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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Mark Frost Ray Wise Sherilyn Fenn Ben Horne Audrey Horne San Antonio David Duchovny Gravity Falls Dale Cooper Log Lady Dana Ashbrook

That Charlie Mustoe is like a real-life version of Ben Horne off Twin Peaks when he goes mad and re-enacts the Civil War in his office.
The entire town of Twin Peaks sculpted in clay
Has Ben Horne slept with every woman in Twin Peaks? Apparently I've been drastically underestimating the power of tons of money
I could see that. I would like a Stars Hollow/Twin Peaks crossover
also at the first squadroom scene I was like "tall-cop-actor Mike Starr!" "the Principal from Twin Peaks!" my character-actor game is sharp.
I found David Duchovny on Twin Peaks and now I really feel like my life has come full circle.
If Twin Peaks was a sweater, I would unravel it and use the yarn to crochet a new, different sweater and wear it.
LIke Twin Peaks but even darker and weirder, and they discuss the on-set troubles, cast rumours, etc, then bad things happen.
here u go Andreanna Calhoun...VISIT her @ Twin Peaks Harker Heights...( pics from Halloween day )...rc
Twin peaks has the best burgers hands down
Can there ever be a more perfect tv show, Twin Peaks
Come watch the game today at 12 at twin peaks
Can you help an AMG reader with recomendations? MIchael P writes: "I've stumbled on your site and have loved many of its recommendations, but there's so much content there that I've gotten a little lost! The artist's i've really liked are Woob, Global Communication, Biosphere and Boards of Canada. Woob in particular has really resonated with me. I love artists that sample obscure vocal tracks (e.g. star trek in Woob - Odonna; Twin Peaks in Biosphere Substrata), and that convey that feel of a grand journey over the course of an album. Is there anything like this out there that you'd recommend?"
If You Listened Already...Listen Again...Leave Comments and Repost if you Like the Songs...We Want to Make the...
I won Girl Of The Month at Twin Peaks Independence! Yay! So happy, and so sorry to miss the meeting!! Miss and love you ladies and managers of course!!
Did these "Log Lady" bits actually air along with Twin Peaks back in the day? Chiller never played the Log Lady stuff when they re-aired it
Dana Ashbrook has not lost it, he may even be hotter. Dear savior (David Lynch), please have him be in Twin Peaks again.
"Too Many Cooks" (tw: violence/gore) just makes me want it to be time for new Twin Peaks.
Audrey from Twin Peaks needs to put her *** in my *** Or something along those lines.
Bob haunts the pages of Laura Palmer's diary in "Journey Through Twin Peaks":
Our death voyage has ended. I will spend all day in bed with watching Twin Peaks. 10 hi-8 tapes & 4 rolls of film to develop.
I've only read the Twin Peaks chapters & selections from others, but I own it and will hopefully read rest soon.
“Twin Peaks bartender bender by in Buckhead Atlanta
first secret one was Laura's diary from Twin Peaks as we weren't allowed to watch it
“I'd love to see YOU in the new Twin Peaks reboot. consider?” WOULD LOVE T…
Anybody up for watching some fuseball at Twin Peaks Waco today?
Twin Peaks returns in 2016! After 25 years agent Dale Cooper can't possibly deal with this weird town alone anymore. He must partner up with current TV detec...
Watching Twin Peaks season one. From the start. With Mrs D, a first timer.
Europe’s first official exhibition of art inspired by Twin Peaks will take place in London. Eleven internationally-exhibited artists from nine...
Twin Peaks tonight with my familyyy😊
Who will be Killer BOB in the new Twin Peaks? Since Frank Silva is no longer with us, here are ten BOB doppelgängers for David Lynch and Mark Frost's consideration.
Season 2 of Twin Peaks & a cup of tea. Dragging it out so I don't have to say bye to Agent Cooper
Few things are more uncomfortable than watching your smoking hot Twin Peaks waitress duck a hug from the creepy guy at the…
This weekend I watched the whole first season of twin peaks. I feel strange
From Twin Peaks to Futurama, the most coffee-addicted characters on TV—can you relate?
Oh Barrett parkway is getting a twin peaks... I see
watching Twin Peaks for the first time ever. Half an hour into the first episode it's mainly an upsetting story with lots of crying
I just checked in at Twin Peaks Restaurant with
I forgot that Mr. Pitt is in Twin Peaks. And that he and Shelly wear some snazzy coordinating jackets.
