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Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park is a recreational park adjacent to the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya. It contains an artificial lake and an assembly ground which has recently become the most popular skateboarding spot on weekends that caters for Nairobi's growing skate scene.

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Raising salaries won't stop trafice police bribery. It has never worked.. What will work is hanging 2 or 3 at Uhuru Park..
al tell yu a story frm Uhuru park one night in 2012
it's on his way from Serena that Raila saw the crowd at Uhuru Park and fate crushed.
I visited Nai is really filthy!!!please clean Nai if you want votes .Eg Moi monument uhuru park ..the plastics!!
The crowd at Uhuru Park left Raila mesmerised & perplexed, making him have a change of mind
the story I have heard is that Rao came from Serena from meeting Nyachae, he saw the mass at Uhuru park n had no option
On his way to The Serena he saw a mammoth crowd at Uhuru Park which was waiting for NAK leaders
It's Day 63 of the and the CHURCH is not bothered; I haven't seen prayers at Uhuru Park,Why?
Today we got our revenge. Stamford bridge sio Uhuru park
Uhuru park viewpoint is where we officially started our roadtrip. Images by
I want to make a drones fly it at Uhuru Park or something whatever I'm just a geek
Uhuru launching manual back up at Uhuru park
Meet me at the viewing point overlooking uhuru park, where the big kenyan flag is! I will be there at 5pm!…
Politicians must be barred from holding rallies within the city,it's too much inconvenience.We have uhuru park for a reason
Why are there no rubbish bins in uhuru park??
our fun here is alcohol, kids play with gadgets. Fun parks are considered for low class-uhuru Park for Mathare kibera people
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Can we make a running track complete with changing rooms in Uhuru park?
In 2012, elders met at Uhuru Park to seek intervention from their ancestors on cases -
The mothers will be attended to at Uhuru park since all public hospitals are closed.
. a game drive at nairobi national park ... I loved the railway museum. + I would attend a boat ride competition in Uhuru Park
So anyone who thinks my inbox is "RIPE" campaign grounds or UHURU park anakula block PAP. Don't send me links...
on the bright side up, they've done a fantastic job with Uhuru Park making it a family friendly fun spot
The lady preaching at Uhuru Park has a soothing voice lol I'm making it a habit to escape here during lunch breaks lol.
If Uhuru Park was mine I would put in coy fishes eels prawns goldfishes baraccudas exotic aqua life maintain it nicley major face lift it 🌹
The late Wangari Maathai stopped the illegal occupation of Uhuru park. Pres. Kenyatta went ahead and sold the national park to his SGR squad
Always remember what Uhuru's next question was "Mnataka niweke firing squad Uhuru Park?"
Truth be told, Maximum capacity Nyayo -30k, uhuru park 20k, bomas 2000 people.
Praise THE LORD Mr. President. May you please choose a day then lead us in a National Day of Repentance at Uhuru Park before the Election...
Nairobi Kenya skyline at sunset. Taken from Uhuru Park in the city [1200x1200]
So arap mashamba is effectively in charge of the country, let the land grabbing begin,uhuru park for sale, anyone interested
you discover Uhuru park is better place ya kuvuka weekends
We will be using malls like Uhuru Park.
Soon, these trees will be cut down to pave way for some sky scrapers (ongoing)! Uhuru Park might be gone within 20…
Ati the police were protecting the demonstrators at Uhuru park from attacking themselves.
The gathering at Uhuru park had more than enough officers to protect protesters. Orders came from above to disrupt
seems dispersed th gathering at uhuru Park to PROTECT you. For your own interest 🤔🤔🤔
When is he launching Uhuru park na uhuru highway?
Mygovernment will on Monday launch the official construction of a dam in Uhuru Park to caution Nairobians from watershortage
Uhuru go ahead and withdraw Mama Ngina Park from Mombasa upeleke kule Gatundu..Nothing will stop us from...
Welcome to Uhuru Park, Nairobi's low cost love nest – PHOTOS
Uhuru Park, Nairobi's low cost love nest.
where specific. Uhuru park or capital hill
Wangari Maathai saved uhuru park our generation has a task to save
Uhuru Park in 1970. The park was opened in 1969.
