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Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom is the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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Clearly DL is an Uncle Tom, racist, Nazi. How can a black person speak such truth! Get back on the Dem plantation…
Harry Belafonte likened Powell and Rice to "Jews high up in Hitler's hierarchy." Gloria Allred called them "Uncle Tom types…
used to have a and carves a like no other I think Uncle Tom just…
Everytime I see this Bozo he's wearing bigger cowboy hat.Such an Uncle Tom criminal. Needs 2be in his own jail 4let…
Not unless they create an Uncle Tom corner... then, he, Stacy Dash, Kanye, Ray Lewis, Denise Rodman and the rest of…
Compare and contrast, liberals tendency to call Black conservatives *** "Aunt Jamima" and "Uncle Tom"
tonight Section R3 rowE seat3 Tom , Uncle Tom if we go out 💕💞 See you at the Cenntenial for drinks at 6pm Monday😘
Is HUD now going to be known as Uncle Tom's Cabins?. (Tongue planted firmly in my cheek!)
UH Oh...Jim Brown busting the white supremacist BS. I dare ya to call Jim Brown an Uncle Tom, sellout, *** etc. Game…
the red blooded sportsman who curries favor with the Jews media establishment must become sort of white Uncle Tom.
White guys on the Right Side of History™ calling a black guy *** and Uncle Tom getting mad kudos for it. What a time…
I guess Dr Ben Carson doesn't count he is just an Uncle Tom. Or maybe he is white. Breitbart
Terry Lannery if you call me a sellout or Uncle Tom to my face, I will rip so many punches to your body you
Uncle Tom- Sheriff David Clarke (No relation) self hate is so visceral. tell him how stupid he is.
Y'all Uncle Tom "reach across the table" ppl are those slaves and this movement is getting that radical. ✌🏾️
, but of course because he plays Uncle Tom to the racist Barry Obama & the elitist Granny Vapors Clinton!
If Donald Trump appointed Barack Obama as US Secretary of State, the left and MSM would declare Obama an Uncle Tom.
Ebro is an Uncle Tom you keep beating the race card to death you played yourself
you know there is such things as Uncle Tom's right?
People were calling Jim Brown a *** and an Uncle Tom yesterday man I'm done with y'all
Like an Uncle Tom who goes to the UN with a vial of Bush's Baking Soda which he claims can destroy the world?
Incase anyone doesnt know what an Uncle Tom is, here's one that would put Uncle Rukus to shame:
ur an Uncle Tom on the leftard plantation -ur Stepin Fetchit
Lil' Jon was on Celebrity Apprentice and Trump called him "Uncle Tom," angering Arsenio Hall https…
.confirms my report on Trump calling him Uncle Tom, adds Apprentice boardroom detail
So during Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump allegedly referred to Lil Jon as Uncle Tom repeatedly, after Jon dressed up as Uncle Sam.
Lil Jon says he asked Trump to stop calling him 'Uncle Tom'
DUMBFOUNDED Lil Jon gave Trump a Pass for being Blatantly Racist! And seems to be endorsing him but not his behavior.
The call black people who don't agree with them "Uncle Tom".. I thought the left opposed criticism and supported any/all black people
The NAACP, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Black Lives Matter, Democrat Party come to mind with this quote. They would call Booker T…
Irony is liberals in uproar over someone calling someone Uncle Tom.
Lil Jon responds to Trump calling him "Uncle Tom" during 'Celebrity Apprentice' taping
Lil Jon on time called him 'Uncle Tom' during Apprentice.
People complain about trump calling Uncle Tom. Since I support trump black folks call me that everyday https:/…
Umm, deaf woman 'retard', black man 'uncle tom', surely NBC must explain why they promoted Trump for so long? . https…
lol, did he not know the difference between uncle Tom and uncle Sam?
So self-proclaimed deplorable lives up to expectations- (shame they never use their real name) -they always call bl…
If Lil John had a problem with being called Uncle Tom & stayed for the airtime, that would make him an Uncle Tom.
I have read Uncle Tom & this woman is beneath the dignity of that title - as is anyone who works at At l…
so uncle Tom is offensive? learn something new everyday- mean while none of hillary's scandals are offensive! The media is trying everything
Where is the outrage for ben Carson being called a Uncle Tom?
