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Tyler Clippard

Tyler Lee Clippard (born February 14, 1985) is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals.

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Tyler Clippard is the only current dependable one and I miss him on my team every day.
Me saying I miss Tyler Clippard tells you how suspect the Mets' bullpen is
First was Feliciano, then Carlos Torres, then Tyler Clippard, then Jim Henderson, now Salas.
Tyler Clippard is officially THE MAN, he threw me this ball without me even asking.
Showing some respect for the Clippardbot!
Yeah and Tyler clippard is the 7th inning man. Horrendous
Hear from Tyler Clippard himself about being drafted in 2003. Watch our newest episode of
3/3 P.S. I think Davey Johnson and Matt Williams may have frequently deployed the Goose Egg strategy with Tyler Clippard without knowing it.
only other option would be Jarrod Dyson temporarily or one of willy peralta sp Milwaukee or Tyler Clipp…
Ooof. Isn't that below the PECOTA projections? You'll regret…
Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen are giggling somewhere.
to tell GAMERS what is going on w/ them. Last night I heard news/sports report on stating NYMets pitcher TYLER CLIPPARD & need to
also bought a Tyler clippard autograph in 2007 thinking he'd be the future
Tyler Clippard did it the hard way on Saturday, but got his first save of the season after all!
Tyler Clippard was almost bud today, but he was just not bud enough
Clippard struggles but finally nails down save via
Holy moly, the Mitovicha Twins got their first save today. Thanks, Tyler Clippard!
Tyler Clippard! Hung in there and saved the game! Yankees are doing what good teams do--they win!!
New York Yankees pitcher Tyler Clippard reacts after striking out the St. Louis Cardinals to end…
Tyler Clippard / Tyler Clippard allowed a home run in the ninth inning but struck
Love to see Yankees fans already frustrated with Tyler Clippard.
Things got very chippy at the end where the Cardinals almost came back to tie the game, but Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard were .
WHEW! Tyler Clippard got the save! Another 1 run win, another series win! 6 wins in a row! Lets get the sweep tomorrow! LETS GO YANKEES!!!
Tyler Clippard is so trash, my god lmao
Tyler Clippard records the save (1), and CC Sabathia (2-0) earns his 2nd win with a final score of 3-1.
It's a "Wetteland" for Tyler Clippard, but he locks it down and the Yankees still win their 6th straight
Glooks to Tyler clippard for scarin everyone but that's 6 In a row
It was scary as all *** & Tyler Clippard made me sweat until the final strike but finally the Yankees Win & thats 6 in a row now !
The Yankees bullpen doesnt have Champman or Betances available today so Tyler Clippard comes into the game to let it
Tyler Clippard getting saves for the New York Yankees in 2017. What a world.
Tyler Clippard, that was all so unnecessary.
Someone needs to tell Tyler Clippard it's April and to calm down lmao
Tyler Clippard is so trash, but atleast he got it done
Tyler Clippard with the save what a pitching performance!
I don't know how Tyler Clippard has been successful as long as he has. Even when he's on, he gets away with off-speed pitches up in the zone
Tyler Clippard is wild shakey right now, smh.
Tyler Clippard about to blow this game
Bryan Mitchell warming in the Yankees bullpen. Tyler Clippard making things very interesting.
Tyler Clippard's three-pitch sequence to strike out Yadier Molina.
Tyler Clippard, why? Highlights cut and written. Just need a final score. But no.
I feel like Adam Warren is better at pitching than Tyler Clippard. Y/N.
People I never want to see again: Tyler Clippard, Geno Smith, Ben Zobrist
Adam Jones robs Machado of HR as Tyler Clippard goes nuts at WBC: Yankees reliever Tyler Clippard got……
RP Tyler Clippard ramped up for his first World Baseball Classic
Tyler Clippard, Dellin Betances, Aroldis Chapman at the back end is very solid. Throw in Adam Warren + Tommy Layne & i…
A bullpen consisting of Aroldis Chapman, Greg Holland, Dellin Betances, Tyler Clippard, and Adam Warren is untouchable.
And now we all sing “Tyler Clippard is coming home” set to the tune of What Did I Miss from Hamilton.
