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Uduak Amimo

Uduak Amimo is a Kenyan journalist with both Kenyan and Nigerian ancestry. currently working for Royal Media Services.

Joe Ageyo Linus Kaikai Julie Gichuru Uhuru Kenyatta David Makali Martha Karua Raila Odinga Peter Kenneth Jeff Koinange

is overrated. Uduak Amimo is more sober and well read.
... should have brought Uduak Amimo of for this...better anchor for big interviews
I think we have a few who are good and objective. For instance Uduak Amimo she does a good job on interviews
but we have Uduak Amimo, i think she is good
He is a journalist. . He should learn from Jeff Koinange,Uduak Amimo & James Smart
Me trying to imagine the same interview bt with Uduak Amimo as the interviewer
amimo why should the president appoint already public officers that is Keter and Kazungu when there are many others.
Citizen TV have good journalists such as Uduak Amimo,why they rely on the likes of Julie and Ann 4 interviews puzzles me
My bank account right now be like a combined Mutegi Njau and Uduak Amimo sense of humor
Uduak Amimo will rip your head off with goose down feathers. Her gentle approach disarms while she tears apart dumb talking points.
Unmasking Uduak Amimo love, love this interview on
Uduak Amimo: Poised, professional, sabre-sharp and severe: africa, ghana news
See what Uduak Amimo thinks about Kenyan Journalists -->
Did Uduak Amimo always have this annoying weng? Haven't watched Cheche in ages; I don't think last time I did she sounded this annoying
(Uduak Amimo: Poised, professional, sabre-sharp and severe) Webkenni
Uduak Amimo: Poised, professional, sabre-sharp and severe
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
if you want a wooden table you'll go see Amimo coz she operates a Uduak store
Uduak Amimo, her story is quite impressive.
Unmasking Uduak Amimo “If you knew Satan would tempt Eve,why allow him in the garden?" Uduak to God
your heroine Uduak Amimo has been interviewed by in today's business daily.. Have a look
Watch on this morning hosted by Uduak Amimo with David Makali and Mutegi Njau
Thank you for watching this morning on with Nick Salat of Kanu, Uduak Amimo, David Makali and Mutegi Njau
Excited to be at Five words: Uduak Amimo and Caroline Mutoko
Citizen's Cheche hosts David Makali and Uduak Amimo are very well informed and read. I admire Amimo and her attitude.
its more than the money and status of a stage managed interview, as I look for Uduak Amimo.
Jeff is doing such a bad job! His 'tough' questions... IMHO, Uduak Amimo may have gotten better answers...
Dear Uduak Amimo,. REF:CHECHE interview with Abednasir Ahmed. We wish to thank you for the good work that you...
I don't think Sonko can handle a presidential debate moderated by Uduak Amimo.He may attend with ready made written down obscenities
What is said Uduak Amimo,what we hear Woodwork amimo...
In Istanbul with Peter Kenneth, Uduak Amimo, Prof. Macharia Munene for the Africa-Turkey Perspectives conference
Uduak Amimo and Peter Opondo have left Citizn TV. Has anyone else left recently we don't know of?
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Uduak Amimo [Citizen TV's Cheche to Irungu Kangatta [MP, Kiharu] who's proposing a bill to scrap the Senate]: Why don't you apply your useful energies and abilities to convince your colleagues to stop witchhunting? Just Now.
Irungu Kangata is one fake lawyer, he is being corrected by Kithure Kindiki and Uduak Amimo on law issues every minute. Clearly he wants to do away with the senate for non issues. That's it for me, Kangata go back to Muranga wacha siasa duni.
Uduak Amimo...that is how you start a day!!!
U do have a great taste of music Uduak Amimo. Checked this out yet?
Huddah: am going to have sex after Sunday. Uduak Amimo: Your time is up.
This lady Uduak Amimo.i wish she knew the mental anguish she subjects me to!
Heads of States and Government spent the morning of Africa Day, May 25th, that marks the establishment of the Organization of African Unity in 1963, reflecting on Africa’s future 50 years from now, under the theme "PanAfricanism and African Renaissance”.
