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Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom is the title character of Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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Careful Larry; Being you r black other liberal Dem blacks will call you 'Uncle Tom' for having an open mind
I'm laughing at the people calling Eric Holder an "Uncle Tom" for not indicting Darren Wilson.
I ain't gon flex I wasn't upset at all about Robert Downy Jr. in Tropic Thunder doing black face. I feel like a Uncle Tom for it tho.
No, it's white supremacist. POC can hold white supremacist attitudes. Adil Ray is an Uncle Tom.
said it all in 'Muslims Are Coming!' & yet Adil Ray continues 2play his part as an 'Uncle Tom'.
Can you answer my question? When did they change? Examples: read Allen West's experiences with being labeled an Uncle Tom
I knew one black guy who was a Sig Ep. Money African dude. Nice enough Uncle Tom. Bare blond gyal him used to a walk wid a carry dem books
If you criticize Obama you're a racist. Then libs call Ben Carson an Uncle Tom. THAT makes sense.
Uncle Tom or as the GOP calls them; Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and Ben Carson. It's good money, if you don't have any self respect.
Good on you Uncle Tom, you're a top fellow. You could be encouraging the next Nobel Prize winning author.
Discovered a hidden gem from Uncle Tom performances. Love letters from She wrote a…
Don't, get your "panties" in a twist, Claudia. Maybe, Billy should more appropriately be referred to, as "Uncle Tom!?"
“oh no no uncle Tom pls noo love this
Yes, yes, yes, big skies, passiv coffee, giant Kiwis & Uncle Tom Cobley and all, BUT, is there any DECENT MEAD out there!?!?
the malaysian version of an Uncle Tom. Hates his own race and acts like a clown to please another race.
uncle ruckus on Boondocks quit saving des *** man uncle tom *** dude yu black man yu must stay up north
Who was the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?
The thing that keeps me going my journalism goal is, my uncle tom was a geography major and now he's a writer for a newspaper.. hmm.
Daniel Sturridge typical Uncle Tom he prolly would've went to Duke smh
Unlikely, to YOU. We blacks have known Charles Barkley is a silly Uncle Tom...FOREVER!
Oh geez. I can tell you are definitely not an Uncle Tom. You must be a black power militant.
Anyone else find it interesting that Katherine Beecher is the sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin)?
What's the Haitian equivalent of an Uncle Tom? An Uncle Francois?
LMFAO somebody called him an uncle Tom?
Try this one again: Who was the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?
Tom Hanks played an abusive uncle for an episode (or two).
The producers r writing Joe as an Uncle Tom character in Jim Crow rules? He said, 'what you doing here?' To his own daughter!!
Joe is not Iris dad, he's her Uncle Tom! Welcomes the whites in2 his home but says, 'what u doing here.' Nig? 2 Iris.
Ep14 Joe, you uncle Tom you. 'what u doing here.' To yr daughter. Pls!!!
why does Uncle Tom keep finding his way back into these convos? 😂😂
Had an amazing dialogue with HSSU. No sell outs, uncle Tom's, or disengaged citizens on either side in that space. Inspired t…
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yeah because some old punk *** *** said it, made it cool and less uncle toms were only made in this generation
he's an Uncle way you can put it.
Tom Izzo finna have an aneurism after that last three
You look like the uncle Tom of the mutants.
My uncle just said "tom g, you done homie. You ain't never gone make" 😂😂
House Recipe is the Uncle Tom of Nugget cousins.
Marcus Mariota will throw at the combine. That should put a lot of pressure on Winston. Could be looking at record number o…
QB Jameis Winston is planning to throw at the Combine, source said. Amping things up a bit.
Teams set their draft board prior to leaving for the Combine. Here are my top 32 prospects:
H adores her Uncle Tom. Getting ready to walk the dog!
wow, you're such an uncle Tom. I bet they had black ones wow wow.
She gotta be an uncle tom to say some blasphemy like that
“Ointment dealers you think uncle tom can hook a homie up??
Please look at Mrs. Carter's eyes and body language. Do you remember Uncle Buck from SNL ? Joe Biden must have been auditioning.
to see your Uncle Tom face right after the Malcolm special is painful.
Don Lemon is an Uncle Tom just like Charles Barkley and Tavis Smiley.
Cannot wait too see & attack my Uncle Tom. Thank you God for keeping him alive ❤️
R.I.P Uncle Tom your in a place I can only dream of being praise God
for being the first half-Oreo to Uncle-Tom his way up the bowels of Chicago's racketeering Daley Machine, and win a Nobel for it
I understand why. After all, if you didn't blame whitey, would call you an Uncle Tom or whatever
I'm childish at times , but when that money talkin ima Uncle Tom *** niggah
I remember when that guy wrote that article where he called Al Haymon an "Uncle Tom". That article gets dumber by the day.
Rosetta's nonchalance about killing the baby reminds me of this slave girl from Goodbye Uncle Tom who loved white men more. |
I than had a fight with all my brothers my uncle my pawpaww and like 4 of my cousins. 😂😂😂😂 I was a true tom boy growing up.
I think black Sam is going end up being the Uncle Tom
Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett looks exactly like my Uncle Tom
In 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin is published becoming one of the most influential works of anti-slavery sentiments
finished Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe This should be required reading in every MS.
“Who was the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe!!
Wowie Zowie, it's David Bowie. Or is it Ziggy, or Uncle Tom?
