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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Sherilyn Fenn Harry Shearer Laura Palmer Mark Frost Sheryl Lee Wayward Pines Northern Exposure Deadly Premonition Madchen Amick Audrey Horne Cards Against Humanity

Heather Graham looks even younger than Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks--what makes Annie a better match for Dale than Audrey?!?
I'm definitely the first to realize that Sherilyn Fenn and Madchen Amick were on Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls.
A Twin Peaks fan lived out Laura Palmer's life | Dazed
It must be weird for Bastille fans who have never seen Twin Peaks. I assume they have no idea who Laura Palmer is.
A Twin Peaks fan reenacted Laura Palmer's life, and now they want to make a doc about him:
Dark vs. light: both 25th anniversary festivals for Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure are the same weekend:
So I hear that M. Night Shamylan Twin Peaks show is actually good?
Oh, just the intro to Twin Peaks animated in paper.
here is a link to the photos I took at the 2015 Twin Peaks Bikini Contest
Supposedly there's this entire city behind us. Next time Neeraj! @ Twin Peaks…
I've never watched Twin Peaks but I've seen the gif sets on Tumblr so I'm super excited for the new season!
Finally finished season 2 of Twin Peaks. Yo dat ending has me scratching my head. Wonder what the new season will be about next?
One of my friends' friends on FetLife looks just like Killer BOB from Twin Peaks. Weeeird.
Ima go work at hooters, or twin peaks.
A new documentary telling the story of a *** teen’s struggles with drugs and bullying is seeking funds: http:/…
This the 3rd time im watching this episode of twin peaks Cuz I been so sleep the other 3 times smfh
All purpose parts banner
So mad Audrey is relegated to the most boring plotline in Twin Peaks S2 w/her dad (Nadine Goes To School is never boring).
Guess what time it is. TWIN PEAKS TIME.
The Palmer house a week after Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me premiered. Photo by http…
there is not one bit of Twin Peaks gossip or news I don't hear about. I'll be there in July to check out the progress.
Watching more Twin Peaks. This show is so creepy/bizarre/twisted. 😱
Irrationally terrified that rat looking man (Bob?) from Twin Peaks will attack me while I sleep.
The Truth about the May 17, 2015 Shooting Tragedy at Twin Peaks Restaura... via
Check out this great Podcast: can't imagine what my life will be like without it?!
Twin Peaks '16 will collapse under the weight of no Windom Earle.
My wonderful Thursday evening has consisted of rearranging my books, spinning some records and now on to Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks Charter of valedictorian silenced over speech disclosing he was ***
It's a great episode too. Mostly focused on the woman of Twin Peaks. She also adapts well to the show's surreal tone.
just saw someone on Reddit say the Twin Peaks vinyl reissue isn't happening. Do you know anything about that?
Check out 'Twin Peaks' intro animated with paper
You can play this Cards Against Humanity expansion pack with Twin Peaks fans... AND haters:
Original composer Angelo Badalamenti is set to create new music for the continuation of "Twin Peaks"
I haven't watched Twin Peaks since it aired and I'm not sure I want to go back.
All splinters who wanna discuss the twin peaks how owner manager got played about speech huh that was dumb I know different Intro PLEASE
I liked a video Twin Peaks panel with Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn at Seattle Crypticon - 5/23/15
One of the Twin Peaks expansion sets for Cards Against Humanity includes an autographed card! htt…
Lee, your article about Twin Peaks was excellent.
The four owners of the Twin Peaks franchise in Waco, Texas, where nine people died in a biker gang shoot-out are revealed. Police say they
Yo Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks lowkey hot af don’t @ me
I've never seen Twin Peaks and I really want to but I really don't want to at the same time because everything I've seen about Dale Cooper
Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks @ by godmodule
Reminiscing on how good twin peaks was the 1st time I saw it and cry
Sister - "Paige you should totally work at Twin Peaks, you have the perfect body for it!". Oooohhhkay😅
. There's a Twin Peaks in Concord NC. I'll have to pay them a visit next time I'm in town.
And it's a win for Sweden, Twin Peaks, and graphics.
PSA: dont come to twin peaks, sit in my section and dont tip
They even found them in the flour bags at Twin Peaks!
Watching Twin Peaks for the first time. The sander/saw close-up that lasted forever made me uncomfortable. The 80s sex music did not help.
yes, that is blue sky over Twin Peaks just after the thunderstorm, north of
From what I hear- Twin Peaks wouldn't let cops inside. The meeting was to divide the area/work out disputes.
