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Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free and Open Source software, using its own desktop environment.

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Why doesn't The developers of build it for linux/ubuntu?!
Make your Ubuntu/Linux home file server using BitTorrent Sync with GUI [PPA]: Install BitTorrent Sync with GUI...
Tutorial for Linux | How-to Install MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy 32-64bit Easy Guide
We're happy to announce that we've added the latest Ubuntu LTS for All Linux Cloud VPS Hosting Plans.
.HELP.HELP:.HELP. how to delete Ubuntu Linux partition from windows 7? anybody who KNOW how to do it.???
Didn't read the details but will it run on Linux/Ubuntu? I'm weening myself from MS and looking for good apps. On Ubuntu now.
[Linux Help] Want to know why I installed Ubuntu 12.04 via Wubi in Windows, and i also have it on a pendrive.
distro 14.04 Trusty Tahr Final Beta available now It's bee nlooking good for a while now,give it a go.
Colin King: Firmware Test Suite new features for the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release: In the last 6 mo...
Ubuntu Accent: Ubuntu Accent An Ubuntu theme for your GNOME desktop. (read more)
How to connect to SQL server from Linux via command line
Deja Dup 30.0: A smart system backup program for Linux, currently used by default in the Ubuntu OS
I'm actually a fan of the EC2 linux that comes with AWS although i admit im using ubuntu lts for my servers...
Linux distro Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Final Beta available now: There are so many Linux distributions n...
Linux Ubuntu Server - Ruby on Rails, PHP on same server by danieltse
Here is Chris upgrading my old computer to Ubuntu Linux, a free operating software that is just as handy as anything Microsoft has. At least, Chris thinks so, and I've been using it for the past couple weeks on Chris's machine just to try it out. My old operating system was Windows-- the one that Microsoft is going to stop upgrades for next month. Thanks, Chris!
I configured my new VPS with Ubuntu Linux + NGINX Awesome performance. For the first time rather than Apache I am using NGINX ... Now my server responses faster than ever.. If you do not want to compromise with fast loading performance then use NGINX.. But if you can't jump from Apache to NGINX because need of some features of Apache then use NGINX as reverse proxy along with Apache... NGINX is really incredible
How To Fix Any Computer Will your computer not boot? Is it running slow? Are viruses corrupting your PC and causing it not to work? A lot of people ask us, "How do I fix my computer?" One sure way to fix all software-related problems is to do a full factory restore. A factory restore will wipe the hard drive clean and restore the computer to it's factory state. The computer will look and behave like it is brand new, and will have no "memory" of it's previous state. More specifically the computer will format the hard drive and reinstall windows, and then will install the proper software drivers for your computer. By starting the computer over just like it was out of the box, all problems will be fixed unless they are hardware-related. Even if you believe the computer is having hardware-related problems, it is always a good idea to do a factory restore before you start to replace any parts. Besides a factory restore, there is also a Windows System Restore where the computer is restored to a previous date. T ...
Welp, back on Ubuntu Linux after a very disappointing Windows outing. I swear this machine is driven by demons.
I wonder if someone can help me, I recently installed Ubuntu Linux with Windows 7, I managed to skip an important step and now I'm unable to do a Dual boot. I have since gone in and re-partitioned my hard drive but that did not help and now that caused an issue when I try to re- install ubuntu.
If you've got a laptop and your system won't start and you're afraid of losing your precious pictures, videos etc. or simply need to reinstall, downgrade, upgrade or do anything else with Windows I can help. I also do Ubuntu/Kubuntu Linux. GUILDFORD and surrounding area - FREE collection and delivery I can offer the following services: £20 Basic Windows reinstall and set-up from Recovery Media (providing you supply them) - It will include partitions set up on request, drivers etc. £39 Full Windows Installation - If you haven't got Recovery Media for your laptop or want to change to a different Windows version (eg. change from Windows 8 to 7 etc.). If your system doesn't start I will do a basic Hard Drive diagnostics to check if it's working properly (Full diagnostics extra £10 due to extra time needed). If you want or need to replace the Hard Drive and copy files from the old one it's all also included or If your system doesn't start and you need to back up files from it before system reinstallation. . ...
What to do if you love Windows XP and hate Windows 8. The impending expiration of support for Windows XP leaves users who still depend on the ancient OS with a handful of viable options. . Unless you’ve been living a Luddite existence in a cabin off the grid in the Rockies somewhere, you’ve probably heard by now that Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows XP in just a few weeks on April 8. The question that Windows XP users need to answer is how they intend to handle the situation — particularly if they’re part of the crowd that isn’t fond of the new Windows 8 / 8.1 OS. At face value, the choice seems binary — either switch to Windows 8 or keep using Windows XP. In fact, there are a few other alternatives that lie between those two extremes. The best way to determine the best solution for you is to address the prevailing issues and figure out which option addresses most or all of them for you. Let’s take the issues most often cited by Windows XP loyalists and/or Windows 8 bashers ...
my home computer as it looks on my iPhone, now I can control it remotely from anywhere in the world, time to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 12.04 so I can get Google Chrome working
I just got another call from "Windows Technical Support" telling me that my computer is being hacked. When I asked who was hacking my computer, they wouldn't say. When I asked if they could be hacking my Ubuntu Linux computer, they wouldn't say. When I asked how they knew that someone was hacking my Linux computer, they hung up.
We have developed more than 1000 Technical Quiz, Technical Tips & more than 50 PowerPoint Presentations & Technical Blogs etc. on Computer & Electronics related products & subjects etc. First, we can publish free version App on PowerPoint Presentations, most probably on 10/April/2014. This App could be available to install from Google Play Store. We have created these PowerPoint Presentations using Google Cloud platform & Open Source like OpenOffice & Ubuntu Linux etc. - GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS,
I finished my switch to Ubuntu Linux, as was quite happy to find State of Decay runs flawless ala Steam under WINE...then I realized WHY...SoD is a Quake engine game..and ALL Quake engine games run like the wind under Linux even if they are made for Windows. Gotta love the foresight of Id Software. Those guys always made sure their stuff was developed for cross platform support, and supported OpenGL to its fullest. Its also why so many Quake Engine games are still among the most played of all time (like Team Fortress 2, Half-Life series, L4D series, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, etc) Plus happy to find NWN2 also working well, not to mention SWGm and my Open Source games all have native Linux versions (like Oolite, FreeCiv, etc)
The quest began when my own notebook computer became incapacitated due to a hard disk failure. We have moved from Thailand to Bacolod and then move again to Laguna, so getting a new hard disk was out of question. My sister Joy offered to lend her notebook computer for use as she was lent an Apple MacBookPro by her employer for use. I tried installing my usual Linux distribution, Ubuntu Linux but the latest version would not run on the venerable Compaq Presario 2000. The notebook computer was more than 6 years old. The problem was the updated Ubuntu runs the latest kernel version with the PAE feature for the CPU turned on. The venerable Compaq does not have that kind of CPU it's just a standard Pentium Celeron. So I have to get a Linux distribution that works with it. The quest began. I first tried the other version of Ubuntu, Xubuntu 10.04 LTS. It did not work, still the PAE. I even tried the alternative installation CD, it will not complete the boot process, it just crashes. I then tried the Slackware 14 ...
