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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Kyle MacLachlan Angelo Badalamenti Tom Sizemore Dale Cooper Naomi Watts San Francisco Leland Palmer David Bowie Joan Chen David Duchovny Julee Cruise Jack Nance Moira Kelly Grace Zabriskie Wes Brown Shelly Johnson

I wish I looked this cute again but I'm dying my hair brown to look like Donna Hayward from Twin Peaks
Check out this uber car. was sitting outside Twin Peaks in Davie... I took a look inside. Pretty cool.
I love you. I need to watch Twin Peaks.
Sure, it's a parody now - but wait until the new series premiere approaches and we'll talk again.
It's not fall yet, so it's not time for my yearly rewatch of twin peaks.
as I was watching stranger things I couldn't help but think of twin peaks and you :')
is like reading Stephen King, dreaming about Nightmare on Elm Street and wishing it was more like Twin Peaks 🌲📺☕️
Joan Chen and David Lynch on the set of Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks is up against The Larry Sanders Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Seinfeld & Star Trek for the 2016 Heritage Award!
And Stranger Things was beautiful. V much its own entity but with hints of Stand by Me, Silent Hill, Alien, Twin Peaks & Slenderman (sorta).
The last day on the set of 'Twin Peaks'.
I like to imagine an alternate universe where Natalie Wood was on Twin Peaks with fellow WSS co-stars Richard Beymer and Russ Tamblyn.
Here's hoping David Lynch has the sense to follow in Paul's footsteps and make Twin Peaks season 3 starring Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone
Paused my viewing of Twin Peaks. Later finally remembered this was Bobby Briggs feeding a gas tank
Who is the first actor to appear in Twin Peaks? A: Joan Chen.
do it! Let them see God in the twin Aellan Peaks :)
Update your maps at Navteq
Apparently it's Bastille Day, so you should celebrate by, I dunno, watching Twin Peaks or something.
The more I watch Twin Peaks the less sense it makes.
The Twin Peaks soundtrack is how my life feels. Beautiful and melancholy
Honestly I wish my entire life were set to the score of Twin Peaks.
I did a cover of Falling from Twin Peaks with my Buddy it's a free download.
I swear, Dark Souls is intended like Twin Peaks. None of it is supposed to make sense. It's just the atmosphere and mystery that counts :p
Twin peaks is the best show to watch when hungover
Still think they had some sort of Norwegian idea for Alan. . Perhaps something Twin Peaks-y
Review this morning: "Twin Peaks and True Detective had a baby called Moody and atmosphe…
Expect confusion as Twin Peaks partial car ban goes into effect today.
📷 alalampone: I finished up a Gravity Falls x Twin Peaks painting I started like over a year ago.
I guess punk or alt rock? Mumblr and Twin Peaks are 2 bands everything in my house stops for. The Melvins
Never listened to Twin Peaks before, but they had some great tunes.
Visit today to Snoqualmie et al has everyone (re)watching Twin Peaks.
"Fast N' Loud" star buys local Twin Peaks, will open new restaurant... More Related:
Twin Peaks is a nice place to be in.
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Twin Peaks!
imma start watching Twin Peaks i'm so excited
Joan Chen in Twin Peaks is the ultimate dime piece.
New bands you have to see at Pitchfork - Twin Peaks
I still have not finished twin peaks even tho I've been watching it over a year but it's still like my favorite show omg
I need somebody to go to twin peaks w me tomorrow.
I ordered some super cool mcr and twin peaks strikers from redbubble the other night yeet
Spice up your lunch break and try one of the tasty new additions to the Twin Peaks menu.
First episode of is so Twin Peaks at times that grown me can't even
Tbh he may be in Twin Peaks?. 1. Parachuted into "a God-forsaken swath of Washington forest country". 2. Dale Cooper
Twin peaks is so sultry ugh kill me
Listening to Pandora with Twin Peaks on mute when this happened
I'm watching twin peaks again and the weirdest thing about the show is that someone turns into a doorknob?
