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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a television franchise series that has been released in multiple countries, originating in 2009 on the British Channel 4. The show’s format is based on a senior executive of a company working undercover in their own firm to investigate how the company really works and identify how it can be improved, as well as rewarding the hard working staff.

Forman Mills Rocket Fizz Armando Montelongo Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto

To know above all else being the Undercover Boss is why the Man is going to be sure if people show themselves anything less than I guess R..
Sitting here in the living room — watching Undercover Boss at Your Home
Kylo Ren goes on Undercover Boss in SNL’s requisite Star Wars sketch
Undercover Boss makes you cry? Kittens and Jack Daniels makes me cry.
Mystery Diners marathon on the Food Network. Guilty pleasure, I watched a few episodes. It's like Undercover Boss on steroids.
"Undercover Boss" got me like woooah! What about them million dollar rooms wit some cupcake wars and a lucky strike!!!
The CEO of Yankee Candle visited the Peachtree City store on an episode of "Undercover Boss", so my wife wants to go there.
When you see "Undercover B..." On the TV guide and get excited hoping its Undercover Brother but it's Undercover Boss 😑
Yo when the undercover boss coming to puma !??
Holding back tears while watching undercover boss is the hardest thing in this world..
Everytime I watch undercover boss I cry
Watching Undercover Boss. And the owner of a pizza chain is shocked one of her delivery guys smokes weed. What!? Seriously!?!
oh my gosh this isn't like Undercover Boss or anything is it ...?
I'm gunna watch undercover boss all day
Oooof undercover boss never fails to break me...😅😅
Not sure how I've ended up watching Undercover Boss but now it's making me cry.
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How do they chose the people to be on Undercover Boss?
If someone starts a low level position and is interested in the plight of other employees (on camera), probably the undercover boss
Getting emotional over undercover boss 😲😭😲😭
Just done my make up and now decided to watch undercover boss, not one of my best ideas!
Undercover Boss is a good programme to watch, especially when the CEO starts kicking off
Addicted to undercover boss USA atm
I have just finished recording Undercover Boss USA on Channel 4 HD at 2015-07-23T12:02 (1 hour)
Every undercover boss: I'm gonna give you a pay rise *sobs* and a holiday *sobs* and $1m *sobs* and anything you mentioned in passing *sobs*
USA undercover boss give there employees like $50,000, promotions and holidays, the UK versions like a night in Skegness and Aldi vouchers
wow I've just seen you on undercover boss in London, how amazing, thank you for being so generous to others, God Bless you
Undercover boss always has me crying by the end 😥
Sometimes I watch the last fifteen minutes of undercover boss because I like seeing people being made so happy by the life changing gifts.
A can never watch undercover boss without crying my eyes out it's awfa sad😩😂
I really hope it's not just me who cries at undercover boss
Can't believe I've just cried at undercover boss!! Is there anyone as unstable as me right me 🙈🙈
Undercover Boss USA on channel 4 at the moment... I believe that may be the worst wig I've ever seen!!
The disguises on undercover boss are ridic.
I feel your disappointment.But wait aren't you watching Undercover Boss?
Think they're filming ' undercover boss ' on the streets of Balsall Heath today
Undercover boss? How undercover is the guy following him around with a big f***-off camera? Bit of a giveaway perchance? 😀
Ive watch far too much undercover boss this summer so far
Undercover Boss now. Have a look at the guy's disguise. Even I'd recognise him and I don't know who he is!
Turned over to Undercover Boss USA. This must be the worst disguise effort ever.
It's 3am and I've been watching Undercover Boss for the past 3 hours. I need help.
I have a secret love for 'Undercover Boss' that cant stop
This guy on Undercover Boss is so in love with himself. Look at that logo. ITS A SHIELD
Today's show; Learn how I was a “Undercover Boss” yesterday & how to learn Hawaii's History through our hotels
Undercover Boss - Bruce Springsteen goes undercover for the New Jersey Police Department.