Glenn, seriously, this uppity Uncle Tom has been persecuting white men like you for ages, stay safe
Yet to meet a black conservative who doesn't exhibit Uncle Tom qualities, one of these days.
there is such a thing as Uncle Tom:, a submissive grinning servant of white supremacy.
Big thanks to Fox for the 12 Years A Slave material for my course on Uncle Tom's Cabin
Watch yourselves out there in the Snowy scene frm 1901 prod. of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Dear Weather Girls J4, Today's history lesson is about Henry Ward Beecher, he was related to the novelist Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin." I'm sure some of you will be required to read that in school. Either way, Henry himself was a minister out of Indianapolis in the late 1800's who supported the abolition of slavery. He also supported some very unpopular ideas. He was flawed like all of us, and said a couple of things over his life that I want you to remember. "Our best successes often come after our greatest disappointments." "It's easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top!" You never have it in the bag, you're never to good for anything, because the moment you feel either way, you are handing away your greatest achievements. Always hit the floor like you are in 2nd, and claw your way to the top.
I've never seen some one kiss *** sell out (He an Uncle Tom by how he's carrying himself), and make America look...
Wrong I called you a liberal because you're racist Uncle Tom comment & because you believe in global warming.
Uncle Tom “Every time i post pictures of white guys *** enter my mentions violating. I hate ya! lol”
yo you called some one a uncle Tom just before me
Bossman a *** *** uncle tom. Throwing tantrums like a 3 yr old. Lol I can't take this fool seriously to save my life.
I'm liked by all kind... So yu could call me Uncle Tom
I guess Malcolm X was an Uncle Tom as well?
I love how the brave souls who "uncle Tom and house N" you are by and large too cowardly to put their face on their avi.
Oh FFS. Really?! "do you have no shame being an Uncle Tom ?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I didn't. I demonized white conservatives for their Uncle Tom..
Hey everybody please meet my Uncle Tom
Sleepover at auntie Lisa's and uncle toms! Love these little monkeys so much!! Tom Davy Amy Nicolee Taylor
Why are black people, African Americans, *** and/or self aware conscious sistas and brothas so *** one another? It doesn't matter the topic, they'd rather belittle one another because they don't agree with one another, or flat out disrespect one another just to get their points across, not realizing they've incited a confrontation instead of educating. Instead of teaching one another they ridicule, disrespect, poke fun of, talk over one's head, call names, and belittle one another. And for what? How does this help the cause? Do those that do this realize that for every ending there is a beginning, so why not teach one another instead of offending one another? If we're all trying to seek the truth, why not teach the truth, according to the facts, without the personal attacks on one's character, knowledge level, and beliefs? For many years I've wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, to know my history, and the truth... honestly speaking it is the actions of "awakened" black people that ...
Rantings of a MADMAN Named Hubbard Episode 14 "L Ron Hubbard and his Uncle Tom's Cabin" Hubbard Racist Joke: "Now this oddity exists that people can create t...
Being called Uncle Tom, by those who do nothing as gangs & drugs lay waste to our communities R V real traitors! !
Cameron on debates (a summary): saddened Uncle Tom Cobleigh not invited, doesn't really see how format can work without …
My Uncle Tom rocking the G54 T-shirt in San Francisco this weekend while checking out some SERIOUS…
"Most are grateful, but you do get called Uncle Tom." Cops of color talk to about black and blue:
Daddy and uncle tom love to spend time with me 😊
Having some fun with Uncle Tom timmy3788
Travis is such an Uncle Tom. He takes up 4 insensitive whites but Hates our first black President
its ridiculous how people call him an uncle tom because he has his own opinions and dont conform with al sharptons. Smh ..
“Redheads: Always trouble. Always worth it.” what Uncle Tom always says to me 😂😩
Or my own kind on some Uncle Tom your too angry or your gonna mess it up for the rest of us vibe
they rather give credit to Wilson's Uncle Tom *** instead the NFL trying to make him their next "golden boy"
"You do get called Uncle Tom." What it's like for cops of color in post-Ferguson America by
Some Uncle Tom *** *** and some white heffa let a man that was clearly under the influence get away with putting my family in danger
Look like Tom petty sorta Wayne Gretzky. Either way you put it in smoother than uncle Jesse
All you need is a tailored suit make up and an Uncle Tom voice box & you too, can be a meteorologist.
Charles Barkely and I speak the same language,,,if he's Uncle Tom, I'll be Aunt Tomina,
I liked a video Charlamagne Speaks on Being Called an Uncle Tom by Azealia Banks
Don't know why...but...I've got a feeling they'd be described as Uncle Tom's or Coconut's today.
I wish people would read the novel. Uncle Tom was a Christ figur…
.ripped his pants getting in the car. Tom: where's uncle Jensen going? lol
If Ed Miliband was not so stupid, he would not have tossed votes to abstention, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
Many Northerners refused to enforce what law as a result of reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin?"
Not only is Justice Thomas an Uncle Tom, he's a *** too. He must recuse himself.
Good call from black lady in Florida. Is Dr Ben Carson medical hustler/house slave? Uncle Tom? Neurosurgeon race answer is bogus.