Now i am too tired, i deserve to re-watch the "Legacy". I am happy for that, that i finished Twin Peaks already, huhh. :)
So dead here after the twin peaks incident. And it *** Cause we depend on the people coming in for our income. 😐
Watching Twin Peaks again after all these years.
Obama was right. The owner of Twin Peaks didn't build THAT!
I just saw there is a twin peaks panel??? Are you going?
This is worse than Twin Peaks and The Big Lebowski tbh. OK, maybe not.
Men have Hooters, The Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks and others for fine dining. . Tallywhackers is finally cumming to a town near…
The hottest girl I've ever seen in my life is at twin peaks right now 😍😋
hope they bring back the bird in the opening credits in Twin Peaks for the reboot
About to dive into Twin Peaks for the first time. I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot more jokes now.
Sheryl Lee and will attend all weekend and participate in a Twin Peaks panel on Saturday: http…   10% Off
Yeah! Sebby pie tomorrow, after a morning of pre-planned coffee, Twin Peaks, and possibly Prometheus.
Watching Twin Peaks for the first time seems like a worthy use of a three day weekend, right?
EXCLUSIVE: Local motorcycle club president at Twin Peaks shooting speaks out
Is this the theme for the new Twin Peaks?
Well looked like David Lynch has the music for the new Twin Peaks sorted.
This is like a dream sequence from Twin Peaks
Estonia - why do I suddenly find myself thinking of Twin Peaks?
Can't figure out which show(s) Wayward Pines is ripping off: Twin Peaks? The Prisoner? Life on Mars?
great podcast. Agree with AJ, 2 much tryin 2 b twin peaks, my all time favorite.
Seriously tho, is it really a mystery why straight guys like places like hooters and twin peaks?
State creates a mess and now needs help. Perhaps if bonds were not arbitrarily set at $1million "to send a...
Trying to be a cross between The Prisoner and Twin Peaks. — watching Wayward Pines
It's a Twin Peaks reference. We had to look it up too. ;-)
Treat yourself to Tuesday's Hollywood Hick with . Listen->
This film about a fan obsessed w/ Laura Palmer looks cooler than new episodes.
OMG! Twin Peaks could lose exactly ZERO customers over this bombshell memo (get it?).
Saw a guy on the top of Twin Peaks, he resembled Robert De Niro, only more handsome, taller and younger.
I'm such a huge fan of Twin Peaks, &I'm stoked that it's coming back😄 Also, you make a wonderful mayor.
Take a Twin Peaks Road Trip for the Show's 25th Anniversary
I'm awful at multitasking shows so I'll have to finish Twin Peaks today before I start it.
It's happening again... David Lynch will make the Twin Peaks sequel after all:.
David Lynch WILL make the sequel after all:.
Rejoice, fan! David Lynch has returned to Showtime's revival of the series!
About 20 motorcyclists protest mass incarceration of Twin Peaks shooting suspects. (Sent from
Days after deadly shoutout, biker group gets safety proclamation from Waco City Council. via
About 20 motorcyclists protest mass incarceration of suspects
A shocking expose from - guys like wings and for pretty girls to compliment them
Shouldn't you be at a Twin Peaks for lunch and a quick shoot out right about now?
Xanies for breakfast. Bud for lunch, and last but not least a big cold beer from twin peaks for dinner.
I've been to Twin Peaks, I'm not sure, but I think that's a do…
Laura Palmer's theme is brilliant in its simplicity. as soon as you hear it, you remember every little thing that happened in Twin Peaks.
With all this talk about Twin Peaks... Who killed Laura Palmer?
after you finish the Twin Peaks recaps you'll start covering Northern Exposure yes? Yes.
it's worth it for Twin Peaks. Just write about Special Agent Dale Cooper in all your exams and you'll be fine :')
One of my new projects is a Twin Peaks series, by far my favourite tv show. So here are Laura Palmer’s hands befor…
Natalie likes Twin Peaks but hates Dale Cooper and I just don't understand
Diners, on the other hand, give Twin Peaks four stars
Eighteen officers and four state troopers were just outside the Twin Peaks restaurant before the violence erupted just after noon on Sunday.
Waco's Twin Peaks restaurant ignored police warnings over biker gang: The four owners of the Twin Peaks franch...
Sudden urge to watch Northern Exposure. From what I remember that was likd a cross between Twin Peaks and Due South.
