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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business is the second collaboration album between R&B artist R. Kelly and rapper Jay-Z and was released worldwide on October 26, 2004. It was distributed in the United States and Canada by Jive Records and Island Def Jam Music Group, by the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) and its subsidiary Jive Records, except in Canada and the United States of America where Island Def Jam Music Group and its labels Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records replaced BMG.

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How beautiful is this throwback of that performed on this song on
Biya regime's rights abuses issue from the violence of colonial governance.
Superbowl Challengers as long as our Carr don't break down this year. Unfinished business.
More unfinished business . even when we're not in the Land
HELLO EARTHLINGS!. It's Earth Day again let's gather in Tayabas City. for our 'Unfinished Business' of protecting...
Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that's what.-- Salman Rushdie.
Unfinished business, . cowardice, . cruelty, . lies, . disloyalty,. betrayal,. ...and other things that set my teeth on edge
We're all works in progress and someone's unfinished business. Sculpt your own masterpiece
It's not nice to block people when Their is unfinished business
"I think it's time I settled that unfinished business."
Let's get it baby we got some unfinished business to take care of 👀💰
Unfinished Preet Bharara Business - Prosecutors smear David Ganek again to stop a public trial.
🇺🇸 is looking for the knockout in his pro debut! Watch it live on BoxNation this Saturday:
Week 7! I'm want that rematch to come soon! We got some unfinished business to take care of.
We got some unfinished business tonight which will be settled in a steel cage!!
Trip to Utah next week to handle some unfinished business at $LTNC. Hope to have updates.
big head! Dm me your digits. We have unfinished business
There's unfinished business in space:
.has unfinished business to handle in the ring. . SATURDAY 9:30p ET/6:30p PT.
Unfinished Business. Ed Balls: Bank of England's independence should be reined in - the guardian
'Unfinished Business' Reparations for Stolen Generations NSW - artwork by Kim Healy 'Trees of Home'
Tom Hayden and the Unfinished Business of Democracy via
Anne-Marie Slaughter has nailed it in her book Unfinished Business. We need societal change so that is banished.
Unfinished Business: Paintings from the 1970s & 1980s by Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl & David Salle Opens
So ready to get back in Cleveland.. Got unfinished business to handle. 💯♻️🏈
Ever forget about someone, then get on snap and accidentally watch their story, then be like ohh yeaa I forgot, unfinished business 😏😂
Unfinished business that I gotta handle in the gym tomorrow
I've got unfinished business in Almaty.
Treating myasthenia on consensus guide: Helpful and challenging but still unfinished business: Myasthenia gra...
kingdom of 7th heaven on earth theory and practice unfinished business X, X Everywhere via
I guess the unfinished business will stay unfinished
We have an unfinished business. I and he.
Great read on tonight Take care of that unfinished business and see you in Rio in August. Hook 'em!
you in this year?? Got some unfinished business to solve.
Very happy to be signed by for next year! but is time to focus in 2016 season as there is still a lot of unfi…
Let no business go unfinished today.
Time to finish some unfinished business. 90 items, uh.
Kinda ready to go back to school. I have some unfinished business
Ready to come home got some unfinished business
Lebron go back to cleveland should launch a campaign call "The King Back" or... "Unfinished business"
Unfinished Business will be playing live at the Dana Adobe 8/27/16. Buy your tickets today!
Come home you have unfinished business here
just some unfinished business . Nun too major 😊
As turns 50, reflect on progress, unfinished business
“I guess You and I will always be unfinished business.. And our “almost” will always haunt me.". DA! CHAR CHAR PA!
I can't rest when there's unfinished business.
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" You and I will always be unfinished business"
"No I don't gotta be great because my God is I'm just a product of grace, and guess what: I'm still in the process this unfinished business"
Alotta people in relationships that ain't working and they think it's them but the reality is their partner just has unfinishe…
yeah . I do too. You know he's got to be just stunned. And it's got to be tough leaving with unfinished business
I wrote about the Unfinished Business of Banking reform for a Democracy Journal Symposium. A Broken Social Contract ht…
I prefer Dave Franco over his brother, James. — watching Unfinished Business
Did you read Unfinished Business and see what Anne-Marie Slaughter's son said about the Secretary of State?
5 of 5 stars to Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter
Unfinished Business: Victory & William Dunlop Ready for Isle of Man SS TT Zero -
Read David Love's Unfinished Business: super was devised to pool money for Macquarie Bank to buy up infrastructure worldwide
Elizabeth Warren on “the Unfinished Business of Financial Reform” Here is the statement re Banks-your $$$
Unfinished Business: Hillary's Report on Women in the World via TIRED of agenda
I am only watching Unfinished Business because Dave Franco
Up: Unfinished Business: Vote on an Ord re: annual Sources of Funds for Colorado Springs Utilities Year Ending Dec 31, 2016
After the break Anne-Marie Slaughter (will chat with the hosts about her new book, Unfinished Business!
2 books helped me deal with loss - Unfinished Business & Ghost Among Us by James Van Praagh
Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter: Convincing American women to transform workplaces by voting in…
Unfinished Business: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life by James Van Praagh (HarperCollins) is available for a...
Did you know that Graham Oliver from plays the lead guitar solo on our song 'Unfinished Business' from our album Spirt World?
Track Larry Smith and Unfinished Business on Bandsintown for local concert alerts!
.and join the women of on Oct 19th for "Unfinished Business":
Please join on Oct 19th for Unfinished Business with and
In "Unfinished Business" Anne-Marie Slaughter widens the lens on work-life balance
Still trying to have it all? Anne-Marie Slaughter's 'Unfinished Business' looks at gender inequality and work
The "Unfinished Business" of equality for working women: Anne-Marie Slaughter is out with a new book about mak...
I just bought: 'Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family' by Anne-Marie Slaughter via
Anne-Marie Slaughter on her new book, "Unfinished Business," and the barriers women still face at work and at home.
Travis Meadows wrote a CD called Old Ghosts & Unfinished Business a few year back and, for whatever reason, it...
This classic hip hop photo available on the cover of EPMD's Unfinished Business, in stock now.
