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Tyler Hubbard

Florida Georgia Line is an American country pop music duo composed of Brian Kelley (from Ormond Beach, Florida) and Tyler Hubbard (from Monroe, Georgia).

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My dad met Tyler Hubbard tonight. My life ***
I can't believe we got to ride with lead singer of Florida Georgia Line Tyler Hubbard and pro rider Ryan Sipes!!! Wow
Thank everyone who came out today! Track was primo as promised and the turnout was huge! Also was a pleasure to have Ryan Sipes back out and also Lead singer for Florida/Georgia line Tyler Hubbard Riding! Thank everyone for your support as we have together made the track expand greatly! Until next time have a great evening and God bless!
Fun day riding at silver point race track with Tyler Hubbard aka singer of
The moment you recognize someone and can't quite put your finger on it and find out it was Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line! I also didn't realize I was carrying on a conversation with Brian Kelley his partner in crime until he took his sunglasses off. He has very distinctive eyes. Hope they come back and ride again real soon. :)
Can't wait for march 1 to go see Jason and FGL :) love me some Tyler Hubbard
Tyler Hubbard has a day is ruined.
Brian Kelly & Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line are 2 of the sexiest guys in this world! 😍
Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have voices of angels πŸ˜‡πŸ’™πŸ’š
No one rocks white jeans quite like Tyler Hubbard does.
Judge all you want but I think Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line are super attractive.
When Tyler Hubbard says 'baby'.gets me every time.
Mason and I just high fived Tyler Hubbard, jealous?
I'm so happy I am going to see Tyler Hubbard in person . β™‘
So I am at Walmart with Darla and her kids looking at the CDs when this cute guy with long hair comes over and Lucas looks at me in all seriousness and says it that the guy from Florida Georgia Line (Tyler Hubbard) which is my favorite.and I say no buddy but I sure WISH it was...and then as we are leaving Darla asks where we want to eat...everybody is saying something and then Lucas shouts let's go to The Bar in Gallatin!!
My sister is meeting Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley tonight. I'm OBSESSED with Tyler Hubbard. She's no longer my sister. I'm pouting. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Anyone gonna be at perfect north tonight?
My lord. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly are looking real nice today. Nice surprise seein them on CMT top 20. :):):):) βŠ™.βŠ™
Seriously though. Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard are so sexy. 😘😍
90: Canvey Island sub - James Hawes off, Tyler Hubbard on.
I'd do a lot of bad things to be Tyler Hubbard
Tyler Hubbard from is actually smokin hott
This is the kind of night when I need Luke Bryan to tangle me up like his grandma's yarn, or Tyler Hubbard ask me if I wanna stay. Ugh! :(
Oh my God. I'm in love with Tyler Hubbard 😍
Yes or no question. Is Tyler Hubbard Tim riggins? Such badasses.
People at O'Charley's with their significant other, and I'm like ... "Hanging with mom and pops tonight!"
Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard, and Luke Bryan's hip swiveling get me every time. Like dammmn.
Shout out to for turning 21 today. If you remember anything, you aren't doing it right
Can Tyler Hubbard or Brian Kelley be my valentine ?
Tyler Hubbard is wearing an ole miss shirt. But like could you get any more perfect 😍😍😍
Tyler Hubbard take off your ole miss shirt everyone knows you went to Belmont
//I wish Tyler Hubbard would do a little less lead singing and let Brian sing lead too
You all haven't forgotten me, have you? .
Can Tyler Hubbard just come to formal with me please!!!
Not feeling good. I just wish Tyler Hubbard (was here.
why don't you bring that 3-game to our corec game next week Katie.
Tyler Hubbard's voice is just so umfff 😍
Florida Georgia Line, the duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, added to their collection of plaques and honors...
Throwback to my birthday when Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line was singing to me ❀️🎀
Free, Funny, Custom Music Ecard: Dear Producers of Magic Mike 2: A sequel staring Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Luke Bryan, and Brantley Gilbert would be AMAZING! ~all women.
Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line were in Nashville yesterday to celebrate the success of...
well I'm glad I'm only going for 5 days then lol
if you can tho go to a food sale at Quincy market. That was the best part for me!
just everything sucked the people the food the traffic lol. I was there for two weeks and was SO glad to go home
Ah Tyler Hubbard I wanna marry you just so I can hear your voice everyday 😍😍😍😍
Tyler Ennis is ICE COLD. His game-winning three with no time left on the clock to keep the Orange perfect. Β» htt…
so, uh, mommy if I get an "A" on this social studies test can I go to my concert? PLEASSE. I have to see tyler hubbard! my life's over. πŸ˜­πŸ’”
Tyler Hubbard how are you so attractive
Someone help me , my boyfriend thinks tyler Hubbard (left) is better looking than Luke Bryan. I think…
Freshman of the year is Tyler Ennis, screw Wiggins and Parker!
