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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Kyle MacLachlan True Detective Sherilyn Fenn Super Bowl Jennifer Carpenter Laura Palmer Michael Ontkean Boardwalk Empire Bates Motel Madchen Amick Audrey Horne Ray Wise Mulholland Drive Mark Frost Angelo Badalamenti

Pondering biking up San Bruno Mountain this afternoon. Or maybe just stick with going up to the Twin Peaks by way of Mount Sutro.
Last night Kyle MacLachlan was on Seth Myers. It would've been an ideal opportunity to bring Sheryl Lee out and fulfill the "I'll see you in 25 years" prophecy. Myers even went on and on about how much he loved "Twin Peaks," but I guess he didn't love it *that* much, or he'd have arranged for something, or at the very least made some sort of acknowledgement. Disappointing. Instead, Sheryl Lee Ralph guest-starred on "2 Broke Girls."
I know Grant and I are about 24 years late but Twin Peaks is such a great show! I love that the creepy couple from "The People Under the Stairs" are married regulars on the show, Tony from "Westside Story"is the main bad guy and that there is a character called Log Lady, named that because she carries a log with her every where.
Twin Peaks:hiring for ALL positions (North Scottsdale): Twin Peaks North Scottsdale is now hirin...
Years ago a writer commissioned to write a script about Anita Bryant sent me a message that wanted to read my script. When I asked why he would want to read another writer's take on the same material, he never wrote back. Now I see he has written an imitation Mad Men, and Imitation Grimm/Once Upon a Time, and an imitation Twin Peaks. I think I got my answer.
I always say: Angelo Badalamenti is the third co-creator of Twin Peaks. Thank YOU,
Don't forget to get your tickets for the 'Twin Peaks' Party tomorrow @ The marathon continues tonight:
Well guess ill go to Twin Peaks then the pool hall... Nothing else to gawd *** do
Wedding at the Hidden Creek Lodge at Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins in Twin Peaks, CA – Lake Arrowhead P
thank you for your post but it's the entire city I'm having trouble with. Mission, Hayes Valley, Twin Peaks, upper/lower haight
Dear David Lynch. I truly love Twin Peaks, the world and characters you created with Mark Frost. But your movies. just no.
Heading to a live taping of tonight at It's an incredible podcast, reminiscent of Twin Peaks. Can't wait.
" Diane, 7:30 am, February twenty-fourth. Entering town of Twin Peaks. Five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line. Never seen so many trees in my life. As W.C. Fields would say, I'd rather be here than Philadelphia. It's fifty-four degrees on a slightly overcast day. Weatherman said rain. If you could get paid that kind of money for being wrong sixty percent of the time it'd beat working. Mileage is 79,345, gauge is on reserve, I'm riding on fumes here, I've got to tank up when I get into town. Remind me to tell you how much that is. Lunch was $6.31 at the Lamplighter Inn. That's on Highway Two near Lewis Fork. That was a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat, a slice of cherry pie and a cup of coffee. *** good food. Diane, if you ever get up this way, that cherry pie is worth a stop. "
I had never been to Twin Peaks. Unbelievable views of SF, Bay, Islands. Amazing
is here at Twin Peaks fighters Ryan Bader and Gray Maynard signing autographs
Tonight NBC unveils it's NEXT new series titled Believe. The series which was co-created by Alfonso Cuaŕon (Academy Award winning director of Gravity) and executive produced by Cuaŕon and JJ Abrams (Almost Human, Fringe, Alais, Lost) centers around a young girl named Bo who has extraordinary powers (think X-Men, but a child) and the people protecting her from evil forces. The ensemble cast includes Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X, Get Shorty, The cider house rules) as Winter (Bo's protector), Jake McLaughlin (In the Valley of Elah) as Tate (a convict thats broken out of jail and becomes Bo's protector), newcomer Johnny Sequoyah as Bo, the HOTTEST Asian woman alive, the BEAUTIFUL Jamie Chung (The Hangover Part 2, Grown Ups, Sucker Punch) as Winter's associate Channing and Kyle MacLachlan (Desperate Housewives, Twin Peaks) as Skouras. Believe has a special premiere tonight at 10pm on NBC, but moves to it's regular night and time on Sundays at 9pm beginning this Sun March 16th. I'll be tuning in, will u?
Update your maps at Navteq
Just realized that Sam Lake was borrowing from Twin Peaks way before Alan Wake.
Like earlier TV mysteries ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘The X-Files,’ and ‘Lost,’ ‘True Detective’ is a show with its own internal mythology, which taunts both the protagonists and viewers with signs just beyond ...
Spoiler alert. Everyone in Twin Peaks is sleeping with everyone else
Kinda weird that Ray Wise on looks like Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks now.
OMG! Ray Wise is on Mad Money. Was so scary in Twin Peaks!
“The Amputee” is a short, one-shot film directed by David Lynch, featuring his longtime associate Catherine Coulson (aka “The Log Lady” from Twin Peaks). The film was made for AFI in 1974 to test two different stocks of black and white videotape, so there are actually two versions, a four-minute t...
BUT: I have several Twin Peaks fans in my class. One mentioned enjoying the theme song.
Twin peaks theme song casually playing in our dorm while we do homework
There is a party bus of foreign tourists at Twin Peaks I can never escape internationals
It's 1.30 in the morning, and I really need it to be Twin Peaks o'clock, so now it is.
The only time I tv binged was when bed-bound with pneumonia, watched 3 series of Twin Peaks - aversion therapy!
You're sick with a cold/flu thing and decided to watch Twin Peaks? That must've been a fascinating experience.
Never watch Twin Peaks when you're sad I guess
yes, to be a good Pacific Northwesterner you must watch Twin Peaks (I mean according to Tumblr)
Twin peaks is irl raisins from south park.
