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Uncle Si

Uncle Silas is a Victorian Gothic mystery-thriller novel by the Irish writer J. Sheridan Le Fanu. It is notable as an early example of the locked room mystery subgenre.

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Robertson Iced Tea Phil Robertson Duck Commander Miss Kay West Monroe Willie Robertson Alan Robertson Grand Marshal

Does Uncle Si have unsweetened tea cause I don't like sweet tea.
Almost thought slim here was uncle si lol
Man, I love Uncle Si, would love to just hand out with him for 10, let alone just to hang out with him and just let the conversation grow into whatever
The Capones came on and I hate most all reality T.V. and this show *** too BUT the old Uncle is a guito Si from Duck Dynasty and the...
Got to be one of the first few people 2 tasted the Uncle Si sweet tea today at TMS! Gotta say it's mighty tasty!
Naa home sweet home . Tuna rumah si uncle . Glad that i arrived home . Love ya
I can't wait to try this love uncle si
My uncle's girlfriend is here si that's why he cleaned up his room. Okay then.
Uncle Si the Christmas Elf so CoOl! Needs his beauty Rest. Si Robertson
Hey that tiuttt uncle is on air...when si pelat starts joking~we are listening u uncle tiut
Win a trip to West Monroe with Uncle Si Robertson!
Yeah buddy we meet Uncle Si. Jk lol
I added a video to a playlist Uncle-SI BUYS HUNTING DOG- POODLE
Uncle Si can't just look for new and young One Direction that can push the real ones off the limelight.No way on Earth will he find a curly haired boy,Irish accent,fear of spoons,'Vas Happenin's,and a love for pigeons.. (Ik I'm being carroty but it's true)
Based on a Robertson family recipe, Uncle Si's Iced Tea is naturally brewed with the finest natural ingredients. Coming in this spring in four flavors: sweetened, unsweetened, peach, and half & half. Hey, bayou-brewed, Uncle Si approved... you can't beat that.
I don't drink tea but I'm lookin forward to uncle Si's tea
Electronic Device Insurance
Going through my Hallmark Dreambook. Yes, there is an Uncle Si ornament. LOL
"I'm uncle Si you're Saudi" -Jarrod *while teaching my to drive on country rodes and other important high school lessons*
Having too much fun with boyfriends uncle si pillow. Lol
As we spent the day with dad today, we made more memories and this time was different, we met a very nice young lady Sara, and she seems to have dad's heart, soul, in mind, we laughed and moreover enjoyed each others company, Stan, Me, Melissa, Court, and Angie had the time of our lives with dad today and us girls got to spend the time that we needed to together. It started out raining and storming today and as we came home we followed a rainbow, then Court sent me a pic of the most beautiful sunset after the rain...God was watching over all of us even the ones that could not be a part of what we were today. The first pic of daddy is of Thursday, he decided with his nurse Toni to dress as a woman and sing the Purple People Eater, and today's pic is of dad wearing his Uncle Si beard...for someone who is terminal with the most infectious disease has the best outlook on life as we know it. If we all had the attitude that daddy has the world would be a better place, we have traveled this horrible road with ou ...
"America, everybody is in too big a rush. Lay back, take a sip of tea, mow a little grass. Then if you get tired, take a nap." --Uncle Si--
Enjoyed Youth for Christ event at Arena tonight and listening to Allen and Uncle Si from
Uncle Si's Iced Tea, I wonder if they'll be selling it locally?
BUCKET LIST...HUG(S) FROM UNCLE SI ~ that would make me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY ~ aight Jack!!! :)
Uncle Si is selling his Iced Tea!!? I'm gonna have to have a tea stand this summer.
If fans can protest till they get Uncle Si back after all he said we can
Gonna have to try Uncle Si's sweet tea!
"Hey, respect your elders...and hey, I tell ya if every one of them had a cane sword...hey, they'd be a lot more respect 'round here." - Uncle Si Robertson
Uncle Si is waving the green flag for the – what should he say to start the race? Tell us!
I am going to bring you back some of Uncle Si's beard tea.
Looks like Uncle Si made something for ME!!!
Hey Jack, it would be awesome to meet Uncle Si Robertson!
Did you see the March 26th episode of Duck Dynasty? Uncle Si's daughter was on.
My uncle si look.. I think I pulled it off:-)
I see Uncle Si's Tea is out. When can we expect a DD movie?
