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Two Ronnies

The Two Ronnies is a British sketch show which aired on BBC1 from 1971 to 1987. It featured the double act of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, the Two Ronnies of the title.

Ronnie Barker Simon Cowell Benny Hill Dads Army Diana Dors John Cleese Open All Hours Fawlty Towers Les Dawson Ronnie Corbett

OK you've got me "two RONNIES"??? "French and Saunders"??? And, I'm a French Canadian LOLLL..."Bonsoir mes ami*e*s!!
the two ronnies... French and Saunders... Stewie and Brian of American dad πŸ‘Œ
Halcyon days. The Two Ronnies before or after?
Mmm new product idea - a tri-candle... Saheds of the Two Ronnies
Osi and Jason best double act on the BBC since the two Ronnies . πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
I added a video to a playlist The Two Ronnies "Tube Names" Sketch
The two Davids, Gold and Sullivan, football's answer to the two Ronnies !
One of the two Ronnies I think. He's being relaunched. Probably with Spandex and a cape.
We appear to have The Two Ronnies as our glaziers to replace a couple of windows.
Brazil never lost a match with Pele and Garrincha, add the two Ronnies to that and throw Romario in, Dynamite!
hilarious, just as funny as the two Ronnies fork handles sketch
you and Sue could do a great Two Ronnies tribute.
After that, you can start on the Two Ronnies. 😹
[TV] Two Ronnies: Classic Episodes (Yesterday) Thu, Jan 12, 3:00 PM Featuring the Impudent Butler sketch. A jewel from the archives of the..
Thank you Geoff for reminding of this fantastic Two Ronnies sketch!
wonderful thread it is so 'Two Ronnies' answering last but 1 or 2 posts.
pity the two Ronnies aren't still with us.
Day 58: The Two Ronnies' Four Candles sketch - because sometimes we need reminding of the classics…
Loving the Two Ronnies having a laugh behind Rod
Being cooped up with the Two Ronnies for 7 days isn’t natural.
I know we don't know if it's a he or she. But it's a take on a Two Ronnies quote.
That 90's chest tattoo of has had more airings on British TV than The Two Ronnies Christmas specials.
Do you think you will ever do a sit alone podcast, or will it always be like the two Ronnies set up - ❀️
I'd forgotten how atrociously off-model the glasses were in the Two Ronnies Q.
A touching tribute to The Two Ronnies from and at STV HQ
they've been watching The Two Ronnies - The Worm That Turned episodes and thought it was reality.
They are computer glasses. Giant two Ronnies style ones, they are hard to miss.
The Two Ronnies would have negotiated better than Cameron and Ivan. Remove his knighthood already!
It's hard to believe this phenomenal class act were the music guests on The Two Ronnies. Incredible performance.
anthony is such a blessing for this Mr Ronnies box when all I asked for was two knowing my *** would get up in the night wanting more πŸ’˜
PICTURE QUIZ. It's the Two Ronnies, but can you name both fictional pairs?
New ep on the Two Ronnies plus shout outs to & MILFcast
Episode 4 is live! & discuss the sketch Four Candles from The Two Ronnies
the next episode of Sketched Out on TV, on the Two Ronnies. Listen soon
28 minutes of fun. Picnic by Two Ronnies Ronnie Corbett having a leak is classic
Good morning For today's Christmas tune we're going back to 1982 to see on The Two Ronnie…
drinking a warm shiner bock and watching The Two Ronnies in the dark– peak abyss
Holy *** they just showed that sketch where the Two Ronnies blacked up and did dreadful Jamaican singing voices. WHY??
That's only a short hop from the Two Ronnies F.U.N.E.X. sketch really
Lots of fun stealing two ronnies sketch with Verity earlier today who said "I would like an apple 7 for…
Two of our pupils... the two Millies (Millie B and Millie the Two Ronnies.minus glasses!) met Tom...
Pep can do no wrong though? He is the messiah along with his DoF side kick!! Like the Two Ronnies at present
No way Ronnies team would have went two down.
I suspect they're confusing real life with that Two Ronnies sketch.
As Christmas approaches, Barney waits patiently for his favourite TV show – repeats of The Two Ronnies...
Basil and Manuel were a comedy duo every bit as complete and perfect as The Two Ronnies, or Eric & Ernie. RIP.
Is it like the Two Ronnies sketch, saying L-O!