Smbody tell me pliz is the lady im seeing in spectacles in the AU summit Oduak Amimo
Among the guest speakers for the are Dr Julius Kipngetich > Kigwa Sonali Shah Uduak Amimo
Uduak *RT Udual amimo where thou art to say 'time is up! '.amicus sentae homeia mr railae
I swear Mr. Kiptiness is worse than Uduak Amimo. He keeps saying time is up to this group they might as well not present.
Uduak Amimo...please tell someone his time is up
What if Uduak Amimo was one of the judges? ur time is up!
The journalists I admired and inspired me during this election period are Uduak Amimo, Obar Mark and Joe Ageyo!
Gat a New Watch bt my Time's old so no 'Uduak Amimo!!!'
Uduak Amimo shld be the bell ringer/time keeper on monday. For those for my opinion say ay.for those against my opinion say ny. the EYES hav it.
My heavens, if Uduak Amimo is the angel that handles our sins on Judgement Day...we're all going to ***
...ati apparently Uduak Amimo was the invigilator no sooner had they started than they were told their time is up!
HAH! As Uduak Amimo calls the studio cc:
Uduak amimo was the kcse exam invigilator at starehe, as soon as they started, she told them, "your time is up."
Corruption Tackled In 2nd Debate On Thursday night, exactly one week from the day Kenya's public will go to the polls, the presidential candidates were grilled hard at the second televised debate. The candidates were grilled *** several issues, but corruption and avoiding a repeat of the 2007 post-election violence were at the top of the agenda at the Brookhouse International School in Nairobi. The debate was moderated by veteran television journalists Uduak Amimo of Citizen TV and Joe Ageyo from KTN. All eight candidates (Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Martha Karua, Musalia Mudavadi, Peter Kenneth, James ole Kiyiapi, Mohamed Abduba Dida and Paul Muite) were in attendance at the three and a half our debate, despite reports that front-runner (along with Odinga) Kenyatta would not be attending. The candidates were given the chance to go into detail about their stances on corruption, the economy, land and natural resource management as well as how to avoid post-election violence. Corruption was the most ...
First time I heard of Uduak Amimo . I actually thought it was woodwork Amimo. tsk
UDUAK AMIMO is not a wife material at all.
Second presidential debate in Kenya was categorized into two segments the first segments was Economy, corruption, and second segments was lands and natural resourses. The first segment was moderated by Uduak Amimo and second segment by Joe. For my observation watching it they all Kenyan presidential candidates were all involved in the scandals issues of economy, corruption, lands, and natural resources. Now kenyan learned more about their leaders and worldwide. Thanks for the agents who organized the opens presidential debates in peaceful and calm talks. The new change is upon to the hands of the Keyan people. It was very interested debate pals. I have an optimistic thought in my mind that one day the Southern Sudan will do the same debate with no hesitating.
Has died of toothache kindly send contributions now now ;(
After doing an examplary work moderating the 2nd Presidential Debate early this week alongside, Joe Ageyo, i humbly ask my sister Uduak Amimo to stampede from Citizen TV and join KTN because that's where she belong. The KTN Google Hang-Out is one of its kind in Kenya and as Sophia Wanuna puts it, there is more to come. The new NTV studio that were unveiled today can't march KTN's.
Watching news and dozing off! "My time is up" (Uduak Amimo). To bed I go! Today's classes were great and many! Four to be precise. So now, tomorrow we meet at Impala Club, Ngong road at 9am for a super charged Zumba party and Afro Fusion. Ready??? Zumba! Transforming lives one body at a time!
How i wish Citizen TV edited this PS Thuita Mwangi arrest story before airing it..
CHOICE 2013 ON KTN: Sophia Wanuna stationed at Moi Avenue, Ritah Tinina is at the KTN City Centre Studios, Ferdinand Omondi live from Mombasa, Lindah Ogutu and Eric Njoka are presenting the news from the Election Centre, Betty Kyalo is at the KTN News Centre.
