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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Director David Lynch Dale Cooper Black Lodge Showtime Networks San Francisco Elephant Man Diane Keaton Kyle MacLachlan

If Key & Peele did the whole Fargo thing, I am insisting that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have similar roles on Twin Peaks.
& hopefully, that's what this is.David Lynch accepting that he can never make a Twin Peaks that lives up to a failed show. because he can't.
Elephant Man? Great film. Lot of people out here wet themselves over Twin Peaks, but never bothered to watch EM . Crazy.
David, thanks for the Twin Peaks, Your creativity is unbeatable!
Twin Peaks without is like a red heeled pump without a backup saddle shoe.
Super Cooper World. Check out the full pixel art map of Twin Peaks here:
thanks for supporting Twin Peaks and defo still holding the trophy for coolest girl on TV.
Relationship status: eating cupcakes for dinner and watching Twin Peaks
Can only hope it'd be something to do with Twin Peaks, but not much chance of that now.
Audrey's spirit lives on in me and other super fans despite what happens but let's Save Twin Peaks! http…
I just want to thank you for everything you are doing to support us fans in our intention to save Twin Pe…
Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like the life with no cheese! No sense at all.
The cast of Twin Peaks made a video to bring back David Lynch and via
What if we don't save Twin Peaks? Every scene could be Donna. Or worse, Donna crying. NO. WE HAVE TO
without Lynch is Like without and the
Do you want back on Then sign the petition!
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sign the petition, follow the page, share the video, write to Shotime. Let's
Sherilyn Fenn is on the computer trying to save Twin Peaks and I think that's great
twin peaks without David Lynch is like Scotland without its whiskey htt…
Showtime: Save Twin Peaks Petition, 19,676 supporters and counting. Please sign and follow
Help save Twin Peaks. It only takes a minute. If you aren't a fan, do it for that friend who is
Showtime is working hard to get David Lynch back on board the revival:
Help save a 3rd season of Twin Peaks on Showtime
Twin Peaks cast make suitably quirky appeal to to return to project
*** that David Lynch pulled out of the new season of Twin Peaks. It was my fault, and I'm sorry.
The famous Laura Palmer photo is real, and 9 other facts you didn't know about
CGM's Pixels & Ink podcast! Brendan fills in for Phil this week. We chat Furious 7, Twin Peaks and more!
Need to keep up the pressure on to come to an agreement with so that we get Twin Peaks again!
is that the plot to the Twin Peaks sequel?
TWIN PEAKS directed by David Lynch is must-see. Television. Without him, it's unthinkable.
What if Twin Peaks still today. COOPER: Siri who murdered laura palmer
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
All in all a wonderful night. The world of Twin Peaks has always felt like a home to me and I never thought I'd get so close to it someday.
Five directors who could replace David Lynch for Twin Peaks - Now that the legendary director has… via
Us tonight. Me and getting Twin Peaks moody at David Lynchfest.
Due to budgetary restrictions, the new season of "Twin Peaks" may lose Director David Lynch, be forced to serve *** decent coffee.
I voted ABORT! on Twin Peaks without David Lynch in the director's chair... via
Check out my interview with Peter Levenda in which we discuss Cthulhu, Twin Peaks, and more
Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a good TV show without its original director. Can't believe you guys needs metaphors to get that.
Director David Lynch walks away from a sequel to his cult TV series Twin Peaks, after a disagreement over money.
Yo! Showtime hopeful 'Twin Peaks' will still happen with
David Lynch directed ONLY than 20% of the original Twin Peaks. But yea, keep saying S3 will suck without him -
The cast of Twin Peaks want David Lynch back in the director's chair:
Shelly and Audrey have both been to Stars Hollow. Maybe the cast of Twin Peaks should just aim for a Gilmore Girls reboot.
"Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a pie without cherries."
14 different directors worked on Twin Peaks. David Lynch only directed 6 eps out of a total of 29. Even Diane Keaton directed 1 episode (!)
Twin Peaks without David Lynch, is like Ben Horne without a cigar.
Twin Peaks without David Lynch, is like Doctor Jacoby without his 3D glasses.
So, this is a thing. As a fan, I have to chime in. Twin Peaks without David Lynch, is like Leo Johnson without new shoes.
Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald talk Mad Men, Better Call Saul, and Twin Peaks. Listen to the podcast here. Subs...
