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Tyler Hansbrough

Andrew Tyler Hansbrough (born November 3, 1985) is an American basketball player for the Indiana Pacers.

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Tyler Hansbrough -- The Psycho T Mix. Yeah we fell short today but saw a bit of Psycho T in players today.
Just showed some dunk highlights of Tyler Hansbrough and she pretended to care ❤️
need their Tyler Hansbrough-equivalent. You just throw him out there when it's surrendering time.
Hope UK doesn't get that lead to 18 in the 2nd half. UNC won't be able to get that back. Tyler Hansbrough isn't wal…
Former forward Tyler Hansbrough in the building per
I grabbed her off the rebound Quavo Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler Hansbrough, better defender then Kaman. It's not like either would play when it mattered
Tyler Hansbrough at Carolina. Still haven't seen anything like that performance against Duke playing the 2nd half w…
*** trying to smash Tyler Hansbrough smh
Tyler Hansbrough. Fell in love, went to basketball camp at UNC, now a graduate and lifelong Tar Heel. Thanks, Psycho…
Im pretty sure i just saw Tyler Hansbrough walking through the Raleigh airport
favorites to watch growing up, Kendall Marshall, Danny Green, PJ Hariston, Brice Johnson, Tyler Hansbro…
gonna go with players from my lifetime. Ty Lawson, Marcus Paige, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, Sean May.
Anyone remember the Tyler Hansbrough/Bob Ross "Can I draw you a foul" photoshop from a few years ago? I need it.
Shout out to Solomon Alabi and Tyler Hansbrough, who should been this week's co-sponsors as actual wearers of Again, I'm really dumb.
Former Pacers who were really good at it: Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansbrough. Foster was sneaky and Hansbrough was all over the place.
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I don't think a Tyler Hansbrough type in NBA would've been a particularly far off comparison
him going to Duke has nothing to do with a white dude having bounce ..Tyler Hansbrough would dunk on him and guess where he went 😉
What ever happened to the great tyler hansbrough?
Reminds me of Tyler Hansbrough, who's out of the League. AB is less valuable than Reggie Evans, but his ceiling is Taj Gibson
Must have thought it was Tyler Hansbrough.
Steve Huber is the hick version of Tyler Hansbrough
Was it Spencer Hawes and Tyler Hansbrough? Please tell me it was.
I'd say drafting Tyler Hansbrough but nobody thought he'd be a complete bust. I mean he did give us Danny Granger.
If Coach Clifford gave Troy Daniels, Jeremy Lamb, & Tyler Hansbrough minutes, this would likely be different series.
Least favorite Pacers all-time in order. 1. Luis Scola. 2. Tyler Hansbrough . 3. Roy Hibbert. 4. Lou Amundson
That Cole Aldrich kid is pretty good. And that Tyler Hansbrough is just the worst.
amazingly, when Sporting News was only one to name Tyler Hansbrough over Shelden Williams, no complaints from Tar Heels fans.
Yes. As it was, I suppose, when all of them picked Shelden Williams in 2006 and SN picked Tyler Hansbrough.
2006, everybody picked Shelden Williams. We had Tyler Hansbrough. Wrong then? How about 03 when we were only ones with Carmelo?
SN was so uninformed in 06 when we picked Tyler Hansbrough while (literally) everyone else went with Shelden Williams.
Kennedy Meeks basketball IQ and awareness is 👍🏻. He is a combo of Sean May and Tyler Hansbrough.
Why I love Brice Johnson: he brought back that PHYSICAL Tyler Hansbrough play back to UNC. We've needed that DESPERATELY.
Booth for PVD-UNC have mentioned Tyler Hansbrough and Troy Murphy in the last 5 mins. What about Ike Diogu to complete the Pacers trifecta?
Brice Johnson getting the Tyler Hansbrough calls right now.
I miss watching Tyler hansbrough play
is it just me or does Brice not get as much national love as Sean May or Tyler Hansbrough?
