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Ty Cobb

Tyrus Raymond Ty Cobb (December 18, 1886 – July 17, 1961), nicknamed The Georgia Peach, was an American Major League Baseball outfielder.

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April 12, 1927 - Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, Ty Cobb and Eddie Collins of the Philadelphia and New York…
Ty Cobb stole home 54 times in his career.
Baseball Royalty: Lou Gehrig, Tris Speaker, Ty Cobb & Babe Ruth pose before an vs game in Philadelphia (192…
Four players have gone 6-for-6 in a three-homer game: Ty Cobb, Edgardo Alfonzo, Shawn Green and now Anthony Rendon. Green…
First game in concrete/steel League Park was today in 1910. Ty Cobb rounds 1st as (Naps) fall to 5-0 ht…
You've seen the clip of 4,192 plenty of times, but what about 4,191? Rose tied Ty Cobb three days before and got a standing O at…
Kolten Wong: thinks he's Ty Cobb, plays like Ty Wiggington.
Before last year, the only place the clinched a WS championship was the corner of Michigan & Trumbull: at Bennett…
Ty Cobb like slide cost Javi the base
Understood. But the park short-changes fans who don't sit between 1st-3rd lower deck.
May go against the grain on this one, but if Ty Cobb is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, see no reason for Rose not to be in. Cobb bet the farm
I hope to *** they build a new one with their own *** money, then.
That doesn't matter as much as suites & ability to maximize profit. Field dimensions are easily change…
Love the baseball talk. Please try to book the author, of the new Ty Cobb book.
Maybe someone could get some land around, I don't know, say Michigan & Trumbull for a ballpark
Ty Cobb was a scumbag and got into the HOF...Rose should be in the HOF
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My name is Ty. I do love Cobb salads. Think you're onto something.
Comerica Park won't be standing 20 years from now. It's a sub-par ballpark that favors neither hitters nor fans.
Justin Verlander on urgency of 2017 “Everybody sees the writing on the wall. If we don’t play well, we’re not going…
That Ty Cobb was a *** of a guy from what I hear. A real sweetheart
If I couldn't have it last year, I'll take it this year.
Tigers swap Jimenez for Rondon. Where was this sense of urgency last year?
Was the 4th single from this album.Pretty noose,Burden in my hand,blow up the outside world,ty Cobb.
Calling good people racist isn't new: the case of Ty Cobb: Great video by
Ty Cobb would have to resurrect, return to baseball, and go 0-for-2,530 for his career BA to fall below .300.
Goodbye to the greatest Met of all time, Ty "Cobb" Kelly . The is waiting.
Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of the pitcher. -Ty Cobb http…
leave him on the waiver wire. that it one fat, stupid player. He makes Adam Dunn look like Ty Cobb.
All-time greats Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb take time for the cameras at the Polo Grounds, 1920.
"Ty Cobb" was released as a single during this month 20 years ago.
Detroit baseball star Ty Cobb had his own candy bar back in the day, milk caramel & plenty of nuts!
Feared by most, respected by all. Ty Cobb was a rarity, just like this example of his 1914 *** Jack in a PSA 8 http…
Thaw out Ty Cobb and Enos Slaughter for the post game!
Arky Vaughan was born in 1912. The great Grantland Rice tries to compare him to Ty Cobb, but the numbers are t…
According to the author, men who fit this description: Knute Rockne, Ty Cobb, Jack Dempsey, the Apostle Paul, Moses
March 1, 1928: Ty Cobb agrees to return for a second season with the Philadelphia Athletics. It will be the final y…
90 years ago Ty Cobb left the & signed w/ the Athletics. Showed up in at 39 on a new team.…
HOF Legends,Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb discuss hitting before a game in the 1909 World Series.
Since 1920, only 23 players have logged 300+ games in their age 36-37 seasons. Among them: Ty Cobb, Yaz, Joe Carter, Ichiro.
1942: Rogers Hornsby is elected to Hornsby’s career .358 BA ranks second behind only Ty Cobb. https…
Mantle was a drunk, Ty Cobb made racist remarks, Tris Speaker in Klan, The Babe cheated on his wife etc.
when a guy like Ty Cobb is in the HOF, the BBWAA has no right to discuss character!