I just happened to have watched the best undercover boss ep so glad i buy my coffee from Great Company
What if there's a secret reverse Undercover Boss, where a random hobo is made a CEO, and it goes on for years and then he runs for president
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this better be Undercover Boss bc why else would u go on break 15 min before me and stay after I leave? n I've been here 1 week idk idk idk
I came down like an undercover boss, I don't know the future, but I hope our paths cross.
How come Undercover Boss makeovers always just involve making dudes look like a mom at a bar mitzvah.
Yo you need to do some undercover boss type stuff at the 49th st location in st Pete FL. These people terrible, like REALLY BAD
Sat down to watch but can't bc the DVR recorded Undercover Boss instead. Pls give your real schedule.
Like, have you ever seen undercover boss? Lol
"Who's the Boss?" - Bruce Springsteen gets in disguise and goes undercover in this hilarious hidden-camera prank show.
My talents include watching hours of Undercover Boss while sobbing uncontrollably
My new favorite summer show! This show has Undercover Boss beat! I love how the family is presented their new home. Bravo!
"Some one who just walked in, I asked him a question? What do you do.he said I am the undercover boss? really ?
Kissed by an Angel who was an Undercover Boss for Law and Order:SVU
Undercover Boss is basically capitalists opening a kissing booth for charity points.
Oriental Trading is being featured on Undercover Boss right now (own network). Am watching for research.
Undercover boss always makes me tear up 😭😭😭😐
Watching Paddy Power/ Undercover boss brings back so many memories.
Undercover boss always gets to me😪 like some of the stories are like wow
Undercover Boss actually just made me cry
"I wonder if this person in a wig and fake beard being followed by a film crew is my boss, undercover?" - no-one on Undecover Boss, ever.
ooh boss lol .. I'm undercover drummer n u putting me out like that lol .. Thanks tho
Sick at home .. watching Undercover Boss and it gets me every *** time. 😢
The ending of Undercover Boss always makes me teary.
Undercover Boss episode of Dutch Bros, is amazing
watching reruns of Masterchef- on couch with - I'll watch anything today 😂😂. Undercover Boss even appeals today.
Time to make dem boss moves... Someone gotta do it. Going undercover.
This Undercover Boss is the most emotional ever. It's about Cinnabon and...*sniff*...we...we don't have them here! 😭
Every restaurant has their tricks, or secret menus... And Starbucks has some of the most awesome secret drinks of...
the boss should go undercover again at this particular place and find out what is happening here. Customers are being DISRESPECTED 😡
i was lookin for Undercover Boss, saw this and was like why the *** not
T.J. is like, "The hitman says that the Mob boss is a man of honor, unlike you, the undercover cop-turned-police chief…
I liked a video UNDERCOVER BOSS USA S04E16 -
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THANK YOU❤️❤️ i wanted to watch Undercover Boss when its in
[Undercover Boss]. Boss wearing fake glasses: hello I am new here and def not ur boss in disguise. Me: either way u look like an ***
Okay, I'm ready to admit it: I love Undercover Boss. In can't help it!
I consider watching Undercover Boss + crying at the end every time one of my main hobbies.
Undercover Boss in a nutshell reddit, funny
Undercover Boss in a nutshell Find more Fun at
Just watched an episode of undercover boss where the boss decides to just buy an employee new boobs
Watched undercover boss ON Demand! What a great experience and amazing opportunity you've given to each of those employees! Kudos!
I just watched an undercover boss where the boss fired the one girl and bought the other girl a pair of fake ***
Still waiting for undercover boss to show up at sonic, ask me about my life story, and give me a car
There's this new girl at work. The manager asked me to train her. I feel like I'm on undercover boss. She's so weird 😅
I came on Netflix to watch undercover boss I hate myself so much
I love undercover boss and then I love bawling at the end of it. Like seriously
Currently eating in bed eating cheese curls crying at undercover boss.. What is life
Watching undercover boss at Popeyes... Makes me want to go get Popeyes... Hm
I just got into Undercover Boss ( thanks ) and pretty much it just makes me want to cry
Looking forward to seeing the latest episode of Undercover Boss. Does the boss of FIFA know what's going on in his organisation?
If you missed Gigi on her Undercover Boss show, not to worry, you can watch the rerun on Friday June 12th!!
