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Unexpected Song

Unexpected Song is a 1984 song from the musical Song & Dance originally sung (on Broadway) by Bernadette Peters.

Bernadette Peters Andrew Lloyd Webber

It was actually really good, just the ending was a little unexpected but it made the music video good…
Today has pushed me down an unexpected, but totally overdue Tom Petty musical rabbit hole. Man, he could write the *** out of a love song.
If I can do one song, I could do an album. I think this is going to be a very fun, very unexpected adventure!
The last song had to be the most unexpected thing ever 😂
Sounds fitting. . Let me play that Radioactive song with unexpected Matt Duchene closeups once again for better feels.
Tom Petty died and it is the most unexpected thing. "Free Fallin'" was my favorite song in 8th grade.
This song can only be described as "unexpected harmonica solo"
REVIEW: Check out Joey Lyon's EP Deep Talk, each song is going to take you some pace amazing and unexpected.
Not yet. Working on it. Recorded a new, unexpected song this weekend, and I think it will also be on the album.
I also waiting to see what perf team mv is😀I don't know what to expect from them eh, like hip hop de song was so unexpected
Did just get to be a part of an upcoming music vid for & get an unexpected hug from 😁 Love the new song guys 🤘🏻💃🏻
Picking up songs randomly throws up some unexpected gems 'Roshomon' from Solo
Creep will also tell you, we added a BUNCH of special effects to the song.including a…
I just found my new theme song. Wow... that was unexpected... o-o
nobody was ready but After 13 days Bh upload video while sing a moon song CY fav song that he used to listen and it…
I added a video to a playlist Song of the Lonely Mountain - The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (2012)
It's fun to hear your songs in unexpected places. Heard Pop Song 89 at the grocery store. This kind of thing happen to you?
Got this unexpected heartache when I heard the whole song why...
but can u smile... that was unexpected. Of all their ballads, why that song 😭😭. omg even seeing the list alr saddens me...
Okay so.. *** the song killed wow unexpected beat with super catchy hook plus loving the overall styling right there!!
Unexpected Joo is the luckiest queen. She is another Song Jihyo.. lmao.
Love is like a lost object if u search u wont find it but if u just forget momentarily it will show up in the unexpected wa…
Sexy Dirty Love:. This was really unexpected😅 Lyrics is everything😀 Her vocal sound sooo good. Nevertheless, this isn't my fave song. 7/10
A cute CMC episode with an unexpected song :D . Also a lesson i have been waiting for blank flanks. 8/10
The hotel that I was at played a song by one of my favorite bands which happens to be very unknown. It was unexpected but I was v pleased.
| One of many things that make weddings special is when you play that one unexpected song that...
Wrote this months ago. Fun to sing and play, like the bluesy vibe and had a great reaction to it! Hope you enjoy!-
New post (This Bollywood/Hollywood Song Mashup Is So Unexpected, It&Perfect...) has been published on Wa ...…
Unexpected bonus from Nick Cave concert tonight, with Bobby Gillespie in audience joining in last song.
Quite the unexpected surprise. I grinned like an *** the entire song.
and Making a song together was very unexpected (Loved it , btw)
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No it stands for An Unexpected Smile. Which is a reference to a song.
TOTAL OF 8 SONGS WILL BE RECORDED😱. jimin said that there will be one unexpected song surprise. is this a compensation for thu…
This particular character getting their own song is one of the most unexpected things in the show to me so far
Moon goes left when others go right-for use unexpected maneuver-Life’s that song we sing in our head
Unexpected highlight of today's scholarship: a song with "the obviously absurd and possibly obscene title...'Cucumbers come to mind'"
Joon's choice for his song list really unexpected
In Christ Alone. The song got written in an unexpected way. Keith and Kristyn Getty and I (Stuart Townend) were...
I hope with this unexpected visiting, YG is no longer bitter with Minzy & let Teddy produce a song for her 🤣
Hehe..unexpected kind of song..though its gud one...ya ..rameez ka scene..hehe 😁
Unexpected but the song is stronger associated with this video! Good job! You will always surprise us! Love you Booboo 😍😎😙
The unexpected jolt of hearing your name in a beautiful song you've not heard before
All artist submit 2 songs to enter the | Flight to Atlanta, 7 Song EP Fully Produced, 4K Music…
I'm living a real life rom com rn except the unexpected male lead is the Care Bears Countdown theme song
I love when I'm listening to a Google Play radio station and an unexpected Rob Zombie song comes on.
