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Tyler Joseph

Tyler Robert Joseph (born December 1, 1988) is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Columbus, Ohio.

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Tyler Joseph born December 1,1988 is an American musician and rapper. He is the lead vocalist for the American musical du…
i noticed you only follow Josh Dun of TØP... why don't you follow tyler joseph tho. come on mate
I liked a video Tyler Joseph and his sassiness (part 5)
A short story from me . Tyler Joseph + Josh Dun. = l... — life savers? do they work at bondi beach?
I memed it out with Tyler Joseph's Frank Iero .
Frank Iero or Tyler Joseph?. ( cause I knew putting Brendon in would be too easy)
I love Ezra Miller, James Paxton, Tyler Young, Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, *** Butterfield, and Ian Alexander with all my heart. Okay? Okay.
Can you believe that Tyler Joseph is ranked number 1 in song writing. He even outbeat justin bieber who's world famous a…
Some people say Tyler Joseph is talentless. I say he is very talented. I show them this video and say, prove me wrong. h…
can you just meet Melanie Martinez, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph and take the cutest selfie ever bc that would complete my life
this guy looks like an upset Tyler Joseph
Know this: you can start over, each morning. - Tyler Joseph
Right now Jaxon is hanging out with Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots !!!
Tyler Joseph, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Many athletes too many to name and Jim Carey.
It's my two favorite artists, Tyler Joseph and Josh Tillman
Idk what causes more stress school or Tyler Joseph climbing in dangerous places.
sometimes i remember Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph are real people and i get extremely emotional
Gn I love Troye ,Connor,Shawn,Josh Dunn,Tyler Joseph and Tyler Oakley and sabrina carpenter so much
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn man the are beautiful
you know when you're listening to the self titled or RAB and it hits you that Tyler Joseph was such a lyrical genius fr…
Video: Twenty One Pilots Performs 'Suicide Squad' Soundtrack on 'SNL': . Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph treat the '...
Tyler Joseph can smell your intestines, Adam.
Tyler Joseph singing about Christian school rules at a Christian school. (This is to funny why haven't I seen it befor…
how am I "highly ill" if I love Corey Haim, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph? I don't get it 🙄.
I really love Corey Haim, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph. it warms my heart that they're all such lovely people. I'm proud I love them.
Hi my name is Corey and Jenna Joseph ruined me along with her husband Tyler Joseph and his boyfriend Joshua Dun.
Can you believe Tyler Joseph told Alex Aiono he makes great covers
There is one guy in my music and math classes that had the first and middle names of Tyler Joseph and he looks exactly like Tony Perry.
I listened to tøp the whole way home and I need to hear Tyler Joseph live, 140. days ahhh
*Tyler Joseph sees Stressed Out rising on the charts, Curb Your Enthusiasm music starts to play*
All I said was that a lot of their music is depressing (but decent), and that Tyler Joseph doesn't seem like the happiest of people.
1. Can't Help Falling in Love cover by Tyler Joseph. -my favorite cover ever. -this makes me so emotional
Tyler Joseph telling me to grab his foot was the best moment of my life I'm never gonna be over this help me thanks http…
Tyler Joseph singing all of cancer is gonna kill me
can you believe I'm lucky enough to exist at the same time as tyler joseph, he is the cutest man alive.
Is she stans Tyler Joseph she wants him to punch her in the face.
can u believe Tyler Joseph invented song lyrics
When your realize this is about Tyler Joseph,and it's not about curing cancer.And ur not goth.
Tyler Joseph beating me to death with his ukulele
me when I thought this was for Tyler Joseph vs me when I realized that it's not
Tyler Joseph singing cancer is more important now than ever
I liked a video Tyler Joseph singing Cancer by My Chemical Romance
Tyler Joseph screaming the lyrics to Trapdoor in your ear
Can someone give an award to Tyler Joseph for being the king of leaking songs.
