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Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor (born August 3, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

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From Marlin Briscoe to Joe Gilliam, Doug Williams to Warren Moon and Colin Kaepernick to Tyrod Taylor the NFL has p…
Bills QB Nathan Peterman threw 5 first half INT, which is as many or more than Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Tyrod Taylor, Drew Br…
Nathan Peterman threw a pick-6 on his first drive as the Bills starting QB. Tyrod Taylor did not throw a pick-6 in 38 star…
Tyrod Taylor out there running his *** off in a blowout for a team that clearly thinks he's utterly worthless. He deserv…
The rookie QB — who Tyrod Taylor was benched for — has thrown 3 Int’s in his first 9 passes, all in the F…
Nathan Peterman threw a pick-six on his third pass of the game today. Tyrod Taylor has never thrown a pick-six in his B…
He's not wrong...Tyrod Taylor and how white privilege works in the NFL.
Some high heat from on the true significance of Tyrod Taylor being benched
Tyrod Taylor when the Bills coaches asked him to go back in at QB
It is clear to me now, having seen what the Bills look like without him, that Tyrod Taylor is the greatest player in the…
Tyrod Taylor wasn’t turning the ball over and had a winning record this season, so naturally they benched him for Peterman…
Bill Cowher just hanmered the and said "Tyrod Taylor will be staring next week.'' The Bills are a joke and a…
If Sean McDermott isn't considering bringing in Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman there's a serious problem.
Updated: Peterman now has as many INTs in 18 attempts as Tyrod Taylor has in 254 attempts this season.
So the Bills bench a very good, competent QB in Tyrod Taylor and his replacement, Nathan Peterman, has 4 INT's in t…
Nathan Peterman now has three interceptions on eight pass attempts today. Tyrod Taylor has three interceptions on 254 p…
See what Mike Lombardi had to say about the Billls benching Tyrod Taylor and his thoughts on the media’s response
Tyrod Taylor is an example of black quarterbacks playing with a smaller margin of error. . explains
Tyrod Taylor is a great QB. Tom Brady couldn’t win with the dumpster fire team that is formally kn…
Tyrod Taylor would be the Browns' best QB since Otto Graham.
The Vikings are 7-2 And you will also lose to them. We didnt lose to Jay Cutler and Tyrod Taylor 😂😂😂😂
We live in an NFL where Tyrod Taylor has been benched twice within 12 months and Blake Bortles has never missed a start in four…
Here is the ELITE list of quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor has been benched for before:. Sean Glennon. Joe Flacco. now Natha…
Tyrod Taylor has 1.54 career INT pct., LOWEST in NFL HISTORY among QBs with 1,000+ att.
I bet Nathan Peterman was told he was starting BEFORE "Tyrod Taylor" was told he was benched.
BREAKING: The Bills have announced that Nathan Peterman will start Sunday against the Chargers. Tyrod Taylor will be be…
have benched QB Tyrod Taylor. Rookie Nathan Peterman will start @ Chargers this Sunday. Line: Was LAC -4.5, now OFF…
And now Buffalo benches Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman. . Again, the question is no longer “will the make th…
if you have a coach that is benching Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman, you need to get out of Buffalo yesterday !
Nathan Peterman is the fake prosthetic nose you wear after cutting off your Tyrod Taylor to spite your face
Tyrod Taylor is being benched this week.
"Bills to start rookie Nathan Peterman at QB, bench Tyrod Taylor against Chargers"
Tyrod Taylor benched for Nathan Peterman? If u want to understand Insane Privilege & Patience afforded ONLY to white QBS, p…
UPDATE: Tyrod Taylor acknowledges disappointment in benching, but vows to continue to be a leader and good teammate…
Bills HC Sean McDermott announced rookie Nathan Peterman will start Week 11 against Chargers. Tyrod Taylor to the bench.
Tyrod Taylor has fewer INTs than all QBs with at least 200 pass attempts except Tom Brady & Alex Smith yet he gets…
I can't believe the Bills benched Tyrod Taylor for Elaine's boss.