Only Forever - 9.5/10. this song was unexpected! The intro is GOOD af and Demi's voice sound AMAZING, the melody is SOO GOOD !!YES GIRLL!!
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Could we get to be in a revival of Song & Dance? Her “Tell Me On a Sunday” and “Unexpected Song” would KILL ME.
Love the song, just totally unexpected. You got me beat with yours though
Sis. THIS song in particular was VERY unexpected from our British kween. I was like, ok go AWF
Wonder if Jack White gets PRS on the old Jeremy Corbyn song, that would be an unexpected bonus.
Unexpected double dose of a great song.
You hear your song, you hear a joke they told you once before, you smell their smell somewhere unexpected.. just like that you miss them
Is there anything worse than an unexpected edited song?
I like how they acknowledge that the song's melodies are "unexpected for a kpop girl group"! can't wai…
I love covers but think you should cover something from a different genre of music... something une…
the 45 vinyl of Unexpected Song by Hayward & Webb is on ebay all the time and right now in UK for a few $/euros
adventure time (marceline) // "fry song". a CLASSIC. that beat drop by Finn = legendary. vocals 🔥. some unexpected depth whe…
hey, what's the most surprising and unexpected song that you like to sing? Love from Portugal :)
Honestly there has been no song playing on the carpenters' radio that was unexpected for a typing middle-aged male work playlist
Chris Hardwick breaking out into song--Ace of Base's "The Sign"--was pleasantly unexpected for an episode of @ midnight.
Sponsor unexpected song at Instagram. TOP 10 ideas:
You guys remember that song about peaches from the 90's? Peaches for you peaches for me.
Unexpected jam of the album: Galway Girl??? Like where did that come from?? I'm obsessed with this song?
going to get the trophy this year with an unexpected really gifted singer! Hint: make a Cher song Country? Wow!
oh hey do you want to hear the most unexpected song I love from an FF game?
No, but I'll keep you posted! 😉 I'm feeling maybe a soft beautiful song, unexpected ... I could just be wishing! 🙂
Journal an unexpected love song Books book
Reasons why you travel without a plan: Spend an unexpected night in Galway and live out an song
unexpected benefit of my Emotional Couch to 5k playlist: I can tell how bad my headspace is based on which song I feel the need to start at
LOVING the new Alt-J song, which features of Wolf Alice! Unexpected surprise, here's my review! :)…
Pony Meets Full Metal Alchemist - Chemistry [SFM]: Whenever I see a Foozogz song come in, I expect the unexpected.
The song. really expect the unexpected frm jwy. i can totally see why khun & jyp said the mv too strong 😂
Need a song to play for our class journal entry on Thursday. I need something unexpected- anyone have any ideas?
Raury's song in Logan was unexpected yet welcoming 😌.
A beautiful song. It's use in the plane crash scene and its aftermath was unexpected but very effective. . .
Unexpected find at the end of an episode of gotham (s01e20) was this belter of a song 🖒
Heard first XTC song in years. Still something unexpected there.
One of the unexpected collaboration in opm that shookt me yet still did a great song is Yeng Constantino and Sarah Gero…
Do you ever listen to a song for the first time, and get hit with an unexpected wave of nostalgia/major chills for some reason??
what a song song. You nailed it YD. Unexpected performance. You rock like a no Love with d moves u gt. Ek pa du pa
Can't get over how great this EP is. This song was so unexpected
IKON will release a new song at the end of July. They always give us an unexpected surprise 😙💕
I was hardcore expecting some dumb Lil Dicky song about drugs then took an unexpected Feel Trip. Was not ready for it.
3. The unexpected release of Drag Me Down - fastest song to reach on iTunes without any promo. Introduced ot4.
Always love hearing those unexpected songs in shops :) Ah yeah the I know this song & then the oooh I like this song :)
I just can't get over your wonderful cover of "Como una flor". You made me cackle hard! Why do you know that song? So unexpected
he will sing. But then the most unexpected happened. Nitin started singing "Bombay Goa .. Bom Bombay Goa", the famous song from "Bombay To
this was unexpected... Love the song tho 💚. . 5️⃣🆘
please do! also, I wrote a metal song, want to contribute with unexpected happy lyrics/vocals?
