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Udonis Haslem

Udonis Johneal Haslem (born June 9, 1980) is an American professional basketball player who is currently a power forward for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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I swear ima grow this beard out even if gotta look like Udonis Haslem in the process
Jordan Bell's energy is similar to what a young Udonis Haslem was to Miami. Bright future ahead and great position to have great mentors
Udonis Haslem so fine. I've had a crush on him since foreva 😩so close yet so far lol
Wrong. No way Robert Horry or Udonis Haslem are compared to Karl Malone. .
Udonis Haslem slander will not be tolerated
Loyalty has a name, and it's Udonis Haslem
CJ McCollum's Blazers teammate Evan Turner has been with Li-Ning since his rookie year and helped recruit and infor…
So saw Udonis Haslem and I didn't look in time.
Yardbarker: Udonis Haslem seriously considered signing with Cavs via
Time for Udonis Haslem to give the boys a pre-season speech to fire them back up before the second half.
Jae Crowder Marquette jersey and a Udonis Haslem high school jersey that an angry heat fan gave to my…
So what. Udonis Haslem is the Heat’s captain. His *** is pretty much stapled to the bench.
Did you tell him that Udonis Haslem says hello?
Can't wait till my Udonis Haslem jersey comes in
Friend of Miami Heat captain inspires team with talk.
Friend of Miami Heat captain Udonis Haslem inspires team with talk
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Udonis Haslem brought in a special guest speaker for the team today.
VIDEO: Udonis Haslem invited his friend, a two-time cancer survivor to speak to Wednesday
I need somebody as loyal as udonis haslem is to the heat
On AmicoHoops: lifer Udonis Haslem says agent received call from and "it was something to consider." https…
Udonis Haslem almost left the Heat for the Cavs.
Udonis Haslem seriously considered signing with Cavs
Udonis Haslem putting in work this summer. 🔥. Follow
To "Join" Mario Chalmers Juwan Howard Joel Anthony and udonis haslem James Jones and Carlos Arroyo lmfao so super
Let's be real these options are super soft. I'm all in with my three of Zach Randolph, Matt Barnes, Udonis Haslem.
Bro we got James Johnson & Udonis Haslem on thr same team...whoever gets in the way they catching the hands
How will I hear that he worked with Udonis Haslem?
7 more wins but LBJ's team had Udonis Haslem starting lol. Curry did have a better team.
First, I think BAGLEY will be much better than Udonis Haslem. Second, I could see your comparison, so w…
Bagley is the perfect version of Udonis Haslem
Udonis Haslem on the Celtics "You got your *** whooped with Ray and then we got Ray and we whooped your *** again."
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I know Spo compared RMG to Haslem, but he also called Norris Cole "Udonis…
Yardbarker: Udonis Haslem would ‘love’ if Dwyane Wade returned to Heat via
PF-C Udonis Haslem remains hopeful star SG-PG Dwyane Wade returns to Miami so they can finish their careers together.
Wade 😫 Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union share beautiful video and ... ♥♥♥♥
Udonis Haslem Hopes Dwyane Wade Returns to Heat: "I would love to see him back"
Udonis Haslem hopes Dwyane Wade finishes career with
Udonis Haslem will still be in the league during the 2017-18 season
Hall of Famer Jason Taylor says he looks up to captain Udonis Haslem. ‘There’s an aura around him’. https:…
It's a goal of Udonis Haslem to retire with former Heat guard Dwyane Wade. More:
Udonis Haslem pushing for Dwyane Wade to finish his career in Miami
Udonis Haslem says that he hopes Dwyane Wade will finish his career with the Heat. . Follow
Huge cheer went up at Miami Heat summer camp today when it was announced that Udonis Haslem has signed for a 15th season.
How Nick Collison and Udonis Haslem still in the league lmao
Free agent Udonis Haslem has signed a one-year, minimum deal to return to the Miami Heat, league sources tell The Vertic…
Udonis Haslem and Nick Collison with 15 years a piece in the NBA. Well done.
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It's been proven all decade -- you must sacrifice to win in the NBA. Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem gave up $31 million t…
A working man's Udonis Haslem. A rich man's Olden Polynice. A guy every championship team probably wants two of.
On June 3rd, Justise Winslow and Udonis Haslem will be in Miami for
Justise Winslow, Udonis Haslem and Hassan Whiteside to appear at Dew NBA 3X in Miami
Are you comparing Udonis Haslem - a lifelong Heat player with multiple titles with said team - to Sasha Vujacic?
Never forget that Udonis Haslem has played 14 straight seasons with the Heat is still going & Ray Lewis totally killed some guy
Glad to see Chris Bosh happy and healthy!!! Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and someone else!!
Landry and OBJ would be the 2nd greatest duo in Miami sports history behind Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem.
What did Udonis Haslem have to say about former Miami High classmate Andre Johnson's retirement?…
City of Miami Career Center at work with Udonis Haslem
Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem to Open Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels at Jackson Memorial: This fall, when you…
Udonis Haslem happy to be leading Heat’s collection of underdogs
“We take care of our guys (so long as said guys are Udonis Haslem and Juan Howard and only want the vet minimum)
Longtime Heat teammate Udonis Haslem, of course, riding alongside Dwyane Wade on the community bike ride through Coconut G…
Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, and Dwyane Wade got together for a dinner earlier. Good to see them together.