Brice Johnson is a better pro prospect than Tyler Hansbrough. Game changer
Isaiah Hicks reminds me of a smaller version Tyler Hansbrough...Hicks can flat out fly
Also notable for Roy shushing Tyler Hansbrough after he said the Palestra was like a high school gym
2009 we had Tyler Hansbrough. 2016, we have Brice Johnson.
Who played more years in college: Tyler Hansbrough or Perry Ellis? 😂😂
Tyler Hansbrough didn't have any issues touching the ball EVERY possession. Why would we NOT let Brice set the tone? He's earned it.
Domantas Sabonis is everything I ever wanted from Tyler Hansbrough
At this point I'd take Tyler Hansbrough at backup pg over Lin if he's gonna play like this
How is Marshall Plumlee not on that list? He ranks in basketball history for me in front of Tyler Hansbrough and John Starks.
I might actually hate Makai Mason more than Tyler Hansbrough
Marshall Plumlee reminds me so much of Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler Hansbrough was one of the biggest busts from college to NBA by far
Feel like Plumlee's mom cheated on her husband with Tyler Hansbrough's dad. And now we have Marshall.
does Tyler hansbrough have any eligibility left?
At least he didnt give him the Tyler Hansbrough treatment
Also, like a true Carolina fan, I drunkenly pulled up the “Tyler Hansbrough bloody nose” video at the bar and screamed about it.
relax Tyler hansbrough 10 points is a lot
the same reason why you like Texas and because of my boy, Tyler Hansbrough.
I just saw Tyler Hansbrough at Whole Foods. I can't think of anything witty to say about it, but yeah. That's cool.
Walkup gets to the line more than Grayson Allen and former Tarheel great Tyler Hansbrough
Walkup has replaced Tyler Hansbrough as my least favorite college player of all time
Buddy Hield is a smaller Tyler Hansbrough. At least I accept that Tyler got calls. 😉
for a guy that cheered for Tyler Hansbrough in college, complaining about someone who you think gets calls is ironic.
do you even know who Tyler hansbrough is lol
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Got her off the rebound, Quavo Tyler Hansbrough
Who holds the NCAA record for most made free throws?. Tyler Hansbrough holds the NCAA record for most made free...
What we learned from last night's Barnes/Henson antics? Henson just like Tyler Hansbrough is a fake UNC tough guy
Let UNC use Tyler Hansbrough for the tournament . Not like he's being used in the NBA
People I spoke with say the crowd for the Tolton game rivaled Poplar Bluff vs Vashon when Tyler Hansbrough played at Mizzou…
I would be totally okay if someone Kennedy Meeks hot Tyler Hansbrough'd
Among the notable names in attendance at Danny Ferry, Tyler Hansbrough and David Robinson
Plumlee is a poor mans Tyler Hansbrough
No brainer.. Congrats Tyler Hansbrough from UNC was Psycho-T. Casey is Psycho-C..
I still maintain he should've been guarding Paul Pierce instead of Tyler Hansbrough. That's all we asked.
Great to see tyler hansbrough putting up a fight against the cavs. Psycho T putting in work.
I once beat Tyler Hansbrough in a game of Pop O' Shot in Chicago.
Frank Kamisky and Tyler Hansbrough. What an annoying front court.
Put Tyler hansbrough in and let him fight lebron
Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lin, Tyler Hansbrough, Frank Kaminsky.. the Hornets have some legends on their team featured in NBC s Science of Love
I lied. The girl with the Tyler Hansbrough sign is my hero.
Nobody hates anybody more than I hate Tyler Hansbrough
I need the tickets so I can see the legendary Tyler Hansbrough in action
I got her off the rebound Lil g Tyler Hansbrough
For never was a story of more woe than of Braden, Lucas, and Tyler Hansbrough.
Indeed, Tyler Hansbrough was rarely beaten while at UNC.
Is it just me or is Ethan Happ going to be Tyler Hansbrough in two years if he develops a mid range jumper?
ive liked the pats since 2000 and I've liked UNC since Tyler hansbrough was there
nobody and I mean nobody beats Tyler Hansbrough of UNC.
Grayson Allen is slowly joining the ranks of JJ Reddick, Tyler Hansbrough, and Greg Paulus
same thing with Tyler Hansbrough in 08
Allen reminds me of Tyler hansbrough. All he does is whines and tries to get every call.
