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Tyus Jones

Tyus Jones (born May 10, 1996) is an American basketball player who is playing his senior season for Apple Valley High School during the 2013–14 season.

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The Timberwolves need to play Tyus Jones more 💯
Interesting how we didn't hear one mention of Tyus Jones these past few days. (I think)
it's hard for me to believe that the Timberwolves and Tom Thibodeau wouldn't give Tyus Jones for the same package.
Y'all gon sit there and pretend the great Tyus Jones ain't on the team??? Did you see what he did to the Raptors??!
pretty sure last time we had the pg in the class and recruit overall was Tyus Jones. We all know what hap…
"Phil, we'll deal you Tyus Jones for Derrick Rose, straight up," -Thibs, probably.
coming out of Cuse I thought he'd be an excellent long-term backup PG. Very similar qualities to Tyus Jones actually
tyus jones/Rubio for D rose sounds good to me.
I thought we got Tyus Jones but it said Tyler Ennis smh
I much rather have Tyus Jones and a 2nd round pick than Rubio
I would tyus jones or Tyler Ulis before payne or felder
I guess the Sixers just want to torture Okafor some more. Was hoping he would get dealt to a better situation. Same with Tyus Jones in MIN
I'd rather get a draft pick from the Timberwolves and Tyus Jones instead of Rubio
Knicks should be targeting Tyus Jones (Yes it's my Duke bias) but he can run the pick and roll, is 20, and is a much better shooter than RR
WHY THIS INFATUATION WITH He’s like a Noah: often injured and offense lacking. Go younger and hungrier in Tyus Jones.
Tyus Jones has crazy work ethic. He’s in a bad spot in Minnesota. Younger & hungrier. Look at his work with a big in Okafor at Duke.
Geez Magic, get Rubio for Augustin & Meeks' contract. Send the Clips pick or a 2nd and make them include Tyus Jones. Dump Payton somewhere.
Ricky Rubio can't shoot and is barely staving off Kris Dunn and Tyus Jones as a viable starter on a BAD team. Makes no sense.
Rubio goes. Tyus Jones has been playing well. Looks like a solid backup PG, could he be a starter? Dunn and Jones?
Rose and Lee for Wiggins, Rubio, Payne and Tyus Jones works. What do you say ?
Tyus Jones needs more run. A minutes decrease from last year on such a young team is not the way to go about developing him.
Yeah. Seems like only Shabazz, Tyus Jones, or Bjelica would really add value for NYK. Rush & Payne are expiring/will be UFAs
I much rather have Tyus Jones than Rubio
Crazy thing to me, Cavs scream they needa playmaker but they had Tyus Jones and Quinn Cook
What about the other kid who never plays? Tyus Jones?
Trade proposal:. TWolves get:. MKG, Frank. Hornets get:. Unprotected '17 first, '18 second, Tyus Jones
If the can't get Rubio, why don't they just trade for Tyus Jones with one of their Trade Exception.. (cont)
Dunn is a bust, Tyus Jones is out PG of the future. He's beasting when he plays. Rubio needs to start til he's ready.
Clutch shot from Tyus Jones helps the get the 112-109 W at home over the
what separates Brunson from Tyus Jones in terms of an NBA? Tyus quicker or better facilitator?
Tyus Jones addresses the media after the first day back after the All-Star break.
I'd love for us to get Tyus Jones and Rubio for Rose and Lee/KOQ
With the Timberwolves active at the deadline, what about Tyus Jones, point guard in limbo? For
Tyus Jones says he thinks Rob Pelinka will do a great job as Lakers GM because he has such a sharp basketball mind
After stability and stardom at Duke, Tyus Jones is a point guard in limbo. My debut with
Two years after being drafted by the T-Wolves, NBA executives are uncertain with Tyus Jones’ future in Minnesota https:…
Wiz could use a back up 2 still. Burke + Sato for someone like Tyus Jones would be solid.
Tyus Jones with 9 points & 4 assists in 19 minutes off the bench. Played final minutes of regulation in back to back games (bo…
Both Hometown guys on the court for the Wolves. Tyus Jones and Cole Aldrich
Bilas, on Duke: I thought Frank Jackson was going to be the PG. He's not. Grayson Allen is not a PG. They don't have a Tyus Jones this year.
