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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Angelo Badalamenti North Bend Amanda Seyfried Log Lady Dale Cooper Leland Palmer Deadly Premonition Blue Velvet Bobby Briggs Black Lodge Jack Nance Ray Wise Walking Dead Mark Frost David Duchovny

My coworker friend is way cool but she has never HEARD of: The X-Files, Twin Peaks, OR Hayao Miyazaki. My eyes are giant question marks.
Amanda Seyfried joining "Twin Peaks" continues the "Twin Peaks" tradition of inspiring an amazing but out of left field woman to crush on.
Was exciting seeing on the set of the new Twin Peaks the other day, now that the new has leaked
B/C We're not as original as we think - ‘Muppets,’ ‘X-Files,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Full House’: Why can’t we ever move on?
And I double dog dare David Lynch to not have Lana Del Rey singing on soundtrack for his upcoming Twin Peaks project. It's a perfect match.
Color Schemes: Yellow in Xavier Dolan's films. I Killed My Mother/Heartbeats/Laurence Anyways/Tom at the Farm.
Extremely disappointed about the spoilers . Please respect the authors!
Actress will make her comeback on television with the revival of popular serial drama "Twin Peaks".
I want a hanger over burger from twin peaks😩😩
belgavin wrote:from the TP subreddit:New Faces in Twin Peaks!Caleb Landry Jones excited to s...
The first scene of the season 2 of Twin Peaks is so frustrating omggg
Original Twin Peaks featured Bob, a disturbing manifestation of the evil that men do. New Twin Peaks will feature Aman…
I haven't watched Twin Peaks since I was a kid and I love it even more now. Cooper isn't quite Fox Mulder, but yes.
Amanda Seyfried has landed a 'major role' on Showtime's ‘Twin Peaks’ revival, described as a brand new character.
Stumbled across this Twin Peaks themed cafe in Copenhagen, what
Twin peaks might be the best thing that has happened to me ever
good lord, everyone in twin peaks is having an affair... I can't keep up with it XD
I'll tell anyone who'll listen that Space Ghost Coast to Coast is as influential in its way as The Sopranos, Sex and t…
Photoset: sosuperawesome: Wooden jewelry -including those in homage to Parks and Recreation, Twin Peaks,...
I'm trying to figure out how I went from the shop to twin peaks to cloud lX then 255 and still got to the airport on time
Oh God, but he's also a Twin Peaks super-fan - Now I'm really torn... *** you for making me question my own morality!
So far I like the intro to twin peaks more than the show itself
Can't sleep I'm going to rewatch Twin Peaks for the 10th time.
So who is this supporting JULEE CRUISE at the you ask?
Shelly by far is the best babe on the whole show. I've watched all of Twin Peaks 3 times and I love it when she comes on omg
Went to Twin Peaks for the first time tonight, and was expecting to see , but didn'
Basically today I went on a whole-day date & it ended as us at Twin Peaks rappin&turnin up to Bobby Shmurda together & honestly. I loved it
When comedy bang bang did a twin peaks reference I got nausea be no one else got it
Wow! Hollywood superstar Amanda Seyfried is joining the cast of Twin Peaks
Hair birthday to Hessdog and the Air Force! Had a great night with the homies and Twin Peaks will…
Twin Peaks or Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday to watch Eagles and Cowboys game???.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Twin Peaks: Amanda Seyfried lands mystery role on revival
Join us Saturday, September 20th for a Twin Peaks inspired cocktail party! Costume contest with prizes and live mus…
I go into a deep depression when I finish shows I love. I suggest Twin Peaks if you haven't seen it.
Mood: moshing to twin peaks with my lil mamas
it's called Deadly Premonition. It's as if twin peaks was made a video game.
Amanda Seyfried will join the third season of "Twin Peaks" despite being four wh...
Amanda Seyfried to join the Twin Peaks revival in a mysterious new role
Apparently, David Lynch and Mark Frost have started filming the new Twin Peaks series in my home state of Washington...again.
'Twin Peaks' revival: David Lynch, Mark Frost plead with fans to not share set photos -
David Lynch wants fans to stop taking photos of Twin Peaks production
This episode of Twin Peaks is brought to you by, young as *** Heather Graham.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Mullholland Drive but Twin Peaks is another place with it's own rules
What's it like to be returning to play Agent Dale Cooper again in Twin Peaks? Looking forward to a *** fine" Season 3!
Me watching Twin Peaks:. Oh I get it because Audrey Horne makes people "horn"-y.
