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Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is a water park located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States.

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Just had a awesome day out at Typhoon Lagoon.
Do yourself a favor and spend one of your days at either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach when you are visiting...
A fabulous day spent at Typhoon Lagoon
Our final full day of adventure at waltdisneyworld and we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon which…
Such a fun day at Typhoon Lagoon today, last shift before 5 days off with my fam 😍
The only water I've been in this year is the Vista Way pool, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach & the great Key West waters.
I added a video to a playlist Disney's Typhoon Lagoon is a water theme park
I dropped that pineapple slice right after I took this picture. @ Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
Do you ever think about Typhoon Lagoon or Celebration and start to panic because of your ex 🙃🙃
Thats a cool plussing of the Typhoon Lagoon experience.
Up at noon to see a balloon, only to find the weather inopportune. The field's a lagoon thanks to a monsoon. Coming soon, a typhoon.
Just got home from Typhoon Lagoon, and we found this in the lazy river - a legit message in a bottle!!
oh that's a Universal park 🤔🤔 we need to find a double park pass. Typhoon lagoon still prolly better 😬😬😬
Day 11- Animal Kingdom and typhoon lagoon 👍🏼
thing 1) my bed is so soft . thing 2) I love my dogs very much. thing 3) I'm exhausted but going to Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow bc it's summer✌🏼️
I'm talking about all of us going to typhoon lagoon still 😂
I added a video to a playlist Monster Waves at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park HD 1080p
I hear my mom tell the story about me and my sister almost drowning at typhoon lagoon about 4 times a week 😂
So I'm going to typhoon lagoon tomorrow lol and I'm excited af
Amazing time in the Disney Water Parks today. Typhoon Lagoon is my favorite and that wave pool is amazing.
gives me so so much hope for volcano bay. Imagine typhoon lagoon in walking distance from your hotel.
I demand a Saturday six on typhoon lagoon asap.
The storm is coming again (@ Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park -
Typhoon Lagoon will be receiving my dead body in the lazy river from this crazy heat
For those playing along at home. Tiki bar in ATL at midnight. Left house at 4. And I'm inside of typhoon lagoon at 9:25
your kids said they wanted you to go to typhoon lagoon with lane and Ashlee.
no you said you were going to typhoon lagoon on Friday. That's it.
universal an typhoon lagoon laa think Wer avin a chill day 2mora then goin the baseball
These girls! 😍 boo it started to rain but an uber fun day! @ Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
Hittin up typhoon lagoon today hoping this rain holds off
Here's how to beat the heat on your Disney vacation! Splash your way to a fantastic day at either Typhoon Lagoon...
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The up side here, my sweet baby girl is visiting & I finally have both my girls & typhoon lagoon this summer!
I only went to Typhoon Lagoon… My older brother has been to both.
as long as we can walk the plank, take shots of rum, and do a rope swing of sorts. Typhoon Lagoon here we come
Typhoon Lagoon today, Zip-lining tomorrow, and lastly church and Disney's Ohana at the Polynesian Resort for dinner on the big day Sunday!
are you going back to typhoon lagoon? X
Lmfao. That just gave me chills. I used to go there and the park next door, Typhoon Lagoon, every summer.
can we go back to Typhoon Lagoon but drunk this time?
Thanks dad for doing establishing shots at each location in WDW, and the walk through of Typhoon Lagoon.
SO buzzed for typhoon lagoon tomorrow oh my
Typhoon lagoon in Florida is the one 👌🏼👌🏼
Easily Typhoon Lagoon. The best after close night parties ever have been held in that water park.
Typhoon Lagoon. No competition. The place nearly killed me and it still wins.
A year ago today was my last day at Typhoon Lagoon. I miss it…
I haven't been to either but typhoon lagoon
we're planning a trip to typhoon lagoon or universal and I'm taking you ☺️
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- Studios. it has two water parks. they are Disney's Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.
Walt Disney World Trivia of the Day: What is the 2,100 ft lazy river called that goes around the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon? Easy one!
Glorious day tomorrow mate around 25c get those Speedo's on and head to Typhoon Lagoon for 10am. Wave Pool is insane!
We finally got some time to post more pics from Typhoon Lagoon. — feeling blessed
Walt Disney World Trivia of the Day: Where in Walt Disney World can you find Mayday Falls? It's at Typhoon Lagoon of course!
What do you wear to clean the bathroom because whenever I do it it's like Typhoon Lagoon in there.