BREAKING: John Kerry offers to negotiate with Showtime on David Lynch's behalf to get stalled Twin Peaks plans back on tr…
David Lynch pulls out of Twin Peaks revival over cash issues David Lynch California USA Santa Rosa USA…
Ben Horne's Civil War storyline on Twin Peaks is insufferable and embarrassing.
A letter to the Showtime Networks, from Director Josh Eisenstadt, who is also a Twin Peaks expert, regarding...
A excerpt from the new Twin Peaks script has been leaked. It's easy to see why David Lynch quit:. Dale Cooper: *** good…
If Brett Ratner directs Twin Peaks you can expect Dale Cooper's new partner to be a wise talking black man from the streets.
Maybe it's better to live in a post-Twin Peaks world than in a world where everyone's fretting about its fate...
Sorry ’Twin Peaks’ fans, you’re probably not getting that revival after all
David quits 'Twin Peaks' reboot, but wants him back
"Let's bring Twin Peaks back! The cast, the crew, even David Lynch!". "How much should we pay him?". "Uh...prestige.". "WOO!" - Showtime execs.
hey look it's appropriate again. don't get upset about Twin Peaks, it'll all be ok. shh...
Top story: David Lynch bows out of Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' revival see more
Someone teach David Lynch how to use Kickstarter |
David Lynch Is Walking Away from the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: Well, so much for that. Five months after the wide...
Thoughts on David Lynch leaving the Twin Peaks revival??
This weekend I started to call actors to let them know I would not be directing. Twin Peaks may still be very much alive a…
Ryan Murphy doing Twin Peaks would be awful. Cant believe Lynch is out over money.
Twin Peaks being cancelled is by far the worst news I've heard today.
So David Lynch dropped out of the Twin Peaks sequel. In 30 years we'll find out it was all a ruse and the '91 version was the sequel.
What we'll be asking if Twin Peaks goes on without him...
New Twin Peaks will still be good without David Lynch if Mark Frost is still fully committed + they get cool directors like the first time
Better get a strong cup of coffee. Director David Lynch pulled out of the Twin Peaks reboot:
David Lynch walks away from the Twin Peaks revival - leaving its future in doubt.
Twin Peaks teaser from April 5, 1990. Who videotaped Donna and Laura in the woods? The real answer: David Lynch.
If Lynch isn't directing Twin Peaks then what's the point in anything?
I love the world of Twin Peaks and wish things could have worked out differently.
Twin Peaks without is like cereal without milk!.
David Lynch has left the reboot over budgetary issues, but the show may still continue:
Twin Peaks Action Figures make money for Showtime season 3 and
It looks like David Lynch has walked away from that Twin Peaks revival that got the internet all in a froth.
David Lynch quits 'Twin Peaks' reboot, but show might go on without him
David Lynch leaves Twin Peaks project over budget issues
Sorry to hear that David Lynch will not be in the command chair for the Twin Peaks reboot. should reconsid…
David Lynch is walking away from the Twin Peaks reboot, but the show will go on.
"This is perfectly adequate coffee" - Agent Dale Cooper was hit hard by the Twin Peaks budget
Twin Peaks wasn't really that good.
Casting Kevin Davies as special agent Dale Cooper in the Twin Peaks sequel is brave to say the least.
Maybe Kyle MacLachlan can replace Stanley Tucci if Twin Peaks remake is really cancelled :P
David Lynch has pulled out of Showtime Networks' planned Twin Peaks miniseries.
Twin Peaks can't go forward without David Lynch. WALTER WHATS THE POINT, MAN?
David Lynch Bails on Showtime's Twin Peaks: Will Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper still have a 25-year reunion? Th...
Greg Daniels to produce sitcom based on Twin Peaks. Nick Offerman to star as Det. Ron Swanson. "That, son is a *** fine cup of coffee."
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Lynch not directing the Twin Peaks revival is like replacing Bryan Cranston as Walter White — just not the same.
Weird trivia of today: Diane Keaton directed an episode of Twin Peaks. And a Belinda Carlisle music video.
David Lynch will not direct the new episodes of Twin Peaks: Just three months after David Lynch made thousands...
Without David Lynch, the best new Twin Peaks could be is the Psych episode Dual Spires which was great but happened
R.I.P Twin Peaks man at least I can take solace in the psych episode Dual Spires.
Trying to make Twin Peaks without Lynch is like Boondocks with Aaron McGruder, and we all saw how that went.
Rumours are saying Showtime Networks has cancelled the impending Twin Peaks return. To that we say Boo!...
