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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch San Francisco Billy Zane Agent Cooper Ray Wise Balthazar Getty Special Agent Dale Cooper Laura Palmer Au Revoir Simone Michael J Anderson Robert Forster American Gods Kyle MacLachlan Better Call Saul Sheryl Lee Audrey Horne

Twin Peaks is a good show. Perfect combo of drama and comedy. Great character development. Special Agent Dale Cooper is my favorite 😄
1st season of Twin Peaks: build ontologies, taxonomies and choreographies necessary to support Agent Coop…
Doesn't the current state of Agent Cooper from "Twin Peaks" symbolize the social perplexity?
Twin Peaks. Just started it but so far es super trippy. Agent Dale Cooper es life
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and there is a Twin Peaks duo of Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer at the Black Lodge. :)
And I can appreciate and love Twin Peaks but I can also love watching the Great British Bake Off.
you clearly missed Michael Cera in Twin Peaks...
Billy Zane as John Justice Wheeler and Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne. Hottest couple in Twin Peaks.
tonight both Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks. two big heavy hitters of TV
Sky Ferreira's popped up in the new series of Twin Peaks!:
don't want to continue trashing Baby Driver, but telling how much more vivid an impression Sky Ferreira made in her one Twin Peaks scene.
Imma be real upset if Beach House doesn't perform at least one song off of Depression Cherry on the new season of Twin Peaks.
A certain friend of mine started watching Twin Peaks last week. He told me "this is a lot like Deadly Prem…
old southern lady is talking loudly on the phone about something "cooper" did and I was so worried I'd get twin peaks spoilers. it's her dog
. The return of cult favorite Twin Peaks was heralded as one of the biggest television events of ……
"this guy was deadass tryna sext me and i said "i'm WATCHING twin peaks""
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Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks are going to air at the same time. a whole lot of people are about to figure out who they…
accidentally started listening 2the Twin Peaks theme on my podcast player & s2g i thought it was actually pt of MBMBAM for a little too long
Twin Peaks star shares a selection of songs that float between the ethereal and morbid:
I'm ready to make a career change. Do something to HELP people. I am moving to Twin Peaks and opening up a quality dermatologist's office.
Audrey from twin peaks is the one, WOWWW
Tried to tell Shawn about the "I am not your foot" scene from TWIN PEAKS last night. He stared at us like he was asleep with his eyes open.
So glad the foremost expert saw the Baby Driver-Twin Peaks observation. I thought so too but am just a Twin Peaks neophyte.
I watch last night ep..the case of Agent Cooper is getting stranger. Will Cooper reapp…
I'm going to binge watch the last few episodes of Twin Peaks tonight. I am ready.
Twin Peaks: The Return is a tale of two realities
lillard was heart breaking on last night's twin peaks, He hasnt been in this season much but he has maximized his appearances w/ great work
Half of the new Twin Peaks season has gone by, so far I can say it's really good. It brings back memories but also gives something new!
I liked a video Twin Peaks: The Glass Box | Monsters of the Week
the playlist you liked is coming back into fashion. Twin Peaks: The Return Soundtrack (2017)
Was hoping the new Twin Peaks would return to its old schedule of Tuesday at 9pm on BBC2. I feel li…
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My latest column for This show is more episodic than you think.
Twin Peaks S3 . I am not your foot.
Twin Peaks is just Evangelion for white people
Just finished Twin Peaks season 1. This show. So good. One of my favorites now
'Twin Peaks': The confounding legacy of Major Briggs, and Bobby's happiness
Some familiar faces resurface and Diane smokes in 'Episode 9' of
One thing that Twin Peaks has made really clear to me is that coming back to a show after many years is actually tv's greatest super power
Hmu for summa that Twin Peaks confusion
Thanks Hope you are well and writing. Watched Twin Peaks and The Defiant One…
We've been binging Twin Peaks first 2 seasons, and every time they say "Agent Cooper" I start singing the theme from Hanging with Mr Cooper.
