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Tyler Johnson

Tyler James Johnson (born June 7, 1981 in Columbia, Missouri) is a left-handed Major League Baseball relief pitcher who is currently a free agent.

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Hey Tyler Neil Johnson thanks for the follow!
Happy Birthday to Trumaine Johnson & Tyler Higbee! All the best in the new year!
Just as the announcers finish talking about Tyler Johnson, Johnny goes and scores. Keep talking about the Triplets, ok guys?
So, Tyler Johnson's goal song is "Go Johnny Go.". That's so wrong. There is only one person that song belongs to.
I'm gonna be so happy when Tyler Johnson isn't a bolt
Tyler Johnson, Isaiah Thomas (Conley is a good defender, now ruled OUT), Westbrook. Westbrook is by no means a MUST…
Here are 3 players that should be owned in all formats tonight!. 1.​ I.Thomas​. 2.​Tyler Johnson. ​3.​D. Russell.
Tyler Johnson is worth every penny the pay him
nah Tyler Johnson got 50 mill! Noah has his nights but he's an offensive liability! A joke!
Tyler Johnson led Miami off the bench tonight vs the Pacers!
So... Willie Reed, Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson. Those guys who stepped up in that game to even the gap?
Saints take down the Cougars. Lutheran 60 - GCA 49. Brandon Perry with 14. Tyler Johnson with 22. Zach White with 8. Matthew Alter with 7.
Tyler Johnson with the sneaky bounce 😎
From earlier: Tyler Johnson slows down so his productivity can speed up. Plus: McGruder latest injured Heat player.
Dragic & Tyler Johnson for Lavine and a filler
Tyler Johnson takes home Outstanding Offensive Freshman of the Year!
All purpose parts banner
Alex Killorn serves Tyler Johnson up a goal on a silver platter with a beautiful feed that leads to a PPG for Tampa…
Tyler Johnson's stick flying into the crowd got the loudest cheer at Wells Fargo Center all day.
Tyler Johnson nets his 6th (4th on the PP) to give Tampa 1-0 lead on their 5th shot. Beautifully timed pass by Alex Killorn.
TBL goal! Tyler Johnson scores his sixth goal of the season on a wide open net. Assist Alex Killorn, Valtteri Filppula. 1-0 Bolts
Josh Richardson hasn't been on the court. Tyler Johnson is exactly what he is. McGruder? Seriously? ANGER PULSATING
Tyler Johnson paid the price for Goran Dragic cheap shot to the back of Westbrook's head
Also of course 1 of the most recent gems of a find, Jonathon Simmons to go with CJ McCollum, Tyler Johnson et al…
Fritz: (offensive tackle) Tyler Johnson only played one year of O-line in high school, but we believe he's earned an opportunity to play
love Tyler Johnson but he has been invisible all season
For a Tyler Johnson signed puck, tell us what Dave's Big Moment of the Game was tonight. Good Luck!
Why no one told me Tyler Johnson was in his bag the other day?
Tyler Johnson vomited upon learning of $50 million offer
How an guard you've never heard of scored $50M
We've certainly heard of him, and we think he's worth every penny! 🔥Keep it up, !
When you find out that Tyler Johnson dad is black
Tyler Johnson has a phantom chance and Carey Price says "hey phantom... I see you there with your sneaky self"
All white point guards dribble the same except for Jason Williams and Tyler Johnson cause they black foreal
Tyler Zeller playing well next to Horford. Celtics should start him over Amir Johnson
Goran stops & answers Tyler "Yes." When the interview ends Goran looks over at me as Johnson and Richardson are laughing…
Tyler Zeller started the second half for Amir Johnson on Thursday.
Tyler Zeller needs to be starting and Amir Johnson needs to have his role reduced once Olynyk is healthy.
When Tyler Johnson signed a $50 million deal, the world lost its mind. Here's the crazy thing: He might be worth it. https:…
not live but on a replay.. Tyler Johnson cold foo I tried telling ppl
Tyler Zeller starts the second half in place of Amir Johnson.
Lineup note: Tyler Zeller starts second half ahead of Amir Johnson on Thursday.
