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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

Wayward Pines San Francisco Laura Palmer Dale Cooper David Lynch Sherilyn Fenn Mark Frost Matt Dillon Sheryl Lee Lara Flynn Boyle Cards Against Humanity Black Lodge Special Agent Dale Cooper North Bend Blue Velvet Jack Nance

Central Texas News: McLennan County District Attorney asks court to reconsider ruling on Twin Peaks gag order
Today was dope, went to twin peaks, went hiking, and went Hyphy.. I love being from the Bay
First episode of twin peaks was really interesting but also strange which I like.
Foto: twinpeaks3: That gum you like is going to come back in 2016. – TWIN PEAKS...
Twin Peaks is such a good show good ***
Honored to close out the Twin Peaks playlist from with http:/…
SO GLAD you took the TWIN PEAKS suggestion 😀😀😀
It's your favorite time of the year! Bikini week starts July 20 so make your plans to visit your nearest Twin Peaks. htt…
I just finished Twin Peaks. I feel like I need a cigarette.
Echoes of Twin Peaks in this comedy/drama but it is way too long. 293. Li'l Quinquin (P *** Quinquin); movie review
Twin Peaks on Since almost all Twin Peaks locations have bad reviews (for obvious reasons) I'l make this shor…
Twin peaks.I'll see you again soon 😌
Kyle Maclachlan's characters on Twin Peaks and Portlandia are actually the same people set in different story lines
just realized had said twin bad. Correction! : tilted kilts. We don't have TP here in the springs lol
How me and kris stay at twin peaks from 8:30 till 1 in the morning
Gag order in Twin Peaks biker case to be lifted: A gag order issued in one of the Twin Peaks shooting bikers cases…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Twin peaks ! I've been craving this for a while
Finally watching twin peaks... Thank you Netflix.
Flooded by ppl from outsideland after party ppl heading to twin peaks. 😵 @ Twins Peak
Panelists discussing things they love to hate to watch - the film Happiness, Twin Peaks, Kick ***
came to twin peaks and I forgot how bad it ***
Can it be 2016 or 2017 yet? I really want this new Twin Peaks on my TV!!
Some of these Twin Peaks girls. 😳😷 I expected better. But it's cool tho.
My baby boy drove all the way home from twin peaks he said I had too much to drink... Ha, that was just an excuse lol
Pizza, Twin Peaks, and a new review! Check out my Headband review, and share a slice with me!
Omg ok so I ordered the twin peaks soundtrack on CD and *** it's being shipped from Washington? THIS COINCIDENCE THO
I just watched 5 hours of twin peaks I am not sleeping tonight I am too shaken up
Babe is really making me go to twin peaks with him right now 😁😁
Global Rallycross raced on the grounds of the Mill from Twin Peaks twice
Starting the weekend off right with a Twin Peaks marathon ^__^
Watching Twin Peaks makes me want pie & coffee.
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too many!! Although I am fully behind the twin peaks reboot!
At the goth/80s industrial show and the cast of Twin Peaks walks in
okay loves & did Erica tell you about twin peaks on Sunday ? me my friend Sam you & Erica 👯👯💜
Sofa king tired...Twin Peaks was good.
That's actually scarier. That's now "Garmonbozia" (see Twin Peaks if unfamiliar)
David Duchovny was strangely attractive in Twin Peaks. Intentionally horrible wig and all.
Just left twin peaks and it's like these females don't know what a gym is ..
Though I've not seen these Twin Peaks eps in 25 yrs I THINK this one tied up half the boring season 2 plot threads, the next will the rest.
I didn't get a pretty waitress at twin peaks :/
I just rewatched Twin Peaks (got the bluray) now I'm doing an abridged watch of X-Files to prep for the new season. So stoked!
Everyone is banging each other in Twin Peaks jfc
The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair is a must read for fans of either Steig Larsson or Twin Peaks.
Jack Nance (Pete Martell in Twin Peaks) was married to Natalie Portman, just beat.
Piper Laurie who played Catherine Martell, talks Twin Peaks, including working with Jack Nance and...
I could not have asked for a better view to watch Twin Peaks in a hotel bed.