Expression of interest in supplying Ubuntu Linux free edition and VLC Players for the Ministry of Youth Affairs.
Andy, amateur radio operator KB1OIQ, has released the Version 14 of his Ham Radio Linux LiveDVD containing programs focused on amateur radio and SDR operations. This is a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux. As of version 13, there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions available, as well as an image for the...
Scratch the Windows part and make that Ubuntu and you would have a decent PC. It sort of reminds me what Ubuntu Touch smartphones are aiming for, an Ubuntu Linux-based smartphone than be docked and used like a desktop with a monitor.
Thought you're safe just because you're using 6 Ubuntu One domains hacked.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I liked a video How to install Ubuntu Linux on Windows 7 (Dual Boot)
EFY Times shows you how to get top ten files on Ubuntu Linux.
Raymonduffre: Livemau5 is currently working on their sound with Linux Ubuntu Crunchbang
"Install VestaCP on RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x and Debian/Ubuntu Linux" | | Vesta is an Open Source hosting control panel. In this article we will show you how to install it on RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x, Debian, Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10 / 13.04 / 13.10 |
An interview to the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, included in Ubuntu Linux.
See how to make a Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS live USB flash drive with a Ubuntu ISO image and Oracle Virtual Box. No CD burning or Ubuntu install in Virtual Box ...
Havent updated my Ubuntu Linux desktop, its so far behind now I cant upgrade directly from an earlier version. uLife.
Toshiba laptop, running windows 8.1 pro, an ubuntu Linux both. dvd rw, 2gb ram and 150 gb hdd. everyday ware and tare, few scratches on case, but doesn't effect performance, or anything. good laptop,just don't use, I prefer my desktop. taking offers pm me if interested
Ubuntu Linux, the most popular Linux distribution, also is the most secure
Just managed to triple boot my Mac to run Mac OSX 10.9, Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Linux all natively. When the Mac boots up, I can choose which OS I want to boot into. :)
Ruby TCP Chat - Today, we are going to build a little TCP ruby chat application using the ruby standard library Socket. I'm using ruby 2.0.0, and Ubuntu Linux 12.04LTS, but it should work on Mac OS too. I haven't tried it on Windows. First a short overview of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): TCP is one of the core []The post Ruby TCP Chat appeared first on SitePoint.
Today we will make a tutoriale on how to install adobe photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC within a ubuntu linux machine. The totorial will have images
Finally. Tripod video had no sound because I forgot to activate the mic. So I just cut the audio from the phones video and put it onto the tripod videos shot. Worked out good. Kinda like Ubuntu Linux Studio and its many photo, video, and audio production and workflow.
Watch live TV channels in Ubuntu Linux with TV-MAXE.
Hoping to help someone searching for an all-inclusive guide to installing Ubuntu Linux on a Chromebook.
This video will show you how to change the background image in Ubuntu Linux. It also shows you how to uninstall the gnome screen saver which is none it only ...
I want to like Ubuntu Linux, but so far we are not getting along
On April 8, 2014 Microsoft pulls the plug on support and security updates for it's extremely popular and reliable XP operating system. If you can't, or just don't want to upgrade, here is an exhaustive article to get your computer ready. If you don't already subscribe to "Window's Secrets", this article should convince you. It is an extremely worthwhile e-newsletter. Securing XP PCs after Microsoft drops support Susan BradleyBy Susan Bradley All good things must come to an end; in less than four months, Microsoft will officially end support for Windows XP. Here are the steps I'll take to ensure that my remaining XP machines are as secure as they can be. (Note: Many of the following tips can be applied to newer versions of Windows, too.) What does "end of support" mean? After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will — among other things — no longer release security updates for its 12-year-old operating system. Third-party hardware and software vendors might also take a cue from Redmond and drop development of XP- ...
Hi there! I'm from Argentina and my MBP 15" broke 3 months ago. I started to follow the threads in the Apple User Forums and was using the different workarounds until no one worked any more. So, I installed Ubuntu Linux and was able to tell the boot manager to switch off the discrete GPU, so the system would only see the integrated graphics card. Now the computer works, some tasks can be done with it, although I use a lot of OSX apps that don't exist on Linux. Just wanted to share my experience, it's not a solution but maybe will be useful to someone.
Computer tips- If you are using pirated windows OS then do not will crash. If you are using Ubuntu linux OS then also dont will give errors. Always use antivirus for internet usage .. else it will crash or get corrupted.
NEWS FOR EARLY RISERS: TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Acer is planning to roll out an all in one Desktop PC, anytime now. nothing unusual about that you might think, but there is because the TA272HUL does not run windows, and obviously it doesnt run MAC OSX either because that is restricted to Apple computers. that may make you think it runs Ubuntu Linux, but it doesnt run that either! but what it does run is Google Android jellybean, and although android is actually based on Linux its quite obviously not a desktop operating system which PC advisor think is a little odd for a Desktop computer. its a rather large all in one boasting a 27 inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels. it uses the new nvidia tegra 4 quad core processor, with 16gb of storage, a 2 megapixel webcam, and a usb 3.0 port. connection wise it has HDMI, display ports and the onboard system ram is expected to be 2gb. so not only does this computer run a mobile operating system, it also has the same internal components as a high end tablet com . ...
A quick and concise way to get your first Ubuntu Linux server running.
Did you ever want to try running something other than Windows on your PC? I am now running Ubuntu Linux on mine now and I like it. I will write a blog about it soon. So please be sure to check our website to read that blog.
VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux, talks about what he learned in 2013 from crowdfunding and the wearable computing future.
VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu Linux for Wearable Computing: VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu L...
Want to check out your system and hardware information? Well, here are two tools that display detailed information about Ubuntu Linux and yo
It's not even January 2014 yet, and already Canonical faces another media flare-up about its Ubuntu Linux operating system. But this time, the negative stories about the Open Source vendor -- which critics accuse of storing WiFi passwords in an insecure way via NetworkManager -- are not fair. ...Read More
Sitting in the Pinole Peet's Coffee, just had somebody do a double take on my Ubuntu Linux running in VirtualBox. "Wait--that's a Mac!"
Ten Tech Heroes of 2013: 4: Mark Shuttleworth Mark Shuttleworth wound up in the center of controversy within the Open Source community. Many in the community pointed fingers of blame at Shuttleworth for moving away from the Wayland X Server to an in-house solution. Nearly everyone was up in arms. But Shuttleworth had a vision, one that could easily skyrocket the usage of Linux on the desktop and mobile platforms. I give Shuttleworth this nod for sticking to his plan and continuing to make Ubuntu Linux one of the most user-friendly Linux distributions on the planet. If Shuttleworth has his way, Linux will become a household name.