I love it. It really makes me laugh (loved The Two Ronnies)
right then. Considered one of the best UK sketches of all time. The Two Ronnies - Four Candles
me either, great comedy, watchin with my dad all the time on UK Gold channel. that and two ronnies.
Seeing and together make me thing of other great duos.Abbot & Costello, Laurel and Hardy, the two Ronnies!
It seems like the sort of thing Diana Dors would have worn in a Two Ronnies sketch.
In a caff. The chat is about The Two Ronnies and County Cricket. Separate conversations. Otherwise that would be weird.
Saturday night used to be Two Ronnies night. Here are some of their best jokes.
"All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my right hand." COMEDY MASTERCLASS: THE TWO RONNIES via
please tell me it opens with the Two Ronnies theme ?
Peter Whittle is like an extra in a Two Ronnies sketch.
The magical act that was the Two Ronnies:
Either that, or it's a Two Ronnies joke that's gone wrong.
I love the two Ronnies Chrissie, they don't do comedy like this anymore. Porridge is on next as well
I liked a video from The Two Ronnies Seaside Songs
Don't think this new series of the Two Ronnies is very funny
Any chance we could all just be a little nicer to each other for a while? Kiss under the mistletoe? Share mince pies? Laugh at Two Ronnies?
I think must have been heavily influenced by this wonderful Two Ronnies sketch.
- Kenneth Williams as Sandy in a 'Round the Horn' bookshop, The Two Ronnies, Monty Python & me :)
it was fantastic the team did a great job. Someone asked where the two Ronnies were! Enough said πŸ˜‚
Someone come and watch the two ronnies with me and hold my hand while I cry that they're both dead x
That sudden wave you experience when you watch a half-hour of Impractical Jokers, only to swiftly switch over to The Two Ronnies...
Good isn't it? I imagined the Two Ronnies for the voices!
This reminds me of the famous 'I look up to him' sketch of John Cleese and the Two Ronnies.
Ffs I order four kindles and send me a two ronnies dvd !
Happy Birthday Ben!! Has anyone done the Two Ronnies Forty Candles joke yet? Oh. Righto. I'll get my coat.
Not to be smug but... Are we the best duo since Ant and Dec? Brad and Ange? Sooty and Sweep? The Two Ronnies?…
Just the two Ronnies. We can make it if we try.
*** s kids are already type cast as the two Ronnies
Bloody Amazon!. On I ordered four Kindles. They've just sent me a Two Ronnies DVD... ** I'll get my coat **
So much for Black Friday: I ordered four Kindles from Amazon and received a compilation DVD of the Two Ronnies from New Zealand.
Resurrect the two Ronnies for a one off sketch on this.
Anything to Do with the two ronnies
My favourite Christmas song right now. Reminds me of the Two Ronnies! Show Me The Magi…
The Cost of Discipleship with Bonhoeffer, the Two Ronnies and Dire Straits - at New Life Baptist Church, Guildford this morning.
Ronnie Corbett,the smaller 'Ronnie' in the. 'Two Ronnies'.It really is "Goodnight from Him". Wonderfully dry co…
I wondered about Diana Dors (beautiful in her day) but she was never in Carry On. Adam Ant, Two Ronnies...
Anyone else watching the Two Ronnies on ?. These really were the golden days of British comedy.
Bear in mind the Two Ronnies were up against Harry Secombe singing and a C4 documentary about fork handles.
One of the cleverest Two Ronnies sketches: David Renwick's Mastermind. Pure craft from writer and performers:
Perfect for a night in front of the telly with Jon Pertwee's Green Death followed by the Two Ronnies.
Ronnie Corbett was brilliant in Extras... my Dad also tells me he was quite funny on a show called the Two Ronnies?
Once watched a Two Ronnies sketch after going through the card at Royal Ascot. Laughed 'til I cried
Never get bored of watching the Two Ronnies - absolute comedy gold!!
Two Ronnies on the tele. . If you know me. You know how happy this makes me. Ronnie B is just it.
There are no funny people than the two ronnies
It's like The Two Ronnies are in the room πŸ˜€
I love how they show old shows like The Two Ronnies on Gold - I love it so much!
The Two Ronnies on GOLD right now. Said it before but Ronnie Barker is one person I would love to have a pint with. He is my comedy hero.
Ah, a Two Ronnies sketch using a woman just to objectify her. The past, eh? At least she got paid.