Today in Twin Peaks news, I still adore Diane.
for a look at Kyle MacLachlan as a weirdo FBI agent, three years before TWIN PEAKS!
That said, is the Twin Peaks any good? Despite all my talk I'm still going to totally check it out lol
News Analysis | Twin Peaks to introduce authority to regulate safety of financial institutions, writes
Really? That would be awesome! Do you like Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Cabin in the Woods, Pans L…
It’s Customer Appreciation Day at Twin Peaks. Buy 6 Boneless Wings, get 6 FREE with purchase of a beverage all day Monday, July 10th!
Hmm, lots of references to Art in the new Twin Peaks
DFP - Twin Peaks: The Return Part 9 with guest . "Somehow he knew that it would all turn out well". https…
Twin Peaks gave birth to the best throwback website — and it may hide some secrets
Big info dump episode of new 'Twin Peaks', felt more like a mandate by Showtime after ep 8, there was a little of the old magic in there tho
Twin Peaks intro song is the best opening song
After last night’s “I wanna go Scooby diving”, starting to wonder if this is part of the Twin Peaks ARG
Hudson Mohawke debuts unreleased song on ‘Twin Peaks’
Honestly I was so disappointed at twin peaks food.
Like Chantal giving Coop "a wet one" on last night's I wish it was more… but I'll take a rain check.
Solve a murder mystery (maybe) in Thimbleweed Park, coming to PS4 on 22nd August:
Suffering from Monday confusion and doubt? Hit the coffee, hard mugs and a thousand other things you need. htt…
Hey! We don't know each other too well but you're super rad and are a Twin Peaks fan which always rules, you're cool as *** 👌🏻
The more questions Twin Peaks answers, the more mysteries it creates via
All of part 8 aside, perhaps my chief fascination in new TWIN PEAKS is the blank, chilly naturalism of its domestic spaces. Rancho Rosa FTW.
ICYMI: Dougie-Coop is getting closer to emerging from his fog on Our recap:
William Hastings’ blog from Twin Peaks is real, and it’s spectacular: via
What the *** just happened in Twin Peaks episode 9?
Every new episode of is carving out a space for itself on TV and reminds me of this piece I wrote.
please never forget how good the clip of angelo badalamenti talking about coming up with Laura Palmers theme w/ Lynch for twi…
Very into referring to Twin Peaks season three's Tammy as a 'sexy velociraptor'.
Tomorrow I'm going to edit piers morgan into the twin peaks scene where cooper sees the flag then follows the feet no one steal my idea
As someone who first watched Twin Peaks in 2004, the design of fills me with more nostalgia than any season 3 cameo.
Twin Peaks recap: episode nine – stop fretting, we're finally getting answers!
San Francisco will always have a special space in my ❤️ @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Twin Peaks is a geologic landmark on first reference in San Francisco.
Find something you love and master it 〽️✔️ @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Today we saw San Francisco and fled before anyone else was awake, cuz that's how we roll. Golden Gate bridge, Lombard St., pier, Twin Peaks-
No fast travel, just stamina to climb this peak. @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Twin Peaks and a cloudless San Francisco at dusk. @ Corona Heights Playground
Hamilton Collection
Joan Chen (aka Josie Packard) was too perfect to blend seamlessly into a Twin Peaks backdrop
Do FREE stuff in SF! Visit the GG Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, hike on Twin Peaks. Get more details here.
DSR ARTICLE: Inspired by latest Twin Peaks, you're now going to get Pure Heroin version of Jeff Moss. . I’m back. https:/…
Twin Peaks is one of the best places to get views of the
Catch-up week on TV after our holiday. Sun was Twin Peaks, Mon was Handmaid's Tale, Tues was Fargo & tonight's Doctor Who hence I'm on here.
View over San Francisco from the top of the "Twin Peaks" hill. Pic by me
San Francisco: best firework viewing spots that aren't crowded? I was thinking of Bernal Heights or Twin Peaks.