Jorge Soler dealt at the deadline for a high contact OF or a setup man (Andrew Miller or Tyler Clippard). Mark my words.
best part of his homerun was that it gave Tyler Clippard the loss.
D-backs fall to the Rockies 8-7. Ray went 4.2 IP with 9 Ks and 3 ER. Tyler Clippard takes the loss.
I mean, Nolan Arenado v. Tyler Clippard at Coors Field... A homer wasn't that hard to see coming.
Nolan Arenado smacks a floating, two-strike change-up from Tyler Clippard over the wall in left. Rockies back on top, 8-7.
I've always thought Rockies should pursue Tyler Clippard. Come in here in multiple uniforms and never really seems phased by the ballpark
there is no reason for an exclamation point at all. also Tyler Clippard.
Did Murphy cost us that game or did Tyler Clippard? I blame Clippard on that one
Really stoked on those additions Jean Segura, Tyler Clippard mixed in with Drury, Lamb and Peralta once Goldy gets right straight 🔥
Tyler Clippard looks like the kid in your high school who never attended a single extracurricular thing and you never saw outside school.
Tyler Clippard looks like your weird neighbor sho makes his own long boards
This person who I thought of when I saw that item brought home by Linda was both Terry Collins and then Tyler Clippard
NEXT MAJOR NEWS! I received clearance to tell you that TYLER CLIPPARD under his real name when he was estranged from his wife under her name
TYLER CLIPPARD (I hope he doesn't work for grocery delivery services)
several different "looks" associated with Pitcher TYLER CLIPPARD (more)
Yeah, but it seems like that's the case with their pen, too. Tyler Clippard? Cmon, man
His bread & butter is his changeup. Maybe his ceiling looks like Tyler Clippard? At least in style, hopefully he gets that good.
This is going to mean almost nothing to more persons reading this unless you remember baseball & possibly played w/ him. He's TYLER CLIPPARD
These Braves are even immune to the Tyler Clippard curse. 😔
Maybe the Hawks should convince the Cavs to sign Tyler Clippard
Zack Greinke's night is done after 6 innings. Tyler Clippard coming on. Greinke allowed 2 runs on 7 hits.
My mom has decided Tyler Clippard looks like Weird Al.
We just need Tyler Clippard to come in.
Today's trivia champ on a Winning Wednesday snags a Tyler Clippard bobblehead. We'll ask the question top of the 5th on
Ichiro plates two off Tyler Clippard with base hit
I wonder what Drew Storen, Tyler Clippard, Rafael Soriano and Craig Stammen are up to right now.
Remember the 8/9 combo of Sean Burnett and Tyler Clippard? I feel like that's as good as it's been in ages.
Tyler Clippard one of my 3 batters Stanton has 20 or more PA against, and hasn't homered off of.
Justin Bour homered off Tyler Clippard twice last year and yet Chris Johnson is still in the game.
Christian Yelich just hit a monster HR off the 2nd deck off of Tyler Clippard.
BO Tyler Clippard. BO. Shoulda signed him in offseason btw. But BO, Tyler Clippard.
Tyler Clippard in, so the Marlins should just opt out of playing this inning
Every offseason I want the Marlins to get Tyler Clippard. Still don't know what the Nats were thinking in giving him up.
I still have never seen the Marlins score a run off Tyler Clippard
Tyler Houston or Tyler Clippard appear to be the best. Weak name. (Lefty Tyler p good)
is there a good baseball Tyler besides Clippard? can't think of one.
Tyler Clippard (.232) has the lowest BABiP-against of any pitcher over the past 10 seasons. Stat courtesy of
If only the signed Tyler Clippard we could have had the 2014 Washington Nationals bullpen...
Tyler Clippard loves what's brewing with Diamondbacks...
Last year, Tyler Clippard was the only player in MLB with a salary ending in 001, meaning 1 extra dollar.
Tyler Clippard: Happy to be in Arizona, will handle any role.
Comp of what Os gave for Frank Robinson. Slight past prime Wally Joyner, prime Tyler Clippard, and prime Bret Saberhagen.
did he want to change numbers of did he offer it to Tyler Clippard?
"Everybody is really motivated... Nobody has shown any signs of not taking things seriously." pitcher Tyler Clippard.