Ever try to fix your computer without the recovery disks? A Gateway laptop running Win 7 64 bit went South on me this week. I should have made those recovery disks. I did get the recovery partition option to reinstall the OS and save my personal files. All the programs would be wiped out which was fine with me since they are mostly cloud based SaaS apps, and easy to install. Besides, the machine was really getting bogged down. The biggest problem was the recovery option didn't work the first time and failed to come up after that. I thought to myself, "Do I really want to keep messing with this?" So many different ideas online for resolving the situation, but here's what I did - I downloaded UBUNTU Linux at another station and used a freeware app that creates an UBUNTU installer on a USB stick. I booted the failed Windows laptop off the USB stick, created a partition for UBUNTU, installed Linux and on reboot, I got a boot options menu that included the Gateway Windows recovery partition, the Windows parti ...
Screencasting and video editing using Ubuntu Linux ~ Everyday Linux User
I use Firefox. I have to, because Internet Explorer doesn't run in Ubuntu Linux. So I have the ad blocker on by default.
Today's Tech Headlines: "Ubuntu Linux server with ARM processor rolled out by Boston Limited"
Ubuntu Touch isn't ready for every user yet. But power smartphone users, Ubuntu Linux fans, and developers will...
Ubuntu Touch 1.0 version has been released on October 17, Ubuntu Touch is the Ubuntu Linux operating system designed for smart phones and tablet PCs touch screen mobile version. Now, Ubuntu Touch ring
In other more noteworthy mobile tech news, Ubuntu Touch; the smartphone Ubuntu Linux arrives
Since the first release nine years ago today, Ubuntu Linux has been powering millions of PCs around the world. Love it or hate it, the Ubuntu project has made a great stride for the overall betterment of Linux, and no one can deny that. As its founder Mark Shuttleworth puts it, Ubuntu is all about total commitment to everyday users, making things “just work” for them. |
Ok so I'm sold - is the best cloud storage / folder syncing system. Works a treat on Ubuntu Linux - even better than Ubuntu One!!
Happy Birthday, Mark Shuttleworth! Mark Shuttleworth provides leadership for the Ubuntu Linux operating system.
From terminal window on Ubuntu Linux, I type: sudo apt-get install unetbootin to start process of creating live USB.
SOL - the world's first truly solar powered laptop. Runs on Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Linux operating system.
I liked a video from How To Install Adobe Flash Player in Ubuntu Linux!
Mission Success: I have succesfully backed up my entire hard drive (so I would have my gta saves), wiped my computer's disks clean of everything and installed Ubuntu Linux on it... And, as i expected... it would be so freaking fast compared to what it was before... I am currently downloading the newest java release... and will soon be playing Minecraft... WITHOUT LAG! :D Tomorrow... I get to spend the day at my dad's shop where he has a good internet connection set up... And that is where I will update everything to the maximum and then have this amazing computer to use... Forever...
Ubuntu Linux Desktop for PC's. More and more businesses are looking at ways to decrease their spend on "arm and leg" software licence fees. Ubuntu Linux Desktop offers a stable and secure desktop experience for most users. So what do you get? Natively, Ubuntu Linux will give you a base operating system with all the gadgets required to get your PC up and running. In addition, it comes natively with LibreOffice straight out of the box. How does it all come together? With our growing dependance on the cloud and cloud computing, most of the tasks that we perform on our PC's, Laptops and Tablets are browser based. Hence, Ubuntu Linux Desktop is a good fit into your organisation as it provides you with the ability to connect to remote, pooled or shared resources with perfect ease. Add on Mozilla Thunderbird and you have a fine email client. Its the perfect small footprint productivity platform that all businesses should consider.
Discuss: Abobe wants us all leasing their Creative Suites hereafter; how many artists/freelancers can afford that after the initial expenditure? Steven Pennella writes: "Google "creative suite alternatives" and check out Ubuntu Linux. Cartoonists, illustrators, Indy publishers in print and web have many options. Didn't use Adobe? Who gives a fDid the Pope demand a specific brand of paint be used on the Sistine Chapel? If you think you'll end up as prolific as Adams or Kubert because you use the same brand of pencil they used you are nuts. That's is what Adobe counts on. Screw them, creativity existed long before they decided to lease it:) ..." PS: Luke Healy, let's talk about this.
Okay, something a lot of people say to me about Linux is this. "If more people used Linux, there would be viruses like their is on windows." This I laugh. There is about 20,000,000 people that use Ubuntu Linux. (Not including the other kinds which can have millions too.) That is far more than enough for people to start making Viruses for Linux, but the fact is that Linux was just made secure from the start, while windows just sorta added that, not having that in mind. Windows virus count : 1,000,000+ Most still active. Linux Virus count: 47 Most depreciated. (no longer work.) 20,000,000 people using it, and I am not seeing tons of viruses.
Ubuntu Linux is faster and more stable than Windows 7, wish I could totally switch.
FEATURED POSITION OF THE DAY: FRONT-END APPLICATION DEVELOPER (JAVASCRIPT, C++) Our customer has an excellent opportunity for a Front-End Application Developer who will help create user consoles for their product line of fitness equipment. User functionality and the logic flow of workout programs/application logic will be a component of this role. These user interfaces will be written in JavaScript, HTML, and C/C++ on an Ubuntu Linux platform. Git is used for version control throughout their development lifecycle. This person will manage more of the front to middle end of the development spectrum, interfacing to multi-media interfaces for video streaming, mobile apps, Bluetooth, Digital TV/Cable, Apple interfaces, and many others. Much of the development will talk to embedded devices over USB (no microcontroller knowledge needed). Our customer is one of the leading manufacturers in the fitness industry and has developed leading products for over thirty years. We have placed the manager and another ...
Linux Mint is an easy-to-use operating system that’s based on Ubuntu Linux. It comes pre-loaded with support for Flash, Java, and a range of media codecs that you’d have to install yourself with Ubuntu.
Abhishek Ghosh Installing Apache2 With PHP5 and MySQL Easy Guide: Installing Apache2 With PHP5 and MySQL on Rackspace Cloud Server with Ubuntu Linux is written in... [Continue Reading]
PC3 Program for Thursday May 9th 2013 - 7:00PM Prichard Church Taming the Windows 8 Beast to Look and Act Like Windows 7 Our Program for May will feature a presentation by Cliff Johnson on “Windows 8 Features, Pro and Con and how you can change it to Windows 7”. Cliff is an IT professional with his own company, CT Johnson Inc. He specializes in PC based application of industrial instruments and controls. Cliff also works with a number of local business and personal PC users in both acquiring and maintaining their computer systems. Cliff’s description of his presentation follows. Are you curious about the new Microsoft windows “8”? The presentation will take you through the features of the new "OS", the requirements to upgrade your computer, and the features of the new software. The presentation will also inform you about Linux for the home user and why it is a good choice; and why Ubuntu Linux should be considered if you're not required to use Microsoft software in business. You may be thinking ...