Tyler Joseph: *posts cover of cancer*. also, Tyler Joseph: *makes a parody of his own song about how his mom fell on a hoverb…
Tyler Joseph running me over is the equivalent to Regina George punching you in the face, IT WAS AWESOME
this Simpsons couch gag makes me think of Tyler Joseph
Luis Hernandez | Junior | Popular | Secret: Both of his parents are dead | FC: Tyler Joseph
"I believe in GOD Amen, I believe in God now I've seen Tyler Joseph, I've seen God"
Dan and phil, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, Brendon Urie, troye sivan etc 👀
When you let Tyler Joseph borrow your phone
Tyler Joseph's voice never fails to amaze me
I want Jason Robert brown to write a musical about my life and I want Tyler Joseph to sing it all
Tyler Joseph. - smol bean. - Josh Dun's bff. - his wife and him are relationship goals. - writes some tunes
Hello you should listen to Tyler Joseph's Taco Bell saga it's halarious
tbh I feel like you would really relate to the Taco Bell Saga by Tyler Joseph just saying
All my cousins and i are harmonizing to a song Tyler Joseph wrote about Taco Bell
Tyler Joseph on Twenty One Pilots Fan Fiction via 991 Fresh Radio
TAYLOR JOSEPH WHAT 😂😂😂 wait no it is Taylor swift who is trying to be Tyler Joseph
I can't believe Tyler Joseph invented suits
You know Tyler Joseph is the real og when he writes a song about Taco Bell 😂
Tyler Joseph may not have a car radio but every car radio has a piece of him
. -car radio by TØP. -P.e. -Tyler Joseph . -bunny rabbits (they're cute). -the moon (this is so random but the moon is pretty cool)
The pens won last night because Tyler Joseph wore a penguins hat on stage
I don't know if you guys understand how much I love live music and how much I love Tyler Joseph
Firstly I wanted Jeremy McKinnon to roll over my head in a hamster ball. Now I want Tyler Joseph to do the same.
Everyone's freaking out about Tyler Joseph crowd surfing in a giant hamster ball but like Jeremy McKinnon has been doing that
I think I just died and went to heaven. Tyler Joseph. . In front of me.
I started to love piano again because Tyler Joseph & Amy Lee. (Tøp) (Evanescence)
Just a tip for you;. Do not look at pictures of Tyler Joseph while walking. Your legs will fail you
Brendon Urie, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, Patrick Stump, Colleen and Josh Evans. I like the name Josh apparently.
I can't believe Tyler Joseph invented literally everything
Saint Joseph's Chris O'Brien wins the boys' 1600-meter run in a time of 4:40.72, edging out Monticello's Tyler Bird at 4:41.60.
Tyler Joseph was 17 when he wrote trees
i don't know how Tyler Joseph's vocal cords still work. but I'm sure glad they do. 💞
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be? — TYLER JOSEPH OR Josh Dun PLS
Proof that Tyler Joseph lip syncs at live shows... C'mon he doesn't even know the lyrics. what a bad artist smh https:…
16 years on this god *** earth living in the same city as Tyler Joseph and I have not ONCE ran in to him what the ***
ok actually tho i'm logging out just remember Tyler Joseph is RACIST and HATES LGTB+ PEOPLE 😤😡👊
The more I listen to Tyler Joseph's can't help falling in love cover, the more I'm falling in love with him.
I swear im actually doing work and not scrolling through the Tyler Joseph tumblr tag
I find Tyler Joseph's speaking voice to be amazing
wait. loves TOP too?? I'm screaming this day is getting better!! please follow I will love you!! I was Tyler Joseph for Halloween!
Tyler Joseph. Singer / songwriter who is so caring and encourages his fans to stay alive in every possible way.
today I feel like staying alive because I touched Tyler Joseph's knuckles and made sure people didn't push him too hard
is this the coles brand Rupert Grint and Tyler Joseph??
Good night everyone. I love Nathan Sykes and Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun too.
Tyler Joseph, is an American musician, singer, rapper, and songwriter. He is best known as the lead vocalist for th
My Idols are :. Foy Vance. Mathew Bellamy. Dave Grohl. Ed Sheeran. Gerry Rafferty . Tyler Joseph . If you don't know...
Kellin Quinn or Josh Franceschi, Tyler Joseph would be cool too
Happy Jones recognized Brendan Urie's birthday today, sad he didn't recognize Tyler Joseph's birthday in December.
domain names
I was in the car with my family and said that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn are beautiful smol angel beans. My dad thought I said anal beads XD
If you look like Tyler Joseph or Josh Dunn do a girl a favor and move to Adairsville please 😊😊
Here's my embarrassing story of meeting Tyler Joseph for all of you to enjoy. 😂
happy birthday to the Josh Dun to my Tyler Joseph! I love you so so much ❤️💕
Tyler Joseph wrote Blasphemy at age 17 meanwhile I still can't find the butter in my fridge
If I could be half as good at writing as Vic Fuentes, Jason Butler or Tyler Joseph that'd be pretty cool.