Timberwolves in a close winnable game and coach has Tyus "awful" Jones in.
Have all the fun you want, Mavs. Tyus Jones us about to take over
Tyus Jones finally getting some minutes
Doth mine eyes deceive me or is that Tyus Jones?
Tyus Jones into the game for the first time.
Idk put Tyus Jones in and give him a chance, Thibs way too stubborn
Hamilton Collection
There is a primary ball handler on the bench who has no fouls! His name is Tyus Jones!
/looks at Wolves box score vs Mavs. /sighs. /drinks beer . /gazes into the distance. /whispers softly "why won't Thibs play Tyus Jones"
he's not a floor general like tyus jones was we got Grayson Allen bringing the ball up the court that's not gonna get it done
Tyus Jones looks to be about 4 feet tall compared to everyone else on the floor.
I'm so ready for the game to start. Last time we played Dallas, Thibs put in Tyus Jones. I hope he plays him again
Tyler Ulis, Tyus Jones, Stanley Johnson, Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel (max deal), Cameron Payne are the 6 guys I'd trade for at deadline.
Just had to rant about bro not playing. Seeing "Tyus Jones DNP-CD" in the box score really hurts my soul
if y'all don't trade Tyus Jones I'll fight your owner
Starters for the Flames tonight: Jones, Tyus, Montgomery, Johnson, and Farley. Round 2, let's go!
AB is good. Don't get me wrong. He he ain't no Julio jones
Tyus Jones was remarkable down the stretch of Duke games. Would say Berry is more critical throughout UNC games
Really missin Tyus Jones playing for duke right about now 😐😐
Tyus jones leaving for the NBA has destroyed Duke
Tyus Jones was the best player that whole run maybe you need too rewatch the whole tournament
no he didnt that was Tyus Jones, Justice Winslow and Jahlil Okafor
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Tyus Jones basically in the NBA not doing anything and could be ballin at Duke but money tho smh
two years ago tyus Jones would have owned that game. Tons of talent on this team but no leader
that's been the wave for every team since the jahlil/tyus jones/Winslow duke team
Guess who put the team on they're backs though in 2014 Jahlil and Justise and freshman Tyus Jones too.
When we had Tyus Jones , Justise Winslow & Jahlil Okafor we played defense
We need a point guard who can just set up the offense. Like Tyus Jones was. Man I wish he would've stayed.
no point guard. Tyus Jones is why the 2015 team worked and won a title
Idk man, games like this with full court pressure, a lot of turnovers. Your last title was won cause of TRUE PG (Tyus Jones)
Maybe it's just me but I get Tyler Ennis, Tyus Jones and Tyler Ulis mixed up. All backup point guards drafted relatively recently.
Of course, Ricky's lineup have better net rating, but the key right now to win games is how Tyus Jones is hurting our bench production.
Steal of the night - Tyus Jones: Tyus Jones steals the ball and passes to Zach Lavine for the layup.
Jones Steal Leads to LaVine Layup: Tyus Jones comes up with a steal and finds Zach Lavine in transition who…
thats what I said originally. Tyus Jones isn't moving the needle though. I wish they could get Booker but no way PHX trades him.
If they trade Richaun Holmes for Tyus Jones you're not gonna wanna listen to tomorrow's
lol. Josh Richardson, Norman Powell, Tyus Jones, Hollis-Jefferson, Portis, Mccullough on and on
MIN: Tyus Jones was really good. Kris Dunn was very good before concussion. Devin Thomas was pretty good.
Amazing how many teams passed on Tyus Jones for Jerian Grant, Delon Wright, Terry Rozier. Another young talent Tom Thibodeau gets to coach.
In any case, if you are really trying to improve the offense, trading Vuc for Tyus Jones, Gorgui Dieng doesn’t do it.
Of course Tyus Jones hits a big 3 late. Loudest boos I've ever heard at Kohl Center when TWolves played Bucks in exhibition last year
So we get Ulis vs Dunn / Tyus Jones 2mm. Dunn will try to overpower & get stripped then we're treated to the battle of smarts. I'm ready
Tyus Jones going at it against Kay Felder in the Summer League. Battle of 2 Cavs' Draft-Pick PG's
Tyus Jones and Kris Dunn vs. Emmanuel Mudiay and Jamal Murray in the battle of the backcourts tonight. Should be fun.
