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Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales was a horror comics anthology published by Pacific Comics and, later, Eclipse Comics, in the early 1980s.

Tom Holland

Dark fairy tales are speciality. Wouldn’t you like to read these TWISTED TALES?
I liked a video The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat - Star Trash (Sub. Español Latino)
Love never felt so good until you came :)
I liked a video Twisted Tales of Felix Song
Twisted Tales from a Skewed Mind by Mari Collier A new release! via
Crossroads in the Dark II: Urban Legends. 32 legends by 32 twisted minds to tell the tales. This winter anthology will…
Dark, gloomy stories with a dash of humor: Twisted Tales From The Northwest via
The dark & gloom of the Pacific Northwest hides old things and dark elves in Twisted Tales From The Northwest.
The 6 best new podcasts of 2016 - From comedic conversations to twisted tales, 2016's new podcasts had plenty o...
Check out "Twisted Tales of the North: with Andrew Michael Hurley"
Quirky stories for dark and stormy nights.
OUAT was made for people who are twisted but still love fairy tales. It was made for me
I'm running a contest! Enter now to win the entire Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector series!
Twisted tales will be launched mid this month
Twisted Tales From The Northwest by Mari Collier One of the bodies is missing from those to be buried. via
Twisted Tales from the Desert by Mari Collier Bath time can be dangerous. via
This series takes us through some new classic tales for American holidays.
New Book: Twisted Tales from the Northwest - About Twisted Tales from the Northwest: Visit the Northwest and th...
12. The Sin Eaters Daughter by a brilliant fantasy world full of imagination, corruption, love, and twisted fairy tales
that mom is a piece of work, plus the Sheriff and author twisted tales
Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector - Complete Collection Giveaway -
A must-have for any avid collector of dark & twisted fairy tales!
Twisted Tales, a wonderful collection of well written & short stories by Mike Wolff
More twisted tales of the sexually confused among us.
“By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.” . .
The writing in Twisted Tales of Felix is surprisingly ahead of its time. I recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it yet
Have you ever read Richard Armour's Twisted Tales from Shakespeare? Not adaptation, just commentary, but so funny.
Two creepy and twisted, paranormal tales. Excerpt from, Ezekiel Sykes: Journal of a Daemon.
I really love drawing the animals we feature in Twisted Tarot Tales. Here's our "Rabid Racoon" card
One of my favourites from our Twisted Tarot Tales, the 10 of Wands
Our newest card, the Hanged Man, for our Twisted Tarot Tales deck
Watch Drake come & tell the unspoken tales of my twisted love life.
Keep a watch out for this of Coming soon. Something special in the works!
I added a video to a playlist Heldalf's Twisted Past. Let's Play Tales of Zestiria 37
Check out Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones Part 3 of 4 1986 Horror magazine for mature readers via
Limited ARC of Holiday Love: Six Holidays-Six Tales of Love & signed copies of Hansel and Gretel-Twisted, now available
“Come he slow or come he fast it is Death who comes at last.” . .
“Spooky stories - just perfect for dark winter nights.” . .
Ghostly limbs. bear twisted tales. Nightwind strikes. on leaf. her melancholy chords. Listen now. just listen https:…
Aleksandra Smiljanic left feedback on When Fairy Tales Fall for Twisted50
What we learned from this epi:. 4.An epi without twisted tales of Abe is always a relief.
We used to watch crime shows about bank robbers. Today its twisted tales about Wall St and Politicians. Pity more honesty robbing a bank.
Don't matter how twisted the world gets fairy tales never get old
Twisted50 - Create50 - Twisted50 is a collection of 50 tales of wickedness, evil and the paranormal. If Hammer...
"Had me laughing out loud. Line about Terminator as favorite romantic movie had me in tears"
Merry Gentlemen - 14 twisted Xmas tales to disturb your festivities. Just £1.15
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Are Grimm’s Fairy Tales too twisted for children?
14 bite size stories for you to devour & enjoy. Something for everyone in these twisted tales.
Some kids love dark. Fairy tales are twisted. Books can prepare kids for what might come or help them cope w/ what they're already living.
:Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat" premieres later today on the MegaStation.
