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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a television franchise series that has been released in multiple countries, originating in 2009 on the British Channel 4. The show’s format is based on a senior executive of a company working undercover in their own firm to investigate how the company really works and identify how it can be improved, as well as rewarding the hard working staff.

I dey go undercover again, dis na just temp, ur ur side boss "finally u agree to show face again"
Undercover Boss makes you realize that there are rich people who aren't snotty.
undercover boss ,the next move is to see how many *** he got lol . Lil do she know she probably was 1 too before her title .
Im watching undercover boss and it's about the World Trade Center and this guy that survived it and it's so sad
I just watched your second go round on Undercover Boss. You're a good man with a big heart. You renew my faith in people :)
I dont know if I'm still drunk but i just got emotional and actually cried at a undercover boss episode about menchies.
In a bus, looking at the window, left hand holding chin, landscapes, dramatic music. Suddenly feels like Undercover Boss :v
Undercover boss is one of the reasons why i would be super nice at heb lol. Always thought brian would do that to us
Undercover boss, interesting, but sorry I believe every single show on tv is about 98% set up.
the undercover Boss of US. its a huge hit in US and I am sure the show can have huge hit in india too y dt u try
I love undercover boss because I love seeng people with lots of money help others. Give back, people. That's the goal.
I probably should consider going to bed but I'm too invested in undercover boss.
Undercover boss is my favorite show
Undercover Boss. gets me every time...
I love undercover boss! Especially what they do to help their employees in the end :')
Watching undercover this show is sad
All purpose parts banner
The show undercover boss is an amazing show.
Leave it to Undercover Boss to make me tear up.😢
Undercover boss will make you shed some real tears. This show so emotional!!
Undercover Boss restores my faith in humanity, and makes me cry 😢
Watching Undercover Boss and crying like a baby.
swear I've cried at every episode of undercover boss
Undercover Boss gives me all the feels GOSH DARNIT.
Watching Undercover Boss. You need someone like me to help you do secret shopping at your resorts. I'm amazing at it!
I'm crushing on this employee on undercover boss.
I love undercover boss caz the ppl are so nice by giving the employees money to help hard times ❤️
I love watching csi Miami and undercover boss
Just a little episode of undercover boss before bed 😊😊
Ow this ep of undercover boss USA sees 3 bosses return and send in an employee under cover for them, boss tells then what to ask live
Sitting on my couch eating yogurt and watching undercover boss
Cutting off your own finger without anesthesia is pretty boss though
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dude I filled a complaint with the main office, from what I hear the Head Boss got fired, they sent in Undercover customers
I can just watch the last few minutes of Undercover Boss and cry every single time lol. 😭😭
This undercover boss USA is funny - you're like a father figure to me, just with your shoes undone
Cuz on undercover boss payin his employees rent for a year moe. A YEAR!
Undercover Boss will always be one of my favorites
I cry off of Undercover Boss don't judge me
They got a pretty good fake mustache budget on Undercover Boss
This show call undercover boss is pretty cool 👍
Whenever there is a new employee at work I treat them like garbage in case I'm on Undercover Boss. Gotta make that boss feel bad
but I'm not gon text another *** I'm good just watching undercover boss nd movies lol.
I love undercover boss. It's cool seeing the CEO take care of everyone and make some dreams come true
Everybody keep telling my coworker that I work with is an "undercover boss" from the tv show 😖
I want a job at a place where undercover boss film so I can give them my struggle story and I get paid at the end of the show
I'm watching Undercover Boss and earning great rewards from
it was like an episode of Undercover Boss featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sitting here crying watching the kindness on the show Undercover Boss, when I get a phone call from…
Undercover boss is a crazy show. If mr. target ever came to my store undercover I'd definitely lose my job 😂
This episode of Undercover Boss right now.
I'm watching Undercover Boss. My boss need to come to my job undercover and give me some free stuff.
Undercover boss is seriously one of the best shows ever.
