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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Jimmy Scott Sherilyn Fenn San Francisco Ray Wise David Duchovny Cole Valley Mod Squad Dana Ashbrook Laura Palmer Peggy Lipton Leland Palmer True Detective Los Angeles

The "Twin Peaks" Missing Pieces premiered at Silver Lake’s Vista Theater on July 16th, 2014. David Lynch introduced the footage with a signature non-sequitur poem. “Tonight I would like to speak about wood. Much happiness can be had from observing a tree.” Many cast members attended this premiere : in addition to Log Lady Catherine Coulson, Ray Wise, Grace Zabriskie and Sheryl Lee, other cast attending included Miguel Ferrer, Peggy Lipton, Mädchen Amick, Russ Tamblyn, James Marshall, Victor Rivers (Buck), Kimmy Robertson and Lenny von Dohlen Also watching the never-before-revealed footage were AFI topper Bob Gazzale, who presented the screening along with CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution, longtime fan Penny Marshall, composer Angelo Badalamenti, director Caleb Deschanel and his wife Mary Jo Deschanel (Eileen Hayward) and writer-producer Robert Engels. After the screening, there was a packed afterparty at Bigfoot Lodge, a bar inspired by the woodsy lodges depicted in the ...
Ray Wise on the Legacy of ‘Twin Peaks,’ Reuniting With David Lynch, and More
“I was still in love with that whole world,” says Lynch. . MT Twin Peaks revisited …
Help turn this house into a Twin Peaks museum - Ever wanted to step inside the Palmer House from Twin...
I am really liking this new drama Mayday.Its like if Midsomer Murders and Twin Peaks had a child.
Great costumes, great creepy, love time frame. Michael J Anderson is an interesting cat in real life (Twin Peaks). Enjoy!
Prepare to have your mind blown: Why 'Gilmore Girls' Was Secretly a 'Twin Peaks' Tribute Show
I get the feeling Twin Peaks, True Detective, and take place in the same universe.
Fun night with friends and family at Twin Peaks last night
Funny that people are freaking out over descriptions of deleted Twin Peaks movie scenes when they’re readable in the script since years.
It's a little off, but it's still Twin Peaks.
Breakdown of all 30 deleted scenes from FWWM!!
I wonder why Kyle Maclachlan wasn't at the Twin Peaks screening last week..
My dad's having his birthday celebration at Twin Peaks LOL
“Twin peaks with my man was amazing and cold ☺️” YOURE AMAZING☺️
We would come to Twin Peaks and Bikini week doesn't start till the 21st.
Twin Peaks in 7 minutes... 'nuff said -
The revelations of the deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me:
watching season 2 of Twin Peaks for the first time, slowly remembering all the characters and just how great this show is.
So that's the new Twin Peaks box set ordered - it better be as good as everyone says it is...
Like this place is straight out of the Twilight Zone or Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks 'The Missing Pieces' Premiere in Hollywood - I feel nothing but a great sense of…...
Anybody ready for a cold beer at twin peaks?
Twin Peaks Mall closes today. Readers share their memories, and we say thank you.
We had an excellent weekend at the Twin Peaks dog show. DJ earned 3 rally qualifying scores to complete her rally 2 title. that was actually one more than she needed to finish her title she already had one leg. Ziva and Micah both finished their championship and Micah earned one leg towards his grand championship Quinn finished her championship with a group three and a group 4 and Prada was best of breed 2 shows and a group 3. Twin Peaks puts on a well-run very efficient show in an excellent facility. the only thing that I would change is to allow exhibitors to set up on Thursday night since performance events begin at 7:30 and the building is not open to exhibitors until 7. it makes it very difficult for exhibitors to move in and set up their grooming area and prepare for the performance events if they are also showing in conformation. The alternative to allowing the exhibitors to set up on Thursday night would be the open the building at 6 a.m. Other than that 1 little wrinkle I have to say Twin Peaks . ...
Who would have thought that we would get to see the deleted scenes from TWIN PEAKS: FWWM and an uncut NIGHTBREED? Freaking incredible.
Sundays at Twin's a beautiful thing.
Knowing this is Twin Peaks last day open😭
Logan seriously just asked me to go to twin peaks with him.HAIL NAH
Twin Peaks Dog Show - Val wins the Champion clasd & Best of Breed. Monique Fisser Miguel and Nui are Reserve Champion. Gimme ends the weekend with a Reserve Best in Show Altered & a Best in Show Altered! Fun weekend with dog friends!
