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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a television franchise series that has been released in multiple countries, originating in 2009 on the British Channel 4. The show’s format is based on a senior executive of a company working undercover in their own firm to investigate how the company really works and identify how it can be improved, as well as rewarding the hard working staff.

Undercover Boss Canada Twin Peaks

I love this show...dispelling the evil capitalist image one boss at a time..
My mission for tonight is to NOT tear up at the end of an Undercover Boss episode.
"well it HAS been a while since I cried," he thought as he put on a new episode of Undercover Boss
Jay Cutler just realized he forgot to DVR Undercover Boss.
I cry on every episode of Undercover Boss but one of the best shows is on - nice to see the owner gifting a franchise!
It's nice to hear that Undercover Boss is back!
5 thing: France problem, cuts jobs and how to get on 'Undercover Boss'
He say i think u the undercover BOSS!!!
These undercover boss episodes on neckflix always get me emotional 😪.
Can't see undercover boss alone... Sooo sad
I like this episode of undercover boss
Everything makes me cry. I just watched undercover boss 7-11 and it made me cry 😪
I like the show Undercover Boss; but why do all the Men CEOs feel the need to go undercover as a Woodstock hippie?
The end of undercover boss always gets me 😭
Undercover Boss always makes me ugly cry.
About to watch undercover boss 7-11... Let's see what really goes down behind the scenes in those mean deli streets.
Undercover Boss is a failed concept now. You've got to be completely retarded to believe just some guy is on a "reality show" for money.
the only time I've seen my dad cry was when he was watching undercover boss
Smh I always cry on undercover boss. 😩😭
on there acting a *** fool on camera not knowing that it was undercover boss.. But now everybody knows so they have to change
I think u should be on the next epp of Undercover
Undercover boss sometimes seems so fake.. You can't make folks stupid if you have cameras following you around that gives it away
My dad's laughing at me for crying at Undercover Boss 😂
Look for the owner of Austin-based on 'Undercover Boss' later this month
Kids in bed, out doin' stuff, these three DVR'd episodes of Undercover Boss and peppermint Lindt truffles are mine all mine...😃
smh and I was the undercover boss!! Turn in your McDonald's 4xl tall tee collard shirts and your burger flipping crocs my ***
. I think none of the movies being considered for Oscar live up to the the greatness of last night's Undercover Boss.
Just watched undercover boss again. Full on cried again. Why do I do this to myself? 😭
This episode of Undercover Boss was such a waste of my time 😒 this woman is so stingy.
I feel like undercover boss right now 😂😂😂
makes watching "Undercover Boss" rewarding. I’m earning rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
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currently living an episode of Undercover Boss
watchin Undercover Boss and theyre at the Mandarin for this episode!! 🍛🍜🍣
Maybe I am watching last nights Undercover Boss, and I am weeping like a baby. *** it!! Gets me every time!!!
I cannot wait to see Undercover Boss season premiere this Sunday
True Value CEO returns to his FBI roots in 'Undercover Boss':
Undercover Boss was hilarious last night. Season finna be even more so. Saw a preview of a man catching the Holy Ghost in front of his boss.
Sunday Night Ratings Notes...Sunday Night Football was up 20+% in total viewers and demos to win the night in both...OUAT was down double digits from both last week and from last winter's mid-season finale...Barbara Walters' Fascinating People special was down 33% in the demos from last year...Undercover Boss was up in totals and demos from the previous season premiere...With reruns as lead-ins, both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Bob's Burgers were both down double digits...The Mentalist was up a bit in the demos...CSI matched last week...
Ugh! I need to get it together. I've been watching Undercover Boss for 3 hours and crying my eyes out. I'm so greatful for my Job and the wonderful people I work with: Kayci Kottke Loftus, Katie Haney Engel, Lety Torres, Carya Meacham- Bair, Heather M Mahony, Ric and Neli N Ric, and everyone else at Worksource.
