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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

Miguel Ferrer David Lynch Kyle MacLachlan Laura Palmer Audrey Horne Tim Roth Gordon Cole Stranger Things Los Angeles Sherilyn Fenn Star Wars Joan Chen Wayward Pines Richard Beymer Sheryl Lee Peaky Blinders Michael Ontkean Angelo Badalamenti

Ep features music by ​Pandamic, Twin Peaks, Dope Lemon, Swete Dreams, Strand of Oaks, and more.
Twin Peaks dwn Johnston & make a U at Guidry 💁🏽 1/2 price wings , a DJ, if you have your Bar Card we have beer and…
Audible is releasing an audiobook version of a Twin Peaks spinoff novel.
RIP Miguel Ferrer. The actor, maybe best known for his roles in 'Twin Peaks, RoboCop & NCIS Los Angeles has passed away…
Seriously try It's the *** child of Twin Peaks and Dawson's Creek. Glorious trashy TV.
I forgot how good Miguel Ferrer was in Twin Peaks.
Miguel Ferrer's death just popped in my head... RIP: Twin Peaks strange path of Albert Rosenfield via
The late Miguel Ferrer in raw footage from the Diane Keaton-directed Twin Peaks episode that aired in February 1991. htt…
Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn will always be Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne. As is probably true of most of Twin Peaks cast
If you want good shows to watch in 2017 fave this list:. 1. American Gods. 2. Twin Peaks. 3. Riverdale. 4. The Handmaid's Tale. 5. 24: Legacy
listen I know I'm like 26 years late to the Twin Peaks party but Audrey Horne doesn't deserve any of this.
weezy said I look like Audrey Horne so that means I have to start Twin Peaks
midway through S2 of Twin Peaks rewatch, hard to tell if im witnessing the character dvelopment or conscious desexualization of Audrey Horne
Maybe one day I'll be as flawless as Audrey Horne from "Twin Peaks"
agreed. I would buy a Sherilyn Fenn doll as would others. They only own the names Twin Peaks and Audrey Horne.
I tend to pretend Twin Peaks ended after season 1. And Doctor Who ended after David.
I'm re-watching Twin Peaks, and Agent Cooper reminds me so much of Stephen Colbert. I definitely have a type.
I read "The Secret History of Twin Peaks" and can't wait for the show's return.
y'all ever look at the cast list for Twin Peaks on IMDB? lotta grey hair. lotta black-and-white photos.
From 'Seinfeld' to 'Twin Peaks,' a look at new Sox prospect Lucas Giolito's famous family
Miguel Ferrer, known for Twin Peaks, Young Justice, and NCIS: Los Angeles, has passed away at age 61
David Lynch called the late Miguel Ferrer "Albert" for his "Twin Peaks" character. My obit of a son of show-biz
I had honestly forgotten Joan Chen was in Twin Peaks. It's weird how that character never really caught on.
Twin Peaks and NCIS actor Miguel Ferrer dies aged 61, was part of Hollywood dynasty including George Clooney
Hollywood is mourning the loss of actor today. MORE:
One of the greatest 60 seconds of TWIN PEAKS:
RIP Miguel Ferrer I look forward to seeing you reprise your role in Twin Peaks this year
RIP Miguel Ferrer. A long haul working actor who was always on point. Was just laughing out loud at his 1st Twin Peaks…
Will you be showing season 2 of Twin Peaks as a marathon like the 1st on Sat. the 14th?
RIP Miguel Ferrer. Be it in RoboCop, Twin Peaks, Mulan, he was a great performer playing very memorable characters. He w…
He's in the trailer for the new Twin Peaks. So grateful he was able to participate.
R.I.P. Miguel Ferrer. A great character actors who always improved any film/TV show. Loved him in Twin Peaks.
I will miss Miguel Ferrer. I’m in the middle of a Twin Peaks re-watch and every scene with Albert in it is pure gold.
. He was in EVERYTHING! Had an amazing career. Love twin peaks.