My avi in this picture gtg rewatch twin peaks
Twin Peaks painting and sticker going to new home in Kirkland, WA.
Love Twin Peaks/Gone Girl? READ THIS IMMEDIATELY. Creepy, compelling and the definition of a page-turner. http…
1991. James Cameron scribbles on the napkin that will become the TITANIC script while TWIN PEAKS plays in the b.g. https:/…
- like something you'd hear on Twin Peaks. I heard about that disaster though, is everyone doing any better since the -
Wait so they're not actually painting the Twin Peaks roads green and blue? Dangit.
I love twin peaks someone Please collect me
I truly think Twin Peaks is THE best emerging (emerged?) rock band performing today. Do yourself a favor and listen
What’s changing at this tourist favorite Twin Peaks? via
So Mr. Robot was a little slow, but probably beats Twin Peaks 2_01 at its pace
yea I made it through. MLB season steals leaders at least two years. Kinda tough. Next up is tomorrow at Twin Peaks at 5:40
This happened between my run yesterday and today. Twin Peaks Blvd is now closed to cars on the city side.
Car-free road coming to the top of Twin Peaks today:
season 3 artist mix. Once again for good luck.
Can you imagine of they asked David Lynch to do one of these cheesy, live post-shows after "Twin Peaks"? GTFO
Hi I would really appreciate if you could give my good friend and fellow Twin Peaks fan a birthday shoutout
The fact 'Twin Peaks' had a life at all took most of us in the cast by surprise. We thou...
I am so in love with Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks
Up early on my birthday, in bed looking up Twin Peaks and I can't wait for next year.
Still of Joan Chen as Josie Packard in Twin Peaks (1990) via
Hung out in Twin Peaks yesterday, met Gordon Cole and a Mystical Mountain Squirrel. ☕️🌲
i dream of pitching my idea of a Twin Peaks-ish show set in Los Baños/Makiling/Banahaw area talaga
Cenobites designed by people other than Clive Barker = Twin Peaks after David Lynch bailed
📷 celebs-dressed-undressed: Sherilyn Fenn nude I’m currently watching Twin Peaks so it seemed like a...
Twin Peaks is the strongest evidence we have of extraterrestrial life, i.e. David Lynch
are you literally working at a camp in Twin Peaks???
2 hyped to see twin peaks on Conan tonight I'm gonna need everyone 2 watch
Come at 11:30 both nights for my pre-show! First 70 ticket holders each night get a Twin Peaks trading card.
The highlight of my night was watching Blake flirt with a Twin Peaks waitress 😂😂😂
Laughing at the sexism and ridiculously tacky decor while enjoying a local brew. (@ Twin Peaks in Knoxville, TN)
TWIN PEAKS: FWWM is this Fri & Sat at Midnight (Preshow at 11:30pm). 10 Reasons TWIN PEAKS: FWWM Is Bloody Brilliant
dude I know. I'm indulging myself with anything twin peaks just to hold me over
Pretty sure I pay the light bill and pay these waitresses college tuition with all the money I spend at twin peaks 😂
Watching the first episode of twin peaks again is surreal
Insert joke about how my new twin peaks tattoo is wrapped in plastic
Deadly Premonition is on sale on Steam for $2.59. It's a weird cult classic game that's similar to Twin Peaks.
I'm watching West Side Story and I just discovered that Tony is the same actor that plays Ben Horne on Twin Peaks... I can't unsee it now...
Keeping things positive with a fully Twin Peaks set of reels
It feels so futile. I'd rather be watching Twin Peaks...
Just saw your SnapChat story... do you have a Twin Peaks Tattoo?!?
We've got you covered on Cage the Elephant concert photos.