I added a video to a playlist Two Ronnies - Name droppers
Who shot Simon Cowell on is so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Reminds me of The Two Ronnies "Phantom RaspberryBlower" sketch
😁 He found frozen peas, completed the cooking of a lovely roast beef dinner/tea/supper and we're now watching Two Ronnies 😊
Watching The Two Ronnies Sketchbook. How good were they. So funny πŸ˜‚
Saturday night. Generation Game, two Ronnies, Match of the Day (big film in summer) Parkinson
that restaurant scene was lifted straight out of the Two Ronnies. 😊
Loved the Two Ronnies homage in 'Who shot Simon Cowell'.
Caught last 15 mins, Ant & Dec appear to be trying to be Two Ronnies & or Morecambe & Wise! Bloody awful!
Just realised - Who Shot Simon Cowell reminds me of The Two Ronnies' Piggy Malone and Charley Farley! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nice Chief. I'm in with the urchins. Doctor Who, The Two Ronnies and finish of with a bit of Juliet Bravo.
,very much like the Two Ronnies, who shot Simon Cowell = the phantom Raspberry Blower, very talented.
The two ronnies - Fork handles via You know handles for forks!!
have got to be the best duo act since the two ronnies. Brilliant
Was it the Two Ronnies, that used to have a story running through their series? Or M&Wise
isn't who shot Simon cowel series a rip off of two Ronnies series ie. Worm that turned, phantom rasp. Blower
Ant and Dec are like a shot version of the two Ronnies
OK as mentioned I'll give it a go. is it a 21 century Two Ronnies?
Come on Saints. The two ronnies are watching!!
Working on a remake of that Two Ronnies class sketch
PM programme is like a Two Ronnies newsdesk skit
This 1987 Punt and Dennis sketch is better than most Two Ronnies ones.
It was, flick back down today's posts to see what I got up to, including a Two Ronnies cake and a night out!
It's like watching the opening credits of The Two Ronnies.
Please, somebody 'shop the Two Ronnies glasses onto them.
US politics bit like the Complete Rook restaurant routine in the Two Ronnies.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ask him if he's got four candles... (if you've never watched The Two Ronnies you may not get that :-) )
Vintage Two Ronnies sketch. If you want to see really Mad Marching, this is it!
I ordered a candle from Amazon and they accidentally sent me four candles, like a two Ronnies sketch πŸ˜‹
Perhaps is the next Two Ronnies.. or Little and Large (second mention tonight of Syd Little. What are chances of that?)
I know quite a few of the tunes. Many of them thanks to The Two Ronnies. πŸ˜…
No Commons clips can be used in satirical shows. Cameron answering a diff question to the one asked is pure Two Ronnies! .
you do, he's got his 'Two Ronnies' costume on
Been hard at work all morning? You deserve a short break, so enjoy this: with The Two Ronnies :)
'Answering the question before last'...Two Ronnies Larry, not Morecombe & Wise.
was cackling at The Two Ronnies at the weekend. Ken Dodd is the last of the greats.
they don't make them like that anymore. Two Ronnies, Morecambe & Wise, Les Dawson. I love their comedy
Just curious.was Two Ronnies or Open All Hours in the listings?
Hilarious, like an old Two Ronnies sketch ;) x
The highlight of day 9 was walking into a Two Ronnies sketch at this place in Apiti. The two lovely...
Remembering the Phil Collins series of The Two Ronnies - alternate weeks!
That would be the Two Ronnies then ?
Sammy was just doing his tribute to the Two Ronnies.
PS if you want recycled gags from Carry on Films, Les Dawson and Two Ronnies from 40 years ago watch Mrs Browns Boys πŸ™„
The Two Ronnies. Four Candles [HD] Born on this day the wonderful, talented Ronnie Barker. Enjoy...
That lotto Ad with Anthea Turner is the worst thing since Phil and Holly tried to compare themselves to the two Ronnies!
and They're like the two Ronnies of the after world, but with better eyesight.
and the new Two Ronnies... What do you think and
Why do I always come away from the box office feeling like I've just been involved in a Two Ronnies sketch...?
There is nothing like it these days! The two Ronnies were the best! 😊
the final could be competing with 'The Two Ronnies Xmas special' for viewers. Big risk.
Imagines Two Ronnies doing a you're nuts mallard sketch.
Star of Porridge, Open All Hours and The Two Ronnies, legend Ronnie Barker was born in 1929
LP of the Day: The Two Ronnies - Jehosophat & Jones. Ronnie Barker born today 1929.
