Tyler Perry & Steve Harvey

Tyler Perry (born Emmitt Perry, Jr.; September 14, 1969) is an American actor, director, screen and playwright, producer, author, and songwriter. Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author. 5.0/5

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The whole "Men are trash." concept started with Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry being the front runners.
Aunt: Steve Harvey is a dog. Mom: Maybe he's changed. Aunt: Tyler Perry is not straight & Steve Harvey is a dog. You can't tell me otherwise
Y'all..Monique got receipts on everybody. Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Oprah, Sheryl Underwood, Steve Harvey...she not having it.
Would be really nice to see Steve Harvey on some of Tyler Perry's work.
I'm not impressed by Steve Harvey . I'm not impressed by Tyler Perry . I'm not impressed by Oprah. I'm not impressed by Beyonce
been saying this for weeks. Dwayne Johnson has a shot too. also Tyler Perry and or Steve Harvey.
I will rather watch all the Tyler Perry movies then take any advice from Steve Harvey
People like Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey & Chris Gardner are the reasonings to me not throwing in the towel. keep pushing
Tyler Perry, Tony Gaskins & Steve Harvey be honestly telling the real from a man's point of view.
I can listen to Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry all day . They so wise and humble ✊🏽
HBCU's got some good commencement speakers this year. The Obamas, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Lynch…
If Nairobian women would stop watching Tyler Perry movies, reading Steve Harvey books & feeling sorry for themselves they’d be a lot happier
Pitch your business ideas to Black celebrities like Will Smith, Tyler Perry, Tavis Smiley, Steve Harvey, Tom...
Every black comedian but Bernie Mac that tried making a show was corny. Martin, Monique, Damon Wayans, Steve Harvey, All of Tyler Perry's..
I also mentioned that ppl like Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry are predatory trash, sooo...
Tyler Perry has agreed to film and co-produce, Steve Harvey will emcee and it will be awesome.
Things from black culture that white people can have: Stacey Dash, "thot", Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey.
I promise not to give away the game in my films homies. Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey tripping with that. Giving away all our moves.
Other over-exposed people I'm getting tired of (in addition to Michael Strahan): Steve Harvey, and Tyler Perry. Yeah, I said it!
I'm gonna go ahead and assume making fun of Tyler Perry wouldn't be a good idea in the Steve Harvey show waiting room.
Gayton Mckenzie has too! ❤ "Tyler Perry & Steve Harvey are the only men that has figured women out. . . The rest of you gu"
I like Steve Harvey because he's like that too real uncle. Tyler Perry is like your mom or fav aunt!!! I like them both.
can all my followers help me reach Queen Latifah,Oprah Winfrey,Steve Harvey,Tyler Perry,Ellen DeGeneres,Wendy Williams,Dr Phil I need help
LRT Anyone who takes you to watch a Leon Schuster, Steve Harvey or Tyler Perry movie at the cinema probably secretly hates you.
Bishop Jakes, Steve Harvey,Tyler Perry,All Sharpton, JayZ, where are you?Jay Cole showed up and put all of you to shame! You should be there
Oprah, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Steve Jobs just to name a few. I love Mondays, because…
If you missed Tyler Perry interview on the Steve Harvey don't worry "I GOT YOU" watch the entire interview; also meet.
Adding trey songz to my hate list ... So now it's oprah , Tyler Perry , Steve Harvey , trey songz , and big girls with small breast
Special Guest on Tyler Perry. Listen in & hear about his new movie and more! Steve Harvey Morning Show.
Steve Harvey is a poor mans Tyler Perry
Steve Harvey, Hill Harper, Tyler Perry ain't got nothing on Edward Daniel about the truth on men, relationships, pain and the real meaning of self respect! We talked for 1hour 58 min and I have mad respect for that dude! If anyone need advice on ANYTHING, hit him up. tell him I sent you! Make sure you ask him about MEN BEING GREEDY! Inspiring!!!