1) Trump says something offensive. . 2) Fan girls justify it by claiming other side did something equal or worse. . 3) Repeat. Re: Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom wow very RACIST! But this is what I want you to see, Hillary Clinton doctor dead! Clinton body count climbin…
"Uncle Tom is the slander that will finally take Trump down!" Says increasingly nervous GOPe man for 25th time.
Things Trump did, re: 'The Apprentice':. 1) Proposed a black-vs.-white season. 2) Kept calling "Uncle Tom".
For a little context: every black Trump supporter has had Uncle Tom and *** yelled at them by "liberal" protestors.
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called Uncle Tom!? No wonder I didn't watch that fantasy show!
Trump a racist for misunderstanding the term "Uncle Tom," says every white liberal who has intentionally called
is now offensive to non-Trump supporters? You call people like an Uncle Tom almost daily
So now Uncle Tom is offensive. Wow! This can't be life gotta be more. Contradicted myself…
Lil Jon responds to allegations Trump called him 'Uncle Tom' via
Prediction: over next few days GOP line will be that calling a black man "Uncle Tom" is a sign of respect. .
Sad testament of this election that a Presidential candidate calling someone an Uncle Tom isn't even the most shocking news…
love the show but I lost all respect for Moody after the Trump support. I can't believe it. Uncle Tom
White CONservatives are angry that Uncle Tom was given so little space in the National Museum of African American...
Maybe you're an Uncle Tom, Roger Stone. Looks like you've got a good start on a 'Fro.
Lester Holt your latest Uncle Tom selling out his own nation, during Joseph McCarthy years he would have been hange…
Uncle Tom. Sam Jackson character in Django was based on you Now do what massa says and go shine my shoes boy.
ask yourself how would you feel being called an Uncle Tom and a *** in the same conversation
Blacks would be ready to lynch MLK Jr. in today's time, he would've been called an Uncle Tom over social media ..
Oh! The Pathers hired a white man to "coach" Cameron *** Newton on race. That explains why he's an Uncle Tom now.
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Rahm best known for being a crook, the other for his 'Uncle Tom' reference to Muslims.
lol about the Assuming facts not in evidence. Not "white." Now call me Uncle Tom ?
Martin Luther King Jr. would be called an 'Uncle Tom' by today's liberal Democrats and social justice warriors.
NFL got one more Uncle Tom left to ask about kaepernick's decision, Michael Sam
To the Uncle Tom's at the Congressional Black Caucus, are you sending any food and supplies to the blacks in Baton Rouge?…
Jill Stein VP Ajamu Baraka says he stands by calling Barack Obama an "Uncle Tom president."
.called Obama an "Uncle Tom" & said Bashar Assad was freely elected. But he's black. So thinks he…
your support of Grandma Nixon would make you an Uncle Tom in another place and time...
Now Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison is referring to other black elected officials as Uncle Tom(s)…
"Black speak?" liberal?" Is this the same Mike Webb who is the Uncle Tom and "unabashed conservative?"
hey Uncle Tom what kind of doctor are you? Proctologist? Cause you sure are supporting a big ***
Uncle Tom pastor out on CNN. Link below to watch it all.
I would even call him "The Monsanto Puppet" & Uncle Tom to The Bride of Frankenfoods...Hillary Clinton.
"That damned Uncle Tom *** be dissin us homies." Will be incoming comments. STAND TALL PASTOR!
did that Uncle Tom just say something about Frank Rizzo? Wow just like the Dems.. Kumbaya! Check Your History
This girl name jade is an Uncle Tom lol
.still not anything but hey the Bush people like Clinton you are the Uncle Tom since you hate the opportunity but love the fight
David Clarke is the text book definition of an Uncle Tom.
U can make big $ being a sellout chicken and biscuit eating Uncle Tom. . U have many on your show. LMAO!
'Uncle Tom' bc I'm *** & don't think "correct" thoughts. Lame. Notion that I shill for Trump is laughable. Fail.
