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Tyrone Wells

Tyrone Wells is a singer/songwriter in the folk-pop genre from Spokane, Washington.

Brett Young Use Somebody Sea Breeze Ben Rector Brendan James Pala Casino Francis Chan Matt Wertz Jason Reeves San Francisco Cains Ballroom

ATL hung *** black couple Tyrone Wells and Johnnell Jack Off and Nut! VIDEO LINK:
For the last episode of I just want a final tribute with all the characters with Time of our lives by Tyrone Wells as background
You and Me On Top of the World by Tyrone Wells.
I added a video to a playlist Tyrone Wells - Time Of Our Lives
Wow okay why does “time of our lives by Tyrone Wells” sum up the fosters ending so well & how we feel!!
“When it’s all over, when this life is through, I’ll wake up in heaven and run to find you” - Tyrone Wells
Tyrone also has emusic: if you chose to take a look too ^jr
Tyrone wells on CD Baby with two albums: ^jr
Tyrone Wells has albums on CD baby and emusic. You can search both places for this artist, and links will also be…
My resolutions this year are to have straight teeth and to see tyrone wells live for the millionth time
Congratulations to OHS/OEM's own Tyrone Wells on receiving the Bronze Medal of Valor @ the Prince George's County V…
Someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak👀 ♫ Use Somebody (Bonus Track) by Tyrone Wells —
But i'll ways remember ♫ Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells —
Here is the list, per Some HOFers, some All-Stars, plus Bonzi Wells, Tyrone Corbin and Lamb.…
Comfort Food of Music: Tyrone Wells performed at SOhO last week and Jenny shares her thoughts on the musical…
It's hard to walk away from the best of days but if it has to end i'm glad… ♫ Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells —
heal - Tom odell/ time of our Lives - tyrone wells / between- courrier . I have more songs if you want 😌
Need peaceful music to work to? Tyrone Wells radio on Pandora is where it's at!
Did you ever recorded a version of "Enough" that you wrote with Tyrone Wells with your vocals? If not, you totally should.
We are grateful for all of the support shown so far. You are all Release for our cover of "More" by Tyrone Wells soon! Sit tight!
I liked a video from Goodbye MultiCube! - [Song: Time of our lives - Tyrone Wells]
"I'm glad you have been my friend in the time of our lives" -Time of our lives, Tyrone Wells
"Soft like a whisper, she's calling me to her." -Tyrone Wells. Dress: . Film…
I cant believe I only saw this now. Loved every second ❤️. Tyrone Wells - "Freedom" Cover (Colton Avery)
Warming up for our cover of "More" by Tyrone Wells. Keep a lookout by following here and on…
"Tyrone, in regard to 17 year old Chandler ARE the father"
Screaming to the stars just to feel alive. Maybe one more chance and we'll get it right. 🎶 . In Between the Lines by Tyrone Wells 👍
"Time Of Our Lives" by Tyrone Wells gives me so so many One Tree Hill feels when will I ever stop crying
Petrochemical giant is planning to flood the UK with fracking wells.
Running Around In My Dreams by Tyrone Wells this song has been sick in my head all day
are you a Tyrone Wells fan? I met him once after a show. neat guy. Christian too. check out his song "More" or "Simple Life"
Congrats to our very own Tyrone Wells on receiving the PGFD Emergency Services Award. Job well done!
.presents PGFD Emergency Services Awards to Tyrone Wells&Darren Ware for saving female from burning SUV
You are the girl that's been running around in my dreams ♫ Running Around In My Dreams by Tyrone Wells —
I highly recommend every ShaCam shipper to listen to the song "Time of our lives" by Tyrone Wells. You'll cry.
" we say goodbye, we hold on tight to these memories that never die" . Song: Time Of Our Life - Tyrone Wells :(
Regina and Michael Frantz's first dance was to "All I'm Thinking Of" by Tyrone Wells. Congratulations Regina and...
okay but just listen to time of our lives by tyrone wells and tell me you don't think of storybrooke and captain swan I stg
That time Amanda brought a kinkajou to church and like 2 months later Tyrone Wells randomly liked it...