1936- Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson are elected to the HoF. Smh no Hornsby or Gehrig.
Is the Hall ruined because the amphetamines guys are in? Or *** like Ty Cobb?
Ty Cobb had a lifetime .367 batting average in 21 seasons. Just try and fathom that. He was that good
Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb golfing at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Twp during 1941. [Detroit Free Press 7/18/19…
Former Tigers star Ty Cobb and Harry Heilman at Briggs Stadium in - August 1941 (DHS)…
Bobby Doerr knew he'd made it big when Ty Cobb told him he'd be honored to sign his bat. Cobb letters in PASTIME:…
Jayson and Buster bottom of 9th, 2 outs, score tied & bases are loaded - Ty Cobb or Willie…
HISTORY: Ty Cobb finishes his Hall of Fame career by playing two years in Philadelphia.
Yankee HOFers Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth meet with A's HOFers Tris Speaker and Ty Cobb before a 1928 Game in Philadelphia.
Antiques Roadshow:Junk in the Trunk 6; Monday at 7pm. Fantastic items include a Ty Cobb game-used baseball bat and...
On this date in 1920 Ty Cobb arrived in San Francisco for a West Coast barnstorming tour:
100 years ago, Ty Cobb and *** Redding, two baseball legends from Georgia - one white and one African American - played on t…
Today in 1984, Rusty Staub joins Ty Cobb as the only players to homer both as a teenager and after age 40.
Sept. 25, 1984: Ex-Tiger Rusty Staub joins Ty Cobb as only players to hit HRs in majors younger than 20 and older than 40
Somewhere there's an old photo of Ty Cobb and Cap Anson at a New Years Eve party with Bronson Arroyo.
And CF Ty Cobb to round out the team. If Johnson needs a reliever the team will use Curt Schilling.
His fastball looked about the size of a watermelon seed & it hissed at you as it passed. -Ty Cobb on Walter Johnson ht…
1921: Ty Cobb becomes the youngest player to record 3,000 hits, in a 10-0 win against Boston, at 34 years old. https…
Fascinating story I had never heard of on the time Tris Speaker & Ty Cobb came to Ontario to hunt & play baseball   10% Off
Our of history's best players wraps with the top 10... 10. Stan Musial. 9. Walter Johnson. 8. Ty Cobb. 1-7:
Just saw Jason Kipnis needs 1 hit and 1 run to join Ty Cobb and Al Simmons as 3rd player with 50 hits & 30 runs in May. Wow.
Ty Cobb could hit off of Kershaw, Arrieta, Sale, and Scherzer. In fact, Sam Gibson wasn't that bad:
Before Chase Utley Rule there was Ty Cobb Rule which was "Get out of Ty Cobb's way before he spikes you in the nuts" ht…
Babe Ruth, Willy Mays, Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Ted Williams, Rocky Marciano, Jackie Robinson, and Ty Cobb just off the top.
What did Ty Cobb, Willy Taveras, Rogers Hornsby, Dan Uggla and Dom DiMaggio do that Jackie Bradley Jr. couldn't?
"You think Ty Cobb took days off? *** NO! He had baseball to play, and black people to hate! A real man!" - him, probably.
TIL from a bio that great 1930s infield was called "Battalion of Death":
Amazing shot of four of MLB's all-time legends - Lou Gehrig, Tris Speaker, Ty Cobb, and Babe Ruth (1927)
If you're a baseball fan you better know who Ty Cobb was! -
better get with the time. Jared. Jordy Cobb. Lacey(in shape) ty and Janis
ty & i am. Hope everything is going great with u❤️❤️
.mgr. McClendon said Boyd is being "held out" today because of uncertainty w/ Zimmerman & weekend starte…
Tigers GM Al Avila gave Brad Ausmus a vote of support in interview:
Grace offends the flesh.. So TRUE... Ty Cobb's latest grace nugget is a great reminder of what happened at the...
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.debunks the myth of the man in Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty
from Chris Kyle all the way back to Ty Cobb.
In 1925, Ty Cobb becomes the first player to collect 1000 career extra-base hits.