I mean, Driven to Tears is one thing, but Red Rain? That's unexpected and perfect. Haven't heard that song in years but I love it.
OUR SONG--Unexpected friends, unexpected surprises, unexpected love.
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Loving the song, the make-up and the unexpected, yet musical 'shrieks' in the background.
Surprised when I come up to a Christian song. That's unexpected!
A welcome interview, but bittersweet in many ways. Upside, a new song and vid. Unexpected and all the more enjoyable for it.
What? an Avicii song that's awful? no, what a totally unexpected surprise that was to hear
segment: when you stumble upon an unexpected song that sends a crying newborn to sleep @ 0300 Excitable boy-Warren Zevon
Unexpected but so familiar, like your old favorite song
If you can handle me breaking out into song at a very unexpected time, we'll be best friends.
the song beat was unexpected but I love 🌞
The RNC closing with a song about casual sex was unexpected.
Something funny about watching the GOP trying to dance & get funky. It's always the unexpected ones who actually know the rock song lyrics
Beautiful and unexpected song at tonight 💜💜💜
It's their worst song, don't lie to urselves. . Even the unexpected change of tune is done messily...
That unexpected moment when Walgreens PA plays opening theme. The full song, not the TV version.
An unexpected vintage song on the radio can really brighten up your day. Really.
Just found out Dreller has another cool song besides "Control" very unexpected stuff & great music
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My 8 year old self was sobbing throughout this entire song whenever I watched this episode https…
It changed my life completely 😭. It was so unexpected I wasnt ready for it to come so fast in the song
for I Miss You, the most low key and most unexpected song ever, you cheeky minx;) x
Listen to Unexpected by MPRES on this song tells a story
What a unexpected day!!! . and voices in my dreams. anime song in my alarm clock. in my peripheral vision
5. Unexpected, bout a kid growing up without dad and living life bad, turning it around at the end, song begins and ends with "unexpected"
Happy birthday ALDubs. Thank you for every Unexpected Song.
My favorite Idol this season is because of his unexpected song choices lol! :)
That was really unexpected when Jeb's parents, brother & talking dog came out and sang The Family Guy theme song.
"This is why it's called The Last Song. It's the last song he writes before he dies! How unexpected!" Shannon
When you have a track like this.. . A for every of this song!
Listening to a good old song can bring me unexpected memories and thoughts that literally kills me inside 🎵💭
That was unexpected although it's an amazing song
So James Millipede and Machete were talking about a song he was singing and got a most unexpected answer.
This song reminds me my 18 years old and now some wrong and unexpected 'people'.
If it's for ARR, it's for Yuvan. Pakka song, unexpected twists, trademark stuff.
Well this is unexpected. EDM producer links up with & .
What a sad and unexpected end :'( but the ending song is still as great as usual :)
~the song means a lot to me. And literally as I write this, a David Bowie documentary comes on TV, unexpected to me.
12. Just the fact that she sung 'Another Sad Love Song' was unexpected
I want her to pull something unexpected but in a positive way. Getting 3 rappers on one song was too much lol.
Charice wins "Best Pop Song" for Unexpected Love in Out Music Awards in the US. The international singing...
Out Music Awards gave Charice Pempengco an award for her song Unexpected Love as the Best Pop Song.
The NIV/NASB capture the emotional undercurrent, but they fail to capture its intensity
Few things bring me joy more than an unexpected Daddy Yankee verse in a song
Work Song - New friends = new music. Blessed with this moment. Unexpected meetings…
The most unexpected song I've ever heard at a funeral, certainly caused some bewildered laughter through the tears
I swear Drake pops up at any song unexpected.
Looking for more than just the same old song and dance, Take your special event to the next level:
ok but Castaways live will b lit that song was underrated this was unexpected
It may be a song or it may be a mix we make. Always listen tru the whole thing. Especially if its a mix, we always giving the unexpected!