I'm really disappointed that the Twin Peaks restaurant chain's theme is not based on the works of Mark Frost and
So the Bandidos & the Cossacks met for a tear up in a Waco diner called Twin Peaks. . A Quentin Tarentino wet dream.
Despite the similar setting, closeup ceiling fan shot & plot revolving around a special agent, it is VERY different in tone from Twin Peaks.
The good news about Twin Peaks reminded me that fans of it might enjoy Fortitude
Twin Peaks to pull franchise out of Waco .
"We knew there were issues here at Twin Peaks based on intel we received about biker gangs being here." - Sgt. Swanton on Waco…
Twin Peaks, in a statement, faulted the bar's management and said it was immediately canceling the franchise agreement.…
I'd say The Killing or Pushing Daisies, but I'm quite content not being stressed over Twin Peaks! (For a while anyway)
Nine bodies of savage criminals who died in the Sunday afternoon parking lot shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks...
Not only that, the police have been fully aware that the gangs had taken over this Twin Peaks for a while, but
"There's still immediate danger here at the scene," Swanton said of the area near Twin Peaks.
twin peaks is a degrading restaurant to women. Over-sexualizing women in their 20s for French fries.
love this pic on top of twin peaks used to hang out there during the night hours, now I'm home sick *** it Mitch 😕
Waco Twin Peaks franchise agreement suspended by parent company after deadly shootout
Total arrests announced in Waco Twin Peaks shooting
Here's our latest info on the shooting near Twin Peaks in Waco. No word yet on how many people are shot.
Let free market decide? Police blaming Twin Peaks, who let gang mix go on as long as the nachos and beer kept moving.
David Lynch and Showtime return to Twin Peaks: David Lynch is heading back to Twin Peaks for an extended stay! The c0-creator of the ...
what happened with Twin peaks? I was thinking about applying there 😅 is it worth it?
Texas-based restaurant chain Twin Peaks issued a statement saying they revoked the franchi...
This cop at the Waco Twin Peaks biker gang shooting is pretty *** Texan.
For those demanding media pics of casualties to validate vs. other events - ok.
Rumors are out now: Multiple Twin Peaks restaurant owners are supportive of domestic biker gangs... some are members as well..
The Twin Peaks restaurant chain says it has revoked the franchise rights of its Waco, Texas location.
There was 18 local police officers and four DPS troopers at before the fighting began.
And as I revise Twin Peaks Folkloric Forest/Vancouver setting, interesting to see Washington State references in iZombie
Twin Peaks Biker Night: "Nature weeding out the stupid" or brilliant LE sting bringing them out in the open?
So the new Twin Peaks is a crossover with Sons of Anarchy, is that what I'm getting from this Waco thing???
Texas chain pulls restaurant's franchise after shootout via
I liked a video from The Illuminati Disclosure Project "TWIN PEAKS Biker Shooting 2"
9 Dudes Killed at that twin peaks in Waco *** . Can't even grab some cheesesticks wit out runnin into some bullshxt
170 biker gang members charged in Waco shootings each held on $1 million bond
so it's Twin Peaks fault that these *** took loaded weapons on the road and used them during a fight. I got it.
JUST IN: Twin Peaks national office immediately revoking franchise agreement for Waco location in
Waco police: Twin Peaks 'has some answering to do' following violence - Washington Post
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Looks like Twin Peaks allowed known biker gangs to use their restaurant as a recruitment center.
Twin Peaks in Waco was stripped of its license following Sunday's deadly biker shootout
You know what time it is? It's hours before comes over, so it is time for Twin Peaks. :D
Twin Peaks revokes franchise agreement from Waco restaurant.
I think Amy was talking about upcoming Twin Peaks book:
Technology is amazing, gang. Why just today Sherilyn Fenn saved Twin Peaks with her computer
Nine dead in biker gang shooting at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas -- 33 related stories on JustBigNews.
Of course no one will notice the paradox,Twin Peaks is coming back to life on Showtime,twin peaks: gang murder(o_O)
I know David Lynch is the man but Mark Frost doesn't get the credit he deserves for Twin Peaks. It was a collaborative effort like
Watching intrigued but worried trying to be a modern Twin Peaks; that said, Toby Jones is always superb & effortlessly evil
I don't think Mark Frost gets enough credit for Twin Peaks. He is just as important to that show as David Lynch.
David Lynch says David Lynch is doing 'Twin Peaks' again
David Lynch's e-mail to Sherilyn Fenn upon returning to 'Twin Peaks.'
David Lynch is back aboard Twin Peaks revival which means Harry Shearer's return to the Simpsons must be weeks away.