Reminder that in 30 years César Azpilicueta will be Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks.
Ben Horne on Twin Peaks having a nervous breakdown as General Lee is pretty wild
1990: Nancy Banks-Smith reviews the pilot of Twin Peaks.
All this 'Twin Peaks' talk reminds me of my ex-boyfriend Dana Ashbrook. Sigh. I loved him. (Though we never met)
Remember this, as well. David Lynch once said that all the characters on Twin Peaks were based on people he watched at …
always, gonna look at the Twin Peaks girls while we are at it
Don't forget...If you are in the San Antonio surrounding area, come hang out with us tomorrow!! This Saturday! We won't be vending this trip BUT we will be at Twin Peaks (410 loop and 151) helping to support the local Veterans in the area with this awesome group! Come on out! =0)
*spends halloween watching twin peaks* Dan smith would be proud
oh no. fell into a full on Twin Peaks rabbit hole. send help.
happy birthday! Thanks for being awesome, and making twin peaks a more enjoyable experience for me!
This grown man is really walking around dressed like a Twin Peaks waitress like its normal
Is this a Twin Peaks reference? I haven't seen that show but that sweater...
The amazing talks Twin Peaks and Simpsons on this week's http…
Twin Peaks was too good now I don't want to go back to work!!!
Drum room in the crib, very Twin Peaks vibes. Been practicing like every day for fun.
What would you like to see from the 2016 Twin Peaks return? Let us know for the latest SFX Wishlist.
Starting a tally in my head of how many Twin Peaks-themed costumes I see in Mpls this Halloween. Tally as of noon: 2.
I kicked off coverage of for Episode 1: Episode 2:
i should be writing a paper but twin peaks is WAY more important
Twin Peaks will be back at the Sebastopol Farm Market, West End Farmers Market and the Stonestown Farmers Market this Sunday! This West End Farmers Market in Santa Rosa is the only Santa Rosa market we will be attending this year. Come say hi and pick up some delicious fall fruit!
Twin Peaks girls' costumes on point
Don't be confused: I'm going as a hipster going AS Shelly Johnson from Twin Peaks. It's not at all zeitgesty
Last day off halloween dress up at Twin peaks. Come in and see the girls
DJ Sneak also uses the Twin Peaks sample in his track Babylon Fallin. Brilliant
Here's the latest from Sea Dragon!! We've got room this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday in both Howe Sound and Nanaimo. Saturday NOV 1 - Howe Sound - DIVING ALL LEVELS - Beginner through advanced. Since it's the day after Halloween, we just might have to have a pumpkin spice latte ready for you after the dive! Sunday NOV 2 - Howe Sound - The second of our "Exploration Series Dives"! This is for competent divers who are fairy quite quick about getting in and out of the water. We will do 4 SHORTER DIVES - ROUGHLY 30 MINUTES EACH. The idea is to seek out new dive sites in Howe Sound! We put divers in at different depths and different places along say an unexplored wall or other location. The divers report back all about each site to us - Good for beginners? What type of life? Features? You get the idea! On our previous "Exploration Series Dives", we had 3 keepers out of 4 dives - not bad!!! We provide free air fills between dives. After the day is done, we go for a bevy, discuss each site, and come ...
"Twin Peaks is still there." —David Lynch. Welcome to Twin Peaks, keeping the fire burning one (b)log at a time.
Visit now to win one of the World in 25 Years Twin Peaks...
if I could add mine to the list it would be Twin Peaks. From age 9 and on, that theme song can still send me into PTSD.
Pushcart nomination, Twin Peaks anthology and more via
Miss out on the show? Don’t miss out on the poster. Available now -
Wrapping vintage teacups for tomorrow's and ironing a crisp white shirt for tonight's Twin Peaks party (I'm going as Coop)
Chevrons at the backs could be white if you wanted to head more down the /Twin Peaks-y route?
'Twin Peaks' to Return to TV in 2016 via
s/o to this dead relationship saving me from having to finish Twin Peaks
Keep feeling excited that my sister FINALLY started watching Twin Peaks. This & Gilmore Girls may be all we discuss now.
