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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Laura Palmer Sarah Palmer Kyle MacLachlan Mark Frost Sheryl Lee Harry Dean Stanton Total Depravity Leo Johnson Black Lodge Cool Hand Luke Caleb Landry Jones Sherilyn Fenn Big Little Lies Michael Ontkean Star Wars

Shocker Knockers is one choice to be Wichita's version of Hooters and Twin Peaks - Wichita Eagle (blog)…
Jean Claude Van Johnson is quite like Twin Peaks the Return. With JCVD doing his own versions of Dougie Jones, bad…
David Lynch and Mark Frost approached the new season of Twin Peaks (2017) as one long movie. They have wri…
Here's an article about her death and how it inspired Twin Peaks.…
. Now someone off FB try to be you. I said I was by Oakland Mall at Twin Peaks eating then she ask where…
David Duchovny just showed up in Twin Peaks.
Also, please let us know what you think about Twin Peaks when you finish it. I basically hate-watche…
Ya’ll a bunch of fake *** fans of Ive been her day 1 fan since Twin Peaks and Witches of East End 🙏🏻 she’s the babest
here are my votes in the poll. and if we're going all Twin Peaks = Film, then bring o…
Found this unexpected Twin Peaks merch among the jolly Santas in that comes with a hash tag serving sugg…
Lara Flynn Boyle’s in this? what year is this supposed to take place in? And where is Twin Peaks?
Crazy that Caleb Landry Jones was also in The Florida Project. And Twin Peaks! What a year.
Holy moly, it's been a good year to work with Caleb Landry Jones. My man was in Twin Peaks, Three Billboards, Get O…
Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks: The Return and now Star Wars. Can we take a moment to recognize Laura Dern's year.
Happy Birthday Mädchen Amick, an American actress who starred in Twin Peaks, Witches…
.+ on how 'Psych: The Movie' came to be, sequels, and 'Twin Peaks: The Return'.
hmmm. It's quite unique but the closest would probably be Twin Peaks or Lost. Amazing performances, an…
With Get Out!, Florida Project, 3 Billboards, and Twin Peaks, Caleb Landry Jones wins the year, right?
I LOVE Twin Peaks. Let me clear on that. But if it had been directed by someone else, say Cary Fukunaga, would it b…
“Twin Peaks is definitely TV. It's also kind of an experimental film. And maybe a sculpture?”. I love this.
Join Bertrand Tavernier on his Journey Through French Cinema, New Season of Twin Peaks (Blu-Ray late, be here Frid…
Part of me is sad to see Josie leave but part of me is hoping Joan Chen gets out of Twin Peaks alive.
Well then, Twin Peaks just got better. I will search out United Passions. And I'd have put money on the fa…
stunning! “ 1990 by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. A realistic digital painting of Joan Chen as Josie from Twin Peaks.…
I can't be bothered looking up Twin Peaks. Wasn't it just a geek's mosaic. Like a Tarantino film? Frank Capra is mo…
Twin Peaks is an advanced version of interdimesonal plot.
Twin Peaks, Downton Abbey? (I watched the first season and then Netflix lost it), probably some old tv crime series
Carrizal's group arrived at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco for a meeting on May 17, 2015, and a brawl quickly erupted.
You've seen Three's Company, Bold & The Beautiful & Twin Peaks. Blend them all together and you get Magic Breakfast…
I asked someone about Twin Peaks shirt at a Zumiez once and she thought I was a perv bc of the restaura…
Reyna tells jury to go back and review video and see who leads the group of Bandidos rolling into Twin Peaks restau…
He said he didn't know there were Cossack bikes near where he was trying to park when he first arrived to Twin Peaks restaurant.
Carrizal said he had not been to the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco before May 17, 2015.
Holt said he didn't make a decision on who got arrested on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks restaurant.
Twin Peaks to me is the bar/restaurant with amazing Philly cheesesteaks 😋
Strickland said he told Commander Norcross he needed more help and he was on his way to Twin Peaks restaurant.
He said he told Commander Norcross he knew someone who was at Twin Peaks restaurant and it appeared a conflict was brewing.
Mrs. Reeves said she planned to eat with her girlfriends and then meet her husband at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015.
Says she was heading to Twin Peaks for the meeting that day but was running late so she ate at a nearby restaurant instead.
Gotro pointed man wearing blue shirt watching what happened at Twin Peaks restaurant.
