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Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park is a recreational park adjacent to the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya. It contains an artificial lake and an assembly ground which has recently become the most popular skateboarding spot on weekends that caters for Nairobi's growing skate scene.

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please Via commemorate the 60th anniversary of the hanging of Kenya's foremost freedom fighter, the Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi Wachiuri tomorrow (Tuesday February 18) with a procession from the Freedom Corner at Uhuru Park to the Kimathi monument on Kimathi Street and onwards to open fora at the Jeevanjee Gardens at 2pm. At 6pm liberation scholar Prof. Maina wa Kinyatti launches his book "Mwakenya - The Unfinished Revolution" at the Kenya National Theatre. Meanwhile, Kimathi's widow Mukami Kimathi and daughter Evelyn Kimathi will, after laying their wreaths at the monument at 8am, leave for Karuna-ini in Nyeri County the spot where Kimaathi was shot and captured before being taken to Kamiti Prison where he was hanged by the colonial government. His body remains somewhere in the Kamiti prisons grounds!
KENYANS TO HEAD TO THE FREEDOM CORNER: As protests start in the wee leadership of the Jubilee Administration, I take this earliest opportunity to congratulate The Reverend Timothy Njoya, Activist Boniface Mwangi, Artist Eric Wainaina and all those Kenyans who enjured the police brutality and government dictatorship in fighting the trio who have come out to fight the grand corruption, nepotism, heavy taxation, insecurity, tribalism and the many anomalies facing our nation and our people today. Kenyans should now start protests and demonstration from the counties which should culminate at Uhuru Park. The police should put their hands off as Kenyans have a right to RISEUP and say no to this corrupt administration. Kenyans have the right to protest and the right to congregate at any part of the country without police brutality. The police should offer KENYANS protection, not teargas canisters, bartering and water spraying. The police should be strongly condemned for blocking the Kenyans entry and the eventual ...
"The Infinity Pool in the Sky, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - Picture this on Uhuru Highway & Uhuru Park.
Thank you my bubba. Our Uhuru Park sesh is coming to a close after all.
A day well spent at Uhuru Park n NTTI Swimmin pool
CALLING ALL YOUTH! Tomorrow every youth is expected to attend the Picnic happening at KSMS. Buses will be picking people from Adams, Uhuru Park, Donholm and Wonderland from between 7am-8am. ETA at KSMS is 9am. Entry is only 250/- but don't let it stop you from coming. Expect an amazing time full of fun and joy. See you there!
So tuned to for the first tie in years...Reminding me of Mois final day at Uhuru Park!
Uhuru park in Nairobi where many of us visited when we were young.
The floods in May, 2010 didnt sweep u. The kampala bus blast...ukatoboa! The Uhuru Park grenade blast... You were not there. Post Election Violence...Uko tu!... IDP? Si wewe. Came Ocampo, the Envelope and the Hague? Ur name missed out. Mihadarati na ufisadi...You survived...Drought ndo hiyo and u r not a victim, fire tragedy at sinai, u r out... Pombe aina ya Yokozuna ...hukunywa,ras kamboni u don stay thea. kuja alishababu u were not shot, do u remeba the case of baragoi r u among the subject? Why not say u are blessed?
Uhuru park is a mess. Kenyans need to stop littering but where are council workers? More trash cans plus stop littering msgs.
x-mas day is a very funy one, yes at UHURU PARK there was so many kids til they were to be writen on a parents mobile number on their face, for case of lost n found the parent is called!
Families and Holiday! Aye there are no dustbins at Uhuru park? The place looks like trash
Am just malingering at Uhuru park who is ready to give me company
Nairobi is silent hakuna shughuli nyingi,City center vehicles are few, Industrial Area most firms are closed and those who did not go upcountry are in Uhuru Park for "E-MASS"
I Salute A kenyan ma nyiri..if yu are Married especially to a Luopean Man,Thank God sana.."And Appreciate your Man" Imagine This Is just part of expense,an average luopean man has to solve monthly widout fail. 1.Shopping mar ot. 2.Rent 3.School fees, 4.Nhif & Nssf, 5.electricity and water bill, 6.Garbage collection fees, 7.Watchman fees, 8.clothes for the Kids, 9.Bank Loan Repayment, 10.Housemaid salary, 11.un-expected wife expenses (cash for her salon and funny Bleaching creams-like-peu claire,immediat clair,caro light etc) 12.Fare to and from town daily(for both wife and him)wife never contibute.. 13.Jumbo juniour account monthly deposit for the kids 14.Mpesa transfers to wifes parents in shagz 15.Sunday -Kids entertainment Uhuru Park..etc 16.Overdraft Repayment card Repayment 18.Advance Salary Repayment 19.To pay women chama contribution for his wife 20:AND MANY OTHERSS.LIST IS TOO LONG YAWA? Dear women,bed uru joma us! the luggage is too heavy for one person...jam ...
Who is near Uhuru park akam nimlipie kaboat?
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We rarely stay in Nairobi during Christmas. But this year, I decided to stick around. Yesterday, after the Christmas Service, I decided to venture to town in the afternoon. First, Uhuru Park was FULL, one will imagine their was a political rally or a crusade. I then went to Jevanjee Gardens and out of curiosity joined a group of around 10 men who were having a lively debate with a Bible Teacher ( he had a Bible & he informed he is one). The discussion was is polygamy allowed in the Bible. To prove that the Bible allows polygamy, the "Teacher" read Matthew 25:1-13, the Parable of the 10 virgins, his conclusion, the bridegroom married all the 5 virgins and his intention was to marry the 10! And so from around 3:45 pm - 6:30 pm, we sat discussing about the Bible with some men whom I gathered from what they were sharing - have never stepped in a church for close to 30 years, some who don't believe in God, believes in Rastari movement and one who has studied Greek in order to understand the Bible but only to . ...
On ma wei 2 uhuru park,who wil b there
Let us not be cheated,we are cut from the same cloth from as our leaders,jamani tunakulia Uhuru park tunaachia nani takataka aokote?smh!
Looking at the way nairobians flocked uhuru park I sincerely believe we owe wangare mathai alot.Uncle Dan had already dished it out to the "kenya times media house"who wanted to put up a plant at the site.
Lunar and generally uhuru park so full with humanity today.didnt enjoy coz the kids could not ride due to too long queus
Uhuru park, . but only because it's in the open and these mafias won't open fire at a public place
Av jst had a nice Day at uhuru park now bak home.
The whole of Eastlands is at Uhuru park aki
I thank lord, though i do not have smthng gd to eat but my family is hapy after having a fun day at uhuru park, waah waah,
Just checked in park and eish,ths year's x-mass is gone for kids.facial decoration,boating,bouncing castles,dances etc.its been a family day best spent.
Uhuru Park is still full, wherever i try to step, someone's foot has occupied that place! So Nairobians are as many as the words of the World who recognize the birth of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and our Savior? I am sure of this cos no one can waste their time celebrating somebody they neither like, nor recognize! Thank You Lord for giving us a peaceful Christmas, actually it is your birthday here on Earth. Merry Christmas once again and have a Happy&Prosperous New Year (2014). I love you all.
Am in uhuru park i knw it sounds crazy bt it feels gud to b a part of something.being arnd so many pple is cool
It feels so lonely to b indoors this xmass.uhuru park pickpockets wako job hawapumziki leo
Merry Christmas. Don't miss the service tomorrow at 11am and our picnic on Saturday. it's gonna cost 250 for the ticket. bus pick up points :donholm, kencom, Uhuru park and Adams. be blessed.
