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Ty Hilton

Eugene T. Y. Hilton (born November 14, 1989) is an American football wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts.

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Best problem in the world? Start 4. Forte, j Nelson, Ty Hilton, ant brown, Josh Gordon.
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bad thing about having a stacked team. Who to play. Demaryius Thomas, Randall Cobb, Ty Hilton, or Josh Gordon. The struggle
need rb. I am deep at wr. I have Bryant, Cobb, Floyd, Steve Smith, Ty Hilton and Watkins. Which wr would u trade for Lamar miller?
trade question for you ... I'm giving up Ty Hilton and Alfred Blue.. In return I'm getting Andre Ellington and Keenan Allen.
Moment when you thought you did really well in fantasy football havin Ty Hilton and Arian foster. Only to realize opponent has watt and luck
Should I start Wes welker/ branden Oliver or Ty Hilton in my flex spot? I have Hilton starting now. Kinda wanna go with Oliver.
I had Golden Tate and Ty Hilton score as many points as Jordy Nelson and Calvin Johnson
Ty Hilton or Steve Smith senior.ppr flex spot, could also go montee ball or Terrance west there too
I offered this trade: jimmy graham/Ridley/Ty Hilton for gronk/jordy/Ellington... Fair? Who gets the better deal long term?
one more to ease my mind...start justin hunter or Ty Hilton to go with Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald?
all you did was run to the outside with Andrew luck and force feed Ty Hilton on slant routes so u have no room to talk
2 questions: 1. Ty Hilton, Welker or Decker for WR3 week 1? 2. Pierre Thomas or Reggie Bush for the flex?
. Someone offered me Ty Hilton, Frank Gore and a potential draft pick for Doug Martin and a pick. Not a Gore fan. Thoughts?
Also Jason Written... And Nick Foles, Ty Hilton, Randall Cobb, and Pierre Garcon... My team is nasty to say the least.
The only receivers to compare Mike Wallace, who is a spacer, to is Torrey Smith, Antonio Brown, Ty Hilton. Not every WR does the same thing.
ya and he has Hakeem Nicks Reggie Wayne and Ty Hilton. Like foles great value. Can't wait for football!!! Lol
no problem,yeah Ty Hilton who in the same draft was picked after aj Jenkins,annoying
Early morning flight to Indianapolis Colts ✈️. Reggie Wayne, Ty Hilton and john brown don't sound bad at all
Don't get me wrong Richard Sherman is great at what he does but to sit here and act like he is a young champ bailey or dion sanders is a lil bit of a stretch I mean he faced 4 really good recovers this year Cecil shorts, Marques colston, Ty Hilton, Andre Johnson all of them had 115+ yards receiving vs the Seahawks this year all if them were guarded by Richard Sherman on 88% of the games snaps and as far as QB's Seattle and Sherman faved breed twice in Seattle. NOBODY WINS IN SEATTLE!!! Let's just be honest and the saints suck outdoors that's well documented breed struggled everywhere outdoors including against the eagles who have a Swiss cheese D other than that they haven't faced a food QB all season look at their schedule we have a great QB in Peyton Manning Good luck tonite against Demariyus Thomas and Peyton manning GO BRONCOS!
Andrew luck and Ty Hilton maybe like Peyton manning and Marvin Harrison Ty Hilton maybe just a tad bit more explosive thoe
Apparently we were not due to beat Indianapolis and win a playoff game. MU needed one big play to secure a win in Cotton Bowl and got one. Chiefs needed any one of many (stop Indy on fourth down, complete the touchdown to wide open Cyrus Gray, no LUCKy fumble recovery for TD, cover Ty Hilton+++, one less intentional grounding call, few less injuries, Bowe's second foot inbounds, etc) and did not. Venting over and feel better now. What a difference a year makes! Chiefs had a good year, made playoffs and have a good core of players. Andy Ried and John Dorsey will upgrade receivers and secondary in off season. And maybe NEXT YEAR, we will break our 21 year playoff winless streak. Go Chiefs! Thanks for a fun year as a fan.
Pulling for Kansas City but proud of Ty Hilton who is a Miami Springs High School alumni!!!
Torrey Smith or Ty Hilton? Knowshon Moreno or Andre brown or Rainey?
at least you didnt start bobby rainey in lieu of Chris Ivory or Ty Hilton. Or play against Desean Jackson, lol
Who do you start can only start one and is ppr league. Marcus Colston, Pierre Thomas, Tory Smith, Vincent Jackson, Ty Hilton
Starting Kendall Wright over Ty Hilton in flex crazy? Could go Rueben Randle, Donald Brown. Starting Cruz and Jordy Nelson.
do u have faith in MJD? I just traded for him in my league I lost Doug Martin. Only gave up Ty Hilton. U holding or selling mjd?