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Tyler Perry posted today he had not been in a grocery store in 15 years and as a result couldn't find a darn thing. Steve Harvey a couple of months ago said he hadn't been in a gas station since they started putting in beer caves, and he was amazed...Steve and Tyler have both lived incredible lives these past few years because they stopped wasting time answering the negativity thrown at then by nay sayers, just by deciding to let go of negative people and their BS I have watched my life take that huge turn, I still go to the gas station and grocery store, but I am so much happier doing it, and love being recognized as "that guy" .
Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey need to die...
Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey need to stop writing books and movies about men!!!
I can't use my gift of acting on Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey - there can only be one Highlander
Only if u read Tyrese books and worship Tyler Perry “Can someone teach me how to take Steve Harvey seriously?”
he killed two men and found God. He's a worse human being than Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry
“Top 5 worst black men in the world. 1. Steve Harvey. 2. Tyler Perry. 3. Wendy Williams. 4. Wale. 5. Darkskin girls”
There's major people on my BucketList to meet in 2014. Tyler Perry, Oprah, Magic Johnson, Steve Harvey, Tracey Edmonds and Russell Simmons.
There are alot of stars, who have been homeless, you would be surprised. I just figured they were born with the silver spoon in their mouth, but that's not true. Some had it worse than others, but they all went through it. They probably are the ones who are now most willing to give their time and money to help those in need out now. Jennifer Lopez, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Sheen, Shania Twain, William Shatner, Don Imus, Dr. Phil Mc Graw, Daniel Craig yeah even James Bond, Suze Orman, Jim Carre, Halle Berr, David Letterman,Danny Bonaduce, Kelsey Grammer, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry to name a few. From having nothing at all to having it all wow.
Tyler Perry is on Tom Joyner Morning Show and Madea is on the Steve Harvey morning show. I'm so confused :-/
If there is no test, there is no testimony. "People" envy the success of others like Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden, Bernie Mac, etc. but they each have stories of being homeless, cashless, supportless. When the test comes and you retreat you have given your power to the dark side.whether you call it the "devil" or "devilish functions". "It is always darkest before the dawn". When you retreat you simply stay in darkness. It is when it is the darkest that you must be bold. It is in that moment that you must rely on source, the power that makes the impossible possible. Most recently after constant challenges that "try men's souls", Marisol Vélez gave us an incredible testimony of what is possible when you never give up!! She won 10k. The cash is simply the universe saying.never give up on your dreams because if you don't...I will show you evidence, actual proof...because I never give up on you. Muster the courage to NOT retreat. Muster the courage to make the impossible possible. Conquer your . ...
Steve Harvey is really just Tyler Perry without the dress. by
I was given the # 7 1. I am a proud Christian.team Jesus 2. I'm a Tar Heel fan. 3. I've been in a relationship with my best friend for the past four years (and I think he's cute.ha thought i was about to say the one... 4. I ADORE BEING an auntie.Aj Starr and Taylor have my heart. 5.I've seen all of Tyler Perry's movies &plays at least twice.would love to see Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart meet Madea... 6.I don't play candy crush (I've seen what it has done to my friend lol) 7. I wanna be on the Wendy Williams show one day.(How you doin?)
Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey need to get together and write something asap
Tyler Perry your fans wont u to make a movie about the real Golden Girls with these same actors plus Steve Harvey Atl. folks pass this on mayb T.P or somebody that knows him can pass it on to him.good idea
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I want to see a Tyler Perry movie with : Chris Tucker, Vin Diesel,Wendy Raquel Robinson, Jenifer Hudson, Steve Harvey,and Cuba Gooding Jr
what do I want? well I am so glad you asked: Chrysler 200 midnight blue, weekend escape (beach, spa, island, jungle, train, boat etc) 3 suits, 4 pairs of tennis shoes, flight lessons, so besides that I want to meet Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Jamal Bryant (have questions for them)...and I want to try the Zip line swooshh
This a good morning Tyler Perry is on the Steve Harvey morning show and he stated you better live like you rich and wotk like you broke.:-) .
I am watching the Steve Harvey show and Tyler Perry is the guest today
Speaking of Tyler Perry. Coach Brashear said " I like Tyler Perry too, especially on Family Fued" & I'm like *** that's Steve Harvey!!