TYLER ENNIS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! SYRACUSE WINS! Freshman PG Ennis hits a three with no time left. Orange remain unbeaten,…
Sooo torn between Florida boy Brian Kelley or country boy Tyler Hubbard. The video for Round Here is perfection πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
I'm honestly completely in love with Tyler Hubbard
Watching & my son says what R their names? Brian Kelley & Tyler Hubbard- his reply? I like Tyler better lol Sorry Brian!
My Valentines are Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley . Gosh I love themmm (;
Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard may be from different sides of the state line, but that...
Seeing Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard in person is gonna like make my entire life
Tyler Hubbard's voice makes me happy
found tickets for Florida Georgia Line for 486 & mom says no. then I find a different one for 86 & she says no. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? first no justin bieber. then no Luke Bryan. that's it. im on protest. I WILL SEE Florida Georgia Line. I MUST SEE TYLER HUBBARD IN PERSON.
So i met a guy today at work who knows tyler hubbard from Florida Georgia Line..guess whos gunna get an autograph! Yess
Francyne just gave me the would you rather: Juan Pablo or Tyler Hubbard? You can't ask me that
I love Tyler Hubbard's solo work before FGL.
i would do literally ANYTHING to meet Taylor Swift or Tyler Hubbard like im totally dead serious.
Love this Tyler Hubbard would be so proud
Cody Voyles Kristin Jo Caleb Caleb Voyles this is how I feel! Devan Jerrell and Tyler Hubbard and Logan Jackson
Florida-Georgia Line is a song, They make me wanna roll my windows down... .and marry Tyler Hubbard.
Did you know that Origami Owl had the opportunity of hosting the Big Machine Label Group After Party for the Country Music Awards!? Celebrities such as Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars, Taylor Swift, and Tyler Hubbard & Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line all enjoyed creating their own lockets & tagged necklaces at our awesome jewelry bar hosted by our very own Bella! How cool is that!?
Thanks for the nomination Callum Ball I'd like to nominate Reece Waters, James Partridge and Tyler Hubbard you've got 24 hours boys get it done!
Two twin guys came in and looked exactly like Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line! My heart skipped a beat!!!
//uhff I have a mancrush on Tyler Hubbard dfghj
Behind a career-high 20 points from sophomore Tyler Hubbard, the Loyola University Maryland men's basketball team snapped American's win streak Wednesday night at Reitz Arena, handing the Eagles their first Patriot League loss of the season, 62-58.
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~Happy Birthday~ to Tyler Hubbard of Florida-Georgia Line! You can leave your birthday wishes in the comments below...
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A man who chases two rabbits, catches none
Why yes, it is my birthday. But even more importantly it's Tyler Hubbard's birthday. Happy Birthday 😍😘
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Tyler Hubbard. πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
I'm in love with Tyler Hubbard and I got to meet him and he said "hey baby" to me 😘😍
So it's Tyler Hubbard's birthday today. How awesome would it be to party with those guys.. I can only imagine.
Happy Birthday to Tyler hubbard from Florida-Georgia Line i hope you have a wonderful day!
I would give Tyler Hubbard a good bday present 😏🎁
Happy biethday to one half of my favorite country duo TYLER HUBBARD! Love his music and hope I…
Happy Birthday to favorite, Tyler Hubbard! See you at the Fan Jam!
Tyler Hubbard, the singer of Florida-Georgia Line turns 27 today!? I thought he was in his 30s... That's crazy
Happy Birthday today to Florida-Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard! Join us in wishing him a Happy Birthday below and take a look back at the song and video that started it all... 'Cruise'...
Happy Birthday to Mr. Tyler Hubbard (of Florida Georgia Line (Hope your wishes come true. God Bless!
Happy Birthday to Tyler Hubbard of .. I wonder if he know this is picture on the internet?
Happy Birthday to Tyler Hubbard from we Love you and wish you a Blessed and Happy Day!
