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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Tom Sizemore Kyle MacLachlan Naomi Watts Laura Dern Special Agent Dale Cooper Sherilyn Fenn Leland Palmer Agent Cooper San Francisco Angelo Badalamenti Donald Glover Gilmore Girls Audrey Horne Laura Palmer David Duchovny

I found pictures of me and Abbie crowdsurfing at Twin Peaks and I'm crying
A dude on the train is laughing to himself but he sounds like Bob in Twin Peaks
have u kept any copies of just 17 an do u still watch reruns of twin peaks! Oh and a big shout out 4 introducing me to de la soul
Bout to crack into this cake and watch Twin Peaks
niceness has begun. Also that was a twin peaks reference. Just saying cc:
Wanna see the view? Get outta your car. Best Twin Peaks views to be reserved for bike riders, walkers.
This must be where croissants go when they die.
Twin Peaks Wraps, Lynch and MacLachlan Head To Paris!: After much secrecy on-set and very little in terms of r...
.Board agrees: Twin Peaks is open for people. They unanimously approved the Twin Peaks project today!
and the views from the Filbert Steps + Coit Tower and Twin Peaks are ah-ma-zing 😍
Many thanks for contributing stellar liner notes for forthcoming Twin Peaks: FWWM soundtrack re-release by
A bloody horror remake of Twin Peaks, by Lena Dunham, in full canon with the MCU. Don't eat Benihana at 11 PM before bed, guys.
Grace Zabriskie plays the mother of dead girls in both Twin Peaks and Seinfeld. DUH-DUH-DUH!
Today in 1990: 'Twin Peaks' premieres on ABC — "it's television at its best "
This day 1990 (26 years ago) the Twin Peaks pilot premiered . Cherry ?.
Lynch and Grace Zabriskie on the set of Twin Peaks, 1990 via…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Workin hard today. Startin off with sonic treat breakfast w/ vanilla diet coke and startin this show called Twin Peaks.
Ad by David Lynch for Bernie Sanders is quirky & fab counting the days til Twin Peaks returns. 😊
*squints*. Is.. is that kid Alicia Witt in this episode of Twin Peaks?
While I write about 1905 I'm listening to Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Mortin, the Ragtime soundtrack & all of the Twin Peaks soundtracks.
. I also I didn't know until Ted Raimi showed up in Twin Peaks that David Lynch and Sam Raimi knew each other
And omg that cast! 😅 Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Pat Boone(!), Leland Palmer from 'Twin Peaks', Fred Thompson, etc
Just had a conversation about David Lynch and Twin Peaks with Moira Kelly (Donna 2.0). I didn't know tears of excitement were even a thing.
Whats Up I was wondering if y'all tried out Twin Peaks on Palm Beach Lakes. Awesome food and great service! Try it out!
Sherilyn Fenn and Kyle MacLachlan as Audrey Horne and Agent Cooper in promotional shots of Twin Peaks, 1990.
Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks redefines goals on so many levels
Ray Wise is in God's Not Dead 2. Here's hoping for a Twin Peaks tie-in and an appearance by Bob, Leland Palmer, and David Lynch.
You can't let pass without Twin Peaks theme "Falling" sung by Julee Cruise being played. Has 6 music written all over it !
Lunch at Twin Peaks with our winners from Family Support Center in Pratville! To be next weeks winner enter at...
I'm a massive fan of David Lynch and 'Twin Peaks.'...
BTW, now knowing you've done Twin Peaks & Carnivale, I think you could do a great podcast for the 90s show, AMERICAN GOTHIC.
get some food in Sunset, hike up Twin Peaks, check out Presidio/Marin Headlands
[VIDEO] Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore will join the Twin Peaks revival...
Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore added to Twin Peaks revival cast, David Lynch to reprise role
Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore are relocating to Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks casting news: Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore and, erm, David Lynch join cast
Twin Peaks: Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore sign up for new series
Day one of Lily Fawn's most excellent Twin Peaks adventure was a grand success!! On to Powell River! So happy that I inspired all this! :)
Cancel the new Twin Peaks. Donald Trump is America's new Leland Palmer.
Malevolent is NERDVANA! What a cast -- Deadpool Movie's Morena Baccarin, Leland Palmer from Welcome to Twin Peaks...
Ron Gilbert's new hushed dark magic - Thimbleweed Park - is very Twin Peaks-esque
David Duchovny before Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI in The X-Files in Twin Peaks
. ... "We intended to make the show very similar to Twin Peaks that take place in the Archie world." I thought, for Mike.