RIP Miguel Ferrer, the unforgettable Albert Rosenfield of Twin Peaks but also, dutiful helmsman of the USS Excelsior
can't wait to watch more twin peaks as we marathon it again for the umpteenth time just so we can enjoy Miguel Ferrer's performance.
One of my favorite things about Twin Peaks
Miguel Ferrer was supposed to be on the TCA panel for Twin Peaks just last week. I’d heard he was ill but still shockin…
this is what you show people when they ask about twin peaks. Hey I've heard of that show! What's it about again?
R.I.P. Miguel Ferrer. Loved him in Robocop, Twin Peaks, and pretty much anything he showed up in. An amazing,...
RIP to Miguel Ferrer, the versatile actor who played Twin Peaks' most lovable crank
I'm in shock. Such a gentle man, and a wonderful actor. My condolences to his family and friends.
Seeing you two face to face, Agent to Agent, in the Twin Peaks return will be more bittersweet than ever
excited to have you in Twin Peaks! Been a fan since Space: Above and Beyond. Great show.
The Twin Peaks revival will start airing on Showtime in May via
RIP to the wonderful Miguel Ferrer, of 'Robocop', 'Twin Peaks' and so much more.
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Absolutely and stole every scene in Twin Peaks he was in. Gutted I'll never get the chance to…
Oh my god. I can't believe this. Whenever I saw his name in the opening credits of Twin Peaks, I knew I was in for a treat. ht…
R.I.P. star of and RoboCop has died at 61:
Veteran actor Miguel Ferrer, star of RoboCop and Twin Peaks, has died
Such a sad day. My heart goes out to his family and our friends at NCIS LA. . A wonderful man. .
I just saw a promo for TWIN PEAKS which my opinion kinda flip/flops on but in any case it really put me in the mood to rewatch MULHOLLAND DR
Miguel Ferrer, star of Robocop, Twin Peaks, NCIS: Los Angeles and much more, died of cancer today.
The Bookhouse boys is a defining moment in twin peaks
were u at the show at the metro 2 years ago!! that wAs my first twin peaks show too aw
Veteran actor Miguel Ferrer worked on Los Angeles until his death
totally forgot he was in Twin Peaks!
Excited for the new Twin Peaks to show us a more normal America.
RIP Miguel Ferrer. Will always remember him for Twin Peaks, Traffic, and RoboCop. But also: Star Trek III: The Search for Spoc…
Some really sad news: Miguel Ferrer, star of "Twin Peaks" and more, dies at 61. Rest in peace, sir
RIP Miguel Ferrer, who, as Twin Peaks' Special Agent Albert Rosenfeld was responsible for one of the greatest scenes in…
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'Twin Peaks,' 'Traffic,' and 'RoboCop' actor Miguel Ferrer has died at 61.
Actor Miguel Ferrer, best known for roles in NCIS and Twin Peaks, has died, manager says.
Miguel Ferrer, star of 'RoboCop,' 'NCIS: Los Angeles' and 'Twin Peaks,' dies at 61
Miguel Ferrer was set to reprise his role as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfeld on David Lynch’s 'Twin Peaks'.
David Lynch introduced the world to the greatest tv-show ever when the gave the world Twin Peaks.. RIP Miguel Ferre…
no ALBERT! and of course this instantly reminded me that David Bowie was in Twin Peaks too ;_;
Thoughts on Twin Peaks so far: Kyle McLaughlan is weird AF, I hate Bobby, forever
Joan Chen was always serving looks in Twin Peaks
Gus Fring, Twin Peaks and Curb Your Enthusiasm are all back in 2017. . Thank you, 2017. We need this.
FBI Agent Dale Cooper features in new Twin Peaks teaser
Twin Peaks season 3 will air simultaneously in the UK via
The most complete Q&A session with David Lynch about Twin Peaks yesterday
David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' future: 'No plans for anything more' past reboot via
David Lynch said little about the "Twin Peaks" revival at entertainingly, but revealed a few things, anyway
David Lynch, Laura Dern, & Kyle MacLachlan discuss what has changed or stayed the same in Twin Peaks. (via
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Twin Peaks returns in May: 'The pure heroin vision of David Lynch'
It's Twin Peaks. Riverdale, the Archie Comics adaptation is obviously Twin Peaks. I don't know how this feels.
