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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Kill Bill Shelly Johnson Laura Palmer Michael Parks James Hurley Jon Hopkins Deadly Premonition Bobby Briggs Mark Frost Cannes Film Festival Angelo Badalamenti David Patrick Kelly Audrey Horne Agent Cooper Breaking Bad

Podcast: The lowdown on 'Twin Peaks' - On this week's episode of the Straight Up Hollywood podcast, TV reporter...
David Lynch recently said he's done making movies, so I've got to believe the Twin Peaks revival will be his swan song.
Twin Peaks party going down TONIGHT! Join us on the eve of Season 3 to celebrate the return of our favourite...
Not that anyone's up at this time but I finished all of the original Twin Peaks + movie and man that was exhausting. Quality stuff but phew!
On June 10, 1991, in the final episode of Twin Peaks, a countdown started. Now, the end of “meanwhile” is near... https:…
Christ, Twin Peaks falls apart so hard after S2E7. Nearly every aspect of the show gets notably worse.
Congratulations to Julian Assange who will be taking on the role of "Bob" in the Twin Peaks reboot
I'm super late to the party but Gravity Falls is like a PG-rated Twin Peaks parody. And good. I like it.
Twin Peaks will be back in a few days. Good enough excuse as any to listen to "Laura Palmer" over and over
This oral history of David Lynch and Twin Peaks is filled with weird, amazing stories collected by
'Twin Peaks' rejoins TV era it helped create - In 1990, "Twin Peaks" was clearly ahead of its time. Now the pro...
Twin Peaks good again
Current goal: finish org twin peaks b4 I have to take the ACT
I think Lynch is a genius. Still have a lot more of his work to watch but Twin Peaks and Eraserhead are almost enough to convince me.
mate a pub near me is doing Twin Peaks menu tonight & it includes Jerry's brie and butter baguette
Also I recently finished Atlanta. It's not quite "Twin Peaks with Rappers" but it's still weird but really good.
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I've been rewatching twin Peaks as well lately. I've also had the wow itch, but have yet to jump back into the pool.
The anticipation I'm feeling for the new Twin Peaks is really only comparable to what it was like waiting for Star Wars to come back in 1999
I vaguely recall the Twin Peaks fan community complaining about the gold box because it was ugly and not very Twin-Peaksy...
Limited edition Twin Peaks soap sets available at noon PST on 👌 Always…
If the Twin Peaks revival doesn't sharply divide the fans, then I'll be disappointed.
Alright. Time to see what this Twin Peaks thing is about, then. (Don't judge me; I was five when it premiered.)
Ah... I've never seen Twin Peaks... appreciate the update and may add to viewing list. 😀
It comes on at 8 pm here I'm so excite my living room/dining area is based off of twin peaks
Bummed that I won't get to watch New Twin Peaks live on a regular basis. Someday, work schedules will make sense. Someday.
David Lynch Meets George Lucas twin peaks is going to be so god *** funny you nerds
I'm not obsessed with David Lynch. In other news, I cry every time I even think about the new Twin Peaks season.
Any critic who wants to review the new “Twin Peaks” should first provide a CORRECT ranking of David Lynch’s films. Writte…
I know I'm in a band named Twin Peaks but fr fr fr I'm stupid excited for the new Twin Peaks I'm going insane with inpa…
After about 3 years, I finally finished Twin Peaks. Pour one out for the people who watched that when it aired. 25 years is one long wait.
Reviewed From now to the premiere, let's give our favorite Twin Peaks podcasts some love!
Not pleased it's delayed a month for a winter T when it's 90 out. Esp since I don't like twin peaks. Rat…
I had a fantastic chat with about filming in the woods at night, Mullholland Dve & more
And amazing Twin Peaks signage and decor and she had a bunch of TP themed pins too!
Can't wait for the twin peaks episodes!!