"Q: What South African entrepreneur funded the creation of the Ubuntu Linux distribution? A: Mark Shuttleworth"
It's time to setup a new OS. Which combination is better of me? Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint with Windows 7?
Ubuntu's Magical Approach to OpenStack [Video]: Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth was among the ea...
INFORMATION ABOUT TORRENT _ What is a torrent? A torrent file stores data about files for use with BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol that enables users to send and receive files in small pieces to and from computers across the Internet. Hundreds of millions of people use BitTorrent globally, as of January 2012, according to the protocol's creator. Because of the distributed nature of BitTorrent sharing, and the fact that small pieces of the files are downloaded and then reassembled by the software, BitTorrent uses less resources than direct downloading of files, resulting in faster speeds for the downloader and lower bandwidth costs for the file provider. For this reason, companies such as Blizzard, makers of World of Warcraft, and Canonical, makers of Ubuntu Linux, use BitTorrent to distribute their software, as of February 2012. How torrenting works All torrenting takes place using a torrent program. Examples of torrenting programs include uTorrent, Azureus and the original BitTorrent. Th ...
Linux Roundup Shuttleworth: Ubuntu tablets won't be as "jarring" to users as Windows 8 After today's announcement that Canonical has created a tablet interface for Ubuntu Linux, company founder Mark Shuttleworth described his ambitions and an...
Many of you are Linux users and maybe you are using Ubuntu Linux because, it's a popular distribution of Linux, mostly used by Software developers, Database administrators, Security Experts and Beginners (End-Users). As we know, Ubuntu Linux comes with OR has, GNOME Graphical User Interface by default. Of course, you also knew Linux has 73 or more distributions with 4 different Graphical User Interface such as GNOME, KDE, LXDE, and XFCE. And definitely, you might be thinking that, to use all this 4 different Graphical User Interface, i will need to install 4 different distributions with respected Graphical User Interfaces? What if i tell you the secret that, it is possible to have all the 4 different Graphical User Interfaces within your currently installed Ubuntu Linux without affecting your installed software and settings. And, you can use each Graphical User Interfaces, simultaneously without restarting your PC, just by choosing your favourite Graphical User Interface in the "Sessions" drop-down list a ...
News : PC gaming comes to Ubuntu Linux with Steam client release: No longer a pipe-dream or a beta,...
OH... MY. GOD!!! I just now upgraded to Windows 8 on my main computer and almost AL of my programs are gone!!! No warning... just GONE! (typing this on my backup computer running Ubuntu Linux) On top of that MOST of my programs were NOT installed from discs but downloaded upgrades so I HOPE that the install files are still SOMEWHERE on my puter... as well as the install keys. I'm so fricken angry right now. Thanks a lot, Microsoft, for the warning... NOT!
Oracle Java JDK 7 on Ubuntu Linux - Source or RPM Installation: In the previous article we have discussed how to...
domain names
Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our sixty-eighth issue.
andLinux is a complete Ubuntu Linux system running seamlessly in Windows 2000 based systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7; 32-bit versions only). This project was started for Dynamism for the GP2X community, but its userbase far exceeds its original design. andLinux is free and will remain so, but donat...
How to Stream Videos from a Computer to iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) - Ubuntu/Linux Mint: Do you have a lot o...
Looks like I'm back to using Ubuntu! I do love a bit of Linux.
Giving Linux Mint a try. The new UBUNTU with its interface and Amazon integration is not a hit with me.
Everyone's got a different opinion. In my opinion, Ubuntu *** ;) Linux Mint and Fedora are much better.
Great day planned. Base training ride, play with Ubuntu (Linux), Christmas dinner at my grandmothers. Best meal of the year!!
Ubuntu Linux is a spyware ? via sending to Amazon what you search on desktop? dafuq?
Like I have promised and we voted for, it's time for a Kernel Compilation Tutorial Kernel Compilation: Introduction: why the necessity of kernel compilation?? The kernel in an operating system is the most important part. All the functionality of a system lays in the kernel. From the most important functions of the kernel we can remember : -allocating resources(CPU, memory) -starting stopping processes -it contains the drivers for the hardware -operations on the filesystem (every filesystem based operation has an associated function in the kernel) -firewall and routing Upgrading the kernel can be done in 2 ways: 1. using an already compiled kernel for a specific distribution and architecture This method uses an RPM or DEB file. It has though a lot of disadvantages ( the kernel is compiled for a generic architecture so it's not optimised for our computer. This brings performance losses. The facilities a compiled kernel offers are generic, which means we will only have the facilities a general user will us . ...
Jdk 6.0 update 6 installed sucessfully but java command not working: I switched to linux (Ubuntu 12.04) this mor...
Linux Nvidia driver issues on T410s, lack of MS Outlook integration hv compelled me to finally :%s/ubuntu/mac-os-x/ :-| So long!
Correction: not live ... just bootable CD or USB so that you can install the version of Linux you want: Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc
Hi, I require a full working screencast of how to install GeoServer from scratch on a Ubuntu Server 64 bit…
Only after using Linux Mint, I felt how buggy Ubuntu's unity interface was!
Oh, Ubuntu. You're my favorite Linux-based operating system.
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DroidMote Server for Linux • Re: Suggestions and Improvements: With ubuntu 12.10 the power button doesn't shutdo...
How to install VLC on Ubuntu / Linux Mint , open Terminal (Tekan Ctrl + Alt + T) and copy this code on Terminal:...
Boje: A Beautiful Dark GTK3 Theme For Ubuntu/Linux Mint: Boje is a new dark GTK+ 3 theme that has been made ava...
Can I get a linux version of IE for Ubuntu?: Will I get ubuntu linux version of Internet Explorer?? if it so pl...
I favorited a video from Install Netflix in Linux Mint, Fedora and Ubuntu - Tutorial
SWORDS! Colon Lords of the Sword is a 4-player cooperative dungeon crawling action game!
Enemy Starfighter is a new space combat game in development, and this is a prototype video!
Colin King: Debugging using Visualisation.: There are many different classes of bugs and hence ma...
Flavia Weisghizzi: A new adventure in the GNOME world…: I’m extremely happy to share you all that...
I found out why I was drafted for the steam for linux team, it only works on ubuntu. kinda *** on debian.
determine an application's process name on linux (ubuntu): This is the situation: Working on (the next version ...
How to enable Vsync in Ubuntu: Ok. So I'm trying out Linux today and noticed some tearing on my desktop. You k...
Would you believe I got Netflix Desktop working on Ubuntu Linux!
First time to use tonight. God awful train wreck. next to Vi$ta, the best thing ever for Linux! use Fedora or Ubuntu much better.
