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Uncle Si

Uncle Silas is a Victorian Gothic mystery-thriller novel by the Irish writer J. Sheridan Le Fanu. It is notable as an early example of the locked room mystery subgenre.

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This song gives me old fanfiction feels (you know like the "uncle si" and "adopted by 1d" etc 😱😭☺️
waiting for to give Daryl subtitles like A&E gave Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty. no idea what he's saying anymore.
Baby cousin went to her trunk or treat at church as uncle si!! Sweet tea and all!! 😂😍💞
My 10 year old son says dad I want to be Uncle Si for halloween. I said you dont wanna be Batman ?. No! Uncle Si is cooler
Got my picture taken with Uncle Si and well...the MSU basketball player wasn't about taking pictures!…
Big Harv and uncle Si are the same frfr
I,d just love to spend the day laughing with Uncle Si!. Prayers still coming for Jep!
Uncle Si and some random black guy on halloween
I just got the most perfect idea, go as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
You should dress up as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty!!
I could see Liam as Willie or Uncle Si
you be uncle si and Niall can be willie
“What shall I be for Halloween this year” BE UNCLE SI OR WILLIE
I told my uncle I didn't want to wash my car cause it always rains and he said "entonces para que te limpias la cola si vuelves a cagar"
A team of Lucys, the Village People, Uncle Si and more were at the Grape Stomp Sunday at Langley's Township 7 Winery
Is Van Brocklin available, asks the Jets fan?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
My uncle was telling me in detail how he took his tooth out and said "da si ti samo cula koliko je to pucalo" like stop 😂😂😂😂
I wonder what my neighbors think of my sick clothes this weekend. 2 days in a row of sweat pants and my Uncle Si "HEY!" shirt.
Great to have a night out with uncle simon last night hope you enjoyed the Vulcan si, sorry only cans.
yeap donkey kong is an old Nintendo game & a saying uncle SI says on Duck Dynasty 😄😄
Uncle Si & I at NC State Fair. My wife won him by playing Whack a Mole.
Uncle Si - he's our guy! Get him and any other KellyCraft products with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25!...
Finished reading 3 books all for 1day. Still thinking if I have to read blood of olympus. Para kasing di bida si PERCY! Uncle Rick nmn kc e.
I liked when they were throwin bottles to shoot,and hes like "The most impressive thing is uncle Si is drinkin those off screen"
Aw Simon, that girls mean. We love you Uncle Si😂❤️
Uncle Si made an appearance at our Halloween party last nigh!
Thank you for the support Savannah hope your uncle si did you proud
See how to build an OCC box with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! Click here
Uncle Si is my favorite Robertson. Duck Dynasty marathon.
Val! Forget about Elf on A shelf, Uncle Si has a book out!!
Ran into the Robertson boys last night. I loved Sid's Uncle
Uncle Si stopped by looking for a new couch.
Stan walks into the meeting with a OD nascar hat, black crocs, and a shirt that says Uncle Si for president 😂😂
Wish everyday I experienced an uncle Si at work! There wouldn't be a dull moment in my day!
"Godwin you got a great uncle named Rubin Godwin.". "Yeah.". "Not anymore ya don't, he died." . -Si
Anybody want a large size Uncle Si costume ? I know someone who has one for sale.
You go as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty but everyone just assumes you're a homeless ***
I love this show, uncle si is funny
"We may be family but I'd kill for a cupcake" wise words of uncle si :)
*Love hurts plays*. me: *sings along*. *Dad's eyes gets big*. Uncle: Si George I told u she has boyfriend. me: Ay dalai it's just a song 😂
Also, my dad came to dinner wearing camo slippers. Like a boss. No one else could pull that off but Uncle Si.
“Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty looks like quagmire
Duck Dynasty’ John Luke Robertson is engaged: What will Uncle Si’s advice be?: John Luke Robertson of “Duck D...
Nice photo Korie!! At least you do not have to photoshop this photo, as opposed to taking an Uncle Si photo.
What would Uncle Si say about Harry and Dermot's post-X Factor exchange?
I am a proud LSU tiger and if I am tailgating with Uncle Si at the LSU Southern Miss Duck Commanders bowl well that will be OK
Always in awe of my God and all the surprises He gives me. Just finished chatting with some of the Duck Dynasty wives about God's heart for the poor, the orphan, the widow, and warzones and am so blessed by their love and encouragement! Think I could convince them to send Uncle Si along for a visit?
So looking forward to going home for our Garden Party this weekend in memory of Uncle Si
Enjoying some Uncle Si's tea at a baby shower!