Is it acceptable to cry at undercover boss
Spending my night watching episodes of undercover boss because it's amazing
Still holding out hope for the undercover boss show to come to one of my jobs so the CEO will decide to pay for my college tuition
The end of every Undercover Boss episode, is the best part tbh.
I have some sage advice for nominee Robert McDonald: Pull an Undercover Boss and spend a week in the waiting rooms, the ER's, and the overcrowded clinics manned by people drunk with the power of impunity. See what vets are going through every day. Start by leading from the bottom and seeing who's down there that needs to be scraped loose.
I prefer shark tank and undercover boss
I've kinda become addicted to Undercover Boss! 📺
You never know who will walk into your life. Treat everyone like you would want to be treated!! Undercover Boss got me trippen right now
I thought I was emotional when I cried at Undercover Boss, but no, the new low was when I teared up at Masterchef
Considering I cried at undercover boss last night I'm gonna be a state tonight 🙈😭
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So even tho undercover cops tried getting me the sack by telling lies to my boss n handcuffing n searching me outside office no record! Mmm
I really enjoy watching undercover boss! I'd love to do that but, I think our 4 employees would recognize me :(...
Undercover Boss has me crying right now. These bosses are so good to their employees 😭
please see the state of your WILLERBY STORE. Undercover boss needed? Please comment . Dirty floors etc
undercover boss just made me cry I have issues
In our reality-TV-obsessed world, we need a SCOTUS, House & Senate version of Undercover Boss to give them some much needed perspective.
NOW they'll simply be provided by "Undercover Boss" types who can't even write an email.
REMINDS ME: The constant GM recalls would make for a perfect episode of "Undercover Boss"
If it could be this simple Undercover Boss Video - -
Waiting for the day is on undercover boss.
tell me about it. This is why I need undercover boss. To visit me. Give me time off
undercover boss : Canada is a great show
Watching Undercover Boss & it confirmed staff are not all about "wages".. empower, appreciate and potentially promote them first of all!
Quite enjoy watching undercover boss there now
The ending to undercover boss always gets to me. Watching them cry makes me cry, jeez.
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Undercover Boss Canada is better than Oprah's favourite things; everybody gets stuff!
I wish on Undercover Boss they actually dealt with a bad employee and they got sacked at the end.
My job need to go to undercover boss.
Watching undercover boss Canada, dreading the end of it though because it gets me every time
watched the Cinnabon, Popeyes, and Boston Market episodes of Undercover Boss. I'm hungry. I'm getting mcdonalds .
Been watching undercover boss since I got out of work
"The toughest job your boss will ever do is yours" . UNDERCOVER BOSS coming to South Africa! . Full article:...
I wish Undercover Boss would come to my job. Although I know all of our presidents and CEOs... I could use $50,000 and a new car lol
Eddie Lambert you ran this company into the ground. Try undercover Boss. You might learn something
Undercover Boss: the show that can make you smile from ear to ear and cry like a baby at the same time
Am I the only one who cries watching undercover boss? Lol
No, not yet. Getting toward end. A few more acts. Good, bad, ugly? Am I gonna cry? I cried at UnderCover Boss last night
makes watching Undercover Boss more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Undercover boss , u never know who stacking
If any of you have Netflix watch season 3 episode 13 of Undercover Boss! The guy plays basketball in the Blackwell High Gym 😱😱😱
I'm watching Undercover Boss: Sky Zone & I can't stop crying. . Lol this show makes me so *** emotional.
I found Hudson's undercover boss at LAX :)
*** it undercover boss gets me every time lol... There are good people out there somewhere
Going to quit my job and watch Undercover Boss for the rest of my life
I'm watching undercover boss, care to join? I'm Ivan, weird name, I know, but nice to meet you Rhy
Why does undercover boss always find people who give a *** about their job?
Undercover Boss always has me crying 😭😂😂
even worse are the ones on Undercover Boss who act surprised. How often does the new guy have a camera crew filming his training
Undercover boss tonight as a bar back. Something humbling and gratifying about hand washing glassware and...