You can ask Tyler Hansbrough, Jawad Williams, Eric Montross, and James Worthy all about that.
Spencer Hawes starts and does NOTHING beneficial, but Tyler Hansbrough records a double-double (12pts 14reb) but barely plays
Tyler Hansbrough looks like he's constantly haunted by ghosts no one else sees.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Russ/KD, Bron and Love or Kyrie, Paul/Griffin, Jackson/Drummond, then Spencer Hawes and Tyler Hansbrough?
Hold the phone, the Hornets have Cody Zeller, Frank Kaminsky, AND Tyler Hansbrough??? White Guy college basketball royalty on one team wow.
Tyler Hansbrough is Frank Kaminsky 7 years from now
Didn't realize Charlotte has Tyler Hansbrough, Frank Kaminsky, Cody Zeller, and Spencer Hawes. That's quite a crop of tall goofy white dudes
A 2009 "re-drafting" says Jodie Meeks should have been a lottery pick instead of Tyler Hansbrough. Good call.
Associate Head Coach Patrick Ewing working with Tyler Hansbrough on day 3 of
I always imagined my first time meeting Tyler Hansbrough would be more magical. Not in a darkly lot bar and when he's not in a jovial mood.
Hornets bringing ex-Tar Heels star Tyler Hansbrough back to C... |
How is Tyler Hunt third string? Make him starter until Hansbrough is back.
Just got a picture with Tyler Hansbrough!!
I got her off a rebound, quavo tyler hansbrough
Caught her off the rebound Quavo Tyler Hansbrough
"I got her off the rebound, Quvao Tyler Hansbrough".
I got her off the rebound QUAVO TYLER HANSBROUGH
I got her off the rebound kenzo Tyler Hansbrough
Got her off the rebound Quavo Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler hansbrough looks like he's being haunted by ghosts that no one else sees 😂😂😭😂
Still better than read like Tyler Hansbrough Day.
Whiteside is more like Shaq and Zo was more like Tyler Hansbrough aka Psycho T
Russell Hansbrough has played as many snaps as Tyler Hunt (17) through 2 games.
Can't trust ppl that look like a muppet. Would you trust Tyler hansbrough? Didn't think so
With Russell Hansbrough out against UConn, will start Ish Witter at running back. Morgan Steward and Tyler Hunt listed as co-backups
RB Russell Hansbrough is OUT vs. UCONN. . Ish Witter listed as starting RB. Morgan Steward & Tyler Hunt listed as "OR" at no. 2 RB.
Russell Hansbrough ruled out for the Connecticut game. Ish Witter listed as the starter, Morgan Steward OR Tyler Hunt the backup.
I feel like 1-3 are set in stone but 4 and 5 are up for debate. PG- Phil Ford SG-🐐 SF-James Worthy PF- Antwan Jamison C- Tyler Hansbrough
Nobody on this entire planet fits white sports stereotype than Tyler Hansbrough.. He's all of them.
It'd be cool if we had Danny Green, Marshall, Henson, Ellington, an Hansbrough. But was still an awesome game!
hansbrough>zeller but believe me I loved Tyler zeller but a former national player of the year man. Can't beat it
or Felton instead of hairston Hansbrough instead of zeller
no john henson no tyler zeller no tyler hansbrough no Danny Green . no Ty Lawson WDF!
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Carolina and Kentucky alumni game and no Tyler Hansbrough dang it
Neither Russell Hansbrough nor Ish Witter has his helmet with him on the sideline. Might be the Tyler Hunt show from he…
With Jeremy Lamb, Jeremy Lin, Tyler Hansbrough, and Marvin Williams off the bench ... Pretty good
Power forward: Either Cody Zeller or Frank Kaminsky as starter, then Williams and Tyler Hansbrough.
Biyombo signed with the Raptors after 4 years in Charlotte to fill in for the departed Amir Johnson and Tyler Hansbrough.
