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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a television franchise series that has been released in multiple countries, originating in 2009 on the British Channel 4. The show’s format is based on a senior executive of a company working undercover in their own firm to investigate how the company really works and identify how it can be improved, as well as rewarding the hard working staff.

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I just watched that show Undercover Boss for 7Eleven and omg I cried this one guy is so cute bc he is "living the American dream" aw I'm cry
I just want to make it through one episode of Undercover Boss without shedding a tear. Just once.
AND known for a highly entertaining appearance on Undercover Boss: Canada. Glaring omission
Jeff Platt, Owner and VP of Sky Zone, is appearing on Undercover Boss this Friday on CBS at 8pm !! htt…
Sky Zone's CEO Jeff Platt was the Undercover Boss on tonight's show and boy did he do us all proud. It highlighted how great and positive this business is and how much our employees love and care about what they do. On top of that he made dreams come true for 4 very special employees (one of ours in Oaks, PA) changing their lives in very powerful ways. Way to go Jeff and Sky Zone!
Just watched the episode of Undercover Boss with the CEO from Sky Zone. This guy was wonderful, He helped former Drug Addicts, Minority Ex-Cons and a Transgender Girl that wants to be a boy plus a 21 year old boy that was fabulous and needed Physical Therapy. We should support his business... He lost his mom to cancer and treats his staff really well!! Now, Go Jump! ROCK ON Sky Zone!
The hipster dude from California with the scruffy haircut and the untied shoelaces working at Westborough's Sky Zone was keeping a big secret from his new coworkers - he was actually CEO of the indoor trampoline company.Jeff Platt, 29, is the youngest CEO to appear on Undercover Boss, the popular re...
Employees at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park got a bit of a surprise recently when the CEO of the company paid a visit to the site, in disguise. As part of the popular CBS series "Undercover Boss," Sky Zone...
Tonight's CBS episode of "Undercover Boss," featured the youngest CEO of the show so far. Jeff Platt is the 29-year-old CEO of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park,
Did you see the episode of Undercover Boss tonight, featuring Sky Zone and our awesome CEO Jeff Platt! What was your favorite part?
Just saw the show Undercover Boss , Sky Zone. There is one in Oaks Pennsylvania, next door to where my daughter dances. The CEO, is 29 years old. He did so many good things to help his workers. He is a class act of what all CEO's should be like. That is how you build a business. I recommend you catch it ON DEMAND on CBS.
ALERT: Due to the ACC basketball tournament on WBTV, several programs including soap operas will be aired at a later time. - Undercover Boss will air Saturday at 2:07 a.m. - Hawaii Five-O will air Saturday at 3:07 a.m. - Blue Bloods will air Monday at 1:00 a.m. - CBS Soaps: Y&R and B&B will air Sunday at 12:35 a.m.
OK, so if you're not at Sky Zone Elmhurst jumping, then we KNOW you're counting down to watching our CEO on Undercover Boss. 15 minutes, people!!! Check it out on CBS!!!
Undercover Boss is the CEO of Sky Zone and he's in Oaks!
One of my favorite shows to watch on Friday night is Undercover Boss and they're at the Sky Zone tonight! What are the chances?
Are you watching Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt on CBS' Undercover Boss? Curious about what goes into building a trampoline park? Watch him now as he builds a park from the ground up with the corporate building crew!
Watching "Undercover Boss" on CBS right now. Jeff Platt, CEO of Sky Zone is undercover at one of his locations. So excited this concept is coming to Springfield! Looks like so much fun and fitness for so many age levels. Already tearing up hearing about the employee who is training Mr. Platt - what an inspirational young man. It's only half over - tune in to KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News to see the rest.
Westboro Sky Zone is on Undercover Boss right now!
Undercover Boss is broadcasting from a site in Westborough. Called Sky Zone. Never heard of this.
Undercover Boss is Sky Zone. It mentioned how they opened one in St. Louis if anyone is interested.
Please join us as we view Undercover Boss on CBS featuring Sky Zone!
The second season of Cinemax's Banshee comes to a close tonight. There are also new episodes of Grimm, Blue Bloods, The Neighbors, Helix, Enlisted, Hannibal, Hawaii Five-0, Shark Tank, RAKE, Undercover Boss, Raising Hope and more.
The Sky Zone franchise has been good for our family with our 3rd one opening in May in The Woodlands. We will be watching Sky Zone tonight on the season finale of Undercover Boss.
Entertainment News for Friday 3/14/14: The legendary HAL DOUGLAS . . . who narrated THOUSANDS of movie trailers over the years . . . died last Friday of complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 89. You may not know his name, but you'd definitely recognize his voice. CBS renewed 20 shows yesterday: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Person Of Interest, Elementary, CSI, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, 2 Broke Girls, freshman The Millers, Two And A Half Men, Mike & Molly, Mom,The Big Bang Theory, The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, Survivor, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. "The Mentalist", "The Crazy Ones" "Hostages" and "Intelligence" were NOT among them. That doesn't necessarily mean they're canceled, but it's not a good sign. CBS Will Launch ‘Big Bang Theory’ On Different Night As NFL Begins ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is auctioning off chances for someone to fly to Los Angeles, hang out with him for a day and crush stuff in his TANK. All the proceeds benefit the children's charity After-School All-Star ...