I liked a video Angelo Badalamenti - Soundtrack from Twin Peaks [FULL ALBUM]
Today is the anniversary of Laura Palmer's death-and Dale Cooper's arrival in Twin Peaks...
So glad Lara Flynn Boyle isn't in the Twin Peaks revival because Donna Heyward is snoze.
Little Giant Ladders
Xiu Xiu prep LP of covers of Angelo Badalamenti's music for "Twin Peaks"
Listen to take on Angelo Badalamenti's "Twin Peaks" theme song
As a longtime Twin Peaks obsessive, I'm unabashedly giddy that this story emerged from my Random Roles w/ Kiefer.
The one and probably only time I'll root for McGregor! Good friends and great night. — watching UFC at Twin Peaks...
More recently FBI massacref 19 innocent bikers at Twin Peaks in Waco and nobody said one word, with the exception...
So the dream sequence/Claddagh ring stuff near the start of season three feels *very* Twin Peaks
Finally finished Twin Peaks three years later...the show is so sporadically genius
Aerial view of Twin Peaks and the Great Northern Hotel!
Aunt Wendy casting her spell on Twin Peaks!!
I'm going to Twin Peaks at Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Canada - May 16
revfrank4 is now listening to Twin Peaks by Alice Russell
SXSW 2016: Pure Bathing Culture: Playing after Twin Peaks on Thursday at Sidewinder is this duo originally fro...
Today is the day Dale Cooper arrived in Twin Peaks
Judicial commission clears JP who set million-dollar bonds for Twin Peaks bikers:
Judicial commission clears JP after Twin Peaks complaints
the son's name is Leland, do they know that's the murderer from Twin Peaks? I should tell them.
With one of our top people in a top spot in a top city!! @ Twin Peaks, SF
Happy Birthday, Mr. Benicio del Toro! What a pleasure to work with you in in Spain. The best Mambru! http…
Coming up next: 15 . Twin Peaks by mc chris
Mark Frost's SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS novel is due in October, available for pre-order:
Suspect in Twin Peaks double homicide linked to AC Transit crash
Visit me at Twin Peaks till 5pm and Fourth Quarter till 2am
Can't wait to see u Beach house, blood orange, neon Indian, twin peaks, FKA twigs, thundercat, and porches
Y'all should come to twin peaks tonight 😏
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Twin Peaks!
Anyone know why Marana smells like poop this morning? AZ Pavilions / Twin Peaks area...
Every time I see a news article about Tim Peake I get excited thinking its about Twin Peaks. I think my priorities might be wrong.
Oh my god I just started watching Twin Peaks. It's so great! How did I put this off for so long?
This wind is killing beautiful day!!! So twin peaks it is for lunch before the boys take off for Vegas
+14 HQ pictures from Session 26 added to celebrate Benicio's Birthday!
I actually am watching the old twin peaks tho
Angelo Badalamenti explains how he created the music for Twin Peaks
Sneak peek at Rockyrama's TWIN PEAKS issue, out on Don't forget the giveaway: htt…
Working on a short story that I've promised to and *** spooky spec-fic x-files/twin peaks Southern vibe.
the only American tv shows I watch are mad men and twin peaks and unbreakable kimmy schmidt :/
Yo make a Twin Peaks inspired Counterparts Hat plz
Solid local presence at with Twin Peaks, *** Jenkins, BJ the Chicago Kid, Whitney. Also BJ's new album slays
As if I've spent 2 days watching Twin Peaks back to back
Secret History of Twin Peaks, simply by showing up on Amazon, is now Mover & Shaker and overall. The amazing power of a fanbase!
The evil husband in titanic is in twin peaks and he's stealing coopers girl I'm so angry
X-Files in the streets. Twin Peaks in the sheets.
Guys, I just started watching "Twin Peaks." I know, I know. But, I'm glad I waited. It's so much more special now. Like a dream...
Max Von Sydow too, right? And Josie Packard from Twin Peaks. 90s sci-fi was weird as ***
So basically he's Agent Dale Cooper in the last scene of Twin Peaks possessed by a demonic spirit sounds about right
on the one hand, it's nice getting news that Twin Peaks' revival is still in the works. On the other, Jim Belushi.
You'll be happy to know that Jim Belushi is rumored to have a part in the new Twin Peaks!
a comeback. David Duchovny may also be in the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime. Now that I'm looking forward to.