"If you just obsess over [wins and losses], you're not going to be able to be successful." -Chip Hale.
Tyler Clippard, Archie Bradley and Shelby Miller are among Collmenter's students today.
D-backs keep focus on little things that can yield bigger rewards
Tyler Clippard is fitting in quite nicely in Arizona. Already speaking well of his bullpen and feeling very involved.
Is there any current player in the Yankees system that you dislike as much as you did Tyler Clippard? lol
Tyler Clippard on his new bullpen, " has done a good job of including me. I'm now part of the bullpen group text. "
can't tell if Danny Garrett or Tyler Clippard🤔
Tyler Clippard discusses being part of the offseason acquisitions for Arizona and still having fun:.
Hale says Brad Ziegler, Daniel Hudson and Tyler Clippard are interchangeable in the late innings this season.
4 months later and Tyler Clippard still *** and I still don't forgive him
Tyler Clippard is very happy to be here playing with the Dbacks and likes being in the desert. Nice guy! Shud fit right in.
New York Mets: Neal Cotts could help in mid-relief: With Jenrry Mejía banned from MLB for life and Tyler Clippard… https:/…
Tyler Clippard - although, I'm required to say that since I'll see him a lot more than the other acquisitions
Bout to get a pic with Tyler Clippard
we all expected, as Tyler Clippard may come soon:
First look at new Arizona Diamondbacks Shelby Miller, Zack Greinke and Tyler Clippard!
RHP Tyler Clippard (will wear number 19. Last worn by INF Jake Lamb in 2015.
Now that Tyler Clippard is with the D'Backs, it looks like Papelbon will be the Opening Day closer:
Got a bad feeling Tyler Clippard is gonna be the new Addison Reed.
Wonder which reliever we'll sign. A guy like Ryan Webb or, dare I sayeth, Tyler Clippard.
If we could just grab Tyler Clippard and Justin Morneau id say this offseason was a success
Are the looking at RP still, maybe Tyler Clippard and/or Greg Holland to pitch 7th and 8th in front of Jansen?
And d'Arnaud came back, and Conforto came up, and they got Kelly Johnson + Juan Uribe, and Tyler Clippard.
Also I am hearing that the Yankees like Tyler Clippard and Tony Sipp.
so was using Tyler Clippard at any point
When you're watching a Mets Classics game and it's Tyler Clippard that's blows the game LOL
Thoughts on Tyler Clippard for the bullpen?
Dunno. But think a reunion with Mark Lowe is more likely. how about Tyler Clippard??
>> Tyler Clippard wants to return to Mets but knows it's complicated
cespedes and wieters, maybe jackson would be ideal. And tyler clippard lol
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replace Tyler clippard with any decent relief pitcher and the are playing tonight.
Watching Justin Bour homer off Tyler Clippard repeatedly is FUN.
.Jim Johnson, Tyler Clippard, Edward Mujica... shall I go on? It's a deep market for relievers.
Tyler Clippard is somewhere in Wyoming porking his sister.
Tyler Clippard of the Mets was on the same plane as me
Tyler Clippard was two rows behind mine on my plane ride to Bermuda
Frank Costanza 'how could you put in Tyler Clippard?!'
Tyler clippard totally available to fill the gaping hole in bullpen left by Casey Janssen
On the same flight as Tyler Clippard...
Impostor busted for sneaking into Citi Field for Game 4 - was it Tyler Clippard?
special guest appearance by Tyler Clippard.
Tyler Clippard should probably be in the Detroit bullpen next season
JV... please tell whoever you can we need to resign AJ, Fister, Cespedes, and Soria, and add Tyler Clippard & Tony Sipp. Ty
Trading for Tyler Clippard was one of em
finding out there's a jackthreads kfc discount may be worse than the tyler clippard saga. Eh, maybe not
Mets needs to bring back Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, Bartolo Colon, Tyler Clippard, Jerry Blevins. They're did great job.
I think we should only resign Tyler clippard
Tyler Clippard a free agent only two days too late.
At work. Zero is Tyler Clippard. Also Duda for that "What the *** was that?!" throw to the plate.
World Series is over, have the signed Darren O'Day & Tyler Clippard yet?