The best to place to protect now is Uhuru park nono to Alshabab otiekoa.
Uhuru park is bursting at the seams! It is now official that it the most popular recreational place for Nairobians
Whatever happened to sex? All these kids in town heading towards Uhuru Park!
Better have fans in the house with your beloved one than going to Uhuru park when am seeing this stiff traffic congestion on the road.
These people going to Uhuru park are like those zombies in Resident Evil
Just missed sitting space at Uhuru Park.. :-( (hope you note the sarcasm :-D ) Aya...,in other words sa mtu anitolee plot ya Krisi...!!!
Who is @ uhuru park? Nabambika uko,a gud day 4 me,,,wah
Nairobians r not bright wote uhuru park wit thea families 4geting tat terorists r not on xmas nonsense!
Cant remember the last time I was at uhuru park.
Its true most kenyans have nothing to celebrate due to the current economic hiccups! am at uhuru park now but believe it or not almost 90 percent of the huge population around here are lying without taking or doing anything! God help kenyans!
Kindly join me at Uhuru park at 3:30pm.?
Wu has remained in the house if at all uhuru park is full lyk thz.Jesus is born at uhuru park otheryc if u r nt here then enjoy ua x-mas well wherever u r,gud dei
Uhuru park here I come...Chrismass has to be chrismass..
Merry Christmas mafrnds uhuru park pap! who's around?
Merry Christmas. We have a Special Christmas show live from Lunar Park at Uhuru Park. Tune in to K24 TV.
Later,Uhuru park for a ride with her~Christmas
Kesho nacelebratia Krisi Uhuru Park.who will join me?
Form ni kuenda Uhuru park picnic with myself kesho
IMMEDIATE FORMER PRESIDENT KIBAKI's CORRUPTION RECORD: It is good to praise a man for great things that stand out during his tenure. We cannot afford to downplay the great work this man did in a short period of 10 years. He turned round Kenya's economy which was headed for total collapse, did wonderful job to give Kenyan's world class highways which is an envy of the neighbouring countries. It saved lots of money for Kenyans who used to spend hours on the tattered roads, and more hours and money in the garages. Kibaki is a champion that dispite his enemy Raila Odinga who spend hours and months reegineering ways of make Kibaki fail from fulfilling his government agendas. On the flip side though there are afew issue we want to pick from the retired President. 1. Former President Mwai Kibaki accelerated Kikuyunization of all government sectors, and reconstructured what Moi had dismantled by Kalenjinization of the government sectors. Indeed two or three wrongs cannot make it right. He will go to his retireme ...
due to show will be viewed live at Uhuru park
Yes u av Uhuru park,u go der tk sm picnics,tk photos,ride horse do all da blah blah bt nvr av i seen a statue of WANGARI MATHAAI to apprct her coz ifnt fr her UHURU PARK wldnt be der so its hgh time snc we r clbrtg KenyaUhuru park names shld be Mathaai
oooho my welcome to the Bench the Bench be brought to Uhuru Park
Haven't been to Uhuru Park in like 3 months ...need to make time. Miss it
THE KENYA UPINDE AWARDS, 2013 (Formerly the Kenya *** and *** Awards) Below is the list of winners awarded by peer judges drawn from the *** *** Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and *** (LGBTIQ) organizing in Kenya, during the awards gala night on December 13, 2013. The awards honour politicians, journalists, employers, business leaders, journalists and other allies who are committed to advancing equality and non discrimination of LGBTIQ individuals in Kenya. 1. “SHUJAA” (THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD) • For her leadership in using health platforms as entry points for organizing around dignity and rights of *** and bisexuals in Kenya, for her active role in founding the *** and *** Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) and her current stewardship in re-organizing GALCK Winner: Lorna Dias 2. “AFYA” (THE LGBTI HEALTH PROVIDER AWARD) • For their demonstrable impact on the mental health and well-being of persons who identify as MSM through the quantity and quality of sexual and reproductive heal ...
Ati watu wa coast ni wa lazy, come to uhuru park see beds on grass and be the judge of lazy.
So guys from central have decided to visit Uhuru park for their xmas? all the way from survey!!
service industry is where money is in kenya. Starting may not need money. For instance do messengers have capital? personel fitnes trainning. Pple are unfit and we have to wakeup to reality and obesity is increasing thats why we have slim posible. Personal trainers can harvest From this. Tafuta watu 20 chrge them 2k and prepare a cariculumn for fitness and look for free grounds like uhuru park or uhuru grdens ama jogg ing club. Watu wanahitaji trainners but gym ni expe kiasi. one thing to observe is that service indusrtry is wide so inategemea na
On this day last year we launched grand rally at Uhuru Park Nairobi. The only friend of mine that I knw who was present at Uhuru Park like me is He travelled all the way from Rift Valley to Nairobi. SEMA THE TRUE DEMOCRAT. Halafu akishatravel hivo,and co wanaiba kura zetu badaye. LAZIMA WAPEWE REVENGE!
I hope this time Nairobians will not flood Kenyatta public beach in the Coast and Fort Jesus in their hundreds on Christmas day. You cant transfer your traffic jam, queues, wiered behaviours and attitude from Nairibi to the coast. Some of you have visited Fort Jesus every Christmas as if it was meant to change. Stay home please or go to Uhuru Park.
Sawasawa... we're planning on going to uhuru park after Xmas I'll keep you posted
Row row boat leo nimekuwa uhuru park,family is good to be a father with resiposibilty
We are now heading out to the Tusker Golden Years concert at Uhuru park. Free entry for those with airshow tickets
:-) :-) totally enjoyed myself. Impromptu lunch, great band singing carols at Capital centre :-) bumped into Cheyech Kewasis R going for carols at All Saints and as usual the choir blew me (lil bit of heaven on earth!), met Njambi, ate rum and raisin chocolate. Great day! Oh na Rehema pitishad me through Uhuru park where we were almost hit by a camel which ran into a horse and there was an oncoming motorcar(za watoto), didn't know Uhuru park was full of life! :-)
At night! "What time are you onstage at Uhuru park?"
What time are you onstage at Uhuru park?
and live and direct this evening at Uhuru Park in Nairobi!.
Loitering in town.Nani napingaaa? Haven't been to Uhuru park for long. I won't tire about this
Tommorrow is my birthday,naplan kufanya kubwa unlike the past ones...So guys u are very much welkam to ma birthday celebration which wil b held at uhuru park grounds from 2pm til dawn.Kenya
Kenya has lost a veteran rally driver.i wish to send my condolences to the family,relatives and friend of late Ben Muchemi alias Baba Chiru,i remember meeting him at last year K.C.B Safari Rally at Uhuru Park,spectators stage .he was a humble .R.I.P
Gud bye NAIROBIANS am going back 2 the land wea i belong, the land wea evryday iz a HOLIDAY, the promised land with all de goodiz, 2 swim in the sea not de POND at uhuru park " MOMBASA REPULIC" God's wll i wll in MLD 2moro morng
Kenyan Artists Urged to 'Unite' and Head for Uhuru Park Blood Drive for Westgate Victims
When moi said he will govern this country for a hundred years by choosing his successor it turned out to be his political suicide. Kenyans even literally chased him from handing over ceremony at uhuru park. Unfortunately somebody somewhere did not learn from the mistake. Uhuru has committed same atrocity when he said that he will govern Kenya for 20 years by appointing his successor. In 2017 what will he tell the luhyas, kambas, turkanas, coasterians, etc when they know it is about. Mt Kenya and north rift? That is why Bungoma people told musikari kombo that they have no time for uhuruto selfishness. what uhuru said is one of the characteristics of an upcoming dictator.
