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Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company.

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Dennis Smith Jr is wearing this “Martin”-inspired pair of the Under Armour. 📷:
North Carolina carrying Under Armour, lmao Cam Newton, Steph and now Dennis
Larry David's shoes on Curb Your Enthusiasm are the prototype/creative inspiration Under Armour uses for Steph Curry's basketball shoes.
Tanger Outlets at sunbury is popping today. 40min wait in line at Under Armour outlet
Um, this, from my **public** high school in eastern TN, makes me super uncomfortable. See that Under Armour logo?
Under Armour speaks to female achievement in content-rich global campaign
Gimme the light, dope rolled up tight, like some under armour...
See Coach McCoy to purchase your Under Armour shirts supporting the basketball program. Long sleeve shirts are only $20…
After highcut boots by Nike, laceless boots by Adidas, and now boots with zip by Under Armour 😂 cool concept though…
the basketball players go buy at least sum Nike hoodies or sum we an under armour school but football if it don't say Uab they ain't got it
Honored to say I have received an invitation to play in the 2019 Under Armour All-American Game!!
This more of an ad for Under Armour 😨
Misty Copeland proves ballerinas are some of the toughest athletes out there:
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Under Armour Charged sz 11. via
Under Armour’s new campaign (with Misty Copeland!) is the empowering message the world needs
Bari a predator. Rocky working with under armour. Skepta working with no fear . *** has happened
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Love these artistic ads by & Such beautiful words to describe unbelievable women.
I entered to win $1,000 in Under Armour from Have You?
and SHS football excited to announce partnership with !!!
Want to talk about pulling weight ? How about you work at under armour as your career when you had a shot in the bigs, but quit... I'll wait
Robert Williams here at Under Armour camp, but sitting out today with shin splints. One NBA guy told me he has him at No.…
"Not female athletes—just athletes". Love that and shares its women athletes’ stories:
and watching javian Fleming at under Armour all American camp
Oh, committing to an all-star game has been a thing. And you better believe it's important when it comes to Adidas…
Don't know if they were involved here, but if this offends you pls consider not buying Under Armour clothing - they pro…
Son of Cecil the lion killed by trophy hunter via
NEW RELEASE:. Cam Newton x Under Armour C1N 'HOMETOWN' now available in MENS and GS sizing! (
Under Armour has sure added a bunch of fishing gear. Check it out.
Blessed to be invited to the Under Armour All American Game ‼️🙌🏽 .
Be going to Orlando and I am blessed and honored to commit to the UNDER ARMOUR ALL AMERICAN GAME 🛫🏝🇺🇸
Rick Pitino expected at Under Armour Camp in Philly for the next session of games per source. Will see Simons, Days, Bates, B…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
From last night: A bunch of notes off Under Armour All-American, led by Eric Ayala's reclassification decision
Honored and humbled to receive and accept an invitation to the Under Armour All-American Game! Dreams do come true!
Anthony Cowan wasting no time standing out here in Philly as college kids playing at Under Armour Camp. Plays with so much…
No Jalen Johnson for Playground Warriors. He's at the Under Armour camp n Philadelphia.
Why Nike, adidas, Under Armour, or Jordan should sign Lonzo Ball. immediately
Looking for a diamond Ralph Sampson with diamond Under Armour speed shoe. Hit me up!
MD has Kevin Durant. MD has Carmelo. MD has Under Armour. MD has Michael Phelps. MD has Cal Ripken. MD has Logic. MD wins https:/…
I also think the biggest winner in this Anthony Joshua's boxing victory is Under Armour. Brand got stronger.
I'm wearing Adidas shoes, Under Armour pants, a Fila shirt, and a Fox Racing hat. I'm still trying to figure myself out.
PHOTO: Tom Brady is hanging out with a Korean Pop Star on his Under Armour trip - Pats Pulpit
Dave Roberts being faced with a conversative audience at still got us to do the Under Armour hud…
If he won 5 in a row I still wouldn't wear these or anything Under Armour (Duck Dynasty Supporters)
Metro Va 13u takes the field tomorrow at the Under Armour 7v7 Tournament at St Johns College High School.