I got really depressed when I found out the Twin Peaks restaurant had nothing to do with the show.
Twin Peaks replaced by Scotty's Bewhouse after Waco shootout.
Scotty's Brewhouse will replace old Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco via
JUST IN: will replace the old Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, the restaurant chain confirms to Channel 6.
Into the Castro for one last night in San Fran. Dinner in my favourite restaurant and cocktails in Twin Peaks and MidnightSun.
Just stop it either eat the Hardees sandwich or go to another restaurant. Try Hooters or Coyote Ugly or Twin Peaks
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Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier starts with Albert’s SALTY autopsy of Leo Johnson and OMG I might need to start watching again tomorrow...
A completely displaced thought: Twin Peaks' Leo Johnson really looked like the disreputable nephew of Moses Znaimer.
He’s a blonde hybrid of Bobby Briggs and Leo Johnson from Twin Peaks.
Wow, pretty sure this one of these photos is of a young Michael J Anderson (from Twin Peaks):…
Each episode of ends with different song reminiscent of Twin Peaks & Alyssa gives major Laura Palmer vibes
Will Byers is to Stranger Things as Laura Palmer is to Twin Peaks
Riverdale is pretty good. It's like a cross between Beverly Hills 90210 and Twin Peaks. Luke Perry and Madchen Amick included.
Got a pair of mugs for a buck apiece in a junk shop on a birthday Twin Peaks excursion to North Bend ye…
I'm a huge fan of the return of Laura Dern. Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks, Star Wars (soon).
It feels like I’m in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.
That $28 Twin Peaks box set has already shipped and will be here tomorrow!
Just saw a gif of Donna Hayward from the first episode of Twin Peaks where she's in class and realizes her best fri…
So cool to see Steve of Stranger Things is visiting a Twin Peaks landmark
Late to the game here, but I love listening to TV show soundtracks. My favs: Westworld, GoT, Twin Peaks & Boardwalk…
Blimey... only just realised that the Horne brothers in Twin Peaks were called Ben & Jerry
I think Twin Peaks season 3 has gone full Lynch. Feel like I'm watching Eraserhead filled with people I know.
If this picture makes its way to David Lynch then Jack is guaranteed a role for Twin Peaks, Season Four.
They might herald the apocalypse, but Stephen King’s Carrie and BOB from Twin Peaks! Ee.
Twin Peaks on Over baked bread pudding!
Twin Peaks on Burnt 10oz. Sirloin steak. This was beyond well-done!!
Twin Peaks on Our experience more than just unpleasant. When we arrived a man (I later found out was the …
Now playing on WGMU: Under the Pines by Twin Peaks from Sweet '17 Singles S
It's birthday today. Let's send him all the Twin Peaks, Elliott Carter, & apple fritter goodness you…
Gregory Crewdson exhibition finishes this weekend, his strange images look like there straight out of Twin Peaks.
I checked before responding. He does look like Duncan Todd from Twin Peaks
Hi David please ask Angelo to rearrange Vera Lynn's version of "This is my Prayer" for Twin Peaks? I think its circa 1960s.
the soundtrack to Twin Peaks is the top album of 2017 according to RYM. honestly yeah
Fully appreciate this is a bit WELL DUR, but the Twin Peaks: The Return soundtrack album really is astoundingly good
Just gonna come clean about this: Last night I watched what I thought was the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me movie...
Twin Peaks ended three weeks ago and I haven’t spent a single day since without thinking about it. It’s a landmark of American cinema.
Sherilyn Fenn instagrammed about the possiblity of a season 4 of Twin Peaks, and I need a glass of water
Any eulogy of HDS that doesn't mention Repo Man, Escape from NY, Cool Hand Luke, Paris Texas, and Twin Peaks is bad.
'Twin Peaks' has a new 'Who killed Laura Palmer?': Where is Agent Cooper?
Amazing photo of Michael Ontkean, Frank Silva and David Lynch, behind the scenes of Twin Peaks.
Our interview with Sherilyn Fenn from Twin Peaks the Return has over a thousand views! Go check it out!.
The new season of Twin Peaks was delayed for several years because David Lynch couldn't find the big photo of Laura Palmer
A very spirited conversation with Benjamin Dionysus about Twin Peaks: The Return as I was leaving tonight's SSC...
I've seriously only just realised that at some point around Twin Peaks my brain confused Harry Dean Stanton w/ Michael Ontkean.