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I am so excited for this Twin Peaks business
does anyone here have the twin peaks soundtrack or KISS' revenge on vinyl for sale?
Officially going to be a twin peaks girl tomorrow ! 😄
usne maara! Greatest dumb story ever. Right out of Twin Peaks.
Twin peaks after marching the babylon parade
Spend $40 on Twin Peaks inspired products, get a special inspired Necklace only avail. w/ offer til 2/28
Yeah Buddy wildin with all my essays at twin peaks in fort worth and now im good
I miss watchin great shows like Twin Peaks.someone be creative in Lala land
Absolutely loved Alan Wake. Fun, atmospheric and oozing that wonderful Twin Peaks vibe. I hope they make another one.
One favorite and ill tip this chick $20 on $9 because she works at twin peaks and I hate *** bars
Shuffle. Amazing. Has anyone seen this? One of the lady actors has an annoying voice and delivery, but the story is cute and touching. Also, Leiland Palmer (Laura Palmer's dad ~ twin peaks) is in it. Ha!
.how good is Twin Peaks. I think what's often overlooked with Lynch is how funny he is. Funny and creepy. Life- he gets it.
Not sure what I want to watch tonight. Tied between GitS:SAC, DS9, or Twin Peaks. Decisions decisions...
great choice! David Lynch's works linger on after it's long over. My personal fave of his is Twin Peaks - so creepy and so good
"...but as a serious artist subverting the American soul from within." - Jonathan Rosebaum, "Bad Ideas: The Art and Politics of Twin Peaks"
This is like when I was unemployed + decided that I could only watch Twin Peaks if I did the ironing. Started ironing ERRTHING
$25,000 reward for finding the culprit who has been baiting pets with meatballs laced with poison (strychnine) in SF (Twin Peaks). Spread the word; let's find this sicko.
Kinda like Twin Peaks. Less weird, more accessable. You're good.
Life is good. I have a diet Dr. Pepper, homemade beef jerky (Dave's private reserve) and 'Twin Peaks' on the Roku. I also found my air mattress. All I have to do tomorrow to get ready is a couple of loads of laundry, pack, and it's off the the Joy Retreat I go. Thank you God for the many blessings in my life.
Think I'm gonna get drunk at home tonight and listen to Night Time My Time & project Twin Peaks on the wall with no audio
Giving twin peaks a chance. So far so good.
Genre TV in Development - most will never see the light of day ==ABC Clementine drama about a profoundly troubled 28-year-old psychic who sees her life to begin to change in unexpected ways when she decides to stop running from her past Stars: David Strathairn, Edwin Hodge, Kathleen Munroe, Kevin Alejandro, Mykelti Williamson, Nick Gehlfuss, Sarah Snook production Co. ABC Studios/Mark Gordon Forever drama about a 200-year-old man who spends his days working in the New York City Morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality Stars: Ioan Gruffudd, Judd Hirsch Production: Lin/Warner Bros. The Visitors drama billed as a race against the clock to defeat an unseen alien enemy out to destroy the world by using the Earth's most precious resource: children Stars: Barry Sloane, Milo Ventimiglia, Lily Rabe, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, Derek Webster, Catalina Denis production: ABC Studios/ Ambin Ent./Grady Girl ==CBS (No genre TV in development) ==CW The Flash spin-off of "Arrow" featuring Barry Alle ...
might get a job at twin peaks LOLOL.
The only good thing about Twin Peaks is the free wifi. The *** here suck.
Someone explain to me why twin peaks is so weird
Challengers or twin peaks or 2 4 1 Kaz yea where"
In my Film Media course we were told that we had to watch one television show from the 90's to the present. I immediately began to freak out. I haven't watched any real form of TV in over 5 years and so I had no idea where to start and what to watch. I first thought about watching the masterful show The Wire, but the show isn't available on Netflix. I than thought about doing Breaking Bad as it not only was available on Netflix but because recently I've been hearing nothing but great things. And than suddenly I realized the show I wanted to watch. It was a show I've wanted to see for over a decade now, but for some strange reason I never sat down and actually watched it. It was David Lynch's Twin Peaks! Not only am I a HUGE Lynch fan but it would be a great start of getting back into TV by watching a show created by one of my all-time favorite film directors! I'm beginning the first me luck!
Why did I never notice Twin Peaks on Netflix before?
Can we talk a little more about Twin Peaks? Is that okay with everyone?
is giggling his *** off at the Twin Peaks themed episode of Psych. I don't get it, but whatever. He's happy.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My wife is straight, my kids are straight. @ Twin Peaks Restaurant
Early morning walk in Stellenbosch - watching the sun rise behind the Twin Peaks.
Buy tickets for THE ORWELLS with TWIN PEAKS at Triple Rock Social Club from Etix
Eating at twin peaks. It's not that good but I was starving
You dont know the feeling of heaven until you took your bra off after working at twin peaks!!!
I'd rather have Twin Peaks back than Heroes. Just me.
I wish Pluckers had fine *** guhhs like Twin Peaks...I need a titty massage after that workout.
well god damnit I'm at twin peaks lookin for that dog
I did this remake of the theme from Twin Peaks
I started watching Twin Peaks yesterday. It's not like True Detective at all ***
Oh man, this music makes me happy. At least for the duration of me being outside having a c*garette. Then it's back to Twin Peaks.
Wait... So they're actually filming a proper ending for Twin Peaks? I better finish watching that show to get ready.
Easing our minds after another long hitch at work!! @ Twin Peaks Restaurant
It would appear that there is a place called "Twin Peaks" going up not too far from the house...anyone know what it is?
Walking back to my friend's place, exhausted and delirious after my first day at AWP, everything looks a little spooky because it reminds me of Twin Peaks.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If I didn't have Courtney at Twin Peaks with me I don't know how I could survive lol real story.