Yadot si drawkcab yad ... yojne ti! Today in country music history. 1970 Tom T. Hall reaches number one on the Billboard charts with A Week in a County Jail. 1987 Happy Birthday to Tyler Hubbard, one-half of newcomers Florida Georgia Line. I think Tyler has a striking resemblance to our friend, Kevin Copeman! 2006 "Walk The Line" receives five Oscar Nominations. Have a wonderful weekend. And please be sure to check out our oldies station on line at
FGL!!! wanna shout out a Happy Birthday to my boy Mr. Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. hope its a great one man!!! God bless!
Happy Birthday to Tyler Hubbard (27) of Florida-Georgia Line! (in photo: Luke Bryan left, Tyler Hubbard center,...
My first thought about him is he can sing and he is so CUTE! Happy Birthday Tyler "Lights Out" Hubbard. I can't believe you are already 27. I hope that Hayley gets you something special
Happy Birthday to my favorite member of Tyler Hubbard. I love u, :)
Happy 27th Birthday to Tyler Hubbard of Florida-Georgia Line! They will be coming to the XFINITY Theatre in...
I heard through the grapevine that it was someone's birthday today... Happy Birthday Tyler Hubbard
Join us in wishing our buddy Tyler Hubbard of Florida-Georgia Line a very Happy 27th Birthday today!
Florida-Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard celebrates his 27th birthday today! Happy Birthday! Who else has a birthday...
January 31st - Today in Country Music History, check it out. 2010 Taylor Swift wins four times at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, aired on CBS from Los Angeles' Staples Center. "Fearless" takes Album of the Year and Best Country Album; "White Horse" earns Best Country Female Vocal and Best Country Song 2008 The Carrie Underwood video for "All-American Girl" premieres 2006 The Johnny Cash biopic "Walk The Line" receives five Oscar nominations, with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon up for Best Actor and Actress. Dolly Parton's "Travellin' Thru," from "Transamerica," is nominated for Best Original Song 1997 Tim McGraw's "Not A Moment Too Soon" album is certified quintuple-platinum 1987 Tyler Hubbard is born in Snellville, Georgia. He becomes one-half of Florida Georgia Line, earning a platinum single with its 2012 release "Cruise"
Happy Birthday Tyler Hubbard all the way from Australia! Hope you enjoy your day :) xx
//Want to use Tyler Hubbard. Bartender maybe? Does anyone need a family member/boss/friend/whatever for a character they like using/want to use more often??
if we get more snow.. I'm moving to georgia with tyler hubbard. 😏
Safe to say me and Brittany are officially obsessed with Tyler Hubbard 😍😏
Can I please have a Tyler Hubbard follow? Please?
If you've ever wondered... has a rundown of how nine bands got their names, including LYNYRD SKYNYRD, COLDPLAY and MUMFORD & SONS. Here it is, in a nutshell: 1. Lynyrd Skynyrd . . . The name was inspired by "Leonard Skinner," who was Gary Rossington and Bob Burns' strict high school gym teacher. 2. Coldplay . . . They were originally known as "Starfish," and there was another band called Coldplay. When that band decided to change their name, Starfish asked if they could have it for themselves. The first band got their name from a book of poems called "Child's Reflections: Cold Play". (Wait . . . the name Coldplay wasn't the band's ORIGINAL idea? They just basically ripped off another band's name? How appropriate!) 3. Mumford & Sons . . . They were looking for a name that would give people a sense of, quote, "an antiquated family business name." 4. Florida Georgia Line . . . This one's pretty straightforward: Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard named their band after Florida and Georgia, t ...
truth is we used to hang out a lot in the summer time even around tyler hubbard your really fun to hang out with and i mean that lol and also sure we have our ups and downs but i am more that willing too change that from KALEIGH From Kimbo we are pretty good friends and have tons of fun in social studies with Taylor Anderson!
I have the biggest crush on Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. Like, it's not even funny anymore. 😍😍😍
And if you don't know that Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are Florida Georgia Line by now then leave.
Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard posted a video on instagram of them listening to Wiz. Even more reason to love them😌
😍 seriously so in love with Tyler Hubbard. 🎢
I saw snowmobilers at the gas station and I was like "I WANNA GO SNOWMOBILING WITH TYLER HUBBARD" 😫
Florida Georgia Line tyler hubbard Brian Kelley. becki yarrington . Stay Cruise Rond here get your shine on
Tyler Hubbard can put his hands on me anytime. πŸ˜πŸ’‹
Adrian Hubbard (was also invited to Participate in the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine.
Singing Brian Kelley's back-up parts on "Tell Me How You Like It" just isn't the same without my Tyler Hubbard
Finally got to see We're the Millers! It was hilarious. And Tyler Hubbard learned that "I Fought the Law" is actually a real song! Lol. Good times.
