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Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom is the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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no you don't bcz if they could Uncle Tom your azz would be gone too keep sucking up to racism black man
New reality show: "The Cabin" 7 strangers forced to live in a cottage that blasts "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Warrant. you'd watch?
Uncle Tom Snoop n ur soul is garbage u sell out
months now.. Her Uncle is supposed to live there, she is in Tennasse now ? Dating site meet she has a 3 year old daughter.
Phil: Uncle Tom's Cabin is the most-seen play of all time. Besides the Wicked Second National.
You are Uncle Tom.. n ur music is cheezy garbage.
Imagine while everyone else was doing big civil rights movements OJ was playing Uncle Tom.
I know a secret down in Uncle Tom's cabin. I know a secret that I just can't tell.
Ur so cheezy n dumb Snoop.. U r Uncle Tom. I dare u to watch this.
U serve nazi banking cartel n cheezy spirit cooking dorks.. This is what you defend.. UR UNCLE TOM, Snoop
But I'm an Uncle Tom for voting for Okay... yeah, sure your right...
is a buck-dancing Uncle Tom Lapdog who licks white Democrat balls for a living. Massa has room in the house for you.
Hello there. You must be the Spanish Uncle Tom.
Neymar is a Brazilian Uncle Tom, never been to a favela rave or delivered cocaine on the back of a scooter
Wales number one ' uncle Tom' at it again
Sage Steele even got Uncle Tom Stephan A Smith going in on her. Lmao she gotta go to fox sports.
Idk if a-absent ba ko tom or nah ; libing ni Uncle Rudy or Prelims uhm...
What's the white version of an Uncle Tom? Cause I think I'm that.
Uncle Tom . "when your enemy suddenly turns around and begins to praise a man, beware of such a man".MalcolmX
He is a filthy no good liberal who himself should be ,,, Ignored... For his uncle tom membership in t…
I'm shocked! I'm sure America's stupidest Uncle Tom will put an end to this.
Wonder who is the worst Uncle Tom between Samuel L Jackson 's character on Django,Uncle Ruckus or Ben Carson
Ralph Nader asks if Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom via Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom, Progressives will love it
I wonder how all of the black men named Thomas feels when their nephews call them "Uncle Tom"
Write my essay help. Uncle Tom's cabin cause/influence on the civil war
For we've going to share a few more quotes from Uncle Tom's Cabin.
You get your black card taken or you get called an Uncle Tom or a *** for actually trying to win in America
not only will they do it, they will call you an Uncle Tom or *** because u don't do groupthink
I used to really rock with Stephan A Smith but I hate him now he's a Uncle Tom
can you call and find out if he thinks Tim Scott of South Carolina is an Uncle Tom he won't answer
Shades of Uncle Tom's Cabin with DJT as Silas Legree. Need to bring back the Underground RR for today's dehumanized…
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Senator Tim Scott was called a 'house *** and an 'Uncle Tom' by leftists opposed to his support of Jeff Sessions. https:…
Boon *** is my personal favorite. With honorable mention to Uncle Tom, Bed Wench, and Clarence Thomas *** ***
Now this is the biggest Uncle Tom in the senate. He and Clarence Thomas are the biggest disgrace to their race.
There's always a Black Sambo & Quimbo able to do the evil bidding of an evil white Simon Legree against the sainted character of Uncle Tom.
Wow, I think many black ppl who consider Clarence Thomas to be a *** Uncle Tom need 2 know his storty via
Is there a British equivalent for the US term "Uncle Tom"?
The class was asked to write an essay on the Uncle Tom character. Winfred wrote a paper that was as much about Willie as it was Tom.
Martin king will be ashamed of you Uncle Tom
So cute 2C ppl who spent 25yrs demonizing Clarence Thomas, calling him Uncle Tom etc. now upset used term "so-called judge"
My grandmother just called Clarence Thomas a "got *** Uncle Tom" lmfao
In other news they did the same thing to Clarence Thomas 25 years ago; a black conservative is just an Uncle Tom.