[MODERATE] changed from [SLOW] on Uhuru Hwy towards Nyayo Stadium near Uhuru Park as of 13:10
A man is bitten by a snake in uhuru park
Dezmnd kipchumba was at uhuru park drinking white cup.
I will not travel to any place this xmas.economy ni mbaya sana,i dont want to spend and later cry for lack of school fees.i will just go to uhuru park like other ordinary kenyans.
Finally, nairobi is sunny. Spending my afternoon at uhuru park. ALL ARE WELCOMED.
WOMEN NEED TO HELP US DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS. Yesterday,a pal texted me telling me, "Watch NTV at 9.30pm." I didnt ask her why. But at exactly 9.30pm,I was sitted smack infront of the T.V. I was in the company of a female. And we were watching the News feature by Dennis Okari. Now,I wont comment on the last part of the feature which totally confused me. I didnt quite understand the coaching and impact of the female Lawyer-Preacher. It was an anti-climax for Me. But I thoroughly ENJOYED the rest of the feature. Totally. I watched the exposé in disgust. Utterly revolted by the sly mechanisms and covert unscrupulousness of our Kenyan Preachers. I watched the "Prophetess Nduta" rambling and stomping on stage like a deranged Amazon. And I was revolted. I watched Pastor James Ng'ang'a buoyantly riding into Uhuru Park atop a Range Rover,yelling and yodelling. And I almost threw up. I watched Bishop Dr Prophet Thomas Wahome of Helicopter Ministries charging his crowd and pretending to heal a man of his impotence ...
Me likey. Shahista Shau *claps in the background* Let me start y'all of then, with a passion for photography that i never knew i had. Potraying beauty by clicking away. Life is always far much better captured. When the city was asleep i made my way to uhuru park viewpoint near the promulgation flag and voila :)
I'v always bn urging myslf to ask this n plz kindly dnt get me wrong. UHURUTO under Jubilee helped us to celebrate the 50yrs of Jubilee frm Uhuru Gardens, Uhuru Park, using Uhuru Highway n Kenyatta International Conference Centre. We even sang NATUKAE NA UHURU NA AMANI.. Question is how cld we hav celebrated if Cordeshians had won it? Cld 50yrs hav bn called Jubilee? Cld they hav gone to Uhuru Park using Uhuru Highway? Cld they hav used the above phrases of our National Anthem? Just asking
Celebrations and colours during the Promulgation of the New Constitution at the historic Uhuru Park, Nairobi.
if commercial sex work is ILLEGAL, shouldn't those protesters at Uhuru Park yesterday have been NABBED?
Mad men from Uhuru Park and Ambassador should avoid attacking the police and cailm of UON students
I am still amazed by this sex workers alliance protest in uhuru park today.but I am not surprised that this alliance has a strong following in kisumu.
Greetings"im currently attending a procession dubbedday to end violence against sex the freedom corner uhuru park.
Listening to the FM radio this morning where the President dares those who are not satisfied with his leadership to wait for 20 years, yes 20 years. He goes on to say he won't listen to UPUZI, IN THE 70s his father Jomo Kenyatta aka Johnson Kamau would utter obscenities at Uhuru park to which people laughed at in the hope it was a joke. I guess this is a genetic problem spilling over into this era, Arap Samoei also joined him to scorn those in dissent to Jubilee Alliance leadership. This begs the question has Kenya the country been hijacked/ Kidnapped by Jubilee Alliance, the wise English people say "Pride comes before a fall" . Some callers on the radio have a problem with the shoot to kill order, the question "Shoot to kill who"? One may support the shoot to kill order not knowing that it is the innocent who are targeted since the order or law is not clear on who should be shot and under what circumstance. Alcohol blow is a toothless tool given that the problem is incompetent drivers, attitude and corru ...
Dear Members, We thank you for the progress in solidarity and we are humbled and impressed by your support. We stand tall on your shoulders and we promise you that WE the leadership are steadfast and focused. Our demands must be met. The industrial action has been successful and as we speak, reports from the ground indicate that governors are ceding ground and accepted that indeed there were illegalities and they should be corrected, however we can’t work with political speak and wait on written agreements. That is an indication that we are on course and our captains are firm on the steer wheel. Comrades, we have had a long day negotiation with the parliamentary health committee (11th dec 2013) and we are waiting for their response. That notwithstanding, we call upon the entire membership to heighten activities and keep the spirit of solidarity as we gear up to the final laps. Finally, come Monday the 16th day of December 2013, 50,000 health workers are requested to convene at Nairobi Uhuru Park to soli ...
Mzee, Moi, Mwai & Muigai - My most memorable quotes: "Kibaki thinks he is a queen bee. Everybody owes him and must work themselves to death for his sake as he does nothing"-Kiogi Wamwere "the man (Kibaki) is very cunning. He will chair a meeting for 3 hours and say nothing and cleverly let the meeting end without a resolution"-Miguna Miguna "Kibaki owed his presidency to one Raila Odinga. Not just for saying Kibaki tosha but also for leading a most energetic campaign"-Martha Karua "I asked Raila, what if Kibaki declares himself president? What will you do? And Raila told me; No! Kibaki cannot do that!"-Fred Gumo "I cried because I was angry at the humiliation they showed Moi and myself at Uhuru Park during Kibaki's inauguration.-Sally Kosgei "I was watching TV with Kibaki, just the two of us in a room when the election results were coming in. I told him, this looks like it will go just like the referendum"-Francis Muthaura. Good job Linus Kaikai.
As Nelson Mandela is laid to rest Sunday in Qunu, South Africa, a tree planted in his honour starts to grow at the freedom corner in Uhuru park here in kenya. Members of the PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) assembled at the park early in the morning to plant a tree in commemoration of the deceased hero. Dubbed Nelson Mandela commemorating tree planting, the group called upon African leaders to emulate the ideals of Nelson Mandela in leading African nations saying it is the only way to keep his legacy alive and allow him to rest in peace. They also called upon African leaders to spearhead environmental preservation as did the late Mandela in order to avoid harmful climate changes in the continent.
After my Alliance High School Cognitive Games Club initiative paid off (in less than a month it luckily bagged a representative to the WYCC, Al Ain), thanks to the great support of Chessers here (both Chess Kenya and WeCC), I made an appeal to the Kenyan lions to consider initiating a simul tradition in Kenya, to help kenyan gazelles get strong fast, and increase the kenyan Chess fanbase (while improving their own stamina and form) . I dont know how they do it in Uganda, but the passiveness of chess in Kenya has to end. In addition to the infrequent tournaments,i think, how about a systematic county chess tour, thematic (king's gambit, etc..) open air chess battles at uhuru park, GM lectures (dont look so far, Zambia, Egypt and S.A have an elite few whom we can greatly benefit from), and even fundraising tournaments for a cause (chess for peace, e.t.c).all these to bring chess the attention it deserves? Ideas are aplenty, and they are definitely not zero-budget initiatives, since zero retuns are not our e ...
LARRY MADOWO: are those your students rioting and throwing stones? ZACK KINUTHIA: yes my students were rioting, those throwing stones are people from uhuru park.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Well articulated Dr Bosire now come to Uhuru Park tufanye mambos.Kudos Daktari now Kenyans have had it from the horses mouth. But do we say! Omera!
Moi, Mwai, Muigai: Sally cried out of anger, yet it was the sight of chopper and Moi saying good bye that we see her sobbing rather than mud throwing at Uhuru Park.