>one of the & hand out character view the K.I.C.C,UHURU PARK in peace.
A developer is cutting down a whole plantation of trees on lower hill rd, just after Uhuru park it can't be legal
At ths rate Jubilee may ReLaunch new Constitution at Uhuru Park. Am feeling very disturbed by what am seeing 😂
There's an idle dais overlooking Uhuru Park, it should be used to hang Nairobi's corrupt and cartels. Thieves cannot be elected come 2107
set to launch Uhuru Park as one of the parks done by *** Administration
who wants to flash mob dance (?) to the shaka zulu theme song at uhuru park?. 🎶BAAAYETE INGOSI🎶
President Uhuru should just be prepared to park and Go Home~>
UhuRuto will soon be launching Muliro Garden and commissioning Uhuru Park, then later Lay stone for the...
Awesome pics Uhuru park has never looked so serene
kenya,we should treat the corrupt that way. Line them in uhuru park n shoot them dead. Or chop off their hands.
This one left me in stiches... KINDLY ADVICE;. Yesterday was the saddest day in my life. I was at Uhuru park when...
Uhuru park was the place to be, dufo mpararo alafu you consider your xmas epic AF🏊🏊
The president who bombed and sunk a drug ship in the high seas asks, "sasa mnataka niweke firing squad uhuru park". He knows what to do man.
The EP Launch that was dubbed happened last Saturday at Uhuru Gardens (a historic memorial park) to celebrate the new EP.
With Babu Owino during the Madaraka celebrations at Uhuru Park
Sometimes they give it a fancy name eg The Homabay Declaration or the Uhuru Park Accord etc then using the "Minority Rule" impose it on ALL
well said I hope people will even if its to Uhuru park to have memories of o…
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seen guys mocking Boniface Mwangi..but for Wangari Maathai being slapped & called names by Moi,there would be no UHURU…
in my openion we should gather at uhuru park and educate our selves on who to vote for and not. We decide who to save us
There's a small building at Uhuru Park just adjacent to Kenyatta Avenue...those police assaulted us untill we gave…
Wangari Maathai was the 'mother of trees' and pioneer of Uhuru Park. She is and will be remembered for conservation.
Please come out in large numbers to support the peaceful demo. We meet 12.30pm at Uhuru Park
So I'm at uhuru park and I rode one those boats where you gotta peddle worst thing I've ever done my neck was burning
submission of sanitary towels,and inner wears and financial contributions.The donations will be collected at Uhuru Park as well from 12pm
I've only gone through Uhuru park, never even stayed for like 5 minutes,..
The number of people who cross the zebra crossing at Uhuru park. Wueh. OK
Uhuru park has the best red volcanic soil fo Horticulture & rearing poultry to feed Nairobi
What? Let's put these fellows at Uhuru park and whip them...
2017 would be a walk in the park for if only they put their act together.Uhuru hs been a pin on the kikuyu community
Awww thanks, tell to join us at Uhuru Park, 5-6pm everything
Mwai Kibaki is someone we could have dragged to Uhuru Park and hang him publicly. Its pretentious to wish him well on anything.
We should put our few coins together, hire uhuru park, limos, showcase trucks and invite our athletes for a welcome home parade
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yes, no one is saying it doesn't happen at home. But the probability of at home and Uhuru Park at night is NOT the same.
Enforcement. And there are Kanjo offices within Uhuru Park.
Uhuru Park very busy on Sunday with families and couples...and trash EVERYWHERE. Je hii ni ungwana ?
Perlexy performing NOW at Uhuru Park for the mini concert.
Narissa performing a spoken word piece on identity at the celebration at Uhuru Park.
nimecheki whatsapp text. How far are you from freedom corner,Uhuru park?
just passed ABC Place on Waiyaki Way! Join in or head over to Uhuru Park for the celebration!
with & Walking 17 Kms from Kinoo to Uhuru Park. These wazee are fit!
The walk will conclude at the Mau Mau Memorial in Uhuru Park with music, dance & spoken word performances.