My Baby (Man) Son. A real Man. He loves Jesus back. Amen. Singer/songwriter. Does his job, like Steve Harvey. and then he is off work. Believers speak with their gifts in the way GOD leads them. Don't be rligious on Entertainers, you never know how many times their words bring in the sheep. I know about this One. The list is longer than you think, Tyler Perry, etc. It is not about Us. GOD sends us to server each other. Shalom.
if it helps, I also wish death and scabies upon Tyler Perry and herpes to Steve Harvey ^_^
“Think Like A Man 2! I swear Tyler Perry be on it!” I thought that was Steve Harvey movie
Tyler Perry on da Steve Harvey show, now this calls 4 a study break without a doubt...:-)
I bet Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey complained about the ad
We don't all flock to see or even like Tyler Perry movies & *** no Steve Harvey does not represent us either. Oh, but we did invent swag.
I blame Steve Harvey & Tyler Perry for the way women think these days.
I swear Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey make me wanna kill myself
I was forced to watch Steve Harvey &Tyler Perry was a guest. That *** s been doing Madea so long he sounds like her out of costume too now
It's a Steve Harvey book she quoted not a Tyler Perry movie. Sorry. Lets trust the guy in the clown suits not the one in women's clothes.
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Oh yeah. Sorry my bad. When I think of a mostly black cast Tyler Perry comes to my mind. I meant the Steve Harvey book.
Next thing you know, Steve Harvey's gonna join The Coup and Tyler Perry will quote Bell Hooks approvingly.
Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry are pimping the emotions of Black women
I can't deal with Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden, and Steve Harvey being spokespersons for Black America.
Tyler Perry is lookin mighty fine on the Steve Harvey show right now..
The grass aint so greener on the other side is it?? Tyler Perry foolin.. watching the Steve Harvey show
Steve Harvey of course! “Whose worse Tyler Perry or Steve Harvey ?”
Tyler Perry talks about fatherhood on STEVE HARVEY YouTube: Tyler Perry's full interview with Steve Harvey air...
Steve Harvey you sell out and Tyler Perry had to make the movie. Now girls think they got the 411 on our every move
Tyler Perry was on the Steve Harvey Show today and I'm pretty sure black feminists around the world felt a pang in their souls.
Tyler Perry RT: WHo do black men hate more? Steve Harvey or Tyler Perry?
This really is all Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey fault
Steve Harvey got one more how to think like a man movie an I'm puttin that *** on Tyler Perry
Deion Sandcastle looks a lot like Steve Harvey and nothing like Deion Sanders... is the title of the new Tyler Perry movie.
I wonder if Tyler Perry did an interview on Steve Harvey's show for Temptation. Bc he exclusively gave Tom Joyner the WHOLE morning!
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Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey on the radio.. God just tried my patience on this Good Friday..
Tyler Perry is on Steve Harvey right now said Temptations is ministry SMFH
U only have one bullet in a room with Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey...what'd ya do?
Listen to Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Sinbad on Boston Praise Radio and TV. Go to WRCA 1330 AM radio and...
Meanwhile, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Steve Harvey, and others are defining new spiritual practices that contradict Scripture.
Probably because it was Steve Harvey & not Tyler Perry.
Tyler Perry's Temptation Jurnee Smollett plays the central character in the film. Her character is caught between Lance Gros
Wow, Dave Chappelle was right. Most of the biggest names in Hollywood, particularly, black men, dress in drag at some point of their career?? Why?? Damon, Shawn, and Marlon Waynes, Brandon T. Jackson, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Denis Rodman, Ving Rhames, Wesley Snipes, Areseio Hall, Miguel Nunez, Flip Wilson, Chris Rock, David Allen Grier, Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley, Will Smith.but most recently Kevin Hart. John Travolta said, "everyone in this industry, at some point, will do something strange for change". Dave Chapelle and Katt Williams didn't go bonkers without reason.
IKd like to thank The First 48, Csi: Miami, channel 7 news, the paparazzi, CNN, TMZ, Steve Harvey, Maury, Jerry Springer, Judge Mathis, Espn, 106 and Park, Latenite with Craig Furgerson, Rap Fix, The Rickey Smiley Mourning Show, Tyler Perry, Universal Studios, The Mike Sherman Show, Access Hollywood, Larry Dog, Cheddar Dvd's: Money and Hip Hop, The Ozone Awards, and all the camera men who shot these programs. Now i know all AND see all.