You can get your $15 presale tickets to Tyrone Wells now at this link.…
FYI Americans, if you ever wanted to see Dominic Balli and Tyrone Wells on tour together in Brazil,…
what's your favorite song at the moment ? — "Run away with me" by Tyrone Wells 💕
OCTOBER 23 // 8PM Tyrone Wells with special guest Tim Halperin will be performing at Cafe 939 on October 23!
This dude's songwriting skills are spot-on. *Tyrone Wells: Running Around in My Dreams*
Go on and dream like New York, as high as the skyline. Aim for the stars above those city lights. Tyrone Wells, Dream Like New York
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Cause one day. The sunshine will shine again. Shine all over… ♫ And the Birds Sing by Tyrone Wells (at —
Whenever I hear time of our lives by tyrone wells I think of SK 😢
I might go to at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA - Oct 21
I know this much is true. Your gravity, brings me back to you. *Tyrone Wells - Gravity*
is back on tour with Tyrone Wells across the US this September/October! Tix on sale tomorrow
What was the Tyrone Wells song that I loved??
A new favorite: Tyrone Wells - Time Of Our Lives - the vampire diaries. by Fatma T. Ahmed on
beautiful place to be by Tyrone wells.
I wrote my name down on your arm,. You set off avalanches in my heart. ♫ This Is Beautiful by Tyrone Wells —
"Use Somebody (Bonus Track)" by Tyrone Wells from Metal & Wood . One of the best covers I've heard in a …
tyrone wells a beautiful place to be скачать
You still love me by tyrone wells feels like I am talking to God
They said,whatever you want desperately,will come to you at a right time.. Oh Tyrone Wells this is the reason I've stopped looking for you😍😍
So many places we could go. Just come with me let's hit the road. Oh Tyrone wells run away with me 😍😍
Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells is seriously the saddest song ever 😭🎓
March 18, 2015 in San Francisco at The Independent with Tyrone Wells and the boys. Night one of the tour and it...
According to Klout, what I'm an expert on. Spoiler alert. I know nothing about Tyrone Wells.
Yours is the only word I wanna know ❤A Beautiful Place to Be by Tyrone Wells ♫
Tyrone Wells: the Blast Interview: Originating from Spokane, Washington, Wells has released eleven albums over...
Isabel and Lou's May 17th Wedding at The Grand Event Center. Special thank you to recording artist Tyrone Wells...
Coming up in sport on before 7.30, Rory McIlroy on his record-breaking win at the Wells Fargo + Micky Harte on Tyrone's loss.
Matt Fish, Tyrone Nesby and Eric Piatkowski are Not walking through that door Clippers fans!
Last night was my 8th Tyrone Wells concert...I guess you can say I'm obsessed! His music is amazing…
Man United v Arsenal and Donegal v Tyrone at 4pm, Wells Fargo golf at 6pm and the amazing SEB FLOREK live on stage at 8:30pm - join us!
Join us for Man Utd v Arsenal & Donegal v Tyrone at 4pm and Wells Fargo golf & UPLOADED live on stage in the Lounge at 6pm...!
At concert with Tyrone Wells...still sad.
Tyrone Wells and Matt Kearney will never get old, they are both gold.
When I meet the right guy I want him to dedicate Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells to me so I know it's real
Tyrone wells music is so beautiful 😩
Somebody go to San Francisco with me to go see Tyrone Wells 😭
I'm going to Tyrone Wells Roll With It 2015 Tour at Parish on Apr 11
nicotine-panic!At the disco. Somebody told me-the killers. When the sun goes down, dancing shoes-Arctic Monkeys. Patience-Tyrone Wells
Completing tour with the brilliant Hecks Family in Wells who've been making cider for 6 generations. Great l…
Our excellent candidate in Wells wanted the PM and me to meet cider producers in & make case for …
I liked a video Sink or Swim by Tyrone Wells with lyrics!
All I'm Thinking Of by Tyrone Wells, found with Listen now: I think u should sing this on Idol
Tyrone Wells previews upcoming album 'Roll With It' and new tour: Tyrone Wells had an international hit on his…
Hey do you sing on Tyrone Wells' song, "Say I Love You Everyday" because google won't tell me. Also, show in LA soon?
what is your favorite song at the moment? — Running around in my head // Tyrone Wells
You make the world a[better]place to be . And I don't want to wait another day To tell you just how I am feeling-Tyrone Wells
Tyrone Wells - She's Leavin' lyrics and translations
You fit me perfectly, darling it's plain to see. You are a beautiful girl...🎶 Tyrone Wells. 😍
I'm going to at SPACE in Evanston, IL - May 8
If you love me, sing me a Tyrone Wells song 💕
Do you know someone who just LOVES Tyrone Wells? We've got the perfect holiday gift in mind, and when you...