I need someone to see twin peaks with me
Just realized ol girl from twin peaks never gave me the follow 😤
Twin peaks is going to be so confused tonight. They think it's your 25th birthday
All I want in life rn is to be eating vegan spaghetti & watching Twin Peaks.
if you're a "Twin Peaks" fan, you know both Tamblyn and Beymer were in the TV show.
Anyone know about the band Twin Peaks? They any good? Just found out my wife works with one of the band members' mom
ha ha, I can see we have clear lines of demarcation. Never bought into twin peaks, now Buffy/Angel were cool.
4 of 5 stars to Twin Peaks FAQ by David Bushman
Mom wants to watch something different tonight and she usually likes detective shows so I'm showing her Twin Peaks
listening to Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks
"Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" plays this weekend 10 reasons why it's brilliant
um my favorite band twin peaks so you better watch they're better than NBA
Another great show coming up! Twin Peaks playing Club Dada Sep. 19. Tickets on sale tomorrow.
Original storyboard for a Georgia Coffee ad by w/ (htt…
y'all better be watching twin peaks on Conan tonight if you are my friends!
Yall don't know how excited I am for twin peaks
If you want to kick it real time "Twin Peaks" and experience head games epic level, visit this dental practice
Hi The Secret History of Twin Peaks is not a tie-in edition to the series, new or old. Thanks!
This means, worried Twin Peaks fans, that the book is its own full & complete novel, not a transcription of the plot of eith…
If someone could bring me both seasons of Twin Peaks, and leave immediately afterward, I'd appreciate it.
A thread of my favorite Twin Peaks characters:
Twin Peaks meets Summer, cherry pie and *** fine coffee before I'm a panelist on a You're the Expert double feature
Twin Peaks revival: The plot for season 3 is revealed... so what happened to Cooper?...
I go to watch a new TV show but keep ending up watching Twin Peaks. I guess we always return home
this is the twin peaks of wrestling, in that it's brilliant but I have absolutely no idea what is going on.
Can't get the Twin Peaks theme out of my head.
In summary: Twin Peaks is the best thing ever, even if the middle section of S2 is a bit of a slog. Can't wait for S3, yo!
I bet folk in 1991 were like 'whut?' when the credits rolled on that last episode of Twin Peaks.
Finn Andrews is going to be in the new Twin Peaks - watch his band The Veils' creepy new video ...
Listen to read. from her new memoir. . . http…
Having a lot of fun drawing on my tablet while I rewatch Twin Peaks. Yes.
Eraserhead but he never made it big until The elephant man, although you'd probably say twin peaks?
But also I'm going to break that rule when the new album comes out. Also the Twin Peaks repress.
Today's Red Sox game is clearly part of Showtime's "Twin Peaks" revival.
Twin Peaks was strictly money and fun while I waited for the right job to come. Went corporate, to TP, back to corporate. Stop judging.
Twin Peaks and Goose Island Make a for -
Have you noticed BOB in the mirror behind Sarah Palmer while rewatching Twin Peaks?
Entire San Fransisco in the backdrop. Amazing and scenic. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Sidewalk cafe. Conversation. eavesdrop. from Twin Peaks. Grand View to Noe. Order me, . An omelet. Pain free . & a side of life. With you.
Early morning shots of SF from twin peaks. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Heading to Twin Peaks for a hopefully good looking San Francisco sunset.
Let's go go San Francisco tonight... Treasure Island, Twin Peaks, the Beach 😌
and it was free. Won it in Vegas at Twin Peaks super bowl party.
I added a video to a playlist It's Num Noms at Twin Peaks, San Francisco Num Noms Near and Far! Toys
The Pink Triangle of Twin Peaks in San Francisco is a visible yet mute reminder of man’s inhumanity to man.
Beautiful view of Twin Peaks in the Wasatch Mountains east of the Salt Lake Valley. Highs today…
hello, Kyle, I love your works, especially Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. I have my state exam tmrow, could u wish me luck?