Any girls the age 17 & up! We're hiring hostess at twin peaks. Lemme know if you need a job 😊
Video: last movies to be shown at the Twin Peaks Mall in
See that's the thing lovey - chan. My...mountains. twin peaks, as it were. .. They're not black. They're creamy creamy white. With raspberry ice gems on the top :-)
I need to get skinny so I can work at twin peaks and make even better money.
Apparently the cast of Twin Peaks was having a reunion only blocks away from my house the other night. Los Angeles!
Because I went to go see dawn of the planet of the apes at twin peaks mall and also it is going to be the last night the theater is going to be open today
Josie Kafka reviews the ninth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, 'Arbitrary Law.'
watching Twin Peaks again makes me eat more pie and drink black coffee.
A nod to the short lived but incredible Twin Peaks series. This 18x18 inch pillow features three iconic Twin Peaks colors: the green Twin Peaks
I'm so mad at myself for not watching Twin Peaks sooner, so I would've met Sherilyn Fenn and Dana Ashbrook at Horrorhound last year.
Starting the '90s series, "Twin Peaks". Richard Beymer and Dana Ashbrook are in it, so I'm hoping it's promising!
Alright Kenny Inman, we can go to Bombshells first then Twin Peaks then Bone Daddy's then come back to this side of the bridge.
Remember that time when Sesame Street did that send up of Twin Peaks with Cookie Monster as Agent Cooper?
Is it me or is Gracepoint the same premise as Twin Peaks only with David tennet?
Right. Time to start True Detective to see what the fuss is about. See you all in 12 hours. Is my preconception of it being somewhat like Twin Peaks accurate?
I had a dream I had a kid and I named him Cooper, after special agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. Not a terrible idea, honestly.
Needs to grab a 29° degree draft beer from me and my girls at Twin Peaks in Cool Springs! I hear you're right down the road!
I thought you were even better looking on Twin Peaks than The Mod Squad.
. Hey!!! Rashida Jones' mommie is Peggy Lipton from "The Mod Squad" n "Twin Peaks" opposite Madchen Amik at the diner.
Just realized Laura's Mom and Donna's dad from Twin Peaks are the parents of George's deceased fiancé on Seinfeld. Those poor people...
Columbus Avenue, Alamo Square, Palace of the Fine Arts,Twin Peaks, or Haight Street! Get some Mitchell's ice cream too😛
Here's wrapping around San Francisco's Twin Peaks and coming for SOMA.
The Leftovers... Peter Berg finally tones down his shaky-cam fiasco for a more quiet and moody, slow-burning Twin Peaks-like mystery
Laura Palmer's house from Twin Peaks is for sale
Had a dream last night I was being stalked by Twin Peaks' Wyndham Earle disguised as Norman Bates' mom. Superman offered to help me but...
Buy the Palmer house from David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks': If you can get past all the weird things that happened t...
it's daytime it's rubbish! Combination of Twin Peaks with Stepford Wives! 😂xx
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me poster by Check all his David Lynch film posters: htt…
everyone should start the day with a cup of good morning Great Britain in a Twin Peaks inspired mug!
Someone volunteer as tribute to eat twin peaks with me on saturday..
“hooters fried pickles with their sauce is everything i ever needed in life.” Nah. That's Twin Peaks homie
I walked by the room my brother's currently in and caught a snippet of some "Twin Peaks" music.
"We pretty much ripped off Twin Peaks... I loved that show.". -Carlton Cuse, talking about Bates Motel (our new favorite show)
Note to self: Need to get up on Twin Peaks.
A tribute to Twin Peaks and its legacy in spawning a golden age in TV via
I don't think that waitress from Twin Peaks is ever going to snapchat us :(
She knew how to rock a tutu...and dated Jack Nicholson...and Twin amazing she still around???
Four-legged gardeners will assist with weed mitigation this weekend on San Francisco’s Twin Peaks hillside in preparation for Pride Weekend, according to public works officials.
Got me an application at Twin Peaks 🙊🙈
Twin Peaks is not artsy but instead fartsy
Cussing Joshua Francis out in Twin Peaks in front of small children apparently wasnt enough LMFAO
I wanna live in twin peaks it's super nice up here
Off to Nexflix land, gonna try not to binge, I don't like the thought of waiting another season!!! Series on my watch list "Wilfred" it's so stoopid !!! " Orange is the new black" very interesting characters plus I like the colors orange and black and "My ghost story" Oo whats under the bed!!! Ha Ha nuttn Im a sleeping on a boxspring thingy Ha Ha Oh yeah Longmire but that on Amazon prime. My new favorite fictional place to live besides "Twin Peaks" Sleep well friends maybe I'll see you there ;)
I hate autocorrect but I work at twin peaks
LoL no but did uk film Mulholland Drive was meant to be his post-Twin Peaks TV pilot but networks rejected it?