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto will star in the Dec. 21 episode of CBS’s “Undercover Boss” (8 p.m. Sunday, KDKA-TV) when he goes undercover for a stint as a municipal employee. According to CBS, “During his shifts, [Mr.] Peduto works as a refuse worker from Environmental Services collecting garbage, a…
Undercover Boss...they always make me tear up and cry at the end Victoire Bright Veronica Jordan
I cleaned for ten minutes and got bored so now I'm watching undercover boss
I like the show undercover bosses but dang does everybody on there have to cry every episode...this show should have been on lifetime!
I am not a reality tv show viewer at all. I now suffer from the addiction of "Undercover Boss". I cry in every episode. Knowing that there are good people out there during tough times makes my heart smile.
Binge watching reruns of Undercover Boss and sniffling away. Every episode moves me to tears! I think the DirecTV CEO impressed me the most! Nothing but Win/Win for everyone
I need a box of Kleenex every time I watch UnderCover Boss. I love that show. It Shows it still is some beautiful, loving & caring people in this world.
The end of undercover boss when they give back to their employees always pulls a dang tear... Ugh why is there a marathon on right now
I get so freaking sad when I watch Undercover Boss.. 😩😭
Omg this show undercover boss has me crying.
Undercover Boss needs to do an Undercover Boss for Undercover Boss.
Undercover Boss always makes me cry 😿
Why oh why do I watch this undercover boss on the Oprah network? I am bawling like a 2 year old
I'm watching undercover boss and it's making me cry
Why did undercover boss make me Cry ? 😢
If u r not a firm believer in miracles, blessings, & and angles on earth, well u must not be a fan of Undercover Boss!! OHHH WEEE, in tears just to think of how good God really is! He comes in many forms u will never know who will be the bearer of your Blessings! If u treat yourself good, and treat other people better than that i believe that u will run into ur EARTH ANGEL!! It might not be cameras and it may not be at your job, but there are always people that r here just too be a Blessing to others! GOD BLESS U ALL,, ***HOW CAN I LOVE MY LORD, WHEN I CANT EVEN LOVE MY FELLOWMAN?*FFT
Watching undercover boss and the chick on it is a smoke
The folks on Undercover Boss shed real tears. In the world on "reality TV", this show actually seems real.
Undercover Boss just knows how to hit you right in the gut...
My hobby is watching Undercover Boss and crying on my couch
Undercover Boss gives me all of the feels 😭
this man in Undercover Boss just starting rapping 😕
Have you seen Putin? In fact have u looked at any leaders lately? Remember 'Undercover Boss' episodes? Prob time for Ldrs to watch.
Having a great day enjoying family time watching undercover boss. Rescue kitty Alice is having her kittens. And...
Am I the only one who really loves Undercover Boss, and even cries at the inspirational parts? I wish my business...
Undercover Boss is a pretty good show.. Very humbling
I've been watching undercover boss all day and haven't moved from my bed except to eat.
Undercover Boss is easily the best show on television
I love undercover boss it makes me happy (':
“Undercover boss leaves me in tears. TEARS MAN.”omg I'm watching too 😪😪
I get so emotional watching undercover boss like maybe that will happen to me at mchell
Undercover boss leaves me in tears. TEARS MAN.
Undercover Boss is awesome, people often forget where they have come from, great eye opener
I've literally been watching Undercover Boss all day, and I'm not even sorry for that.
my life goal is to be CEO of a company & have enough money to change hard working employees life's, like undercover boss does
Undercover Boss really does teach you a lor
The show Undercover Boss makes me so happy
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I always cry when I watch undercover boss lmao
Undercover boss has me crying over here ✈️📺
Undercover boss gets me emotional. .Idk why
So... I never ever ever watch Undercover Boss. Just saw the Direct TV CEO episode & was literally in tears 😂😂😂 Inspiring. I need to be BOSS🙌
Undercover Boss literally makes me cry every time 😢
That was the best thing I have ever seen a CEO do on Undercover boss. 😭😭😭
Undercover Boss always gets me to cry.
gonna show the business like he the Undercover Boss after DiZzy Duck takes that loss!
Why do I always cry when I watch Undercover Boss. I love the show because executives do sometimes lose touch with what their staff does
Watching undercover boss I'm so bored
Next week, hear Dina Dwyer-Owens, known for her appearance Reality TV Show Undercover Boss. Register today!