The Owl's Head in Brooklyn is in Twin Peaks mode for Halloween. And hopefully long after!
Watching Twin Peaks while making Halloween cookies so this is pretty much the best day ever.
.Better than Twin Peaks, The Sopranos and The Wire COMBINED that show is.
This man in the quad is dressed as a Twin Peaks girl. I'm dying!
Dan smith probably went as a wolf or something twin peaks related for Halloween
A fun aspect of my Halloween costume is I can shame people who've not watched Twin Peaks, like a jerk.
If staying in & watching Twin Peaks in bed is not the most appropriate Halloween celebration, then I don't know what is.
I am officially lobbying for you guys to be in the new Twin Peaks episodes, even if it's just a 1 second cameo.
Twin Peaks embraces chaos with sense of adventure
I've been inside a blanket fort under my bed watching twin peaks since 2 am and I don't plan on moving anytime soon.
Ken Phillips and I talk Hundertwasser's architecture, Twin Peaks coming back & glitches in Las Vegas. - K
This is probably one of the most disturbing moments in television history. From Twin Peaks, Season 2, Episode 1 ("May the Giant be With You"). There are a co...
How Angelo Badalamenti wrote Twin Peaks theme on a beat up Fender Rhodes keyboard.
I have all the time in the world to watch Twin Peaks. ♥ Also gonna see The Fault in Our Stars since there's been so much buzz about it. :)
David Duchovny as Denise Bryson in Twin Peaks is so so sexy, jeez
Bram Stoker's ashes, Golders Green Crematorium. . Final resting place (not on public view).
"Twin Peaks" is so 90's and I can't stop laughing at the music.
Happy Birthday Coach !! I wish we had a photo of you in Kylie Davis jacket on that Saturday at twin peaks fairly recently
Finally finished season 2 of Twin Peaks.. Which has convinced me season 3 was planned to take place 25 years later all along.
is trending. Scary and complex - in a Twin Peaks way. Want to know what's going on? Read the book
Our latest is up! We talk Gone Girl, Transparent, Black-ish, return of Twin Peaks. Episode GREAT EXPECTATIONS?
If I didn't have a boyfriend I would totally go work at twin peaks or hooters.
Someone told be there's a better twin peaks then the one on De-zavala.. Really?! Where!!! Lol😩😂
My sister had my Mamaw n Papaw up in Twin Peaks? No 😂😂😂
Michael J. Anderson and David Lynch on the set of "Twin Peaks" (1990)
I voted Saturday, all write-in candidates using character names from Twin Peaks
Good to see that is set to return - even better that Frost is writing and Lynch directing all episodes!
For a short time I fantasized about that being the name of the comic's final story arc. Should'a backed the Twin Peaks horse.
Trey Songz put on a good show last night in gold room I wasn't as hype though especially Cuz I served him at twin peaks
Alice Russell - Twin Peaks from her personal album To Dust with film noir photos. I do not own anything.
Nadine enters Miss Twin Peaks once again, and sings "Shake It Off" for the talent portion.
Yesterday was a great edition of Talkin' Twin Peaks, Ghostbusters, Knightmare and Get it!!!   10% Off
Ppl keep askin me why I don't grow my hair longer... It's cause It won't. lol Like lol I'm Moby. moby sampling twin peaks. Coffee lol 💀
Is that 'The Giant' from Twin Peaks in The Blacklist this week? Awesome to see him still going round 25 years later. Entertaining actor.
For Our Consideration: Twin Peaks and the horror of the Lynchian smile
wow, so much to do. Time to start rewatching Twin Peaks.
don't know if I think Twin Peaks is sick or just another band
Note to self: don't listen to the Twin Peaks soundtrack on the bus.
I wake with that disappoint often. Can't wait for the new Twin Peaks.
So many similarities between Alan Wake and Twin Peaks, it just makes me pine for the sequel to both
Ciao Italy - looking forward to chat with you in 10 minutes!
If you ain't bag a couple hooters or twin peaks chicks you *** ***
'Twin Peaks' cast members speak on the show's past and future:
We've got Halloween fever. Check out this simply terrifying deleted scene from Twin Peaks, featuring the dearly...
Strangest thing about Twin Peaks is how none of the characters seem to show any reluctance to throw out "I love you." Jarring in 2014.