I knew it was a f twin peaks reference i luv me
Goal: get hot enough to work at twin peaks
are you doing the Twin Peaks thing tomorrow (24th)? Open before 9?
I am the WORST at TV. I still haven't caught up to Archer, haven't finished Twin Peaks or Breaking Bad. I have Netflix ADD
"Our Field Reporters, Kathy Gregg and Jesica Johnston, have been back to Twin Peaks HMA on behalf of the wild equines while representing Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Their report, below, is both...
Watfords looking way to twin peaks out this morning
Twin peaks is such a good show. Highly recommended
only creeps come to twin peaks on a Monday. wait.
How “Twin Peaks” shaped the entire golden age of TV via
Theory that took a long time to surmise but seems so obvious now: Lucy in "Twin Peaks" is Lucy from "Peanuts"!
I have the Twin Peaks soundtrack on my iPod so I can lie in bed and die
OMG, that what I'm going to do this summer... re-watch all of twin peaks good stories
so glad I'm getting into twin peaks again
As if Twin Peaks is almost forgotten I reject the premise of this article
Now that is something I haven't thought about in a long time. Twin Peaks. Never saw it, was kinda young for it, but it was everywhere.
Twin Peaks was great but had no ending.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Tryna hit Twin Peaks and watch the sun set
Looking towards the Financial District from the top of Twin Peaks. That long line of lights is Market Street.
My boy jeffrey finna work at twin peaks
Aren't you suppose to have boobs to work at twin peaks?
Caitlin just told me to go work at twin peaks 😂😂😂
because you know what the twin peaks theme needs? A house music beat.
Photoset: carocake: Twin peaks episode of scooby doo? all of my interests
Margaritas plus Twin Peaks soundtrack makes everything better
Serious question: do I break down and order Twin Peaks on bluray?
I'm doin pretty good on my bucketlost so far. The Voice, Pikes Peak, and eating at Twin Peaks with the family..
And I ask the most important and relevant question of my generation: why wouldn't I watch "Twin Peaks" for the 15th time in my life?
Oh man *** Twin Peaks the TV show. Strangely drawn to it...
It kinda has a Twin Peaks sort of thing going for it with the weird town and inhabitants, but it isn't a straight up copy.
David Duchovny in Twin Peaks is the icing on the cake.
Weed-munching goats to help clear vegetation on San Francisco's Twin Peaks hillside in preparation for Weekend …
Want to live in a Twin Peaks world.
things i need to do when i finish The Story: 1) games 2) twin peaks 3) x-files 4) watch lots of movies 5) draw characters of my book
I was debating on whether or not to continue watching Twin Peaks and then I think about Homer. He gets me.
redhead is Christina Hendricks. She is on Mad Men. The brunette is Sherilyn Fenn. She was on the tv show Twin Peaks.
And then someone whispered "maybe Twin Peaks is the elixir of youth... have you seen. Sherilyn Fenn?"
If I had watched "Twin Peaks" growing up, Sherilyn Fenn would have been my first crush. My life might've been totally different.
Watching "Twin Peaks," I've learned that Sherilyn Fenn is a goddess.
Belt Line Rd. in Addison. Start at Twin Peaks to give the hot chicks a shot. Then head to the Flying Saucer for easy pickings.
David Lynch, Al Strobel and Michael J. Anderson in the Black Lodge filming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.
There's nothing like him, he's just so horrifyingly intriguing. On another note are you excited for the Twin Peaks BluRay?
RIP Jimmy Scott. This from Twin Peaks is one of my favourite songs of all time
I just realized that robins dad I'm himym is Leland Palmer from twin peaks
If I don't see you at twin peaks at 5 wearing RED WHITE AND BLUE don't consider us friends anymore!!!
Who wants to join and I for Margarita/Beer Monday. At BWW/Twin Peaks/ or Ruby tequilas 😁
This twin peaks bouta go harder than waka in the paint!
If you've never experienced the ethereal jazz voice of Jimmy Scott (who died last week) start now. via
1/3 way through a Twin Peaks marathon on Mescaline & Donuts. *Shrugs'* still seems reasonable to me.