Why oh why did they call it Twin Peaks when Joan Chen Andalou was just sitting right there
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
With each Twin Peaks rewatch, I grow more and more to treasure Bobby Briggs as one of my favorite characters in all literature.
Twin Peaks is an odd show but the thing I still have yet to get used to is Dale Cooper. Same actor plays a very bad guy in Agents of SHIELD.
Twin Peaks filming hits North Bend. Seems Twede's becoming Double R Diner again with big makeover:
David Lynch shooting the last episode of Twin Peaks to date. Photo by Richard Beymer.
Tonight I am going to the Twin Peaks themed diner dressed like Bobby Briggs.
Twin Peaks theme to bed, Twin Peaks theme to rise makes a man healthy, weird, and wise.
All areas of the city need to step up and take their fair share of growth including West of Twin Peaks.
・・・. Sexy CJ this week!! Go support her on Wed night for the Twin Peaks Kirby bikini pageant!!…
What's brighter than the San Francisco lights? @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
The suspense is killing me. It's Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks is the campiest show that can really FREAK ME THE F OUT.
I just finished twin peaks and have too many feelings rn
Starting Twin Peaks and I already love it. Narcos is so good too.
View from our hotel lobby...the summit:) See the twin peaks/V shape, that's where we're headed…
really unsure if everyone in twin peaks is That Beautiful or if film is just That Beautiful
 border= to love you two... Go thrash it out... Peyton Place V Twin Peaks
26 years after this photo, David Lynch is in town again to film MORE Twin Peaks. And he's wearing the same cap!
The Owls Are Not What They Seem, dining experience inspired by the world of Twin Peaks.
Sound of silence in Twin Peaks biker case drawing ire
Drove around a bit to Twin Peaks-esque music on WDET. Suited my mood.
Please direct me to the Twin Peaks emotional support hotline.
lol living in Seattle would be living 20 minutes from actual TWIN PEAKS . I'd die
The worst part is I'll probably watch the new Twin Peaks season,. I'm an ***
The music in Twin Peaks is great. It makes me want to put on a hat, a trench coat & go solve crime while snapping my fingers to the beat
I really wanna work at twin peaks but I already have 2 professional jobs 😕
Thanks to John Thorne of Wrapped in Plastic magazine for the interview! This week: season 2 episode 9.
(I’ve actually only seen bits of “Twin Peaks”. The aforementioned films probably guarantee I won’t watch it.)
I think I still have enough residual anger from Lost to cover Twin Peaks without finishing it.
I wonder what the eating plans are for the girls at Twin Peaks or Hooters or one of the strictly girl restaurants 🙇🏽👀😅
I love Seinfeld, but at times it doesn't age well with its 90s jokes. Twenty years is a very long time; yet, Twin Peaks feels timeless.
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So Twin Peaks is the joke everyone is in on, and the agreement is to never tell someone who's never seen it "No, don't do it!" Right?
I like what the girls wear at hooters and twin peaks 😂😌
All of you who knew, but still let me watch Twin Peaks anyway?. You're on my list.
Second episode of Twin Peaks let's go
. Good way to waste time before Twin Peaks starts
Thanks for the heads up! 'Twin Peaks' was a little before my time, but I'll have to check it out.
TWIN PEAKS SOS. I just watched the final episode. 😳😨😱😵
This is either where they shoot a Courtney Love solo single or where something bad happens in Twin peaks.
Finished watching Twin Peaks (series) tonite. Some parts better than others, but even the bad is better than TV today. Next the TV movie.
I'm explaining to all the ways in which Marvel comics' teen!Loki and Twin Peaks' Bobby Briggs are the exact same character.
Been up since 6am, prepping for the Show, today LIVE from Twin Peaks in greenville sc, college football is here, join us on 4-7
Showed my partner Stir Crazy today. They didn't think much of it. In revenge, I'm learning that song Leland Palmer sings in Twin Peaks
Leland Palmer, Hank Jennings and 17 other male Twin Peaks characters get the pin-up treatment: ht…
Leland Palmer, because I'm binge watching Twin Peaks and he is a mad-as-a-box-of-frogs silver fox 😍
Like Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks, I have hit the wall.
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Happy Birthday to Twin Peaks sweetheart Peggy Lipton, yet another one of those celebs who just seems to get...
The new Twin Peaks “ends with definitiveness,” says David Nevins. That is, if David Lynch —unlike the finale in 1991— st…
Also, how is it that Ray Wise hasn't aged at all in the 25 years since Twin Peaks?