You can't let yo' girl watch Tyler Perry or Steve Harvey movies cause then she start catching on to you and suspect you cheating.
and any women that has read Steve Harvey books or that likes Tyler Perry has a dessert cooch and a stinky *** weave
Just finished watching "the WIZ", and thought they should make a remake. Here are my ideas for casting. Director: Tyler Perry, (he could play the wicked witch as Madea, Dorthy: Jenifer Hudson, Cedric the Entertainer as the Lion, Eddie Murphy as the Tin man, Steve Harvey as the Wiz, Gladys Night as Glinda the the good witch, Usher or Chris Brown as the Scare crow, Love to hear your ideas and let's get this Tyler Perry it would be great to see
Is anyone else worried that Steve Harvey is trying to make himself into the white Tyler Perry?
Watching Steve Harvey on The Family Fued is what I assume watching a Tyler Perry movie is like.
And a Small B'day Shout out to Steve Harvey. (No Pic Needed, he's OVEREXPOSED enough as it is. Don't know who's worse. Him, Tyler Perry or Samuel Jackson) Lol ! Besides i still havnt forgiven KBLX for replacing Kevin Brown with Steve Harvey... His show is WACK ! and has nothing to do with the Bay Area, its people or its causes that benefited the Bay. Wrong Move ! If You Agree or dont agree, share you're opinion..
Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry both make movies that show the have resentment towards men. "Think Like A Man" was not a good movie to show young men and women it made no logical sense and it tainted the dating process in the mind of young men and women. People need to go back to the days where they searched for a life partner, not prospects and someone to just stick around while they play some game to keep them interested. That movie was thirsty and over-rated. I can say from "my" experience with my wife you don't have to chase a person or play these "do you like me" games if someone is really interested in speeding their life with you.
Oh there's no Tyler Perry movie on, so I'll just watch Think Like a Man. It had everything, Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Destiny's Child in the soundtrack and they mention multiple Tyler Perry movies, also Steve Harvey. Why didn't I discover this sooner?
Mike Epps, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Rock, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, & Xzibit should all be in 1 movie
Steve Harvey made a book that sold the bros out in Think Like a Man. In real life Tyler Perry who made the movie is the real sellout
I blame Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry for giving these females hope.
*refrains from Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey rant*
. Be that as it may, I will take him ANY day before I deal with Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, or Quentin Tarantino. Ok?! Ok.
I dont get why people don't like : Steve Harvey , Tyler Perry , Roots .
Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry need to shot for their crimes against the male sex. Their movies, books, and plays try their hardest to make all males look like jackasses
It is never too late to set a new goal of dream a new dream. Steve Harvey was just saying on his show that he was homeless from the ages of 30-33. Tyler Perry also has talked many time about being homeless during a period in his life. How is that for goals and dreams coming true.
Steve Harvey: "Name a show better than all of Tyler Perry's shows combined..."
Tyler Perry and dat *** Steve Harvey book got da females in "combat mode".dey'll leave a *** at da drop of a dime now lol
My mother's DVR is trash. The First Family, Tyler Perry sitcoms, Steve Harvey, and Lifetime movies. I thought she was better than this.
You travel the country, you've gotten support from Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry, what is happening to change these stats?
It's called "Steve Harvey's Family Feud" now!? Must've dozed off on that one. Maybe if we're really lucky, there will be a "Tyler Perry's Who Wants to be a Madeanaire?"
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Lately I've been hearing ppl say Oprah,Steve Harvey,and Tyler Perry is the face for Christians. Really??
This girl just said "Yeah, I just saw that Tyler Perry movie, Think Like a Man"... Ummm, you mean Steve Harvey?!
Toure, Tyler Perry, Tyrese, Tony Gaskins, Steve Harvey, DL Hughley and their peers need to be rounded up and sent to concentration camps
Funnyman Gary Owen known for his roles in Steve Harvey's blockbuster hit Think Like A Man and Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" commands the stage as he hosts the newest installment in Shaquille O'Neal's All-Star Comedy Jam franchise. Along with Owen O'Neal has handpicked some of stand-up comedy's m...