Jonathon can you remember 20 years ago in Typhoon Lagoon Florida. A Northern Ireland woman clung on to your shorts you saved her
Blizzard Beach must do. Typhoon Lagoon. Meh. It can be skipped.
when will Typhoon Lagoon Water Park be reopened after refurb? So need to do this for my bday in May! 😀
That one time I tagged along with the guys to film them surfing typhoon lagoon.
Check out this man made wave.typhoon lagoon is something of the past now!
Cross Typhoon Lagoon's manmade coral reef and get a close-up look at its inhabitants as you snorkel
I also need to go to disneys typhoon lagoon
They can make there own Disney Typhoon Lagoon
can you explain to me why Typhoon Lagoon at WDW is always closed for refurbishment
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Typhoon Lagoon will commence its seasonal rehab on 1/4/16, with a scheduled re-opening of 3/13/16. Blizzard Beach will …
skills in stealthily eating M&Ms and listening to music and dancing on stage in the Typhoon Lagoon parking lot
Quite useful, thank you! Any chance of adding Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach?
typhoon lagoon party was 9-1 last year I believe. It was perfection.
DVC 25th Anniversary: Member Lounge at Epcot; After-Hours at MK, DAK, and Typhoon Lagoon; Ticket Offer; Sweepstakes
Per the events at Typhoon Lagoon and AK set for 9:30pm to midnight. Seems late for those parks?
Miley Cyrus at the Hannah Montana concert at Typhoon Lagoon on june 22nd, 2006
christina_coffee showing the ladies and gentleman how it's done at Typhoon Lagoon Wave…
Disney's Typhoon Lagoon is READY to get you SOAKED!
Kali and Maharajah for a month, Cars and Phineas/Ferb M&G tomorrow, Typhoon Lagoon for 3 months, Planet Hollywood and Fultons
I miss sunshine, OMG I want to be at Typhoon Lagoon right now
Disneys Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark becomes ours for the party of the year!
I liked a YouTube video from igorsaringer Se afogando no Typhoon Lagoon
I liked a video from Se afogando no Typhoon Lagoon
Party with 6,000 *** friends from around the globe at RipTide at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark:
We went to Typhoon Lagoon for Christmas!: via
Great day at Typhoon Lagoon! No lines and perfect weather, now off to Disney Quest 😊🏊🏽…
Yes I haven't been to Typhoon Lagoon, the only water park I have been to is Blizzard Beach.
Michael & I still have tickets for Typhoon Lagoon that we haven't used. A trip to Orlando sounds good😁😝
See you on the dancefloor! RIPTIDE, Typhoon Lagoon Orlando Florida United States, Fri 05 Jun @ 20:00
Wishing I was back @ typhoon lagoon w Stitch than at work rn
lol it was Typhoon Lagoon in Florida 😂
Today will be my first time going back to Typhoon Lagoon since the fainting incident. Please keep me in your thoughts. Updates will follow.
I want to go to Typhoon Lagoon today!
you fellas have a blast, don't miss Typhoon Lagoon tonight Just ask
Seriously debating going to Typhoon Lagoon after work today.
I have to be up for typhoon lagoon in 4 hours 😭😭
Wednesday: Typhoon Lagoon with Dan. Didn't think I was a big fan of water slides, but I loved it!
I don't care what happens tomorrow. I'm going to typhoon lagoon and swimming with those *** sharks.
Finished the trip with a visit to Typhoon Lagoon and lunch at Planet Hollywood
Choose Blizzard Beach over Typhoon lagoon if you have thrill seeking teenagers in your family. With the perfect...
Typhoon Lagoon fun day with tristeybear! Thanks for joining me! 😘
I really wanted to go to go to typhoon lagoon bc Hannah Montana was performing
Photo: Typhoon Lagoon means fun in the sun! ☀️ 89 days!
Learn while you play at Crush 'N' Gusher!
Had such a fun time at typhoon lagoon the other day!
Does anyone else still like water slides? Seriously, I want to go to Typhoon Lagoon.
My favorite water park just turned 26 this past Monday so I'm making today Typhoon Lagoon Thursday!
Today in - Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park opened at Walt Disney World:
A new summertime dance party is surfing into Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, now through July 5
Are you ready for summer adventures? A day at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon can help you stay cool!
