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Tyler Hilton

Tyler James Hilton (born November 22, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. Hilton began his professional career in music in 2000. Rolling Stone Magazine compared him to his contemporary, Howie Day, while others have compared Hilton to Elton John, both vocally and instrumentally.

Chris Keller Kate Voegele Bethany Joy Lenz Teddy Geiger Megan Park Howie Day Anna Rose Haley James Scott Randy Travis Hilarie Burton Ed Sheeran Gavin Degraw Ed Asner

Great story on Meet Foot Locker applicant in '16, Steelers starter in '17
Should I start T.Y. Hilton this week, or start Tyler Lockett? Considering that Colts are down to their 3rd string QB.
I need one: Tyler Lockett or TY Hilton, Standard scoring.
She said yes. Now I need to figure out there most Southern way to pronounce "fiancée" @ Hilton…
A character on One Tree Hill. Well, the person that played the role is a singer in real life. Tyler Hilton.
Who would you rather start on Sunday in a PPR league? Hilton or Tyler Lockett? Thanks
I’d also just much rather listen to Tyler Hilton...
Mood: want to do a *** POV cover of 'Jenny' by Tyler Hilton tbh
Glad // Tyler Hilton. The acoustic version haiss my heart
got a trade offer: i trade away TY Hilton/Gillislee for Keenan Allen/Fat Rob. What do you think?
I added a video to a playlist Tyler Hilton - Missing You [One Tree Hill]
Join Tyler Hilton's Official Fan List and receive news, events, and more!
Why does the guitar arrangement in Tyler Hilton and BJL's When The Stars Go Blue cover sound so good
T.Y. Hilton, Jamison Crowder, or Tyler Lockett? (return yards gets points in my league)
Tyler Hilton's music is my favorite. One Tree Hill has blessed us.
Tyler Oakley, Lohanthony, Perez Hilton, and Alexander Goldschmidt all need to go on the Titanic together
Tyler Hilton is a trump supporter, the disappointment is so real
hi mate I need talk about job hotel hilton
was offered a Tyler Lockett and Sproles for Willie Snead..lost DJ wk1 and other RBs are Gore, gurley, mixon. WRs- Hilton, tate
I just got stampeded by Tyler brown fans. Legit I was finding food in the hilton and he walks by then bam, crazy fan girls.
I don't think there's anything as Wednesday as Tyler Hilton doing an Instagram live performance while I'm at work 🙃
I guess I'll cancel our trip to Hilton head ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tyler Hilton covering Stay has just floored me oh my god
Will forever be one of my favorite voices -- Stay by Tyler Hilton
I just listened to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Tyler Hilton and it gave me great happine…
REALLYwant to meet Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele when they there anyway to do that??
Tyler Hilton is coming to Asheville. I'll only go if Haley James Scott opens and they sing 'When the Stars Go Blue.'
Tyler Hilton makes me feel so weightless
Tyler Hilton has made being awake so early worth it
Tyler Hilton "Missing You" - Live in the Garden Still in love with this song
is there anyway to win meet and greet for Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele?
Butter my Cannes San Paris summer, it's getting hot Mr. Tyler Hilton drummer
Walking down the street in thigh high boots listening to Loaded Gun by Tyler Hilton is an experience
Tyler Hilton aka CRISH FREAKIN KELLER plays Drew in Taylor swifts old music video
I put my feels all over the place listening to anything Tyler Hilton or Jana Kramer bc of OTH. 😭
Tyler Hilton is releasing new music! On Tuesday!
Also remember when we were just sitting in the Hilton and got invited to go to Tyle…
Actually think a dream tour for me would be Gavin Degraw, Tyler Hilton and Juliet Simms.
DAY 1:A song you like with a color on the title. When the stars go blue-Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz.
Song of the day Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele - Free and Wild
Please ! Please ! Give me some gift cards for buying songs of ”Tyler Hilton”!
I could be Tyler Hilton's Jenny, but I ended up being my crush's buddy..
I know! They got it wrong it's dumb it's supposed to say Tyler Hilton
It's almost so stay on the bunny's good side and make a donation
Forward Tyler Hilton, Goalie JoJo Durrbeck, GM Ian Kalanges and Forward Eric Svejda. NIU representing at the ACHA...