Kyle should never use he phrase Uncle Tom. Like ever again. Manchin has been a snake and WV politics takes more tha…
Im reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe it was written before the civil war and exposed the horrors of slavery
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Seems appropriate in current situation. 1984 up next.
Peters no Uncle Tom says Harawira: Mana leader Hone Harawira is standing up for New Zealand First’s Winston Peters……
Strong argument that Winston Peters is an 'Uncle Tom.
What's funny is I've heard people call Ray Lewis an Uncle Tom when I'm guessing he's done more for the communities he's lived in then
I think you've misread, Gareth Morgan called Winston Peters an Uncle Tom
We can confirm that has fallen into Winston Peters trap; hook, line, and Uncle Tom
OK, pākehā don't get to call anyone an Uncle Tom ever. Even Winston Peters. That includes you Gareth Morgan
Bruce is an American hero. Ur an ignorant trash bag for using terms like Uncle Tom. Ur just an Uncle *** Brian http…
you're just O'Reilly and hannity's lap dog. Uncle Tom.
dispatched with the Uncle Tom and Oreo epithets I see; it's great that obama did so much to improve race relations
Make no mistake. Greg Howard is calling Ben Carson an Uncle Tom. There's nothing new or original about Howard's pitiful attack.
care Ryan, care when you mention Uncle Tom. Lol
The dirty birds are back, Matt Ryan made a statement for MVP, can't wait to see what Uncle Tom has for us tonight
TY for sharing that video. Unfortuanetly, SJW's will write off any minority that defects as a "Uncle Tom"
Obama is an Uncle Tom, too busy kissing the *** of the rich white man, sucking the wall street…
To every lib, a black conservative is an Uncle Tom sellout! Witness Clarence Thomas. 2 we Deplorables, Senator Sco…
Uncle Tom took me on some wild childhood adventures
Nah Bubba not going to Trump Ignorant-gural 2 many KKK & Uncle Tom's ..Were going to the *** naugur…
He's an Uncle Tom because he condemns violence? He has seen first hand the riots and murders of
How boss is this. Tom Davies and his uncle Alan Whittle.
We don't need Uncle Tom Blues thanks. (Google the term 'Uncle Tom' if you don't know what that means)
I Wonder how much was his check he received for this...or maybe he just might be a 'boot licking buck dancing Uncle…
I'm from Alabama and William Smith is the biggest Uncle Tom that has ever been put on this planet.
Well, I'd rather be an "Uncle Tom", "Uncle Ben" or an "Aunt Jemima" than a "Kunta Kinta" who was too stupid to be nothn more than a "Toby".
And just bekuz I call out the ignorant bullshyt that my ethnic group does on a daily basis, I'm label an "Uncle Tom".
Straw man. Never said you were an uncle Tom. You're just biased, and refuse to see things for what they are, IMO.
Maajid says Keith is an opportunist who would sell out his principles for power. That is pretty much an uncle tom
James Baldwin is the most uncle tom weirdo *** of the whole 60s. U see they didn't assanate james Baldwin how com…
Not when the whole argument is trying to tell me that my friend is a racist, and if I don't see it I'm an uncle tom
I made this video a few years ago in honor of my god father my uncle tom.
wouldnt pay much attention to maajid. He is a complete uncle tom coconut. He will sell his own mother for £££
Exactly its all bad. The timing couldn't be worse. The Tone of the film was terrible Baldwin is an Uncle tom *** …
what is an uncle tom? Lmao. I heard it on 8 mile and never knew what he meant when B Rabbit called Future that
I bought car aerials for £1, sold them for £1.20 . Went on and bought more sold them and bought more.Then my uncle died and…
good movie. Tom hanks does a good job portraying ole uncle Richard
Out now since2017New Years day my new Triple X DownloadVideo all search engines Uncle Black Tom in Tattoo Sweet Taboo Misty Blue Deja VU
It has become clear that is an uncle Tom sellout to the racist liberal left!
What's the Polynesian version of an Uncle Tom? A lot of em came out the woodwork this week.
Still can't believe my uncle is nominated for an Oscar amongst Denzel,Ryan Gosling&Tom Hanks .
Uncle Tom. White folk have never not felt good about being white.