View of Uhuru Park and Nairobi skyline from Laico Regency hotel room. No time to get out and see…
Day one in Nairobi. National Museum, Snake Park and Botanical Gardens. Then a wander downtown, Moi Avenue, Uhuru Park...
Going to Uhuru Park is doing wat the constitution allows us to do but denyg us the rights to assemble is going against it.
Just seen : NOBODY is allowed into Uhuru Park or Nyayo stadium on June 1. Maybe EVERYBODY is allowed into Afraha Stadi…
While peace and olive branches were raised at Uhuru Park, unfortunately war mongering and grandstanding were a…
Whether you showed up in Uhuru Park or Afraha Stadium, thank you for reviving the spirit that prevailed 53 years ago https…
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Nairobi kindergarten schools are extortion cartels.. 3K to take kids to Nairobi Orphanage and Museum then Uhuru Park
City pastor counting heavy losses after losing battle for Uhuru Park
Police arrest 11 armed with pangas at Uhuru Park
Mammoth crowd at Uhuru Park??? ISORAIT,Remember Uhuru Park is within the capital Nairobi... and I should not...
Uhuru Park was an aroma of victory and success from the start. CORD should book The Venue Early for Jamhuri Day
NAIROBI, 1ST JUNE 2016: Kenyans have today thronged to Uhuru Park to join the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy...
Earlier at in Uhuru Park, Nairobi read my speech from
Cord leader earlier at in Uhuru Park, Nairobi
University of Nairobi students to inspect Uhuru Park for bombs and 'foreign materials including aliens' - Babu Owino.
In Pictures: Many in attendance for the Cord rally at the Uhuru Park grounds, Nairobi.
University of Nairobi students organisation chair Babu Owino also at Uhuru Park
Is it true that Uhuru will use Oginga Odinga Avenue to Afraha Stadium while Raila will use Uhuru highway to Uhuru Park?...
Did Prof. Wangari Mathai mention Uhuru Park as a prayer or political ground? It was reserved for the purpose of conserving our environment!!
When Wangari Mathai fought for Uhuru Park to be a recreational park and environmental reserve none of the two parties helped her, look now!!
Nairobi Governor should not take this onslaught by State House lying down. He MUST come out publicly and state who controls Uhuru Park.
Police or Nairobi county government mandate to hire out Uhuru Park? "licensing" of meetings by police? https…
I am volunteering to mediate between Lucy Ngujiri and Raila Amollo Odinga on who should use Uhuru Park on...
Nairobi County Government issues statement on the Uhuru Park standoff. Grants CORD permit to use venue
Kenya: police said Uhuru Park was booked on Wednesday by preachers, Nairobi county govt now say it's booked for the oppo…
CORD was allowed by the County Govt of Nairobi to use the Uhuru Park venue on 1st June 2016
Who should give permits to hold gatherings at Uhuru Park? Is it Nairobi County Govt or ?
Uhuru Park belongs to County Government. The mammoth of crowds will be there on Wednesday morning. Arrest CORD we see.
Major stand-off as Nairobi county govt, police clash over CORD Madaraka Day rally at Uhuru Park:
If Nrb County Gvt is the custodian of Uhuru Park and it granted permit to CORD then police should stop misleading Kenyans
Sunday May 29, 2016 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is free to hold his Madaraka Day rally at Uhuru Park.
Governor approves CORD's Uhuru Park rally on June 1, outlaws it. Whose decision holds more weight in Nairobi?
What if Moi built the intended skyscrapers at Uhuru Park? Let's hold a rally on 1st June to celebrate the late Prof. Wangari Mathai instead.
We'll hold Madaraka Day rally at Uhuru Park - Orengo via
CONFIRMED;As CORD,we will be at Uhuru Park for Madaraka Day. The people's president H.E Raila Amollo Odinga will...
They'll look for elsewhere if that prayer activity is genuine. All roads leads to Uhuru Park for Jamhuri day
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Protests are always not peaceful, unless CORD will confine itself at Uhuru Park. You can't control youth, you expect chaos
Its Sunday!!! Come check us out today at Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park, we are featuring $25…
will hold parallel Madaraka Day celebrations at Uhuru Park on JUNE 1 (Recipe for chaos-I think people honestly want to see blood shed)
. How about cutting the grass at Uhuru Park.