Literally crying my eyes out at Undercover Boss
This girl's name on Undercover Boss is Tequilla (with two Ls)! 😂
This girl on undercover boss is named Tequilla. It's not the same as the liquor because there are 2 L's.
Undercover boss. They should do one for time warner.
I've been laying on my couch all day watching Undercover Boss and I'm not even mad about it.
You were really great on Undercover Boss.
Never fails, Undercover Boss always makes me cry!
My brother started crying watching undercover boss. ***
Where’s my wig? Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto does a turn on TV’s “Undercover Boss.”
All my friends are having sex, third wheeling so hard & I'm watching undercover boss 👌 solid lmao
Wonder if this Megabus driver realises he's on an episode of Undercover Boss, and that I'm a millionaire CEO and the face of the company
As I watch several shows on Undercover Boss, there seemed to a reoccurring theme - the bosses found that their...
Would Mayor Mark Mallory have fooled you on Undercover Boss?
I get emotional watching Undercover Boss sometimes. I love seeing employees recognized and rewarded for hard work.
If you don't cry at the end of undercover boss you have no heart.
This guy on undercover boss is in Indianapolis and noblesville/fisher. That's crazy 😭
This undercover boss reminds me of myself
Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto stars on CBS reality show 'Undercover Boss' - Pgh Post-Gazette // This should be good
I can't watch an episode of Undercover Boss without crying. I gotta change the channel.
My and my mother are crying because of undercover boss 😂😂😂
But really, Undercover Boss gets my crying every time. I don't know how they do it.
I would love to watch an undercover boss episode for
Just watched undercover boss at the Cubs, lmao if the Mets EVER did this
I would like everyone to know that Mark the Visual Merchandiser at Mexx Canada on this ep of Undercover Boss is very hot.
I added a video to a playlist Undercover Boss (Canada) - Freshii
Undercover Boss will return Sunday, December 14, 2014 at 8 pm on CBS !
"You can’t allow failure to stop you from believing in your ability to succeed.”
Undercover Boss gets me every time 😢😢😢 crying like a baby, soo emo!
Probably because I watch Undercover Boss before bed
i cry at the end of every single Undercover Boss episode.
Watching undercover boss in the tub rn 👽
This guy on Undercover Boss sounds like H. Jon Benjamin. Lol.
Undercover Boss is such a good show, lmao.
Undercover boss Philly soft pretzel factory was good
The "Twin Peaks" episode of Undercover Boss just made me in cry. Just so you know I've lost control 👨
That episode of undercover boss was deep 😶
Watching undercover boss and the CEO of Dutch Bros seems so chill and laid back
Why does Undercover Boss make me sob?! Omg its so good
Thanks for all that you do! Your appearance on Undercover Boss was beyond amazing! Keep pressing forward! Great Brand!
Pretty much over undercover boss. I need something good to watch on netflix
Aw geez, just saw "Undercover Boss Canada" and the guy is "secretly" learning to drive a zamboni. Keepin those stereotypes alive...
Undercover Boss Canada is 'cheap' compared to Undercover Boss U.S. Canada needs to reward hardworking people better than that.
What the crap!? Just finished watching undercover boss UK and the CEO didn't dish out a single dollar to anyone!
*** I wish I was on undercover boss. Give me some free money! Lmao. 😂
Hiding in my house forever // I'm not here to make friends // Undercover Boss season 5 is in Netflix
Lmfao I still bust out laughing everytime I imagine my dad on undercover boss
They got new episodes of Undercover Boss on Netflix, i know what i'll be watching for the rest of the night
Wearing so many layers these ppl walking behind me don't recognize me from the show they just saw/are discussing IT'S LIKE "UNDERCOVER BOSS"
Watching Undercover Boss on with my box of tissues. I'm such a sap...but the endings
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Serious question, has there ever been any employee on Undercover Boss that doesn't have a dying family member?
Lmaooo menchies undercover boss is so funny
Watching undercover boss always makes me cry happy tears
What if I'm an Undercover Boss and I don't even know it? YIKES! YIPES! STRIPES! FRUIT STRIPE GUM! (Note: I am not their CEO.)