CEO Jeff Platt, aka "Scott" refs a Dodgeball game! Check out Undercover Boss this Friday on CBS
I thought Jimmy Fallon was hilarious on the Tonight Show last night. I especially loved the way he made fun of the show Undercover Boss!
I love the tv show "Undercover Boss".. I could spend hours watching the different episodes that show CEOs of their own businesses working secretly beside their employees. The mark of a great leader is knowledgable insight to those he leads. Often times these undercover bosses witness things that cause them to make changes in company policies and regimental operations. Sometimes, they uncover an employee that needs redirection and they politely mentor them right into their next realm of employment. (Nicely and tastefully shedding themselves of bad employees.) Once inside the underbelly of the workforce, these owners of the mega million operations can see. the people. Those people that make their life of prosperity possible. I like that! Face in the mirror, Jesus, Himself, lends us insight that we, as His namesakes, work along side Him daily. He wants us to dig what we do and do it well as His representatives. I love this passage that tells of how closely we have worked with Him unknowingly; Matthew 25:34-4 ...
Undercover Boss on tv of Utah Jazz basketball team...reminds me of Karl Malone Dan Malone years ago when he confessed about his lifestyle...blew money...partied to the hilt...cheated on his wife and family, etc. ...he apologized and said he was going to do a complete funny was that? .. new math I guess ;-)
Greg Miller - CEO of Larry Miller Group & Utah Jazz doing his late father proud on Undercover Boss
Greg Miller, CEO of Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, will be on Undercover Boss tonight at 7pm on CBS!
The guy on undercover boss is sow nice.
Just pretend that you’re the boss undercover. They’ll never know. Safe travels and say ‘hi’ to the AU guys and Rojas for me.
Utah Jazz the First NBA Franchise on CBS's Undercover Boss, Friday - Huffington Post -
Watching undercover boss and crying my eyes out.I need to get out more
Undercover boss makes me cry at the end every single time. I say in my head " don't do it " but then I do and feel weak inside
Finishing up this episode of undercover boss then going to bed.
Next time on "Undercover Boss": boss is disheartened, sobs, realizes dreams are a waste, fires everyone and then quits be…
I can't stop watching Undercover Boss😂 they need to come to flags 😩
is it undercover boss? It's usually undercover boss these days.
This guy just tried to sell his CEO weed on Undercover Boss.. 😂😂😂
Greg Miller, CEO of the Utah Jazz is going to be on the next "Undercover Boss." Now everyone other than jazz fans get to see how much the Miller's suck at owning a basketball team!
I swear I be so emotional watching undercover boss when they help out their workers
I spent my night "off" by drinking 3 beers, watching Undercover Boss, and going to bed at 10:30 PM. And you thought I wasn't edgy.
REMINDER: Tomorrow night, / Utah Jazz CEO is on "Undercover Boss" at 7 p.m. MT on CBS. Set your DVR now!
I swear I wish Undercover Boss paid a visit at my job to see the foolery that takes place.
"I am truly King. I am playing Undercover Boss, and you all failed."
I'm officially hooked on the TV show Undercover Boss. I've downloaded the episodes available on CBS on demand. Lol. - David
on Undercover Boss Canada, the owner of the Oshawa franchise was ripped into by the COO
Wild Wings Oshawa owner got ripped into on Undercover Boss lol
Tomorrow if you liked undercover boss be
Gonna be a good Undercover Boss tomorrow as the Utah Jazz will be featured
*** you Undercover Boss for the tears.
I missed the Wild Wings episode of UnderCover Boss.
Lool it's so funny that only a Canadian wasn't able to make it out of undercover boss
Watching Undercover Boss Canada a thy end up in the 'Shwa... Weird seeing them at 5 Points
I'm about 25% sure I'm going to be on some future episode of Undercover Boss.
... How does everyone on Undercover Boss have a heartbreaking life story?
I know undercover boss is fake because the employees always complain to get money and trips
i just had a brainstorm laying in bed watching killer kaoroke.i am going to put together a public prank with my new cam crew where i act like a CEO from the tv show 'undercover boss' who comes out of disguise to tell all his employees they are worthless !
It's a shame that they went with the name Undercover Boss, instead of what it was originally titled Poverty Simulator 2000.
This episode of undercover boss makes me want wild wing 😍
Undercover Boss Canada was wild wing here in Ottawa. What a mess that was! Plus who deep fries their hamburgers? Ewww!!
another one of my favorite shows on 'Undercover Boss Canada'. 😊
Say the truth, whole truth, no. undercover freak, I'm guilty. Check please, pay the cost. To be the boss, just bill me
how do they even film Undercover Boss without blowing their cover?
Oh oh, the Wild Wing Undercover Boss is on. Some seriously awkward TV right there.