Seems like a good time to watch Twin Peaks again with
WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR TWIN PEAKS AND FIRE WALK WITH ME A bit of fun I had today making a video using scenes from Twin Peaks and FWW...
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Psst, if you’re in the US, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is streaming free on Hulu. My apologies if you’re not.
It is Official! We have opened our 3rd Salon located at 7325 W Taft Wichita KS next to the new Twin Peaks. Come watch us grow.
Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. A little TLC from Twin Peaks, via
Ik houd van Carnivale, Van Vlees en Bloed, Quiz me Quick, Borgen, Twin Peaks, Rome, Cadfael, Pillars of the Earth ... What to watch next?
Hmu if you want to come to twin peaks tom.
Twin Peaks called me back for an interview. ...should I? Lol nah
The usual coffee and fried egg on rye this morning. But washed down with some Twin Peaks.
Only a few of my Twin Peaks-inspired Fictional Food prints left!
For a second I thought you meant Twin Peaks the TV Show.
>Twin Peaks has oppai mousepads. I don't even know why I'm surprised
you mean Carrie Preston's Twin Peaks audition reel?
I've just watched episode S01E06 of Twin Peaks on !
*** I think the Hooters thing got old before I could draw anything. I'll just go with Twin Peaks next time so I can be ahead of the curve
Fon't send "sensual" videos of yourself to a man who looks exactly like his namesake from Twin Peaks:
Welcome to Twin Peaks, art show this Thursday at the West Wellington shop. Piece above by Shirley Liu!…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Do I order that Twin Peaks set or not?
Don't forget his triumph as Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks, now on Blu-ray! :)
Twin Peaks, I also have the Secret Diary. Got the Pilot episode from Japan and just realized I forgot to buy season 2. Got it. Falls is basically the kiddie Twin Peaks, yeah? Man...this show is LEGIT.
The only Satan I want in this movie is Ray Wise's (Reaper), but he's still in, like, Twin Peaks form at this point
All I want to do is watch Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls.
An interview with Ray Wise talking about Newsreaders and Twin Peaks.
This week featuring No Doubt, Twin Peaks and Simon Armitage and the Pennine Way. It's been an interesting week
Dear David Lynch & Mark Frost, in Twin Peaks, isn't it too dreamy ? !
David Nevins has Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, Homeland, The Affair, Twin Peaks & a recent promotion. The man is having a successful year.
TV Tropes on Twin Peaks is the most absurd thing.
Just realised Mark Frost who co-created Twin Peaks also wrote both Fantastic Four movies, if only they were also directed by David Lynch
Woah. You gotta see Suspiria. Gorgeous. Must have inspired David Lynch for Twin Peaks.
Norm convinces me to follow Ray Wise. Fine, Twin Peaks and more. Tonight, picture of Ray Wise with...(dun dun DUN) Mike Tyson.
And maybe a dash of Twin Peaks which I have yet to see but apparently is a manifestation of my mind so yay must watch David Lynch wo
At twin peaks and did the moon walk and won, sorry didn't get a video for y'all to see my awesomeness lol
The Killing reminded me a lot of Twin Peaks, for some reason. I love that show. I haven't seen much of it, though.
Twin Peaks is coming back. Perhaps they need a new Log Lady ...
If another twin peaks commercial comes on my pandora!
If you hear any screams from the 2nd floor of the fort it's and I watching Twin Peaks
So wait, talked about Twin Peaks and its coming back? AH Resurrects?
Life after cancellation: Twin Peaks and 7 more shock TV comebacks
Before the show returns to TV, there will be a "Twin Peaks" novel to get you all caught up on what has happened:
Fair tune for night owls, video straight from Twin Peaks.
“Twin Peaks” novel will reveal what happened during the show’s 25-year hiatus -
In all seriousness, this delay of is really good for watching Twin Peaks. Hope to move son.
It's Monday but an early dinner and watching twin peaks . ( it's one weird series )
Oprah is still alive, Gorillaz new album 2016, Twin Peaks 2016 WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
these folks at twin peaks trynna get me drunk SMFH its all fault 😐 lol
Twin Peaks is on Hulu. I guess I'll watch it and see what everyone is raving about. (I'm looking at you, )
Probably the most important two seconds of Twin Peaks:.