Celebrating our win with a dinner at Twin Peaks??? Oh ok!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I think David Lynch, Mark Frost and Twin Peaks are incredible. The guy's a genius, a true master of the weird and wonderful.
With David Lynch being back on Twin Peaks, let's hope Harry Shearer being back on The Simpsons is next.
David Lynch to voice Ned Flanders, Harry Shearer to direct Twin Peaks? Is that a funney idea for
Harry Shearer is now directing Twin Peaks and David Lynch is the new voice of Smithers.
Harry Shearer left The Simpsons so David Lynch could do Twin Peaks.
Breaking: Harry Shearer agrees to voice David Lynch backing out of Twin Peaks deal next week.
But yeah, we're gonna have Simpsons without Harry Shearer and Twin Peaks without David Lynch. Its okay to be worried, we all are.
I've been watching & I couldn't tell you. Very Wicker Man/Twin Peaks ish. Man sorting out creepy town to find a way home?
Got a plan to play the Twin Peaks soundtrack over old episodes of Byker Grove and sell it to HBO as a long-lost 90s Lynch cult classic.
C.F. Stewart Lee, I have to work Wednesday night, but you and might be interested in this
If you enjoyed Twin Peaks, you'll like Watch tonight on
Twin Peaks - A Vision Of Light: Gifts are nice but words spoken like this to the young last a life time.
Ofsted gone so here's Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks
LOL "who smokes more weed Twin Peaks or The Orwells?" : "oh, twin peaks for sure... nobody out smokes twin …
Sutro Tower in the fog. Market Street from Twin Peaks. The Financial District especially the Transamerica building.
TK claiming both Twin Peaks and Buffy as gothic. Broad umbrella...
Oh my god I've got the biggest crush on Audrey off Twin Peaks.
but Alan Wake was pretty much Twin Peaks the game...full media-meta-circle!
there was a Duck Tales episode about Twin Peaks! :D Do you rememer DarkWingDuck?
I'll always fight for my favorite show Twin Peaks! The battle isn't over. We have to keep believing that Lynch will return.
Twin Peaks fans - if you watched when it first aired, and recently revisited, how did it hold up?
Audrey Horne, if The Simpsons would ever do an entire Twin Peaks episode:
Please and don't make this fan regret his Twin Peaks tattoo:
The Simpsons without is like Twin Peaks without :/
Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like The Simpsons without Harry Shearer
Be sure to say hello to Marana police department on the way to school today who are honorarily lined up along twin peaks to…
Some dark, "Twin Peaks" sampling hip-hop from Nacho Picasso and 88 Ultra...
Missed last week's deal? Amazon Spain has the Twin Peaks Blu-ray for €43,83 (US$56.84 shipped) ht…
I'm still believing that David Lynch will return to direct Twin Peaks :)
Watch "Short-Circuit", a new TWIN PEAKS audiovisual essay + text by &
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
"Twin Peaks in SA: It is expected that the final Financial Sector Regulation Bill and Twin Peaks will go live in 2016," Natalie Labuschagne
Embarrassed to be enjoying ITV2s Psych doing a tribute to Twin Peaks (I should be doing something more productive) Sherilyn Fenn's in it too
Katya had a Twin Peaks outfit! How can you not love her. And everyone loves Sherilyn Fenn.
Me with Shelley Johnson from Twin Peaks. . (A.k.a. Madchen Amick) 😍
Look who bought my T! Come support my buddy fkn__a on the 19th for her bikini contest at Twin Peaks…
Twin Peaks I need to get around to, closest thing to it I own is Deadly Premonition (which I still need to finish)
I believe just the standard edition. I also forgot to mention the many large DVD boxsets I own, such as Twin Peaks
It's so awesome that Deadly Premonition is heavily inspired by Twin Peaks. Love that show! Game gets even more exciting later! :)
Just applied at twin peaks... Oh god.
Casually listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack on this bus full of strange and annoying Springfielders.
So..twin peaks is my new favorite place. Even if I'm the only girl here!
Northern Arms release video for Twin Peaks cover “Sycamore Trees”: Amidst excitement over the fl... [The Key]
Surveillance from David Lynchs daughter, just watched. Twin Peaks True Romance Things to do in Denveresque. Few yrs old now but worth a view
All I wanna do is watch Twin Peaks & Phantasm, simultaneously, on two box televisions, glued together.
