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Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam (initials U.S.) is a common national personification of the American government that according to legend came into use during the War of 1812 and was supposedly named for Samuel Wilson..

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justice for ALL! Look to uncle sam for interpretation. data info. misrep of truth...politically motivated at…
He never checked out of the holiday inn...yeah I went right thurrr
the greedy self serving sensationist, ratings & profit opportunist *** data. justice for ALL! Look to unc…
*** yeah got off work early and have the next 4 days off thank you Uncle Sam
The military shouldn't be taxed on their paychecks. We already make sold our souls to Uncle Sam. Want our wallets too?
If you make a sale and someone else gets a cut OTHER than uncle sam, youre a worker, not a boss.
Working OT everyday for the next two months ... & I’m going exempt for the time being so Uncle Sam don’t take all my OT money in taxes 😌
Uncle Sam - I Don't Ever Want To See You Again on Global HipHop FM the home of (
Amen! I can imagine Uncle Sam facing away from the camera, dropping his pants, and showing us he's just…
I pay so much in taxes bruh, like Uncle Sam let my check be great !
Uncle Sam:. "Fehi we need to sell on the highway for Free" 😂😂😂
This eagle is named Uncle Sam. That is all.
Uncle Sam's Big deal with true friend.
Uncle Sam's Big deal with true and friend.
My goal in life is that when the next Halo comes out there is a spartan named Master Chief Uncle Elton.
I did about 10 hours last week.Uncle Sam took his big bite
It takes longer than that to get a permit so if a gun was to my head, get knocked up and…
72 hours on my check and 16 of them go to straight to Uncle Sam. Highway robbery smh
Shadow Brokers hike prices for stolen NSA exploits, threaten to out ex-Uncle Sam hacker 👀 OSINT
9,535 for me so far this year. Uncle Sam loving my overtime 😭😭😭
My Uncle Sam piggy bank can not be topped
God Bless your Heart. My uncle who fought at Omaha is buried at Ft. Sam.
Was it Uncle Sam smearing John Claude van dammes mam with raspberry jam on a tram in Ams…
The more money you make, the more Uncle Sam takes 🙃
Kick off the holiday weekend with us! If Uncle Sam were having a drink, what would it be?
Nun but love for Mother Earth and Father Time but u could tell Uncle Sam i aint neva payin dem loans back-Deante' Hitchcock 🔥🔥
Single payer under uncle sam rule is not gonna stop the destruction of my Motherland.
Then the people just need to find new insurers. You can't rely on Uncle Sam for everythin…
There isn't anything complicated about a cup of joe, the Sunday paper funnies, and a hardy bowl of Uncle Sam...
Happy 4th of July from Uncle Sam's cousin Uncle Arnold!
I guess Union Jack had to cheat in order to keep Uncle Sam from winning Le Mans twice in a row.
The guy financed 3 films, gave him a Picasso and Marlon Brando's Oscar. Those are all the property of Uncle Sam right about now!
I gotta go with Indian removal act, but Jesus. Those are all horrible *** moves by Uncle Sam.
Ohio Army National Guard annual summer picnic...Just pulled up. About to smash. Good lookin' out Uncle Sam.
EU is just PO'd that Uncle Sam isn't the sugar-daddy for this boondoggle. If they love it so much - go…
A non-binding "deal" - mostly about Uncle Sam being a sugar-daddy for tens of Billions in funds w/o any a…
I guess that Frau Merkel thought that Uncle Sam was her rich uncle.
A taxing problem for clients: The bill to Uncle Sam when selling a vacation home
Russia tried to order the Syrian army to desist from liberating their own land & allow Uncle Sam to invade/annex. https:…
Walter Botts, the man who modelled Uncle Sam's pose for J.M. Flagg's famous poster.
This man name Uncle Sam be taking my money every time I get paid. Uncle Sam was never in my life as a child but now I'm g…
I see you Uncle Sam. 31322 with style. @ United States Post Office
Meet tough guy, Prime Minister Trudeau. See how he scares Uncle Sam.