2014: cried when the NBA drafted Isaiah Austin. . 2015: cried when the Wolves drafted Tyus Jones. 2016: TBD.
not 100% but I think that's Tyus Jones' brother Tre
Hi Dave! I'm writing a story about Tyus Jones for City Pages. May I ask you a question on what I heard on the show today?
This is Duke Basketball. Tyus Jones making winning plays on the way to South Regi... (Vine by
Duke has a beast in Frank Jackson. Tyus Jones was very solid--FJ might be just as valuable.
So Team USA will be without Wall, CP3, maybe Curry…does Lillard finally get the nod or will it be Tyus Jones?
Dontay jones pole jacking for a check
You're right. I also remember Tyus Jones pestering him late in the year. I think he can be a solid guard.
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Tyus Jones Net Worth: Only at that age he has received so much respect for him game and is among the very val...
they should resign Vogel then trade him to us, they can have Thibs and Tyus Jones, DO IT MILT!
2015-16 Roster Review: Tyus Jones: Tyus Jones was the fourth-youngest player in the NBA this season, and he o...
Hi Judd. I'm working on a Tyus Jones story for CP and was hoping I could shoot a few questions your way. Email would work. rs
Confession 4. 85% of White People at hate on Tyus Jones success 😬🏀
*** in the league I can beat. Lowry. Andre Miller. Prigioni . Steve Blake . And maybe Tyus Jones
Tre Jones notoriety/rep is merit based not because of older brother. Different style. More athletic, better defender. Tyus…
Tyus Jones won a ring. He's not that good. Didn't Elton Brand or Corey Maggette and other win rings that were also
I tried to convince myself on Shabazz Muhammed instead of Tyus Jones. I don't know why. Just the first player on my mind.
I'm honestly starting to believe Tyus Jones could be a starting PG in the NBA. Jones is just too smart... Plays like a vet
Sam Mitchell practicing his religious beliefs by sacrificing Tyus Jones to the point God Chris Paul
Tyus Jones () finished with 8 pts, 6 ast, 2 st in Timberwolves Double OT Victory over the Wizards. Good game!
what's worse Tyus Jones's defense or Adrian Payne?
I know they won with Tyus Jones last year but I’m much more comfortable with Duke having a point guard with the hair of a mi…
Just picturing how great Duke would be if they still had Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Jabari Parker, and Rodney Hood...   10% Off
Tyus Jones and Jarvis Johnson are in attendance for this Apple Valley game
Tyus Jones was going up against Barry Larkin's son tonight he plays for the pics to come later!!!
appear to be clearing the way for Tyus Jones
The Timberwolves have waived guard Andre Miller, Tyus Jones is in Sam Mitchell's rotation as of now.
Story: waive point guard Andre Miller, possibly clearing more playing time for Apple Valley's Tyus Jones.
It was already trending that way, but Andre Miller waivers gives almost all the backup PG minutes to Tyus Jones now in Minnesota.
Andre Miller isn't playing big minutes (only 10.8) but 19-yo Tyus Jones should be in line for an increase from his 11.7 MPG
Andre Miller's butt weighs more than Tyus Jones.
How about a Tyus Jones - Adreian Payne pick-n-roll here in the 4th, Wolves lead 101-91 w/ 8:24 left.
Last year I read that Joel Berry was better than Tyus Jones
Tyus Jones, Kevin Martin, and Adreian Payne. All at the same time.
Wolves celebrated 25th birthday today by making rookies Tyus Jones & KAT sing happy birthday to him after shootaround.
Like Tyus Jones did...oh wait, he didn't
Hoping for a Tyus Jones situation and we get to keep in Minnesota with the Lynx... Next Lindsay Whalen protégée? 🙏🙏🙏
*** haters If Tyus Jones was back Duke would be high but grayson only took 3 steps
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Tyus Jones Tools of the Trade Jumbo Basketball Patch /4 from 2015-16 Absolute…
What if edition: Would've loved to have seen Tyler Ennis & Tyus Jones have stayed in school & faced off. 2 supremely calm, savvy PGs
Agreed, Lavine is only going to grow if given significant playing time. They also have Tyus Jones
Last year Tyus Jones hit the clutch shot to seal the deal against Virginia to stop their…
trade Ricky, and hand the job to Tyus Jones
Spots are filling fast! Sign your youngster up for the Tyus Jones Clinic on Feb. 21! »
tyus jones jersey will be in FULL effect come Wednesday 😊😈
Love that gets the last spot in the former players in attendance call out, even with Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor
I think of Tyus Jones flopping like a soccer player with every shot he takes.
would that get our dude Tyus Jones some minutes in Minnesota Logan???