Twin peaks. Work it gals. Prob better money than I make but look hot? Take myself serious? Shave my legs for a serving job? Bye Becky
The next restaurant I'll be working at is Hooters or Twin Peaks idc
Eating out tonight at twin peaks with mi cuz n law Kwiana Hopkins
I should really start watching Twin Peaks.
I have to thank Mike White for getting me into Twin Peaks right when it hit 25 years. *** good show and…
Night driving the BMW electric concept car with and @ Twin Peaks
Celebrating my sis birthday tomorrow at Twin Peaks. 😘😘
Last night in San Antonio at twin peaks with the loads. Off to SERE tomorrow. Finally more training.
2 episodes in and True Detective has surpassed them all, including Twin Peaks.
It's official Mike Cullison is the mayor of twin peaks.we have been here 4 days in a row, he has approached an introduced himself too every waitress in the joint.he also has a signed calendar autographed "My FUTURE EX WIFE" an their signature.INREAL
Quit smoking 2 weeks ago? Affirmative. Bronchitis with the fury of a thousand dying suns? Check. Logical solution? Watch Twin Peaks from start to finish. Do I remember who killed Laura Palmer? Thankfully, not at all.
True Detective is twin peaks meets no country for old men
Stream Audrey's Dance by Angelo Badalamenti on Twin Peaks for free on Grooveshark.
The littles are with Dad tonight and I've got the bandwidth all to myself. Ringing in my birthday with the second season of Twin Peaks.
Hamilton Collection
Started Twin Peaks again, I loved this show.
We've been re-watching Twin the theme song is stuck in my head!!!
At Twin Peaks with some cool cats. The food is the Bomb!! If you have never been to a Twin Peaks stop in this place is titties.
Twin Peaks Westover Marketplace, is coming soon! Like their page and see what they are up too!
Trying something new at the Irish answer to Hooters & Twin Peaks.
That's spooky... Sat in a local cafe in Hai Ba Trung and they start playing the theme to twin peaks!... But where is the dwarf and fire? Sadly no apple pie...
Charlie Verdin I'm watching a show on Netflix right now called 'The Killing'. To start, it's exceptionally awesome! But additionally it feels like a spiritual successor to 'Twin Peaks'. Innocent cheerleader, goes missing, turns up dead, the town is Seattle, but it involves two VERY different cops. All sorts of dark secrets and intrigue come up about the characters. It's fantastic and definitely worth an addition to your list.
I think 5 back to back episodes of twin peaks is enough for one evening :/
How many women would go to a male version of twin peaks? Where the guys only walk around in boardshorts?
Must win this, I have some TWIN PEAKS scenes I want to re-enact! ;)
Having the flu has been the worst but watching Twin Peaks all day is really nice.
David Lynch's insanely popular series Twin Peaks gave viewers two incredibly confusing and addicting seasons of interesting characters and absurd storylines. In 1989, the dead Laura Palmer told Agent Dale Cooper in a dream that she would see him again in 25 years. Now that we're in 2014, the time ha...
I've got this weird urge to read the Sweet Valley High books again. Between this and Twin I actually trapped in the mid-80s/early 90s??
we will be celebrating my boy Ru s 40th birthday at Twin Peaks on Eastern if you would like to have dinner with us it starts at 7
Everybody get your butt to Twin Peaks by 7 and hang out with the Family Powersports / Black Gold Indian crew see all those pretty Indian motorcycles
Residents of the Twin Peaks' neighborhood are being warned to keep careful watch over their pets after a resident called authorities on Saturday to report findi
Call me crazy, but True Detective reminds me of a modern day version of Twin Peaks. It has the same feeling of it.
All of my friends are posting Twin Peaks quotes. This makes me very happy that people have finally caught onto the beauty as mystery of this show. Heads up the filming of season three is underway so get your logs and coffee ready and I'll meet you at the RR for a slice of that amazing huckleberry pie.
I would of hated to be around when twin peaks was in syndication the way some of These episodes end would of killed me.
The haunting soundscapes of David Lynch and the show "Twin Peaks" is just what I need in my life right now.
Just found out that around this time nearly 26 years ago (just before going in to labour) mum and dad were watching Twin Peaks. Classic.
2nite its going dwn @ Twin Peaks 4 my gone but not forgotten homeboy Lil Mike. Just $4 to get n. Calling all single ladies tht love 2 mingle. No strings just drinks baby! Playas 4 life ova here.
Jake Hinkson is a Twin Peaks virgin, a status he'll surrender for Criminal Element's Season 1 rewatch! Check for new (old) episodes every Monday and Friday in March!
The new proposed Twin Peaks Kirkwood location threatens our community’s sense of decency and we have great concern for the following reasons: ...
Catching up on my Twin Peaks marathon in honor of it's 25th Anniversary.
Yes!!! A Twin Peaks being built on highway 151 and loop 410 all we need is a hooters next.
Libertarian meet-up tonight. 7pm @ Twin Peaks in Odessa. Come raise a glass with us in remembrance of Mark Bunch, a local libertarian activist and marine veteran who passed away last night at the age of 27. Be there, be square, either way, we don't care.
Apparently there's a movie about what happened before and after the television show "Twin Peaks." Also I slept through the big storm headed our way. (It rained, from what I understand.) And today is Thursday. That's about all the updates you need, for now.
Twin Peaks och Stiltonburgare...thats how I roll
Czy ktos jeszcze uwaza, ze "True Detective" ma szanse zostac legenda porownywalna do "Twin Peaks"? Does anybody think that "True Detective" has a chance to become a legend comparable to "Twin Peaks"?