Join us for a Walk, Run or Roll on October 4, 2014. The event starts at 8:00 am on the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, LA. PIFN wish recipients and their families will be in attendance and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty will be our celebrity guest! *please note this is not a timed event.
Heading to Columbus to see Willie,Korie,Uncle Si and Alan Robertson
There is an Uncle Si, but regrettably no Phil Robertson ornament for those who wish our Christmas trees to double as warning signs to ***
Uncle Si: "Si Robertson, he's old school to the core."
I'm in the town of Duck. My boy can't stop with f-duck jokes. The local coffee is Duck Donuts. Keep expecting to round a corner and see Willie and Uncle SI..
DuckDynasty.the early year's is on tonight I love that show cant wait!! I love uncle Si the best he is out of his mind crazy
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is really in an Asylum and he invented his family in his head
Here is Northern Illinois' new black and white home court.
I wander what Uncle Si was doing in Columbia SC yesterday. He's too late for the bass tournament.
"Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram,Toyota Tundra. As a married man, these are the only pick-up lines I'm allowed to use."-Uncle Si
I need to stop at the magazine stand on the way to work. My uncle on the cover of SI.
Swear, uncle Si is my favorite from Duck Dynasty 😂😂
I think I'm the uncle Si of my family.
Chubby balls!!! Can you imagine uncle si and Chubby in a room. yikes!
Can't wait to see and uncle si this weekend in Columbus, In
We better have the same one as last year. He was my boyfriend. I don't want that uncle si. He got hateful
I wish Si was my uncle. I'd learn so much.
calling uncle Si right now. You have to go
Shaved mine off this past weekend. Was going to look like uncle Si if I kept going
You can teach us about duck calls, faith and business, God, duck calls, Uncle Si, and more duck calls!
Wow! I just won this for free, Duck Dynasty "Uncle Si" Seat Sleeves. NEW
Wat happen 2 Uncle Si he gets no camera time any more
grillin like Uncle Si, Hey I can fly, and I don't even need a cape, Fire on this grill Jack.
I'm like uncle Si when it comes to sweet tea.
About 100% sure I just saw uncle Si riding a bicycle in walmart
Sally Fisher says Hi. In AK from Nebraska. Just going to miss you!
Sooo who wants to go to Fred Meyer on Monday with me and wait for like 5 hours to get Uncle Si to sign his book for me? I'll buy food.
Coffee and cake at Central Perk , Liverpool with Uncle Si and Ems
In love with my uncle si water bottle.
Hi SI, what's new with DD. blessings uncle si.
uncle si on his john Deere tractor staring at on my walk back...
To all the blacks sadly mislead by libs/dems/media--who want to keep you angry--this one's for you:. …
Allan said si uncle Don gonna give him the equipment. So if what we train at his house. Pretty cherry.
cute I had a fish name Si like Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty lmao
Actually Uncle Jim was doing almost as much as Uncle Tony but with less noise. Private Equity yato si Private Equity.
Byebye SI. Thank you for the bihun sup, uncle bob and mocha blended 💕
For sure the next time around kasama na nya si Uncle Bodyguard & he'll be well protected & taken care of.😊
Could we be seeing Harry, Niall, Liam Louis and Zayn going solo in the next few years? I can hear you all right now… “Oh, here we go yet another One Direction split rumour”, and usually we’d agree with you. However, nevermind those unreliable/possibly made up ‘sources because this time it’s none other than Simon Cowell that’s fuelling the rumours! Yep just a few months after it was rumoured Harry might be leaving the band (again) – and we sobbed until he said: “I’m 100 per cent in this band. I still want to be touring with One Direction in ten years. I’ll be doing it until I’m old and people are telling me to stop,” - Uncle Si has now commented on the likelihood of the boys embarking on a solo career. “Bands don’t stay together forever.” He told the Daily Star Newspaper, referring to One Direction. Obviously, we know that boybands have a limited shelf life but to hear Simon Cowell ...
I adore Uncle Si he is funny I really like seeing him and the rest of the Robertson's on Duck Dynasty
Is there anyone else who agrees that Duck Dynasty is by far one of the best shows on tv?!! Uncle Si is too funny!!
Hilarious. Uncle Si needs one of these. Si Robertson
i've got one for you 'your cat is so dumb it sits on the tv to watch the couch' courtesy of Uncle Si - Duck Dynasty
"One of his (Uncle Si's) most famous stories is about the time his secondhand smoke made a deer cough." -Jase Robertson, Good Call
-Great American, Uncle Si (8^> One Good Friend iz better than 10,000 relatives. Unless U R a Robertson or have a Fort.
