Uncle Si & Star Wars

Uncle Si Star Wars Duck Dynasty

"Lasers are for space... What is this Star Wars?" Uncle Si
A little Duck Dynasty on Christmas eve is always nice. "Laser eye surgery? What is this, Star Wars??" -Uncle Si
"Who puts lasers in their eyes? This ain't space. What is this Star Wars??!" - Uncle Si
say what 'laser surgery' on my eyes...lasers are for space, what is this Star Wars ..??.Uncle Si...he kills me
Uncle SI: lasers is for space what is this Star Wars! Duck Dynasty cracks me up
Hey, lasers is for space. What is this Star Wars??? LOL!! I LOVE Uncle Si!!
Who would put a lazer in there eye, what is this Star Wars ??? Uncle S I
"Lasers are for outer space...what is this, Star Wars??" - Uncle Si. Lmbo!
Eye dr: Have you ever considered laser surgery? Uncle Si: What is this, Star Wars?
Dr...your eyes are bad, have you ever considered laser surgery? Si.what is this Star Wars? You gotta love Uncle Si!
Dr say, "have you thought about laser surgery?" Uncle Si say "what is this, Star Wars?" Lmbo!
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