People worried about Twin Peaks in 2016 cuz they think it's rooted in the 90s are silly and forgot that the 90s looked nothing like TP
how are you still as beautiful as you were in twin peaks?? I can't wait to start witches of eastend for you!
You look virtually the same as back in Twin Peaks- WOW
For all the things I love about pop culture, I'm not much of a TV guy. changed all that.
agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne from twin peaks
It's spring again, it's Garlon time! We recently published a picture taken near the reservoir. Now someone's sent me these. This is a worker  spraying Garlon 4 Ultra on Twin Peaks... wearing a prot...
by Dan AbromowitzDavid Lynch took to YouTube yesterday to announce that two-season cult hit Twin Peaks would be returning in 2016 as a Showtime miniseries, finally giving fans hope for the&n
Just starting season 2 of twin peaks, man this is weird and awesome. Why have I never watched this before now?!
Just got in invited on a road trip with a lovely drunk old couple to go visit distillery with them good times at Twin Peaks
waiting for the day bae says "nah babe we don't have to watch football, let's watch twin peaks/I am legend/any Ryan gosling movie instead"
Twin peaks took all hooters employees. Goddamnn
So.we gonna watch the game at Twin Peaks in Independence Tuesday night chime in if y'all wanna join
I'm done with Pandora. I don't care about twin peaks, super car guys or platos closet.
Watch Twin Peaks online - An idiosyncratic FBI Agent investigates the murder of a young woman in the even more idiosyncratic town of Twin Peaks.. Download Twin Peaks.
"none of the band's members had seen the show when they came up with the name." Twin Peaks (the band) on "Twin Peaks"
How, and why, Showtime resurrected Twin Peaks via
I just completed my first episode of Twin Peaks.
No Pandora. I will not work at Twin Peaks
Be prepared for a lot of movie trivia. Agent Francis York Morgan is wonderfully kooky in a Twin Peaks kind of way.
Remember to catch all the Twin Peaks episodes before it comes back:
The on 'Twin Peaks': the garage-rock band talks about their namesake program
no I haven't watched the prequel lol. I am too afraid to. Twin peaks gave me legit nightmares.
Twin Peaks S01 E05 Cooper's Dreams is coming up on HorrorClix TV!
I've never seen Twin Peaks! I saw part of the pilot the other day & was fascinated. I'll probably start watching this weekend.
Although, the joints I had at Twin Peaks the other day were crack.
Yeah, I'd probably say I'm more excited for Mad Men than True Detective this coming year. And Twin Peaks but that's 2016.
I'm on the last episode of Twin Peaks and I'm feeling awfully empty inside as the show comes to an end here.
I'm 23 years behind but Twin Peaks is such a good show
THE INDEPENDENT Twin Peaks book: Creator Mark Frost to delve into characters' lives over past quarter century Fans will soon to be able to find out what has happened to their favourite characters from cult drama Twin Peaks since the series finished nearly a quarter of a century ago.
fun fact: is Audrey Horne from twin peaks
Hello Hudson River, it's like an Episode of Twin Peaks in Dia:Beacon. Where is Bob?
“Peaks book revealing fate of the original characters :
I trust Meghan with my life so I will start twin peaks asap
I REALLY REALLY hope that didn't just spoil me for Twin Peaks.
Watching the pilot episode of Twin Peaks with Kim Kim Oliver
I think I know who's playing The Log in TWIN PEAKS S3...
Ok I couldn't keep up, but some great q's, talk to ya soon folks. Back to Twin Peaks
Speaking of top ten TV episodes ever, Twin Peaks S1:E1 (pilot) is on Netflix.
Our area had several ties to Twin Peaks, the influential TV drama that will return 25 years after it last aired.
Dear David Lynch, I'd like to formally nominate myself to play a relative of Log Lady in the Twin Peaks revival.
Having dinner at Kona Grill in El Paso ... Super Impressed with the growth in El Paso ... the Fountains at Farah is a gorgeous shopping center / reminds me of San Antonio. Lots of retail with many restaurants - Kona Grill / La Madeline / Grimaldis / Twin Peaks & so much more
Based on Matt's recommendation that..." it explains a lot about the series". I am reading "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer". We're also watching S1 of Twin Peaks so thought a bit of background like this would help.
Thanks to Twin Peaks Art for sharing my artwork!!