Who will today's champs be? Come catch all the action at Twin Peaks! htt…
Is Laura watching Twin Peaks on a television, crying at her tragedy, laughing at the eccentricity of her friends?
Donald Glover described his idea for 'Atlanta' as "'Twin Peaks' for rappers."
Suffragette - good. Wild at Heart - great and rather embarrassingly Vacation - dire. Then I started rewatching Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks, had to google that one, cos himselfs outside in the pouring rain gardening 😉
Just watched a new twin peaks trailer and started tearing up
The Twin Peaks panel starts at 5pm PST in case you need to clear your schedule.
Everybody come watch the game at twin peaks tonight so I want be bored
Love this art of Star Wars, Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones.
So...anything going on today in the world of "Twin Peaks?" :)
I've said it before: This may not be the Twin Peaks WE remember, but the one David Lynch remembers.
Taking a break from Twin Peaks and watching There Will Be Blood. PTA's best film is still Boogie Nights.
idk something engaging. Nat keeps telling me to watch twin peaks so maybe that??
Twin Peaks for the championship, definitely. 😇
is bananas in the best way - comparisons to Twin Peaks, Dawson's Creek, Gossip Girl, OC all fair, but it defies cat…
Happy Holidays from Welcome to Twin Peaks​!. Thanks to Rino Stefano Tagliafierro​ for the wonderful animation.
If I get any more excited about seeing & in 's Twin Peaks again, I'll actually explode
Looking forward to Twin Peaks news today and watching you shine brightly in 2017. All the best
panel up next — it's Dawson's Twin Peaks and easily one of my favorite new shows
Best of 2016. shares wonderful behind the scenes stories of .
You have to respect the outside-the-box thinking that goes into using a Twin Peaks message board to date.
Must say I totally loved the first 4 eps of Everyone keeps saying "Twin Peaks" + the Archies. My thought wa…
I was wearing a light cotton blend DC Superhero jammy pants and Twin Peaks T-Shirt made by the fine folks at Grafitti Designs...
are you excited? how amazing that this year there is new twin peaks AND a blade runner sequel.. my two faves.
Reminder that in just a couple of hours we'll be getting concrete Twin Peaks Season 3 details, including the premiere date,…
Boats all gassed up, again, guys. let's meet at Twin Peaks for cocktails first!!
It's looking like a spring or summer 2017 premiere and I'm counting the days...although all the UFO stuff in this... ht…
great Pod; really enjoyed it. No one mentioned the return of Twin Peaks though! 😫
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Speaking of old new series, there may be news about Twin Peaks later today. At least a date.
Reading Carrie Fischer's book. Did you know Twin Peaks' Miguel Ferrer aka Albert read the Star Wars script with her befor…
Plenty of great dramas to look forward to this year! Inc the return of What are you most excited for?
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack to be reissued on red wax this month by ht…
Vinyl reissue of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack on the way
Star Wars ep 8 (or VIII), Twin Peaks, Sherlock, Taboo, Peaky Blinders, new Gorillaz and Sigur Ros Albums, 2017 is better already!
We'd been planning a David Lynch and Twin Peaks marathon for ages. We'll still find time for that. Right now a wake is in order.
New 'Twin Peaks' trailer consists of David Lynch eating a donut, and nothing else
what if had ended Twin Peaks by playing Smooth Criminal? I think it would have added something.
Playing Stardew Valley and watching Twin Peaks is really blurring a few lines in my head...
Happy birthday to Watch the short he filmed before returning to work with David Lynch on Twin Peaks. https:/…
Twin Peaks theme on three marimbas, accordion, and sleigh bells
I've seen Bob from Twin Peaks at least three times lurking in the background of this Gaither Christmas special
All three of the main adult male characters from Twin Peaks have been on HIMYM...I don't know how to feel
Why not create a separate Peak TV station, then you would always watch Twin Peaks. 🐫👍
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"Twin Peaks", Lara Flynn Boyle and Sheryl Lee, . digital drawing, in progress,.