Still getting into the new Little Mix single but that first line is pure Carry On/Two Ronnies.
Woke up this morning singing "Agadoo" & thinking about The Two Ronnies sketch "The Worm That Turned". I don't know what's happening to me.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
in 1929 Comedian Ronnie Barker - responsible for Porridge, Open All Hours and The Two Ronnies was born.
we're has it gone , even amongst the nonsense we had the two Ronnies
Team 4 are back in at 1800hrs this evening, so I'm relaxing, watching The Two Ronnies, snuggled with my dog.
this takes me back to being a kid. The two Ronnies, Love thy Neighbour, Dads Army etc were a staple at my house.
Watched first steps of a TV legend - first ever episode of the Two Ronnies, from 1971. No less than three variety spots. A long time ago...
good on you Vicky, richly deserved. I hope has congratulated you with one of the Two Ronnies' finest
She'd be perfect 'Two Ronnies musical interval' material
Just watching Whats Up Amsterdam - it's like watching a younger 'Two Ronnies'!
l cant get the theme song out of my head! All those BBC comedies were so good. Two Ronnies, The Good Life.
Last-minute shopping for today involved a traditional ironmongers, a haberdashers, & feint memories of a Two Ronnies sketch.
better watch The Two Ronnies, before eating (you tube "apple")
Who needs The Two Ronnies when you have
she could be the regular guest like they had on the Two Ronnies etc, she could be part of the sketch.
Two Ronnies - The Short And Fat Minstrel Show. Check it out on YouTube.
& The Two Ronnies version, Filmed on the Same Street as the original Hovis Ad, in Dorset not Devon, Oops.
It's all great, although Whole Lotta Love does sound a bit like The Two Ronnies theme tune :)
I'm continuing to celebrate Saturday night TV of yesterday with the fabulous Two Ronnies!
I meant to ask, is that permamently looped version of the Two Ronnies theme up anywhere?
My Gutt feeling Is You May well BE the Warm Up the Two Ronnies again! It Was an Incredible Session Take Care
I go and do work for 10 minutes and I come back and it's like a Two Ronnies sketch in here. Good work.
The Two Ronnies did a sketch decades ago about renaming 'Manchester' to 'Personchester' that was funnier than this.
I'm sure I've heard something similar before - might have been the Two Ronnies.
Word play with double entendres . just thought of another from the Two Ronnies ...
"A truck carrying potato chips has crashed in the Rangitikei River" - the unnecessary detail here is making me nostalgic for the Two Ronnies
Totally sending that to The Two Ronnies. Oh, wait...
Anyone remember Two Ronnies sketch where they were on a tube train and dialogue consisted of puns on station names?
There's got to be a Two Ronnies gag in this.
I presume it's because the are Two Ronnies
I expect to see Viola everywhere for the next month or two. Magazines, interviews, press runs and I AM HERE FOR IT!!
Jenny Eclair's 'Oh God don't make me talk about this' reaction to the Two Ronnies' Indian Cuisine sketch is wonderful
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What Churchill said is what boris & the two ronnies at TFL are doing to the cab trade with Hi Dan feed
Classic British comedy is the best! Are You Being Served. The Two Ronnies. Dad's Army. Oh man - the laughs!
God the Two Ronnies is bloody brilliant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! They were so talented! Ronnie Barker was a wonderful wordsmith!
He could have been in the audience for Frank Spencer on rollerskates, Two Ronnies doing Fork Handles, Eric & Ernie Christmas 1977. My God!
This person that got free tickets to 70s BBC comedies turned down Porridge, Some Mothers, Fawlty Towers, Morecambe & Wise & The Two Ronnies!
Looks like Guy Ritchie has rebooted The Two Ronnies. "Do you know what a nemesis is, Corbyn?
Early start tomorrow morning, so it's good night from me and it's good night from him # two ronnies
Dunno about the two Ronnies, there were a few bobbies required outside :-/
He wrote some great stuff for The Two Ronnies.
Happy International Lefthanders Day Mistress! Feeling You'll be using it a lot with Two Ronnies today! Love "Lefty" Drax
I've always wanted to be the warmup act for The Two Ronnies 😁
none of the above but not far off the tone! :S actually I think it's closer to a two ronnies sketch right now...