*** FlyLo just dropped an embarrassment of riches on his soundcloud. (Words via h…
I had an amazing chat to one of the women working at Smith & Deli, she was SO excited about Twin Peaks & they have themed drink specials!!
It would be amazing if Lynch signed the original TWIN PEAKS cast but had them all play entirely new characters.
We've got our first hint at what the new series' plot may be:
Please play the Twin Peaks theme at my funeral
I can't believe twin peaks is coming back
The new Twin Peaks premieres MONDAY. Only on Stan. React, share and discuss using - but please, no spoi…
Forgot to post pics of this when it arrived: Mondo/Death Waltz's vinyl reissue of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With... https:/…
Many people are excited for the new Twin Peaks but I live online so I'm mostly excited for Twin Peaks they're going…
So I watched Twin Peaks way after the fact like maybe 4~ years ago I think, but I really hope the new stuff is good. Haven't seen anything.
Re-entering the town of Twin Peaks in 4 days!. art by
Am I going to be the only one in my timeline who watches the new Twin Peaks or are there fellow cool people out there excited for it too
SHOWTIME releases episode descriptions for the first eight new episodes of TWIN PEAKS!.
David Lynch on and why revisiting Laura Palmer's mystery was easy as pie
“Twin Peaks” returns on Sunday. Here is a refresher on where we left the major characters:
Even when Twin Peaks is bad, it’s easy to watch. It’s an undertow that drags you further out to sea. But in a good way!
This is an amazing piece of work via (It's happening again.)
Finished watching Riverdale. In my opinion it felt like a PG mix of Twin Peaks and Gossip Girl. Jughead is my fav character though 👌
Watching S1 of of Twin Peaks. Makes me feel really old to think how long ago it was on.
All of Twin Peaks & FWWM watched. FWWM's ending is so moving, Laura's angel returns & good Cooper watching over
Twin Peaks feels like Deadly Premonition. Needless to say I already like Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks is fine...but it is no Deadly Premonition.
Surprised the videogame Deadly Premonition wasn't mentioned as influenced by Twin Peaks. Also this F…
I mean one minute you're watching Twin Peaks the next you're whistling that damned song from Deadly Premonition.
Hear Flying Lotus Rework the 'Twin Peaks' Theme - As originally seen on We're days away from the re...
Listen to *** fine cover of the 'Twin Peaks' theme:
France getting ready to welcome the Twin Peaks crew at Cannes Film Festival - Exclusive Intervi…
'Make it like the wind, Angelo': How the Twin Peaks soundtrack came to haunt music for nearly 30 years
Jon Hopkins airs spine-tingling cover of the Twin Peaks theme
This… is Laura Palmer's theme… the Twin Peaks theme is the one with the bass track 😐
Saving Breaking Bad for when I'm old & bedridden. Might re-try Twin Peaks someday. was a great show
Today's lesson in US creativity is brought to you by remakes of Twin Peaks, Alien and The Mummy.
So Riverdale hasn't been just paying homage to Twin Peaks but it has the same killer? What a let down to the mystery
Delving into the Windom Earle era of Twin Peaks before Eurovision tonight.
NEW TWIN PEAKS MUSIC! Just in case you still had your Ear Pillow silicone ear plugs in this morning... https:…
The intro music for twin peaks makes me feel nostalgic for something I never experienced
I love Twin Peaks and watched every episode. Annoyed the new series is on Sky.
Am I the only one who gets the Twin Peaks vibes in Fake It? It's like, yo this is very Laura Palmer~
They are gorgeous , reminds me of that program , twin peaks 💕
Also, as Twin Peaks is back next weekend, which TV show would you like to see revived and why?
Doppelganger? Just in time for Twin Peaks S3. Coincidence? I think not.
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I love how Twin Peaks briefly turns into a beat em up arcade game when Mike and Bobby go to the Roadhouse
Hey - between you and the constant teasers for Twin Peaks, I've decided to start watching the show before the new season.