You can try the Philippines one.. Holding Virgil at Uhuru park
Anybody around...holla me.. — feeling blessed at Uhuru Park Nairobi, Kenya
Uhuru Park now with overgrown grass. it's a first . Now it's our responsibility to cut it ?
Orengo: We intend to celebrate Madaraka Day on 1st June at Uhuru Park grounds.
My 2022 presida let's go the manila way. Let's all mobilize and camp at Uhuru park
Uhuru park "Where's the cheapest place to take a chiq on date around a picnic"
Any kenyan in need of peace should join them. Pple shld meet at Uhuru park bfore heading there in thousands!
so if peaceful protesters gathered in Uhuru park & kept chanting forever, they won't be attacked?
like wangare mathaai(God bless her soul) did in uhuru park,she never fled in armoured vihicles wen GSU came,she stayed put
as much as there was some form of transformation, the Shimla Park issue has arguably taken us back to square 1 [Reitz]
I have a dream that my children will find Uhuru Theme Park. Its possible
Chilling at Hyde Park after & remembered is on the 28th after hearing 1 dance by cc
At this rate, someone will soon obtain a notice to develop an estate within UHURU PARK.
morning Guys hope you guys are good nwa shaffie thats not uhuru park kenya its in UK Dartford, Kent.
SC they were not rioting .They were going for a rally at Uhuru park. You must have been in…
If Miguna becomes Nairobi Governor, the HQs will be moved from City Hall to Uhuru Park just to accommodate his gigantic ego.
Just as it is 2protect rights of ppl 2work without disruptions or inhibitions.Genuine picketers shld use uhuru park
Uhuru Park was initially inhabited by animals such as Thompson's gazelles?
If anything happened to Uhuru Kenyatta or William Ruto and they die, God forbid, Raila Odinga will hold a celebrations rally at Uhuru Park.
Chilling in the rain at Uhuru Park cos you know, that's how we do ☺ Not sure which bird this is…
Maybe you saw that Ndege guy for the first time at Uhuru park, he lost 7 members in his family
Kichapo cha unyama and all he needed was a night's sleep. In Uhuru Park. In the rain.
"Boniface Manono" so how did your uncle know you were at uhuru park waiting for him to pick u up.lies lies lies
He walked to town for uber interview, beaten, slept at Uhuru park, then resurrected
I still don't understand how he got to the hospital, coz he says he went to Uhuru park and relaxed there.
The beautiful Uhuru Park exists because of a brave woman who opposed Moi. She was called a mad divorcee but she won. ht…
First, what was he doing with a lady's handbag? two, how come Uhuru Park was his only choice of reguge?
This could be Uhuru Park but Kidero you playing!!
How the F do u go to get beaten up, sleep without eating at Uhuru Park while the Politician eats buffet and stays in a Mansion! Smh
Parliament is the answer, why not occupy Uhuru Park istead of confrontational demos with the police?
That Uhuru Park pool must have been stirred by angels. Any man with rungu injuries can jump in and attend a press conference. Miracles!
I am confused about the man in green. He changed shoes, slept at Uhuru Park till 6pm, died and ressurected but did not visit a doctor?
So man was brutally beaten by police at Hazina towers, he walked few meters and slept at night in Uhuru par…
so they practically have a small Uhuru Park at home
MP John Mbadi addressed dozens of CORD supporters before they left Uhuru Park for the IEBC offices.
UPDATE: MP John Mbadi addresses the demonstrators gathered at Uhuru Park before they left for the offices
Monday May 2, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta missed the Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park on Sunday to go...
Crossing from Uhuru Park side to that kagallery opposite is 100 bob 😂😂😂😂, . Alternatively, toa viatu
Uhuru wil set fire to 105tonnes of ivory in Nairobi National Park.This article explains why ts the right thing to do
Part of the Ivory stockpile that will be destroyed by Uhuru at Nairobi National Park on 30th April
Uhuru Health Festival today in Clark Park from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
can be ignored in politics.Was Jakom not 2back Nyachae only to turn 365 degrees @ Uhuru Park to say Kibaki Tosha?
