Uncle Si & Si Robertson

Uncle Silas is a Victorian Gothic mystery-thriller novel by the Irish writer J. Sheridan Le Fanu. It is notable as an early example of the locked room mystery subgenre. Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. 4.0/5

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Uncle Si is my favorite Robertson. He's funny and just get's straight to the point!
My uncle takes his cup of tea w/ him everywhere we go, he's like the Oklahoma version of Si Robertson
love the show,and think the family is great,Uncle Si is unique lol x
So Phil Robertson is endorsing Trump , Willie Robertson is endorsing Cruz . But who is Uncle Si endorsing ? He is the wise one . 😃
Phil Robertson endorses Cruz. Willie Robertson endorses Trump. Uncle Si needs to be the deciding vote. I'd follow him anywhere Jack!
The Robertson family is divided. I'll have to consult Uncle Si before I cast my vote :-(
Forget the split in the GOP, Trump has Willie Robertson and Cruz has Phil. Uncle Si?
Uncle Si: "I came up her to get fixed, not to get snapped in half and laughed at by fat-man Willie Robertson."
Go as the Joker or Willie Robertson or Uncle Si?!
Uncle Si from Robertson's says Work hard, play hard and nap hard.. lol
The Robertson Family from Duck Dynasty is in Family Feud right now. I really wish Uncle Si was with them. It'd be so much more entertaining
Something you might not know about "Duck Dynasty" and Uncle Si!
I see your Willie Robertson and raise you an Uncle Si, which didn't sell at all!
Sometimes I wish I had an uncle like Si Robertson just for the pure entertainment and non stop laughs
The brother of patriarch Phil Robertson, Uncle Si has a limitless suppl
Uncle Si is probably my favourite Robertson
.will sing National Anthem, Uncle Si will help w/ coin toss & will present the trophy!
Watching the Duck Dynasty mini marathon that is leading up to this years Christmas episode! Love the Robertson's! Uncle Si is the Guy!! ;)
Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si takes on Darth Vader with new Christmas elf story and doll celebrating the coming of Jesus
See how to build an OCC box with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! Click here
Uncle Si is my favorite Robertson. Duck Dynasty marathon.
There is an Uncle Si, but regrettably no Phil Robertson ornament for those who wish our Christmas trees to double as warning signs to ***
Uncle Si: "Si Robertson, he's old school to the core."
Hilarious. Uncle Si needs one of these. Si Robertson
-Great American, Uncle Si (8^> One Good Friend iz better than 10,000 relatives. Unless U R a Robertson or have a Fort.
Uncle Si, the funniest of the Robertson's! by...
Uncle Si the Christmas Elf Special Message from Si Robertson & Ashley *** ..: via
Uncle Si the Christmas Elf so CoOl! Needs his beauty Rest. Si Robertson
Love me some Uncle Si! ""I'm the Michael Jordan of gettin' on people's nerves." -Si Robertson"
Vietnam veteran Si Robertson autographed a Vietnam era M1 30 cal carbine rifle donated to our organization by an Iraq veteran, Jeffrey Fox, and Tool Town gun sales owner, Kelly Weatherford. The rifle will be raffled off for a blue star fundraiser. This signing event was televised and documented by two newspapers.and about 1000 people excited to see Uncle Si at the duck store!
And as my Uncle Si Robertson says. Its on like Donkey Kong lol...
Update your maps at Navteq
Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty is the new co-owner of a Louisiana-bred filly with Texan Wes Melcher -
I guess I missed it. But did anyone go see Si Robertson (Duck Dynasty) last weekend? If so, how funny/interesting was Uncle Si?
With all of the hype about The Robertson's lately I can say I have been witness to the real Christian Family they are, they do not pretend, they are the real thong. My Daughter-in-Law's Grandmother passed away this past week. She was a fan of Uncle Si Robertson. When it was learned that she had terminal cancer her Daughter made some calls to see if it would be possible for her to meet Si. That was in the works, but she became very ill and would not have been able to make a trip to Monroe. Her Daughter, Deborah, made some more calls I understand and the powers that be found Si and the rest of the guys hunting in Texas. Si got a message that he might want to make this call. from Ms. Shirley's Son telling this at her Funeral today, Si and the guys stopped what they were doing and Prayed for Ms. Shirley then Si called her and talked to her on the phone. Bro. Ronnie said that she was very excited and passed on just a few days later. Thank you Si Robertson for portraying the Christian you are. God Bless You.