“Twin Peaks was like a shooting star that exploded and became part of the American culture immediately.”. —Ray Wise in ht…
Trying to get a bunch of work done so I can go to the Black Lodge Burlesque tonight. Burlesque inspired by Twin Peaks, because Portland.
re-watching Twin Peaks and thinking about Mullholand Dr., Blue Velvet, etc. Feel a philosophical kismet exists between the two.
Add Chris Mulkey to the list of original Twin Peaks cast members that have signed an NDA.
Eating in North Bend at the cafe from Twin Peaks. No one knows what that is but its ok, I'm a nerd.
Angelo Badalamenti confirmed to come back to score Twin Peaks
Angelo Badalamenti makes sure new Twin Peaks sounds like old Twin Peaks
He's currently working on new Twin Peaks music, but here's the most recent soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalamenti: ht…
Angelo Badalamenti to compose new music for Twin Peaks score
They start shooting Twin Peaks here in September, so if you happen to be around North Bend...(and why wouldn't you be?)
"Angelo Badalamenti has started scoring the new Twin Peaks"
Angelo Badalamenti has already begun scoring the new Twin Peaks:
Award-winning composer Angelo Badalamenti from the original "Twin Peaks" series will repor...
That 'Twin Peaks' music you like is coming back in style: Award-winning composer Angelo Badalamenti ...
Twin Peaks customers file lawsuit. Their lawyer should have included and the City as parties.
Twin Peaks franchisee to share restaurant news late this week
Have you played Deadly Premonition? Its a flawed, but fantastic Twin Peaks adaptation in my opinion! :)
mellostopheles: We all know that Deadly Premonition is stupider than Twin Peaks, but also no-one in Deadly...
And when exactly did Patti Smith turn into Bob from Twin Peaks?
No one ever truly finishes Twin Peaks. You still have Deadly Premonition to go through, too.
Northern Exposure was the good Twin Peaks, right?
Twin Peaks! Twin Peaks! Twin Peaks in Brooklyn! Log Lady be damned there's Twin Peaks in Brooklyn!
I feel a deep connection with the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.
I'm re-watching Twin Peaks. Off to spend time with the Log Lady
That's the Log Lady from Twin Peaks. Don't tell me you haven't seen Twin Peaks...
“Last Call with Carson Daly” has lasted longer than Twin Peaks, Firefly, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and Freaks & Geeks combined.
Wonder if the Lynch-inspired video was shooting today was for My dead girl. That one reminded me of Twin peaks ever since i heard it
Lady Gaga is everything I dreamed of and more. Lovely, a total pro, and TERRIFYINGLY GENIUS in her role.
Go Hawks! Also, looking forward to seeing you (ahem, Cooper) cont. solving the mysteries within Twin Peaks again in 2016!
Realized no one in twin peaks is monogamous
I love that is back in pnw filming Twin Peaks!!
New Twin Peaks series to be shot as a continuous movie: … Twin Peaks revival series will filmed by dir...
watching LIVE on Twin peaks with my peeps...
LIVE on Twin peaks with my peeps...
4 flatscreen televisions in front of each urinal at Twin Peaks is a perfect example of having too much money
I saw the fist episode of Twin Peaks today. Yes, I arrive 30 years late to party. I'm catching up.
Who knew the Opester was in Twin Peaks? (side note: David Duchovny played a woman on show before XFiles)
Well that's really nice. I packed up the Twin Peaks DVD tonight that you got me and I thought of you.
Dude I was JUST in your hood. I stayed at a friend's place near the top of Twin Peaks. 😜
I say I'm gonna go to bed, but I'll probably end up re-watching twin peaks for the 6th find
😇😇😇 twin peaks/Yerba Buena at night, coit tower and Lombard st day or night.
Ima go to twin peaks and hooters tomorrow
Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' reboot still shrouded in mystery
have Twin Peaks get behind you and show your PPV at all their restaurants.
Ok but ... What's happening in twin peaks now that they solved the case
Watching Twin Peaks this very minute. Donna was never boring, she was far too complicated for that.
I love Twin Peaks - and this picture in the coffee too!
apparently I put on makeup to watch Twin Peaks because thats the only thing I've done today.
Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' reboot still shrouded in mystery, but don't worry, it's coming :Auto pickup by wikyou
Any news about Lara now though? Has she said anything about Twin Peaks lately?