When a white man gets murdered by a cop nobody says 'well what about white on white crime?' U understand Uncle Tom? You've been brainwashed.
We've had white writers on slavery, important ones, going as far back as Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.
I agree, but saying that white privilege exists and calling people an "Uncle Tom" aren't helping anybody
wow Uncle Tom agrees with his Neocon Henry Jackson Society friend Margaret Beckett
Arizona. Lol been a fan of them since Bibby and Simon. I don't think we play you Uncle Tom's this year.
Simon Legree being the name of the slave owner who has Tom flogged to death in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Black ppl should read uncle toms cabin and realize Uncle Tom was the good slave and sambo was the sellout lol
Uncle Tom, don't be playing with my emotions.
Unlearning from Uncle Tom's Cabin in Black Literary Studies After Ferguson: Perspectives from a Graduate Seminar
Earl the pearl or whatever he name just called Hubert Ingraham a big ole Uncle Tom 😂😂😂
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Where Is the Uncle Tom's Cabin of Gun Control?: America has yet to see a work of art that could do for gun control…
worse than an Uncle Tom because he trivializes the hardships of African Americans in pursuit of being an "oppressed individual".
Nah this Uncle Tom *** *** would get hit so quick, never was he supporting the *** wearing the confederate flag
Early candidates for *** Uncle Tom of the year:. 1. Ben Carson. 2. Stacey Dash. 3. Raven Symone. 4. Any black person sayin…
I'm pretty sure I watched that years ago. He's getting everyone to call Frazier an Uncle Tom or something
Twiki is the Uncle Tom of robot kind.
Van Jones is an Uncle Tom who supports racist Crooked Hillary (Byrd, disowned Danney - Bill's illegitimate)
Ian brings on the Uncle Tom of the Tori party Kwasi to try and legitimise Farage comments, which are racist.
Remember when Ali beat up Ernie Terrell & called him an Uncle Tom for calling him out of his name...
Watched ESPN Classic:he called Ernie Terrell an Uncle Tom&beat the *** out of him for refusing to call him Muhammad Ali in '67.
Brilliant Muslim guy on Katie Hopkins now, explaining how his fasting isn't everyone's ideal. Sadiq Khan calls him an 'Uncle Tom'.
Heavyweight Peter Jackson, like worked on stage to earn $. Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Ernie Terrell refuses to call Muhammad Ali by his new name. As Ali punches him, he yells "what's my name, Uncle Tom?" http:/…
"You acting just like an old Uncle Tom...I'm going to punish you." -- to Ernie Terrell.
This Ernie Terrell character got real offended by Ali calling him Uncle Tom. 🐸🍵.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
See, it was kicks & giggles for Ernie Terrell to call Muhammad Ali "Cassius Clay" but he got real offended at Ali calling him "Uncle Tom."
Remember when Ali called Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis an Uncle Tom? I do.
who am I in the room with Uncle Tom
John Coffey makes it the most emotive book after Uncle Tom's Cabin.
ETF? Carson's no more than an Uncle Tom willing to aid in the destructive force of a "loose cannon" - Donald Trump
The gospel of Uncle Tom's cabin by Frank Boreham via
Jalen Rose is a racist. Anybody who calls Grant Hill an Uncle Tom is ignorant.
Thats another mans Prince, a man who is making very valiant and admirable efforts to be a part of that princes life, respect that, Uncle Tom
who is the black guy on morning Joe this Uncle Tom *** what's his name Hillary party is dead
So Hillary served, Cruz served? Ltc Allen West served, but your Hillary supporters said he was a Uncle Tom. U CHOSE?
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Yes, the date on this book is 1889. So, so pleased with my gifts.
..he is an Uncle Tom or House Muslim if he joins up with the most virulent Islamophobes.
Obama is the coolest Uncle Tom ever but they couldn't put no square *** *** in the white house
I have not forgotten him calling POTUS an "Uncle Tom" on Fox News in 2008 - F**k Ralph!