I want Si Robertson to be my crazy uncle
Wish I had an uncle like Si Robertson! lol
: "If you could hang out with any Robertson for a whole day, who would you pick?" I'd pick Uncle Si!!
VIDEO Get the lowdown on Uncle Si's visit to NYC via
LOL 😂 my daughters got me Uncle Si for Christmas!!! the show the Robertson's!!
Christmas would be so much fun with the Robertson's and Uncle Si.
Uncle Si: Lets see some support for my good brother Phil Robertson! I Stand with Phil .
Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle by Si Robertson via
Ms Francks uncle sounds like Si Robertson, except he has a cup not a spoon.
Watching new episode of Duck Dynasty noticed willie's son is more like the Uncle Si Robertson
I finally got love and Uncle Si doing Rudolph together! Great job Robertson Family
.and Uncle Si give us an exclusive look at their hilarious time in the recording studio:
"Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy" -Si Robertson. What would I ever do without Uncle Si's great words of wisdom!? 󾌵
well said Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". i wonder what Uncle Si's words of wisdom would be, Jho Baguio ?
Uncle Si and Jase Robertson want to remind you to stop by any WEC office and help make this Christmas better for...
Unlikely celebrity Si Robertson, also known as “Uncle Si,” is a Vietnam War veteran, reality TV star, Duck Commander employee and now an author.
I was asked, Mike Tyson or Si Robertson? I'm like, "Uncle Si." Smh too bad I'm not in Killeen. Why ask if you're not taking me there
So I got on a christian bookstore website because I am on the hunt for a cover for my newest bible and I saw them advertising a new veggie tales movie. At first I was shocked that they were still making veggie tales (heck new ones were coming out when I was REALLY little). Then I saw this cumber in the corner that looks like Larry with a beard. Then I realized the beard looked a lot like the Duck Dynasty beards. Then I noticed the writing above the cucumber that reads, "featuring the voice of Si Robertson." I could not believe that was who I though it was but I looked it up and it is Uncle Si. Apparently he is a preacher. I'm still processing this...
Duck Dynasty’s” popularity has reached a Fever Pitch. And now the show, which has brought in ratings galore for A&E, is inadvertently at the center of a dispute in Dinwiddie, Va. A frustrated mother claims her son was recently chastised by officials for wearing to school a t-shirt that features one of the show’s main characters, Si Robertson. What was apparently so offensive about the article clothing that it led administrators at Dinwiddie High School to ask the teen to remove it? It shows Uncle Si clenching his fist and includes text that reads, “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically.” Edna-Jo Spain claims that her son, Hunter, was given a choice: Wear the t-shirt inside out or go home, reports WWBT-TV. Not wanting to look silly by wearing it such an odd manner, the young man simply decided to put on a different shirt. While the line, without context, might seem somewhat violent, Spain explained that those who watch “Duck Dynasty” know that Si is goofy and that he’s known “for ...
Arthur Kade chats with Uncle Si Robertson from A&E's hit show 'Duck Dynasty'. Uncle Si has a new book 'Si-cology' where 95 percent of his stories are truthful and you need to find out which ones are false. Watch Si and his family on 'Duck Dynasty' every W
You know him from the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty - now you can enjoy Uncle Si's tall tales, crazy exploits, a...
Funny man Si Robertson is perhaps the biggest breakout star of A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty." When the show began, Uncle Si was only slated to appear occasionally, but that soon changed.
Uncle Si on A&E's most watched reality television show spoke about his new book, Si-Cology 1
"Marriage is a union between two imperfect people who are destined to make mistakes" - Uncle Si.