TWIN PEAKS IS ALMOST BACK! Time binge all the old episodes to prep for the news ones on
So, I was 11 when Twin Peaks originally aired.. what a different role for
I really should see what the fuss is about with twin peaks someday
1. Anyone who doesn’t like Sublime is stupid. 2. Twin Peaks sucked
As cool as new twin peaks is I still can't really deal with the fact that coop's gonna be evil (unless they skip that HM)
"I left the theatre floating six feet above ground." Jacques Rivette on Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
What pop culture opinions are you the most afraid to tell people?. For me: . -I love Sublime. -I could never get into Twin Peaks.
Watched Fire Walk With Me last night and didn't like it as much as Twin Peaks but still like it lots. Lynch is a very odd but brilliant man.
Laura Palmer is the official unofficial Twin Peaks soundtrack 2017!
Manchester's Twin Peaks screening is now sold out!!! Sorry to anyone who may have missed it, but keep your eyes pee…
How Twin Peaks invented modern television, by James Parker:
While you're waiting for TWIN PEAKS to come back, here are some books you might enjoy:
Is that Sue Ellen Mishke, the braless O'Henry candy bar heiress on Twin Peaks?
At this point my life is whatever happens until the new Twin Peaks premiere.
Watch old and new characters in latest 'Twin Peaks' trailer
It's going to rain all weekend in Portland so Twin Peaks bender obv.
The New Trailer For 'Twin Peaks' Proves David Lynch Is Still a Master of the Creepy and Weird
*** fine telly: why everything is now ‘a bit Twin Peaks’
Just in case anyone was confused, Twin Peaks is the name of a show AND a titty bar
I want the Audrey and Log Lady pops but I haven't even started twin peaks yet. 👀💦
Imma have a twin peaks party for August long weekend
Why does Dish think Twin Peaks takes place in a Portuguese monestary cloister? Is this a clue?!?
It's been 950 days since the new announcement, and we have 8 days ahead of us. Glad you're still with me! htt…
Dear lord, is James Hurley meets Not-Kim Basinger the worst of Twin Peaks "dead zone" episodes? Thankful for the ar…
Jon Hopkins' cover of the Twin Peaks theme is pretty amazing
So, I know I'm nitpicking but The Secret History of Twin Peaks lists Dougie's height as 5' 9.25" and Tony Jay (acto…
Behind the scenes of the new Twin Peaks with co-creators David Lynch (dressed as Gordon Cole) and Mark Frost!
Delighted that the new series of Twin Peaks is an eight episode continuation of the James Hurley/Evelyn Marsh storyline.
With the new Twin Peaks coming soon, why not watch this beautiful tribute to James Hurley that I made
I got to make a Twin Peaks / Agent Cooper illustration for my job! Hope you approve Kyle.…
Michael Parks dead aged 77: Kevin Smith leads tributes to Kill Bill and Twin Peaks star who passed away from - OK!
Actor Michael Parks, known for "Twin Peaks" and his work with Quentin Tarantino, dies at 77
We JUST re-watched his debut Twin Peaks episode last night. 😔So great in Kill Bill & Red State too. ***
Kill Bill and Twin Peaks actor Michael Parks dies at 77 via
'Kill Bill' and 'Twin Peaks' actor Michael Parks dies at 77
At this rate, by the time the new season of Twin Peaks starts the rest of the cast will have all died off =(
Another passing in the "Twin Peaks" family. Possibly the most underrated actor of his generation. RIP.
What's with all the Twin Peaks actors dying in 2017? Miguel Ferrer, Warren Frost, now Michael Parks.
as the Twin Peaks return draws closer, here's 5 covers of that one song James Hurley sings
It's pretty great that we're getting both "Blade Runner 2049" and the 18-episode return of "Twin Peaks" this year.
The new season of Twin Peaks is just an old James Hurley having one last ride on his motorcycle.
the Twin Peaks of the collective memory bears little resemblance to the Twin Peaks that actually aired
I'm interested in hearing how U2 does in the new Twin Peaks eps. Doesn't feel like it would work, but mashups are all the rage.
