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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss is a television franchise series that has been released in multiple countries, originating in 2009 on the British Channel 4. The show’s format is based on a senior executive of a company working undercover in their own firm to investigate how the company really works and identify how it can be improved, as well as rewarding the hard working staff.

Boston Market

Undercover boss is kind of a heartbreaking show.
come to Pollo's and this foo is watching Undercover Boss on Netflix 😂😂
I should have gone to bed awhile ago but obviously watching undercover boss w/ Michael was more important
Photo: Beard weave/wig… leave it for Undercover Boss. Finally somebody living up to the name Denzel
Bruh I'm watching undercover boss and the CEO of Johnny Rockets went undercover at the one in Mohegan sun 😳
Nah that makes it even cooler. Being a full-out cop instead of undercover for the entire game would be boss
The awkward moment when the Chancellor comes to your school and you only know him as the "guy" from Undercover Boss.
Shows like Undercover Boss or Long Island Medium always make me tear up but Titanic manages to make me laugh.I just.
Undercover Boss makes me realize how many great people are out there in the world
Undercover boss is deff my fav show
Undercover boss makes me cry too much
I only do good at work cause I don't wanna get exposed on undercover boss.
I would like to see an undercover boss of Waffle House
The sudden addiction to watch undercover boss USA
Told the lady interviewing me today that she was on Undercover Boss. Needless to say, I got the job.
The second biggest lie is "employees on Undercover Boss don't know it's the CEO". The first is "women don't like men with big muscles".
The culture of Under Cover boss is motivating Lets me know that there are CEOs that value
It's Bruce Springsteen's birthday today. Here's a little collection of NZ covers of his songs we made for his tour
“Surfing... like a boss 😂😂 20 years later, Johnny Utah is still working undercov…
just keep pretending to be deep undercover for the Boss
In im career and for the past three classes we've been watching Undercover Boss.
Happy See what made employee Manny tear up with joy.
whenever someone new starts at work I automatically think undercover boss
Undercover boss USA: "I'm going to give you $25,000 for a college fund for your kids". Undercover boss UK: "Thanks love, he…
Undercover Boss is one of my favourite tv shows.
I feel like if I was on undercover boss, when the CEO told me he was the CEO i would be like heh??
‘Undercover Boss’. Homily on an employer with a social conscience. LISTEN: READ:
Blog feature: Undercover boss: Today’s gospel is the story of ‘The Compassionate Landowner’.
How tight are they on Undercover Boss Australia? "So your family were all killed and you sleep rough?" "Have a comps slip & some paperclips"
Oh my god. I've just sat through this entire episode of Undercover Boss and she didn't even sack the rude guy.
Undercover boss always has me greeting
Really like undercover boss, but why has there got to be a serious illness with one of the employees
Oh Undercover Boss you make me emotional
Undercover boss get's me everytime !
Why is undercover boss always so emotional at the end, I can't cope 😔
God undercover boss is too emotional today
🎬Nothing beats meditating on my place in history 😉 via dining at Twin Peaks ("Undercover Boss USA", BBC Knowledge)
Plot twist. I'm your undercover boss, your fired!
I don't know why I'm watching Undercover Boss, it's like watching my biases about upper management be confirmed repeatedly.
Undercover boss be having me in tears
So disappointed. I watched a show called Undercover Boss thinking it would be about Bruce Springsteen solving mysteries.…
What my daughter learned about business by watching Undercover Boss
gents we have been infiltrated. Undercover boss is real
Dunkin Donuts What an EPIC fail as a business! 1. Always out of product 2. Poor customer service 3. Poorly trained on their products 4. Don't know the difference between swiss & cheddar cheese Undercover Boss! Where are you when your needed? Give me a Krispie Kreme ANY DAY!
manger (text) wear proper uniform, CEO will be visiting Me (imagining) might be like undercover boss! :D Reality : Ceo with normal outfit looking around the restuarant.
Literally cry every ep of undercover boss
I honestly cry every time I watch Undercover Boss.
