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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch San Francisco Robert Forster Amanda Seyfried Log Lady Leland Palmer Michael Ontkean Gilmore Girls Sherilyn Fenn Shelly Johnson Black Lodge Dale Cooper Caleb Landry Jones Angelo Badalamenti Mark Frost Star Wars Silent Hill

106 bikers indicted in Twin Peaks shootout - …
Thanks! best - "songs that would be played on the stage of the Twin Peaks Roadhouse most…
Twin Peaks — Ordinary People: right now on whusradio
Bryson gotta boycott. Nets and Nuggets? Lol naaa stick to Twin Peaks Bryson
Twin Peaks, The Labyrinth, and Uzumaki or Drifting Classroom maybe... Too hard to choose.
1. I love that Mankind had a separate victory theme. 2. Doesn't it remind you of Twin Peaks?.
The side-story in Twin Peaks where James runs away is the worst part of the entire show. Thank god it's only like 4 episodes long.
Twin Peaks been on my mind all day so that's exactly where imma go. 😋🗻
This twin peaks service is horrible. It's not even packed.
I lifted my calloused hands to a flash mob, but they said they looked like twin peaks?. Were my hands on the paths of least resistance?
Was the composer for the sentimental scenes of Buffy the same for Twin Peaks? If not, were they were dating & that's how they communicated?
Them shots at twin peaks really didn't phase me...
but I'm marathoning Twin Peaks and eating shortbread??
Starting the television show Twin Peaks. Hoping I can stomach the 80s/90s aesthetic
My boyfriend is not allowed to eat at Twin Peaks !
I LOVE being told I need to get on the treadmill EVERY day. Sorry I don't look like the girls you see at Twin Peaks.
106 bikers indicted in Twin Peaks shootout
Carol Doda, legendary 'Twin Peaks of San Francisco' stripper, dead at age 78
Is the Twin Peaks theme actually in an episode of 's Master of None, or am I just due for a rewatch?
Only here for the food. — eating burgers at Twin Peaks Kirby (Houston)
Twin Peaks (esp) the movie, plays with the opposite in a lot of ways. The local police typically have more power than FBI
Video: Man found dead in his car in Twin Peaks parking lot
I'm never going to twin peaks again
Twin peaks is the worst for dinner lol
Walked up a gazillion stairs to get here but Twin Peaks delivered, what a view!!
Twin peaks. You get dinner and a show. 😴😛
Video work all day, just gonna watch twin peaks till bed
Dean: "Cas, Sam and I need your help.". Cas: "Hang on, one more episode of Twin Peaks.". Dean: "CAS!". Cas: "Fine. Fine.". …
I finally understand why scientists pursued morphological studies to find answers.
Hey you. Live with me so that I can't tell if it's you or Bob from Twin Peaks making weird noises late at night
I once lived in Twin Peaks and now in Wayward Pines
TV Peaks: Twin Peaks and Modern Television Drama (University of Southern Denmark Studies in... by Andreas Halskov
Downloaded 1st season of 'Wayward Pines'. Is its mix of 'Twin Peaks', 'Truman Show' and 'Shutter Island' worth continuing with?
love Jeremy Brett as Sherlock. The best. Never watched Twin Peaks 😱
hold on a sec...are you like, a David Lynch fan? I bet you've watched Twin Peaks before.
Waitress at Twin Peaks doesn't know what an Irish Car Bomb is... Do i
Sorry, 'Twin Peaks' fans, Showtime's revival is being pushed back to 2017 - Yahoo Finance Canada via
They turned smokey bones in Kennesaw to a Twin Peaks? 👀
Sheryl Lee and Jonny Leppell on the set of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me in September 1991.
Dj build up at Silent Hill live is playing some Twin Peaks sound track. Lovely.
i just finished the first season of twin peaks they just shot Agent Cooper hold mE DOWN HOLD ME DOWN
Wish I could go to twin peaks and get a beer😔
first I was like "Stephanie you have $54 in dispensary credit, you smoke too much weed" but then I remember I got $900 of oil for twin peaks
Maybe we're islands, or maybe we are twin peaks of the same submerged mountain.
Happy Birthday, Brooke, with this rather well-timed bit of news...
lol I was just thinking about Audrey and this cool twin peaks tattoo I saw. get out of my head, ollz.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Give me your wordy emotions, your angry ponytails, your Sally Jessie Raphael glasses, twin peaks.