On 30 April Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta will set fire to 105 to tonnes of ivory in Nairobi National Park .
Need Weekend Plans? Check out the Uhuru Market and Festival in Clark Park today until 5pm!
Today: The Uhuru Market and Festival fills Clark Park with 100+ vendors, live music, workshops and more:
There's a bench at Uhuru Park written , "I refuse to just sit here , I will make a change" yeah perhaps go to Meru & pose as a miraa farmer
1992:Mothers of political prisoners flaunt their nakedness at Uhuru Park's Freedom corner to put pressure on the...
Uhuru Flea Market & Health Festival return to Clark Park this Saturday
Uhuru Flea Market (and Health Fair) returns to Clark Park this Saturday
we meet kesho at 10am pale Uhuru park then ride in support of finish is at pawa254
. Cord are very terrible in propaganda.from paradin s skin disease as burns in kibera now Uhuru park as Afraha
75th minute walk out ilikuwa ifanywe Uhuru park ama??
when Uhuru park used to be my best place
It was a young heroic law student that helped save Uhuru Park
Come get ya face beat this Saturday at Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park! This year we will…
Why were you pleading for Raila's endorsement at Uhuru park by the way?You should have vied on a TNA ticket.
'when police officers pursued him up to Uhuru Park and gunned him down' 'Kevo was unarmed at the time of his death'
this is propaganda. Thats uhuru park back in 2010 during katiba promulgation.
the first photo was taken at Uhuru park not Nakuru .
yes I love Uhuru Park and Jevanjee..I love being around people
I don't like him either. He once claimed at Uhuru Park after returning with the Ocampo 6 to The Hague that he had boxed me.
is just lame.Babu wins again confusing Kenyans & elite wannabes. It's a 2014 video of an event held in Uhuru park,
Sooo excited about Uhuru Flea Market this Sat in Clark Park! This year we will feature $25 face…
we meet at Uhuru park at 10am then proceed to ride and raise bring a bike,a friend,a socialite.
thankful for the big Kenyan flag hoisted at Uhuru Park, passing there everyday, i always remember to whisper God Bless Kenya.
Short Analysis: No walk in the park for Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017 with run-off likely.
Life has never been easy neither has it been ever hard, it has all been you... @ Uhuru Park…
Wangari Maathai also used nude protests to save Uhuru Park by the way.
Dear Father God, i just wonna get me please!!! @ Uhuru Park Nairobi, Kenya
Anything back of a length is going outta the park.
I hate people who post about everything they do when they come to Nairobi. Mara nko Uhuru Park saa hii, mara nko...
Cant win NPP vs SGR unless we rise up like Wangari Maatthai shielded Uhuru Park which could be tall buildings now.
Who said it was Kikuyus who heckled Moi at Uhuru Park? It was the same goons. Who beat Weta's supporters today??? Same goons.
When CORD calls for a rally at Uhuru Park, not even a Chief is deployed there, why hundreds of officers at Muliro gardens! No one knows
Voice of survivors mother Painfully talks of the ordeal of weeks to Uhuru park...n camping there hopin to find their children
When are u launching your Nairobi Governor bid publicly at Uhuru Park? Too late or still early?
Ask him to call a rally at Uhuru Park and say so publicly!
Uhuru Park: Parents of Garissa Attack victims light candles for departed children. via
📷 Decided to pass by Uhuru Park in the morning
Parents who lost loved ones in Garissa University College attack converge at Uhuru Park Nairobi.
*** does that have to do with me? Niko Kabarak. Last time roads closed here was Dec 02 when I left for Uhuru Park.
"my work to protect Uhuru Park". We sorely needed a Wangari for Centenary Park... What a loss.
from Kibera Uhuru park is a walking distance so is the famous Carnivore.
if you have never been in town dropping application letters until you end up at Uhuru park for a rest!
Then there is this beautiful city governed by some looters @ Uhuru Park Nairobi, Kenya
shoulda gone thru Uhuru park then down to town
We have now arrived at Shimla Park.