On this day in 1925 Tigers' Ty Cobb is 1st to collect 1,000 extra-base hits (ends 1,139)
Today in Sports History (1925): Ty Cobb became the first MLB player to collect 1,000 extra-base hits.
giving him 679 and putting him in 5th place all time right behind Ty Cobb
📷 On This Day in Baseball History May 25, 1923: Ty Cobb scores for the 1,741st time, passing Honus...
in 1923, Ty Cobb crossed home for the 1,741st time, beating Hans Wagner's record for most runs scored all-time.
My very first. Geez, looks like Ty Cobb used it in the 1911
I think you're right. If he were tipping, he'd get raked much earlier.
if I had to guess, I would say his pitch movement is flattening out. Fastballs looking like meatballs.
Could Sanchez be tipping his pitches?
Why can't they put an athlete I know on the cover like Willie Mays and Fran Tarkington?. Um Mike they. & Ty Cobb
any chance you do an interview with who is redefining Ty Cobb's image?
Hard to overcome that bad pitching.
Moya triple! I honestly thought he'd be faster. Looks like average speed to me.
Do you not remember what happened on June 2nd 2010?
Bad pitching will be the death of me. Oh, wait..
The ol quick pitch trick. Although if you've got your feet in the box.
Can't win every game, but you aren't supposed to give a game away either. Poor pitching /defense today.
Gas-powered blowers are among the most annoying inventions created since I kicked the bucket.
Gino wearing out a path to the mound all of a sudden.
Me too. Meet me at the Lindell A.C. for burgers & a beer.
(Checks the current status of the hashtag)
This team has to send Sanchez packing.
I guess the sound off the bat woke Gino up.
Looks like it might be a clipping from Reach Magazine
BREAKING: Anibal Sanchez has gotten through the sixth inning without the Earth crashing into the sun. . More at 11.
Mets need Ty Cobb tonight , not Ty
Celebrity Myth Trivia: What is the ribbon that binds Ty Cobb, James Dean, Natalie Wood secrets
Maybe. All I am saying as an unbiased observer, guys like Bob Gibson, Ty Cobb, Nolan Ryan, etc... would be smiling. No?
Comparing Michael Conforto to Barry Bonds...what's next? Comparing Mike Trout to Ty Cobb, Bryce Harper to Cal Ripken Jr.. *** ..smh...
Baseball art: 4 of the the 1936 hall of fame class. Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson
player-coach used to be very common in baseball- Ty Cobb, Joe Torre, Frank Robinson, Connie Mack
165 wRC+. That's the career mark for Ty Cobb and Shoeless Joe Jackson.
You've got to remember, I'm seventy-three. -Ty Cobb in 1960, on why he would only hit .300 against today's pitchers. h…
1904 12X batting champ, Ty Cobb made his pro debut for Augusta in the South Atlantic League. http…
Enos Slaughter and Ty Cobb used to slide and tear holes in opposing players flesh with cleats! No problem then!
top 3 characters i'd like to see in the movie:. 1) Jim Palmer. 2) Ty Cobb (the Joffrey of baseball!). 3) Fan fav Mark McLemore
This is VERY cool!. I wonder if she ever saw Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb play...
Ty Cobb is rolling over in his grave
Mad because can't play that good old nasty Ty Cobb baseball anymore. just macho stuff.
Call us Ty Cobb or Ted Williams cause we're over 400 baby! Big thanks to all our devoted listeners for your continued support!
Read more about the 7 rare Ty Cobb Baseball Card find known as "The Lucky 7 Find":
I know everything about Ty Cobb except the size of his hat.
2 great slugging outfielders Tris Speaker of Boston & Ty Cobb of Detroit
Ty Cobb would do it... and spike the first baseman!. So Tim, would anyone else?
Cobb wasn't perfect but was the victim of some terrible reporting.
Ty Cobb is rolling around in his grave over this New Sliding into the bag rule. Play the game old school.
Ty Cobb and The Babe are rolling in their graves at the way baseball is changing the rules.