What does it mean if the Twin Peaks score comes on?
sigmalternative I've never even seen twin peaks
Gravity Falls is like Twin Peaks but for kids.
The new issue of Mondes de Cinéma 7 on Twin Peaks with my text, Les Bacchantes de Twin Peaks.
A bit of Laura's Theme from Twin Peaks playing before the Silent Hill gig... I approve!
The best thing I’ve done is order a TON of Taco Bell and take it up to Twin Peaks to eat.
When the manager at Twin Peaks is an old white creep 🌚
Twin Peaks waitresses look way better than them girls over at Hooters on Peachtree
Never seen an ugly Twin Peaks waitress ...that place is very prejudice lol
Ben Horne eating carrots while talking business and random shouts of native americans in the background. Twin Peaks.
HighYellowKay: Come visit us twin peaks♥️
Ima stay at twin peaks but work waffle house on weekends lol BOOM.
S1 of Twin Peaks, and now The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari I will get rid of this bothersome sanity yet.
they got 3 big stars black guy from ghostbusters & Ray Wise from Jeepers Creepers II & Twin Peaks
what Big_Garv ColbyZishka and daltonstene12 were thinking at twin peaks... abbinatore linamarkss kristi_katlin …
Stay clear of SR-18 near Twin peaks Drive times 21m more than usual … …
Have I entered a weird timeslip? Didn't we already know Twin Peaks was delayed til 2017?
David Lynch's new season of 'Twin Peaks' will officially air in 2017 on Showtime, CBS president Les Moonves says.
Jenny binge watched the first 4 episodes of Twin Peaks today and it's like..I don't have time to catch up.
Just finished Top of The Lake. Elisabeth Moss' acting was superb and you can tell the show owes a lot to 's Twin Peaks. Love it
Kyle MacLachlan suits up as Twin Peaks reboot films in the Mojave ...
Chilling footage released of the Texas biker gang shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant:
Gabriel Knight II's cheesyness is its charm - the same awesome 90's vibe that reeks from stuff like Twin Peaks.
I had a great time yakking with about Twin Peaks, Rick & Morty, BoJack Horseman... Survivor too!
Jennifer Jason Leigh has joined Twin Peaks, and David Lynch has clearly been reading my letter to Santa
My illustration of Twin Peaks character Shelly Johnson is finished, if you'd like further updates check out my Face…
When you realize Shelly Johnson from Twin Peaks and Sherry Tindsdale from Gilmore Girls are the same person. I FEEL DUMB
I spent a lot of time teaching myself to do this when I was in high school, after I saw Sherilyn Fenn do it on Twin Peaks.
So Gravity Falls is what would happen if Twin Peaks became a Saturday morning cartoon. Why did none of you people tell me this?!
Suzi Quatro is the aunt of Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks.
Halfway up to Twin Peaks! That gray house on the bottom has been run…
(To be clear, Gordon Cole is one of my favorite things about Twin Peaks)
I understand. I keep chanting "Please don't be bad. Please don't be bad." about Star Wars, The X-Files, Twin Peaks.
Just watched the first episode of River on BBC. Early to call, but a lot of potential for Life on Mars/Twin Peaks fans.
FARGO. It's like a way colder version of Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks, X-Files and Gilmore Girls revivals shd be all one show. Rory marries an alien demon, everyone has coffee.
I didn't know David Bowie was in Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me!
The ultimate dining experience inspired by CherryPie🍒 included
Troye just told dan twin peaks isn't returning
I only like talking about Twin Peaks 😐
in retrospect, my Space Odyssey/Drake/Twin Peaks joke may have targeted too narrow an audience.
Spotted at a diner the same day I saw Sheriff Truman won't be in the Twin Peaks revival 😭😭😭
Star Wars EVIL DEAD TWIN PEAKS!!!” he cried out to the heavens. What a time it was to be alive.
Watching the final episodes of Twin Peaks! I feel save in the company of while is too afraid to go home alone 😁
Fans of Twin Peaks! The Music of Twin Peaks Show by comes to this Sun 9:30pm!
"I wrote a Lost fan fiction finale that also answers all the questions from Twin Peaks."
The world gives us good things. More Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls and Drake dancing in a sweater.
Eraserhead was the 1st of his films I watched. Just finished twin peaks for the 2nd time maybe a year ago. So *** good
Blue Lolan and Connie Woods aka The New Girl at One Eyed Jacks at the 2014 Twin Peaks Festival…
I hate time travel bs plot but ya the end of Life is Strange aka Twin Peaks Art School was pretty great.