The endings of Undercover Boss always has me bawling like a baby! Imagine their surprise and reward for hard work...super sweet
I can't watch Undercover Boss without shedding a tear. Something about good people being rewarded for doing good things.
I just finished watching Undercover Boss Canada and now im sitting here crying like a baby. What the *** is wrong with me?
Crying while watching undercover boss.
Mandarin gives out the best Undercover Boss presents
Undercover boss always gets me at the end 😢
Undercover boss has a special place in my heart
Undercover Boss Canada just made me fell in love with fedex canada. That women is jusy amazing. Touching stories.
security guard sets out to change low level laborers' lives by posing as a trainee in UNDERCOVER BIG BOSS MAN
Undercover Boss makes me cry...everytime
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Gearing up for a Brand New Season of Undercover Boss! If anyone knows any great companies please feel free to share! Excited to make this the BEST season yet!!
So excited to see PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum on CBS Undercover Boss next Friday. Inbound Lead Solutions will be li…
Did you hear.PostNet is going to be on UnderCover Boss again. It's airing March 7th on CBS. Is it our store?...
And Undercover Boss is going to the Mandarin where I got food poisoning. I hope this episode gets gross.
Man I gotta watch undercover boss now
Mandarin makes $1 per lunch customer according to Undercover Boss. Even less when I go because I load up Tupperware containers in my purse
Kicking back watching undercover boss with my mom. Having fun :) with Robin Mattingly.
Utah Jazz CEO going on undercover boss lol wonder if he'll talk about his team tanking
March 7 at 8:00 pm, Menchie's will be on Undercover Boss. minutes prior to the show, our commercial will be on. Come in re: freebies!
I watched the Undercover Boss Canada episode and I cried
Just watched an episode of undercover boss that made me cry unlike anything I've ever seen
Wrong episode of undercover boss to watch when I'm feeling like this.
Undercover boss is getting me really emotional 😢
Greg Miller on Undercover Boss tomorrow MST on CBS! Can't wait!
Watching undercover boss. It'll be nice to what Wells Fargo undercover
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REMINDER... anyone whom watches undercover boss and is interested, tomorrow is the episode with Greg Miller CEO of the Utah Jazz and several more businesses
Guess what? Menchie's will be featured in a new episode of 'Undercover Boss' on Friday the 7th of March at 8 pm Eastern. The first time we were featured, the ratings were fantastic. CBS decided it was time to do a follow up show. This means you have another shot at FREE FROYO. Tune in and text 'menchies' during the show to 35350. Be patient as there will be 1,000's texting during this time. A coupon will come back to you for free FroYo on 3/8 or 3/9. This assumes your phone carrier is a participant. (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Boost, U.S. Cellular and Alltel.
Tune into CBS tomorrow night (Friday) at 7 pm CST and watch Undercover Boss. The show will be broadcast from the Energy Solution Arena in Salt Lake City. My son-in-law is the cute furry one!!!
Marcus Reyes Are you coming down for this Undercover Boss thing?
Greg Miller is going to be on Undercover Boss tomorrow night. It will be fun to see a Utah company spotlighted.
Greg Miller, CEO of the Utah Jazz, competes with an employee to sell chicken baskets while working at the concession stand, on UNDERCOVER BOSS, Friday, Feb. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM,ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
I met a real "Treasure" at Wendy's when I was in Taylorsville for a Class Reunion Committee meeting on Monday night. The employee behind the counter was actually named Treasure. I wanted to "rest", use my Frosty coupon and get a drink for the road. This girl was amazing--she helped me select a drink product and said she would use a little less ice since I was traveling; so it would last longer and made certain my Frosty was secure so it wouldn't spill. Then, she wanted to know if there was anything else she could do to assist my travel experience!!! WOW!!! I frequent many Wendy's during my travels and in my local area, but this girl was exceptional and so pleasant. If there is an Undercover Boss story to feature a Wendy's employee--it should be her!!! She needs to be in management. I spent less than $1 that night but found a real "Treasure-Trove" in her. (I left a tip for more than I spent, and I insisted she take it.) Her kindness was worth millions to the company, and I encourage my family mem ...
Just cause people have corporate jobs doesn't mean there smart half of them I no lucked up on there spots in the company and don't no sh watch that show undercover boss its sad if u own a 7-11 how isn't these corporate people can't make coffee or unload boxes how do u become corporate but u no nothing about the stores u run.
You know that show "Undercover Boss" ??? I think EVERY POLITICAL Person should have to go undercover as a Min. wage worker. B4 they run for anything.
If anyone watches Undercover Boss, Bob has been told that he is in the background of this weeks episode.
i was watching Undercover Boss and i wonder how this show even works anymore, everyone should be curious if a guy comes in competing on some "reality show".
I just saw the commercial for undercover boss it's about the Utah Jazz owner Greg Miller will be watching that
PODCAST - Greg Miller is the Undercover Boss this Friday on CBS at 8 ET/7mtn. I sat down with him about his experience and the making of the show
So I'm watching UnderCover Boss.. And the owner and his family live in Greenwood, DE... A millionaire in Greenwood ? I can see Newark or Middletown but ain nothin out Greenwood lol. Good place to hide I guess.