I agree. Join us, Uncle Sam- denounce and reject Greater Albania.
and I Recruiting AWLs like the we want you poster with Uncle Sam. Welcome
For the current fiscal year, Uncle Sam has scraped together $154,242 in contributions.
What I was told it is that all that is not that free at the end of line.Somewhere the bill get paid and it is Uncle Sam who end
All luxury sports cars, exorbitant bar tabs, posh hotels and Armani suits are yours, free. Tell them to bill your "Uncle Sam".
End of tax season--here are eight ways you could inadvertently end up with a bill from Uncle Sam!
When you invest, Uncle Sam wants his cut. Watch this video to see how you can lower your tax bill.…
If I had a gun like Uncle Sam, I would probably shoot first.
Uncle Sam's job is to remind people to be proud of their country? Uncle Sam (U.S. Symbols) by Tyler Mon…
PODCAST: Greg not a fan of sanctuary cities suing Uncle Sam, not cooperating
The advice expressed in this flowchart is Uncle Sam's own and does not necessarily represent tax or car care counsel fr…
Brandenburg Gate from the Reichstag's roof with Uncle Sam's home in the background.
Today is the 72nd day of 2017. Four days til St. Patrick's Day. William H. Macy is 67!. 1852-Uncle Sam's debut in th…
2 hours later and Uncle Sam and I are at a stand off...
Setting up another Tonkin Gulf Incident are we, Uncle Sam..?.
Medicaid Expansion has been drawing down the Medicaid Trust Fund for years. ACA sped up the process
Uncle Sam is calling all young men too come to the aid of Russia, canon fodder needed. first hand experience with P…
Free market crossing state lines, that's the true answer, get gov't. out of our personal lives, you & your Dr. not…
Uncle sam but defence markets educate forasmuch as grand surge inlet state the facts rates: Vultb
Sam must think UK is cool because every time he comes here he is Sam Jackson. Let him be Uncle Erol who came here in the 40s
Beijing will always prop North Korea up. The Chinese don't want South Korea and Uncle Sam on their border.
Smile for the cameras. Your society is cancer ridden. Pathogenic. Uncle Sam's devising him a cataclysm. 2/2
The Statue of Liberty isn't the only symbol of America. Learn the story behind Uncle Sam: http…
Uncle Sam was popularized in the late 19th century in cartoons by Thomas Nast. Original "I Want YOU" poster is by Jame…
That place used to be called Uncle Sam's back in the MJB Era.
Abeg Aunty Abike don ask Uncle Sam who born am for turning Nigerians back be4 she dey give travelers advice ?
Made some legal money off Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam taking out too much tax all year means a new Gear…
They have no choice... you can't take it back. electorate already hooked on Uncle Sam's sugar ...
On the other hand, is trying to say they’re worth just a fraction of that when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam. And – it’s just wrong.
Just wait til that casual dinner pic of them with the Carter's drops on the TL; with Blu sitting on Uncle Barack lap. Inte…
Best do that somewhere else, like the UK or SE Asia. Uncle Sam is likely to eat your lunch (again)
I heard the author who wrote this, Star Parker, on your program about 2008. Uncle Sam's Plantation
Uncle Sam . Please provide us with the data. . I will spread the word once I see the data.
Retailers are blaming bad results on the IRS being too slow to deliver tax refunds
My Moma couldn't change me. Uncle Sam couldn't change me.
When braylee see he uncle kristain, she always asks for sam❤️
Bet that 30% surcharge will be a LOT more than the gov't penalty, but it's better to pay $ to a Fortune 200 compan…
Uncle Sam is nothing but a common thief👎👎
We dropped Uncle Sam off at the airport today! He had to head home to Nashville, but hopefully…
It does help. Tax credits, Medicaid, just puts your healthcare in YOUR hands, not Uncle Sam's
illegal lemonade stand search on youtube, it's not us who think that, but Uncle Sam apparently does.
nothing wrong with the EU defending itself might do a better job than Uncle…
I dislike tax time-😩 why must we pay Uncle Sam?I've yet to meet him-😂 ok can I at least have a say where this money goes?