Woke up after dream finished - some version of Twin Peaks as a video game staring Lisa Simpson. Climax involved evading a police force to-
Seldom to see Twin Peaks such clearly. @ Hong Kong International Airport
I might check it out then. Big fan of X-Files and Twin Peaks (Look forward to imminent return of both). Not a Walking Dead fan
I really liked it. It had elements that reminded me of X-files, Twin Peaks & Walking Dead.
Met Kimmy from today at monster mania con, she was super nice & super helpful with getting my mom & brother Twin Peaks shirts!
why would anyone go to Hooters anyways when there is Twin Peaks or Redneck Heaven?
"During the final hour of ‘Twin Peaks,’ Special Agent Dale Cooper enters the Black Lodge of his own..."
I've been wanting to watch Twin Peaks but instead I've been watching forensic files / unsolved mysteries 😪
Twin Peaks has to be the weirdest thing I've ever watched...but that Dale Cooper is a smooth operator.
A German reporter interviewed me about the podcast at the fest. She knew we covered Twin Peaks and wanted to talk...
How about Twin Peaks and some increased accountability for government departments ?
If the customer wants it,how can we refuse it?RDR,Twin Peaks,TCF all point to & end with the customer - Da Silva.
Did you hear it? The new twin peaks season will air in 2017 not 2016 i'm really mad.
Investigation finds no discrimination in Twin Peaks' blocked grad speech
Stumbled upon this Twin Peaks Red Room nightmare in Finland last night. . (And yes, I think that might be comic sans) http…
Yall just don't know how bad I hated working at Twin Peaks💀
The servers in Twin Peaks make you wish you knew how to speak French! And the coffee is HOT!…
If you like this season of true detective, which is awesome you should watch twin peaks
Panel discussion on regulation in Insurance Industry. RDR, Twin Peaks, SAM, KYC, FAIS, FICA etc. Protection or Problematic?
Please send me an email to : blue.teamso I can explain you better without caracter limitation
if twin peaks taught me anything it's BAGUETTES WITH BRIE god *** this is nice
Blue Velvet is his best but I feel Lost Highway puts together every element of his work also you need to see Twin Peaks!!!
Bob ravaging the town of Twin Peaks, but at least the Black Lodge
After a Lewis Carroll quote and a teaser referencing Twin Peaks (the first to do so), we focus on Oran wandering the d…
It's not like my sister and I are going to stay the whole day watching twin peaks. at all.
It was basically a Twin Peaks game years before Deadly Premonition.
Will Davies, Wheatley, Whitman, Nichols, Linklater, Skolimowski, Fliegauf, Verhoeven and Hillcoat also be at
The pies they eat on Twin Peaks always look so good, I'm over here dying to have some at 3 in the morning.I'm mad.
does it look like the road to Twin Peaks to you?.
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Twin Peaks!
The three Official Juries of the upcoming have been announced! http:…
... and it turns out there is an actual gentlemen's club called "Twin Peeks"! Unfortunately, it is not Twin Peaks-themed.
I was trying to remember the name of Ben Horne's secret gentlemen's club in Twin Peaks, so I googled "twin peaks gentlemen's club"...
.refers to Twin Peaks as Twin Spears, says it will do same to financial services as Home Affairs has done to tourism
the show would work better with a more Twin Peaks music vibe IMO
Soon, you are a part of a Twin Peaks cherry pie. 🍒 @ Solbacken
*** Fine Cherry Pie" makes it into in the 20 best Twin Peaks shirts!
you flying out SF? hit up Twin Peaks in the City its this view of all of SF
Breaking Bad and Twin Peaks fans can live out their fantasies at London's latest pop-up bars
lmao *** No way twin peaks better than hooters smh
Watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Intense and different to TV series but I think says it best here
A haiku for work. . Work you can suck it . Rather be watching Twin Peaks. I'll do anything
the twin peaks girls, lmao idk about that choice by manis though. That food *** :/
Happy happy Bithday Your truly the best.. And thanks for hospitality too... That nite was my b day... Be…
enjoy sweetie! Me & are watching twin peaks together even though she's in Newcastle and I'…
. Well, shoot. I guess this also means my 'Definitive Edition' of Twin Peaks DVD is no longer definitive.