Saturday, March 29, The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles will have a Twin Peaks mystery screening. Copresented with Welcome to Twin Peaks.
I can't believe it took me this long to watch Twin Peaks.
Wow I knew Rashida Jones's father is Quincy Jones, but I did not know her mother is Norma Jennings from Twin Peaks.
So, I started watching "Bates Motel" and have decided it's one log lady short of being "Twin Peaks". does this theme go away around or does it stay "Peaks-y"? I hope it stays like this...
Cruiser (Twin Peaks HMA) had his first trim yesterday. He was really good and surprised my farrier. He did kick out once but just testing. I am quite proud of my little guy.
Over the last couple of years a lot of people have rallied around the bold statement "real men don't hit women". Yes, absolutely. But isn't time we all agree that "real men fundamentally respect women"? In the last two days I've repeatedly heard an advertisement on local radio for Twin Peaks Restaurants that uses the term "scenic views" to refer to their scantily-clad female wait staff. How can we hope to achieve true professional equality for women or end violence against women as long as it is okay to blatantly objectify young women and girls? I hope we're getting to the point where the marketplace of ideas (and the marketplace in general) will reject this kind of destructive expression.
Me: We should try that new restaurant; Twin Peaks. Tanner: (laughing) Why would you want to go to a "Breastaurant?" Me: "Breastaurant??" Tanner: Yeah, like Hooters! Me: Whaaat? Tanner: It's called Twin Peaks and it says "best view,"... they don't have a view of the strip or anything! Derrr! Schooled again by my 14 year old! I had no clue! And, no, I don't want to go to a Breastaurant!
Twin Peaks is so bad it's good. 1hour 25min pilot episode.
Laid to rest 25 years ago today - R.I.P. Laura Palmer - if you've never watched Twin Peaks, then you'll have no idea what this post is about. Then again, if you've never watched Twin Peaks, you've missed out on some brilliantly weird genius TV.
Life goal: become as much like Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks as possible.
Exley is serving up some drinks and Twin Peaks tonight at 8pm. When was the last time you watched an episode? If it has been a while it certainly is more fun to watch with a group.
If you are in SF please read! Via The San Francisco SPCA: More meatballs suspected of containing rat poison were found in the Richmond District (several were found in Twin Peaks over the weekend). Please keep your animals indoors or on a short leash!! If you think your pet might have ingested one, visit a vet immediately. Details:
Watching the new show Farmed and Dangerous which is a propaganda sit-com against factory farming bankrolled by Chipotle. It is pretty entertaining. It may just be entertaining because I keep watching Ray Wise in a lead role with his overly veneered teeth and imagining he is still Leland from Twin Peaks. Just waiting for him to bust out "Mares Eat Oats" and all will be glorious.
True Detective reeks of Twin Peaks and that is a very good thing.
Kiefer Sutherland apparently did voice work for a new Mortal Kombat game. Perhaps to reprise his role from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me?
Diane Keaton directed this episode of Twin Peaks?? that sure is something
Who are some actors who, while they may not be the best to have ever trod the boards, still manage to simply make you happy to see them even in small and thankless part? For me... PAUL BARTEL (Eating Raoul, Rock 'n Roll High School, Piranha, Mortuary Academy, Amazon Women on the Moon) DAVID BRADLEY (Harry Potter's Argus Filch, Game of Thrones' Walder Frey) PETER STORMARE (Fargo, Dancer in the Dark, Brothers Grimm) JONATHAN PRYCE (Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Brothers Grimm, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) GRACE ZABRISKIE (Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart, Galaxy of Terror) LOUISE LASSER (haven't seen Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, but I adore her in Happiness, Requiem for a Dream & Frankenhooker!)
If you aren't watching True Detective and you are a fan of literary fiction, Lost seasons 1-6, Twin Peaks, Thomas Pynchon, or just plain excellent television then you are really missing out. It is the best show on televison right now, and the more you are willing to follow references, the deeper the rewards.
"True Detective" is what "Twin Peaks" would have looked like filmed today in a slightly more urban setting. This does not mean it necessarily has the supernatural or such nor as much weirdness. By the end however, who knows.. it might. worried it was a period piece (and I watch Boardwalk Empire for that) so I avoided it but started watching after noticing it wasn't. Was happily surprised to hear a character repeat almost word for word my dismal take on humanity. two thumbs up XD
Dinner at last.. great Mexican food ..mmm...With Tha Boss...Great area Tilted Kilt,Four Peaks Kiltlifter,Twin Peaks ... time for a beer tour,Laterz I've been watching 'Boardwalk Empire', which is flagrantly brilliant and seductively compelling, the which I do enjoy: but for the first time since Chip Delany's 'Dhalgren' I can NOT track the plot or the characters of this freakin' thing: and I always figured I was pretty sharp, like for me 'Twin Peaks' = 'See Spot Run'. So what gives? Anyone else have this problem? Is it a Martin Scorsese thing, or am I just going senile, or what?
Gah, torn between catching up on Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead and Californication. Plus I started watching Twin Peaks again. So much choice for bedtime!
Binge watched the entire 26 episodes of House of Cards over the weekend! It's not the Sopranos or the Wire or the Shield or Deadwood or Borgen or Mad Men or the West Wing or Justified or the Good Wife or Downton Abbey or Boardwalk Empire or Luther or Homicide or Lost or Prison Break or Homeland or 24 or Alias or Twin Peaks or Rome, but it's *** good television and Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are superb!
Dear "Bates Motel," I have watched your first season and I am *so ready* for season 2 to start next month! I highly recommend this show. If you're in withdrawal from Dexter, Twin Peaks, Hemlock Grove, or American Horror Story, this may be your fix.
We have been marathon watching Hemlock Grove on netflix. And it just keeps getting more and more bizarre. It's making Twin Peaks look like Disney.