Tonight on the the hit tv show Undercover Boss, Norwegian Cruise Line's CEO, Kevin Sheehan, is going undercover as... h…
Watching undercover boss. Got nothing better to do.
4hrs later and I'm still watching undercover boss. Can't ... Stop
sounds good! I hadn't heard of it! Sad..? Oh man.. Idk anymore.. 😁 you know I'm super sensitive to undercover boss 😂
Watching Undercover Boss is NOT the proper way to unwind after a very busy day.
wow it saved automatically after I deleted madden. Thanks You should be on undercover boss bro!
Michael and I's binge show on Netflix is undercover boss📺
Laying on bed and watch "Undercover Boss" on Netflix while my baby boy sleep on my chest.
I could watch cutthroat kitchen all dayy or undercover boss :)
This is why I'm so passionate about hospitality! It's the people! Series 6 Episode 6 from Undercover Boss
I have to write a modern version of Beowulf and in it Beowulf is a kid who works at White Castle during an Undercover Boss episode
Undercover Boss does the worse disguises I've ever seen LMAO
Just watched Undercover Boss. Lush is a great brand. Loving what they do and stand for. Can't wait for to hit JHB
Bretton is going to go on undercover boss and give me a shoutout 😂
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
will you be opening a store in England soon? I saw Menchies on Undercover Boss and really need to try it!
Mastered the art of looking quite busy around this laptop in this lab, while I'm really watching "Undercover Boss" on Youtube
Today is: National Boss/Employee Exchange Day! To celebrate, we should have a marathon of Undercover Boss! Who's in?
Spoiler Alert: The guy with the Rod Stewart wig & Fu Manchu that's helping you clean toilets while being filmed is the Un…
I guess if they are matching it up with Undercover Boss it might make sense.
Working one on one with the owner of my company today. This is the closest I'll get to undercover boss.
I saw my car in the parking lot when undercover boss aired lol
Article- Youth workers must be more vocal- need to talk more about the impact of youth work-
How do the people on Undercover Boss not just work it out straight away as soon as a camera crew rocks up?
What if was on undercover boss 😳 I would look so sweaty cause I'm always working hard lol .
Idk if I can believe that undercover boss is real
One day when I'm a boss, I wanna do an undercover boss show
Watching undercover boss and crying because it's amazing how peoples lives can change
wishing I could be on undercover boss but I see my boss everyday
Sometimes I cry when I watch undercover boss...
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Undercover Boss always has me in tears at the end. 😿
Ok can I get on Undercover Boss for Target and them give me $20,000
I hope undercover boss never comes to my work
This episode of Undercover Boss made me crave Popeyes
Literally sobbing at the end of every Undercover Boss episode I watch. What is my life.
Some of these employees know they're on "Undercover Boss" forsures 😏 I see you doe
I wanna be a CEO just to go on undercover boss
They give away a lot of money on undercover boss!
I'm getting hungry at 2:30am. Watching Undercover Boss and it's the the CEO of Boston Market. Too bad we don't have one of these in town.
I've been watching undercover boss for like the past 2 and a half hours and it's making me really, really hungry.
I would LOVE if the CEO of CVS was apart of "undercover boss" and came into my store.
Watching Boston Market Undercover Boss, OMG!!! That manager makes me look like a princess. And Diva to a *** all in one show. LOL!!! Fire him now!!! LOL!!! So
Undercover boss is the best show on tv.
Undercover boss makes me cry… this guy gave an employee 5000 for a shopping spree 😭😭😭 the shoes i could buy with that money!!!
Wow! Wach n undercover boss. How I pray the Lord bless us here as Partners at MR MAINTENANCE, and go under cover ourselves..Good nite n God bless you all!
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Between Undercover Boss, and Extreme Makeover, I am a blubbering *** .. Lol the joy of estrogen! Heehee good night!
Undercover boss never fails to make me cry
I'll be up all night watching undercover boss
This undercover boss is about to flip out on this employee.
If you've never watched Undercover Boss, you don't even live a real life.