In many ways, Agent Cooper is the Fox Mulder of the Twin Peaks universe.
Why was there never a Twin Peaks radio drama?
I see SNL's Terry Sweeney, Beyonce, the dwarf from Twin Peaks, and a very tan Erin Moran.
Chris Mulkey in the latest episode means that there's now two Twin Peaks actors in Agent Carter. Cal in SHIELD makes that 3 in the MCU.
The writers of Gilmore Girls clearly hated Twin Peaks considering how Madchen Amick and Sherilyn Fenn's characters end up being terrible
Naomi Watts has officially joined the cast of David Lynch's new 'Twin Peaks,' along with Tom Sizemore.
Naomi Watts and Tom Sizemore join new Twin Peaks series
Naomi Watts has joined Twin Peaks, which means she'll be working with David Lynch again. This is good.
We're only a few away from the ESPN 1420 Super Wing Bowl ...Friday, from 3-6, at Twin Peaks on Johnston St. See you there!
Love this city. The view from Twin Peaks never gets old.
'Twin Peaks' is a continuing story; that comes from David Lynch and myself.
Both new Gilmore Girls and new Twin Peaks should bring back Sherilyn Fenn and Madchen Amick. Such great actresses.
I have never been to Hooters. I've been to Twin Peaks & The Tilted Kilt though. And the Titled Kilt got some baddies!! Lol
Which did you prefer working on: Twin Peaks or Blue Velvet?. I prefer Twin Peaks, as the world feels more nuanced and real.
A full gang ranking isn't even fair because Kyle was in Twin Peaks
Kyle MacLachlan and David Lynch on the set of "Twin Peaks".
found a swell Twin Peaks promo at the bottom of my cup of coffee.
Just caught up on Twin Peaks and I look forward to its return! I also didn't know you were in INSIDE OUT! Love that movie
Kyle MacLachlan and Sherilyn Fenn in publicity shots for Twin Peaks.
looking back, Gonch might have been my very first tv crush, even before Bobby Briggs from Twin Peaks and Daley Thompson
Today I've listened to Alison Wonderland, Meat Puppets and Twin Peaks. I feel very confused about life.
I'm kinda ticked that Twin Peaks will be @ Bonnaroo and Front Bottoms @ Coachella bc I hate knowing the bands I like are becoming mainstream
I wore earplugs to bed when I apparently used to live under the Icelanders Special Agent Dale Cooper encountered in Twin Peaks.
Mädchen Amick and Dana Ashbrook behind the scenes of Twin Peaks, by Richard Beymer.
Nice piece in the - especially as looks very Twin Peaks-ian.
Richard Beymer first met David Lynch when Lynch cast him as Ben Horne in the Twin Peaks — Its a Beautiful World 2014
Only Donald Glover could say something like "I just wanted to make a Twin Peaks for rappers."
15 mins into the 1st episode of and I've got that X-Files/Twin Peaks feeling. I'm hooked.
Donald Glover on 'Atlanta': "I Just Wanted to Make a 'Twin Peaks' for Rappers"
Donald Glover wanted to make Atlanta "Twin Peaks for rappers."
Finished season 2 of Twin Peaks. Last episode made all the naf bits worthwhile.
"How is Annie?" Heather Graham gets that question a lot:
you should go watch the games at Twin Peaks. Ask for Elizabeth.
Finna shower than catch me at twin peaks.
combination of two of my favourite things: Twin Peaks and The Handsomes
I guess the twin peaks massacre scene is popular. There's also the HEB where a Brisket thief was shot.
Donald Glover: it’l take time for people to know what’s going on in FX's “I just always wanted to make Twin Peaks wi…
."I just wanted to make Twin Peaks for rappers."
Life Is Strange had an incredibly captivating soundtrack, Syd Matters really nailed the Twin Peaks vibe.
Shelly in twin peaks is actually perfection
I really identify with Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks and Special Agent Fox Mulder from The X Files
I'm enjoying True Detective, but Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks will always be the truest detective
the Twin Peaks remake is going to be 🔥🔥🔥 with special agent DALÉ Cooper
That moment when you realize Tony from West Side Story is the same actor as Ben Horne from Twin Peaks! MIND. BLOWN.
The Linda Bentley chronicles 3: one time my mom thought Twin Peaks was the Rolling Stones
I just read that Laura Dern might be in the new Twin Peaks, thoughts??