The first 3D printer WASP developed is POWERWASP, a unique Open Source 3D printer that can extrude not only plastics but also clay, and it is also a milling machine.
How do you all feel about Ubuntu Linux?
is brilliantly beautiful compare to & TV and is relatively cheap! too!
Scott James Remnant: Nike+ FuelBand Review: For the past couple of years I’ve been getting myself...
you're a Linux guy?? Cool! I've been wanting to make an Ubuntu machine.
TechNews: Weekend Project: Distros You Never Heard Of: Ubuntu this, Fedora that, Mint the newest Linux darling--...
Linux is ready: How my wife switched to Ubuntu
Richard Stallman, the President of Free software Foundation, is saying the "Ubuntu Linux is Spyware" because the operating systems sends data to Canonical’s servers.
What's A "Terminal?" It's a program called a terminal emulator. This is a program that opens a window and lets you interact with the shell. There are a bunch of different terminal emulators you can use. Most Linux distributions supply several, such as: gnome-terminal, konsole, xterm, rxvt, kvt, nxterm, and eterm
To install Debian on a machine without an Internet connection, it's possible to use CD images (650 MB each) or DVD images (4.4 GB each). Download the first CD or DVD image file, write it using a CD/DVD recorder, and then reboot from that.
FEATURED POSITION OF THE DAY: SERVICE CENTER ANALYST We have a need for sharp, well spoken, Service Center Analysts. These individuals will support customer calls, helping our customers bring up their Windows and/or Linux servers (CentOS, Ubuntu, etc). Because these resources will work with customers over the phone, communication skills will be a central part of this role. The current team primarily consists of Tier I resources, so knowledge of and exposure to higher level troubleshooting concepts will also be key. Background experience in an ISP environment would be a plus due to the likelihood of exposure to servers, network troubleshooting, IP addressing knowledge, etc.
** Basic Computer Terms You Should Know Before Buying A PC ** Have you decided to get rid of that old paperweight and buy yourself a new computer? Good for you but before you go running out to buy the latest and greatest machine, there are some basic computer terms you should know. When you are looking to buy a computer you will hear basic computer terms like the following: ~The Processor This is the brain of your computer. It can also be referred to as the CPU. Processors come in many different varieties. Processor speed is measured in gigahertz or GHZ. The larger the number of GHZ the faster the computer. ~The RAM The RAM or memory is what your computer uses to store information while you are using the computer. This can also be referred to as Random Access Memory. I personally would not buy a computer with less than 2 GB of RAM. ~Optical Drive The optical drive in your computer should be able to read and write CDs and DVDs. If you have not purchased a computer in a while some of the newer options might ...
An Internet Explorer vulnerability allows hackers to track mouse cursor movement anywhere on the screen, even if a given window is inactive, unfocused or minimised. It can also compromise the secur...
So do I have any other Linux fans in the house? :D I sell computers as a part time job and meet maybe 1-50 who loves linux.
View the article’s original source Author: i-Nex is the utility which shows information of your Hardware, It is specifically designed for Ubuntu/Linux to display all hardware information. The...
Because i like to be downloading and installing Linux on my PC.i hope its good... :-l
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
One of my friends is a linux devote and he hates windows operating systems. I have dabbled a little with a few distro's in the past. Tell our readers and myself why you use Linux and the benefits over Windows. Lets try not make this a hostile debate, id like to learn a few things. Yours, Carl.
2012 has been another year of records for Linux. The operating system is the fastest growing platform across multiple industries and is inspiring new project...
How many likes can we get for me to power up Orca and start thinking about OS, overclocks and temps!
Google has made it clear that it currently has no plans to build apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8
So after Christmas I'm (hopefully) going to have Linux as my main OS. Can you recommend a good distro?
To install VLC 2.0.5 in Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 and Linux Mint 13/14, open terminal and write the following commands.
Remastering Ubuntu or Sabily (a.k.a Ubuntu Muslim Edition) for Internet Server at School. Using this installer, one may provide Internet class to the student without access to the Internet.
Last night there was a crash of a virtual Linux server, running on SLES11 SP1 which uses Kernel 2.6.32 ( to be exact).
Zeus is a Trojan that steals information by logging keystrokes typed by the user. It spreads by conning victims into believing that the malware is a benefici...
Acer C7 Chormebook helps in building a cheap Linux laptop for $199.
Ubuntu Linux and Windows 8: Head-to-Head at Last Canonical may have ultimately changed its mind about "Avoid the pain of Windows 8" -- the slogan that accompanied the original launch of Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" earlier this fall, but like so many deeply compelling notions, it seems to have staying power here in the Linux blogosphere. That indeed is why more than a few Linux fans have viewed Windows 8 with jubilation rather than dread.
Linux training helps to become a successful Linux system administrator by learning online Linux with IcanXplore.
Ubuntu based distribution with nothing preinstalled and just the base Gnome system.
President of the Free Software Foundation unleashes Old Testament wrath on Ubuntu Linux “spyware” | VentureBeat
Free software father declared Ubuntu Linux to contain spyware: Richard M. Stallman, founder of the Free Software...
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Dell ships lightweight XPS 13 laptop with Ubuntu Linux
My mom turned 81 today (JFK assassination date). One year now running Ubuntu Linux on a wireless HP laptop I only got a couple of support calls - once when a flash player upgrade was required to watch Coronation Street. She clicked through the process and it upgraded and she watched the show. She called me out of sheer amazement that it worked. Another time I got a call - Software Update is taking a long time, it's been going all day. We wait it out and it finishes the next day, it was the upgrade from 10.x to the current 12.04 - so Mom is migrated from Gnome 3 to the current Unity Desktop. I don't know it at all - so I visited and we went through a bit of a discovery process and now she's about 3 months into Unity. She recently submitted edits to a book - the author is running Word/Windows. Mom uses Libre Office and her edits integrated just fine. Modern Linux distros are great for seniors
Linux Mint is an Open Source, free and powerful GNU/Linux desktop distribution. Which is easy to use and based on Ubuntu Linux. Linux Mint 14 Nadia is released today (Nov 20, 2012) and available for download. New features : MATE 1.4 Cinnamon 1.6 MDM Software Manager System Improvements Artwork Impro...
Why chose Windows when there's Apple's IOS for mobile and Ubuntu Linux for everything else? - Linux Installation Software Guide helps you install YellowDog Linux and Ubuntu Linux on your PS3
I liked a video from A User's First Time with Linux Ubuntu
I added a video to a playlist A User's First Time with Linux Ubuntu
A big glitchy at times, but Oanda on Linux Ubuntu still is pretty sleek and cool:
I work with on my job. is not compatible with Mac. Try Windows installer easy.
I just wish one day will come when people can run all there SAP apps using Linux/Ubuntu
IRC Council: Call for IRC Operators: With the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen drawing to a ...
Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011 - higher than Apple's in 2007: submitted by Blaatmeister to linux [link] [1...