Sean Glennon, Tyrod Taylor, Kam Chancellor and Brandon Flowers I believe. Glennon kept his on the whole gam…
Sean McDermott reiterates Tyrod Taylor is the starting quarterback; Taylor said he “does not listen” to crowd that cheered w…
Bill Campbell is kicking my *** Harry. I should have started Norm Snead instead of Tyrod Taylor.
That’s the end of Tyrod Taylor as a Buffalo Bill.
I think Tyrod Taylor is gonna stay in Buffalo. I see no reason to release him, he’s everything you need attge QB po…
Trade 🚨GM Henry Zimmer trades Alex Smith and Jarvis Landry to GM for Tyrod Taylor, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Rob Gronkowski
Great article from on Tyrod Taylor, w/ great quotes from himself. https:/…
Benjamin's value remains mostly the same in Buffalo. Devin Funchess, Tyrod Taylor are big winners. Grab Greg Olsen if he's been dropped.
Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills look to circle The wagons against Miami this week around 6 pst!stay tuned
There’s plenty of options to replace him. This is the deepest QB draft class in years. Tyrod Taylor…
Tyrod Taylor is such an underrated QB. Deserves more credit for what he's done in Buffalo.
IF the Jags were going for the Lombardi; They should have traded for Tyrod Taylor. Considerably better QB than Blak…
Tyrod Taylor is straight up balling. Save your takes for elsewhere.
you seem like a man who knows things.. I can't locate the iconic image of Tyrod Taylor holding up the upside U, you got it?
tyrod taylor has essentially same record last 2Y+ & lost TWO top WRS? scored s…
Started tyrod Taylor and am in the same boat. Should’ve been an easy win this week.
Plenty of coverage to start the day as Lesean McCoy, defense dominate the Raiders
updates Tyrod Taylor yards 1,178 to 1,343 rating 91.8 to 93.1 touchdowns 7 to 8
S/O to whoever tf smacked tyrod Taylor in the mouth
Even EJ is envious of that Tyrod Taylor hard-count.
So I traded Juju Smith-Schuster for Tyrod Taylor on the week he goes for 7-193 and a TD. I don't even have words.
Bills get a critical first down courtesy of Tyrod Taylor to Jordan Matthews!
Tyrod Taylor continues to be a solid QB streaming option week to week, While McCoy is still a top RB...
Good job by Tyrod Taylor to assure that the pass rusher can't grab hold of him as he bails.
For more of my Likes/dislikes in fantasy football please check out
They have this man name Tyrod Taylor leading them
Tyrod Taylor to Andre Holmes for the TD. Game tied Well done gents!
I love how Tyrod Taylor can jump, extend the ball over the end zone line for .1 seconds, get it knocked out, and it's…
You may not think of highly of Stafford, but as a Bills fan, Tyrod Taylor screams NO WAY NO HOW from my perspective at times.
As a Buffalo Bills fan, I wish we had a guy like Stafford. It’s hard to completely trust Tyrod Taylor
Have you changed your tune on Tyrod Taylor? Do you believe he will be the Buffalo Bills quarterback next year?
Again, Tyrod Taylor has been sacked 19 times this season. Among the most in the NFL. . with no sacks today.
I'm now 2-6 in fantasy football. I'd be 6-2 if I started Tyrod Taylor instead of Cam Newton every week so far
We going put some respect on Bills QB Tyrod Taylor name yet or nah?
Had my own replay of the Tyrod Taylor leap TD. 🏈🏈🏈
Am I really gonna have to start putting in Tyrod Taylor over Brees in fantasy? Stop doing this to me, man. It doesn’t have to be this way
Agree totally. We can go with Alex Smith or Tyrod Taylor next year an…
Tyrod Taylor, but Elliot and Graham may have been enough to get me a win.