LOL "They call it Twin Peaks because Twins settled there in 1800s"
Thank God someone from twin peaks actually knows about Corsicana 🙌🏽
WOAAA michael horse comes out in twin peaks AND x files playing the same character?!?
Gilmore Girls = TWIN PEAKS TRIBUTE! So good I'm gonna kill myself so I never have to read anything else
since twin peaks season 3 is happening I would love it if you guys had a chance to do twin peaks series between season 2 & 3
There was a Twin Peaks quote in the toilets of the diner I think! I got v. excited!
Nothing like a cold beer and good lunch at Twin Peaks with my mamma :)
Okay they’re straight up referencing Twin Peaks now
You can purchase his amazing book right here.
gal at twin peaks casually puts her arm around me as I was leaving and whispers "stay golden pony boy" 😂
I'll be at Crypticon this weekend at the Ramada across from the MOA. Stop in and visit Craig Muckler and Chris Mulkey of Twin Peaks Fame!
beautiful drive down Twin Peaks country with loscil
Want to enjoy a romantic dinner in Twin Peaks? (I can almost guarantee Bob won't show up).
Dear Mark Frost, some words on and a bonus drawing of Coop.
30 band dudes walk into a twin peaks somewhere in Texas... 📷
SAME i seriously thought it was magic realism i was sooo confused... i thought it'd be kinda like twin peaks tbh
Lol wow. People I use to work with at Twin Peaks are laughing at the meme. Fake. Whatever.
ive started twin peaks i love being Dan Smith
the best feeling is remembering that TWIN PEAKS IS COMING BACK NEXT YEAR !!
I heard a lot of the twin peaks girls strip at laroice
I should have known with a name like Twin Peaks lol
idk how I'm from the bay and have never been to Twin Peaks or Alcatraz 😐
X files twin peaks Gilmore Girls the holy trinity
People are getting new Star Wars, X Files, Gilmore Girls, I'm getting new Twin Peaks.. what if we're all just dead?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
😂😂😂 oh word? You got children now too? Twin peaks must got that 401K plan
She was Shelly Johnson! She would have been 20 on Twin Peaks. And she's in the new Twin Peaks series as well! 💕
Sherilyn Fenn's Twin Peaks cast/crew jacket with optional autograph is on eBay! ht…
Get your Master's in Film from David Lynch, director of Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, etc.:
with ・・・. Laura Palmer aka Sheryl Lee from the end of the feature film Twin Peaks : …
"If I had to sum it up in thirty words or less, I’d describe Fortitude as a cross between Twin Peaks and John Carpenter’s The Thing,"
I swear Gravity Falls is like some weird Silent Hill/Twin Peaks combo sometimes. y'know, for kids
Pick your favorite Twin Peaks character and Dance Dance with Leland Palmer.
The famous Black Lodge on my Twin Peaks prints. Available to buy in 3 different sizes today from...
The Black Lodge on my Twin Peaks print! Available to buy in 3 sizes today from
In last Twin Peaks ep. in Black Lodge, Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper she'll see him again in 25 years. That's when new season starts. 2017
why does the middle one look more like Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks than Donald Trump?
I've never watched Twin Peaks but Robert Forster being in the new one is p. good. Top character actor.
They only have Golden Tee and Big Buck Hunter at Twin Peaks. They don't have CSGO yet.
Amanda Seyfried, Robert Knepper and Robert Forster make me very excited for Twin Peaks
uh why did none of you tell me that Robert Forster is going to be the sheriff in the Twin Peaks revival?!
Michael Ontkean will reportedly not return as Sheriff Truman on Twin Peaks reboot :(.
Robert Forster may be the new sheriff of Twin Peaks
Watched the pilot of Twin Peaks. As soon as Angelo Badalamenti’s music came in, Nicolas Jaar’s Essential Mix came to my mind.
Michael Ontkean will not return as Sheriff Truman for Twin Peaks revival; Robert Forster may take over role: ...
Michael Ontkean won't return to Twin Peaks, but maybe Robert Forster as Harry Truman? Pretty neat.
Michael Ontkean won’t return to Twin Peaks, Robert Forster may be the new sheriff
Bush and Clinton are running. Newt could be Speaker. NWA Is on the radio. Flash is on TV. Twin Peaks is coming back. I am …
A cocktail combining tea and Twin Peaks?! Thank you
Twin Peaks dance-off tribute game features a wailing Leland Palmer in the Red Room, made me die by
Thurs. The sun comes up on the first lovely day this week. Twin Peaks ost series 2 Angelo Badalamenti
I want Mulder to swoop in and solve the mysteries in the Twin Peaks woods. Can't tell if Agent Cooper would love or hate him.