I thought you were talking about the Taylor Swift song called "hey Steven" and then it took an unexpected turn 😂
theme song is incredible and the Cam comments were so unexpected it had me cracking up. It was awesome 👍👍
And I obvs can't wait for Rejjie song with Clean Bandit, unexpected but I'm super curious/excited about it
George tries to write his sister a birthday song but it's too noisy everywhere. A frog surprises him with some unexpected help
Listening to today's ep of ! I like the unexpected nod to 's theme song 😁
First thoughts on new song: epic and unexpected, as always
JonesysJukebox *** !! Prince on KLOS. That's why this jukebox rocks!! Unexpected song…
A song is so much better when you hear it unexpected on the radio compared to choosing to put it on
lmao this is unexpected aoa cream's song is GOOD
That unexpected Katy Perry song that I used to have on repeat back in elementary school 😂
sometimes a certain song will play n the next thing I know I'm having this unexpected n uncontrolled dance party n my room alone.
itd be SICK if the new video was a new song that would be completely unexpected
The unexpected placement of this week's theme song is in my top 5 reasons why I'm so annoyed no one is watching this show
"Aww you Yemen a our wonder irk song that was unexpected?". Please translate for me... lol!
Day Ten. An unexpected conversation with an old friend sparked todays song. . Left with memories oozing out of the...
Lunch in St John. Unexpected visitor... I hear a song "goat on the beach". Lol what do you think?
Finna drop a totally unexpected song on Valentine's Day lol
Soul Song: Reflections on an Unexpected Journey by the Priests By: Father David Delargy Published: April, 2012
I mean that song is the best so I don't blame them for putting it on the playlist but that was so unexpected
twenty one pilots - "Stressed Out" (cover by Our Last Night) such a good cover to such a great song so unexpected!!!
Soul Song: Reflections on an Unexpected Journey the Wonderfully Talented Singers Known as the Priests Draw Upon
No.10 was my fave of the unexpected song choices..then the acoustic version of serpents..and Space Junk is classic
"you see I've been selected to create the unexpected" never has a song spoken so much truth to me 💜🎭✒
woow it must be a catchy song with lot of unexpected melody & arrangement! :D
An unexpected twist on the crossroad. If these chapters were a song, it's on replay. 😂😂😂
That video of "Low Shoulder" was interestingly creepy to me. Such an unexpected twist for the style of the song.
Queen Bey's performance of her new unexpected song "Formation" at the 50th Super Bowl: Watch her performance here:
Congratulations to for winning Best Pop Song with "Unexpected Love".
Sometimes you're just chopping squash when a line from a song makes you break into unexpected sobs
When out of nowhere that unexpected song explains exactly where I am. "Wide Awake"
on her unexpected followup to the charming The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
The chorus of this song is the best thing and totally unexpected. The Chainsmokers - Waterbed (Audio) ft. Waterbed
Charlie's unexpected feature on this song has me grinning from ear to ear
Waiting for the unexpected song from bryson and Drake
The award for the most brilliantly unexpected use of a Cure song in a superhero movie goes to
We LOVE this idea- the theme song is 1 of "25 Unexpected Reception Entrance Songs"
Unexpected strength comes from digging deep at the end of long day to think up a silly song about toothpaste to make your crying son laugh.
Went to my brothers concert last night. It was actually pretty sick, except for the unexpected Mosh pit on one song where I was in it riP
Rachel Joyce: my unexpected followup to The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
I can't sleep. sing unexpected song. It sounds so beautiful 😘
I loved this scene. For me it was so unexpected and awesome in theatres!! The song is my groove jam for running.
can you even make a bad song if you tried? Its a serious question, cause High Tide was...unexpected, yet passed my expectations
Ive been obsessed with this song for like the past month. Its so vibey and has so many unexpected elements, I love it
It's unexpected that our love went dead faster than the flowers we left
plot twist: the unexpected meme-turned song will win. Sandstorm holding up better than most 1999 hits ~
Ever find 20 bucks in your pocket? found this simple and unexpected feeling in a Prince song.
Perfume at the Table - Unexpected Erotica from Song of Songs 1:12
Having said that,the cover song for this tour is sick,and unexpected, unless you are very familiar with my zine, then you mi…
Varley was very unique and entertaining. That song about an unexpected item was really funny. Good on The Proclaimers to promote.
Bobsons verse on you know got to me mehn! His verses on move on made me wanna cry! 😄😄 and the unexpected voice on that song tho! Lol
Unexpected song of the day: Lost Stars by Adam Levine. "But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?"