Must be nice and ew Typhoon Lagoon suck as
I wanna either go to wet n wild , Rapids , Disney ,Typhoon lagoon or the keys with my baby. Or All 😒😍😁
yeah we are going the 13th through something? Lol we will be in Vero Beach mostly. I think Typhoon Lagoon one day though:)
Someone come to Typhoon Lagoon with me?
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Roommate telling story about pooping her pants at typhoon lagoon. I love her
Had a great time with my friends today at Typhoon Lagoon ! So blessed to have these wonderful ,…
Want to fly to Orlando to hang with @ Typhoon Lagoon, see him perform, & get surfing lessons?. Listen to tonight.
And just like that my time here at Typhoon Lagoon is over 🐭💙
Took a pic with Ross at Typhoon Lagoon today
Test your knowledge on Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park with our latest quiz:
deep water lifeguard at typhoon lagoon ☺️ just seasonal because I'm not sure my schedule with grad school next year
I checked in at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park on
Take the celebration from the court to the sand at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon during htt…
Besides almost dying in the wave pool, Starlit Splash was a great night 🏊🎉🎊 @ Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
At -- Missed out on Starlit Splash at Typhoon Lagoon tonight so I'm just going to pretend …
I'm currently working Starlit Splash the College Program Capstone event! We bought out Typhoon Lagoon for them!!...
My daughter wanted to stay at Typhoon Lagoon! It is awesome! I'd ride Splash Mountain over and over too!
While all of you guys are watching the super bowl I was at Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Quest.
John Wark at Typhoon Lagoon '94, he wasn't enjoying himself
Would love to be at typhoon lagoon in Florida omg
typhoon lagoon water park or Harry Potter World at universal. Can't go wrong with either.
NAUI is the official Dive Training Agency for the Walt Disney World Resorts' Typhoon Lagoon & Shark Reef and The...
PS.I had this experience once.I only had 7 hrs.Got so overwhelmed I went to Typhoon Lagoon sat in a chair.It was the best
Winter formal at Disney with the Typhoon Lagoon gang
Surin' USA just always reminds me of Typhoon Lagoon, miss Florida like crazy 😭
I highly suggest swimming with the sharks at Typhoon Lagoon. It's amazing, extremely cold, but amazing.
How much area does Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in Disney World cover?
.- just visited ur guys Typhoon Lagoon - lots of waves in pool. Very odd- y would pool have wave? Weather related? Plz address. Thx
2 day passes to Disney World including Typhoon Lagoon
Tune into "Shark Attack" a 3 hour event filmed on location at Typhoon Lagoon in Florida
walk on Typhoon Lagoon for a short cut to get a corn dog.
Pray that the beauty of this in wont be destroyed by typhoon
The 10-laning of Buena Vista Drive with new Typhoon Lagoon entrance at left.
Aquatica is good but I love Wet N Wild and Typhoon Lagoon as well
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
He got lost in typhoon lagoon when he was 5. That was our first and last family vacation during my childhood.
Hey do they let you take your gopro on the slides at Blizzard Beach/typhoon lagoon/aqautica?
How lilkely are you to go to Blizzard Beach and/or Typhoon Lagoon during your Disney World Vacation?
People on ask for real have obsessions with my feet and my typhoon lagoon pics lol
pic from lagoon — I've literally had like 10 different questions about my pics from typhoon lagoon just scroll d...
So at like 8 I went to Florida with nah family during the summer and when we got there we went to Typhoon Lagoon and of course I went to +
"This is the 80s, and I'm down with the ladies." - Walt Disney, final site walkthrough, Typhoon Lagoon
Did you know? Disney's Typhoon Lagoon features one of the largest wave pools in North America!
2004:All Disney World theme parks (with the exception of Typhoon Lagoon) open after being closed the day before due to Hurricane Jeanne,
ha. I hope it's not too cool. We're going to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. I can't remember.
Okay to all of you Disney park pass holders, which water park is the best for a 10 year old girl and a 41 year old mom ( ha! )? Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?
Toy story was great! Typhoon Lagoon - way better wave pool. Blizzard Beach - way better water slides
I added a video to a playlist Typhoon Lagoon - Walt Disney World POV 2014
Going to a Disney Park today, I was never a fan of the Disney parks, Universal Studios was always so much better, Typhoon Lagoon today!
Who in Wesley Chapel wanna go to Universal/Islands & maybe Typhoon Lagoon, for free?
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“I wanna go to Sea World or Wet N Wild”*Typhoon Lagoon , Blizzard Beach or Aquatica .