"That makes me feel old.". Tyrod Taylor​ sat down with to discuss how the former pro bowler helped him grow as a…
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Deshaun Watson is everything fans hoped Tyrod Taylor would be… sadly Tyrod is just Tyrod…
Why the Bills will likely struggle in the second half of the season:
Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor stretches the ball into the end zone for a touchdown against the Raiders in the fou…
So the Browns should get in a bidding war for Tyrod Taylor?. No thank you.
Tyrod Taylor totals 2 scores in an efficient Week 8 performance for Buffalo
Drake is to Kanye what Tyrod Taylor is to Madden 05 Mike Vick
No,but you think Tyrod Taylor is beating us at home for the playoffs?
Must win. Tyrod Taylor has to win this game.
Can we all give Tyrod Taylor some more love, how many games does this guy need to win to get some respect?
Tyrod Taylor is out here playing with wide receivers from the local YMCA and is working out secondary
Since the handle went into effect, the have lost once. I am an inspiration to Tyrod Taylor so I shal…
Zay Jones on Tyrod Taylor: "He's one of the most dominant playmakers in the National Football League."
Need a start at the flex Tevon Coleman or Willie Snead? Also Philip rivers or Tyrod Taylor?
With the injuries in the OL, Kirk Cousins or Tyrod Taylor?
Tyrod Taylor handles himself well win or lose. So does Russ Wilson. Even Jameis has grown up.
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How crucial are Tyrod Taylor's legs in Bills victories? - Official Site
Lost Carson Palmer in two qb league someone offered me... Tyrod Taylor , Josh McCown and Jordy Nelson and I will be…
Bills QB Tyrod Taylor finds Nick O'Leary for a first down - Official Site
Tyrod Taylor and Logan Thomas connect for a TD - Official Site
Tyrod Taylor is the Harry Houdini of escaping pocket pressure
Tyrod Taylor is grading as a top 10 QB this season
Fantasy Football Advice🚩. Im shipping Tyrod Taylor and Lamar Miller for Kirk Cousins and Marvin Jones.
A team trying to tank doesn't resign Tyrod Taylor, Lorenzo Alexander, and convince Kyle Williams not to retire.
Not even athletic freaks like Deion Jones can stop Tyrod Taylor. Just a born playmaker that keeps defying the odds.
A half time of the 1:00 ET games We are winning 69-12. Tyrod Taylor-8. Lesean McCoy-5. Leonard Fournette-14. Charles Clay-7. Jason Myers-4
15 yard penalty when von miller faked getting Tyrod Taylor help up from the ground last week . Keep that in perspective . League is a joke
.who would you start week 4, Derek Carr or Tyrod Taylor?
Tyrod Taylor or Derek Carr? For week 4 half point ppr. Love the show you and Corey are the best
Tyrod Taylor tallied his second-highest career completion percentage in the 26-16 win yesterda…
2017: when you lose in fantasy because you start Derek Carr over Tyrod Taylor
QB Tyrod Taylor finished the game with a career high in completion percentage (min. 5 attempts).
WATCH: Von Miller, Broncos penalized for joking with Bills QB Tyrod Taylor
Von Miller offers to help Tyrod Taylor up then pulls his hand away. 15 yard penalty.
Next play Tyrod Taylor dumps to Lesean McCoy... and promptly gets crushes by Derek Wolfe. This D is no joke.
Buffalo has 64 total yards after 35 minutes, w/ 44 of them coming on Tyrod Taylor scrambles.
I know it's Hoyer and Tyrod Taylor, but still -- Panthers D has now played six quarters and allowed 3 points.
Exactly. I'll never understand the Tyrod Taylor witch hunt that a lot of Bills fans are on. They wanna bring this g…
Lesean McCoy has noticed change in QB Tyrod Taylor's leadership
Newton or Tyrod Taylor? Plus which from TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, and Martavius Bryant to go with J Jones?
Pro Football Talk - - Sean McDermott wants Tyrod Taylor to be one-eleventh of offense
Nathan Peterman BETTER take that Starting job from Tyrod Taylor . Let's go Peterman
If you tell me Nathan Peterman is a better Quarterback than Tyrod Taylor. you've lost all credibility
rookie QB Nathan Peterman could start Week One if Tyrod Taylor is still concussed. Does Taylor lose his job?