I don't cry over tv shows or sports (not even about United,that just makes me a raving beyotch), but Undercover Boss always gets me!! 😢😢😢
Is it mandatory for every undercover boss to attach a small muskrat to their upper lip to remain anonymous?
[WP] You are an undercover agent in notorious crime ring. The crime boss gets wind of a mole in the organization. …
Undercover boss be having me on my neck!!! Lol
Undercover boss really gets to me ...
Guy on the El recapping Forman Mills episode of Undercover Boss. "Dude, he crashed the fork lift."
Undercover Boss on is a pretty good show. Great insight into world class companies w/ some nice stories along the way.
Undercover Boss makes me cry every single time. 😭
I like Undercover Boss tho. Those bosses have no idea . . .smh
Ending a week of work winding down with undercover boss, my apple scented candle, and my kitty💙
Wish I could be the CEO for Burger King on an episode of undercover boss right now. I would have just fired every single one of your ***
Undercover Boss is so unrealistic, nobody ever gets busted jerking off in their cubicle with turquoise panties around thei…
Indianapolis is on undercover boss lol
Find out why it's good to be Armando Montelongo.
Gigi is coming to Winston Salem!!!Be sure to watch Gigi on a rerun of "Undercover Boss" a week from…
had the day off so I watched 5 episodes of Undercover Boss and cried during every single one
we're watching undercover boss in class and I want to cry
Just violently pranked the new guy at work! That'll teach him for being so old and always hanging out with those Undercover Bo…
only shed a few tears during the White Castle episode of Undercover Boss
The gang and I! We watching undercover boss to clear my mind! Happy Sunday!!
it's impossible to watch an episode of Undercover Boss and not cry.
Undercover Boss is the best show ever. 😢
I cry every time I watch undercover boss
Why the *** does undercover boss always make me cry?!
Include Undercover Boss in this nauseating class of shows.
Undercover Boss is easily my favorite tv show 👌🏼
my step dad is watching undercover boss and im TRYINg to enjoy mbav
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Standard Sunday. In bed before 8. Watching Undercover Boss and crying in my bed
Everytime I watch Undercover Boss I cry. Some of the stories are touching.󾌹󾌹
That one episode of undercover boss . I would've fired bull on the spot .
Ohmygosh this particular episode of "Undercover boss" has got me in tears. Lives being dramatically changed by the kindness of one person
Undercover Boss be sad at the end when the Bosses do nice things for their employees that are struggling.!
undercover boss makes me cry EVERYTIME! 😭😭
i cry at the end of every episode of Undercover Boss
Undercover Boss be bringing tears to my eyes when they be giving them gifts out at the end
Undercover boss makes me cry all the time 😩
Undercover Boss makes me tear up every time...
No. A film crew is not following around a trainee at Arby's. How the *** do you not know you're on undercover boss at this point?
I be watching undercover boss crying my eyes out lol
How many episodes of treehouse masters or undercover boss can I watch until I die? This is a real question
I just want to be cast as a down and out food service worker, on an episode of Undercover Boss.
I love this show... appreciate your employees, they are the ones helping you get rich... — watching Undercover Boss
Coming up next on Undercover Boss: The CEO of Rally's/Checkers realizes that restaurants are still in operation.
Undercover Boss got me again. Last segment always brings a tear to my eye. 😂👍🏿
I'm watching undercover boss and I'm.cryign
Ugh Undercover Boss gets me every time. . Every. Single. Time.
Everyone at this cookout is just awkwardly sitting around occasionally commenting on this apperently riviting episode of undercover boss
Watching Undercover Boss while I wait for my stupid computer to update
Undercover Boss always brings me to tears
Undercover boss should be called world's dumbest employees can't tell that's a fake mustache.
Undercover boss just made me cry , what is life .
Undercover Boss is a great show when the bosses really learn something.
*happy crying at the good results of Undercover Boss*
Undercover Boss has become my new favorite show
I don't think I have ever watched an episode of Undercover Boss without crying.
You have to analyze AT face value. I saw a CEO on Undercover Boss that was rich financially , but BANKRUPT health wise.