Helen Hunt Jackson wrote what she viewed as Uncle Tom's Cabin for Indians
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
OMG a black republican just asked me to take his order lmao. Dude youre a minority, can you not see that? lol poor Uncle Tom
So because Ray Ray don't respect himself it's ok for white people to disrespect ALL of us ? Uncle Tom *** *** kill me
American Minute with Bill Federer Preacher bought guns and passed them out - Henry Ward Beecher - "Beecher Bibles" He was the most popular preacher in American in the middle 1800s. His sister, Harriett Beecher Stowe wrote the anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin in 1852. He purchased the chains that held John Brown in prison, dragging them across the stage and stomping on them as he preached against slavery. He supported women voting and Chinese immigration. And he bought guns and shipped them to Kansas to fight slavery. His name was Henry Ward Beecher. A graduate of Amherst College, Henry Ward Beecher had thousands attend his enormous Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York, including Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman and Mark Twain. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., wrote a limerick about Henry Ward Beecher and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mentioned him in a Sherlock Holmes mystery novel. Gutzon Borglum, creator of Mount Rushmore, sculpted a statue of him. To highlight the evils of slavery, Henry Ward Beecher held simul ...
lol I was hoping it was sarcasm. Based off these "Uncle Tom" black people in this world I thought you were actually serious.
I'll put Kendrick Lamar is the Uncle Tom bucket for now.
I mean, these are the folks who call Cedric Richmond an Uncle Tom for not sharing their progressivism 100%.
Lou loves snuggling! Uncle Tom and Papa were lucky enough to get some sweet snuggles from this girl…
Day 7 - One week down. We spent today puttering and working. Rick got the internet connection with our rig working the way we want with the printer, etc. I was working on a client's trip and also booking my own flights from San Antonio to San Francisco. It was my intention to visit with my favourite aunt in San Francisco before taking off for our cruise tour. Dear Aunt Shelagh was ill and I was hoping she could hang in until I arrived. She did not make it and succumbed to her illness just before Christmas at the age of 82. Uncle Tom is holding off on the memorial service until we arrive and we look forward to visiting with him soon. Richard and I will fly in and my sister Laura in BC will drive down to attend the service. We will do our best to represent the rest of the Canada family that are unable to attend. The drive to Baton Rouge was worth it, we actually had to turn on the air conditioning today to cool down and dehumidify. I got a lot of work done too and some more organizing. We took a b ...
Love how the far left are calling Obama an "Uncle Tom" as they think he's not doing enough on black issues
Remember kids, Obama is still the same Uncle Tom
I believe that Obama a Uncle Tom working for White Supremacy!
Ernie Terrell's obituary. Ali had a dark & brutal side. 'Uncle Tom *** would be unthinkable & career ending today
Our Angel Harrison with part of his village at his Blessing. Poppa Raymond and Uncle Tom missing.
Stacy dash is a Republican aka Uncle Tom. Don't nobody in the black community pay her no mind. Even Dame Dash ignores her
Its like Samboe telling the slave master that Uncle Tom is trying to run away to get validation. Mona Scott is a disgrace.
White people have certain things that they expect from black musicians. It goes all the way back to slavery days. That’s when Uncle Tomming got started because white people demanded it. Every little black child grew up seeing that getting along with white people, meant grinning and acting like a clown. It helped white people to feel easy about what they had done to blacks, and it’s still going on today. When it comes to black musicians, white people want you to do more than play your instrument. They want you to entertain them with grinning and dancing. I’m not an entertainer, and I *** sure ain't no Uncle Tom. I won’t do it. - Miles Davis (interview with Alex Haley 1962) -
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" is fantastic. Related: my wife went on "a couple" dates with Jani Lane.
Uncle Tom foolery from Glenn Loury. According to him, ok Michael Brown is dead cuz he wasn't Rosa Parks. For real.
Based on definition, was Dr. King a "Uncle Tom" ?
Suzanne Collins has hit a raw nerve that resonates with both the Left & Right. It's the Uncle Tom's Cabin of our time.
Read MLK books and you will see he did not like Uncle Tom blacks that supported Jim Crow .
*** Will Smith was mad on Mr Niceguy, he called Larry Elder and Uncle Tom and told Wendy Williams to blow him LOL!
Historically we as a nation have been given "Uncle Tom", the patriotic face of the underground railroad, and "Uncle Sam", the patriotic face of the nation. Now I humbly offer you " Uncle Rob ", the patriotic face of the American working class.
Charles Barkley added to my Uncle Tom list. He right there with Tiger Woods, Pharrell, and Karl Malone.
Uncle Tom *** *** who like Clarence Thomas has his tongue up the white man *** Carson go to *** That's who he is.
is dancing around standing up for himself. You getting punked by Sit your Uncle Tom *** down.