Taking a WR like Josh Docston in the 1st would be a luxury, rich get richer. Imagine:. White Lightning/Cobb/Ty/Doctson/DA as the 5 WRs for AR
Hey -- you're good but you're not Ty Cobb. Don't act like him.
I'm sure Ty Cobb would have willingly readjusted his baseballing to 6.01(j)
Major shoutout to and the "Ty Cobb Show" for the invite to be on Ripped Radio! It…
Try next time. He hasn't lost my luggage yet.
Ty Cobb is rolling over in his grave .
And somewhere in heaven (more likely *** to be fair) Ty Cobb shakes his head sadly. What has his game become
Ty Cobb signed autograph on personal stationary
Dee hit milestones that only JACKIE ROBINSON and TY COBB have hit!!!
The guys have me cracking up and the SQUAAD "Man Cave" on the Ty Cobb Show..Creed Aventus makes me wanna…
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Yeah, things have really gone downhill since they stopped letting Ty Cobb punch, dropkick other players.
Justin Verlander is now 4,186 hits behind Ty Cobb for first in Tigers franchise history
That game ending will have Ty Cobb rolling over in his grave.
Somewhere Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle are rolling in their graves
Baseball signed by Ty Cobb 11 June 1939. 1 of 2 found in Edsel B. Ford's desk. Frm collex
Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb, I remembered. I blanked on a 3rd name. So I guessed Ed Delahanty. Who is an actual Hall of Famer.
Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson and Honus Wagner were part of the 1st hall of fame class.
Born Denton True Young, Cy was in the second Hall of Fame class ever. The first class: Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson...
New Baseball art of the Hall of Fame Class of 1936. Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson
Great colorized photo of Detroit Tiger’s star Ty Cobb in his Chalmers Automobile won from the Chalmers Award
Goose Gossage is the norm. Carlos Delgado is the exception. Cap Anson, Ty Cobb the norm. Baseball always been a backward-…
I have a Ty Cobb dual relic bugger wants to buy it. If I had a prospect it would have sold weeks ago.
Players to lead the AL in hits for three straight seasons: . Ty Cobb . Tony Oliva . Kirby Puckett . Ichiro Suzuki
The first players selected to the Hall of Fame were Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner and Christy Mathewson in 1936
No I didn't think Ty Cobb was playing in the Seventh Century. Although I hear the Venerable Bede was a fan. ;)
As if Ty Cobb didn't play against an artificially restricted talent pool or ever even saw a splitter.
on the most professional & classy athlete of our gen. Why don't you just rip on Ty Cobb or The Black Sox. It's about as relevant
Chicago White Sox captains and Detroit’s Ty Cobb discuss the ground rules before a game .
Nearly forgot about Walter Johnson coaching for Cleveland. There's also Ty Cobb playing his last years with the A's
Just had this notion. . John Rocker and Ty Cobb vs OJ Simpson and Lawrence Taylor
[Trivia] Alex Rodriguez will probably pass Pete Rose, Babe Ruth, and Ty Cobb on the career…
Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron both had better HR per AB rate. Ty Cobb was a much better hitter. *** a lot were
I got goosebumps just thinking that they'll have Nelson, Cobb, Adams (eh), Ty, Janis and Jared. That's just insane
Super rare Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb jerseys only one left of each DM if interested
Ty Cobb shows up in a cut from new album by Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield, going by moniker The I Don't Cares
.I was always amazed that guys like him, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson look 75 in photos when they were 30.
I never could stand losing. Second place didn't interest me. I had a fire in my belly.-Ty Cobb
The more I listen to "Ty Cobb", the more convinced I am it really is about the ballplayer.
Ty Cobb wrote:-. Grace is not the freedom TO sin. it is the ONLY thing in the universe... that gives you freedom...
I had to fight all my life to survive. They were all against me... but I beat the *** and left them in the ditch.-Ty Cobb
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2011 topps Ty Cobb kimballs and reg,sparkle and cognac
2day 1936 1st inductees of baseball's Hall of Fame are named including Babe Ruth & Ty Cobb at Cooperstown NY
Today In History: 1936: The u.s baseball hall of fame opens and elects it`s first members:. Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner,and 4 others
80 years ago today, the all-time leaders in BA (Ty Cobb), SLG (Babe Ruth) & SO (Walter Johnson) are enshrined in the 1st HOF class.