"Harry Dean Stanton, character actor in 'Twin Peaks,' 'Big Love' and 'Cool Hand Luke,' dies at 91"
Harry Dean Stanton, character actor in Twin Peaks, Big Love and Cool Hand Luke, dies at 91 -
Harry Dean Stanton, character actor who starred in 'Repo Man' and 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,' dead at 91
You can’t begrudge fans for expecting Twin Peaks nostalgia when the show was explicitly promoted as nostalgia.…
What We Can Learn From David Lynch's Twin Peaks. "I love the show by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Twin Peaks was...
A pity the season itself lost most of what makes Twin Peaks good. E.g.
Miguel Ferrer is the best character in Twin Peaks. Also Agent Dale Cooper >Paul Atreides
Check out my review of "Twin Peaks: The Return" from David Lynch and Mark Frost starring Kyle MacLachlan -
About to start the final episode of Twin Peaks. This is the greatest tv series ever written. Thank you David Lynch and Mark Frost
When Nine Inch Nails was on Twin Peaks this season, my inner 14yo pretty much died. I don't even care who was af…
Jesus! Was he also body doubling for Tom Sizemore on Twin Peaks??
Sharing again as it's awesome and helping me pack 👍The Nine Inch Nails in Twin Peaks
I liked a video The Nine Inch Nails in Twin Peaks
And the answer was, they ain't. This is Twin Peaks baby, & that's just how they do.
Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn on the set of Twin Peaks, 1990.
I am not a blind "every frame of Twin Peaks is genius" acolyte but it's been 4 days and Sheryl Lee's screams are not going away.
Twin Peaks multi-talented actress Sheryl Lee as the Good Witch in 1990's Wild At Heart.
Sheryl Lee and her son Elijah Diamond at the Twin Peaks premiere.
"Looks like the real Twin Peaks were the friends we made along the way." - Dale Cooper, final line of Twin Peaks Season 3
reading about the Twin Peaks finale makes me so glad I never got into Twin Peaks. thank you Kathleen Hanna
Twin Peaks would've had a happier ending if Cooper had a golden shovel.
I'm more convinced than ever that Lynch's abandoned videogame tied into the Twin Peaks universe. The title was Woodcutters From Fiery Ships.
Twin Peaks finale could've ended with David Lynch saying "And that's how Young Sheldon became ... Sheldon." and still be…
David Lynch talking about Twin Peaks & disrupting time in 1995, in Chris Rodley's great Lynch on Lynch book...
Me, basic: I'm gonna be free to do anything during my Monday off. . David Lynch, a genius: MONDAY WILL BE SPENT THINKING A…
Heads up: I'm already seeing folks spoil the Twin Peaks finale without any tags, so if you don't want to see that, maybe log off…
David Lynch ended on the most powerful shot imaginable. Here's why:
I hope FULLER HOUSE ends the exact same way as TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN.
I was thinking twin peaks. Like the sorta Hooters joint
oh nothing just unsettlingly haunted by Twin Peaks how are you
Wrote about the finale, nostalgia, and some personal stuff.
Gotta say, for me, Twin Peaks was the best thing I've seen on TV this year. It's a remarkable, thought-provoking, c…
David Lynch on good omens prior to pitching TWIN PEAKS in the late 1980's.
Just did it again with that finale. your legacy will forever be Twin Peaks. Awe inspiring work.
I loved the finale. My first thought was "I can't wait for Twin Peaks The Final Dossier!" That's going to be one HELLUVA book!
As the dust settles from me being disappointed in new Twin Peaks, I must now begin to brace myself for being disappointed in new Star Trek.
One can criticize Twin Peaks without resorting to high-handed "other critics are giving David Lynch
Looking forward to being traumatised by the Twin Peaks finale later.
Part 17 of Twin Peaks is underway... my excitement levels are dangerously high
return wasn't just a masterpiece – it may be the most groundbreaking season of TV ever
.has once again expanded what is considered possible for a TV show [contains light spoilers]
Have you seen Scottish PP? Do not watch it with your son. hugely offensive & fantastic in equal measur…
TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, for all its horror + sorrow, also communicates the immense joy of filmmaking: Lynch got to make 10…
How 'The Return' ended for every main character
Artist commemorates Twin Peaks: The Return with stunning collection of posters.