If Tyler Hubbard told me he loved me I would stay.
This should be a very interesting night! Stuck in 1 house with Skylar Boyd, Jesse Lang Madison Boyd, Jeremy Nelson, Anna, Kalebh Patterson, Tyler Hubbard, Danielle & my parents.if any of you know how my family is, then you totally understand! Lol
I feel like when stay comes on I try being the female version of Tyler Hubbard...
we shoulda bought this game. Ryan Alexander Martinez Tyler Hubbard
"Due to inclement weather, Meridian high school will be closed. Please follow your 3 P's at home" …
Tyler Hubbard in Florida Georgia Line's music video for Stay.
domain names
Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. I'm in love 😍😍😍 pictures don't do him justice.
There is nothing I love more than hearing Tyler Hubbard's voice before I go to sleep .
I wanna go see Tyler Hubbard preform again
& Tyler Hubbard needs to cool it with the eyebrows.. 😳
She has her hand on Tyler Hubbard. id never wash it again.
OMG Tyler Hubbard please marry me! !!! Lol that would make every dream come true and its not for the money it's the passion for his music his voice and smile (:
Instead of Tyler Hubbard singing about a girl he wants to 'cruise' with waking me up at around 10, my mom decided to shake me awake now thinking that I have school...
//My new goal is to get John as hooked on Florida Georgia Line as I am... It won't let me tag Harper so I'll just text spam her with Tyler Hubbard.
Kathy Bissette, I can't help him rub the sweat off his chest cause I am "Committed" to Tyler Hubbard but you can help him!!
Just Sitting a tacobell with Tyler Hubbard until 12
It's too cold to get out of bed so can someone please give Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, and Jason Aldean directions to my house?
I had to go out (Thank you Annette, Karen & Sonny for opening the clerks office today) so Tyler Hubbard could get his tag for his truck. All I can say is if you don't need to go out. DO NOT GO!
I am definitely Even more obsessed with Florida Georgia Line AND Jason Aldean!!! I love them so so much!!! Best night ever!!! and btw TYLER HUBBARD please please please MARRY ME!!!
Detention afterschool with my homiess Sam Darling Sophie Duane-Leavitt tyler hubbard
I can't wait to see Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley! πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ€
Why are you so good looking Tyler Hubbard?
Tyler you are a Hattie and do not let people think you are not worth it because youbare okay and younare the best singer I ever heard of
Why would you leave your a Hattie and you also are the best singer I ever know do not leave I want tickets too see you in concert and you and you also are the best
If you could marry anyone who would it be? β€” hmm probably Tyler Hubbard
I mean everything in Georgia is perfect. Look at Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, & Tyler Hubbard!
I know man chill I'm just messin bro
Tyler i had surgery last week man. Like dead *** bro
If my Tyler Hubbard keychain came soon I'd be really happy. I hope it gets delivered soon.
"Tyler Hubbard from can god 😍" my cousin
Tyler Hubbard from can god 😍
I'll take my sexual frustration out on Tyler Hubbard anytime he wants. No shame.
TB will be president. It'll just be Tyler Bray.
Here's to the good times! Tyler Hubbard from Florida-Georgia Line enjoying The Adventure Group Whistler Snowmobile Dinner tour with friends. Thanks for "Cruising" with us!
Honestly it doesn't get much sexier than Tyler Hubbard playing baseball.πŸ˜‹
Literally in love with Tyler Hubbard. Always have been, always will be. He has my heart sorry boys you have no chance.
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forgot to mention it but a year from yesterday, and I met Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line. 😁
Sending out birthday wishes to Randall Lambert Tyler Hubbard hope u both have a great birthday :) everyone tell them Happy Birthday
Who got to meet Tyler Hubbard and Jason Aldean? That's right. This guy.
β€œβ€œI look like Tyler Hubbard with long hair
β€œI look like Tyler Hubbard with long hair
Let's be honest here though, Tyler Hubbard from FGL really knows how to shake it. 😍
I now have the biggest crush on Tyler Hubbard
I look like Tyler Hubbard with long hair
That's what I thought but coach said it was alright
I thought if you don't go you can't play?
Fun fact: I went to church and used to play in a band with Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line!
Had a great time with my mom today. She is so crazy & cracks me up lol. Now off to spend some time with one of my favorite little men (Tyler Hubbard)
On May 2nd, 2013, FGL shot some of their video "Round Here", in Monroe, Georgia (Tyler Hubbard's hometown). After exciting the hometown crowd, Tyler and Bria...