Happy 23rd birthday to Tyler Hilton!. ...Wait, or maybe it's Garrett's birthday that's today. I can never tell them apart.
♥️ still one of my favorite things has done. Video: Tyler Hilton - Boots Of Spanish Leather
Who knew Tyler Hilton was still pumping out the jams? ♫
Game 1 vs. NECHA and Tyler Hilton is taping his stick in an attempt to score a goal today. Stay tuned
Your huskies representing the MACHA are forwards Tyler Hilton and Eric Svejda, myself, and our wonderful GM Ian Kalanges
So I finally got around to sending Hilton the documentation they needed to change my name on my Hilton Honors...
paris hilton once said "If somebody ever asks u to do something, do it really bad so you never have to do it again” this h…
The 1st episode of the Rookie Podcast is LIVE!!! An interview with Ask a Grown with Hilton Als, and tears
Where do you go when you're lonely? When the Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz
Tyler Hilton or Zack Morris...what a dilemma Ginny Baker has on her hands
So I’m catching up on and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it’s TYLER HILTON. Hello, throwback.
Watching last week's and this guy does not look or sound like the Tyler Hilton at all.
Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele rocking it at Eddie's Attic @ Eddie's Attic
Wich 3 would you start? Amari Cooper, Doug Baldwin, TY Hilton, Terrelle Pryor, Kenny Britt or Tyler Boyd?
Beautiful stranger sitting across from me on the train and Tyler Hilton song playing, if this was a movie we'd be winching right now
3 days until Ali Wong, 1 month til Tyler Hilton, and 44 days until Iliza 🤘💞 Christmas break is about to be so fun
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Would you start Jordy Nelson this week? I also have TY Hilton, Tyrrel Willians and Tyler Boyd.
New Tyler Hilton song has made my day
start Malcolm Mitchell or TY Hilton at WR and start Tyler Eifert or Ladarius Green at TE?
might just love the electric version even more ❤ Next to You by Tyler Hilton ♫
I'm going to at Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD - D...
Look at Tyler Hilton being all nerdycute on Pitch.
I would pay good money to see Tyler Hilton perform the entirety of Forget The Storm, it would break me but *** it would be good
PSA: I need a fellow One Tree Hill/Kate Voegele/Tyler Hilton fan to go to their concert with me!! Any takers?
Dearest mother —. Cpl. Hilton of TY Falls remains shaken over the sight of last night's massacre. Man can only take so m…
I might go to at JACK RABBITS LIVE in Jacksonville, FL - Jan 12
when should we buy Tyler Hilton tickets for his show next month?
finally on the latest episode of Pitch and Tyler Hilton is still as cute as ever 😍
I like this game. Tech guy she had date with is Tyler Hilton of One Tree Hill fame.
but Hilton can't clutch search and destroy 🐸☕️
Tyler Hilton is a world renowned chef
Luck bomb to Hilton to start the game
I'm going to at Gas Monkey in Dallas, TX - Jan 7
I've never been more content in my life. Jam session feat. Aaron Carter, JT, Tyler Hilton, Queen, Evanescence... GA.
my season rests on the hands of Hilton at this point
David Johnson ties TY Hilton for the longest streak this season with at least 7 catches AND a TD reception. 3 straight…
Super excited to announce I'll be hitting the road with Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele from One Tree Hill! I'll be...
I might go to at Double Door Inn in Charlotte, NC - Dec 10
Excuse me? Did u just say How can I get 1 of these tour Ts hot off the presses? EASY! Click this friendly lil link…
I was in high school and I had an independent album out, and we kept se...
The acting thing is the side benefit of becoming a little bit well know...
If Pogba scored that Ozil goal Martin Tyler would have ran on the pitch to dab with him
Join us on Thursday 11/3 5:30-11pm at the Anaheim Hilton for our 4th annual event! 100% Free, No Registration!
boom tarattarat cheret! When the stars go blue tyler hilton
I'm bisexual and support lgbt rights but the sight of guys like Tyler Oakley and Perez Hilton make me want to commit hate…
'The Storms We Share' has been a project that I've been working on for so long.