IGNORANT 1.lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. 2. discourteous or rude. So, I honestly don't see how me NOT agreeing with you makes me ignorant, being ignorant doesn't mean having a contrasting opinion. I guess if I hate everything that isnt supporting, upholding, and justifying the doing of blacks, I won't be considered ignorant. OH WAIT, this is a good one, if I only know black history or black contributions, I won*t be considered ignorant OR psuedo*educated (that was a good one) orrr a DAYSAVER, traitor, black apologist, house *** (I can*t cause I am too dark), uncle tom, or waste of Melanin (I could have sworn all humans had melanin unless they were Albinos). . BUT Ok tho😞😒
It's about that time. It's the end of my visit and as I try to fall asleep (seeing as I have to leave for my flight at 3:30am)... I can't help but smile at the amazing time I had while I was back east. I did not get to see as many friends/family members as I wanted to, and for that I apologize. My trip was too short. I tried my best to make myself available, so that people could come meet me somewhere or I could meet up with people somewhere. We all have busy schedules, such is life as we grow up, right? To those I did see... Josh & Kait, Danny Gerb, Schmidty, Josh Stark, Chris Smith, Jamie, Cousin Christine, Rob, Ryan, Cate, Aunt Bobbi, Aunt Cathy, Tim, Madison, Danielle, Chuck, Jackson, Sam, Uncle Tom, The Moody's, my brother Bob, my sister in law Robyn, my niece Danyelle, Andrew, my nephew Kevin, Shelby, Amanda, John, Keenan, Ann, Q, Michaelangelo, Allie, Cheese, Nicole, Rob, Jonathan, Ryan, Renee, Rory, Mr & Mrs B, heck, the whole Vannais family... It was absolutely amazing seeing each and every one o ...
Seriously are & related? Sippin' tea w/ the enemy doesn't mean he considers you a friend. Wake up Uncle Tom.
THis is what white racists and uncle toms, ( thugs, and gangbangers) do for the USA, when all we gotta do is stop voting, and spending wit em, And Fall back! And what will happen they will fall!!
Whites will find an Uncle Tom with an opinion that reflects their own beliefs in an attempt to make their beliefs more appealing to you
That you attack like a pre-schooler shows what they've to your brain.
// I've been into Alex Haley lately. Check out this interview he did with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965, that was published in Playboy. Definitely just did something to my spirit. Can't describe what. Sending it to Russell right now in hopes he publishes it to Global Grind + Tiara at the Reel Network. The irony. I'm completely taken aback. EXCERPT: " I question and soul-search constantly into myself to be as certain as I can that I am fulfilling the true meaning of my work, that I am maintaining my sense of purpose, that I am holding fast to my ideals, that I am guiding my people in the right direction. But whatever my doubts, however heavy the burden, I feel that I must accept the task of helping to make this nation and this world a better place to live in—for all men, black and white alike." INTV. Haley: As one who grew up in the economically comfortable, socially insulated environment of a middle-income home in Atlanta, can you recall when it was that you yourself first became painfully and personal ...
I think girls match with me on tinder is cuz i said Tom Hanks was my uncle and they actually might believe it
That Awkward Moment on Tom & Jerry when Uncle Pecos guitar string keeps on breaking. Lmao
Or how about dear white people "addressing racism" but let's be foreal that's Uncle Tom FOOLERY. And those are most recent examples.
I don't think I'll ever be able to love anything as much as closet racists love an Uncle Tom. And that makes me sad. In my heart place.
The Manning Report Dr. Manning is called an Old Book Licking Uncle Tom because he is more concerned about the Black on Black crimes than...
the kind of uncle tom Malcolm X warned us about
Barkley is the biggest Uncle Tom out there
Charles Barkley is the modern day Uncle Tom
Charles Barkley is being called an Uncle Tom. It's unfair because he's CLEARLY an Aunt Jemima guy. .
I'm a uncle tom you a uncle Sean neither one of us gettin paid
: Be sure to ask Rex Ryan if he still won't kiss Bill Belichick's rings!?!? This couldn't happen to a better pompous ***
What did he say to uncle Tom? I'll tell you what he said He took his whip and said to Uncle Tom
. Don't be an uncle tom your whole life. . Make your ancestors proud for once.
I hate to say it but he's a uncle tom
It's a classic Uncle Tom and you know it! “must have been a slow day!”
Uncle Tom feels as though his Avi fits him better now
“Some of the greatest interviews I've ever seen 😂😂😂
"I am a woman & anti-GGers have called me a gender traitor & uncle tom bc that is totes language "SJWs" use all the time. PS I am a woman."
Barkley been an Uncle Tom house *** for a while now. Had to switch up the ending for em. *kanye shrugs*
He's an Uncle Tom to add to the list!
we already knew she was an Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom says we should hold on. So we should hold on.
.I am harassed by antis for being a woman who associates with GamerGate. "Gender traitor", "Uncle Tom", etc.
If I called him Uncle Tom, he'd take it as a compliment!
I can understand why many call him uncle tom's slave. His words are Not a prayer bible book! Only God can be upheld!
Well, you did call me an uncle tom, Miss bigot.
“Let's see how Navy... I mean the Jets offense responds.”: LMAO!
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Supposedly to them I'm a thug. And to you I'm uncle tom as you've said. You'd probably shoot me before they would.
It may be he-said/he-said atm, but cmon: you believing STL PD in this instance? I got an uncle with a fortune, but he needs your social 1st
So many tears this in peace Uncle Tom. You'll be missed so much. Our family won't be the same without you 😰💔
You call me an uncle tom and accuse others of racism? Pathetic hateful confused hypocrite.
"Separation is not the answer" . That's an Uncle Tom mentality and you can miss me with that.
I said it and I didnt get any claims of being an uncle tom or a traitor to my race.
Gotta like that. But he'll be labeled as an Uncle Tom.
Rex used to call Calvin Pryor the 'Louisville Slugger'. I've never seen a Safety miss more open field tackles than Pryor.
It's a joke that I've heard some people call Charles Barkley an "Uncle Tom" today as he had an opinion on contrary to race baiters
.you are black American's problem. .you are the face of Uncle Tom nation..
I think Beckel just called Charles Barkley an Uncle Tom.