OH M Freaking G!!.. Uncle Si's TEA!!! LOL you know I'll try it, anything "food" related I'll try once.. ha.. LOL...
The face you make when you find out who Uncle Si's daughter is
Look who is enjoying some Uncle Si's Iced Tea at
I'll share would love to meet uncle SI
Me and uncle Si on TV ! Talking about our fundraiser! Check us out Friday April 11 th 6:55 am on channel 10!!!
I would love to visit West Monroe and Uncle Si! :)
Ken Woolner lets win this aight jack hohoho from the uncle si Christmas elf you to Brian Koester
Uncle Si says truck on down to the Silver Springs Liquor Store and get some Duck Commander wine. It'll make you happy, happy, happy!
Duck Commander weekend. Looking forward to a great time with a Louisiana sponsored event and it's Nascar at its best. Maybe meet Uncle Si...
can't wait to try that tea!! It must be good since uncle SI can't put it down. Maybe it will make me a better duck hunter:)
I never knew about the vast supply of Uncle Si animated gifs that google had to offer. I just found the holy grail.
Well we have a signed Uncle SI tea cup signed by uncle Si, Martin, and Godwen we have a picture of them signing it we looked it up on line and they r selling from $85 to $500 so we are asking $85 for it it looks great and it will only increase in value. Sherwood Ar
Who needs an Uncle Si when you have an Aunt Mimmie? πŸ˜‚
Me and uncle si getting ready for some in Macon, Ga . Sorry about your *** luck. JACK
Look who stopped by today! We are looking forward to Uncle Si waving the green flag at the…
Congrats to for winning an autographed picture of Uncle Si! Come see us at the Dynasty display home across from
At 1:00 pm today it was 61 degrees with thunderstorms. I take a nap a little later and woke up for supper. My window has been open for the fresh spring air and I love the sounds of a good thunderstorm. It is now 47 degrees and no longer raining at 5:38 pm. What in the Sam Hill is going on? Can you Canadians not control your Clippers? Did we forget to put up the "It's Spring" sign? It's April for goodness sakes! Ok, I am done here. Throwing on my Uncle Si blanket!
β€œAre you ready to check out Uncle Si's Iced Tea for yourself at the at Texas Motor Speedway Nice bottle!!
Hey guys so I seen that uncle Si is giving away a trip to meet him. How cool would it be if me and Si Hung out. Kowan could hang out with Allen and Phil, while I kick ur with Godwin and Si. I would have to get some recipes from Ms. Kay.
Finally got WiFi.4 days without it and I was starting to have withdrawals.We made it to West Monroe, LA today, be here till Monday. Haven't seen Phil or Uncle Si, but we're lookin'. Went through severe storms and tornadoes last night in Mississippi, went to the casino from midnight til 3 am, no problem...:)
WE GOT THE 2014 KEEPSAKE ORNAMENT CATALOG in the mail today!!! One of the most exciting days of the year! Angie Hostetler Thomure, guess what??...Uncle Si is an ornament!!!
Vowed not to shave until I have the keys to the new house. So if I start to look like a wanna be uncle Si don't be alarmed.
That's right Jack! Uncle Si has launched his own brand of Iced Tea here this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway, should be able to find it in stores this Spring!
Uncle Si light up and talking plush doll. New in box. $10 1960s Fashion Barbie. New in box. $5 Socker Boppers like new in box. $4
One of u MOFO's has uncle Si check ur pockets!
Well one more shift then up bright n early tomorrow to move then Sunday we bring home Cheese and Uncle Si :)
If you could choose from one of the following,,, ( A ) receive $250.14 ( B ) Have George Straight to make your bed every morning for a year, ( C ) or have Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty to cook you breakfast for a year, Which one would you choose,
Duck Dynasty. Used to be a good show just to watch for it's purpose "entertainment" now it's turn into "slap our face and name on this and raise the price by $6" it was ok to have the uncle si "Tupperware" glass. The "willie beard Halloween costume" and *** even the Willie Robertson bandana ... But not it's just rediculas, DD beef jerky, stuffed animals, "fake" duck calls and even "uncle si's sweet tea" they turned a "ENTERTAINING" show that has got to be "95% scripted" and turned it into some stupid *** money maker, bout freakin retarded.
Do they really have uncle si sweet tea
Uncle Si Funny Commercial about the black rack Jack. Enjoy!