Some guys need to styl up,kama huwez jicontrol huckam uhuru park.
This SONU chairman anatudanganya aje?eti those who are throwing stones are uhuru park and arboretum idlers and not the students ...CC Kisachei Keybett
idlers from arboretum and uhuru park voted Zack Kinuthia as SONU chairman.
Download free Uhuru Park Nairobi Photos & Pictures from WAPTRICK. Choose appropriate file format and download to your mobile phone.
Heading to Nrb for tomorrows peaceful demonstration at Uhuru Park.
Wooho. My first ''date'' at uhuru park. Woop woop
The Historic Mandela Commemorating Tree Planting at the Historic Freedom Corner, Uhuru Park Nairobi was both inspiring and emboldening especially noting the rich Mandela Legacy which will continue to inform the content and direction of democratic struggles the world over. Citizens Coalition for Constitutional Culture (4Cs Trust) and Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance organized this historic event attended by people from all walks of life. It was specifically in furtherance of the ideals that Mandela stood and fought for and was an expression of the fact that though gone physically, Mandela' spirit is a live and will always continue to blossom in our midst. Mandela, it is important to note, believed in Justice, Freedom, Truth, Integrity, Accountable Leadership and Responsible Citizenship. These ideals are needed in the world today more than ever before. As we rest Madiba' body, we must not rest until a better world characterized by these values is realized for Mandelas' spirit lives and will be upon us .. ...
After Physically escorting Wangari Mutha Maathai from Uhuru Park to Kariokor crematorium few years ago, today I have passively escorted Madiba from Pretoria to Qunu. I have learnt one or two from your fights. I am applying them in my life.
To all rhumba fans, here is a piece frm the daily nation by Fred Machokaa on the late Tabuleys funeral. Mokolo nakokufa nani akolela ngai?” (Who will mourn my death when I am gone?).Millions of people world-wide! That would be the simple answer to Pascal- Emmanuel Sinamoyi Tabu aka Tabu Ley’s rather innocuous question posed to lovers of rumba music more than four decades ago.I was privileged to bear witness to that answer on December 8 and 9, as I visited Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo to pay homage to this great son of Africa, who passed away on Saturday, November 30 at a ‘tender’ age of 73 years.News of Tabu Ley’s condition hit me when my good friend Amos Ngaira of Daily Nation called to inform me that Tabu Ley’s illness had got worse and that he had been admitted to St Luc Hospital in Brussels, Belgium.Radio showThat was around 10am on November 30, a time when I am normally on my way to the studios for my Roga-Roga radio show on Citizen FM.News of that nature is always fodder ...
4.)Get outside;even 5min of excise outside is all it takes to improve mental-well being,enhance ur mood n boost energy levels:exposure to natural light means serotonin-the body's natural feel good hormones is boosted,living u feeling uplifted n positive.even a stroll will do the trick,so get ur walkin shoes on and head to village market,l.victoria,uhuru park,beach depending on wea u live. 5.)Mind ur movement;aerobic excises has the ability to sooth rattle nerves,but u don't hav to sweat it to reap the health benefits.-"those paying attention to their footsteps,breathing n sorrounding r just the same as those doing more rigorous exercise. 6.)Get a 'halo';treating someone to a cup of tea,giving up ur seat on the metro/bus,taking an elderly neighbor a home made pie-they all increases positivity n reduce stress levels.volunteering boosts happiness bcos it makes us feel empathy n appreciation for what we already have. 7.)Smell something nice;recognized as our most powerful sense,smell evokes memories n emotion ...
Remember we r meeting tomorow at our usual place in uhuru park starting frm 2pm unless otherwise stated due 2 inconivinience weather conditions we r expriencing here in nrb.God bless u
The 1st Saturday after Kenya This was my sweetest moment while in Nairobi, as i spend the better part of the day with my best high school friend @ Uhuru park. We marveled at how God has been so faithful to elevate us to the hight that we are The last time we saw each other was 5yrs ago when we were hopelessly losing our ways. Today She is a Teacher & I'm an Engineer. May God blesse all the hands that He has been using to mold us into who we are & what are becoming. Thank you Lord.
On my way to uhuru park anyone to join me?
ALL BOOKS IN THE BIBLE ARE CLOSED except one., the Book of ACTS. Its open for Me and You to include our Contribution in working for, and with CHRIST. Unfortunately, the 20th Century Church is in slumber-land. The Miracles of JESUS CHRIST are not being manifested the way they should. Its been a long time since we had a mighty revival in places like Uhuru Park or from a Stadium, and its not in Kenya alone, its all over the World. Help me in praying for some mighty REVIVAL to wake up CHRISTIANS from Slumber.
Trends that is agood we can only fight povert step by step its not one day thing that you will go and flag it off in aday at uhuru park
You are invited to Nelson Mandela commemorative session at freedom corner (Uhuru park) sunday 15th dec 2013 from 11am.We will plant a tree in memory of the fallen ICON.Invite others to attend with PAN AFRICAN KENYA.
AMPLIFIED from SG Seth Panyako; On the 4th day of the strike, there has been no any way forward on the standoff between Healthcare workers and the government... Isaac Ruto is now chasing away all who are not from Bomet County... He officially confirms our fears of dictatorship, arrogance, nepotism, clanism, and mention but a few... He has also confirmed the reduction of salary by saying we are earning so much and doing so little. His counterpart one MUNYA said our work is to give injections and we don't deserve the pay we are getting. Another arrogant MANDAGO of Uasin Gishu said he is closing all private clinics because health practitioners are exploiting the common man... JOHO and MRUTTU from pwani si Kenya have said they are going to employ retired health workers and students. They have by their actions as the chair of the governors council and brainless managers communicated their HRM (Human Resource Management) Policy... Healthworkers Strike; Comrades stand firm, we know the government ...
Congratulations to AWEP Kenya for organizing a "No Excuse for Abuse" charity walk happening today (8 a.m.) at Uhuru Park together with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and U.S. Ambassador Robert F. Godec. If you are in the area, please attend! This is another great example of AWEP alumnae giving back to local communities and drawing attention to the issues impacting women across the African continent.
AN ATTEMPT TO ERASE MOI & NYAYO ERA FROM THE BOOK OF HISTORY: Guys, despite Moi supporting Kibaki in 2007, there was an attempt by Kibaki administration to bury the 24 year reign of president Moi. First, they took away KICC on what came to be known as executive orders from the president. They removed Msee Moi's photo from all the money in circulation. Some demonstrators were also sent to Uhuru Park where they defaced the Nyayo Monument. They tried to change Nyayo National Stadium to Coca Cola. The same remnants have now gone ahead and change Moi International Stadium Kasarani to Safaricom. I thought all the stadia in Kenya are finance and manage by the taxpayers! Why bring in some foreign business entities to dilute our culture and national heritage! Moi must be respected as a Statesman and even the famous song of of Tawala Kenya!Tawala! Tawala Kenya! Tawala! Rais Moi Tawala Kenya! Tawala must be among the various songs to be performed at Jubilee Celebration.
Prophet OWUOR now says he is the one who stopped POST ELECTION VIOLENCE from recurring in the last election. Prophet, Dr. David Owuor, has claimed that he is the one who stopped the recurrence of post election violence in Kenya during the March 4th election, where President Uhuru Kenyatta emerged winner beating former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga. Speaking during an interview with KTN’s Jeff Koinange yesterday, the self proclaimed Prophet of God noted that it was his revival gospel of repentance and holiness that stopped bloodshed from happening in the last election like that of 2007/2008 post election violence, where over 1,300 people lost their lives and scores displaced to IDP camps. Owuor recalled that God had revealed to him that Kenya will shed more blood during the 2013 election but warned Kenyans to repent their sins in one of his crusades at Uhuru Park, where all Presidential candidates attended safe for, Musalia Mudavadi. He said it was because of his early warnings and subsequent repentance b ...