I can't believe she did that. She must be an Uncle Tom or rather, an Aunt Tammy.
my boy gabe just called you an Uncle Tom 🙄
You mean 'uncle tom' muslims. I'm curious how you talk off camera among muslims of like mind.
he wanted to call when I said he'd have reputation like Uncle Tom otherwise
Nice 2 have Uncle Tom and Aunty Hannah round 2 meet baby 2night 😊 just need 2 get Uncle Tom to hold her 😂
Might have to have a look Tom.. Uncle needs one now really.. Bull a bit shook 😫
Uncle Tom Ku tries to suck up to white man- fails. lol
if a black person is a conservative blacks call him a sellout and an Uncle Tom
That's like telling him he is an Uncle Tom!
No it's worse than that. He's an uncle Tom.
Most whites wouldn't care. Blacks would call him an Uncle Tom and ostracize him.
God will reveal himself to the Gentiles that he was Uncle Tom all along
Indeed, congratulation to Uncle Tom, just the type of politics we all need to encourage every background to get on, do well and integrate.
yes i knew somewhwere there is an uncle tom waiting on the wings. do you have R1 billion wena?
its the truth uncle tom Q will have his karma while these *** *** still try to make it on there 4 views action figures
^ A reminder for pseudo progressives: uncle Tom, Native Informant and House Muslim are racist slurs, that promote Muslim o…
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. He's not misinformed. Just deceptive. He's on record saying he believes moderate Muslims are the "uncle tom" of islam.
one thing I can't stand is the Uncle Tom's who betray their own people
My boy called me an Uncle Tom because I don't like Somali girls *** lool
If you don't get your Uncle Tom Uncle Ruckus *** out our mentions.
London Mayor Sadiq “Moderate Muslims are Uncle Tom’s” Khan has got some set of balls to be warning anybody
from my Uncle Tom • Approach your obstacles and move forward!
. He is not ignorant of Islam, he is honest about Islam, something you're not 'Uncle Tom'
If slavery come back umma be a Uncle Tom .. Yea Massa' that *** ain't workin get his ***
"Uncle Tom, Aunt Tammy, ya Grand Mammy, ya right hand man Randy; understand me."
Remember when Ralph Nader called Obama an "Uncle Tom" in 2008? Here's the 2016 Green Party equivalent. https…
correction it's called goodbye Uncle Tom. It's was filmed in Hati and was banned from…
Unbelievable... even after the Uncle Tom reference... goodbye UK...
Dear Sadiq Khan, I consider myself a moderate Muslim, does that, in your eyes, make me an 'Uncle Tom'?
Have you suspended Sadiq Khan for his 'Uncle Tom' comments yet?. Or did the election put you off?
Y'all hear say racism doesn't exist? He is the biggest boot licking Uncle Tom ever.
Morning melodies - "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Joey Allen kills the lead on this one. Underrated axeman.
Ben Carson talks about Harriet Tubman, gets slammed as Uncle Tom
No chest pains here, we're laughing at an Uncle Tom, we haven't lost anything.
I'll never forget I got called an Uncle Tom on here for saying Tom Hardy has had better movies than Will Smith in recent years
ESPN should get rid of Stephen smith Uncle Tom *** if anything
Would be better with Poison and Jani Lane RIP still singing for Warrant! I will always remember Uncle Tom's Cabin!!!
hope all is well Danny boy, tell them Uncle Tom said hi!
Trevor Phillips, how does it feel being an Uncle Tom?
An Autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson ( Uncle Tom ) from 1789-1881 [ Uncle
The 1849 *Life of Josiah Henson* has (I think) been dismissed too readily, because Stowe cited him as a model for Uncle Tom.
Aunt Linda. Stay strong Uncle Tom. Thank you for letting me know Jules
Uncle Tom and House Muslim are not racist labels – they are political ones
I walk into Emma's house and the first thing I do is take a shot with Uncle Tom 😂😂
You may be ok with 'coconut', 'Uncle Tom,' 'native informant' or 'House Muslim' but the rest of us think they're…
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Has there ever been a bigger Uncle Tom than Doug Glanville ?
But if you speak about BLM and someone stepping up talking about black on black crime you're treated like an Uncle Tom
They doubt us cause we some south hittas. Well I'm in ya cotton pickin yard holding my Uncle Tom come out the house ***
theme is bands or songs that are related to food. Honey, Sugar Ray, Uncle Tom's Diner, Cranberries, etc.