The SPEEDY TY Hilton takes it for the game winning TD! 👀
Bryce Singleton & Tyler Hamilton to rep Hilton Head HS in 2016 Shrine Bowl! Dr. Moss and I are proud of them both!
Stop it right now. How did you not know that!? Dec 21 seeing Tyler Hilton in Boston if interested
Forgot how stunning Prince of Nothing Charming was, I'm so smitten by Tyler Hilton it's unreal
I got a counter offer in ppr. Cj and Tyler Lockett for ty Hilton and b marshal
I cannot wait to see Paris Hilton at the She has my vote! htt…
Its obvious who won the debate, here is a quick resume! Paris Hilton For President
This weather was made for tyler hilton, Gavin Degraw & john mayer on repeat 🎶
My favorite part of touring is when I see girls that I've been talking to on my site and the
i have to tell you how much Xavier, Demi, and Tyler help me out at the Hilton ATL Airport every week! they're fantastic!! 👏👏
Luck to the rescue. Andrew Luck’s 63-yard strike to T.Y. Hilton gave the QB his 14th career GW drive and Indy its first win. htt…
Bullet from Luck and then from Hilton.
T.Y. Hilton made that catch look easy
the secret plan about the new vine you're making for me? That involves Ellen, Tyler Hilton and Luna Lovegood?
I need to sit one in a standard league: TY Hilton, Tyler Locket, Torey Smith, and Eunuwa
I didn't see myself doing TV. It's time-consuming.
favourite bands / singers — Oo so many but Tyler Hilton, Jessarae, Shawn Mendes...
Think we'll see mostly 3WR or 2TE sets this week with 'Crief injury? 3 WRs to get HIlton in the slot away from Verrett?
I was a good student. My mom is a teacher, and her side of the family is all teachers. She
Tyler Hilton song in my head all night and day 💀
I base my roots and history in old blues, old country and old bluegrass, and I like rock 'n' r
you kno I was into Tyler Hilton too
Went to TMZ today, 1st time. Was asked "Guess who's butt selfie?" Answer was Tyler Hilton. I do not know who that is.…
Getting on stage, for me, was a huge thing when I first started. And back in high school, ever
used to have a v big crush on Tyler Hilton. Thank you for your time. That's all.
Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton singing When the Stars Go Blue is so dang perfect.
Check out my interview with Tyler Hilton, who plays Chris Keller in One Tree Hill!
that's a long way away. Surely you will see someone before then? I've got Tyler Hilton & Kate Voegele next week & Beyonce July
Tyler Hilton got a pilot that films at Walt Disney Studios. It's during my girl meets world taping, though and it's sold out. 😔
she sings it with Tyler Hilton, I think I like their version better!
Can't decide who sings When the stars go blue better, Tim McGraw or Tyler Hilton... hmmm
I truly thought Tyler Hilton and his dumb fiancé (unnamed because she searches her name) would be broken up by now.
Any One Tree Hill Fans here? Tyler Hilton will be playing at one of our favorite venues, Q Bar Glendale Heights...
What's the last concert you went to? — Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele (Tree Hill Holiday Tour)
Tyler Hilton tonight: doors at 7, show at 8? Are there tickets available at the door?
Remember when Tyler Hilton was in T Swifts video for "Teardrops On My Guitar!?" , that's my FAVORITE song of hers!!
When It Come by Tyler Hilton will always be one of my absolute favorite songs.
they are fun to watch, I'll give you that much! 😎 can't wait to take on some Hilton Magic & Allen fieldhouse together!!
Tyler Hilton (One Tree Hill, Walk the Line) performs at the Rail Tuesday nite.
Petition for Taylor to have Tyler Hilton as a guest on her next tour
think TY Hilton, Tyler Lockett, even Antonio Brown after taxes...
