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Tyra Banks

Tyra Lynn Banks (born December 4, 1973) is an American model, media personality, actress, occasional singer, author and businesswoman.

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Bruhh, the Fresh Prince had every black actor/actress on it... From Don Cheadle to Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks ruins America's got Talent for me. I miss you Nick Cannon
I know I'm an overachiever, and I'm not apologetic about it. - Tyra Banks
Victoria's secret fashion show was iconic with Naomi Campbell, Giselle Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Adriana lima
Anything after the Tyra Banks storyline is trash except Prince Louis' speech impediment.
STAR NEWS: MANILA - American host and former model Tyra Banks is all praises for Maureen...
The recycle "makeover" of Soul Sister by Tyra Banks as 'fierce to feed." A huge disparity economy. Lazy Susan centrifugal trending American.
Black beauty Naomi Campbell was a beauty icon super model in the '90's. Why didn't someone continue in her legacy? Tyra Banks looks like her
Lindsay Lohan might be joining Tyra Banks for the Life-Size sequel.
Not to be rude but why is Tyra Banks the host of AGT instead of Nick Cannon?
Tyra banks shaking that girl literally has me dead
It's pretty awesome so far. Tyra banks is doing awesome on it this year.
Tyra Banks makes debut as new host of America's Got Talent!
Tyra Banks needs to go back to her day job 🙄 we want Nick Cannon back on AGT
And again, who am I marrying. Jason just asked me if Tyra Banks was Beyoncé
This was dope but did ya see Tyra Banks 👀😍
Little Giant Ladders
Tyra Banks wants Lindsay Lohan back for Life-Size 2, and these two will ...
I'm sad that Nick Cannon isn't hosting America's Got Talent anymore but I'm most definitely not mad about Tyra Banks being the new host.
First time ever seeing this Tyra Banks chick and hot *** does that plastic airhead annoy me already. I want Nick Cannon back
First of all, America's Got Talent comes on still? Second of all, Tyra Banks hosts? Wow & wow.
Tyra Banks is the most beautiful woman in the world 😍
Imagine tyra banks getting into your car, I'd die and go to heaven. But after dropping her off at her destination.
Tyra Banks went from running her own shoe to being some extra on Americas Got Talent all bc if money smh
Tyra Banks also mentioned she's talking to Lindsay about starring in Life Size 2
You are PERFECT replacement for nick! Great casting job. LOVE me some Tyra Banks! Beautiful, classy & sassy!
Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Beverly Peele photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Magazine May 1992
I absolutely adore Tyra Banks, but America's Got Talent will NOT be the same without Nick Cannon.. .
Tyra Banks has decided her beauty line and mission might be better realized without the use of direct sales...
Naomi throws shade better than Nene could ever dream. Remember when she told TYRA BANKS to not compare herself to N…
If Tyra Banks is gonna host "America's" anything; it should be America's Next Top Model. Just sayin.
Naomi don't need no help throwing shade. She can just watch herself in Tyra Banks show!
can I just say you remind me of Tyra Banks? Like slay fam.👌👌
I'm really curious as to what the Tyra banks makeup reps are gonna do now?? They've just had the rug pulled underneath their feet!
I love Tyra Banks but i'm so sad that Nick Cannon won't be hosting this year :(
Love the show, but can't stand Tyra Banks so will probably not watch
I liked a video Tyra Banks' Message to RuPaul! | WWHL
I added a video to a playlist Tyra Banks Gone Wild
Nick Cannon resigned from being the host of americas got talent and i am CRYING. (but tyra banks took over as host so it's all gonna be ok)
What's that movie called where Tyra banks is a Barbie but she becomes real and then she becomes friends with the little girl??? SOS
Tyra Banks could be in some trouble...
Shame on you Tyra Banks!. Any consultants out there that need to talk please contact me!
ANTM era Tyra Banks would have also yelled at her to pull her hair out of her face o…
Is that really you, Tyra Banks? Make-up free America's Next Top Model host looks exhausted ... via
74. Tyra Banks - Shake Ya Body. - a forgotten childhood bop!. - I know a lot of people forgot about this one
Take responsibility for yourself.., because no one's going to take responsibility for you. -Tyra Banks. ReachYourGoals MIHO
is being accused of abusing a young girl on 😱 Everything we know:…
Asked her if she was related to Tyra Banks and I got blocked
Does anyone remember when Tyra Banks was a doll or was that a fever dream I had
what is the name of that movie I loved when we were kids with Tyra Banks?