I love Twin Peaks. My favourite show ever without doubt. But I don't drink coffee. Hope you're ok with this?!
Here is our cabaret Miss Twin Peaks film Could you say good luck to our MR Twin Peaks competitors?
I finished my first year of university today! Now I can move back home and binge-watch Twin Peaks again. 😄
Snoqualmie Falls, framed in the Twin Peaks' owl cave symbol with conifers and the log lady's log. Th
Much more cringe-worthy is the inclusion of Jim Belushi on the cast list for Twin Peaks. That's not a name usually associated with quality.
People described it as "a little Twin Peaks-y" and I thought they meant, like, Log Lady Twin Peaks, not rotted corpse Twin Peaks.
Reminded me of Twin Peaks. "What's with the lady talking to the log? What's with the dancing midget and why is he speaking funny?"
We are SO excited to share the news that our own Luke Judy is on the cast list of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks"!... https…
Just read that apparently David Bowie was going to return to Twin Peaks in Season 3 and now I'm in pain 😭
Directions to Calvary Chapel Conference center Twin Peaks. Take the 138 East . Turn left onto Old Mill Road...
With a backdrop verging on Twin Peaks, I give you Brian Wilson and his band...
how about a Chicken Fried Steak Dinner at Twin Peaks
My framed Twin Peaks drawings by featuring Jack Nance and !
Big show today at Twin Peaks in Buckhead. Former Falcon Bob Whitfield, Former Hawk & Spur Kevin Willis plus Brian Jordan on .
David Bowie was set to appear in new series of Twin Peaks
The one name I wish was on the Twin Peaks cast list is Jack Nance. Miss you old friend! ❤️
Aww, this makes me sad - David Bowie was due to be in the Twin Peaks revival as his character from "Fire Walk With Me", Phillip Jeffries.
"Goaz says David Bowie, who had a small role in 1992's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was set to return to make a cameo..."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Google search: how to convince my dad that I'm responsible enough to go to a Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me showing on a weekday
VINYL REISSUES NEWS:. Soundtrack from Twin Peaks - August 2016. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me - before Christmas 2016 http…
"Market Street" by San Francisco's Market Street and downtown, as seen from Twin Peaks
I got confused watching Twin Peaks cause David Duchovny was suddnely there and i was like: mulder?
How can anyone take Twin Peaks seriously when David Duchovny is knocking around in a dress and Nadine has super human strength?! Hilarious
The new Twin Peaks plot is so secret, most actors didn't get the script until two days before filming.
Hi Kyle, massive fan of Twin Peaks 😃It's our 19th Wedding Anniversary today, any chance of best wishes from Dale Cooper? x
Hi to all at Twin Peaks. Thanks for following me. Welcome aboard!
Twin Peaks, across the upper Arkansas River valley. Snowy weather last week, sun this week.…
overall, I'm excited to see what these actors will be bringing to the Twin Peaks universe!
Mädchen Amick as Shelly Johnson in a promotional photo for the first season of Twin Peaks, 1990.
This is going to keep me up all night. Was Donkey Kong Country 3 a Twin Peaks homage?
A little something I made after watching Twin Peaks for the third time
Twin Peaks revival: A closer look at the 217-member cast...
no, but how about Moira Kelly in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me?
I'm in love with Shelly Johnson from Twin Peaks
mdss Tim Roth no revival de Twin Peaks
Are you the James Morrison in the new "Twin Peaks" cast list? I hope so, Bill Buchanan! :)
Meet all 217 cast members of David Lynch's new 'Twin Peaks.' Prepare to be surprised:
Casting announced for 2017’s Twin Peaks. Somehow, the original Log Lady will be in it, though the actress has died.
Brett Gelman in the new Twin Peaks. I approve of this.
Wow, Wes Brown is in the new Twin Peaks.
Principal photography on the Twin Peaks revival has wrapped: We should all rewatch it together and…
To be fair, two-thirds of that giant Twin Peaks cast will be playing trees.