My oh my! It's 2am and I'm watching Undercover Boss, crying like a baby as the president of Mo's talks to his employees. I'm now a Mo's fan and will be eating there soon!
*** *** I need a boss to come to my work and be undercover
"undercover boss always makes me cry"I'm watching it too
Undercover Boss is one of the most genuine kind-hearted shows on tv.
That was an emotional episode of undercover boss...
“Not gonna lie undercover boss is sad”
Watching undercover boss always makes me cry !
Not gonna lie undercover boss is sad
Why does undercover boss make me cry every time. I hope some day I'm able to give back.
I'm still watching undercover boss. 😂
Like I'm crying over the show undercover boss right now...
I'm over here, crying like a baby about undercover boss!
*** really? I was just watching undercover boss and I was like *** is Moes
Undercover boss make me wanna be nice to the people that come up in McAlisters
Why am I watching undercover boss instead of sleeping right now?
Trying so hard to study but also watching undercover boss so guess how this is going
Watching undercover boss,,thinking of lady liberty talking to Obama..many a son has died to give you your place in history..remember you are JUST ONE ..nothing else.Do your job so all there sacrifice was worth your one moment in time..
Undercover Boss needs to come to In N Out so we can expose our crappy lives😭
I've been watching undercover boss for the past 3 hours. What as my life come to?
I've been watching undercover boss for at least 4 hours 😂
So I am watching undercover boss: ... and not for nothing ive NEVER been welcomed like that.
How do these people not know they're on Undercover Boss?
I'm watching undercover boss. I don't need to embarrass you that way, I do that on the court😴🏀
Moes is on undercover boss. I miss Moe's
The episode of undercover boss on Hooters was actually pretty good!
Up watching undercover boss like I dont have stuff to do with my life
watching undercover boss makes me realize what good management freebirds had 😳 and I thought it was bad
So I'm watching undercover boss and they're in fort myers lol
I wish Kenny Rogers Roasters could have been on Undercover Boss cause the boss who's undercover would have been Kenny Rogers!
Okay I work for a business owned by Church Hill Downs and I caught the tail end of the eposide with the exctive from churchhill downs. First person he talked to he told them thatwhen they built the new casino he would be putting in 3 more horse stalls I guess that would make her job easier and an offer to make her full time so I guess she was part time. The second person worked nights so he would put in a policy that when they got off they could get an escort to their car for safety and offered to allow her to get a job at a location closer to where she lived. The third person he offered to give them a job in marketing so I guess that might have been a promotion of a sort that probably resulted in increase in her income. And the last person he talked about a picture of someone I'm guessing daughter who had died and offered to name a race after her which was at least a nice gusture and probably a great puplicty stunt and said that he wanted him to come hand out the trophy might have been a fun moment. Ever ...
Undercover Boss is like my new favorite show👍
Watching undercover boss and the CEO of hooters is some creepy old guy.BARF 😷😷😷
The undercover boss is acting surprised to hear that older women think Hooters is degrading for Hooters girls. 😒
Watching undercover boss on tlc... and all I can think is I really want some hot wings. Clearly I'm in the female minority according to this show. I really do enjoy eating at Hooters and have zero problem with my husband going there either!
I go to the Hooters in Dallas on Undercover Boss right now all the time lol
Undercover boss is so addicting to watch
Is it weird that one of my favorite shows is undercover boss
Undercover boss is my favorite show! Motivation to be a boss some day!
They're showing the Hooters episode of Undercover Boss. It's not a good one. Lol 😩😩
Watching undercover boss and it's Hooter's... Haven't seen any of ex's. Oh they gotta have big Hooter's.. Never mind...
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I honestly don't know how you can watch Undercover Boss and not get emotional at the end. 😭😭😭
I cry at undercover boss. Why am I such a chick! Help me kick my girlyness!
Stupid Undercover Boss makes my eyes leak
Literally crying from watching undercover boss. What is life.
Currently bawling my eyes out to Undercover Boss 😭😭
Crying during Undercover Boss with and Lauren! We are such girls!!!