Flashback to when Tyra Banks gave the best tip on how to be high fashion.
*** I didn't know Tyra Banks was a singer lmao
AGT will not air segment featuring couple who claimed Tyra Banks humiliated their daughter
Tyra Banks in Thierry Mugler Spring/Summer 1991 on the set of George Michael’s “Too Funky” music video (1992)
Wait. Tyra Banks told a child that she was accidentally conceived on a TV show? Who does that?
Tyra Banks looked so good in Fresh Prince
Tyra Banks on the Fresh Prince of bel-air 😩😩😩 everything
From Naomi Campbell to Tyra Banks to Beverly Peele to Alek Wek, Black models really did the *** thing on the fashion runway i…
Tyra Banks wearing Thierry Mugler on set of George Michael's Too Funky music video, 1992
Ashley Graham laughs off awkward tumble at Time 100 Gala as Tyra Banks declares her ‘beauty’s new queen’
New favourite picture of Jeremy Corbyn. In the words of Tyra Banks, you really have to COMMIT to being a scary bear. https:…
Disney, Will Gluck, and Tyra Banks are All Coming to 25 Days of Christmas
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Women's rights are human rights. My name is Tyra Banks and I vow to Keep The Promise to never forget...
"Heidi Klum is missing Nick Cannon on America's Got Talent — but she's 'thrilled' to have Tyra Banks join as host"…
Tyra Banks Announces 'America's Next Top Model' Audition Requirements Check out the latest announcement from Tyra Banks about the audition …
Love that Tyra Banks decided to remove the age limit to apply for ANTM!
Tyra banks : Age limit removed to audition for American Top Model
Tyra Banks without makeup is out of this world
Tyra Banks removes age limit for ANTM
Tyra Banks removes age limit for Top Model applicants in cycle 24 --->
Life tip: squint just a little bit, smile with your eyes- Tyra Banks (but I'm squinting way too…
Idk what the salons/massage folks use, I heard abt it on a tyra banks show 4 a lip exfoliant. Feels/works great on my hands.
Tyra Banks ending age limit for contestants on America's Next Top Model
"Tyra Banks to return as host of ANTM"
Love this. And it is all about the Tyra Banks Removes Age Limit for 'America's Next Top Model' via
Major kudos to Tyra Banks for removing the age limit for the competition! Great idea! 👍🏻
To avoid any perceived affiliation with Donald Trump, Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba have pulled their brands from "Celebrity A…
Tyra banks is still gorgeous. I love when people don't fall off 😻
📷 Tyra Banks photographed by Graham Shearer for Gioia Italy issue August 1994
.wants YOU to audition for no matter how old you are.
"You have what it takes to be a victorious, independent, fearless woman." -Tyra Banks. ( BTS photos of ) ht…
Tyra Banks announces age limit will be scrapped on new series of America's Next Top Model
Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.~Tyra banks
Tyra Banks removed the age limit for . That's dope.
Tyra Banks knows that you can smize at any age, which is why she removed the age limit for ANTM: https:/…
Exclusive: Tyra Banks’s Mansion in the Sky Is on the Market. The supermodel and TV personality has listed her s https:…
Tyra Banks is officially back as the host of "America’s Next Top Model
Clear the runway! Tyra Banks will be returning to her throne at the head of America’s Next Top Model. ht…
all is well in the universe ⚡ Tyra Banks to return to America's Next Top Model.
Tyra Banks returning as host of 'America's Next Top Model'
Tyra Banks to Return as Host of VH1’s ‘America’s Next Top Model
Tyra Banks will be returning as the host of America's Next Top Model after having Rita Ora be the host for only a year.…
Website Builder 728x90
Tyra Banks is officially returning back to America's Next Top Model after one hit wonder Rita Ora lasted one season. h…
this is still my favorite thing Tyra Banks has ever said
Tyra Banks is the new host of America's Got Talent. The former America's Next Top Model star will be taking...
just say no to Tyra Banks.stick to America's Next Top Model...too much diva for that😎
i just realized that Rihanna and Tyra Banks are two different people.
Tyra Banks to replace Nick Cannon as the host of
Tyra Banks as the host of America's Got Talent is literally the worst choice ever.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet new host... . Tyra Banks! .