It's kinda odd realising how much I've changed for the better since making an effort to be more like Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks
You can boogie with Leland Palmer in this 'Twin Peaks' video game:
Amazing new music from Sarah Blasko - flavors of Angelo Badalamenti & Twin Peaks - 3 of my favorite things...
Catherine Coulson obituary. Actor who played the Log Lady in David Lynch’s offbeat classic Twin Peaks.
so obviously we have TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL this weekend BUT we have screenings of today & tomorrow:
Robert Knepper joins Twin Peaks cast. This can only be a good thing.
Twin Peaks is coming back! David Lynch directing! I'm going to get coffee and cherry pie to celebrate!
should i try and watch twin peaks or watch All of the goldbergs
Sunday morning is going to consist of twin peaks , wings , football
RIP Log Lady...Twin Peaks will miss you dearly...
Oh man... Storytime is gonna be epic tonight.
"David Lynch has made finding scoop on this show an impossibility. Knepper is fantastic, and that is reason...
memorable Log Lady, Catherine Coulson, has died at age 71
Catherine Coulson, who played Log Lady in Twin Peaks, dies
25 years ago tonight, David Lynch and Mark Frost introduced us to the Giant in the 2nd season premiere of Twin Peaks. ht…
One year ago, David Lynch suddenly changed his standard reply to the question: “Will there be more Twin Peaks?”
LOVING 1st Twin Peaks binge. Dale enjoys the simple things. How much of that sincerity informed by script vs choice u made?
I added a video to a playlist Twin Peaks Theme on baritone guitar
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
After I think I might need to watch twin peaks this weekend. Great evening.
'Twin Peaks' – everything we know so far about the new series
will never be the same without Log Lady. My tribute to Catherine Coulson on
EDITORIAL: Are state taxpayers responsible for how we handled Twin Peaks shootout?
Our usual program is suspended this Saturday & Sunday as we host the TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL! Book your ticket now! http:…
Twin Peaks will always be that place where I can gaze at the lights and let all my emotions out when Im feelin down.
apparently u never watched Twin Peaks... btw. dont forget the pie!
Hi there, it's me Various Jams, Bermondsey's second most authoritative Twin Peaks enthusiast and inventor of the expresso
Catherine Coulson who played The Log Lady on 'Twin Peaks' Has Died at 71
"She carried her ponderosa pine as a child would a comfort blanket": Twin Peaks' greatest hero via
6/10/15 join us at The Kazimier reimagining the music of David Lynch and his TV show 'Twin Peaks'.
Problem with the return of TWIN PEAKS: every time says "Cooper" our cat of the same name wakes up. Sleep deprived cat ;)
The soundtrack to Twin Peaks is so incredibly retro/cheesy but it's iconic.
Catherine Coulson, mysterious Log Lady of ‘Twin Peaks,’ dies at 71
Can't wait to have a squad that will dress up as characters from twin peaks with me
Catherine Coulson, the Log Lady of 'Twin Peaks,' dies:
Catherine Coulson, the Enigmatic Log Lady of 'Twin Peaks,' Dies at 71 - New York Times
A special live performance from Reimagining the music from cult and seminal tv show Twin Peaks. The Kazimi…
I appreciate the artistry of Twin Peaks, but did not find it entertaining. Hill Street Blues still king of the hill, imo.
Does anyone know if it's true that Caleb Landry Jones has a role in the new season of Twin Peaks?
View from Twin Peaks is always worth it @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Waiting for sunrise over San Francisco, CA and looking over Market St from Twin Peaks and all the…
66 in the Outer Richmond. 104 at Twin Peaks. Welcome to San Francisco.
Twin Peaks at Goose Island barrelhouse today, Sound Opinions taping.
Touring the city with friends in this beautiful Impala! When in America... 😘 @ Twin Peaks (San…
I love twin peaks. Mr Lynch is the second greatest David on this planet that I know of
Bohren & der Club of Gore, Auburn Lull, added to
So gutted that I am missing the twin peaks festival this year. rawwwr
What I love most about the new record is how every song belongs in an episode of Twin Peaks.
*ignores all Funko pops until Twin Peaks ones are a thing* :P
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
popular quote from Twin Peaks. It's a *** of an interesting show. Some ups and downs, but overall awesome.