To me the most obvious play is coming in as EP and setting Twin Peaks up at Netflix since he's long time friends with Lynch.
so many donuts on Twin Peaks, so many donuts. I would love to see Hannibal eat a donut.
Twin Peaks won't have act breaks as it is on Showtime.
Having the absolute pleasure of introducing to twin peaks.
I wanna go to hooters or twin peaks 👀
Can't tell you how psyched I am for the Twin peaks doc on Monday.
. No don't do it!. watch something else maybe Twin peaks instead !
Feelin' those San Francisco vibes more than ever. @ Twin Peaks Viewpoint
I'm having trouble setting up my product. Where do I get additional product guidance? Toyota Corolla Ce Flawless Condition (twin peaks / di…
I cannot watch more twin peaks until i get home but DAT *** CLIFFHANGER IS KILLING ME
My amazon prime watch list is now just a mix of vikings, adventure time and twin peaks. Tv shows is where it's at!!
at Twin Peaks today. Pick your extra can til 3pm
I absolutely bloody love twin peaks, such a good band
Dan, Sam from the Maccabees likes Twin Peaks omg. I'm triple fangirling. You like the Maccabees like me, Twin Peaks and Sam.
Agent Cooper - Twin Peaks: I wanted to draw a gift for and​…
The whole bunnies for waster thing at twin peaks kinda seems like sacrilege to me
I think I'm on the last episode of Twin Peaks
Finally got the Twin Peaks Season Two Soundtrack!! Thanks for being OOP and not being on iTunes.
Twin Peaks fan? Now's your chance to help fund some Twin Peaks inspired immersive theatre. Via
lingering, meaningful looks are the first thing to go. And in Twin Peaks especially, it was all about the lingering look.
Tbt to the time I went to twin peaks with my brothers and dad.
Twin peaks girls be lookin like the revenge of the autothots today on Easter too you think they would of dressed more humble nope sluttier
Four days until the Twin Peaks anniversary and still no idea to what the surprise is going to be
Twin Peaks be having the Rawest car shows 😩😍
Twin Peaks is driving me nuts. WHO KILLED LAURA?
Will Be Bigger, Bloodier and More Terrifying in Season 5. The countdown to 4/12 begins:
2 weeks off work and no money, what to do? Watch Twin Peaks from start to finish it is! Just need and lots of wine
Since I started in TV we've gained two acts, lost ten pages and have accelerated plot. Twin Peaks & X-Files -- BEWARE!!!
Bracket gone? Watch tonight at Twin Peaks & U can win Trip4 2 to Pro BBall Finals
Hi! Welcome to Twin Peaks where we make our B's look like C's.
Happy Easter to everyone and thanks to our followers. Have you any Twin Peaks news? Plz write to us or get involved.
All the 90's top shows are returning!! Whhhoh happy times !!. X files , Twin peaks
"i go to Twin Peaks for their burgers" was quickly followed by "I killed my first wasp of the year this morning" -Carson, he's single ladies
What's the FBI doing here?. The 2nd Twin Peaks teaser ad that appeared in TV Guide on April 2, 1990.
Dear friends and fans of Twin Peaks - I've never seen it but is it worth buying this?
Do you know smthng about ambient-jazz? This one is really good. Like rainny, lazy aftrnoon in Twin Peaks
what's the story behind all the twin peaks references in parks and Rec?
Photo: miketrubino: Twin Peaks Party. Designed for the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, David Lynch Series.
Hamilton Collection
Twin Peaks doc airing on Easter Monday on BBC Radio 4 | Den of Geek
The twin snow-capped peaks of Mochu-Choshuenco volcano from near the summit of volcano.
I’m joining a lecture about Lynch and Twin Peaks. (/cc )
what does it mean to have the Twin Peaks theme on repeat in your head while staying in your rural hometown
All the shops were closed, so we spent the whole day playing games and marathoning Twin Peaks
Good Morning Mr Lynch. I'm mystic cook...Would you a cook for Twin Peaks? I with you...Gabriele Italy
first proper teenage crush was James Marshall in Twin Peaks. Still now even.
> Kyle MacLachlan returns to Twin Peaks on
The view from the top is always so breathtaking. Always worth the climb. ✨ @ Twin Peaks Viewpoint
it was both hilarious and disturbing! We're re-watching twin peaks next so we're ready for the new series next year xx
tfw some people fail to recognise any Twin Peaks references.
it's so foggy outside I'm starting to feel like log lady from twin peaks
Back to Bed by Bedtime Digital Games - I give it five stars for the Twin Peaks references
Real talk and the Twin Peaks soundtrack with and This is friendship. This is love.