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I love Ben Rector and I just listened to Tyrone Wells and he has some pretty good songs 😍
Ben Rector, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Matt Nathanson, Tyrone Wells that is all chance coleman
Fans of Tyrone Wells (Have you heard what he wants you to have for Christmas this year?.
so basically don't listen to Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells bc you'll think of dan and phil and you'll sob until there's no tears :)
Oh my. I need... . Guess which song?!
Tyrone Wells is in concert tonight for a great cause! Tickets:
Tyrone Wells benefit concert tonight! Proceeds go to shipping costs. Tix:
Just in time! Tomorrow Tyrone Wells will be performing to raise money for OLu Operation Christmas Child, but...
Hand written lyrics of your favorite Tyrone Wells song as a gift for you or a loved one?
I could listen to John McLaughlin and Tyrone Wells all day
.has toured w/ artists such as Jason Reeves, John Mayer, Tyrone Wells +more! See him w/
Looking forward to and tomorrow for an all ages matinee show! Get your tix now
I LOVE Tyrone Wells and also I have a card for u cause I couldn't make it to your grad party 😘
You know everything about me, and somehow you still love me.. ♫ You Still Love Me by Tyrone Wells —
Spend this Saturday afternoon with and for an all ages show full of great music!
Time of our lives- Tyrone wells + cleaning out my room and writing thank you cards = one emotional Juliet 😭😔
Tyrone Wells - Happy as the Sun que musiquinha liiinda!: via
time of our lives von Tyrone wells ♥
I can hear the birdies from my window when it's open & I always get that Tyrone Wells song stuck in my head. "& the birds sing do doo..." 🎶
If you guys want a '2 cute 4 lyfe' type of song, listen to Running Around In My Dreams by Tyrone Wells. :')
Soft music, usually. It helps calm me down. (Birdy, Mumford & Sons, Tyrone Wells are good examples.)
Tyrone Wells - Happy as the Sun is one of my favorite songs 💗👍
Where the water meets the land there is shifting in the sand ♫ Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells —
bet I'll conquer it before you 😜 lmao but he isss. Do you happen to know or listen to josh radin or Tyrone wells!?
Just a relaxing day at the beach. Listening to some Tyrone Wells 🎶🌊⛅️
See the photos from the Tyrone Wells, Brian Jarvis and Joanna Pearl concert that benefitted Oak Grove Center! > https:/…
Tickets for the June 27 Tyrone Wells benefit concert at Pala Casino go on sale May 27 // //
Quick look: An Evening with Tyrone Wells and friends at Pala Casino to benefit Oak Grove! Tix on sale now >>
listen to this wth a pair of good acoustic headphones and enjoy ♫ Metal & Wood - Instrumental – Tyrone Wells
New Yorkers! My favorite singer, Tyrone Wells is coming to the city in May, would anyone like to join me in seeing him perform on the 14th at the City Winery?!?!
Update your maps at Navteq
So, as of today, the confirmed celebrities either walking in Men's Fashion Week or attending shows include Victoria Secret model Sessilee Lopez, Actor Michael Ealy, Drea Kelly-Star of Vh1's Hollywood Exes, Shangela of RuPauls Drag Race, Actor Terrell Carter, Marcus Paulk aka Miles from Moesha, members of B2K, international supermodel David McIntosh, super models Ryan Neal-Brian Nieh-and Tyrone Wells, Daisy Llewellyn from Bravo's Blood Sweat and Heels, and I'm even hosting an event! Im so excited for Fashion Week!
"Christmas At Home" is an original song off of Tyrone Wells' first ever Christmas album. You can order a signed copy now (limited availability):
Had a fun friday night with the family. A christmas together concert at church with Jadan Lavik, Evan Wickham, Tyrone Wells, Dominic Balli, Trevor Davis and The Pawn Shop Kings! It was AMAZING!