Had MeTV on as background noise while I drew today and Lucas McCain kept talking about "Twin Peaks." Dude. Spoilers.
raised in the Sunset, elementary school in Westlake, lived west of Twin Peaks until leaving SF. Only…
When you also miss these views and this beautiful girl❤ @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Headed to Twin Peaks with my boys from East Palo Alto. San Francisco bound!
A trip around the sun before Twin Peaks takes place
Only in San Francisco... have you noticed that goats are used to mow the Muni yards at Twin Peaks?…
SUB2r captures Bay Are Super Moto at Twin Peaks in San Francisco in 4K
when everyone in Twin Peaks works with Special Agent Dale Cooper to rid the town of madness
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No fog yet on this side of the hill☀️ @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Mind blown right here!!! The Secret Sun: This is the Water: Twin Peaks, Roswell and the Siren's Song (UPDATE):
There's also Twin Peaks and an Amy Seimetz movie on here but I'm dragging my feet with both
Is the pie in "Twin Peaks" as good as Special Agent Dale Cooper leads us to believe? Food writer finds out
Words of wisdom by Special Agent Dale Cooper.⠀. ⠀. (Anyone else binge re-watch the first two seasons of Twin Peaks b……
On Tuesday I had another eye surgery, so with one functioning eye I started watching Twin Peaks which kind of fits into David Lynch's world
Like Black Mirror, Twin Peaks, or American Horror Story? Then you need to check out Inside No. 9 on
On my Twin Peaks rewatch when Brenda Strong appeared, I said, "Sue Ellen Mischke!" Husband had no…
Oops! Special Agent Dale Cooper (run through a selfie filter first). We are on a Twin Peaks kick right now.
..what David Lynch got to do with Twin Peaks: The Return, even though Cameron is obviously no Lynch. It's still exciting to see this..
Twin Peaks: Trying to Make Sense of the Show’s Most Bonkers Episode
Episode 8 of Twin Peaks: Fantasia set to Penderecki directed by Matthew Barney, basically. Thank you so much
Watching the latest episode of Twin Peaks...and I think David Lynch inadvertently found a way to portray Kirby Krackle in live action.
Just wanna say if you REALLY loved Twin Peaks tonight and want more like that, the work of Stan Brakhage and Matthew Barney is VERY relevant
It is crazy how much Balthazar Getty in Twin Peaks looks like Bill Pullman at the beginning of Lost Highway…
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Annoyed by how handsome Balthazar Getty is in the new Twin Peaks.
I've been seeing so many people saying they're starting twin peaks and I'd like to think it was my influence
That's cool. My friend's been telling me for years to watch Twin Peaks. I'll have to check it out soon.
Episode 7. Wow. Mind bending theories and extraordinary obsessives details. Hilarious and brilliant.
Case in point: Twin Peaks. Also I was in need of some pump-up music for today and the Wet Hot American Summer soundtrack works perfectly.
Lately, watching stuff w/ actors playing multiple parts:. Kyle MacLachlan in TWIN PEAKS. Ewan McGregor in FARGO. Ted Raimi in MY NAME IS BRUCE
Having one of those days were I feel like a David Lynch character in my own disjointed tangent of the new Twin Peaks.
no huge project, just few that reached top of my watchlist at same time; this ER, Demme's COLUMBO epi…
Riverdale is like Twin Peaks for tweens. Tween Peaks.
for all its foibles (parts of season 2, half of FWWM), twin peaks is one of the funnest things ever made and makes my heart explode with joy
I wonder if Mr. Rod likes twin peaks the return, I for one have had enough of Dougie Jones. Currently on part 7
New item. Twin Peaks - The Return, Part 7 was recently added to Plex.
I've been following the new season of Twin Peaks solely through meme groups and oh boy.
Waytched the new episode of Twin Peaks last night, had a dream that the scary dwarf guy was trying to kill me
I see the Doc is 'On The Spot' here. But no difficult questions, like why she's given up on Twin Peaks already...
Been rewatching Twin Peaks so things aren't all bad.
Man, I haven't caught up with Into The Badlands , which means that American Gods and Twin Peaks...exist
New TWIN PEAKS (Imma watch it all when it's finished) sounds like a waking nightmare from every angle.