Curry confidently debuts Curry 4 at Game 1. The pressure is on, but Under Armour execs think they have a winner. https:/…
Under Armour adds Gervonta Davis to boxing stable
Spring Valley linebacker invited to US Army and Under Armour games
Anker’s newest SoundBuds, a Big Green Egg alternative, and a huge Under Armour apparel sale lead off Friday’s best deals from around the we…
.you’ve inspired us all at Under Armour.
Under Armour's CEO wrote a letter to explain his pro-Trump statement:
Kevin Plank of Under Armour-seeding start-ups projects around Baltimore. Maybe he'll birth a
. " is a big reason Nike, adidas and Under Armour won't endorse Lonzo Ball. " suck
Welp: Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour say no to a Lonzo Ball deal (via
ICYMI: Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are NOT interested in a deal with Lonzo Ball.
Nike, adidas, and Under Armour all passed on Lonzo Ball. Safe to say his dad hurt his brand appeal
Jim Phillips, Pat Fitzgerald, Chris Collins at Under Armour store for extension announcement. Fitz: "This is a comm…
CORRECTION: Under Armour actually moved to another floor at Orchard Central
The winner of the Under Armour jacket is:. Ashley Thomas. Congratulations and please get in touch to claim your pri…
Under Armour store at Orchard Central is no more
Under Armour takes on Nike with store in Detroit via
Confirmation from sources: The uniforms in the Under Armour catalogue do not represent what Bears will wear:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Under Armour is banking on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's ability to sell sneakers: $UA
"Under Armour introduced an ingenious new zipper design created by engineer Scott Peters a couple years ago..."…
Steph Curry tweaks Under Armour leader’s praise of Trump from ‘asset’ to ***
Under Armour got $1.725M worth of TV ad time on Paul Dunne’s apparel today, per Not bad for someone the…
Please take the pledge not to purchase Under Armour products until they stop endorsing trophy killers... via
Congratulations to our very own Lisa Sweany, named AD of the Year by NACDA and Under Armour today!
Oakland's Jeff Konya named one of Under Armour's athletic directors of the year, for the Division I-AAA schools.
.calls the Under Armour CEO's praise of Trump "divisive and lacking in perspective".
Under Armour searches for two Pinoy athletes for ‘Test of Will’
Trump™ must be one of the brands with most negative value of all time.
This is horrible. Loosing friends for having the "wrong" opinion. Gosh. Censorship coming soon. via
My decision has been made since Your first "ASSET" mistake. My middle school will never use Under Armour products.
GOOGLE NEWS FULL RSS from your keyword choice! Under Armour CEO says apparel company…
Amen .If I were in charge at Under Armour, I'd rip up Stephen Curry's contract. .
Under Armour CEO retracts comments praising Trump after backlash -
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
TFW you represent Under Armour, the CEO says something pro-Donald Trump and you need to virtue signal. .
Steph Curry in the Under Armour Curry 2 "Surprise Party" tonight vs. Sacramento
Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank takes out ad in Baltimore Sun to clarify his stance on Trump. An excerpt
Thank you! Under Armour, Amazon have no right to my money. I don't shop at Breitbart for petes sake.
Uber, Under Armour... The and campaigns are the best thing since the Civil Rights movement. Money…
Three different colorways of the Under Armour Curry 3 Low will be dropping tomorrow in honor of All Star Weekend. F… https…
Baltimore needs jobs, that I know and I also know boycotting "Kevin Plank" or Under Armour won't create them.
Of course...don't want to lose ⚡️ “Under Armour CEO walks back comments on Trump”.
Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank explains his Trump statements in open letter …
CEO pens open letter to clarify Trump an asset remarks
Dear Under Armour football, It looks like we will miss California but see you in Texas! Elite we come!
Under Armour's stock was downgraded after its CEO praised Trump
looks like no more under armour for me. Pass it on.
Under Armour CEO walks back support of Trump in full-page newspaper ad
Happy with Joe Root? All entries will be entered in a competition to win an Under Armour midlayer
Chip Wilson is antagonizing $LULU execs again, urging them to buy Under Armour with all-caps bus stop ad
Chip Wilson is antagonizing Lululemon executives again by urging them to buy Under Armour
Under Armour debuts 'made in the U.S.' gear — and tests what we think we know about manufacturing in America
Under Armour and its founder, Kevin Plank, are having a difficult time.