I always love going up to Twin Peaks in San Francisco... and this is why. This view never gets old! (3-26-15)
View of Downtown SF from Twin Peaks. It's amazing how a city so big can seem small from afar. (3-26-15)
Also that episode of psych that was based off of twin peaks is a nice love letter to the show
Observing the city of SF from the top of Twin Peaks. So pretty... This was looking southward. (3-26-15)
The Sutro Tower. This was at the Twin Peaks in SF. Gotta love the sun ray streaking above! (3-26-15)
*** I really love special agent cooper in twin peaks
Loraine, Steffi & I enjoying the beautiful, stunning views of SF. This was up at Twin Peaks. (3-26-15)
The Twin Peaks bathroom was pretty cool, but the soap dispenser (a log) made my hands smell like lilac instead of coffee or apple pie.
Taking in a bird's-eye view of SF from Twin Peaks. So pretty! The weather was picture perfect. (3-26-15)
Driving thru the Castro around SF. I like this rainbow flag for some reason! We were headed to Twin Peaks. (3-26-15)
I'm starting to realize my dream game to work on would basically just be like wondering around the Black Lodge scenes of…
Hanging out around Fisherman's Wharf in SF on this lovely, sunny day. We were now headed to Twin Peaks... (3-26-15)
I can see the ocean from up here! This was looking westward towards the open Pacific while at the top of Twin Peaks.
Enjoying the breathtaking views of the city from the top of Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA. (3-26-15)
Grading the TV reboots from least necessary to most
Twin Peaks theme song live at The Music of David Lynch event 2015: via
I'm really looking forward to listening to this - Twin Peaks - wonderfully weird - Thank God for Radio 4
I just wanted to tinkle and I somehow ended up in this nightmare Twin Peaks bathroom.
Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Mr. Show are all back. We are in the 90s
Just got home from work, get about 4 hours of sleep then get to be a double tomorrow! Yay twin peaks clearly thinks I have no life😒
What are some episodes you can think of? Like "Woz" in references The Wizard of Oz or "Dual Spires" in Psych does Twin Peaks?
Concert review: The L.A. tribute featured music from "Twin Peaks, "Mulholland Drive" and more
They accept I make my own Lego movies. (and avi of myself in Twin Peaks' Black Lodge!)
my favorite part of any prince song is when he enters the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks in “Darling Nikki"
Finally watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. No wonder she was doing cocaine. And the Black Lodge I still can't figure out
Next month I get to go to my first Twin Peaks. Goin to the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte.
EWWW. The only shows that aren't animated that I worship are Twin Peaks, Hannibal, True Detective, and kind of American Horror Story
I'm finally finishing twin peaks lol
Last time I saw you and YA dude was at twin peaks.. We spoke talked n laughed and then said see you...
I was just old enough to start Twin Peaks but remember it being weird. I'm all for weird.
5 things I want from the Twin Peaks Revival
you know ive never seen twin peaks (bad nerd, i know) So im bookmarking your post for later :)
how is that? I need to finish s1 still. what's the other one u told me to watch?Twin peaks?Cards was diff this season, but good
We went and met my mom and stepdad at twin peaks for dinner. They were sitting with one of their weird friends
Twin Peaks was advertising that the employees are gonna b n Easter outfits this weekend. But, dressing as Mary, Joseph, & Jesus seems weird.
Talk about judicial activism! A court has enjoined the reboots of TWIN PEAKS and THE X-FILES on estoppel grounds:
Taking photos of David Lynch and Donovan hugging as I try to hide my twin peaks tattoo
If you've seen Twin Peaks, dm me, I need some advice.
I was supposed to go to the gym.. But I guess I'll go to Twin Peaks instead. 😂
Is it just me, or does the trailer look like a Twin Peaks reboot? Not complaining, I'll watch it.
*** you can have Red Heat, 48 Hours, ParisTexas, Twin Peaks, Breathless and Robocop in there if you want but you can't have Terminator too
This waitress at twin peaks is honestly the hottest girl I've ever seen
.you have no idea... Last night I was in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks
Ebullient bop troupe Sicko Mobb drop their second mixtape and more GOSSIP WOLF.
Our waitress at twin peaks fine af 😝😍 I know she ringing in all the bread
Is Wayward Pines just M. Night Shyamalan’s version of Twin Peaks?