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.has the biggest men's closet we've seen in Coveteur history:
STYLE: According to NBA star men's closet is the biggest they've seen.
Udonis Haslem wins NBPA’s “Best Miami Heat Teammate”: Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem is the beneficiary of ...
Inside Basketball Player Udonis Haslem's Closet he has many shoes...
STYLE: According to NBA star closet is the biggest they've seen.
The Heat gave me an opportunity when nobody else wanted to.
Dwyane Wade, Alonzo Mourning, Udonis Haslem, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, and Larry Csonka are all ahead of him
Serbia girl just hit that Udonis Haslem shot for the lead
Wade will love playing with Olympic choker mirotic. Rondo mirotic and Taj, Udonis Haslem owns me Gibson
Something like Udonis Haslem I'll never leave my heat
Bryce cotton,Tony snell,udonis haslem and Cole aldrich
I aint done with your Udonis Haslem looking *** Yo Chopper off Da Band looking *** You disgust me
That's right Players voted Udonis Haslem as the best teammate on the Heat!
Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem plans on playing three more seasons
Udonis Haslem's instagram captions are the best thing since Dwyane Wade being loyal to the heat.
Udonis Haslem and Chris Bosh are currently the only players over 30 years old on the roster.
Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright are the last members left on the Heat who were part of the original 2006 Miami Heat Championship team. Wow!!
I don't think Harden could've got there if his team was looking at Josh McRoberts and Udonis Haslem to play big minutes
Udonis Haslem with the south side park foul
Wade said Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem were the loudest voices in the huddle between Q4 and OT.
The best smoke session in Miami: Ricky Williams, Udonis Haslem, Michael Beasley and now Laremy Tunsil. I feel second hand high.
Spoelstra pulled Whiteside out,, to sit on bench next to Juwan Howard and watch Udonis Haslem. All part of an ongoing p…
There's almost not a place for guys like Amir Johnson, Udonis Haslem, Reggie Evans, etc. Every team wants a stretch 4 that can
2 first round picks, Udonis Haslem, and amar'e...
Brice got that Udonis Haslem jumper down pat
Kyrie's gonna sell it to Udonis Haslem for one billion dollars
Like udonis haslem, ill never leave my heat🎶
And who was huge in game 6? With all those Hall of Famers. Udonis Haslem. Somewhere Spoon is nodding
Luol Deng is in the Udonis Haslem category : true pro, true warrior
Hanging out with the family... udonis haslem in the building also heat nation
Wade says would play on many other teams
UM is going need a Udonis Haslem talking at halftime
That awkward moment when you look up from the thousands of tickets you have coming in at work ..& Udonis Haslem is right there facing you. 😳
what are your thoughts on Udonis Haslem?
says Udonis would play on many other teams
Dwyane Wade: Heat’s Udonis Haslem would be playing for a lot of teams | Heat Zone
Wade says Udonis Haslem would play on many other teams
Dwyane Wade with a strong quote on Udonis Haslem:
Hassan Whiteside's 18th double-double as a reserve this season. Heat record for that is 21 by Udonis Haslem, 2009-10 season.
Gerald Green and McBob getting meaningful minutes tonight against the mighty Spurs. Who's next, Udonis Haslem? Maybe if this was 2010.
But, Udonis Haslem might get some minutes tonight. My dog Udonis should be excited.
Inclined to disagree on Udonis Haslem being the greatest leader of all time, but Wade would know better than I
Hassan Whiteside shot 10-for-11 tonight. Ties Heat record for shooting off the bench (Udonis Haslem, 10-11, 3/28/10 vs. …
Tyler Hansborough in for Hornets, so Udonis Haslem already frothing on Heat bench.
Enes Kanter's 219 rebounds lead the Thunder. Udonis Haslem (09-10) is only player in past 30 years to lead team in boar…
"He drove players such as me, Tim Hardaway, D Wade, P.J. Brown, and Udonis Haslem to be the best we can be."-Zo on Pat Riley
Teach your children to have the heart of Zach Thomas, Alonzo Mourning, and Udonis Haslem.
GOAT for every position: . 1. Goran Dragic . 2. Dwyane Wade. 3. Michael Beasley (could make an argument for LBJ) . 4. Udonis Haslem. 5. Mourning
and Udonis Haslem takes big pay cuts for the Heat, gets new shoe deal from Li-Ning. Hi, D-Wade.
Udonis Haslem finished 10th in Teammate of the Year voting (voted by players). Shane Battier was the previous winner.
Sumn like Udonis Haslem, ill neva leave my heat.!