A great essay to read and share: "User Research Is Not Illegal, Uncle Sam". by
The penalty premium replacing the individual mandate in ACA replace is 30% of the cost of the insurance, paid to the ins…
you know who I am, call me uncle sam
I put in my family group chat that I was stressed about midterms and my uncle recorded a video of my cousins singing "Jesus Loves Me" ..
how often do you get free money that uncle Sam can't touch?
Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write a $500 Check. They know how to cash the ones from Uncle Sam. & vote DemoCommie
User Research is Not Illegal, Uncle Sam. ... and why the Paperwork Reduction Act is kind of awesome.
.So huge instability in big nations like India and China means big turnover for Uncle Sam thugs ;)
6. NATIONAL ANTHEM. -I'm only patriotic when I hear this song. -Uncle Sam? More like Daddy Sam
Ralph Nader asks if Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom via Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom, Progressives will love it
Believing in broken promises from Uncle Sam . & never getting 40 acres & a mule .
Kendrick puts God in characters: Uncle Sam, a bum, Tupac, etc. he never makes it obvious
Wondering when you'll see that big check from Uncle Sam? This chart tells you when to expect your
Run Here Granny and Take a Look at Uncle Sam. Fiddle tune played by Wilson Douglas and recorded by Kevin Delaney 197…
I also sold my life to Uncle Sam and work almost full time
I need to change this woman number in my phone to "Uncle Sam" 😒😒😒
yep, and we can't regift! Uncle Sam must be tired of getting kicked in the nuts.
Mother Earth and Uncle Sam [electronic resource] : how pollution and hollow government hurt our kids / Rena I.…
Uncle Sam tattoo on arm. Beginning of Second amendment sleeve.
On My Mind. Glad Willie's playing for himself again, and not for Uncle Sam!.
From Reagan, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now to Trump and Melania Trump! Poor Uncle Sam!
Come to the home of Uncle Sam himself. Voter fraud is the norm here, sadly.
Natch, the French resistance was basically just hiding until Uncle Sam showed up and gave them a reassuring wink
NO! "Uncle Sam" was in use before Samuel Wilson's first barrel in the War of 1812.
Preacher said he died too young o er there tote'n that gun, for Uncle Sam and our freedom.
Uncle Sam's on Cardiac Hill best subs in burgh and the Original Hot Dog Shop legit mountain of fries
. Save every penny you get, cause ya Uncle Sam & ya Auntie Sallie Mae want it all.
A man tries to find the magic box that carries the Ten Commandments. The box kills Nazis, Uncle Sam hides the box.
Uncle Sam is just a ripoff of Lord Kitchener everything I know has been a lie
Since I don't have any kids I gotta get creative when finessing Uncle Sam
Big Sam brings in little Sam with a little help from Uncle Sam
We're back to back undefeated world war champs. So take a cup, raise it up for my Uncle Sam 🎶🤘🇺🇸
Uncle Sam's dual containment (of both Beijing and Taipei) policy will remain in place, explains
Uncle Sam and America's schools in the Trump administration - American Enterprise Institute
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Did you know that the original Uncle Sam, John Rusk, was also a devoted Mason? George Washington would certainly be…
Uncle Sam. "we the people". Bald eagle. Crossed rifles. And George washing
Smart, capable women can buy their own birth control. Weak women use Uncle Sam to buy it for them.
Fidel Castro is a goat, one of the few to defy Uncle Sam and live to tell the tale
PSA: is looking for a man who has the looks and essence of a young Uncle Sam and Paul Bunyan.
Uncle Sam came to honor our Veterans! First grade performs Yankee Doodle Dandy!
Ryan teams up with Uncle Sam to bring you the first episode of our Battlefield 1 Let's Play.
I will vote for whoever the guy dressed as Uncle Sam on the corner of Campbell Lane & Nashville wants me to vote for *** yeah brother
If trump wins he should ride up to the state of the union speech on American pharaoh dressed as Uncle Sam and say "make America great again"
Uncle Sam has taken care of you. Thought u were in the private sector like a contractor (Boeing, Lockheed Martin)
ha. Saw this. Love this. Nothing beats the NH Fisher Cats NH/Uncle Sam logo, though. This is an all t…
Feds promised soldiers big bonuses to re-enlist during Iraq War. Ten years later, Uncle Sam says never mind
Move over Uncle Sam, there's a new patriot on the scene with iconic hair, and he's calling Americans into act...