Jaime Benn and Tyler Johnson are making my fantasy team cry
they give tyler Johnson the money wade wanted
2013-2014: Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson both lost to Nathan MacKinnon.
Tyler Johnson was as surprised as everyone else when the Miami Heat gave him a $50,000,000 contract:
I thought the same when I read about Tyler Johnson when he started getting some recognition in TB when he started out.
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I wrote a feature for ESPN The Magazine about understanding NBA money and Tyler Johnson (
This has not been one of Tyler Johnson's more memorable nights of hockey.
How an NBA guard you've never heard of scored $50M
.on the Heat's Tyler Johnson is exceptional. Also, that lede >> .
This article by on Tyler Johnson is really worth your time. This part on his new home is great...
How an NBA guard you've never heard of landed a $50 million contract:
"People were like 'Who is this guy? I have to look his name up on Google.'". How Tyler Johnson got a $50M contract. https…
you keep bringing this up like he's on a bad deal & Tyler Johnson better than Marcus smart
Good luck to Stanley Barnwell, Tyler Johnson, and Daryl Chestnut as New Mexico takes on ULM tomorrow n…
fantasy question. Heard you talking on Friday about liking Paul Stastny and Tyler Johnson, so who do you take if only one?
Heat spread scoring around in preseason win over Spurs: SAN ANTONIO -- Tyler Johnson scored 17 points and Has...
Look who's going to be featured in Magazine: Tyler Johnson of Shooting Stars cheerleading fame. Story in
Foster Sarell, Elijah Molden, Isaiah Pola-Mao, Henry Bainivalu, Tyler Johnson--you know you want to be a part of this.
Tyler Johnson, Johnny Gaudreau, Brendan Gallagher etc. - Konecny over guys like Read, dynamic player who may b special
for sure, just depends on how he meshes. It'll be good though, and can't forget Tyler Johnson. I think Ennis will be good too.
Tyler Johnson stayed the dragon last night at One of my favourite back-to-back sessions ever. Live...
Tyler Johnson said he never felt 100 percent with his wrist last season, but with whole summer to restrengthen, said h…
I agree, they royally screwed up. Kessel aside, the omission of Kevin Shattenkirk, Bobby Ryan & Tyler Johnson is absurd.
.Team USA socks it to Canadian fans: Kessel, Tyler Johnson, Shattenkirk at home while Handful of ave players played. Where was best vs best?
how do you not pick Kessel, Bobby Ryan, Tyler Johnson, Chris Kreider? I would rather have Brian Boyle than Backes
Pierre don't forget to add Galchenyuk to the list of Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson and Kevin Shattenkirk
Wonder if Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson, Kyle Okposo, Kevin Shattenkirk or Justin Faulk could have helped with that
Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel, not on this team
Points per game over the last three seasons:. Kyle Okposo:.88. Phil Kessel: .81. Tyler Johnson: .70. .. Justin Abdelkader: .51
Scorers like Kyle Okposo, Tyler Johnson and Bobby Ryan could have possibly helped.
GANNON WINS!. Zach Phillips fumble is recovered in the end zone for by Tyler Johnson!. Gannon 30, Bloomsburg 27. OT
Wonder if America is rethinking the choice to not take Tyler Johnson, Phil Kessel and Kevin Shattenkirk...
Tyler Johnson. Bobby Ryan. Phil Kessel. Kevin Shattenkirk Justin Faulk.. this list is amazing
IMO they need to get Tyler Johnson more involved. Don't know if they'll burn Philip Howard red shirt, but I'd like to see him
Highland's football coach said that Tyler Johnson is OK. Johnson had his neck checked at a hospital last night.
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Barring injury, Tyler Johnson will average more points than Dwyane Wade in the 2016-17 National Basketball Association season. Fav this.
Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson are at Bucky Dent. Wish I coulda been there!
So now the big three is Tyler Johnson, amare stoudemire and Gerald green ??
Miami Heat could match Tyler Johnson's $50M offer sheet to the Nets. But couldn't pay the first ballot hall of fame Dwya…
REPORT: The Miami Heat have retained Tyler Johnson by matching his four-year, $50 million offer sheet.