So like when can I drop out & marry Brian Kelley and/or Tyler Hubbard and sing with them & make money & not work?
UGH I just want a man with the looks of Brantley Gilbert/tyler hubbard, who is normal and nice and sweet, why is that so hard to find!?!?!?!?!?!
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If Leah could meet Jason Aldean, Tyler Hubbard, and Brian Kelley her life would be
No I'm not related to Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line I wish I was free shows
I would do anything to meet Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. 󾍀󾍛
Three days til I finally hear the sweet, twangy voices of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard in person. THREE days
COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS & NOTES 1.13.14 Tim McGraw has been teasing fans about big news, and now there’s finally a new single and details for his 2014 Sundown Heaven Town Tour. The singer’s announcement follows three consecutive No. 1 hits, as well as a sold out tour. His year is starting off rather quickly, with the lead single from his upcoming album hitting country radio Monday. β€˜Lookin’ for That Girl’ will be available on iTunes on Jan. 21. McGraw’s tour kicks off in May. He will hit over 30 cities this summer. Congratulations to Florida Georgia Line’s TYLER HUBBARD and Brian Kelley, for a second consecutive week atop the MEDIABASE Country charts with, β€œStay.” It’s the duo’s fourth consecutive single from their platinum-selling debut album, β€œHere’s To The Good Times.” The legendary George Strait is bidding farewell to life on the road one show at a time on the Cowboy Rides Away Tour, and understandably, it’s an event every fan wants to experience. Unfortunately, at Friday’ . ...
Florida Georgia Line is an American country pop duo composed of Brian Kelley (from Ormond Beach, Florida) and Tyler Hubbard
It's pretty cool when Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line is sitting 2 rows behind you in church, that's all :). Amanda Polzel Ashley Rauch Hampton Victoria
Anyone think Jon Pardi and Tyler Hubbard sound identical??
Tyler Hubbard saying "That's where I'm from" had to be the funniest statement for the month of January in 2014! Middle of the conversation tho. Omg
Tyler Hubbard's voice is very attractive. Even when he's not singing, that Georgia accent. 󾌧
DZ Thirteen sends our best wishes to Tyler Hubbard get well real soon bro. .thinking about you. .
Sir Tyler Hubbard, FGL! Never know who you'll run into at the airport!
Tyler Hubbard, you sexy beast. Marry me..
My of the day Is Tyler Hubbard & Brian Kelley. They are so dayum sexy. And I would do anything to go see them in concert. And I would go on a cruise to whatever city or state that they are in, just to see them. I would go crazy If I didn't get to see them. I love their music a lot. And I really relate to their music a lot also. Way to go Tyler & Brian. I love you guys. Florida-Georgia Line.
Noo, Tyler Hubbard is perfection😍 it's fine I'll keep him all for myself, well myself and his extremely gorgeous girlfriendπŸ˜‚
Congrats to Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard aka the Florida-Georgia Line. Their song Cruise has broken the record...
I have the worlds biggest crush on Tyler Hubbard 😍
If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like to meet? β€” Luke Bryan. Eric Church. Tyler Hubbardβ™₯
Tyler Hubbard completely over exaggerates his accent. If this is somehow not the case he's definitely 10x more drunk than Bocephus when he fell off the mountain.
Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line sings fine but that man needs a *** haircut if you ask me
My sister is just a lil bit obsessed with tyler Hubbard. from
Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are so ripped and I love it 😍
hi Tyler Hubbard and Bryan Kelly I love y'all so much!!:)
I just want Brantley Gilbert and Tyler Hubbard. My birthdays in 7 days y'all. *hint hint*
Let's face it. I've been in love with Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Hubbard since June 15th, 2013.
Tyler Hubbard 4rm is so freaking cute 2 me!!! His bride is 1 lucky lady
Lmao best thing tht made my night when Danielle was on a picture of Tyler Hubbard and couldn't get out of it 󾌴
Tyler Hubbard please follow me because I really want to talk to u and u are the only reason I got one of these! I love u!!!😘
Nobody can tell me that Brantley Gilbert & Tyler Hubbard aren't the two sexiest men you've laid your eyes on! 😍😍
Okay I just need to meet Tyler Hubbard already.