A night spent watching Undercover Boss is a night well spent 👌
I should trick the people that are training me at work by telling them they are on undercover boss and I'm their CEO
Heh. My company has an episode of Undercover Boss.
I am balling my eyes out watching undercover boss
I watched the undercover boss episode on checkers but I feel that it did not accurately portrayal how sucky it is
Oh man I want to see that Undercover Boss episode!!
Undercover boss be having me in tears yo
Wow undercover boss took place at a pretzel factory here a few miles away from me in Absecon NJ
Watching Undercover Boss after working a job in food service and preparation makes me appreciate everyone in that profession that much more
let's just have an Undercover Boss marathon together okay when I visit New York this is happening
Everyone cries when the Undercover Boss gives his employee $5k for a vacation. Imagine how happy you'd be if he paid the…
On The Jeff Probst Show at 2pm: “Undercover Boss And The Captains Of The Deadliest Catch” ADT executive Tony Wells tells of going under cover on the show 'Undercover Boss' plus, three 'Deadliest Catch' cast members teach Jeff about the dangerous and lucrative world of crab-fishing.
So many shows don't know which to watch!! Undercover Boss, Dateline, Gilligans Island, Who's Line Is It, Anyways? Crap!
Some of the story's always get to me on undercover boss soo emotional
No bs undercover boss always has me tearing up
Next thing you know he'll be on Undercover Boss
When will Undercover Boss be updated with the newest season?
I will forever cry watching undercover boss
have you seen Undercover Boss Cinnabon episode??? mouth watering! still i'm waiting for one to open on Kauai!!!
Whyyy does Undercover Boss make me cry so much 😭
Watching undercover boss. All these millionaires recount their stories of getting busted or almost getting busted. When some people become rich it seems like they drop a few IQ points. One guy who busted his but off everyday in a hot kitchen got a whopping 500.00 dollars from the CEO. Anyone that has kids knows 500.00 won't even buy clothes for the year. If I was on the show I would be like keep it you cheap *** My coworkers and I bust our *** off so you can buy wine that costs more then my weekly paycheck. If I was a rich CEO and people busted their off everyday to make me rich I would not insult them like that. Then they always tell some sob story about how bad they had it growing up. Wish I could write them a letter titled "Life if not fair" :D
Whenever me and my parents are watching tv together it's always undercover boss.
Celebrity wife swap? Wow good work! Thought you'd have been more of an Undercover Boss kind of guy though : )
Really want food...So naturally I'm watching undercover boss for the CEO of Dominos..
Hm I'm not too sure that I could work an entry level position. I really feel like I'm on undercover boss or something.
The little Indian man on undercover boss Australia is melting my heart😩😍
Watching Undercover Boss. I love how every one of these *** CEOs is mystified to discover the people working for them…
Similar to shows like Undercover Boss etc. Cheap, transparent gestures meant to portray the wealthy in a more positive light.
Undercover boss has to be scripted at parts.
In my sober life im a blubbering emotional sap... I cry every episode of undercover boss...
oh gosh, we were tearing up watching undercover boss.. This should be good! 😂🙈
I'm sure people must have thought undercover boss was being filmed the first day he showed up
Perry is either in disguise as he fears reprisal from nutty complainers, is a hipster or secretly filming undercover boss?
Clayton has an interesting question : Could you post this to the main page. Does anyone know Ronald and Ruth from hilldrup united in stafford, VA. They were featured on undercover boss and were packers at the time. I wanted to know if he is a driver now. - Dakota
After seeing "Perry" I'd have sworn it Undercover Boss not ..
This guy in the call centre on looks like an undercover boss 😳😳😳😝
Thanks Joe DiDomizio! The CEO of Hudson News spoke at the Traveler Aid conference. He shared encouraging words to boost the spirit of our humanitarian mission. Watch Joe on “Undercover Boss” and see how he helped make a positive impact in people’s lives. Travelers Aid makes a positive impact too, lending “A Helping Hand Along the Way” to those who need it on their journey in life. Find your local Travelers Aid at
I recently had the opportunity to speak at a panel during the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show. Read more:
I've watched about 20 episodes of undercover boss in the last two days
People at my internship joked that I was an "undercover boss" and that they should tell me all their personal stories.