In need of a 55 gallon tank for Jaylns uncle Si (her bearded dragon) he has gotten so big he needs more room! Please let me know if you have one and how much. Thanks
OMG ! Am really trying NOT to cuss but ~ I had a 11:10am Eye Drs. appt. THIS morning.Which I desperately need new glasses. So I stay up when I woke up for the potty before 8am,got dressed in a Brand New T-shirt (Uncle Si) never have worn it before.My daughter gave it to me for my Birthday,my nicest sweat pants and even fixed my hair. :-O Then I preceed to sit outside from 9:55 a.m. until 10:55 a.m. WAITING on the Care Source vehicle to pick me up. Yeal right .I come in to cancel my Eye Dr's appt and told em why,and at 11am the cab shows up for me.BS ! My Eye drs is clear Downtown! I can't stand depending on anyone ! I'm about freakin FROZE !
I think I just passed Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty?!
The Robertson family from Duck Dynasty all have a strong Christian faith; it's so inspiring to see celebrities stay true to their beliefs. Listen to this interview with the funny and lovable Uncle Si. His faith will make you smile.
Happy 2nd birthday to my gorgeous little nephew. Cant believe your 2 today. Growing up so quick! Love you loads little man anď miss you. See you soon for snuggles Lots of love and kisses aunty kimmy uncle si and harry x CorrineRussell NathanHunt
Way to go Uncle Si. That is right we got to go with Jesus Christ, cause that is the only way to get to Heaven.Amen Praise God, Praise God.
My adorable husband is "trimming" his beard it's so cute c because he thinks he's not going to shave it for his grandmother's funeral tomorrow. Little does he know that uncle si Duck Dynasty beard is so GONE tonight! !!
My name is Louis Goddam Marlowe Litt. And you just got "LITT" UP. Love That guy like Uncle Si.
just met my only neighbor "The original Uncle Si" great guy, informed us our house appraised at 300K and Three Doors Down are across the river and where they do all the rehearsal, you can hear them!! Party coming soon!!
Download Uncle Si ringtones to your cell phone from Zedge - Duck Dynasty rap redneck
Uncle Si watching You Tube on the magic box (laptop) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watch Duck Dynasty tonight as Uncle Si and Willie re-enact their favorite scenes from Liam Neeson's "Rob Roy"
I'm not one much for biographies, but I highly recommend "Si-Cology 1" by the one and only Uncle Si!! I learned a lot about the funny man behind the beard and about how he faced struggles like we all do in life. The constant comedy makes it a light and fun read. Hey Jack! Go read it!!
I already met Uncle Si so now Jase Robertson is next!
My next art piece will be Uncle Si. I'll try to let you know when I finish him.
You ARE a wise man Uncle Si,you have. beautiful family
LMAO,Uncle Si Airplanes now banned tweezers. I think anyone who can hijack a plane with tweezers deserves it.
What does: -a 1990s super hero cartoon -Uncle Si -and chugging Dr Pepper all have in common with helping people experience through Guess you'll have to attend High Rock Church - Lexington this weekend to find out! Tonight Sunday morning and 11am. See ya there!
My Duck Dynasty *** and hens.To the left is Uncle Si,top right is PHil and the bottom left is…
Uncle Si has a Tupperware tea glass. I have a Ms. Blake memory glass. I love and miss her so much.
This totally looks like a story Uncle Si would tell. Uncle Si, a rainbow sock monkey and a beaver were in a canoe.
"pang-ilang presidente si PNOY nang pilipinas?". omg my uncle used to ask us to translate this and it's kinda hard, idk lol :D
Love me some Uncle Si! ""I'm the Michael Jordan of gettin' on people's nerves." -Si Robertson"
This is for all you Cards fans from the words of Uncle Si Now talk some smack Jack
I love Uncle Si the best.He's my all time favirite one.I read his book.
There's a guy that looks like Uncle Si staying at my hotel
Duck Commander Comp - Like and Share thehedgehunter page (not this post ) to be in with a chance of winning the Duck Commander Poster - Uncle Si Ice Tea Cup and Duck Commander Caller - Happy Happy Happy
Yep that's so true, and exactly why I respect Uncle Si.
A huge happy birthday to my gorgeous nephew Finn, 1 today. Have a fab day love auntie zo and uncle si. We love you so much xxx
I had a memory was a nice Friday night, I stepped outside, I saw uncle Si sitting, relaxing enjoying the nights fresh air, gazing at the fire and I thought, where could you go on a Friday night at a bar and feel like your in your backyard enjoying a fire pit with friends and then get up walk back into a bar and rock it. I looked at him and he brought back a life I was forgetting. I can't totally explain it, but it might have been a bar too some, for a good time, but it was family to others sitting by a spring fire...I thought I missed my fire pit in Gilford, nh, but realized my new fire pit is in Seabrook.