Hornets have reached an agreement with Tyler Hansbrough. (h/t
Tyler Hansbrough's secret revenge plan is complete. on the three-step process
DID YOU KNOW? teammates Marvin Williams and Tyler Hansbrough were back-to-back National Freshmen of the Year at UNC…
"North Carolina has always been a home to me, and I'm excited to come back here and play." -Tyler Hansbrough
Charlotte Hornets sign Tyler Hansbrough. We now know the real reason they had to trade Gerald Henderson.
Guys who I like for Grizz to sign at vet min: Will Barton, Gerald Green, Quincy Acy, Cole Aldrich, Tyler Hansbrough
Any checking out of Gerald Green, Dorell Wright, Sam Dalembert, or Tyler Hansbrough?
should try to sign Austin Rivers, Tyler Hansbrough, Norris Cole, Gerald Green, Robbie Hummel. (Not all) 1 or 2 of these guys.
The guys who make the most sense for 1. Dorell Wright 2.Gerald Green 3.Tyler Hansbrough
should go after Jordan Hill, Joel Freeland, Cory Joseph or resign Tyler Hansbrough to fill out the roster..
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He never said that, besides everyone know Tyler Hansbrough is the best player in the NBA.Lmao!
Although he can't be any worse than Tyler Hansbrough 2.0 from Wisconsin.
Wisler has the eyes of Tyler Hansbrough. Intense and focused. Dude is the real deal!
Had Tyler Hansbrough and who's that Derrick Rose guy in the State Finals?? lol
The NBA Draft is next Thursday. In 2009, with the 13th pick, the Indiana Pacers chose Tyler Hansbrough, F, North Carolina.
Always throws me for a loop when I see Tyler Hansbrough hanging out in a Carrboro coffee shop.
I wish my boy Tyler "Phsyco T" Hansbrough was as good in the NBA as he was in college
I still really want a Tyler Hansbrough UNC jersey.
will trade you our Tyler Hansbrough aka psycho T for the 2 pick straight up.
Still can't believe the Pacers passed on Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague and Ty Lawson to get who? . Tyler Hansbrough.
please tell me more about the NBA careers of Sean May and Tyler Hansbrough
you'll be on the same campus the GOAT went to... Tyler Hansbrough!
Where in the world is Tyler Hansbrough?
Harrison Barnes won an NBA title before Tyler Hansbrough so all is right with the world
In the finals rn for 2k and Tyler Hansbrough has been in my starting lineup for about 7 games now LOL. Dwane Casey u ok??
Which will just make it that more embarrassing when he talks trash and gets dunked on by Tyler Hansbrough.
Draymond Green is slowly making his way into a group of NBA players I hate. Along with Kendrick Perkins, Tyler Hansbrough and Joakim Noah
If Tyler Hansbrough was black he would be Tristan Thompson
Alan Anderson, Tyler Hansbrough, Omri Casspi, Amir Johnson, Jonas Jerebko could be some good cheap FAs for them.
"In Indiana they called it the MFer clock" this Hansbrough feature is A+
“Tyler Hansbrough was ready to fight but then saw who was really behind him
Tyler Hansbrough aka Psycho T spreading knowledge to the campers this afternoon
I wish Tyler Hansbrough's talent transitioned into the NBA better lol
okay. So who's better, Tyler Hansbrough or Harrison Barnes?
Man dudes who came out of North Carolina back in the day were automatically nice. Since the Tyler Hansbrough era they been sucky...barnes
didn't know Tyler Hansbrough was a raver
Dellavedova is turning into the Tyler Hansbrough of the playoffs
and don't forget Tyler hansbrough who have Duke the hands every time he played them
Slipped up and didn't get Hasheem Thabeet or Tyler Hansbrough's autograph tho
and fav if you miss Tyler Hansbrough:(
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Tyler Hansbrough 2.0- great in college, probably not in NBA
4/5 of my least fav NBA players are white guys. Paul Pierce . Matthew Dellavedova . Chris Anderson . Tyler Hansbrough . Pero Antic
Rough foul by Tyler Hansbrough, but he knows about the pain whites inflict on African-Americans from his UNC Afro-American Studies classes.
Release Chuck Hayes, Tyler Hansbrough, Amir Johnson, Landry Fields and pick up Tristian Thompson and Tyson Chandler and we are set.