Riley on signing Tyler Johnson stressed Johnson being able to grow with Winslow and Josh Richardson. A bona fide Riley you…
Miami didn't want to give Wade 2yrs $50M's but gave Tyler Johnson 4yrs $50M... Ok
Heat will match Nets' four-year, $50 million offer sheet to Tyler Johnson. (via
instead of paying Tyler Johnson 50million; you should be paying 50million
The Miami Heat match the Brooklyn Nets $50M offer sheet for Tyler Johnson, per
Heat now have under contract at guard: Dragic, Richardson, Weber, McGruder, Ellington, making Tyler Johnson match unlikely…
Sources on Brooklyn signs Miami restricted free agent Tyler Johnson to $50M offer sheet.
Heat could have five recent members of their D-League affiliate on roster this season: Hassan, Tyler Johnson, Richardson,…
Sources on Miami RFA guard Tyler Johnson has signed offer sheet w/ the Brooklyn Nets: 4-years, $50M. Heat…
I rather have Crabbe, harkless, Meyers Leonard than Tyler Johnson. Waiting for that domino
Tyler Johnson has averaged 7 points per game in his NBA career and he got 50 MIL. I don't get it.
Lin is starting PG for Nets .. Tyler Johnson is backup
Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe to Brooklyn! In Sean Marks we trust.
give me Tyler Johnson over waiters all day. Tyler's contract is gonna look like good money pretty quickly
Heat guard Tyler Johnson is heading to Brooklyn. 4 year, $50 million deal. (Y!)
Sike he not going there. Tyler Johnson future GOAT?
Tyler Johnson Wants a clean dancer that loves bucks
🔥thanks for everything Tyler Johnson guess u didn't want a ring😔 gl at the nets🔥
Nets put heat on Heat with $50 million offer sheet for Tyler Johnson
July 03, 2016 - WSVN 7 - Miami Heat's Tyler Johnson offered 4yrs $50M by the Nets, Heat must match by 7/7/16
Yes. Hes always been moody but he has performed everywhere minus Dallas. Steal of a deal considering what Tyler Johnson and other
I mean they got Lin and Tyler Johnson they will be better than last year.
When you see that Tyler Johnson is trending... ⚡️
Lin's newly added teammate,Tyler Johnson. Coach Nick went thru his game, illustrating his strengths and weaknesses :
Tyler Johnson from the heat just got 3yr 50 million dollar offer from the Nets. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS AND HE IS GETTING 50…
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Should Heat match Nets' big offer to Tyler Johnson?
Tyler Johnson didn't get drafted nor was he ranked in HS another major contact young ppl! Folks 🏀💯
Tyler Johnson Is a farty cash that loves jugs
This time LAST YEAR, a kid named Tyler Johnson was playing for his life in the Orlando Summer. Now, $50 million contract.…
The 4 year/$50M deal Tyler Johnson signed with the Nets earlier today is their largest free agency signing in franchise…
same money as Tyler Johnson, something doesn't add up
Heat fans need to chill. we came into last season without that crying baby LeBron and hit on 2 rooks, Whiteside and Tyle…
werd but Tyler Johnson was a mad good signing
how do dudes call themselves pro scouts/analysts/etc in their bios &then freely admit they don't know why Tyl…
Dwyane Wade congratulates former teammate Tyler Johnson and offers encouragement to all young ballers.
Recap of Dustin Johnson off the tee this week
Nets might walk away with Jeremy Lin, Allen Crabbe, Tyler Johnson, Justin Hamilton and Trevor Booker this summer.
My in-depth story from this season ICYMI: The Incredible Journey of Tyler Johnson --
Sources: Nets to sign Tyler Johnson to $50M offer sheet
Hunt for Tyler Johnson in Snohomish County: 'People are afraid... finding this guy in their house."
Gotta respect Tyler Johnson, that D League grind is crazy. Whiteside too!
I like the Lin signing. Tyler Johnson might be a steal. Need another PF and they're looking Anthony Bennett
Tyler Johnson looks like a dude who hangs outside the beer store and charges 16yo kids $50 for a 30 rack of Natty https…
Jordan Clarkson and Tyler Johnson got the same contract. LOL
SMH is Mike Conley worth 3x as much as Tyler Johnson?. (yeah)
Tyler Johnson, Galloway, and Myers Leonard are some names I think the Rockets may chance.