I want someone like Tyler Hilton who can make really good apple pies
I want to see if Lucky can be TY Hilton/Tyler Lockett
Get details & find tickets for Tyler Hilton Savannah Philyaw at San Diego at Eventful -
We have Chad Michael Murray, Tyler Hilton, Lee Norris, and Antwon Tanner all confirmed for so far!!!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Flights to Dublin booked for May ✈ with a little Tyler Hilton concert while we are there.…
Loaded Gun by Tyler Hilton makes me feel some type of way :P
Is Donald Trump the Paris Hilton of politics? via DCExaminer. Spoiler Alert: Yes
Listening Tyler Hilton and thinking about new years resolution, big expectations
Once upon a time a bean farted on Tyler Florence in Waterville, Finland. Paris Hilton farted. The end.
Beautiful ceremony for Tyler and Aileen! Congratulations on your happy day❤️ @ Hilton Anatole…
My home screen on my phone was me, Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele since the 4th of August and that's me only just changing it
Tyler Hilton, Kate Voegele, Wakey Wakey and Jack's Mannequin all in the span of less than 2 months. We're basically living OTH now.
Tyler Hilton & Megan Park Tie the Knot in Intimate Fall-Themed Wedding
Tyler Hilton and Megan Park Are Married! All the Details on the Couple's Fall-Themed Celebration
From co-stars to married couple! Tyler Hilton and Megan Park tie the knot--get the scoop:
Photos from Tyler Hilton and Megan Park's wedding. And the Secret Life cast was there!
Former co-stars Tyler Hilton and Megan Park are officially married--get the scoop:
I went to the One Tree Hill concert in 2005 and met Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton! Even got their autographs!
do you have any tic left for Tyler Hilton at the garage on aug 4th? Preferably vip 😬
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Christmas on the Bayou. Hilarie Burton and Tyler hilton 😍😍
Karma and Tyler in the roof top pool yesterday
I wish I knew more people who liked One Tree Hill. I really want to go see Tyler Hilton/Kate Voegele & Gavin Degraw & have no one to go with
I still lol that yelled at Tyler Hilton "stay away from Haley" when he came to central 😂😂😂
*cries over Tyler Hilton on OTH all the time*
Tyler Hilton singing Loaded Gun in person is a religious experience
Tbt to when i met tyler hilton aka Chris Keller and almost passed out
If Perez Hilton thinks he's the queen of social media he's clearly not come across Tyler Oakley yet
made with funimate app. good morning! @ Hilton…
"Loaded Gun" by Tyler Hilton is such a good song.
Gutted that Kelly's bailed on going to see Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton with me
Listening to Kate Voegele's Dont Look Away makes me even sadder to miss the coheadline tour with Tyler Hilton in the UK 😭
tyler Hilton AND Stephen Colletti were both in different taylor swift music videos. taylor is oth af too
Tyler Hilton and Megan Park are still together... that's amazing
probably. Tyler Hilton & Kate Voegele are in manchester on 3rd August and it's only £19.25 including booking fee.
Photo: Aisha Tyler attends the 5th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on...
Hay june .. be nice, be awesome and be mine 😍💕 ♫ June by Tyler Hilton —
I think he's HILARIOUS. Plus I met Tyler Hilton, so I'm partial to him in general.
Welcome 1st June... Welcome my month... well well well... Spirit of June ☺ ♫ June by Tyler Hilton (with Sweety) —
June, what you gonna do without me?. Soon, you’re gonna have to move around me,. It’s… ♫ June by Tyler Hilton —
It's never what you wanted but it's been a while coming. Oh June, what you gonna do? 🎧… ♫ June by Tyler Hilton —
Hi june, bighope can be better than before - wa hashil maa qosidana . aamiin ♫ June by Tyler Hilton —
Massive 1011.5lb alligator caught in Hilton Head, AL.
Tyler Hilton needs to come in concert really soon
Chris Keller aka Tyler Hilton has good songs
That's the point. Not a lot of people know they are solid, but a January game vs Kentucky @ BBN or in Hilton? That's primetime.
I've got Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele in August so September October would be better for me
Any song by Tyler Hilton immediately has me sobbing. Why do I do this to myself? LOL
Isn't Perez Hilton white and cis and *** and massively homophobic? Tyler Oakley? Why are white cis *** boys the most homophobic lmao
Cool song for all you Tyler hilton fans
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Tyler Hilton always comes on my iTunes Radio and I can't take him seriously ever
Hilton Head High RB/WR Tyler Hamilton has landed an offer from Marshall, according to coach B.J. Payne.
tylerhilton Dowling working with Tyler Hilton & Kevin Dowling on EXTANT
Working on a business card design and listening to Tyler Hilton.