Kirsten Lee's senior pictures remind me of Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks was interesting, now what??
Saw Pixies reunion in 2004, Brian Wilson finished Smile, new Twin Peaks, new Ghostbusters, new Sleater-Kinney! ALL MY MEDIA WISHES COME TRUE
Twin Peaks on the big screen and the Boundary Road beanie weenie poutine-y on the late night menu.
The playlist: indie – Thom Yorke, Pix, Twin Peaks and more
Mark Frost is writing a Twin Peaks book about what happened for the past 25 years while we were away!
The Showtime revival of Twin Peaks promises to pick up in the present day, 25 years after fans last saw the denizens of that town, leaving lots of unanswered questions about them—questions that probably wouldn’t have been answered anyway, even if the show had still been running this whole time. That
Ahead of Showtime's "Twin Peaks" revival, slated to hit screens in 2016, series co-creator Mark Frost will write a tie-in novel that will span the period between the original ABC series and the new...
Mark Frost announced he’ll delve into the lives of Twin Peaks' characters in his upcoming book
5 character predictions for the 'Twin Peaks' companion book to the Showtime series
The owls may not be what they seem, but this prize is! Enter here to win Twin Peaks on Blu-ray from
Live up on the slopes on Twin Peaks and you get all the fun without the honking and revving.
A new Twin Peaks book will fill in the gaps before the show's return:
Announcement time! With the fact that David Lynch and Mark Frost's nightmare vision of television, Twin Peaks, will be back for another round of episodes in 2016 on Showtime. (Thanks, millennials!)...
Twin Peaks is making its triumphant return 25 years after the series debuted with a new season on Showtime and a just announced book by Mark Frost, co-crea...
mashable: New 'Twin Peaks' book to fill fans in on what has happened since the show went off the air 25 years ago ...
Love the 'story log' in the video. So that is what the 'Log Lady' does in Twin Peaks. Always wondered...
The Twin Peaks related news just keeps on coming! Last week, David Lynch and Mark Frost shocked the world when they announced that they were bringing back their seminal ’90s television series for a nine episode run on…
So uh, just started Twin Peaks. I'm intrigued.
Flat is justice, but Nomurish Miku has great twin peaks.So I don't like her well.
Lara Flynn Boyle and David Lynch filming for the Twin Peaks pilot. Nice day for a picnic?
So I'm finally watching twin peaks and I just found out what Log Lady is and *** is this show.
The stars are aligning for garage rock concerts in November though with The Wytches playing on the 13th and Twin Peaks on the 22nd :---)
NEW YORK (AP) — The eerie TV town of Twin Peaks will soon be available between covers.
“I sure hope there's a place [in the new Twin Peaks] for at least one of my two dead characters.” —Sheryl Lee
James, on Twin Peaks, is the worst.
I can't take Twin Peaks seriously if this neon green font and synthetic 70s track is what keeps introducing the episode...
‘Twin Peaks’ Book to Reveal TV Show Characters’ Fates: By admin . Here’s something to put on your reading lis...
There were immediately questions when, earlier this month, it was announced that a "Twin Peaks" miniseries is coming to Showtime. Namely, what had the characters been doing for the past...
It's lunchtime, so get up to Twin Peaks where the views and food is always plentiful!
Just got out of the gym now going to Twin Peaks and then going tanning
Oh god it's Firefly all over again, but 100 times worse. Why didn't anyone tell me Twin Peaks (which goes out of it's way to raise more questions than it resolves) was cancelled prematurely???! I'll be playing the theme song on my keyboard while crying if anyone needs me.
The illusory mystery of Twin Peaks lives on… again. Following last week’s announcement of Showtime’s reboot of the cult-favorite series comes the news that co-creator Mark Frost is penning a novel...
Twin Peaks is back after 25 years, but I highly doubt that I will be back as Josie. I was the exotic beauty in an incestuous town, a poisonous fish out of water. And we all know I that haven’t been these things for quite a while now. However, a gl
Top 10 songs from Twin Peaks featuring music from Angelo Badalamenti.
'The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks' will reveal what happened to the show's characters since we last saw them 25 years ago.
My girlfriend Suzanne Reidelberger is on that Twin Peaks grind. She has been taught well.
Admiring the fire works from twin peaks going to the world series again.