I absolutely loved exploring SF on foot - especially Twin Peaks and Dolores Park!
'Twin Peaks' teaser shows return of creator David Lynch as Gordon Cole
David Lynch returns as Gordon Cole to eat a donut in new 'Twin Peaks' teaser:
David Lynch is back as Gordon Cole in the new 'Twin Peaks' teaser:
.eats a donut, thinks very deeply about it in the new Twin Peaks teaser
I really need to prepare for Twin Peak's return by actually watching Twin Peaks. Started it a few times, haven't got past 5mins.
I thought it was weird seeing Richard Beymer as a Bajoran. I still associate him with Ben Horne from Twin Peaks.
Tonight I learned that Scott Aukerman and I have the same feelings with regards to Twin Peaks season 2
In-n-out, Twin Peaks, Lombard St., Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, Palace of Fine Arts and the Legendary Golden Gate Bridge in less than 4 hours!
'Twin Peaks' was the best job I ever had as an actor.
Don't talk terrain to Dickman unless it's about Twin Peaks or Hidden Valley
Sherilyn Fenn & Sheryl Lee on the set of Twin Peaks.
Rewatching season 2 of Twin Peaks. Can't wait for season 3 but think I'll miss Michael Ontkean the most
'Twin Peaks' is a continuing story; that comes from David Lynch and my... featured in NBC s Science of Love
"Laura Palmer" is one of my favs. Also, Twin Peaks reference (because Dan is a big fan of the show). ht…
happy thanksgiving Robert. Can't wait to see you on Prison Break and Twin Peaks!
Spoiler for Twin Peaks: it turns out that the entire time, Leland Palmer was my wife.
'Twin Peaks' is one of those Rorschach ink blot things, where ev...
Like Agent Cooper says, it's the little things, and rewatching Twin Peaks is giving me more than a little pleasure in a really bad time.
Teach kids to count with Special Agent Cooper and the residents of Twin Peaks:
Beer never tasted so good after 2 full days on the road @ Twin Peaks…
They really upped the mystery and suspense this season, with a little Twin Peaks thrown in for fun.
I love that Parks And Rec is just Twin Peaks without the scary stuff
oh nooo honey i meant episode 1 2 and 3 of Star Wars!!! All episodes of twin peaks are precious
I'm wondering whether this is such a good idea... Twin Peaks - Colorful Counting for Kiddos, via
Twin Peaks Veterinary Center is reporting that they've seen about 20 cases of Parvo recently. Many have been...
Andrew says he doesn't like twin peaks but that's a lie because here we are at episode 5 and he really wants to know how killed Laura Palmer
Frank Silva (1949-1995) & Michael J. Anderson (63), seen here with David Lynch on the set of 'Twin Peaks'.
so Tay and Twin Peaks are gonna be there and u just gonna say 18+
Cannot wait for The Secret History of Twin Peaks to come in the mail😩
Olive garden applebees chilis twin peaks cheddars red lobster all thats trash to me.
I'm glad I've watched Twin Peaks so now all those Simpsons jokes make sense
Not sure what it is about being super tired that makes me wanna stay up and watch a movie but I'm gonna watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
twin peaks is a huge media cornerstone for a lot of reasons and I love it but having rewatched it recently idk how much of it would
The Returned is the French version of Twin Peaks.
well keep at it. Your work isnt done yet. It reminded me of james and that blonde lady on twin peaks 😴
Had to wish my girl allieal91 a Happy Birthday! @ Twin Peaks Restaurants
Funny! should do the Twin Peaks dance to win over Twin Peaks fans like Bernie did
Hey Twin Peaks fans, this is a Kindle deal right now!. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer for $1.99
Oh I forgot I had Snap Chat!!! Do you love it??? I want our whole family to dress up as Twin Peaks characters next Halloween!
Not only did we pass the 70% funded mark today, but we got press proofs in the mail too! WHAT A DAY! . https:/…
Top of Twin Peaks for the Sunrise, San Francisco, CA via /r/bicycling
Nicolle is live texting me her watching Twin Peaks and I'm dying
This election is sounding more and more like an episode of Twin Peaks.
oh my god please. If you ever cosplay log lady I will absolutely do a twin peaks cosplay with you!