If Rita Tinina was a presidential candidate, we would only know her name (thanks to Uduak 'Your Time Is Up' Amimo). Speaks so slow
Uduak Amimo appointed time-keeper at Woodwork school, afta moderating the prezzos Debate_2013!
/Repeated/ A man sits next to a girl on a table in the hotel Man: hello madam? Lady : what is it? Man : sorry madam , just wanted to ask what the time is on your watch? Lady: ehee you think my watch is used as a public clock huh? Go away and stop wasting my time Man : but madam Lady :shut up!!! * the man takes out his Apple phone and makes call Man :hello Brayo I just settled from Washington D.C can you please tell me what time it is right now so that I set my clock to the local time since it still reads American time *she listens* ok thank you and today don't forget to come for the galaxy tablet that you requested * she listens* since my girl is still in America bring me a beautiful girl to spend my money with tonight Ok bye Lady : sir the time is .. Man : shut up!!!...
Dear family, friends and members, associates and supporters of Team Uduak :-) Thank you all for your wonderful and kind words of feedback, your encouragement and prayers. I hope that all of you who watched the debate do feel better informed. I'm still very much in awe of the brilliant teams of bosses, directors, editors, producers, technical crew, reporters and everyone who came together and worked together seamlessly to put the debates together! The media houses have shown that they can put competition aside for Kenya. Here's to much more collaboration in the future!
If you're about to enter me into a long conversation, ask yourself, "what would uduak amimo do?"
That's like galaxy vs iPhone, we'll argue till next year wit Uduak Amimo moderating & there'll be no answer "colbert or Stewart??"
The final presidential debate was a hot one for all the contestants, with moderators Uduak Amimo, and Joe Ayego, putting the candidates on their toes as they engaged each other on issues ranging from corruption, post-election violence and their role in reforms. The emotive and sensitive land ownership issue generated the hottest debate as pressure piled on Jubilee flag bearer Uhuru to declare if indeed it were true if the family of Kenya’s Founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta indeed owns “half of the land” in Kenya. However, it emerged Uhuru was being blamed for the sins of the father. The most impressive and high point for Raila was when he came to Uhuru's defense saying he is just an innocent party to the land issue and actually referred to him as an innocent inheritor. Martha Karua also admitted she has been exaggerating the land ownership of the Kenyatta's. Among the contentious issues of economic woes facing Kenya was the minimum wage was an interesting issue tackled, with the highest earning ...
To my dearest siz Tabby: I shed a tear from my heart 4 u n those no longer wth us..though gone ur alws in ma heart n i stl luv n ms u dearly..i neva imgn wont c u again...u wea our jewel.there r taims i cal ua naba n wait 4 u 2 kam home only 2 remember ur in a better place.sista u wea awa best..however i knw ur happy wth God... We mss u switheart..
Thanks. Her name is Uduak Amimo, you can catch here this and every Wednesday.
Random late night thought. I hope you took notes from uduak amimo yesterday! Don't ever repeat what you did in the 1st debate!
Has the Rongai Presidential Debate started? Am told the girl will be sitting in for Uduak Amimo. Kindly confirm.
On Debate ... Lady Amimo & Ageyo ... Bravo for your professionalism ... Did a wonderful job !
Her: u left the toilet seat up, blah blah *goes on for 4 minutes Me: I just forgo. Uduak Amimo: Edu your time is up
uduak amimo: your time is up. ME: This is faiba
'Your time is up ' uduak amimo to mourinho complaining about messi
Jana after Debate Uduak Amimo akaambia Kivuitu, "Your time is up"
"Husband: Let me just unwrap this condo... Uduak Amimo: You're time is up!!"
did Uduak Amimo really comb her weave yawa?sorry 4 asking
Kivuitu was right, he once said,'' a man dies and is burried once,not twice'' tru to his words, he waz right!! R.I:P
Uduak Amimo and Joe Akeyo did a wonderful job at the presidential debate II, especially Uduak. The previous one was very lame
I enjoyed moderating the debate for MP aspirants in Kibera. Over 200 people turned up and the aspirants were put to task and it was a great success. And nobody fought or threw stones so go tell it to the Mountains that Kibera want peace. Let's have a free and fair election. PEACE will reign.