Our very own Business Development Officer, Tom Joyce, is at AireServe with the famous Undercover Boss, Dina Owens-Dwyer!
On Friday, February 28, the Utah Jazz will make television history by becoming the first NBA franchise to be featured on CBS’s two-time Emmy-winning show, “Undercover Boss.” Donning faux facial hair and assuming a new identity, Larry H.…
The producers of “Undercover Boss” were somewhat surprised at how far Utah Jazz CEO Greg Miller was willing to go in an episode of the CBS series that airs Friday, Feb. 28. Working as a ticket-taker or in concessions is one thing. Joining the dunk team was something else. “There’s a significant elem...
If you have ever tuned into the CBS show "Undercover Boss" where owners and corporate executives work undercover to examine their own companies, it...
Looking forward to talking with Utah Jazz CEO Greg Miller this morning at 8:40 about his appearance on "Undercover Boss." The episode airs tomorrow night on CBS. Tune into Morning Talk with Kathy and Duke to hear our discussion!
Franklin, TN –Sevenly founder Dale Partridge has been announced as a featured presenter at the upcoming Justice Film Festival. At the second annual event, Sevenly will also showcase their new TV pilot “Seven Days of Change”. The reality show chronicles a stylish Southern California company that takes on the challenge of implementing life-changing solutions to deserving charities every seven days. Held on Sunday February 23, 2014, the one-day Justice Film Festival takes place at The Downtown Independent theater in Los Angeles. The festival seeks to promote compelling storytelling, celebrate and showcase high quality films and shows that create a platform for conversation and action among justice-minded individuals and organizations. In the vein of reality shows like “Extreme Home Makeover”, “Shark Tank” and “Undercover Boss”, “Seven Days of Change” follows a socially-minded e-commerce company that creates a different campaign each week to raise funds and awareness for deserving cha .. ...
Going to watch "Undercover Boss" this Friday at 7 pm our time. the Utah Jazz franchise and owner Greg Miller is being featured on the program. ;)
Yo just watched undercover boss it was cineplex movies made me want to watch a movie anybody who is down to watch a movie with me message me my treat. But it has to be during the day anybody intrested message me again my treat!!!
I just had the most uncomfortable Undercover Boss experience ever. I was at the Steak 'n Shake on 86th and Michigan Rd. and the Drive-thru was closed so I go in and stand at the bar. While I'm waiting for service this Guy walks in that looks like Joe Biden and sits close to me at the bar. Then finally a old guy wearing a IU sweatshirt tells me all the computers are down so if I want to order something it would take about 20 minutes. I said I have two orders so will that take even longer. Sweatshirt says You're just gonna have to wait. Joe Biden guy stands up and says Is that how you speak to your customers! Sweatshirt says why is it any of your business how I talk. Joe Biden says Because I didn't like the way you talked to her. You were rude to her and I didn't like it. Sweatshirt says I don't have time to talk to you. You're not important. Joe Biden says What's your name? Sweatshirt wouldn't give it to him. Joe Biden say I'm going to ask you one more time What is your name? Sweatshirt says Why! Joe Biden ...
I am so sleepy, going downtown anymore wears me out. And I am so mad at the bus driver took me way down the road. I had to walk back up this long road no side walk,cars coming around the bean he is lucky or Port authority is luck I did not get hit. Every other bus drive let me off at the bottom of my hills. "There has to be one." I have heath issue Mr. I need to find out who I can call in port authority, I already have to walk up a hill. No compassion. I should have been undercover boss the way he tried to front on me.
Great Thursday morning comin' on Majic 105.7 - Cleveland... 7:10 - Theo Von, comedian appearing at Pickwick & Frolic/Hilarities 4th Street Theatre... 8:00 - "Knuckleheads In The News" includes a guy who gets shot in the "twig-n-berries" trying to break into a house. 9:10 - John Wilson of "The Razzie Awards"... 9:30 - CEO of the Utah Jazz, Greg Miller soon to be on "Undercover Boss". Coffee up and let's talk 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM...
Liz and I watched an episode of undercover Boss today, and even with all the bad stuff that goes on in today's times never forget there still are good people out there willing to lend a hand, just remember we never know who's watching.
Never watched Undercover Boss untill now. i like it a lot
I love watching Undercover Boss -they seem to understand where the bottom line lies..,
The Pepsi delivery guy had a beard and a cap and glasses on.. I ask hinm if he was UNDERCOVER BOSS.. cause I had some stuff to say .. lol Then we discussed how we noticed that the biggest complainers on that show get all the dough.. ha ha Ohhh. I would be A millionaress.. Whenever we get a substitute worker I always assume they may be ... so I treat them accordigly.. and start complaining right away! Ha ha
• Last Week of Casting! BRAVO and the Producers behind "Undercover Boss" are searching the LA area for TV watchers to appear in this spring's sizzling hit show, "The People's Couch." Multi-Generational Families in the greater LA area are encouraged to apply now by emailing: TELEWATCHERS
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I wish we had 'Undercover Boss' come to my job. I really don't think upper management kno how these people treat us.