How to Add Application to the Startup on 12.10
No Wireless connectivity after installing Ubuntu 12.10 on Windows 8: I am new to Ubuntu/Linux. I have installed...
Install your favourite Linux Distribution 'ubuntu' in your new Nexus 7 tablet..
I had trouble purchasing So instead I installed free Linux based It's a lot like Mac OS.
I love Dropbox because They have a linux client, and it runs perfect with Ubuntu!
Introducing Shopping Alternate Lens for - but shopping spyware on by default
New gadget! Cant wait to install ubuntu on it.
Turning my ubuntu 11 system into a router: I have a windows machine that I can't get a wireless adapter to insta...
if u have an Ubuntu cd and an ext hdd, u don't need to remove her hdd. Can boot into the disk and backup in Linux
The month of October may have been more or less dominated by Ubuntu Linux for those of us anticipating its rec...
I'm checking out and reading Smart TV Alliance - SDK Linux Ubuntu searching for a answer
How to uninstall the overlay-scrollbar in Pear Linux 6 and Ubuntu 12.10
I've finally decided to move to Ubuntu Linux !
PlayOnLinux Review and How to Install on Various Ubuntu Version | and Android Documentation
Human Ocres (Other): Human Ocres A modified version of the Ubuntu Human theme.
GEEK ALERT: I'm not upgrading to Windows 8. I *am* upgrading to Ubuntu Linux (another operating system). The price is right (free) it works great but it's not for the fainthearted. Works on PC or Mac, by the way. Even older less sophisticated machines. If you have your geek on you really should give it a look.
A MUST READ - I have the beard.. and I weep pretty regularly with Frustration! I have in front of me.. A Windows 8 PC, An Apple Macintosh G4 and an Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Server... I use ALL regularly... WHERE DO I FIT ON THE CHART!?!?!? LOL!
With the release of Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or Quantal Quetzal, the company has announced the end of Natty Narwhal.
Zack Monyele Ubuntu Linux is better than windows and I love the story behind it and its free and free to overwrite that's how computing should be like to be free to do any thing on it. But I'm still learning to use it. C U
NOTE: Although this guide should work in most cases, it is not flawless and still requires few minor modifications to make the process bug-free. Please do point out corrections and changes. I was r...
The leading Linux desktop and the number one desktop of all, Windows, are both undergoing radical transformations, but which will be the better for it?
Logged onto my Silicon Valley linux servers for the first day today. Hew! That's one small step for man.. The client I'm using is apparently command line interface (CLI). Yak! So my next challenge is to work-out how to GUI into the *** thing. I'm getting all kinds of help from the Hewllett Packard US team, which owns the servers in the first place. I'm also tapping in Ubuntu resources. Incidentally, my servers run Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Linux. So get this: While researching on how Ubuntu works, via the Ubuntu website, I found out that they have a new component named Juju. I have no idea what it does, but it's the thing that I wanna download and learn before anything else. So, here's to spending tonight with Juju.
How amazing is my wife??!! Allison is now resurrecting her OWN dead laptop by installing Ubuntu Linux!
Finally... Switched to Ubuntu Linux and I LOVE IT!! Sorry windows.. ;p
preparing to switch to Ubuntu Linux 12.10! Weehoo!
For the primary operating system on my computer I use Ubuntu linux. My computer is ancient, and can barely run a 3D interface. I use various 3D screensavers, and one of them is a molecular visualiser whichi expos various molecules in rotating 3 dimensional form. I love how the screensaver can very quickly and with sharp animation display things like LSD, VX Gas, Atropine, Water, Nicotine, and Cocaine. However, when it gets to DNA of a human, it kinda gets overwhelmed. So many base pairs and such, the graphics card becomes bogged down. Newer cards have enough memory to give a smooth animation but its sort of a compliment towards are on construction that not to long ago it was quite hard to just visually render our DNA let alone sequence it. Complex little critters we
This paradigm-changing version of Canonical's popular Linux distro has now reached end of life.
Why Have I not been using UBUNTU Linux Since...bye bye to Windows...
Finally loaded Ubuntu Linux OS- its not very hard to use, like a blend of Mac and PC.
CrossOver Mac and CrossOver Linux from CodWeavers is FREE for 24 HOURS!
There's been a considerable bit of feather-ruffling caused lately by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux. Most recently, of course, was Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth's controversial announcement about the development strategy for the upcoming Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail.
Unsettings, a tool that lets you tweak Unity, has reached version 0.08, getting support for Unity 6 and thus Ubuntu 12.10. Unettings can be used to tweak most Unity settings, like disabling the global menu or overlay scrollbars, change the GTK or icon theme and many others.
There's over 20 million people out there who use Ubuntu as their main operating system, and the number is steadily increasing due to its thriving community. While it's easy enough to download Ubuntu on your PC, the process to get it on your mobile devices can be fairly more difficult. Thankfully, it...
Upgraded my Laptop to windows 8 its looks & feel like Ubuntu (Linux ).need to check the performance now .
I thought J.D. Thomas might find this interesting.
Werkt best wel leuk dat ubuntu linux
- Hello Everyone! This Weekend's tutorial is brought to you by This video tutorial is a video tutorial on the pro...
Ubuntu, an African word meaning “humanity to others,” is the hottest thing in Linux today. This down-and-dirty book shows you how they can blow away the default system settings and get Ubuntu to behave however you want. You’ll learn how to optimize its appearance, speed, usability, and security and ...
To anyone who is running the binary Nvidia driver and believes it is slower do the following - this gives me a 50% boost in fps in all games/openGL apps. At a guess anyone who finds this slow I think you'll find its related to changes in the Nvidia driver - not Ubuntu well as enabling 'unredirect fullscreen windows' you should also disable 'sync to vblank' (openGL settings) with nvidia-settings That improves all openGL performance - I am talking about multiple different computers with different nvidia cards.. Ubuntu 12.10 is faster and snappier after doing this than any other release These 2 options needs to be the default or people are going to say Steam on Linux ***
Check out the method to install Ubuntu Linux on Nexus 7.
Canonical has announced a Linux distribution that can run on the Google's Nexus 7 tablet.
Wow, now Linux is better for paying video games than windows.
I will believe this when I see it, because the best game I've got for linux right now is chess.
Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10 has been released! Ubuntu GNOME Remix, a Linux distribution which aims to become an official Ubuntu flavour, uses GNOME Shell as the default "shell" and tries to provide a "mostly pure GNOME desktop experience built from the Ubuntu repositories".
Another reason why i'm switching to linux instead of windows 8.
so I decided a rainy day would be a good time to play around with operating systems and give the latest Ubuntu Linux a shot...I have to say I'm impressed. Unity is really polished and coming along very nicely. However, Netflix seems to not like Linux. I will be playing around with that for a while, if I can't get it to work I will be going back to windows
Linux better for games than Windows 8.