I thought that Uduak Amimo could have expounded the question of economy much better rather than reducing it to minmum wage
This is the philosophy of my new admired USIU alumni colleague:::Miss Uduak Amimo "Believe in, respect and value yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in you, value you and bring out the best in you.That's why I don't like a company that *** life out of me!!! Be a constructive and positive influence to others. Know yourself and your values and what motivates you. If you don’t know yourself, you’re open to aimlessly wandering through life and being manipulated. Follow your heart - have a dream, purpose and a vision and pursue them relentlessly! Have and keep your faith! Always make time to be alone with yourself, clearing your mind and spirit of the clutter we imbibe daily. Give something back; to your family, community, country etc." I would add, always be grateful to God and ask him to grow your faith in him...d's factories
Uduak Amimo allow me to offer my congratulations on the truly admirable skill you showed in keeping clear of the mark during yesterdays debate.I will honestly request you to please teach others on how to be good journalists as you are.You have the most splendid talent Amimo.You are the one who can inspire others& If you would please start with your co moderator who spoil t the best debate ever.
Uduok Amimo the best moderator.she was the thrill of the debate!
UDUAK AND JOURNALISM... We, the media people of this age, have alot to learn from the evolving art of journalism and public communication in kenya. Yesternight, Uduak Amimo vindicated me over my earlier rant on bikini journalism of the likes of Julie Gichuru and Janet Mbugua. I have mentioned Julie out of my dislike of her Monday Special shows which she never steers beyond name-calling and wild claims. People like Kabando find solace in her because she has no core! She has no statistics and no history to back her up; worse, she spends more time doing make-ups than researching on the topic she's to present. Now, another core-less and clueless bikini journalist is Mbugua. She is known in the media circles as the douchbag who asked Sonko the running mate, despite the senatorial position having no such positions! Yesternight, Uduak brought back respect to our profession. via (Dikembe Disembe) Like The MEDIA Watcher for more insights
UDUAK AMIMO. Thanks for being the strong female Jurno that Kenyans are proud of. Our local Christian Amanpour. Most fearless.
Leo nime jiangalia kwa kioo hadi nika blush.Kumbe na kuanga msupuu tu hivi,u brown skin nayo? Hehe nowonder watu wanani confuse ati me ni bro ya Julie Gichuru,i get it sisi ni weupe but my only relatives (aunties) are Uduak Amimo n Fatouh Bensouda ehem! Anythng else,is what me and Raila baba wud like to call IRRESPONSIBLE STATEMENT :-|
am looking for Uduak amimo to buy her a drink for work well done yesternite
Did guys do a around of applause for yesterday's moderators, Uduak Amimo & Joe Ageyo did a really good job
Uduak Amimo should host BBC's 'The Weakest Link'... "Sorry, you're wrong, and your time is up!"
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(Uduak Amimo na hubby wake kitchen) Amimo: Hi, Would u mind taking coffee jst before the supper? Hubby: I think. Amimo: Ur time is over u can take this uji.
Is it uduak. Amimo or woodwork amimo?.
Me think Julie Gichuru she's overrated Uduak Amimo all the way..
Techies should develop an application for uduak amimo & call it.."your time is App."
who is Uduak Amimo? Uduak Amimo is a Kenyan journalist with both Kenyan and Nigerian ancestry currently working for Royal Media Services. She currently hosts a weekly talk show Cheche covering Kenyan Political affairs on Citizen TV. Her parents were from Nigeria and Kenya. Education Amimo begun her primary education in at Lavington Primary School before spending 3 years at Roosevelt Elementary School in Iowa. She then returned to St George’s Primary school in Nairobi before moving to the Navy Primary and Secondary schools in in Nigeria. She completed here secondary education in Kenya at the Bunyore Girls High School.Amimo holds a Bachelor of Art (Honours) in International Relations from the United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya. She also holds a Master of Arts in Journalism and Public Policy from the American University in Washington, DC which she received after winning a scholarship and teaching assistantship.