Twin Peaks West tomorrow at 12:30 let us know who is coming
Good running this morning everyone I believe. Good Luck to Dale Kirby participating in the Twin Peaks Challenge tomorrow to raise money for Ronald McDonald House. See you at 8am for HIIT tomorrow morning...Remember HIIT and Monday's Step can take casuals (but both bootcamps are full, with casual spots often on offer when people are away. Numbers have to be capped to ensure proper coaching can be provided). After HIIT, I am off to the Sydney Fitness Expo for the weekend with an Intense Training Summit on Sunday...Back to start week 3 with new programs and ideas...yay!
Black Lake Cemetery. A new day for all but the dead. Sorry folks. In the recorded history of mans organized attempts to civilize this planet and, more specifically, their communities, men have always formed groups, clubs or societies, often cloaked in secrecy, to protect and preserve certain elements within their social structure. Twin Peaks is no different. Sheriff Truman, Hawk, Big Ed, James Hurley and others, unknown to me, have taken up that mantle. They call themselves, ‘The Bookhouse Boys.’ Defenders in what appears to be an age-old fight against a kind of darkness in the woods surrounding this town. This is clearly a place that inspires dreaming about darkness and light. And who knows what dreams are real? Deputy Hawk spoke tonight of a soul that wanders, a dream soul, a Blackfoot legend. With her burial today, I hope Laura’s spirit finds more peace wherever it is now than it did in its brief time on this earth.
really considering going back to twin peaks part time??? hm do I still have it lol
Twin peaks sat night? Lmk anyone who wasn't tagged more then welcome to join leaving for Vegas Sunday night
Isis and Amy on there twin peaks vice.sunny.the office.
Sounds intriguing. But I've never seen Twin peaks, so I think a lot of this might be lost on me. Have fun, kids!
Twin Peaks fans, who've been away from the cult series for a while, can relax knowing they won't be lost when Showtime returns the series to air in 2016. In addition to rewatching old episodes, the...
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TV's Remake Craze: Who Gets the Money and Owns Rights? reprinted from Oct 24 THR reboot and remake frenzy is spreading from film to TV. To break through in a competitive scripted landscape, networks are turning to familiar feature-film material with new fervor. Fox is reviving Big and Monster-in-Law, CBS is tackling Rush Hour and In Good Company, CW is plotting The Illusionist, and Showtime and MGM TV are rebooting In the Heat of the Night, to name a few. But the rush to remake is requiring studio lawyers to sort out rights, and not everybody — including some of the original creators — is excited. See more Faces of Fall 2014 In early October, Say Anything's Cameron Crowe appeared to quash NBC's plans to adapt his 1989 romantic comedy, leaving many to wonder whether he had that power. The answer is complicated. Although Crowe, like most screenplay writers, probably doesn't own remake rights, his mere objection — "[John Cusack, Ione Skye] and I have no involvement … except in trying to stop it," twe ...
David Lynch had publicly vowed that the book on Twin Peaks had been closed forever. Now he is revisiting the cult ABC supernatural mystery drama with a new nine-episode limited series on Showtime, ...
It is Madchen Amick and wow, she may have leaped over Sherilyn Fenn as my Twin Peaks crush.
watching some amazing old footage from Twin Peaks set visit in 1990. spoiler alert: Sherilyn Fenn was/is still dreamy.
How's Annie? Still serving cherry pie, it seems:
DO you like her music"? ARe you going to be on The NEW TWIN PEAKS show? I think you are a great actress. Your so pretty!!
When I found out Twin Peaks was coming back, I felt absolutely nothing.
Is The Return Of ‘Twin Peaks’ REALLY That Exciting? - Last week it felt like the entire internet was excited by th...
David Lynch has not yet been interviewed about revisiting Twin Peaks on Showtime in 2016. What would you ask him, if you…
You guys hear they're bringing back Twin Peaks? And that it's Tuesday?
Dang... Maybe I need to get a job at twin peaks lookin at these apartments rentals 😂😂😂
I know I'm 25 years late to the party, but I really dig Twin Peaks
Well, I finished watching episode one of Twin Peaks, and it continues to be the most awesome TV show ever. As soon as I heard the opening music, I got all giddy, and then there were all the classic lines. "She's dead. Wrapped in plastic." No wonder all these years Linnie would look at me oddly when I was making a perfectly sensible Twin Peaks reference quote. He has no clue! Tomorrow, I bribe him with pie ... and coffee to keep him awake. David Lynch is a freaking master. Love him! Which reminds me, I need to watch Blue Velvet again soon. LOL!