I saw the stupidest sh!t earlier this evening, some Trump uncle Tom claiming "BLM are the new KKK". While real KKK are endorsing Trump, FFS!
Call him an uncle tom, you know you want to.
Parents now think I'm an international drug trafficker cause I mailed my uncle in Sweden some edibles once
״an Uncle Tom" and you're a token white friend to black lives matter
Men legit think that wearing Tom Ford cologne makes them hygienic. Walking around with visible dandruff talking about class…
And, paying $60k to do so- How much $ for Billy Hawkins to be Uncle Tom? Or, Friend of Don King, Clarence Thomas?
You made me see I had a lot to learn about being black I was raised by a white Uncle Tom *** family and that wasn't my fault I'm sorry
You got the Uncle Tom then you got the hood *** *** 😂 LMFAO !
No, thank you, Uncle Tom. I'm not gonna be a "good boy" and "yessa, massa" anyone... 😉 But you do you.
I've gone from a white Uncle Tom to...suckie. The right just can't get it right. Hilarity ensues.
it's top of mind bc I just watched that OJ doc but I am so glad I wasn't any older to understand what an Uncle Tom he was
Taking liberties (literally): Nick Hopkinson, Louise Ross, Linda Bauld, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
This Uncle Tom has no shame! How can a grown man behave like this and still look at himself in the mirror?!
"On The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump referred to Lil Jon repeatedly as 'Uncle Tom' until confronted by Jon and other crew"
Interesting how in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" they acknowledge the slave as having a soul.weren't slaves supposedly not human?
Whites are apparently now co-opting the term Uncle Tom. I didn't even know that I was an uncle. Crazy.
yeah you pos Uncle Tom. sell out your own race because one time a black person was phony enough to be 'nice' to you
Do you ever quote black people Uncle Tom?
I am shure they will be called uncle Tom's by the Lefty's.
black man discovered the North Pole to but is rarely mentioned. I think grandchild of the real "Uncle Tom"
This *** the biggest Uncle Tom of our generation
it has been well documented that .is of the house *** Uncle Tom mold no one should be surprised at…
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Carson was a brilliant surgeon too bad he inhaled too much gas and lost his mind that's why he allows Tramp to walk…
wow Chicago has the worst murder rate in America if you ask Uncle Tom Oba…
white liberals label them uncle Tom in 3...2...1
I have a hobby, arguing with Uncle Tom's that revere their chains
Naw he is who he is, an Uncle Tom. He always got something to say ab black athletes but quick to defend a white man
Reality: A modern MLK would be called an 'Uncle Tom' & denounced as a patriarchal religious fascist by the left.
I swear other mexicans think im like some mexican uncle tom smh...uncle juan
So you're telling me that they're Uncle Tom's that disavowed BLM? In the hood of Chicago. rig…
he's the UNCLE TOM! on the plantation that reports to the MASTER! he should paint his face white! BIGOT
we always had Uncle Tom's that hated black people why circle of Brotherhood
Uncle Tom: black folks overeager to win the approval of whites uncritical acceptance of white values and goals or
SELLOUT *** UNCLE TOM. This man already doesn't like black women (look how all black women get portrayed in Empire…
You can sing him that Uncle Pecos song from Tom and Jerry. "I need a gee-tar string, nephew!"
Clearly DL is an Uncle Tom, racist, Nazi. How can a black person speak such truth! Get back on the Dem plantation…
Dad: "who is that?". Mom: "that's Elena, your niece" . Dad: "oh...that's why she called me Uncle Tom"
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Harry Belafonte likened Powell and Rice to "Jews high up in Hitler's hierarchy." Gloria Allred called them "Uncle Tom types…
used to have a and carves a like no other I think Uncle Tom just…
Everytime I see this Bozo he's wearing bigger cowboy hat.Such an Uncle Tom criminal. Needs 2be in his own jail 4let…
Not unless they create an Uncle Tom corner... then, he, Stacy Dash, Kanye, Ray Lewis, Denise Rodman and the rest of…
Compare and contrast, liberals tendency to call Black conservatives *** "Aunt Jamima" and "Uncle Tom"
tonight Section R3 rowE seat3 Tom , Uncle Tom if we go out 💕💞 See you at the Cenntenial for drinks at 6pm Monday😘
Is HUD now going to be known as Uncle Tom's Cabins?. (Tongue planted firmly in my cheek!)