Do you ever not like a song but it's always on the radio so at unexpected times you find yourself singing it… it's so annoying
A good unexpected saxophone in a song is great
This might be the most upbeat song that has ever played. Well done mates! Unexpected & delightful http:…
Unexpected perk of doing song requests during streams: Finding awesome artists I probably wouldn't have on my own
Well that was unexpected as number one...but a beautiful song by The Police ♥
It's so exciting when u have pandora on & a song u love, but haven't heard in a while, makes an unexpected appearance
When you feeling good and that one unexpected Drake song gets you in your feels.
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Brooke Abbey is great. Wonderful stage presence and unique, unexpected song topics.
When they play a jhene aiko song at your job 😩👌🏼 that was unexpected
"I have never felt like this. For once I'm lost for words. Your smile has really thrown me". -Unexpected Song (Song & Dance)
An unexpected text message, hearing your favourite song, a hug from an old friend, a smile from a stranger: little things that make your day
I wasn't expecting Cool For the Summer to sound like that. It's a good unexpected song though 👍🏼 plus have you seen how hot Demi is?
an unexpected fault before Ben Howard's best song. Did you see how upset he was? 😡
I choose that song cause I used to stay over my nans every Friday nite I remember two things tales of the unexpected and faith
"his words give us a world full of wisdom, danger, grief, love, and the unexpected.". Amelia's Song.
I know we're a mess! But highkey WHAT IF ITS A NEW SONG?! Like with someone unexpected
Just heard "Fix You" on the radio for the first time in ages 😄 so unexpected and really added extra meaning to the song 💔
It was unexpected...the video doesn't go with the song.
the song is on iTunes and sound cloud it's called Hmmm unexpected
any unexpected moments of synchronicity? Perfect song for the moment?
Great song for anyone whose world has just been turned upside down by unexpected trouble.
I love this song ... It was unexpected . A cool surprise
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Just finished recording my Economics GDP "rap" song. Expect the unexpected 😎
It's a good day when your favorite song comes on unexpected
I was crying during Thinking Of You. That was unexpected bc the other nights she didn't sing it but she did & that song means so much to me!
I'm attempting to find a potential theme song for your day. Something unexpected.
the reation was similiar to mine. the song was just unexpected & mindblowing. Oh My Girl - Cupid | MV Reaction via
Just one minute ago your song "I like that" was on german tv 😍 It was so unexpected and I may freaked out a little!
I literally can't stop listening to An Unexpected Song it sounds like the happy love song before circumstances lead to Think Of Me..
Nothing brightens your morning quite like an unexpected, BEAUTIFUL song release by &
Adam Lambert's new song was so unexpected. Great mix of sad melody to a spot o'house.
Nana Mouskouri delivered an exceptional show, including an unexpected inclusion of an Amy Winehouse song
i almost had a heart attack when i heard the girls voice whining during the song. It was so unexpected wth
I reaaallly dislike that unexpected pregnancy commercial on pandora.. Like it instantly kills my vibe after a good song 😂😂
O know it was unexpected and stuff but dont any of you info guys have internet omg Why shout to people "Hey does anybody have this song" HAH
Only in Jane the Virgin will you see a Spanish song karaoke-style interrupted by a unexpected slap
Most unexpected collaboration is justin bieber and skrillex but can't lie their song is pretty good lol   10% Off
Lmfao no they still letting her sing this song? What is thisss 💀
I have loved the song Take Your Time since I first heard it! Just watched the video, completely unexpected! Great message!
I mean this year they had Song One, Unexpected and James White. All of which I adore.
Wait I just listened to the new patd song and I actually really like it this is unexpected
opps I did it again: that harmony/ gospel feeling is unexpected and the clean climax of this song was greaq
that unexpected song is directed at De-Sharif his former Prince.What he's saying to U now is a BIG LIAR.
OMG this was sooo unexpected I love your song♥I am really happy for you..Guys please go buy it on itunes;)
Im so proud of , he came out with a song 'She Bad' which was unexpected and hes an amazing person ilhsm 💕
Why I have a guitar in my office? playing one sad song helps me coping with unexpected worries and sorrows
Cams song is so unexpected it came out of no where I still don't know how to feel
Accidentally queued a Hollywood undead song into the middle of a funk playlist. That was strange and unexpected
Never thought Cameron was going to make a song. It was so unexpected
But Cameron's song was so unexpected, I liked how he didn't tell us.