- Uncle Sam by Liberty N' Justice on - . - Buy it
Uncle Sam giveth and Uncle Sam taketh away. A lousy $5 raise -- and most of that will be needed to cover higher... http…
The use of the “drunkenly ordered & consumed Taco Bell just before closing” version of Uncle Sam proved controversi…
So during Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump allegedly referred to Lil Jon as Uncle Tom repeatedly, after Jon dressed up as Uncle Sam.
Bjarke Ingels may have clients like Silverstein & Google, but in the eyes of Uncle Sam, he's a
Amidst this rampant slasher/horror deluxe Blu-ray reissue resurgence, when will 'Uncle Sam' see it's day?
Uncle Sam wants your opinion on Lake Erie project- open house 4-7 at Lakewood Park
Firms told watch out for Uncle Sam - Manx Radio
People on Mars waiting for Elon Musk, if music taught me anything: Tarzan (King of-), Uncle Sam, David Bowie.
Well everyone, I made it. Honorably finished my time in the Marine Corps. Was nice knowing you Uncle Sam. Til next time bud.
Uncle Sam eagle plush clip on 1980 APPLAUSE for 1984 LA OLYMPICS see description
It wouldn't be a surprise if Canada dopes some of its athletes like their bud cheater "Uncle Sam".
If Rev. Timmons is booked, Uncle Sam the eagle could fill in.
Pindah t4 😄😄 (with Ryan and Vinny at Uncle Sam's Kitchen) —
Our Banger of da week comes from Usher Raymond - Stronger! Uncle Sam's "mixed bag" is up next on the Zamtel Show...…
USA wants to support us because China makes it nervous. But US corporations are overinvested in China, so Uncle Sam will look…
More American than Uncle Sam riding a Bald Eagle drinking a Bud Light hitting a communist in the face with a baseball bat
Big shoutout to my good bud since he's leaving for basic training tomorrow! Stay safe and make Uncle Sam proud. 🇺🇸
229 years ago today, Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty got bucknasty in the sack. Then they signed the Constitution. And that's how…
I'm dressing up as Lady Liberty and is dressing up as Uncle Sam for America day and I'm so excited about it
All these rich guys taken out by Uncle Sam.
Steve's father was Uncle Sam and he was conceived immaculately on Ellis Island
thanks for poppin my cherry Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam wants to crack down on estate taxes: IRS seek to cut down on "valuation discounts"
On a secret mission in Korea with no Uncle Sam, they were My new nonfiction Oct 30! Pre-order signed
must be the secret love child of Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty.
Congratulations to my Aunt Cheryl and now Uncle Sam on their Wedding day! 👰🏽🎉 @ Charlton House
Lady Liberty is crying, singing for a band that she don't stand for. stuck in a marriage with Uncle Sam, getting beat by the man.
Having only just noticed that Uncle Sam's initials spell U.S., a friend and I have decided his last name is Abbazabba. Un…
From Cook to Johnson, every new Foreign Secretary comes over all Uncle Sam and follows the US State Department line
Uncle Sam's Ugly Underbelly - As racial tensions simmers, time for US evangelicals active in India to look inwards https…
Uncle Sam put ur name at the top of his list and the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist and an eagle will fly man it's gonna be ***
Carlos Slim, the world's wealthiest man, gets a cut on remittances. U think Uncle Sam can't?
Uncle Sam (Jack Quillen) ca1960, a local favorite for years. See his outfit now at the Howard Co. Museum.
because one day we're out drinking in the name of Uncle Sam then ranting about injustice under the same exact principles
Happy 6th of July. Today is the day that Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty brought Baby America home from the hospital.
In the year 1776 Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty gave birth to George Washington who died on the cross for our freedom 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Scott 3353, 22c BEP Uncle Sam coil, 2 plate no.strips of 5, MNH
240 years ago tomorrow, Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty got all bucknasty in the sack. Then America was born.