I can't believe Jimmy Tarbuck is in season 3 of Twin Peaks
Jane Levy is gonna be in Twin Peaks?!?1?!
Julee Cruise on the list, and Angelo Badalamenti is confirmed as composer. The new season of Twin Peaks is GUARANTEED to have awesome music.
Tom Sizemore, Eddie Vedder, Lissie, Harry Dean Stanton, Trent Reznor, TIM ROTH in new Twin Peaks. Still not watching it.
The full cast list for new Twin Peaks is out and it is bonkers. Richard Chamberlain? Trent Reznor? Ernie Hudson?
Wes Brown is on the cast list for the new Twin Peaks. I'm surprised Sunderland let him have the time off.
Yo, did anybody else notice that THE INNKEEPERS and CHEAP THRILLS' was on that Twin Peaks cast list?!
Some big names in that Twin Peaks cast. Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Berenice Marlohe (The really hot girl from Skyfall.) And many more.
Oh man, that Angelo Badalamenti theme music still does something to me... 😍 Twin Peaks coming to SHOWTIME in 2017
How David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti composed the Twin Peaks theme:
Ever wanted a cross between Twin Peaks and Maniac Mansion? Thimbleweed Park may be just what you're looking for
LITTLE INDIE : Watch :: Brooklyn duo Beverly share Twin Peaks-esque video for 'South Collins'
Hehe raining today, perfect timing. Every Twin Peaks fan needs to visit Snoqualmie, it's awesome.
twin peaks s1 ends w/ main character fatally wounded in chest, s2 open w/him surviving. something to think about w/GOT premiere coming up...
Join Sarah Pepper & Ivan on Fri from 4-7p at Twin Peaks on Kirby for Bud Light Gives To The American Red Cross
Mädchen Amick thanks the Twin Peaks cast and crew after the wrap on Thursday night.
Can't wait for the new season of Twin Peaks ♥. ---
Are there any twin peaks vaporwave mixes out there because I would very much enjoy the heck out of those
Popped into a fish and chip shop in Cheltenham and I actually think I've walked into an episode of Twin Peaks.
Is the world ready for a David Lynch Cinematic Universe?!.
hi David, I'm available for shooting Twin Peaks scenes in Paris if you need someone who can go wild.
Utterly baffled today by the existence and apparent acceptance of 'indie band plays the music from twin peaks badly' Why?
Mae is a really weird episode of Twin Peaks
Hi guys, saw a few photographers at Twin Peaks gig at Rough Trade East last night. Will these be available at all? cheers!
Still trying to figure out why the theme to Twin Peaks automatically plays whenever my toddler enters a room.
The took a break from their permanent vacation to impress a Glasgow crowd.
New Twin Peaks, Blade Runner, Star Wars. wait, what year was this again?
twin peaks is being filmed in Paris !
Next Game: Life Is Strange - an episodic game about a thoughtful, soft-spoken teenage girl. Inspired by Twin Peaks.
Every Time i look Twin Peaks, I really want to eat a lot of pie and donuts 😩🙏
On a conference call and the hold music sounds like it belongs on twin peaks
I remember the Colombo and Twin Peaks Looking at this photo.👍xox
I wrote some words about gig last week, supported by & 🆒
Watching Twin Peaks in my room, Chels has IASIP going in another. IASIP gets more tasteless, and Twin Peaks becomes someh…
I found pictures of me and Abbie crowdsurfing at Twin Peaks and I'm crying
A dude on the train is laughing to himself but he sounds like Bob in Twin Peaks
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
have u kept any copies of just 17 an do u still watch reruns of twin peaks! Oh and a big shout out 4 introducing me to de la soul
Bout to crack into this cake and watch Twin Peaks
niceness has begun. Also that was a twin peaks reference. Just saying cc:
Wanna see the view? Get outta your car. Best Twin Peaks views to be reserved for bike riders, walkers.