Any recommendations on the waterparks at Disney? My girls are 5 and 3 - would you recommend one over the other?? I can't tell from the info online if Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon would be better for little ones...
wanting to do one of the waterparks, which would you all say is the best one?? Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach or Aquatica ??
What is your favorite water park, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach? Why?
4 DISNEY WORLD WATER PARK tickets. 2 adult/2children, new, unused, just purchased for $210. Selling for $150, firm. Great deal if you are heading to Disney World this summer. There is no expiration on them. They may be used at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.
Day 6, Walt Disney World, Typhoon Lagoon & Magic Kingdom. So much magic, don't know how much more magic I can handle.
Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach 😭 I wanna go to all the disney world parks
Here’s some splash-worthy news: our end-of-semester event is slated for May 7, 7 p.m-1 a.m., at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon …
We missed posting this video to FB, a chapter surf trip to Typhoon Lagoon. Share this (and any other post you see) to be entered into the drawing for the prize package.
I don't think I could go back there now and wonder about Discovery Cove too. How about Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?
absolutely gutted to learn that Typhoon Lagoon is closed during my vacation. My fave water park :(
cut my chin open at typhoon lagoon when I was 5 had to get 4 stitches
“At Disney's Typhoon Lagoon you can swim with sharks! Have you dared to before? doing this !
Disney world, Universal Studios, typhoon lagoon
Missing typhoon lagoon wave pool big time
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Where in Typhoon Lagoon can u find this dory fish
Summit Plummet is twice as high as Humunga Kowabunga, Typhoon Lagoon's biggest slide.
and add in the Epcot Resorts loop and you've got a nightmare. Oh and Typhoon Lagoon
Full-timers from Typhoon Lagoon are taking all my hours . bye money.
Hi hey hello. Just reminding all you beautiful folks to go see Slade and Taylor at Typhoon Lagoon in Plaquemine at 9pm!!
Anonymous asked: Blizzard Beach of typhoon lagoon?
Did you know that Typhoon Lagoon offers surf lessons? A perfect spot to need to wait for the perfect wave; waves come on cue on set intervals!
Q3: What is the name of the peak in Typhoon Lagoon where the Miss Tilly is located?
My oldest 2 sons did the Surf school at Typhoon Lagoon. They were 15 and 12 years old at the time. They really enjoyed it and it was fun to watch. It happens before Typhoon Lagoon opens, so just be prepared to get up VERY early!
Don't forget Typhoon Lagoon is CLOSED from 27/10/2013 - 21/12/2013 for refurbishment but Blizzard Beach will be open during this time
lol were we in Florida at typhoon lagoon water park?! That would make it even more random aha xxx
Right now I would like to be in Typhoon Lagoon !
Typhoon Lagoon Surf School invites guests to learn from professional surfers how to cut, carve and “hang 10.”
Just wondering if your Christmas cards are published yet. Hoping it features that great family shot from Typhoon Lagoon
not doing wet and wild, all to big for Bailey and typhoon lagoon is closed. Did Discovery Cove the other day and Blizzard Beach.
nice sausage on toast in there or bacon .. HP sauce if im not mistaken as well..have you done typhoon lagoon or wet n wild
Drinking out of my disney cup trying to imagine I'm in Typhoon Lagoon.
"What up, this is DJJamesZ. Just got back from a recent trip to Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon is located in Orlando, Florida at Disneyworld. Typhoon Lagoon offers a left, right, and A-frame peak waves to surf. You can get 100 waves a day by yourself or with your friends. When the swell is flat and…
HEY GUESS WHAT. Slade and Taylor Rae are playing at Typhoon Lagoon in Plaquemine this Saturday (Nov 2)! Be there or be square.
Let's acknowledge the fact that I can see Typhoon Lagoon, La Nouba & the Hot Air Ballon from my room. THIS IS SICK!✨💜
Typhoon lagoon. Guess who couldn't keep her hands off me y'day? ;-)
In America been to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, typhoon lagoon and now Hollywood Studios. Just done tower of terror and rock n roll rollercoaster.!
“Awww Typhoon Lagoon wearing my earrings. my best friend knows how to be lady lol 😂
Spent the day at aquatica today. Great water park. Followed by a great meal at Planet Hollywood. Shame but typhoon lagoon shut for a month. Off to visit Harry again tomorrow.