Twenty One Pilots is a surprise success story. So why are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun so stressed out?
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun deserve the world
I really love Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph goodnight
Me : Tyler Joseph. people : so u hate Josh?. Me : Josh Dun. people : so ur abandoning tylers lane to steal our Josh how dare …
*finally sits down to talk to Tyler Joseph about what his tattoos mean*. "I mean really its a funny story-"
In loving memory of Tyler Joseph, there's nothing wrong with him I just love remembering him.
"How do I put Frank Sinatra on my phone?". I think it's actually pronounced Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun mother X
I can't find anything in my camera roll it's all underneath pictures of Gerard way Frank Iero and Tyler Joseph
Bruh I just laughed so hard when Shane Dawson called Tyler Joseph "Mr. Black Neck" then said "I'm sorry if I offended you Mr. Black Neck."   10% Off
who even is this Tyler Joseph guy..??
The dog jumps on Dawn in the kitchen while making supper. Dawn:Tyler Joseph get down!
Tyler Joseph just threw this piece of bread at me
Who would you sing a duet with? — I'd have a rap battle with Tyler Joseph
i was sad but then remembered Hayley Williams, Taylor York, Joshua Dun, Tyler Joseph, and Brendon Urie existed and beca…
Basically looking for a guy that's a combination of Alexander Hamilton, Danny Zuko and Tyler Joseph. hmu.
my taste in music is Tyler Joseph's face.
Tyler Joseph's cover of Cancer by mcr
I wanna make a comic about Sabrien's *** cheeks. Their names are going to be Joseph and Tyler
Tyler Joseph screaming the words in goner I
Tyler Joseph sing can't help falling in love at my wedding pls
Rob Donohue takes second. Tyler Joseph and Daniel Choe fifth and Jay Martins, Andrew Hollander and TJ DINota sixth
I would sacrifice my first born to Satan if I could make out with Tyler Joseph
if you didn't get the chance to hear Tyler Joseph's cover of cancer on Instagram I made I video for you, enjoy. https:…
Tyler Joseph's voice is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard featured in NBC s Science of Love
I want Tyler Joseph to sing me to sleep
List of some of the beautiful people only 4 hours away from me RN. -Jenna Joseph. -Tyler Joseph. -Josh Dun. -Mark McMorris. -Stale Sandbech
in loving memory of Tyler Joseph. . he aint dead. just wanted to show him off.
God bless Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn for helping me through today
this is a sound wave of Tyler Joseph saying 'stay alive.'
Fun fact. I go to school with a junior named Tyler Joseph and a senior named Josh Dunn. (I almost dated josh in 7th grade)
Can't decide whether J.J. Redick looks more like Adam Levine or Tyler Joseph... Either way if he doesn't get a diamond moments I'll be salt.
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn are such babes
Tbh, I need someone who will love me the way Tyler Joseph loves Josh Dunn.
kendricks, Tyler the creator, Tyler Joseph, travis, green day, and kid cudi have the most soothing voices I swear.
I think Ronnie Radke raps faster than Tyler Joseph. 🔥
I am going to bed sorry if I don't dm you back xoxo I love Max Joseph and Nev Schulman and Matthew Gray Gubler and Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
I'm single because Tyler Joseph is married :/
I didn't know Caleb Shomo and Tyler Joseph were friends that makes my heart So Happy
Happy December, let's celebrate with some Tyler Joseph.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm sorry mom I can't go to school today, it's Tyler Joseph's birthday. it's a national holiday
Things I've learned today: Caleb Shomo and Tyler Joseph have the same birthday
Man those circular white glasses look like Willy Wonka and Tyler Joseph. Dammit, Mr. Freeze!
Tomorrow is Tyler Joseph's bday ,, mark your calendars !
There's 5 people I care about in this world:. Misha Collins. Josh Dun. Tyler Joseph. Jensen Ackles. Jared Padalecki
I was in literal tears when looking at their wedding pictures 😭 I need me a Tyler Joseph or a Josh Dun. Or both.