Yeah, the Wolves are going to trade Rubio and roll with Tyus Jones the rest of the year.
"I'd break UVA hearts to be with you". To: UVA fans. From: Grayson Allen and Tyus Jones
And Tyus Jones would be playing his *** off the remaining 2 months. Find out what you really got.
. Get Tyus on the floor KAT. I know this kid (jones) will blow everyone away when he gets his minutes.
So the Blazers could do a three team trade. Grab Anthony Davis, Nerlens Noel and Tyus Jones
Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Zach Lavine, and Tyus Jones are literally just a bunch of kids that happen to be in the nba
"Now that it’s his time to show what he has, no one’s surprised around here.” –Jones on Grayson Allen .
Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones were in the stands for Duke’s thrilling win over Virginia Sat.:
Really wish Tyus Jones would of stayed another year at Duke, loved watching him play
we 19-6 bro & we let Justice Winslow , Tyus Jones , Quinn Cook go to the league ... Smh we got rooks & sophomores competing
Tyus Jones on Grayson Allen: "Just so happy for him. That's my brother. I'm his biggest fan. It was a lot of fun to watch."
Tyus Jones on Grayson: "To see him keep growing up and taking steps forward, you knew it was only a matter of time" https:…
Tyus Jones on GA: "we threw Gatorade on him, mobbed him & everything like that. It was like I was a part of the team. It w…
lmao I been peepin Tyus Jones and Jahlil since HS too. But Aaron and Zach, was college
Who’s going to take the big shot for Duke tonight? Tyus Jones is not walking through that do … oh hey there’s Tyus
Watching Tyler Ulis this year makes me wonder how good Tyus Jones would've been this year
Tyus Jones and Jarvis Johnson among those in crowd for tonight's game
Tyus Jones, Rashad Vaughn & Reid Travis. Plus several other four-star out of state guys they never had a chance with
like just look at all the young great talent they have in Andrew Wiggins, Zach Lavine, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Tyus Jones
The T-Wolves have been outscored almost by a full point per minute with Tyus Jones on the court, in 98 minutes
Basketball, Neat: Patty Mills and the baptize rookie Tyus Jones
I think Tyus Jones is a better player than Zach Lavine, which is funny and also sad at the same time
Tyus Jones a healthy scratch tonight for the Wolves...
Kennard hit them with the neck snap. Learned it from Tyus Jones in the summer I guess
Kennard has wisely learned the Tyus Jones jerk backwards on the drive move.
Kevin martin is on the floor. Tyus Jones isn't dressed. This is the world Minnesota lives in.
AND someone needs to tell Thornton he is not Quinn Cook or Tyus Jones 🙃
Tyus Jones was the Flop King then pass it on to Grayson
“I'm used to thinking the big names get it, like Tyus Jones. It's just amazing." - new nominee
Tyus Jones is inactive for Wednesday against the Nuggets.
Tyus Jones (inactive) is out for Wednesday's game vs Denver.
First two on the court, Tyus Jones and Damjan Rudez.
rookie PG Tyus Jones hopeful his stint allows him to play consistent minutes in the NBA.
Tyus jones should have stayed another year.
Idk about that, tyus jones was really bol at Duke. He can produce in the league in my eyes
I'm going to say what I said last year. Ulis is a better pro prospect than Tyus Jones was... Some doubted than I think few do now
Tyus Jones is 6"1 and went If Tyler was same height, top-20 is lock.
Former hoops star Rashad Vaughn had never won against a team with Tyus Jones until last Saturday.
Tyus Jones had to stop tying his shoes for that one😆😆
Don't call this the game of the year until Duke plays UNC, ergo Austin Rivers and Tyus Jones.
Perry Ellis with his best impersonation of Tyus Jones
This will sound like piling on, but Wolves have been considerably worse since Tyus Jones was added to the rotation
The best is that you can see Tyus Jones on the bench. I bet he wanted to cheer.