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Audrey Twin Peaks Sherilyn Fenn' -
Wait, the starring actor of Twin Peaks is the same guy that plays Cal in Agents of SHIELD? Maybe it's time for me to watch Twin Peaks.
can I go on live from Twin Peaks with you tomorrow...
RIVER'S EDGE, has the late-80s teen-cult smalltown blues, like Twin Peaks:
Ate at *** Barrel and watched Twin Peaks at this La Quinta Inn in rural Missouri so yes, I am living my best life.
Twin Peaks filming back in the Valley for new season in 2017 via
There's an immersive Twin Peaks dining experience in London
I've just started to watch Twin Peaks and are loving it 😏
Portlandia is a tight *** show, but whenever I see Kyle MacLachlan on an episode it makes me wanna watch Twin Peaks, you know?
Just wrapped up these guys to send to Twin Peaks UK festival! Hope they go down well!!
Photo: Twin Peaks destroying their performance at the Goose Island barrel house! (at Goose...
How Twin Peaks is influencing modern films via
Great start with 'Twin Peaks Apparel: J...' - Click to claim & we'll feature it free for 24hrs
Well, this combines things I like:. Thank you and
How Twin Peaks is influencing modern films
What's up with that plaid shirt? Are you trying to get a job a twin peaks or something?
Twin Peaks is beautiful, despite the foggy haze.
Half day at school, went to twin peaks with the bro's and now I'm stuck at home by myself 😑
Off to Twin Peaks for a well deserved lunch 😍👌
Twin Peaks is hiring! Apply now for the position of Twin Peaks Manager
Pit stop on the road to (@ Twin Peaks restaurant in Indianapolis, IN)
Our comp to win tickets to ends Sunday - don't miss out!
huh, Caleb Landry Jones is to be in Twin Peaks
Capturing a cool lookin sky from my bathroom window. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
San Francisco sunset from Twin Peaks via /r/pics
San Francisco sunset from Twin Peaks (behind the hills you can see the Pacific Ocean) [OC]…
Well, good morning to you too San Francisco. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
The city by the bay. It was fun Holly! Thanks for the visit! @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
My coworker friend is way cool but she has never HEARD of: The X-Files, Twin Peaks, OR Hayao Miyazaki. My eyes are giant question marks.
My precious angel baby Mr. Karloff atop Twin Peaks! San Francisco is doggy heaven! We'll be back.…
Day 3 of SFLA - We went to play with lightsabers. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Late night cruise around the city... 🚘🚗🌃🌉 @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Twin Peaks (San Francisco) The Twin Peaks are two hills with an elevation of about 925 feet (282 m)…
Shal W.'s Review of Twin Peaks - San Francisco (5/5) on Yelp: San Francisco, CA: Not to be missed views! . Und...
Spontaneous trip with friends to San Francisco at 2am to watch the sunrise at Twin Peaks. Had to get…
Photo: Spontaneous trip to San Francisco at 2am and ended up watching the sunrise from Twin Peaks.
As the light started to touch everything. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Amanda Seyfried joining "Twin Peaks" continues the "Twin Peaks" tradition of inspiring an amazing but out of left field woman to crush on.
Was exciting seeing on the set of the new Twin Peaks the other day, now that the new has leaked
B/C We're not as original as we think - ‘Muppets,’ ‘X-Files,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Full House’: Why can’t we ever move on?
And I double dog dare David Lynch to not have Lana Del Rey singing on soundtrack for his upcoming Twin Peaks project. It's a perfect match.
Color Schemes: Yellow in Xavier Dolan's films. I Killed My Mother/Heartbeats/Laurence Anyways/Tom at the Farm.
Extremely disappointed about the spoilers . Please respect the authors!
Actress will make her comeback on television with the revival of popular serial drama "Twin Peaks".
Update your maps at Navteq
I want a hanger over burger from twin peaks😩😩
belgavin wrote:from the TP subreddit:New Faces in Twin Peaks!Caleb Landry Jones excited to s...
The first scene of the season 2 of Twin Peaks is so frustrating omggg
Original Twin Peaks featured Bob, a disturbing manifestation of the evil that men do. New Twin Peaks will feature Aman…
I haven't watched Twin Peaks since I was a kid and I love it even more now. Cooper isn't quite Fox Mulder, but yes.
Amanda Seyfried has landed a 'major role' on Showtime's ‘Twin Peaks’ revival, described as a brand new character.