Gonna be a great time out on the Cactus Jacks Patio tomorrow-Yo! I heard Tori got himself a new Uncle Sam top...
a 30 year old just tried to fight me because I laughed at his Uncle Sam outfit
It's the "Uncle Sam" of Steuben County Radio...and he's bringing you all the great hits to kick off the 4th of...
A fabulously fun detailed wood statue of Uncle Sam is waiting to welcome your guests this Independence Day. You...
I'm gonna wear the skin of Uncle Sam for the 4th
Taxpayer dollars NOT at work. You should be ashamed, Uncle Sam. This is absolutely, mind-blowingly preposterous!
Colin don't root for your favorite player cause Uncle Sam will get sad 😕's okay I work for him we close he said it's okay.
IG suggests would rather spend money on Fannie HQ than give it to Uncle Sam. Watt says IG is WRONG. Story:
Did anyone else notice on Uncle Sam's pants Puerto Rico was spelt Porto Rico. Bruh I wrote next to it "lol good try"
valid, yeah that makes me nervous too, but I feel like if Uncle Sam was to turn on us, he'd just use drone strikes...
Uncle Sam's does it for me bcause it shows that love can conquer anything and everything. What a classic jam, am loving the show
Thank you to the Jackson Ave PTA! We loved Uncle Sam and the Comedy Jam!
3rd grade ready for Uncle Sam's Comedy Jam- we have our own Statue of Liberty!
Cherry Hill art dealer and Uncle Sam dispute ownership of Depression Era painting via
Aqua Zumba at Warf today.. Uncle Sam and the like participated! Love what I do...always be fun !xo
Country Joe and the Fish. Woodstock. Come on all of you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again. Got himself in a terrible jam!
I paid my dues just like Uncle Sam. Summer Jam is here!
I want you to join me and Uncle Sam... @ National World War I Museum and Memorial
US Uncle Sam says- watch the left hand, so what it does...Come on get serious watch left hand as it is moving. Thats it it,follow it> SMACK!
*2 spots* "Leathernecks" guild of Marines. Uncle Sam's misguided children.  You know who you are.  Semper Fi
Thanks military buddy hope Uncle Sam has been treating you well 😊
A lifetime of work has three destinations: friends/family, church/charity, or Uncle Sam. A will lets you choose.
Citizen-scientists: Uncle Sam wants you to fight Zika! - San Francisco Examiner
Why is Uncle Sam isolating investigative reporters like Glenn Greenwald and persecuting and punishing whistle b...
All that Jazzz, on the Connexion with Uncle Sam! The late great saxophonist George Howard,…
-Stacy crys- 'yes there are daddy..' baby girl there's not. we promise... 'yes there is! Uncle Sam showed me'
of course I'll send one down via the pony express!!! Good ol Uncle Sam will see you in about 2 weeks!
Its three family members you never want to have money problems with and that's Uncle Sam, Aunt Sallie Mae and Cousin I.R.S.
You get the point from Uncle Sam's loaded gun
Apollo Creed comin up to the ring as George Washington crossing the Delaware to the Marine Corps hymn, then changing into Uncle Sam>>
You get Uncle Sam out of the bedroom now he's in the bathroom🙀
Is the Captain entitled to back pay? Uncle Sam says yes, and it's more than you think. (Probably)
Its the ROCK Session on the Connexion wit Uncle Sam, Chris de Burgh, John Cougar Mellencamp,…
So wonderful seeing my Uncle Sam, Aunt Joan, Gizmo and Rockie in Queens today! In 24 hours - my…
Blac Chyna is pregnant with RK's baby?? Tyga is the father and uncle to his child?? MY WORLD IS SPINNING
Beyond Uncle Sam: the US poster art inspired by the first world war
Caught in Uncle Sam’s Trap: More bad news for those “tax evaders, money launderers and terrorists.” But it’s ...
Cash only. We're trying to hide this one from Uncle Sam.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So there's a catch? Join Uncle Sam's military at 18 and be allowed to smoke. That sound worse
Uncle Sam takes $600 out of my check...this saddens me 😔
*Uncle Sam sees that spc black likes where he currently is*. *moves spc Black back to Fort Benning*
Is it true uncle Sam murdered Jacob Juma?