A quick video put together of the UCF Team/Club at Typhoon Lagoon FL's ONLY consistent
Typhoon Lagoon is closed for Rehab until Dec 21
Did you know. The Walt Disney World Resort, or Walt Disney World, or simply Disney World, opened October 1, 1971, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, and is the most visited attraction in the world with 52.5 million people visiting each year. Disney World covers 30,080 acres, or 47 square miles. It houses dozens of themed hotel resorts, four parks; Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. It has two water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, and a shopping/night life area currently known as Downtown Disney, soon to be receive a make over and be re-named Disney Springs.
Cooling down at the Orlando water parks
1989:A Typhoon Lagoon sneak preview takes place for members of the press,m, but they're never there when we need them,
Typhoon Lagoon now closed for annual refurbishment:
Back off to Typhoon Lagoon today woohoo
I just figured out how to zoom in on videos on my iPhone and snap stills from them. I know...I'm old. Here is a sampling of the brothers Jarvis from Typhoon Lagoon in Sept.
That's Magic Kingdom,typhoon lagoon, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach and Hollywood Studios done in the last four days my god I'm gonna need another holiday after this one.
Typhoon LagoonEscape to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park for a storm of fun in the sun! Snorkel with sharks, stingrays and tropical fish in the coral reef. Plunge down rushing rapids, sunbathe on the sandy beach and glide down the lazy river on a relaxing raft ride. After an epic typhoon hurled su...
Congratulations to my fantastic goonie family on placing first in ISOC today!! I know how hard everyone had worked and I'm proud to say I worked at Typhoon Lagoon!! Once a goonie always a goonie ❤️
Ok. I think my family is finally ready for trip to Disney. Lucy was only 1 the first time we went, so this time we wouldn't have to lug her everywhere. The big regret last time was that there was so much we didn't get to do in only 7 days. I'm thinking 10 days this time. Definitely need to do Discovery Cove again. And we had a blast at Typhoon Lagoon. I'm thinking next September. Any one have any must do activities for a Disney family vacation?
Last day in Orlando going to revisit typhoon lagoon as was our best day of hols the kids are defo water babies xx then road trip down to my mum & dads this evening to finish the rest of our holiday with them for some well deserved r&r after full on theme park action for last 8days xx
Headed to typhoon lagoon to watch Chad Jones rock out today at ISOC!!! GO TYPHOON!!!
Animal Kingdom,Magic Kingdom, Sea World , typhoon lagoon and shopping done so far Hollywood Studios today god I'm knackered and still A week of fun to go swimming with dolphins tommorow yeah!
They day started with 2 planes and a trained and ended with 5 bus trips added. ~~~Typhoon Lagoon~~~ The castaway creek was lazy and fun, relaxing and enjoying the company of being alone. We then ran to the falls; Mayday, Gangplank, and Keelhaul. They were exciting; especially listening to Felicity Ferraro scream over any and every hump. We then got and road storm slides, & humunga kowabunga that humunga can stay there lol The surf pool was great and cold lol and the mountain trails were cut and long. The Crush N Gusher was cut when we road coconut crusher. Eating at Leaning Palms the mayonnaise I swear taste like gold. Lord delicious... Now the hardest part my fear of "sharks" guess what u can swim with them and the sign said "leopard sharks" we said ok, as we swam we panicked as a sting ray grazed me and I saw a hammerhead shark with me. I got my guys up and said *** game on and finalized the night with Felicity &India Mirage at Planet Hollywood where we ate and enjoyed Downtown Disney and they now. So . ...
We made it, and are having a blast, we went to Typhoon Lagoon today and Down Town Disney.
My last day at Typhoon Lagoon was very stressful, not the best day, I'm sad to be leaving the park on that note. But overall it was a great experience and I'm leaving that experience with alot of new friends and memories. I never expected to work at that park, its a very special place. Now I'm ending tonight with another shift at Hollywood Studios with my Typhoon friends by welcoming guests like they're on a red carpet. It's gonna be fun to relieve stress. Love guest interaction. :)
Typhoon Lagoon was amazing. Possible date tonight at Magic Kingdom. :)
Typhoon Lagoon well and truly done. I have seen some sights today that nearly put me off my beer!
Beer o clock after a busy day frying at typhoon lagoon
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Words I never expected to use in a sentence: S.a. McAuley made me cry at Typhoon Lagoon. And again at the hotel, because apparently once just wasn't enough.