Just saw the two-hour finale to Twin Peaks: The Return. Really quite moving, unsettling, with a perfect ending.
i still can't believe they did THAT in twin peaks last night
ends with a scream – and the sense you've just seen a masterpiece. Our recap
So, folks, what did you all think of the Twin Peaks finale? I haven't seen it yet but am curious to know your reactions.
I think my dog and I got the same take away from the new Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks: what if reckoning with the past isn't enough to fix it and time is quicksand?. AHS: what if a clown had a we…
Petition to have the name 'American Horror Story' stripped from AHS and given to Twin Peaks, all seasons of AHS folded…
TWIN PEAKS made me fall in love with television. 27 years later, THE RETURN did it again. Audacious, brilliant, joyful,…
I just finished the the new Twin Peaks and simply put, it's one of the best seasons of TV ever made. 10/10 👍👍…
These are all of the questions we have about that crazy finale
Very excited for two hours of twin peaks tonight
*** my podcast scheduling. Just finished Twin Peaks episode 17 and have to record in 19 minutes :(
Amy Sherman-Palladino really knocked that Twin Peaks revival out of the park
& follow for the chance to win an 2017 exclusive Twin Peaks Pop! 2-pack! 4 winners chosen! https…
Definitely the best take I've read so far (incl. the comment about hubris and Oppenheimer)—
A scream in the night: My piece on the incandescent TWIN PEAKS finale.
Twin Peaks: horror is an incomprehensible yet familiar universe of violence in which you can never go home again. AHS: h…
thinking of the worst take I could post to *** people off, came up with "twin peaks is just rick & morty for people w…
3) But Lynch & Frost DID offer a beautiful, climactic end, tying up (obliquely, sure) the cosmology of the Twin Peaks u…
You'll need a treble coffee to get through your Twin Peaks finale review. I think I got up to watch it. Good luck.
Is playing tonight? I watch it through TMN and when I looked at the schedule it only shows Twin Peaks
Stoked for Twin Peaks finale! Only question is when to begin rewatch, tonight or tomorrow
To be honest, at the end of it all, I just want Elizabeth Fraser to pop up on Twin Peaks singing Song to the Siren...wouldn't it be dreamy?
Just favorited "Twin Peaks 2017 Mixtape Featuring 21 Bands & Singe..." by on Mixcloud
Next to the new Twin Peaks, Black Mirror is the most amazing thing on TV. Charlie Brooker is a genius.
the best band in the world deserve every success. Frontman Finn Andrews talks Total Depravity & Twin Peaks
This video showing two scenes from episode 15 of Twin Peaks synced up is pretty interesting
I love that we live in a time when Twin Peaks episode 8 can actually exist.
Now picturing Twin Peaks but Coop is as into milkshakes as he is coffee and it's all I want
My latest piece, looking at some of The Roadhouse songs and their narrative and thematic meanings. .
Will there ever be a television achievement quite as large as Twin Peaks?
Last Week in Twin Peaks Podcasts, Week of August 13th to August 19th
Jury selection delayed in Twin Peaks trial.
Katie. I am concerned for you. I got you this Twin Peaks gif. How else can I help?
Twin Peaks, today ever is a good day.
I was never really a big David Lynch guy but this "Twin Peaks: The Return" has been doing it. Also, Charlyne Yi never bad.
1) Twin Peaks. Season 1 only. I love David Lynch and it was perfect. Tension and weirdness marry well. Can't wait to watch the season 2.
"I love electricity. I love the wind. I love so many things about sound."- David Lynch on the sound of "Twin Peaks"
Twin Peaks continues to be a magical force in my life. Shared a cup of David Lynch's coffee with my new boss and discussed for an hour today
Only 10 more days of new Twin Peaks. .
'Twin Peaks' actor Kyle MacLachlan coming to N.J. to sell his wine
Well, taking you one's advice, I watched the first two episodes of Nu Twin Peaks. Super Lynch-y, super awesome.
I'm living in this weird haze of feeling like the future is gonna be just awful and Twin Peaks obsessiveness.
Honored to welcome back Damon Lindelof to our podcast!