Win Blu-Ray copies of 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' and 'Unfinished Business' from
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Unfinished Business: Conference on Krishen Jit’s Performance Practice and Contemporary Malaysian Theatre recap
I won the Unfinished Business achievement in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition for 23 pts -
Puck drop at 7pm ET tonight for v GRG. . Matt Frattin has some Unfinished Business.
Game Four in Grand Rapids today for and Matt Frattin has some Unfinished Business.
Just saw Unfinished Business. Not too good, but I like Vince Vaughn.
Unfinished Business is a hilarious movie. Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco killed it. 👍
1 of 5 stars to Unfinished Business by James Van Praagh
Unfinished Business: Interview - Tom Wilkinson: . Watch the interview titled "Tom Wilkinson" for the film Unf...
Dave Franco's character in Unfinished Business was pure genius. Had me laughing so hard the entire movie!
Is it bad that Dave Franco's stupidity in Unfinished Business didn't make him any less attractive to me? 🙈😍
Dave Franco just won favorite actor in my book after seeing Unfinished Business
Vince Vaughn's 'Unfinished Business' has worst opening of actor's career | Movie
Vince Vaughn's 'Unfinished Business' bombs at the box office
I need you to be in attendants at Soul Harvest Ministries Sunday @ 10am. Sermon: "Unfinished Business" Acts 19:2 (313) 869-7685 - C U There!
'Unfinished Business' should never have started - The New Orleans Advocate
Update your maps at Navteq
'Chappie,' 'Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,' 'Unfinished Business' all now playing | AL.. Related Articles:
Getty and Fox team up for Unfinished Business stunt. Some of these look frighteningly familiar -
Review: Unfinished Business: THERE is only one that is more tired than Vince Vaughn’s new movie. And that is..
Unfinished Business ('15 Ken Scott): Vince Vaughn keeps making the same boring *** movie.
75. Unfinished Business (2015). dir. Ken Scott. Oh God. At least it was free. .
Unfinished Business (2015). is a comedy-drama film directed by Ken Scott, The stars are Vince Vaughn,…
Vince Vaughn and his 'Unfinished Business' co-stars posed for hilarious fake stock photos: 'Unfinished Busines...
I want to see Unfinished Business because Dave Franco is in it👅😍
I'm so using the promotional stock photos for the movie Unfinished Business of Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco in my future presentations.
I just saw the episode, Unfinished Business from Blue Bloods on Netflix-excited to see you on screen again
Vince Vaughn and Sienna Miller star in the raunchy business comedy Unfinished Business
I can't wait for Rocky VII in 2015. "Clubber Lang Vs Adrian - Unfinished Business."
January 17th-In 2014, appeared as Danny Reagan in the episode 'Unfinished Business'.
I'm such a big Jay Z fan I even listen to Unfinished Business with R Kelly...
Really great talk by Building the Minimum Badass User Pt 2 – Unfinished Business. Kathy Sierra
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Sky King by Danny Gatton from Unfinished Business (Nrg) spun by Papa Ray at 6:30pm on Soul Selector (Mon Sep 1st)
Mark Morgan, President of Anthem Blue Cross on Covered CA this Sunday on Unfinished Business at 4PM PST
Unfinished Business: On and Off the Court With the 1990-91 Boston Celtics: Unfinished Business: On and Off the...
Loverboy's Mike Reno on his career, the band's longevity, 'Unfinished Business' album and more!
Along with my 2 Line Brothers, I crossed the burning Sands and entered the fold of the GREATEST Fraternity there is and will ever be. OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY INC!! Happy QUEiversary LB'S DELTA MU MU's Charter Line Three Trials and Tribulations of Unfinished Business - Spring 2010 Kevin Harris "Sparky" William Blackwell "Que Diddy" Jesse Peeples "SlowpoQue RoderiQUEez"
Carl Froch and George Groves go face to face after they both weigh-in ahead of Unfinished Business. The next time they will meet will be in the ring at Wembley Stadium. Don't miss out, book here:
Pantychrist are stoked to be playing Toronto's World Pride 2014 sharing the stage with Pansy Division, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Ginger Coyote and a lot more amazing talent. The Alterna *** stage at Pride is always one of the event highlights and this year is no exception. "The programming at Alterna *** consists of both emerging and established artists who create a genre of music for the mind rather than the masses. As the Parade ends, DJ Steve Rock will be ramping things up 90’s style, so get there early. Then the live performances begin with two recent female-powered additions to Toronto’s music scene. We open with Hervana, an all-girl Nirvana cover band, followed by the mini-pops of punk, Unfinished Business. Next we rock and roll with the androgynous Sister Hyde, and get all dizzy with the electronic madness of Zoo Owl. As things continue to heat up, it’s time to take things off with No Pants Society presentation of Rob Ford and The Disney Princesses. Back again this year is the one-hour spec ...
The AT&T Center is ready for tonight's San Antonio Spurs game - are you? Before Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, join us at 6:30pm on 12 for Unfinished Business! SPURS SPIRIT PICS:
Celebrate May Day at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum! Join us for the opening of the museum’s newest exhibit, Unfinished Business: The Right to Play, which explores the history of the social movements that created the first playgrounds, fought for an eight-hour work day, and suggested that time of...
Indians Manager Terry Francona talks with about the club's Unfinished Business .
Fact: Saxon's Graham Oliver plays lead guitar on our song 'Unfinished Business' from the album 'Spirit World'.
Director's Blog: Does Virginia Need Training Centers — part 2 When the question comes us, some argue that we need training centers for individuals with the most complex needs. Some believe that the people who currently live in training centers have a higher level of need than those who live in the community and that the community, at least the community in Virginia, is just not prepared to meet that level of need. Is it true that the people living in training centers have more complex needs than those living in the community? According to the National Council on Disability, in a report entitled "Unfinished Business," this claim is a myth. The report states that "More people with extensive support needs are served in the community rather than in institutions, demonstrating that all people with ID/DD can be served effectively in the community. While many people in institutions have very significant impairments and will require extensive supports to live in the community, many people with the same level of ...
Unfinished Business" which tells the stories of 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with...
