnandi
TEASA and SACC leaders and Christian lawyers leave Union buildings after 5000 strong anti corruption match.
And I bet The West Wing of the Union Buildings is probably applying its mind to this nonsense.
We even took it to the rooftop overseeing the Union Buildings is change?
Nelson Mandela welcomes the marchers to the Union Buildings. Unlike Zuma the No 1 Thief (according to Malema),...
Anti-corruption march: 'SA needs to be morally disinfected'
Sizobona later this month when they have their night vigil aka date night at the Union Buildings.
Right, time to sign off on another 150 defamation & general damages claims for soldiers of Union Buildings fame.
funny thing, I was just in Australia. No Union Jack on the gov't buildings. Nor a High Commissioner.
HCP has somehow become Pretoria's biggest tourist attraction. Even bigger than the UNION buildings. Haibo.
There should be more Union Jacks flying over public buildings & the national anthem sung in our schools.We should be proud of Great Britain
A lot of trade union buildings in this town!
We've arrived at the Union Buildings in Pretoria
The old Student Union building transitioned from home to military headquarters to museum:
All schools and public buildings should fly the UNION JACK anyone who is offended should not be here
.lights are out in the Kansas Union. Getting loads of reports about other buildings.
Civil society and trade unions to protest against corruption to the Union Buildings as well as parliament in Cape Town to…
Hd Mandela hanged in Union Buildings 4 wht was necessary, he wld hv bn a butt of jokes
I just came back from a games night where a girl though Parliament was in the union buildings. I am actually unable to can. Like HOW?!!
The games night I just went to Urgh! . This one hun thought parliament was in the union buildings. I actually CANNOT! Like *** Sway???
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claims his VA office closed, it moved buildings. Said they weren't involved w/union, they lied until proven.
You won't want to miss this. 14 November, Union Buildings, Pretoria.
Painting with old buildings in Moscow. Artist Alexander Tsesevich. Soviet Union
that makes no sense. The booze isn't sold in the grocery stores. They're physically separate buildings. Union BS.
A3: Or, for that adrenalin rush, annual motocross X-Fighters come to
14years of greatness, 2nd stop at the Union Buildings next Saturday
Dwars River’s town, houses is designed by the famed architect, Sir Herbert Baker,who designed the Union Buil…
It's where better to learn more about SA than
Scene outside SBU Chemistry and Union buildings. Reports of possible fire. Started cleaning up at 9:15 pm.
The time has arrived that we stand out as the Youth of S.A and March to Union Buildings.i have had enought of our President!
For up to date info on forthcoming Red Bull X-fighters in Pretoria on September 12 see Pretoria News tomorrow.
The Junior facilitator @ Ebenaezer primary WC showing the kids the union buildings. context alive
High 5 with Madiber aka Tartar at the Union Buildings.
Photo: Evening run with along the canal past the European Union buildings in
The annual South African Police Service (National Commemoration Day on 6 September 2015 at the Union Buildings in Pretoria
Catching up with Executive Mayor of Tshwane as the build continues! http:/…
X-fighters is happenning in Pretoria at the Union Buildings the Union Buildings to protest against the carrying of pass books.'
Leader of the1956 women's march to the Union Buildings Sophie De Bruyn joins CoJ councillors celebrating
Big new for Pretoria - Mumford and Sons to play Monument Amphitheatre (Union Buildings) on Feb 6!
...holding hands with the likes of afriforum & solidarity union into the Union Buildings makes your march an an…
Zuma to meet with judiciary, Cabinet: The meeting, to be held at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, was requeste...
"The real power has migrated from Luthuli House to the Union Buildings" as the "ANC tail wags the dog on http…
"Massive turnout expected at public march to Union Buildings in support of the Public Protector - 19 August "
God bless this son of the soil; The Road to the Union Buildings. The Bokamoso president of the republic
"Freedom, fairness and opportunity. The Road to the Union Buildings
"the road 2 the Union Buildings start with 2016 elections". Freedom,Fairness,Opportunities.
Deputy minister of DAFF Bheki Cele present to receive memo outside the Union Buildings
The United Front says it supports the call for a march to the Union Buildings to force Pres Jacob Zuma to pay for
- 22 May at the SAPS Memorial, Union Buildings, 18:00. Come and pray if you trust Christ for SA!
I will campaign for DA National Academy for Political Leadership. The journey to Union Buildings need hard skills to fix SA.
"Mmusi, we will stand behind you and we will take you to the Union Buildings," the DA's Anton Bredell told Maimane:
Now crossing live to Pretoria, Union Buildings, as President Jacob Zuma Addresses the recent xenophobic attacks...
The red carpet is rolled out at the Union Buildings for Zimbabwean Pres. Robert Mugabe's State Visit tmr
Union Buildings, Parliamnent and all other apartheid buildings must fall including Luthuli House, i agree with the ANC.
Have you read our new blog post 'Energy union proposals puts inefficient buildings under the spotlight'?
Harry Daniels VC is honoured in Wymondham today, with all Town buildings flying the Union Jack Flags
1st 1000 registrations for the Endo march on the 28th of March @ the Union buildings will receive a package.
all statues + Buildings must be removed to a grave yard in Northern Cape starting with The Castle, Parliament + Union buildings.