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Twin Peaks is top 1 all time ID IDC IDC
I think I enjoyed this more than I actually enjoyed watching Twin Peaks.
I wanna go to hooters or twin peaks
Twin Peaks has 51,000 people living there but they make it seem like a little place where everyone knows each other. BIG flaw. Sad!
In the next two weeks, I'll be seeing U2 perform The Joshua Tree AND new episodes of Twin Peaks. 16-year-old me can't contain his giddiness.
Was offered a job at Twin Peaks as soon as they saw me 😅
This article should answer that question 🤓.
Twin Peaks is killing me with the close-up shots of donuts!. 😭🍩😫
When will people admit that Twin Peaks wasn't a very good show?
How's Annie? The history of one of Twin Peaks' most uncertain characters:
Tomorrow will be the 5th time I've seen twin peaks should be the 7th time tho RIP the 2 shows I bought tickets to and then couldn't go to
See Twin Peaks characters 25 years on, in new teasing clip
New York: I will be in you for the twin peaks premiere. Where can I watch it?
Two weeks until Twin Peaks Returns. Be sure you're subscribed to the only magazine that will be covering the return.
When U accidentally wile out and watched the first season of twin peaks in one sitting
Massive craving for donuts every time I watch a. Twin Peaks episode! This show is killing me!
american dream sound like twin peaks I love it
sense8: can I copy your homework?. twin peaks: yeah just make sure you change it a bit. sense8:
Introducing and to Twin Peaks. They won't have to wonder for most of their lives.
My plans to see Giant didn't work out so maybe now to just go home and watch Twin Peaks for the rest of the night
As we prepare for Twin Peaks, check out this Kid Moxie collab with the man himself…
I'm banking a lot of my future well being on the new Twin Peaks being good.
Everything we know about the new season of Twin Peaks so far
2 WEEKS UNTIL. Twin Peaks RETURN!!! This 29 part documentary should refresh your memory! Welcome to Twin Peaks The...
I was four minutes into an eight-minute Biosphere song before I realized they were sampling lines spoken by Major Briggs in Twin Peaks.
My bf is watching the last ep of Twin Peaks and he is loving it. He's acting like everyone in the Black Lodge are old friends he's missed.
If you don't like James' song in Twin Peaks please die.
David Lynch reintroduces us to some old friends.
Twin Peaks marketing is the best. Silent glimpses of old favorites and Lynch eating donuts. That's pretty much all we n…
Are u friggin kidding this is one of my fav twin peaks songs
David Lynch on the return of Twin Peaks and why he will never make another film via
Gotta finish Sense8, restart & wrap Twin Peaks, watch new Adventure Time, a few ALIEN flicks then I can focus on Wonder Woman comics and TV.
I have a question about Twin Peaks: do these kids EVER go to school???
Before you could just watch a show. Now you have to solve it: via
one last finals week TV binge with the roommates. this semester: twin peaks.
i didnt but mel and i saw one thats a TITTIE BAR like how DARE YOU do this to twin peaks
This is what modern day Hollywood has caused
Looking forward to the new Twin Peaks!
I sincerely can’t believe that exactly two weeks from this moment we will be experiencing brand new TWIN PEAKS. This is unreal.
girl are you the James subplot on TWIN PEAKS because this really isn't working
Two weeks from now the way we view Twin Peaks will be forever changed. Everything will change.
It'd be pretty ballin' if Twin Peaks were still on Canadian Netflix so I could adequately pregame for the new season, just thinking out loud
Bobby Briggs' dad is best character on Twin Peaks
Definitely would have dated Bobby Briggs if I lived in Twin Peaks
“It was a perfect fit from the very beginning,” David Lynch said of on "Twin Peaks"
This eerie new Twin Peaks teaser reveals familiar faces 25 years on
Monica Belluci in the new Twin Peaks season?. *drools*
Nearly (finally) up to speed with Twin Peaks. Quite in awe of the second season. Not sure I can cope with much more Billy Zane.