Unfinished Business - Senate SJR. 152. Confirming appointments by the Governor of certain persons communicated Feb. 1
The National Council of Women is hosting a day-long conference, Unfinished Business: Exploring New Horizons for Societal Change, in New York City on March 28. This year, the council celebrates decades of work to end sexism and racism by bring together both men and women interested in creating a better world. For more information on the conference, including how to register, click the link below.
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From the 1987 Red Pajamas release *Unfinished Business" this wonderful Steve Goodman tune.
Chelsea Clinton Calls LGBT Rights the 'Unfinished Business' of this Century ... - Towleroad
Stevie Richards takes out Reby Sky with a Stevie Kick at Extreme Rising's "Unfinished Business" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To watch this entire show, CLI...
Good afternoon! Below is the agenda for the February 5 General Meeting scheduled for 4:15 at the District Office. Our meeting this month is in the Large Board Room. If you have any questions, please let me know otherwise we hope to see you there. Judi • Call to Order • Pledge of Allegiance • Roll Call of Officers • Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting • Communications/Announcements • Report of Executive Board Actions • Treasurer’s Report 2014 Proposed Budget Approval • Committee Reports Negotiations Update • Unfinished Business • New Business School Calendar Update Revised Secretary Job Description Partial Tax Update Ideal Hiring Process Know Your Rights Committee Sign-Ups • For the Good of the Order • Adjournment
Donnie Wahlberg discusses tonight's episode of Blue Bloods, 'Unfinished Business' watch Blue Bloods Fridays at 10pm only on CBS!
Donnie Wahlberg discusses the issues confronted in tonight's episode of Blue Bloods, 'Unfinished Business.'
brethren of the West Coast have started their journey to the East Coast for "Unfinished Business" 12/28 at former ECW Arena
Unfinished Business - The Life and Times of Danny Gatton (Book) book download. Ralph Heibutzki. Download her
I plan on staying up all night until the new Jay-Z album leaks, though I'm certain it won't be as good as "Unfinished Business".
"Unfinished Business" A major goal of this treatment approach is the resolution of unfinished business. Corey (1991) defines unfinished business as unexpressed feelings that are linked to memories carried into present life in ways that interfere with one’s ability to function effectively. He notes that unfinished business remains until an individual deals with the unexpressed feelings. Experiential techniques help clients resolve unfinished business through re-experiencing significant life events and relationships, allowing them to work through unresolved conflicts and emotions to live more fully in the present (Wegscheider-Cruse & Bougher, 1990).
DREAMS can provide a window to your deepest part...Your Subconscious Mind. Your Subconscious is the closest you can get to where your Soul lives...It is the attic where you shut away things that is too uncomfortable to Consciously think about on a day to day level. For the past 10 years , I have been having this Recurrent Dream that I am sitting in my Form Six Classroom @ Natabua High School again...about to begin the Year . And in the Dream I will be frantically trying to make sense of it all...knowing very well I am already a working person...I have been through here Already.then I wake up sweating and palpitating. To me this is typical Unfinished Business.."The Could Have Beens". I was such a nerd in school only focussing only on my Books and being a squeaky clean student. I didn't play Netball or Athletics or Rugby. I didn't play truant or smuggle alcohol to school or smoke a joint . I didn't do all the bad things that my Classmates were doing ...and absolutely having the best time of their lives in S ...
The Best Man is a 1999 romantic comedy-drama film, written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee. It was produced by 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, with Lee's cousin, Spike Lee, serving as producer. The film stars Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut and Sanaa Lathan, and is considered to be a male-centered answer to female-targeted films such as Waiting to Exhale.[citation needed] This is not to be confused with the 1964 film based on the Gore Vidal play. The film is followed by The Best Man Holiday, to be released on November 15, 2013. The holiday-themed sequel will reunite the cast. Plot Harper Stewart (Diggs) is a young man living in Chicago who is about to hit the big time professionally. His debut novel, ominously titled Unfinished Business, has been selected by Oprah's Book Club. He has a beautiful and devoted girlfriend, Robin (Lathan), and his best friend Lance (Chestnut) is getting married on the weekend in New York. In an early scene with Harper and Robin lounging in a tub, it becomes clear that all ...
GM Beloved Family & FB friends, "Unfinished Business" (Luke 23:32-43) "LORD, remember me when You come into Your kingdom"(v.42). We must realize & let others know,it doesn't matter WHEN we believe that CHRIST IS the Son of GOD & that HE sacrificed HIS life so that we can hv life eternal w/HIM in heaven w/ the FATHER, what matters is that we DO! Salvation should b our prayer & concern 4 all. We can see in (Luke 23:42) when the criminal hanging beside JESUS on the cross realized who JESUS truly was said..."JESUS remember me when U come n2 U'R kingdom", JESUS assured him(because of his faith)2day he'd b w/HIM in paradise"(v.23). Beloved, finish u'r business here on earth(receiving CHRIST as u'r Savior(2Cor.6:2). Do this NOW & look 4ward 2 life eternal w/HIM! GOD doesn't want anyone 2 b left behind(2 Peter 3:9). DON'T U BE! :D
Train Wreck Friday! Who is joining me & Teri! for July 19th Train Wreck Friday and Unfinished Business! Tickets are $45 July 19th - Unfinished Business North county friends meet us there! Potluck! CCRRF Excursion to Pomar Junction's Train Wreck Party - Friday, July 19, 2013 Friday, 07/19/13 3:00 PM Special Excursion to Pomar Junction Winery and its famous Train Wreck Friday Party! Tonight's band is Unfinished Business. Trip includes a ride on Amtrak's Coast Starlight between SLO and Paso Robles, a private Ride-On bus trip to Pomar Junction and return to SLO. Excursion ticket includes transportation only. Individuals will be responsible for their own event entry fee. ($10 cash at the door) Entry is free for Pomar Wine Club Members and guests. Bring your own picnic (BBQ pit is available) or buy tri-tip sandwich dinners from Stein's Catering. Bring lawn chairs if you want to sit close to band. $45 adults & children Click to buy your ticket here 3:00pm - Check in at the SLO Amtrak Station 3:30pm - board Coa . ...