Will 2013 finally be the year of the Linux desktop? Betteridge's Law of Headlines gives 'no' as the answer, but access to modern video games has been one of the biggest reason people stick with windows.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This could be the big break that Ubuntu (and Linux) needs to finally be truly relevant.
Is Ubuntu nudging toward a tipping point? Valve is banking on it:
A screencast recording of a pre-release demo version of Lightworks running on Ubuntu Linux. Here, we see footage from Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" being edited, ...
A few days ago appeared a video showing Google's Nexus 7 tablet runs Ubuntu Linux operating system. The video was uploaded by one of the company officials Ubuntu developers, Victor Palau. He is a man who served Commercial Engineering Director at Canonical
Windows 8 looks like a lousy toy. We are supposed to move, dance, and jiggle to run it, and throw away the mouse? Forget it. I will not upgrade, and if needed, will switch to Ubuntu/Linux or perhaps Apple.
Valve has posted a Linux Beta survey which they will use to select the 1000 users who will firstly test Steam for Linux.
One of the (many) reasons why you may want to go for a $199 16GB Nexus 7 over the $329 16GB iPad mini is the former’s ability to be radically customized in ways Apple devices just can’t be.
If you'd rather not let your Nexus 7 live out its life as a Jelly Bean-toting device, Canonical's freshly minted Ubuntu Nexus 7
I promised myself that when Windows 8 came out, I'd load Ubuntu Linux on my computers. I'll try a dual-boot system first before I decide to ditch Windows entirely. I'm open to any suggestions and/or tips.
Valve Corporation, based in Bellevue, Washington, makes computer games such as Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source.
DILEMMA: I've been running Windows 8 on both my computers for a few months, and I'm very happy with it. But I've also been testing Ubuntu Linux on my laptop, and I really like it also. Each option has only 1 con, Windows 8 cost money, I can get it for $40 (legally), but Ubuntu, has no Photoshop (but plenty of alternatives), and won't play Netflix video (which I don't watch on the computer anyway). Decisions, decisions. :/
Alright. So, I'm doing a triple boot. I have 4 partitions set up on my 640 GB Drive. In order: Windows 8 (125 GB) Windows 7 (125 GB) Ubuntu Linux (90 GB) Documents (300 GB) The 8 and 7 OSs will use the folders on the Documents partition for Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. so everything is the same, all the time.
Er,gr.the internet seems slow... OMG, they dont call me the "Bandwidth Bandit" for nothing. (Ubuntu Linux rawks ekse)
System76 debuts a sleek, all-in-one desktop PC featuring Ubuntu Linux | PCWorld
Priced starting at $799, the new Sable Complete offers a clutter-free design and the latest Ubuntu 12.10 'Quantal Quetzal.'
Conical's Ubuntu has become third Linux operating system approved by the General Services Administration for use by federal purchasers. It joins Linux distributions from Red Hat and Novell, already available through the GSA Advantage purchasing program.
System76's new Sable Complete comes with a 21.5-inch, high-definition 1080p display, the clutter-free desktop features edge-to-edge glass.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer expects the Windows 8 operating system to open a new chapter in the company's history and thrust it back into the forefront of
Protecting Your Ubuntu Desktop:  Datamation: A quick guide to security on your Ubuntu Linux desktop.
To many issues with Ubuntu Linux I am trying out Linux far I already like this OS much better...time will tell.
Mark Shuttleworth the Ubuntu Linux leader is very much in the Jobs mold - videos on Youtube - charismatic!
Key parts of Ubuntu Linux 13.04 to be developed under wraps: Invitations will be extended to developers 'who tru...
Ubuntu Linux 12.10 'Quantal Quetzal' takes flight at last | PCWorld via
I have officially installed Ubuntu Linux on my home system. Good bye Windows! Good bye Bill Gates!
love it on my old laptop. I can do anything I did in and then some. Keep up the good work ppl
What *** hardware dev thought it was a good idea to map the "change display" key to Mod4+P?
Switched back to Ubuntu after not finding a pleasant, robust, non bleeding-edge, non time-consuming linux distribution with gnome-shell. :-(
[libvirt-php] Function calls blocking on Ubuntu 12.04
With kernel 3.7 one build will support many ARM SoCs vía
Deja Dup, the simple and fast is served
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ubuntu Linux adopts new UEFI boot problem approach | ZDNet
Open Source is empowering our everyday lives;android,linux,ubuntu,and a million other free software are helping change the world
And before anyone asks, I'll dual boot the test box with Ubuntu 12.10 soon, so Linux is covered.
Hitesh Wadekar will be talking about OpenStack in Pune Linux User Group Meetup today.
it'd be for work. Mac for the quality of the device but I am used to a Linux distro like Ubuntu.. so not sure
tryin to install Mint 13 1st time (unk kernel) on got .iso disc et al but this liveDVD is r u still there?
Need help finding a Linux OS to replace Ubuntu: I am looking for an OS that is as compatible and user friendly a...
Ubuntu studio, linux for creative humans
I don't want to stick with OSX, but most Desktop linux just ***
How to install Nginx, MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)
`My Weather Indicator`, an appindicator which displays the weather on the Unity panel, has been updated to version yesterday and comes with an interesting new feature: forecast map through the OpenWeatherMap service.
I also do other silly things like use Linux distributions that aren’t Ubuntu and drive on the left side of the road.
Some of these old machines are a little laggy with Ubuntu... I use Lubuntu a lot. Kiwi Linux (
I like the thought of a linux-friendly laptop setup to run lots of VMs.
So, should wait with baited breath for to bring back Linux support, or give it up & switch to the Ubuntu One Music store?
yes. Slackware. My first taste of Linux. Much happier with CentOS or Ubuntu Server, though :P
From Noobs to Experts: Is There an ABC for Linux Distros?: “Lunduke's, for example, went Ubuntu -> Arch ...
Ubuntu developers: Benjamin Kerensa: Call for Quantal Release ...: Share the celebration with your circl...
I'm really liking Linux Mint as a Windows replacement. It's Ubuntu with better UX.
Imma cheat on my OSX mountain lion and just get a sneak peek at Quantal Quetzal
Benjamin Kerensa: Call for Quantal Release Parties and Ubuntu’s 8th Birthday: Share the celebrati...
I am getting very feed up w/ this update to Ubuntu 12.04, and the python dependencies being broken
oh didn't realise you'd been running Xandros on it. Never had you down as a Linux geek. Running Ubuntu on my new laptop.
Fedora 17 and Ubuntu 12 has unique environment for a user friendly OS. Ubuntu Provides a 5GB cloud storage for the devices.
Man, Linux has come a long way since I last had the crappy dual-booting laptop in Japan. Ubuntu Linux from a USB driver FTW!
Apt-fast is a script that can "drastically improve APT download speed" by using command line download accelerators such as Axel or Aria2 with multiple connections per package.