My sis, wrote about Laura Dern joining the new Twin Peaks season and I found the perfect gif for it
Laura Dern joins cast of Twin Peaks reboot
Laura Dern joins cast of Twin Peaks reboot:
Laura Dern reportedly joins Twin Peaks, possibly as Diane?
Sherilyn Fenn confirmed for Twin Peaks return, Laura Dern joins the cast
Me: "Out of the four of us, who would you pick? Just by looking at us.". Her: "Uhhh.. to do what??" . Twin Peaks waitresses are too quick. 😂😂
Alright the only good thing about Twin Peaks is Special Agent Dale Cooper
That's what I was getting at. Silent Hill is a creepy *** mashup of Twin Peaks, Stephen King, Lovecraft and Francis Bacon.
Audrey Horne was hands down, the best dressed on Twin Peaks, aside from Agent Cooper ☕️
Tales from the Crypt, the X-Files, Evil Dead, Twin Peaks... People begged for a return to the 90s and man did they deliver!
It's a scene from the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Idk *** is going on either but series is good. Movie might be ok.
In this episode, we discuss "Fire Walk With Me", the "Twin Peaks" Georgia Coffee Commercials, whether "X-Files"...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I saw "Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me " in the theater all alone. They offered me a refund for watching it. Refused it.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Laura Palmer made me realize that i could be a girl, too.
I've been watching Twin Peaks for the first time and is the biggest quirky delight in the world. Absolutely brilliant.
Ocean Beach. Andytown coffee. Brunch. Twin Peaks. Gonna be a bay-utiful day.
Hooters, Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks have all failed in Lincoln. Perhaps people just want quality food?
Just rekindled my love of the weird; watching twin peaks from the very beginning
rob is a parody of Bob from twin peaks, who did the same (and more :-( ) to Laura Palmer
my name is Abigail and Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver and Twin Peaks has taken over my winter break
Need to add some more songs to this twin peaks playlist since I work tomorrow and will probably be playing usual
Tourists on alert after French couple mugged at San Francisco's Twin Peaks
The view from Twin Peaks is really amazing. It shows me everything I like about the city.
I feel like small towns in the middle of nowhere can either be like Twin Peaks or Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but no in between
Why is there so much amazing twin peaks apparel
Watching twin peaks just makes my heart hurt :(
This is what happened to me and I'm cool with it now - makes me feel like maybe a Twin Peaks story that never panned out
Tourists on alert after French couple robbed at San Francisco's Twin Peaks
I’ve watched so much Twin Peaks and Community. I’m gonna have the weirdest dreams
It's so hard to look waitress's in the eye when you're at Twin Peaks...😂🙄
SF police say robbery yesterday on Twin Peaks left an 81-year-old man unconscious and his 77-year-old wife bruised.
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Twin Peaks!
In my eyes, she shined brighter than the city lights @ Twin Peaks…
Twin Peaks, Scully from X Files, and Rachel from Friends. But 2015, so I picked my modern faves, lol.
Turning my sister into a Twin Peaks ***
when christmas and my love of twin peaks come together. Yule love it.
The best hiking view of San Fransisco! @ Twin Peaks, SF
twin peaks has the WORST music placement.
Twin Peaks is the best and most weirdest show ever, but the last episode was a whole new level!
Twin Peaks is honestly so important to me it's a masterpiece and I wish everyone would watch it
At twin peaks chillin, what to do after .. hm??
just go i guess I'll watch more twin peaks :V
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Maniacal laughing emitting inside the toddler's room . Is really bad or she got the call from David Lynch that he's cast her in…
this show keeps getting canceled and revived so quickly, it took Twin Peaks almost 25 years to get revived, insane...
There are quite a few twin peaks/ x-files cast crossovers and I love it
how will i watch my love Kyle M in Twin Peaks after seeing him play Zach in
Making a Murderer is the 3rd series of Twin Peaks
Listening to The Cranberries. Watching Twin Peaks. I feel like I'm going to vomit a flannel.
Has nobody written about birding and Twin Peaks yet?
Maybe I kiss slowly because the Twin Peaks theme music is in my head at all times, did you ever consider that? No. Because…
I missed it. Is the Twin Peaks in Haymarket closing?
Misfit TV shows like "Freaks and Geeks" and "Twin Peaks" are finally getting the love they deserve.
This adorable Paper Twin Peaks intro by definitely made the "Best of 2015" cut:
I feel like every time I come to Twin Peaks it's with my parents
Our SF trip was not finished! Still need to go to Union Square, Twin Peaks, Ghirardelli Square, The Painted Ladies and Coit Tower!