A perfect day and so much done... House shopping, seeing all of our old roomies and our sf friends, hot pot, shopping on Union street and Fillmore street, dinner and hookah bar, now at the Fillmore to see my favorite singer, Tyrone Wells. Thanks Kevin!
Super to hear. I saw him he was headlining at the same venue in 2010. I liked the other band. I've seen Aaron with Tyrone Wells
About to order my Tyrone Wells tickets😍🎶
Hey remember that time Tyrone Wells gave me free tickets to his concert at HOB? Me too. 😍
Tyrone Wells -Time of Our Live!!! Still my Favourite track from Vampire Diaries
Labor Day at the Cliffs. Dan Curcio from Still Time, and Tyrone Wells. Its free on the lawn.
Waiting on macarons and listening to Tyrone Wells & the rain :)
Anyone want to go to Ben Rector & Tyrone Wells with me October 11th at the House of Blues?
TYRONE WELLS pandora 🙌🙌 God Morning all you beautiful people! 😇☝
I'm listening to This Love by Tyrone Wells on's Scrobbler for iOS. ❤
I'm going to Tyrone Wells at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC - Oct 19
I don't think you understand my love for Chester See, Ron Pope, and Tyrone Wells
I liked a video from Vampire Diaries 2x04 Tyrone Wells - Time Of Our Lives
lolll, Listen!!! It's amazing and everything by Passenger and Tyrone Wells!! Im going to make you a mixtape and mail it!
I'm listening to You Still Love Me by Tyrone Wells on Pandora
I'm listening to More by Tyrone Wells on Pandora
So excited for Tyrone Wells to come back to Austin
I have the best playlist for when I'm going places by myself. Full of Jack Johnson, Cave Singers, Tyrone Wells
Listening to Tyrone Wells all day makes the world a beautiful place to be.
MKTO - classic, The Maine - into your arms, Tyrone Wells - happy as the sun and The Lumineers - flowers in your hair (:
"Where will our children be, if they don't learn to sing?"-Tyrone Wells
So both Sara B and Tyrone Wells coming to Cains Ballroom in the same season? Where is
Catch w/Tyrone Wells here at The on Sat, Oct 19th! Tickets at
The time of ur lives de Tyrone Wells.
an ad for We Own The Night came on when i went to listen to Tyrone Wells on youtube :)
Stfu!!! Tyrone Wells just c released his fall tour schedule, and he will be in Tulsa at Cains Ballroom. I MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE!!!
Everyday with you just keeps getting better Tyrone Wells - Happy as the sun.
Jason Reeves & Tyrone Wells singing together is magical.
Imagine you all know many of these too, but: Cary Brothers, Mat Kearney, Matt Wertz, Greg Laswell, Tyrone Wells
Visitation for Mrs. Hazel Eleanor Busby Thrash will be held from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Saturday, June 1, 2013 in the Parlor of Freeman Funeral Home of Waynesboro. Funeral Services will be held at 2:00 PM Sunday, June 2, 2013 from the Chapel of Freeman Funeral Home in Waynesboro with Edward Brashier and Gary Blackledge officiating. Interment will be in Oak Grove Cemetery in Shubuta. Mrs. Thrash, 91, a native of Bay Springs and resident of Matherville, died Friday, May 31, 2013 at her residence. She had worked as a Fabric Cutter in the Knitting Mill and was a member of Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Mrs. Thrash is preceded in death by her husband, Grady Herman Thrash; son, Jody Joseph Thrash; father, Len Busby and mother, Laura Busby; 2 brothers, Macon Busby and Bill Busby; 3 sisters, Nell Totaro, Ethel Fant, Ouida McDonald. She is survived by 4 sons, Tyrone Wells (Beverly) of Brandon, Jerry Thrash (Huletta) of Cushing, OK, Jeff Thrash (Sandie) of Woodsboro, TX, Joey Thrash (Kathy) of Shubuta; 2 daughte ...
Stephen Kellogg, Tyrone Wells, John Fullbright, and Charlie Mars -- 5 shows in 3 days :)
I was listening to some Tyrone Wells the other day and realized that Sea Breeze is a sweet love song. I thought it would be a cool question to ask...What is your favorite love song?
"Sink or swim" by Tyrone Wells is possibly the best song I've ever heard
my favorite song ever! You're the one - Tyrone wells 😊 and record it so I can download it from iTunes!!