The armed forces at Uhuru Park doing what they do best
My son had allot of questions after as you can imagine and he was very sad all week.. he was not sleeping and he cried allot. he could not understand why kids like him were being shot and they mums and dads.. He told me that He was not scared of Terrorists he was just sad. On Tue I realized that, like me he needed to find a way to heal and so i took him with me to Uhuru Park. We were there at 7 am and we met this in the pic called Victoria from the Kenya Red Cross Society , she signed us up as volunteers for the day and showed us what we needed to do. Shobe worked so hard all day, he would walk up to the donors in the recovery tent, give them a drink and some biscuits ( Thank you to all that donated food and drinks EABL and more) he would also tell them..." Thank you or your donation." He never slacked, ar played around, he stopped for short breaks and lunch that was provided. In the evening, he went with me to each bed giving more drinks to donors and the doctors. We wound up at around 7 pm and we came . ...
Dr. Evans Kidero Donating some items to the Kenya Red Cross Society at the Uhuru Park during the Blood Donation...
There's a blood donation drive at a larger venue -Uhuru Park from 8am this morning. Let's turn up in large numbers
Jana tuliandwa uhuru park ka 2litoka sarova now kiatu kimeenda am over.
Join me at Uhuru Park evenning to celebrate my BirthDay.if u wonna come.holla me transport ni free from town and back.holla me for arrangements.avail uaself please.kuja na tumbo yako peke yake.evrything na sort.
Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the Famous Uhuru Park from Morning to Evening." I AM BN!
What a day so far. Woke up to a dead body hanging in Uhuru Park. Sigh*
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Celebrated Ugandan Prophet Robert Kayanja who was in Kenya last week has prophesied that Uhuru and Ruto cases are poised to fail terribly.The prophet who leads miracle centre cathedral in Kampala has prophesied that the ICC cases will fail. Robert Kayanja is a respected prophet who was holding a mega crusade at Uhuru Park in Nairobi. He says that the cases are built of politics and thus they will end. The prophet further said that putting Kenya in the ICC at the current century is an aspect equal to colonization. He was speaking in media house whereby he said that President and his deputy will shame the western Nations because victory will be theirs
Uhuru Park is a 12.9 hectare recreational park in Nairobi and was opened in 1969
Nyayo Monument in Uhuru Park was built in 1988 to commemorate 10 years in power of former pres Daniel Arap Moi
Its been long last i was in this boring uhuru park nowonder yongsters hate this place bt am loving the couples day out pose nazo?
Join the International March for elephants on Friday 4th October - Ngong Road to Uhuru Park
[MODERATE - 69.6km/h] still on Uhuru Hwy towards Waiyaki Way near Uhuru Park as of 04:28
De Gea amefanya Uhuru Park pose on that goal.
When I see Uhuru Park and contemplate its meaning, I feel compelled to fight for it so that my grandchildren may share that dream and that joy of freedom as they one day walk there. “ ” Wangari Muta Maathai
I rememberthe line that drew the bigges cheer at a rally at uhuru park after the 2005 referendum when ODM was formed. It was when Raila asked: " WAKATI WA MOI, BEI YA UNGA ILIKUA NGAPI? NA SASA NI NGAPI? BEI YA PETROLI ILIKUWA NGAPI? NA SASA NI NGAPI? NA SI TULICHAGUA KIBAKI TUKISEMA YEYE NI DAKTARI WA UCHUMI"? Me as an ordinary citizen i am asking " why did mps decide to include goods like procced milk and cooking gas. The VAT bill smacks of a level of confidence bordering on arrogance which could prove costly.
UHURU PARK or somewhere else.someone confirm. Where is Pst. ROBERT KAYANJA going to have a crusade??
"MY LOVER IS MINE"All night long on my bed I looked for the one my heart loves,did not finde her i got up n went to the city through its street,moi avenue,hata koinange.its squares and garden of uhuru park,Central Park,even jevajee garden.the watchmens saw me as they made their rounds in the city.hav u seen the one my heart loves?"scarcely had i passed them,i found the one my heart loves.i held her n wud not let her go.i will bring her to my fathers house to the very room i was brought 3 wainire ruru.
Praise the Lord? What a beautiful morning of Tuesday, even to wake up. It is not normal! It does not matter the condition of your situations. Just to see this day enough for us to praise Him for ever. Remember Job, His servant in Job 1.20-22, remember Daniel, also the Father of faith Abraham, at every situation they remained faithful to Him and over praise and thanks giving to the Lord, for they knew their God, the living God. He never fails them who RAN to Him. Remember even the laper in Kakamega, remember the woman wth the growth in uhuru park, she mate the Lord. Today, may we forget ourselves and offer Him worship. What the Lord has done to Republic of Dominican is awesome, never to be forgoten until the day of Melkizedek, the day of light. Remember, perseverance always strengthen faith. Perseverance leads to maturity James 1.2-18. Let NOTHING at all prevent you from this, the rapture. Many times, we have defined BLESSING wrongly, focusing our earthly achivements, the things of the world, the temporary ...
Social media is the only place where we can drive a mercedes yet we dont even own a bicycle, we can live in Runda when in real sence we have never been to Nrb, update that U are enjoying your pizza for lunch yet unayawn Uhuru park & U can have a degree from oxford yet U dropped out of school in form 2. Cc Hellena Jowi... Dottie Dot
Uhuru park the new Muliro
pliz, don't ignore this!, LOST PERSON!, i lost ma sis 5 months ago, ie, after past elections. tha last time i saw her was tha day b4 elections, en she was wearing tha kenyan dress, near uhuru park, sorrounded by soo many pple! enbody wo might know ar wea about can contact me! her name is MARTHA KARUAI! wea ar u?
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Meanwhile, and his friends are busy rioting in town. Watafutiwe place hapo Uhuru Park they hawk in peace.
The ritual of dawn is over, the morning is old now. Sweat should be on our brows and thirst should be in our throats. We should be exhausting our bodies, all to earn a daily ration. Why are they seated like that? Are they not strong men? Do they not have wives? Shouldn’t they have children...? Why are they on a stone and laughing like old women at the market.? They are not strong men, they are youth. The youths have no jobs, the youths shall not work. The youth shall chew dry roast maize and whistle at girls. It is the city; there are no Jembes here, just stones and no work. Let the youth sit and chew grains, let them laugh till their mouths dry. Let them wait for Bwana Matumbo. He will come after five years. He was here last time and they feasted and sang, they ate and they danced. Bwana Matumbo brings them Joy. Let them wait for Bwana Matumbo. Who sleeps in his chair? Who fattens in his sleep.? Who snores on his job? When shall he wake up? Somebody wake up Bwana Matumbo, someone tell him the youths ar ...
Kindly join us for this important event in Nairobi on October 4th 2013. We will be marching from Ligi Ndogo to Uhuru Park. Starts at 9.00am. BE THERE!
Please join us for this important event on October 4th 2013 - the iWorry March for Elephants Nairobi. Starting at 9:00am from Ligi Ndogo - we will march to Uhuru Park asking for immediate action on Wildlife Crimes and a worldwide Ban on Ivory Trade. ANAW has adopted this event as our World Animal Day activity for this year and we are very proud to support such an important event. For event details kindly follow this link!