Bills scout at Memphis game. Winds so intense, Riley Ferguson may be as inaccurate as Tyrod Taylor.
It's amazing how there is currently more optimism for Jared Goff on my timeline than both Andrew Luck and Tyrod Taylor.
Anquan Boldin after seeing how awful Tyrod Taylor really is.
I expect to listen to trade offers for Shady McCoy & Tyrod Taylor if not make some themselves. Getting 2017 wins not…
Insta-Graham: Tyrod Taylor wobbles in Philly, but fans should resist QB controversy urge
Lucky for him Chemistry was one of Tyrod Taylor's best subjects in high school
Losing Watkins is not, I repeat, not a dagger to Tyrod Taylor's fantasy appeal. His fantasy floor with Sammy pretty much the…
Updated with reaction from Lesean McCoy, Kyle Williams, Anquan Boldin and Tyrod Taylor
BREAKING: Bills trade Tyrod Taylor and Marcel Dareus to Kenmore West for a $50 Duffs gift card
Boldin on Tyrod Taylor: "He's definitely more of a leader. It wasn't his show in Baltimore. This is his team."
Tyrod Taylor leads the Bills onto the field. Practice is on - for now - here at New Era Field.
QB Tyrod Taylor just gave the shoes off his feet to this fan.
Was all about Evans>AJ>Hopkins last year for sure and Matt Ryan>Cam Newton. Now Mariota>Tyrod Taylor>Matt Ryan. Cooper>Evans
The Jaguars aren't trying to turn Blake Bortles into Alex Smith. They're aiming for a Tyrod Taylor-type of QB with a Buffalo type of offense
Tyrod Taylor, Phillip Rivers, Tanneyhill, Stafford(if he falls), Carson Wentz(primarily for 2QB/Superflex)
Players you're probably too low on:. QB - Tyrod Taylor. RB - Theo Riddick. WR - Emmanuel Sanders. TE - Kyle Rudolph
Tyrod Taylor and Lesean McCoy are recruiting Jeremy Maclin to the Bills. (SPEEDonFOX)
Mailday from two cards not shown are 1/1 Lesean McCoy black plate and Tyrod Taylor eye Black auto r…
The Kaepernick over Derek Carr & Tyrod Taylor is the most trash one thus far.
Saying that Kaepernick would be better than Derek Carr or Tyrod Taylor? These replies are trash. Sorry.
Favorite player in each sport of all time:. NFL: Steve McNair. College Football: Tyrod Taylor. NBA: Kobe Bryant...
Tyrod Taylor is really limited playing from the pocket. Cardale Jones has RIDICULOUS physical tools. Basically a yo…
Tyrod Taylor, johnny manziel, Russell Wilson, who's next???
Right bc you would take dalton, flaco, tannehill, Tyrod Taylor over Landon Collins, Eric berry, Ear…
Former Hokie greats Tyrod Taylor, Logan Thomas and Kendall Fuller back in Lane Stadium for the spring game.
Tyrod Taylor, Logan Thomas and Kendall Fuller on the field now at halftime of the spring game. Offense leads defense 13-5.
Former Logan Thomas, Kendall Fuller and Tyrod Taylor, a Hampton High grad, being recognized on the field now during "halftime."
Tyrod Taylor, Logan Thomas and Kendall Fuller getting some love now in the middle of the field.
alums Tyrod Taylor, Kendall Fuller and Logan Thomas introduced at midfield during halftime.
how good of a QB would Kap have to be to get signed? Would Alex Smith or Andy Dalton get signed? Tyrod Taylor?
3 QBs in the top 7 of AY/A changed teams this offseson. Matt Stafford, Cam Newton, and Tyrod Taylor. All 3 teams ge…
I just watched a 5 min Tyrod Taylor highlight video and came away thinking that Robert Woods is the best blocking WR in football.