I love Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun so much I'm so :-)
Does anyone actually know how Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun met
\\ Really thinking about changing to Frank Iero, Gerard Way, or Tyler Joseph
is it bullets Frank or Tyler Joseph who knows
Brendon Urie and Tyler Joseph on vocals, Mark Hoppus on bass, Rian Dawson on drums, and Billie Joe Armstrong on guitar
Parker and I went as the one and only Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun for Halloween. …
I liked a video Tyler Joseph and Nick Thomas National Anthem senior night
I've sketched Michael Jackson, Harry Styles, and Tyler Joseph already. Thinking of adding to the mix. Any picture suggestions?
Tyler Joseph is a beautiful man who is absolutely perfect. 😍 one day I'll marry him and he'll sing…
petition for Ed Sheeran and Tyler Joseph to cover F.U.N. song
not mine, unless you're either; Shay Mitchell, Tyler Joseph or Drake 😂✋🏽
If Hayley Williams, Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, and Tyler Joseph could just sing to me 24/7 I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be sad anymore.
"Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun?". Everyone: "why would u make me chose this isn't fair-". Me: JOSHUA WILLIAM DUN BORN JUNE 18TH 1988 IN COLUMBUS OH
✨ goodnight ✨ . i love Tyler Joseph and Joshua William Dun
Tyler Joseph and Jay Baruchel look like they could be brothers.
Seriously though. Tyler Joseph is like 100% my "type", looks-wise. Very similar to one of my other loves, Jay Baruchel
I liked a video from street poetry by Tyler Joseph lyric video
I created a sim named Hayley William and Tyler Joseph but they got married and now I regret bcs I should have named her Jenna
John Feldmann simultaneously shutting down Tyler Joseph and that 5sos kid bc ROCK MUSIC MOFO is my new aesthetic
Exclusive pics of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun practicing for a new song rumored to be called "A FOR APPLE"
A collaboration with Icon for Hire and Tyler Joseph called "I Think I'm Sick as Frick"
Tyler Joseph's teeth are my favorite things tbh
In case you didn't know; Lynz, frnk , Jimmy urine, kitty and Tyler Joseph are my children too
Remember when Victoria and I walked to harbor and talked about how much a genius Tyler Joseph is and we also froze our faces off
if Tyler Joseph punched me in the face I would say thank you
. attendees at media day are Karl Joseph, Nick Kwiatkoski, Tyler Orlosky & Wendell Smallwood. ht…
Tyler Joseph currently but it changes all the time
tyler joseph is married KDKSKCKDKKC
Happy birthday thanks for hanging out with me In Cali! hope you have a great day❤️ think...that's them.that's Tyler Joseph...
Hey we hear is keen to see Sydney from up here (- get in touch t…
"used suckers can be used as trash picker-uppers" -the wise Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph: *looks at his bees*. Tyler Joseph: wake up u need to make honey
Tyler Joseph scares me but in a good way
I was so nervous I was shaking and I couldn't keep a straight face. Her Josh Dun is better than my tyler Joseph
"I look like Tyler Joseph in this cape" - me "73 airplanes" - gina
I love Dallas Winston, Jensen Ackles, Tyler Joseph and Johnny Depp so much goodnight goodbyE
I want tyler joseph to scream directly into my ear for 10 minutes
If I were to use the word "idol": Hayley Williams, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tyler Joseph, Josh Dun, all of CTE
I want to have dinner with Bo Burnham, Tyler Joseph and Stephen Fry and talk about depressing stuff and existentialism please
Tyler Joseph and Aaron Lewis get me through this night. I'm counting on you.
Hobbies include trying to mimic the voices of Tyler Joseph, Brian Dales, Sam Miller, and Landen Boyer while singing
Tyler Joseph's just a lyrical genius and Josh is probably one of the best drummers right now
Diaporama : Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots performs on stage during the Sasquatch! Music Festival at The...
Pete wentz Ryan Ross Patrick Stump Tyler Joseph Josh Dun and Frank Ieros smiles are all I need in life
Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are friendship goals
No Phun Intended is the title of Tyler Joseph's solo EP that he released in high school.
Tyler Joseph should collab with Hoodie Allen and have Travis Garland sing the hook.
did you know that Twenty One Pilots consists of two members: Tyler Joseph and Fresh Cream
Josh Dun is like a giant cute bull dog while Tyler Joseph is a Jack Russell terrier.
"who is the lead guitarist for fall out boy" Ryan Ross, Tyler Joseph, and Jack Barakat were all options I love this quiz
Tyler Joseph screaming in Polarize is my favorite part of the song.