I hate how ya'll throw that Uncle Tom title to black people that don't act stereo typical like yall know what makes black people black
David Webb is a 'straight-up Uncle Tom' who gargles with Pall Mall and whiskey juice!
Go ahead, Call her an Uncle Tom. I dare you. I double dare you.
Uncle Caitlin is my new term for dudes who wanna betray their sex like dr Phil and Bruce Jenner. Similar to Uncle Tom
Bra somebody please get this boot licking Uncle Tom outta here
Oh I'm sure his feelings are hurt by what you just said. You know, because you think he's an Uncle Tom and all.
can you please clarify the definition of "Uncle Tom" thanks in advance.
Be-Ben and Uncle Tom, meet my 6th grade bestie Brandis was home room, but Arnold was English class! ❤️
Y'all shouldn't have used this pic tho you can tell he a Uncle Tom / uncle ruckus *** ***
"Uncle Tom" was the nickname for Josiah Henson f/uncle toms cabin. "It" was morphed to be a term of disrespect
Hoping to hit the real Uncle Tom's Cabin. Google "Josiah Henson" homestead.
Makes sense.He is known as an Uncle Tom among the Black community...
Sent off my tax stuff to my accountants. AKA Aunt Jen and Uncle Tom. 😂
Victor Blackwell at CNN reported this, he Uncle Tom too?
I wanna meet a trump supporter. besides my Uncle Tom *** grandpa. That was a "fun" dinner but all convos with him usually end up like that
For those individuals referring to Chris Rock as a "sellout" or an "Uncle Tom", you guys CLEARLY don't grasp the art of sarcasm
Greg an Uncle Tom when it comes to QBs lmao
the same Muhammad Ali who hated white people and called smoking Joe Frazier an Uncle Tom?
Shaun King gets a pass for calling a black dude an Uncle Tom and a *** Is this what looks like?
Martin Luther King would be called an Uncle Tom is he espoused his views today.
Proud to say that I didn't vote for Barack Obama twice.Guess liberals will call me Uncle Tom or Sellout, like I care https…
Not too long ago people were callin outt sayin he was a Uncle Tom...noww they inn love Witt big homie after his interview smh
Obviously many Blacks in Hollywood NEVER saw this, it scared me in 1986 lol HollywoodShuffle - NAACP &Uncle Tom -
his boy Steve Rogers is an Uncle Tom
Y'all call me an Uncle Tom but you watching the Grammys. Look at u
- Well, he was literally called an "Uncle Tom" for saying *anything* before, so I guess this is an improvement.
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The passing tolls the Nel of curfew 'd day. (As Richie Gray's Uncle Tom would say)
Y'know if you've read Uncle Tom's Cabin it's really obvious the author is white though
calling a civil rights hero with John Lewis's personal history a "sellout" and an "Uncle Tom" is way more serious than pushback
Randy Moss is getting in the HOF first ballot and he wasn't an Uncle Tom by any standard... He just wasn't a ***
just read somebody call Tavis Smiley an "Uncle Tom." really?!
Nah fam. Kendrick rapping from his experience. He not Tavis Smiley or some Uncle Tom. He lived through it.
He is just being an Uncle Tom doing his job. No surprises here.
When she talked about her poor old momma, it was like a chapter from Uncle Tom's Cabin.
.spk on it, OMG, I had 4gotten abt that Uncle Tom, Wall ST. Sellout Harold Ford .
The most evil of plantation owners were of Irish decent. Robert McAlpin the cruel owner of Uncle Tom was his real name.
I was in Junior High when Doug Williams won and my classmates openly called me an Uncle Tom cause I was sad Elway lost. Real talk
Nice job Uncle Tom (Tim Scott) keep up the good work of embarrassing yourself! Stay in SC please!
Ted Cruz would get a vote out of me if pigs could fly. We all know Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom, Marco Rubio, don't really know much about him
Russel Simmons has been an Uncle Tom for years. Like doing yoga gives you a pass for realness.
So, by your rationale, Hue Jackson is an Uncle Tom and Johnny should be held as a hero to the black community?