Such a perfect description of Twin Peaks
10 minutes into twin peaks and I'm already on the verge of tears
ICYMI: Free weekend? Don't miss The Tempest at or Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces at
Regarding the mysterious "hum" at the Great Northern: this is the very first shot of the Twin Peaks pilot. (And Josie is st…
what if twin peaks today. SHOWTIME EXECS: david we love this but could u make it a bit less confusing. David Lynch (yelli…
Watched an episode of Twin Peaks on my lunch break. Almost caught up.
when Twin Peaks prob isn't getting a season 4 but you realize Game of Thrones spinoffs will need white walkers
morning. This article regarding new types of ratings popped up in my feed. VERY Wynonna related.
FINALLY .. watching this weeks Twin Peaks! Only four days late! Better late then never!
[News flash] After 3 weeks, the 'permanent' Welcome to Twin Peaks sign in Snoqualmie already went missing.
UPDATE: Snoqualmie's “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign is undergoing repairs after being vandalized. It'll be back!
Jordan is right. Read this. Applicable to OB, WE, Twin Peaks, Sense8, etc. read!
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We are ready to make some tonight from 7pm to 9pm at Twin Peaks with
Unwrapped We discuss The Return pt 7. gives us his insight into the new show. Listen: h…
This looks like a Twin Peaks dream sequence.
Why the new Twin Peaks is way better than the original
Crossing my fingers that this Sunday's Twin Peaks brings us some Big Ed.
Gather 'round and play the drinking game
you pretty much have to be a Twin Peaks fan to follow this plot.
An important article about the future of how we determine a television show's success...
starting to think of Twin Peaks: The Return as Lynch's Out 1, specifically as tribute to Jacques Rivette who famously loved FWWM at Cannes
Kewpie doll David Lynch as Gordon Cole from Twin Peaks! Tattooed by Ashley!
Better Call Saul and Twin Peaks are the best two TV shows running right now
"Cooper trains to be a cliff diver, using Snoqualmie Falls for practice"--Twin Peaks season 2
"Twin Peaks." "Star Wars." "Big Little Lies." 2017 is the year of Laura Dern, and she knows how to keep a secret:
Robert Forster's Skype session on Twin Peaks last night was the funniest thing yet in the series
Everyone in the new series of Twin Peaks has been excellent but *** Robert Forster is something else.
There's many great things about the new series of Twin Peaks but Robert Forster's performance is right up there.
YUP IT IS 2017 and Twin Peaks and Hard Core Logo all in one sentence
New episode of Twin Peaks froze up when Sheriff Truman opened Skype and I watched it for 5 minutes before I realized it wasn't on purpose.
I have Twin Peaks recorded but Far From Heaven is a rental and it's already three days late :-/
Balthazar Getty's coin trick in last week's Twin Peaks is one of the best things I've seen in a minute.
Hate is a strong word, but it's fair to say I hate the new "Twin Peaks." Except for Balthazar Getty...
By the way I finally caught up on Twin Peaks and I'm in awe of how much the Murder Dwarf looks like a tiny Nick Gage
Portraits of characters from Twin Peaks (Shelley Johnson and Bobby Briggs) taken by actor Richard Beymer
Michael J. Anderson worked as a computer technician on NASA's space shuttle, then he acted in Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, and Carnivale.
How does Twin Peaks get away with having 2 main songs for the entire show
We're almost finished all of season 2 of twin peaks so bal can watch the revival with me n luke
Jessica jones on Netflix or twin peaks but honestly if you haven't seen Jessica jones check it out 👌🏾
Me vs tryna hit everyones blunt at twin peaks
The Welcome to Twin Peaks forum also has few interesting tidbits for each episode
i haven't watched twin peaks for a year but here's Hawk
Update your maps at Navteq
will have new exclusive Pops for more:
It's Friday night, just started crying watching a video of a Twin Peaks parody.