Sam Mitchell going with Andre Miller, and not Tyus Jones, when Philly has TJ McConnell out there is.something.
Wow. Andre Miller, in for Tyus Jones at the point, with a midcourt alley-oop to Zach Lavine for the flush. PHI 33-31 w/ 9:18 left 2Q.
Tyus Jones with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
On the Tip-Off Show chats with Tyus Jones, KAT takes home another Rookie of the Month honor & faces Okafor & much more
since Nerlens has Ish, any chance they trade for Tyus Jones to give Jah his favorite PG too? It's only fair.
If Lebron didn't exist my fav player would be Tyus jones cuz that man has put in so much work and stayed positive through the hate ✊🏾
Tyus Jones chats with after today's shootaround:
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And Quinn Cook and Tyus Jones are even in the voting for your favorite Duke athlete of 2015.
Listen-caught up w/ Tyus Jones from Philly today after shoot-around 6pm Tip 530 pregm tonight
Tyus Jones and Nikola Pekovic make up the inactive list tonight.
If you want to flip back & forth between Wolves game and the Idaho Stampede's, here's the link to watch Tyus Jones.
From a National Championship at Duke to the Idaho Stampede, we talk with Tyus Jones now on 93-1 FM KTIK.
The news of Tyus Jones going to the Idaho Stampede reminded me of my days dancing for the Stampede (2008)
Tyus Jones in his D-League debut with Idaho Stampede scored 27 points on 11-22 grabbed 6 rebs and dished out 8 assists.
Nick Van Exel is coaching the team currently going up against Tyus Jones and the
NEWS: assign Tyus Jones to Idaho Stampede of Idaho is the D-League affiliate of the Utah Jazz. http…
Idaho Stampede's first game since Tyus Jones' Saturday assignment is Wednesday home game vs. Texas Legends, live at 8 pm Central on youtube
host the Blazers tonight hear from Ricky Rubio on slowing down Lillard & meeting The Glove plus Tyus Jones
They have Zach Lavine, Tyus Jones and Andre Miller... they'll be fine.
Brady is by far the clutchest player I've ever seen in any sport.. Tyus Jones is second 😉
Better off drafting tyus jones could have waited on him
play Tyus Jones, he's a real baller :((
might be a good game to see Tyus Jones?
If you're a fan of Tyus Jones, this is probably the Wolves game for you. Has the look of a possible blowout meaning Jones will likely play
This feels like a game in which Tyus Jones might see some time, already.
I hope they play Tyus Jones tonight.
I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about this team with Tyus Jones.
Tyus jones should of stayed at Duke
Thought Tyus Jones was the best at selling fouls on last year's team. The 2015-16 edition of Grayson Allen might be even better
Do anybody ever think about how people like Tyus Jones Jahlil Okafor and Karl Townes are making millions and we not and we the same age?
Tyus would have. no, he actually would have. Okafor went to duke just b/c Tyus went there. Coach K only had to recruit Jones
I wonder what Okafor's conversations with Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow are like.
Maybe the Sixers need to trade a future first to bring in Tyus Jones to be the Okafor Whisperer.
come to C pain with Collin, Tyus, and I 😁 pick ya up in 15
Can't say that, how good would Duke be if they had Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones back
Okafor knew how to win with Justice Winslow, Tyus Jones, Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson, Marshall Plumlee
So are you saying starting Tyus Jones actually is NOT a good idea? And he's actually NOT better than Rubio? No way
I think a dumb kid benefits from D-league b-ball, but a cerebral kid like Tyus Jones can learn being part of the big club
Did Gabe York think dressing like Tyus Jones would make him play better?
With rubio out i would love to see more Tyus Jones. Benching him is doing no one any good.
But the 5-5 guy, the Tyus Jones AAU floor spacer and D2 transfer at his fourth college are balling out.
hard not to love a trio with a 5-5 gunner, a D2 grad student and one of Tyus Jones' Howard Pulley floor spacers
Added a full stream of Tyus Jones Duke highlights to go with the power hour, it did not disappoint 🏆
Wisconsin fans won't stop booing Tyus Jones for ripping their hearts out in the Final Four
Bjorn Broman (6-0 freshman guard) for Winthrop averaged 49.5 points per game last season at his Minnesota HS. Played AAU with Tyus Jones
Coach Kal weak for not recruiting jahil cousins we recruited all the plumlee's both kelly 's and I think we get tyus jones lil bro next year
Maybe the Nets should look to trade Lopez for picks and a young guard (Cam Payne, Delon Wright, Tyus Jones type of guy). FA class is...