Tyra Banks to Replace Nick Cannon as New Host of ‘America’s Got Talent’ |via
named the new host of Get the details HERE:
Tyra Banks will be your next host of America's Got Talent!
Tyra Banks to host season 12 of 'America's Got Talent': Tyra Banks is hosting the 12th season of "America's Got……
I love Tyra Banks so much. She's still my inspiration
Tyra Banks is set to replace Nick Cannon as host of America's Got Talent
Tyra Banks - the 1st black woman to be on the cover of GQ, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and the VS lingerie…
What makes Rita Ora QUALIFIED to host this show? She is still in the uterus of modeling in comparison to Tyra Banks... 🤔
I've been dying too see "Life Size" with Tyra Banks and Lindsey Lohan in it, haven't seen it in years 😩
Before there was Beverly Johnson, Jayne Kennedy, Halle Berry, Rhianna, or Tyra Banks, there was Marpessa Dawn. . 1959 h…
"I don't wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones - I paint them on!". Tyra Banks
Sorry but you can't have America's Next Top Model without Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, and J. Alexander tf
I can't hear Nigel Barker referred to as "noted fashion photographer" without hearing it in Tyra Banks' voice
How am I supposed to keep reading this after you put Late Registration 2nd to last?? *Tyra Banks' "We were all rooting…
Never dull your shine for somebody else! - Tyra Banks | RT
Tyra Banks: the first black woman to be on the front cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
today I am thankful that Carson Kressley, Snooki, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Boy George, and Tyra Banks will be on a tv show together in 2017
Fun fact: Tyra Banks has Cetusaphobia (fear of marine mammals)
Self-love has very little to do with how you feel about your outer self. It's about accepting all of yourself. - Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks on the Set of Good Morning America in NYC - October 2015
Ike Taylor has a five head not a forehead. He is on Tyra Banks and Peyton Manning level in that field
one of the most iconic shoots ever. Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Beverly Peele Summer's bare necessities shoot.
The only bank we know is Tyra Banks. 🤗
Tyra Banks always get done wrong by Omar Epps. She got killed behind him and he broke off an engagement.
Tyra banks really spazzed on drake in child's play 😭
Tyra Banks smearing cheesecake all over Drakes face has got to be the funniest thing ever
⁶ Drake just released a 12 minute long video for "Childs Play" feat Tyra Banks
i just saw a reference to that song trending (Tyra Banks fought with Drake at Cheesecake Factory)
I watched the entire child's play video and if you asked I could NOT tell u a thing in that video besides Tyra banks throwing food on drake😂
this is my favorite thing Tyra Banks has ever said
Tyra Banks would be proud of those smizing!
I wanna be as petty as tyra banks making a scene in the childs play music video 🤗
Drake is not playing fair. How this man get Tyra Banks?! Childs Play
Tyra Banks' acting > than Drake's song. Hollywood, give her some work
Tyra banks I had to get on your big forehead *** child's play
Drake Releases "Childs Play" Mini-Movie Featuring Tyra Banks: Drake has just released a video for his single ...
An amazing performance of Deja Vu on the Tyra Banks Show. A true entertainer👑 https:/…
Tyra banks in the child's play video just makes me remember that there's a group of black celebs who just never age. (her, N…
Drake raps with his face covered in Cheesecake for much of the new "Child's Play" video, starring Tyra Banks .
Drake Cheats on Tyra Banks in New 'Child's Play' Video - Carlos "Spiff TV" Suarez directed the 12-minute video.
What you guys think about 's new video?
Lol! ⚡️ “Why is Tyra Banks yelling at Drake at the Cheesecake Factory?”.
Watch learn what happens when you cheat on in his new 'Childs Play' video
Drake and Tyra Banks fight at Cheesecake Factory in new “Child’s Play” video
Tyra Banks was the perfect girl for the Child's Play video lol
Tyra Banks and Drake got in a fight at a Cheesecake his music video, of course.
Tyra Banks in the is really me though.
But seeing Tyra Banks smash cheesecake in his face was pretty great 😩
Tyra Banks slapping tf out of drake with cheesecake is the best thing ive seen in a while
Tyra Banks gets the best of Drake in his latest visual, "Child's Play" »
Tyra Banks bout to get nominated for an Oscar off a drake video 😂😂😂😂
Yo when Tyra banks looks through aubreys phone 😂
All purpose parts banner
: Watch Drake get a face full of cake courtesy of Tyra Banks in his new video: Don't mess Tyra Bank...