Took Christ's parents to Twin Peaks for sunset and saw some Jesus rays.
View from our room at Twin Peaks. Looking out over Lake Taupo. Mt Ruapehu still has snow on the top. Pub 50 mtrs:-)
Somehow we wound up in Twin Peaks. Or maybe Gravity Falls??? @ Snoqualmie Falls
Colorado Falls at Twin Peaks, Tuba, Benguet. Kennon Road has interesting points of interest which…
ICYM I We love the peculiar and paranormal podcast… think Nothern Exposure crossed with Twin Peaks:
Sorry Tim, but whenever I hear or read your name, I think of the Twin Peaks music. You're doing a great job there
To recap the day: new Twin Peaks teaser, announces new NIN coming, Star Wars VII in theaters. 1991 Tom is having…
Becky dressed like she just got off her shift at Twin Peaks. - Pete
Amazing views of the Golden Gate bridge, Marin headlands and San Francisco plus its bay on my run up Twin Peaks this morning
Why is everyone talking about Twin Peaks? It's all I heard on the radio all day
It's a wool beret and Twin Peaks soundtrack kind of day.
From the Mission Glen Park Canyon is pretty good and will get you to Twin Peaks.
'Twin Peaks'. is filming at. Los Angeles City Hall. the next few days. .
Kyle MacLachlan with his coffee as Agent Dale Cooper during Twin Peaks, 1990 by John Midgley.
I could really go for a cold beer right now at twin peaks or a saki bomb 👀😋
These Twin Peaks tarot cards are pretty great!
I really only miss about a handful, literally a handful of girls at Twin Peaks.
All purpose parts banner
Twin Peaks in Waco closed for a week after biker shootout
Also, I haven't gone Twin Peaks weird yet, so you're safe, for now.
There are two kinds of people: The ones that freak out when they find out you don't like Twin Peaks, and the ones I don't pun…
Check out this Restaurant Management at Twin Peaks Restaurant in
I knew someone who wanted Twin Peaks taken off the air - turning off the tv was not enough. She probably likes Trump now.
"I don’t need to caution you to remember that whether coffee causes or protects you from cognitive impairments…"
Spanish Peaks in southern CO just visible on horizon in middle (twin blue bumps furthest to left)
"Self-reporting is notoriously unreliable, and the study included a bunch of personality-test questions that I,…"
Here's another long article I enjoyed reading today. Made me think about Leo from Twin Peaks. And BJ. And The Bear.
Having my anonychiaphobia means I will never in my life be able to see shows and movies like Twin Peaks and The Black Swan. Life is sad.
If you thought you hated xmas music just wait till you hear Twin Peaks play theirs…
1st time I saw was at then Dune, Twin Peaks...HIMYM, SHIELD. Peaks redux on tap ... Dare I hope …
The story behind the making of the music for Twin Peaks:
Friendly reminder that Hooters/Twin Peaks is a job, not an identity. And you'll eventually need a real job one day.
Twin Peaks Bingo is tonight at 9pm! We're still watching the first season, and things are getting weird!
Are you talking you about the band or the Twin Peaks character? Cause if it's the band, they're great
I've had the Twin Peaks intro music on repeat for hours okay just wanna feel the feels yknow
New Twin Peaks or X-Files wouldn't be happening if tons of folks couldn't just watch it all on netflix. Similar thing w/Psychonauts 2
Yo this is me if I'm blessed enough to sign papers to a home in San Francisco's twin peaks or diamond heights
Let me take you back to Twin Peaks.
To me, the fresh, exciting aspect of 2016 will be watching Twin Peaks and The X-Files while Republicans attack the Clintons.
OMG Bob! Super scary. If you're ever in ATL head to Bookhouse on Ponce for some Twin Peaks fun
ha ha. I was terrified of Bob from twin peaks as a kid, the shaman has a bit of him for sure.
it's already there. Have a look for twin peaks James' song on YouTube
Thank you, YouTube. -- Britney Spears Meets TWIN PEAKS is the Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted
I think I want Twin Peaks idk I'm just hungry
You mention 's Twin Peaks stuff. Friend of mine.
Twin peaks Saturday. Hmu if ya wanna roll with.
Last weekend, Russ Tamblyn dressed up as Dr. Jacoby again for a Twin Peaks party in L.A.