Amaker, David At the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919 held in Paris, David Amacker served as an interpreter for Messrs. Venizelos of Greece and Kramar of Czechoslovakia, translating from English into French for them. Stephen Bonsal in his book Unfinished Business (1944) accurately records those meeting. Bonsal commends David Amacker and his work: "Again (after the first appointee proved flustered and incapable) I dived deep down into the language pool of the American delegation and fished out a young Lieutenant from Louisiana, who spoke clear French and also the pleasing English of the Deep South. He was drafted to the job in which he acquitted himself well. He was not at all awe-stricken by his close association of the representatives of the shattered monarchies of Europe, or with the outstanding new men of the budding democracies." David Amacker attended Mississippi College and Princeton University. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and graduated in 1922. He majored primarily in French and German. L ...
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We're also going to be featuring the Etsy shop Kambriel in our movie "Unfinished Business". Her designs have been worn by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, and she was featured in Valerie Steele's "Gothic: Dark Glamour" exhibit at the Museum at FIT in NYC. Her amazing shop is at
I am starting to clean out my hardback book collection. For those of you that are reader, in book clubs, etc. These are older books, Fiction and non-fiction, some historical novels, biographies, most are on the Good Reads List. Anyone interested in some of the following titles? 11 Harrowhouse by Browne; The Captain From Connecticut by Forester; The Wall Came Tumbling down by Deal; the disenchanted by Shullberg; H. M. Pulham Esquire by Marquand; The Distant Shore by De Hartog; Champion Road by Tilsley; Those Other People by O'Donnell; That Girl From Memphis by Steele; Twilight on the Floods by Steen; Gus The Great by Duncan; Zotz by Karig; The Boer War by Barbary; Such Good Friends by Gould; Incredible Tale by Johnson; The Fool of Venus by Cronyn; The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens; The Ides of March by Wilder; Dig or Die Brother Hyde by Hyde; Over My Dead Body by Opie; The Prairie by Cooper; Unfinished Business by Ward. This is just a start... Message me with the title you may want... THANKS
Tonight. 7pm ET. have Unfinished Business. Be there! Get tickets:
Geoff Notkin, star of Science Channel's award-winning "Meteorite Men," has been cast as steampunk paranormal research scientist Prof. J. Byrnes in the upcoming Vivid Light Pictures feature film, "Unfinished Business." You can get a movie credit & more by helping us make the movie here:
Unfinished Business serves the residents of Sussex County, DE by providing them with gently used clothing and household items at greatly reduced rates. By donating profits to organizations that promote and cultivate equality, we hope to help invest in human capital that faces the challenge of b...
Judgement Day from the upcoming EP "Unfinished Business" from Michael McDonald and Robben Ford. Available for digital download on May 7th.
… Unfinished Business. A time travel / romance laced with humor and a twist ending by Best Selling Author, Clanci.
That's what we used to call in the 90s Tom Osborne era "Unfinished Business!"
I unlocked the Unfinished Business achievement in Tomb Raider!
Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of World War II: The U. S. official...
"We're only (4 DAYS) away! 50/50 raffle tickets will be available all over this week, donations are pouring in & we have some great auctions being set up. DD's available.. Max Ryder, Unfinished Business, Sudden Impact, Oshier Country & TnT are tuning up to rock the Moose! Bring a friend, bring a story & bring your dancin' shoes~ Cant wait to see you all there ♥" ~ Sami DeCarr
You know how teasing can be a kind of camaraderie.Dualla references as much in that 'BSG' 'Unfinished Business,' about how there was that boy, waiting to torment her (one thinks more of 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' -- I hope I have the title, correct, as to the 'Wienerdog' girl -- Oscar-meyer wienerdog (?)) than Obama, in the memoir, running-away from the girl foisted on him when at the private school. So with regards to Michelle Obama's bangs (kiss-kiss) and dress (her 'suit') being the subject of attention, with maybe a third-person form of address being appropriate with a First Lady, and, if a deputy-chief-of-staff, in fiction, can be called a '101st senator' ('The West Wing,' only, some might think that refers to Puerto Rico, and while Josh advocated for them, it came to naught (for his friend Billy -- but then he hooked-up with Amy in that episode, in-spite of mis-ascribing 'Red, Red Wine' to 'UB40' and Reggae, to do with the Carribbean, as if NATIVE to Tahiti, but don't they have it there...and didn't ...
Unfinished Business - Senate . current | cal. § 28.2-1001: penalty for illegal fishing in the Potomac River;
CLASH WITHOUT THE ASH Fight Night Raffle - A Pair of Lonsdale Boxing Gloves which cost a few quid on their own signed by the fighters on the bill of Unfinished Business, Frampton -v- Martinez for the European Super-Bantamweight title. Thanks to Martin Rogan aka Big Rogie for helping us get them signed by the fighters and a few others floating about on the night. Signed by: Carl Frampton european super-bantamweight champ; martin rogan former commonwealth heavyweight champ, martin lindsay former featherweight champ, eamon o'kane 2010 commonwealth boxing gold medallist, michael conlan 2012 london olympics boxing bronze medallist, john breen trainer, bernard checa trainer to paul mccloskey, jamie conlan 9 wins 0 defeats brother to michael conlon, andy lee back to winning ways formerly trained by the legendary Manny steward, lee selby BBBofC & commonwealth featherweight title holder.. Tickets for this pair of signed gloves are only 1pound.. Tickets can be bought from the middle of this week and keep watching h ...
New matches announced for Pride Wrestling ('Unfinished Business' show on March 16th
This is taken from the extended ep of Unfinished Business. Lee/Kara with a little Lee/Dee, Kara/Anders but mostly Lee and Kara battling it out with the memor...