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and Kyle Orton. Then we got Tyrod Taylor. He can be a franchise QB. Haven't had one to build around since Jim Kelly
News Bills sticking with QB Tyrod Taylor after reworking contract (The Associated Press)
We've agreed to terms with QB Tyrod Taylor on a restructured contract. Welcome back,
Tyrod Taylor is staying with the Bills after restructuring his contract
just made a great decision to keep Tyrod Taylor around. Franchise has been looking for stability at QB for since Jim Kelly.
Rex Ryan in jeopardy of losing his job as soon as this week, as is Tyrod Taylor
interested in Tyrod Taylor. He threw just 6 interceptions in 2016, Ryan Fitzpatrick had 6 in one game.
Chalk Talk weighs in on draft picks, Tyrod Taylor, and comebacks. 📰:
iMO Tyrod Taylor a slightly better version of Seneca Wallace . No thanks
Rizzo: "I see Robert Griffin in Tyrod Taylor. It has nothing to do with their style of play but they play the same" -…
[SB Nation: Buffalo Rumblings] - Buffalo Bills have to decide what to do with Tyrod Taylor
Jets should go after Tyrod Taylor to be their QB and with pick 6 take either Foster to pair with Lee, Lattimore or trade back for Howard
Tyrod Taylor should be on the Browns quarterback radar - Dawg Pound Daily
Tyrod Taylor said GM Doug Whaley talked to him about the decision, albeit briefly, and told him that it was a "business d…
No the would NOT be better off with Tyrod Taylor as opposed to Eli Manning.
Doug Whaley on Tyrod Taylor: We will look at the entire season
Check this video on Tyrod Taylor better than Eli Manning for the ? No.
If the answer is not Eli, you're wrong. Tyrod Taylor has been mediocre at best in the NFL and is not a better optio…
Doug Whaley: Surgery won't play into Bills' decision on Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith, and Andy Dalton are representing the AFC in the Pro Bowl. . LOL
Talked to Bills GM Doug Whaley at the Senior Bowl. Here's what he said about Tyrod Taylor:
Another example of not evaluating talent by Bills GM Doug Whaley. If Tyrod Taylor was Whaley's find we would have kept him.
Tyrod Taylor's play last two seasons has been better than anything Browns experienced. Plus, he could be the QB Jackson…
We are about to see an off season where Tony Romo, Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, and Kirk Cousins are all FAs aren't we?
Browns reportedly have interest in acquiring Tyrod Taylor:
Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, and Phillip Rivers are ALL clear, clear upgrades over Brock. Anyone debating this is a moron.
are expected to have interest in QB Tyrod Taylor if he's released by the (
I'm actually glad that they are letting Tyrod Taylor go even if it means taking a step backwards
Here's another hilarious response I got when I said Tyrod Taylor wouldn't win a Super Bowl...he thinks he's a bette…
Bills legend Jim Kelly says Tyrod Taylor is not a franchise QB.
Tyrod Taylor walking a little gingerly out of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.
So the Bills, who haven't had a qb since Jim Kelly don't want Tyrod Taylor, why the *** would the Browns? Draft someone... or someones
Jim Kelly saying Tyrod Taylor is not the answer for the Bills, I wonder if he sees a certain Ole Miss QB as a the perfect draft option 🤔🤔🤔
Veronica: Bills QB Tyrod Taylor may be having surgery today, per his Snapchat. Again, if he can't pass…
Tyrod Taylor to be evaluated for groin/hernia surgery; it's a procedure that could cost the Bills $30.5 million https:…
UPDATE: Anthony Lynn says he wasn't in the room when the decision was made to bench Tyrod Taylor. He was in Your Mom's room…
The have done plenty of dumb things recently, but benching Tyrod Taylor isn't one of them. via
Ridiculous of to put Anthony Lynn in front of a microphone to explain Tyrod Taylor decision when he had nothing to…
I'd say there's a decent drop-off from Tyrod Taylor and Big Ben to Matt Friggin' Barkley.