How Lee, Zemeckis & Iñárritu are revolutionizing the cinema experience. http:…
I don't look that great but come to twin peaks tonight 😇
HIPSTER DIARY ENTRYMy best friend is the skunk who lives in my compost bin. We're marathoning Twin Peaks together and making an EP
Pretty sure they're playing the Twin Peaks main title at the massage parlor
Don't know where to watch the fight since pluckers and twin peaks isn't showing it 😔
Twin Peaks is freaking me out. I should stop watching but it is good. Anyway, watching Family Guy so I can get to sleep later.
Just watched all of Twin Peaks now it is time to play Deadly Premonition.
I remember watching a random episode at uni, but never the full thing. My foray into Twin Peaks is somewhat tardy...
no I plan on finishing Twin Peaks. Wanted to watch for the revival anyway (still hope Lynch comes back)
Twin Peaks: Hangin' With Agent Cooper. Coop gives it all up to teach P.E. Hilarity ensues!
super excited that I won't be held hostage at twin peaks tonight 😁
and I officially Twin Peaks fan boys.
Quirky and fun, "Tales from the Loon Town Cafe," Garrison Keillor meets Twin Peaks .oo
Every horror show that takes place in a rural forrested area can't not riff off of Twin Peaks it seems
Great frontal creep on hot Twin Peaks waitress by
Moms eat free tomorrow at twin peaks 😊😊
You are a strange beast, Twin Peaks.
But for real I really don't even wanna barrens at twin peaks. Way too many girls behind that Bar. I rather just be in the floor 😁
I was not expecting that person to be the killer of Laura Palmer. Well done, Twin Peaks.
Called off work because of rain so Bacon Bloody Mary's at Twin Peaks for the win!
It's my last week at twin peaks come see me!
I'm not actually rewatching Twin Peaks, but I am listening to episodes anyway.
I normally like hefes but the taste on this is weird. (Dirty Blonde - Twin Peaks)
Got real sad when a girl complimented my twin peaks tattoo and then followed it with "my friends toured with them" GIRL
I've just watched May the Giant Be wit... (episode S02E01) of Twin Peaks.
High Peak is a great constituency name. Makes me think of Twin Peaks.
Jim Murphy reminds me so much of Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks.
In lieu of new Twin Peaks news, why not listen to 'The Next Peak Vol: 1' to stay calm and moody/inspired?.
The Sopranos’ David Chase talks about why Twin Peaks “felt more like real life to me.”
Drinking a Dirty Blonde - Twin Peaks by Twin Peaks Restaurants at —
People came to twin peaks and ordered quesadillas 😂😂
Going to get lost in the twin peaks for a while. I'll be back later.
When your on Twin Peaks' snapchat bestfriend list >
Twin Peaks, but I see the similarity.
Return of Gordon Cole made this weeks episode of Twin Peaks the best for yonks.
started twin peaks today and I gotta say I'm having mixed feelings
.sure brother I'll buy you one when you drop by my watch party at Twin Peaks to concede.
I'm having a presentation about Twin Peaks tomorrow. Can Agent Cooper and Audrey wish me good luck?😊
it must rule, having seen Michael Parks in Twin Peaks as a teenager, then having him star in 3 of your own movies!
if i'd watched twin peaks in the 90's and not known there would be a third series I would be furious
Your opinion on the issues between David Lynch and Showtime regarding the Twin Peaks revival?
Super chuffed with my four new prints: Christine, Twin Peaks, Night of the Living Dead and Escape…
Out of nothing, one of my framed Twin Peaks prints fell down this afternoon. Nobody near. Bad omen? Or just BOB messing with me?
I wish twin peaks would've stop being childish and allow me to pick Jacklins shift up tonight but apparently I'm working too many days
"No… I didn’t [ever see David in Twin Peaks]. Thanks for making that public information. But I don’t..."
Eating wings at twin peaks and comes out of no where saying do chicken come from birds ??? Bro 😳
I want work @ Twin Peaks, Hooters or WalkOns but the way Eric is set up. I can't.😂😂😂
Meanwhile, this is super-gorgeous and I am having a tough time reminding myself that it ISN'T Twin Peaks
Watching Fire Walk With Me with the Twin Peaks zine got me for my bday
Did... did Varric just make a Twin Peaks reference?!
Im thinking twin peaks when I touchdown!
We would also like to thank our sponsor, Twin Peaks, the Ultimate Sports Lodge, they are Texas natives and doing...