Tyler Hansbrough getting the start in the Washington vs Toronto game
Ben Hansbrough, Tyler Hansbrough, Brandon Rush--What could have been? BJ Young, Brad beal, Ben Mclemore, Otto Porter-What could have been?
Tyler Hansbrough, Ben Hansbrough, Brandon Rush, stand up! at UNC talking about reppin the 573, LOL! WHAT? Don't look at MU, look at You
Tyler Hansbrough, Brandon Rush, Ben Hansbrough, BJ Young, Brad Beal, Ben Mclemore, Alec Burks, Jimmmy Whitt, I love you all, but why?
Jonas Valanciunas, Tyler Hansbrough, Lou Williams and James Johnson all have more win shares/48 minutes than Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan.
JJ Redick, Adam Morrison, Cody Zeller, Tyler Hansbrough do i need to keep going
Big white men don't do so good in the NBA cough Tyler Hansbrough, Alex Len, Cody Zeller cough
Grayson Allen is my new Tyler Hansbrough and Cody Zeller.
Only in NCAA basketball can the best player on a team be a role player in the NBA.. ala Harrison Barnes, Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Hansbrough..
don't forget Tyler Hansbrough, Tyler Zeller etc were college players of the year
Dwayne Casey said that Tyler Hansbrough could start playing shooting guard for the
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I miss the good ole days when North Carolina had Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Ed Davis, and Tyler Zeller
Trade David West to for the expiring contrats of Tyler Hansbrough & Landry Fields
Athletes I hate the most of all time . 1. Matt Leinart. 2. Reggie Bush . 3. Tyler Hansbrough
like cockstrong white boys exist. i seen Tyler Hansbrough at Poplar Bluff.SERVING them Vashon *** in the State chip. Vashon was US
ya i feel it. After Mozgov, they need Steve Blake and Tyler Hansbrough to complete the Big 3
While he stunk, I've seen far worse. Gerald Green, Tyler Hansbrough last year, TJ Ford, and James Posey just to name a few.
Tyler Hansbrough still exists??. That's unfortunate... Where's Gerald Henderson when you need him??. 🙌👏.
that's legit. I'd go with Marshall, Paige, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, and Kennedy Meeks.
From University of North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball: Happy birthday today to a Tar Heel great, C Sam Perkins ('84), who today turns 53 years old. Sam is a member of the 1982 National Championship team who was the last dominant four-year big man at Carolina before Tyler Hansbrough came in. Better known as "Sleepy Sam" and "Big Smooth", Sam had a signature jump hook that worked to perfection. Sam's career was not too shabby. He averaged 16 points per game, made 58% of his shots, rebounded 8.6 times and was a good FT shooter, making nearly 80% of his shots. Among the accolades Sam achieved at Chapel Hill include winning the 1981 ACC Rookie of the Year, 1981 ACC Tournament MVP, a three-time first-team All-ACC, and three-time All-American. Sam also competed as a McDonald's All-American in 1980 and was part of the US Team that won the Gold at the Los Angeles Games in 1984. His jersey is among those that hangs in the rafters, though it is not retired. After his great career at UNC, Sam was taken with the 4th ...
From University of North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball 20 hrs · (Posted yesterday) Happy 25th birthday to former UNC C Ed Davis. Ed competed for the Tar Heels for two seasons, first as a backup to Tyler Hansbrough during the 2009 National Championship team and then as a full-time starter the following year. Ed was a 2008 McDonald's All-American participant, the 2009 Most Improved Player at Carolina, and the 2009 ACC Freshman of the Year. Ed played his high school ball in the Richmond, Virginia area, playing his last two seasons at historical powerhouse Benedictine Prep, winning two state championships and was Mr. Basketball in Virginia in 2008. In his sophomore season, Ed was the second leading scorer at 13.4 ppg and led the team in rebounds, nearly 10 per game, and blocked shots with 64 (2.8 per game). Ed only played and started 23 games in 2010, after a wrist injury against Duke effectively ended his season (and eventually career at UNC). The incident marked a turning point as it put a freshman by the ...