Im not married but i like this Uncle Si!
Off to see uncle Si with Ted, grandma and the Trickster
Steven Silket uncle Si is talking to u!
I love Uncle Si. If you haven't started watching Duck Dynasty, you should. Just tuning it in a little I never thought I would like it at all but if you watch a little more, you will laugh yourself to death. That Uncle Si is a hoot.
I wore as a high school QB, used to tell friends in grade school he was my "Uncle Jim". Great Player and inspiration.
:-) wish I had an uncle Si. He cracks me up!
"Who are you, Uncle Si?" When orders an unsweetened ice tea
I want to thank my Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Si for a wonderful weekend. Thank you very much for everything.
At the Arlington in Hot Springs with Bo and Uncle Si?!
Well shee-it, reckon I need to be heading to bed soon. Uncle Si (the turkey guy;) is taking me on my first hunt at dark thirty tomorrow morning.
I just love uncle Si he tells it like it is.
So apparently I went to high school with Uncle Si’s daughter. Random fact.
I think we may have found an Uncle Si look alike. Lol. Pardon my baby boy in his undies. He was excited and ran out for a min to take a pic.
Kelly Lewis.this is why uncle si is my rolemodle
the funniest basket is a Duck Dynasty one. Has uncle Si scented candles...Duck fart and road kill!!=;) Camo stuff,beard, and stickers.=;)
Uncle Si says it's on like bing bong, Jack! Go Big Blue!!!
Did you guys spot Uncle Si's daughter?
I've got 2 copies of the Duck Commander Family book autographed by Miss Kay, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, Jep and Jace. Going to the highest $$ on April 1st. This is no April Fools joke either. Both in excellent condition :)
This will probably be me and Darin.only he will be dressed like Uncle Si...and I'll be pulling him onto a Beach Pier...with his pier Cart..and a cooler full of beer! LOL!
Lord I will be so glad . When the rain is gone. Watching my Duck Dynasty . Have all the shows :) that's a fact jake :)love uncle si
but what if she can cook and looks good? Uncle Si
Think we need uncle si to come for a visit.
Tell those pretty girls it looks like they all had fun. Do not worry, it all washes off! Plenty of full grown women pay big money for a mud bath. Looks like Uncle Si did yours for free!
Vincent Crews drinking sweet tea out of his uncle si cup I got him. Lol!
Uncle Si (3:16 PM Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding the other person is a complete ***
When I'm 60 years old, there is one man I wanna be like... Uncle Si!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
AS UNCLE SI WOULD SAY: *hey, he's innocent if he lost all that weight*
I'm not ready for the show to be over, I love the true life of these guys and there family. Like, Willie & Jase don't always agree, but they still love one another and they both still Love God, they put up with Crazy "loveable character in the family like Uncle Si, Hey we all have them. Against all the odds that they have faced, and the success they have had, They're Love and Faith in God is still strong.
Week 2 of my new job has just wrapped up and so far so good! I'm beating their expectations and I am loving the fact that my boss lets me do my thing and doesn't micro manage! I'm back to the fun loving, positive me again, and I swear I will never again let myself get weighed down by someone else's negativity again.and that's a fact Jack! (My shout out to good ole Uncle Si, lol)
uncle Si give a shout out to my daughter who's running for VP/BCMHS! Her theme is camo
Love uncle Si and the whole gang, never miss a show, bring it on Jack !
What I didn't now uncle si had children and has grandchildren
I was so scared you would be cancelled but now I can live another day knowing ill see uncle si again!
Uncle Si bobble head arrived today. Getting my redneck on this rainy weekend.
Thanks to tony drake for this now uncle si can watch me
Here she is: And we recently blogged about her and Uncle Sam: cc
HEY UNCLE SI that ain't tea in my cup! lmao
my little girl using her first duck call ! Duck Commander Uncle Si
absolutely uncle Si. You hit that right on the nose jack
Joe wouldn't stop and let me meet Uncle si
She just went Uncle Si on that tea πŸ˜‚
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
powerless as a perfume commercial is nice turn of phrase. Old SI article on Raf said family nickname is Uncle One More
Caught Uncle Si napping at the Ranger boat factory.