Men betrayed the Code for Money,just look at Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry selling us out.
Aye yall go out and support the Rza in the movie "The Man with the Iron Fists" y'all showed out for Steve Harvey's movie and Tyler Perry's movies. I know he dont put money in our pockets, but lets do this one for the Rza. Its not really so much a black thing , but he's given us so much good classic music.His production provided the sounds that got some of us thru hard times.
I hate when People say you are the next Tyler Perry..Rickey Smiley..Steve Harvey..Or Ced the Entertainer...I AM QUINTON EUGENE SAMUELS aka MIZTA Q and that's who I am and always will be until the day I D.I.E.
Steve Harvey has a daytime talk show and Tyler Perry is the black Jason Bourne. Didn't see that coming.
Who cares about a GED, PHD, Masters Degree. But... do you have a G.O.D? :) Thats what matters. Steve Harvey lived in his car for 3 years before he made it big, Tyler Perry slept homeless Downtown Atlanta before he made it big! So no matter what your issue is in life always remember the blessing ALWAYS comes after the storm!
Just watched two episodes of Rickey Smiley, and just like people didn't buy Tyler Perry without the dress Mr.Smiley needs to stick to radio...The transition is not as easy as people think .but be your own judge ...I didn't laugh once and Tyler Perry needs to get at Steve Harvey about hair pieces .head looked like a nappy cactus .too funny.Mr. Odam, Sr.
Just realized I was confusing Tyler Perry with Steve Harvey. That's probably insulting to one of them.
•I dunno why y'all hate Tyler Perry so bad lol• He the Steve Harvey of movies.. Preying on the weak.
Tyler Perry n Steve Harvey r butt bubbies lol
Tried to talk to talk to Tyler Perry this morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show but .I could not get through
Started the day with "Early Morning Prayer", w/Bishop Eddie L. Long, Pastor Stephen Davis & Pastor Pearman. Now listening to Tyler Perry on the Steve Harvey Morning Show while waiting on my crew. We should dispatch to the field at 10:00 a.m. canvassing for "President Barack Obama"! "On the Road in 2012!"
if you aint gonna come correct dont come at all, been sayign that for years now, and im not playing, i might push alot of people away with that, n sometimes im sad for it but in the end i know i dont need to deal with the bullcrap. nobody does. some of these men would do better just lookin up a female on craigs list or whatever, if i could get away with it id really hold a men camp n teach these boys how to be men by the bus loads! can we say partnership Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey TV!
I think Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry are doing the most. Lol
This new sitcom with Bill Bellamy is a mix of "Lean on me" and The Steve Harvey Show".and the co stars are Tyler Perry rejects.
Apparently, I'm being told to surrender my Black card because I refuse to keep up with the current ratchetness passing itself off as Black culture. I'm sorry but Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey are not the defenders of the faith and Nicki Manaj is not the High Priestess nor is anything that appears on the BET awards or Rihanna's finger the word of the day. Wake me up when we stop buying loose squares and bootleg DVD's and decide to be a proud people again.
My coworker is going to send me "something funny." $5 says that either Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry or Loretta Devine is involved.
think like a man i lav watchin this movie, nyte ya all. thnx Steve Harvey n Tyler Perry
“Idk who the *** green lighted the Steel Magnolias remake but it should have been stopped” Tyler Perry n Steve Harvey
Something to think about if you about to give up on your dreams… Tyler Perry after saving up $12,000, Perry debuted the show—which he directed, produced, and starred in—at an Atlanta theater in 1992. The musical's run lasted only one weekend and drew a measly 30 people to see the show. Disappointed yet determined, Perry continued to work odd jobs while reworking the show. He staged the show in several other cities, but success still eluded him. Broke, Perry was living out of his car for a time. "Can you imagine a six-foot-five man sleeping in a Geo Metro?" he once told Essence magazine. In 1998, Perry tried one more time to win over theater audiences. He rented out the House of Blues in Atlanta for another production of I Know I've Been Changed. Soon Perry was performing to sell out crowds and the musical was moved to a larger theater. After so many years of hard work, he finally earned critical acclaim as well as commercial success. 1992 to 1998, 6 years it took keep dreaming. Steve Harvey after f ...