Thank you so much for following me it was legit so unexpected having cams song and your follow made my night
. Go buy new song and 5star rate it now!!. Very unexpected but very dopee 👌🙏
: Check out the expect the unexpected 's new song GO BUY IT 😆
Unexpected Song by Bernadette Peters - you need to see this!
Bernadette's accent in Unexpected Song. sos I've fallen and I can't get up my god it's beautiful
I favorited a video Unexpected Song - Moyenda
I think my new role as the girl who makes totally unexpected song requests to huge dj's backstage while they're playing will fit me well.
Somewhere on ARTPOP there's an unexpected song like Bloody Mary, and I want it.
Guys, if you wanna know more about yesterday's Master Class I wrote a post about it! :D
School Teacher Edward Reid Sings an Unexpected Song that Stuns the Audience - Music Video
my grandad just heard me crying and singing Unexpected Song oh ffs
unexpected song choice, but well done. I'm impressed. :O
After a month without posting, here's a fresh new post about Annick Massis' concert last night!
I had the sound up too loud and didn't realize until Bernadette Peters hit the end of Unexpected Song and the speakers couldn't handle her!
Unexpected song playing in a local convenience store: The Warning by Hot Chip. "Hot Chip will break your legs, snap off your head..."
It confuses me how Justin managed to give us a completely unexpected song and failed to give us heartbreaker-a song we already knew about
The wonderful Unexpected Song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's show Song and Dance. The beautiful lyrics: I have never felt like this For once i'm lost for words Y...
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I favorited a video Unexpected Song by Bernadette Peters
I liked a video Unexpected Song by Bernadette Peters
Unexpected Song by Bernadette Peters: via passion and real honesty as an actress I have always admired x
I feel SO BAD for people who don't like musical theatre. // Bernadette Peters - Unexpected Song
Unexpected Song sung by Bernadette Peters Skip to 0:52 for the song
Tonight I've immersed myself in playing keyboard and guitar, India Arie, James Taylor, Alannis Morissette, Hank Williams Jr., Taylor Swift, Natalie Merchant, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Buffett, Patti Rothberg, Dixie Chicks, ( A rendition of Dixie for Eddie),Paramore, and "the Unexpected Song" from Song and Dance because it seemed weird for me not singing a show tune! After a tumultuous two years I feel like I'm getting my creative side back!
Always found it ridiculous that Andrew Lloyd Webber named a song "Unexpected Song" despite the fact that it repeats the same verse 3 times...
Starting my day with Bernadette Peters singing Unexpected Song . Good morning tweeps! :)
Sunday, January 6, 2013 Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord We saw his star. (Mt 2:2) We are seekers. We are on a journey in search of our God. Sometimes we see him. We see him in creation. We see him in a baby's smile, a sunset, and the kindness of strangers. The Eucharist. We hear him in a bible verse, a homily, and a song. But we are not able to grasp God. We cannot make Him little like us. We cannot make complete sense of Him. We can only search. Sometimes we think we find our God. We see a light shining in our lives. And like the three magi, we find ourselves on a new path. We live our lives a little differently. And we go home another way. We are seekers. Lord, may we never stop searching for you. May we find you in all of the ups and downs of our daily lives. Help us to be open to your presence in many unexpected ways. And at the end of our earthly life, may we live with you for all eternity. And may we see you face to face. Amen.
It was a great birthday! Had an unexpected ice cream cake from dq complete with song and Zachary Kleinschmidt was there too. Went out with old friends and we got kicked out of the bar at the last minute! Just like old times! Thank you to everyone who gave wishes I truly am blessed to have so many friends and family.
What's a good but unexpected karaoke song? Asking for a friend.
How do I know The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was good? My girlfriend keeps singing the dwarven song about the Lonely Mountain.
I swear family is the first to do you wrong. Treat you like nothing for their own selfish ways. I'm so sick of trying to please others when it does no good. Those same people claim to love you, but are quick to turn their back at your lowest point in your life. Trust no one, but God is what I've learned & expect the unexpected.
I am having a tequila kind of night. How is everyone else out there?