Trailer with some new music from Dean Brown which will be on his new album "Unfinished Business" that will be released in September and October
Jake "The Snake" Roberts signed to Night of the Legends II: Unfinished Business Jake "The Snake" Roberts has been signed for Night of the Legends II: Unfinished Business on April 13, 2013, in Waynesboro, Va. Roberts is one of the most recognizable legends in wrestling and is known all over the world. Jake has struggled in past years with drugs and alcohol abuse but thanks to help from his longtime friend, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake has made a remarkable comeback. Jake is preparing for his farewell tour and will make Waynesboro, Va., one of his first official stops. Other legends announced for the April 13 show include "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Domino, Baby Doll, Jamin Olivencia and The Barbarian. Stay tuned for additional announcements in coming weeks. Advance tickets are on sale now for $10 General Admission and $20 Ringside. Rows 1 and 2 have SOLD OUT. Buy tickets now. Card is subject to change without notice. _ JAKE ROBERTS VIP PACKAGE Top Rope Pro Wrestling ...
Buff Bagwell vs. Kevin Nash in the main event of Night of the Legends II: Unfinished Business. Get your tickets...
TNA and Fuel TV have announced that they have extended their TV distribution agreement in Australia. The extension is for two years and will see Impact continue on Australian Pay-Television on a weekly basis, along with new shows in Unfinished Business--described as "an in-depth look at historic feuds and moments in Impact Wrestling history" and the UK show British Boot Camp. Here is the press release: IMPACT WRESTLING and FUEL TV AUSTRALIA are delighted to announce a two-year contract extension that will see the stable of TNA Wrestling programming continue weekly on Australian Pay-Television. IMPACT WRESTLING is home to Hulk Hogan, “The Icon” Sting, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and some of the most talented figures in professional wrestling. Since June 2011 IMPACT WRESTLING has called Fuel TV home in Australia and today’s announcement will see this partnership continue with the new agreement. In addition, two new shows from TNA will debut on Fuel TV with ‘Unfinished Business’ – an in-depth look at ...
Last stage play production before I hit the film world! Be on the look out for upcoming stage play "Unfinished Business". It's going to scare your socks off. If you liked "Misery" by Stephen King. You are going to definitely love this. :-)
CUP: Junior – Unfinished Business: Conventional wisdom held that Dale Earnhardt Jr., 38, would have at least one...
Marseille performing the opening song from their album Unfinished Business called 'Wanna Get High' Live at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield January 2012
Today's Wrestling Updates: * As noted earlier, TNA announced that they will be scaling back pay-per-view events. They have also announced price changes: - The new TNA Friday night pay-per-views will be $14.95 - Genesis and Lockdown will still be $34.95 - Slammiversary and all live pay-per-views that follow will now be priced at $39.95 - Bound for Glory will be priced at $44.95 Unfinished Business pay-per-view pricing will remain the same. * Derrick Bateman and Mason Ryan returned to in-ring action at last night's WWE NXT tapings from Full Sail University. Bateman teamed up with Alex Riley as part of the NXT Tag Team Title Tournament while Ryan wrestled Sakamoto. * World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at the next set of NXT TV tapings on January 31st. * Here is the updated card for Sunday's TNA Genesis pay-per-view event: Triple Threat for the TNA World Heavyweight Title Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy TNA Tag Team Title Match Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero & ...
A long time ago I asked for people who wanted to appear in a book...the book is finished (first draft) and Tiffany DePalma Jordan, Janet Amedeo-Aurelio, James Willoughby,Robin Frances Anderson and Jeremy Baker will all appear in it. It's called "Unfinished Business" and it will be released in a couple of months...
I'm in Chico today filming the final interview scenes for my upcoming TV special "Unfinished Business" at Chico State University. I'm...
Unfinished Business... What are you taking about Luthor
Band member spotlight Joey Hafner (guitar, vocals) Q: Where are you most likely to be at 8 o'clock on a Saturday night? A: "Well if not in the process of setting up and playing a show with Ghost Pepper, I'm likely to be hanging out with my wife and 2 kids. Game night, movie night, etc. I also make an attempt to go out to see my friends in other local bands like The Woo-Yeahs, All Natural, Unfinished Business, and E.N.V.Y. Support local music!"
Whole load of unfinished business thr fight is bigger than our forgiveness babe xx
need to get an office jenga set. We have unfinished business..
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Handle ALL business today.. Let none go unfinished!
just if uve seen it anywhere. Do let me. Got some unfinished business. To deal with.
Want to know why we here? Cause God said we got some unfinished business
Next year na ko *** Paskuhan. I have some unfinished business under the big Christmas tree. Hihihih.
guys, I'm lookin for a guy. Got some unfinished business. Will let u know the details to that guy.
Pink Safety Payroll Business Checks Looking for Pink Safety Payroll Business Checks or other offers ? Check the actual price here: customer reviews here: products: Some other products that can be interesting for you: fiskars 94167097 kids classic 5-inch blunt tip scissors, colors may vary, pink safety payroll business checks, 3m peltor h10a optime 105 earmuff, 105 dba,1 pair, adams business forms products - contractors invoice, 3-part, crbnls, 8-3/8"x11-7/16", 50st/bk, we - sold as 1 ea - contractor's invoice book contains three-part carbonless sets with a white, canary, pink paper sequence. each form has space at the top for your company stamp. other preprinted spaces designate where to fill in "to," "work performed at," date, work order number, description of work performed, agreement terms, project cost, deadline date and the kind of arrangement (agreement or prop. Look at them closely. Don't see what you need? You can search for something else such as labor market reform and job creation: the unfinish ...
I hope the world doesn't end today because I have lots of unfinished business in this world
Travel safe on the roads, don't speed, don't drink and drive! Arrive Alive! Love & Peace!
A proud bihari and mumbaikar ? Thackery really had some unfinished business.
aww, cheers Steve. Was still coming down as well, so unfinished business but can't do anything about it. Thanks for the lovely
Nicholas Jones writes: There is unfinished business from Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into newspaper ethics.
Every one give us one reason why the world wont end today ! (a football related reason)
I got some unfinished business with oomf 😂😳😁
Liberia: Voinjama 2012 - Another Government's Unfinished Business?: [New Dawn]The Government of Liberia, will on...
It was ok took care of a lil unfinished business but better cause im hearing from you=)
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
done with the sem... still got unfinished business... :B
Unfinished business: Nick Easter eyes international return with England
I am going to finish all unfinished business
I think you should stay!! We got some unfinished business lls ;)
Too much unfinished business, too little motivation.
well it was nice knowing you anyhow, did you manage to finish that codeword? Wouldnt wanted to go with unfinished business!