Everyone needs a JJ Redick, Tyler Hansbrough, Tim Tebow, and Johnny Manziel on their team. With Greg Paulus as assistant coach.
Birdman shoves Tyler Hansbrough. Chris Andersen knocks down Tyler Hansbrough and gets called the Flagrant 1 Foul as the Miami Heat play the Indiana Pacers in…
Larry Bird drafted Tyler Hansbrough ahead of Ty Lawson and Jeff Teague.
If I had to name players that I actually like on the it would be Steve Novak and Tyler Hansbrough
I just realized Tyler Hansbrough looks exactly like a caucasian Eli Porter, wow
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People who the lady next to me at this bar hates (so far): Charles Barkley, Tyler Hansbrough, the entire Raptors lineup (bc of Hansbrough)
Good luck to Donald Sterling fielding a competitive NBA team with Josh McRoberts, Steve Blake, Kyle Korver, Tyler Hansbrough, Kirk Heinrich both Zellers and all three Plumlees.
😂😂😂😂 & the plumblee bros. Oh and Tyler Hansbrough
Starting 5 would be: Kwame Brown, Tyler Hansbrough, Lamar Odom, and two more scrub *** dudes not the Clippers you that are in LA
Larry Johnson wants there to be an all-black NBA. I'm all for it because I hate charges and Tyler Hansbrough
do you think the Pacers miss Tyler Hansbrough's toughness?
Kim Anderson could be great if he makes sure that the Tyler Hansbrough's, Otto Porter's, etc. don't leave Missouri. (Tatum *cough cough)
Man, seeing this Pacers meltdown is more depressing than when I watched them draft Tyler Hansbrough 13th overall.
Tyler Hansbrough was really underrated off Indy's bench last year. He brought effort, energy, intensity, and toughness. Can't quantify that.
Still dream about that potential Blair-Hansbrough Final Four matchup in 09, he would've absolutely owned Tyler. Freakin' Scottie Reynolds...
Just based off the fact that they should feel shamed . But they are definitely missing Tyler Hansbrough
If pacers still had Tyler Hansbrough... That would be the perfect guy to put on Millsap in this series. bunch of "ifs" though
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The Pacers miss Tyler Hansbrough, or is it Hansborough? Psycho T.
Instead of taking jrue holiday, Ty Lawson or Jeff Teague we decided to take tyler hansbrough
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They should have kept Tyler Hansbrough n got somebody good for Roy lol
No Georgetown fan can EVER Sass Tyler Hansbrough in my presence EVER again LOL
I'm not racist. The only basketball players who I won't let take a picture with my wife is Larry Bird and Tyler Hansbrough.
If we still had Tyler Hansbrough, we would be up by 10 at half.
Gerald Henderson hasn't hit a shot since he hit Tyler Hansbrough in the nose
I quietly ponder how the Heat bigs would adjust if a goonish Tyler Hansbrough was regulating the paint for Bobcats right now. Heat owning it
he's like 21 and plays hard atleast those other 2 guys r pathetic...He can end up being tyler Hansbrough
Starting lineup for the clippers next season: kurt Hinrich, JJ Redich, Tyler Hansbrough, nick Stauskus,and Timothy Mozgov in the middle.
he's just sick of Tyler Hansbrough's domination.
Drafting Tyler Hansbrough ahead of Jeff Teague on a point guard starved team isn't a Frank Vogel problem
Where Tyler Hansbrough ends up after trying to block Omer Asik's dunk.
Playing the role of Gerald Henderson tonight will be Chandler Parsons and playing the role of Tyler Hansbrough will be LaMarcus Aldridge.
Tyler Hansbrough doesn't see anything wrong with that.
NBA Playoffs 2014: DeMar DeRozan finds Tyler Hansbrough for the jam (GIF)
Tyler Hansbrough thanks for the follow on
he's helpin out defensively but I don't know why they don't put in Tyler hansbrough .
Raps can't get a rebound. Is Tyler Hansbrough dead???
Tyler hansbrough seems like he could be a serial killer!