Il probably take my next date to uhuru park,isn't that romantic or what.
As prophet Dr Awour concluded @ uhuru park during national repentance day he said "its over"2me even the icc cases were over n this is why witnesses r withdrawing.
Have you ever basked in the beautiful sunshine in Nairobi's Uhuru park? Have you walked in Karura forest and marvelled at the extraordinary trees? Next time you go there,thank Proff Wangari Maathai for what you enjoy.
state house girls ama?be specific ju last I checked nlimpata Uhuru park face painting n dame
Perfect Sunday. Thanks to Rofus and Ezekiel Nyambu I got to go to Calvary Chapel Githurai today. It was great seeing a couple people I connected with a year ago. Then enjoyed a good meal and Uhuru Park in Nairobi. Thank you Jesus.
When every one is busy praying for DP and Sang where are the pastors and preachers for the last 6yrs who should have been praying for the victims without ceasing as they live with what happened to them? No uhuru park prayers or county for the last 6yrs for the PEV victims. So I am not wrong saying they are all hypocrites
Wapendanao at uhuru park, nani wingi, and some wameni nice. How can you blash to kiss you guy/chick yet ati mna date! Then how ni mboch wamekam out.
Sometimes its good to ride a horse atakama ni Uhuru park.
Sometime back KANU wanted to construct a 60 storey bldg in the middle of Uhuru Park, a project that was resisted by the late Prof. Wangari Mathai (Lord rest her soul in eternal peace) till it was shelved. Where did the money go?
After a long day's work, its time to relax. (@ Uhuru Park)
Who is near uhuru park to row with me featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ya'*/jaz a boring day.notingz 2do,no weya 2go.wud anyone invite me hata kama ni uhuru park?!?
Weap palz it is a great day that mzanii chipukizi G-PRO wll shoot a VIDEO namely MBONA wow karibuni.All of u r welcome venue UHURU PARK.
Today I had an nasty encounter with Queen Jezebel and Queen of Sheba. I am going to Uhuru Park for a green
is they have their own Mingle sessions at Uhuru Park??
we have taken uji for dinner so that we preserve for the GVT's 500m celebration, i will be at uhuru park on TV that day
Oh how I wish I was lying on the grass at Uhuru Park now
I want to go to uhuru park with and and do nothing!
Join us tommorow for ivory belong to the elephants walk at uhuru park
NYC together with over 30 orgs. invites all youth to the International Youth Day celebrations, Mon, 12th Aug, at Uhuru Park & KICC @ 9am
If it is in Uhuru Park, the permit fees are a money mint for city council
i 4gave Moi that day when he handed power to Kibaki at Uhuru park.
What's the perfect place for a first date? — Anywhere else apart from uhuru park
welcome To our walk ivory belong to elephant taking place tomorrow from uhuru park starting at 8am end at museum of kenya.
Ivory belong to elephant its walk taking place tomorrow from uhuru park, jogoo rd ,manjengo, forest rd to museum.all are welcome.
thank God both y'all opinions don't matter. So I'll keep going to uhuru park na :D
Am inviting everyone tomorrow for a walk within nairobi from uhuru park.ivory belong to elephant.
to be taken to Uhuru park at least once in a lifetime.
what do people even do at Uhuru park on Eid?
I think we all need to meet at Uhuru Park to discuss seriously! Meanwhile, am quiting 2hrs for a 10 min plc
From.Uhuru park near the health house.
Ivory Belongs to Elephants Nairobi edition this Saturday starting at Uhuru Park
Ukajua venye watoi wasomalia wamedunga town! I swear ts a walkn parade of colours. N they all headed to Uhuru Park.
We were such posers back then lol... Post-wapi walking through Uhuru park. Does WAPI still go on btw?…
Just curious...what is the relationship between Serena Hotel and Uhuru Park? It looks like all in one
Photo: Just walked from home to Phoenix through Uhuru Park figured I’d beat the traffic. Catching “For...
your hangout places on weekends was Uhuru park, City park na Animal orphanage
my daughter. We are finally back with your mum. Am done with my studies. Nakupeleka uhuru park wen?
Aboretum is where the barbies go, Uhuru park is too gangsta..
uhuru park is best.then u walk to city hall take a photo sitting on Kicc.
: A walk to to sensitize Nairobian. I have walked for 2400km in Kenya now. 10th August starting from Uhuru pa…
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HORNY lovebirds having SEX at uhuru park
We all know how crucial Hyde Park is to London, Central Park is to New York and Uhuru Park is to Nairobi...
KANU was to design a 62-storey tower in Uhuru park, with parking for 2000 vehicles and a monument to Moi...
It so happens that Nairobi Serena, processional way and Kenya Railways club were all part and parcel of Uhuru park, at some point
:Will be commissioned at Uhuru park 20km and am looking for more partners can Stanchart be my partner? This will be followed
Some of the hot spots authorities are keeping an eye on include: The hedges of Railway Club, Central Park, Uhuru Park, Muthu…
Not yet seen any Zebras, Giraffs or Lions on Mombasa Road or at Freedom Corner of Uhuru Park
well.the task is all yours if people refuse its easy. We can go to uhuru park:)
I am not attending class 2day,i might go to Uhuru Park,to honor our patriots,martyrs of 2.5 millions who fallen down along the way to freedom, liberated our nation South Sudan.I am so excited today,Big celebration in Nairobi,by South sudanese citizens living in Nairobi city.S.Sudanese women are showing sign of happiness. as Yululululululu Kon yom ke nina celebrates,By Martine Kembe
Join me in wishing our muslim brothers and sisters a happy Ramadhan. Your messages of goodwill please
The flood in May2o11 didn't weep you,the Kampala bus blast ukatoboa,the Uhuru park grunade blast.u were not there.Post election violence,uko tu.IDP si wewe,Ocampo the envelop and Hague?we all awited with abaited breath but your name missed out.Mihadarati na Ufisadi u survived.Draught ndio hiyo and you are not avictim.The recent fire Sinai tragedy at Lunga Lunga you are not.Why not say you are blessed.
there are many areas that proves that this government has failed, elections through IEBC xo many cases some kama ya Kalembe is a clear indication of many cases that were rigged accusing Kethi is not a solution!
Government can call harambee in uhuru park to pay teaches.
Nairobi County; Fellow Kenyans I am calling on all CORD members who turned out to vote on march the 4th 2013 at Ngong forest Primary School and were turned away because their names did not appear on the register of voters to volunteer quickly before midday tomorrow Tuesday 9th July 2013. Please report to Wiper House (Othaya Road) or to any CORD affiliate Party’s office. God Bless you All.
There is smthing i really wanna do it might make me seem shady but i Really wanna go for those tu boat rides at Uhuru park
It's amazing!! Especially the running around Uhuru park thing in the video :-D
Green Belt Movement’s advocacy efforts have contributed to preserving major green spaces in Kenya that were threatened. They include: Uhuru Park, Karura Forest and Jeevanjee Gardens.
if you want to behold true love,go to Uhuru park.not java
What is Miracle? You can call it a Miracle when: 1. You travel Abroad without Visa... 2. Slap an army at the front of barrack and go scot free... 3. Fold your arms sleep all through the years and at the end of the year you buy a car... 4. You Park an Aeroplane in the sky and order everybody out that you want to check engine, then tell everybody to come in and continue their journey... 5. Usain Bolt chases you with a knife to kill you and you still escape... 6. Got asleep in the river, still wake up the next day... 7. You are about to commit suicide and you get distracted by the posts on Majibu za machali wa Kenya. 8.ADD MORE miracles
Let me have some rest at Uhuru Park, lunch later.What a busy day?It all started this morning when i opted to travel by train from kasarani to City centre to avoid jam at Thika Road.From morning to now i have visited Muthurwa,safaricom center,Equity centre,NHIF HQ,Oxford press,TSC HQ, Parliament Building ,KICC.Soon after lunch am heading to Anniversary Towers,UoN,kawangware and eventually go back to kasarani for a sleep and return to Kericho tomorrow.