Although, I think Tyler Johnson will end being too expensive for the Consolation: Mario Chalmers and Cole Aldrich
Tyler Johnson gonna be a steal for whatever team if he don't go back to the Heat
Tyler Johnson, Henry walker, Napier, Hassan (at the time), Shannon Brown. Man 14-15 season was a mess
Feel like we're gonna lose Tyler Johnson too 😩
yes but instead it'll be Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, Greg Whittington, Willie Reed
Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe are the two guards I want. Westbrook is the target next summer.
Tyler Johnson, Allen Crabbe, Ryan Anderson. All would be perfect fits for the Knicks this summer.
If the Sixers sign Tyler Johnson or Allen Crabbe in free agency I'll be very, very, happy.
Tyler Johnson threw 115 in a complete game for Starters went 16.0 innings with 238 pitches. Wow.
Two great pitching performances from Adam Hill and Tyler Johnson today.
Decent player. Strange they don't want him in Iowa but they are stacked. With wild's luck he'll be the next Tyler Johnson
If Brandon Saad is on Team North America instead of Team USA, what logical reasoning could one have for Tyler Johnson for USA
Kyle Okposo, Tyler Johnson, Kevin Shattenkirk, Justin Faulk, and Phil Kessel somehow didn't make this team. Unreal.
Also, no Tyler Johnson or Phil Kessel on Team USA is absurd...
Justin Abdelkader made team USA over Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel 😂😂😂😂 yeah good job Torts.
Lots of good players left off teams, as expected. No Phil Kessel or Tyler Johnson is head scratching though.
I get people are upset about Team USA's questionable roster (Callahan over Tyler Johnson lol), but I just hope Cory Schneider is the No. 1
I still can't believe Tyler Johnson didn't make it
Brandon Dubinsky?!? Do Torts and Burkie think guys are gonna be brawling? No Kessel. No matter Tyler Johnson.
Wait so Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson didn't make Team USA but Ryan Callahan did? That's a misprint everyone ran with I assume?
So why was Tyler Johnson left off the team USA roster?
Tyler Johnson finishes in 8th place in the High Jump!.
how does he make it ahead of Tyler Johnson?? Absolute joke. Kid played in the swiss league, softest league in the world.
Tyler Johnson is a head scratcher for the USA team...
How did Dubinsky, Callahan make team USA over Tyler Johnson and Kessel...
Good job Gana Lopez on qualifying to the State meet!
Yandle? Kessel? Shatty? Ryan? Tyler Johnson? Okposo? All much better players than half this roster. Pathetic.
Brandon Dubinsky over Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson, yikes
I'm wondering how Tyler Johnson & Kyle Okposo sit this one out, too. It's gonna be ugly.
Dubinsky too, for that matter over Tyler Johnson.
With the final World Cup rosters announced, what is a bigger surprise : no Tyler Johnson or no Phil Kessel for Team USA?
Callahan / abdelkader / dubinksy? Figured maybe 1 or 2 grinders not 3. Rather see Tyler Johnson / kessel
I will take Tyler Johnson and Kessel - two talented, big game players - over a couple of aging grinders any day.
Ryan Callahan named to Team USA for World Cup of Hockey. No Tyler Johnson?
Brandon Dubinsky & Blake Wheeler over Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson? Come on USA Hockey.
yeah and no Fabbri or Tyler Johnson is ridiculous as well
I mean, he's as good as, say, PK Subban or Tyler Johnson by that measure, right?
How Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson don't make that USA team and Ryan Callahan does is beyond me.
Phil Kessel and tyler johnson not being on the team usa roster convinces me that we are trying to lose
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Tyler Johnson: Tyler Johnson scores OT victor in GM 5 of ECF...
This great... good for them. what the *** is team USA is thinking... no Kessel no Tyler Johnson no Shattenkirk?
Do I laugh at the inclusion of Justin Abdelkader and Ryan Callahan over Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson? Or do I cry?