I feel like by introducing to the two ronnies four candles sketch I've done a great service to my country
I'd pay for an iPlayer service that was all archive. Two Ronnies, Eric & Ern, Parky, etc
C'mon, you knows you loves it! The excuse? Childhood was a diet of Cannon and Ball, The Two Ronnies, Russ Abbot & Benny Hill.
Electronic Device Insurance
"Daddy, what's NASA stand for?". "I dunno - North American something or another". Classic Two Ronnies line wasted on a bedtime story.
It sounds like a Two Ronnies sketch!
that was a wonderfully scripted sketch on the Two Ronnies!
Comedy gold. Two Ronnies, the Goons. Squarely in the fine tradition.
those two issues have nearly destroyed the middle class in this country. Ronnies true legacy!
reminds me of the delicious Two Ronnies' four candles sketch.
we showed ours The Two Ronnies at Christmastime. They loved it. 'Fork handles?' They don't make 'em like they used to.
Fajita's, the Two Ronnies to watch and an evening with my Bestie + her Mum who I've both known for 25 years :)
Remind you of a 'Two Ronnies' Sketch? Such a great laugh.
Two of my favourite comedy sketches. 'mis heard lyrics' and two ronnies 'four candles. Look 'em up. I defy you not to laugh.
What is Gruppenfuhrer Abetz' position on the two Ronnies?
We're very sorry to learn of the death of Reggie Perrin and Two Ronnies writer David Nobbs.
I remember years ago I got so high, I couldn't find my house. And it was two streets over.
Anyone know whereabouts in Wilkinson's you find candles? I require 4 but am worried asking staff will result in Two Ronnies esque confusion
I think I heard that one on the Two Ronnies.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The two ronnies - Fork handles. Seems everyone needs cheering up on here tonight. This should help x
you all look splendid, enjoy your shuffling sticks. Reminds me of Dads Army and the Two Ronnies when they did Morris Dancing
Hey Siri, are we in a Two Ronnies sketch?
Gotta love the sinhaman...drunken Duncan the one man Two Ronnies sketch
The Two Ronnies is on Gold of a morning.
Time for a quick break. One of my favourite comedy sketches. Remember The Two Ronnies fork handles sketch? :)
I often wonder whether Miguel's dialogue in Hot Or Not is scripted by whoever wrote for Benny Hill or The Two Ronnies.
Bushey very quaint. Like some Two Ronnies backdrop. Crows never rest.
"U could be like the two ronnies but less fat and more women" goals
The wife put on a pair of specs and said "sexy secretary?". . It was then that I realised just how much I missed the Two Ronnies.
funnily enough his missus has two ronnies,,Bom
We also have two big head posters of Ronnies face
I’m getting Alas Smith and Jones sketches confused with Two Ronnies sketches. I hope it’s not a symptom of something.
cont; .just sayin' I'm mean it never hurt the Two Ronnies did it? 😎😎 x
I liked a video from The Two Ronnies British Rail
thank you! Like the Two Ronnies of Education :-) - On that bombshell, good night!
I think you should do some Two Ronnies and whoever gets it, stays?
Are they doing an homage to the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch of answering the question before last ?
What would happen if they and the Two Ronnies had a fight?
The Two Ronnies' news items are an abiding memory of my childhood. Loved them! Now I'm a News Quiz junkie.
he had three starters on the bench in suits. Name another player in history who took his team there without two all stars.
Watching Two Ronnies sketches never fails to make me giggle. . "Where did you take her? Somewhere exotic?". "Sainsbury's."
Another take on ground (or a la Two Ronnies, grind?) war by All too familiar in all the wrong places!
It always reminded me of the Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch.
heard him in other room. Sounded like Ronnie Barker in a Two Ronnies sketch.
Good luck to the two ronnies tonight running the beacan batch
Day two of BBall 101's Game Changer Basketball Development Camp. Today is going to be amazing
Like something out of a dark Two Ronnies sketch, US drone misreads global events and takes out Al Qaeda operative fighting Isis in Libya
what the Two Ronnies 'The Worm that Turned' was based on, clearly.
I have found out some bits and bobs from my Dad and the Internet but apart from an appearance on The Two Ronnies, not much.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Brilliant! How I would imagine it if the two Ronnies did a police sketch!
That was hilariously bad! Think he's been watching too much Two Ronnies.
Sounds like a poor Two Ronnies skit
See some of the UK's funniest people on our Comedy Greats stamps, including Spike Milligan and the Two Ronnies:
mate can I come with you to Sri Lanka please? I'm thinking Little and Large, the two Ronnies, Romesh and Jules.