Jamaa ana 500 kwa mfuko then anataka kumpeleka Gf wake out for dinner. So they use 100 for fare. They make an entrance to a restaurant and the man with the pride says.."okey honney feel free, agiza utakacho" she grabs tha menu. " waiter, bring me chips and chicken" (300) jamaa akawa amebakisha 100 ya fair. Girl: arent you eating? Jamaa: im ok.. B4 we came here, i had already taken something at home... I'll just have a glass of water!! Mwanaume Ni kujitetea
At uhuru park on ma way to milimani law courts
Haaiya...what happened to august..this sun is for september!
We can meet in town,eat fries with toothpicks in a smoky joint while standing,lay on grass at Uhuru Park,chat and wait for fares to go down.
sets aside 469M to refurbish Chambers while the only fire engines owns, worth 80M are auctioned coz of a 70,000 repair debt!
Dear south Sudanese: I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful celebration of 9th July worldwide. 9th July is a day which marked our new beginning towards peace,prosperity and self governing as an independent state.It started a year ago and we're now approaching to the second the countdown to the big day already started, I would love to see my fellow south Sudanese citizens turning out in a large numbers and truly show their happiness concerning what the 9th July meant for them. south Sudanese in Kenya: It will be a great day tomorrow.the function has been said to take place at "RAILWAYS GROUND" opposite Uhuru Park. The day's event will be attended by government officials from the Republic if South Sudan whose names are yet to be confirmed. ambassador Majok Gurduang and all his stuff members are expected there. alot of activities from different states of south Sudan will be shown at the celebration. I hope u can imagine how enjoyable the day is going to be.
Jana Uhuru park; A girl & boy were sitting alone,that boy started touching de girl, Girl : dont touch me, all this only after marriage. Boy : ok call me when u r married.
Plz frnds its too early to ask mi questions lyk wea do i pak! Wats dat got 2do wd yew enway!??
I am confusing now,i have class on tuesday and we have south sudan independant day.which one is the best,is it school or independant day celebration?
take smone on a date at Uhuru park! n sleep on the grass... lukin for lady company fruit drops, bannanas n bread on me!
My weekend couldn't have been more perfect! Day One: Pampering session at a salon. Day Two: Shared time, space, a Coca Cola, marble cake and chocolate with a handsome gentleman in Uhuru Park. Day Three: Church service, a family picnic and a road trip to Maasia land.
it's kinda ironic to hear people being arrested at UHURU park, the mau mau didn't fight for this
Under 18s arrested from a Club along River Road, finally some action,its so annoying going out with pals then u sit at a table with this children
Attention: South Sudanese in Nairobi will hold the 2nd Independence Celebrations at Nairobi Railways Club at Uhuru Park. The event will be attended by South Sudanese ambassador in Kenya, H.E Majok Gunduang and officials from Kenyan government. All are welcome!! Happy Independence!!
Relaxing in city park anybody around to join me?
Uhuru gardens sounds better than uhuru park but they are both shady places
Its 7/7/2013 a dai like ths i walkd i mean walking frm uhuru park Nairobi 2 Thika. Maguru! It was so good. Today am nt walking bt reflecting on God doings he is faithful, he is swit
I contributed blood @ Uhuru Park last year, that was 4 units,todate am yet to receive my contribution certificate
Admin just post my name,they dont knw me, i want some urgent help,mi ni fresha na kuna kadem fresha ameniambia nimpeleke aboretum,niambie direction,nko nyayo
writes how Uhuru Park struggle is echoed in Square protests
Queentern Francess storying with Velmah Lynn at Uhuru park Nairobi
Am bored nowhere 2 go.jst slipin mh...
In everything be careful that you don't forget.a great PCEA nkubu church
How is your sunday? Am in uhuru park for a very powerful performance.
Uhuru Kenyatta is Daniel arap Moi reloaded. Daniel arap Moi with added vision and ambition. Daniel arap Moi expunged of all fear.
With this chilly ati still watu wapo Uhuru park. Unique Kenyans
Day to Day Itinerary Day 01 Arrive in Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) to be greeted by our Tanzania representative who will assist with luggage and transfer to Moshi and the hotel (around 45 minutes on a tarmac road). After check-in you will be given a time to meet the guide for a climb briefing and last minute equipment check. This is an opportunity to ask questions (lunch and dinner not included) Day 02 The day begins with a long drive (approximately 3hrs) on a corrugated road, through scrub and farmland to reach Londorossi Park Gate (2100m/6889ft). The journey offers magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley mountains of Mt. Meru and Longido and the Shira zone of parasitic cones which extend along the north of the road. After registration rejoin the vehicle for a short drive through plantations to reach the trail head. After recent rain, the road can be muddy, adding to the adventure. Begin hiking along an easy forest trail to reach Mti Mkubwa (big tree) campsite for dinner and overnight (2,75 ...
Mandamano now sets off frm kariobangi led by the bishop of Nairobi to uhuru park then bck hme. Wengine jee mshatoka?
Haya!nairobi here we come,we r heading 4 maandamano of great prayers n i do pray 4 all ma sibblings n freinds from all walk of life.xwt drms buddies.
I gonna take one person out how is she/he
Hope moi told uhuru to pay what he/his government promised the teachers 1997 else kenyans take kenya to tahrir square! sorry, uhuru park...
Where is dat beautiful place u wana tek me to.
In his speech to co-operators at Uhuru park, Cabinet Secretary Mohammed Adan pointed out that the government has promoted the growth of Saccos by providing an enabling policy framework, through the establishment of a regulatory body for Saccos, promotion and registration of matatu Saccos, formation of youth bunge Saccos, among others.
Haki si naboeka...,at times being single is so boring,nkt!...
Imagine here at uhuru park if u r spoted kissing ur friend unashikwa na city askaris
Comment where you are right now... . . . Admin: Maua Snex
At uhuru park but i fear naeza NASWA.
It was cool to take part in the 91st international cooperatives day 6th 2013 at Uhuru Park where exhibitions from stakeholders took place.It was evident that even at this challenging and competitive market Cooperative enterprise proves to remain strong showing positive growth
At last the docile who is incharge of Uhuru Gardens came out of slumberland. I passed there the other day and the bushes in the park was being cleared out.
Am just from Uhuru Park and am very happy.Ushirika day was awesome today.success to all co-operators.Park
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Who's within nai 2 join me in my bash held at uhuru park. U r al welcme, feel free n cme
Happy ushirika day. Event taking place at Uhuru park now.
Entertainment kibao at Uhuru park in the 91st celebrations for co-operative. Hellow n Welcome members.!!
Lets go en enjoy our weekend at Uhuru Park...i'll offer u lunch,credit en pay u 4 keepin me company!!!leo tu.