The last three episodes of Twin Peaks. I feel so sad about it. My life never be the same again.
Must resist urge to watch Twin Peaks in entirety on rainy three day weekend
David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001) was originally conceived of in the early 1990s, while Twin Peaks was still on the air, and was going to be about the character Audrey, years after the events of Twin Peaks, going to Hollywood to become a star.
Episode three...this is reminding me of a combination of True Blood and Twin Peaks
I say I'm watching Twin Peaks on Netflix whilst listening to soul tunes on YouTube and people find that weird?
Is the fog horn on Twin Peaks or in Whitley Bay?
A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears Gordon Cole and Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks
Well I made it all of three episode into Twin Peaks before googling "Who killed Laura Palmer." Not good at delayed gratification.
Seriously considering changing my Netflix rating of "Twin Peaks" from four stars to three and just letting the chips fall where they may.
Soundtrack from Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me are soon to be reissued on vinyl by Death Waltz Recording Company.
OK, time to finalize my single guy Valentine's weekend plans. That's right, all weekend. The new season of House of Cards premiers Friday and I confess to having a serious crush on Kate Mara, plus it's about political shenanigans. The movie based on the Vampire Academy series starts this weekend too. Not to mention, the Starbird Car Shows happens this weekend. In between these activities, Hooters Of Tulsa, Twin Peaks Tulsa and Baker St. Pub & Grill - Tulsa will have 'open arms' for single guys. I'm not excluding female company either. Any woman who can take a House of Cards marathon, a Vampire movie, 10 AM to 11 PM at the car show (it costs $25 to get in, so I'm gettin' my money's worth) and won't be intimidated by Hooter's, Twin Peaks and Baker Street is welcome to join me.
Do Not MISS the multi award winning show that is the David Lynch/Twin Peaks inspired Double R Club Next Thurs 20th Feb!! I'll be joining an amazing line up of the cool, sexy and weird cabaret cats!! Only £10! Get in before you get left out xxx
I find Bates Motel is much more straightforward than Twin Peaks. And there are no alien/ghost things on Bates. Lol
Last minute Poker Run for LSU Coach NIKKI CALDWELL and LSU Lady Tigers! Please support!!! The Champions for a Cause fundraiser ride is Saturday, February 15, 2014. Registration is from 9 am to 10 am at Harley Davidson on Siegen Lane. Free breakfast will be served. Registration is free, but donations are being accepted to benefit the Kay Yow Cancer Fund for breast cancer research. The poker run will begin at Harley Davidson 2nd stop will be a tour of Women’s Hospital 3rd stop is at Twin Peaks on Siegen Lane 4th stop is at Walk-On’s on Burbank 5th and final stop is at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center where Coach Caldwell will take pictures and the Women’s Basketball team will hold an open practice at 1:00. The prizes will be a commemorative plaque and an autographed jersey. All riders will receive a free ticket to the LSU Women’s Basketball game vs. South Carolina on Sunday, February 16 @ 2:30 p.m.
Piper Laurie is auctioning off five lots of official Twin Peaks cast-signed memorabilia, Catherine Martell's screen-used costumes and original scripts.
If you're not watching True Detective, you should be. It's like Twin Peaks and Training Day mixed together and thrown up on Louisiana.
It is crazy how great of a cast Twin Peaks actually had. Grace Zabriskie, Michael Ontkean, Joan Chen, Piper Laurie, Kyle McLachlan...
Game Night! Rockets at Bucks, 7:30 pm tip-off on & Viewing party at Twin Peaks in Webster h…
It's Michael "Dog-less" in the LOST pilot, not Keaton. It's why was in Twin Peaks, not Harlech Castle.
Happy Birthday Robyn Elaine Lively (born February 7, 1972) is an American actress. Lively is best known for her role in the film Teen Witch, as well as for her roles in the TV shows Doogie Howser, M.D., Twin Peaks and Saving Grace.(also Blake Lively's half sister)
Ah, I have seen that but it's been years! Shadow of a Doubt is the answer always. It is the prequel to Twin Peaks.
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'It’s like Twin Peaks meets Atonement meets In Cold Blood', and it's the literary novel of 2014:
Just found out Jennifer Carpenter shot a pilot for ABC and they're comparing it to Twin Peaks. Ee :)
FACT Another almost casting fact from the movie: Alyssa Milano and Joan Chen were both originally slated to appear in the film, before the roles went to Kristy Swanson and Paul Ruebens instead. Chen had already starred in Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s deliciously quirky cult phenomenon, and Milano later was cast in Charmed. Both of these shows share a very similar audience with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Charmed featured Twin Peaks’ Grace Zabriskie and Billy Zane and Buffy’s Charisma Carpenter in multiple-episode arcs. ~ Faith
Smash's Jack Davenport is ready for his TV encore. The actor has landed one of the lead roles opposite Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter in ABC’s Twin Peaks-esque drama pilot Sea of Fire, TVLine has lear...
I'm so shocked, and so sad hearing of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. I enjoyed playing with him on the Big...
Go to Twin Peaks or Legends for see how to win this $1100 Outdoor Idaho prize!look for in 30 mins!
I'm too sad to say anything useful here.
AL I can see now when I watch Kyle MacLachlan on Sex&theCity is Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks xD
wait wait wait. i thought there were more episodes of twin peaks after the one i just watched and there AREN'T.
Moby: At with and bob from twin peaks.
I wish I was old enough to sit at Twin Peaks all day, drink and watch the game. 😔
Yay theres gonna be a twin peaks on 151
David Lynch is a creative dude like no other. The brains behind Twin Peaks and Eraserhead is a proven master at...