Uncle Si, the funniest of the Robertson's! by...
Thank you Uncle Si thank you boys you changed my life. . . . One Direction
These starts everything. Thanks to uncle si and 😘💕
Normal people will call Simon Cowell, Simon. But us, we call him Uncle Si. . . One Direction
Thanks Si x. My uncle had some bad news but we are trying to cope with it.
Four years ago today, one of my favorite bands came into existence. Thanks Uncle Si for my five favorite boys
. Today it's the day when a band (the best best in the world) was born... THANKS uncle Si to gave the world ♥ :)
you too uncle si. thanks for putting our boys together. One Direction
Thankyou to Uncle you put them together at 23rd of july 2010 ,big thanks for you uncle si ,lovelove!!!
Chum Lee makes Pawn stars jus like how Uncle Si makes Duck Dynasty
Uncle Si ornament this year at Hallmark
Hanging with some AM/Village fellas at the place where men shop. Uncle Si duck calls for $...
Uncle Si just walked by our fair booth
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Thank you, Huffington Post, for the great article!...
"I like mustard plugs. They're chewy!"-Uncle Si
my Dad used to make us lie down for a nap before a big night like the fair or fireworks so we wouldn't get fussy.I think he has a good idea, I think I need a nap before the big night, lol.I'm feelin' Uncle Si-ish
I deadass cant drive with my neck like this & I got my uncle's Si :( just my luck
Uncle Si keeping my beverages cold today
Uncle Si decided to crash the party!
"Stars and stripes are always in style! Happy Happy Happy 4th of July, Tell uncle si hi and happy 4th to the family
I bet yall have some awesome fire works with Uncle Si lol.
What are ways to help UR partner thru health issues? star Uncle Si talks ab why his wife isn't on TV:
Enjoying my cup of Uncle Si's Bearded Blend Coffee resting at home and making more homemade ice cream for tonight's fellowship. Life is good
thank you Uncle Si. my dad and all the men in my family have served in the military. I have a great respect for it.
lmfao I loved your uncle ovio que si.
Justin could learn a thing or two from Uncle Si on how to get sh!t done I think! It only takes a phone call to brighten up someone's day!
I know I'm late but I've just learned that Uncle Si from is going to call Taylor 'Tay Tay' Kucel :)
Uncle si getting down on the dance floor!
My bro after playing the drums 4 Uncle Si last wknd! is amazing!
Uncle Si Robertson from explained why his wife Christine doesn't appear on the show:
Wow! I just won this for free, BRAND NEW WITH TAGS UNCLE SI ALOHA JACK Duck Dynasty SHIRT FREE
Trying to convince my grandpa to be like uncle si.
I miss watching Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si was my dude
In the same town as uncle si right now
As Uncle Si would say "This ain't no woke jack Jack! " - Drinking a Slumbrew Naked Hopularity by -
Uncle Si reveals the real reason his wife Christine doesn't appear on
At work someone was talking to us & tells us that the flys are following her my uncle tells her agárratelas a cachetadas a ver si te dejan😂😂
OMG I agree so much with that, Uncle Si
Breakfast at Uncle Si's favorite donut shop in West Monroe.
I love how Uncle Si didn't remember Mountain Man had a radio station nor that he appeared on it with Willie lol
Zach Dasher, nephew of Phil and Silas "Uncle Si" Robertson, of the highly politicized Duck Dynasty flock, announced his candidacy today for the Louisiana congressional seat to be vacated by Vance McAlister, who was caught on camera making out with a woman who was not his wife. It's a circling back of sorts: McAlister's other big moment of celebrity was when Duck Dynasty son Willie endorsed him for the same seat.
Love me sum Duck Dynasty! Laffing my butt off watching them hunt in the cow shelter! Uncle Si is hilarious!
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty singing with mauldin brothers at cma fest!
Uncle Si kickin it with the house band at Rippey's.
Today was a good day so far down here in Nashville, I met: Uncle Si (Duck Dynasty), Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, Frankie Ballard, Eric Paslay, Chase Rice, Scotty McCreery, Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth, and BigSmo (guy who has new show on A&E).
***Joey B has the Bartenders' backs*** Many of you don't know before I was the outspoken KJ/activist/ & VIP party leader wearing weed socks that I am today- I was a bouncer, barback, & bartender for many years in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I spent over ten years working in bars. So I am an instinctual barback & security guy. Whether I'm on the boards, or just hanging out- my instinct is to bus & watch out for the greater good of the community. I like to party but do it responsibly. I'm going to stop you if you try any of the following- don't care if you are the hottest beezy on the planet or the toughest looking bro on Earth! *Leaving or entering with open containers* Going in the wrong bathroom* Escalating tension or fighting* Sleeping* Puking* Being disrespectful to anyone* Attempting to sneak under age friends in* Trying to leave without paying your tab* Go ahead try me- You'll get dealt with! If there is no security I become security! "In my neighborhood- I AM 911" Uncle Si, Duck Dynasty
My Aunt and cousin live in West Monroe, LA, look who they ran into on Saturday! Aunt Wanda and Uncle Si!
