Uhuru Kenyatta & Maina Njenga

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (born 26 October 1961) is a Kenyan politician who has served in the government of Kenya as Deputy Prime Minister since 2008. He is the Member of Parliament for Gatundu South Constituency and Chairman of Kenya African National Union (KANU), which is currently part of the Party of National Unity (PNU). 5.0/5

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prosecutor Fatou has doggedly pursued Kenyatta’s financial records in the period leading up to and during the 2007-2008 PEV. An excerpt from part two of our feature on how the ICC case against Kenyatta fell apart hints at what Bensouda may be trying to prove using the financial records: - With regards to the meeting in Nairobi State House on 30 December 2007, according to Witness 11, “Kenyatta said that he had the capability of organising his people and mobilising them for any eventuality”. The witness claimed that Kenyatta also gave the members of parliament and the Mungiki members present 3.3 million KSh each. This money was allegedly used to fund the attack in Naivasha. - Witnesses claimed that around mid-2007, Maina Njenga received 8 million KSh, while in prison, from a person sent by Kenyatta. - Witnesses alleged that in late January 2008, Maina Njenga received another sum of money while in prison. This time, Maina Diambo and two unnamed people, who were also sent by Kenyatta, brought 20 millio ...
WHY WE SHOULD NOT FIGHT AMONGST OURSELVES AS CITIZENS: If you are jubilee and you have problem with Raila Odinga , you shouldnt hate Luos. After all soo many Luos are strong supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta . Eg Bill Arocho , Onyango Oloo , Dalmas Otieno etc etc On the other hand if you are CORDed and you hate Uhuru Kenyatta , you shouldnt hate Kikuyus. There are soo many Kikuyus who support Raila Odinga.. Eg Maina Kiai , Stanely Githunguri , Maina Njenga , Mumbi Ng'aru etc etc having lived and worked in Mombasa in 2007/2008 many of Kikuyu & Mt Kenya friends there were staunch ODM supporters. I remember one man called Mr Njeru who was from Difathas Embu. He hated Kibaki sooo much and he told me if Kibaki won, he would leave kenya and go to uganda. Surely he did that. There are many Otienos who never cared whether Raila had won or lost.
I wont condemn Maina Njenga and celebrate Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.
After closely listening to Maina Njenga's story and further reading it in today's newspapers, it is very evident that the government is behind finishing this man. Reason: He denied recording a statement about the ICC cases. Now does this then imply that the charges against Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are nothing far from the truth? Lets discuss. No feelings! No emotions!
Apparently, and openly unafraid, Moses Kuria, whose current profile picture depicts himself shaking hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta, is calling on Kikuyus to take up arms and kill Luos and Somalis, ostensibly to defend their 'mothers and daughters' against the 'terrorism' wrought by these communities. (See the series of screenshots). He claims that CORD and Raila (deductively then, Luos) are responsible for the series of unfortunate murders we have experienced from terrorists of late. In response, zealous Kikuyus are asking for AK47s, reminiscing about their exploits in Naivasha in 2008, are crying for when to start spilling the blood of 'kìhìi, are petitioning Maina Njenga to prepare the Mungiiki. During all these warmouthing, the government is warning us against tinted windows? Has impunity and arrogant ethnic jingoism gone to this level to be tolerated by the administration? Or this is just empty, fun talk? When is Moses Kuria killing us all? Will action be taken against Moses Kuria? Certainly .. ...
I have a strong reason to believe that Maina Njenga is running a secret organization under the cover of a church. Its time the government observes international ministry keenly. Mainas' support for Raila Odinga since 2007 was for his own survival at the helm of Mungiki leadership and with Orange Democratic Movement vanquished by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto and his followers paid and coached by the likes of Makau Mutua and Hassan Omar Hassan to fix Uhuruto at the will find the going very rough.
ICC Suspect endorses RAO because he has "heavy feelings." That is a new one in the English world. So what kind of people will work in Raila's statehouse - that is if he were elected? And that is hypothetically speaking because Uhuru Kenyatta has got it in the bag first round! RAO statehouse will be run by SUSPECTS and people with heavy feelings that need to eat a lot; The list of suspects running to RAO is endless - Maina Njenga, Waiganjo, Sang, Patni, the Priest found in the forest with Martha Karua. Please name more
I read mischief from Justice Willy Mutunga's claim. The letter could have been a CORD blackmail to tarnish the name of Jubilee Presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta. After all, the head of Mungiki, Maina Njenga is in CORD any way.
ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY One common thing btw Kalonzo Musyoka & Musalia Mudavadi is that they never learn from their mistakes, in the run up to the 2007 general election, during a public rally at Khadija Primary Ground in Mombasa County when they were campaigning for the ODM flag bearer to face PNU's Mwai Kibaki,Kalonzo Musyoka was booed forcing him to bolt out of ODM& formed ODM-Kenya today's wiper now 5 years down the line today Kalonzo Musyoka was booed by the crowd who wanted to be addressed by Maina Njenga forcing him to intervene for calm which they ignored but Maina Njenga was allowed to greet & calm Musalia Mudavadi in 2002 could not read the mood in Sabatia Constituency to defect to the famous NARC Rainbow instead opting to support Moi's prefered choice Uhuru Kenyatta thus serving as the Vice President for 3 month but end up loosing the Sabatia Seat that left him in the political cold till 2007 but 10years later Mudavadi is fighting a losing battle at the Presidency
f Ole Mositet the ODM candidate in Kajiado North has pole vaulted to TNA to contest for Kajiado senate as widely reported today,then ODM-CORD should now revisit the whole issue in terms of reviewing the real political worth of Maina Njenga whom till today i maintain is a hot air or just some ogress.One lesson emanating from that Kajiado contest is that Uhuru Kenyatta still holds the magic wand of his community & Ole Mositet must have noticed that Kikuyus are over 150K followed by Maasais at 100K & thats why Sakuda beat him despite him being around since 1992.Anybody who bags the Kikuyu blog vote will definitely carry the day in Kajiado.Im convinced this is the reason Jonny defected in Kamkunji too.Equally, that balderdash that Bishop Margy will troop kikuyu votes to PM should just be sold in Lokichar where people think Alphabet is anther name for Kapsabet.You recall the over estimated Maina Njenga could not even get his candidate in Kangema 500votes.Yet TNA candidate got over 12K.Its time ODM reviewed its ...
Mungiki leader Maina Njenga will now be included in the Document Containing Charges for the trial of Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and former Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura .
What we learnt from the recent By elections. 1. Maina Njenga and the Mungiki have No Support in Central Kenya. 2. Uhuru Kenyatta is without a doubt the De facto Leader of the Mt. Kenya Region 3. Musalia Mudavadi and UDF are welcome to the Mt. Kenya Region 4. Raila Amollo Odinga still has a stronghold on Western Kenya Region
After being inaugulated as a member of mungiki by Maina Njenga a few weeks ago, Raila had to do what every mungiki member does for him, that is exactly what Raila had to do, campaign for Maina Njenga's man in kangema. Have we forgotten that according one of Railas mouth piece Ababu Namwamba, Maina Njenga is a patriot. No wonder Bonny Khwalale said these words, "tutakushusha, tukushungushe ..." and now we can see what he meant. Please do not forget these words from Raila, "Msimamo wa MRC ndio Msimamo wa Raila". And then he campaign for a mungiki in Kangema.
The Kenyan Daily POST shared the following link: September 8, 2012 - The stage has been set for a fierce political showdown between Deputy Prime Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta and Maina Njenga in the forthcoming by-election in Kangema Constituency.Uhuru visited the constituency today to campaign for The National Alliance (TNA) candidate Tirus Nga
Raila's hooligans should learn from people of Nyeri who gave Miguna a warm come, we will pay that by giving Uhuru Kenyatta, Karua, Kenneth &Maina Njenga warm welcome every where they will go, bora sio KISUMU hapo tunawaelewa. God bless you people of Nyeri.
Maina Njenga is Uhuru Kenyatta's medicine in Central province. He should be the running mate of Raila.
The draft bill requiring MPs,senators and governors to hold university degrees from a recognized university might cut short political careers of many. My suggestion would be the affected enroll now for a crash programme.It is instructive to note that President Kibaki might hold office upto June 2013 because elections could be held in march 2013.That date has support of many who intend to pursue undergraduate studies so as to qualify. The elections must be held within three months from march 2013.Then there could be a run-off and probably a presidential petition.IEBC says it has been starved of cash to run a credible election. The amendment requiring a politician to have bachelors so as to qualify to run was sneaked in by Hon Amos Kimunya many think to cut off Maina Njenga from the race.That would benefit Uhuru Kenyatta. The amended political parties bill has other provisions meant to water down constitutional gains.So this has become confusing. But can you imagine how many politicians will be disqualifie ...
it's evident that Maina Njenga and his Limuru 2B are an ODM project aimed at frustrating Uhuru Kenyatta.
WHATS UA OPINIONS ABOUT THIS: Behind the Scenes……. Uhuru Kenyatta Vs Maina Njenga The battle for control of the Central Kenya vote is promising to be an epic duel that can no longer be assumed to be a mere supremacy contest. There is more than meets the eye. While the rivalry between Uhuru Kenyatta and Maina Njenga cannot be a surprise particularly to the people of Central Kenya, because of its historical significance, the rest of us (read the rest of Kenya) will, at some point, not be accorded the luxury of watching the contest from the periphery. In 2002, Maina Njenga supported Uhuru in the latter’s bid for the presidency. Maina Njenga and Mungiki did the same for Kibaki in the much-discredited 2007 polls. That which informed this support was the perception by the Mungiki that either Uhuru or Kibaki as President would come to the aid of the disenfranchised Kikuyu masses who have been victims of their own kin’s avarice. With the ‘aid’ was not forthcoming; a fall out was eminent with Maina Nje ...
Have realised that Maina Njenga the former Mungiki leader is becoming popular than Uhuru Kenyatta?.I saw amammoth who attended his anti GEMA meeting woed and threw bad abusive words at Sonko who supported Uhuru.
So Uhuru Kenyatta has a gag order on the star newspaper not to publish pics of him ,ole itumbi and the alleged Maina Njenga assassin.. Halaa
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