According to TMZ, Heat forward and Miami native Udonis Haslem bought a 6-bedroom home for the woman
Udonis Haslem throws his mouth piece at Joey Crawford 😂😂😂 (Vine by
Udonis Haslem: ‘We’ve Got as Good a Chance to Win the East as Anybody’ via
Yardbarker: Udonis Haslem bought home for woman who raised him via
[Bloguin: Hot Hot Hoops] - Udonis Haslem Q&A: "We've got as good a chance to win the East as anybody"
Udonis Haslem, according to TMZ, purchased a Miami Gardens home worth $326,000 for the woman who…
said he wanted to be like Udonis Haslem in high school 😂😂😂😂
Thank you Miami Heat co-capt & 3x World Champion Udonis Haslem for spending time with HEAT campers today.
do you miss playing alongside the greatest big man of all time (Udonis Haslem)
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Haslem buys house for woman who raised him via If he doesn't get elected mayor, we will have failed him
Hung out with two of the greatest people you'll ever meet; Tim Reynolds and Udonis Haslem!
Feel like Udonis Haslem, cause I would never leave my heat!🔥
Keep that 40 on me like Udonis Haslem
Champ yes, but wouldn't throw rice at a wedding according to UD -
Lol Cronin's epic hustle RT“And when I slept on your couch recruiting udonis haslem
James Ennis, Tyler Johnson and Udonis Haslem now the only three Heat players left from that epic win over Philly on closing night.
Interesting note on Udonis Haslem going undrafted in 2002.
Udonis Haslem: "We've got as good a chance tow in the East as anybody." Full transcript:
Haslem buys Miami house for woman who raised him
If you're a heat fan and hate Udonis Haslem, block me
Heat's Udonis Haslem: 'I could go three or four more years' | FOX Sports
TMZ: Miami Heat's Udonis Haslem buys $326k home for stepmother | Heat Zone ...
Udonis Haslem says Kevin Garnett is a fake tough guy: "He ain't gonna throw rice at a wedding.". I'm not sure I get it,…
Udonis Haslem locked up Roy Hibbert. Leave me alone.
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So LeBron picked Eric Spolstra to be his coach? & Picked his great bench of guys like Norris Cole Udonis Haslem & Chris Anderson?
Start the ball rolling now to get Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, and Chris Andersen for next year. And maybe Alonzo Mourning
There are few players I get crazy defensive about. I don't tolerate Bosh hate & I don't tolerate disrespect of 3 time champ Udonis Haslem
Allen Iverson, Micheal Jordan, Luke Walton, Udonis Haslem and Shaq would go 82-0 no doubt
has offered 2017 Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas DT Kedonis Haslem, the son of Udonis Haslem
is offer for 2017 Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas OL Kedonis Haslem, the son of Udonis Haslem: http:…
Ersan İlyasova is like the Udonis Haslem of the Milwaukee Bucks
St. Thomas Aquinas reloads with sons of Michael Irvin, Udonis Haslem:
One more on this theme: Every NBA finals since 1994 has featured Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, Luke Walton, or Udonis Haslem. (cc
Michael Beasley and Tyler Johnson replaced Udonis Haslem and Henry Walker in the starting lineup for the second half of Sat...
Henry Walker to start, Udonis Haslem to bench dolla bill changed name!
Next season, Josh McRoberts and Udonis Haslem are expected to be back, as well as Chris Bosh. Beasley needs to show he’s worth the spot.
DFS Night 7: "I just won with Casspi, James Johnson, Mo Williams and Udonis Haslem. HAH!"
Antonio Davis and Anthony Mason made all star teams!!! What's the difference between them and Udonis Haslem??
Dion Waiters knew before Udonis Haslem, Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and is a member of the Thunder 32 games in.
Danny Granger and Shannon Brown. They also needed much from Udonis Haslem, Luol Deng, and Chris "Birdman" Andersen. Miami are in a funk--
Really remarkable how Udonis Haslem transformed from Warren Sapp to Brian Dawkins over the course of his career.
Heat now going with Khem Birch, James Ennis, Danny Granger, Shabazz Napier and Shannon Brown. No Udonis Haslem tonight or Reggie Williams.
Udonis Haslem on the upcoming LeBron game: "It ain't about LeBron or Mike Miller or James Jones. We've got a job to do."
TBT decobike hit the red carpet with Udonis Haslem, Dwyane Wade, DJ IRIE, Nayer,
Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem opt out of Miami Heat contracts
Miami Heat ASK IRA: Can Haslem again become Heat factor? - Read more at
Can Udonis Haslem again become factor? - Sun-Sentinel (blog)
I'm gonna buy a Udonis Haslem jersey and just whoop *** *** all day.
They got Udonis Haslem lookin dusty this joint too real
New screenshot of "Birdman" Chris Anderson and Udonis Haslem and Norris Cole. Games lookin…
Check out Norris Cole Udonis Haslem & BIRDMAN in NBA 2K15 (via hobbyconsolas)
With Chris Bosh, Josh McRoberts, Chris Andersen, Udonis Haslem, Justin Hamilton in place in Heat power rotation, Oden was on way out anyway.
Udonis Haslem throws his mouthpiece at Joey Crawford 😂😂😂
If you don't look like Ivan Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, or Udonis are most likely a *** in my book.
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Mike Miller and James Jones?!?!? What are we: Miami North? Can't wait to get Greg Oden and Udonis Haslem...