*World stops ending, because Victoria has unfinished business to attend to*
The world isn't ending. I have too much unfinished business for it to just end.
[] Nah its just that i have unfinished business to deal with here ouob
really?! I have far too much unfinished business to let the world end!
Had to leave with some unfinished business :(
Finish off your unfinished business and start 2013 on a fresh note...
Would anyone be interested if i did a remix competition with a couple of the tracks from the "Unfinished Business" EP
Continuing unfinished business, lat day 20 more gifts to go then we're done.
The world can't end yet...has unfinished business on New Years Day!!!
Hamilton Collection
How Do You Know whEre Not All Dead We were ghosts.. How'd you know that ghosts only stay because they have unfinished business.
I have too much unfinished business for the world to end so soon.
You and I. will always be unfinished business.
Thank God the world didn't end, I still have some unfinished business
What if we really did die we just ghosts with unfinished business
For the 1st time in the history of the AIDS response, domestic investments surpassed international assistance:
I cant wait to see u again.. we have unfinished business.
me & Peter Pan have some unfinished business ;-) :-p
This world can't end. me and oomf got unfinished business.
thanks, Tin for the inspirational stories. Now, i (finally) figured out that he is my 'what if' man... yeah, unfinished-business..
Unfinished Business part. 1 Coming Soon Check out my new video You Saying that LOCAL DISS (Official Video)
If the world really ends I'm gonna end up in limbo cause I have so much unfinished business
" you and I will always be unfinished business "
You and I will always be unfinished business ☺
Yea im not ready for this world to come to an end. I still got unfinished business to take care of
I thank God he didn't end the world yet.i still have unfinished business like havin babies n all dat jazz lol
We got some unfinished business u nd I
Ghosts Are ghosts real? What does the Bible say about ghosts? In the King James Version of the Bible, the word ghost appears 108 times. Of these, the word is never used in the sense of the disembodied spirit of someone who has died. It is used in only two ways. First, it is used in the phrase “to give up the ghost,” meaning “to die.” Second, it occurs as the title, “the Holy Ghost,” the third person of the Godhead or Trinity. The Bible refers to the spirits of the dead as “familiar spirits,” as in intimate association, personal, or one well acquainted (see, Leviticus 19:31, Deuteronomy 18:11; 2 Kings 21:6; Isaiah 8:19, etc.) and warns against having anything to do with them. Can the dead haunt houses? It’s in the Bible, Job 7:9-10, NKJV. “As the cloud disappears and vanishes away, so he who goes down to the grave does not come up. He shall never return to his house, Nor shall his place know him anymore." Can the dead come back and communicate with the living? It’s in the Bible, Eccle ...
CHICAGO - She needed a notebook more than food. It would save her sanity and soul.The notebook and the story behind it is just one artifact in a unique exhibit here at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum entitled, "Unfinished Business: 21st Century Home Economics."The exhibit is about - and by - domes...
Police Forced Shaheed Atir To Take Up The Arms: Atir Ahmad Dar, age 19, A Commerce student from Sopore was planning to pursue his further business studies abroad. But the alleged police harassment forced him to join a rebel outfit. He was martyred in an encounter Tuesday evening at Sopore, leaving behind his unfinished dreams. Mohammad Yousuf Dar,father of Atir Ahmad, attributes his morphing into a rebel from a bright student to the torture and harassments committed by the Police. “He wanted to study business abroadbut the torture and harassments of policeand SOG instigated him to turn into a militant”,says his father. During the uprising in 2010, Atir was allegedly involved in the stone throwing in his area. In July 2012, Atir was arrested for his alleged involvement in stone throwing and was lodged in Sopore Police station where he was in custody for a month. “Itwas there in the custody that he was influenced to join the rebel group,out of police torture and harassments”, says his elder brother ...
My Republican colleagues seem intent on continuing to play Russian roulette with the fiscal cliff deadline. After wasting a day of critical negotiating time on a bill the President already said he would veto, Speaker Boehner at the 11th hour pulled his own legislation because he couldn’t even get enough support from his own caucus to have it pass the House. We are officially out of time to waste – the time is now to lead on this issue and work across the aisle to do what’s best for the American people this holiday season.
SO if my memory is serving me correct, this week I was officially cast for my very 1st entertainment work of 2013. I will be apart of a stage play entitled "Miss Betty's Glam-O-Rama" showing on 2 dates in March. Happy birthday to me, eh? I'll be apart of both cast and crew. Special thanks to Rafi Mateo, who will also be joining me as a fellow cast & crew member, & shouts out to the talented Mike Jones for giving me my 1st ever stage play work. Speaking of that, Mike we have unfinished business with that.
Broken Lovers: Loved ones can be the ones that you love or the ones who love you. The ones that love you will show you that love. The love ones that you love may not show you that love in return. The more that you understand and accept this, the less pain, suffering, sadness, bewilderment, anger, disillusionment, disappointment, frustration and unpleasant emotions that you will experience. The unfortunate fact is that some people simply cannot love, and some people don't want to love, and some people will not love. These people are "broken" lovers. Some people's "lover" is broken and the only one who can fix that is themselves. You cannot repair a broken lover with tools of love. You cannot mend a broken lover by stitching them together with more love, or stronger love or by loving them longer. You cannot rebuild a broken lover by taking the failing, cracked or worn-out parts and putting them together again. You cannot make a lover that is damaged beyond repair -- or that never worked properly in the firs ...
The next few weeks I am focusing on 2 things - 1) painting the house, and 2) finishing my next book Little Red Gem. My toast this holiday season will be "Here's to finishing unfinished business!"
any good movies to watch? i just seen Sione's wedding 2 on youtube lmao- real funny a must watch - jb
Judith E. Patterson said the death was “a horrible, tragic accident.”
Hey Team! I just wanted to say how proud I am! Our team just began a few short months ago, and its easy to see how much everyone has progressed in such a short time! 2012 was a great start, really looking forward to 2013 Cya all on the mat.unless the end of the world occurs in a few hours of course :)
Twas the night before State Football Championship, and all through the town, not a creature was stirring cuz everyone was headed out of town. To Dallas they are going to visit Jerry's place, To cheer and shout and pray for the Yoemen to take care of unfinished business! GO YOE ALL THE WAY!