That moment when the undercover boss has to blow his cover because the workers aren't performing at the required standard. Lol
This guy on Undercover Boss is annoying
With all the horror movies I could be watching, what am I watching? "Undercover Boss" repeats. *SMH* Moving on...
SOS undercover boss has me all in my feelins rn
Undercover WiNG SAUCE BOSS at the 10th Annual http…
Guess I shouldn't be eating while watching Undercover Boss. They're working in a "fish meal" plant. So freaking nasty! 😝😜
Maybe the undercover boss should use some of that charity money to buy a decent wig
Phenix Founder and President Gina Rivera with Richie Roman from Undercover Boss at the Phenix 1929 Family Reunion!
*Undercover Boss sits down with young employee for heart to heart . Employee: actually, my life is great . Undercover Boss: *blank stare*
I’m thinking of opening a crafts store so I can go on Undercover Boss to spy on my employees, because I know they’re stea…
LOL why do I cry during Undercover Boss?! 😏
Undercover Boss gets me every time.. 😭😭
Undercover boss is my favorite show ever
I've done nothing but lay in bed and watch undercover boss since I woke up
I liked a video from Undercover Boss US S05E02 HDTV x264 2HD
I liked a video from Undercover Boss US S06E01 HDTV x264 W4F
This story makes me seriously cringe. *** is wrong with people: keep it classy
Undercover boss always makes me cry 😥
just saw your "undercover boss" coach. Like your style and those young adults are lucky to have you as a mentor …
Watching Undercover Boss - we'd love to see sponsor a race car driver 🏁
:') Love this show! Gives me hope if you work hard & do right, good things will come to you! Positive — watching Undercover Boss
Calling all Undercover Boss fans! . Brad Scott of Scott Brothers Dairy Farm shares his family’s experience with...
I'm watching "Undercover Boss" and earning great rewards from Twin Peaks.
Undercover Boss / Calin / Sightings. New thread, re the TV show, "Undercover Boss" Apparently spotted, YQM to …
Central Catholic says gift for 'Undercover Boss' worker, not help for Peduto via
How can someone ask the CEO at an all staff meeting consisting of 700 people if he'd ever go on undercover boss 😂
Undercover boss always making me feel some type of way 😭
Why does undercover boss make me tear up
UCFB undercover boss would be ace. Imagine Phil Wilson living in a -2 degrees crown
I like undercover boss a bit more than I should
I really enjoy watching the Undercover Boss episodes. Nothing like seeing hard working people receive unexpected rewards for their hard work
Undercover Boss is so emotional sometimes!
Undercover boss USA the boss buys the workers cars... Houses... Pays of 10's of thousands of pounds worth of...
Im here bawling at undercover boss lol. I must be tired
Still haven't decided If I like waking up at 9am yet. I'm so flipping bored. Sat here watching 'Undercover Boss' on YouTube.
Guess which loser is sitting here crying at Undercover Boss 🙋
'Going undercover made me a better boss' via
less disconnect tween registered clinician managers/leaders & shop floor if all continued in hands on practice. See "un…
The other night I watched an episode of Undercover Boss that had me in tears due to the wife of a worker going...
Chick left menchies to become a "professional dancer" undercover boss basically put it in nice terms that she became a stripper lmao
Compulsory work experience for MPs where they do a low paid job like Undercover Boss for two weeks a year
I'm actually getting emotional over this episode of undercover boss 😭
Food and undercover boss! Menchies style since we got one here in boardman this will be good
Undercover boss should come to this location lol
Watching Undercover Boss on the DVR...always makes me cry.
Undercover boss is so awkward and I love it so much.
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Undercover Boss is the best show ever bro get me every time 😢😭
i wish would do Undercover Boss & see how hard we bust our tails the night before the Big Kahuna visits
I need to get a job and anonymously suggest Undercover Boss get in contact with the CEO so I can glo up.
"I want to watch undercover boss season 2 episode 4"
This episode of Undercover Boss there are no employees with dead children. Just a teenager with a dead dad...