"this weekend ? 😩👌 lets go to twin peaks 👌" okay but there's a huge problem I'm lazy a'f no lie
Twin Peaks being on Netflix is real nice
Twin Peaks Rewatch Episode 1 is live! Hear us discuss the pilot: If you're a new watcher, we sepa…
Watching TWIN PEAKS for the first time and there is a lot of cackling up in here.
Guys twin peaks is taking me for such a ride
House of cards, The killing, American Horror Story, Twin peaks, Sherlock, Orange is the new Black!
Twin Peaks SPOILER question: What happens to Audrey? Are we supposed to assume she's dead?
For those of you who aren't now, nor ever were fans of David Lynch and Twin Peaks, unfriend me now! I was BALLISTIC about that show, it meant so much to I will be clogging your feed wit Twin Peaks posts.I'll do my best to keep them to a minimum.maybe.
Unbelievably, Strangehaven is coming back. It's like Twin Peaks meets the Prisoner. But more fun.
“I'm pleased about it,” Richard Beymer to about the new Twin Peaks. “I get to go at it again.” htt…
New Twin Peaks box set with 90 mins of unreleased Fire Walk with Me scenes!
I really like twin peaks but I do not! Care! About James!
I think I'd like to watch Twin Peaks, but I have a really hard time getting through the first episode. I assume it gets easier to watch..?
After I spent 20 bucks at twin peaks and got a full belly, get home and the smell of gumbo makes me fix a bowl if I wanted it or not...thats when u know u hit the wife jack pot!!
Watching Twin Peaks and made a insert for my phone case ☺️💜
Shows I have never watched but probably should: freaks and geeks, breaking bad, sons of anarchy, dexter, six feet under (I did watch the first season but nothing beyond that) alias, *** as folk, the wire, 24,twin peaks, melrose place, dr who, battlestar galactica, x files, heroes or MASH. Which should I start and what should I skip?
Suppose 2 be studying instead I'm in twin peaks taking patron shots lol
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
i don't believe any teens in Twin Peaks actually attends classes at a high school.
Did you hear they're bringing Twin Peaks back?
I would never be able to wear something like this to work even if I worked at twin peaks or hooters tbh 😭
How the remake of Twin Peaks is just a series of cryptic Vines
Going to try to get into Twin Peaks again
Watching 30 episodes of Twin Peaks. There are some weird people in the show.
Gonna watch an episode of Twin Peaks before bed BECAUSE THAT'S A FANTASTIC IDEA.
game: eat a dumpstered donut for every doughnut you see in Twin Peaks
Walter Olkewicz (Jacques Renault in Twin Peaks) needs your help to get back to acting. In return, you'll get coaching and/or an autographed picture.
Gratitude List for today since I'm zonked and feelin' it right now. 1. Jessica Lange's tattered, faded starlet look this season in AHS. I love dingy, sorrowful glam. 2. Finding the perfect person to stay at my place while I'm gone. We both win and that feels so good. It's like the Universe put us in each others path. 3. My therapist - who lets me super explode all my feelings out there without making me feel bad about it. She's so great. 4. Creativity. Small sketches. Art Journals. Other illustrators and comic artists that really inspire me. 5. Vacuum cleaners. Dude. Do you guys even comprehend how lucky we are that we have these machines? 6. Lime popsicles. Because sometimes you just don't want to eat dinner. 7. When someone texts you that they are "devastated" that you are going to be gone for 2 weeks. Dramatic, but awesome. 8. When you've been eating your stress for 2 weeks and somehow all your clothes still fit. Praise. 9. Twin Peaks is coming back. And even though I know that hipsters will likely rui ...
Come on in and audition from the hours of 10am to 8pm. Your new adventure starts here at Twin Peaks 2400 promenade blvd. Rogers AR.
Tomorrow I wanna get the chicken sandwich with fire fries at Twin Peaks ATTN AUSTIN Friends if you'd like to join I'll be there around 830-900. I'll go from there.
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