Super jealous that I got a personal note from Uncle Si with a help of my friend named Kevin Porter
David did a Duck Dynasty skit for the talent show. He was Uncle Si . . .
Who's everybody's favorite Duck Dynasty people mine is Uncle Si and Willie the one with the American bandana on!
UP FOR GRABS ALERT!! -At the station and available to the first six listeners who type their name in the Comment Section below are six pairs of passes to Duck Dynasty's very own Uncle Si's Benefit Auction to be held at the Diamond B Auction House in West Monroe on Monday May 26!! -Also, a pair of passes to Uncle Si's Auction as well as the Crawfish Boil(!) to the listener with the 1,185th and the listener with the 1,190th KWCL Fan Page like!! -Finally, the MACK DADDY: We've got TWO PAIRS of tickets to the GENE WATSON concert set to start at 8pm on Monday Night at the Diamond B Auction Barn in West Monroe!! Just be the 1,195th and 1,200th like right here on our KWCL-FM Fan Page!! Good Luck and Stay Tuned because we will also be giving away passes and Gene Watson concert tickets tomorrow morning on the Mighty Mess!
I decided I would have a nap so I go in and rip the bed all apart again after it took me forever to make it with the broom handle and meat all comfy (I can lay on my right side now by the way =D Yay me!) went to sleep and had a weird dream. I was dreaming I was at the Robertson's (Duck Dynasty Family) house. Miss Kay was looking to buy a new cell phone so I told her to go to Staples because my friend Alison just bought one there. They didn't sell cell phones so she was mad at me.Phil was making some weird looking meat and had this big pan of broccoli cooking.Uncle Si was late for work so he put on a sun dress and flip flops and headed out the door. I asked him what time he had to be at work and he said "4:15 island time!" Funny how no one thought the sun dress and flip plops were weird but we are talking about Uncle Si (LOL). Then we sat down to eat and Willie starts out praying a normal blessing on the food and then suddenly it turns into this weird chant and Jase was making the animal sound ...
Had such a fun night at the UMC Children's Home Benefit with some of the Duck Dynasty crew! Uncle Si and Alan Robertson were great!
Uncle Si and Alan Robertson of speaking at for United Methodist Children's Home.
Looks like uncle Si from Duck Dynasty HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
Well here I cheated on my diet im not supposed to have pizza well sorry doc I had a piece of pizza and no im not getting rid of my tea im like uncle si on Duck Dynasty ill hurt u over my tea I cant get rid of my tea im like a drunk cant quiet drinking but I cant quiet drinking my tea lol it a habbit
What did Uncle Si Robertson say...I have a brain sneeze
Uncle Si up here on his 4 wheeler lol with the dog
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
For the last four days I've kinda felt like Uncle Si carrying around a jug of tea in the cooler & my tea glass!! HEY! 👍
Uncle si is silly he said can I have directions to ur heart.Lmao
For all the nurses out there. Sam saw that it was nurses day yesterday on his uncle si calendar and went running in to Lily's room and asked her if she knew any nurses. We talked about the nurses that we knew. He said well it is nurses day and you could pray for them! He prayed for all the nurses last night in his prayer... Bless his sweet heart! Please know you were prayed over by a sincere little heart last night!
Happy birthday Eben, 3 today!!! Lots of love aunty Sherrie, uncle Si and Myles. Hope you have a great day x x x Clare Phillips
Bought my ticket and made my hotel reservation for the 2014 Gridiron Men's Conference in Birmingham, AL! I am reallly excited to hear Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and Dave Ramsey speak.
Have made it to Louisiana! After a stop to my favorite southern grocery Winn Dixie and grabbing some sweet tea,we tried some Raising Canes chicken fingers... D-Lish!Great story for my dog lovers, look it up! Also, notice the Duck Dynasty cake? We are in Uncle Si land! 👍🍴
Had a scare this afternoon but according to mom it's nothing to worry about...but it sure scared the crap out of me guess I'll have to start being uncle si and carrying a gallon jug with me every where but instead of tea it will be good old ice water...