Which two WR would you start? Calvin Johnson,Ty Hilton or James Jones?
Ty Hilton jay cutler (yep I started Brady) & mcgahee...and yes, my starting team is that bad to lose to only 3 bench players:(
yeah thats another game that will be tough ... Gotta watch out for TY Hilton
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I just had to explain to him Josh Gordon is GOOD and TY Hilton is bad. See those things thtt say 4 points, 2 points?
geno smith,Myles Austin, Kyle Rudolph for welker. I was going to give him Ty Hilton and the packers D
I'm not excited about my other potential flex plays...Stevie Johnson, Ty Hilton, Bernard Pierce
Should I trade away TY Hilton for Kyle Rudolph when I have 1 TE T.Gonzolez and the Colts are playing Jacksonville this week
I have Lesean McCoy and B.Brown is available on wire. Should I drop Ben Tate or TY Hilton to pick him up? Small bench league
just traded bowe and rams def for Ty Hilton and cows def. Am I crazy?
Yo Ty Hilton and Golden Tate for Eric Decker (someone proposed it). I need an outside opinion. Gut says no way.
and also George I like TY. Hilton garçon and T. Smith to all have big days your thoughts?
Got my boy TY Hilton's autograph tonight!!
Just got this offer in my standard league: McCoy/Garçon/Fleener/Moreno for T-Rich/Dez Bryant/Julian Thomas/TY Hilton
WRs now are Reggie Wayne, Golden Tate, ty hilton. I already have foster and murray as RBs.
sorry sir once again your wrong receiver was TY Hilton who now starts for the colt...please just try use facts
Went to the TY Hilton Signing tonight.  He was pretty cool.  Got my ball and an 8x10 done. And I got a Gino Marchetti back in the mail today.
how do you feel about eddie Lacy for ty hilton and le'veon Bell, ppr
considering trading Reggie Bush and Josh Gordon for Shady McCoy and TY Hilton in a PPR. Thoughts?
I have cameron and gronk in a league where TE can be a flex. TY hilton is my 2nd wr. I was offered Larry Fitz. Do i take it?
should I pick up Josh Gordon and drop Ty Hilton non ppr
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. I have had a wonderful day from the time I woke up with Joe and all his love, and his chocolate cake and ice cream, to my friend Donna's suprise with presents and decorations at work, to my sweet daughter's flowers, my sons's suprise gift and my oh so awesome TY Hilton Jersey. Thanks Guys
In line to get TY Hilton's autograph...some days I love living in Indy :-) :-) :-)
What a great birthday I have had. I got my TY Hilton Jersey! Who would have thought it? I have the best sisters & family in the world. Thanks to my friends and family who made this day so special. It really was a great one.
Good trade? I give up Cutler, de Angelo Williams and Sproles, get Brady, D. Wilson and Ty Hilton. Ppr league, Kap is my starter.
Would you do this trade in non-PPR? Get Alf Morris, J. Gordon for Gronk & TY Hilton? (I also have Cameron at TE).
offered Ty Hilton and knowshon Moreno for Lamar miller do I take the trade?
leveon bell and Ty Hilton...or Powell
TY Hilton is only 5600 and we saw what Seattle did to that Jacksonville Defense.
ty hilton, cj spiller or Lamar Miller at my flex for this week? Thanks, AP, Pierce at rb Bowe and Decker wr are starting.
thinking of trading bowe and rams def for Ty Hilton and cowboys def.U think TY will get consistent when healthy?
Just traded AP, Jonathan Stewart, and montee ball for demarco murray, Trent Richardson, and TY Hilton. Gonna make or break my season...
Last peek at the TY Hilton painting before unveiling it, to be signed when I meet up with Hilton in 3 hours.
With one game under his belt, Josh Gordon's YTD stats put him at WR43, ahead of Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Greg Jennings & TY Hilton.
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would u drop ty hilton or cecil shorts for santonio holmes? Ppr
If you modify the yardage total req from 900 to 850, it includes Ty Hilton. List expands from 30 WRs to 37 WRs. Still pretty bad odds
need to pick one in a PPR. Hartline, Gordon, TY Hilton?
Might finally lose fantasy this week. Have to start TY Hilton and choose between Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, and Jacquizz Rodgers
would you drop mike Williams or ty Hilton to pick up kembrel Tompkins?