Typhoon Lagoon is CLOSED between 27/10/2013 (tomorrow) till 21/12/2013 for refurbishment & don't forget if you want to soak up some fun, LEGOLAND Florida Waterpark season ends too 27/10/13! Blizzard Beach is open during this period
Well another sunny warm day in Orlando , off to typhoon lagoon water park for a splash around to keep cool .. lol
Fun Fact: At Typhoon Lagoon, the home port of Miss Tilly (the stranded ship) is Safen Sound, Florida. (Get it...Safe 'n Sound?) :)
Another scorcher so a water park day today - our first taste of Disney at Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon lagoon!.then stay at disney for the night, halloween and feet ache!
Well after Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Quest, Downtown Disney, Resort and Pool hopping, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot...tomorrow is our last full day in Disney.
Typhoon lagoon waterpark tomoro cant wait bring on the kamikazey!
The UCF Surf Club and team surfing the only consistent wave in Florida: Typhoon Lagoon. Film/Edit: Adam Fricke GoPro Footage: Kevin Engelhardt Music: Kennedy by…
Has had a lovely day shopping with Megan Elizabeth Cornell while the gang went to typhoon lagoon :) . Got some mac make up for half the price of what you pay in the uk happy days :)
Another great day at Typhoon Lagoon with Uncle Raymond & Aunty Muriel followed by a walk around Downtown Disney and a fantastic meal at Sweet Tomato!
Was my last day working Typhoon Lagoon today!
Today is our last day in Florida the boys chose to go to typhoon lagoon water park , while Bailey and I and her friends went to wilderness lodge for lunch .I am going to be sad to leave this sunshine but want to get home
Disney World Summer Injury Report. Walt Disney World reported four injuries for the July-through-September 2013 period. Two occurred in the Magic Kingdom, including a 26-year-old woman who suffered nausea, vomiting and neck pain on Space Mountain. The woman “reportedly underwent surgery to the head prior to being released from the hospital,” according to Disney’s report. Also a 1-year-old girl with a pre-existing condition had difficulty breathing on Carousel of Progress. The other injuries were a 39-year-old man who had a seizure on the Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and a 43-year-old woman who suffered a laceration on Humunga Kowabunga in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.
What a holiday we've had so far... Downtown Disney, Epcot, Blizzard Beach, shopping, three wonderful days in St Petersburg celebrating Sarah and Ricky's wedding, Hollywood Studios yesterday and Sea World today. Still got Universal Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and a couple of chillin' days to go. Oh, and another trip to Downtown Disney to spend, spend spend.
Typhoon Lagoon today, not as sunny but still did everything!! Most massive wave ever in the wave pool!! some of them even swam with sharks and stingrays (Dougs calm swimming was the best!)
Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.that is the question? Now give me your thoughts.
Having a great time at Disney, We have been very busy we have been to Blizzard Beach,Typhoon Lagoon,Epcot, Hollywood Studio's Animal Kingdom, tomorrow will be a half day at Magic Kingdom, then all day on Sat. park hopping and finishing at Magic Kingdom with there night parade and fireworks.It has been a fun filled holiday!!
Had a brill day at busch gardens today, its been a bit nippy though, the sun better get its self out tomorrow for typhoon lagoon!!
Can't wait for typhoon lagoon tomorrow in Orlando woo
Typhoon Lagoon with my three boys. Cold but fun! Br
Well, with the temp only reading 20 degrees we bravely headed off to the water park Typhoon Lagoon. Walked into the lazy river which was FREEZING! Came out, got changed and headed back. Now changed the shorts for jeans and vest top for T-shirt and going back out to Hollywood Studios!
Day 6- Last day :'( Started at Aninal Kingdom, spent some time at Typhoon Lagoon and finished the day of at our favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom ♥♥♥
Last day working at typhoon lagoon and there's a cold front in Florida! Aka doing no work today!!!
Well, my days off were too short as always! Sunburnt from yeaterday but still had fun at Typhoon Lagoon ! Work 7:30-3:30
Another super day at Disney.did 4 parks.seen two fireworks shows and drank a fancy drink on the beach in Typhoon Lagoon.what more could you ask for.nuttin!!! All with Frank Hogan, Kevin Hogan, and Christopher Hogan.
Typhoon Lagoon, snorkeling with the sharks, wave pool!
another georgeous day here in disney Normand Martin, Jennie Martin and myself went to Blizzard Beach water park and the typhoon lagoon water park and tonight i think speak for all of us in saying we are watered out! but it was awsome. Then tonight we went to Downtown Disney, what an awesome strip that is. Jan and Keith headed back but Jennie and I stayed and checked everything out :) Hard to believe we only have 1 more full day and head back home on friday :( But i am very thankful for the oppturnity i had to enjoy this!