Uncle Si Launching Iced TeaMarch 27, 2014 The loyal viewers of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" fan-base have spoken and Duck Commander Family Foods and Chinook USA say they have listened. Uncle Si's Iced Tea, a new RTD beverage in four flavors, will be launching at the Duck Commander 500 NASCAR race April 6 we…
LRW II- Don't forget we have our Phil v. Miss Kay epic custody battle tomorrow! Get those camo pants ironed and beards combed...Little Willie and Jase are depending on you. Hey Jack, with Uncle Si as our star witness, I'm already bracing myself. 3:30 in the Hargrave Moot Courtroom. Additional info and instructions on Blackboard.
Redneck slip n slide (on a banner with uncle si on it no less). That's just how we roll round here! Lol! Time to go cookout with the bestie and our men :)
Just adjusted my boob in the car at a stoplight. Not gonna lie, I was cold hard busted by Uncle Si's doppelgänger in his pickem'up truck. Winning!!!
Wow Uncle Si is going to bottle and sell his sweet tea. They are going to give a case of Uncle Si's sweet tea away to one lucky person. Bet thats some good sweet tea, I will have to try it. LOL
I feel like Uncle Si... I just took a nap on my lunch break!
Was looking threw my emails and saw this: At The FAIR Saturday, August 30, 7pm AT&T Concert Series at the Kendall Toyota Borealis Theatre Join us for an evening with the stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, including the Duck Commander himself, Phil; revered matriarch, Miss Kay; blue-cup-holding, story-telling Uncle Si; and brothers Jep and Alan, as they share insights into their family life, booming business and the filming of A&E’s most-watched series.
In Monroe LA. We stopped by the Duck Commander warehouse hoping to see Uncle Si but no luck. Now headed to Amarillo TX.
ok peeps gonna get off here for a bit.gonna try to be productive lol. land line is open if you need me. to a good friend, hope the tom has a beard like uncle si and lee lol. love you all and God bless.
So Philip was complaining that he had to shave for court. Sure Duck Dynasty guys don't get called thugs and they don't shave. I tell Bella, ask ur dad who he is Jase or Phil OR maybe uncle Si. she elbowed me saying, hey you know I'm uncle Si. I'M THE FUNNY ONE IN THE FAMILY...
Uncle Si would say, that gym felt good JACK
Every family needs and uncle Si . He cracks me up
'Duck Dynasty's' Uncle Si and Alan Robertson to entertain at event for Louisiana Methodist Children's Home
Frogs keeping me up so Duck Dynasty it is... Uncle Si...that boy... Definitely me in about another 20-25 years...hehe..
Never let the things you want make you forget the things you already have !! Be thankful every day!! Good advice from uncle Si
Now we know who Uncle Si has been talking about.
Need some great Tupperware Tumblers like Uncle Si? Get this set of 4 with flip top lids for just $14! Why would you want these? you can use the 16 oz tumbler to hold hot dogs in their bun to keep them warm and not crushed by the rest of the picnic items Sun tea is great, but have you ever tried Tupperware Tea? Use the same amount of tea bags, with water and place it in your refrigerator. It is the same as sun tea only already cold and ready for you. You can make sweet tea as well just stir the sugar. double your batch of cookies and these tumblers with 1/2 the cookie dough with seal - put in freezer. When ready for more cookies - run hot water over the outside of tumbler to loosen and the cookie dough comes out like a tube of Pillsbury's and just slice and bake works well for coolers - add water and freeze - slim ice tubes will anywhere in a cooler! Reminder - do not full - leave room for expansion when they freeze
Slumber party with mom in room 108 tonight. We are watching reruns of Duck Dynasty and shes smiling at Uncle Si
Here is a contest for you all to get in on. We love Duck Dynasty on A&E , Uncle Si, and Iced Tea so of course we can't wait for Uncle Si's Iced Tea . Maybe you guys can win some. Tell them we sent you
Gonna watch the Derby with my sweetie! Go Candy Boy! I think Gary would like Uncle Si ... Lol
They postponed dad's surgery again. Now, it is scheduled for tomorrow. His lab work came back negative, but we are still waiting on the cultures to see if he has pneumonia. He has had a decently restful day in spite of the uncertainty. Dad heard yesterday that Duck Dynasty's "Uncle Si" was possibly praying for him (via their West Monroe church prayer chain). I think that news alone may have given him some extra strength to fight through this! That is just one of many, many of God's small miracles throughout this ordeal. Thanks again for all your prayers and comments. Mom and dad definitely gain strength from you all. Chad Kovar Taylor-Megan Kovar Emily Gregg
My mother also follows the Pope, Warren Buffet, Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, and Anderson Cooper, just to highlight a few. I'm so confused.
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