Misty Copeland launches a new Under Armour collection amid its CEO's Trump controversy:
Misty Copeland, face of Under Armour, just broke her silence on the CEO's pro-Trump statements: h…
Under Armour spokesmodel Misty Copeland speaks out after CEO praised Trump
Also today on Jerry will start Tony Romo Week 1, Steph vs Under Armour, did Peyton/Dungy cheat?, Oakley v…
False. He didn't say that. He said his pro business mindset is an asset. Words matter. Read them: h…
My wife is getting clothes by Ivanka Trump and Under Armour for her birthday. She'll love wearing both, just not at the s…
obviously he's a asset to the company I'm just saying Nike don't need lebron under Armour needs Steph Curry shoes to sell
move out from under armour. Not cool ceo position
Steph Curry bluntly disagrees with Under Armour CEO calling Trump an "asset"
My lacrosse team's gear is all Under Armour 😞
Thank you to CEO for your statement on Trump. Our entire family will switch to Under Armour brand. (Unless stance is revoked)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I've yet to hear a current athlete with a coherent political opinion. So why do we keep listening to them?
Just got invited to the Under Armour All-America Football Camp!
I've met Kevin Plank and he's as down 2 earth as any billionaire you'll ever meet. Buy Under Armour. ht…
PSA to my fellow truck drivers this under armour sleeve does wonders…
Yes, I'll spend a little more to make an under armour purchase...
I'm amazed that anyone would boycott Under Armour, yet buy Kardashian junk
I have always appreciated the great support and platform that Under Armour has given me to…
Steph Curry takes aim at his sponsor, Under Armour, for Trump support; Says Trump is an asset — minus the ‘et’
Thank you for not caving to the loud minority party.
Stephen Curry has humorous take on Under Armour CEO's praise of Trump
slamming Under Armour CEO only because you're for the left &notfor the whole of America is ridiculous
Steph Curry just delivered a sick spelling burn to +
BUY BUY BUY under armour!! Support those who support our president!!
Stephen Curry takes issue with Under Armour leader's comments on Trump
So CEO said absolutely nothing controversial about Trump. Did anyone actually read his comments?
Website Builder 728x90
Just some thoughts on and and other things
Steph Curry agrees with Under Armour CEO's description of Trump as an 'asset,' but only if 'you r...
welp, looks like I'm boycotting under armour
Steph Curry just openly called Donald Trump an *** Thank you, for standing up for what's right.
Sports media has its own fake news. Read this on how Steph, & Trump is a made up controversy:
Stephen Curry calls Donald Trump an *** and questions his Under Armour partnership
.threatens to leave Under Armour cuz of CEO's praise 4 Trump. Free country. Divided country. Game on http…
Under Armour described President Trump as “a real asset" to the country. Then Stephen Curry responded.
Steph Curry said he isn't afraid to leave Under Armour if their values no longer align
Steph Curry isn't afraid to leave Under Armour.
Under Armour reckons with backlash to CEO’s comments on Trump. Story UPDATED with Steph Curry comments.
Steph Curry agrees with Under Armour's CEO who called Trump an 'asset,' but only 'if you remove the et'
Under Armour CEO calls Trump an "asset." Under Armour endorser Steph Curry says to remove the "et" in asset
Tomorrow I am buying Under Armour shirts, a Beauty Rest Mattress, a Tag Heuer watch, new Uggs, and an Aston Martin. Thank you, Tom Brady.
Notre Dame's new Under Armour catchers gear and helmets are 🔥
Recent numbers reveal Under Armour is struggling in the North American market.
Endorsemwnt Future youre an Under Armour guy toughness but he those adidas are hot fire great season boss good luck and stay healthy
Under Armour reports US$4.8 billion revenue in 2016 - Under Armour has announced financial results for the four...
tumbles after fourth-quarter sales miss estimates. Read more: $UA
quarterly results miss estimates, shares slump. Read more: $UA
With shares declining, Kevin Plank lays out strategy for future growth. Read more: $UA
Under Armour admits it's still not cool enough, despite Steph Curry's best efforts
Under Armour's growth slows, it's learning sportswear is as much about fashion as performance
When you go into under armour and can't resist buying a matching set
Wall Street destroying Under Armour this morning after reporting slowest growth quarter in 8 years, CFO stepping down.