Uncle si and uncle darrell keenan lol
Not the most life like decoy but it worked apparently more of an uncle Si approach
Report: Chargers, city start talks on new stadium
ANNOUNCEMENT: Uncle Si will serve as the Grand Marshal for the & Phil Robertson will serve as...
"Extra" went down to Louisiana to hang out with "Duck Dynasty's" favorite Uncle Si Robertson, who gave us a tour of Duck Commander headquarters... and took ...
This is my brother Robert with Uncle Si at Walmart .
Tori just said I remind her of uncle Si πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sometimes I see far more similarities between Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and myself than I am comfortable with
You need to start sleeping more if you don't want to become Uncle Si...
β€œWhen life gets tough, stop and remember how truly blessed you are. God will provide.” Wise words from Uncle Si.
Would love to have a great uncle like si from Duck Dynasty lmao
My nephew tells me I remind him of Uncle Si. Hm!! Wonder if he'd agree with Miss Kay?
Uncle Si stopped by today and he said Louisville Cardinals are the best and will win
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Uncle Si just cracks me up so much! He has to be one of the funniest people alive!
Si was the alcoholic uncle no one liked. Everyone sighed when A&E said, "We must have Mr. Si in the show." . "YEE-HAW IMA BE on the TV Box!"
STARR pep rally at Fairfield intermediate School!! Uncle Si and Mrs Kate!!
now mustaches and uncle si i can believe... But you participating? Say it isn't so
He just referenced Uncle Si twice AND I participated
At the request of fans of A&E’s β€œDuck Dynasty” TV show, West Monroe, La.-based Duck Commander Family Foods and Prospect, Ky.-based Chinook USA announced the launch of new Uncle Si’s Iced Tea.
I would like to say happy birthday to my uncle Si Silas Mann Jr. i love u too the moon and back ur an Amazing uncle n Hilrious!!!
Sitting in traffic this morning on North 18th looked to my right and Uncle Si was right beside me!!! Haley Cupp was so jealous.
Yes,my daughter wanted to be Uncle Si for celebrity day at school!
Ok, I managed to cut my thumb while trimming my beard! I knew there was a reason I grew a beard. Think I'll let it grow like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.
Duck Dynasty! Possibly the best thing I've watched in ages! Uncle SI is the funniest!
Uncle Si,you said it all. More men should think like you.
Our beautiful baby boy William James will be 6wks old tomorrow. He's changed so much in that time and is doing so well. Our little fighter :) Thanks go out to his auntie Mireille Walker and uncle Si Walker for his lovely premi baby grows and vests which he's wearing in this photo
Got my uncle si cup now time to watch Duck Dynasty
The end of ridding class day and uncle Si...oops I mean my instructor Ed. Lol. 32degrees 4 layers of clothing and a couple of awesome teachers. Thank you Ed and Paul. By the way even Ed said he was afraid he'd get kidnapped by the Duck Dynasty family cause they might think he was a long lost relative. Lol
Uncle Si is looking for the bright side with these gifts lol. We love you man! Don't ever change!!!
Uncle Si, willie and chase from Duck Dynasty
Alex had to do a report of a famous american and he chooses Uncle Si…. And this is what we came out with lol!!
highlight of my night. I just found a picture of my father looking like Uncle SI on Duck Dynasty... watch for pic
SUPPORT THE EFFORT TO CREATE A REGISTRY OF ANIMAL ABUSERS Excuse the roughness of this story, but those who want to stop animal abuse registries need to remember that Michalel Vick is nothing more than a cruel, inhumane thug. His attitude toward animals was also reflected in his attitude toward authority, as shown on the left. "That's a fact, Jack," as Uncle Si would day on Duck Dynasty. People who are cruel to animals have a high statistical likelihood of being cruel to humans, too. They are DEPRAVED! They need to be listed on a state and national registry. Let your legislators know to SUPPORT ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRIES!
Like uncle si no one like him and he's himself and not afraid to be who he wants to show by wayXXX
I love Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si cracks me up!!
"Girl you are on fire like donut grease" . -Uncle Si
Wise words of Uncle Si "Hey Jack if you liked it you should of put a ring on it" πŸ˜‚
Uncle Si is the funniest guy on television. No doubt about it.
"I didn't date the girl from the ice cream shop cause she sampled the goods too much, if you get my drift." -Uncle Si
Thank you Uncle Si for your service!