If your a Hardy fan the rumours that are going around are saying the contract negotiations between Jeff Hardy and TNA will determine if he keeps the belt at Final Resolution.
Ask Janice A NEW KIND OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION This New Year I would like to suggest a different kind of resolution. Instead of thinking of ways in which you can improve yourself, I suggest make a resolution that each day you do a random act of kindness and work towards improving someone else’s life. Our New Year’s resolutions are often born from thoughts and feelings about ourselves; things we don’t like and want to change. I have noticed in my own life that when I am feeling bad it is easier for me to act in ways that are not so good for me, like eating the wrong things or drinking or other ways that actually can make me feel worse. I also have noticed that when I do something good for someone else especially during those hard times I feel better. As a massage therapist and fitness/health trainer for almost 3 decades there has been many times I have not felt like working because I was sad or mad about something in my own life but being work and having that responsibility I had to continue and to ...
So as we approach the end of 2012, what's been your tune of the year?
Go All The Way: If you must begin,then go all the way, because if you begin and quit, the unfinished business will haunt you for all time.
From today's first reading (Isaiah 7:10-12): The LORD spoke to Ahaz: Ask for a sign from the LORD, your God; let it be deep as the nether world, or high as the sky! For what shall we pray for today?
We are happy to be *** *** hosting this holiday edition of Health Wonk Review. Before we advance to this week's best of the best of the health policy blogosphere, we have a few administrative notes. The first is an urgent news alert we received yesterday concerning the big guy: Risk Managers Find Sant...
Do you believe in second chances? I do, because I am currently receiving many. I left Boulder 11 years ago. When I left, I left so much unfinished. I closed my business which was right in the throws of growth, I left many friends on the verge of marriage, children, and professional greatness, I left knowing my marriage was pretty much over, but I left because, as integrity dictates ' "It was the right thing to do, not necessarily for me, but for my beautiful daughter who needed to have both her Mom and Dad in her life. I returned a year ago, and much to my surprise, my life in Boulder was still here, waiting for me with open arms, to return. I have since rekindled friendships that were on hold, found a man who is teaching me that love is not something that just happhens, but a process of depth and growth, and the opportunity to pick up in business where I left off. I keep pinching myself when I wake up in the morning. How can this be? How can I be so fortunate in life? How is it that so many blessin ...
unfinished business is on my mind as we approach the Winter Solstice and the 'End of Time' on Friday...I don't know about you..but I have a few people who I feel as though I need 'closure' with...some living...some who have left for another reality...and their presence has been on my mind a lot lately. In my dreams and in my waking hours. Things I need to say...for both of us. Always in Love. From the Heart. What feels like anger and hurt is always a wound to our heart center...release it now and feel the freedom of the other side...It's Time.
NR: Unfinished Business: Black Women, the Black Church, & the Struggle to Thrive in America by Keri Day
In a sport like fighting, however, where a career can end in a split-second, one shouldn't fault an athlete for accepting the fight that will pay him the most.
“Offer it up personally,then. Right now. I thought of how many people go to their graves unforgiven and unforgiving. I thought of how many people have had siblings or friends or children or lovers disappear from their lives before precious words of clemency or absolution could be passed along. How do the survivors of terminated relationships ever endure the pain of unfinished business? From that place of meditation, I found the answer-you can finish the business yourself, from within yourself. It's not only possible, it's essential.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love
Excerpt from a local Newspaper: OMINOUS UNKNOWN KILLER IS STILL AT LARGE. After weeks of unexplained murders, the ominous unknown killer is still on the rise. After little evidence has been found, a young boy states that he survived one of the killer's attacks and bravely tells his story. "I had a bad dream and I woke up in the middle of the night," says the boy, "I saw that for some reason the window was open, even though I remember it being closed before I went to bed. I got up and shut it once more. Afterwards, I simply crawled under my covers and tried to get back to sleep. That's when I had a strange feeling, like someone was watching me. I looked up, and nearly jumped out of my bed. There, in the little ray of light, illuminating from between my curtains, were a pair of two eyes. These weren't regular eyes; they were dark, ominous eyes. They were bordered in black and... just plain out terrified me. That's when I saw his mouth. A long, horrendous smile that made every hair on my body stand up. The f ...
HOW DID OUR U.S. SENATORS VOTE (WEEK of December 17)? TAG EXTENSION - MOTION TO WAIVE Vote Rejected (50-42, 8 Not Voting) The Senate began and stopped the process of considering legislation to extend the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) program. The program, initiated in 2008 as a way of shoring up the banking system, provides unlimited government backing for non-interest bearing transaction accounts, such as those used for business expenses. (The normal threshold for government guarantees on such accounts is $250,000.) The bill foundered on a budgetary point of order raised by Pat Toomey (R-Penn.). Like so much unfinished business, an extension may well get lost in the year-end rush to avert the fiscal cliff. Even if a bill does get through the Senate, however, House Republicans have signaled they would prefer to let TAG expire, which it is scheduled to do on December 31. Sen. Mark Pryor voted YES.Sen. John Boozman voted NO
Carl Frampton V Kiko Martinez, an Unfinished Business fight at Odyssey Arena Belfast on Sat 9 Feb 2013, onsale from
From Skysports News: Frampton handed Martinez test Carl Frampton will clash with European champion Kiko Martinez in Belfast on February 9, live on Sky Sports. The Northern Irishman, who has twice seen fights with the Spaniard called off previously, will put his IBF inter-continental strap on the line in a bill labelled 'Unfinished Business'. And after beating late stand-in Steve Molitor in September, Frampton says the extra time will help in his efforts to beat the 26-year-old Martinez, who has a new promoter in namesake Sergio, the WBC middleweight champion. "He's pulled out on me twice so I have a score to settle with him there," said Frampton. "It's a great fight for the fans and one that I have craved for a long time. "I had too much for Steve Molitor and he was a step-up, so I am confident I can beat Kiko and do so in style. "Martinez pulling out in September was a blessing in disguise really as I have been able to mature and learn even more and on February in front of another packed crowd at home, I ...