Binge watching Twin Peaks because hashtag no life.
I talked about that this past weekend.. Is there a market for a place like Hooters or Twin Peaks, but with guys? I really don't know
What I'm saying is i want to make Twin Peaks: The LP Series
*puts on mix consisting only of twin peaks and blade runner soundtracks* Alright, let's get some work done.
Twin peaks - FOR three decades China has been a steelman’s paradise. Years of double-digit economic growth and rel... htt…
When girls get all hype about working at twin peaks relax girl you don't gotta have any real qualifications for that💁
"Invitation to Twin Peaks themed costume party from high school, found in a box of old stuff" - c. 1990, pen/Xerox
A lot of old shows are being revived as 6 episode mini-series'. Twin Peaks, XFiles, That 70s Show.would be... http:…
Special Great Northern Package brings Twin Peaks to life for fans
Finna hit up twin peaks for couple of brews and some mf food ***
I got a fever, and the only cure is Twin Peaks! See you at the Black Lodge!
Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me this afternoon - a three hour version with 77 minutes of cut footage edited back in! http…
It is dark & cold out so basically I should just be in bed watching Twin Peaks with Carver.
Judging from "Marco Polo," Josie Chen has aged exactly 47 minutes since "Twin Peaks."
Here's a drinking game that will probably kill ya. Drink whenever there is a weird relationship in Twin Peaks
A fan of Twin Peaks? You might want to take a look at our CineSister, screening Fire Walk With Me.
tried to check out other Twin Peaks podcasts to supplement & idea. sticking w/ those 2 great podcasts.
Feel a bit like I'm in Twin Peaks...
Twin peaks bout to lose SO much business
New Twin Peaks, new X-Files and now THIS!? Guys, I might be doing this stuff with my brain.
Twin Peaks references in spotted 2.Hope there is more!Game has a Twin Peaks feel to it :)
Join Coach Mike Craigen tonight at Twin Peaks Knoxville as he discusses playoff and recent transactions
There's a new luxury apartment building being built, it's being called "Twin Peaks". I guess they didn't take time to watch the show...
Two more instances of Smart car tipping occurred overnight in San Franciscos Twin Peaks and Cole Valley
Hot date tips: we watch Twin Peaks and you hold me during the really sad part. You know the one.
on Wed 8 Apr with a killer cherry pie & a *** fine cup of black coffee. Tickets!:
“Good hike across HK island this morning with twin peaks killed me though. Any vomming this time ??
what i love is that james from twin peaks' name irl is JAMES. so when u say 'i fkn h8 james from twin peaks' it's just.. UP CLOSE & PERSONAL
I loved it. Little bit twin peaks but without the log lady and weird dwarves!! And a better soundtrack!
Thank you Italy! A short break and then we are off to rock Germany, starting in Leipzig! Tix @
Join us for the upcoming Twin Peaks event at 92 Degrees Coffee Liverpool.
actually, the bed looks like the Twin Peaks' Red Room floor
you got twin peaks, I got twin lakes
MT : Modern TV Detectives Try Out to Be Partners W/ Cooper for the Return of ‘Twin Peaks’
Plan today, drink 10 cups of coffee, finish twin peaks, get my phone repaired and probably vomit somewhere along the way
Gran post! Otras: 'She's dead.. Wrapped in plastic' (Twin Peaks), 'We have to go back' (Lost) o 'Don't blink' (Doctor Who).
I'm not too far into it, but I really like it. It's like a mix of Mean Girls, Twin Peaks, American Beauty & The Butterfly Effect!
In the eyes of the world it's every bit as good as a novel by Ian McEwan and an oral history of Twin Peaks.
i forgot i made this LSDJ cover of the twin peaks theme and its still kinda good and moody
- On Mon premiere the BBC Twin Peaks radio doc in Liverpool with coffee and pie:
Climbing Walls available to hire from Funtime Hire Essex. Call us on 01371 811381 or click link to book
the actors in Twin Peaks seem like they're reading the script for the first time 5 minutes before filming
we love the Twin Peaks vibe - is one of our favourite venues for
On Mon 6th April we host who are premiering a new Twin Peaks radio doc in 92! Tickets here:
Chilling with regal chopping it up bout life at twin peaks
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
How about a moment for the women of Twin Peaks, eh? –
"This is a giant robot saga the same way Twin Peaks was a cop show." - on NGE
Sometimes sitting on the bus feels like being in that netherworld on Twin Peaks. Some weird folk aboard tonight. .