Hello my lovelies. I have some announcements to make. We have many more amazing people aside from this list that we know are coming to MoM. The following is a list of official bookings for the fest. I'm sure you'll be stunned! Links to follow. Steve Brockley Band Scott Cook Trio Ingrid Gatin David Newberry Twin Peaks - Lindsay Pratt & Naomi Shore Wax Mannequinn Devil In the Wood Shack Bill and Ingrid(Fort St. James)
Starting to watch Twin Peaks! Some serious synth sound track on it!
Sick in bed but the upside is I've got Twin Peaks on Netflix and some chamomile.
Very sorry to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffmans death. Loved his work. Many actors I know were openly indebted to his tal…
Today's forecast: mostly sunny with a 100% chance of touchdowns. (kt)
We lost one of the greats today. Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP my friend. You will be missed always and forever.
"See, this is the scene in the movie where you help me out." . -. If only. Immortal.
Oh what terrible news. What a talent. What a shame.
Dear Philip, a beautiful beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much. Bless your heart. ;^{
Blu day, Philip Seymour Hoffman od'd. Addiction comes fr trying to escape th pain of living. We all struggle with this but …
Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a great gift to the world. I am silenced to tears.
Not gonna lie it would be fun to go to Twin Peaks to watch the game tonight
OH NO! Philip Seymour Hoffman has died. A truly kind, wonderful man and one of our greatest actors - ever
We were robbed of a great talent today R.I.P.
I am gutted to hear about the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. A great actor and person. Such a loss.
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“Let's go to twin peaks for the supa bowl I don't get off till 5
I don't have words for this. I am heartbroken. A phenomenal talent lost to us. Goodbye, sir.
My mom won't let me go to Twin Peaks to watch the Super Bowl with all my friends. Awesome.
Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the greatest actors of our lifetime.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Such a sweet and talented man.
I saw a week ago at and got to tell him how much I admired him.
See at Twin Peaks and follow her today
Remember long wonderful meeting with in NYC. A man so incredibly humble about his genius. He was on…
Philip Seymour Hoffman's house is a circus
An article I gave in tribute to Philip a few years ago. Eddie Marsan on Philip Seymour Hoffman | via
Statement from the family of Philip Seymour Hoffman:
u said who got the baddest females I said twin peaks lol how do that not answer the question lmao
This is a sad day for me.I have always wondered what kind of parent would encourage their daughter to get a job at Hooters, or Twin Peaks, much to my dismay apparently my soon to be ex wife Bobbie is that exact kind of person, and I have to just let it happen.well I don't like it for those that know or are to find out about my 16 year old daughter Morgans new job, but I can not do anything about it because she is the custodial parent. you have to love the court system in Louisiana. How many parents out there have this in mind for their baby girls?
Philip Seymour Hoffman was a brilliant, talented man. The news this morning is shocking and sad. My heart goes out to his…
Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a genius, brave and sweet. Can't believe he's gone. Huge loss. My deepest sympathy for his w…
I really loved him. I once spent an hr goin thru every one of his greatest choices with him. I was such a fan of his taste …
Philip Seymour Hoffman was a huge inspiration to many people, rest in peace.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman was not only a genius actor but a kind, generous man RIP
Just hearing about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Devastating. What an amazingly gifted actor. RIP
I have just heard about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, one of natures Gentlemen . Rest in peace . Love and respect.
I saw the Twin Peaks movie before seeing the show. Was left so confused and wrung out, I took a shower for an hour, trying not to cry.
OK, I just heard a radio commercial for Twin Peaks. I could swear the Announcer said to come in to see the sexiest, SQUIRTIEST lingerie. What the WHAT??!!
Thoughts going out to Phil Hoffman's family today. Truly tragic news about one of the absolute juggernauts of the craft of…
Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman. You were such an incredible and talented actor along with an amazing person.You w…
I've never been to Twin Peaks or Cream 😐
RIP. Only the good die young. we lose another genius
Which Hooters, or Twin Peaks got the baddest females? I wanna eat there
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of the greats of his generation.
Philip Seymour Hoffman was like none other. What an incredible artist, actor, & friend. RIP PSH.
I am sad on so many levels about the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of the greats. Losing him this way is absolute…
Come for the Game, Linger for the Lingerie at Twin Peaks Omaha
A thanks to Katie for ordering the weather on todays Peak District classic including the fabulous twin peaks of Chrome and Packhorse hills.
Feeling like a million bucks and ready for a nice cold beer... m think I may need an early drink at twin peaks or buffalos yummy...
What's everyone doin for the game?? Tryin to find a place to watch it or maybe just twin peaks
Bobby Hebert is broadcasting live from Twin Peaks. He just described it as "an upscale Hooter's type of setting."
I don't know where I am going I just know I need to leave the house to watch the Superbowl... narrowed down potential venues to, The Vig, Twin peaks, half moon and Zipps
Watching Twin Peaks, hopefully my mind doesn't melt anymore than it already has.
Fnly got sme WiFi access outside of barbor and dang it so nice and warm and sunny may GI to twin peaks with bud
We have quite a few events in this year's Belfast Film Festival!! Plus a special Twin Peaks event in the summer. Very excited!! Stay tuned for details later in the week!
Bout to take these shots wit Jay-Jay Davis then going to twin peaks wit King Freeman and my cuz . who wants to join
My goodness! People treat football day like its a Twin Peaks marathon or something.
One of my sons is begging me to take him to "Twin Peaks" to watch the Super Bowl. Ah... yeah... I don't think so.
Just ate lunch at springcreek bbq. This ribs were awesome. Now to chillax for a few then off to Twin Peaks Shenandoah for the superbowl. Go Seahawks.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is a 1992 American psychological horror film,[1] directed by David Lynch and written by Lynch and Robert Engels. The film can be viewed as both prologue and epilogue to the television series Twin Peaks (1990–91), created by Lynch and Mark Frost.