Wait was that uncle si or an uncle si look alike
According to Uncle Si, every rule is
uncle Si funny as *** Being your butt spray. Dynasty of Ducks. Gumbo smells good. Oysters fish are not. Howling wolves
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just entered to win a pet in a ends 4/5
"Willie's idea of roughing it is opening the garage door manually!" - Uncle Si
Uncle Si; looks like Rambo made love to a beaver.. All teeth
And I thought it was going to be a pic of Uncle Si working. Now that would have been awesome!
"You look like Rambo made love with a beaver!" -Uncle Si
Can uncle Si have his own 1hr Special With Jim Tom and the call of the wild man guy
My three yr old told my dad he wanted to be uncle Si when he grows up guess he's grown
- Uncle Si is undoubtedly my favorite Robertson. Hey, everything he says quacks me up, jack!!!
I love duck calls :) and Uncle Si... most awesomest Robertson :)
"Uncle Si drinks two gallons of unsweet tea a day." -Willie Robertson . I'm watching him and Cory live at Texas MS
Here's the truth about Uncle Si on from the show Duck Dynasty
Here is a Picture of my FiancΓ© ! Everyone says he looks like one of the Duck Dynasty Men. Mainly Uncle Si lol !
It's SHOWTIME tonight. At 8 p.m. CT, TMS unveils the world's largest HD video board with a FREE public event featuring Kyle Busch, Helio Castroneves and Willie & Korie Robertson. To top it off, we will show tonight's episode of "Duck Dynasty" on Big *** TV. All you need is a lawn chair and cooler. BTW-Uncle Si's beard is long at 12 stories high.
Men, have you signed up for the Grid Iron conference in June with Uncle Si and Rick and Bubba? See more details...
5-yr-old Dawsonville girl who’s battling leukemia had her dream come true meeting Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty today. http:/…
Back at work with the boys--it is officially Duck Dynasty Week here at the frat house, so everyone is happy, happy, happy! Today's menu is Uncle Si's Yardbird Sandwiches, waffle fries, and a fruit salad. Dinner will be Cajun pasta with andouille sausage and crayfish, garlic bread, tossed salad, and one of Miss Kay's desserts!
Uncle si and john godwin jam with us yo!
Si? Well seeing how all of them are related cus that guy is the other 2's uncle and the old guys brother lol..
Don't forget to thank God today. He didn't forget to wake you up this morning. Uncle Si (
I'm about 97% sure I saw Uncle Si's black panther this morning.
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty gives some of the most down-to-earth and practical advice... but it is hilarious, too! Listen to this awesome mashup of his advice, you'll LOL.
Uncle Si got on a Detroit Tigers hat, party over
Wishing our gorgeous niece a very Happy Birthday. Trust you had an awesome day at Kindy. Lots of love, Aunty Shell, Uncle Si, Will n Liamxx
Nothing like Uncle Si to lift your sprits and making you laugh.
Up at 2am, watching DD, realy? Now tomorrow is gonna drag. But gotta love uncle Si!:-)
Im up watching Duck Dynasty n uncle si fool talking abt he seen da movie ted n after a while care bears gone form a gang n Winnie the pooh gone b stickin up stores sayin give me da honey
I am addicted to Uncle Si is just too much for words. lol
I want to know what uncle Si's wife looks like
In this clip, uncle si & willie tag along and use the radar gun on each other. Si says one of his classic lines.
when I am old I am definitely getting a cane sword like uncle si
Uncle Si is so *** funny lmfao I wish I had an uncle like him
Uncle SI said he got drunk off soda
As my son is poking around my engagement ring with tweezers, he ask if my diamond is real? Then he ask if all the small ones around it are real as well. I said yes. He said I just don't think so cause daddy can't afford real diamonds. Lol. He then says he is going to be like Uncle Si & take it off my finger without me even knowing. Gosh I love that boyπŸ’πŸ’ŽπŸ’™
Steak, gravy, biscuits & scrambled eggs at 4 uncle Si says, that's what ya call country living jack! (lol)
More men would understand how to treat their wives and know what they go through if they would take it from uncle Si!
Watching The Rugrats Movie and finally figured out who Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty reminds me of.Grandpa Lu. For real
When Uncle Si dies, half of the redneck population is going with him.