Still trying to figure out why they have to lock up the union. They don't lock up other buildings like that
First Lady Tobeka Madiba-Zuma on breast cancer walk at Union Buildings with President Zuma
House Judiciary votes to make MT the only state in USA to arm 18-year-olds with handguns in dorms, stadiums, student union buildings.
Did u know that according to local 411"building super"union rules, buildings can only hire candidates who are barely functioning alcoholics!
RSA is in good hands.The beauty of those woman jogging around the Union Buildings.Oooh my.
Trade Union consultation, schools liaison, appointment of new buildings cleaner, long service meeting with staff, all in a days work!
"EU will not ring-fence funds to pay for renovation projects to boost the energy efficiency of buildings"
Energy union proposal puts inefficient buildings under the spotlight
EU will not ring-fence funds from Juncker plan for renovation of buildings
No funds to be earmarked for in buildings, says Private sector to decide.
SAUJS contributing to the formulation of the National Youth policy at the Union Buildings yesterday
PLACE TO BE TOMORROW . Union Buildings for the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture day, to
What should happen in our country for crime to be prioritised? A break into the Union Buildings or Nkandla or presidents convoy hijacked?
Union Station is 1 of the most historic buildings in KC. Tomorrow & Thursday we will be using this landmark of the past & present to
It's followed last footsteps of Madiba 1 Mi…
One of our stops at the Union Buildings.
It's followed last footsteps of Madiba 1 Military Hospital
Yesterday we did a tour following the last footsteps of Madiba at Freedom Park, Voortrekker Monument,No.1 Military Hospital,Union Buildings.
What's wrong with us? Anybody could loiter within Union buildings in SouthAfrica even at midnite. Too much gragra
Smoke now coming out of other buildings roof as fire continues to spread at Union Pacific rail yard.
The world's most beautiful city, the City of Tshwane CBD captured from the Union Buildings
Murray's Mill and Great Union St are the first places set to be redeveloped as part of the Manchester Life scheme
Thanks to available technologies, buildings' energy demands can be cut by 80%, says .
"EU Commission to develop a “Smart Financing for Smart Buildings” initiative to make buildings more energyefficient"
Mr Petrice Motsepe and his wife Precious arrived at Union Buildings
Let's remember great women! Women's History Month Rahima Moosa -March to the Union Buildings.
Sir Herbert Baker (83), architect of the Union Buildings and Groote Schuur Hospital, dies in London
Lightning over the Union Buildings in by Johan van Wyk airs on Ch415
Are busy enjoying luxury life in Luthuli House, Union Buildings and Cape Town. Its a shame indeed
Perhaps the President should spend less time at Luthuli House and more time at the Union Buildings dealing with his inbox.
On Tuesday, 27th January we will be celebrating a milestone in the journey of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day. What started out as a challenge to make 67 Blankets by July 18 last year has swiftly developed into a "movement" around the world. We have had so many successes along the way - being woven into the script of Generations (with a viewership of 10 million a night), winning Campaign of the Year - beating giant corporates Coca-Cola, Kelloggs and Knorr! We have begun to weave our nation together through bright, colorful thread - and kept over 6000 people warmer over the cold winter months last year. A new year! And new challenges!! We aim to collect 21 000 blankets by the beginning of April this year to display at the feet of Madiba at the Union Buildings on the 21st of April, 2015 to celebrate 21 years of our democracy. Our campaign will be "21 4 21". An aerial photo of a sea of colour covering the grounds of the Union Buildings will show the world what we South Africans are doing, stitch by stitch ...
[Most of their buildings were designed for Amsterdam’s social-democratic municipal government or for trade-union...
. I suppose the Union Buildings were not a soft target? . .
Witnesses: Evacuation at Amazon after bomb threat - Buildings at Amazon’s sprawling South Lake Union campus...
. Who got the tender to build the structure?
Thank You*to Freedom day when u burst those speakers at Union buildings*See You there*
Earlier this morning at Union Buildings with the large statue of Nelson Mandela shielding us from a…
Early morning grind today at 04:30 in the dull and rainy weather at Union Buildings doing hill running, training must commence.
The making of the Nelson Mandela statue place at the union buildings on sabc2, pretty cool
It's definitely seen better days... but this building was once home to Saigon's most successful printing company.
: SEATTLE - Buildings at Amazon's sprawling South Lake Union campus were evacuated and placed on lockdown Monday
the SANDF members who were given gifts tonight. They drove Tata's body from Union Buildings. MR
and her team hosted the Remembrance Walk.
SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY - The Union Buildings designed by the architect Sir Herbert Baker 1909 -
Union Buildings was completed in 1913 at a total cost of £1,310,640 for the building and £350,000 for the site.
Union Power Minister :Govt buildings through out the country to be equipped with within next two years.
From becoming a master builder in the union to putting on the suit and tie, and walking into the big shinny buildings; back to the hustle
Is it just me, or does the Union Buildings look like a space ship?! Like, one of these days, it's gonna take off & leave us w/ our poverty!
Tbh I've never been to Time Square during Christmas time. They haven't put up any tree in Union but they have some nice buildings.
I want to be excited about growth in downtown OKC, but too disappointed that Union Bus Station & other historic buildings will be torn down.
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