This coming from a city where Pirate Pete & players were chasing the blow HOF while Cincy Pete was chasing Ty Cobb!
I've observed that baseball is like war, and when you get right down to it, batters are the heavy artillery -Ty Cobb h…
Today in History: Jan. 29, 1936. Baseball Hall of Fame elects its first members in Cooperstown, New York: Ty Cobb,...
in 1936, the first 5 members of baseball's Hall of Fame, inc. Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, were named in Cooperstown, NY.
"To get along with me, don't increase my tension.". -Ty Cobb
Today in History: 1936, the first inductees of baseball’s Hall of Fame, including Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, were named
When I was 12 Ken Burns told me Ty Cobb drank bourbon with milk. When I turned 21 I tried it. Screw you, Ty Cobb.
Ty Cobb posing in front of scoreboard at Shibe Park in Philadelphia 1910
Griffith Stadium, Washington, 1924: Nationals and Tigers. Ty Cobb safe at third after making a triple.
Al poster autographed by Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner honored a hero hero.
A one-of-a-kind baseball poster from 1930 is autographed by the likes of Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner and honors a...
John Robb hit some key buckets to save the win for Nevada. (Reno named a street for him!) Ty Cobb wrote the story.
Ty Cobb, Connie Mack, and Thomas Edison prepare for a nice game of baseball.
In 1922, Ty Cobb beat Babe Ruth in a boxing match. No, not that one. Or that one. In 1929, Babe Ruth lost to King Tut. Also …
Tennessee. You read MTV with Ernest Hemingway. Agnez Mo destroys Ty Cobb in the distance.
George Sisler, Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb at the first game of the 1924 World Series
Congrats to Miguel Cabrera, Ty Cobb, Hank Greenberg and Al Kaline for being voted as the
Detroit Tiger’s star Ty Cobb is Safe! at home vs the New York Yankees Aug. 1919
Ty Cobb, Henry Aaron, Willie Mays, the list goes on and on because no one has ever been a unanimous selection.
Nobody could play as well as Eric Cantona back in the day, but Ty Cobb & Ron Artest proved they could beat up fans as well.
Happy birthday, today, to Ty Cobb, happy late birthday to Johnny Bench, and happy future birthday to Branch Rickey and Rickey Henderson.
Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr had 54 career steals. Ty Cobb had 54 career steals. Of home.
If Pete Rose had done steroids or murdered someone like Ty Cobb he'd be given a national holiday by Major League Baseball.
who are you to say that when you have folks like Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth that fail Ed the morality test but are still in
The Marlins are acting like they're trading away Ty Cobb, Nolan Ryan & Johnny Bench rather than Jose Fernandez with those asking prices. 😨
On this day in 1994 Cobb was released, starring Tommy Lee Jones as the baseball star Ty Cobb.
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Who didn't vote for Babe Ruth, Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron, Tony Gwynn, Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner to be elected to the Hall of Fame?
Let's forget about HR. Barry Bonds had 601 2B & 512 SB. Only two players had more of both: Ty Cobb & Honus Wagner.
Bush surrendered three home runs to Ty Cobb, Shoeless Joe Jackson and Babe Ruth. The only person to hit four was Bibb Falk.
Murphy Looking like Ty Cobb. Looking like Boggs. Looking like Gwynn looking like Ted Williams. looking like Rogers Hornsby.
I still miss Sparky Anderson. Read much about Ty Cobb.
I feel anything could happen now. Kinda worried they have Three Finger Brown warming in the pen and Ty Cobb to pinch hit.
Griffith Stadium, 8/16/1924, Tigers' Ty Cobb slides into 3d base in 5-2 win over Senators . htt…
Thank you Tempe Marketplace for the best 2 healthy salads. Love your Ty Cobb & Mad Molly Brown. Yummo! Large size & great service
Sam Crawford & Ty Cobb over 100 years with the photographic technology of the day.
Multi-signed A's baseball with Ty Cobb, Lefty Grove, Mickey Cochrane and more.
cont...of two managers, both famous hitters, pitch vs. each other in the season finale. George Sisler of the Browns + Ty Cobb of Detroit.