*** yea best show out right now . Uncle si is my ***
uncle si is so funny. If it's cold I'll eat 6 if it's hot I'll eat 48!!! Lmao
Love Uncle Si. Maybe the Robertsons can team up with for a show. I could die happy then! :-)
now im her uncle? Wow Ie me not disturb le dinuk si ibu peri dinuk juz eat onli
You can not like the family from Duck Dynasty if you want but you can't deny that having an uncle like Si would be hilarious
I wish that uncle si was my uncle. Can I please meet him? 😌
Watching Duck Dynasty & thinking of how much Uncle Si reminds me of my daddy! LMBO.he hella funny
Uncle Si you are so funny I love this show!
Sadie: did u see that sign said 35 mph?. Uncle Si: yea what about it?. Sadie: you're going 55. Uncle Si: oh thats just a suggestion. πŸ˜‚
You can't stop Uncle Si from wizzing
"Everybody knows the Mayans are from Hawaii" -Wise words with Uncle Si.
"Is that my tea cup?" OH goodness I'm turning into Uncle Si
"Next thing you know Care Bears are gonna be forming gangs" wise words of uncle si
Uncle Si , is alway sippin on that blue plastic cup . I wonder what's in there ?
Uncle si from Duck Dynasty is funny as ***
I want uncle si to be my best friend
How does uncle si always have ice in his cup???
how about a good night hint, little? I LOVE Duck Dynasty! Uncle Si and Jace are my favorites!
Watching Duck Dynasty and just thinking about how awesome its going to be to see Willie, Kori, and Uncle Si live at the Iowa State Fair! Cant wait for tix to go on sale!!!
"Every senior citizen should have a cane sword" -Uncle Si
I just wanna hang out with Uncle Si for the day
When uncle Si breaks the samurai sword πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"I had a good buzz and it was off of soda... Hey." Me too Uncle Si!
Time to snuggle on the couch and see what new wisdom Uncle Si has for me tonight. LOL My legs are starting to feel all that walking from earlier today. LOL
7 minutes until the walking dead. Would it be too much to ask for them to find Uncle Si in the village they are...
"You just gave me the old woodpecker hustle." -Uncle Si. Too funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If Uncle Si isnt your favorite person on television you're lying
was Uncle Si singing in Living Color lmao
"I know we're family boys, but I might kill for a cupcake" -uncle si
Anyone else think Uncle Si and Phil Robertson are a combination of Daddy and Grandpa Smitty?
"Some people are so poor. All they have is money." Uncle Si
lol watching an old episode of Duck Dynasty uncle Si says a speed limit is just a suggestion. LMFAO I have been saying that for years
Wow Duck Commanders awsome... uncle si too
Just figured out who would make the perfect boyfriend for my 69 year old mother... Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty 🚣
Breaking News! Huge event tomorrow in Brandon! Brought to you by Hungalung Promotions and Tampa Bay Generation Food Truck Rally, it's "The World's Smallest Food Truck Rally Ever part 4 1/2" ! It will be located at the corner of Pauls Dr and 60 in Brandon. No bouncy houses, no DJs, no fun activities for the kids and family. Just one food truck and a crazy Asian guy.(He's actually Irish but due to an allergic reaction to soy sauce he's brown. Can't speak Spanish and doesn't no how to make a decent tamale so Asian was the next best choice). Anyways like my idol Uncle Si likes to say, " It's on like Donkey Kong Jack!" Hope to see you guys there for this record breaking event!
Vietnam veteran Si Robertson autographed a Vietnam era M1 30 cal carbine rifle donated to our organization by an Iraq veteran, Jeffrey Fox, and Tool Town gun sales owner, Kelly Weatherford. The rifle will be raffled off for a blue star fundraiser. This signing event was televised and documented by two newspapers.and about 1000 people excited to see Uncle Si at the duck store!
I'm a Duck Dynasty guy & Uncle Si throw out that phrase now.
Listen to Uncle Si! You dont want to miss Duck Dynasty club TONIGHT. 7:29 @ Area 316. Be there
I am so proud of my nephew Midshipman Daniel Alcantor and all of his Brothers in Arms at the United States Naval Academy! USNA and NSA Annapolis are closed tomorrow due to the impending snow storm. Go Navy, you are doing something that Uncle Si and I was never able to do in Vietnam, another snow day!!
Uncle Si, Phil or Miss Kay? Which one is your favorite Robertson?
Fundraiser for Lamar county 4-H sharpshooters. Browning Gold 3 1/2 " magnum Ducks Unlimited edition autographed by Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. $5 donation - drawing will be held at the Blessing of the Hunt. Money raised will go toward the advancement of the shooting range facilities.