After spending no money yesterday shopping, today I got 2 pairs of shorts, tennis shoes, disney scrap book album and a Ralph Lauren top :) bed time ready to hit typhoon lagoon tomorrow :)
Well, Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Animal Kingdom, Sea World, done. Hollywood & Universal Studios, Epcot, Typhoon Lagoon, Fan boat ride & Halloween party, plus lots more to come! No place for slackers here, we are British!! Oh did I mention we're in bed by 10pm every night! - Knackered!!
Two more days of work! Then Hollywood Studios on the weekend, and typhoon lagoon.
Getting excited for tomorrow...gonna spend the day with my bf at typhoon lagoon. Ashley you ready?
Typhoon lagoon and Blizzard Beach in the am󾮗
After a day at typhoon lagoon you need a bucket of ice cream.
Standing up photos at typhoon lagoon
ONE YEAR AGO TODAY - We visited Typhoon Lagoon and found out that Paige is fearless and loves water parks! We are lunch at McDonalds and shopped for souvenirs in Downtown Disney as well ((oh how I wish I was there today - it's cold and rainy here!))
Last day in Florida with Alison Chilvers. Going to Typhoon Lagoon for half a day, then off to Coco Beach and Cape Canaveral to meet up with friends. Cannot believe we have been here 2 weeks already. I will also have to give up my hire car!!
Heading to Typhoon Lagoon (as a guest :) ) tomorrow and then coming back to CP housing to shower before heading to Epcot's food and wine festival! If anyone wants to join feel free to text me.
I carved a pumpkin for the first time in my life today. It's for a pumpkin contest at Typhoon Lagoon! Ill be posting photos of it when I'm done! It's Little Mermaid themed! ;)
As any responsible almost parents, Andrew and I are testing out vacation locations for our little peanut. Disney World is first up in November along with Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Epcot. We are going to be very responsible parents.
OMG! Had such an awesome day at Typhoon Lagoon! I had never been before and it was well worth it. First sunny day this week. Did everything here twice - first time for fear, second time for fun! My favorite, by far, was the shark tank. Yes, I snorleled for the first time and it was AWESOME!
Typhoon lagoon with all my babies today!
Long stressful day at typhoon lagoon ahead of me
Looks like we're off to another waterpark today. Typhoon Lagoon here we come...
All I really want to do today is float the lazy river at typhoon lagoon.
I'm about to hit up typhoon lagoon tomorrow
This typhoon lagoon commercial is going to make me cry bring me back 😭
Typhoon lagoon, Epcot, Universal Studios, aquatica, another waterpark and Magic Kingdom all in one week, I'm so lucky right now!!
Went to Typhoon Lagoon, then they heard thunderstorm and stopped the rides. Thankfully my princess did all the Must Dos
After Typhoon Lagoon now it's Magic Kingdom for the last day :D
Just came back from typhoon lagoon after it closed and we lost Alex. He went to get his stuff from his locker and he didn't come back
The most disturbing part of my day at Typhoon Lagoon: hearing a 7 year old girl sing "Oops, I Did it Again". Read the lyrics.
Hello lovely prople. Today we are at Typhoon Lagoon.
I liked a video Interview with Chrissie Fit on Teen Beach Movie at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon 6-28-13
Nobody cares but drinking out of a typhoon lagoon mug at blizzard makes me feel dirty
I'm so flyyy! All ready to go to typhoon lagoon with and
Till Thursday. Probably, going typhoon lagoon tomorrow. Are you? I was at Downtown Disney yesterday, love it there!
Anyway going to typhoon lagoon tomorrow
Spent the day @ typhoon lagoon in disney world Orlando Florida. It was a rainy day today 😊
I love entertainment cast. They are great people. Go to typhoon lagoon for the teen beach party and you'll meet my friend!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I miss Disney, especially Typhoon Lagoon. Oh I was try to LLL here
Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow, top up the tan💦☀
Idk what ima do with my hair if I go to typhoon lagoon this week
which one's better Disney's Typhoon Lagoon or Disney's Blizzard Beach
Wow so I went to typhoon lagoon and it started raining, I waited like 30 minutes and it wouldn't stop so I left :(
oh cool cool! I went to a different park everyday i went to all except typhoon lagoon its a water park though
It's just pouring down today at Typhoon Lagoon ☔
were gonna try and go to all of them?! Seaworld, typhoon lagoon,Disney of course, Hollywood Studios, etc🎢🎡🌅
I wanna go back to typhoon-lagoon and Blizzard Beach 😭 I see them in all these commercial 😣😞😓
In our previous poll Typhoon Lagoon won as Orlando's best water park, narrowly beating Aquatica. See all our polls:
Me a d dad at Typhoon Lagoon today. First day and the vests are on!
really good mate, done seaworld, MK, Epcot islands of adv, typhoon lagoon. At holly studios now. You have a good one? Home now?