Undercover Boss makes me cry like a little baby.
This guy,say this guy, before it even started on you is going to be good, I could tell by his attitude, he got caught on video making it ugly gesture, as soon as the Undercover Boss turned his back, then he went through the icing on the cake, he calls the ladies together and make some play foolish games,... when the things you do , degrading even to men , gone beyond the line...
I enjoy shows like "Undercover Boss" because it shows how real people work HARD to provide for their families. Many times at work, I'm the "undercover preacher." I'm not hiding, but I choose not to always disclose what I do in ministry because I want to give people a chance to really see my light without EXPECTING me to be extraordinary just because I have a title. I also see how "we" treat people and its crazy. Don't assume that because people work jobs that are less glamorous that they are uneducated and ignorant. Some of us have advanced degrees, are entrepreneurs, and choose to work jobs that we are OVER QUALIFIED for because we would rather work than steal or wait for someone to take care of us in this HORRIBLE economy. :)
So if you are looking for a reason to sob alil yeah Watch undercover boss on BBC knowledge 184 Dstv. a reason why im biased toward the English. *giggles*
watching Undercover Boss, he actually got fired from his first undercover position, lol, the next one who went to the guy was on the lower level of the company , but very humble, his next company he went too, will be a topic, this fourth company, someone employees who started at the bottom, so she knows how it feels to be an employee and treated everybody nice
Operators discuss lessons learned from "Undercover Boss" TV appearances at NRA Show
Undercover Boss always makes me tear up 😪
U know what's lowkey good to watch on Netflix? Undercover Boss... Me and were laughing our *** off sober as *** yesterday
I wonder if Undercover Boss is real? Of course it is, it couldn't be scripted.
Im currently addicted to undercover boss
Are they your boss? Or do they own the company? Try going undercover as a guy one day. The stuff you hear
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Casually bawling my eyes out watching Undercover now I understand why I'm single. 😂😂😭
I wear many hats and have many names. One thing for sure; I'm an Undercover boss and quality control. If it meets my approval; it's for sale. PM
after my bail out this year, i want to get in Undercover Boss, they don't know and it's fun
*Undercover Boss, educators DARE public policy CorpEdReformers to spend 3 mos in our classroo…
all good boss just undercover . ATM
I've developed a slight addiction to dinner date, gogglebox, catfish and undercover boss with all these bank holidays
Read my four learnings from watching Undercover Boss...
OMG I actually love Undercover Boss it's so funny 😂
don't panic, it's time for Undercover Boss USA on 4seven. Wait, maybe panic :p
The show undercover boss needs to come to my workplace 🎥📷📼📱
Watching undercover boss and I think to myself, there are still good people around. Faith in humanity restored 😌
Undercover Boss is my favourite program at the moment
Hate it when the undercover boss is tight!! Give them something they really want
Why do I allways cry at undercover boss !
Directv owner gets fired on undercover boss for upsetting a customer. Go figure lol
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Some of the bosses on undercover boss are well stingy
Undercover boss is a snider today not giving away much big tight arsed p...k hope the last one he gives more than a few trips and £1000
Just watching undercover boss and thinking I would love to see this at my work
Undercover boss always gets me in tears
I am crying like a baby at Undercover Boss Australia. I need sleep.
School holidays are really not good for getting the day started, still in my pj's watching undercover boss Australia...
Is it true that daytime tv rots yer brain? Coffee, biscuits, brief channel hop while I decide on my schedule for today re weather and art commitments etc. Uurgh, we have Fake Britain, Jeremy Kyle (no offence JK) Undercover Boss, Real Housewives of upmarket locations,soaps and murder mystery repeats,Homes at auction to do up,some sport,more real lives,and sad animal rescues.. So, off to the fields then in the rain :D
Undercover boss australia is the highlight of my day
Last night I was flicking through TV channels looking for something to watch and stumbled across an episode of featuring a company called Beck Taxi. Unfortunately I had come into the episode about the time when the undercover bosses reveal themselves to the employees. So…
Just watched "Undercover Boss", it's a nice tv show concept which is, most likely, not applicable here...