Khazar history shows they have no ancestry to Jews. Some are convinced that Khazarians are all Jewish. Some hold that Gog and Magog are the Khazars.
So today didn't start out the best...but so many little ways God touched me today. words of encouragement, an unexpected hug by one of my prayer warriors, lessons in parenting from the Odd Life of Timothy Green, laughing at the spontaneity of my son, and then God spoke to me through a song like He's done so often.yes.I am one lucky girl. I finish the day with clear assurance that God knows what He's doing. The best is yet to come. Amen.
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I am so very thankful for all of your prayers and kindnesses for my husband. We learned yesterday that his latest CT scan showed that some of his tumors decreased in size. Hallelujah !!! This was unexpected and we are thrilled. He will have his 3rd chem on Monday, Jan 7. After 2 more chemos they will do another CT scan. The prayers, positive thoughts, and many kindnesses have truly kept him (and me) uplifted. We will never be able to completely say thank you enough. Please keep him in your prayers. God is with us always.
The first five people to comment on this status will receive a surprise gift from me sometime within the next calendar year -- perhaps a book, baked goods, song download, or some other unexpected treat to make your day a bit more fun. It'll happen whenever the mood strikes me. :) The catch?? Those same five people must make the same offer in their FB status. Go. I also request that they live in the continental USA. :)
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Whaat &The Last Song is next?! Having an unexpected movie night lol
Working on a song that will be a surprise and unexpected.
2012 was definitely a year of testing for me. The whole year I never had money in my account and just when I though I had some, it was just enough for that unexpected bill. I had to stand on the promise that God knows the plan I have for you, to prosper you, but I did not know prosperity, but all my needs were meet. This year I have known pain and infirmity as it struck my house. My youngest suffered so much with major dental problems and then she got sick and lost weight to the point that she looked anorexic, and I hit my knees to pray, “by Your stripes she is healed. I myself aggravated a back injury to the point that I was in agonizing pain and I hit my knees. Then I thought about Paul, and how bad it must have hurt to have been stoned to death and bitten my a viper, yet God restored him both times and both times he went on about God’s business, yes there is courage in that. I have had to taste the bitter cup of betrayal this year and I prayed, “LORD, you search my heart, you know me, if I ...
Doin It Solo - Number 2   While it has been a while since the previous deck I finally found some time to play and put another interesting (hopefully) deck together.   The Hooded Rich Brothers   Firstly a warning: This is not a Boromir deck. This deck has so far been used to complete a number of quests but it is not an instantly powerful deck.   The original idea for the deck was combining Elladan and Elrohir with the Spare Hood and Cloak card. This would let the two brothers continually bounce the Spare Hood and Cloak card between each other. To do this the brothers needed a lot of money. The final thought for the deck was can I make an ultra-powerful deck with only Elladan / Elrohir with the addition of only 1 or 2 allies at most.   Heroes - Tactics/Leadership - Start threat = 20   Elrohir   Elladan   Allies (7)   Gandalf (core) x3   Arwen Undomiel x2 (it's their sister)   Erestor x2 (for Willpower) (or Trollshaw Scout x2 in low Questing quests)   Attachments (33)   Song of Travel x3   Spar ...
I do not own any rights to this song. Searching for inspiration can be found at the most unexpected places.
Watch Webb go off. Lets go Vikes... I want those Skins
I am so very, very tempted to rewrite my entire sermon at this late hour because I am convinced that the journey of the Magi and the journey of the Hobbit overlap in wonderful ways. Perhaps a blog post instead. Or I'll just bake cookies and forget about it.
New post talking the first live opera that moved me to tears, Werther
the fact that Cody loves the song Rehab 😳
So these last few hours in my 20's I have been thinking of the last 30 years of my life. I have so many people to thank for helping me become the best version of me possible. First of all my mom and sister Marita Roddy and Krissy Kendall- you guys have been my biggest supporters and my rock! You have stuck with me through the good times and bad. You have stood by me through good decisions and the bad ones. I love you more than anything else in the world. I don't know what I would do without you two, but I would definitely not be here. I would like to thank my awesome family and friends (too many to name) make my life worthwhile. I would like to thank my wonderful trainers Christa Vancini Doran, Karin Gauthier Christley, and Mike Doran...I am in the best shape I have ever been. You guys have taught me so much about health and happiness! I leave that gym everytime with a healthier and happier heart. And finally all my coworkers at HHS, BBB, and HRB...I love my jobs and I love working with you people. ...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
August is almost 2... and he is fighting nap time like crazy lately. By the time he is…
what yellow raincoat end up being THE most unexpected fast upbeat song lmfaooo
Who is your favorite underrated rapper that people never head of?