For $1.59 they better be. Next time I hit Uncle Sam's,I'll try Donutsville for dessert.
Uncle Sam's hands are dripping with blood, dripping with the blood of the black men and women in this country ✍🏾🗣
Beyond Uncle Sam: the US posters and artists who mobilized the first world war
Let's hope he put Uncle Sam's debt under Chapter XI , he has experience in wiping out debts via bankruptcy laws
Uncle Sam is ready to welcome some feathered friends to your yard!
Ole Gerry sure knows how to rile 'em good. He'll be pickin his steps nxt time he goes lookin to Uncle Sam for a dime or two
Britain is Uncle Sam's poodle and Uncle Sam acts at the behest of the Israel lobby.
Uncle Sam has owned me for 10 years.. The badge has owned me for 3..
Goin to Uncle Sam like a 3 week process smh
The USAF Contingent that is helping patrol the West Philippine Sea. Thank you, Uncle Sam ... via
18th Ulysses S. Grant born 1822 was known at West Point as "U.S". or "Uncle Sam". Friends called him Sam
All purpose parts banner
“War is a racket,” and Uncle Sam has little to offer working-class and poor black and brown folks." Marine Corps Mjr. Gen. Smedley Butler
You better get that crap together before the general or Uncle Sam is going to send the bald eagle of terror after you
1942―“The Rock” of Corregidor remains hopelessly besieged. “No mama, no papa, no Uncle Sam.”
Coming up in Uncle Sam's "mixed bag" Brian McKnight, new kid born with teeth, John Legend, any…
Coming up on Uncle Sam's "mixed bag" are two legends, the late great Teddy "TP" Pendergrass, and…
Defend the Faith Poe for serving 2 masters @ the same time: Uncle Sam & Danding.
Wayne LaPierre somehow missed out on the opportunity to have weaponry provided by Uncle Sam during Vietnam.
Here's a little tax day reflection. "Give to Uncle Sam What's Uncle Sam's". There are two occasions when the... https:…
"It's like Uncle Sam jacked off on your hat." - on the new July 4th hats
April 15th is coming. Are you gonna owe Uncle Sam? Learn how to pay less taxes and keep YOUR money in YOUR...
Funny story - Uncle Sam actually did give in when Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.
It's about time Uncle Sam stopped protecting Bill Allen, let state pursue case https:/…
Cardiac arrest, Uncle Sam, Sweetest girl, Yesterday's men, One better day. Now they fit the bill.
At work with 1 sale to start off. Looking forward to the Tempe Arts Festival this weekend. Tomorrow's tax day. Uncle Sam wants his too. Lol.
Tea Party Patriots: Report: Americans in 2016 will pay Uncle Sam more than they’ll spend on clothing, food, housing
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Remember, Timmy, if he says Uncle Sam wants YOU! again, go get an adult. Uncle Sam is a sick, sick man!
Right now, I'm worth a million dollars, and I owe Uncle Sam a million-and-a...
guy in the Bernie line in an Uncle Sam hat and wrapped in a flag of some sort. maybe PA, the clip was too short.
Let there be church Let there be state Let us not compare notes Uncle Sam meet Aunt Mimi
I do not want to cook the books. I do not like the charge you took. Reverse it now, end the scam. Before we hear from Uncle Sam. …
"Uncle Sam cannot or should not do it all!" — on Foreign Policy platform
tim collecting money like Uncle Sam, hasn't even activated the league yet.
21:15 (with Ronald, Arthur, and 3 others at Uncle Sam's Kitchen) —
man that's messed up. Uncle Sam can be a little selective sometimes
Get out there Uncle Sam wants you to You still have time.
New places and new faces...thanks Uncle Sam for getting me outta Rocky Mount, NC
"The preacher said he died to young. Over their tottin that gun, for Uncle Sam and our freedom"
in 1852 "Uncle Sam" made his debut as a cartoon character in the New York Lantern
And M wins some pizza in the Uncle Sam seats at her first NBA game go bucks
A Trump supporter dressed as a Hitler/Uncle Sam makes his views of the protest clear. Photograph: Scott Olson
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Uncle Sam's on This restaurant is literally the biggest disappointment of my life! Hardly even worth the on…
Uncle Sam. Where else did ISIS get all those Toyota trucks? The US is the sugar daddy to prima donna ISIS.
fool, I'm sending emails too. Uncle Sam says its a Killing multiple birds with but one $6 stone.