Got offered Ty Hilton + Marlon Brown for Ahmad Bradshaw. Pulled the trigger on this one, hope it doesn't backfire on me. Forced to drop TE Kyle Rudolph, which leaves me without a backup (Owen daniels starts). ry Trying to get Santonio Holmes on the waiver wire (for Kenny Britt, as well. I'll be stacked on useable WRs if this works out.
This offseason I wrote about 5 breakout receivers. Torrey, TY Hilton, Stephen Hill, DX, Garcon. Aside from the DX injury, not doing too bad.
should I drop TY Hilton or Chris Ivory to try and add Broyles from waivers?
would u trade Spiller for Joique Bell & TY Hilton?
. Hi Adam. I have to pick 3 of these 5. 12 man non ppr. Lamar miller, Duane bowe, Hakeem Nicks, Ty Hilton and Torrey Smith.
Can't wait for the TY Hilton signing tonight
I'm desperate for RB (thanks to Ridley) would you trade Ty Hilton for Joique?
Stevie Johnson TY Hilton or Denarious Moore for my flex this week?
WTH are these moronic Lion fans thinking? TY Hilton? Really? Why not call Denver and ask for Decker or Thomas? ***
TY Hilton was a name I was thinking in the preseason. Currently a number 3 in Indy
Should I start TY Hilton or B.Pierce in my flex spot this week?
spiller, mjd and Pead now that he is taking the throne receivers are d Thomas, Ty Hilton and a smith
Guy offering me Bilal Powell & TY Hilton for Giovani Bernard. Thoughts?
Eric, need your opinion. was just offered A Rodgers, J Nelson, R Matthews and TY Hilton for Kapernick, A Peterson, garçon...
who do you like for my 3rd Wr TY Hilton, D. Bowe, M. Floyd I have E. Saunders too?
James Jones, TY Hilton of any interest? Who you want to shift?
Need to trade Ty Hilton or Josh Gordon can't decide
if you had to pick 2 out of these plyrs for Wk4, who would you pick? Givens vs SF,R.Woods vs BAL,D.Avery vs NYG,TY Hilton vs JAX
TY Hilton for Ridley. Thoughts? 16 team league. Start any 4 combo of WR/RB.
Moreno and shorts for d Wilson and ty hilton?
with Nelson on his bye week, who should I start in my flex... Leveon Bell, David Wilson, or Ty Hilton in a standard league.
deep league 0,5 ppr would u trade ty hilton + Dobson or sanu for roddy white ?
would u trade ty hilton and sanu or dobson for Roddy white ?
mine is my wr.. Green isn't being consistent.. And Ty Hilton hates me
I need to pick 1 WR I'm in 12 team PPR league my choices are TY Hilton, Tavon Austin, or Greg Little help.
Couple small details to add to the TY Hilton painting b/f getting it signed tonight!
yeah I thought Indy would be close and TY hilton would score at least once. That was a surprising game.
was offered sproles, Steve Smith, and Ty Hilton for green, Owen Daniels; and thompkins... I'm leaning towards no
Someone just offered me Greg Jennings for Wes Welker? *** such people should be banned from playing fantasy football. I countered by offering Emmanuel sanders and Ty Hilton for Larry Fitzgerald and Ray Rice. Lol
Thanks Lamar miller, Mike Wallace, and Ty Hilton, y'all freaking suck...
Shout Out to My City Mia Canes Won Fins Won and my Boy Ty Hilton Team Men Handle them 9ers Add Him to your Fantasy
We need a bomb to TY Hilton like right now
2 good moves in fantasy today, bench Cameron Jordon for JerMicheal Finley, and bench Josh Gordon for ty Hilton, glad I looked at lineups one last time before walking out the door
Haven't been this exited for a colts game since Andrew luck was drafted. Trent rich, ty hilton, and luck are gonna be a deadly trio for years to come
ppr league.Eric decker or Ty Hilton?
I don't normally do this but uh, Tavon Austin or TY Hilton today? Give me your thoughts..
Need to change my roster since Reggie Bush is out: Antonio Brown, Pitt, WR, Chris Givens, STL, WR, TY Hilton, Indy, WR, or Stevie Johnson. Im leaning towards Stevie 'Best TD Dances' Johnson and I need to pick 2
Sweet, Reggie Bush is inactive today, get Joique Bell to be my starter!! Now hopefully TY Hilton is good to go against the 49ers.even though that is not saying much against the 49ers D, but I expect Luck to throw against them even with Richardson now at perhaps? Also, I am thinking Lemon Chicken with Fried Rice for my B-day dinner.anyone else have suggestions for Chinese food???