Week full of great music!! Tyrone wells concert Wednesday at World Cafe Live and Thursday Tony Lucca
Loved seeing Francis Chan and Tyrone Wells with ! God is moving in this place
shine by Benjamin Francis leftwich and satellite by Tyrone wells they are really cute songs:)xxx
An Easter together with kirahelmer! If you can't tell, we're excited to see Tyrone Wells and listen to…
I think sink or swim by tyrone wells is great
"Happy as the sun, lighter than a feather, walking on the clouds when we are together..." -Tyrone Wells (happy as the sun) 💛
also an extra new fav of mine is this guy named Tyrone wells. YouTube him!
Tyrone Wells always knows how I'm feeling.
My next song i am going to sing is "Tyrone wells - running around in my dreams" it will be uploaded this week :) enjoy
I REALLY want to go see Francis Chan and Tyrone Wells this weekend, but everyone flaked 😔
Listening to "Give Me One Reason" by Tyrone Wells and Tony Lucca till I fall asleep.
Seabreeze - Tyrone Wells. The kind of song I want to write.
Cant wait to see you at Matyrs! Saw you when you opened up for Tyrone Wells :) at Space Evanston!
Heck yeah just learned how to sing and play with "more" by tyrone wells in 5 minutes..
Metal and wood by tyrone wells. Listen to it!! :]
Tyrone Wells - Time of our lives lyrics don't know why, but this is the song I impulsively go to when I'm in a mood
time of our lives by Tyrone wells is just wow
Listening to a tune while getting ready for work Tyrone Wells - More:
Tyrone Wells knows how to make good music. Merp.
Tyrone Wells, Brendan James, and Brett Young with Jay Ollero crazy good show
Tyrone wells has a sound for everything about everything his music is perfect to dance to
Came to a Tyrone Wells concert and became a Brett Young fan. - u rocked out.
Waiting for Tyrone Wells with the family @ City Winery
6:08 PM, March 16th was the birth of my grandchild kitten thing.. Shaquiqui Tyrone wells.
resting all day, then Native Foods and Tyrone Wells concert with my cousin later!
If you haven't listened to Time Of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells it describes how us as a fandom feel about the end of Merlin it's perfect
Tyrone Wells. Such a great concert! Thanks annikanyman for bringing me with you!
Had the best night with my loves and at Tyrone Wells concert ❤
Adding 'Freedom' by Tyrone Wells to my list of fave songs ☺
Tyrone Wells? Why am I missing that. Come to blarney after! :)
I liked a video Running around in my dreams - Tyrone Wells (lyrics on screen)
Someone like you and all you know ♫ Use Somebody by Tyrone Wells (at Lion Air Flight Attendant Recidence) —
Who I'm really at the Tyrone Wells concert to see.
I'm at Varsity Theatre waiting in line without a jacket, everyone looking at me like I'm insane...insane for Tyrone Wells!
Just met Tyrone wells before the show.
Minneapolis! (at & Cafe des Artistes for Tyrone Wells, Brendan James and Brett Young)
Can't wait to spend my evening with and and Andy. So excited to see Tyrone Wells!!! :) :)
Got some inspiration last night at the Tyrone Wells show in Iowa City. Great musician, great performer, great...
2) Saturday's Nanci Griffith show is sold out, but we've got songwriters Tyrone Wells w/sg Brendan James Sunday.
Going to the Tyrone Wells concert tonight just to see
Tyrone wells voice is the cleanest and most smooth male voice I know of. No *** though. Love this dudes music
I bet everyone else wishes their school was LOVE this Tyrone Wells song about my "
Jammin' out to Tyrone Wells with my Man :-)
I can't be the only one who wants to rip up his/her diploma while crying tears of shame after seeing Tyrone Wells' Gonzaga-is-No.1-song.
Everyone join Perry Cullen, Tayla Cullen and myself in wishing Tyron Cullen every future success and happiness on his new adventure with the Navy beginning tomorrow. We are so very proud of him and the awesome young man he has become. It will be a bit quieter without that infectious laugh (look out HMAS Cerberus), we're not sure how our bins are going to be put out on Sundays "sigh" and Tayla will definitely miss hanging with her big bro and absolutely hate doing the dishes by herself lol! but we love him to the moon and back and are already look forward to the first visit. You're a winner in our eyes mate, from the minute you were born x x
Had that 'random tune from a song I know I know, but I just don't know it now!' moment and SoundHounded it. It's More by Tyrone Wells. YAY!