In 26 days you can read more Uncle Si tales that you haven’t heard on the show! Pre-order your copy of SI-COLOGY... htt…
I want to meet Si Robertson more than I want to meet taylor swift. I love you uncle Si
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty doing his "icy stare"."It's on like bingbong JACK!" Help support animals born with disabilities by liking The Mia Foundation on Fa...
From A&E's Hit Reality Show! The Robertsons turned a backyard business into a multi-million dollar empire, all while trying to stay true to their down-home roots. Fans will want to own this replica light green cup with black Duck Commander logo decal, just like Uncle Si's. Plastic. 16 oz. capacit...
Love Darius Rucker. Willie, Jase, Uncle Si, Korie, and Sadie Robertson are all in this video. It is so good.
Darius Rucker, Uncle Si and the rest of the Robertson Crew, it doesn't get any better then that! Check it out
UPDATE on Duck DieNasty – a murder/mystery dinner that will be held on August 17th to help support Save the Capitol – This will be directed by Tim Price and co-directed by Will Mooney who are involved with the Market House Theater in Paducah. Try-outs for parts will be held at the Chamber office (102 Cash Drive) on Saturday at 2:00 for the following parts: Willie Robertson; Kori Robertson (Willie’s wife); Father Jep (Willie’s other brother); Jase Robertson; Nurse Kelly; Uncle Si; Missy (Miss Kay’s sister); and Nurse Kelly.
"Try to accept the past as much as possible and just move forward." "Uncle Si" Robertson
It is very hard to PEE in a hospital bed, and not get it all over u. I've become a great shot. Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty would be proud!
Guess Who We Spent The Evening And Dinner With Tonight ? Yep Phil Miss.Kay Robertson and Uncle Si . Of Duck Dynasty, Had a great time and a lot of fun . Thank Son for making it happen .
"You mean I acted a *** for 5 minutes and he isn't even here" -Si Robertson.Don't feel bad Uncle Si, happens to me all the time. Lol
The Duck Dynasty and Robertson Family have there Uncle Si. Well we have the *** Dynasty in the Segovia Family with our Uncle Rich!!! That's what I'm talking about "Jack".
. and for any of you who wish to check SNOOPs.com or any of the other myth and urban legend sites to verify this, please don't waste your time. I do not care. I believe that the Robertson family has appealed to lots of normal everyday folks of all races, cultures and ages. This is a good thing. The world would have us all so stripped, broken, politically correct if many of the main stream media outlets had their way. This program is refreshing to me and to tell ya a fact, not much of a stretch for many of our family pasts. I make no apologies, I love the Lord my God, I hunt, I eat meat, I am a conservative, I am a veteran, I cut wood, I turn wrenches, I dig holes, so that's pretty much all I have to say about that Jack. Now, what would Uncle Si say?
Just another example of the moral decay in our world today i wonder what Phil Robertson or Uncle Si would have to say
Si Robertson is the best TV uncle since Uncle Leo, Uncle Fester, or Uncle Joe. But Uncle Si is for real! How great is that?!
I think Uncle Si has gained millions of nieces and nephews from people like me who wouldn't mind claiming him at all. Love this whole family!
Good for Phil Robertson for taking a stand.Rock on Duck Duck Dynasty on A&E ! Oh by the way Uncle Si for President
Uncle Si comes to show how to rattle deer in the right way with the new Flextone Black Rack... Hilarity ensues with every new saying he comes up with.
We're such huge fans of Uncle Si and the guys, we decided to give away FREE STUFF weekly! All ya gotta do is put your info below ONE TIME, and you are entered EVERY WEEK from then on... and that's a FACT Jack!
Say what you will about Uncle Si and the Robertson clan,,, they have family values and they love the Lord.
I feel certain, you'll enjoy watching this video of Uncle Si and Phil Robertson.
My family reminds me a lot of the Robertson's except we don't have an Uncle Si 😕
wife Jessica Robertson dishes on Uncle Si, beards and what you don't see on the show.
Si Robertson; even in reruns he cracks me up. Why couldn't I have an uncle like Si?