If the rumors of the Buffalo Bill's front office wanting more EJ Manuel and less Tyrod Taylor are true, then they'll never win a chip.
[BN] Blitz: Why would the reportedly bench quarterback Tyrod Taylor? There are 27.5 million reasons
When some in upper management wanted to bench Tyrod Taylor, it was Rex Ryan who kept him on the field. GM Doug Whaley wants t…
To sum up, Bills have fired Rex and Rob Ryan and, in a business decision, benched their starting QB Tyrod Taylor.
Rex Ryan was a big proponent of Tyrod Taylor and fought to keep him as starter. His firing is bad news for Taylor.
Every QB your real life team should prefer to Tyrod Taylor rn:. Aaron Rodgers. Ben Roethlisberger. Matt Ryan. Russell Wilson. Marcus Mariota
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My fantasy team is going crazy this week... Tyrod Taylor - 31. Le'Veon Bell - 25 . Mike Evans - 15. Sammy Watkins - 21. Tyreek Hill - 15+
Yeah fans, Tyrod Taylor is your real problem when he's dropping bombs and your defense getting carved up by Matt Moore.
Is there a shootout between Tyrod Taylor and Matt Moore? close the gap. Trail 28-20 pending the PAT.
I'm in the championship & don't have a qb that I trust this week. Should I play Mariota, Tyrod Taylor or Matt Barkley?
Shazier, Slay, Von, Darius Jackson, McCoy and Tyrod Taylor all could be on the move before the League's trade deadline (28th) per sources.
I still can't believe Tyrod Taylor did him like that
Tyrod Taylor apparently threw that ball with crazy velocity as it knocked Jerome Felton over.
I have Tom Brady but picked up Tyrod Taylor (I have Watkins too so I like the stack). Shld I roll w Tyrod?
Can you make me feel confident about starting Russel Wilson tonight over Carson Palmer, Tyrod Taylor or Matt Stafford. ty.
Brady or Tyrod Taylor? And standard league, Lamar Miller, Thomas Rawls or Jay Ajayi?
The only starting NFL QB's not on rookie deals, that would have a lesser cap hit than Tyrod Taylor in 2017: Andy Dalton, Tom Brady, RG3
Rex Ryan confirms that Tyrod Taylor will remain the Buffalo Bills' starting QB
coach Rex Ryan says Tyrod Taylor will be their QB this week. So no changes at all for Buffalo.
Rex Ryan's head coaching career has consisted of Tyrod Taylor & Mark San…
Charles Clay is wide open over the middle of the field. Tyrod Taylor does not throw the ball to him.
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have 4 games to make a call on Tyrod Taylor. No decision yet. A dark horse for Tony Romo if they move on…
The Bills are unsure about Tyrod Taylor's future, although some of the organization believe he can be salvaged
Tyrod Taylor has been the QB in more games without both Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods than with them. Yikes.
Tyrod Taylor had Marquise Goodwin wide, wide, WIDE open for a 73-yard touchdown on a post route there. Didn't see him. Scrambl…
Tyrod Taylor now has only 22 yards and three completions since halftime. Brutal.
Too easy! Tyrod Taylor walks it in. . Bills extend their lead to 17-9 on the road
Tyrod Taylor with the old Rodney Peete Tecmo Super Bowl run
Tyrod Taylor out here lookin like a created player.
Connor Cook doing his best to look like Tyrod Taylor.
Tyrod Taylor gives the the lead back with this TD strike to Justin Hunter!
PPR League, Dakota Prescott or Tyrod Taylor and at flex, Cameron Meredith or Zach Miller.
Tyrod Taylor has since shot down Anita Marks' report.
Dallas should run a double QB wit Romo and VT Did wit Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glenn
Hey Bills would never question Tyrod Taylor if you watched Jay Cutler play
Tyrod Taylor is 1-11 when Buffalo falls behind by four or more points at any point in a game. Something Doug Whaley is watching.