The supermodel will lecture on personal branding.
Tyra Banks is going to teach at Stanford University
I'm beyond excited to teach. It's in my blood and I can't wait to meet my students.
Tyra Banks Is Going to Teach a Class on Smizing at Stanford
My most difficult class at Harvard Business School would have to be finance.
I think the rise of Asian models is an absolutely beautiful thing.
Tyra Banks will co-teach a class at Stanford University in May called "Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Br…
.will be Professor Banks as she teaches at Stanford University
Welcome to ! She'll be lecturing on personal branding
Congratulations to Tyra Banks! She will teach at Stanford University this coming May.
5. Where Tyra Banks' famous line "I was rooting for you, we were all..." comes from
Catching up on & reminded of the glorious moment when Tyra Banks yells at Tiffany:
Tyra Banks to teach business class at Stanford University -
this is honestly one of the best things Tyra Banks has ever said 👏👏
Naomi Campbell is so overrated to me. Tyra Banks, Selita Ebanks, Iman, Jessica White >>>
Okay so now his mom is telling me she's designed a dress for Alicia Keys & worked with Tyra Banks, Boy George, & Kimora Lee Simmons
never forget that scene. The day Tyra Banks got too real for daytime television 😂
Don Francisco is incomparable. He's like Ryan Seacrest mixed with Joan Rivers mixed with Tyra Banks mixed with Betty White.
Tyra Banks is SHOOK. Naomi Campbell is SHOOK. Kate Moss? BEEN SHOOK. Blue Ivy is coming for edges, get ready world.
Lol my life. Hilary duff and Tyra Banks in Gossip Girl. I love it.
Tyra Banks!. Nope, can't back that up. Peter André?
Tyra Banks is a better & more iconic supermodel than Naomi Campbell. Don't @ me.
Lmao, I freaking love Lauren yo! Can't wait til this weekend. We're really like Anthony Anderson and Tyra Banks in that Blackish episode lol
Tyra Banks is a replicated clone of an ancient Egyptian...
Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks are diarrheaing on a diarrhea. Moose is winning a fart. Jabba The Hutt and Serge Ibaka just farted.
📷 silte: Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele and Naomi Campbell photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue,...
my mom named me after Tyra Banks character in the movie Higher Learning 😭💀
When I was a kid I had Gadget from Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers in my top 5 behind Topanga, Kelly Kawpowski, Tyra Banks on Fresh Prince.
K one more thing don't forget to keep your chin DOWN in your snap selfies tonight Tyra Banks taught me that it's totally…
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8 must-see sets at including Mariah Carey, Al Sharpton and Tyra Banks:
A bit of the 90's and early 00's resurfaced in me while watching basketball this week, Chris Webber and Tyra
Remember when Tyra Banks was with Chris Webber? They were a very cute couple.
Tyra Banks is so happy to be celebrating her first Mother's Day as a new mama: ❤👶
i used to watch the braxton family values and the Tyra Banks show RELIGIOUSLY in 5th grade
The faces of IBS are all around you. Tyra Banks, Jenny McCarthy, Kirsten Dunst, Camille Grammer.
Why the *** is Tyra Banks licking Omar Epps nipple in Higher Learning?
I'll just sumbit your portfolio to Tyra banks for you. That way you don't have to work this summer 👍🏾
Tyra Banks did not have 22 seasons of Americans Next Top Model for the media to call this the next best supermodel
I want to have my own talk show that'll be similar to The Tyra Banks show. To me her show was very versatile.
What has Tyra learnt since becoming a mother:
Kendall Jenner to replace Tyra Banks as host of America's Next Top Model?...
I want Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell & Beverly Peele to do a more updated version of their Vogue US May '92 shoot. Then & now. That'll be great
Tyra Banks — In her first runway season she book 21 shows at Paris Fashion Week. Signed with Elite at the age of 16.
Tyra Banks (born in 1973) began her modeling career in high school. First black woman to sign a contract with VS.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
33. Lloyd Banks (no relation to Tyra or Azealia Banks)
Tyra Banks and Lloyd Banks too "River bank and Reekado banks are working "So no bank is working this morning""
Starring Omar Epps and Tyra Banks, this 1995 John Singleton movie is about the racial, political, and personal...