Derozan can't hit a shot to save his life get Terrence ross out there and Tyler Hansbrough
Does Dwayne Casey not have better options than to put Chuck Hayes in.? Exhibit A: Tyler Hansbrough
Raptors should be giving tyler hansbrough playing time
Bring in tyler hansbrough and foul Pierce's brains out!
.5 years ago. Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson with 8 steals in the first half. Every tournament game a double digit win. lol
It's time for Tyler Hansbrough. It's time for blood.
Could someone tell Tyler Hansbrough that after the age of 9, the bowl haircut is no longer acceptable for a male to rock.
I think tyler hansbrough would really benefit from parting his hair at the side.
It's amazing that Tyler Hansbrough doesn't have a SportsClips endorsement deal. He could easily be the face of $8 haircut…
I absolutely despise Tyler Hansbrough and everything he does.
Paul Pierce crosses over Tyler Hansbrough before throwing down the huge slam ...
My pick is Reggie Evans or Tyler Hansbrough. Hate hate hate.
Paul Pierce scored 15 points for the Nets Friday night, but none produced the reaction his crossover of Tyler Hansbrough did for the running flush.
Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce channeled his inner youth Friday night against the Toronto Raptors, crossing over Tyler Hansbrough en route to a loud dunk in the second quarter of Game 3. Pierce ...
If ever there is an NBA *** Hall of Fame, KG, Tyler Hansbrough, and Joakim Noah will all be part of the first class
Nets lead Raptors, 49-45, at half, and Paul Pierce has STILL GOT IT: 8 Pts and shook Tyler Hansbrough for this slam. http…
I had never watched the Toronto Raptors play before today. Seemed a little unnatural watching Dwane Casey coach Tyler Hansbrough, Patrick Patterson, and Chuck Hayes.
Frank Vogel is fond of bringing up the absence of Tyler Hansbrough when discussing Hibbert's rebounding decline this year, but...(cont)
Who is and on that list, Wayman Tisdale and who...Tyler Hansbrough, Joe Smith, Anthony Davis, David Thompson???
Kyrie Irving shakes Tyler Hansbrough with this NASTY crossover! . [VID]:
Imagine is Joakim Noah and Tyler Hansbrough were on the same team. I'm not comparing talent, just hustle
Jabari Parker degree of difficulty on his made baskets reminds me of Tyler Hansbrough smh
Kyrie Irving crossed Tyler Hansbrough so bad that the whole white race was hurt.
is it just me or is Marshall Plumlee a poor man's Tyler Hansbrough ?
Doug McDermott continued his climb up the all-time scoring list with a strong second half, and Ethan Wragge dialed in from long distance. That was enough to lift No. 11 Creighton past Marquette 85-70 on Wednesday night in a foul-plagued Big East game. McDermott, who entered as the nation's leading scorer at 25.9 points per game, scored 17 of his 25 points in the second half, pushing his career total to 2,888 and moving him past Houston's Elvin Hayes (2,884) and North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough (2,872) into 11th place on the career list. THA TRUTH
Doug McDermott has now passed Tyler Hansbrough and Elvin Hayes on the all-time scoring list, moving from 13th to 11th.
Taj Gibson vs Tyler Hansbrough is a study in opposites on so many levels, especially regarding college to NBA expectations.
OH!! Thank You Stuart Scott you just made my night!!! tonight was the 1st time that a number one seed hit a game winner in the final seconds since.Tyler Hansbrough game winner 2008 ACC Tournament against Virginia Tech!! I needed that!! :)
I liked a video Chris Andersen Flagrant Foul on Tyler Hansbrough - Game 5 ECF
The one time Tyler Hansbrough was drafted before Ty Lawson.
Aye Dyrone Thompson Dre Smalls Latonya Thompson Jennifer Smalls Jacob Warren what happened to the UNC players in the NBA?? Rashard Mccants, Sean May, Tyler Hansbrough.did they file for bankruptcy yet? Or kicked out of the league?? LMAO Look up JJ Redick stats, Kyrie Irving, Gerald Henderson just to name a few.Shane Battier, Luol Deng, and Ryan Kelly.