Ive braced for lots of return TV specials to be bad (x files, twin peaks, ect) but if the new Awesome Show special *** i…
Only 3 eps of Twin Peaks left + I'm mad cus the plot still has loose ends + I can tell this means Lynch will leave…
All sports fan and UT students who listen to The Horn stay tuned to hear what my coworkers and I have to give away today from Twin Peaks 🤘🏼
Why do I feel like all of this is somehow going to culminate with the finale of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN? Hoping for a Big Ed/N…
Twin peaks got the best beer honestly. Been a min since I've gone though
Or Ty Segall, or White Reaper, or Twin Peaks (I could go on and on)
You see Twin Peaks charging 25 cover for the fight, waitresses must gonna be naked
This is a Kyle MacLachlan in TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN appreciation post.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If you havent seen Atlanta, Donald Glover/Childish Gambino's tv show, go watch it now. "Twin Peaks for rappers."
ask her what the *** is going on with Audrey in the new Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks, The KLF and now the League of Gentlemen. 2017 is a 90s time machine. –.
Jeez just referenced Harry Potter and GOT on the Twin Peaks Podcast. No wonder why LOST is my favorite show. We need to hang.
Wish i could listen today/be at twin peaks. Crap work schedule. Look forward to Miami/ clemson talk…
This Saturday! We discuss Childish Gambino's tv show, Atlanta s1! Its Twin Peaks for rappers. Go watch it and join us!
Had a lovely chat with Finn from about Total Depravity and Twin Peaks (spot them in the latest episode) https…
Central Texas News: Jury selection postponed for first Twin Peaks trial
I honestly can't think about twin peaks without wanting to just explode because I love it so much
Gold struggling to overcome twin peaks from spring, 1300.
Is it going too far to say Twin Peaks has killed all enthusiasm in me for ever?
Friend: Hi. Me: In twin peaks fire walk with me the ceiling fan in Laura Palmers house is used to indicate Bobs presence, in season 3 ep 14 t
Twin Peaks is the next level. Too artistic for some though.
If u dig the sound design of the new Twin Peaks as much as I do, Lynch's studio guy Dean Hurley just put out a lot of sounds w/
Hearing the TWIN PEAKS theme every Sunday has become very important to me and I don't want to believe it's almost over.
What do you think of the new Twin Peaks? I couldn't be happier with it. Totally a case of giving me what I want,…
The Veils interview: Frontman Finn Andrews on Total Depravity, Twin Peaks, and why directors love the band's music - ...drawn to The...
I realize "Fade Into You" was 1993 and original Twin Peaks wrapped in 1992, but WHOA would Mazzy Star have been a b…
Re-watching Bone Tomahawk, spent the day sick so catching up on Twin Peaks, Dinosaur movies & browsing union suits in prep for winter
Who wants to buy me this oakmoss scented Twin Peaks candle?
Black Lodge painted rock a la We love Twin Peaks in Irmo, SC! ht…
Are we sure that the eclipse isn't actually just a meta tie-in to David Lynch's Twin Peaks? Because that's what it feels like
When is Twin Peaks season 3 on tonight, who is in the cast and how can I watch in the UK?
I'm in love w/ Hailey Gates Thought the Secrecy on David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Was "Pretty Funny"
And that in learning to organize myself, each time more successfully! And I enjoy doing things well! I need some twin peaks now thoughz
Started watching Twin Peaks (OG version) last night. It's unlike anything I've seen on TV up to today. I know it'll only get better/weirder.
I really liked the song, but I agree, it fit in like “Crazy Train” at a…
Do you think that a fourth season of Twin Peaks is possible? Which is your favourite Lynch movie? Why?
Twin Peaks season 3 decoder – The Wizard of Oz. David Lynch’s obsession with the classic MGM musical.
Oh, and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, assuming I finish season two between now and then (gonna try to).
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Say what u will about James Hurley but always been smart, funny, genuine & a class act.
Not a fan of Games of Thrones. Most of my friends rave about it.of course they won't watch Twin Pea…
As good as this Sox game is I do want to start an episode of Twin Peaks before midnight.
He's all hopped up on Twin Peaks and Dartmouth, and that's when it's time to drop him off 😂
Twin Peaks summed up in one sentence:
I was going to post about whether I should buy the new Twin Peaks on Itunes but it isn't on Itunes and Lucha Underground S3 is like $40+
I've never watched twin peaks but I ended up voting with the consensus. Sorry for throwing off your poll ❤️
‘Twin Peaks’ actor charged with attempted murder of girlfriend - entertainment - ***
Its really 2017 and some people still aren't watching Twin Peaks...
Thank u new Twin Peaks for introducing me to complete strangers without asking if it was ok to do so, and he gave her a strawberry.
The only things I know about Twin Peaks are the things people post on here and I am so confused.
Are you watching the new season of Twin Peaks?