Under Armour shares plunge nearly 30% on ugly earnings miss and guidance; CFO to leave company https:/…
Under Armour's founder has lost $500 million this morning thanks to his company's dim outlook h…
LTM Revenue Multiples for Nike and Under Armour going way back:
.knocks again with this inspirational "One in a Billion" ad for China:
When she says she likes under armour
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Learn Great Entry Technique & Trade Management from this Journal for $UA >>
Wall Street batters Under Armour for slower sales growth
The countdown is in for . SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, Atlanta Falcons V's New England Patriots Under Armour is behind you and…
Under Armour's results support skepticism to whether it can maintain such a rapid pace of growth.
Under Armour is now the most heavily shorted company in S&P, per Some shorts believe UA has invested way to…
& Under Armour standout CB with George Rogers on official visit to http…
Tom Brady gifts two pairs of Under Armour sleepwear to every Patriots teammate
Under Armour reveals the Spieth One, hits US stores on 3/1 for $200
Day one of the Australian open and Melbourne is putting on some glorious weather 31° best of luck to Under Armour's…
Ball out at the under armour camp boy! — I gotcha💯
His personality mostly and how he seldom says anything positive. Oh, and that time he faked an Under Armour sponsorship.
Congratulations to DE Azeez Ojulari, WR Ramel Keyton, and QB Harrison Bailey on their invites to the 2017 Under Armour Camp…
Iowa is visiting Under Armour All-American punter Joe Doyle tomorrow. Likely to sign a scholarship punter in 2017…
Elite 24 Under Armour's top 24 highschool ballers shot by me
see you have the under armour gloves. Any other ranges out? FF model soon?
Bryce Harper Cleat shot for Under Armour Baseball shot by me
"Our is not defined by our logo, but by the people who walk through our doors every day.” -Under Armour’s
Under Armour has just announced that, in collaboration with Tom Brady, it will now be selling Recovery Sleepwear
& Under Armour OT on OV to Trips to & to follow.
How is Keita Balde wearing Under Armour in that African heat, everyone's soaked sweating and he still has an under armour on
What a great weekend in Texas! Here are your 2017 Pre Season Under Armour outstanding award winner…
The rawness of a broken heart. Under the hardness of that armour there is the tenderness of genuine sadness. Loneline…
Here at Under Armour we like to have pronunciation debates
How Under Armour founder & CEO Kevin Plank mastered the art of storytelling:
Me every time I go to the Under Armour website
Congratulations to Sofiane Boufal, who was voted by fans as Southampton FC's Under Armour Player of the Month for... https:/…
Already funny as always think Nashville was little better this week & under armour no show I find the best
My name is John and I have an Under Armour fetish
Tom Brady's athlete recovery sleepwear from Under Armour. Top is $100, Bottom is $100. Comes with Tom's tips for sleep ht…
reminded me of a mix of Devin Hester and DeAntony Thomas during the under armour game. we need him at
The girls having sister is so unfair "I'll lend my sisters outfit" yeah ill lend my brothers under armour shorts no worr…
Under Armour is looking for: Store Manager - Osage Beach, MO.
2017 LB target Ellis Brooks named one of the top performers during the Under Armour game by . http…
How to get big without sucking: Under Armour has grand ambitions
Todd Harris has really looked great this morning at Under Armour practice. Interception and pass break ups in 7-on-7 work. 4…
Kary Vincent, Todd Harris and Marvin Wilson check in as Top 10 performers from Day 3 at Under Armour in Orlando.
Herm Edwards talking to the 2017 Under Armour teams.
DB commit Kary Vincent, Jr. getting some 1-on-1 time with Herm Edwards at Under Armour practice.
Under Armour coach Herm Edwards is very hands on in his coaching style.
Under Armour basketball event at MSG and they choose Auburn, BC, Seton Hall and USC? Why not UC, ND, Maryland and Wisconsin? lol
Under Armour announces 10-year deal to outfit all of Major League Baseball -- including uniforms.
Under Armour's Kevin Plank and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred discuss the new deal
Our Geographical & Cyber Borders under threat by our neighbors, cyber criminals & terrorists. *** in the Armour being exposed regularly.