Players with more XBH and more SB than Jimmy Rollins:. Barry Bonds. Honus Wagner. Paul Molitor. Rickey Henderson. Ty Cobb
Today in 1985: Cincinnati Red Pete Rose makes his 4,192nd hit, breaking the previous record held by Ty Cobb. ⚾️
Ty Cobb or Honus Wagner? One of my favorite baseball debates.
Yes, Ty Cobb hit like this. But was he better than Honus Wagner? Daniel Wyatt weighs in.
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Roger Federer is the Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, and Lou Gherig of tennis
30 years ago today, Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's hit record with a single off of Reggie Patterson, even if MLB thinks it is doubleplusungood.
Today in '85 at Wrigley Field, Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb's career record of 4,191 hits. He will break the record 3 days later in Cincy.
In 1985, Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds tied Ty Cobb's career record for hits, singling for hit number 4,191 against the Cubs in Chicago.
Harry Reid today brought up Ty Cobb, Bryce Harper and Billy Beane in opening his Clean Power Summit.
Ty Cobb shaking hands with HOF catcher Mickey Cochrane...
New York Yankees Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth and Philadelphia Athletics Tris Speaker and Ty Cobb on Ap
Ichiro passes Ty Cobb on all time hits list. I'm here at Busch. Classy fans with a standing O.
.birthday fact: 1 of 4 players to have 100+SB, 1250+total bases before turning 24-Ty Cobb, Cesar Cedeno, ARod are others.
The cleats Lou Brock wore when he stole base to break Ty Cobb's record.
devante adams is having a breakout year and we drafted this dude ty Montgomery out of Stanford they're saying he's a bigger cobb
recently discovered your store in Denver. I loved the Ty Cobb Salad!! Great place to eat healthy and delicious food!!
I applied for cobb theatres!! ill def look at other places there tho ty :-)
The overtly sexist comments from MC Gary Moore. The cigarettes. Oh, and Ty Cobb!
The have starter Mike Leake on their radar if they determine this week they can realistically stay in the A…
I can only do so much. Brad won't listen.
you're not doing anything. Get back in the *** dugout!
If something doesn't change on his team by sunrise I will be LIVID.
Such a joke, honoring this below average ball player
Mr. Cobb - Agree. Now starting to focus on Detroit Lions Superbowl run. :) . You remember Lions Championship way back in 1957?
Nice to see the guys in the pen yukkin it up during a 5-1 game.
DD should have struck early for best prospects!
Shoulda traded Price before tonight's game. Now we only get 2 players instead of 3.
the royals and their 1920s Ty Cobb style baseball will come in handy when these power hitting
Still... Calling into the question the character of a dead guy... He didn't have any Ty Cobb anecdotes?
We so weak at TE, I mean we have Cobb, Jordy & developing Adams, Lacy/Starks/Kuhn in backfield and rookie Ty Montgomery who I expect as 94th
"Joe Jackson was the best natural hitter I ever saw" Ty Cobb. I tried to model my hitting after Joe Jackson - Babe
Wow. Not much right about this show in today's world. And I thought Ty Cobb was mean :)
King Hessman makes his way to the plate to start the bottom of the 6th... Time for
Randall Cobb is also over TY strictly bc of the QB and versatility featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ty Cobb signed and dated envelope/portrait that my uncle took when he was a professional photographer.
Arod joins Rusty Staub,Ty Cobb and Gary Sheffield as only players to hit Home Runs in Teens and 40s.
Four MLB players have homered in their teens and in their 40's...Ty Cobb/Rusty Staub/Gary Sheffield/Alex Rodriguez.
Nice work stranding a runner at third with no outs.
TONIGHT!! Catch on "Listen w/Ty Cobb" LIVE!! Info on flyer, hope you can tune in!…
I'm not a fan of this sudden morality. Ty Cobb wouldn't get in the hall if he played now.
I don’t care. Ty Cobb was a horrible person. Dig him up and put him in.
Reds giving out Pete Rose bobblehead to celebrate 30th anniversary of his breaking Ty Cobb's hit record.