Well twin peaks sure has open ending. Come on David Lynch let Netflix make a new series. Come on.
Little Giant Ladders
We are excited to share that George Rogers will be at the annual recruiting meeting along with Chris Clark from Gamecock Central on February 6th. Please join us at Twin Peaks Buckhead at 6:30 for this exciting time!
The latest episode of the Twin Peaks Festival Podcast is out. Listen to it via Soundcloud here or via iTunes here. Don't forget to subscribe!
The West Village’s storied Twin Peaks building – not named for the David Lynch television series – has entered contract after spending eight months on the market.
New twin day ever perhaps?
In light of today's Superbowl I WILL eat nachos and drink beer while I watch...Twin Peaks.
Watching Supernatural. It isn't bad, but I don't think it's worthy of all the fan worship. Frankly, I don't think anything from McG should be worthy of fan worship lol jk jk. I'd be watching Twin Peaks, but Megan won't let me watch it without her lol
Russell Merritt gave me David Lynch. Being a very finicky movie watcher, this was tough and easy to select my favorite movie by David Lynch. Tough because there isn't much that I cared for by Lynch. Not that what he has done isn't good, most just didn't capture my interest. Easy because Dune is an awesome movie with a stellar cast. Dune is one of those movies I will always tune in for when I see it on the television schedule. But I would have to give the Twin Peaks stuff and honorable mention. Want a director? "Like" my status and I'll give you one. Post a movie poster by said director as your status and let the game continue.
Twin Peaks at 5 to get ready for the Super Bowl! Throwin it down with my main broskiis Alex Grubb and Dayne Miller.
At brunch today, Jean reminded me that she had never seen "Twin Peaks" (well, we had seen the pilot some years back but for some reason never advanced from that starting point). So, I, we, have decided that we will start watching it from start to finish for our dinnertime entertainment.
Food with some of the guys at twin peaks. Sweat tea and a burger.
Bufallo wild wings, hooters, or twin peaks?
Well done to the sixteen cadets who attended Ex Twin Peaks today. The weather held for a sunny although chilly day, with lots of practical nav training and a short (well, perhaps not so short) walk up and down a couple of hills. The views at the top were worth it though! Thanks also to the staff who made today possible. Another successful day showing our cadets continue to "Meet the Challenge!"
Ten Things I Learned/Realized this Week…. 1. All States should have a snow contingency. 2. The exact amount of time it takes me to change the valve cover gasket in my Nissan in one full spin of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’ 3. If John Boehner ever decided to run for office, his campaign slogan should be “Orange is the New Black.” 4. I was a pretty stylin’ eight year old. 5. “A heart worth loving is one you understand, even in silence.” 6. “When in doubt, ‘Purple Rain’ it out.” 7. My diet is severely lacking in Thai food. 8. Flappy Birds is the devil’s game. 9. There has been an above average number of references to the word ‘log’ lately in my life. It's all very 'Twin Peaks.' 10. “All you need is a little whomp whomp.”
SUPERB OWL SUNDAY: We will be screening Twin Peaks today!
Awesome new place in Webster! Bombshells Restaurant & Bar - Webster. Come see me for your sexy Glow. ask my girls over at Twin Peaks Webster how they look! Text me for your custom session~ 832.493.5039
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Twin Peaks with my boys today man I'm so ready for this game!!! Go Hawks Beastmode running wild on that Broncos defense LOB
They call me Twin Peaks because I am really exciting and likable for like the first six weeks then I just get weird and difficult to be around.
I was thinking going to twin peaks for the superbowl
Come see me at Twin Peaks today for the Super Bowl, I'll be here all day!!😘🏈
Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Here's a little message from your neighborhood "girl of many jobs" ;) Whatever team you may be routing for this season, I'll be posted up with a handful of tables at Twin Peaks Concord Mills for the evening in some pretty sweet Broncos attire. For those of you staying home, my beloved CiCi's Pizza (all locations Kannapolis, Salisbury, Harrisburg) have GREAT deals on large pizzas and wings so please don't forget us in your food search! Last but never least, even though it is Super Bowl Sunday, in retail world the show must go on so if you're near by stop in at Concord Mills, Boot Barn and check out the spring stuff we just received! Otherwise... may the best team win! xoxoxoxoxox
Have finally finished the entirety of Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me. :)
Twin Peaks for the Super Bowl. Should be a good night.
Great time last night watching UFC at Twin Peaks. Only casualty is I lost my iPhone.
I just really don't understand guys who love to go to Hooters and Twin Peaks on the regular. Are you that lonely and can't get a girl to show her body off for you in private.. Or maybe you have a little *** Idk. I just find it a little pervy.
Twin Peaks has reservations for the Super Bowl available for $20 per chair.
There's a free party next week with some absolutely incredible talent showing up in Evansville, IN that's not to be missed, and I'm on the line-up. Fans of the TV series Twin Peaks and fans of great music alike will not be disappointed.
I shall be going 90's retro today and watch abit of Twin Peaks. :-)
I'd always assumed that Dune was David Lynch's worst film, but after re-watching Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me tonight... *** it's a close call.
Been watching Twin Peaks again, first time since teens. 2 things I now feel: BOB isnae as scary anymore; Man, Kyle MacLachlan is hot.
Adventure Time/Twin Peaks mashup is somehow creepy and funny
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Kinda wishing they would redo or remake a "my so called life" "life goes on" "picket fences" "Dead Like me" "Farscape" "Twin Peaks" "Firefly" or "Freaks and Geeks"
I got around to Twin Peaks about 20 years late, but *** I was 0-1 years old when it aired. Would love to see where Dale/is
Twin Peaks and David Lynch met on your couch at Syracuse
I'm about to go somewhere called Twin Peaks, which is apparently a reference to *** and not the early 90s tv show starring Kyle MacLachlan.