MIKE is a character in the TV series Twin Peaks, portrayed by Al Strobel.
‘Twin Peaks’ actor arrested on attempted murder charges
I just added Twin Peaks to my library!
David Lynch: "surrealism is the subconscious speaking." 9/3+9/4 we screen 4 shorts programs inspired by TWIN PEAKS: http…
Catch Hopper's 'Office at Night' in Twin Peaks Ep 8? Paintings are a major inspiration for David Lynch
A great Twin Peaks set photo from our with creator David Lynch and actress Grace Zabriskie. . htt…
We spoke to James Marshall about "Just You" and whether his character is actually cool
Twin Peaks is the only show where I will watch the full opening sequence for every episode, it's too pretty not to
next time you're in Texas we are going to Ojos Locos. You thought twin peaks was awesome. Ha!
Took over a gym and now I'm having a beer! (@ Twin Peaks in Kennesaw, GA w/
You are listening to ShoutIRC Demo Radio. Coming up next: 15 . Twin Peaks by mc chris
So. So. Good. I wanted to crawl into those pages and live there. REMEMBER THE TWIN PEAKS THEMED FASHION SPREAD
Somehow Twin Peaks can keep the Roadhouse full and have a decent crown at Elk's Point Also are there 8 other Elk's points?
In the latest Twin Peaks episode they used the term "tulpa" and I immediately thought of you & the theory.
Trying to get on the Twin Peaks train. S1:E1 was rough (all the scream/crying!), but there's something there...
Hey what happens at the end of twin peaks?
‘Twin Peaks’ actor arrested after allegedly beating woman with baseball bat
Part of me thinks that the two hour season finale for Twin Peaks will actually be two hours long or 120+ minutes.
Part 8 of Twin Peaks: The Return isn't quite as haunting if you replace Krzysztof Penderecki with the music from the Wi…
Actor who appeared in "Twin Peaks" accused of attacking girlfriend with bat
My host dad's friend started watching the new Twin Peaks before the 1st and 2nd seasons 😬
There is a Twin Peaks in Wheeling about 15 minutes from you. Also there is Old Orchard Mall that h…
"Are hipsters sinking the sales of law degrees while rallying for Twin Peaks?". Read the full article.
Watching Twin Peaks for the first time, and I have to say, Mr Horne's little soldiers is sorta how I picture the inside of the White House
I'm watching twin peaks now and I'm currently on episode 4 or 5 and it confuses the *** out of me but I love it ?!?
The Twin Peaks soundtrack is extremely comforting in moments of grief.
Actor who appeared in 'Twin Peaks' beat his girlfriend with a baseball bat because she wouldn’t get him Kool-Aid.
The Return part 13 toys with time & travels to the Twilight Zone. Here's my catch up review ht…
Parting with some of my Twin Peaks Beymer proof sheets.
I finally have Showtime. This means I can FINALLY catch up with the (was) new season of Twin Peaks
I am OBSESSED with Twin Peaks' idea of time and entropy
I've just watched episode S03E12 of Twin Peaks!
Twin Peaks tonight.. *** was that with Sarah Palmer. Jesus, the return is weird.
In a Twin Peaks' bar one night. Sarah Palmer had a drink and a bite. It gave me such an awful fright. When the Woodsman asked: "Gotta' light?"
In the 90s we had coffee and ate pie watching Twin Peaks. Now I watch alone and drink bloody marys-bless you Sarah…
watch Twin Peaks. it's a show that's impossible to spoil. here's a taste: Sarah Palmer takes off her face to reveal a black and white void
Grace Zabriskie's performance as Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks (especially in the return) is absolutely terrifying. https:…
I've just watched episode S03E14 of Twin Peaks!
Atm just Twin Peaks and Asian Provocateur with Romesh Ranganathan, pretty funny (its on Netflix and a…
You know who's missing from new Twin Peaks? Stephen Root. I bet Lynch would love making use of Stephen Root.
If you gave evil Cooper from Twin Peaks a top hat he would essentially be a less racist Jerry Sadowitz
I do too many of these. Firefly. Twin Peaks. How I Met Your Mother. Captain Scarlet. Rick and Morty
Why is the lobby of this hotel playing the theme tune to Twin Peaks ?