So are you saying "Think Like A Man" is a lie and Steve Harvey is really Tyler Perry in a mustache?
Is it true that Tyler Perry has cancelled the rest of his tour "Mada get's a job"...I sure hope not..Keep hearing this on Steve Harvey radio...
I told people 15 years ago that Juanita Bynum was a joke! It is crazy that people, especially sisters, cannot discern that Bynum, Eddie Long Stroke, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, TD Jakes, and Oprah Winfrey all are agents of the devil. LOL. Look at your family structure, then look at what you allow to go in your eyes, ears, your mind. Man, ya'll take advice from these *** Mmm Mmm Mmm.
The way tyler feels about Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry is how I feel about Dr. Phil... I hate that dude.
Please explain to me how i'm supposed to read a book by a man about how I'm supposed to be a woman. Tyler Perry & Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry are the biggest hatred ever
This chick cleared $120k last year working for Amazon *** She need to be in a Steve Harvey or Tyler Perry movie.
There are a lot of intelligent, professional, well-spoken, successful, and non-stereotypical blacks out there. Let's start talking about them more and get them more screen time instead of these wannabe thug Hip Hoppers, these knucklehead athletes, and these corrupt, and obtuse bible thumpers posing as relationship gurus and manginas (Hiya Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry!)
friends:.if the following celebrities..thou they once felt they have everythng together realized the need of God in their lives and they became born again..what about you my friend? what are u waitin fr? talk about Marion Jones "worlds faster woman sprinter", Kirk Cameron,Adam Clayton, Alice Cooper, Charlie Daniels, George Foreman, Steve Harvey, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Michael Irvin, Colt Mccoy, Gavin McLeod, Chuck Norris, Tyler Perry, Roy Rogers, Emmitt Smith, Dee Snyder and many others..if they can do it why cant u also acknowledge the need of being born again? they hav all th money..but still there was a void to be filled only by God..money, fame etc is nt evrything alone..everything is God!!!
; Meet Barack Obama, Oprah, Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey & some others that inspire me.
Ah but girls its fine go and find yourself a 'Steve Harvey man' or a 'Tyler Perry man' and set off in the sun set and have beautiful kids...
I should get like Tyler Perry & Steve Harvey. Instead of wondering y ppl so stupid, jus make $$ off their stupidness!!
I would much prefer if Steve Harvey didn't exist ever. He and Tyler Perry can burn in *** together.
I'm new school but I'm loving new edition, Johnnvy Gill, Morris Chestnut sexy old self, and Tyler Perry here With his for better or worse crew and many more! Only at the 2012 Hoodie Awards hosted by Steve Harvey
I hate people like Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry .. who straight crushes the image of black men for the benefit of they're own self.
Tyler Perry should reboot Running Man and have Steve Harvey play the game show host.
.hey I'm late to the party, but I think, yeah I think.I'm gonna do this so I can, you know, be on BET and parley my way into a Steve Harvey or Tyler Perry film. Any of my videographer friends wanna help me?
Ohh lord watchin Steve Harvey dont trip and Tyler perry for better or worse STEVE HARVEY DONT TRIP LMAO
I think you Nephew Tommy, Kevin Hart, Symptom?, Tyler Perry, and Steve Harvey would make an awsome big brother cast
Y'all know I be telling the truth. I'm just trying to help my younger dudes be better equipped to deal with these bipolar *** females that walking around. That Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry fantasy crap setting em up for failure. You can't handle a non-traditional person with traditional tactics.
I don't understand people.but maybe I care to much and thats why I'm in the situation I'm in right now! However, I refuse to let the way people treat me change me! I truly believe that my set back is only a set up by God for greatness in my future.Juanita Bynum, Steve Harvey, and Tyler Perry have all been here and look how God has Blessed them...I will continue to wait in Him...to trust, pray and praise Him in advance for Victory!!
Steve Harvey left personalized lip prints on Tyler Perry's *** this morning on his show.
Laughing my butt off at Steve Harvey morning show- Tyler Perry & Madea is on.
Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey r stupid together.
GM FB Fam! Ok, on my way into work this morning I was listening to Steve Harvey and his guest was Tyler Perry. In the past I've taken issue with Tyler because he was promoting his plays & films as "Christian Entertainment". My problem with this is strictly biblical. It's a "Christian" play yet everything that he is doing in the play is against the commandments of God. He's cross-dressing which God is against (ref. Deut. 22:5), he's using vulgar language (ref. Eph. 4:29), smoking cigarettes (ref. I Cor. 6:19) and so forth. Although I'm against him calling his plays & movies "Christian", I cannot deny that the brotha is talented. And he is just that, "my brotha!" As an Asiatic Blackman (not African-American because the Blackman is the Original People of the Earth which was known as Asia) I am obligated to support him. It is ashamed the *** that our Black actors, actresses and film-makers go through just to put on a play/movie. Hollywood(which is Jewishly owned & ran) will not financially back a "Black Film ...
OMG they're absolutely crazii on the Steve Harvey morning show today w/ Tyler Perry & i was dyin on the floor laughin
Listening to Tyler Perry on Steve Harvey Morning Show, they are crazy. Go out and see the new Madea movie today and support him. Make sure your ticket stub has Witness Protection on it so he will get credit for it. Thats what they go by when they count how many people see it at the box office. Support this talented black man and all that he does.
LOL!!! I am dying listening to Tyler Perry on Steve Harvey morning show. Madea is clowning as usual. Madea's Witness Protection comes out today. Can't wait to see it...
I Love Tyler Perry... Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry together killing me.
Tyler Perry , Kevin Hart , Mike Epps , Steve Harvey , Martin Lawrence & Cedric the Entertainer all should do a movie togather !!
"Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey got these *** brainwashed. "
SUPER EXCITED that I will get the awesome opportunity to perform as a back ground singer with Danny Clay of Tyler Perry's "Big Happy Family Reunion" and travels with Steve Harvey as well at the Diamonds and Denim Affair next month .. all I can say is I'm truly grateful!! From my understanding, if you close your eyes.. you will think that he is Luther Vandross!!
Tyler the Creator hates Tyler Perry, and B.O.B, and Bruno Mars, and Steve Harvey.
Nah though , I'm not gonna start hating Steve Harvey, Bruno, Bob, Tyler Perry, & the song "Airplanes", just cause Tyler does. ***
Steve Harvey hates atheists, and Tyler Perry is a cross dresser or something like that!
Act lyk a nansika, think lyk a lontuza: Steve Harvey n Tyler Perry is my niggaz
it was Steve Harvey but Tyler Perry is cool too
We all have a story to tell on the mountain top to help someone. After we overcome the obstacles, problems and issues in our life. Each day we are writing a page in our book. Don't give up before the end. cause you never know what your end may be. You may be a president of the USA, or a famous actor like Brad Pitt, or a famous comedian like Steve Harvey, Bill Gates, or a Tyler Perry or a chef or a youth positive speaker or maybe you will be known all over the world for teaching how to restore and healed broken marriages, you never know, so don't give before God gives you the end to your story in Jesus name!
This "The Soul Man" with Cedric looks interesting.I need to see more to determine if it's Tyler Perry-like or 90s Martin/Steve Harvey like.
S/O to Steve Harvey for "Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man"-1st "black movie" Ive watched at the cinema...no offense Tyler Perry!
Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey are agents of Satan.
If I ever Steve Harvey or Tyler Perry its beef on sight, that *** movie lmao.
Can somebody please write a movie script titled "Church Ladies" starring Tyler Perry as Medea, Steve Harvey as Sister O'dell, and Ricky Smiley as Bernice Jenkins? I laugh everytime I think about it!
Deuce, B.Moore, & Rishad Evidence Moody Talk about Tyler Perry movies, Steve Harvey, his new movie "Think Like a Man", the "90 D...
Tyler Perry. Drake. Steve Harvey. Diggy Simmons. These guys will be coming out the closet next. Mark my word.
I wish I can hang out with Monique, Tyler Perry, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, and Steve Harvey just for one day! That will be a dream come true!