"Stay away from my trigger I'm a loaded gun" 🎶 Tyler Hilton - Loaded Gun. I'll forever love this song and totally jam out to it
im not that into youtubers but Tyler is so sweet and his like the anti perez sick hilton so i like him allot and Troy>
I love Tyler Hilton and his music is best I could listen to him sing all day long!!
nah they still looked like the hilton sisters or steve Tyler 😂😂
Really want to go see Tyler Hilton in Glasgow the day after my birthday
I liked a video from Tyler Hilton and Megan Park "It Is What It Is" (Cover of Kacey
Opened for Tyler Hilton from One Tree Hill today and got to jam with him after the show!!! Such a cool experience!
So I met Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller aka Drew today. Meanwhile, Megan has no idea who he is.…
Tyler Hilton is legit a great performer
Great performance by Tyler Hilton! Thanks and for putting on a great event!
Stick around after the concert! Tyler Hilton will be meeting students and taking pictures!
Come bounce on inflatables while listening to the talented Tyler Hilton!
Tyler Hilton performing songs he sang on the hit show One Tree Hill
Getting ready for One Tree Hill's Tyler Hilton to perform at
Rock the Lawn is here with inflatables, free food and Tyler Hilton from One Tree Hill! 3pm, seeya there! 😍
Rock the Lawn is starting at 3pm today! Put on your cowboy boots and come see Tyler Hilton. There will be free food!
I think this was after the Tyler hilton/cabrera concert
I'm so genuinely gutted I'm missing Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegle in London by 9 days.
Matthew Mayfield dm'd me, I'm meeting Tyler Hilton in August, just waiting for cheryl to see me now🙈🙈
Just realized that Tyler Hilton & Stephen Colletti are both in TSwift videos, like what?
I want to go and see Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele in Norwich so badly this summer 😭
The mixture of Ed Sherran, Luke Bryan, Tyler Hilton, Phillip Phillips, Hunter Hays and FGL is INSANE. I am one happy camper today! 😘
it's a bummer there's no Sophia, James, Joy, or Paul tho! But they do have a handful I heard Tyler Hilton will be there too
So so excited that I'm seeing Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, The Tallest Man on Earth, Tyler Hilton and Taylor Swift over the next few months!
Fungo golf with the boys. John Wilcox and Tyler Hilton
throwback to when I hugged Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller and felt like Haley and it was a major highlight of my life
All purpose parts banner
Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller has the most amazing voice of life 😍😍😍
Speaking of Chris Keller, did i ever tell you i met Tyler Hilton and saw him perform.
Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller will be at the OTH con as a musical guest! 😱🙌😍 Happy will be there!
Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller concert with these lovely people:)
Tyler Hilton aka Chris Keller will be performing at Central College tonight. Ladies..? 😏
one of my favorites by Tyler Hilton! (aka Chris Keller) .
I've met Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton aka Mia and Chris Keller from One Tree Hill. I can't wait to…
Don't forget to come see Tyler Hilton, one of everyone's favorite character from OTH--Chris Keller, sing in the ballroom tonig…
FREE ROCK FRIDAY at Ray Kelly's features: - Samsara: The razor sharp power trio from southern CT weaves together a monstrous blend of asskicking American rock n' roll conjoined with a touch of Floydian mastery and raw metallic nerve. Their debut album, "Look To Longevity" is the culmination of a year of explosive creative chemistry. Equally captivating in a live setting, Samsara is a band not to be missed live! Listen to the band's debut album, "Look To Longevity", here: Official Justin Flores Taking influence from the likes of Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Tyler Hilton, Jack Johnson and Corey Taylor, singer-songwriter Justin Flores mixes the purity of lyrical songwriting with catchy and poignant acoustic melodies, playing prestigious venues across the northeast. Justin’s mission is to bring a positive emotionally connected message to his fans through his music, with one aim: album coming soon!