Come 2 the classrooms! It will be like an episode of undercover boss! We can call it accountable boss or respon…
Undercover boss makes me cry at the end
This is such an inspiring story of pursuing personal greatness!
Visit Pittsburgh bought a full page ad in the NYTimes Magazine this weekend. Probably more cost more than the Undercover Bo…
I Love Ronni and undercover boss and boston market
rick U were by far the best owner on Undercover Boss I know u will b blessed back many times over 4 UR generous heart
I just played The Undercover Boss Disguise Matching Game and scored 13 out of 15
I saw your overwhelming generosity on UnderCover Boss and was moved, from now on I'll be using Choice Hotels when traveling
So Undercover Boss was just for show. You really don't care about me or your customers.
You know your roommate cares about you when he says 'wanna watch the undercover boss dutch bros episode'
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I'm tired of watching undercover boss.
Watching undercover boss and this chick is taking her job at subway super seriously.. It's subway
Why do I always watch undercover boss? I always end up crying. I am such a baby.
Your company could do an undercover boss. Plenty of people don't know *** And don't confuse a handshake with a good old fashioned FU.
I used to like Peavey, until I watched their episode of Undercover Boss last week.
Once again undercover boss has got me crying.
Check out this full episode of Undercover Boss
And yet they managed to take that premise and spin it into Undercover Boss
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto faces questions over his appearance on "Undercover Boss."
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto got in trouble for his appearance on Undercover Boss.
Undercover Boss, "Armando Montelongo" more interested in selling seminars instead of flipping real estate.
I'm disappointed in Undercover Boss for featuring Armando Montelongo tonight. Should we expect Bernie Madoff next week?
Why am I crying while watching "Undercover Boss"? This Boss is awesome... You go Armando Montelongo impacting lifes
Didn't you check out the background of Armando Montelongo now on Undercover Boss? His company has an "F" BBB rating. Not good.
Undercover Boss tonight Armando Montelongo of San Antonio star of Property Wars, Flip this House, author & speaker
domain names
Stella and Dot is featured on Undercover Boss tonight. Fun!
Stella and Dot is on Undercover Boss right now
Stella & Dot was on Undercover Boss tonight. And then this happened! I can't help but think of the…
Did you see Undercover Boss tonight on CBS? Stella and Dot CEO Jessica Herrin was the featured BOSS!
Stella & Dot Family Brands CEO and Founder Jessica Herrin to Appear on CBS' "Undercover Boss," Friday, Jan. 30
I'm trying to watch Undercover Boss featuring Stella and Dot but Lucky has other ideas.
Our CEO Jessica Herrin is on Undercover Boss right now!!! Love it! Watch it and find out…
8pm ET on CBS, tune in to see Stella & Dot on Undercover Boss and shop for a cause while you're…
Bill Peduto on Undercover Boss was sketchy about the money & the shots of city were the usual boring incline, there are other parts of city
Stella & Dot's CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin, will be featured on CBS's hit series "Undercover Boss"…
It's date night and we're watching Stella & Dot's CEO on CBS's "Undercover Boss" tonight! Pour…
DA says may have been illegal for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto to give money to city employees as part of appearance on "Undercover Boss."
Forman Mills is the worst company on Undercover Boss I have ever seen. He should be ashamed of himself. He should know because he is the owner if things are outdated or how they work I think this particular Undercover Boss is a farce should be ashamed of yourselves
Rick Forman is the head of Forman Mills, which is featured on Undercover Boss. Read on for details on his time on the show and what past employees think.
nothing on tv so watching Undercover Boss is was the company Forman Mills and there was an employee that said he is a grampa well he should be at home or retired he shouldn't be working at his age, well at the end they gave her money, a raise and made her a manager hum does anyone else see anything wrong with this or is it just me
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Did anyone catch the episode of Undercover Boss? Featuring Forman Mills Clothing store CEO and owner. Well they are a customer of mine. I clean there tile and grout in there home that was shown on the show. Pictures to come.
So watched Undercover Boss with Forman Mills as the featured company and for those who want to know I just saw a commercial saying that tomorrow only Everything in the store will be half price, plus there will be extended hours. So l know it's gonna snow tomorrow, but if you can get there...l'm just saying.