Stumbled across this Twin Peaks themed cafe in Copenhagen, what
Twin peaks might be the best thing that has happened to me ever
good lord, everyone in twin peaks is having an affair... I can't keep up with it XD
I'll tell anyone who'll listen that Space Ghost Coast to Coast is as influential in its way as The Sopranos, Sex and t…
Photoset: sosuperawesome: Wooden jewelry -including those in homage to Parks and Recreation, Twin Peaks,...
I'm trying to figure out how I went from the shop to twin peaks to cloud lX then 255 and still got to the airport on time
Oh God, but he's also a Twin Peaks super-fan - Now I'm really torn... *** you for making me question my own morality!
So far I like the intro to twin peaks more than the show itself
Can't sleep I'm going to rewatch Twin Peaks for the 10th time.
So who is this supporting JULEE CRUISE at the you ask?
Shelly by far is the best babe on the whole show. I've watched all of Twin Peaks 3 times and I love it when she comes on omg
Went to Twin Peaks for the first time tonight, and was expecting to see , but didn'
Basically today I went on a whole-day date & it ended as us at Twin Peaks rappin&turnin up to Bobby Shmurda together & honestly. I loved it
When comedy bang bang did a twin peaks reference I got nausea be no one else got it
Wow! Hollywood superstar Amanda Seyfried is joining the cast of Twin Peaks
Hair birthday to Hessdog and the Air Force! Had a great night with the homies and Twin Peaks will…
Twin Peaks or Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday to watch Eagles and Cowboys game???.
Twin Peaks: Amanda Seyfried lands mystery role on revival
Join us Saturday, September 20th for a Twin Peaks inspired cocktail party! Costume contest with prizes and live mus…
I go into a deep depression when I finish shows I love. I suggest Twin Peaks if you haven't seen it.
Mood: moshing to twin peaks with my lil mamas
it's called deadly premonition. It's as if twin peaks was made a video game.
Amanda Seyfried will join the third season of "Twin Peaks" despite being four wh...
Amanda Seyfried to join the Twin Peaks revival in a mysterious new role
Apparently, David Lynch and Mark Frost have started filming the new Twin Peaks series in my home state of Washington...again.
'Twin Peaks' revival: David Lynch, Mark Frost plead with fans to not share set photos -
David Lynch wants fans to stop taking photos of Twin Peaks production
This episode of Twin Peaks is brought to you by, young as *** Heather Graham.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Mullholland Drive but Twin Peaks is another place with it's own rules
What's it like to be returning to play Agent Dale Cooper again in Twin Peaks? Looking forward to a *** fine" Season 3!
Me watching Twin Peaks:. Oh I get it because Audrey Horne makes people "horn"-y.
Why oh why did they call it Twin Peaks when Joan Chen Andalou was just sitting right there
With each Twin Peaks rewatch, I grow more and more to treasure Bobby Briggs as one of my favorite characters in all literature.
Twin Peaks is an odd show but the thing I still have yet to get used to is Dale Cooper. Same actor plays a very bad guy in Agents of SHIELD.
Twin Peaks filming hits North Bend. Seems Twede's becoming Double R Diner again with big makeover:
David Lynch shooting the last episode of Twin Peaks to date. Photo by Richard Beymer.
Tonight I am going to the Twin Peaks themed diner dressed like Bobby Briggs.
Twin Peaks theme to bed, Twin Peaks theme to rise makes a man healthy, weird, and wise.
All areas of the city need to step up and take their fair share of growth including West of Twin Peaks.
Website Builder 728x90
・・・. Sexy CJ this week!! Go support her on Wed night for the Twin Peaks Kirby bikini pageant!!…
What's brighter than the San Francisco lights? @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
The suspense is killing me. It's Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks is the campiest show that can really FREAK ME THE F OUT.
I just finished twin peaks and have too many feelings rn
Starting Twin Peaks and I already love it. Narcos is so good too.
View from our hotel lobby...the summit:) See the twin peaks/V shape, that's where we're headed…
really unsure if everyone in twin peaks is That Beautiful or if film is just That Beautiful to love you two... Go thrash it out... Peyton Place V Twin Peaks
26 years after this photo, David Lynch is in town again to film MORE Twin Peaks. And he's wearing the same cap!
The Owls Are Not What They Seem, dining experience inspired by the world of Twin Peaks.
Sound of silence in Twin Peaks biker case drawing ire
Drove around a bit to Twin Peaks-esque music on WDET. Suited my mood.
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