Idc, Tyrone Wells - More and All Broken Hearts are so good
Awesome evening with Susie Best listening to Brendan James, Brett Young and Tyrone Wells
Busy morning so far with home opens, 6 groups through at our 10 am start in Australind with a couple of offers expected. If your thinking of doing something in the market. Nows a good time!
When he wakes up, hope it sounds like this when he tells me... Listen to Tyrone Wells - You're The One: via
Omaha, NE: will perform SUNDAY MARCH 10TH. Jot it - share with friends!
I liked a video from And the Bird Sings by Jr Marz (originally by Tyrone Wells)
GLOW IN THE DARK PARTY !! Come out kick it , drinkn , smoke !! WHOLE CRIB too Drama Free Turn Up !! S/o too Keith Kool *** Crenshaw happy bday *** S/o too baby cousin Minnie Shakeel Nelson !! S/o too Lil man man Tyron DaFlamez Jenkins .. lot of bdays today so you know what time it is ... But once again come inbox and comment for address
Its so gud,so gud,i mean excellent to be always home with yo kid,learning and giving attention,no negative things,wow thats great,i can feel it.. God pls i beg,gve me that strengh to always be happy and gve that fullest attention to my beloved tyron ..thanks God..nyt my friends,in bed sleeping now,2mrw church,mwah every1..
Going to the Tyrone Wells concert tonight. Super excited!!
Rabbits jump and they live for 8 years. Dogs run and live for 15 years. Turtles do nothing and they live for 150 years. Lesson learned this Saturday morning!
Our precious little granddaughter has arrived, Malaya Skye, 6lbs, healthy and all is well. thank you Lord. Thank you so much Bianca and Tyron, we are so proud of you. Cannot wait to see her. Sending lots of love x
So alright I was thinking about this, so I want to say this, would u be sad if I wasn't here? Like this if u would be
ohwell mite catch my mummy up at the beach with my girls, now iv just gotta get the energy 2 move after a early morning visit from my mad neices and old sista inlaw love yas mwah xxXX
I might go to Tyrone Wells at Soiled Dove in Denver, CO - Mar 9
Tyrone Wells at Old Rock House on Thursday. Hope you'll join me! He's the one I mentioned at Off Broadway last time.
I had crazy names that i loved but couldnt name my kids that because my husband hated it and people would have made serious fun of me and my kids LOL for a girl i wanted Raenbow or Abcde (ab-si-dee) anyone else have any crazy names they wanted? *heather
Preferred Tyrone McCarthy last season when he had his catweasel beard
My new music obsession Tyrone Wells... I love his music :)
Prep is done, blood stransfusion on sunday afternoon, op on monday, let the adventure begin
Other girls over here tryna loose weight , I'm over here wanting to gain weight !!
Well how anazing was that meeting TYRONE STALBERG station today. Purely fluke and he recognized me straight away. Good to catch up. xx
We have had the time of our lives Tyrone wells or autumnleaves Ed sheeran for funeralsong? I dunno?✨
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I've decided I'm a little bit bisexual and think that I want my *** cherry popped. Any takers (or givers)
Imagine Dragons tonight, Tyrone Wells in 7 days, Costa Rica in 8. Yup, life is amazing. 😍
Well done Tyron. You competing with Tristine. She is play kzn trials in tennis at the moment. We are here in PMB. Well done to you both. Make my family proud
Today is a day I am honoured to have a wonderful, son of 18. I am so proud of my boy in all that he has achieved and gone thru to get to be this awesome young man. Tyron you have always made me so proud to be ypur Mama and know you always will. Having you in my life has made my life so worth living. Well Done! And may your 18th year be a year of joy and wishes that will all come true. Never mind the distance between us there is a bond that we share that is so specialx
I have that Friday feeling ladies. Drinking heads on . Joanne Sammars Joanna Austin
Tyron's first football game tomorrow lets see how long he can last :)
I was wondering...does females have a scale which they rate males on like males do with females?
love tour. Brett Young, vanladylove, and Tyrone wells.