Only in buffalo would people confuse me with Tyrod Taylor
Gregg Rosenthal heaps praise on Tyrod Taylor in latest QB Index
We were very impressed with Tyrod Taylor's performance on So was
Look at the ref running over to help Tyrod Taylor up. If that was Cam Newton he'd kick him in the ***
Ref running over to help Tyrod Taylor like he's an old woman who fell 😂😂😂.
Idk about you but I would love to have a Tyrod Taylor in the huddle that goes the length until the final whistle.
Tyrod Taylor is phenomenal. Definitely one of my favorite non-Patriot players in the league. Top 10 QB in your opinion?
If Tom Brady gets hit in the helmet like Tyrod Taylor just did, that's a targeting penalty. Same for Cam. They aren't officiated the same.
Tyrod Taylor and Russell Wilson. What a matchup this is. These guys are more mobile than a Verizon Wireless store, man. Th…
Cliff Avril with a nice inside move in pass rush, but Tyrod Taylor gets out of the pocket and completes for a first down.
Going to need Tyrod Taylor and Jimmy Graham to not show up to the game
I'm down 23 pts With one spot left to play. Ppr league. Do I play Tyrod Taylor or Jimmy Graham in OP spot?
Jimmy Graham has to outscore Tyrod Taylor to win my matchup. Thanks Denver you screwed me.
I traded Stafford for Kelvin Benjamin. Two QB league. I've got Cam Newton and Tyrod Taylor starting now.
Former Hampton High/Virginia Tech star Tyrod Taylor, now the QB in Buffalo: "That's my boy, I'm definitely excited." https:…
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You always look good.Tyrod Taylor would be just as big of a name as Prescott in Dallas if the 2 were switched
Tyrod Taylor would be a back up in Philly or Dallas. Yes I said it
Tyrod Taylor and his injured O are giving our D way more than they can handle...that's sad. Imagine if Big Ben was healthy last week 😐
Patiently waiting for Tyrod Taylor to get hurt so EJ Manuel can lead us to the Super Bowl
Bruh Julian Edelman really got more career playoff TD passes than Tannehill and Tyrod Taylor
Start Philip Rivers against Denver D tonight or Tyrod Taylor vs SF this weekend. I have Denver D. Thoughts?
How did I miss this? Tyrod Taylor lined up behind his guard and the center snapped the ball.
Tyrod Taylor lined up behind his guard instead of the center and snapped the ball...
when Tyrod Taylor adds a late touchdown for the good boy
Tyrod Taylor scrambles for big gain. Rams with out DL Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers and Will Hayes.
Mr. Y2james, i have Tyrod Taylor as my back up for Cam. Do I roll w/Tyrod this week or pick up Mr. Anderson?
Bill Belichick takes a look at Bills Lesean McCoy, Tyrod Taylor, Kyle Willams and more. WATCH:…
hey Matthew quick question if u can help me out real quick who to start week 4 Ryan tannehill or Tyrod Taylor
Stick with Tyrod Taylor or possibly trade M. Ingram for Andy Dalton?
I am considering dropping Tyrod Taylor and picking Matthew Stafford,can I ? I dropped Taylor and picked Ryan in other league.
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Tyrod Taylor: "We came together and got a win": Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor talks following the team's 33-18 win…
my league can use QBs at flex and I have to pick between Kelvin Benjamin and Tyrod Taylor, which one should I start?
need help at the QB position... Tyrod Taylor... or Russel Wilson
For whatever reason, Robert Woods has not meshed well with Tyrod Taylor.
Should I trade Kelvin Benjamin for Carson Palmer? My best QB is Tyrod Taylor.
If you like Tyrod Taylor, I've got some land in Southwest Louisiana I'd like to sell you.
When you bench Tyrod Taylor and he goes off for 30
A week after ignoring hits to Cam Newton's head, the NFL did the right thing by getting Tyrod Taylor checked out.
Tyrod Taylor is forced off the field to undergo concussion testing, meaning the NFL doesn't think he's a good QB
Tyrod Taylor concussion protocol decision was made by Ed Hochuli, not the ATC spotter
Tyrod Taylor to Greg Salas for the 71 yard TD!