I think Uduak Amimo is arguably the best among her peers currently!
When i grow up, I want to be like Uduak Amimo
I hope Linus Kaikai has learnt a thing or two from Joe Ageyo & Uduak Amimo,undress the King but don't point at his nakednes!
Can explain why Uduak Amimo is not in one of their weekend news shows? She is Prime Time material
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo did some Good-work on last night. They were better than Linus Kaikai and Julie Gichuru who conducted the first phase of it.
Uduak amimo played her role well, she just made Julie Gichuru look like a straight up presenter
Uduak Amimo did an awesome job during last night's presidential debate.
"You think a thief would tell you that he's stolen?" Dida,a hitherto unknown Kenyan contending for presidency posing a question for the moderator,Uduak Amimo during yesterday's debate.
I knew there was something special about presidential debate presenter Ms. Uduak Amimo she is a USIU alumni...see our beloved University's mission accomplished: EDUCATION to TAKE YOU PLACEs.d's factories
Julie Gichuru is over rated. Woodwork Amimo sorry Uduak Amimo knows how to do it. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The new phrase in Kenya 'Your time is up.' *to be said in a Uduak Amimo voice*.
A conversation between Uduak Amimo and her husband. Uduak: What are you having for breakfast? Husband: What is there? Ok, Now what do I take? scrambled eggs? Is it some tea or coffee? Uduak: You need to make a choice Husband: Okay! Aaamm, ok, lemi takeee . Uduak: Your time is up! Take porridge or that boiled water!!!
That Moment when Dida's Wives come to hug him at ago, en he's almost suffocating from the tight hold, so he shouts," Uduak Amimo could you please tell them their time is up, I want to hug Martha Karua.!"
Which one is the correct name of yesterday's presidential debate moderator.(A) Uduark Amimo (B) Woodwork Amimo (C)Uduak Amimo (D) Oduak Amimo.
Dida is a manwho can simplify life when he speaks you feel him! R.i.p kivuitu!again was Uduak Amimo pro Mm she made Mm prepare himself properly!
Trust Uduak Amimo to make a debateroom luk lik a courtroom!
Amimo Uduak was so on point. well done lady
UDUAK AMIMO Yesterday Moderator of the Presidential debate "Thumbs Up" Jully Gichuru should copy thz.
Well done Joe Ageyo,Uduak Amimo,its a job well done,!i was flabbergasted at a figure of 30 h of land ,so was the seller to this willing buyer!? AMAZING.
Uduak Amimo n Joe Ageyo, perfect team last night
Uduak Amimo. We salute you. I don't know why they usually go for the same moderators where we have the lykes of Uduak amimo who is more mature , much better than all the others. Just fed up of the same old faces.
Uduak Amimo, Joe Ageyo good Job! I must admitt UK Remained Calm once again and answered his questions very well...Kiyapi Kuongea Mob!.
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo did great...way better than the previous moderators...every candidate got dressed down...the candidates had a go at each other, kenya won this debate even though nchi si wewe, nchi ni Uhuru Kenyatta!
I did enjoy yesterday’s debate very much, the grilling reveals quite a lot of information about the aspirants
Una maswali mingi kwani we ni Uduak Amimo...
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Uduak Amimo is among a few serious women that this country has. Her performance in last night's debate was excellent.a brilliant woman indeed.
enyewe comparing UDUAK AMIMO n Julie Gichuru,i think Julie Gichuru should be a presenter in TEEN REPUBLIK.she fine though.
Uduak Amimo Vs Julie Gichuru...who out-rightly rocked the presidential debate?
Uduak Amimo she did well than Julie Odinga n Kenneth won the debate
Kudos to Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo for the good moderation.Iloved the whole debate coz you gave every candidate the chance to air their views without putting words into thir mouth.When i heard it was you i knew straight away we have at magnificent duo.
Eeh! Ati Aduak Amimo ni Mulunje kutoka kachimeka, he he!