Today we have a voter registration drive from Uhuru park Kindly join us.We deserve better.
I will attend with the larger Team Mbogo...Uhuru park we be happening
You should be talking about availing more registration centres and not rallies. Kenyans are not found at Uhuru park
A walk to where? Is there a registration center at Uhuru Park?
Tomorrow will mobilize Kenyans for voter registration.Let's meet at Uhuru Park tomorrow 10am and do a walk.
Uhuru Park slip road going towards Haile Sellassie Rd not moved an inch for the last 35 minutes
Thanks to she is the reason we have Uhuru Park, she sacrificed her life for us
"But he did not investigate if there were any white geology students who were beating blacks at Shimla Park"
"Rugby is a violent sport. There is a reason we went to Shimla Park and why we were beaten"
"Tomorrow we will walk to Shimla Park. We ask every supporter and sympathiser to join us wearing black"
Was learning how to ride a quad bike the other day at Uhuru Park, I couldn't get to make myself comfortably relaxed.
When a statue will replace the symbol of oppression at Uhuru Park
what would uhuru park n Karura be without yu mama Thank-you ever so much 4 yo EFFORTS
Uhuru park could not be there if not her courage of telling Moi keep off ,
Shame reserved a corner at Uhuru Park. We want her statute erected.
If had not taken on Moi and his cronies, there would be no Uhuru Park in Nairobi today. .
>> "City of Nairobi at night from Uhuru Park
Goodnight from uhuru Park around 2200hrs
who made a difference to the public. With Kenyans enjoy to visit Uhuru Park.
*** Prayer in Uhuru Park, or Christianity and LGBT Empowerment in Kenya -- Sightings (Adriaan Van Klinken)
Now heading the City of mean guys for a meeting at Railways Club, Uhuru Park... Of course I have carried my packed lunch 󾌩...
Take her to Uhuru Park, she'll learn to take pictures
This beautiful lady has restored faith in humanity after she was spotted enjoying the company of a street kid...
Read here about my experience in Kenya: in Uhuru Park, or and Empowerment in
Uhuru Park Stories: Meet Miss Lavender Adhiambo This was our most shared story
Watch this cool VIDEO of a beautiful lady dancing with a 'chokora’ at Uhuru Park, N ... -
The People V Take the old Man to Uhuru Park & Stone him to Death.thats what they would do in Nairobi for theft, isnt it?
back are the days,in highschool,when we would turn you birthday to bathday.Tokea apo Uhuru park,we wash you na io maji.HBD!!
While u were away alisema sisi wakisii the best we can offer to our ladies ni nature walk..uhuru park. Locked in.
If you go to uhuru park today you will think that there is a kids festival WHY ? because mutokoism.
to MOI kenyans should apologize to moi during 2002 uhuru park
share the valentine love at Uhuru park
Not an expert but have seen better ones at Uhuru park 😀
Have you ever been curious as to why people go to Uhuru Park? Well, I was and decided to explore.
I met in Uhuru Park Nairobi under a tree.
Mwai Kibaki -Minister of Finance- with his Wife Lucy arrive at Uhuru Park in 1978.
The folks reminiscing about the 70s. Getting dressed up to go to Kimathi street. Hanging out at Uhuru Park nicknamed Chevda park.
UHURU waived foreign tourist visa fee for children under 16 yrs & park entry fees from USD90 to USD60 to boost tourism sector.
let's make it a pub. The profit will help maintain Uhuru Park
Dame Daphne Sheldrick calls on Uhuru to stop SGR route through National Park
Sunset by the Black Star Square - Ghana's version of Uhuru Park - by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Magical.
Made my day"this is how he would arrive at Uhuru Park during political rallies
This afternoon,I joined other CORD Leaders for a Teachers' Solidarity Rally at Uhuru Park, Nairobi. From the...
CORD to hold Uhuru Park rally in solidarity with teachers - The Standard Digital News (satire) (press release)…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves. Uhuru Park rally is justified i insist.
End like 7/7 "Cord 2 hold rally at Uhuru Park in support of striking teachers.