Michael: "When is Jesus coming to do Undercover Boss at church?"
Undercover boss gets me every time ugh
Garrett just turned on undercover boss, time to bawl through the reveal.
Undercover Boss always makes me cry. Dammit.
You're not the undercover boss of me.
this episode of undercover boss is so sad omg I'm crying
How come all the fast food workers on undercover boss are so nice? I never have them making my tacos and burgers!
The ending of every Undercover Boss show always gets me. Such a cool way to end.
I love undercover boss. Hard work can go a long way.
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Undercover Boss always makes me cry.. Lmao
You know your emotional when undercover boss makes you cry
Watching this Boston Market episode of Undercover Boss is really making me very much want to eat at a Boston Market.
Undercover Boss was a great idea, but how many seasons can you have with the employees acting like they don't know what's going on?
I don’t think I could ever be on undercover boss! They would for sure recognize me!!
Undercover Boss gets my every single time😭😊
Watching undercover boss & they in Fayetteville. Y'all know that's babe's city 😁😁😁
I'm a big baby.. I always cry when I watch undercover boss!
I kinda like this undercover boss show
So is Undercover Boss and Brain Games.Chem can wait
I wish I could be on undercover boss 🙈
“Undercover boss always brings your girl to tears.” Same😭
Undercover boss always brings your girl to tears.
Undercover boss has me in tears, last week I was saying my nightly prayer w/patient& I started praying for the other nurse in the room.
I'm Undercover Boss. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Watching Undercover Boss and I'm over here like 😢😢. People really go through a lot
The show undercover boss is such a tear jerker
Ok now we're talking. He's sending this kid to school all expenses paid. Now that's an undercover boss gift!
An undercover boss' gift to a worker is a new uniform cuz she was wearing regular clothes? Bruh, where's the money tho?
Blubbing at undercover boss ceo who really cares about equality for his employees.
I love that boss that went undercover. His compassion amazing. He was cute in jeans & hat. Married!? Lol
Undercover boss ALWAYS makes me cry! 😩😩😩
at the end of every undercover boss episode, I cry 😂
*** I wish my boss would go on Undercover Boss and buy me a vacation, a bonus, and pay my school bills
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I hate when the bosses dont give their employees any money in undercover boss.
Alvin just watched the Undercover Boss with the 7/11 CEO. He set up a organ donor awareness program that was...
Seeing the stories on undercover boss always make me tear up 😢 hard work pays off!
Undercover boss praises workforce response to cuts -
It seems that all of our members are on Undercover Boss at the moment! Can't wait to watch on tonight's episode.
Anyone catch Dispatches last night? What did you think? Also, YMCA is on Undercover Boss tonight.
Senior director Bims Alalade goes undercover in the world's largest and oldest youth ...
YMCA London South West to be featured on this week’s Undercover Boss: The popular TV series Undercover Boss wi...
I genuinely think my boss is one of the most badass human beings on this planet, he just chooses to go undercover as tame cafe owner
Looking fwd to boss tonight 9pm, Channel 4 HR director, Bims Alalade goes undercover at YMCA's over Country
Undercover boss tonight Channel4 at 9pm features & highlights the challenges to our essential support & work
I wanna go on undercover boss and tell them how sad it is that i never get *** so they reward me w a trip to *** can happen
Supo is talking on the radio, ha ha. I am the undercover boss, I know what they're suspecting. They know a wants to dress in niqab.
Undercover boss is alright, I never really got into though, shows like that I don't mind xD
That I will agree with on most fronts... there's a couple here like undercover boss I really like, but that's about it.
When goes to bed I stay up all night and watch Undercover Boss😎
😞. My secret addiction. I love the TV show 'Undercover Boss'. What is your secret addiction?…
Watching undercover boss and thinking about how badass it would be to be in the spot to go undercover like that.