Watching hella Undercover Boss with my goilz.
Wil An aside-re: 'Twin Peaks.' There was a whole ep of Undercover Boss about it. /cc
Do people on Undercover Boss not watch Undercover Boss?
I cannot be the only one who cries at the end of Undercover Boss.
OH MAN undercover boss makes my heart warm I wish my ceos were that nice
I Iove watching undercover boss, I truly think every corporate person should work a few days a year in a retail store.…
My kid is watching Undercover Boss. Oh the feels. I wish the feels would stop falling out of my eyes.
Constantly crying watching undercover boss
I'm watching undercover boss and this girl is talking about how she was kicked out and homeless when she was 17 because she's a ***
Undercover boss why do I watch you im crying again!
Watching undercover boss and man these bar backs do everything for those girls
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I mainly watch Undercover Boss to see the crappy wigs the bosses have to wear
are you watching undercover boss? Because I literally just watched that episode.
Undercover Boss makes me cry like a baby.. 😅😭
Watching undercover boss makes me feel ripped off! Lol
Watching the undercover boss show... it is hilarious to me!
"Anything worth achieving is going to require you to take some risks..."
They made a Dutch Bros episode for the show undercover boss and its on netflix
Undercover boss is an awesome program where CEOs learned the true goings-on at the company's. I have worked as an u…
Have to be apart of my dads undercover boss stuff so my dad said your names Nicole Mendez lol dad❤️
Flashing back to my Focus Brands days with this episode of Undercover Boss. Lol at Kat Cole's wig 😂
This undercover boss is making me tear up da fuq
You know you're a softy when you cry while beng watching Undercover Boss!
time to watch the new season of undercover boss that's on Netflix 😂
Just watched the undercover boss about skyzone.where was Jeff Platt when I was working at skyzone? Couldn't he have thrown me $60,000??
True Value Kicks off the Season Six Premiere of CBS’s Hit Series “Undercover Boss”
In here bawling at Undercover Boss, smh
Watching Undercover Boss and this short order cook is talking about how he works two jobs, 80hrs a week for his kids. *** That's a dad.
Watching the episode of Undercover Boss about Now I'm craving an iced White Russian.
Trend-importance of quality customer service such as Restaurant Stakeout, Tabatha Takes Over, and Undercover Boss
I always seem to cry with every episode of undercover boss episode I watch just the way the boss bless the workers just touches me
Hey u should give your secret boss this Coke. *bottle says "Share a Coke w/ the Drug Maker Guy"* *undercover cop's fake mustache falls off*
I feel like the show Undercover Boss is so fake. Somehow the people they work with always have family/health/money problems.
Watching undercover boss, still awesome!!! Ashleigh McLean
Why am I watching undercover boss on netflix? And why am I crying bc it's sad???
Mr Tedsco pls do an undercover boss move come to journal square and see for yourself what is going on with your bus line please!
Produce Team Leader asked "Are you sure you're not Undercover Boss?" LOL
I think I tear up at the end of every Undercover Boss...
I hate watching undercover boss at school I really don't like crying in class soo
Keynote speaker at my conference today - Northland boss goes undercover
All we do in coach Perrin's is watch undercover boss and inside everyday
Papa John could never pull off Undercover Boss.
Undercover boss is such a cool show
Quote from Did you know Pizza GoGo Undercover Boss has higher IMDB rating than breaking bad finale
Undercover Boss is such a good show!!
I love when the undercover boss goes in the factory & can't do it! Lol
The accents in Undercover Boss Canada are ridiculous. Can't even cry for all the laughing I do. What's the point.
Watching Undercover Boss Canada and i laughed everytime they say 'about'
Undercover Boss:. 'Who are you?'. 'I'm a Transit Peace Officer'. Canada looks fun.
I suppose so? Nothing's made me feel particularly emotional...but I did nearly cry at Undercover Boss yesterday morning.
Actually, Undercover Boss at a bus depot. I used to work in one and flashbacks to diesel fumes.