Twin Peaks at 8:30 then night swimming after for Jesse's last day! 🎉🏊🍗
& me finally bartending at Twin peaks together! ... Trouble trouble 😛
Twin Peaks Tree Care was by far the most affordable bid that I received. Twin Peak came out on time as agreed,...
legendary jazz singer Jimmy Scott. Your Twin Peaks scene remains forever magic. See you in the trees...
Mom: y'all only wanna go to Twin pepeaks to see the "twin peaks" huh. Me:Naw I wanna go for the food
Our department has started watching Twin Peaks - Every Friday at 5:00pm in Room 201 - want to come?
I took Zimbio's 'Dirty Dancing' quiz and I'm Baby! Who are you?
Twin Peaks at 5 USA vs Ghana be there or be foreign
A Twin Peaks inspired cake. Just because we love Twin Peaks. Photo
It's funny; Darkwing Duck's tribute to Twin Peaks remains my most distinctive memory of the show. XD
First person to comment on my Twin Peaks mug at work will be my new best friend. And the first person to acknowledge my presence.
? My mom knows about Twin Peaks??? It was cancelled before she and dad even married? We hadn't even moved to Canada???
Cottage and byre in Assynt with the twin peaks of Suilven beyond...
Hamilton Collection
Jimmy Scott, jazz musician who appeared on 'Twin Peaks,' dies - Jimmy Scott, a...
"I bet she's so sore after all her Twin Peaks shifts from sucking in all day. . . cuz like that can take a toll on your body"
My dream job is to work at twin peaks
Twin peaks or lucky's pub for the USA game?
These girl quote bible verses but are employed at twin peaks. Lol I can't. 😒😂
I would TOTALLY work at twin peaks but I don't think I could stand the creepy old men... 😳
*** waiter at twin peaks said she wanted Manchester United to win the World Cup.
A Wedge of Edge is coming up! Great artists like: - AFI - Snow Patrol - Twin Peaks - Tegan and Sara and starting it off with Dance With Me by Ra Ra Riot! Listen live on
As one Peabody Board member noted, the limits of acceptability in series television are becoming narrower and narrower. In the spring of 1990, “Twin Peaks” burst upon the scene and in the process redefined the standards and conventions of television drama. From its unpredictable melding of comedy an…
Alice Russell - Twin Peaks from her personal album To Dust with film noir photos. I do not own anything
HIBBLETON FILM FEST 223 W Santa Fe, Fullerton Join us every Wednesday night in June, as we continue our weekly film series, curated by award-winning filmmaker Steve Elkins. This months films span diverse thematic territory, from a punk cat in space to microorganisms to fishing trips with Tom Waits to Somoan gangs in Long Beach. Each screening starts at 7:30 and is FREE of charge. See you at the gallery! Wednesday, June 18th: “Fishing With John (USA, 1991) With the possible exception of Twin Peaks, "Fishing With John" is arguably the greatest (and most hilarious!) TV show of all time. In each episode, John Lurie takes a different celebrity fishing abroad (Tom Waits in Jamaica, squid-hunting with Dennis Hopper in Thailand, ice-fishing with Willem Defoe in Maine, etc), though the show is really about extreme boredom and people who don't know a *** thing about fishing. Join us for our marathon resurrection of a show so good that the network had to pull the plug before it even got through its first season. . ...
Start your week off right and come eat with me at twin peaks for lunch 😊😊
For all you die-hard Twin Peaks and retro game lovers…
Rumor squashing is a tried and true necessary annoyance and it can certainly sting if it’s tied to some genuinely exciting news, like the gossip that David Lynch was possibly filming more Twin Peaks. Alas, it appears now that David Lynch is not filming more Twin Peaks, at least according to Mark
Jazz singer Jimmy Scott, also known for his appearance on drama ‘Twin Peaks’, has died... The post Jazz Singer Jimmy Scott dies at his Las Vegas home appeared first on
I have to hold onto my phone so tight to prevent it from flying off! Twin Peaks conquered!
Killer dance moves from Episode 8 of Twin Peaks.
Who killed Miss Piggy? Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and other Muppets portrayed as Twin Peaks characters.
"Twin Peaks" Season 1, Episode 1: "Northwest Passage" (1x00: "Pilot") The small town of Twin Peaks, Washington, is shaken up when the body of high school stu...
We had a bunch of the twin peaks girls at are table an Joseph Lee left -__- I think he's ***
Twin Peaks Dwarf Dancing in your Head. Anão Dançarino do Twin Peaks.