God bless Blake for driving drunk Uncle Tom home seriously
Discover the novel that brought a nation to the brink of War! "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriett Beecher Stowe - Listen
Uncle Tom don't you have anymore commercials 2 do for your Corporate Masters?
Can a normal black. Russ one of them uppity Uncle Tom types
lol I know man, it was a joke. I'm saying.. He's more of an Uncle Tom. I love Russ ☹️
Latinos have appropriated the term "Uncle Tom" and now they call Ppl like Cruz "Uncle Juan". But don't tell Latinos that is …
Watch out.. Pro blacks might call you a Uncle Tom
Been called a roach , *** and Uncle Tom all for having my own opinion
Eliza was my first name for two reasons. My dad was reading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,'...
I'm all for a black boycott of the Oscars but this Uncle Tom *** Spike Lee can kick rocks.
Sarah Silverman advocated for Political Correctness in comedy. She's the Uncle Tom of comedy.
If u have a conscious mind . go watch "goodbye Uncle Tom" on YouTube
This wouldn't be historically accurate w/o an Uncle Tom. *sigh*
My uncle Owen said I would never amount to anything. Now I'm a hermit on an abandoned planet. I guess I showed him.
If you over excessively wear true religion I'm just gonna assume uncle Robert was an Uncle Tom 😂
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So Uncle Tom changes his mind after the phone call?
Uncle Tom when you racist again your own race right? Or is that Uncle Ruckus?
Lol so word on the street I'm an Uncle Tom 🤔😂
The rocket was very loud uncle Henry... Major Tom was very brave
When I was a kid, adults called blacks who sold out their own race "Uncle Tom's". I wonder if there is a new improved term?
KIA aged 21 HMS Sarnia Sep 1918 great uncle Tom. Remember your history
Tom Hanks always scolds the people for making a noise. Typical uncle.
No one is questioning this, except *** Adam Jones!
I hate being called uncle Tom, I'm sick of it ..every debate it's like people no longer respect opposition, cowards..
Imma call my mixtape 'Uncle tom cruise missile'
Me with the last of my Baileys with my mum and Uncle Tom watching , well I had to finish the bottle.😜
Yep. And it's sad that one group of whites would use it to disparage another group of whites. No diff than blacks Uncle Tom.
Geez !! Maybe some of you missed this !! I'll try again. Will you on the left call him "Uncle Tom" as you did...
Per PC dogma, MLK's admonition to disregard race & focus on "content of character" renders him a self hating "UNCLE TOM"!
Respectability politics are for suckas and Uncle Tom's. Doubt me, see Bill Cosby
SUM of y'all wanna act woke but when it comes to ur white favs y'all wanna Uncle Tom all over the dam place
you Uncle Tom puppet you a disgrace to the black race go crawl back in your hole and eating dirt you scumbag
you are the biggest fake of a black man I've had the displeasure of witnessing on ESPN. You personify uncle Tom.
and by the way your homeboys ain't ganstas, and real gangstas will roll up on your uncle Tom *** Keep on with Marvin Lewis!
what kind of uncle Tom are you? You should be calling for Jason Garrett to be gone, not Marvin Lewis! Ridiculous!
do you think he lives in Uncle Tom's Cabin?
no real sports fan has multiple fav teams in the same sport you blow hard Uncle Tom no hair having turd
Nah you know even if you 99.99% for the black women you an Uncle Tom because of that .01%
Is Ground Control to Uncle Tom based on a true story?
is the modern day uncle tom that Malcolm warned us about.
David Bowie. 'Only a very small handful of people have been able to be both experimental and popular.' -Uncle Dom
my uncle Tom is back. Another year contract extension please. The pillar of Arsenal
Your white members call you and these people monkeys and you have not confronted them, Uncle Tom.
first time I heard it was my uncle playing it to me off some ropey old vinyl. Loved it the first time I heard it.
Waking up to the news that Bowie has passed. Absolutely devastated. Uncle Tom introduced my Dad and Dad introduced me.
gotta get my oil changed, haircut, eat with Uncle Tom and just pack
Greyhound Racing Tip: Hillside Park at 09:19 is Uncle Tom at 9/4. Best odds
WOW, the things that Anglo bigots can get sellout, uncle tom, colored *** to say about African Americans behind our back!