I'm showing my sister Twin Peaks and she's snapping along to the jazzy soundtrack and I've never been happier ☕️
not a big fan of Xiu Xiu but they did good on that Twin Peaks album
To all my guys that like going to bombshells, twin peaks, or Hooters. Tight Ends on a Friday beats all 3.
It took 120 classes but the got the guy they want. Congrats Steve @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
that's the one that made me curious if you carried them, also 'lost highway OST' was just repressed, twin peaks OST
Bout to leave class n a minute n hit up twin peaks for some drinks
Bookmark this: from Queen Victoria to Twin Peaks – November's literary highlights
Come see your favs tonight at Twin Peaks Mesquite. 💁🏼😛
my friend is turning 21 tomorrow and she's a big Twin Peaks fan! Can she get a happy birthday?
The last episode of Twin Peaks is the greatest episode of television ever
Twin Peaks 29 "Miss Twin Peaks" (1991 episode) Liked it. Just one more left to go!
When you go to Twin Peaks and they offer you a job 👏🏼😸
Clearly the big missed opportunity for Twin Peaks ephemera was an album of Ray Wise singing standards in-character as Leland Palmer.
John Wheeler in Twin Peaks. literally the worst.
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Secret History of Twin Peaks book signing with Mark Frost.
Thank you for my new favorite book!! And for signing my Twin Peaks sweatshirt from 1991!
This may be Peak Sam, but the new Ali Smith book and the new Twin Peaks book feel as if they could be companion pieces.
The peak of Twin Peaks is one of the best views of SF, I also love the one from the Lombard street where you can see Alcatraz
One of the only TV shows that I really love is 'Twin Peaks.' Kyle McLachla...
Is Harold Smith the least likable character in Twin Peaks?
the Leftovers. Twin Peaks. The priority would definitely be Pushing Daisies.
What if I bail on seeing Tall Ships tomorrow because I need to sit in and read the entirety of The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Reading newly released Secret History of Twin Peaks. It starts with Lewis and Clark. Freemasons and the Bavarian Illuminati
Director David Lynch on meditation, creativity and 'Twin Peaks' |
Tom Hooper had done 'John Adams,' and David Lynch did 'Twin Peaks.' I ...
Deliveries are done. Stone Ranch, Sunset Hills, Del Sur, D39C, Oak Valley, Twin Peaks, Poway High all in!
'Twin Peaks' is my favorite show of all time.
Walk into a "Twin Peaks" restaurant in Atlanta, and it has nothing to do with David Lynch. However, I am thirsty...
So, a Twin Peaks restaurant opened up in West Palm Beach. Do you think they know the Log Lady?   10% Off
I'm here and VERY DISAPPOINTED that this is not an actual Twin Peaks-themed restaurant. Owls are not what they seem.
I want to watch Twin Peaks again, but I think I'll skip to the end after Laura Palmer's killer is caught.
I love Twin Peaks, but I'd feel a bit weird and creepy wearing the new officially licensed t-shirt of Laura Palmer's high school portrait.
Twin Peaks vibe but with Angelo Badalamenti updated with Synthwave Will is our Laura Palmer
Twin Peaks was special because it was so groundbreaking. In the early '90s it really changed
Watching "Twin Peaks" on and no, it does have anything to do with that crappy restaurant
David Lynch pushed Tim Roth over "the edge" in the new Twin Peaks. Holy moly that's saying something 🔥
Tim Roth spills on working with David Lynch for the upcoming 'Twin Peaks' revival
Tim Roth in Twin Peaks? I need it to be next year already.
Tim Roth explains how he landed a role in the new 'Twin Peaks'.
Latest: ‘Twin Peaks': Tim Roth on the Unique Experience of… htt…
I'll be in Snoqualmie and North Bend, WA this weekend where a lot of Twin Peaks was filmed.
Soundtrack at China Dynasty in UA is perhaps an attempt to get the restaurant into the next season of Stranger Things, or Twin Peaks?