Remember that time Udonis Haslem bumped into me at a Heat scrimmage game and knocked over my chicken strips and didn't say sorry
Greg Cote :&news on Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem is good news for Miami Heat fans -
Udonis Haslem has agreed to return to the Heat for $2.7 million mid-level exception!
i forgot about the Ennis & Haslem contract ystrday. i hope we arent really going with Udonis as our 2nd bench big, are we?
Once again, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem put the team first and gave up millions to allow the Heat to remain... http:/…
You know how you see Zo & Hardaway sitting by court at games & Heat community events? That'll be Udonis Haslem in 2 years. …
Boy you don't get them any more loyal to their city than udonis haslem takes pay cuts contract after contract.. James Jones however
When I grow up I want to look exactly like Ivan Johnson or Udonis Haslem.
You can't call yourself a true heat fan if you don't like Udonis Haslem...
The Miami Heat and Udonis Haslem have agreed on a 2-year/$5.6 million deal.
Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem agree to two-year deals with Miami Heat
Udonis Haslem is one of the realest ever.
“It won't happen and it's not deserved. But if Haslem flagrant fouled LeBron the first game back Id name my first born Udonis”
Son said Udonis Hasbin I mean Haslem is going to stop Lebron...I hate u b lol
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Report: Udonis Haslem will be returning to the Miami Heat at $2.7M a season.
Weak decision out of James Jones. Udonis Haslem is way more about this 305 life.
I'm gonna miss James Jones. He was a Udonis Haslem that can hit there's
You could go a long way to fixing Miami-Dade's infrastructure with the money that Udonis Haslem has left on the table o…
Heat renounced rights to Udonis Haslem yesterday. If they stick with their 2-year plan, he seems headed for $2.7M room m…
Udonis Haslem has reached an agreement to stay with the Heat.
Udonis Haslem is gonna whoop everyone's ***
The re-up two years each with mainstays Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem. Also signed James Ennis
Just some quick updates Spurs ended 12th in summer league prelims. Will play the Bucks and Jabari Parker tomorrow at 5:30pm -Rashard Lewis signed a one year deal with Dallas -Byron Scott will more than likely be announced as head coach of the Lakers -Lance Stephenson meets with Charlotte tomorrow -Carlos Boozer was amnestied and now teams can do silent bids for his services. If he goes unclaimed, he'll become a unrestricted free agent. -Dwyane Wade signed a 2yr deal for 34 million not a 4yr deal. -Udonis Haslem agreed to a deal with Miami for 2.7 million. -Mike Miller is now a Cavalier with a 2yr deal. -Kris Humphries has signed a deal with the Wizards for a 3yr 13 million dollar deal. -Minnesota and Golden State resume trade talks for Kevin Love. I call bs. I think its a move to get Cleveland to trade Wiggins to Minnesota. "Smokescreen" -NBA also considering a midseason tournament to be played in Vegas (before all star break). More info when available.
National Basketball Association roundup (Reuters) - Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem are returning to the Heat, even if Lebron James will not, and Luol Deng will join them in Miami. The Heat re-signed Wade to a multi-year contract on Tuesday. The 32-year-old All-Star guard will make at least $15 million per season, ESPN reported. Riley touted the addition of Deng as "one of the most important free agent signings that we have ever had in the history of the franchise." The Heat did not disclose contract terms, but previous reports put the deal at two years and $20 million. Haslam agreed to a two-year deal worth $5.6 million, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The Heat also announced the signing of forward James Ennis. Acquired in a trade during the 2013 NBA Draft, Ennis spent last season playing in Australia. The Houston Rockets signed Joey Dorsey to a two-year, $2 million contract to replace Omer Aski as center Dwight Howard's backup, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski. The Ro ...
Bruce Bowen, Eric Murdock, Anthony Carter, Ike Austin, Udonis Haslem.all guys that are half as talented as Beasley.
NEW SHAPE OF THE ROSTER. Pat Riley is nearing deals with Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen. Bosh...
Udonis Haslem? Shane Battier? James Jones and Mike Miller as spot up shooters?
I'm glad Lebron thanked Mickey Arison, Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem and the Heat for what they accom…
Udonis Haslem, Michael Beasley, and Ray Allen are the new big three. 👌👌👌
So the Cavs are allegedly pursuing Mike Miller and James Jones...who's next Udonis Haslem and Shane Battier out of retirement?
also resign Ray Allen, Chris Anderson, Udonis Haslem and Michael Beasley and they'll be looking pretty good for next season.
Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem opt out of Miami Heat contracts, will become free agents
Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem entering free agency in hope of keeping Lebron James in Miami
With the news that Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem opted out of their contracts on Saturday, it seems more likely than ever that Miami’s Big Three era will continue next season and for years to come. The current belief is that Wade, Haslem, Lebron James (who opted out previously) and Chris Bosh (expec…
Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem said they will opt out of their contracts, and Chris Bosh is expected to follow, giving the Heat flexibility with its roster.
Miami Herald News Alert:. Dwyane Wade has opted out of his Miami Heat contract according to AP, and Udonis Haslem has as well, according ...