Eeei Uduak Amimo that was commendable, yu were in control of the debate, kudos again
Uduak has done some goodwork.hata Caroline Muthoko hatoshi.hehehe kudoz Ms Amimo
Good job to Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo. That waz good moderation of the debate...
Unlike Julie who was biased Amimo Uduak great presentation that was one of kind moderation. Ageyo thumbs too
well done KENYANS ,grt thx to the media fraternity for organizating such an important debate, to b truthful, it was of benefit to Kenya n KENYANS, thx to presidential aspirants for being calm during difficult moments of the debate! many thanks indeed to the moderators Uduak Amimo n Joe Ageyo, Martha Karua yu remained transparent n direct kudos
Kenyan Politics and Media: I think Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo did a much better job than their colleagues in the first debate. But why would RAO help UK on the land question during the debate which was a shift from his earlier position that UK stole land. Maybe it is because the Molasses question came up. Bwana Rao, I told you earlier how you gain a vote and loose five other votes. And mister Uhuru, my party leader, did u say 30K Ha of land. You the Man! Ask MaDVD. I wouldn't say the same about Dida who is the joker man of the year.
She is not wood work but UDUAK AMIMO.
And Uduak Amimo got a nice *** there,that's my point of view meanwhile.let peace prevail
This is it! The media personality of the Year..Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo..just as Judges journalist too! End manipulation.
Uduak amimo.that was realy agood moderation u realy mde the debate live by askin people randomly..
Uduak amimo shd hav done her homework so tht shes able 2 probe n ask hard qtns on corruption instead of jus teln evryone to clarify! Of course no one wil admit they r thieves!
Uduak Amimo is a fantastic journalist.
Julie Gichuru hope you watched what it means being a professional.UDUAK AMIMO.big up.. STILL JUBILEE to the core
Its a wrap for Presidential debate at the Brookhouse school but I am left With SO many questions than answers: ●we shall never really Know how much land Uhuru Kenyatta Owns ●What really happened between the ministry of lands and that of special programs that failed to resettle IDPs ●There were disappointing moments, but in the end Joe Ageyo & Uduak Amimo didn't blink or show fear ●Sad, I'll miss Dida. Truth be told despite the debate being captivating still no answers to those questions
I honestly believe that there are extremely tribal people in kenya. Seriously. Someone starts a comparison between uduak amimo and Julie Gichuru. And even goes ahead to write uduak as "wood work amimo". Honestly, how stupid can one become?
my analysis: Dida won the debate with an unassailable margin, Karua, Kenneth and Kiyiapi are Kenyans' watchdogs, Mudavadi worst performer like last time, RAO moderate in answering questions though too many corruption scandals and lied to Kenyans that money for buying IDPs land was not allocated-although Kiyiapi and Dida clarified money was given to lands ministry.UK- am wondering if its just a coincidence that there is no single case against him on corruption or land issue, it has been mere propaganda-but u cud have told us how much land u have.on the Computer error.Uduak Amimo cud only say Thank you sir, all in all congrats all candidates!
Uduak Amimo performed worse than Julie Gichuru. Joe Ageyo held off somewhat brilliantly, except a few moments which was was excited with Uhuru Kenyatta's land. Same level as Kaikai.
Uduak Amimo, Thumbs up! Quite refreshing away from preachy Julie!!
"Uduak Amimo, A+, Joe Ageyo, A+, Linus Kaikai, A, Julie Gichuru, sorry to say but u did yua best.. Imma give u a B+
Handle all Amimo's with care. . Anthony Eutycus, Joseph Gituanja n wangari wanga
Uduak Amimo You Rock. I just love your fairness en brilliance.
Nani mnoma UDUAK AMIMO ama Julie for me UDUAK tosha!
Mtu anipe namba ya huyo Uduak Amimo pilis Ashaajipa my last name sasa what is remaining is a ring on dat finger..
Amimo Uduak was the poorest of the duo
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo did a splendid job Kenyan media shines tonight. kudos to those behind scenes"
I liked how uduak amimo balanced the candidates, question and time.