Just a casual night at the Tyler Hilton concert. @ Wake Forest University
Listening to Bethany Joy Lenz/Galeaotti (Haley James Scott) and Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller) they are my fav singers at the moment. xx
Capping the night off with my favorite voices: Tyler Hilton, Ed Sheeran, and Jon McLaughlin ❤️ 😍😴
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NEW YORK CITY! My last show w/ Tyler Hilton was bananas!! Whattaya say we do it again June 10th w/ Mikey Wax? "Sandcastle of Love" is now on iTunes! We'll be rockin' it LIVE June 10th B| Love, Dan
Tyler Hilton performing "When the Stars Go Blue" at House of Blues in Chicago August 16, 2013 Tyler (aka Chris Keller on One Tree Hill) Tyler sang this with ...
I'm listening to When Stars Go Blue by Bethany Joy and Tyler Hilton
Falling in love with Tyler Hilton's music.
On a lighter note. They were just playing Tyler Hilton in the food court, so that was pretty cool.
I just got some free music from Tyler Hilton and thought you might enjoy it. You can download it here:
"It's so hard to give up on you but easy to pretend." Yes Tyler Hilton!
"Well I am what you see. I am not what they say. but if I turned out to be . could you love me anyways" - tyler hilton
It's all about CLICHES ~. and avoiding them like the plague. (sorry!).
Tyler Hilton's voice is so handsome
Chris Kellar aka Tyler Hilton is actually a really good singer
Tyler, will you ever interview your dad like you did your mom? :)(live on
I love it, who needs drugs when you can just do that
people that hate us:. the wanted. Perez hilton. jake bugg. taylor swift. modest. Jeff Dauler . James arthur. tyler Oakley. Ruth Pay…
(Copied from Dillan Morgan, who got it from someone else lol) I've decided to create my own little game... Go to your ipod and figure out the letters of your name. Now find a band that is listed under each letter, and pick a song by that band and list your favorite lyric. If you have multiple letters of the same kind, pick a different band with that letter. I'll start it off... H: Hilary Duff "Now You Know"- "As the skies turned to gray, My heart's just about to crack open" E: Edwin McCain "I'll Be"- "The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful, Stop me and steal my breath." A- Avenged Sevenfold "Afterlife"- "I don't belong here, we gotta move on dear, escape from this afterlife." T- Tyler Hilton "When It Comes"- "Well I'm cruising El Paseo, In my off-white coup back '65" H- Hole "Celebrity Skin"- "Oh, make me over, I'm all I wanna be, A walking study, In demonology" E- Eric Clapton "Lay Down Sally"- "Underneath the velvet skies love is all that matters, Won't you stay with me? Don't you ever leave ...
Kokomo Arnold (February 15, 1901 – November 8, 1968) was an American blues musician. Born as James Arnold in Lovejoy's Station, Georgia, he got his nickname in 1934 after releasing "Old Original Kokomo Blues" for the Decca label; it was a cover of the Scrapper Blackwell blues song about the city of Kokomo, Indiana. A left-handed slide guitarist, his intense slide style of playing and rapid-fire vocal style set him apart from his contemporaries. Having learned the basics of the guitar from his cousin, John Wiggs, Arnold began playing in the early 1920s as a sideline while he worked as a farmhand in Buffalo, New York, and as a steelworker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1929 he moved to Chicago and set up a bootlegging business, an activity he continued throughout Prohibition. In 1930 Arnold moved south briefly, and made his first recordings, "Rainy Night Blues" and "Paddlin' Madeline Blues", under the name Gitfiddle Jim for the Victor label in Memphis. He soon moved back to Chicago, although he was force ...
So I was listening to 'California' off of Tyler Hilton's Live in ATL cd. The beginning a girl shouts out, "sing California" she sounds just like Christy Hixson. Christy was that you?
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TBT with Tyler Hilton and Tommy Page ... Miss you Tommy, hope all is well!