Do you know the name of the boat that sits high above Disney's Typhoon Lagoon? .
What's the better way to take on Crush 'n' Gusher at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon: with a friend or riding solo? 
If you ever go to Florida Typhoon lagoon rocks
A little water park fun at Typhoon Lagoon today!
2 weeks! we went on the friday and come back yesterday! I miss Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon loads :[[ enjoy your last day!
A huge Thank you to my son Sean Green for giving Lexi and I a greatly needed awesome vacation. He took us to Typhoon Lagoon, Epcot, Ripleys Believe It or Not, Busch Gardens, Universal, Sea World and Magic Kingdom for July 4th. Great dinning at Mexico in Epcot, Joes Crab Shack and Fogo De Chao, which I highly recommend for the meat lovers out there. Thanks Sean, your the best...we love you
Last nite in Florida its been a great 3 weeks saw lots of things did lots of stuff chased out of the water by a shark @ Honeymoon Island State Park snorkling in the keys sunset on 7 mile bridge Mickey Mouse @ Magic Kingdom wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon putt putt golf at winter summerland Blizzard Beach Bath tub reef rockin roller coaster space mountain mt everest and the sea turtle tonite brought back memories of 22 years when wendy and Jarred Finch were the little ones watching the eggs drop into the nest with Grandpap Finch thank you everyone for a great vacation Patti Phillips-Finch Lisa Mason Kevin Finch Amber Neely Autumn Neely Melissa Harris Crystal Finch @ Wendy Hall
Less than a week be swimming with the sharks at Typhoon Lagoon!!!
FOR SEVEN DAYS INCLUDING TRAVEL TIME :) Where should we go Disneyworld or Universal??? where should I get it Costco or AAA??? or your travel agent ? Disneyworld has 4 main parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park Disney has 2 water parks – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Universal has 2 parks - Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure MESSAGE FROM AAA TRAVEL AGENT: I suggest you stay at a Disneyworld resort so that you get free transportation to and from the resort to Orland Airport. Then you can get a package from Disneyworld to Universal to see both the parks.
TODAY IN DISNEY HISTORY-JUNE 20, 1976: Walt Disney World's River Country (a water park adjacent to Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground) opens. Inspired by Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, it is Disney's first attempt at a themed water park. Positioned on the shore of Bay Lake near Discovery Island, River Country is filled with rocks and manmade boulders and features water slides and an inner tube river. River Country will close in September 2001, due in part to Florida Laws prohibiting the use of natural bodies of water for water park use, but its success will later lead to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.
Day 9 - Disney blog. Magic Kingdom today, one very tired little boy who didn't really get going till about 1pm and was obviously too cool for this Magic Kingdom thing. Funny how we spent the most amount of any day on merchandise. On pirates of course so that is acceptable 󾌵 Have to admit we slept in today and couldn't be chewed with Typhoon Lagoon (mainly as its not going to compare to Summit Plummet, I tried the big sell to Lewis but he was having none of it) so we set off mid morning to Magic Kingdom just about the time when the whole population of Florida to descend. Heaving and one of the hottest days, lovely 󾍇 We were greeted by a parade with the catchiest of tunes, video will be uploaded later so you can witness the foot tapping brilliance of it. License to dance in the street and I could not resist, much to Lewis's dismay. We are still singing it at bedtime, must download it 󾌵 Buzz Lightyear was pretty cool, Thunder Mountain was consistently brill. Swiss Family Robinson was an education fo ...
Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Sea World now finally at Shades of Green relaxing with the fambam on our last night in Florida. my family memories that last forever
Which water park for kids ages 8 & 10: Lizard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?
Typhoon Lagoon. Rooftop pool. Beach. Barbie Dreamhouse Experience. American Girl's pretty good to be a 6 year old girl in South Florida this week. Not so good to be a wallet ;)
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