Let loose, you Twin Peaks-era David Patrick Kelly-looking guy, you. Have fun and welc…
Bobby Briggs from Twin Peaks was such a babe
My latest "Twin Peaks" theory I just came up with is that it's all about the nuclear bomb, hence "Sheriff Harry Truman." Laura = Oppenheimer
The "Bobby Briggs from Twin Peaks" guy definitely went on to a career in sales of some sort. He's got that winning personality.
So I'm watching Twin Peaks for the 1st time (I know, I know), and David Patrick Kelly looks remarkably like you w/ the bowtie
Shelly Johnson is the hottest girl in Twin Peaks
Why Shelly is the unsung hero in our town of Twin Peaks. .
Dreamt I was watching the Twin Peaks premiere. Cooper was being discharged from a mental hospital, Audrey was a patient turned mentor there.
This 'Twin Peaks' teaser is exactly what you'd expect from David Lynch
"Twin Peaks" funny scene: Waitress Shelly Johnson and FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole chatting at the Double R Diner…
I'm glad I gave Twin Peaks a chance. It's hella good and I'm excited for the third season next month
It's sad that we can't even walk out of twin peaks without someone getting into our cars with us
Please do not attempt to contact me on May 21st because that's when Twin Peaks returns, thx
It is my New Years Resolution to announce on social meedz that I finished season one of Twin Peaks last night.
Re-watching Twin Peaks the highlights never stop. In 20 seconds we just got Audrey Horne knotting a cherry stem and Big Ed's fake stache.
Just finished the first season of twin peaks
when i first arrived at Manchester I never thought I'd end up writing an essay where I call Twin Peaks racist :(
DAY 27 - best pilot episode: The Prisoner (it'd be easy to put Twin Peaks / Lost again so why not put the great sho…
Quick question while nailing down my podcast listening schedule are you covering the Twin Peaks return?
TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME is coming to this weekend on 35mm, and it's just the greatest movie:
No Twin Peaks episode before the return to GoT??
One of my favourite moments from Twin Peaks, second only to every Log Lady intro.
1. April - The Handmaid's Tale, Fargo Better Call Saul. 2. May - Twin Peaks. 3. Jump to the left, step to the right. 4. October - Mr Robot S3.
Welcome to Twin Peaks: a guide to the locations of the cult classic by
My bf has only watched 3 episodes of twin peaks and he thinks Josie killed Laura lmao u got a big storm coming
I've just watched episode S02E15 of Twin Peaks!
I just heard a song playing which samples a remix of the Moby song 'Go'. Which itself samples Laura Palmers theme from Twin Peaks.
Thinking maybe Twin Peaks to watch the draft
Someone's getting impatient waiting for Twin Peaks?
One and one tenth episodes into Twin Peaks, calling it. Best TV. Better than Breaking Bad. This is watching to live.
I've just watched episode S02E06 of Twin Peaks!
.We also have a recent review of Ghost In The Shell, as well as blogs on David Lynch's Twin Peaks,…
hello! you were the sweet Shelly Johnson on the show Twin Peaks, but a viper on the show Riverdale!!! bittersweet!
Mädchen Amick, best known for playing Shelly Johnson on Twin Peaks, 1991-92
*** Kids Eat Free ALL Day Saturday and Sunday! ***. Bring your family and enjoy the delicious food Twin Peaks has...
Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti also worked in front of the camera for David Lynch, in Mullholland Dr.
'Twin Peaks' Revival: Get a First Look at David Duchovny in Action via
I describe my nearby town as opening scene of Twin Peaks if Kenny Powers was ripping jetski in background
🎤 Twin Peaks concert tixs for Jun 21 at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa →
Angelo Badalamenti talks through how he and David Lynch created "Laura Palmer's theme" for Twin Peaks:
Great to see collaborator Peter Deming (Mulholland Dr, Lost Highway) behind the camera on the new series of Twin Peaks.