This week's pick: deliciously CURIOUSLY TWISTED TALES by
Deliciously dark and twisted, WILD TALES is one of the most interesting films I've seen in a while. Good recommendation
Anna Hyde (e-book) is on sale for .99 cents this weekend :D. Here's the Amazon link
What to eat text mex, seafood or's Texas # twisted tales
Some fantastic events! Look out for Little Voices Twisted Tales and some of our staff and pupils are performing!! https:/…
For Friday's Goth Gal I present the finale to the Fairly Twisted Tales entitled, Sleeping Goth:...
For Friday I present the finale to the Fairly Twisted Tale entitled, Sleeping…
"Too long have you sat in shadows and trusted to twisted tales and crooked promptings…"
He is and an awesome writer of twisted tales :)
Nursery rhymes are pretty sick and twisted. Are they meant to be cautionary tales to babies?
It's live! Are you ready for another does of magic, steampunk and twisted fairy tales?
Tommys twisted tales last ever show tomorrow at 12pm been shown at joseph chamberlian college in birmingham
Saw the Argentinian film Wild Tales last night. One of the best films I've seen in a while. Hilarious and twisted!
Am i right to say you're a fan of fan of obscure games? If so have you ever played "The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang"?
Familiar twisted tales. Twisted further at campfire with *whispers* Go. Now!
Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales (2014) | This macabre anthology for the digital age is a hit and…
Twisted tales told among tormented tongues..those that long for rides along stars dusted paths to moons forgiving grace…
Pandora describes Radiohead as "tortured, twisted tales of angst & alienation". Never took Radiohead that way. I find a lot of humor w/them
Death Wish 3 is the greatest of all revenge tales.
Twisted Tales by Marlin Williams Reply w/ for a free sample … via
5✰ "Pinocchio Syndrome is a fun, sexy twist on a fairy tale. I'd love to read more"
Happy to announce Wake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted Tales is now on Google Play!
“S. P. Miskowski” Podcast!!! Such a pleasant voice for some really twisted tales.
I dreamed all of this when I believed in fairy tales now when I believe in reality you have become my real fairy tale in my twisted reality
Go behind the set & see the backstage during the circus scene from Huckleberry Finn in Twain's Twisted Tales.
5 of 5 stars to Twisted Tales From The Universe by Mari Collier
Photo: travisellisor: the cover to Twisted Tales by Bernie Wrightson
Photo: the cover to Twisted Tales by Bernie Wrightson
I'll be doing a book signing for Twisted Tales in Old Town Spring on Black Friday at the Glow Worm Bookstore.
Tom Holland's Twisted Tales (2014) OMG I`ve never felt so embarrassed for someone...he`s a pensioner who wrote what he believes to be fantastic short films of his collection of self created stories of the horror genre.. and in reality.. sadly his delusion that these were in fact so, fresh and raw, unique and suspenseful (ITS SOOO NOT THAT WAY!) he obviously refused the see the truth of it all.. took out his life savings behind his wife's back and payed ..well what i could only count 1 known actress who`s reasons for agreeing to allow herself be humiliated, in one starring role... probably cost the most as please dont expect the special effects to entertain you.. well wrote every crap story... which was turned down by every hollywood film director.. SO? YES! if he wrote it..why not direct it! and .hey he goes on and produces the whole collection .. and marketed as some terrorizing talented creator of horror at its finest.. ITS ..WELL I BELIEVE TO BE THE WORST MOVIE THAT HIT THE SHELVES.. HE`S AN OLD AGED . ...
Twisted Tales: chats with one of the acrobats from Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour >
We love this photo of Kayla feeling it on stage recently at QJAM'S 'Twisted Tales' production at the Empire Theatre
- choose the story, I'll write the screenplay WGA member. 3 Twisted Tales
3 Twisted Tales - short, compelling, Hitchcock and Serling.
- that wants to be a film. 3 Twisted Tales . WGA member
Me, Angela Bettis, Onohoua Rodriguez & Josh Holland on the set of Tom Holland's Twisted Tales.