The Special Edition of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey contains the full score from the film with seven extended score cues, six exclusive bonus tracks, and deluxe liner notes packaged in a 2 CD hardcover digibook. The Soundtrack features original score...
"Yeah, "she was shaking" To coin a phrase by Eddie Money. Earthquake here, last night. 7.7.Everyone is safe and no big wave. It was intoxicating to me.. I am thankful for Tsunami drills, high hills and unexpected thrills!
I was at the corner grocery store buying some early potatoes... I noticed a small boy, delicate of bone and feature, ragged but clean, hungrily apprising a basket of freshly picked green peas. I paid for my potatoes but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas. I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes. Pondering the peas, I couldn't help overhearing the conversation between Mr. Miller (the store owner) and the ragged boy next to me. 'Hello Barry, how are you today?' 'H'lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus' admirin' them peas. They sure look good' 'They are good, Barry. How's your Ma?' 'Fine. Gittin' stronger alla' time.' 'Good. Anything I can help you with?' 'No, Sir. Jus' admirin' them peas.' 'Would you like to take some home?' asked Mr. Miller. 'No, Sir. Got nuthin' to pay for 'em with.' 'Well, what have you to trade me for some of those peas?' 'All I got's my prize marble here.' 'Is that right? Let me see it', said Miller. 'Here 'tis. She's a dandy.' 'I can see that. Hmm mmm, only thin ...
The skating rink people just played Tiger Rag. Unexpected skate music.
Well, at least there's gonna be a little light in the middle of my parents' divorce-thing; tomorrow, after the two housing demonstrations where I'm gonna go with my mom, I'm going to watch An Unexpected Journey for the THIRD time with my grandmother! :'D I've also noticed that the "Blunt The Knives"-song cheers me up very much x) ~Elfstone
It really scares me when I'm listening to the fray then a advertisement of a death metal song comes on. Very unexpected.
The Pisces Woman Spinning lazy circles around her latest conquest, acquisition, or interest, the Piscean woman is a mysterious, sensual mermaid, her secrets kept secure behind inscrutable dark eyes. She has a vivid mind, and is romantic and spiritual. Like the rivers and seas this sign swims in, Piscean women have deep emotions and strong undertows in their personalities, so watch out for still waters - they often hide a passionate, sensitive nature. Pisceans are often artists, expressing their inner passions through paint, dance or song. Their work is often whimsical and outlandish, but always enchanting. Some famous Piscean women include Anais Nin, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, and Coco Chanel. Pisces in Love Love in all its rose-tinted, glorious fantasy, is a Piscean's playground. Romance and dreams take flight in her vivid imagination, swirling with colors and scintillating like light off the waves of the ocean. However, most fish find they have no land legs, so when the honeymoon perio ...
Got this new song me n did on repeat. Unexpected but tht new new. Yaw gne fuk wit it thooo
Unexpected stuff I enjoyed mucking in with last year included this wonderful video - beautiful song
If brain cells were replaced, like skin or liver cells, scientists hypothesize we would lose our memories. i 52. In humans, the left side of the brain controls speech. In birds, the left side of the brain controls song. At least in this way, humans are “bird brained.” e 53. A human adult brain weighs about 3.5 pounds, slightly less than a large bag of flour. The sperm whale has the largest brainof all animals, weighing up to 20 pounds. An elephant’s brain weighs 11 pounds, while a mouse’s weighs only a few ounces. a 54. Swiss researchers have discovered that certain types of brain lesions lead average eaters to become addicted to thinking about and eating gourmet foods. g 55. Research shows that those who are clinically depressed or suicidal have abnormal levels of the brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine. Flaws in the brain’s serotonin levels have been linked to violent suicide attempts and aggression. i 56. When a person diets or deprives himself of food, the neurons in the brain that ...
So I tried to call my man and he left his phone here and I heard the ringtone he has set for me and it ruined my day...Definitely feel like crying right now :(
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