When you watch undercover boss, you realize most CEOs are clue less of how their business is run
Every episode of Undercover Boss is the exact same but I can never stop watching
Can't go wrong with cocoa puffs and undercover boss at 3 am 👌
Send your undercover boss to Luton Stn, experience an atmosphere of rail workers who simple cant be bothered!
I cried my eyes put when people cry on undercover boss.. Like I litterly. Loose it.
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The explosion of kindness in this episode of Undercover Boss made me do the ugly cry
Every time I watch undercover boss I cry. Like what's wrong with me?
Is it embarrassing that I cry at the end of every single episode of undercover boss?
Is this an episode of Undercover Boss?
When is Paris Hilton going to be on Undercover Boss
Undercover boss marathon got me like 😢
Now that I live alone no one can see me cry, no bawl, at shows like the voice and undercover boss
Watching Undercover Boss and laying in bed. Typical Monday night.
9YO is binge watching Undercover Boss. I hate these kinds of shows because they make me cry. Every.Single.Time. *shakes fist*
Felt like I was on an episode of Undercover Boss 😬
The of needs to go on the show, "Undercover Boss" cause there seems to be a lot of idiotic brain dead Ppl working there!
If I worked for a temp agency, every job I got I would wink at my co-workers and ask if they'd ever seen Undercover Bo…
Undercover boss is such a good show 😱😱
Undercover boss plays with my emotions sometimes
Undercover boss always makes me cry😪 lol but then again I cry for everything
I enjoyed watching when you were on undercover boss. If you could help we could work together? .
Starbucks need an undercover boss so they can see the real side of it. And get rid of these racist policies.
There should be a show like 'Undercover Boss', but called 'Undercover *** , filmed in deeply homophobic areas. v...
Undercover boss is kind of a heartbreaking show.
come to Pollo's and this foo is watching Undercover Boss on Netflix 😂😂
I should have gone to bed awhile ago but obviously watching undercover boss w/ Michael was more important
Photo: Beard weave/wig… leave it for Undercover Boss. Finally somebody living up to the name Denzel
Bruh I'm watching undercover boss and the CEO of Johnny Rockets went undercover at the one in Mohegan sun 😳
Nah that makes it even cooler. Being a full-out cop instead of undercover for the entire game would be boss
The awkward moment when the Chancellor comes to your school and you only know him as the "guy" from Undercover Boss.
Shows like Undercover Boss or Long Island Medium always make me tear up but Titanic manages to make me laugh.I just.
Undercover Boss makes me realize how many great people are out there in the world
Undercover boss is deff my fav show
Undercover boss makes me cry too much
I only do good at work cause I don't wanna get exposed on undercover boss.
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I would like to see an undercover boss of Waffle House
The sudden addiction to watch undercover boss USA
Told the lady interviewing me today that she was on Undercover Boss. Needless to say, I got the job.
The second biggest lie is "employees on Undercover Boss don't know it's the CEO". The first is "women don't like men with big muscles".
The culture of Under Cover boss is motivating Lets me know that there are CEOs that value
It's Bruce Springsteen's birthday today. Here's a little collection of NZ covers of his songs we made for his tour
“Surfing... like a boss 😂😂 20 years later, Johnny Utah is still working undercov…
just keep pretending to be deep undercover for the Boss
In im career and for the past three classes we've been watching Undercover Boss.
Happy See what made employee Manny tear up with joy.
whenever someone new starts at work I automatically think undercover boss
Undercover boss USA: "I'm going to give you $25,000 for a college fund for your kids". Undercover boss UK: "Thanks love, he…
Undercover Boss is one of my favourite tv shows.
I feel like if I was on undercover boss, when the CEO told me he was the CEO i would be like heh??
‘Undercover Boss’. Homily on an employer with a social conscience. LISTEN: READ:
Blog feature: Undercover boss: Today’s gospel is the story of ‘The Compassionate Landowner’.
How tight are they on Undercover Boss Australia? "So your family were all killed and you sleep rough?" "Have a comps slip & some paperclips"
Oh my god. I've just sat through this entire episode of Undercover Boss and she didn't even sack the rude guy.