I just watched Undercover Boss ... This is my most Favorite Boss yet . Forman Mills . This Man Truly Rocks ... If I could tell him myself I would ... Him & Curtis . I'm thinking about giving up WAITRESSING & going to WORK For Him ! This Show made my Heart Swell With Love & Tears !it was that *** GOOD ! Had to share . Cuz Sharing Is Caring !
Okay. . Explain this to me... I'm watching Undercover Boss. They are in Philadelphia at Forman Mills. This boss did the same thing that all the shows do at the end. - they reward the employees who worked with them during the show with thousands of dollars toward a need which was uncovered through personal conversation. . And, all the bosses appear to be shocked that the few thousand dollars can make such a difference in these lives - people's hopes and dreams. .. My question is why don't these bosses pay the workers a higher wage in the first place... and why only help the ones on the show... why not give everyone a raise? Evidently they can afford it, or does it have to be a camera opp? Also, earlier I watched our Republican congressional leaders say that they would never past a bill for higher mimium wages because it was a "Bad Idea!" WHAT? ?
Undercover Boss does an episode on Forman Mills, sets it in Chicago. Seriously, what does it take for the media to acknowledge Philly?
Just watched Undercover Boss...Forman Mills is a disgrace.
Did the CEO from Forman Mills on Undercover Boss just clean the toilet & put his glove in mouth? Surely not.
Ya'll would die at the Forman Mills episode of Undercover Boss.
Did y'all know that Forman Mills is featured on Undercover Boss tonight??? FORRRMANNN MIILSSS! LOL!
I get Forman Mills so much better after watching the Einstein of an owner on Undercover Boss. That store concept was mystery to me before.
Oh my gosh! They're doing an Undercover Boss on Forman Mills! Philly viewing area probably knows commercial. Forman Mills!
The show Undercover Boss is in Forman Mills in Pennsauken, NJ. How cool is that?
Check out the details on Maaco President Jose Costa from Undercover Boss, plus all his best photos.
Me & my son giggle during Undercover Boss last night :)
Sitting in my living room watchin undercover BOSS and making sloppy Joe m have a great saturday woo town. Love ya
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Up at 2:00am having terrible nightmares! TG I have an Awesome Counselor and Awesome Friends & Family! TY so much. If you had the chance to watch "Undercover Boss" 1/23/15, my Hometown of Camarillo, CA was on it for Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop. Love to you all! XOXOXO
No bonus points for Undercover Boss. What a waste of my time.
Wow! We are all over the TV recently.Steve Harvey, RHOBH, now Undercover Boss. See Stella & Dot CEO Jessica Herrin Friday, January 30 at 8pm as she goes Undercover at S & D. Want to be a part of this amazing company? Message me or go to to check out our limited time sign on bonus ending January 31, 2015.
Undercover boss,Secret millionaire, Extreme makeover - home edition. These shows helps people and change lives
Who watches "Undercover Boss"? Stella & Dot will be the first social selling company on the show 1/30!! Can't wait!!
We're giving away $5,000! Click to enter & watch Undercover Boss THIS Sunday 8/7c on CBS.
Pittsburgh mayor, official spar over 'Undercover Boss' fund
PITTSBURGH (AP) - A county official says she's withholding funds from a Pittsburgh tourism agency until it details contributions linked to the mayor's appearance on 'Undercover Boss.' Mayor Bill Peduto appeared on the CBS show last month and pledged $155,000 to help four needy city workers. Peduto h…
Bill for mayor's 'Undercover Boss' promise riles Pittsburgh
Does anybody watch Undercover boss? Does anybody else cry like a baby in the end? I'm asking this for a friend.
VisitPittsburgh won’t get nearly $700,000 in funding until it explains the $25,000 contribution to the show “Undercover Boss,” says Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner.
I'm drowning in my tears watching undercover boss! Plz *** home
This undercover boss from lastnight is a emotional one so I'm glad I'm watching it alone
Just watched undercover boss Marianne Mike Banales! So proud of you! Leslie Blaze and Debbie Orkin Steinfeld I saw you too 😉!