Menchie's is going to be on Undercover Boss on March 7th on CBS! Check us out, should be fun..
Tune in on March 7th for a brand new episode of Undercover Boss. Make sure you text "MENCHIES" during the episode to get your code to receive 5oz free FroYo on March 8th and 9th. You MUST have the code on your phone in order to receive the discount. Please tune in a few minutes prior to the airing of Undercover Boss to watch for Menchies commercial--our first!!!
Being "Undercover Boss". The problem is this boss isn't here to give prizes
Jesus came back as a undercover boss... no one gets any bonus/reward in the end.
Let me just say if my student Laurie Johnston was am undercover boss than my dream is to own 5 more trucks. Lol make that dream come true.
Undercover Boss Canada is a joke compared to undercover boss in the states!! The companies are as successful here but the rewards they give the employees at the end . . . well . . . to say they pale in comparison is such an understatement!!
Beacuse undercover boss i agree with the past campground episode and them studying his head later from seeing episode to compare simularitys to richard nixon and atributes that stand in his stance of how it is simular to god nixon his ways of folical hair on head is intro spect of a near nixons is it possable biblicaky god gave 2 nixons
I like watching undercover boss ...
I think CBS needs to cut Undercover Boss. I don't think anybody is fooled anymore…. "Sure (wink, wink) you're in a reality show, asking me about my problems…uh...I've always dreamed of a Porsche...but sadly, I'm too poor!"
Undercover Boss. The same thing every episode but it still gets me every time.
Get all the scoop on UNDERCOVER BOSS, airing on CBS on Friday, March 7, 2014!
Undercover boss is getting the best of me today. Lol.
Had a surprise, unexpected, this morning...Went to clock in for work at service desk and a couple walked in. I greeted them and well he told me his name was Dan Gordon I said " yea right " come to find out,real quick sure enough..Chairman of the Board was shaking my hand. We later had a very nice chat for about 10 minutes in the back room. I kinda felt like the T.V.Show Undercover Boss as he was in shorts and baseball cap. It was fun& the guy was great! RIGHT HERE IN MELBOURNE,FLORIDA!!
I got invited to a private viewing of Undercover Boss with Greg Miller and other media members this Friday. So... that was cool.
UNDERCOVER BOSS Philippians 2:6 Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. Christ incarnation was not an emptying of himself of his deity, but a clothing of Himself in humanity-in order to be a servant. John Phillips Superman dressed as Clark Kent, but he never ceased to be Superman. :) Press Onward
We spoke with the latest Undercover Boss, Greg Miller of the Utah Jazz about his journey. Find out what he had to say below! What made you decide to go Undercover?They asked! I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to do two things. One, discover ways to improve our organization that I…
I would love for the president of my company to come do an undercover boss type deal at my store...I'd love for corporate to see how hard some people work.
Still thinking about all those awful factory and fieldwork jobs on Undercover Boss. I get to sit on my rear end all day in a comfy chair with a computer in a 72 degree office year round.
I don't think that the company I work for will ever be on an episode of Undercover Boss. Donald Trump is to well known...
I work at a church and some days I really feel like I'm in an episode of Undercover Boss.
Undercover boss past episode nixon look alike on there over campgrounds they didn't get his era like oh may i thank you humble nor wooden idol worshiper may i congratulate you yet my adult only book x rated stars who in world meaning erverted the stars in heaven i idolise we ah don't have any thing to hide us fans of them god nixon and are books we read aren't in the humpback that camel green statue
Undercover boss!!! You make me bawl my eyes out every time!!
Lawd! I cannot be watching Undercover Boss during my ovulation period. I'm way too emotional for this. LOL
Just ate at the popeyes where the undercover boss episode was filmed and guess who comes to the window? The crazy *** lady from the episode. You would have thought I just met miley cyrus lol I cracked myself up lol
Really love watching undercover boss
So everyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely LOVE candles and that Yankee has got to be the best brand but I rarely buy them bc of how *** expensive they are!! .. So... I'm watching undercover boss of Yankee candle and they profit over $700 million a year!! So why the *** can't you lower the cost by just $2 per candle!?!? Lol make your customers happier and make ppl like me that want to be a frequent buyer, be able to be one!! Lol I believe my momma can agree with this lol Michelle Burns
Embarrassing fact of the day: Every time I watch Undercover Boss, I tear up.
Watching undercover boss and they are doing a show on oriental trading in Omaha
Every single episode of Undercover Boss has made me cry. *** is wrong with me 😭
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Have you ever seen the reality TV show where the CEO is disguised and joins the ranks to spy on employees? In higher ed market research this is called ”secret shopping”. The objectives of secret shopping are similar to Undercover Boss – to get an inside view of what really goes on and to have a real...