UH Oh...Jim Brown busting the white supremacist BS. I dare ya to call Jim Brown an Uncle Tom, sellout, *** etc. Game…
the red blooded sportsman who curries favor with the Jews media establishment must become sort of white Uncle Tom.
White guys on the Right Side of History™ calling a black guy *** and Uncle Tom getting mad kudos for it. What a time…
I guess Dr Ben Carson doesn't count he is just an Uncle Tom. Or maybe he is white. Breitbart
Terry Lannery if you call me a sellout or Uncle Tom to my face, I will rip so many punches to your body you
Uncle Tom- Sheriff David Clarke (No relation) self hate is so visceral. tell him how stupid he is.
Y'all Uncle Tom "reach across the table" ppl are those slaves and this movement is getting that radical. ✌🏾️
, but of course because he plays Uncle Tom to the racist Barry Obama & the elitist Granny Vapors Clinton!
If Donald Trump appointed Barack Obama as US Secretary of State, the left and MSM would declare Obama an Uncle Tom.
Ebro is an Uncle Tom you keep beating the race card to death you played yourself
you know there is such things as Uncle Tom's right?
People were calling Jim Brown a *** and an Uncle Tom yesterday man I'm done with y'all
Like an Uncle Tom who goes to the UN with a vial of Bush's Baking Soda which he claims can destroy the world?
Incase anyone doesnt know what an Uncle Tom is, here's one that would put Uncle Rukus to shame:
ur an Uncle Tom on the leftard plantation -ur Stepin Fetchit
Lil' Jon was on Celebrity Apprentice and Trump called him "Uncle Tom," angering Arsenio Hall https…
.confirms my report on Trump calling him Uncle Tom, adds Apprentice boardroom detail
So during Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump allegedly referred to Lil Jon as Uncle Tom repeatedly, after Jon dressed up as Uncle Sam.
Lil Jon says he asked Trump to stop calling him 'Uncle Tom'
DUMBFOUNDED Lil Jon gave Trump a Pass for being Blatantly Racist! And seems to be endorsing him but not his behavior.
The call black people who don't agree with them "Uncle Tom".. I thought the left opposed criticism and supported any/all black people
The NAACP, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Black Lives Matter, Democrat Party come to mind with this quote. They would call Booker T…
Irony is liberals in uproar over someone calling someone Uncle Tom.
Lil Jon responds to Trump calling him "Uncle Tom" during 'Celebrity Apprentice' taping
Lil Jon on time called him 'Uncle Tom' during Apprentice.
People complain about trump calling Uncle Tom. Since I support trump black folks call me that everyday https:/…
Umm, deaf woman 'retard', black man 'uncle tom', surely NBC must explain why they promoted Trump for so long? . https…
lol, did he not know the difference between uncle Tom and Uncle Sam?
So self-proclaimed deplorable lives up to expectations- (shame they never use their real name) -they always call bl…
If Lil John had a problem with being called Uncle Tom & stayed for the airtime, that would make him an Uncle Tom.
I have read Uncle Tom & this woman is beneath the dignity of that title - as is anyone who works at At l…
so uncle Tom is offensive? learn something new everyday- mean while none of hillary's scandals are offensive! The media is trying everything
Where is the outrage for Ben Carson being called a Uncle Tom?
1) Trump says something offensive. . 2) Fan girls justify it by claiming other side did something equal or worse. . 3) Repeat. Re: Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom wow very RACIST! But this is what I want you to see, Hillary Clinton doctor dead! Clinton body count climbin…
"Uncle Tom is the slander that will finally take Trump down!" Says increasingly nervous GOPe man for 25th time.
Things Trump did, re: 'The Apprentice':. 1) Proposed a black-vs.-white season. 2) Kept calling "Uncle Tom".
For a little context: every black Trump supporter has had Uncle Tom and *** yelled at them by "liberal" protestors.
called Uncle Tom!? No wonder I didn't watch that fantasy show!