We're giving away $5,000 cash! Just click through, sign up for our email list and you're entered. Click for full details - and watch our CEO Rick Forman this Sunday on Undercover Boss - 8/7c on CBS!
obviously. Transparency, accountability and good use of public money just aren't campaign slogans
Did you know that 'Undercover Boss' was Trending Topic on Friday 23 for 6 hours in Pittsburgh?
"By late afternoon, things just got weird" as Grant St Dems clashed and mayor assumed alter ego, reports
If a new, fat white guy gets hired at your place of work & shows up with a camera crew, you're probably on an episode of "…
Behind the scenes pictures of Rick Forman & Kurtis Deal on the set of CBS' s Talk Philly. Watch Undercover Boss tomorrow at 8pm on CBS.
Tampa, Florida -- There is a surprising 100 different kinds of soda and all kinds of candy in the Rocket Fizz store in Tampa. But, a bigger surprise was a visit from the CBS\' show \"Undercover Boss.\" Marianne Banales, who owns three Rocket Fizz stores, says she had no clue she was on the show.
Local franchise Rocket Fizz gets some sweet publicity on Undercover Boss at 8pm on KCOY
Now and again I record Undercover Boss on Friday nights. I remembered to do that tonight, and when I went to watch it, it was for Rocket Fizz, Soda and Candy Store. We went to the one in Tampa on Christmas Eve - so Aaron could get Lisa and his mom their salt water taffy fixes!! and they visited that store on the show!! It is a very neat place and we spent ALOT of time there looking at everything. I didn't buy much due to lack of space to pack for the trip home but lots of nostalgia candy and LOTS of odd flavored sodas - like bacon flavored!
Check out Undercover Boss tonight at 8:00! My friend's daughter Kim works at Rocket Fizz in Vista and is on the show.
I have a funny story,Stan called from Montana to say Brian Antes called and ask him if he who anyone in Camarillo with a red crow Vicky with a Victory Baptist church sign he said yes my mom,well my car was on TV Undercover Boss tonight about The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy store.. We are going to watch at 8 pm to see.
Will be watching Undercover Boss at 8:00 Rocket Fizz in Camarillo
Robert Powells from Rocket Fizz takes on a disguise to get the inside scoop on his company in an episode of Undercover Boss.
Carrollwood Rocket Fizz was on Undercover Boss tonight...Cool soda and candy..500 kinds of soda and all possible Mike & Ikes
Rocket Fizz on "Undercover Boss." Rocket Fizz website fizzles under the load Back up now.
Lol Rocket Fizz is on Undercover Boss right now 🙈🙈
This episode of Undercover Boss is giving me major candy cravings! My new goal is to visit a Rocket Fizz store.
Try and also include more programming related to Travel/Adventure & shows like The Secret Millionaire , Undercover Boss
Watching "Undercover Boss" and imagining an SNL skit where George Lucas does that at the ranch. Hilarity would, I'm sure, ensue.
power boss. If only my old employers were like them I would still be working there now
Going to get foot checked but thing it should be my head sitting crying at undercover boss
Thoroughly enjoyed watching undercover boss about Extremely insightful. I like how they rewarded the whole company in the end.
I need to go to work and stop watching undercover boss and crying
Undercover boss making me cry again
TERRY'S TOP TIP OF THE DAY: If you're at work and a new bloke in a terrible wig turns up with a film crew, and they tell you he's unemployed and they're there to film him training in a new career. Makes sure you are really nice to him, and give him a massive sob story about your life. Because even if it's not Undercover Boss, and the bloke really is unemployed and is being followed around by Channel 4 and he really has got alopecia, you don't want to look like an incompetent tool on TV.
look what I've watched, is it like where you worked?
All the paddypower heads that work in broomhill are on undercover boss channel 4 ha
Undercover Boss Paddy Power edition: oh the humanity.
No no no! I refuse to watch Undercover Boss today. I'd rather strip more wallpaper than become a blubbering mess 2 days in a row.
Paddy Power on undercover boss on channel 4
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