INF: Report: Haslem opts out of deal with Heat: Veteran power forward Udonis Haslem has opted ...
So here’s where LeBron and agent Rich Paul have to throw their weight around — they have to convince everyone involved (not just Wade and Bosh, but Miami’s owners, too) to restructure those deals. Let’s say Wade and Bosh opt out of their 2014-15 deals, then sign for $58 million apiece over the next four seasons. And let’s say the numbers look like this: $12.5 million (next year), $13.5 million, $15 million, and then $17 million apiece for the 2017-18 season (when the salary cap will be $20 million to $25 million higher, anyway). So Bosh and Wade get slightly more than $15 million guaranteed beyond what they’re already owed. And let’s say LeBron exercises his 2014-15 player option for $20.6 million. Throw in Norris Cole’s salary ($2 million), convince Udonis Haslem to retire (and just overpay him as a Heat employee and the newest member of the Miami Mafia), and suddenly you have nearly $20 million to spend on one more big gun (Carmelo). Or, you could go a different way and pursue one or two ...
MUST WATCH! Postseasons facts and rumors! Now that the season is over: -Wade and Bosh very likely to stay, LeBron is 50-50 to stay (all 3 with player options). -Toney Douglas, Michael Beasley, Rashard Lewis, Mario Chalmers, Greg Oden, James Jones will become free agents. Beasley and Lewis are likely to resign, Chalmers and Oden will test free agency. No news for the others. -Shane Battier retired, Ray Allen might too (If not he will be a free agent). -Udonis Haslem has a player option that he will probably accept (Pure loyalty). -Chris Andersen has opted out and will officially become a free agent. -Justin Hamilton has another year on his contract but could be amnestied. -James Ennis who was a draft-night trade in 2013 is very likely to sign a multiple years contract. -If Haslem decides to opt out and sign a new veteran minimum contract, the HEAT could afford a quality point guard as Lowry (whom the HEAT is interrested) -The HEAT also has 2 draft picks (26th and 55th) in which the HEAT count on to "rejuve ...
Today, I proudly wore one of my Miami Heat jerseys. Four NBA FINALS in a row and WINNING two of them is amazing. THANKS Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Toney Douglas, Justin Hamilton, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Rashard Lewis and Greg Oden for giving us a GREAT year of Basketball and taking us to FOUR NBA FINALS in a row. You did something that Dan Marino never could do and that is WIN the biggest and final game of the sesson.
Lebron James consoled by Udonis Haslem at end of Game 5 (Video) | Larry Brown Sports
Greg Oden, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Rashad Lewis, Udonis Haslem, Michael Beasley, Chris Anderson and Dwayne Wade are on the way down.
Michael Beasley, Udonis Haslem, and asst coach Juwan Howard out on the floor for warm-ups. that pose
South Florida's own James Jones and Udonis Haslem off Biscayne Boulevard, fronting the AmericanAirlines Arena.
As a starter, Udonis Haslem had a -20 +/- ratio today in 19 minutes. Off the bench, Chris Andersen had a +25 +/-...
Good to see Coach Spo make some good adjustments, bench Battier, more minutes for Udonis Haslem, Birdman Chris Andersen, and lil Norris Cole,
Miami Heat starts Shane Battier instead of Udonis Haslem in Game 1 against ... -
Bigger role for Udonis Haslem in Game 2?: . INDIANAPOLIS -- The very last thing the Miami Heat wanted to watch ...
I can't believe I just saw a Barclays Center usher yell at Udonis Haslem and a little kid to get off the court. Gutsy move.
[Palm Beach Post: Heat Zone] Lebron James told Udonis Haslem not to retaliate on Josh McRoberts
Udonis Haslem: need to 'get that road-warrior mentality going' -
Who is the greatest Gator Baller of all time? David Lee, Joakim Noah, Mike Miller, Matt Walsh? . Nahh, I'll take Udonis Haslem.
Tonight's Starters for our Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem! The Head Coach of our Is Erik Spoelstra! -Chandler Murphy (manager)
The NBA playoffs tip off this weekend and guess what college will have the most players suiting up in the postseason? No not Kentucky(one and done school) not Duke, North Carolina, Michigan, or Louisville. That's right folks the Florida Gators!!! They are listed as follows: * Bradley Beal, forward, Wizards * Matt Bonner, forward, San Antonio Spurs * Nick Calathes, guard, Grizzlies * Udonis Haslem, forward, Heat ( going to be 3 time champ) * David Lee, forward, Warriors * Mike Miller, forward, Grizzlies * Joakim Noah, center, Bulls * Chandler Parsons, forward, Rockets * Marreese Speights, forward, Warriors It could of been 10 but Eric Murphy was waived by the Bulls just 2 weeks ago just before playoffs.Billy Donovan must be doing something right there!! Enough said!!!