At the brook hse the debate has been nice no biasness thanks to moderators uduak amimo n Joe Ageyo. Dida the man of the day I appeal he gona appear 2018 in th ballot he wil really hv ma vote if God wills
Linus Kaikai and Uduak Amimo-surely A+ ...Julie Gichuru and Joe Ageyo following closely behind-thank you all. ..
Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo did a great job moderating the debate,thank you.
I congratulate Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo for a debate well modulated.siyo kama the other one ya Linus Kaikai snd Julie Gichuru that was full of political mischief and targeted Uhuru Kenyatta to discredit him.
That was just beautiful!!! its now our part as kenyans to vote wisely come 4th March and seek Gods support.. Lets dream peace, walk peace, eat peace and think of ONLY peace God bless u All.
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo have done a commendable job tonight. Kudos to the duo!
This is not for any tribal or political issue,but tell me uduak amimo is from which part of the country.
GREAT JOB by Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo . I hardly noticed the 3 hours pass!
And to end the debate. Udwak has confirmed to all of us and the media owners that journalism is not about humongous hips and "pretty" faces but character. Congratulation Amimo.
Good job Uduak Amimo and Ageyo.sasa supper ndio noma naomba plz someone to send me supper .
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo did an owesome job that was a real debate
big up to Uduak Amimo n and Joe Ageyo,lavd it God bless kenya and may peace prevail
Thumbs up joe en amimo the best moderators
congrats to Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo for making the debate most lively,God bless Kenya goodnight all.
my frefered winner in this debate is the debate moderator UDUAK AMIMO.
Is it Woodwork Amimo or Undaku Amimo??someone enlighten me pliz.
Dida u av a quality of a gud leader.Lets meet in 2027, for the election of dat yr, ill support u as i will be vaying 4 ma Govana seat, bt nw bado uwesimake...lastly thnx 2 Joe Ageyo & Uduak Amimo luos in the houz, that waz a grt job u pipo,
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo that was good work. kudos and keep it have succeeded in keeping me awake until now.
And then it was a wrap. Kudos to journalists behind this & to the moderators, Uduak Amimo & Joe Ageyo tonight.
The moderators were superb. Not like the dunderheads of the first debate. Kudos Amimo and Ageyo
Big Big RESPECT to Joe Ageyo & Uduak Amimo. in other unrelated news...we most def, as a nation, come Monday, will vote in one HYENA among the 8 on our Tv we have a choice anyway?
These debates have given us a bare platform to understand these our messiahs of doom by far. At least by now I have a genuine decisive choice of my own! Thanks to whoever came up with this decision! Uduak Amimo, have my five mummy!! I fully salute u!!!
Uduak Amimo loss the floor ... that is why I said she is useless
Uduak amimo, i like hw she asked the questions. She is so straight en kind of tough.
Uduak agreat representation of a great n wise woman thumbs up (iriek) bles yu
Uduak Amimo is more authoritative than Julie Gichuru. Joe Ageyo hits below the belt better than Linus Kaikai. These debates could have been like twice every month since August!
Mr Dida was the man of the debate!! He has a heart of a Mkenya wa kawaida!!
If the candidates worked as hard for the country as they are working on campaigns, Kenya would be an African Super power.
Joe Ageyo was better than Julie Gichuru.but Uduak Amimo should moderate any and all future debates.Linus Kaikai can join for gender balance
Linus Kaikai was a better moderator than Uduak Amimo, at least he made sure people answered questions
Uduak Amimo the best moderator, leave alone Linus Kaikai!
And we're completely sure we can't have Uduak Amimo for president? Dang, she's a drill sergeant!
Bravo to Uduak Amimo...shows she has done some background information and doing gud follow up, unlike Linus Kaikai who was jst time conscious.
The way Uduak Amimo is synthesising questions to presidential candidates is not good moderation of a debate.I miss the precise Linus Kaikai...Abduba Didais down to earth as usual...humourous.
Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo kicking off the debate now. You can watch live on
Do you think Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageo will handle 2nd Presdential Debate as ably as Linus Kaikai and Jullie Gichuru did?