On this day in 1984, Pete Rose connected for his 3,052nd single, tying Ty Cobb for first place on the all-time singles lis…
Boston, Detroit couldn't haven't a better match up for Sunday night baseball. Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, many others. Great match.
Wow! I just won this for free, Ty Cobb -- 2015 Gypsy Queen ~ Card / Philadelphia Athletics
Ty Cobb wanted but we told him to stick it
If you are a baseball fan, check out my convo w/an author who has written a new book on Ty Cobb:
Congrats to Alex Rodriguez for becoming the biggest jerk ever to get 3,000 hits. Which is amazing because Ty Cobb.
In June of 1911, declared that the days of bunting in the ranks of were over.
Do me a favor and slide spikes up into you-know-who.
Harold Lloyd will be picking you up at the train station
The Tigers will stay in rotation this weekend against the Yankees: Justin Verlander, Alfredo Simon and Anibal Sanchez.
Victor Martinez will be activated from the DL, and rejoin the in New York. . READ MORE: h…
What's the post-Ty Cobb record for 5-hit games in a season? Yunel Escobar has to be close, right?
MLB has canceled as many as 65 million All-Star ballots
Wow!! Having a baseball legend like Pete Rose on your telecast is like having Ty Cobb on. Thank you.
What would Ty Cobb say about todays era?
ARod is a cheater and 2,998 means nothing to me. Nor will 3,000 or whatever else he ekes out.
Ah well. Packing my bat bags. Off to New York!
I'm just kicking it in the clubhouse chewing tobacco and playing cards with Jennings during the rain delay.
Ty Cobb hangs out backstage at the Habersham Community Theatre in Clarkesville as the actors get ready for their...
On baseball as America's first popular culture and our need for an anti-hero: h…
yea, but it wasn't as weird as that time Ty Cobb was flagged for pinning a receipt for a mint julep on Pinterest
what's the case for Smoltz over Jeter? Trammel over Gibby? No Ty Cobb?
You must be using an old baseball almanac for your graphics. Ty Cobb had 4,189 hits and a.366 avg, was amended awhile back...
Pete Rose surpasses Ty Cobb with his 4192 hit on September 11, 1985.
… Ty Cobb and Howard Hughes for the occasional all night card games
...and you REALLY loved George Mikan and Ty Cobb.
Please don't say Ty Cobb. He played in a segregated era with eight teams. Miggy is the best tiger of all time hands down.
Here's a crazy baseball stat. Ty Cobb stole home 54 times!
"The great trouble with baseball today is that most players are in the game for the money and that's it, not for the love of it. -Ty Cobb"
Ty Cobb's developing his own hitting machine mentality at age 12. "“A device for poking baseballs into unocc...
You leave a stain on the legacy of Ty Cobb when you call him a "racist" without any proper evidence to support that claim.
You recently wrote an article for Huffington Post where you described Ty Cobb as a "well known racist."
I hope we get spanked, one game closer to being rid of
Ain't enough mustard in the jar to cover Al Al tonight.
Maybe he was an *** in realife, but it was hard to dislike Ty Cobb in a film with Robert Wuhl!!
Author Charles Leerhsen will talk about his new book, "Ty Cobb, A Terrible Beauty," at Detroit Yacht Club this...
we all know you were the Ty Cobb of 14th region softball.
The other two were Ted Williams and Ty Cobb.
Charles Leerhsen, author of the new bio "Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty" will be the featured speaker at SABR Detroit Chapter…
CHEW ON THIS:. Pete Rose holds the Major League record with the most career hits, 4,256. Rose and Ty Cobb are the...
The Buddy Biancalana-Pete Rose chase for Ty Cobb's hit record will always be my favorite.
Today, 100 years ago, Ty Cobb beat up a handicapped heckler at Yankee stadium. That's the Georgia Peach.
I love a good revisionist Ty Cobb: ‘That Man Could Hit’ via
He's no Ty Cobb or Miguel Cabrera. But he's being schooled by Ichiro who's career .317 batter
And his picks for the are: Ty Cobb, Charlie Gehringer, Miguel Cabrera and …
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