Ty Hilton or Trent Richardson in the flex today? Ppr league..
OK people who should I start at wr ? I have Antonio Brown Ty Hilton or Stevie Johnson ?
I love when I make rash decisions when it comes to fantasy sports... "Hey meg, do u think think Jerome Simpson or TY Hilton should play" "Ummm. Simpson!" . and line ups are set (Cracks GL)
I need opinions for a flex player for fantasy football, here are my options just need one: 1. Fred Jackson 2. Eddie Royal 3. Rashard Mendenhall 4. TY Hilton (with a groin injury who hasn't practiced all week).
Can Newton or Andrew luck? Can't decide who to start. I do have TY Hilton starting at wr. Newton should get a lot on the ground today, but Luck will have to throw a lot to keep up with SF...
Today marks the dawn of a new era for the Colts franchise. They have a new set of triplets. While it may take a few weeks for this to completely take shape as new Colt Trent Richardson learns the playbook, it gives Colts fans hope for new found success for years to come. Today might be a tough day Colts fans but there is a silver lining with the new "triplets": Andrew Luck, TY Hilton, & Trent Richardson.
I'm giving up anquan boldin and Fred Jackson for Ty Hilton and stevan Ridley, is that a good trade?
Hey who you feeling this week as flex? Steve Johnson or Ty Hilton. Ty really let me down last week.
Flex question: Sproles, Ty Hilton, Chris givens, or Tate? A lot of upside
As a flex player who would you start- Mike Wallace kenbrell Thompkins or Ty Hilton standard fantasy league thanks
Brees, forte, ball, Cruz, Ty Hilton/alshon Jeffrey, witten, gronk at my flex when healthy is an awesome team
can I get by in a 3wr league with Ty Hilton, Lance Moore, Emmanuel sanders,deandre Hopkins. Pickin3 to rotate as my 3rd wr
Yeah? And who was he throwing to during those games? Reggie Wayne? Julio Jones? Ty Hilton? Calvin Johnson?
Coby Fleener, Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton, Dwayne Allen, are all VERY talented players..
Colts rookie wide receiver T.Y. Hilton looms as dangerous deep threat: Baltimore Ravens have to contend with 4.3...
Vick Ballard has more yards than addai and Ty Hilton replaced garçon
Ty hilton was picked on NOBODY fantasy team before week 1
If Paris Hilton made a sex tape with two black guys would it be called *** In Paris"?
TY Hilton's dirty, but I'm tired of arguing about it. And lucks not that cool, if I could meet one I'd go
lol i mean we went to a bowl game last year and TY Hilton doing his thig in the NFL sutin light
They ain't that bad. I watched them against Michigan State not too long ago..
I mean I didn't expect them really win it but I had hope... & they've been doin such a great job
You didn't think they was gonna beat Duke though??
yeah it was my ty Hilton folded on that hail mary
for everyone living under a rock and has missed watching the future GOAT, I present TY Hilton:
Drew; To all who have asked for it, you got it. TY Hilton profile, its in the archives;
I youtubed it, turns out I did see the TY Hilton dance
RTC: TY Hilton keeps finding big plays - ESPN (blog)
he still hurt bro.. He couldn't hold Ty Hilton last week
The Fins drafted TE Michael Egnew when could've had WR TY Hilton. I don't like to match players but 1 was in our backyard & more of a need.
Matt, how do you arrive at Josh Gordon over TY Hilton? Especially w/ ST Hilton provided so much more of an impact. Just curious.
I think Wallace and TY Hilton do similar things but I wouldn't mind them getting Bowe, seems like a great complimentary piece.
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remember before the draft you said your sleeper was TY Hilton? You were talkin to falcons GM. U were right. Kids a stud
I like Sanders as a return man, maybe can do some of what TY Hilton did this year
Ace Sanders is gonna be one *** of a kick returner in the. NFL, & a solid deep threat wr too. Could be next yrs TY Hilton
Lucky has made TY Hilton look like Mike Wallace!
*** How da Fuqq you let TY HILTON score a 80 yard TD on 3 and 23 *** Man up
my new catch phrase for TY Hilton TDs.
The TY Hilton is the one that hurts me most. TD knows why.
The teams two best young offensive threats, Fleener and TY Hilton are both sidelined with ruptured disks for at least 6 weeks.
well the Colts picked TY Hilton from Florida International, and Indy is pretty cold...he ain't used to it yet!