Humour and drama work in shifts in 14 Twisted Tales to Enthrall
So on twisted tales 8 some guy from the UK keeps badgering me on whether trish on the show is going to wear her gym clothes again. he is really excited about it. So I left a comment that said "I really hope your a teenage boy otherwise you have some issues." he got nasty at me AND STILL wondered whether Trish was gonna wear that outfit again then insulted my comedy. 2 things I am protective of 1.The girls on twisted tales and 2. my comedies. Look you can be a creeper all you want on the roommate girls they are 21 and up and some of them have dated creepers.It's fair game, grown women but you CANNOT publicly creep on the cast of Twisted Tales. So I wrote this to him. Hope he takes the hint because if not I'm gonna get really nasty. "Look I'm grateful for all fans of my work and I hope you continue to watch. However your line of questioning about a 13-year old girl's attire is odd if your 18 or up. You have to at least admit that. And if you don't understand why it's odd then I have a terrific game show ...
Twisted Tales: Gospel Star David Walker Moonlights as R&B Screamer Bunker Hill (extrait de " It's a question they were asking long before Thomas Edison was even born: Why should the devil have all the good music? There's plenty to go around, for Christians and heathens alike. Case in point: the unsung career of the blistering singer David Walker, who sang for the Lord when he wasn't singing for the guitar devil Link Wray. As a young man, Walker, a Washington D.C. native, was a heavyweight contender who sparred with Archie Moore. In the late 1950s, he joined an L.A. gospel group called the Sensational Wonders, which soon morphed into the Mighty Clouds of Joy. Though the group's leader, Joe Ligon, was noted for his rough, barking vocal style, Walker's voice was something else entirely. "This guy makes Little Richard sound like Pat Boone," comments one fan on YouTube, and that can't be argued. In the early '60s, Walker met up with another D.C. product, Link Wray, the master of menacin ...
Warner Bros Movie World Retrospective, Geek Love - ComiCon Speed Dating, XMAS - Lego - Walkman - And why did kevin McCallister get to have a TALKMAN and I didn't? The Underwater Realm - indie filmmaking, Bryan Brown's Twisted Tales, What does 2013 have in store for Geek Speak. Coverage on Movie Tra...
That story was put in there as part of me being accepted for Twisted Tales anthology. V cool!
Last day in Seattle. It has been fun, educational, and not rainy! I hope to work on the Twisted Tales story on my way back to Dave and Al. Great dinner and visit with Marva Bills Plaizier Lang yesterday evening. She is a truly wonderful person, and I enjoyed her company immensely! Well, I have Seattle's Best coffee and a crossword puzzle to finish. Take care, everyone! -kk
Strange Love- Short Stories and Twisted Tales, the perfect holiday read :~)
**Little R-E-D*!! Dress** is a suspenseful Kindle short story that is also featured in The Cancer Assassin, a collection of 3 Twisted Tales. Revenge is an act of nature. Imagine a grownup Little Red Riding Hood who long ago was not so lucky. She knows her wolf still roams fr...
Author Robin Renee Ray About Robin I'm a multi-genre author, but have a thing for writing horror and dark fiction. BloodBreeders, 'Living in Darkness' is the first book in five book series, that one could say set me on a none stop ride of creating. I have completed 15 full length novel's, almost finished with number 16...I love writing short stories, one of which is on Danielle Steel's Beauty site, and another at Damnation Books. The rest of my short stories are horror based, and are now in my books- Short Stories of Twisted Tales, Vol's 1 and 2. I have several other works getting ready to send out, and twice as much work to get completed..LOL. We are looking at two more releases before the end of 2010... Other than spending my time writing, blogging, or play with my grandbabies when I'm blessed enough to have them around, which is pretty much any time I want them..LOL. Giftsofdawn aStore you help the Scott Family and we are in the 99% … Amazon is filled with little family aStore's and we all thank you ...
Cinderella: Ninja Warrior (Twisted Tales) (Paperback): In this fast-paced story full of adventure and romance, C...
THEATRE REVIEW: Roald Dahl’s Twisted Tales, adapted by Jeremy Dyson, at the Liverpool Playhouse: THERE’S a creep...
John Fogerty Sued for Plagiarizing ... Himself: Twisted Tales: Filed under: Twisted TalesTom Fogerty was three yea...
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