Here's who was to blame for the Mets loss (in order):. 4. David Murphy. 3. Terry Collins. 2. Tyler Clippard. 1. You guessed it, Frank Stallone.
With a lead, Terry Collins should have a shorter leash with Tyler Clippard. Jeruys Familia should be good to go for 4 outs or more.
Today's District Daily discusses Bob Carpenter returning in 2016 and Tyler Clippard's journey to the World Series:
The Marlins knocked around Bartolo Colon and Tyler Clippard, and the rookie Adam Conley helped keep the Mets scoreless as they lost a game
I remember when Phillip Hughes (before he was Phil), Joba, Ian Kennedy, Tyler Clippard, and Mark Melancon were prospects with the Yanks.
Craig Kimbrel, J.P. Howell, Tyler Clippard and Darren O'Day should ALL be on the radar this offseason. Need veterans in big spots
Tyler Clippard, Joakim Soria, trade for guys like Marc Rzepczynski. The topping would be Craig Kimbrel ;)
In which Tyler Clippard takes the role of Don Aase and Justin Bour plays Willie Randolph...
Recommendation by :Tyler Clippard filled in for Jeurys ...
Tyler Clippard was definitely a good pickup for the
Breast Cancer Awareness
Yeah, but they traded Casey Meisner for Tyler Clippard and Keith Law HATES that.
In his first ever MLB appearance, Tyler Clippard started and went 1-for-2 at Shea with a double off Scott Schoenweis:
Tyler Clippard grounds out to end the 9th, but he's still be a nice addition to the back end of the every day lineup
You just witnessed Tyler Clippard's first plate appearance since Aug. 5, 2011. Congratulations.
Tyler Clippard before that at bat: . 'Where do I put my hands? Can I wear my glasses? Which end do I hold? Should I swing hard?'
Tyler Clippard's first plate appearance since August 5, 2011 against the Rockies.
Tyler Clippard grounds out. 9-4 Mets, heading to the bottom of the ninth.
Tyler Clippard batting with Bartolo Colon's bat and David Wrights gloves lol
Tyler Clippard is getting an at-bat...okay...NOW I've seen everything!
Tyler Clippard is batting. Yes, that is happening.
This is Tyler Clippard's 15th career AB, and 1st this season. He's 3-for-14 lifetime at the plate.
Tyler Clippard is getting an AB. This is fun.
Tyler Clippard is batting. You really can't predict baseball.
If the get another base runner, will Tyler Clippard bat or will he be lifted for a PH?
This kid throwing for Pennsylvania throw like Tyler Clippard
"Struck Him Out!" Tyler Clippard gets a huge third out to send us to the ninth! . END-8.
"Thank god for Tyler Clippard" is not a phrase I ever thought I'd type.
Tyler Clippard saves the day, but that 6-0 lead going to 6-4 will get interesting in the bottom of the ninth.
Tyler Clippard is one of the most understated deadline moves in the league this year
bring on Tyler Clippard to replace Carlos Torres.
What'd we get Tyler Clippard for. Oh yeah to work the 8th inning
Tyler Clippard now coming into pitch.
Is anyone else worried that Tyler Clippard's arm is gonna fall off?
Tyler Clippard warming in the bullpen for the Mets.
My dad is at the third game in a row at CBP. Says his new favorite is Tyler Clippard who (in his words) "ain't bad for an ex Yank"
Hard-throwing, 6'7'' RHP Casey Meisner (acquired for Tyler Clippard) has allowed only 1 R on 5 H and 0 BB in last 10 IP with 10 Ks.
Oakland A's closers quiz: Can you name the team's saves leader for each year?
Jeurys Familia going for his fifth save of more than one inning. Cody Allen leads majors with six. Tyler Clippard, Zach Britton w/ 5.
Jeurys Familia reitres Carlos Ruiz to strand two baserunners inherited from Tyler Clippard. 6, 5, end 8. Murph due up in 9th
Tyler Clippard looks like he was the kid who sat next to the teacher on the school bus during trips in 3rd grade.
Update your maps at Navteq
Tyler clippard is an elite 8th inning guy in the league. Why take him out?? Would girardi ever take out betances here? Confused
Domonic Brown broke his bat in half, Tyler Clippard slammed his glove. So neither was happy with the process it seems.