John went out to watch a movie with our big boys so I watched Call the Midwives, Undercover Boss Canada, and 19 Kids and Counting. Josh Duggar your kids are so cute! I also worked on a short story for HomeLife Magazine that may or may not be about a woman who moved to the south and is overwhelmed with friendly neighbors, cheesy casseroles, and "ya'll," "might-could" and "fixin." And the characters might or might not be composites of some of my favorite people, including my BSF leader and a few of my neighbors.
In this episode Dutch Bros. coffee roaster, pro motocross rider and Undercover Boss star Wil Ries (catches us up on life after the show and how DB supports his passion to ride.
Want to win $150 Gift Card? All you have to do is take a photo of yourself in an Alfred Angelo dress or with our Undercover Boss, Lee Jeffries! Get more details here:
Just watched a rerun of "Two and a Half Men" -- the one where Ashton Kutcher is introduced. Hilarious. lol Now watching "Undercover Boss." Love shows that show heart, compassion and KINDNESS.
New CEO Doug McMillon needs to do an episode of Undercover Boss so he can get a clue as to why his employees already hate his guts.
At home watching back issues of Undercover Boss @ Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows. Getting to see the beauty around Lake Tahoe that Larry Wright introduced me to many moons ago! U remember him working there, at the small mountain and how he enjoyed being there. I went to visit in the summer & we did lots of mountain bike riding: Watson Lake, the Flume Trail, Mt Rose...I miss him.and I'm so grateful for the places he shared with me.
The guy on Undercover Boss looks like the love child of Cheech Marin & Donnie Wahlberg
I need to get the Kleenex out tonight ... Just finished watching Undercover Boss. Premier Van Lines Canada vice president went undercover. Now Secret Millionaire is on also tonight. Love these two shows. People getting noted for the hard work they do no questions asked and people who volunteer to help others who are less fortunate with next to no resources to work with. Power to our volunteers. val
"Beyond Scared Straight" had me in tears today and now so does "Undercover Boss." Hormone changes. Let's see if "Shark Tank" makes me pull out more tissue.
In this deleted scene, Amanda tells her sister the news about training with a top pastry chef. Undercover Boss airs Fridays at 8/7c on CBS!
Undercover boss really makes you think about how your future could really be if you really wanted it
for some reason I always cry during the end of undercover boss lol
why about undercover boss. That's my show.
oh yeah my dvr is like 15 slow cause I had Undercover Boss paused
Watching Undercover Boss and listening to OAR/Dirty Heads all night
Undercover boss brought tears to my eyes
My undercover boss is always with me. Someday I'll kneel in front of Him and hopefully, I'll hear the words well...
I was on an episode of Undercover Boss, infiltrating Matthews Enterprises
Mohegan Sun is on undercover boss. Pretty cool.
Undercover boss because there here at Mohegan Sun
The Undercover Boss just gave a girl $10,000 so she could have her dream wedding. $10,000? Must be a destination wedding... in Akron, Ohio.
I'm not usually overwhelmed by emotionally-driven shows, so *** you Mohegan Sun Undercover Boss for turning me into a blubb…
This Mohegan Sun Undercover Boss episode is so sweet. Ugh 😭
This Mohegan Sun chairman on tonight's Undercover Boss is incredibly generous
Undercover Boss has a chairman from Mohegan Sun working at the casino in Pocono Downs. Makes me want to go to the casin…
Bruce B rocked it on Undercover Boss! Great man always fun at the Sun!
Two Dogs was outstanding on Undercover Boss great show great mam!
owner Greg Miller will be an 'Undercover Boss' on CBS - Salt Lake Tribune (blog)
I cry everytime at the end of undercover boss...😭😭
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Undercover boss makes me want to cry 😢😊 it's a beautiful show
this show drives me to become successful, but more importantly change others lives. Bravo undercover boss!
New Season of Undercover this show!!
My parents are really into Undercover Boss right now...
My mom never fails to cry during the ending of every episode of undercover boss
ok I can't watch Undercover Boss just like I can't watch Home Makeover because I get wayyy too many feels. & by that I mean, I cry.
Undercover Boss gets me every episode
Undercover Boss makes me cry every single time.
The things these bosses on undercover boss so are amazing! I kinda tear up everytime I watch it!
Oh man, the ending of undercover boss always makes me tear up lol
Undercover Boss can be so emotional sometimes 😢😭
After watching Undercover Boss, from now on I want to be called by Megan "Two Cats" Palmer
My mom always cries when she watches Undercover Boss
Undercover boss always makes me tear up at the end
Undercover boss is such a happy show 😭😭
"Undercover Boss? Sure, I'll give that a shot." Two hours later, I'm waking up and there's two dudes crying on my TV.
I think they go together undercover they more then friends
So Mr Manzo talked to my 5th period & me about HS dropout & idk now Im watching undercover boss & cryING bc this guy talked about it...
Undercover Boss brings out the softy in me.
Undercover Boss...I don't comprehend not having at the very least a GED. Regardless of situation tells an employer plenty!
I still don't know how anyone falls for the Undercover Boss thing...
Beautiful Friday night in the City of Angels. I'm single, and it's pay day. . And I'm home watching Undercover Boss. I'm doing it wrong.