'Duck Dynasty' season finale preview: Willie Robertson and Uncle Si go surfing
Am I only one that didn't know Uncle Si and the Robertson's are in Darius Ruckers "Wagon Wheel" video?
If i could get any thing for my birthday it would be to have a uncle like Si Robertson!!!
I'd hate it if Si Robertson was my Uncle.
Uncle Si & his priceless remarks. "Hey!" Keep on doing what ya'll are doing. All of you Robertson's rock. "Jack!"
My uncle Dan is the Si Robertson of the family
Info on new books relesing this year from Phil Robertson, Uncle Si, and Miss Kay!
Who needs secret service when you have the Robertson family and crazy Uncle Si.
I wish Si Robertson was my uncle lol.
Si Robertson is possibly the funniest human alive. "Dad... Uncle Si is flirting with the mannequins." "I'm fully aware Sadie."
How don't you have Uncle Si or any of the Robertson clan from on Celeb Apprentice. Future winners
HEY, 2016 Phil Robertson, Uncle Si on ballot. Turpentine will take care of it! (slogan).Then all wil b HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!
"Your beard is so stupid, it took two hours to watch 60minutes" - Si Robertson. I wish Si was my uncle!
I wish Si Robertson could be my uncle
"Si-isms" make me laff. Gotta luv Uncle Si. Good nite!
the Robertson family would be my security. Good luck getting past Uncle Si.
My new back up plan in life is to keep my hair flowing, get beard implants, marry into the Robertson family,and become Uncle Si's apprentice
uncle chris is like Si Robertson, he doesn't go anywhere without his tea.
Uncle Si is hysterical. Phil Robertson played Football at LouisianaTech b4 he made a fortune selling duckcalls
Is wish Si Robertson was my uncle, tea glasses for Christmas?
"Hey! I sting like a butterfly & punch like a flea Jack" - Si Robertson so is back, Uncle Si is too *** funny
Willie Robertson and I have one thing in common... Besides our love for Uncle Si... Our ability to do yoga!
I sting like a butterfly and punch like a flea -Si Robertson aka Uncle Si
If you sat Si Robertson & Megan Fox in front of me & asked me which one I'd rather spend a day with, I'd have to choose Uncle Si.
my son Max says hey, more Uncle Si Robertson!
I want to adopt Si Robertson as my uncle
" The last name on the last page, at the bottom of the page would be Willie Robertson in capital letters" - Uncle Si
I know I've said this a lot, but I wish Uncle Si was my uncle... All those Robertson's hatin on his cooking
Don't tell the Robertson's they will make it a hunting trip. Uncle Si in Siberia.
My Dads side of the Family started the Heyyy Jack way before Uncle Si... Oh wait my grandmas maiden name is Robertson!
Uncle Si thank you for your service. And thank you Robertson family for being you.
I wish Si Robertson was my uncle. That's what I'm talkin' about, Jack.
So i was recently told my dad's uncle knows, and is friends with Si Robertson
I am pretty sure Uncle Si Robertson was behind me in a truck in Elkhart
I wish Si Robertson was my uncle. Family Reunions would be the best.
“finally had enough so I started off em with a stick,they're momma and daddy may not woop em but Uncle Si will tear em up"
Im spending Christmas Eve with my second family. The Robertson's and my favorite Uncle Si!
This sweet tea is for you, we love you Uncle Si!😁
Uncle Si is cool,one of a kind and hilarious.Si,i live in East Tx. and would love to hang out with you.You're fun and open-minded and intelligent,just like your nephew Jase :)
Wishing I had an uncle like Si Robertson!
So me and my friend have decided were gonna marry into the Robertson family. Mainly because we want an Uncle Si. is mine 😍
the Christmas special so special. The Robertson are so generous and full of love and values. Uncle Si is so funny.
Robertson women remind me of Uncle Si's saying, "their *** thats all!" Si Robertson, OUT!
"Hey, Jack! that's my kind of cup!" This Duck Commander Si's Tea Cup lets you drink tea just like Uncle Si! Great for Duck Commander fans, this 16 ounce Si's Tea Cup is made of polypropylene plastic and features a Duck Commander logo on front. Dishwasher safe.