James Woolley is now all in on his comedic Twin Peaks video podcast called "Twin Peaks Coffee Time" found on his...
This time I was annoyed. I'm so angry that he won't be in the new Twin Peaks.
Omg the twin peaks theme song is basically asmr for me at this point
Naomi Watts on working with David Lynch again on "Twin Peaks," and her new suspense-thriller, "The Book of Henry"
its not hilarious its TRAGIC AND MEANINGFUl ok its also hilarious thats the whole twin peaks deal god i love it
Let's just keep things simple and enjoy Twin Peaks together. Nothing more, nothing less
This is really funny to me. Twin Peaks is everywhere
lol just finished twin peaks. overall I had a good time
I watched the original series and the movie, yet this is still how I feel about the Twin Peaks revival
Dan Smith explaining that he pretty much wrote Laura Palmer to get people who heard Laura Palmer to watch Twin Peaks and love it or hate it.
New Twin Peaks isn't going to give us more Hank but Better Call Saul just did
I was in so much shock I immediately watched the Psych episode "Twin Peaks" to give myself a good laugh
G8 review of Return Thanks :) I'll watch you again in 25 years: a return to Twin Peaks
[Twin Peaks]. I wish I could skip through all the hetero parts in this show but there's also dialogue through all the kissing and. urrrgghhh
I'm about to start the last episode of Twin Peaks' season 2
Five David Lynch Films to Watch If You Love Twin Peaks. There’s more than enough surreal films in David Lynch’s…
Everett's Twin Peaks house is for sale, via Evening
Never been to Twin Peaks . I'm missing out?
Twin Peaks mailbag: Dougie, Diane, and a new theory of time - (blog)
Had the town of Twin Peaks just had a giant town wide orgy I think a lot of lives would be saved and they'd never know Dale Cooper
At this rate the Queen's Speech will be Liz asking folk what they think about new Twin Peaks.
I think anyone who is into everything understands that this makes as much sense as any original Twin Peaks character. Diane.
well this is interesting. Fan made point and click adventure Twin Peaks Game inspired by Kings Quest V
And it happened while I was watching Twin Peaks. So do good things just happen while you watch Twin Peaks?
That Twin Peaks second season haul is rough but when you're drinking, boy it's got some moments
Remember when David Duchovny played a trans character in Twin Peaks
Rewatching the OG Twin Peaks one more time before I dive in. I want to wait for the full 18 before I ev…
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Everett's Twin Peaks house is for sale, via
I will rewatch the OG Twin Peaks for the rest of my life
Loads of great watches in the new Twin Peaks season! Here's a shot of Balthazar Getty wearing a Rolex, in the last……
Thanks to Reddit, I have the Twin Peaks font. Yes, new art project. Well, I have two new projects, but one is secret squirrel.
Laura Palmer in the Red Room as seen in "Twin Peaks", by David Lynch and Mark Frost (1990, United States).
Sheriff Harry Truman from Twin Peaks, Maddie and David from Moonlighting, Charlie from LOST
Agent Dale Cooper was eating Miss Vickies chips on Twin Peaks tonight.
Would have been awkward as all heck if Agent Dale Cooper didn't like the coffee in Twin Peaks
'Twin Peaks' is missing a key character for the weirdest reasons
Pinned to Twin Peaks on Brenda E. Mathers, Sheryl Lee, Heather Graham and Michael J. Anderson on the s…
Ray Wise being God on Fargo makes a lot of sense--what with Twin Peaks being responsible for TV!Fargo's existence
Ray Wise. Was in Twin Peaks. He is always great.
Pinned to Twin Peaks on Still of Michael J. Anderson and Sheryl Lee in Twin Peaks (1990) via imdb.…
Not to complain, I'm happy my home state will forever be etched into Twin Peaks lore. We don't get much here.
Hank! And Ray Wise shows up on Fargo? Twin Peaks is pollinating my two favourite shows!
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You also can't tell me there's no Twin Peaks connection with Ray Wise's character. I know…
That dialogue was sorta David Lynch-esque too. Maybe Ray Wise made me think parallels to Twin Peaks though.