Trump a racist for misunderstanding the term "Uncle Tom," says every white liberal who has intentionally called
is now offensive to non-Trump supporters? You call people like an Uncle Tom almost daily
So now Uncle Tom is offensive. Wow! This can't be life gotta be more. Contradicted myself…
Lil Jon responds to allegations Trump called him 'Uncle Tom' via
Prediction: over next few days GOP line will be that calling a black man "Uncle Tom" is a sign of respect. .
Sad testament of this election that a Presidential candidate calling someone an Uncle Tom isn't even the most shocking news…
love the show but I lost all respect for Moody after the Trump support. I can't believe it. Uncle Tom
White CONservatives are angry that Uncle Tom was given so little space in the National Museum of African American...
Maybe you're an Uncle Tom, Roger Stone. Looks like you've got a good start on a 'Fro.
Lester Holt your latest Uncle Tom selling out his own nation, during Joseph McCarthy years he would have been hange…
Uncle Tom. Sam Jackson character in Django was based on you Now do what massa says and go shine my shoes boy.
ask yourself how would you feel being called an Uncle Tom and a *** in the same conversation
Blacks would be ready to lynch MLK Jr. in today's time, he would've been called an Uncle Tom over social media ..
Oh! The Pathers hired a white man to "coach" Cameron *** Newton on race. That explains why he's an Uncle Tom now.
Rahm best known for being a crook, the other for his 'Uncle Tom' reference to Muslims.
lol about the Assuming facts not in evidence. Not "white." Now call me Uncle Tom ?
Martin Luther King Jr. would be called an 'Uncle Tom' by today's liberal Democrats and social justice warriors.
NFL got one more Uncle Tom left to ask about kaepernick's decision, Michael Sam
To the Uncle Tom's at the Congressional Black Caucus, are you sending any food and supplies to the blacks in Baton Rouge?…
Jill Stein VP Ajamu Baraka says he stands by calling Barack Obama an "Uncle Tom president."
.called Obama an "Uncle Tom" & said Bashar Assad was freely elected. But he's black. So thinks he…
your support of Grandma Nixon would make you an Uncle Tom in another place and time...
Now Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison is referring to other black elected officials as Uncle Tom(s)…
"Black speak?" liberal?" Is this the same Mike Webb who is the Uncle Tom and "unabashed conservative?"
hey Uncle Tom what kind of doctor are you? Proctologist? Cause you sure are supporting a big ***
Uncle Tom pastor out on CNN. Link below to watch it all.
I would even call him "The Monsanto Puppet" & Uncle Tom to The Bride of Frankenfoods...Hillary Clinton.
"That damned Uncle Tom *** be dissin us homies." Will be incoming comments. STAND TALL PASTOR!
did that Uncle Tom just say something about Frank Rizzo? Wow just like the Dems.. Kumbaya! Check Your History
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This girl name jade is an Uncle Tom lol
.still not anything but hey the Bush people like Clinton you are the Uncle Tom since you hate the opportunity but love the fight
David Clarke is the text book definition of an Uncle Tom.
U can make big $ being a sellout chicken and biscuit eating Uncle Tom. . U have many on your show. LMAO!
'Uncle Tom' bc I'm *** & don't think "correct" thoughts. Lame. Notion that I shill for Trump is laughable. Fail.
When a white man gets murdered by a cop nobody says 'well what about white on white crime?' U understand Uncle Tom? You've been brainwashed.
We've had white writers on slavery, important ones, going as far back as Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.
I agree, but saying that white privilege exists and calling people an "Uncle Tom" aren't helping anybody
wow Uncle Tom agrees with his Neocon Henry Jackson Society friend Margaret Beckett
Arizona. Lol been a fan of them since Bibby and Simon. I don't think we play you Uncle Tom's this year.
Simon Legree being the name of the slave owner who has Tom flogged to death in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Black ppl should read uncle toms cabin and realize Uncle Tom was the good slave and sambo was the sellout lol
Uncle Tom, don't be playing with my emotions.