Undercover Boss mayor of Cincinnati All Legislators should spend time working in the various Dept. Experiencing it directly Then adjust laws
Kinda wanna watch Kitchen Nightmares kinda wanna watch UNdercover Boss kinda wanna watch Disney Movies
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I liked a video Undercover Boss S02E18 - MGM Grand
Undercover boss is so amazing and what they do for people
Watching my Mom cry at MasterChef and watching my Dad cry at Undercover Boss reminds me I'm not adopted.
Could literally watch undercover boss all day everyday
Say the truth, whole truth, no undercover freak, I'm guilty Check please, pay the cost To be the boss, just bill me
This week on Undercover Boss, the bloated carcass of a CEO of a major company slums it for a few days and learns nothing.
IDK how Undercover Boss still exists. Guy w/film crew & lame contest story - any co. where they don't think "it's Undercover Boss"?
recorded Undercover Boss USA for breakfast lol
What my coworkers don't know, is that I'm an undercover boss...
Relationship status;. Undercover Boss and crying into a jar of pickles.
Currently filming an episode of Undercover Boss at Five Guys.
Undercover boss is basically an hour long commercial
im gonna call undercover boss on BK 😭
It must be very upsetting to be on Undercover Boss UK if you've seen the US version. They get much better gifts off the boss there.
Spending the day watching Undercover Boss idc
Are you familiar with to learn why I ask. Meanwhile, check out these I love …
Oh just crying from undercover boss, you?
Runcorn pharmacy boss goes undercover for TV - Runcorn and Widnes World
Runcorn pharmacy boss goes undercover for TV: OUT of stock prescriptions were among the experiences the head o...
I bet Ashleys an undercover boss and her jobs to ask a million questions to test us 🙆
Hey u should give your secret boss this Coke. *bottle says "Share a Coke w/ the Drug Maker Guy"* *undercover cop's fake m…
The YMCA organisation will be on Undercover Boss on Tuesday 12 August. A great opportunity to see the challenges the YMCA fac…
you guys are the golf business I saw on undercover boss, right? I was interested in having this program in my state
The best and most generous boss on Undercover Boss ever. You are incredible. Favorite episodes for me.
Why does every boss on end up looking like a child molester? Not suspicious at all.
Realizing a lot of people ain't as genuine and real as they claim to be... Lot of y'all be real fu undercover
The show undercover boss makes me cry. I want my boss to randomly pay off all my student loans 😩💰🔫
I watch undercover boss every night hoping one day the boss of Chicago connection will come to our store on 12th😂
Watching the end of undercover boss and this is all I could think of...
I would love to see that! My hubby and I love all of his programs and Undercover Boss
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Undercover boss makes me want to give more and take less. Funny thing is I don't even like the show.
My dream is to have my own episode of Undercover Boss
Bawling my eyes out thanks Undercover Boss. GOD EVERY TIME! 😣 😭
Undercover boss never fails to get me emotional Lol Smh
Mrs. Jackie @ KFC in Oklahoma City She was awesome! Would be a great Undercover Boss recipient! http:/…
Undercover Boss always gets me emotional.
I became teary-eyed watching Undercover Boss. So now I'm doing a Cosmo sex survey while I wait for my nails to dry & for …
I am crying over Undercover Boss. The night shift truck driver for 711 just said he is living the American dream 😭❤️ he's so happy.
Patty is the undercover horse boss of kmart.
Undercover Boss... 😭🙌❤️ thank you Jesus for people that love giving & blessing each other!
About 2 months ago there was a tv crew at work, just found out they were actually filming undercover boss 😂
so the company i work for is on an ep of Undercover Boss and im gonna watch it now o3o night!
I have a recent severe obsession with Undercover Boss
What do you think of this prison director spending time in solitary?
Relationship status: practising making Dutch ovens, like an undercover boss.
Undercover Boss ends in me crying every time
unfortunately it is all part of this undercover boss programme I am filming
There is a Tilted Kilt episode of "Undercover Boss" airing on the Discovery Channel right now. Best Sunday ever.
I have never seen my dad cry in my entire life. It was shocking seeing him cry while watching undercover boss.