Is Ray Wise an angel on ? . He was possessed by a demon on Twin Peaks and the devil o…
I'm sure Michael J. Anderson not being in new Twin Peaks has more to do with him burning his bridge with Lynch rece…
Yay time to watch more Twin Peaks aka Agent Cooper's Holistic Detective Agency
It makes me mad that each episode of Twin Peaks is ending with a lame indie band (except Au Revoir Simone) is this later with jools holland?
One side benefit of the new Twin Peaks is realizing I thought Save Ferris and . Au Revoir Simone were the same band. The perils of '80s refs.
New signpost up, Clarendon Trail, NW of Dellbrook, connects Sutro Summit to Tower, Twin Peaks. Better grade than Christopher trails.
Is Billy Zane your long lost twin? Just rewatching some old Twin Peaks
The third one looks like a Twin Peaks subway mural; v. reminiscent of this Leamington Spa subway Isamb…
Billy Zane's character on Twin Peaks is basically just "very handsome man," but nobody could ever say that's out of his range.
Thank you, s2 of Twin Peaks, for informing me how foooine Billy Zane was in the early '90s. ***
Twin Peaks in general or the episodes with Billy Zane? I'd forgotten how bloody gorgeous he is!
when someone mentions Billy Zane in relation to Twin Peaks
Billy Zane is at maximum Billy Zane in Twin Peaks
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Anyway, seriously, this is the scariest thing Lynch has ever shot outside of Twin Peaks.
To take a break from the creepiness of Twin Peaks (orig.), I decided to watch Queen of Katwe. A+ decision by me.
So and talk about how much they love TWIN PEAKS and WONDER WOMAN. Podcast is (fire emoji).
"When will he be Dale Cooper?" is definitely the "Who killed Laura Palmer?" of the new Twin Peaks. In impatience as well as importance.
I.I dunno what to think about twin peaks ep 5
South Dakota, as depicted by Twin Peaks. I mean, is that really a thing?
Twin peaks episode 1. Everyone is cheating no one is honest
Thus far, Part 4 of THE RETURN feels the most like OG TWIN PEAKS. Then Wally Brando shows up and I wasn't sure what to make of any of it.
Somebody was tripping balls when they wrote Twin Peaks
I like the new Twin Peaks a lot but there's slices of the show that are completely broken and busted
When I watch Twin Peaks I feel like I'm cheating on the X-Files
You didn't like her view of Twin Peaks. Because it didn't jive with yours. The lens w…
Spent most of the day desperately trying to catch up on Twin Peaks so I can watch the new series. I'm halfway through the 2nd season.
My reward to me for not choking guests twin peaks coffee ham
I hear ya, not necessarily disagreeing, but I always watched Twin Peaks as though it was in a r…
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It's a million times better than INLAND EMPIRE, but the digitalness of the new TWIN PEAKS is really bugging me.
...I've tried. It's just too chaotic for me. Like Rob Zombie for cable. Both Rob and AHS need to chi…
folks is Lana in Twin Peaks s2 (woman who attracts all men around her) a bit supernatural or just charming/a sitcom gag abou…
Go go go! . for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of are now available on https…
This seems like it might be useful for getting through the TWIN PEAKS thinkpieces
Huh? They still have coin operated slots in Twin Peaks? 😂
QC of the new DOWN 2K master is underway. Fun movie with a great cast, including Naomi Watts and James Marshall, both on…
not digging the new Twin Peaks so far, but I've been told to stick it out until ep4. Matthew Lillard is throwing me off it, though
This new Twin Peaks lacks the classic dramatic soundtrack 😪
I'm at the ramen place and they're playing twin peaks in the background and I'm twin peaksing
I've just watched episode S03E05 of Twin Peaks!
We talk Episode 5 of with special guest on Dark Mood Woods:
I really like the new Twin Peaks, but I'm super disappointed that most of the show takes place OUTSIDE of Twin...