AMAZING: Raila Odinga SPEECH during the unveiling of Mau Mau monument at Uhuru Park
COTU boss Atwoli at Uhuru Park for rally
COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli arrives at Uhuru Park in support of teachers unions
SHOCK as Kenya is sacrificed to Pagan gods to save country It was a ghastly sight at Uhuru park as more than 70 ch
they should also advice their folks not to use Uhuru park, Uhuru highway, and those who work for brookside should resign
if Mutunga calls for a meeting to educate ppl of their rights at uhuru Park, no one will attend
I wount boycott taking Milk, nor Drving on uhuru highway or hanging out in Uhuru park, watu waache ujinga..Nkt!!
from sugar to Milk, lets also boycott using uhuru highway, uhuru park,kenyatta avn and tea in general
After we boycott Brookside, i think we'll be told to boycott using uhuru highway, uhuru park, kenyatta Avenue.
Raila quickly abandoned Hon. Nyachae, literally ran to Uhuru Park and grabbed a seat next to Kibaki
rally at Uhuru Park to formally lauch NAK. Upon seeing the multitude which had gathered in the ( cont )
both ~ ' and Mutai are very wrong they need to repent at uhuru park..
If CORD organizes mass action, Kidero should look into how he'll protect the grass at Uhuru park
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like picnics and boat rides at Uhuru Park? 😆
A few more days left. Save the date! Abiyah Naturals will be back out in Clark Park at the Uhuru Flea…
Raila and Ruto need to get a life. Or rather they agree meet at Uhuru Park, throw words at each other, wakimaliza...
I think Uhuru Park Grass is of a different species from It cant be eaten by Green Armyworms!
Am wondering why dont we have Kidero's armyworm attack those pple walking across uhuru park.
35 years ago one could've sworn that Uhuru Park & Wangari Mathai would not have forced Moi into accepting multiparty politics
Another question: Uhuru Park is the rally venue for "Okoa kenya". How do I avoid stepping on
If you must step on grass while in town, its better to try go to Uhuru Park jst ro be save. Avoid Kidero grass at...
Lol uncle G at uhuru park every sunday ??
If crossing Uhuru park late evening you're demanded Kitu kidogo so as you're allowed then corruption is a way of life in Kenya
Some questions have answers in them. KQ went to announce 24 billion loss at Intercontinental Hotel instead of Ken chick or Uhuru Park? . 󾰕󾰕
Watch highlights from the Garissa Memorial Concert held at Uhuru Park on the show tonight from 7:35 p.m. Among...
Beautiful day with a beautiful person. You know yourself🙈 @ Uhuru Park
so Ngong rd commuters to walk tfrom CBD 2 Uhuru park to board a bus..or City stadium to take Kayole buses let's not imagine Rongai
On Valentines Day she took me to Uhuru Park to ride boats. Best day!
Carnivore grounds or Uhuru Park.Great work by the team.
Closing out the is the amazing CocoSol!!
Kesho before The Manchester Derby, Arsenal Fans lay vigil for the Fallen Heroes at 3pm, Uhuru Park.
Photo: uhuru health festival and fleamarket (at Clark Park)
Come learn about the Philly US Social Forum at the Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market today in Clark Park!
you are late in doing so. Go ahead and do it at Uhuru park.
Kenya's International Convention Centre viewed by me after my walk from Uhuru Park in Nairobi
This is Kenya's Uhuru Park, the place for everything Kenyan: beautiful, welcoming and colourful
UHURU PARK truly the face of Kenya, beautiful, quiet with constant chattering of trespassers who are escaping Nairobi's traffic nightmare
I suspect I'm a man. I saw a girl gully creeping along Uhuru Park holding tightly to her boyfriend coz she couldn't walk in her high heels.
I was at the scene at Freedom Corner at Uhuru Park in Nairobi, Kenya, and collected some photos.
Tomorrow, there's the Uhuru Health Festival and Flea Market in West Philly's Clark Park:
It was "just fine" but not enough in my view. The vigils and concerts at Uhuru park were GREAT. But in Uni's, naah!
Wat if & host a shw 2gether? Tht would be too big for T.V.We wld b all assembling at Uhuru park 2 watch thm live
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