Neon Joe may be my new favorite show. It was like watching the first episode of Twin Peaks mixed with True Blood and Evil Alien Conquerors
I got someone's Netflix info so I can finally finish Twin Peaks...
took the money line. Just went wild in twin peaks. Spread was Georgia -3 though
Laura Palmer's dad was Robert Palmer. If you've never seen Twin Peaks, this is the mystery they solve.
Alex's dad wanted to go to twin peaks and her mom said we not going see boobies, you got twin peaks right here
The Twin Peaks theme has been thoroughly lodged in my brain for several days. It may be helping me manage stress...
he's really well known for Twin Peaks which is a TV show but... Eraserhead, blue velvet, Mulholland drive, etc
Getting a lady *** for a ventriloquist sounds like a dream sequence out of Twin Peaks.
still watching Twin Peaks at home before I gather the motivation to hit the bar. Yelling is almost guaranteed later though.
David Lynch-directed Japanese Coffee Commercials shot during Twin Peaks (w/ Kyle MacLachlan) are the best.
Watch Party this Sunday at Sideliner's for Texans Vs Bills. Next Sunday Night at Twin Peaks!
I am embarrassingly attracted to Kyle MacLachlan from twin peaks
come get the same treatment at Twin Peaks.
I want my tip money back from twin peaks but without having to go back to working@
I'm at Twin Peaks Lol,Brother is drooling over the waitress xD
Lara Flynn Boyle and Sheryl Lee on the set of Twin Peaks.
Listen to this incredible x Twin Peaks mash-up
i was watching twin peaks :D my best friend got me into it and it's so good! (If u like supernatural shows)
'Twin Peaks'. is in full production. and will be shooting. in Los Angeles thru May 2016.
i love twin peaks. there's really no other show like it. I might not even watch the new episodes when they come out
neta this was the link I used. Just download the film
'Twin Peaks' filmed at the Langham Apartments in Hollywood this week. .
What's your favorite episode of Twin Peaks? :) Also have you heard of ?
The Twin Peaks theme mashed up with Britney actually really works
I am letting the 11 yr old I am babysitting tonight watch Twin Peaks w/ me and eat cookies for dinner because I'm a Responsible Adult.
The Twin Peaks soundtrack makes me look at life in a different and strange way
BIIIH THAT MEANS IM TAKING YOU TO TWIN PEAKS AND THE DRAFT HOUSE, do you how many girls I did that too? That means it's ending bad.
.9+ hours of Twin Peaks music cues for $10
Kind of miss working at Twin Peaks but then I remember how much money I spent on make up😂
The Twin Peaks theme mashed up with Britney’s ‘Everytime’ actually works
This Mash-Up of Britney's "Everytime" and the Twin Peaks Theme Has Achieved True Beauty via
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
This CNN spot about the 2nd series of Twin Peaks tickled me.
Buddy convinced me to go eat at Twin Peaks with him which means I’m probably gonna eat garbage and drink beers til I miss the gym tonight
The Twin Peaks theme mashed up with Britney Spears' Everytime is incredibly ... - The…
"Re" watching Twin Peaks - it's like I've never seen it. I forgot how whacked it is ☕️🍒❤️
This mash up of "Everytime" and the Twin Peaks theme is true beauty:
digging that love! Lantern theatre, the Ethical glass (?) and that cafe with the Twin Peaks logo at the door!
Just watched the 1st ep of Twin Peaks. got everything eerily pitch-perfect in Dual Spires.
Also, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me isn't as bad as I first thought, still nothing compared to the show but it's as David Lynchey as u get
The language of color in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
Finished the series again, now to watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
Completely forgot they did a head change on Donna in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me😲
Interesting how the last shot of the last episode of the show Twin Peaks sets Fire Walk with Me up so well.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me is trippy
The only thing is Twin Peaks the show is so different from Fire Walk With Me tonally. I wonder if Lynch will go dark or light or both.
I'm so excited to go back to twin peaks holy
I've finish watching Twin Peaks during the summer and I've been so inspired by there fashion that I…
should I get into blu ray... thinking about getting the twin peaks box set
Anonymous said: Ok no *** but what about pizza and binge watching twin peaks?
This entire day has felt like that bit in Twin Peaks where Leland stands in the middle of the room, crying "somebody dance with me."
It's thanksgiving and I want twin peaks lol
I'll do at those gamergate meetups and why are there so many *** Twin Peaks fanfics there are
I just checked in at Twin Peaks Restaurant with Download today!
I convinced Zeid to watch pilot of Twin Peaks and he is SOBBING
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