Philly offered Evan Turner for Udonis Haslem and Miami declined... That's a loyal organization to an even loyal-er player
The Heat were offered Evan Turner for Udonis Haslem. Now that's a real team when you don't give up a captain for an ama…
The Miami Heat had a crack at former Philadelphia 76ers swingman Evan Turner before the Indiana Pacers did and said no thanks. The deal would have sent reserved big man Udonis Haslem packing to the lottery bound Sixers. Haslem, soon-to-be 34 years old, is tight with Dwyane Wade and the deal would ha...
Word is that the Sixers offered Evan Turner to Miami for Udonis Haslem and Riley turned it down. Gotta love the loyalty for UD.
Lebron James and the Heat Beat the Pacers 98-86 and take the Top Spot in the East !! Lebron James: 36 points and 6 rebounds Mario Chalmers: 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists Udonis Haslem: 11 points and 9 rebounds Chris Bosh: 10 points and 5 rebounds Ray Allen: 10 points and 4 rebounds Basketball More Than A Game (S)
Erik Spoelstra on Udonis Haslem holding Roy Hibbert to one rebound and five points: "Our old warrior."
There is absolutely no doubt that Lebron James is far and away the best player in the NBA. However, Udonis Haslem is my favorite Heat player. The guy sits on the bench most of the year but when called upon he's a warrior; he had one helluva game against the moribund Pacers. In fact, unless you happen to be a Lebron hater, you have to love the Miami Heat. Hands down, the classiest franchise in the NBA with perhaps the best owner in major American sports. There are no egos on the team. From Haslem, to the Bird Man to James Jones -- these guys are all about doing whatever it takes to win.
Heat coach Erik Spoelstra says Udonis Haslem (stomach virus) is back. Greg Oden (back spasms) is out. Chris Andersen (knee) questionable.
This page features the list with the NBA players that have won more NBA Championships For the NBA fans who think there wasn't life before Michael Jordan, here is the list with players with at least 3 championship rings. Bill Russell has more rings than fingers to wear them and is at the top of the list with the 11 titles he won in the golden era of the Boston Celtics. As a fact, the top spots are dominated by Celtics players from those years but Russell is the only one who was member of all those championship teams. Robert Horry and John Salley are the only players in this list who won championships with 3 different teams. Derek Fisher Kobe Bryant with 5 championships, Tim Duncan with 4 and Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem with 3, are the most recent members of this exclusive group and they are also the only active players here. NBA Championships: Players With Most Championship Rings. Titles Player Team Championship Rings 11 Bill Russell Boston Celtics1956-57, 1958-59, 1959-60, 19 ...
The Miami Heat have announced that Dwyane Wade, Greg Oden, Ray Allen, Udonis Haslem and Rashard Lewis won't play against the Bucks.
Wow Miami Heat made one trade at the deadline to free up money so they can sign a player if he is brought out of his contract that's wonderful not. Dwyane Wade is injury prone & he can't play all the time so what a waste of money & Ray Allen can't hit a three to save his life this year & Udonis Haslem don't at all & Miami Heat is paying alot to have him sit the bench that's so freaking awesome not. Miami Heat is paying James Jones to hit three's all day & he don't even play at all *** that's great. Miami Heat needed a SG like a Evan Turner or a Brandon Rush or a Eric Gordon or a DeMar DeRozan to step in & attack the basket & help Lebron James & a PF to rotate with Bosh like a Jordan Hill or a Jeff Green or a Glen Davis or a Jarvis Varnado or a Thaddeus Young or a Thomas Robinson or a Arnett Moultrie & C like a B.J. Mullens or a Andre Drummond or a Omer Asik or a Tyler Zeller or a Kosta Koufos or a Spencer Hawes so he can rotate Chris "The Birdman" Andersen & Greg Oden so Chris Bosh | MIA can move back to ...
Chris Bosh was active as a scorer (15 points), rebounder (eight) and even a playmaker (four assists). Ray Allen (15 points), Shane Battier (14), Chris Andersen (12) and Mario Chalmers (10) all finished in double figures. Norris Cole had three thefts and a pair of assists in 17 minutes. Greg Oden grabbed three rebounds and swatted two shots in less than six minutes. Michael Beasley, who's averaging 8.5 points on 50.4 percent shooting, never made it off the bench. Neither did Udonis Haslem (a pivotal piece of Miami's last two championship runs) or Rashard Lewis (a 15.0-points-per-game scorer for his career). Miami is both top-heavy and deep. That's a lethal combination, and perhaps the perfect recipe to pull off the league's first successful three-peat in more than a decade. There's still a long run left in front of them, but the Heat have found their racing shoes—and their championship stride. Unless otherwise noted, statistics used courtesy of and
Tonight's starters vs the Clippers - Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Udonis Haslem, Chris Bosh. Watch all of the live action right now on TNT!
Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem for Kyle Lowry? Who says no? -Drew
SHOULD Miami Heat FANS BE WORRIED ABOUT LEAVING? The Numbers Say: YES Miami's cap situation could make the Heat an unattractive option for Lebron James, especially if the Big 3 want to remain intact. Should they choose not to opt out for 2014-15, Miami could be over the cap, with only Udonis Haslem, Chris Andersen and Norris Cole as a supporting cast. They would need to fill 9 roster spots with only a mid-level exception and veteran's minimum contracts.