I had a vision of Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel on the same line on the USA World Cup roster. I guess I was dreaming 😳😳
In classic USA style they left off some notable players: Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson, Kevin Shattenkirk and Justin Faulk to name a few
Tyler Johnson is silly to leave off as well.
selects Tyler Johnson, MIA G with pick 157. is on the clock, is on deck.
So no Kessel or Tyler Johnson but Dubinsky & Callahan???
he got 3 less points then Tyler Johnson (one of my favorite players) in 12 less games + he's good at face offs
No Kessel, Shattenkirk, Ryan, or Tyler Johnson. But hey Abdelkader, Dubinsky, Callahan and Jack Johnson made the team. Unreal
Thoughts on Tyler Johnson AND Phil Kessel omissions? Is there a problem at that we don't know about?
Team USA thinks Abdelkader, Callahan, and Dubinsky make their team better than Kessel or Tyler Johnson.
When you put Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan on the USA roster over Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel
Jerry Quick, Tyler Johnson, Mitch Johnson, Jake-from-State-Farm Eames, and Mark Peters loaded and reloaded our...
Jason Garrison banks it off Tyler Johnson and the Lightning beat the Pens in OT
Looks like Tyler Johnson goal, not Garrison. Fleury had no shot on that deflection
I had Tyler Johnson's butt and Ian Cole's ear as my picks. 😉
Holcombe hit on 2-2 pitch by Scott. lead 8-6, 1 out, bot 8th, Cobie Vance batting for Alabama. RHP Tyler Johnson enters.
Adam Bradley, the a puck signed by Tyler Johnson! Congratulations!
Gotta think that's the nail in the coffin for Tampa Bay if Tyler Johnson is hurt
Matt Murray with the save on Tyler Johnson. (Sprite created by 5th grader Kevin S.)
Tyler Johnson overcame shoulder surgery & returned for playoffs. Hear from him as he wraps up his 2015-16 campaign.
I love how Tampa plays Johnny B. Goode everytime Tyler Johnson scores
One of my favorite NHL music cues...Johnny B. Goode when Tyler Johnson scores
"If the Heat don't get at least 12 combined points from Josh McRoberts and Tyler Johnson, it's 'deuces, Miami!'"
Josh Reagan (2-2) gets the win and Tyler Johnson gets his 6th save.
Third foul on Tyler Johnson. No Toronto player with more than one.
Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson -- who shared backcourt in summer league -- now sharing it in Game 7.
Tyler Johnson holding his Johnson in a Jimmy Johns with Jack Johnson while listening to Jack Johnson jacking his Johnson
Heat players knew at shootaround that they were going small. Seemed a little nutty. Tyler Johnson: "It worked, though."
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Tyler Johnson, murdered earlier this season by Greg Pateryn's disrespect for hockey, struck down by Kunitz's insolence, is back.He is Risen.
Tyler Johnson catches the alley-oop off the glass for the slam in pregame
I'm guessing Tyler Johnson for Dragic is a offense defense thing but man the guy is a big time shot maker. Get him in there ‼️
Johnny Gaudreau, Tyler Johnson, and Nikita Kucherov were each written off as prospects because they were too small.
Joe Johnson finds Tyler Johnson with the sweet no-look pass for the layup.
Tyler Johnson looks like any kid I've played basketball against in junior high
Tyler Johnson's time in the 3200 broke Dave James' record from 1977. It was the oldest standing county record. James also went to Plains
Plains' Tyler Johnson wins 3200 at county in 9:40.84, breaking longest standing boys meet mark from 1977 .
Nick Bonino is 2nd in assists with 8 (Burns leads with 9), ahead of Jamie Benn, Tyler Johnson, Roman Josi, Jason Spezza, etc.
Sportsnet aren't great either. Garry Galley apparently doesn't know the rules, and earlier called Tyler Johnson, Ryan.
Tyler Johnson's assist on the 2-1 goal for the puts him past Steven Stamkos for 4th most playoff points in franchise history (36)
With his assist on Hedman's goal, Tyler Johnson passes Steven Stamkos for 4th all-time in playoff points (36) by a Bolt
like MIA doesn't have Winslow, Deng, Whiteside, Richardson,.you can even throw Tyler Johnson at Kyle Lowry
Tyler Johnson says that after today, he feels comfortable stepping when needed in next round
Alonzo singles up the middle, Tyler Johnson gets up in the pen. Schmidt forces a fly out to LF by Reed, however. 3, 2 B6
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Tyler Johnson will be part of the rotation tonight. Not an emergency option anymore Spo says
Tyler Johnson more than just an emergency option tonight.