Even in a more grounded episode, is strange as *** — our photo recap
This song was featured in a recent episode of Twin Peaks and I think it's brilliant. As Audrey would say, "Isn't...
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My mom has an unhealthy obsession with twin peaks
I finally finished watching Twin Peaks. Started the movie an hour ago. Bobby is really cute and I love him.
please weren't you in Twin Peaks before?
'Twin Peaks' is finally starting to make sense, maybe. Perhaps. Hard to say:
Catching up on Twin Peaks and all I know for sure is that David Lynch wasn't holding back for this return.
Ahead of last night's Twin Peaks, I wrote about Lynch's limited characterization of Jade for
oh I'm sure it won't be soon. I feel like all these settings are going to drag out to that battle in Twin Peaks many eps from now
Twin peaks is creepy af. Its making me feel weird
i gave up on Twin Peaks after s2e10 bc Audrey Horne, my wife, wasn't getting enough screen time
Hello, I've been watching Twin Peaks in case you didn't know
Watching new Twin Peaks and eating a granny smith apple dipped in peanut butter in my bed. Being home is not so bad.
A woman talking to a log isn't cartoony? Twin Peaks is one giant cartoon!
I think whoever is in charge of naming the kitties at the shelter is a twin peaks fan
idk, Just keep enjoying things ppl. Gonna watch Twin Peaks now while rewatching way to much DW and VGA.
I really need somebody to talk with about the new episodes of Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks now Heathers, do you have it in your contract that you only do cult movie/tv shows?
I miss when twin peaks was just Cooper being a caffeine addict as everyone in twin peaks had relationship problems
I have eight episodes left in season two of Twin Peaks and I'm about to go for a run. Please leave me a question for when I return.
Twin peaks fans, does the golden shovel poetry form mean anything to u?!!!? I'm tryin to decode things :/
I had Twin Peaks source control, once: usually had no idea what was going on, but I had some mighty fine coffee.
thats like the basis for the fourth episode of Twin Peaks
New Twin Peaks is so weird it makes old Twin Peaks seem like The Big Bang Theory
I've just watched episode S01E07 of Twin Peaks!
Gonna dive into the new season of Twin Peaks. Do I need to watch Fire Walk with Me first?
Twin Peaks always got me wanting donuts
I'm enjoying this season of twin peaks but it feels like its going nowhere and some scenes aren't necessary
Chromatics and Au Revoir Simone in the new season of Twin Peaks make it THAT much better 🙌🏼 . Now I need to visit the Bang Bang Bar 💃🏼
I think I just saw Ernie Hudson, Jim Belushi, and Liz Lemon's agent from 30 Rock in the same episode of Twin Peaks. Life is good.
Only knew of one Au Revoir Simone song before Twin Peaks, but t'were a good 'un. .
Twin Peaks is a weird town and all, but the city in Fireman Sam seems unnaturally disaster-prone.
I'm late getting to the new Twin Peaks, but its remarkable how similar the first few eps are to the opening scenes of Mulholland Dr.
TV Episodes of the Month: Twin Peaks, Master of None, and American Gods
Pulled Pork nachos with guacamole,salsa,cheese,sour cream,Twin Peaks and a big mug of the finest avai…
that twin peaks movie "FIRE WALK WITH ME" given that the subject of the film was well, if you dont wanna see this stuff do a temp mute
Smh ladies I'm really trying to catch up in twin peaks
New rule on the internet: don't attempt to not completely enjoy the new TWIN PEAKS, or some *** will tell you how wrong you are.
Ok that's hilarious! And by the way, could you imagine the glory of a Princess Bride / Twin Peaks crossover??!!!
After two episodes of the Good Coop stuck silent in The Black Lodge, and Mr C brooding around the seedy diners an…
Paul F Thompkins is one of my favorite comedians but I'm about to unfollow him for his shallow thoughts on new Twin Peaks
I realize I've been watching a lot of Twin Peaks & we're all on edge, but the sinkhole in front of Maralago was clearly…
What does wAtching mind altering shows like American Gods and Twin Peaks Returns do? You come up…
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