I've met 3/4 of my heroes/idols already. Austin Carlile, Josh Dun, and Tyler Joseph. All I need now is Ashton Irwin 😎
Idk man, all I really want in life is to sit down and have a cup of tea with Tyler Joseph while we talk about ukuleles
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Tyler Joseph is the modern day Brian Wilson. Just saying.
Tyler Joseph, you deserve the world for actually making something out of music and making it meaningful
It could be the old band mamber's last initials Chris Salih, Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas
Love it. Tyler Joseph has some like it and they pretty sick
Overheard: the signs as quotes from tyler joseph - aries: it's shrimp in a bag! 0: taurus: dude, get back...
"I promise you're going to get through it" - Tyler Joseph
Oh you know just me HOLDING TYLER JOSEPH
I was just standing behind Tyler Joseph in a taco line my knees are shaking
I think Tyler Joseph is part kangaroo.
How did tyler joseph even land on his feet doing that jump i am confused
I hope someone screamed "jenna joseph" really loud after tyler sang tear in my heart.
I want Tyler Joseph to step on my face
My friend described Tyler Joseph as a 'slightly less annoying Adam Levine' and I just... No.
Spencer Smith, Jon Walker, Pete Wentz, Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, Nate Ruess, and all my other faves...I hope they are all having a great day
I REALLY wanna fake Tyler Joseph but I love Michael too much.
.also I think I kind of sound like a nerdy version of Tyler Joseph meets a smidge o' Dan Smith. With more low end, which is interesting
I swear Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots and Dom Howard from Muse all get their clothes from the same place.
Tyler Joseph should of been a philosopher. . So deep man, so deep.
goodnight I love sam pottorff and tyler joseph
also I would just like to point out that Tyler Joseph looked me dead in the face at one point tonight and I died on the inside
I'm actually laughing so hard rn I just cleared a bit of stuff to have storage on my phone and what's did I just do, save a picture of Tyler
Tyler Joseph is the bomb diggity when it comes to his lyrics
idk how I feel about the leash I can't rave to tyler Joseph when I'm confined like that
Tyler Joseph did a drum solo on my head
officially in love with Tyler Joseph😍😍
I can't believe tyler joseph js getting married and adopting 50 stray ducks
Gosh i love working with Bonnie, Joseph, And My boss Tyler!
do you even understand how important tyler joseph is??? Do u even uNDERSTAND? ???
Tyler Joseph spits bars like no other
Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph make my heart hurt
“ilysm Tyler Joseph 💘 would you and please come back thanks |-/
When Tyler Joseph screams were broken people & you look around the room and notice that Twenty One Pilots has changed so many peoples lives
Mrs Joseph sent my picture to every teacher yo 😒😂😂
Tyler Joseph writes some amazing lyrics
Sorta wanna be tyler Joseph for Halloween but sorta don't wanna be that kinda fan but sorta love him with all my heart.
You're so attractive that not even Tyler Joseph's editing can make you look bad
Is it my imagination or is Tyler Joseph's arms getting bigger?
NEW AT 6: Family continues to live in fear after Mishawaka suspect Joseph Lee killed
i bought the tickets, and i got all excited because TYLER JOSEPH AND Josh Dun HolY WOW but i can't go and i'm still super sad :/
This kids name is Joseph Tyler . Say hi
I'm gonna take a nap good bye I love tyler joseph
I've decided if I have a reason to dress up for Halloween that I'm going to be Tyler Joseph ✌️
are u not tyler joseph? oh man. my bad, i thought u were tyler this WHOLE TIME
it's good, but not quite up to Tyler Joseph standards.
"Hey mr. barber, give me a Tyler Joseph"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
How do I get the barber to give me a haircut like Tyler Joseph
Not a selfie but a pic of tyler joseph cause he's my sunshine
Tyler Joseph reminds me of a praying mantis
The amount of passion Tyler Joseph sings with is absolutely incredible.
I just realised that I'm 90% going to see Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun live I'm hyperventilating
Mitchell Davis' voice when he's casually talking sounds a lot like Tyler Joseph and it makes me happy
Totally insta-stalked Tyler Joseph and it was the most entertaining thing I've done in my whole life. . Highly recommend.
That was an absolute spectacle! John Dun and Tyler Joseph are beyond talented!