This must be where croissants go when they die.
Twin Peaks Wraps, Lynch and MacLachlan Head To Paris!: After much secrecy on-set and very little in terms of r...
.Board agrees: Twin Peaks is open for people. They unanimously approved the Twin Peaks project today!
and the views from the Filbert Steps + Coit Tower and Twin Peaks are ah-ma-zing 😍
Many thanks for contributing stellar liner notes for forthcoming Twin Peaks: FWWM soundtrack re-release by
A bloody horror remake of Twin Peaks, by Lena Dunham, in full canon with the MCU. Don't eat Benihana at 11 PM before bed, guys.
Grace Zabriskie plays the mother of dead girls in both Twin Peaks and Seinfeld. DUH-DUH-DUH!
Today in 1990: 'Twin Peaks' premieres on ABC — "it's television at its best "
This day 1990 (26 years ago) the Twin Peaks pilot premiered . Cherry ?.
Lynch and Grace Zabriskie on the set of Twin Peaks, 1990 via…
Workin hard today. Startin off with sonic treat breakfast w/ vanilla diet coke and startin this show called Twin Peaks.
Ad by David Lynch for Bernie Sanders is quirky & fab counting the days til Twin Peaks returns. 😊
*squints*. Is.. is that kid Alicia Witt in this episode of Twin Peaks?
While I write about 1905 I'm listening to Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Mortin, the Ragtime soundtrack & all of the Twin Peaks soundtracks.
. I also I didn't know until Ted Raimi showed up in Twin Peaks that David Lynch and Sam Raimi knew each other
And omg that cast! 😅 Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Pat Boone(!), Leland Palmer from 'Twin Peaks', Fred Thompson, etc
Just had a conversation about David Lynch and Twin Peaks with Moira Kelly (Donna 2.0). I didn't know tears of excitement were even a thing.
Whats Up I was wondering if y'all tried out Twin Peaks on Palm Beach Lakes. Awesome food and great service! Try it out!
Sherilyn Fenn and Kyle MacLachlan as Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper in promotional shots of Twin Peaks, 1990.
Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks redefines goals on so many levels
Ray Wise is in God's Not Dead 2. Here's hoping for a Twin Peaks tie-in and an appearance by Bob, Leland Palmer, and David Lynch.
You can't let pass without Twin Peaks theme "Falling" sung by Julee Cruise being played. Has 6 music written all over it !
Lunch at Twin Peaks with our winners from Family Support Center in Pratville! To be next weeks winner enter at...
I'm a massive fan of David Lynch and 'Twin Peaks.'...
BTW, now knowing you've done Twin Peaks & Carnivale, I think you could do a great podcast for the 90s show, AMERICAN GOTHIC.
get some food in Sunset, hike up Twin Peaks, check out Presidio/Marin Headlands
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
[VIDEO] Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore will join the Twin Peaks revival...
Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore added to Twin Peaks revival cast, David Lynch to reprise role
Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore are relocating to Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks casting news: Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore and, erm, David Lynch join cast
Twin Peaks: Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore sign up for new series
Day one of Lily Fawn's most excellent Twin Peaks adventure was a grand success!! On to Powell River! So happy that I inspired all this! :)
Cancel the new Twin Peaks. Donald Trump is America's new Leland Palmer.
Malevolent is NERDVANA! What a cast -- Deadpool Movie's Morena Baccarin, Leland Palmer from Welcome to Twin Peaks...
Ron Gilbert's new hushed dark magic - Thimbleweed Park - is very Twin Peaks-esque
David Duchovny before Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI in The X-Files in Twin Peaks
. ... "We intended to make the show very similar to Twin Peaks that take place in the Archie world." I thought, for Mike.
I liked a video Angelo Badalamenti - Soundtrack from Twin Peaks [FULL ALBUM]
Today is the anniversary of Laura Palmer's death-and Dale Cooper's arrival in Twin Peaks...