Can someone on here teach me how to enjoy shopping for clothes that is not Nike , under armour or Adidas.
Hope you like it bebe. Under Armour SC 3 ❤️ Happy Advance 😘😘
Can the Under Armour clothing that I bought just get here already 😭
STOP Under Armour from promoting Trophy Hunting! - Sign the Petition! via
Unveiling of new uniforms down at Under Armour today! 🏀🔥
Can't wait to buy new socks @ under armour tomorrow since my puppy thinks my socks are chew toys 🙃
Welcome to downtown DET. 'Brand House' store will be great add to Woodward Ave retail corridor in 2017:
Why old dudes be wearing them tight under armour shirts like they t-shirts lol...
Sailing into a big, blue ocean of opportunity. Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour, likes to tell the story of his origin as an entrepreneur.
To thrive at Under Armour, you have to answer Kevin Plank’s 3 questions
Kevin Plank on the one thing that will get you fired from Under Armour via
love your its about time. curious about your thoughts on Under Armour? Kevin Plank is too greedy?
Under Armour's Kevin Plank gambled the 1st $ he made on blackjack. Lost it all. Had no money to pay toll on way home. He'…
Speed skater claims Under Armour speedsuit in 2014 Olympics was 'defective' via
[inside the games]American speed skater Shani Davis has claimed the Under Armour skinsu…
Two-time Olympic gold medalist speed skater Shani Davis claimed in a Q&A on his website that the Under Armour...
Just saw a man wearing a plaid Under Armour ball cap and now I know that being "too dad" is a thing.
Adidas and Under Armour are locked in a bitter battle to be Nike's top US competitor — here's - Business Insider
Under Armour presents plans for first phase of 50-acre campus - Baltimore Business Journal
[The Baltimore Sun]Agreement with Yomiuri Giants will allow Under Armour to extend its intern…
5 Grand Prize winners will receive one (1) Under Armour $500 eGift Card and One (1) Under Armour Band!
It's Women Power as Under Armour together with Celebrity Fitness trainer Kat Geronimo and Jessy Mendiola led the...
Under Armour workout with Jessy Mendiola earlier at Edsa Shangri La 💪🏼
Congrats to and on becoming the first Under Armour sponsored AAU team in Ohio. This is going to be big…
Adidas dethrones Under Armour as No. 2 sports brand in US .
Andy did you know Under Armour endorses and supports Trophy Hunting? 😢
target Marvin Wilson got his Under Armour jersey today.
Woohoo! Don't pass up on this super rare offer from Under Armour! Now through October 31st, get FREE shipping on...
Under Armour now available at City Gear across from South Dekalb Mall shop now
How does new Under Armour contract stack up against the schools old agreement with Nike?
Cam Newton's mom reads a passage from 'Watership Down' in new Under Armour ad
Tom Brady throwing passes at Milton Academy for an Under Armour commercial
Under Armour inked a new deal with 13 Atlanta-area high schools $UA
Under Armour is going after what the CEO thinks is $15 billion opportunity
President Obama plays golf in Baltimore County with Under Armour's Kevin Plank
Under Armour places Andy Murray's personality at the heart of its latest campaign
This is dead *** some people would wear the Jordan one but not the Under Armour shoe 🤔😤
Michael Phelps wore Nike instead of Under Armour on the latest Sports Illustrated cover
Hi! I was wondering if there was a logo on the back of this hat? Thanks!
Kudos UA. to drops for partaking in
watching husband kill a bear with a spear is disgusting. Glad Under Armour dropped your pathetic ***
Under Armour sort of who had a crusade against cotton but eventually had to abandon that when new technology created a better cotton.
I’m a big fan of in Alberta. . Totally agreed that Bear spear hunting should be banned. . https:/…
Check out the recap on yesterday's on
ICYMI: MichaelPhelps stars in powerful spot for UnderArmour
Try what again? I don't think I would see Nike or Under Armour even bother to write such a post. Just poor taste.
I just like the idea of a big middle finger in the face of Under Armour and the antis.
via Under Armour Makes shopping for School Uniforms so Easy
You can't mix Under Armour and Nike just can't🙄
Husband legally kills bear with spear. Under Armour's drops sponsorship of WIFE.