4 hour car ride consisting of annoyinf my family with Tyler Joseph's voice & Josh Dun pounding beats
Public Announcent:. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are goofy goober's who eat at Weeny Hut jr. and Taco Bell
Gerard Way and Tyler Joseph are my favorite people
I dunno man I just really love Tyler Joseph
Taco Bell and bc Tyler Joseph asked you to stay alive
The future is in good hands. Also Joseph Mercury is a creeper.
Whoever likes Twenty One Pilots should definitely give 'no phun intended' by Tyler Joseph a listen, it's a few solo songs he did be TOP
Order Miche Bag Online!
Tyler, Austin, jarred, Joseph basically all CAA boys ;)
"I was in college and someone stole my radio from my car" -Tyler Joseph
Oído al pasar: person: hey do you like that rapper tyler me: yeah tyler joseph is amazing person: no i...
Can i hug Tyler Joseph and never let go thx
It's hard to tell but I am one hundred percent sure I love Tyler Joseph.
I frickin love Tyler Joseph so much
I know I've said this before but I just appreciate the honesty of Vessel so much I appreciate Tyler Joseph for being willing to put that +
Someone should Fake Tyler Joseph and be my best friend ygm
I want to be friends with Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun sO MUCH OK
I GIVEup i cannot draw tyler joseph on pappe
i roughsketched tyler joseph on PAPER never doing that again
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun's friendship is the reason I exist
Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are literally the cutest people ever
Saw a guy on the train that looked exactly like Tyler Joseph, was extremely confused.
True friendship right here. Someone be the Josh Dun to my Tyler Joseph.
I yelled at my dad to stop trying to be tyler joseph yesterday
I don't think it's possible to dislike Tyler Joseph.
I would love to meet Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun soOooOO much but i can only imagine if I did meet them I would totally melt down
Why I love Twenty One Pilots. Bless Tyler Joseph. His words need to be heard by all.
draw Tyler Joseph long boarding on Josh's back through space and time, fighting crime and saving lives
I'll be there a little later cause I just woke up
as bad as mosh pits are, I wouldn't mind being trampled if it meant I got to be breathing the same air as tyler joseph.
Anywhere b i'm just tryna run footy
Jalen just found out one of the kids on his basketball team's brother is Tyler Joseph 😭😭😭
Tyler Joseph's brother Zack added me back on snapchat nbd tho
Let's talk about how Tyler Joseph's brother just added me back on snapchat.
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Tony Perry, Tyler Joseph, Jason Aalon, Alan Ashby, an...
Tyler Joseph sounds so hot like jesus just take me
Tyler Joseph's cover of that song makes me melt
It was great spending time in Boston for the last few days, thank you Jon Shilalis for the great times in Maine and your hospitality. Christian Scarpelli and Brian Connolly, it is always good to chill on Madison Ave in Newton. Nathan Asdourian, seeing you on your turf in Portland is awesome and seeing you in your Bruins glory near the Garden is even cooler. Joe Carson, pumped to see you holding it down on Union street- Steve Memmolo, great times at the Grasshopper- thanks for the fun and free lodging-Josh Fobare Cale Hawkins and Al Cleveland III I'm happy to have caught up with you all and watching you jam with Steve Friday night was certainly a pleasure, sounded great. Mike McLean, Joshua Cormier, Tyler Joseph, Greg Invidious, Theo Delva, Michael Britt, Matthew Gottwald and Alain A-Class Jean-Pierre, what can I say, anytime together with my Tap brethren is time well spent, thanks to Matty b for the hospitality. Donna McLean thanks for the lodging and great breakfast- Ian Richardson, Dave Maghouli, Mi ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I really don't know wht i want. Oh wait, i do know, i want Theo James, Jesse Rutherford, Alex Turner, Tyler Joseph
we need to meet up some day and get Taco Bell and talk about how wonderful Tyler Joseph is
I would be very sad to see Tyler Ennis leave for the draft this year, but boy its hard not to get excited for Kaleb Joseph coming in.
are you talking about Patrick Stump or Tyler Joseph
Houston LHP Tyler Ford threw 4.2 shutout innings in relief, allowing just two hits and no walks with two strikeouts against Rice
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people Hannah Lynn and Tyler Joseph.
Such a good day with the babe today ☺️😘 you make me happy Joseph Tyler 💕😘
Where do I find someone like tyler Joseph in real life
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