Seeing Kids In The Hall live, finally, made my soul happy in ways I can't quite articulate. I haven't felt this way about going to a thing since my first Twin Peaks fest! And with two of my favorite people, no less! ❤️ With Mary Hütterand Seth Triezenberg
Toured with Lou Reed, worked with Ray Charles, starred on Twin Peaks, Jimmy Scott dies aged 88
It's going to be an exciting week at Twin Peaks!! Tonight- UFC fight Johnson vs Bagautinov Tomorrow -Spurs vs. Heat in game 5 Monday - USA vs Ghana Soccer Tuesday -Brazil vs Mexico soccer Wednesday - Twin Peaks National Bikini contest ! We will be streaming the show live from Dallas the stores ! Don't miss out on all the fun!!
F you Twin Peaks for having a cover charge tonight.
ROBOCOP. Which also had Albert from Twin Peaks. Which also had Paul from Dune. Which also had Jean Luc Picard.
With the shock of Rik Mayall's death I've missed a few old troopers who've recently passed, so it's time for a RIP round-up: Jane Adams (95) - Nina the tragic hunchback nurse in Universal's "House Of Dracula" (1945) - the most sympathetic character in the movie Eric Hill (86) - creator of the "Spot the Dog" series of children's books - them with the lift-up flaps Martha Hyer (90) - Hollywood actress from films such as Ray Harryhausen's "First Men In The Moon", "Some Came Running" with Frank Sinatra, "Sabrina" with Bogart and Hepburn (Audrey) and less classy fare including "Bikini Beach" and "House of 1,000 Dolls" Ruby Dee (91) - African American actress and campaigner who worked with Sidney Poitier, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones and stood with Martin Luther King as he delivered "I Have A Dream" Little Jimmy Scott (88) - Jazz singer famous for his career comeback in Twin Peaks performing "Sycamore Trees" in the final episode. Carla Laemmle (104) - niece of Universal Studio's head honcho C ...
Jazzman Jimmy Scott, whose childlike voice earned him cult popularity and a "Twin Peaks" cameo, has died at 88:
In speaking with Fangoria this week about the release of his latest movie, veteran character actor Ray Wise revealed that he was indeed reprising his role as Leland Palmer for some kind of something Twin Peaks related, filmed…
Watch David Lynch interview the dead Leland Palmer for the 'Twin Peaks' box set:
How about Great Northern Hotel from Twin Peaks actually Salish Lodge & Spa at Snoqualmie Falls WA, Ive been there
I'd forgotten this Twin Peaks cameo by David Duchovny, ravishing as FBI agent Denise Bryson
Two more instances of Smart car "tipping" occurred overnight in San Francisco's Twin Peaks and Cole Valley neighborhoods, according to police.
Lol everyone always says there's a girl at twin peaks that looks like me
Anyone been to Twin Peaks in Boise? ohh and stupid website we got here, really annoying. Trying to show off my lack of tan lines but photos wont post. If you'd like to see more pictures they keep geting deleted here come to my other profile guess they are not fb appropriate :)
Lo just sent me a snap vid of my mom taking shots at twin peaks 😂😂😂😂
I'm at Twin Peaks and this place is so bro and I'm not.
My kids just asked if we could watch "Twin Peaks". Proud moment, the pilot is fired we go.
Nobi to twin peaks to Bryan's now barbs we on an adventure
Okay Twin Peaks Season 2... I'm going to finish you. But I'm FFWDing past the Civil War reenactments and the Teen Nadine stuff fyi
So, didn't know that Twin Peaks was on Netflix, until tonight! Let the late night watching begin! :)
“Restaurants today lmao ketchup at twin peaks Bro no telling what's in that ketchup 😂
Restaurants today lmao ketchup at twin peaks
Twin Peaks servers look skanky in their outfits. No wonder a lot of guys want to eat there lol.
“More are being tipped in San Francisco | ➤ Odd. None of then were B&W...
Peter Jackson said his film The Frighteners was a cross between and Twin Peaks.
Jamie Storr is starting to look like the giant from Twin Peaks.
Gatsby isn't as impressed with Twin Peaks as he should be.
In the bathroom at the Arclight Theater and the music playing is the Twin Peaks theme.
Well this nights awesome saw my twin peaks girl night complete
This hotel feels like Twin Peaks with more middle aged New Jersey house moms dancing
Anybody wanna go to wing daddys, hooters, or twin peaks?