Under armour throwing a huge market segment under the bus. Better sell your UA stock first thing in the AM
Never Forget: Obama and Hillary threw an American citizen under the bus and had him arrested as an excuse for Benghazi.…
same here . Under Armour made millions if not billions . They will hurt
Here's the link about dropping their Womens Hunting Ambassador because of a 100% legal Bear Hunt
Are new uniforms some of the best in the country? Hero Sports seems to think so:
Love. story inspires all of us. Best ever. UNDER ARMOUR | RULE YOURSELF | Michael Phelps
Maybe I should send it to under armour, so the anti hunters that work there can complain.
Elite 24 is an all-star Under Armour-sponsored event in NYC. Watch Isaiah Washington, Sid Wilson, Moses Brown tonight at 6:30 CT on ESPNU.
Michael Phelps' new Sports Illustrated cover could make Under Armour furious via
Under Armour is ending its sponsorship of Sarah Bowmar, wife of of the Alberta bear spearing video, spoke…
Colin Powell gets thrown under the bus by Clinton.
all evidence and comments are on Under Armour FB page from ppl commenting.
Under armour and the Bowmars broke up today. I'll do a blog post in a few days when I am no longer crying.
Me: so what do you guys have in the way of like actual armor? . Under Armour: uh...
The Under Armour Elite 24 Game will be played Saturday night. Final team rosters here ...
VIDEO: Over the weekend, Under Armour locked arms with Foot Locker for a pop-up shop featuring the Curry Lux
Under Armour Elite 24 weekend events tip Friday with the Three-Point and Slam Dunk contests. Here's the sched ... http…
I love Under Armour, but that cartoon killed it. Can't support 'em.
Josh Bowmar is not an UA sponsored athlete. Under Armour is ending its relationship with Sarah Bowmar.
Can't blame him after fellow Under Armour athlete Steph Curry lost a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. People forget this.
Tell to drop sponsorship of cruel spear hunter, Josh Bowmar. Baiting an innocent animal is no sport. https:…
Under Armour breaks off relationship with the Bowmar bear killers.
Why is Michael Phelps, the crown jewel of Under Armour’s Olympic athletes, wearing Nike? via
Under Armour logo familiar but never knew their name til now, this is POSTIVE
Blessed to have been invited to the Under Armour Future 50 ! ⚔⚫️🔴
Robert Morris is officially an Under Armour school. That's probably really good for them.
I was at ATL Falcons Camp yesterday. Their gear is NIKE but there was a big Under Armour logo on the fan entrance banner. Odd
Nationals gonna lose in the World Series and Under Armour's best athletes in the 3 major sports will have all lost in the…
Hmm. Funny how they don't put Andy Murray in those cool Under Armour ads with Steph Curry, Misty Copeland, & Jordan Spieth. 🤔
Bad, bad , bad people. Same people who wear Under Armour and Cotton Traders and like Will Carling
.gets to the bottom of why Under Armour made the Chef Currys...because wanted them...
KD to Golden State makes for unique competition for Nike and Under Armour
Move to Under Armour official today. Men's basketball still with Nike for 2 seasons
A former Maryland tight end makes an Under Armour-style entry to the business world
[SB Nation: Testudo Times] How a former Maryland tight end is echoing Under Armour in the business
McDonogh's Jackson Morrill had 'amazing' senior year, set for Yale after Under Armour game
Under Armour's Michael Phelps ad is contender at Cannes
David Droga and Kevin Plank on stage, discussing Under Armour
Under Armour might as well ship these new Steph Curry 2.5s directly to Burlington Coat Factory.
Congrats to our very own Luke Wetzel on making the under Armour Midwest All American team. 5 players total from STL wil…
Wicomico is MD's first county to have all varsity athletes in https…
Very thankful and honored to say I've been selected to play in the Under Armour All American game this summer.   10% Off
So I went to go try on a shirt at Under Armour and look what I see in the fitting room 🚯
It's on Sunday and our new training kit is out! Sorted. . Buy - https…
Nike ang logo sa left sa right kay under armour😂😂 sipata
The Under Armour Curry Two “Waves” released today just in time for Game 6 (via
The "73-9" Under Armour Curry 2.5 will be available online at tomorrow morning at 10 am ET.
Under Armour cost Golden State this series. Can't recover from the memes. No one could.
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