Hansel Robles with a perfect seventh. Tyler Clippard and Jeurys Familia will take it from here. 6, 5, en…
Tyler Clippard should be doing my accounting homework.
Tyler Clippard should go with a fast pitch to get him out of this jam, Larry Bowa would love it
Kevin, Tyler Clippard is the hero we need. The four eyed savior, if you will
Tyler Clippard has to drive a non-descript white van during the offseason.
It's scary that Tyler Clippard is considered one of the reliable parts of this pen. Yikes.
Tyler clippard looks like ethan hawke in training day
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tyler Clippard looks like the kid who is a sidekick to the school bully
And during the 2008 "collapse," Luis Ayala was the closer. Now, despite some bullpen issues, there's still Jeurys Familia and Tyler Clippard
The have three big time starters and traded for Tyler Clippard and Carlos Gomez.
Sandy Alderson has acquired three veteran players (Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, and Tyler Clippard), surrendering three low level prospects
New post for Insiders - why the Mets' trade for Tyler Clippard is a bad deal for them (but good for the A's):
Sandy has managed to get Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe and Tyler Clippard without giving up top prospects. He can DEFINITELY make
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Completely updated story on the shoring up their bullpen with Tyler Clippard:
Official: The have acquired Tyler Clippard and cash from the A's. My updated story on
Terry Collins is gonna turn Tyler Clippard into Scott Proctor 2.0 isn't he
Wouldn't be shocked if the strike a deal with the in which they acquire both Tyler Clippard and Ben Zobrist.
Ben Zobrist and Tyler Clippard from Oakland for Cole Tucker, Adrian Sampson and Willy Garcia
predict will get Mike Leake and Tyler Clippard, I can live with that.
Oakland’s Brett Lawrie homered off Dellin Betances to start the 10th inning, and Tyler Clippard struck out Mark Teixeira wi…
Baseball Insider: Because of changing game, and should consider Tyler Clippard -
And now the stage is set for the former Yankee prospect Tyler Clippard to earn a save at the Yankee Stadium
trade Ben Zobrist and Tyler Clippard to for Jeff Hoffman, Dalton Pompey, and Brett Cecil.
The is raising $$ for St. Joseph's Pediatric Oncology. Help him here http…
The Mets need to trade for multiple bullpen arms. Tyler Clippard is a must have right now.
And the Mets are going to Tyler Clippard to work the 8th...and the Mets are going to Aroldis Chapman to work the 8th...sounds good.
News Alarm: Tyler Clippard (P - Oak) Tyler Clippard struck out the side in the ninth inning of Tuesday's game wi...
Recommendation by :Tyler Despite his 1-3 record, Clippa...
Tyler Clippard earned his 10th save of the season Tuesday in the A's 6-5 defeat of the A's.
Tyler Clippard nails down save to spoil Pat Murphy's managerial debut, 6-5. (-110) got to Craig Kimbrel in 9th. OVER hit
Tyler Clippard strikes out the side to pick up a save. That drops his ERA to 2.96 on the season.
Tyler Clippard strikes out the side to record his 10th save.
And Tyler Clippard strikes out the side to wrap up the road trip with a one run win.
Tyler Clippard STILL gets the save (as was planned in the 7th)
Tyler Clippard strikes out the side B9th and the beat the 6-5 in a hard fought game. SD now 32-35. Postgame
Tyler Clippard closes out 6-5 win over Padres, Oakland's 5th win in a one-run game against 18 losses.
Strikeout in the dirt, and a strikeout by pulling the string, Tyler Clippard is one out away from getting the save as he faces Derek Norris.
So it’s 6-5 and Tyler Clippard is in to try to earn the save. Just a simple inning please.
Athletics trade rumors: Blue Jays interested in Tyler Clippard
There's a legitimate chance the A's get more for Tyler Clippard than they did for Brandon Moss.
only if it is to the A's for Tyler Clippard
what would it take to get Tyler Clippard from Oak?
what would it take to get Cueto in Arlington? Could they afford to give up the prospects for Cueto and Tyler Clippard?