FYI the principal in the Twin Peaks pilot is the guy who played fan-favourite character Roger Podactor in Ace Ventu…
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Cannes Film Festival Embraces TV With Screenings of 'Twin Peaks,' Top of the Lake 2'
Star Wars and MST3K revival and Twin Peaks and American Gods and Handmaid's Tale and Dark Tower and OMGWTFBBQ I can't even!
Twin Peaks, Season 1. 1x03 - "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer". Directed by David Lynch. Written by Mark Frost & D…
I want a Twin Peaks tattoo (like a v subtle reference) because I'm an extra David Lynch art *** like that
"The film festival takes place next month. David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is set to return to television..." …
Hands up who thinks it's possible to watch twin peaks if one has never watched it - or is the moment lost forever...
It's Nicole Kidman's world and you're just living in it: the actress has FOUR projects at Cannes this year
Riverdale will never be Twin Peaks. Just stop trying.
The backseat of my car consists of a banana, Mac demarco and twin peaks posters, a blanket, and chili covered dried cranberries from Mexico
The fact that there's an alpine Hooters called "Twin Peaks" is the blow that keeps on stinging.
to premiere first two new episodes at 25 years after debuting Fire Walk with Me:
Ah,the Lynchian world of the bizarre!Can't wait for Twin Peaks! x
David Lynch made me wait 26 years for new Twin Peaks. You get more than a day if you need it, fella.
Can't wait for the Twin Peaks reboot. Oh...wait, it's on Showtime, so I don't get to watch it. 👎🏼
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart both have new films premiering at Cannes https…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm good! I just finished this drawing of you as Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks! Hope you like it
The SHO Store is celebrating the Anniversary of Twin Peaks with a sweepstakes full of prizes.
Two episodes of David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS reboot will premiere as part of a special event during
"Elsewhere, two episodes of David Lynch's eagerly anticipated Twin Peaks will be screened"
How excited are you for Twin Peaks reunion next month? The Psych homage made me watch it, and get hooked.
Visit Twin Peaks! $14 today on TeePublic: One of many designs by Steven Rhodes:…
come back to France it's going to have 2 episodes of Twin Peaks at the Cannes Film Festival!
It will be published on Welcome To Twin Peaks Soon.
Last I checked we didn't write Twin Peaks so doesn't…
For sure! It's not likely to be on Opening Night...but who knows, right? Not staking our reputation o…
Netflix and 'Twin Peaks' got into Cannes, there goes the neighborhood
The Cannes Film Festival announcement this morning included TV series "Twin Peaks" and "Top of the Lake: China Girl"
Going to watch Twin Peaks all over again just in case I changed my mind but if not, I'm writing 1,500 word of pure 🔥about why it's trash
i just started season 2 of twin peaks how did this show get Messier gdjsnfndjf
David Lynch’s Twin Peaks reboot to premiere at Cannes Film Festival
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Also: I discovered something and I posted that on Dug…
Newswire: Netflix, Nicole Kidman, and Twin Peaks top this year’s Cannes lineup -
It's out-of-competition, but Lynch has already won most of these awards.
17 Shocks and Surprises from the 2017 Cannes Lineup, From ‘Twin Peaks’ to Netflix and VR -
🆕📺 In Russia we will watch NEW TWIN PEAKS 2017 at 22 of may of 2017, Tv-3 (Federal Canal TV)! 🇷🇺📺
Didn't they use this bridge in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me?! @ Snoqualmie, Washington
Twin Peaks season 3 will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival
David Lynch fans, two episodes of the eagerly anticipated Twin Peaks reboot will be screened during speci…
PIA CAR/BENGUET: Tuba Mayor Ignacio Rivera and Twin Peaks barangay officials welcome the 4 @ the barangay hall.
oh my god Lynch & Frost gave an insurance salesman in Twin Peaks the name of Neff from DOUBLE INDEMNITY
13 reasons why is like: Gossip girl meets Twin Peaks meets Sylvia Plath.