Getting this great pedicure/foot massage+ shoulder/neck massage at the same dang time! Have to take care of your dogs Men! It's part of our life blood! Essentials keys to life! My muscle Udonis Haslem getting that good treatment as well! Don't think cause he get his feet done that he wouldn't still smack u up! Lol
Miami Heat players Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem shared the stage to perform Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" at the Battioke 2014 charity event ...
Battioke 2014 lived up to the hype and then some. The Heatles trio of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem (along with their better halves) performed the Robin Thicke hit “Blurred Lines”, while Greg Oden and Ken Jeong belted out an N’Sync tune. (Chris Bosh channelled Tom Jones, because, of co...
free agents that I feel will help these 4 teams or that they should keep that r already on their rosters (IF)- means either IF- they can get em, IF- then can afford em or in the case of Greg Monoe for N.O. also add in IF- he can he well. !- means he should be a priority. OR- obviously means pick 1 *- they r on that roster & should only be kept if they have preformed & fit well there N.O.-Marcin Gortat!, Luol Deng! or Danny Granger!, Greivis Vasquez!, Xavier Henry, Greg Monroe(IF), Eric Bledsoe(IF),Thabo Sefolosha, Lance Stephenson, Jerryd Bayless, keep Jason Smith, Brian Roberts HOU-Greg Monroe, Dirk Nowitzki(IF), Matt Bonner keep Chandler Parsons, Aaron Brooks MIA -Spencer Hawes! or Andray Blatche!, Jordan Hill! or Kenyon Martin!, Mike Miller!, Matt Bonner, BJ Mullens, Francisco Garcia, Thabo Sefolosha keep Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley*,Chris Bosh!!, Mario Chalmers!, Udonis Haslem!, Lebron James!!!, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Roger Mason Jr.*, Greg Oden* Dwyane Wade!! LAL-Le ...
Udonis Haslem blocked at the rim by Gerald Henderson! Mario Chalmers misses a three. The Bobcats are in this!
Coach Spoelstra has put Shane Battier back in the Heat's starting lineup as starting PF! Udonis Haslem is now coming off the bench.
You have $30 million dollars left in your salary cap. What do you buy: A. Kobe Bryant B. Lebron James, Shane Battier, Ray Allen and Udonis Haslem.
Tonight's starters vs the Bobcats - Norris Cole, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Shane Battier & Chris Bosh. Mario Chalmers (NBA suspension), Ray Allen (flu) and Udonis Haslem (back spasms) are all out of tonight's game.
I drove by the George R. Brown Convention center on the way back from a meeting and saw the "H"-Town billboard for the Rockets with Harden and Howard. How about if the Rockets trade for Tyler Hansbrough, Udonis Haslem, and Jordan Hill to complete "H"-Town. Add in Kirk Hinrich, Jrue Holiday, and Roy Hibbert.
Miami's Udonis Haslem fouled out in 7:53 tonight. That's the quickest since Ian Mahinmi fouled out in 7:23 for Dallas on Feb. 16, 2011.
Norris Cole, Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem, Chris Anderson and the Big 3 on the roster.
Today's NBA Tips and Analysis: Mavs +8.5 – $1.90 – TAB With both these teams starting strongly with a 5-3 record this season. This game should be a tight game. Both teams are averaging 100+ points per game. Dallas has Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis both averaging over 18 points a game. With rotation players such as DeJuan Blair and Vince Carter contributing on both ends of the court, this has added to a well-rounded team to start the season for Dallas. Miami are Miami. They have the Big 3 and haven’t looked like slowing down this season. They are looking to get the three-peat but it’s only early in the season. Udonis Haslem is listed day to day and missed last game against the Milwaukee Bucks. This has a significant impact on the Heat’s rotation with veterans having to pick up the slack. This is why we like Dallas with a +8.5 start in today’s game against Miami San Antonio -9.5 – $1.91 - Sportingbet - San Antonio has started the season 8-1 and is seeking a seven consecutive win today against ...
Remember when Norris Cole would D up Steve Nash and use his hustle all game long. Norris Cole and Udonis Haslem are the role players that play real ball :p shoot I'm going to head outside and play like them now
Earlier today your Miami Heat celebrated Veteran’s Day by taking part in a HEAT Youth Basketball Clinic presented by Gatorade. Pat Riley, Udonis Haslem, Roger Mason, Jr., HEAT assistant coach Dan Craig and HEAT Legends Tim Hardaway & Alonzo Mourning led basketball drills for 150 military children from various armed services affiliated with the United States Southern Command in Doral, Florida. Watch as Riley takes a moment to meet and greet families of United States servicemen and women during today's event.
Two quick things before I/we start preseason coverage. For those who were wondering: with Steph and Kyrie at 11 & 12 (two honorable mentions), Damian Lillard, Steve Nash, and ( surprisingly) Jose Calderson rounded out the 12-15 range. I'm not sure if I'll start releasing the Top 10 PGs after the preseason games are over, or just wait until tomorrow morning. Also for my fellow Heat fans, Ray Allen, Udonis Haslem, and Michael Beasley will sit out tonight's game. More on Haslem, he has reportedly lost around 8-10 pounds due to a stomach virus he caught from his family. Get well soon, UD ! --
Udonis Haslem's post on Instagram in defense of Dwyane Wade.