Oh, David Lynch, no. This is worse than the Twin Peaks news.
Started watching Twin Peaks... And that's all I have to say about that
Josie was my least favorite Twin Peaks character, shortly after James Hurley. Didn't mind much when she died.
Way too insecure to wear twin peaks outfits but would love to work there
'Twin Peaks' Revival Starts Filming in September, Episode Count Still Up in the Air via
you're in an episode of Twin Peaks, CLEARLY.
The new Twin Peaks will be filmed as one long movie, then split into episodes:
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It’s official: ‘Twin Peaks’ will return, with David Lynch and local scenery | The Seattle Times
The Mr. is watching Twin Peaks for the 1st time. Think he likes S2 better than S1, what a weirdo.
Lynch! Frost! The Twin Peaks soundtrack was a massive influence on our first two albums. Can't wait for this:
Apparently David Lynch is directing a Twin Peaks revival and all the characters are returning. What!
I really dig the music in Twin Peaks
Latin girls we made it lol just not that one girl from twin peaks though 😂
Imagine a world where we get moar Twin Peaks AND Deadwood
Kyle MacLachlan, David Lynch are headed back to WA for more (That's a thumbs-up.). http…
I wanna do a song inspired by Twin Peaks... Maybe even a whole album.
Jeb Bush to be guest on Colbert Late Show debut: Plus: Twin Peaks revival to start filming next month; Empire ...
Central Texas News: McLennan County District Attorney asks court to reconsider ruling on Twin Peaks gag order
Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' reboot still shrouded in mystery - BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — A roundup of news Tuesday ...
Today was dope, went to twin peaks, went hiking, and went Hyphy.. I love being from the Bay
First episode of twin peaks was really interesting but also strange which I like.
Foto: twinpeaks3: That gum you like is going to come back in 2016. – TWIN PEAKS...
Twin Peaks is such a good show good ***
Honored to close out the Twin Peaks playlist from with http:/…
SO GLAD you took the TWIN PEAKS suggestion 😀😀😀
It's your favorite time of the year! Bikini week starts July 20 so make your plans to visit your nearest Twin Peaks. htt…
I just finished Twin Peaks. I feel like I need a cigarette.
Echoes of Twin Peaks in this comedy/drama but it is way too long. 293. Li'l Quinquin (P *** Quinquin); movie review
Twin Peaks on Since almost all Twin Peaks locations have bad reviews (for obvious reasons) I'l make this shor…
Twin peaks.I'll see you again soon 😌
Kyle Maclachlan's characters on Twin Peaks and Portlandia are actually the same people set in different story lines
just realized had said twin bad. Correction! : tilted kilts. We don't have TP here in the springs lol
How me and kris stay at twin peaks from 8:30 till 1 in the morning
Gag order in Twin Peaks biker case to be lifted: A gag order issued in one of the Twin Peaks shooting bikers cases…
Twin peaks ! I've been craving this for a while
Finally watching twin peaks... Thank you Netflix.
Flooded by ppl from outsideland after party ppl heading to twin peaks. 😵 @ Twins Peak
Panelists discussing things they love to hate to watch - the film Happiness, Twin Peaks, Kick ***
came to twin peaks and I forgot how bad it ***
Can it be 2016 or 2017 yet? I really want this new Twin Peaks on my TV!!
Some of these Twin Peaks girls. 😳😷 I expected better. But it's cool tho.
My baby boy drove all the way home from twin peaks he said I had too much to drink... Ha, that was just an excuse lol
Pizza, Twin Peaks, and a new review! Check out my Headband review, and share a slice with me!
Omg ok so I ordered the twin peaks soundtrack on CD and *** it's being shipped from Washington? THIS COINCIDENCE THO
I just watched 5 hours of twin peaks I am not sleeping tonight I am too shaken up
Babe is really making me go to twin peaks with him right now 😁😁
Global Rallycross raced on the grounds of the Mill from Twin Peaks twice
Starting the weekend off right with a Twin Peaks marathon ^__^
Watching Twin Peaks makes me want pie & coffee.
too many!! Although I am fully behind the twin peaks reboot!
At the goth/80s industrial show and the cast of Twin Peaks walks in
okay loves & did Erica tell you about twin peaks on Sunday ? me my friend Sam you & Erica 👯👯💜
Sofa king tired...Twin Peaks was good.
That's actually scarier. That's now "Garmonbozia" (see Twin Peaks if unfamiliar)
David Duchovny was strangely attractive in Twin Peaks. Intentionally horrible wig and all.