It's nice to be connected to the world again. The only commuter that's up and running right now is my Ubuntu Linux laptop. The problems we're with the phone line itself but every tech asked what OS I was running, Mac or Window?. I got a little giggle every time I said, "Neither, I'm running Linux." Invariably, they'd just say, "Oh." They didn't quite know what to do next. LOL :) JC
A package called "android-tools", which comes with "adb" and "fastboot" command line utilities, has been uploaded to the Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal repositories recently. I've got a request to upload this package in a PPA for older Ubuntu releases, so I've backported it to Ubuntu 12.04, 11.10 and ...
I'm still angry from yesterday. I had an elderly (75+) gentlemen come in with his relatively new Toshiba laptop. He had one of the local mobile techs working on it. It came in with windows 7 32bit running in notification mode, status of “non-genuine copy”. Stupid tech, it had 4 gigs of ram. 32Bit Windows can only use 3 gigs. Should have been 64bit. He asked if we knew of ubuntu (linux), because he had been watching it's development for a long time. He said he'd like to try it sometime. Then he said he wanted windows xp on it. I told him if I can find the drivers for xp (new laptops usually do not have xp drivers) I can do both ubuntu or xp as a dual boot install. So I determine that I can get the xp drivers and I prepare the job as dual-boot. I go to install xp and the laptop shows it only has a 60gb hard drive. *** is going on here?? The laptop is supposed to have a 320gb hard drive not 60gb!!! Somehow this beautiful laptop has had it's hard drive replaced with one that is 1/5th the si ...
Last Christmas I purchased a custom built media center computer to use with my hd TV. About 4 months ago the Windows 7 home media center edition began giving me error messages, saying that my trial period had expired and that I needed to purchase a key from Microsoft. I was not aware that the builder of this Windows 7 media center computer had installed a trial edition of Windows 7. I was not going to pay $200 or so for a key to keep those error messages from coming up every time I boot the computer. So today, I loaded the latest stable build of Ubuntu Linux. And it works GREAT!! I will add the various pieces of software in order to use the fancy media components, however, the computer screams. Thank you Ubuntu.
Strategically Windows is an insecure system because security was never the Microsoft development priority. And it should be be as they ar in consumer market not Pentagon market. But as Windows became dominant the expolits against it grow to such level of sophistication that you need to beef it up...
Can anyone explain me how to compile the Open Source c++ code in ubuntu linux 9.1 version??? Plz help if anyone knows.
In this walkthrough, Senior Editor Robert Strohmeyer walks you through the steps needed to install Ubuntu--a popu...
If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to myRSS feedand if you have questions related to your ubuntu system post question to ourforums. Thanks for visiting!
i dont know why but now I have windows 7, ubuntu linux, zorin linux, mac osx snow leopard, and windows 8 on my laptop running at the same time
Ok, So here's my short review of Ubuntu Linux 12.04.1 LTS. It took just under 20 minutes total to install the newest release of Ubuntu. That's including the time it took to install the DVD player codecs which are not packed in the distro because they aren't open-source. But once it was all slapped together, I was left with a robust, feature-packed OS. It's still using the "Unity" desktop environment which really feels homey and familiar, especially if you frequently use MS Windows. It came pre-packed with the entire Libreoffice suite of MS office compatible utilities, the firefox web browser and more built-in apps than you can shake the proverbial stick at. I test-streamed some online TV and movie sites and of course youtube, for lag and clipping and even the 8 year-old PC I chose for the install performed quite well driven by Ubuntu for the purpose. DVD playback was gorgeous and seamless. Noticeably absent still, is any support for Netflix. Which is a bummer. Not a dealbreaker... But still a bum ...
Microsoft *** Bill Gates named it after his *** Use Ubuntu (Linux) it's much better, and it's Free
Rhythmbox 2.98 has been released yesterday, bringing a new dialog for importing music into the library along with some other small, but interesting changes and many bug fixes.
The oldest Linux distribution is back with its version 14 sans Java Development Kit.
Hard drive partition resizing (on the fly) successful. Now dual booting (new) Ubuntu Linux and (old) XP, and everything running on both. In a year, I'll discard the XP. and likely all Windows... for good.
Gameplay footage from the first level of the 4L demo of the original Marathon game on the Macintosh. It's coming up on 15 years since this first glimpse of t...
Finished installing Ubuntu Linux 12 on my notebook. By the look of it, it seems great. notebook's booting up very quickly. Hopefully, it is better than Windows.
I started with Gutsy Gibbon. Looking forward to Quantal Quetzal.
Valve has announced they will be testing internally their new Valve for Linux starting next week and a private external beta will be available sometime in October.
On behalf of the team and all the developers who contributed to this build, I am proud to announce the release of Cinnamon 1.6! Cinnamon 1.6 represents 4 months of development and 626 commits. It features a lot of bug fixes but also brand new features and many improvements. Read below for ...
10 Unique Laptops - Here are 10 really unique and cool laptops. From a dual screen laptop, to a split keyboard laptop to even a million dollar laptop!
does anyone know whether i can use ubuntu/ linux as an operating system for blackberry curve 8520? Rajas Pimpalkhare Bhargav Ubuntu Wadekar Abhishek Milind Gaikwad
Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal beta 2 has been made avaialble for download today. There are quite a few changes in Ubuntu 12.10 beta 2, including a...
Cheri was kind enough to buy a used scanner for my birthday. It is a nice one. So I downloaded the drivers, read the instructions, loaded it up, plugged it in and watched the driver crash and burn. Plugged the thing into my old and trusty Ubuntu Linux computer and it! just! worked! HP makes nice hardware but still cannot write a driver to save its life.
Think I'm gonna try dual-booting Ubuntu Linux on my Google Chrome CR48 Notebook again and use SD cards to help offset the tiny 16 GB SSD internal memory. This is the geekiest think I've typed this year, I think.
Canonical adds a 'kill switch' for Ubuntu's Amazon search Katherine Noyes27, 2012 11:26 AM print The new integration of Amazon search results in Ubuntu Linux 12.10 has stirred up quite a hornet's nest of controversy over the past week or so among observers unimpressed by Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth's calm assurances that users' privacy would be maintained. According to two separate investigations over the past few days, in fact, Shuttleworth's explanation was not entirely correct, and users' information might be more exposed to Amazon servers than they might realize. Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon followed up on Tuesday with news that searches will be encrypted, but today he also announced that Canonical is working on a kill switch for the Amazon search results feature. Revenue for Canonical For those who missed the original story, Ubuntu Linux 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal”--a second beta version of which is due today--now integrates Amazon results into searches conducted through the Unity desk ...
Check out my new Linux channel: A Tutorial: Ubuntu Linux is a completely free open-source operating system that has many useful fea...
The GNOME Project has released GNOME 3.6 today, the new version bringing many enhancements and new features, including a redesigned Message Tray, smarter notifications, improved Activity Overview layout, new design for Files (Nautilus) and a new lock screen. Let's take a look at what's new!
Updated (0.8.10) and (1.1.62) packages for are available in my PPA: /cc
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