Thank you so much to my friend who got the lead singer of Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard, to sign…
"I'm afraid I won't get up if I fall for you" ~ Tyler Hubbard ❀️
I had a dream about Tyler Hubbard last night...that hadn't happened in a while 😍
Personally, I don't like long hair on guys, but other than that, Clay Matthews, and Tyler Hubbard are hot. Just saying.
I love Tyler Hubbard and Amber Spooner so much my life would ssuck without them
I love the twang in Tyler Hubbard's voiceβ™ͺ♬
kaths seriously obsessed with Tyler Hubbard. . . .
Congats to Tyler Hubbard and Brian Bonds for having the number one song of 2013! "Now we got the whole world Cruisin'"
My dad and his girlfriend left almost two hours ago and never told me or Tyler. K bye.πŸ‘‹
The part where Tyler Hubbard's stacking bales in the 'Round Here video😍😍
Ok 10 things that are unknown...(thnx to Lena) 1) I wish I could stay 17 from 1920-1999 2) 5 biggest celeb crushes are Jason Aldean, Mac miller, bam, Tyler Hubbard, and John cena 3) I want other ppl to be happy before i am 4) I want to be famous 5) (follow up to wanna be an actress, singer, artist 6) my biggest fear EVER is...Shaquille O'neal 7) I love drawing pinup and anime 8) I play the bass (and I'm working on guitar) 9) I've always wanted blue eyes And... 10) my lyfe time goalies to build a time machine to go back to when I was happier... so there u go 'Mercia
I've gotten several messages about this and have even gotten threats of being reported and have seen others get reported. I'd just like to point out that I AM NOT THE REAL TYLER HUBBARD. I do NOT claim to be. I'm just another big fan who was creepy and made a fake account so I could set my real account's relationship status as engaged to him. Now I have a real boyfriend so I technically have no use for this account anymore, but I still don't want to delete it. I'm going to keep it for like role playing purposes or whatever its called
VIDEO - Tyler Bee (Eau Claire North),on the 9th Green at the WIAA Boys Division 1 State.
If Tyler Hubbard can just rub his beautiful body all over mine that'd be great
β€œ. Alright then, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley where u at 😍
~Country Music News Florida Georgia Line Won’t Try to Top 2013 2013 was an unforgettable year for Florida Georgia Line. The duo scored three consecutive No. 1 hits, won a slew of major awards and spent much of the year on the road, opening for Luke Bryan on his Dirt Road Diaries Tour and headlining their own tour. As 2014 fast approaches, they don’t feel pressure to try and top 2013. β€œI think next year we’re gonna go in there feeling strong,” Tyler Hubbard said. β€œWe never really put pressure on ourselves. We just do what we love, write songs that we love, record songs that we love and try to make our live show the best that it can be. And that’s just what we do.”
All I'm saying is that if Tyler Hubbard wrote me a love song and sang it to me everyday it would definitely be enough to make me stay πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’‹
"What he do this time? Did he break your heart? I can tell ya been crying & baby here you are." Yes. Tyler Hubbard. I'll take it out on you.
Tyler Hubbard when he says baby I melt.😍
Tyler Seguin leads all Canadians in ES goals/60 minutes of ice time and leads all PLAYERS in ES P/60. Both min 30 gms playe…
Tyler seguin almost finishes an absolute beauty right there.
Another Navy turnover and Loyola takes lead, 31-30, on 3-pointer by Tyler Hubbard.
Yes! Okay I'll be Brian Kelley and you can be Tyler Hubbard! I've been practicing so this is gonna be good! Lol
I can't really think of any with super long hair off the top of my hard but like Chris Hemsworth,Johnny Depp, Tyler Hubbard
Tyler Hubbard (posted this... THE BAND PERRY have the 4th BEST SELLING digital country song OF ALL TIME! h…
Had a popup game yesterday that determined I'm a sniper and lost my touch at goalie lol I had two hat tricks but couldn't score in the shootouts. We had shootout wins by Jeffrey Quatman, Chris Shad, and Casey Dine. The two on two play Tyler Hubbard and Casey beat Jeff and Chris with me in net and me and Jeff beat Chris and Casey with Tyler in net. We also determined that Tyler can go a Lil crazy with throwing of his own equipment lol so Chris I hope your knee is ok lol
COUNTRY TIDBITS year ago today, Florida Georgia Line released their single "Get Your Shine On" to the radio. How did Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley meet?
If you're a fan of pop punk post hardcore or some alternative music, go like me and Tyler Hubbard's page called 'We Love Music' (:
Oh my word. Tyler Hubbard and BK though
And if I got to meet Tyler Hubbard's fine self 😏😍
man i love flordia george line. Tyler hubbard is so hot and such a great voice :)
Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line has the voice of an angel
Tyler Hubbard why are you so gorgeous??