Undercover Boss is such a stupid show, they fire employees who aren't perfect even though they are actually overworked and underplayed
Me and my gdad was was watching undercover boss and it had us in here crying
Undercover boss gets me every time 😭😭
"We know you're struggling working minimum wage in our crappy company, so we are donating $5k to charity in your name" -Undercover boss
I cannot watch undercover boss w/o getting emotional at least once. lol
You expect them to give away like half a million dollars on undercover boss, they give away like 5 grand sometimes
Really wish could watch undercover boss without thinking "is that a fringe benefit? Income? Whose paying tax on that $10k gift?"
The last 15 minutes of each episode of Undercover Boss offers free tears
. One good thing about F&G is neither will need a disguise if they get on Undercover Boss!
Harvey hiring Mike not realizing Mike is the undercover boss.
no I'm NOT crying watching undercover boss
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I could watch Undercover Boss all day everyday
Undercover boss just made me and Stephen's dad cry.
Undercover boss gets me every time ❤️😢
The end of undercover boss always makes me wanna cry ***
There's not a single episode of Undercover Boss I do not cry over.
I wish undercover boss came to my job at enterprise, like I would clean cars and the owner could give me $50,000 😁😁
I'm sitting here crying watching Undercover Boss. What is happening??
I love the show undercover boss.. it's so sweet and sad
Undercover boss has me crying everytime...
Why hasnt been on undercover boss come on
I may or may not be crying at undercover boss right now
Undercover Boss is such a heartwarming show ❤️
I'll never not cry at the reveal portion of Undercover Boss
Undercover Boss is like the best show. Between this and American Greed.
Watching on Undercover Boss and reminiscing about my six months interning at Oxfam House
Dear Wal-mart, Family Dollar, Dollar General...what is up w/ the customer service any store, any side of son and I don't need you yelling over the register to ya girl about who you did last night with blue & purple yarn in your head, or why all your stores smell like pee... or the fact that you cuss out your co-worker with customers in your line cause she was 5 min late and you mention you have cramps and bleeding all over the place. All I need is milk & toilet can carry on with your convo once I leave...respect please and thank you! I need to have all stores on Undercover Boss cause this is RIDICULOUSNESS!
If you missed with Oxfam CEO or you saw it and now you miss the wig disguise, watch: ht…
Pope Francis in an Undercover Boss Day! Hard to believe is one of...them. ♢ via
I dey go undercover again, dis na just temp, ur ur side boss "finally u agree to show face again"
Undercover Boss makes you realize that there are rich people who aren't snotty.
undercover boss ,the next move is to see how many *** he got lol . Lil do she know she probably was 1 too before her title .
Im watching undercover boss and it's about the World Trade Center and this guy that survived it and it's so sad
I just watched your second go round on Undercover Boss. You're a good man with a big heart. You renew my faith in people :)
I dont know if I'm still drunk but i just got emotional and actually cried at a undercover boss episode about menchies.
In a bus, looking at the window, left hand holding chin, landscapes, dramatic music. Suddenly feels like Undercover Boss :v
Undercover boss is one of the reasons why i would be super nice at heb lol. Always thought brian would do that to us
Undercover boss, interesting, but sorry I believe every single show on tv is about 98% set up.
the undercover Boss of US. its a huge hit in US and I am sure the show can have huge hit in india too y dt u try
I love undercover boss because I love seeng people with lots of money help others. Give back, people. That's the goal.
I probably should consider going to bed but I'm too invested in undercover boss.
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Undercover boss is my favorite show
Undercover Boss. gets me every time...
I love undercover boss! Especially what they do to help their employees in the end :')
Watching undercover this show is sad
The show undercover boss is an amazing show.
Leave it to Undercover Boss to make me tear up.😢
Undercover boss will make you shed some real tears. This show so emotional!!
Undercover Boss restores my faith in humanity, and makes me cry 😢
Watching Undercover Boss and crying like a baby.
swear I've cried at every episode of undercover boss
Undercover Boss gives me all the feels GOSH DARNIT.
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