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Gabriel Yona for Tyler Clippard, you think that's a good enough offer for Billy Bean?
A two-out single by Garrett Jones leads to go to closer Tyler Clippard with two out, two on, A's up 6-2.
Tyler Clippard, Mark Melancon yanks have done a nice job developing relievers
Trade for Tyler Clippard. Maybe for AJ Cole, straight up?
Tyler Clippard lives on the high fastball. No surprise that Nelson Cruz hit the game-winning homer against him off a low fastball.
April 11, 2014 Justin Upton took Tyler Clippard deep. Nearly a year to the day for another righty to do it. Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz hits a dinger off of Tyler Clippard
Nelson Cruz puts the back on top with a solo shot in the top of the 10th off Tyler Clippard. They now lead the 8-7.
Bears gets crushed at home against rival. Whoopee. But at least the Raiders got Jack Del Rio (YES!) and the A's got Tyler Clippard (Nice!)
The Nationals have reportedly acquired Yunel Escobar from the A's for Tyler Clippard
Steamer projects both Sergio Romo and Tyler Clippard to be worth 0.3 WAR in 2015.
I submit to you the worst trade proposal I've seen lately: Jordan Zimmermann and Tyler Clippard for Danny Hultzen and Brad Miller
Tyler Clippard's getting loose in the pen now... For the bottom of the 9th that is, as of this moment, not scheduled to …
Oh good. Soriano stays in the game and Tyler Clippard is still nowehere to be found. At least he'll be well rested for..…
Tyler Clippard and John Axford turned out well for Nats and Brewers. And Melancon pitched well for Astros and Pirates.
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I did too, got Tyler Clippard and Justin Morneau lol
David Peralta, who homered off Tyler Clippard in the 9th last night, just did it to Stephen Strasburg in the 1st tonight. Hammered fastball.
Might want to tell Gary Cohen that Tyler Clippard of the Nats did pitch in the all star game. He is wrong again.
I don't know what All-Star Game Gary Cohen watched, but the one I watched saw Tyler Clippard, a National, pitch in the 5th for the NL.
Only once in his HOF career, did Mariano Rivera exceed 20 consecutive scoreless innings during the regular season, topping out at 25. Tyler Clippard is currently at 20 and counting.just sayin'.
The last time Tyler Clippard allowed an earned run? That would be two months ago today. He works another scoreless frame in San Francisco.
Nationals lose 4-2 to Angels: Williams on Tyler Clippard's rough eighth in D.C. - Federal Baseball
The Washington Nationals handed a 1-0 lead to Tyler Clippard in the eighth inning, but the 29-year-old right-hander couldn't make it stick. The LA Angels scored four runs in the inning and ended up winning 4-2 in the first game of three in D.C.
lose 4-2 to Williams on RHP Tyler Clippard's rough eighth in D.C.
Clippard blows it in 8th, Nats fall to Angels 4-2: WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nationals reliever Tyler Clipp...
Tyler Clippard, Ian Desmond's struggles continue in Nats' 4-2 loss to Angels
Raul Ibanez's 3-run double leads Angels over Nationals 4-2. Raul Ibanez delivered a tiebreaking three-run double as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning on a night that Mike Trout and Bryce Harper went a combined 2 for 8 with zero runs or RBIs in their first matchup as opponents, and the Los Angeles Angels beat the Washington Nationals 4-2 Monday. Los Angeles trailed 1-0 going into the eighth. But Albert Pujols - who went 0 for 5, staying on 498 homers - reached on the first of shortstop Ian Desmond's two errors in the inning, raising his season total to nine. Later, Erick Aybar's third hit of the night scored Pujols to even it. After Tyler Clippard (1-2) walked the bases loaded, Ibanez doubled to left-center. Fernando Salas (1-0) won with a hitless seventh. Joe Smith worked the eighth and Ernesto Frieri pitched the ninth to earn his second save, despite allowing Desmond's leadoff homer. Frieri struck out Denard Span with a man on second to end it. The 22-year-old Trout, the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year and ...
So Tyler Clippard might have legit fallen apart this year rather than just against the Braves
Hey Tyler Clippard. Thanks for ruining my trip to Nats Park. I can always count on you for a loss.