New music from Gary Newman, Mastodon, NIN (on Twin Peaks no less) [add more in replies pls] - Rock n Roll isn't dea…
At the end of today’s Morning Jolt, the theme of fatherhood in Twin Peaks and my fear of what’s coming next……
Some SPOILER-ish content in thread about Twin Peaks. Re: and his Twin Peaks bait-and-switch questions from Morning Jolt:
FLOODING CLOSURE: Clayton Road is closed south of Avra Valley. We still have flooding issues on Twin Peaks & Sander…
My reaction to pretty much everything these days is Laura Palmer screaming in the Black Lodge during the Twin Peaks finale
Twin Peaks has managed to rehabilitate Tom Sizemore and Jim Belushi for me. That alone should get it all the Emmys
In the office, alternating between the new Twin Peaks soundtrack and Neu 75.
. Blue Pine Mountain reply is on the book:. The Secret History of Twin Peaks (IT version)
M2307: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)— Slow, nonsensical, & irredeemable as a movie. Hated everything about it but Ray Wise.
"Entering the town of Twin Peaks, five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state li…
Thanks to Old Chicago- Jacksonville,Carolina Ale House,Twin Peaks,Buffalo Wild Wings & all at last night's Courage*…
“Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space.” (Twin Peaks). “Time is a flat circl…
He was in a dumb echo of Twin Peaks, lynch casts him in a duo that's a dumb echo of Ben and Jerry Horn…
Eating dinner and watching Twin Peaks, then setting up for Silent Hill 1-4 speedrun gauntlet
Due to initial typo I'm am restarting this poll: . ps if anyone votes for Twin Peaks, I will find you Liam Neeson style...
Watching the OG Twin Peaks and it's freaking me out how much Shelley looks like
any update on line for Twin Peaks screening tonight?
cast honors 'profound and focused' leader David Lynch
David Lynch scolded this legendary actor for ad-libbing on the 'Twin Peaks' set
Which Twin Peaks dance move are you?
All purpose parts banner
movie news Twin Peaks: What is in David Lynch’s Comic-Con Video?
Not at all, my friend. It's your Twin Peaks spoilers that has me reaching for the mute button. :)
Laura Palmer is still the one person everything in Twin Peaks circles around
Twin Peaks mastermind David Lynch made the best non-appearance appearance at Comic-Con
Okay, I’ve never watched Twin Peaks. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it. Should I start?
Twin Peaks is a great show but Laura's mom needs to STOP SCREAMING
I've just watched episode S02E02 of Twin Peaks!
Interestingly enough, I've heard people who didn't like original Twin Peaks but love the Showtime…
I LOVE David Duchovny as Denise in Twin Peaks. It's my favorite thing.
Re: the Zone on Twin Peaks. Is Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker part of this world?
We need a good show to get into. We've done Big Little Lies, twin peaks, riverdale, glow, handmaids, Defiant Ones. Suggestions??
I went into this from Twin Peaks so my brain is like please watch a fluffy movie with no plots. lol
New Year North Korea Kim Jong Un South Korea Hoda Kotb Donald Trump Orrin Hatch President Trump Kim Jong North Korean Winter Olympics Hong Kong Logan Paul Mitt Romney Las Vegas Matt Lauer White House Wall St America Ferrera President Donald Trump Carrie Underwood Doug Jones Star Wars Rich Rodriguez Joanna Gaines Niagara Falls Fixer Upper West Ham James Norton Mariah Carey Consumer Reports Roy Moore North America Al Franken Costa Rica Manchester City South Africa Middle East Justin Timberlake Mark Kelly Cornell University Mutual Fund Palestinian Authority Utah Republican Christmas Day Real Estate Pershing Square New Jersey Australian Open Media Awards Weight Watchers Joe Root Jake Paul United Nations Ann Widdecombe West Brom Miss America Paris Hilton Pro Football Hall Robert Mann Mega Millions Ed Sheeran Huma Abedin Harvey Weinstein Ryan Pace San Francisco Meghan Markle George Papadopoulos Prince Harry Premier League Daily News Raheem Sterling Miss America Organization Theresa May Philippe Coutinho Dry January Manchester United Brian Urlacher Buddy Guy Liam Fox Los Angeles Chicago Bears West Bromwich Albion Steven Spielberg Mitch Trubisky Michele Bachmann Gretchen Carlson Denis Villeneuve Steve Bannon Andy Murray Fernando Llorente Dan Baldwin Queen Victoria Princess Charlotte Daenerys Targaryen Crown Prosecution Service Rose Marie Christopher Dean Rian Johnson Man Utd

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