Got all the way up to the top of Twin Peaks to see the beautiful city. Lol wasn't it pretty?😒😂
On the way home from Baseball Tournament in Oak Grove, I suggest Twin Peaks to eat at (it's about 8:30). No objection from the husband which should of been a clue.. Bobby's eyes start to pop out when the hostess's (with the mostest seat us). Food and service Sucked but good thing I was there because the Rocket Scientist that was our waitress overcharged us by about $20.00 & the hubby was ready to pay the first bill.
BWW such a better choice. If you want something to look at go to twin peaks
Snoqualmie Falls, as featured in Twin Peaks. A pleasant bike ride from Seattle.
Just saw the most amazing opening act for Eels- like watching a music version of Twin Peaks on stage: Chelsea Wolf. Goosepimply good.
DD is in Twin sad is beaches really?
Watch twin peaks! My dad got me into that a long time ago. Its on netflix
if I don't get this job at willies , I'm mf applying at twin peaks or chulas or wherever tf else . on the low
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The Hangover burger at Twin Peaks in Olathe is pretty yummy! So were the views.of all the TV screens. ;-)
Twin peaks has tge coldest best beer in killeen I swear
Right as I walk by Sunshine Cinemas the Twin Peaks theme song starts playing. I'm hooked. Trailer playing on Houston!
Foto: kianamccourt: San Francisco from atop Twin Peaks on the first sunrise of Autumn
Just did a random twin peaks. The most of the alliance earned less than 10 honor points
Twin Peaks might be my new home. . Hair Bands playing. Latinas in shorts. Sports on the screens
1 of the downsides to owning a hybrid More Smart Cars Tipped in San Francisco
GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS . playing at Twin Peaks now. It’s on
My room in Banff has the strange familiarity of The Lodge from Twin Peaks. Cool.
More Smart cars tipped in overnight pranks in San Francisco (via
Someone remind me to never come to twin peaks again... This is like a local hooters
For some reason I always think a bit of Twin Peaks is a good idea before bed
Love Anthony Bourdain 's Parts Unknown. Reminds me of twin peaks but a culinary one...don't ask why..:)
More Smart Cars Tipped in Overnight Pranks in San Fran's Twin Peaks - see they really are stupid cars
Twin peaks is the restaurant to be at tonight!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Taking Dawson to twin peaks in Baton Rouge after two Hammond Yankee wins I heard they have good food
How is twin peaks everybody!Never been planning on taking my son for his b-day tonight
Anybody trying to hit up twin peaks or a hooters??
Dam tried calling twin peaks to see if there having the fight they asked what fight I replied the Mexican fight cotto and Martinez and she says I'm sorry we are not showing that crap here! Sounds abit racist to me lol
Pan fried hotdogs and watching Twin Peaks. Can it get better than this?
Either I'm hallucinating or someone is playing the twin peaks theme really hauntingly slow on a piano somewhere in my apartment building. Really hoping it's the latter. Possibility is that someone is just watching it really loudly
All of my girls up at Twin Peaks North Oklahoma City are gorgeous. They all work hard and are making a living for themselves or their families. It's so hard hearing other peoples judgement on them. I hear so many people say that they should have more respect- blah blah blah. I can only listen to so much, because I was one of those girls. Let me just say something about the girls up there that I worked with.. One of them would come in everyday early to sit in a booth and do math homework just trying to get through college. Another will stay till close every night just to make sure her son has his needs.. There are so many hidden qualities that aren't shown to everyone else. And it's so sad that people these days say things like, "respect yourself more" or "your using your body". Twin Peaks is a VERY RESPECTED company. And everything they do, they do with the upmost class possible. Take your comments somewhere else. Those are my sisters.. You will not get far talking down on anyone else's job or dreams. Lif ...
One of my youngest guitar students told me there's a guy named Bob who wakes her up in the middle of the night with a creepy face and says "let's play!". She says he's "either imaginary or dead". (Twin Peaks fans will know why this is especially creepy!)
Well here in San Angelo at Twin Peaks eatting or should i say at least trying its hard with all this eye candy every were's. Lol
Twin Peaks girls and my truck? Possibly. Support the Marine Corps carwash at 71st & Memorial
Everyone add Julie Danielle Metrolis!! She's about to join the Twin Peaks CoolSprings family!
I'm going to open a restaurant next to Twin Peaks and call it Twin *** Genius right?
Just had a great run in twin peaks, beautiful views
Come to Twin Peaks and see these sexy machines...the cars that is!