Randomly reminded of Oliver Stone's Wild Palms, his attempt at Twin Peaks that BBC2 showed. That was excellently odd,
David Lynch and Grace Zabriskie on the set of "Twin Peaks".
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Everyone from Twin Peaks is in Dual Spires and I am DYING
I'm 15 minutes into "Twin Peaks" and I already understand the episode, "Dual Spires." It's perfect.
UW alum Kyle MacLachlan has a popular first name, but a far from common resume. Before his days on Twin Peaks,...
“[Twin Peaks] is compelling and unexpected and frightening." on the NEW for ht…
Is there a way to get a scholarship for knowing Twin Peaks trivia?? When's the deadline??
Kyle MacLachlan and original cast members set for Twin Peaks audiobook
Just followed - seeing as I was named after him thanks to Twin Peaks, I thought it only polite.
Yes, yes, Twin Peaks, but with a smoke monster, and Special Agent Dale Cooper is actually an *** Oh, and throw in a pinch of Alex Mack
Well Stranger Things was amazing. Twin Peaks meets Stephen King and the X-Files in a perfect storm of awesomeness.
TOTP. Boys from the Blackstuff . Our Friends in the North. The Bridge . Twin Peaks. Spiral . Alexei Sayle's Stuff . I think...
. Star Trek DS9. Star Trek TNG. Superman TAS. Survivor. Twin Peaks. Young Ones. Yeah, it's supposed to be 7 shows. I like TV
(Because all the TV I watch is cartoons). Archer. Bob's Burgers. Daria. Father Ted. South Park. Twin Peaks. We Bare Bears
There's Twin Peaks, Peaky Blinders, and Wayward Pines, there should be a show called Piney Woods, a real portion of SW-SE Alabama.
I'm in the town where they shot Twin Peaks enjoying a *** fine cup of coffee.
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let that roll right into a Twin Peaks marathon
Brian Brooks and our lovely shipping team are already shipping your copies of Twin Peaks . Go team. These guys rule.
Rim High School is in Lake Arrowhead, not Twin Peaks (class of 96 graduate).
evacuation shelters at Rim of the World High School in Twin Peaks & Oak Hills High School in Hesperia
What sort of small town is it? Will Cold Lake evoke Lake Wobegon or Twin Peaks? I don't know but can't wait to find out
i've had it down as a horror-leaning whodunnit from the point of view of the town's young adults with a bit of Twin Peaks thrown in
Wayward Pines is one of the silliest shows ever. Its like Twin Peaks actually hung out with Nashville after drunkenly meeting at a party
As long as they don't pull a Twin Peaks and have her identical cousin roll into town.
In what fictional town would you live? Didn't include Twin Peaks because why would you live somewhere so scary?
but that can happen with everything these days. Yesterday I searched Amazon for Twin Peaks, and got shown sex toys
Have ou listened to Xiu Xiu performing the soundtrack to Twin Peaks? The album is awesome! x
it's good eh? A friend of mine is a masterful pianist and Twin Peaks fan.
“Twin Peaks changed the mold of television. It's about to change it again!”. —Mädchen Amick (to
I got a twin peaks thing on my face looks good today, here's some more of in 2016.
"If you give him the drug, he'll never see the other side of this.". -David Lynch, Twin Peaks
I voted Stranger Things before I even read second option but you should totally finish Twin Peaks
so good 🙌🏼 It's like True Detective and Twin Peaks had a baby.
I'm still amazed that a show like Twin Peaks was ever given the green light on a major network. It was a great call for them
It's confirmed that someone stole my $70 Bluray Twin Peaks boxset that my uncle bought me for Christmas
That's what makes it so tremendously reassuring. A story about a murdered kid in which the kid isn't even murdered. It's not Twin Peaks...
Hopefully Twin Peaks 2017 fills the void, but I can’t be certain until we all experience it…
The Emory dude in twin peaks pilot where I left off and there's James, hello James
Ever remember that next year we get a new season of Twin Peaks and just have a small, misty eyed meltdown? Just me? Ok.