New reality tv show idea: "Undercover The Boss". Bruce Springsteen works in a steel plant for little money and no recognition.
Undercover Boss... Channel 9... One of the best shows in a while... Very touching and Moving...
Watching undercover boss with my dad and we're both crying 😭
I don't like the new boss. He's too pushy. He's not very smart. He's better at undercover. He wasn't p...
I cry every time I watch Undercover Boss.
Ah there is an episode of undercover boss about Hooters. Wish I would've caught the beginning
Undercover Boss - Hooters... it gets better every time! Since 2010 I believe
Toby Bost, CEO of O'Neill Clothing, transforms himself from surfer dude to a "corporate kook" for his trip as an undercover boss.
The rain today had me being a couch potato. Watched Undercover Boss. Watchec the movie Flowers in the Attic and then the sequel Petals on the Wind. Wow!! People are crazy sad how your Grandparents treatment of their children flows over to their grandchildren
Undercover boss was the saddest show earlier today id ever seen. I cried lol. Whats new?
Lynn Buckner made me watch "Undercover Boss"... Hate her... I bawled. she's such a little .
Ahh. the show UnderCover Boss. Touched my heart... some people aren't *** lol
Dang Undercover Boss always making me cry.
Undercover Boss, you are a great show! Just watched a rerun, crying away at the end, Logan crying, mommy be happy, and me saying, I am happy! What some of those people do for their employees, is amazing! 😁
This undercover Boss has me in tears this owner feels genuine and what he did for this lady wow!!!
This Modell's Sporting Goods 'Undercover Boss' is one of the BEST I've ever seen!
If undercover boss did a scoop on panera bread...*sigh* v.v
Watching hooters on undercover boss and now I want wings.
Watching undercover boss Hooters with Tess.. I've already been on tv like three different times from them taping parts of our grand opening night.. Good memories! :)
Loved spending some time outside with my little family at the pool. Now it's an undercover boss marathon :)
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doesn't matter if I start watching a full episode or just catch the last 10 minutes, Undercover Boss makes me cry like a baby everytime! every.single.time.
Philly pretzel factory is on undercover boss. I've been craving a pretzel for the longest and I need to head home and end this hiatus.
Just watched a couple episodes of Undercover Boss...I was really impressed with Mitchell Moddell owner of Moddell's Sporting Goods, he really took the experience personally and did a lot of stand up things to improve his company and his employees lives. Then I saw an episode with the CEO of DirecTV and in the end nothing really changed and he didn't really do near as much for his employees...
Undercover Boss, Hooters CEO. Perfect way to wrap up the weekend.
I always end up ballin my eyes out when watching Undercover Boss...smh.I'm such a weenie.
Watching Undercover Boss -CEO of Direct TV and the advertisements are for Suddenlink..
I love the show Undercover Boss. Really this show warms my heart to the core. When you sit and watch the Boss/CEO go out in the field and work side by side with his employees and actually walk in their shoes and come to realize that even on the worst working level that we are needed within our work force. I love it when the CEO's change peoples lives by their gifts .just wish we could have some one come n and impact our lives the way these Boss's have
Undercover boss! You know I love this show! How so many people are blessed! :) I love watching there reactions to the help they get!! :) Direct TV CEO! His take on the call center "call center jobs are tough jobs, not physically but mentally" the CSR said " a lot of times you have to use your personality to keep clients calm or help them to calm down" so true :)
Watching undercover boss for direct tv and seeing their head guy work the call center makes me laugh.
Undercover Boss know they will make you teary eye at the end wen the bosses be blessing them people with so much!