This will be Tyler Johnson on the road. I'm calling it
Third foul on Josh Richardson. Dragic back, but Tyler Johnson may play tonight after all.
Tennis Tourney Medalists...First in doubles Tyler Johnson and Derek Fesser. First in 2nd singles Josh Miller.
Of course Tyler Johnson 'accidently' hooked Smith. Yeah just keep telling yourself that
Rielly smith is like the Tyler Johnson from last season
Reilly Smith is this season's Tyler Johnson. Tyler Johnson is also this season's Tyler Johnson.
RHP Tyler Johnson will pitch in the ninth for Gardner-Webb as HPU comes to the plate with a 5-2 lead
Brendan Smith is the solution to stopping Tyler Johnson? This ought to be good.
Tyler Johnson's 4 point night has the Lightning up 2-0 in the series over the Red Wings:
Can we move back to the west? I think I'd rather lose to the ducks again than have to play Tyler Johnson & Ben bishop again in the playoffs
Peter Forsberg and Max Talbot had sex and birthed Tyler Johnson out of JS-Giguere's ***
The always make Ben Bishop look amazing and Tyler Johnson look like '90s Jagr. Inexplicable.
People in this photo in a good position: Tyler Johnson. People in this photo in a bad position: anyone in white
Tyler Johnson should change his number to 48 because the dude is basically Daniel Briere
Tyler Johnson / Lightning's Tyler Johnson feels good but status uncertain ...
So many choices, going to go with Tyler Johnson.
Heat need 7-2 finish reach 50 wins, which W/O Tyler Johnson and Chris Bosh post ASG, should have Spo in Coach of year …
Tyler Johnson, Ondrej Palat and Jonathan Marchessault along with Andrej Sustr and Victor Hedman start for Bish in the net
Tyler Johnson's goal was assisted by Ondrej Palat and Jonathan Marchessault.
When you watch Gerald Green, keep telling yourself that Tyler Johnson will be getting those minutes in 2-3 weeks
When the Heat are rolling, and you realize that Bosh and Tyler Johnson could still come back this season.
RHP Tyler Johnson enters for Scott. lead 12-6, 2 outs, bot 8th, USC Upstate runners on the corners.
Pitching change because of course there is. Tyler Johnson coming in to relieve Scott.
PREP BB: Tyler Johnson with a 3B to right, scoring Nathan Lyons and extending Bentonville’s lead to 5-3 over Northside.
Coffey & Hurt both teammates on gold team in the all-star series April 1 and April 2. MN football recruit Tyler Johnson also playing
Fans that are all over this coaching staff... have Whiteside, Richardson & Tyler Johnson improved by accident?
Josh Richardson is the new Tyler Johnson. Actually, is that even possible?
PREP BB: Tyler Johnson gives Bentonville a 2-0 lead over Conway when his single to right drives in Lyons. Still nobody out in 1st.
[VIDEO] Gophers WR signee Tyler Johnson models his game after Braxton Miller...
Paul Kennedy got to wakesurf with Tyler Johnson... My jealousy level has reached a max
Ron Hainsey there to help deny Tyler Johnson's wrap-around chance. still down 1-0, pressing.
Joe Pavelski, Andreas Athanasiou, Tyler Johnson, and Wayne Simmonds had 2 goal games. Brayden Schenn and Patric Hornqvist had hatricks.
Tyler Johnson out here sniping with one eyeball
When your Uber driver says two of his best friends are Devante Adams of the Packers and Tyler Johnson of the Heat
Tyler Johnson says he won't be back before April, but it sounds like there's a real shot then
Tyler Johnson will be on the rest of the trips. Can ball-handle. "Nothing over the head yet." Feels like he's progressi…
Tyler Johnson makes both ends of a 1 and 1. Flathead 62, Helena 55. Season high in points for Braves.