Seeing everyone and all their black Friday fun makes me wish that Kristen Shankle Jones, Adrienne Marie Chapman...
And no I don't love Tyus Jones. Great college player but needed another year at Duke.
lol. Dude he's a rook with like 10 games under belt. So is tyus jones good? His avg?
Don't we all bro don't we all but I think will step up and be the next Tyus "I hit daggers" jones👌🏾
Dontari Poe did a 29.5 inch vertical leap at the NFL combine. That’s higher than Branden Dawson, Tyus Jones, Harrison twins …
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Duke doesn't have a Tyus Jones-type calming force yet, and they'll need Derryck Thornton, Matt Jones or Grayson Allen to step into that role
This my boy Grayson's year. Good enough to start on 94% of colleges last year, just Quinn Cook and Tyus Jones
Is it a pre-req for Duke basketball players to have that haircut i.e. Jahlil Okafor/Quinn Cook/Tyus Jones. .
Missing Quinn Cook and wishing Tyus Jones would have stayed. We got Greyson though😈🏀
Tyus Jones getting locked up if Duke even make it To The Final Four
people that will not be slandered on the tl:. Andrew Luck. Kyrie Irving. Jabari Parker. Jahlil Okafor. Tyus Jones. Adam Henrique. Jacoby Ellsbury
Mudiay, Porzingis, Stanley Johnson, Tyus Jones, Myles Turner, Trey Lyles, & Devin booker all added to that list.
Can't wait to see rookies this year, especially Tyus Jones, Kaminsky, Winslow, Dawson and Pat Connaughton
yeah for sure. The Cavs can just easily do it. Picked up a solid PG in Tyus Jones for back up. Might be their year
Tyus Jones being listed as inactive on the opening night roster is puzzling, especially after cutting Lo Brown. Zach Lavine is just not a PG
Thank god Tyus Jones put up NUMBERS to get the Blue Devils the major win cause i'd be looking goofy right now
Flip Saunders KNEW he was gonna take Tyus Jones from jump
I'm hyped for this season because of what this draft class has in store for us. Especially Tyus Jones!
I am hyped to see what KAT and Tyus Jones can bring to the T-wolves organization!
Tyus Jones: "If the game is played (on Wed.) this is gonna be the time we come together for Flip's sake."
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Tyus Jones talks about growing up in Minnesota and idolizing Flip. "I'm praying for his family."
As a MN native, Tyus Jones is reflecting on what a huge loss this is for the state with what Flip did at U of M and Twolves.
"We're praying for his family. We're really doing this for him now" - Tyus Jones
Vaughn did extra shooting after practice and said he would be ready for Knicks on Wed. He hurt shoulder in collision w/Tyus Jones on Friday.
Tyus Jones led all rookies in preseason in assist%, assist ratio, and assist/turnover ratio.
He averaged 5 points a game in that tournament and got destroyed by Tyus Jones in that game last year. He is solid, not top 10.
Fun fact of the day: Kevin Garnett was already in his 2nd NBA pro season when tyus jones was born. Now they are teammates
This picture of Coach Flip Saunders & Tyus Jones was taken on June 26, 2015, roughly 3 months ago.
pat I'll respect your feelings when you post your picture with tyus jones
From LaBron James to Tyus Jones, Flip Saunders tributes pour in
The words about flip have been touching. Starbury... KG... Tyus Jones. Countless others... Touched a…
Ok Tyus Jones just made me shed a couple of tears.
Tyus Jones is probably taking this especially hard too. He's known Flip for half of his life.
Flip would watch Tyus Jones' games at Apple Valley.
Tyus Jones just checked into the game. Let's see what the pro-Badger crowd thinks now
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Wisconsin fans won't forget - former Duke PG Tyus Jones gets soundly booed every time he touches the ball
Oh no. Prayers for the family. I just saw Flip at Tyus Jones' draft party. He was a good man. Sad.