Ugh boring *** rain got me in the house watching undercover
Okay. So I'm sitting here watching Undercover Boss, and one of the employees at Direct TV is named TEQUILA. As in, SUNRISE. I don't care if you're black, white, brown, or polka dotted, I just don't understand why you would name your child after an ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE. SMH.
Watching undercover boss where the CEO of direct tv goes on the job and as I'm watching it our direct tv losses signal...hmm the irony
Good one on the Cubbies today, Undercover Boss.. Have anyone seen that one?
Was watching re-runs Undercover Boss, Modell's Sporting Goods CEO, gave one of his employees, a promotion, a 14.000 a year raise, and she lives in a Homeless Shelter with her kids he gave her a 250.000 check to buy a home, kind of restores your faith in humanity.
Who watches Undercover Boss and blubbers like a baby each time a "boss" helps out one of his employees?? This gal does. I wish, so much, I could be one of these "bosses". I wish I could share a blessing like this. I would be the happiest person on earth if I were able to help people like this...starting with my own loved ones.
Why do I do this to myself? What? Rip my own heart rite out of my own body..first it was with Ty Pennington on Home Improvement, and today it is Undercover Boss...I'm sitting here watching this big ole man cry over his employee living in a homeless shelter and I can't handle the pressure! Stop it! Where is the power button so I can change the channel? Can't find the stupid thing any place. Now I'm sobbing and can't find it thru the tears and my chest is hurting someone call me a stupid ambulance, before I croak! From now on, I'm watching re-runs of The Voice and America's Best Crew I have lots of recordings I can more tears!
I love watching Undercover boss.the things they do for there employees is nothing short of amazing. but it always make me cry. LBVS.
so I was watching undercover boss and the CEO of the company discovered that one of his hard working associates was staying in a homeless shelter with her children and he gave her 250 thousand dollars to purchase a living space...and of course I start welling up. I'm such a sap for selfless people. faith in humanity restored!
So 1st time watching undercover boss. Thinkin all leaders of company's ought to participate. Fresh Market! Can you hear me now? They will tmrw after I share the suggestion to the highest levels I have access to.
Dam you undercover boss. You get me every time. I guess I am a big softy. ...
I spent my day off watching Undercover Boss and absolutely nothing else. Proving, once again, the real terrors of not having a job.
I love the show undercover boss. I will be able to give back and pay it forward like some of these bosses.
Wow! iv managed to cry on 4 out of 4 episodes of undercover boss!!
I got stuck with TCL on tv- I just watched Undercover Boss with the CEO of Modells...cried. **loser**
What is wrong with me...I'm crying through Undercover Boss!
I don't know why I watch UNDERCOVER BOSS!! I cry like a baby everytime!!!
Undercover boss has me in tears.he gave her a 14k dollar raise and 250,000 for her to move out the shelter that night! Wow thats a blessing
You know you're emotionally drained when you cry at Undercover Boss.
Wow watching undercover boss this show is the bomb I love it I got tears in my eyes it is some good people left in this world.
Watching undercover boss and it has me all teary eyed. Love to see smile.
Sitting here watching undercover boss wondering if and when I'll ever see Steve's face on our level sharing perspective.
I wish undercover boss would happen at my job lol
Every time I watch undercover boss I almost cry!
I wish they would put me on Undercover Boss, I'll make up the most saddest stories ever about my life lol. Seriously, a new guy at work with cameras following him everywhere, how do you not know he's Undercover Boss? !
I love watching undercover boss - it teaches me what I need to do better as a manager and as a individual. I'm not the greatest manager but I will strive everyday to be better . Great show
Omg what's wrong with me I'm a emotional wreck today watching undercover boss n I'm crying every 5min lord !
Now i remember why i never watch undercover boss anymore...i ball my eyes out at the end!! Im such a softy!😭
I so love this show Undercover Boss!!!
Undercover Boss just made me extremely emotional
Is sitting here crying while watching Undercover Boss! This show is amazing!
I am crying my eyes out watching Undercover Boss---
Sitting here watching undercover tears awww
Am I the only one that cries on every episode of undercover boss?