Just slept on the floor while slept at the Hilton
TY Hilton you couldn't have come earlier.
Wayne stayed cuz of chuck nd we picked up donnie Avery from.the rams he fast but ty Hilton is a good WR
or that as well. Claiborne Wilson Hilton... as to try to not sound like a coat tail guy, i really liked TY Hilton
idk man Reggie Wayne might go for 10 150 and a Td. And my boy TY Hilton tough. Na im gassin i want the ravens to win
are you kidding me? on 3rd and 23.. Luck to TY Hilton for a 70 yard score. there is now rejoicing in Indy, Denver, and New England
All purpose parts banner
Cracked a target nfl strata got a ty hilton 25/25 any idea what thats worth any collectors wanna help me out?
Chillin at the Hilton for NYE, this bottle of TY*KU sake will be on deck once twelve hits!
will Randall Cobb and Ty Hilton break into top 10 status next year?
some Hilton in the city. Ask Marcin lol
In addition to getting the back-breaking long TD, TY Hilton almost scored in first half and drew PI to keep game-killing drive going.
you mean our defense that gave 350+ rush yds to KC or TY Hilton (rookie). We lost Garcon to you guys as well.
How about that 3rd and 23 DIME Luck tossed to TY Hilton for 6? So nasty.
you both need to simmer down. It's obvious that TY Hilton is the ROY.
so what youre saying is TY Hilton is New Marvin Harrison?
Absolutely. But we're talking about Josh Morgan here. Couldn't we make the argument that TY Hilton is more talented?
I still Bernie lean during the off season! And so does TY Hilton!
Antonio Brown, Ty Hilton, victor Cruz and Jordy Nelson is all I have.
Harry Douglas, Ty Hilton, or Andrew Hawkins? What should I do with Julio Jones?
Dem Thomas, Crabtree, Amendola, Ty Hilton, Lance Moore … Gotta Play 3 in championship this week (PPR) Help with the lineup?
Ty Hilton or Anquan Boldin? -- I would roll with Hilton. I love Ty.
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hey guys would you play Andrew Hawkins over Ty Hilton?
I have Torrey Smith, Ty Hilton , Chris givens, and Lance Moore, and Hakeem Nicks. HELP!
I have to start 2/3 wr non ppr league. Greg Jennings, Ty Hilton, and Lance Moore. Thank you Dave.
Fantasy help! Who should I start Ty Hilton, Josh Gordon, or Dwayne Bowe? The best of the worst!
and now look at Ty Hilton and coby fleener and Dwayne Allen and Donny Avery they're ballers
should I start garçon, Julio Jones, Cecil shorts or Ty Hilton at 2nd wr. Or do I go with three wr's and bench Ridley
should I play Eric decker this week on thurs, or play mike willams or Ty Hilton
Beanie Wells, Ty Hilton, Denarius Moore, Darren McFadden or Steve Smith as my flex option?
Ty Hilton got injured hella early and Heath miller *** with rothlisberger injured.
should I start Steve Smith? Or replace him with Ty Hilton or Denario Alexander ?
who shld I start I can have 3: Steve Smith, Julio Jones, Ty Hilton, Cecil shorts, or Nate Washington
Denario Alexander , just blackmon, Ty Hilton or Steve Smith ?
Reggie Bush Ty Hilton denarius Moore or beanie wells for my last flex position?
Starting Cecil Shorts today over Larry Fitz, Danario Alexander,Ty Hilton, and Alfred Morris. I like to live dangerously.
I was gonna pick up Ty Hilton or Brandon Gibson b4 kickoff both scored TDs instead I got amendola what a miss smh
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would U start Cecil shorts, Ty Hilton or Gates? Non PPR?
Hate to be this guy but it's fantasy crunch time, should I start Ty Hilton or Cecil Shorts?
or Ty Hilton jefferys ain't did nothin
should I start Ty Hilton this week or ogletree I have Jordy Nelson and Andre Roberts on bye and I'm in a 16 person league
Colts have have four of my former man crush members on their team: OT Anthony Castonzo, OG Mike Glynn, WR Ty Hilton & S Tom Zbikowski
better stash investment long term Andre brown or jhavid Best? Then j. Simpson, Ty Hilton, Gibson, or Pitta?
only 2.Ty Hilton or Travis Benjamin...two guys from this area...never the less we don't know what we have so idk...Fins up
man Ty Hilton is so tempting but I could see Tyrone Crawford or Brandon Thompson
Ty Hilton is the most explosive receiver in this years draft very Steve Smith like Panthers Steve Smith lol can use him
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