Marx and Engels made The Communist Manifesto but Lynch and Engels made Twin Peaks so
Twin Peaks girls actually did look better than Hooter girls
Meeting at Twin peaks at 12 is then Concord ramp 1ish...looks like a beautiful day to be on the lake. Who's coming???
Jessica's Birthday Bash. We covered "you and I" from TWIN PEAKS.
I used the poem that Windom Earle gives to Audrey, Donna and Shelly in Twin Peaks in my English Lit exam. Therefore Twin …
In Conroe, a Tea Party co commissioner faces complaints after crude jokes about his "Twin Peaks" campaign workers
I'm so happy the Twin Peaks girls came out and made my bar the spot to be at 😻💋
Twin Peaks date with my honey went well 💙 The food was just as good as the girls lol.
Why is Twin Peaks so weird? It is really weird. It's good yeah but so weird. Is it supposed to be so awkward?
I like to pretend that David Duchovny's character on Twin Peaks is really Fox Mulder.
Pranksters are once again targeting Smart cars parked in San Francisco. Two more little cars were tipped over in Twin Peaks and Cole Valley last night. Read more:
Me: "yeah the food's great" Twin peaks girl: "my boyfriend is back there cooking so everything should be awesome. He's real serious about food." Me: "oh, very cool. I'll go ahead and get my check."
The girls at Hooters on the westbank > The girls at Twin Peaks on the westbank
Travis Porter pulled up at Twin Peaks n stole my cars shine smh
Holy Cow, this is turning into quite an event! I just got a call back from KEYE news and they'll be filming the staging at Twin Peaks around 9:45 am right before we leave, so be sure to look purty! Looks like we're going to have about 200-250 in this ride to Ghost Town!
Going to Twin Peaks at 5:30ish for anyone that wants to come!
Twin peaks sounds real good right about now
So I tell my hubby he should take his Harley to Twin Peaks & let the bikini girls wash his bike & he says "they won't wash it right" lol smh that was so not the point!
Store in Lytham, near Blackpool, couple of years ago. Really weird, same layout and point of sale as a Tandy store in the 90's. Smelt the same too. Even pillow speakers on sale. Odd. Bit Twin Peaks. Most of the bottom 1600 had prices in cents and dollars.
Having a beer at twin peaks with my uncle joshua! Yeah buddy!.
Program done and sent to printer. Now for a late breakfast and vegging out with Twin Peaks for a bit.
I remember watching Mod Squad reruns in the early 90's. Twin Peaks fans: Early Peggy Lipton!
Really Dad Eddy You chose Twin Peaks for your Birthday Dinner... Are you trying to get my husband killed cuz i know hes gonna have wondering eyes lmao
*Check the edit at the bottom for an update! I was awakened at 7AM today by someone knocking at our front door. I looked out to see a stout guy, probably my age-ish, poking at Beaker through the screen (the cat is in/out of the porch all night when it's nice out). I cracked the door and said, "Hold on a moment" and went to grab pants. I heard him say something but it was unintelligible. I grabbed pants and stepped out saying "OK, what's up?". He looked up and said, "Yer dead.", gestured to the left portion of the yard slightly, then slowly took at step back and started to turn. It didn't sound like a threat, more like you'd say it offhand to a buddy who ate half your cookie while you weren't looking. I said, "Huh? What are you talking about?" and stepped out. He just kept backing away, repeated himself, slowly went back to his car, then drove away a bit too slow, (even after I would have been out of sight for him). ... He drove a short white station wagon, maybe a civic? late 90's? that he had just sto .. ...
I'll pass. A lot of the Twin Peaks girls out here are C Teamers
When I graduate next Friday, I'm heading to Twin Peaks and having the girls sing me a song
We got Twin Peaks, Bonedaddys, Hooters & Bikinis girls comming reserving birthdays for the soft opening of...
I'll be at Twin Peaks today from 6 to 7, off 635 in North Irving with Corona Light girls and of course Twin Peaks girls serving Corona draft
Hate how they have " Twin Peaks" and "Hooters" for guys but no place for girls...
I need to go to Twin Peaks soon, seems like the girls keep getting hotter and hotter 😍😍
Twin Peaks is easy to get to and fun to shoot. Likewise for near GGB (Crissy Field, or Fort Point). Ocean Beach can be nice!
Twin Peaks? — Yeah, I like David Lynch so I've had Twin Peaks on my 'must watch' list for ages. ...