Unlearning from Uncle Tom's Cabin in Black Literary Studies After Ferguson: Perspectives from a Graduate Seminar
Earl the pearl or whatever he name just called Hubert Ingraham a big ole Uncle Tom 😂😂😂
Where Is the Uncle Tom's Cabin of Gun Control?: America has yet to see a work of art that could do for gun control…
worse than an Uncle Tom because he trivializes the hardships of African Americans in pursuit of being an "oppressed individual".
Nah this Uncle Tom *** *** would get hit so quick, never was he supporting the *** wearing the confederate flag
Early candidates for *** Uncle Tom of the year:. 1. Ben Carson. 2. Stacey Dash. 3. Raven Symone. 4. Any black person sayin…
I'm pretty sure I watched that years ago. He's getting everyone to call Frazier an Uncle Tom or something
Twiki is the Uncle Tom of robot kind.
Van Jones is an Uncle Tom who supports racist Crooked Hillary (Byrd, disowned Danney - Bill's illegitimate)
Ian brings on the Uncle Tom of the Tori party Kwasi to try and legitimise Farage comments, which are racist.
Remember when Ali beat up Ernie Terrell & called him an Uncle Tom for calling him out of his name...
Watched ESPN Classic:he called Ernie Terrell an Uncle Tom&beat the *** out of him for refusing to call him Muhammad Ali in '67.
Brilliant Muslim guy on Katie Hopkins now, explaining how his fasting isn't everyone's ideal. Sadiq Khan calls him an 'Uncle Tom'.
Heavyweight Peter Jackson, like worked on stage to earn $. Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Ernie Terrell refuses to call Muhammad Ali by his new name. As Ali punches him, he yells "what's my name, Uncle Tom?" http:/…
"You acting just like an old Uncle Tom...I'm going to punish you." -- to Ernie Terrell.
This Ernie Terrell character got real offended by Ali calling him Uncle Tom. 🐸🍵.
See, it was kicks & giggles for Ernie Terrell to call Muhammad Ali "Cassius Clay" but he got real offended at Ali calling him "Uncle Tom."
Remember when Ali called Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis an Uncle Tom? I do.
who am I in the room with Uncle Tom
John Coffey makes it the most emotive book after Uncle Tom's Cabin.
ETF? Carson's no more than an Uncle Tom willing to aid in the destructive force of a "loose cannon" - Donald Trump
The gospel of Uncle Tom's cabin by Frank Boreham via
Jalen Rose is a racist. Anybody who calls Grant Hill an Uncle Tom is ignorant.
Thats another mans Prince, a man who is making very valiant and admirable efforts to be a part of that princes life, respect that, Uncle Tom
who is the black guy on morning Joe this Uncle Tom *** what's his name Hillary party is dead
So Hillary served, Cruz served? Ltc Allen West served, but your Hillary supporters said he was a Uncle Tom. U CHOSE?
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Yes, the date on this book is 1889. So, so pleased with my gifts.
..he is an Uncle Tom or House Muslim if he joins up with the most virulent Islamophobes.
Obama is the coolest Uncle Tom ever but they couldn't put no square *** *** in the white house
I have not forgotten him calling POTUS an "Uncle Tom" on Fox News in 2008 - F**k Ralph!
I can't believe she did that. She must be an Uncle Tom or rather, an Aunt Tammy.
my boy gabe just called you an Uncle Tom 🙄
You mean 'uncle tom' muslims. I'm curious how you talk off camera among muslims of like mind.
he wanted to call when I said he'd have reputation like Uncle Tom otherwise
Nice 2 have Uncle Tom and Aunty Hannah round 2 meet baby 2night 😊 just need 2 get Uncle Tom to hold her 😂
Might have to have a look Tom.. Uncle needs one now really.. Bull a bit shook 😫
Uncle Tom Ku tries to suck up to white man- fails. lol
if a black person is a conservative blacks call him a sellout and an Uncle Tom
That's like telling him he is an Uncle Tom!
No it's worse than that. He's an uncle Tom.
Most whites wouldn't care. Blacks would call him an Uncle Tom and ostracize him.