Hilarious! Love his attitude! Every family needs an Uncle Si to bring them down to Earth.
I'm a "yuppy" from NY and I adore this family and their values. I wish I had an Uncle Si. You guys are awsome. I would love for my sons to spend time learning your lessons of life. Happy/Merry Christmas. Love, M. Williams. Yorktown Heights, NY
Concerning Chizik, In the famous words of Uncle Si Robertson... 'he gone'!!
My favorite Robertson. Good ol' Uncle Si!!! I need an uncle Si in my life lolol
Dang! I keep deleting my posts for some reason. Anyway, Uncle Si for NEA Chairman!
They should put Don Vito, Uncle Nino, Pauly D, Si Robertson and Chuck Bass all in a house together and film it
I seriously wish that Si Robertson was my uncle. Even a bad day couldn't be that bad with him. lol
I wish Si Robertson was my great uncle 😁
Hey, there are casualties in war boys, unfortunately, that's just the nature of the beast." - Uncle Si Robertson
"I have established the frog catching dream team. Myself, my dad Phil, my Uncle Si, and ol big Johnny Godwin." -Jase Robertson
I vote Phil Robertson for president! Uncle Si for VP. ✌🇺🇸
Uncle Si Robertson for pres.mountain man for vice pres...Duck Dynasty 2016...lol
"You go huntin' with a bow, you're gonna go hungry. Si Robertson out!" - Uncle Si
I'd love to listen to Uncle Si's stories, hang with Phil and cook with Miss Kay. The Robertson's are the real deal.
I saw one too many people dressed up as the Robertson gentlemen last night. Needless to say though, only one Uncle Si.
I'd love to have an uncle like Si Robertson, life would never be dull having an uncle like Si
Ever wondered how much Uncle Si was worth ?
I've missed you Uncle Si ... and the whole Robertson family!!
Si Robertson should have been my uncle, that's a funny old man...jack!!
I have been growing my Robertson beard and can handle Uncle Si's Veitnam surprise.
I already feel like a Robertson because I have an IDENTICAL Uncle Si! Uncanny how close to home these guys make me feel!
I think I might write in Phil Robertson for president and Uncle Si Robertson for Vice President. I'm a little scared with our other options.
Watching Sprint Cup qualifying on SPEED and guess who shows up with Clint Bowyer. Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He's a hoot!
I think my team should dress up as the Robertson clan for Halloween. Dibbs on Uncle Si!
you need to carry a jug and a cup like Uncle Si on your road trip.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Where can i get one of the Uncle Si Robertson tupperware vietnam sweet tea cups? Gotta have
It is a small world! My uncle Tyrel went to pickup food from Who Dats and went into the back room and Si Robertson was there eating!
Ok, enough!! I have watched Olympics so much that I need a change!! Can Bob Costas please be replaced by Uncle Si Robertson or Troy Landry?
I half intend almost half of what I think I mean to say.- Si Robertson // DEEP thoughts from Uncle Si, love it!
Will u be my "Uncle Si" too? If not for u & Lisa Robertson I wouldn't b the proud owner of a Ms Kay Apron!!
Told my dad that I may be able to meet Willie Robertson when he comes to Navarre & he said, "I'm more of an Uncle Si fan".
I wish Si Robertson was my uncle. I would never be bored again.
Watching little girls is like a firefight in Vietnam-every man for himself-Si Robertson on babysitting girls!! Love me some me Uncle Si!
These boys are a bunch of smoke blowing clowns. Uncle Si for president
Today with computers if you're dating some little old girl you can't even smell her girls smell nice - Uncle Si
I would love to meet Uncle Si one day!
The art of storytelling by Si Robertson
Uncle Si is the man!! I love the Vietnam stories he tells!
So we are riding monkey trail and realize that Phil Robertson is here visiting chimp haven. Where is Uncle Si?
We just love you Uncle Si. My husband walks around saying "hey" all the time now.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"I'm out of smoke bombs napalm and out of 22 bullets" Uncle Si
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