Heat never trail Hawks, open preseason with win October 7, 2013 MIAMI -- Chris Bosh scored 21 points on 7-for-8 shooting, Lebron James scored nine and the two-time defending champion Miami Heat opened the preseason with a 92-87 victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night. Roger Mason Jr. scored 14 points and Rashard Lewis added 11 for the Heat, who had what once was 22-point lead trimmed to two in the final seconds but never trailed. Miami played without Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, Chris Andersen, Michael Beasley and Greg Oden. Mike Scott led the Hawks with 13 points. Paul Millsap added 12, Al Horford had 10 points and nine rebounds and DeMarre Carroll scored 10. Atlanta lost forward Gustavo Ayon late in the first quarter with a right shoulder injury. The Hawks said he would be evaluated again Tuesday. Bosh had 19 points in 14 first-half minutes, helping Miami to a 49-30 lead at the break.
Davey Pratt with Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem and Pat Riley, of the Miami Heat.
Udonis Haslem uses Instagram to weigh in on Durant-Wade social media feud
U forget we had Jason Williams, Gary Payton, Udonis Haslem was in his prime. Plus Antoine Walker. We had a legit Finals team
Top 3 NBA tough guys have to be 1. Zach Randolph, 2a Udonis Haslem , 2b David West
Horace Grant giving Udonis Haslem that work lmao
“Udonis Haslem the only Gator that gets a pass.” Mike Pouncey?
Could Heat go with 13-player roster this season? Actually, every dollar paid to a player on the NBA roster counts toward the tax, whether it's at the beginning of the season or the end. In fact, what might make the most sense is signing a player with playoff eligibility just before the close of the regular season, thereby fortifying the postseason roster with minimal salary obligation (and, therefore, tax cost). If anything, starting with fewer players makes sense for the Heat, especially when prospects could be developed at their D-League affiliate without NBA salary (and tax) attached. In many ways, with so many proven veterans on the roster, it makes sense to go with the minimum at the outset, which, as of now, would mean a roster of Chris Bosh, Chris Andersen, Greg Oden and Joel Anthony at center, Lebron James, Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis at forward, and Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Norris Cole and James Jones at guard.
Udonis Haslem and Chad Ochocinco both come to my school almost everyday cause of their kids
Kobe won with Shaq, Pau and Bynum as his big men. LeBron won with Udonis Haslem and Chris Andersen.
Not sure why this is a real question but... Would anyone cone to see Mario Chalmers &/or Udonis Haslem of the...
He will be with other big men like Chris Bosh,Chris Andersen and Udonis Haslem
Anyone seen Udonis Haslem lately? He was last seen getting the business by David West.
Udonis Haslem always gives back to the community! We loved your charitable event and you…
HEAT FANS,this is a amazing video:Udonis Haslem - Miami's Heart -Migue Play NBA
I didn't know udonis haslem followed berianne lol
This Udonis Haslem cut I got is hard work to maintain
starter buy not franchise player.. more like a udonis haslem or Jr smith.. will give you 10 and 5 in 20 min a might
Cornrows like udonis Haslem in 07 depressed
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem have 3 rings now.
this is random but OMG Udonis Haslem follows you
are they blind? They should of called him udonis Haslem
billy Wayne we cool and all but you and udonis haslem could be twins.
I liked a video Udonis Haslem Harlem Globetrotters audition
Anybody ever told you that you look like udonis haslem with that fro.?
Where the heat fans when udonis haslem was the second best player on the team??
This dude just shot a 3 wit Udonis Haslem what is this *** on crack
Man Curren$y and Udonis Haslem look exactly the same .
David west vs. Udonis haslem I will pay to see that one
The twin towers wen he had the udonis haslem braids and before the snapbacks lmao
Watching this Lakers vs Miami game. Dwight was def hurting. How can little Udonis Haslem foul him and DH12 not get an and 1
are you out of your mind? Have you forgotten about udonis haslem?
Udonis Haslem WILL DEFF get his jersey retired by the HEAT, .can we touch the topic of Hall of Fame???
Udonis Haslem and I at the 2014 Lexus IS event.
Yall follow udonis haslem from last nighy ig -> RT"Mike Vick IG.. thiskid_phly"
I remember i threw up 3hunna in the heat parade to Udonis Haslem and he threw it back lmfaoo
This Mf look like Udonis Haslem with his hair cut down.
Spoelstra scouts Greg Oden at workout by free-agent center - Sun
Dear 2K gods, . Udonis Haslem cannot steal the ball from Deron Williams with 9 seconds left in a game. . That is all, . Ya Boi
I use to play with the Heat all the time on Live 06. Jason Williams, D-Wade, Shaq, James Posey, Udonis Haslem. Swear to God this is memory.
Udonis Haslem son is coming to dade and is in my grade 💀 , he's like 6'2 ❗
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