Finally convinced to watch Twin Peaks with me.
It's not hippy witch, it's Twin Peaks, and it's very in,
I wish some nights lasted forever. @ Twin Peaks Viewpoint
Gorgeous Twin Peaks-inspired art exhibit wants you to Fire Walk With Me
Kenneth Welsh (Windom Earle) & Frank Silva (Killer BOB) on the set of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.
i was thinkin about getting that Twin Peaks boxset but that thing is 150 smackers
I just finished watching Twin Peaks the other day. XD
I don't just think it was because I was surrounded by Coloradans, but set of the day goes to Meatbodies. Runner up to Twin Peaks.
After my check tomorrow, it's been real twin peaks ✌️
Driving daddy's drunk *** to twin peaks lol. This outta be interesting
Knew a couple girls at west Twin Peaks
How to write 3-5 pages when addicted to Twin Peaks: don't.
Breast Cancer Awareness
No, no one wants to visit you at twin peaks or hooters.
On Tuesday, I'll be seeing '71 and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Back to back Twin Peaks on TV, looks like I'm not sleeping any time soon 😁
"Watching Twin Peaks for the first time ever - Under this future kitty's spell! " -…
Daphne and Celeste releasing a new single with a Twin Peaks reference buried within? Strangest thing I've heard in a long time.
Tonight's playlist: Tears for Fears, Theme from Twin Peaks, Satie's Gymnopedie. Shoreditch has nothing on Reykjavik.
Just because i got an free meal at twin peaks why does it mean for you to go to.
Heather Graham in Twin Peaks? How had I never registered this before.
I enjoy the costuming in Twin Peaks more than I've ever enjoyed any other set in a TV show, I think. Feast for the eyes.
Twin peaks makes me nostalgic for things that haven't even happened to me
Outstanding Twin Peaks homage/pastiche in the episode of Northern Exposure I just watched.
I don't know if I'm seeing a ton of Twin Peaks cosplay because I'm in Washington or because they are making a sequel. Either way I like it!
Syfy is playing some late night Twin Peaks. You know how to win me over, channel.
Twin Peaks S01 E02: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer: via
On set of the Twin Peaks inspired shoot where I am channeling Josie.
I guess you don't have to be cute to work at twin peaks. 😴😴
Gleeful to have an afternoon to finish Twin Peaks, but watching Richard Beymer play a bad guy continues to turn me inside out.
Just finished watching the first season of Twin Peaks
Hey to LOST to the return of Twin Peaks to Tony Bennett duets 90s cartoons
it's like a nightmare sequence in twin peaks or something. A demon hurling medicine balls and a bunch of midgets
I'll never get over how good twin peaks were at night n day last month
After watching the 2 minute, 30 second intro to Twin Peaks, I think I have a good idea of why it got canceled.
hey I started twin peaks bc of CTTM and then I went to the town where twin peaks was filmed WOAH
I'm not a big fan of his post-Twin Peaks stuff. But I really love what he tried to do with Dune and did with BV and Elephant Man.
Also, maybe is the sickness talking but... Twin Peaks-inspired video, YES/YES? I think Yes.
i REALLY have to finish watching twin peaks soon it's been on my list for like a year
At Twin Peaks and this old man with a aluminum cane beside me is drinking ur favorite shot drink w/ a lime! Lol
Why does Arrested Development, X-Files, Veronica Mars, 24, Twin Peaks & a ton of other shows get to come back but Buffy & Ch…
Don't waste your time with a twin peaks girl if you're broke often, we can take ourselves out we don't have to wait for you 😂
New novel 'The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks' by has an apparent release date of October 8th, 2015! …
I would work at twin peaks or hooters but. No tities 😞
What we do at twin peaks when we are bored
Went to Twin Peaks to have a beer, some food & just relax..It was nice until the drunk juice-head made racists comments and acted stupid.
Todd Phillips hanging out with Lita is a formless void. It looks like the Red Room from Twin Peaks, sans curtains.
Ps if u want to watch twin peaks the second season just started on Syfy (sky 114) and it's showing until 4am
This is going to be Twin Peaks binge week
Woohoo! Syfy are showing twin peaks from episode 1 starting tonight!! Agent Cooper just made my Saturday …
when is twin peaks opening in ft Myers?
In the 6 with my woes. Lol turn up at twin peaks tonight. Happy Drinking 🍻
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