So glad Lara Flynn Boyle isn't in the Twin Peaks revival because Donna Heyward is snoze.
Xiu Xiu prep LP of covers of Angelo Badalamenti's music for "Twin Peaks"
Listen to take on Angelo Badalamenti's "Twin Peaks" theme song
As a longtime Twin Peaks obsessive, I'm unabashedly giddy that this story emerged from my Random Roles w/ Kiefer.
The one and probably only time I'll root for McGregor! Good friends and great night. — watching UFC at Twin Peaks...
More recently FBI massacref 19 innocent bikers at Twin Peaks in Waco and nobody said one word, with the exception...
So the dream sequence/Claddagh ring stuff near the start of season three feels *very* Twin Peaks
Finally finished Twin Peaks three years later...the show is so sporadically genius
Aerial view of Twin Peaks and the Great Northern Hotel!
Aunt Wendy casting her spell on Twin Peaks!!
I'm going to Twin Peaks at Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Canada - May 16
revfrank4 is now listening to Twin Peaks by Alice Russell
SXSW 2016: Pure Bathing Culture: Playing after Twin Peaks on Thursday at Sidewinder is this duo originally fro...
Today is the day Dale Cooper arrived in Twin Peaks
Judicial commission clears JP who set million-dollar bonds for Twin Peaks bikers:
Judicial commission clears JP after Twin Peaks complaints
the son's name is Leland, do they know that's the murderer from Twin Peaks? I should tell them.
With one of our top people in a top spot in a top city!! @ Twin Peaks, SF
Happy Birthday, Mr. Benicio del Toro! What a pleasure to work with you in in Spain. The best Mambru! http…
Coming up next: 15 . Twin Peaks by mc chris
Mark Frost's SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS novel is due in October, available for pre-order:
Suspect in Twin Peaks double homicide linked to AC Transit crash
Visit me at Twin Peaks till 5pm and Fourth Quarter till 2am
Can't wait to see u Beach house, blood orange, neon Indian, twin peaks, FKA twigs, thundercat, and porches
Y'all should come to twin peaks tonight 😏
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Twin Peaks!
Anyone know why Marana smells like poop this morning? AZ Pavilions / Twin Peaks area...
Every time I see a news article about Tim Peake I get excited thinking its about Twin Peaks. I think my priorities might be wrong.
Oh my god I just started watching Twin Peaks. It's so great! How did I put this off for so long?
This wind is killing beautiful day!!! So twin peaks it is for lunch before the boys take off for Vegas
+14 HQ pictures from Session 26 added to celebrate Benicio's Birthday!
I actually am watching the old twin peaks tho
Angelo Badalamenti explains how he created the music for Twin Peaks
Sneak peek at Rockyrama's TWIN PEAKS issue, out on Don't forget the giveaway: htt…
Working on a short story that I've promised to and *** spooky spec-fic x-files/twin peaks Southern vibe.
the only American tv shows I watch are mad men and twin peaks and unbreakable kimmy schmidt :/
Yo make a Twin Peaks inspired Counterparts Hat plz
Solid local presence at with Twin Peaks, *** Jenkins, BJ the Chicago Kid, Whitney. Also BJ's new album slays
As if I've spent 2 days watching Twin Peaks back to back
Secret History of Twin Peaks, simply by showing up on Amazon, is now Mover & Shaker and overall. The amazing power of a fanbase!
The evil husband in titanic is in twin peaks and he's stealing coopers girl I'm so angry
X-Files in the streets. Twin Peaks in the sheets.
Guys, I just started watching "Twin Peaks." I know, I know. But, I'm glad I waited. It's so much more special now. Like a dream...
Max Von Sydow too, right? And Josie Packard from Twin Peaks. 90s sci-fi was weird as ***
So basically he's Agent Dale Cooper in the last scene of Twin Peaks possessed by a demonic spirit sounds about right
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