Come see me tonight when I fill in for Twin Peaks at the American Legion Post 331 in Brownsburg! Party starts at 8pm...who's comin???
Twin Peaks wants to know... Are you interested in David Lynch coverage beyond Twin Peaks & his films (eg. his artwork & music)? pick one: Yes, tell me everything, Yes, just once in a while, No or No, not really into that
It's kind of a modern day Twin Peaks according to Madchen Amick.
Watching the last Twin Peaks episode again. ):)
The period between the cancellation of Twin Peaks and the death of Kurt Cobain.
Kyle MacLachlan, Actor: Twin Peaks. The "boy next door, if that boy spent lots of time alone in the basement", is how Rich Cohen described Kyle MacLachlan in a 1994 article for "Rolling Stone" magazine. That distinctly askew wholesomeness made MacLachlan a natural to become famous as the alter ego o...
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter has scored a killer new gig. The actress, easily one of pilot season's hottest commodities, has landed a starring role in ABC's Twin Peaks-esque drama pilot Sea of Fire,...
T Bone Burnett did the music and Madchen Amick compared it to Twin Peaks... Why am I only just discovering now?!?!
A wonderful interview w/ Sherilyn Fenn on her role as Audrey Horne (*swoon*) on Twin Peaks and more (c/o
Jim and I are going to start watching old sitcoms from the beginning. Any suggestions? Thinking Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, Perfect Strangers, Bosom Buddies, Family Ties, Step by Step, Greatest American Hero, The A Team, V, Twin Peaks...
Pridelet from Tommy for January 24, 2014 As they're interested in tending to beds of "two lips" regardless of sexual orientation, government officials in the Netherlands announce their intention to help GLBT organizations in developing countries grow, as of this day in 1996. BIRTHGAYS (and the occasional straights) * 76 A.D. - The emperor Hadrian * 1594 - Swedish King Gustavus II * 1703 - Male castrato soprano Farinelli (Carlo Broschi), arguably one of the greatest singers in history * 1712 - King Frederick II the Great of Prussia * 1898 - Italian activist Mario Palmieri * 1931 - Bisexual "Color Photos of the Atrocities" author and poet Kenneth Pitchford * 1946 - "Twin Peaks" actor Michael Ontkean who played *** for-pay" opposite Harry Hamlin in the film "Making Love" -- Together, we can change the world, one mind at a time. Have a great day, Tommy
Order Miche Bag Online!
By the way, Ellen Page's widowed father in is Michael Ontkean from Slap Shot and Twin Peaks.
Madchen Amick found fame playing waitress Shelley in David Lynch's cult TV series Twin Peaks. Now 43, she's married with two children and has appeared in such series as ER, Gossip Girl Psych and...
Twin Peaks is still the best show network tv has ever produced. It was before it's time but the granddaddy of them all.
Finished watching all of Twin Peaks! Finally! Loved Sheryl Lee's & Sherilyn Fenn's work over both series. Very talented ladies!
Billions of things for me to dream about, yet for some reason my brain dreams that Twin Peaks' Sherilyn Fenn starred in Due South. Er...
Random Roles: Sherilyn Fenn talks David Lynch and how Twin Peaks should have ended
Top 3 Countdown!!! HBD to Canada's greatest living actor! Nah, just kidding. But former pretty boy Michael Ontkean has carved out a steady career in TV law enforcement in The Rookies and Twin Peaks, as well as a variety of film work which ranges from trading slap shots with Paul Newman to making love to Harry Hamlin :O
Never knew this... David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive Started Out As A Twin Peaks Spin-Off For Audrey Horn Describing inspiration, David Lynch has regularly talked about little, discreet ideas and how he visualises them as some kind of entity or another. I think my favourite version is where he described an idea as being like a little insect that gets on you and crawls around. A chattering, burrowing bug, no doubt. One of Lynch’s insects, it seems, started giving him an itch long before he got to scratch it. In a new interview with The AV Club, Sherilyn Fenn has described how Lynch pitched her Mulholland Drive as an Audrey Horne-centred spin-off from Twin Peaks. The Audrey spin-off that would’ve come about, it really ended up being the original idea for Mulholland Drive. That was either in between the first and second season or after the second season, but they were like, “What if we did a movie, and it’s Audrey in California?” And they talked about an opening scene of her driving along Mulholland ...
TIL: David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" was originally written as a Twin Peaks spin-off movie about Audrey Horn. But then Audrey died. So Audrey became Betty, and they replaced Sherilyn Fenn with Naomi Watts.
The actor: When Twin Peaks became a pop culture phenomenon, several members of the show’s cast suddenly found their profiles increased significantly, but the definitive poster girl for the show—the one that wasn’t wrapped in plastic, anyway—was Sherilyn Fenn.
Sherilyn Fenn talks truth about what should have happened on Twin Peaks: "I love Billy Zane, I think he’s a sweetie, but… it was a silly thing that Audrey Horne and Agent Dale Cooper didn’t stay together, because that’s what should’ve happened. It happened organically, without anyone making a plan for it to happen. But they had to stop it because… [Takes a deep breath.] People got mad and jealous and… it was just stupid. Ugh. AVC: People on the show got mad and jealous about the characters staying together? SF: Yes! I… I’m bad. I’m not supposed to say it. But David knows I tell what happens, and what happened was that Lara [Flynn Boyle] was dating Kyle [MacLachlan], and she was mad that my character was getting more attention, so then Kyle started saying that his character shouldn’t be with my character because it doesn’t look good, ’cause I’m too young. Literally, because of that, they brought in Heather Graham—who’s younger than I am—for him and Billy Zane for me. I was ...
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