"Oh you love like you wanted to fight like you needed tonight Baby it’s beautiful Oh and you scream like a gun in the night Yeah you’re starting a fight It’s like you don’t know Baby, you’re beautiful, baby, you’re beautiful" ~Tyler Hilton "Prince of Nothing Charming"
Tyler Hilton, talk to Nick Miller, and or Trisha Mummert about pcb ninja
Hello Fellow Scholars, This might be a bit late as a reminder but it is NOT too late to earn a few points by attending the CAB Coffee House Event with Tyler Hilton today, the 12th of February. It will be held in the Student Union Room 207 at 12:00pm. You can get 3 points for attending. In order to get the points, please look for me and make sure I have your name. I will be wearing a white sweater and a black jacket over it if it helps. For further motivation, there will be light refreshments served. Hope to see you guys there, Renet Roy
TODAY! Head to the Student Union Purple Lounge from 12-1pm today for a free concert featuring Tyler Hilton & presented by TWU CAB. Light refreshments will be served. Like this post or join the event at to let everyone know you're coming!
Tyler hilton is good on mp3 or cd. But vinyl... Way better. Great addition
Tyler Hilton performing One Foot in the Bayou during soundcheck in Sellersville, Pa on 2/1/14.
That's All Right Tyler Hilton from the official walk the line soundtrack.
Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz performing this beautiful song.
Stream Prince of Nothing Charming by Tyler Hilton on Forget The Storm for free on Grooveshark.
here we are with Tyler Hilton after the Yellow Moutnain Breakdown Festival. Such a fun night!
Bros making burgers yum with Tyler Hilton and Breanna Neptune
Gave myself the afternoon off...I will probably regret it later...however I will not regret letting cvs's get and go through their truck... At least I was productive: Cooked chicken to freeze for later; made potato soup; balanced my checkbook; and paperwork for work. Woot. Now, Tyler Hilton, take me into the night.
Think you know all about Ryan Cabrera? Check out this interview with Montgomery Media. Don't miss Ryan Cabrera and Tyler Hilton this Saturday!
Wedding bells are ringing for Megan Park and Tyler Hilton! The longtime couple, who met in 2006 w...
Jamming to Gavin Degraw, Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton in my car today
Finally watching Christmas on the Bayou. Tyler Hilton will ALWAYS be Chris Keller but Hilarie Burton has lost her Peyton Sawyer. I'm deeply sadden by this. 󾌹
The cast of Charlie Bartlett is perf. Anton Yelchin, Drake, Craig Epstein, Tyler Hilton, and Robert Downey Jr. Always a favorite movie.
If you're layin' low tonight, Lifetime Movie Network debuts the film, "Christmas on the Bayou," which features my song, "One Foot in the Bayou," sung by Tyler Hilton. Beautiful film score composed by @ Lil' Band O' Gold mate C. C. Adcock and Dirk Powell. A sweet little movie, filmed in Saint Martinville, Louisiana with solid performances by Ed Asner, Randy Travis and Tyler Hilton. Find your slippers and break out the Häagen-Dazs. If you miss it tonight, don't worry, it'll be back around before Christmas and every Christmas.
Howie Day, Tyler Hilton and Anna Rose bring their charm and brilliance tonight! See you here at 9pm $20!
TONIGHT: Howie Day with guests Tyler Hilton and Anna Rose Day’s warm tenor voice, “soars into fluttering, high registers, but also grates with real, pleading grit,” as one critic put it. After sales of over a million albums and two Top 10 hits, Day is back on the road showcasing old favorites, as well as new material from his upcoming studio release. $15 advance/$18 door Doors 8:00pm, Show 9:00pm
The North Pole heads to the South. Don't miss the premiere of Christmas on the Bayou starring Tyler Hilton, Randy Travis, and Hilarie Burton, Saturday at 8/7c!