Beginning January 5th on pay-per-view, will begin airing “TNA Unfinished Business: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode” as a one-hour special.
Roode vs Aries Featured In January Special: The January version of Unfinished Business will focus on the Austin ...
Excerpts from Richard Alston's Unfinished Business, set to Mozart K533 and Federico Busoni Giga Bolero e Variazione Interna...
Performs 'Tore Down' from her album 'Unfinished Business.'...
Stealing taxpayers money for personal gain Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell on 'most corrupt' list Group accuses the Republican leader of pushing unethical earmarks By Bill Straub Monday, October 18, 2010 WASHINGTON — A good-government group has cited Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, as one of the 26 most corrupt members of Congress, chiding the veteran lawmaker for directing federal funds toward political friends. The report, "The Most Corrupt Members of Congress: Unfinished Business," was done by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government (CREW), a nonprofit organized, it says, to promote ethics and accountability in government. The group said McConnell merits criticism for earmarks inserted into legislation for clients of his former chief of staff, Hunter Bates, in exchange for campaign contributions and for the misuse of his own nonprofit organization, the McConnell Center for Political Leadership at the University of Louisville. "If as it appears, Sen. McConnell acce ...
The Constantine village Council will meet in regular session Monday evening (November 19th). There are two items of Unfinished Business: • Leaf Pick-Up • Christmas in Constantine. Two items of New Business are also on the agenda: • Meek's Mill Dinner • Village Office Schedule. The meeting will get underway at 7 p.m. at the Constantine Village Hall.
Sorry for not posting this earlier here is todays signer. Nicholas Gilman (brother of John Taylor Gilman and granduncle of Charles Jervis Gilman), a Delegate, a Representative, and a Senator from New Hampshire; born in Exeter, Rockingham County, N.H., August 3, 1755; pursued an academic course; employed as a clerk in his father’s countinghouse; served in the continental army during the Revolutionary War; Member of the Continental Congress 1787-1789; member of the Constitutional Convention 1787-1789; elected to the First and to the three succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1789-March 3, 1797); declined to be a candidate for renomination in 1796; chairman, Committee on Revisal and Unfinished Business (Fourth Congress); elected in 1805 as a Democratic Republican to the United States Senate; reelected in 1811 and served from March 4, 1805, until his death in Philadelphia, Pa., May 2, 1814; interment in Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, N.H.
Featuring "Art Attack's" Neil Buchanan. Filmed on 1/10/2010 at the Garage/G2 in Glasgow. Part of the ''Unfinished Business" tour. Filmed by www.colinwoodmedi...
Matt Barkley is going to go home, listen to 'It's Raining Men' and cry himself to sleep while mumbling: Unfinished Business
will air “Unfinished Business: Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy” as a one-hour pay-per-view special beginning December 1st.
The "Unfinished Business" that Matt Barkley was referring to must have been dreadful defense, incredibly poor clock management, and the worst play calling in the history of sports.
Pop Warner Update; We are in the final 4! We beat a tough & undefeated Boone Grove team 18-0, Anthony scooped up a fumble and ran it back for his 1st TD and gave us a 6-0 lead or else it might've been 0-0 at half time! We wore them down in the 2nd half and pulled away. We play Valpo Sunday at Chesterton High School. Valpo beat us in a game we should have won to put us out of the playoffs last year! We have the revenge factor and our boys will be ready.I hope Valpo is ready or it will get ugly! Operation "Unfinished Business" going strong.
I think you'll always feel like unfinished business...
Oh yes. We have unfinished business. One day.
Normally, I'd be going to sleep right now..but there's dinner leftovers in the kitchen, so I have unfinished business :D
We got unfinished business if you know what I mean
Got some unfinished business tht needs 2 be handled
You and I will always be unfinished business."
lol then after that *** whoopin me and Logann gon handle our unfinished business with you and ya smart *** mouth
They say when someone dies with unfinished business they turn into ghosts... What if love dies with unfinished business???
I would leave unfinished business here, but I would have no regrets(yolo)
Okay what should babyy auntie wear bc ii got two unfinished business tu handle???:-)
Aight y'all unfinished business come on
Why we have unfinished business lol
This is a touching moment with Honey & Mori making up & the rose petals again & all, but THERE IS STILL UNFINISHED BUSINESS BETWEEN (c)
How about I take out the trash later. I've got some unfinished business I need to attend to with your friend.
Two unfinished business which one wants tu go first lol
I have to much unfinished business in my life that I need to tend to.
Ughhh yall look what Dearco did to my chin.When yall see em...Tell em we got unfinished business lol
that phone call with was all I wished for it NOT to be definitely some UNFINISHED BUSINESS to be taken care of...
What people started should finish and avoid hang-over,so unfinished business are tormentingfinish wat you started Owkmorning people.
You and I have unfinished business... Now is just not the right time, but One Day..
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
These big moves that these big teams did we don't care . We got unfinished business
You & I will always be unfinished business!!!
Night folk! The sheets and I have some unfinished business ✌💤
I absolutely HAVE TO see tomorrow . We have some unfinished business .
We have unfinished business alright
I believe we have unfinished business like this fight you called meh out on but yet when it comes down you No were tu he found???up
Me & oomf got some UNFINISHED BUSINESS ;)
There is unfinished business that must be taken care of. Immediately.
We will always be unfinished business.
Smh. That's why it was unfinished business
So we facing bloem Celtics, unfinished business.
Prototypes for Dr. Byrne's ghost hunting lab in UNFINISHED BUSINESS
Good win tonight but like Steffes said forget about it tomorrow because we have some unfinished business to take care of on saturday
You & I will forever be unfinished business .
Practice like you have never won, but play like you have never lost. Spartan Warrior "Ready" unfinished business
I think he's in doggy purgatory because of the name change thing. He has unfinished business.
Blame the bed! Confusion probably trails back to some unfinished business the previous night. :D
The past is in full effect.the unfinished business past. :)
You and I will always be unfinished business .
You & I will always be unfinished business .
You and I will always have unfinished business
Got some unfinished business to take care of there.
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