Among the absurdities today: Braves w/more pts at half (37) than in entire last mtg (34) & Tyler Johnson is 6-6 from 3 this wknd.
Tyler Johnson hits a pair of FTs and we're tied again. Flathead 49, Capital 49. 2:12 left.
HALFTIME: BBB - Flathead 27, Capital 27. Tyler Johnson drilled pair of deep 3s in Q2, including one right before half to tie game.
you're actually dumb. Ghost and Johnny hockey are 3rd rd. Tyler Johnson was undrafted!!! You really don't know hockey.
Check out Season 3 Ep. 2 "Killin Fields" as Tyler Johnson puts on a public land ground stalk
And then Jared Cowen became a useless meatsuit. And I was furious he was named captain of the Chiefs and not Tyler Johnson.
Update your maps at Navteq
Loss of Tyler Johnson is painful for Dragic and Wade, who each play far better with TJ and/or Green than each other. htt…
So Tyler Johnson would love to live on Earth.
Spo says there won't be a timetable for Tyler Johnson.
Erik Spoelstra says "there won't be a timetable" with Tyler Johnson's return from injury. If you set a target, he'll rush back too quickly.
Spo stresses, there is no timetable for Tyler Johnson return.
Tyler Johnson rehabbing after shoulder surgery. comeback strong TJ!
They giving away a million dollars to any athlete that can break Chris Johnson 40 record
Lakers: Hall of Famer Magic Johnson joins \"Mike & Mike\" on ESPN radio; open here to listen (ESPN)
The most prolific buzzer-beater maker in the last 10 seasons made another one Monday Highlight/details
If you told me at the beginning of the year that this was Calvin Johnson and beast modes last season I would've never believed you
you forgetting about Tyler Johnson but still
Tyler's video got me wishing 'Perfect' was a song on its own
add versatility with Minneapolis North’s Tyler Johnson, per
kianna Johnson has it . Ask her to send it to you . I guess Tyler was giving her the business
Maaan another great night with the crew Tyler Mcroy and Gerald R Johnson Jr. frfr. We always have the hot...
Before heading back to Tyler, had to get some shots of the sweet entryway at Johnson Coliseum
I think what Joe Johnson did here is illegal in most States and the District of Columbia.
Joe Johnson makes Jusuf Nurkic look absolutely silly on this crossover.
This is still to welcome a STL fan to Johnson City!
is Tyler Johnson ok? Hard tumble in the boards at the end of the 3rd
Bummer. Tyler Johnson just hitting his stride and took a really hard run into the boards. Slow to the bench.
Tyler Johnson in pain, heads to the bench.
thanks for the follows! Moving from STL to Johnson City & happy to have some Cardinals to root for :)
I read Tyler Johnson prob out the rest of the year. 😒
Congratulations to Dillon Johnson on the purchase of his 2013 GMC Sierra! First Truck! Thank you for your...
Video: Tyler Johnson fks Cameron Wilson, See more -->
you could beat the Habs with Tyler Johnson in net
Jaylen Johnson is always so lost on defense
Tyler Johnson was tripped by Bobby Ryan. will go on the game's first power play w/ 12:14 to go in the 1st.
Tyler Johnson will score first tonight. 🏒🚨⚡️
My semi-optimistic view centers around Tyler Johnson. He’s a guy coming back from injury that they’d want to see a lot
STAT CORRECTION : Alex Killorn is officially credited with Tyler Johnson's first period goal
correction - goal goes to Alex Killorn not Tyler Johnson - Johnson/Kucherov with assists - Garrison still at 99 career assists
Tyler Johnson and Alex Killorn had the assists on Stralman's 7th goal of the season.
I added a video to a playlist Tampa Bay Lightning: Alex Killorn and Tyler Johnson
Heat's Tyler Johnson undergoes shoulder surgery: The Heat announced today that guard Ty...
welcome Tyler Johnson to the Class of 2016! 〽️🏈
the Tyler Johnson to have surgery link on your homepage links to the Jeff Hornaceck story by
Heat's Tyler Johnson to have shoulder surgery, out two months - South Florida Sun
Tyler Johnson hurt, yeah let's go trade for Russell please
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