Thanks for Tom Jones Uncle Ade slightly lifted our sombre mood very sad day RIP David Bowie
Wanna go home and finish my Uncle Tom's Cabin, Confession of an Economic Hit Man, and my star, Sherlock Holmes.
My parents used Major Tom as my bogie man when I was little. Perversely, I ended up loving Bowie like an uncle, a protector, a guide.
*** that shocked me loved his music I'm going to have a quite drink while listening to Uncle Tom 😢
Uncle Tom strikes again & mocks our intellect...MXM..his masters uncle Sam's must be proud of their "boy"...😷
I stopped the movie every ten minutes for group discussions. One of ny Hispanic students asked her mom if she was an Uncle Tom!
If you knew what an Uncle Tom originally represented you wouldn't be saying it
"New Years Day" was decided by Pope Gregory: A White man. I don't celebrate the White Mans new year. Ya'll a bunch of Uncle Tom sell outs.
Or was that your Uncle Tom having his Christmas dinner?
Oops.. I guess the BLM movement will now label Jim Brown an Uncle Tom. Just wait, it's coming.
exactly, that's why you love Larry Elder so much because of his character: Uncle Tom!!
Look at the black people you embrace, Uncle Tom and Larry Elder!! Same difference!!!
yeah eff them and you too. Uncle Tom was killed by sellouts and resurrected as Larry Elder!!
Drop the card you're being dealt??? Larry Elder, famous for being an Uncle Tom!!
"If a man is walking in the woods alone without his wife and says something, is he still wrong?" -Uncle Tom 😂😂💀
take that Neil, you Cleveland brown look alike Uncle Tom!
Sad to spend one of the happiest days of the year at a funeral 😔 RIP Uncle Tom 👼Love and miss u💗x
Happy 70th birthday Uncle Tom you crazy man, thanks for letting me stab your arm for a day ❤️…
« [Smiley writes that upon meeting Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of] Uncle Tom?s Cabin, … So this is the little lady who made thi...
Hey look, SJWs are bringing back Uncle Tom. So progressive!
Lupe made Audubon Ballroom and he's getting called an Uncle Tom, I'm fed up right now
No, that's not diversity. That's being called "Uncle Tom" or worse "house.."
Very longwinded way of calling someone an Uncle Tom
Harold Ford will Defend Hillary & Rahm Emanuel but this Uncle Tom will never Defend Obama from Joe's Racist Partisan Lies.
Anthony Joshua on Sky Box Office?? Bloody *** surely nobody will pay out an extra £15 for a nothing fight. The new Frank Bruno, Uncle Tom?
Calling a white guy a *** lover" and calling a black an "Uncle Tom" are equally offensive. But the latter rolls off lef…
Uncle Larry,I pray for Charlie not laugh at him. What an insensitive Uncle Tom!
Katie Paxton bridges the plight of white characters and the enslaved in Uncle Tom's Cabin. similarities?
This is the white guy who called me Uncle Tom. IRS should audit this thief. Won't h…
This is a great story! Still my best Uncle Tom story ends with my grandfather saying to him "Tom use your head"...
The GOP presidential candidates are a joke; A black (Uncle Tom) republican, Donald Trump and George Bush's brother...
Anyone read the Economic Hitman? .u don't fcuk with Uncle Tom even if u bessties with RUSSIA
Obviously this guy is an "Uncle Tom" Stewart, 64, is the first African-American chief judge of the 5th Circuit
Does Dr Ben Carson represent a sub-type of Jeremiah Wright black paranoia with medical malpractice phobia features, and Uncle Tom?
I know the kind of man Rodney Harrison is. I know that's a loose statement cause I've never met him. I know he's an Uncle Tom though.
I need you to see this and spread it. . Uncle Tom = .
Uncle Tom is DEMANDING TV time so he can spew his self loathing views? He has FOX for that
And its Herman Cain, moron. Was he a token too? Uncle Tom? Oreo? You libs Hate when blacks are Republicans.
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