Tyus reacts to the boos from Badger fans at the last meeting with the Bucks. Watch:. http…
Tyus Jones came to Nike after we closed and asked us to open up for him and when we said no he said "But I'm Tyus Jones..…
Don't know what's uglier: Tyus Jones or Apple Valley's offense
Tyus jones would be nice. Ur tellin me he couldn't trade for the 20th pick? But wanted to have potentially 6 this upcoming?
Don't know if I should feel sad or honored that Tyus Jones has me blocked 😅
Tyus Jones would do the same thing as Aaron Brooks and E-Twaun Moore better. Bobby Portis being on the bench scrounging for minutes
Because it's clear Bobby Portis is a much better prospect than Tyus Jones. THEN WHY PASS ON A PG TO DRAFT ANOTHER PF???
2018 four-star point guard Tre Jones, brother of Tyus Jones, will also be in attendance for Countdown to Craziness: ht…
Tyus Jones putting in that work tonight vs. CHI. 16pts, 3 3pt & 3 ast at the half. Interesting player to keep an eye on
So no Ricky Rubio, Andre Miller, or Derrick Rose tonight. . Does that mean we get Kirk Hinrich and Tyus Jones as our starting point guards?
Russell Westbrook with 12 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists in the first nine minutes. Welcome to the NBA, Tyus Jones.
Tyus Jones starts against Russell Westbrook in his first game tonight. Sam Mitchell asked if he gave any tips to the ro…
Setting up the surprise twist when Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow suit up for Duke this year?
rookie Tyus Jones returns to Apple Valley, talks on Flip Saunders.
Tayshaun Prince to show Andrew Wiggins to be a NBA player is awesome. Andre Miller to show Tyus Jones the same thing? Even better.
- Timberwolves: Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones would be a dream teaming
Tyus Jones gone be the next Shane Larkin
Tyus Jones, Karl A.Towns, Zach Lavin, & the take on right now.
Tyus Jones will start today. Along with Zach Lavine, Othyus Jeffers, Adreian Payne and Karl-Anthony Towns. (per 🐺🏀
Zach Lavine is not a PG lol. Let Rubio and Tyus Jones run the offense
My early overreaction. The T'Wolves don't need Tyus Jones. Rubio, Zach, Brown all the PG's they need right now
forever in love with Zach Lavine and Tyus Jones 😍😍
Zach Lavine, Tyus Jones and Karl Towns going up against Jordan Clarkson, D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle in NBA summer league tonight...
Can Kentucky fans and Duke fans get along? They may have to with Karl Anthony Towns + Tyus Jones now teammates
Tyreke Evans, Adrian Peterson, Brandon Jennings, Tyus Jones, and some more lesser known athletes have all purchased from us
Karl-Anthony Towns and Tyus Jones officially introduced as Minnesota Timberwolves.
Hearing that Chuck Fletcher is working on a deal to acquire Tyus Jones.
Tyus Jones is staying home to play for the Timberwolves! This is what happened last time he played in their stadium https:…
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You can expect to see both of the draft picks traded for Tyus Jones playing in Sioux Falls for the Skyforce this year.
Andrew Wiggins, Tyus Jones, Karl-Anthony Towns & Zach Lavine walk into a bar... and none of them get served.
ACC Basketball: Duke's Tyus Jones to stay at home with Minnesota Timberwolves - Fayetteville Observer (blog)
The Cavs just traded Tyus Jones to Minnesota they are so dumb for that smh
Tyus Jones and DeAngelo Russell are the top Point Guards in this Draft... Tyus was definitely the sleeper😴
Did Jay Bilas just say Tyus Jones plays just like Ricky Rubio except he can shoot better? Jay, stop showing your ***
I heard Tyus Jones is coming back to Minnesota to play for the Wolves!
All due respect to Jay Williams, but Tyus Jones isn't nearly the "same guy" as Ricky Rubio. -B
"I would not have come this far without Robert Horn." - Tyus Jones on being drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Timberwolves
Excitement surrounding the tonight! Take Karl-Anthony Towns with the pick and then trade up for Tyus Jones!
LeBron has traded Tyus Jones to the Wolves for pick and
The Cleveland Cavaliers take Duke PG Tyus Jones with the No. 24 pick, but he’ll be headed to Minnesota
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