According to multiple reports, a fire broke out at film and TV mogul Tyler Perry's studio in Atlanta earlier tonight.
So Steve Harvey just gonna rub "Think Like a Man" in on Tyler Perry. Who set that fire?
Steve Harvey, Ced the Entertainer, and Lavita set Tyler Perry's studio on fire and yall' cant tell me otherwise. ✌
I wonder if Steve Harvey's people set the fire to Tyler Perry's studios.
Steve Harvey. Tyler Perry and Worldstarhiphop are on mine.
I saw Steve Harvey's movie. I just wanna say IM SORRY.SORRY FOR NOT GETTING THE BOOTLEG!! If Steve would have put on a dress and wig it woulda been one of Tyler's Perry's movies. It was a 6 out of a 10.
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Just because I'm Black.. Does NOT mean I support EVERYTHING done by my people.. Like Tyler Perry plays/movies, Black "hood" books, Steve Harvey, a LOT of our music etc.. I like what I like because I LIKE it.. NOT just because someone Black did it..
just seen think like a man Kevin Hart was fooln that *** funny Steve Harvey put a wig n a dress on..next Tyler Perry Jr lol
Ladies! And I love my ladies! But please, for the love of God, please stop trying to strike up a conversation with me using a Tyler Perry movie or "Love Like A Woman, Fight Like A Man" or whatever that Steve Harvey movie is called. I'm a certified macho man and I don't do movies that spend half the movie pigeon holing me and my entire gender. They were written by men, blah! blah! blah! Tyler Perry is questionable and Steve Perry? I hear a whip going off somewhere. LOL!!!
your sarcasm is funny because I don't dislike Steve Harvey or Tyler Perry because its cool, they just suck
Congrats to Mr. Steve Harvey and Mr. Tyler Perry, keep up the great work and keep going what your doing I'm a big fan!
Oh my goodness, "Think Like A Man" was too too funny, it is a must see movie! I am so proud of my brothers (from a different mother)Steve Harvey & Tyler Perry are doing their thing and going it well!!
Wow I knew it was gonna happen! Think Like A Man made 33 million dollars this past weekend finishing at On top of that he actually beat all of Tyler Perry's past opening weekend numbers except for Madea Goes To Jail. He should be proud of himself! Steve Harvey is guaped-up now lol
Tyler Perry had better watch his back. Steve Harvey coming in effortlessly. Too funny , way better than that garbage One Big Happy Family !
Why are black movies so lame these days? Crap like Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry. What happened to Spike Lee and Mario van Peebles?
Tyler Perry wrote: Steve Harvey has a movie opening today called, THINK LIKE A MAN. I went to the premiere about a week ago and it's hilarious. Hope you're planning to go see it. It's so important that we all WIN! Get out if you can. That Kevin Hart is hysterical in this film. Keep an eye on him. That kid is going to be huge. Ok. That's all I got today. Talk soon, Tyler
I understand why Steve Harvey made this simp *** movie (the money) but *** from the trailer this movie has kiss the womans *** all over it. I hope it ain't like Tyler Perry *** kissing, though I respect Tyler and Steve for there hustle.
rAnDoM TuEsDaY's! Who going to see "THINK LIKE A MAN?" It don't look good to me, but you know if us black man don't take a black woman to see Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, T.D.Jakes & Terry McMillan film! We will not get Plum or Dinner for 2 months, 3 weeks, 8 days, 22 hrs, 7mins & 33secs! So I have to go :-( cause I need some plum & I hate not hearing ladies scream "You can't take me out, what I'm worth butt! But not a movie?" lol SHUT UP!
Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry have to be the worst things to happen to black women...ever!
OMG Tyler Perry is just awesome the play was just outstanding as well as a true learning experience then the cast broke out with a mini concert at the end Tyler Perry can really blow just can't find the word to describe it. Last week Steve Harvey this week Tyler Perry thank you God I just had the greatest time as Tyler said God my feet are off the ground
Dan Patrick mistakenly thought "Think Like A Man" was a Tyler Perry film, not Steve Harvey. He wasn't as off as he thought he was.
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Tyler Perry came from nothing...Steve Harvey also. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn't finish neither went to college...Cee_J is a mixture!
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