Just left twin peaks and it's like these females don't know what a gym is ..
Though I've not seen these Twin Peaks eps in 25 yrs I THINK this one tied up half the boring season 2 plot threads, the next will the rest.
I didn't get a pretty waitress at twin peaks :/
I just rewatched Twin Peaks (got the bluray) now I'm doing an abridged watch of X-Files to prep for the new season. So stoked!
Everyone is banging each other in Twin Peaks jfc
The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair is a must read for fans of either Steig Larsson or Twin Peaks.
Jack Nance (Pete Martell in Twin Peaks) was married to Natalie Portman, just beat.
Piper Laurie who played Catherine Martell, talks Twin Peaks, including working with Jack Nance and...
I could not have asked for a better view to watch Twin Peaks in a hotel bed.
Woke up after dream finished - some version of Twin Peaks as a video game staring Lisa Simpson. Climax involved evading a police force to-
Seldom to see Twin Peaks such clearly. @ Hong Kong International Airport
I might check it out then. Big fan of X-Files and Twin Peaks (Look forward to imminent return of both). Not a Walking Dead fan
I really liked it. It had elements that reminded me of X-files, Twin Peaks & Walking Dead.
Met Kimmy from today at monster mania con, she was super nice & super helpful with getting my mom & brother Twin Peaks shirts!
why would anyone go to Hooters anyways when there is Twin Peaks or Redneck Heaven?
"During the final hour of ‘Twin Peaks,’ Special Agent Dale Cooper enters the Black Lodge of his own..."
I've been wanting to watch Twin Peaks but instead I've been watching forensic files / unsolved mysteries 😪
Twin Peaks has to be the weirdest thing I've ever watched...but that Dale Cooper is a smooth operator.
A German reporter interviewed me about the podcast at the fest. She knew we covered Twin Peaks and wanted to talk...
How about Twin Peaks and some increased accountability for government departments ?
If the customer wants it,how can we refuse it?RDR,Twin Peaks,TCF all point to & end with the customer - Da Silva.
Did you hear it? The new twin peaks season will air in 2017 not 2016 i'm really mad.
Investigation finds no discrimination in Twin Peaks' blocked grad speech
Stumbled upon this Twin Peaks Red Room nightmare in Finland last night. . (And yes, I think that might be comic sans) http…
Yall just don't know how bad I hated working at Twin Peaks💀
The servers in Twin Peaks make you wish you knew how to speak French! And the coffee is HOT!…
If you like this season of true detective, which is awesome you should watch twin peaks
Panel discussion on regulation in Insurance Industry. RDR, Twin Peaks, SAM, KYC, FAIS, FICA etc. Protection or Problematic?
Please send me an email to : blue.teamso I can explain you better without caracter limitation
if twin peaks taught me anything it's BAGUETTES WITH BRIE god *** this is nice
Blue Velvet is his best but I feel Lost Highway puts together every element of his work also you need to see Twin Peaks!!!
Bob ravaging the town of Twin Peaks, but at least the Black Lodge
After a Lewis Carroll quote and a teaser referencing Twin Peaks (the first to do so), we focus on Oran wandering the d…
It's not like my sister and I are going to stay the whole day watching twin peaks. at all.
It was basically a Twin Peaks game years before Deadly Premonition.
Will Davies, Wheatley, Whitman, Nichols, Linklater, Skolimowski, Fliegauf, Verhoeven and Hillcoat also be at
The pies they eat on Twin Peaks always look so good, I'm over here dying to have some at 3 in the morning.I'm mad.
does it look like the road to Twin Peaks to you?.
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Twin Peaks!
The three Official Juries of the upcoming have been announced! http:…
... and it turns out there is an actual gentlemen's club called "Twin Peeks"! Unfortunately, it is not Twin Peaks-themed.
I was trying to remember the name of Ben Horne's secret gentlemen's club in Twin Peaks, so I googled "twin peaks gentlemen's club"...