Omg I love undercover boss. Never know when u will meet the boss. Always have to do your best at ur job
Boy Undercover Boss will have you crying forreal!
Undercover Boss! THE PHILLY PRETZEL FACTORY in Absecon NJ ! Where my Uncle Frank Valenti lived and Valenti cousins grew up!!!
I am watching "Undercover Boss" Philly Pretzel Factory. It cost a quarter of a million dollars to start a business up for them. Wow...
On Sunday's Undercover Boss, the show is going down the drain...literally. Featuring Rick Arquilla, the president and COO of Roto Rooter, the episode will take its business executive-as-normal-worker theme a step further with the untrained Arquilla trying his hand at drain snaking, faucet removal, a…
Stupidest TV episode of undercover boss ever!
We are watching Undercover Boss and it's the one with the Chicago Cubs. Les says "they must suck because I've never seen them in the Superbowl." and I said "or it could be because they are a baseball team."
Watching Undercover Boss and "The Boss" is Tom Ricketts of The Cubs. Should be fun
Watching undercover boss this morning has really renewed me to believe that people with big heart and good business habits can make a difference.
Love undercover boss. Think its so good that they go out and reward there workers for the good work, and punt the bad ones!
Watching undercover boss US. I learn alot and I will apply on myself. And hope 1 day when i have my own company I will do the same.
I love watching Undercover Boss. I get so emotional, it's so great that they reward their staff for working hard & being the best they can be. I so love it
I always cry every time I watched the end of UNDERCOVER boss episodes 😂. Where Hardwork paid off and see the kindness of CEO's to employees.
Staying up late waiting for my son to get home from a night out with his buddies. Foreshadowing of the teenage years? Sitting at the kitchen table having a beer by myself. I have become lame. Was in my pajamas at 6:30 and ready to go to sleep at 8, but Undercover Boss came on. Seriously... Is it even possible to watch an episode of that show without crying? Yes, I repeat, I'm lame. But c'mon... The CEO of the Utah Jazz and that concession stand kid? Break my heart.
Just finished watching Undercover Boss it never ceases to amaze me that no one ever complains about their pay. Mostly service oriented jobs, probably a little over min. wage, and always takes pride in what they do. Class show, even if it makes you weepy at the end. So in the heart of sharing thanks to all my former employees (associates)..Thank You Bryan Cooper thank you for teaching me how to use all sorts of cool equipment. Audrey Cogdill-Childress thank you for showing me how to run a team on those crazy holiday shipment days. Shannon Campbell Morsani thank you for training me how to be a "Walmart"manager. Josh King thank you for showing me how to look at things differently to speed up production.
The Mentalist, Mike and Molly and Undercover Boss will be back on CBS in midseason next season.
When I start a new temp assignment, I always wear a bad wig & fake mustache so they think I'm from Undercover Boss. Keeps them on their toes
it's really not that bad. I would watch it over Undercover Boss in a heartbeat.
Watching undercover boss in hindsman's
caught the episode of Undercover Boss...was inspired beyond belief by your approach, sincerity and story.
Me neither. I liked Undercover Boss. It was good & emotional!
Love the show Undercover Boss, makes me cry every time.
Today is the day! Paul Quentel, President of Alfred Angelo recently seen on undercover boss, will be stopping by Elizabeths at 5pm! Come visit and explore our many collections from Alfred Angelo!
Official PR from CBS!. stays Friday nights at 9/8c with Blue Bloods and new change no Undercover Boss with...
So allow me to step on the soap box just for a brief moment. Yesterday, around 5:30 PM, I'm at a Subway Shop in Ross Township. I was the only customer at the time. Nice young lady is waiting on me and a young man steps out of the back room and starts showing "attitude." He's jawing at the girl, talking about how he hates his job, hates working there, hates this and that about his front of me, a customer. I didn't say anything, just minded my own business and let him rant. But I so wished it was an episode of Undercover Boss and I was his boss incognito. He and I would have had a wonderful discussion...and today he would be ranting about how unfairly he was let go. As a young man, I worked as a sandwich maker, myself. I also dipped ice cream and worked as a lemonade vendor at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City. Fortunately I had people tell me about how to conduct myself on the job and that it was never too soon to learn professionalism in the workplace. "Learn it here, now, and it will serve y ...