I just got the spelling of Uduak Amimo today, all along I have known her as Woodwork Amino!!! Looking forward to seeing you ask that venomous question; What do you think of Land in Kenya??
What is your opinion of tonight's choice of moderators (Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo) for the presidential debate? Would you prefer the previous moderators (Julie Gichuru and Linus Kaikai) over them?
Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo we hope that you will be better moderators than Julie Gichuru and ask speific questions like Linus Kaikai
The organisers of Kenya Presidential Debate are making desperate efforts to convince Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta to join the Monday final debate, but its unlikely that he will accept. They have themselves to blame because I led a campaign urging them to get other moderators other than Linus Kaikai Julie Gichuru, but they refused to heed my call. I also asked them to drop Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo, but they refused to heed because of the growing sense of arrogance that belies them. I have nothing personal against the reporters as many of them are great journalists, but their is an obvious bias in them, notably the media houses they represent, the areas they hail from. Secondly, it is unfair for Citizen to have a chance of producing moderators yet there are many other media houses. My take was the second moderators come from the academia world, but they refused to heed to my call. Take it or leave it, had they heeded to my call, this thing could have been a success. People like the hapless David Ma ...
I am very excited that the Kenya Presidential Debate is in trouble because Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta will not be attending. I hope people listened to me and not allow Linus Kaikai Julie Gichuru not to moderate it. Now is even worse, if the organisers maliciously insist that the second decate goes ahaed -- which they should not -- then Joe Ageyo and Uduak Amimo must not participate. Dennis Itumbi Phil Etale Maseme Machuka Pope Phillip Koech Cherotich Kiki Kimkung Carol Kinuthia Michael Mumo
You dont chicken out of your country's call for debate just because you fear one no nonsense woman called Uduak Amimo for her straight forward questions. That Uhuru has pulled out of the Monday presidential debate should serve as an indication to Kenyans on how much he is eager to conceal as far as land, ICC and coruption issues are concerned because these are meant to form the bedrock of the debate. If he is not ready to tell the country how he acquired the so called Kenyatta family land, then how does he expect us to trust him with the leadership of a country whose one and main source of agitation remains land since independence. Our promise as CORD is that we shall seek to tell the truth about these issues in his presence or not. These are very pertinent issues for Kenya that he should not think will be wished away just by his mere absence from the next presidential debate. The team is tainted, and am sure they contemplated sending his 'vice' in pretense that for personal reasons he cannot attend, but ...
When Julie Gichuru and Linus Kaikai were moderating the Presidential Debate on 11th Feb, IT WAS OK. Now that Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo are set to moderate the second debate on 25th Feb, UHURU UKENYATTA pulls out citing their TRIBES.
Wait, if we make enough noise, can they put Uduak Amimo and Mutegi Njau on the presidential debate?
The PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE is about to begin.Which Media personality do you recommend to ASK the QUESTIONS? A)Uduak Amimo, B)David Makali, C)Julie Gichuru, D)Jeff Koinange, E)John Sibi Okumu. You are FREE to add other names and we shall forward the MOST desired names to the Media Owners Association.
Internal security minister Katoo Ole Metito told us he was too busy to join us this morning - Uduak Amimo .Cheche"
Forgive me for this, but i think Julie Gichuru is not the right person to co-host with Linus Kaikai in the awaited historic PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE. We need a more hard hitting, no retreating, quik tongued witty lady to smoke these goons and that person is not Julie.maybe Uduak Amimo. Julie many atimes has shown open sympathy to these politicians in her interviews and they don't deserve any. How will she even hit them on corruption.???
Listened to Charity Ngilu, Uduak Amimo, Mutegi Naju (i think) and Mr. Makali, and Ngilu indicted the same govt she serves.
The BBC's Uduak Amimo profiles Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, as the country prepares to go to the polls.
Dont miss tomorrow's Cheche show on Power Breakfast as Nick Salat takes centre stage together with Uduak Amimo about Rift Valley Politics and partiless Mps among other issues.
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