Sammy the seal meets Uncle Sam - vintage postcard from the Historic Days at the 'Old Mint' celebration downtown...
If you're familiar with my man Uncle Sam, you understand the only way you c...
Being a black republican doesn't make you a "trader" or an "Uncle Sam" figure
Dean Pelton wants you to vote today! And yes, this is lady's Uncle Sam's his sister's.
Teddy Cruz. A big red bruise. On the face of Uncle Sam. Go home Ted. You're nothing but a sham. Jms
Why was Michael Vick arrested and not Ash Ketchum? Simple, Uncle Sam doesnt have a way to tax underground dog fights. *** Pokémon lobbyists
It's my firm conviction that when Uncle Sam calls, by God we go, and we do ...
man the last thing any of us needs is Uncle Sam getting his greasy mitts on this situation
So Brian saves himself from Uncle Sam's hit list, for now.
by Joe, baby you are by Uncle Sam, I wish by Carl Thomas, power of love by Luther Vandross SHOW with
you so real 😂😂😂😂 nah Uncle Sam gave me a few coins so I paid it. Can't be stuck wit a million dollar bill in the summer
"The could really Uncle Sam it up with and at Falcons Stadium."
domain names
-- "You have Captain America as a dad, and an 'Uncle Sam' - god you're so /American/" [She snorts] Yeah, I go to --
Taxes done… Thanks for holding onto my cash Uncle Sam but I'd like it back now
If your federal government could be personified in a man. . I introduce you to Uncle Sam in the lots of flesh. .
only your father took you to heaven (Uncle Sam) Father always educate, running endless hurdles ... Samuel Wilson !!!
Don't treat Uncle Sam to extra cash! Read how the pros say to cut
Lil Wayne's got more lien problems ... this time it involves his 2014 tax bill. Uncle Sam says he did not pay...
Sporting events, like the MSM news are nothing more than gratuitous Uncle Sam promotion. . Rah, rah, rah. Red,...
girl we on the same page 😩 Uncle Sam be in the way .. I'm tryna go turn up 😂😂
we don't knock Uncle Sam ... on the lane we just don't wait on the…
Uncle Sam wants to know if they had health care coverage 2015 line 61 use the Affordable Care Act they say $5000 deductible Affordable?
The latest report from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children on the Be sure to take your blood pressure...
The U.S. attorney deh pon somebody else payroll besides Uncle Sam. She's a bit too adamant to lock up Mike and throw away the keys.
GPS recruits: Uncle Sam wants your ideas!: The GPS modernization funding picture cannot be called bright, yet ...
Uncle Sam ask you to consider joining the army, marine corp, navy or the air force they have military equipment
To survive market turmoil, you need nerves of steel like Uncle Sam in Grateful Dead's U.S. Blues: 'check my pulse, it don't change'
World Cup of Hockey outfit ideas. I like Uncle Sam.
The true identity of Uncle Sam is Frank Underwood.
Photo: Happy new year,Uncle Sam,cousin,John Bull,world,c1899
The Bundy family gave me a great idea. I'll log the national forest behind my cabin and get rich off Uncle Sam! That's m…
HEY. A lot has been happening at Polymathic and having restructured to prepare to scale means ... (Uncle Sam voice) I want YOU.
hey Obama even Uncle Sam thinks number one
I used to wear pink fuzzy socks in my combat boots as a tiny act of rebellion against uncle Sam ;-)
tepid nostalgia for Big Uncle Sam overlooks fact that today's Big Gov't, for which he shills, is a different beast.
I think uncle Darin's kids like us a little too much 😂 Kissing Mary Poppins was fun. I can't wait for the next time I get to see you and Sam
the very best part is how they didn't use Uncle Sam even though that's his slogan
yes. That's how Uncle Sam rolls. Sorry old Navy joke. $800 hammers and all.
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