In the government yard in Nairobi, somewhere at Uhuru Park i was observing three little girls enjoying a boat ride. It reminded me of the good old days when I, marcus and Johnstone would go swimming in quarries that were flooded after heavy downpours, because as the ancient proverb says, whenever it rains, it pours, yaani ikinyesha inamwaga...:-) i lost them yes, but their memories remain in my brain for ages, not because i got nothing better to do with my RAM but because they were so precious. Wacheni nikule, ntaendelea baadae :p
Am bck frm mapumziko kidogo n inviting all Legion Maria members of Nairobi diocess to mandamano this nite frm their respective churches to uhuru park then bck to kariobangi church for mass service by His Holliness. U r all welcomed to kariobangi
is yawning in the CBD. hu has some lunch to share?
Co-operatives celebration at Uhuru park im really enjoying the entainmnts
Da is at 91st international cooperative's day celebrations at uhuru park...kenya police sacco mpo??
Crowds, organized Cooperative garhering at UHURU PARK for USHIRIKA CELEBRATIONs.
At Uhuru park ushirika celebration day intertainments kibao where are?
Just the way some goons started celebtion that a person won election,which he dint win,is the way kenyans wil wake up to find big demonstration at uhuru park heading to state house to uproot one tribalic president watch this space.rem misri
today is USHIRIKA DAY come join us at UHURU PARK to mark this day
joel Ndonga gives a tip for the new Egyptian president to get rid of Tahrir square. With Vat bill being prepaired by Mr Kenyatta to tax our basic foods' what tip would you offer Mr Kenyatta .?? Good morning
On our way to uhuru park for ushirika day
on 1 may i was at the UHURU Park,where Atwoli was Declariing ,advising,praising etc- he has an uncann resemblance to the min.of Labour Kazungu.whos advising State house on Teachers issues!
This Sato, 10am, join 'Elephant Jim' as he walks from Uhuru Park to KWS to fight elephant poaching in Kenya
Join "Elephant Jim" at Uhuru Park on Saturday 29 June 2013 at 10am and walk with him to Uhuru Garden and on to KWS Headquarters (Orphanage) to show solidarity with Kenyans who're trying to save elephants from extinction by poachers.
on 27th-29th June 2013, ALL THE ROADS LEAD TO RAILWAY CLUB, UHURU PARK Nairobi, for co-operative sports and family day, come with your family , friend and have fun as we make USHIRIKA SPORTS day. Kenya's big teams will play .. HAKI DON'T miss.
Sotokoto Pre-Run coming up this Sunday from 12.00 Noon, come one come all! Venue:Sunken Car Park, Government Square. Running Route:1.5 KM from KICC as the start & finish point City Hall Way-Intercontinental Roundabout-Parliament Road- Harambee Avenue
What makes preacher pitch tent in Uhuru Park with zero audience, besides the guys asleep during lunch break?
A procession from Uhuru Park to the KWS headquarters will be held this Saturday to sensitize the public on the dangers of poaching in Kenya
Terrorism is not only an act associated with the Al Qaeda and Al shabaabs but in my native language its also an act linked to those guys who associates themselves with widows and widowers. . . . . .Likewise there's a disease that has erupted recently called "Guokism" which to my understanding is where the human race potray some acts like that of a dog m.And waht does a dog do? 1. It barks at you even when you dont have an intention of invading Its masters teritorry! NKT! 2. A dog is the only creature that vomits and licks the vomit again.NKT! 3. A dog will bark at those it doesn't know.NKT! 4. ETC. NKT! The only thing that worries me is the fact that this disease called "guokism" has no cure, coz even no matter how learned you get, it may not cure you. Maybe the intervention of the Lord God our saviuor that can help those associated with this kind of PATIENTS, to have more PATIENCE in their endevours lest they fall down from heart attack. If you think am hitting on you with my statement then I have no op ...
Please, please join us for a great day out this Saturday at Uhuru Park to support Jim Nyamu (who is walking 1,000...
In His time God will make all things beautiful
I'll be in Thika tomorrow...come walk with me
Even though RAO's victory was stolen, we are a happy nation because :- 1. Teachers are striking hence both TNA and CORD kids are out of school 2. Prices of most commodities are up for both TNA and CORD. 3. Most landlords in Nairobi will increase rent for both TNA and CORD tenants. 4. Globe trotting money used by uhuru and Ruto is the tax paid by both TNA and CORD voters ARE YOU HAPPY TOO AND WHY
Students attack principal for denying them opportunity to attend sports
91.2 CROOZE FM NEWS AT 7;00AM-POWERED BY Orange Uganda WITH Babrah Ayebale. -President Museveni and his visiting counterpart President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya have re-affirmed their commitment to the realization of the East African Federation ,noting that it’s the only way to guarantee the prosperity, safety and future of the people of the community. -In the same dev’t.Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda have agreed to construct a railway line from Kenya to Uganda and extend to Rwanda. -The Dairy Development Authority Mbarara under the ministry of Agriculture Animal husbandry and fisheries,yesterday officially opened a mini exhibition in Mbarara Municipality independence park,which will run from 25th of june to 27th under the theme “Increased milk production to match a growing demand”. -The Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko has also joined Vision Group boss, Robert Kabushenga in the quest for FUFA presidency This followed the federation leader, Lawrence Mulindwa’s announcement that he would bow out when ...
kwa wale wako indoors tune to NTV na kama we ni muoga lala..
As Obama skips Kenya,the end tym PROPHET of the LORD has scheduled mighty meetings for kenya
Iii by the way ati nimuroranagia kuria ndirari weekend?, mutiire kamuru mena jimmie mamwire,.
Left Westy at 7.30pm. Am still at Uhuru park. Will someone pls tell us TF is goin on Uhuru Highway?
Mr uhuru kenyatta.presidency is not a walk in park.
See you at the next Uhuru FleaMarkets at Clark Park -- Saturday, August 3rd! Vendors: You can pre-register now, get more info at
one Mbusi taught all jobless guys to say 'hakuna mbr' saa izo wamelala Uhuru Park smh smh
i won't promise my makueni people every good, i won't promise you that i will do evrything to you, but i promise to work with you to make our home a better place. together we can go further. dont let our opposers confuse yo with their idle mouths. simply tell them that; WE ARE CORDED, AND WE DO IT OUR OWN WAY.
What's that one song that you do not go A day without listening to it?
These are designs you can choose from if interested and believe you me we wont dissapoint...
Ushirika Day will take place on Saturday 6th July 2013 at Uhuru Park beginning 9:00 pm. All Kimisitu Members are invited to attend
Teachers on the Tl we meet at uhuru park !
I think Uhuru park near the Ministry of Health offices
That pic must have been shot from Uhuru Park or the Railway golf club, right?
Ruto must have realised that running agovernmnent is not awalk in the park,its not easy as organising arally at uhuru park or 64 stadium,not easy as attacking an oponent at acompaign rally or writing acompaign manifesto
I think there is a high percentage of men who have been on dates with women who have tagged along their friends that they think all women are the same. I personally believe several men are not being creative. A date does not only involve going to a restaurant, you can set up a picnic, go bowling. A date is for two people to get to know each other and it should not have a price tag. I believe that if a guy genuinely likes a girl, sure he will want to impress her but at the same time keep it real with her. - Miss Mandi
one day visit in the township,in a hope that the township atmosphere will discharge the exams fatigue."Thembisa esselen- park" that's where the revolutionary is now.
Sanibonani :) the prank call is coming up, also find out what Lindiwe Mazibuko has to say about her "mini-skirt" Gagasi FM
Happy birthday to you, do drop us your name, age and where you from for your shout out
so uhuru park was fun you say...disturbn scenes I even need to be not in my right state of mind to talk about it.
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