Someone pick me up from twin peaks plz 😩
i new find it have read re please read Stephen
The Twin Peaks soundtrack is the most soothing thing in the whole world
Flash forward 2016: at the Twin Peaks bar trying to get a chant started for Hillary.
Tonight at the Twin Peaks on Sunland Park we will be hosting our monthly bike night at 7pm! We will also be raffling off our (1)
Twin Peaks is everywhere. We are everywhere.
Bobby on Twin Peaks is actually a sweetheart 💖
Wrapped in Petals. Twin Peaks art by via
Can we all please take a moment to appreciate this Twin Peaks inspired colouring book, Twin Freaks? Complete with y…
Twin Peaks without is like Showtime without viewers..
Join Whitney in her adventure through this behind the scenes footage for Twin Peaks 2015 It's Peak Season calendar: http…
Is Jim Murphy Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks? He looks completely different to how he looked at start of election campaign.
I should really figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow but I'm going to eat a pizza roll mountain and watch Twin Peaks instead
I'm confused, so is Wayward Pines a spin off of Twin Peaks or is it just down right plagiarism?
Photoset: Alex Hirsch: Twin Peaks fans have existed for decades, and Gravity Falls fans are only just...
Twin Peaks. (The band, not the show, but idk, do your thing)
without knowing a single thing about Wayward Pines I'm going to go ahead and assume it's a cheap twin peaks rip off?
idk twin peaks? But then I was thinking that this is the biggest fight ever and somewhere at t-land may have it?
a Fire Walk With Me sequel aka Twin Peaks where Jeff Green washes up on a beach after apparently dying before game 4
These rumours about being back on Twin Peaks have me on tenterhooks. Not getting my hopes up until official announcement.
Test your knowledge of Sacramento-area business news with today's quiz. I dare you to get a perfect score.
So Wayward Pines is supposed to be Twin Peaks + American Horror Story? But for network tv? But written by M. Night Shyamalan? So awful?
SoOooOOoOo what should I watch next? The Office? House of Cards? Scandal? Also I wanna watch Twin Peaks
A Twin Peaks just opened near us, on Sunland. I didn't know it was one of those places!
Best view in the city: Twin Peaks, by the Sutro Tower (that giant red & white thing). AMAZING + free, including free parking!
Their Twin Peaks parody still holds up too IMO
I wanna be pulled in like in a good Lynch film, but it feels more like a high school production of Twin Peaks.
Housemate "This gummy snack looks like that guy, Terry. You know, he made that thing you want me to watch." Me: "Twin Peaks? David Lynch?"
Jon and I decided to start watching Twin Peaks tonight. Season 1, Episode 1, here we go.
I sorry bebes 💜 come work at twin peaks or something with me
We need to form a support group with Twin Peaks and Dark Tower fans
Watching Reminds me of Twin Peaks in a way. It’s pretty interesting.
Twin Peaks on Televisions everywhere, great for watching the Rockets whoop on that Maverick rear. Chicken ten…
I'd go with Twin Peaks and Hayao Miyazaki's films marathon.
I was really confused because I thought you were doing heart eyes to the Twin Peaks auditions
Knee Deep: crossed with theater, Twin Peaks, and The Big Sleep! Vote YES on Steam Greenlight!
internet, i promise u i will finally watch Twin Peaks once this semester is over. u have my word. i will not be in the dark anymore
Maybe now since I have this *** Fine Coffee mug I should actually watch Twin Peaks.
.thank you for being the greatest show I've watched since The X-Files and Twin Peaks.
Pray for me with these jobs at Twin Peaks and Pasta Bella.
Alright, I'm starting Twin Peaks tonight. Let's see if it lives up to the hype.
Hello Pls pray that somebody can go to the twin peaks concert with me on Friday thank u
Twin Peaks is one of the purest rock and roll bands of this generation.
Who's your Twin Peaks dreamgirl?. Audrey? Shelly? Josie? Norma? . (The only unacceptable answer is Donna from the show.)
I was the only person in half price books and they were playing the twin peaks background music over the speakers I Am Reborn
Fast-forward video from my house of the fog rolling in over Twin Peaks. @ San Francisco
notice the people I'm debating work at twin peaks and hooters and have no college education 😭
now I know how the girls that work at twin peaks and hooters feel when guys hit on them smh
oh *** I can't wait...I saw him at twin peaks a few weeks ago with that waitress from last season!
Once again frusty at the lack of medical knowledge about trans folks who've seen Twin Peaks: is it safe to finish?
Made the mistake of listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack after dark. Now I'm dancing slowly for whoever is hiding in m…
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