When Audrey from Twin Peaks said she liked to lick I almost lost it
the only Lynch one really needs to bother with is Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks is the middle income earner's Gilligan's Island
I want to buy you this Twin Peaks Tshirt to give to you in November at the O2. What size do you need?
Noah is a massive Twin Peaks, and has definitely gone through Battlestar Galactica twice 🙌🙌
Done with episodes 1 and 2 of Stranger Things. Ehh it'll do until Twin Peaks Season 3 comes out.
started Stranger Things. It's pretty great! It's basically Twin Peaks with some more supernatural stuff in it.
Stranger Things episode one was pretty great. It reminds me of Twin Peaks so far. This is my kinda show.
Sevco retail news is a perfect excuse to repost one of my favourites! With Twin Peaks pics! https:…
I said it was a perfect mix of Twin Peaks and Super 8
There's a book coming about the history of Twin Peaks. I keep thinking about this...
Just finished watching Twin Peaks my life is over
The making of the Twin Peaks Music Theme with Angelo Badalamenti.
Cue the synthy 80's score and an Xfiles/Twin Peaks vibe and I'm in love
Twin peaks is just awful food camouflaged by boobs lmao
The view from Twin Peaks can't beat it.
Twin peaks on a foggy day. Glad I got to spend it with my good friend
I wish I looked this cute again but I'm dying my hair brown to look like Donna Hayward from Twin Peaks
Check out this uber car. was sitting outside Twin Peaks in Davie... I took a look inside. Pretty cool.
I love you. I need to watch Twin Peaks.
Sure, it's a parody now - but wait until the new series premiere approaches and we'll talk again.
It's not fall yet, so it's not time for my yearly rewatch of twin peaks.
as I was watching Stranger Things I couldn't help but think of twin peaks and you :')
So there's two "famous" mountains west of town known as the "Twin Peaks". You can imagine my glee seeing everything called "Twin Peaks [X]".
lol all so cal got are beaches n the sun😂😭 they don't got Twin Peaks to look over the city lmaaooo
Definitely more like Twin Peaks than X-Files to be honest. Small town, horror, very creepy and well made.
Welcome to Wayward Pines. Flying through season 1 of this at the minute! Twin Peaks meets The Village.
Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean in Twin Peaks 24x36 Poster With Doughnuts When Choosing One of Our Amazing
is like reading Stephen King, dreaming about Nightmare on Elm Street and wishing it was more like Twin Peaks 🌲📺☕️
I love people who speak like Moira Kelly. Hard to explain, but check it out for yourself. The West Wing and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
Joan Chen and David Lynch on the set of Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks is up against The Larry Sanders Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Seinfeld & Star Trek for the 2016 Heritage Award!
And Stranger Things was beautiful. V much its own entity but with hints of Stand by Me, Silent Hill, Alien, Twin Peaks & Slenderman (sorta).
The last day on the set of 'Twin Peaks'.
I like to imagine an alternate universe where Natalie Wood was on Twin Peaks with fellow WSS co-stars Richard Beymer and Russ Tamblyn.
Here's hoping David Lynch has the sense to follow in Paul's footsteps and make Twin Peaks season 3 starring Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone
Paused my viewing of Twin Peaks. Later finally remembered this was Bobby Briggs feeding a gas tank
Who is the first actor to appear in Twin Peaks? A: Joan Chen.
do it! Let them see God in the twin Aellan Peaks :)
Apparently it's Bastille Day, so you should celebrate by, I dunno, watching Twin Peaks or something.
The more I watch Twin Peaks the less sense it makes.
The Twin Peaks soundtrack is how my life feels. Beautiful and melancholy
Honestly I wish my entire life were set to the score of Twin Peaks.
I did a cover of Falling from Twin Peaks with my Buddy it's a free download.
I swear, Dark Souls is intended like Twin Peaks. None of it is supposed to make sense. It's just the atmosphere and mystery that counts :p
Twin peaks is the best show to watch when hungover
Still think they had some sort of Norwegian idea for Alan. . Perhaps something Twin Peaks-y
Review this morning: "Twin Peaks and True Detective had a baby called Moody and atmosphe…
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