God will reveal himself to the Gentiles that he was Uncle Tom all along
Indeed, congratulation to Uncle Tom, just the type of politics we all need to encourage every background to get on, do well and integrate.
yes i knew somewhwere there is an uncle tom waiting on the wings. do you have R1 billion wena?
its the truth uncle tom Q will have his karma while these *** *** still try to make it on there 4 views action figures
^ A reminder for pseudo progressives: uncle Tom, Native Informant and House Muslim are racist slurs, that promote Muslim o…
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. He's not misinformed. Just deceptive. He's on record saying he believes moderate Muslims are the "uncle tom" of islam.
one thing I can't stand is the Uncle Tom's who betray their own people
My boy called me an Uncle Tom because I don't like Somali girls *** lool
If you don't get your Uncle Tom Uncle Ruckus *** out our mentions.
London Mayor Sadiq “Moderate Muslims are Uncle Tom’s” Khan has got some set of balls to be warning anybody
from my Uncle Tom • Approach your obstacles and move forward!
. He is not ignorant of Islam, he is honest about Islam, something you're not 'Uncle Tom'
If slavery come back umma be a Uncle Tom .. Yea Massa' that *** ain't workin get his ***
"Uncle Tom, Aunt Tammy, ya Grand Mammy, ya right hand man Randy; understand me."
Remember when Ralph Nader called Obama an "Uncle Tom" in 2008? Here's the 2016 Green Party equivalent. https…
correction it's called goodbye Uncle Tom. It's was filmed in Hati and was banned from…
Unbelievable... even after the Uncle Tom reference... goodbye UK...
Dear Sadiq Khan, I consider myself a moderate Muslim, does that, in your eyes, make me an 'Uncle Tom'?
Have you suspended Sadiq Khan for his 'Uncle Tom' comments yet?. Or did the election put you off?
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Y'all hear say racism doesn't exist? He is the biggest boot licking Uncle Tom ever.
Morning melodies - "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Joey Allen kills the lead on this one. Underrated axeman.
Ben Carson talks about Harriet Tubman, gets slammed as Uncle Tom
No chest pains here, we're laughing at an Uncle Tom, we haven't lost anything.
I'll never forget I got called an Uncle Tom on here for saying Tom Hardy has had better movies than Will Smith in recent years
ESPN should get rid of Stephen smith Uncle Tom *** if anything
Would be better with Poison and Jani Lane RIP still singing for Warrant! I will always remember Uncle Tom's Cabin!!!
hope all is well Danny boy, tell them Uncle Tom said hi!
Trevor Phillips, how does it feel being an Uncle Tom?
An Autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson ( Uncle Tom ) from 1789-1881 [ Uncle
The 1849 *Life of Josiah Henson* has (I think) been dismissed too readily, because Stowe cited him as a model for Uncle Tom.
Aunt Linda. Stay strong Uncle Tom. Thank you for letting me know Jules
Uncle Tom and House Muslim are not racist labels – they are political ones
I walk into Emma's house and the first thing I do is take a shot with Uncle Tom 😂😂
You may be ok with 'coconut', 'Uncle Tom,' 'native informant' or 'House Muslim' but the rest of us think they're…
Has there ever been a bigger Uncle Tom than Doug Glanville ?
But if you speak about BLM and someone stepping up talking about black on black crime you're treated like an Uncle Tom
They doubt us cause we some south hittas. Well I'm in ya cotton pickin yard holding my Uncle Tom come out the house ***
theme is bands or songs that are related to food. Honey, Sugar Ray, Uncle Tom's Diner, Cranberries, etc.
I hate how ya'll throw that Uncle Tom title to black people that don't act stereo typical like yall know what makes black people black
David Webb is a 'straight-up Uncle Tom' who gargles with Pall Mall and whiskey juice!
Go ahead, Call her an Uncle Tom. I dare you. I double dare you.
Uncle Caitlin is my new term for dudes who wanna betray their sex like dr Phil and Bruce Jenner. Similar to Uncle Tom
Bra somebody please get this boot licking Uncle Tom outta here
Oh I'm sure his feelings are hurt by what you just said. You know, because you think he's an Uncle Tom and all.
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