What happens to Hawaii 5-0 and Undercover Boss. It will be head to head with MasterChef Junior.
.to run Mike & Molly, Undercover Boss and The Mentalist later in the season
Mike & Molly, Undercover Boss, and The Mentalist will premiere later this season
wow undercover boss USA baja fresh is awesome what an amazing CEO David Kim is
Omg, why does undercover boss make me cry 😭
I really like the AR, although its ratings have been on the decline, it should be a better than Undercover Boss
For an employee's standpoint who experienced verbal, emotional/psychological, and in some ways, financial abuse from his company/boss, watching Undercover Boss would really leave him/her teary-eyed. Those CEO's from bigger companies would give him an impression that still, companies/bosses who value their employees still exist. Though he/she didn't experienced it himself/herself, still there's a light of hope through them.
Does undercover boss count as business revision?
Pisses me off when people on Undercover Boss thank God. Dude just wrote you cheque in front of your eyes and you don't say thanks to him?
Someone from head office in today doing not-undercover boss and he looks like Chris Fountain and smells amazing and I want to take him home.
all I've done all morning is watch undercover boss and come dine with me
What the *** does "undercover boss" have anything to do with virginity fs.
Check out Hanks High Grad Jenni Lutz Featured on ‘Undercover Boss’ Again this is the bae
Good "Undercover Boss" programme from the USA - faith shared & openly expressed in context of working life - rare treat for UK tv
Undercover Boss USA just destroyed me! *** having no internet!
Crying at undercover boss at 10 in the morning is not cool 😪
Undercover boss is such a good show!
The end of undercover boss is always so sad
Undercover Boss really wants me to cry out here!!
I'm crying at undercover boss USA, what is my life
First time watching undercover boss making me want to cry
Undercover boss USA always makes me cry😭
Undercover boss bringing tears to my eyes 😢
Watching Undercover Boss on Baja Taco, worries is gonna arrive in one of these soon!!
The disguises on UNDERCOVER BOSS USA are ridiculous.
I just want to become a billionaire so I can be the CEO of a company and be on "Undercover Boss" or "Shark Tank"
Man if I was on Undercover Boss Id get fired😂😂
Faith in humanity restored from what. Undercover boss? Never thought I'd say this
I'm balling crying with tears watching Undercover Boss on TLC right now. It's amazing to watch these CEO's care so much about their employes and literally change their lives with their generosity and gratitude. It makes me feel really good to see such kindness and appreciation. 😊
The last show in London is now done and I'm awake surprisingly early. Thank you to those who came to Hoxton last night and proved once and for all that music is a thing that can happen on any night of the week. Just like life. Life doesn't wait until you're ready to begin. In fact, you didn't even have a choice if you wanted to be here or not but now that you're here, I'm glad you are. And if you did make the choice to be here, you made the right one. Choose life. Choose living. Choose being one of 7 billion detectives trying to solve the case. Which detective has the most badass car? And which one can handle the coldest and most bitter of coffees and most stale of donuts? I guess that's up to you. And maybe choose this oddly sunny morning in London to be symbolic of a fresh start if you need it. Cos fresh starts can happen anytime. They don't even have to happen in London. Even though it's like entering a bizarre dimension where everybody talks fancier and might be the Queen in disguise as Undercover Bos ...
Undercover boss till I fall asleep, I just love this show.
Just got done watching Undercover Boss...They got me in tears like they just gave me $25,000 never know who watching u to bless u
...Somebody pass the tissue box and a mirror! The wrap-up of Undercover Boss will make you flat-out break into the Ugly Cry.the mirror is 'cause I wanna see it!!
I wonder why my job dont have undercover bosses
I seriously cry every time I watch undercover boss.
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