Undercover boss always has me greeting
Really like undercover boss, but why has there got to be a serious illness with one of the employees
Oh Undercover Boss you make me emotional
Undercover boss get's me everytime !
Why is undercover boss always so emotional at the end, I can't cope 😔
God undercover boss is too emotional today
🎬Nothing beats meditating on my place in history 😉 via dining at Twin Peaks ("Undercover Boss USA", BBC Knowledge)
Plot twist. I'm your undercover boss, your fired!
I don't know why I'm watching Undercover Boss, it's like watching my biases about upper management be confirmed repeatedly.
Undercover boss be having me in tears
So disappointed. I watched a show called Undercover Boss thinking it would be about Bruce Springsteen solving mysteries.…
What my daughter learned about business by watching Undercover Boss
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gents we have been infiltrated. Undercover boss is real
Dunkin Donuts What an EPIC fail as a business! 1. Always out of product 2. Poor customer service 3. Poorly trained on their products 4. Don't know the difference between swiss & cheddar cheese Undercover Boss! Where are you when your needed? Give me a Krispie Kreme ANY DAY!
manger (text) wear proper uniform, CEO will be visiting Me (imagining) might be like undercover boss! :D Reality : Ceo with normal outfit looking around the restuarant.
Literally cry every ep of undercover boss
I honestly cry every time I watch Undercover Boss.
Tonight on the the hit tv show Undercover Boss, Norwegian Cruise Line's CEO, Kevin Sheehan, is going undercover as... h…
Watching undercover boss. Got nothing better to do.
4hrs later and I'm still watching undercover boss. Can't ... Stop
sounds good! I hadn't heard of it! Sad..? Oh man.. Idk anymore.. 😁 you know I'm super sensitive to undercover boss 😂
Watching Undercover Boss is NOT the proper way to unwind after a very busy day.
wow it saved automatically after I deleted madden. Thanks You should be on undercover boss bro!
Michael and I's binge show on Netflix is undercover boss📺
Laying on bed and watch "Undercover Boss" on Netflix while my baby boy sleep on my chest.
I could watch cutthroat kitchen all dayy or undercover boss :)
This is why I'm so passionate about hospitality! It's the people! Series 6 Episode 6 from Undercover Boss
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I have to write a modern version of Beowulf and in it Beowulf is a kid who works at White Castle during an Undercover Boss episode
Undercover Boss does the worse disguises I've ever seen LMAO
Just watched Undercover Boss. Lush is a great brand. Loving what they do and stand for. Can't wait for to hit JHB
Bretton is going to go on undercover boss and give me a shoutout 😂
will you be opening a store in England soon? I saw Menchies on Undercover Boss and really need to try it!
Mastered the art of looking quite busy around this laptop in this lab, while I'm really watching "Undercover Boss" on Youtube
Today is: National Boss/Employee Exchange Day! To celebrate, we should have a marathon of Undercover Boss! Who's in?
Spoiler Alert: The guy with the Rod Stewart wig & Fu Manchu that's helping you clean toilets while being filmed is the Un…
I guess if they are matching it up with Undercover Boss it might make sense.
Working one on one with the owner of my company today. This is the closest I'll get to undercover boss.
I saw my car in the parking lot when undercover boss aired lol
Article- Youth workers must be more vocal- need to talk more about the impact of youth work-
How do the people on Undercover Boss not just work it out straight away as soon as a camera crew rocks up?
What if was on undercover boss 😳 I would look so sweaty cause I'm always working hard lol .
Idk if I can believe that undercover boss is real
One day when I'm a boss, I wanna do an undercover boss show
Watching undercover boss and crying because it's amazing how peoples lives can change
wishing I could be on undercover boss but I see my boss everyday
Sometimes I cry when I watch undercover boss...
Undercover Boss always has me in tears at the end. 😿
Ok can I get on Undercover Boss for Target and them give me $20,000
I hope undercover boss never comes to my work
This episode of Undercover Boss made me crave Popeyes
Literally sobbing at the end of every Undercover Boss episode I watch. What is my life.
Some of these employees know they're on "Undercover Boss" forsures 😏 I see you doe
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