140 years ago black babies in the southern ''confederate'' states of America were fed to alligators for sport and for bait. This is where the derogatory and insulting term ''gator bait'', which is often used to describe black people in America, comes from. Today, 140 years later, young black men are shot to death by American police officers at will and for fun without any fear of sanctions. Not much has changed. America remains the most violent nation on earth and it is a place where young black men are treated as objects for target practice and blood sports by unstable, trigger-happy, paranoid, wicked, psychopathic, sociopathic and indisciplined police officers who believe that they are still living in the ''wild wild west'' of Colonel George Armstrong Custer and David ''Davy'' Crockett and the southern ''Dixie'' plains of ''Gone With The Wind'' and ''Uncle Tom's Cabin''. They are still yearning for the days of the Ku Klux Klan, cotton picking negroes and summary lynchings. So much for God's own country. ...
"Uncle Tom can you please put the gun away when we're at the dinner table." -Aunt Patty 😂😂😂
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is an important classic in history of class and race in the United...
“What man has nerve to do, man has not nerve to hear.” . - Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin
I'm the Left's worse nightmare: a white, conservative, honest, civil rights lawyer. They can't even call me Uncle Tom!
you do great work Ben. Don't listen to the Uncle Tom crap. you progressed, they didn't
There "Uncle Tom" sellouts according to them. Mia Love, Will Hurd and Scott need to form a conservative CBC.
They assume Bill Cosby's guilt because, regardless of fact, he condemns "stereotypical" blacks and condemned the fatherless epidemic and was nearly conservative in his politics. Guilty or not, he'll be guilty until found innocent (if so) as if he were as "evil" as Sarah Palin herself. His problem is he's considered an Uncle Tom, but his cabin is being burned, per proper protocol. In May 2004, he began speaking out about his conservatism. In 2005, allegations of rape began. Considering the media track record, I'm lending my belief toward Mr. COSBY. God Bless and I pray you're not the rapist you're accused of being.
I’ve posted quite a few things about great-great Uncle Tom a Sheehan over the years. I’m working on writing his story down.
Please pray for my Aunt Edna, Uncle Tom, cousins Bridget & Anthony Serviss, along with the rest of the family.
Mia Love is an Uncle Tom. Really. Look in the mirror.
So a BLACK man was elected to the US Senate in South Carolina and a BLACK woman in UTAH was elected to congress. Both as members of the REPUBLICAN CULT. I'm reading many black people calling Tim Scott (R) of South Carolina an "Uncle Tom". Because he dared to NOT be a democrat, the traditional partisan plantation that black people are expected to support. My smart *** question is this.If Tim Scott is an "Uncle Tom", does that make Mia Love and "Aunt Tomisena"? And if you think that question is stupid, well so is the name calling of those candidates, who were most likely voted for by people other than those who are doing the name calling. I don't know about either of them. I don't live in either of those states. I'm sure I will find out what they are about soon enough. But I cannot stand when people throw out the "uncle tom" label just because someone doesn't follow some political partisan script.
Where is the Black community in America celebrating two historial events? Mia Love in Utah, is the FIRST EVER BLACK "FEMALE" to sit in Congress! EVER!!! Next is Senator Tim Scott, of S. Carolina, he is ONLY the 9th "EVER" BLACK to secure a Senate position, and of the 9, including himself, 3 were ever from the south! I guess since they are BOTH REPUBLICAN's or as the Black Community calls them "Uncle Tom's!" are the biggest racists I have ever heard of! This should be a celebration for not only woman no matter what your skin color is to make it in the Boy's Club, but being African American WOW! what a Celebration! and NOT A WORD from the so called Black community of people? So sad! WELL I AM CHEERING in the equality celebration!
Tim Scott voted in as Senator from South Carolina. I have followed him for a while. Intelligent, very articulate, and a true American. He is a Republican Senator voted in by 63% of Southern voters. And I will bet you my next paycheck that liberals will brand him an Uncle Tom.
Tim Scott already being called an "Uncle Tom" by people of his own race in SC. So much for Democratic African-American Tolerance.
AWESOME to see that Tim Scott took SC in a landslide!!! Great things ahead for SC! Too bad he will be labeled a "sell out, Uncle Tom, etc..." by far too many people caught up in the Race/Party line hype. Oh well, I say CONGRATULATIONS Tim Scott and thanks for loving America more than a "Party"!!
I have been reading this book "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson, I must say that it is intense. The book was written in 1962 and at the time explains the devastating use of chemicals within our environment. I implore you to check it out, our insects, birds, fish, wildlife and humanity depend on you understanding the impact of your use of chemicals, etc. Below is copy and pasted.. The Story of Silent Spring How a courageous woman took on the chemical industry and raised important questions about humankind's impact on nature. Although their role will probably always be less celebrated than wars, marches, riots or stormy political campaigns, it is books that have at times most powerfully influenced social change in American life. Thomas Paine's Common Sense galvanized radical sentiment in the early days of the American revolution; Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe roused Northern antipathy to slavery in the decade leading up to the Civil War; and Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, which in 1962 exposed t ...
Uncle Tom una I've left that life behind me
How can someone like Bill O'Reilly and then have the nerve to deny being an Uncle Tom
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So books I need to read over the weekend: Their Eyes Were Watching God, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and The Big Sea.
Note to Stan Verrett: I have 26 followers, you have a national audience. Your use of the word is ignorant and classic Uncle Tom.
Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was accused of not being Black enough and essentially called an ‘Uncle Tom,’ within the confines of his own locker room. It’s unfortu...
ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda needs to indict someone with pale skin.Until then, she will be remain an Uncle Tom
Harold Reynolds is an Uncle Tom for defending his ***
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is seeking re-election and he’s campaigning hard for it. Word on the streets is that he hasn’t done well with getting people of color and other minorities to vote for him so he came up with a grander idea. Good ol’ Uncle Tom photoshopped an older ...
Senator Marco Rubio is the Cuban equivalent of an Uncle Tom
With Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott as US Senators from South Carolina, we provide the Union with both an Auntie and Uncle Tom, respectively.
but I've burned brides with "them" so I don't expect them to "work" with me. But if they waiting 4 Uncle Tom to give em 💵
Don't white people want a Uncle Tom like me, lol?
They wonder why my perspective has changed. They do this with "Uncle Tom" rappers in this new age, ask Kanye West...
October 15, 2014 Quote of the Day "When you get into a tight place and it seems that you can't go on, hold on — for that's just the place and the time that the tide will turn." – Harriet Beecher Stowe About Harriet Beecher Stowe American author Harriet Beecher Stowe is known for her novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, a rallying cry for the abolitionist movement. When she met Abe Lincoln in 1862, he said, "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war!" She was born in Connecticut in 1811. Her brother, Henry Ward Beecher, became a renowned minister. After an unusually thorough education for a woman of the time, she began her career when she won a magazine prize contest. She died in 1896.
This is the same Democrat crap we always see. Wendy Davis is basically accusing Greg Abbot of being the Uncle Tom of handicapp…
1776, the year the Wright Brothers stole a plane and crashed it into Uncle Tom's Cabin
Steve Harvey be having me dying in the morning 😂 He just told this woman she married an Uncle Tom who has been reborn from the slave days
Secret Service is intergrated but they're Uncle Tom's or Oreo's. We're white racist *** Obama's the messiah!
So sorry about your Uncle Tom. He is beloved in our community. May God pour grace, strength & peace upon the M…
Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest minds of the 20-21st century, and deomcrats call him an Uncle Tom. Smh
Alhumdulillah, our brother Moazzam Begg has been freed and declared as an innocent man by the British legal system. Just imagine how Teresa May and the other Islamophobes within the government must be feeling right now. Today, they were humiliated and in turn Allah Azzawajal honoured the Believers. Make no mistake, this was a victory for Islam today, Alhumdulillah. This is a clear message to the Muslims in the UK, do not hide your Deen to please non-Muslims. We can either let Uncle Tom dismantle our religion, piece by piece, until only a skeleton remains that only serves the Neo-Con agenda, or we can proudly profess our religion, in it’s entirety, knowing that it is the pristine Islam that was given to us by Allah and our Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). If you decide to take the former option then Islamic history has shown us that such people were humiliated and then brought to their knees. If you take the latter option, Allah will raise your rank, if not in this world then in the Hereafter and th ...
dont like what happened but when a followed livestream "journalist" calls Trooper Johnson an Uncle Tom because he is a cop-Come on
Asking is Jenkins anti-cyclist is like asking is the Pope a Catholic, but the new Uncle Tom act is particularly nauseating.
take the certainty of a Christian fundamentalist, mix-in some relig. Zionism and a whole lot of Uncle Tom.
Uncle Tom listened to . Youtube. John Owen on the Holy Spirit - Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson
Not to offend ANYONE, but.after reading comments made by actor Terrance Howard to Ray Rice ABOUT Ray Rice's recent Domestic Violence woes,("Leave the Black Women in the ghetto.get you a White Girl!!"), I NOW see that HIS "Uncle Tom-ish" role in "The Butler" didn't take much effort on his part.can we ALL say."IDIOTIC MORON!!!"?
"The Chinese Revolution —— they wanted land. They threw the British out, along with the Uncle Tom Chinese. Yeah, they did. They set a good example. When I was in prison, I read an article —— don’t be shocked when I say I was in prison. You’re still in prison. That’s wha...
Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!!! Today Our Soup's are- Italian wedding, split pea and ham and Ham and bean.. Our Special is "Kimmies" chili served with bread for $5.95.And Our Sandwich is the "Uncle Tom" paninni- capicolla, roasted red peppers, pesto, provolone cheese on Italian bread grilled and served with chips and a pickle for $5.95... Enjoy this beautiful day...!!! :)
Activision has announced Destiny is the "most successful video game franchise launch ever":
"the nfl is the most popular sport in the world". You can't find a bigger Uncle Tom in the media today. Don lemon maybe...
Even Morgan Freeman agrees that blacks are not held back from achieving success. We are just trying to unite...
Tagged by Jennifer Fuchikami (I don't normally do these, but books are powerful things to be shared. I suggest to anyone to read any of these if you have not already. The last is only in Japanese, and I personally wasn't able to read the book itself but translations from others. You'd have to know the games to understand anyway.) List 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard. They do not have to be the 'right' books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way. Tag 10 friends and me, so that I can see your list. 1. Great Expectations - by Charles Dickens 2. Uncle Toms Cabin - by Harriet Beecher Stowe 3. To Kill a Mockingbird - by Harper Lee 4. Where the Red Fern Grows - by Wilson Rawls 5. The Shadow Children Series - by Margaret Haddix 6. Dracula - by Bram Stoker 7. The Island of Dr. Moreau - by H.G. Wells 8. Death Note - Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata (The story of this Manga series has affected my life great ...