Sherilyn Fenn talks David Lynch and how Twin Peaks should have ended -
 I'm thinking about them tips girl! Hooters and Twin Peaks girls make moneyyy
Twin Peaks, yes. Thanks for confirming that!
ATTENTION ALL HPD GROUP MEMBERS! We are looking for some feedback on the Twin Peaks meets we are hosting. Keep it professional and with-in reason, however we are looking to do more. We want to expand and improve this event. Example: Bikini Contest, bikini car wash, photo shoots with Twin Peaks girls, what?! Tell the staff what you want and we will see what can be done. Also on parking (which we all know is tight) however the facility is top notch. What more can we do? Please tell us. - Thank you.
i hate that i know some of these Twin Peaks girls since i go there so often... be messing up my game can't go there on dates no more lmao
I heard Twin Peaks don't hire that many black girls.
Born in Boston of Irish ancestry and raised in Dallas, Jack Nance traveled throughout the country doing children's theater. For eight years, he performed with the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Later, he became involved with avant-garde theater. He first met David Lynch in the early 1970s in Philadelphia while he was performing in a local theater, and Lynch decided to cast him as the lead in Eraserhead (1977). Originally, it was to be a six-week shooting project, but due to budget restrictions and technical complications, the production and filming took nearly five years to complete. Nance relocated to Los Angeles in the early 1980s, where he appeared in unusual and widely praised films that were not always considered mainstream Hollywood. He has appeared in almost every movie by Lynch, including the television series Twin Peaks (1990), usually playing secondary characters or quirky supporting parts. Nance died suddenly and unexpectedly on December 30, 1996 from an apparent internal head ...
do I hear several Twin Peaks references on Charmer?
Come on wit it! Shift number two! Sunday Night! Come visit your west little rock Twin Peaks girls &&…
I'm still confused as to why David Duchovny's character in Twin Peaks didn't get a spinoff.
Ray Wise lads... Ray Wise... any fans of Twin Peaks in the house? My job rules right now!
Read and full convo on TWIN PEAKS and FIRE WALK WITH ME at
Twin Peaks (& collab) is in Ireland, one month old, and tasting great. Lovely APA (as you'd expect it to be)
I'm watching twin peaks it's so scary someone hold me
Like a mix of pilsner and pale ale. Kind of a bitter lemon sherbertness to finish. (Twin Peaks)
In a local clothing store. The sound of Twin Peaks' theme wafts over the speakers.
Hello Twin Peaks, it is you and me all over again, back to episode one. I am going to continue my ongoing love affair with David Lynch.
I'm finally watching Twin Peaks and I really don't know what took me so long.
Proof I am an incredible actor? "The location has changed to Twin Peaks? That's really inconvenient."
Thanks for featuring one of my inspired designs :)
enjoying it so far. Have fun with twin peaks!
Pluckers, ojoS locos or twin peaks for the game ??
Not you?! Urgh. That didn't just do for me. As I type this, I am starting Twin Peaks.
twin peaks is some tasty *** Got my chops around some a couple of weeks ago.
Why do all the men in Twin Peaks have such such a strong jawline game
the best birthday gift would be if Chuy's was already open but nope Twin Peaks it is
If anyone needs me this weekend, I will be binge-watching Twin Peaks alone in my room.
Walgreens on coachline and twin peaks
this season was the last one, I think. oh man the Twin Peaks one is SO GOOD
domain names
lol honestly I'm cruising right now I ran errands earlier but I get off at 5 then ima hoop n then hit twin peaks with pa
The twist in Twin Peaks is that the peaks aren't twins
oops i clicked on a twin peaks vid now i want coffee and donuts :I
YES I was thinking we could do a 90s/twin peaks shoot !!! You could probably meet me at like noon @ my house!!
I'm pretty certain the coach of Peru was in Twin Peaks.
How did Twin Peaks viewers deal with Laura Palmer's voice?? 😑😒
All those years since Twin Peaks and I need to know, HOW IS ANNIE!?!?!
Good news: they make Twin Peaks shower curtains. Bad News: They're $68.
Imagen if Twin Peaks on TV today?. Insted of log ,Log Lady have ipad log app. (app is pic of log)
Well I found somewhere to eat. Its been a minute. @ Twin Peaks West Little Rock
You can't ask for better promotion! Casual Fridays with Twin Peaks! Thanks for the support of our local product...
that's too bad, for the fans! I used to watch but I didn't know it was still on air. And I still am yet to see Twin Peaks Ep.
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