Of concern for the Jets: Tyrod Taylor and Andy Dalton threw for 663 yards on 60 attempts in two weeks.
Tyrod Taylor is a right handed, slower, less talented Michael Vick.
Important distinction: Tyrod Taylor was not removed for the headshot, he was removed for his reaction to the headshot!
Trying to explain to people that Tyrod Taylor didn't have a good game last night is a lot harder then it should be.
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If you have madden mobile don't get Tyrod Taylor... He's trash 😒
Tyrod Taylor is intercepted by Marcus Williams. Jets ball on their own 13. 27-24 Jets | 14:52 4Q
Tyrod Taylor v.just hit helmet to helmet like Cam Newton.Refs miss call,player continu…
Refs allowing Tyrod Taylor go through concussion protocol. Cam Newton: "Oh so it's like that, huh?". https:…
Really tryna slang this *** like Tyrod Taylor was slangin that pill last night
Tyrod Taylor had started the year horribly, as I have said would happen. HES NOT THE ANSWER.
Tyrod buys all sorts of time. Finds Salas DEP. Front flip. TD. 6 points.
Wow, I'll tell ya what. Tyrod Taylor is on target tonight, man. Forget about bullseyes, this guy is throwing Billseyes. Th…
Geez Louise. Two long TD passes from Tyrod Taylor ... and neither goes to Sammy Watkins!
Tyrod Taylor, Delanie Walker, Chandler Catanzaro, all of you are a disgrace to the Spanker name. Also why is Dan Bailey putting up 17 points
Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan 'concerned' about Tyrod Taylor taking so many hits
I like how every has decided to use Antonio Brown in their commercials but Camry settled for Tyrod Taylor.
This dude really wanted to trade Antonio Brown.and Jamaal Charles.for Tyrod Taylor.and Giovanni Bernard.I just.nah.
Some guy in my fantasy 🏈 league just offered me Jeremy Hill and Tyrod Taylor for Cam Newton and Demarco Murray. Should I be insulted?
would you drop Tyrod Taylor to pick up Carr? I own Tom Brady? Could also drop Marvin jones
in my last draft today I got Todd Gurley, Lesean McCoy & Latavius Murray. QBs - Tyrod Taylor & Blake Bortles.
Two QBs ranked 2nd and 3rd in the entire league in yards per rushing attempt last season: Tyrod Taylor and Russell Wilson.
If Trevor Siemian is this year's Tyrod Taylor, then Mark Sanchez is this year's Matt Cassel.
pick 3 from this list to protect: Tyrod Taylor, Hyde, CJ Anderson, Lat Murray, Sammy Watkins, Josh Gordon?
2016-2017 is the Year of the black QB.Dak Prescott, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson,Teddy Bridgewater,EJ Manuel, RG3,Tyrod Taylor, Jameis Winston
I have . David Johnson . Aj green. Mike Evans . Sammy Watkins. Latavius Murray . Tyrod Taylor. Melvin Gordon . Zach ertz . 10 man league, how is it?
resting 7 starters tonight including Lesean McCoy, say Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins will only play briefly
Bills will be resting many key players with the exception of QB Tyrod Taylor and WR Sammy Watkins. EJ Manuel expected to play most of game
Bills announce that QB Tyrod Taylor, WR Sammy Watkins, C Eric Wood and G Richie Incognito will all start tonight...
(cntd.). Nicki Minaj is Tannehill. Chance is Russell Wilson. Kid Cudi is Jay Cutler. Young Thug is Tyrod Taylor. Future is Andrew Luck
I have to choose a QB keeper in a standard league from Marcus Mariota, Tyrod Taylor, and Matthew Stafford. Any suggestion?
In a keeper league. Since the news of Dion Lewis. Bilal Powell or Tyrod Taylor. 2 QB league. Can only have 1 pick b4 7th Rd. PPR
Tyrod Taylor jukes defenders and hits Clay deep: Check out Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor as he spins away from a…
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