Undercover boss always makes me cry 😭
Watching UNDERCOVER BOSS, Mohegan Sun. Let's see how your peeps feel about my friends who go to shows there lol.
My company's CEO needs to be on an episode of Undercover boss.
West Coast! UnderCover Boss is on right now! Ahh I'm nervous to watch! I am thankful to God for my experience!! :)
What happens if I watch another episode of Undercover Boss?
I'm "Undercover Boss". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
My mum is watching undercover boss sbd it became emotional and now my mom is crying.
I just cried during Undercover Boss so I don't have high hopes for my composure during 12 Years A Slave.
Awww he's cute:)!!! We r up at the casino looking for Jay Leno but he's here tomorrow; undercover boss was about the casino!
I can't watch Undercover Boss with out tearing up &/or crying.
My Friday nights are complete without Undercover boss,Hawaii 50 and Blue Bloods :)
Undercover Boss makes me want to cry 😭
The girl in Mohegan Sun on undercover boss complaining about the micros 😂😂
Watched undercover boss and I say itcwas very boss so far!
Yo, undercover boss is a sick show.
Thank god for my DVR, I have Banshee and Undercover boss to watch
Former Mohegan tribal chairman Bruce Bozsum's time at Mohegan Sun has made him no stranger to entertainment, but he will be moving to a new medium tonight when he stars in the latest episode of Undercover Boss. Bozsum spoke about the experience with WTIC 1080's Ray Dunaway.
If anyone watches Undercover Boss, my cousin Mellanie was on it tonight!! She had blue highlights! She did absolutely amazing 👌
makes watching "Undercover Boss" more rewarding. I’m earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Nice to see a redeemer grad on undercover boss.
Tonight's Viewing Options include the Disney original movie Cloud 9, the series premieres of APB with Troy Dunn (TNT), Win Lose or Draw (Disney, yes an update on the old game show) and I Didn't Do It (Disney), the season premiere of Cold Justice, Great Performances and Real Time with Bill Maher - the TTTP Pick of the Night, Pulp Fiction (AMC), Analyze This (IFC), an NBA doubleheader on ESPN, Gosford Park (Flix), and new episodes of Last Man Standing, The Neighbors, Shark Tank, 20/20, Undercover Boss, Hawaii 5-0, Blue Blods, Bones, Raising Hope, Enlisted, Dateline, Grimm, Dracula, The Carrie Diaries, Banshee, WWE Smackdown, Helix, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Something Borrowed Something New, The Dead Files, Best Week Ever, Cops, The First 48, Bering Sea Gold, and more...What will you be watching?
CBS’s “Undercover Boss” is actually a really remarkable show if you’ve never watched it. In a nutshell, high powered executives of major brands pretend to be low-level trainees so they can see what really goes on at the bottom tier of their business. They learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to m...
Credit: UndercoverBoss, YouTube| This is too cool! When I have some downtime, 'Undercover Boss' is def one of my favorite shows to watch. This Friday
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The episode of CBS' "Undercover Boss" featuring Mohegan Tribal Councilor Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum will air on Friday, Jan. 17, at 8 p.m. The episode originally was scheduled to air tonight.
Sonny Skyhawk reviews an upcoming episode of the CBS series Undercover Boss that takes place at the Mohegan Sun casino.
Is it wrong to be crying at undercover boss ! Lol lol I've never been so touched by peoples act of kindness !
Watching Undercover Boss USA and the episode is showing The President and COO of MGM Grand Las Vegas. I am so excited because I started working in the hospitality industry as a bellman. This reality show rocks! Khun 'K'
I am watching the latest Undercover Boss US Re-Cap from when the first series started and I see a straight guy lose his job who has a girlfriend and acts like a *** diva. I never knew straight guys could act like divas 24/7.
Watching Undercover Boss... I love seeing the heartwarming stories of unsuspected blessings.
What to Watch Friday: Helix's Outbreak Begins, Enlisted Premieres, Banshee Returns and More On TV this Friday: Syfy’s Helix tries to contain an outbreak, Enlisted reports for duty, Maw Maw dashes Hope and Banshee has some explaining to do in Season 2. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar. Noon – 7:30 pm Episodes marathon (Showtime) | Before Season 3 opens on Sunday, catch all… wait for it… episodes of Matt LeBlanc playing Matt LeBlanc. 8 pm Bones (Fox) | ”You’ve got mail!” gets a whole new meaning when Brennan and Booth receive a package containing the remains of a girl believed to have been murdered 18 years ago. 8 pm Undercover Boss (CBS) | The chairman of the Mohegan Sun casino chain searches for his replacement as he plans to cash out retire. 8:30 pm The Neighbors (ABC) | The Bird-Kirsee clan gets mugged in New Jersey, forcing Larry to take the logical next step: building a panic room in Marty and Debbie’s room. 9 pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) | McGarrett helps Grover find a friend char ...
Fun fact - In 2011 Paddy Power (the company featured on tonight's Undercover Boss UK at 8.35pm) paid out 4 days early on the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup, they were so sure the ABs were going to win!