Doesn't get too much better than Tyler Hubbard 😍 thubbmusic
Watching perform on NYRE and I have to say Tyler Hubbard is a pretty handsome, good looking man! And to top it off he's can sing!
Okay Tyler Hubbard just be my boyfriend already
Probably my only American celebrity crush of 2013... Tyler Hubbard you country beauty :) β™₯β™₯β™₯
Good lord Tyler Hubbard is the sexiest man alive. No question about it
When Tyler Hubbard sings the long notes in "Stay". 😍😍😍
I honestly think Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line is one of the hottest men I have ever seen 😍 πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ
Tyler Hubbard could call me baby anytime...😁😊
I don't get how thinks Tyler Hubbard is sexy..look at his haircut. 😐
I'm watching the new years rocking eve on channel 9. And I saw my favorite band Florida Georgia Line. I so love Tyler Hubbard & Brian Kelley. I am so going to see them in person.
My baby Tyler Hubbard looks fabulous in his gold vest😍
Wild bills waiting on Tyler Hubbard to come on stage!
What if you got to party with Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley for a night. I would go nuts
2013 has been the best year for me. I went to Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, Blake Shelton and Easton Corbin with my girl Cheyenne Stinnett who i love so much. Even though we never talk anymore really, im all to blame youre my boothang and i miss you so much. My Junior year with Emily Conner. Gettin in all kinda trouble. Bein my shoulder to cry on all of that good stuff. I dont know what id do without her and i love her and miss her so much. Gettin close with Caitlyn Russell and spendin Wednesdays at dads, El Reys and her bein my bestfriend through it all and im so proud of her. Finally sayin yes to the love of my life, hes amazing and i love him more and more each day. I dont know what id do without him with me everyday. i cant wait to see what 2014 holds for us. Youre my everything and i love you dearly. My mom (Pamela Killen Taylor) for finally gettin her head on straight and stickin up herself. My dad (Richard Killen) for takin me in when i had a bad day. For always bein just a phone call away. I love you s ...
Just heard Tyler Hubbard sing Nellys part of the Cruise remix... How about the instead of the actual remix?
A lot has happened in 2013, I became a aunt feb 17 to the most beautiful baby girl in the world, I've met amazing friends who have forever changed my life, met a lot of really great people. Lost our puppy Codie but welcome Brodie into the family. Started working for an amazing family and have the best job ever! Who could forget taking Tyler Hubbard of FGL to *** sporting goods and walking around the store with him.. How bout Luke Bryan kissing my cheek in Pcb! I've had amazing memories this year 2013 will be hard to top!!
If Luke Bryan, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard did a stripper movie. I'd probably die and I'd lose my pants.
Deal. So long as I get to run away with the best man. There's a few options. Carter and Tyler Hubbard being my preferences.
Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard's voices are seriously perfect
January 23rd' I'm dying to see flgaline. My baby Tyler Hubbard 😍
If Tyler Hubbard wrote me a love song & sang it 2 me every day, then I'd stay 4 sure
Zemgus Girgensons and Tyler Myers at Pure Hockey as part of the Good Neighbor Skate Drop-off program.
Like. Tyler Hubbard Is so sexy. I can't even. ξ„†ξ˜
Can't listen to Get Your Shine On anymore cause it reminds me of Tyler Hubbard's pelvic thrust and I get sad
I wish Tyler Hubbard would realize we were meant to be together.
i want to kiss Tyler the creator so much
Freaking, if I hadn't deleted the picture off my phone I could have posted the picture of Tyler Hubbard shirtless on stage!
Dear Tyler Hubbard , Please Note you wouldnt have to write me a love song everyday to make me stay , you batting those eyelashes at me is enough to make me go into cardiac arrest. *swoon*
Towe up from tha flow up! Tyler Hubbard Chelsea PeeplesPeoples Alexis Satterfield Jacob Diemer
Is it me or does Jon Pardi kinda sound like Tyler Hubbard of FGL?
Tyler Hubbard has the voice of an angelπŸ˜πŸ‘Ό
If only it were that easy... hottest men alive Tyler Hubbard and Stetson sings ones a cowboy. I'll take one of each
I beg to differ! Maybe some songs, but I still choose Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard
Denise and I have decided that she is married to Brian Kelley and I'm married to Tyler Hubbard of FGL!!! I think that's a *** good idea
Tyler Hubbard and Brain Kelley and Luke Bryan and Jake Owen and Jason Aldean 😍😍😍 keep on singing 🎢
Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, and I are just hanging out at the house painting away! :)
Florida Georgia Line puts me in such a good mood. Tyler Hubbard is the bae.