'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 23? Tyra Banks is looking for a new host
Nothing worse thinking you are totes Tyra Banks working the club camera for them to turn out like you are actual Sid the Sloth from ice age😳
Boy George and Snooki on the Celebrity Apprentice hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger with Tyra Banks as an advisor? Sign me up
still one of my favorite shoots ever. Tyra Banks and Susan Holmes. *looks*
It's so many fine *** black woman in they 40s , Taraji P Henson, Gabrielle Union, Trace Ellis Ross . Tyra Banks.etc name more list can go on
Tyra Banks . - First Black model to be featured on GQ and Sports Illustrated covers
Jon Lovitz, Lisa Leslie, Carson Kressley, Vince Neil, Snooki, Boy George, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tyra Banks all hung out with ME last night
Mentors on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" include Warren Buffett, Jessica Alba, Steve Ballmer & Tyra Banks
Juliana Marguilies. Paul Rudd. Diane Lane. Keanu Reeves. Jennifer Aniston (Aveeno is not that good.) Tyra Banks. Taye Diggs. Sandra Bullock.
Porsha Williams and Laila Ali join new 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Tyra Banks will advise: The new re-vamped Celeb...
Must-see celeb mom photos: Tyra Banks, Kristin Cavallari, JLo, Brooklyn Decker, One Direction baby and more
Tyra Banks has really let herself go since Top Model ended.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Porsha Williams and Laila Ali join new ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Tyra Banks will advise
Tyra Banks "FABLife" has been canceled but we have good news for fans
Naomi Campbell. Beverly Johnson . Tyra Banks. Beverly Peele . & Kimora Lee . The best to ever do it 😩🙌🏾
it snows in CT a day after it was 60 degrees. Tyra Banks comes w/ it. Logic states that Tyra is the ice queen.
Tyra Banks backstage at Yves Saint Laurent 1992. I just love her expression and the attitude
Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele and Naomi Campbell for Vogue, May 1992. The photo was taken by Patrick Demarchelier
no love for Tyra Banks and Cheryl Tiegs? Christie Brinkley?
came to an end with a quintessential Tyra Banks moment. Our series finale recap:
The Final-Ever Winner of America's Next Top Model Is... - The time has come: Tyra Banks has crowned the Cycle 2... https:…
Tyra Banks reflects on America's Next Top Model, reveals series' best smizer, and more
Tyra Banks will return as Eve for Disney's 'Life-Size 2':
Tyra Banks Announces Life Size Sequel UPDATE: To make the news of this sequel even better, Tyra Banks has confirmed that she will be return…
Tyra Banks out here looking like Roger from American Dad
Thanks, spam email. Now I know Tyra Banks and JayZ and Marissa Tomei??? and I have the same birthday. I am a failure.
That one time Tisha Campbell dressed up as Tyra Banks for Halloween
Hi to Tyra Banks saw the show like you know i want to make my own mt modelling co in the mt maunganui all the best to you girl go Tyra go
I've got a date with my blanket, kitten, Gordon Ramsey, and Tyra Banks
Iconic Angels including Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima and Claudia Schiffer all have had the privilege of donning
Tyra Banks is so happy for Chrissy Teigen (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
I could see Taylor Swift having a bunch of pictures of herself around her house like Tyra Banks.
Let's talk about Tyra Banks's 'BOOTYful' video from…
Tyra Banks puts LA house on market for $7.75M
Tyra Banks lists Beverly Hills villa for $7.75M: the terracotta-roofed Spanish Colonial was constructed in 1926.
Tyra Banks has just listed her home for sale in Beverly Hills with Sotheby's International Realty. Take a look...
Tyra Banks to Enter Direct-Selling Beauty Field (from Being a Fierce 200 has been a dream come true! I love it!
Tyra Banks and Bethann Hardison on how the fashion industry is failing black models via
I liked a video from David Blaine's Torn and Restored Card Trick on Tyra Banks : :
By _YBF In today's candids we've got Tamar Braxton at dance rehearsal and both Tyra Banks and Keke Palmer...
Photo: stare-me-down: Beverly Peele,Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue US may...