Tyrone Wells at Best show of the week, but there's plenty more where this came from.…
The fact that I said Tyrone Wells gave me an eargasm and then he followed me, makes me wanna faint.
discovering Tyrone Wells and showing me his music was one of the best things to ever happen to my ears.
Mom just called from the hospital she is on her way home with dad. She was having heart problems and I guess got scared enough to finally go have it checked out like the rest of us were asking her to. Anyway the first check got her submitted to the ER where they tried to stop her heart with drugs and that didn't work so they stopped it some other way for ten seconds just so they could recharge it. I hope I got that right. Will know more when they get here... so If you have a loved one going through this, you might encourage them to check it out. xoxo‘
We are so thankful for Tyrone Wells's contribution to this exciting cause. ‘Download for a Difference’ was...
How many people are in your block list? Lol i got over 642 people blocked :)
Pre-sale tickets for Tyrone Wells tonight only available online until 3PM today-- tickets will be $15 at the door...
is now playing Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells
Guess who got to bust ice 30' into the river to save his puppies.yep me and then carry 2 of them 3/8 mile up a river bluff.We are cold and tired and somebody needs to lose weight and walk more.
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Are you able to catch Brendan and Tyrone Wells on their current tour? I'll be at the Pittsburgh show.
I love watching the news...A man robbed the bank and got away with $1800...I went to the bank, cashed my income tax check and walked away with $1800.but I've got this weird feeling that no one is looking for me! smh
Well glad we were out on the golf course yesterday and not today!! .but wow.I have aching muscles that I never knew existed!!! Roll on the next part of Tyron Bere birthday treats & the wknd!!
Anyone dyes their hair with henna dye? Whatcha think? Second time trying it out...
Ed Sheeran and Tyrone Wells putting me to sleep tonight
Leigh Anne Taylor-Hirselmann - Congrats to my Great Nephew Tyron - on being chosen to represent his school in a rugby tour. Well done big boy. We are all so proud of you. Amazing achievement. Lotsa love Aunty Buffy and the Others x
Jason Brown. Last day of training S.R.P A team be back together. Wonder what happen to the B team :-)
well gonna play some Kaiser with my man Brad Kay and my roommate Jaclyn Wirll and Tyron Kay..gonna kick some but tonight lol hehehehe
Congratulations to Tyron Debono, Year 12, for being selected to represent Caloundra in the 2013 YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament. Well done Tyron.
Bryan Taylor is drumming for Tyrone Wells these days. The two of them together is quite magical. Starts @ 54:13
just got some really good news I'm so excited!
What a great birthday present! I just won two tickets to see Tyrone Wells Saturday night!! Thanks
Here is a great video of the Tyrone Wells concert in Seattle a few days ago at the Triple Door. So much fun:
OH MY GOLLY GOSH! I am sitting here in the comfort of my comfort listening to the EWM's single YOU'RE GREAT and I'm tjanking my eyes out for this great track! To God be the glory for this awesome gift of praise! I cannot wait to hear this live! Well done Tyron and team, to Pastors Andrew and Yvonne I salute you for keeping the dream of music alive in your team! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! 4TH TIME LISTENING...
i want Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells played at my funeral.
Well a very large brandy or two after my day wishes my Nan get better and please wake up soon love you so much nanny x
Only a handful of pre-sale tickets for Tyrone Wells available online! paying at the door tomorrow night will cost...
Dancing around apartment to "Enough" by Tyrone Wells, missing my man while he's at work.
Definitely a Tyrone Wells kind of day.
Who will take it in a runoff in Pasadena Hampton or Hueso and wouldn't you know it, I still have to write about the District 3 race, well not THAT District 3 race.
Wow Lakers 71 points in 2 quarters .will the Lakers make it to the playoff this year ??
What should I do for my Bday Saturday?
Its only so much a person can take. N so much a person can do. Y does everybody look to that one person n think that they have to do it. R think that *** they dont care. Well f*** u cause im not that person. Yea im n my fellings idgaf. Im tired of everyone taking my niceness for granted. Im tired if been nice. Cause when u b nice to people it seen to always bit me n my *** Im like f everything from now on. Yea tha b*t*h has came out of me. N thats what im going to be. Idgaf who dont like what I have to say cause im a grow *** woman. N it really dont matter to me anymore.