Santa did not being me Justin Moore or Tyler Hubbard this year so I was a little disappointed.. πŸŽ…
it's not *** if it's with Tyler Hubbard or Brian Kelley
Merry xmas from another Georgia boy home town of Tyler Hubbard n also a graduation friend
March 14 is gonna be the best day of my life ! I love Tyler Hubbard & Jason Aldean
Someone steal Tyler Hubbard and put him under my tree, please?😍
Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line have had a pretty astounding 2013, but they're already...
Happy Birthday Tyler Hubbard and merry Christmas and happy new year Dec. 24
I need a man like Brian Kelley or Tyler Hubbard. Let's be real.
pssshhh, i don't want money. I want Tyler Hubbard. 😍☺️😘
I know I missed it but mcm 😍😍😍 Tyler Hubbard, Florida Georgia Line, yes if you told me you loved me i…
Tyler Hubbard stop being so seductive on my tv so early in the morning. 😍
Tyler Seguin has been a road warrior for DAL
Laying in my bed at 3am watching music videos so I can stare at Tyler Hubbard
Dear Santa, If Tyler Hubbard can fit into those jeans, he can sure as *** fit in my stocking ❀️󾬔
Tyler Hubbard's muscles are like heaven. 😍
Tyler Ennis scores on the power play with 5:59 left, pulling the Sabres into a 1-1 tie with the Coyotes. Assist to Zemgus…
So a guy looking like Tyler Hubbard comes in, as he is leaving, I wish him a Merry Christmas, he replied "Alright baby, you too" .melt!
Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line has married girlfriend Brittney Marie Cole. The FGL singer tied the knot to his girlfriend of seven months Monday in an outdoor ceremony at his 32-acre Nashville property, according to People magazine. β€œThe whole process has been non-traditional,” Brian says. β€œThere was no official proposal or exchanging of rings. We had just fallen in love, and I knew I couldn’t live without her. It sounds like a terrible cheesy movie, but when you know, you know!” The couple wed at sunset in front of 40 guests, including Flordia Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and the rest of the FGL bandmates. Brian and Brittney plan to honeymoon in a tropical location and prepare to expand their family β€” with a dog. Brian mentions kids will come later. β€œOne day for sure, but it’s too crazy with everything going on right now,” he says. β€œWe’re enjoying being with each other. It’s a beautiful love story. It really is.” Watch Cody’s latest interview with Florida Georgia Line, ...
Brian Kelley + Tyler Hubbard of talk to us about their love lives, "Cruise," & first impressions:
Florida Georgia Line Share Their Highest Hopes for 2014. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of hot duo...
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Have to say its pretty flippin cool to hear how much Tyler Hubbard loves his is going good no matter how hard it kicks you down!
I’ll agreewith your picks, but guys like Tyler Hubbard from fl ga line. Just no. Take it off the 90’s called and want it back
I could totally hang with Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard
My Childhood Friend Jeffery Jackson is coming to Hang with us . He is From the same hometown of Monroe, Ga. The Home of Tyler Hubbard Of Florida Georgia Line .
It's amazing the things that you discover when your bored. There are several top country music stars from the good ole GA. Half of FL GA line- Tyler Hubbard (Monroe, GA), Jason Aldean- (Macon,GA), Brantley Gilbert- (Jefferson, GA), Luke Bryan- (Leesburg, GA), Kip Moore- (Tifton, GA), Colt Ford- (Athens, GA), Zac Brown- (Cumming, GA). There may be more, but you can look for them. Talent in GA!
My new year goal; go see Florida Georgia in concert. & marry Tyler Hubbard!
I have the hugest celebrity crush on Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line!!! 100% he is what I want for Christmas! Please Santa :)
I brought my mom to a sit-down interview with country duo Florida Georgia Line (Georgia native Tyler Hubbard and Florida native Brian Kelley) an hour before they took the stage at the sold-out Club Nokia...
I know a little four year old girl who is going to be so excited to see her friend Tyler and Florida Georgia Line at the meet and Greet on New Years Eve. Thanks Tyler Hubbard you are the best.
Thank GOD its not Tyler Hubbard of FGL that got married I still have hopes & dreams lol!
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