Willie Lynch Letter Success Story at Large: This brother clearly turns his *** on and off as it seems to conveniently suit his role. Apparently, his role is the good old *** . The one who thinks he so smart but fails to realize the horrible factors that lie behind the situation yet still comes to the conclusion that the Black Woman is the issue. No Mr. Howard.!! Mr. Rice like many young *** raised by *** mothers are success stories of The Willie Lynch letter clearly. Let's actually this out for all the Hollywood Folk: Ray- *** boy compared to a horse (animal/beast). Both in which are broken down mentally but trained to be physically capable of winning races and the productions of the economy. Black Woman: psychologically independent who can't win simply because she don't have a clue of true protection of a man no matter what color. She sees her man turn into a complete b!+€# based on actions alone. Then she has the Willie Lynch Reporting committee (social media) placing her on display m ...
It upsets when when is called an Uncle Tom by blacks for calling it like it is. He preaches accountability.
Uncle Tom's Cabin showed me the horrors of slavery - Dr. Melvin Banks at
Aw, *** they think he's an Uncle Tom, anyway.
People say I should start living my life now I take 3 steps forward four steps backwards I'm not even went back to work yet the doctor say if my blood works not good today but I will end up in the hospital it's because I haven't ate in 4 days and Lucas I know you don't want to see me like this and I want to tell you that I'm so sorry I just loved you more than the whole world I we went to to Florida you keep you out of the water and the time we went with Uncle Tom water rafting that was fun too the climbing that I don't know where it was but climbing that thousand steps wasn't on not to me but you seem to enjoy it anyway I want you to be near when we say our night prayer K the one that always said together you came to me in my dream you said to me Mom I didn't want to go but they made me go I got mad at them because they wouldn't let me take my clothes then mom had one whereyou was holding dad hand smileing said tell mom I'm ok. Baby I know that you're OK that I know that I miss you so bad and honestly .. ...
Sen. Tom Harkin gets ready for the final Steak Fry. He has been Iowa’s worrying mother and rich uncle.: Tom...
Penny Arnold you are a uncle tom faggget you and them *** thugs ..
You are equivalent of an "Uncle Tom." Regulation is irrelevant to its success; it's going to destroy the old guard.
Good luck to uncle tom on his hip replacement this am
Thank you uncle Tom and auntie Dalena for the opportunity to hunt on your farm. It was an awesome first time experience. And thank you Christoff, it wouldn't have been possible without you.
There is a Vera Bradley wrislet/wallet that was turned in the week of the fair. There is a gift card in it "To: Brooke From: Uncle Tom" We would love to see this returned! Please share!
Second leg of my trip. Off to Brookings, Oregon. Off to see my under cover brother from another mother! Mike Carson. Get your *** outa bed! I'm on my way! " if Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom ever up to say goodbye! "I think I wore them out"! Great time! Great visit! I sure wish Paula Castaneda could have been here! I know they would love her!
why ANYBODY takes this uncouth/obese wannabe sports writer, now Uncle Tom apologist, seriously is beyond imagination
Uncle Tom's Trail: a great place to catch your breath.
Sad that has chosen to become an apologist for racist as a second career choice. Uncle Tom is alive and well
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
sale-aholic: eaudrey35: sale-aholic: Waiting for uncle tom to come and try to defend her pet. Sales u r...
That I was just some poor stupid ignorant uncle tom who had been tricked by an irc channel with 12 guys in it and I should stop
3 years ago today heaven gained an angel that I miss very much, love you Uncle Tom👼❤️
I seem to remember she said she was reading Uncle Tom's cabin.
So happy for big bro Tom and sis in law Fran on the new girl!These two are sure gunna cause Uncle Sam a lot of probs!
why does uncle tom have to sit in the middle? We want to be in the middle.
Scots! Vote no and annoy ginger Uncle Tom and professional bigot Simon Heffer! (Via )
Stephen A Smith got angry when people called him Uncle Tom. But he always defends a white person in sports that makes racist…
Pretty sure it's fiction. Cousin 'Ingrid', husband 'Henk'; it's Wilder's Holland. Writer's name can't be Uncle Tom either.
a crusader with vision on a mission..,how's that Uncle Tom
“Sweet uncle Jensen RT"Im melting & its because of , hes dancing for Tom
VIDEO:turned rodeo rider at and she also caught up with Uncle Tom Cobley and all!
Mr UNCLE TOM PRESIDENT Then why don't you innovate some money and stop begging for my tax dollars to drag us into wars and kill people
iya jus ran into uncle tom don't think he new it was me as I havnt seen him since a kid is he with brens mum x
Uncle Tom’s Trail: a great place to catch your breath
WE prefer to be used as an instrument of the truth of a people who. respect the rights of man,rather than be used as Uncle Tom whitewasher
read Uncle Tom about Linda: and ZC about white goats and black women:
Why is that Fixed News Tantaros Uncle Tom such an incredible moron? Was she born with water on the brain?