If Tyler Clippard could remove his head from his *** that'd be great. He's been horrible this year.
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Somewhere in China, they're tearing the heads off "Tyler Clippard" bobbleheads.
Tyler Clippard trending.i wonder why
Tyler Clippard is the gift that keeps on giving. And by gift, I mean herpes. And by giving, I mean herpes.
I think Tyler Clippard is developing Fernando Torres-like crippling confidence issues.
Tyler Clippard needs to stop blowing games
four-run eighth beats 4-2 final in D.C. Tyler Clippard gives up late lead in loss...
I been saying it all year tyler clippard will be the death of the nationals
I hate losing winnable games. I blame Tyler Clippard and Matt Williams for this one. Baby Cooper is mad!
Glad I missed another Tyler Clippard meltdown.smh But Matt Williams is smart he'll move on from him.
The fact that stone bridge has a pitcher that is better than the tyler clippard
I have never and never will like Tyler mf Clippard
Watching the Nats and Tyler Clippard blow another game is so depressing.
Never trusted tyler clippard, that's why
Only thing that will make Tyler clippard bobble head day good is if it's in a Syracuse chiefs uniform
Matt Williams should be be for his lack of hustle in pulling Tyler Clippard
Completely done with the NATS. Absolutely done. Never going back. Get rid of Tyler Clippard. Unreal.…
Tyler Clippard blew the game for the Nats tonight, y'all
Tyler Clippard does it again...Prevents the Nationals from winning, AGAIN! Why in the *** do they keep going to this guy?
I do not understand why Tyler Clippard is still a Nat? Some one explain it to me
Who says the Braves bullpen is bad. We have Tyler Clippard.
No more 2nd chances for Tyler Clippard, Williams. He needs to go if you want any chance of winning the pennant.
Correction: It was Game 1 of the doubleheader on 9/20/11, but the only two 3-RBI pinch hits of Ibanez's career both came vs. Tyler Clippard.
lol okay I was just joking around but I just love Tyler clippard so
The HAVE to realize Tyler Clippard is not a setup man. Average fastball. Relies on change up. Never dominates. Too many blown leads
Tyler Clippard should have been traded a long time ago!
“Tyler "blow the game" clippard” where tf is the defense? he hasn't changed since years past so it's not him.
Tyler Clippard needs to stop being put in for big situations.
Tyler clippard is NEVER my favorite person on the field. There's never a time I feel comfortable w the ball in his hands. BLOWN!
And Also thanks to Tyler clippard sending everyone home early, metro was not prepared and the station is a ZOO
Tyler Clippard's arm and Ian Desmond's glove foil the Nats. Seems like an April theme.
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2014 Tyler Clippard is essentially 2011 Sean Burnett. When you see him leave the bullpen you pray for a U-turn.
Prior to that 3-RBI pinch hit for Ibanez, his previous 3-RBI hit as a PH came Sep. 20, 2011 (Gm. 2) also against Tyler Cl…
Why do the Nationals have so much faith in Tyler Clippard?
Tyler Clippard Bobblehead Day is going to be a melancholy affair where we all desperately hope Tyler Clippard doesn't enter…
What happened to Tyler Clippard this year? Makes me feel so bad for Roark. Way to blow it Clippard...again. He has turned into the new Henry Rodriguez.
Tyler Clippard has appeared in 11 games this season. He has lost a tie three times and given up the lead twice now, incl…
Tyler Clippard is some hot garbage.. Negative Natitude for that clown..
Best setup man of 2014? Tyler Clippard (if that means setting up runs for the opposing team).
Tyler Clippard is terrible. This bum can never protect a 1 run lead or tie. I don't understand why he comes in when we are in these situations. Happens all too often. Errors, Clippard and Soriano is WHY the Nats will again miss the playoffs. Yes I said it in April.
Tyler Clippard please go away we are officially done with you bro . It's time for A new set up man for Storen & Soriano
When will Williams realize the writing is on the wall for Tyler Clippard? Dude has been getting rocked all season, doesn't get big outs and has no confidence. Roll with Storen and Blevins. Clippard is toast.
Always good to see Tyler Clippard and the Nats collapse in the 8th. See if they can rebound
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