"Magna Carta, 1215. Lunch, 1:15". (I think this was The Two Ronnies: any advance?)
Time to say G'bye me n my two bodyguards ..Tons of cabbage raised for my Sask kids. Yeehaahhh eh! KCx http:…
And this is Neymar in the worst Brazil team in decades. Imagine he was playing alongside the two Brazillian Ronnies. Unstoppable.
if I was the richest man in the world id be richer by having a window cleaning job on the side. classic two ronnies.
we must be 1-0 down,laughing stock,I'm on UK Gold,Two Ronnies Sketchbook,much better
Isn't he the copper out of the Two Ronnies' Phantom Raspberry Blower sketch?
A fresh take on the John Cleese and the Two Ronnies sketch?
Keep thinking of Two Ronnies doing Chas & Dave , with Ronnie B's occasional big eyes at the camera. Lol.
Can't see Chas and Dave without thinking of The Two Ronnies.
I bet she was never on the Two Ronnies like "Now, Miss Barbara Dickson" though.
Huge win for and 'Gladbach, now in 2nd place and two points away from next year.
In the same way that the Two Ronnies is regarded as a timeless classic now. Will LB have that in a decade?
hmm don't see the two Ronnies connection...
go for it...don't worry the Two Ronnies are already invent
Hope you have a great day.reminds me of the Morris Dancing in Dads Army and in the Two Ronnies, classic
I always thought 'Sorry' was the best of the Two Ronnies' side projects...
Not just a two ronnies reference but a Father Ted one as well in 2.8 .
The three IPF sufferers during the walk Terry English And the two Ronnies Ron Woodruff and Ron Flewett
Remember the world in the Two Ronnies' sketch, 'The Worm That Turned'?. Even that would be better.
You can use my story idea. You can say 2 Ronnies co-exist but in two different dimensions.
You have heard of the two Ronnies well this is two ollies another two comedians
The Two Ronnies stamp has made this day a little more bearable
The Two Eds? A somewhat less amusing version of the Ronnies?
I wonder if Russell Brand and Ed will be doing a UK tour? Best comedy double act since the Two Ronnies
What was wrong with the 70s? Benny Hill,Fawlty Towers, Blackadder,The Two Ronnies. Sunny Jim Callaghan. Oh, I see.
Nuneaton result looks like a set from The Two Ronnies
notes for ITV, (flicked in and out) time delays can make unintentional Two Ronnies style comedy with candidates...
Paxman and Mitchell channeling the two Ronnies on tonight
Seriously, some of these interviews are turning into that Two Ronnies Mastermind sketch...
This delay is like the two Ronnies mastermind sketch
This bit is like an alternative Two Ronnies
Watching Channel 4 because it's Paxman and he is ace, but watching him on auto cue is like the Two Ronnies news desk πŸ˜•.
Paxman and Mitchell, like a new two Ronnies. If they Ronnies were McDonald and Kray.
Famous Two Ronnies joke; the workers at BL are not clocking in, they just need to sign the Visitors' Book. HoL too
I love the Two Ronnies, you don't need to be an Egyptian priest to learn hieroglyphics.
The Two Ronnies - Full Hieroglyphics Sketch if only it was as easy as this.
there's a Two Ronnies sketch in there somewhere.
We have been busy rehearsing at the Tower of London today.. The Two Ronnies - Yeomen of the Guard:
I think it is widely accepted that the two Ronnies' great failing was their lack of psephological insight
The two Ronnies' gorgeous four candles routine is both a dated and timeless classic.
Thoroughly researched, wonderful set, accurate uniform and a crackingly good close; my life told by the Two Ronnies!
.. Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies, Dad's Army. Repeated continuously. Because they are funny
See Ronnie Corbett introduce The Two Ronnies on our stamps:
Reminds me of The Two Ronnies 'news': It'll be cool in Poole, dry in Rye & if u live in Lissingdown... u'd better take an umbrella!
Is Ruth Davidson Ronnie Corbett in disguise? Thought this was Two Ronnies sketch!
Cooke and Moores has the same ring as Laurel and Hardy/The two Ronnies.
This'll amuse you.It certainly amuses me.A classic.The Two Ronnies. Four Candles. via
Are Milgram and Zimbardo the two Ronnies of Psychology?
I guess Kenny Everett spoofed them out of relevance, much like that Two Ronnies parody in Not the Nine O'Clock News?
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