VIXX's N is a happy uncle during Chuseok in adorable snapshots
Uncle Tom Cobley told Cameron he had a previous appointment and couldn't make it today shame
Sweet uncle Jensen RT"I'm melting and it's all because of , he is dancing for Tom ♥♥
Andy Pratt tagged me in the 10 books game. Rules: the book must have moved you. Don't take too long. Don't think too hard. Tag 10 friends to do the same. So, breaking only one of those rules and in no particular order: --The Reivers by William Faulkner. Rollicking tale. The denouement is an ascent into heaven. Laugh, Faulkner fans. It's an easy read. It is still the master. --The Civil War Vols 1-3 by Shelby Foote. You saw the Ken Burns movie, now read the book about the forging of America that is far, far from complete, Ted Cruz. --The Control of Nature by John McPhee. I'm plagiarizing here: Only the most audacious writer would take on geology, the slowest story of all. And pull it off. --Beloved by Toni Morrison. Post-psychedelic Uncle Tom's Cabin. --The First Tycoon by T.J. Stiles. Everything you need to know about American capitalism is in this biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt, and a good bit of about the built landscape of New York City, too. --The Prize by Daniel Yergin. The egos that built the oi ...
to when I ran up & down all 656 stairs. Feeling very accomplished after that! @ Uncle Tom's Trail 🌳
"Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom, yes, they're the same man". I love Steel Pulse
Uncle Tom and little Quinn are best friends after a serious building block session
Funny how everyone thought Suge was bad, he was an Uncle Tom for David Kenner. A white Jew lawyer smh
Al Sharpton forgets when a black makes it they are called Uncle Tom or, wait for it Al, "Not Black Enough"
After reading this, , I wouldn't be surprised if the left starts calling Sharpton an "Uncle Tom".
.Thomas Sowell is a national treasure, but Mark Thompson calls him an "Uncle Tom'. So, who, exactly, is the racist?
Indeed. But when Black Conservatives want to talk to the NAACP they get called Uncle Tom and the like. Racist ***
Website Builder 728x90
those *** sheep-follow punks! If black person thinks 4 themselves you're an Uncle Tom or sellout aunt Jemima .
What a pickup line towwards a black guy! "My name is Tom. Not like Uncle Tom's cabin." *crickets*
First I was a racist for pointing out the facts on black crime rates. Now that I said I'm black I'm an Uncle Tom.
True, if it's ONLY because he is white. If he were black and being a good cop, they would call him an Uncle Tom.
mad they got the black man on the media side smh *** a Uncle Tom
Where do find their Uncle Tom's? Y'all do know that just cuz you bring a black person on doesn't mean we will…
"Thank goodness OBAMA has sent Eric Holder and 40 FBI agents to Fergurson to round up the witnesses" said The Gullible. Didn't I tell y'all this was coming from the highest level of powers, with the goal of making these "peaceful protest", spread to other cities? You negroes that claim you saw this shooting better hope you have nothing that can be held over your head by the FBI, if you plan to say anything but what OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS want you to say about the shooting. And even if you are are a model citizen, you will be the biggest "Uncle Tom" "self hating" "Oreo" "sellout" on the planet. Ask Dr. Ben Carson. Heck ask me. Y'all betta' say only what the DEMOCRATS want you to say. Here are your lines. Ready? Go. 1) "He was a "gentle giant". (Liar, he had just assaulted a grown man.) 2) "They were just walking down the street, doing nothing to nobody." (Liar, they had just just committed strong arm robbery and you have seen the video.) 3) "The police reached out the window, grabbed him by the throat, st ...
Okay now they figure him out Highway Patrol Johnson St louis get that Uncle Tom black *** *** out of there I wish I was there looting I get me a pair of 28"
"Uncle Tom" on "Meet the Press" 8-17-14 discounts Missouri War Zone bcuz 26 GUN DEATHS Chicago (RightWingers' favorite citation) over weekend suggesting White Racist Killings no big deal just mundane biz as usual? hmmm would he recommend Ferguson Army invade South Side Chicago must see TV
there's an Uncle Tom's BBQ down the road from me. I'm dying to find out why it's called that. Probably just an uncle named Tom
Thank you to all the friends and family who came out to celebrate with us for christophers graduation! A special thanks to Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tom for all your Help! Love ya!!
i respect John legend for not being an Uncle Tom ***
Will somebody turn off the Uncle Tom spigot?
This is my Uncle Tom. He is 82 and has been missing for 9 days now from the Finglas area. Please help by sharing. http…
Heaven gained another angel this morning, my heart is heavy today. RIP Uncle Tom it's not a goodbye but see you later ❤️
three statements! & I said a few weeks ago I thought you were the male Jemele hill, but not an "Uncle Tom."
Clarence Thomas, among many other non-white citizens has been racially depicted as Uncle Tom because he does not blindly follow the dictates
The ambience is great because it is a callback to colonial India. Wow. Uncle Tom's Gymkhana.
Never saw this great old picture of my uncle until tonight. Looks like a movie star. RIP Uncle Tom.
So if "cornball brother" got Rob Parker fired, "Uncle Tom" got Hugh Douglas fired...what does this do to Stephen A.?
I had to "unlike" Tony Dungy today. Bummer... I've been a huge fan of his for decades. But in one week, he's praising that HORRIBLE Uncle Tom, Dr. Ben Carson and today he's saying he would not have drafted Michael Sams because "things will happen". I don't condone or tolerate bigotry of any kind. You're outta here, Mr. Dungy.
I've been called "Uncle Tom", racist... but I posted who Obama was since 2007 I love God, family, & Country
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