What does Demi Lovato, Lorde and Tyra Banks have in common? All promote a healthy body image:
Tyra Banks and Hillary Clinton once commiserated over the s... |
Tyra Banks on Hillary: "Oh, my God, she was so relaxed and so cool."
Tyra Banks on interviewing Hillary Clinton: "We talked about cellulite ..."
Tyra Banks reveals she and Hillary Clinton commiserated over cellulite
Tyra Banks bonded with Hillary Clinton over cellulite
Tyra Banks is revealing she and Hillary Clinton are more alike than you think! In a new interview with The New York Times, the America's
interesting news - Tyra Banks bonded with Hillary Clinton over cellulite
Let's never forget when Tyra Banks made a music video for "Shake Ya Body"! . Who remembers? -->
Tyra Banks and Beverly Johnson personifying black girl magic. 😍
André Léon Talley, Nigel Barker, Kelly Cutrone and Tyra Banks are the best judges a cycle could possibly have.
Dere are casting calls Tyra banks wouldn't get call for ... She didn't meet the requirements
yo_Mr.GAYle Robinson/King_were u also banging Tyra Banks_cos girl has been acting like a jilted lover lately_u are REACHING-HIGH in Politics
I had a dream that Tyra Banks was my volleyball coach and she gave me the pep talk of a lifetime.
Guys,remember when Tyra Banks was on Glee?
I'm learning from the masters! (Seriously, more inspiring than Tyra Banks, and I love her)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I liked a video Beyonce on Tyra Banks Show (2006)
I had a dream I was hanging out with Tyra Banks
sometimes I watch old Tyra Banks shows on YouTube if I'm having a bad day
I don't think I'll ever stop loving Tyra Banks
You're right. I'm not even smizing. Tyra Banks would slap me round the chops!
Shyanne and I have been Tyra Banks and Beyoncé since like... The ninth grade.
Have you guys ever noticed that Tyra banks always happens to make everything about herself? Bc same
Will Smith and Tyra Banks? 13 Celeb couples you never knew dated
Why it's harder to be a model today, according to Tyra Banks
I could be with you rn !! Attention Kiera doesn't want to educate me or the children on Tyra banks :,((
Does anyone have that Tyra Banks "we were rooting for you" vine? Whoever does, please send it to H. No caption needed. Just leave it there.
I added a video to a playlist MASTER SERIES: Matthew Jordan Smith diagrams lighting for Tyra Banks
Wanna be a mix of Shonda Rhimes, Adam Sandler, Lebron James, Tyra Banks, and 50 Cent when I grow up but still Kendra too cause I'm amazing
Love this pic of Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks on a night out in their early modelling years.…
He got to kiss Tyra Banks not ONCE but TWICE without dating her.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I used to love Tyra Banks. Now I think she's annoying af and had a victim complex lmao. It's all about Naomi Campbell
Katie Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Tyra Banks & Sheridan Smith are just a handful of celebs who have chopped their...
just imagine a brown skin with freckles that's 6'2. That's a beautiful image .I coulda been the next Tyra banks
I got a big forehead but so does Tyra Banks and Rihanna.but I'm also not Tyra Banks or Rihanna.
I watch at least 7 episodes of the tyra banks show a day. 😇
so happy that I found someone that loves Tyra Banks as much as I do😭😭 💞
y did Kobe make a rap song with Tyra banks lol idk if I can forgive him for that 😕
I just started bugging out when I thought of what TJ sent Tyra earlier. 😂😂😫😫 🙊
"Work with what you are, because that is unique and that is special." - Tyra Banks
"If Tyra Banks drove her car over my mom & offered to have sex with me, I’d have to dial 911 in the nude cuz my pants would already be off!"
Photo: tyra banks and Beverly Peele for vogue september 1992
Sus Ty kept that hair laid and nails on point long after the ball. 😍👐💁👯
Why are cats so sassy in this neighbourhood? Sauntering out in front of cars and working the headlights like they're Tyra Banks or something
I wonder how many of Tyra Banks' sexual partners have jokingly said "you wanna be on top?"
//ikr :// *insert Tyra Banks, we were rooting for you gif*
So yeah the Tyra Banks called me to model one day..
Tyra Banks taught me feminism when i was like 9
The man who works in the chipper told me I'm too pale for my hair colour but my eyebrows are perfect. Tyra "Borza" Banks, is that you?x
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