Y'all we need king tyler hansbrough back. 😭😭😭😭
Nope. Tyler Hansbrough would have changed nothing in losses to Celts, Lakers and whatever this game is.
This is where the Raps miss the energy Tyler Hansbrough brings
I wish my boy Tyler Hansbrough was playing instead of being hurt 😍😭
Tell king tyler hansbrough to come back already
Landry Fields and Tyler Hansbrough of the Raptors are both inactive today.
Tyler Hansbrough was shooting jumpers once he left UNC because of Roy and Tyler work ethic
Tyler Hansbrough-F: Tyler Hansbrough (ankle) will not play Monday vs. the Bobcats.
Toronto Raptors need every single piece they have
Toronto need every single piece they have - National Post
Tyler Hansbrough: (ankle) missed Sunday's game against the Lakers and has now been out with the injury for three weeks.
I uploaded a video Joakim Noah Block at the rim Tyler Hansbrough dunk attempt P
Also, on the fragile state of the Raptors:
so tyler Tyler Hansbrough is the best player to ever go to UNC
Classic "Tyler Hansbrough has a change of heart.
he's the second coming of Tyler Hansbrough!
here's a picture of me "hanging out" w/ Tyler Hansbrough, b4 he went pro. Where's ur pic of Manziel?
Everyone get off Sherman. Every successful team has/had 1 or 2 crazy dudes. That being part of the reason for their success. Passion gets you victories. S. Jackson, V. Maxwell, Gary Payton, Metta, Ray Lewis, Tyler Hansbrough, Rasheed Wallace teams can all testify to this.
i dont think i bring up my hate for Tyler Hansbrough enough
Just want to point out that the idea "Boy, the Raptors really missed John Salmons and Tyler Hansbrough" is a thing.
On the Raptors, in a bit of a fragile state. But don't panic!
I miss having Tyler Hansbrough on the Raptors
Btw, did you know Jerome Bettis is from Detroit and Tyler Hansbrough plays hard?
No John Salmons (back still acting up), no Tyler Hansbrough for the Raptors as they take on the Lakers.
John Salmons-F: Raptors will be without John Salmons and Tyler Hansbrough today against the Lakers.
No Tyler Hansbrough or John Salmons today for the Drakes
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Tyler Hansbrough / Tyler Hansbrough (ankle) is out for Sunday's game vs. the Lakers.
Tyler Hansbrough-F: Tyler Hansbrough (ankle) is unlikely to play Sunday vs. the Lakers.
Tyler Hansbrough will miss a 9th straight (sprained left ankle) and John Salmons (back spasms) is a game time decision.
This waiter at Texas Roadhouse looks just like Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler Hansbrough is a quality basketball player.
is McDermott a less athletic Tyler Hansbrough
Can anyone help me with a bv on these?The Blake Griffin/Tyler Hansbrough rookie is /100
Marcus Smart might have the potential to join Tyler Hansbrough and Anthony Davis as my most hated college basketball players of recent memory.
THIS DAY IN MISSOURI HISTORY - • January 18, 1808 – William Ray was born on this day. He operated an important blacksmith shop on the Santa Fe Trail in a spot which is today named for him - Raytown. • January 18, 1836 – The attorney, Charles Phillip Johnson, was born on this date. He was known for defending outlaws like Frank James and for railing against the death penalty for the criminally insane. • January 18, 1851 – Christian College in Columbia, MO was incorporated. (At that time it was known as the Christian Female College.) • January 18, 1893 – The Ninth Street Theater in K.C. burned when a fire broke out in the furnace room. The owner accused the tenant of arson. No one was injured • January 18, 1909 – George H. Rawlings died on this date. In 1887 he had opened a popular sporting goods store in St. Louis. Trivia: In 1919 a Cardinals pitcher asked George Rawlings’ firm to make a glove with a web between the thumb and the forefinger. This set the pattern for all future ba ...
So do we know if Tyler Hansbrough can read?
This video of Tyler Hansbrough getting scared of World Peace is too *** funny.
Tyler Hansbrough had 17 points. Toronto Raptors won 97-89. Game was played on Oct 7, not Oct 8.
Might be meeting tyler hansbrough tonight at the celtics game
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