Thanks to YOU can win a copy of The Secret History of Twin Peaks at next week's RRClub!…
A7: If you're a TP fan--'The Secret History of Twin Peaks: A Novel' by co-creator Mark Frost. Unique concept, well-done
Piper Laurie about how she secretely returned to Twin Peaks in disguise - Name in credits c…
I too grew up around the area Twin Peaks makes me miss the fresh mountain air and the smell of pine trees.
The Mod Squad, Twin Peaks, Kinjite, *** she was on an episode of Bewitched! Why isn't Verified yet. . The Humanity!
My all time favorite shows as of now. The Wire. Breaking Bad. Twin Peaks. Mad Men. The Sopranos
miss Peggy Lipton telling it like it is! Can't wait for the revival of Twin Peaks.
If anyone is wondering how I did with my Twin Peaks mission, I made it 2 episodes before switch to Great British Bake Off.
For any who miss the stream, really happy about twin peaks
82/365 - Twin peaks is making me feel uncomfortable. I feel like David Lynch has me in the palm of his...
Hooters better than twin peaks... I'm just gone say that much — eating wings at Hooters
Who goes to Twin Peaks with his 3 yr old son and girlfriend ??? Me 😁
I'm so glad I decided to rewatch Twin Peaks.
Watching the Mexico game and march madness at twin peaks right now
Why Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is one of the most powerful prequels ever
On that note, re-watching Twin Peaks in anticipation of the reboot & Audrey Horne will always be 10% sexuality goals
I hope he isn't killed off on Twin Peaks like he has been on other shows. But I can't wait to see him on on TP too!
Lynch on transcendental meditation and Twin Peaks.
American cinema needs David Lynch now more than ever. Our critics explain why:
The same photo of Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks every hour.
The real life murder in Sand Lake, NY inspired cult drama Twin Peaks
One cherry pie. Many meanings. What do you see?
First twin peaks , now this's like patches are back in style right now ? 😋☺️…
There's always a few token waitresses at Twin Peaks but fortunately for me the top one is never my waitress lol.
ICYMI: 6 new photos from the revival: Including David Duchovny as Denise Bryson! ht…
It is happening again. David Lynch and cast portraits for
Hmmm, was going to watch Twin Peaks, but sure, falling asleep on the couch is another option...
I really want to get into Twin Peaks
The when you learn there's a new revival podcast launching on MAY 1ST:
David Lynch continues to be one of America's most relevant filmmakers. Here's why:
Julee Cruise sings the theme song ‘Falling’ from the pilot episode of Twin Peaks in 1990.
Your exclusive first look at the trippy revival is here! 🍩☕️
Give "The Secret History of Twin Peaks" by a good go. It clears details like this up a lot! 👍
When I look at Lynch's face I can almost hear him saying "Do you wanna enjoy a warm nostalgic return to Twin Peaks?…
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David Lynch does evil about as good as you can do it. It's a rock-you-to-the-core type of fear.”. —Kyle MacLachlan in
Calling all fans! Head to to pick up this exclusive cover!
Can you describe the new season of Twin Peaks?
yeah, but that's to be expected. Guess some folks take constructive criticism like this:
How Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch wrote the Twin Peaks soundtrack in two minutes (BBC) http…
I'm glad the official Twin Peaks account also thinks Funko Pops are awful
⚡️ “A first look at the Twin Peaks revival ☕️”.
Agent Cooper's official portrait for the revival. More first look photos here:
“She’s in high school. She is sexually active. She is using drugs. She’s crying out for help” . Twin Peaks: Fire Walk Wi…
In process.while rewatching Twin Peaks to prep for the new season. Looks like but…
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