Watching Duck Dynasty pilot, in which Uncle Si compares the Viet Cong to beavers -- just how did his homophobia surprise people?
Wow, some people sure can be grouchy. See, I was watching the Duck show where Uncle Si was feeling poorly and Miss Kaye gave him a hand bell for ringing for hot chicken soup and other vital needs.All I did was suggest it would be nice if I had one and could ring for cold fresh water and ice cream on cake and other necessities. The noise! You'd think I had suggested shuttering all the Kohl's stores. All this noise from someone who could find a Christopher&Banks in a blizzard at midnight in strange territory...who could pull off I-40 in Tennessee and look at sneakers while a killer tornado passed
ha that looks like something the Duck crew would use. Uncle Si in ten years.
so how bout having Phil mrs Kay and uncle si speak at living hope. Hey I think they should come . Jack!!!
Duck Dynasty is hilarious. I wish I had an Uncle Si
as Uncle Si would say... You gotta get naps in when you can :)
Uncle Si asked if I needed money to buy someone a valentines card
That is not Uncle He is my identical twin brother. A Muskoka Red Neck with with nice pair of Red Muskoka Rainbows!
So as uncle Si would say.He gone. Dr was behind schedule. No epidermal this time so he might be up to walking a bit tomorrow or Saturday will see. Thanks for all the prayers! ❀
Bout to smoke w uncle si real quick
so aunt Mimi helped tuck make his day box for school we did awsome making uncle si and mawmaw and Brady made a minion
I dislike paperwork did plenty while serving in US Army as a admin. Clerk In my Uncle Si RobersonVoice I'm gone
Spotted uncle Si's twin at UCF library
The Best of Uncle Si I love this man!
I can't believe snow pass my knee like really I done with this snow storm it time move on jack like uncle Si say
Happy Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Alexis who turns 11 today!!! Have a great day Sweetie! Uncle Si sends his love!!!
There's a guy here who looks like uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
what a gorgeous profile pic i remember the little fella do you not remember me in newcastl with uncle john and auntie C (si)!!
Duck Dynasty: middle east edition. Uncle Si was glad he brought his tea on TDY with my dad!
I have to say I have the most amazing family with all my heart I love u guys! (And uncle si) oh and my mona Lisa aka Shemar Moore!) Lol love u all have a great day!
The uncle Si bobble head goes off every time I open the hall closet & every time it makes me think of I hope all is well in Spain!
I sware Punk reminds me of Uncle Si,cause this *** done locked the keys in the truck,and of all places,Bryan,Tx!!!
C'mon uncle Peter you need to follow me
β€œ"This snow (cone) is giving me a brain sneeze!" Thanks for sending Ernie from Georgia! Uncle Si πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
Is weird that I think Uncle Si looked really good back in the day!
Omg I wanna make a uncle si snowman.
Lord Jesus... Uncle Si was a fox back in the day 😍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
New Podcast::: Uncle Si Roberston talks about the success of Duck Dynasty
My dad's uncle Si impression is 2nd to none
Alright here's our checklist so far. Willie Robertson spoke at chapel and Alan Robertson just spoke at chapel. My vote for our next "Duck Commander" chapel is Uncle Si.
has spoken in chapel. Alan Robertson just spoke in chapel. Now it's your turn Uncle Si
Al Robertson-"And when I try to think of a labdog to describe Uncle Si, there's only one." *methlab*
Alan Robertson is so funny!! Black, Yellow, Chocolate Labs and then the Meth Lab (aka: Uncle Si!) Chapel is awesome! πŸ˜‚
As Uncle Si would say."Tonight's Auction is On Like Bing Bong!!"...and "That's a FACT JACK" We have cleared the lots and are moving vehicles in place! We love battling with Mother-Nature...and We like WINNING!! See you tonight at 6:30 pm!!
Today I start my Uncle Si diet . Ice Tea and warm doughnuts. I'll be hillbilly skinny in no time!
Overview You know him from the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty?now you can enjoy Uncle Si?s tall tales, crazy exploits, and quirky o
In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si gave some advices on marriage. According to Si, marriage is a union between two imperfect people who are destined to make mistakes. Take a look at some of his wonderful advice.
And as my Uncle Si Robertson says. Its on like Donkey Kong lol...
Watch as Duck Commander's Uncle Si Robertson learns how to pack an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. This big kid at heart wanted to help children ...
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