Howie Day w/ special guest Tyler Hilton & Anna Rose will be at Yoshi's in Oakland on December 10, 2013
A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM LIFETIME Lifetime is taking the Holidays by storm! Though the weather outside may be frightful, Lifetime is heating up the holidays with star-studded musical casts that will bring the season alive like never before. Get your Jingle Bells rockin' with top musical talent: Ashanti, Jordin Sparks, Dolly Parton, Brian McKnight, Tatyana Ali, Debby Ryan, Tyler Hilton, Christina Milian and Mel B! Sing along with the stars in Lifetime's Christmas movies that will be sure to get you in the Holiday spirit!. Cynopsis Media Presents: 2013 Holiday Programming Guide 11.26.13 By Lynn Leahey Good morning, it's still Tuesday, November 26, 2013, and this is your 2013 Holiday Programming Guide. Listed below by date and then by network are holiday specials, movies and holiday/winter-themed episodes of regular series airing from today through the end of December. We tried to make this as inclusive a list as possible, requesting submissions of all network schedules (which of course are subject to change) ...
Local TV movie airs December 14, 2013 Filmed in St. Martinville, LA, and airing on December 14, 2013, Papa Noel is the original title of the movie, but it will be airing as “Christmas on the Bayou” on Lifetime Saturday, Dec. 14 at 8:00 pm. This is a heartfelt film about going home for the holidays with a great cast and an awesome storyline. The film stars Ed Asner, Randy Travis, Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Markie Post and Brodie Rose. Christmas on the Bayou is also a film about finding love in a long lost friendship and happiness in family, friends and tradition. Details can be views at
I listen to Tyler Hilton pandora bc one tree hill lover forever. 
On a happier note: Ive been listening to some darn good music this morning. Jason Mraz (live), Haley Reinhart, Gavin Degraw and Tyler Hilton
The episodes with Tyler Hilton on One Tree Hill will always be my favs
Best weekend with my besties thanks to Tyler Hilton 💜😘
Can not wait to go and see Tyler Hilton to sing my *** off with my boy
One of the best weekends I've ever had!! My future husband! Tyler Hilton everybody 💜💙😘😘
The Staves, Jimmy Eat World, Tyler Hilton, Lauren Aquilina, Orla Gartland, Haim and City and Colour. I don't think I've ever been this excited in my whole life.
25 days till I FINALLY see Tyler Hilton words cant describe how excited I am to see someone from oth…
I also love the songs from Gavin Degraw, Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele and of course Bethany that used to play in OTH. :)
Tonight was awesome! Got I meet Tyler Hilton, and Teddy Geiger!
At Hat Trucks, I'm not paying 20.00 to listen to Tyler Hilton do ANYTHING, so they said wait for him to shut up and I don't have to.sweet
Teddy Geiger and Tyler Hilton on stage inner 10th grader is screaming
Tyler Hilton will forever be Chris Keller to me. 💙💛
I just like it better by that Tyler Hilton guy oops
Change of plans. Now it's time for Teddy Geiger and Tyler Hilton. Yay!
Totally forgot Tyler Hilton was from the D until I watched this episode of OTH an he said cruisin down el paseo in his song
I will never like Tyler Hilton and before you say "you don't even know him" he was my babysitters boyfriend SO YES I DO
Tyler Hilton concert with my bestie!
I love Tyler Hilton on one tree hill!!
Tyler Hilton from one tree hill? Don't mind if I do come to hat tricks tonight!
OMG, three hours before the concert and Tyler Hilton has already walked right past me.
I'm so excited to see Tyler Hilton later on this month 💕
Tyler Hilton and Teddy Geiger in Dallas? why are we stuck in Memphis? My 9th grade self is fangirling.
Today is a fabulous day for 2 reasons. number 1 of course is because the BEST MOMMA IN THE WHOLE WORLD is having a birthday today. Cleda Stephens MERRY DAY OF BIRTH!!! And of course that leads to reason number 2. Because she's the best she doesn't hold it against her daughters when we go to a concert on her birthday instead of staying home. Tyler Hilton here we come.
I have 3 Teddy Geiger and Tyler Hilton tickets for Hat Tricks in Lewisville TONIGHT. Let me know if you're interested :)
Since when do Royal Mail email you about posting stuff. Tyler Hilton tickets arrived so fancily. Not just in an envelope
two stand-outs from the singer-songwriter world on tour together: Tyler Hilton (star of CW's "One Tree Hill" & Oscar winning film "Walk the Line") and Teddy Geiger (platinum single "For You I Will", star of the film "The Rocker") Performing their best loved songs, as well as new material, in an inti...
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