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.refers to Twin Peaks as Twin Spears, says it will do same to financial services as Home Affairs has done to tourism
the show would work better with a more Twin Peaks music vibe IMO
Soon, you are a part of a Twin Peaks cherry pie. 🍒 @ Solbacken
*** Fine Cherry Pie" makes it into in the 20 best Twin Peaks shirts!
you flying out SF? hit up Twin Peaks in the City its this view of all of SF
Breaking Bad and Twin Peaks fans can live out their fantasies at London's latest pop-up bars
lmao *** No way twin peaks better than hooters smh
Watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Intense and different to TV series but I think says it best here
A haiku for work. . Work you can suck it . Rather be watching Twin Peaks. I'll do anything
the twin peaks girls, lmao idk about that choice by manis though. That food *** :/
Happy happy Bithday Your truly the best.. And thanks for hospitality too... That nite was my b day... Be…
enjoy sweetie! Me & are watching twin peaks together even though she's in Newcastle and I'…
. Well, shoot. I guess this also means my 'Definitive Edition' of Twin Peaks DVD is no longer definitive.
A parallel universe where John Rambo strolls into Twin Peaks and is greeted with hospitality by Sheriff Truman instead of that Dennehy place
He's an amazing filmmaker. Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive. All great, in my opinion.
Guadalajara and Xtreme were the winners of the day, followed closely by Aspire and Twin Peaks. Good start to one...
The best TV show of all time, followed by Twin Peaks and The Wire:
Thanks to the excess weight I've put on since high school, there's no way I won't get this new gig at Twin Peaks. 🗻🗻
Marana has announced a job fair to staff the new outlet mall at Twin Peaks and I-10.
went to scientology's Twin Peaks compound, with underground bunkers for Tom Cruise/Travolta and a mansion for when L Ron Hubbard resurrects
Taking a walk in the dust storm with my Twin Peaks playlist. Perfect. ❤
Chad we're at twin peaks and the waitresses miss you
inspired Black Lodge replica fan pin by JennisPrints via -
I regularly focus on not letting bad experiences ruin some of my favorite places and things (ex: sssas lower campus, scrubs, twin peaks)
the HBO stuff. I loved Six Feet Under! Obviously Twin peaks too, when I was a youngster. We probably get everything.
Have you really never seen Twin Peaks?
I shouldn't watch Twin Peaks at this time of night - all I want is coffee.
When you see Diarrhea Planet while waiting to see Twin Peaks at forecastle, but you're too nervous to say anything to them
Bright Light Bright Light - Falling (Twin Peaks Theme) 🎶 I much prefer this to the Julee Cruise one
The owls are not what they seem. London får Twin Peaks-restaurang. Vill dit!   10% Off
If i'm feeling up to it I can twin peaks later tonight, i'm kinda under the weather though
Can someone make me some Laura Palmer art or just twin peaks in general
Climbed Twin Peaks! Standing atop the North Peak, "Eureka", at 925ft. The Spanish conquistadors…
Twin Peaks quiz was enjoyable but maybe actually have be focused around Twin Peaks more? :/ Good times except for cackling lady >:(
Used compa Pepe's ID to get a beer at twin peaks lmao
Out with my bros tonight . Twin peaks gone be the move ❕
I'm literally sitting at the barricade for twin peaks this is great
Twin Peaks fried pickles sound sooo good right now 😋
man if Broadchurch doesn't have the most similarities possible to the beginning of Twin Peaks, I don't know what does.
Our new sounds: Brothers preview on
When the power is out at work you take cute pictures 📷 @ Twin Peaks
Nine. Right on Clayton. Heading to twin peaks?
Meh. It's basically a cross between Lost and Twin Peaks that isn't as interesting as those two.
Wayward Pines feels just like what Twin Peaks would've been like if it first came out now. Meh...?
It is happening again. Twin peaks partay.
I backed out of going to a Twin Peaks thing ('cause I didn't wanna be an obvious loner), stayed in with Spotify and wine instead.
Keep your eyes open, David Lynch is in North Bend for the Twin Peaks Fest!
The entire twin peaks soundtrack consists of like three songs.
Amazing photo! Morricone and Tarantino working on the score for "The Hateful Eight" Via
I checked in at Twin Peaks Tavern on
North Bend is PACKED rn. The street on front of the Twin Peaks diner is closed off for some event. Still found a booth tho.
Everyone should watch the tv series of Twin Peaks... Worth every *** minute
A year ago, David Lynch introduced The Missing Pieces of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me in L.A. and it went like this: ht…
Twin Peaks for dinner since we're staying next to it.
the Majestic is where Harrogate goes Twin Peaks.
That is way more intense than normal twin peaks
There's global, fitness on the rocks, the car show at twin peaks. Wish I could've gone to everything smh
Never been to twin peaks before. Don't know if I'm missing out or not lol
We are open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays! Come hang out with your favorite Twin Peaks Girls all night long!
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