Studio Lambert, the makers of Gogglebox, Four in a Bed and Undercover Boss are currently looking into all things wonderfully woolly for a new programme idea about knitting. They are searching for the best characters in the UK knitting world to be involved with the project. The people they would like to speak to can be young or older, male or female, calm or eccentric…or anything in between, they just need enthusiasm, a strong knowledge of knitting and a passion for purl stitch! If you think this is you, or someone you know then please email Anna with a bit about yourself and a recent photograph: anna.robertsonyou like to get involved?
Undercover Boss may be scripted, but I love it!
Leave it to me to cry during every single Undercover Boss episode.
I love undercover boss because they help so many people
.Reminds me of Undercover Boss, when the or owner has no clue what her/his EEs do.
I was in tears last night watching Undercover Boss.
Have been on an Undercover Boss marathon these past few days. Love this show.
Looked for Top gun, but I'll settle for Undercover boss...
it got real. You gotta watch undercover boss
This is what happens when you are watching the Cinnabon episode of Undercover Boss with
Okay back to watching undercover boss 😌
Watching undercover boss I love this show!
I like What Would You Do, Undercover Boss, and watch Cake Boss & Shark Tank every now and then.
Umm my dad just told me he was asked to be on Undercover Boss and declined wut
what would an episode of Undercover at Boss be like
Undercover Boss is the most fake show I've ever seen.
Undercover boss show up to the bakery and see how oppressed I am. Then give me my tuition money back please 🙏
thank you for following me. Donato's is my favorite & I get mine from the Galloway Ohio store featured on Undercover Boss!! Yes!
I think if I get stuck in retail or food service I'm going to end up being that *** employee on Undercover Boss.
I almost did an RP where Chuck was on Undercover Boss. Not sure how that fits in your chat. I'm lonely :(
I'm liking this undercover boss show. It's really good 👍
I felt like I was on Undercover Boss with this customer at Chick Fil A tonight 🙈
Aww man the end of Undercover Boss gets me every time
Omg they're doing an undercover boss at Hooters and the real boss is getting mad at the girls for NOT having fake nails 😳😁
Undercover Boss is the most ridiculous show I have ever seen
A2. If your CEO ends up on a episode of Undercover Boss
The last 10 minutes of any episode of "Undercover Boss" is some of the most inspiring television you can watch. Make me believe in us
I can't believe I'm saying this but undercover boss is such a *** good show, it brought a tear to my eye.
Never seen a Baja Fresh but it's on undercover boss. So was Moe's am I going to the wrong places for burritos
Caption this photo! What would you say if the boss was working undercover as your server?
I want to start a show called undercover boss, but it is just Bruce Springsteen in a moustache
Undercover boss is a very heartwarming show!
So ready to see my brother in Undercover Boss this month, but I must admit it'll be weird seeing him on tv
Watching undercover boss on Netflix and I'm watching the White Castle boss undercover
Watching adults cry on Undercover Boss really gets to me
No...a dime a's so u guys have the show Undercover Boss?
Undercover Boss can get pretty emotional sometimes
Gunman pleads guilty in fatal shootout that killed informant and wounded undercover HCSO deputy
I watch Undercover Boss marathons just to cry.
it's a decent show for TLCs standards. I prefer undercover boss though
If you like that, watch Undercover Boss. Sounds like it'd be lame but it's pretty good
I have always wanted to try Moe's, since I saw undercover boss lol
8th-Jan-2014 Take lessons from the popular show, “Undercover Boss”, to help avoid the 8 ego traps which hamper effective
Mohegan Sun exec poses as valet parker and slot attendant on "Undercover Boss." CBS this friday night at 8! Go "Two Dogs"!
Undercover boss makes me cry everytime!
Undercover Boss:"Here's 100,000$ and a vacation to Tahiti!" Undercover Boss Canada:"We've donated 10,000$ to the humane society in your name
Undercover boss makes me cry every time !!
My obsession with Undercover Boss is unhealthy
me every time I watch undercover boss
Will the boss of Family Dollar get more than he bargained for on his undercover journey? Preview:
That McDonald's was the most deserving restaurant to be on undercover boss
*** you Undercover boss and your tear making ways. Who knew making burritos could be filled with such life lessons.
johnnyrockets at The Villages where Undercover Boss was filmed.
Also now she's not the boss so she has to do the dirty work too which means she can go undercover too
Undercover boss always makes me year up a little at the end
Yeah I would have been screwed if I ended up on Undercover Boss
Made wrong choice after seeing Undercover Boss looking into the time shares & now I'm being harassed daily!
Imma be on undercover boss one day.
Watching Undercover Boss. How fantastic is the Mayor of Cincinnati. Why can't our city leaders do this?
And I think the general theme of Undercover Boss is that: but the one flaw is it's 1 person doing it at 1 time.
Undercover boss Australia for the YMCA. maybe they should do that here and we could get a raise???
Sort of along the lines of the show Undercover Boss, though ALL execs(not just 1) would be required, anditwouldnt be anonymous
Made it thru today's treadmill run w/ Undercover Boss' episode.
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