Omg watching ant and dec wind up with jezz Kyle. Me and Tyron pissing ourselves. X
Well its official Wpg will host UFC June 15th at the MTS centre :)
What is everybody getting me for my birthday? Lol old friends, new friends, associates, fb friends, family, ppl that used to be friends, ppl I don't talk to that much all gifts are welcome u only got 7 more days!
Firas Zahabi had the same discussions with UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre as he’s having now with the titleholder’s teammate, Rory MacDonald.
Is Winnipeg set to host a UFC event in June with Dan Henderson facing Rashad Evans, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua facing Antonio Rogerio Nogueria along with Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Sheilds. Well, we certainly hope so! Who would you like to see?
We now have 165 ambitious Fearless athletes registered for this years Festivus Games on April 13th. This is the most entries we've ever had, and we're the leading CrossFit Affiliate amongst many who are hosting the Festivus Games this year. This is GREAT news and we are very excited. However, we now need about 20-30 additional volunteers to help us ensure that this event is run seamlessly and is huge success. Please see one of our front desk staff members or simply email Jenn at: Jennif you are interested in assisting us as a volunteer on 4/13. Thank You!
KIDNAPPING YOUR OWN KIDS- We’re after your stories of kidnapping your own kids - when one parent takes the children, without the consent of the other. It’s an issue facing EastEnders’s Lola and baby Lexi - but is it ever justified? Can it ever be in the child’s best interest? What if you think the courts imposed an unfair access agreement on you?
lol -PMT After years of experience a woman compiles a size rating chart. 1 inch: You must be joking! 2 inches: I can't even hold it properly. 3 inches: So unsatisfying. 4 inches: I've had bigger. 5 inches: Good, but not quite enough. 6 inches: Just about right. 8 inches: Mm! perfect. 10 inches: It's hurting my insides. 12 inches: I'm totally destroyed. So Girls…… do you rate your pizza?
Today gonna be a rough day :(:(:( can't get something outta my head that really tore my nerves up last night and plus i forgot my cough drops my sweet wife bought for me yesterday hurry day go by fast !!! I wanna be with my family
The UFC are starting to cut "boring" fighters like John Fitch even though he is top 10 but are keeping more exciting fighters on losing streaks like Jeremy Stephens who's lost 3 straight and just signed a new 4-fight contract. Do you think it's possible that the UFC go too far with this to the point that one day that a company like Bellator has the best fighters in the world while UFC have the most exciting? Is this strategy a mistake? Eric
Well good nite all had an awesome day at work then party for mommas 75 th birthday so happy she is here with us , Tyron & Rita Theo & Chelsea , Alfred Austin ,Landon ,Kira ,kaitlyn , Lesley , Rick &Ronnie amber Alberta , Marilyn ,James , Randilyn , Selena we had good time thanks from my mom for all birthday wishes...:)
I'm on a roll in the studio. Went from CDs to making highlight videos with music. It's amazing how magic happens in the studio.
Does anyone want to buy a iPhone 4.
Being a MALE is a matter of birth. Being a MAN is a matter of age (and maturity). Being a GENTLEMAN is however, a matter of CHOICE.
Going 80 in a 70 playing fallow the leader and we get pulled over. Cop came up to my window (passenger side) Cop: is Tyrone driving Me: who with a confused look on my face Cop: Tyrone is Tyron driving? Me: What? Cop: whos driving Me: Michael Crowder Cop: the plates are expired and registered to Tyrone. Do you have ID. Me: yes (passing over dads liscense), this is a rental car we got from enterprise rental for the weekend. Cop: I will be right back A moment later... Cop: you want the good news or the bad news first? Me: Bad Cop: my computer had a glitch. I ran the plates 3 times before pulling you over and it kept coming back to this make model and color of car but expired plates registered to Tyrone. Good new.. You are not a black guy named Tyrone! And you are all set to go sorry for bothering you. Have a good night. We were laughing are *** off. Janice Warren Gilmore well mike we can always change your name to Tyrone! Lol
The women got turned to a pillow of salt. for lookinh backk .smh
Well met someone at work who knows tyron, debbie and everyone its a small world kinda crazy
House, Batman, and Mike Tyson. Sweet, I can just picture Mike Tyson taking bites out of Zombies! LOL
Big news for Canadian UFC fans living in central Canada
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