A parallel universe where John Rambo strolls into Twin Peaks and is greeted with hospitality by Sheriff Truman instead of that Dennehy place
He's an amazing filmmaker. Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive. All great, in my opinion.
Guadalajara and Xtreme were the winners of the day, followed closely by Aspire and Twin Peaks. Good start to one...
The best TV show of all time, followed by Twin Peaks and The Wire:
Thanks to the excess weight I've put on since high school, there's no way I won't get this new gig at Twin Peaks. 🗻🗻
Marana has announced a job fair to staff the new outlet mall at Twin Peaks and I-10.
went to scientology's Twin Peaks compound, with underground bunkers for Tom Cruise/Travolta and a mansion for when L Ron Hubbard resurrects
Taking a walk in the dust storm with my Twin Peaks playlist. Perfect. ❤
Chad we're at twin peaks and the waitresses miss you
inspired Black Lodge replica fan pin by JennisPrints via -
I regularly focus on not letting bad experiences ruin some of my favorite places and things (ex: sssas lower campus, scrubs, twin peaks)
the HBO stuff. I loved Six Feet Under! Obviously Twin peaks too, when I was a youngster. We probably get everything.
Have you really never seen Twin Peaks?
I shouldn't watch Twin Peaks at this time of night - all I want is coffee.
When you see Diarrhea Planet while waiting to see Twin Peaks at forecastle, but you're too nervous to say anything to them
Bright Light Bright Light - Falling (Twin Peaks Theme) 🎶 I much prefer this to the Julee Cruise one
The owls are not what they seem. London får Twin Peaks-restaurang. Vill dit!
If i'm feeling up to it I can twin peaks later tonight, i'm kinda under the weather though
Can someone make me some Laura Palmer art or just twin peaks in general
Climbed Twin Peaks! Standing atop the North Peak, "Eureka", at 925ft. The Spanish conquistadors…
Twin Peaks quiz was enjoyable but maybe actually have be focused around Twin Peaks more? :/ Good times except for cackling lady >:(
Used compa Pepe's ID to get a beer at twin peaks lmao
Out with my bros tonight . Twin peaks gone be the move ❕
I'm literally sitting at the barricade for twin peaks this is great
Twin Peaks fried pickles sound sooo good right now 😋
man if Broadchurch doesn't have the most similarities possible to the beginning of Twin Peaks, I don't know what does.
Our new sounds: Brothers preview on
When the power is out at work you take cute pictures 📷 @ Twin Peaks
Nine. Right on Clayton. Heading to twin peaks?
Meh. It's basically a cross between Lost and Twin Peaks that isn't as interesting as those two.
Wayward Pines feels just like what Twin Peaks would've been like if it first came out now. Meh...?
It is happening again. Twin peaks partay.
I backed out of going to a Twin Peaks thing ('cause I didn't wanna be an obvious loner), stayed in with Spotify and wine instead.
Keep your eyes open, David Lynch is in North Bend for the Twin Peaks Fest!
The entire twin peaks soundtrack consists of like three songs.
Amazing photo! Morricone and Tarantino working on the score for "The Hateful Eight" Via
I checked in at Twin Peaks Tavern on
North Bend is PACKED rn. The street on front of the Twin Peaks diner is closed off for some event. Still found a booth tho.
Everyone should watch the tv series of Twin Peaks... Worth every *** minute
A year ago, David Lynch introduced The Missing Pieces of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me in L.A. and it went like this: ht…
Twin Peaks for dinner since we're staying next to it.
the Majestic is where Harrogate goes Twin Peaks.
That is way more intense than normal twin peaks
There's global, fitness on the rocks, the car show at twin peaks. Wish I could've gone to everything smh
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Never been to twin peaks before. Don't know if I'm missing out or not lol
We are open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays! Come hang out with your favorite Twin Peaks Girls all night long!
I don't even know how I work at twin peaks sometimes 💀
Lighthouse Cinema going all out for the Twin Peaks special screening 👌
Group participating in biker rally asks officials to retract statements about ... - KXXV News Channel 25: KXXV...
the middle of season 2 of Twin Peaks is not ideal
Finally dipping into Twin Peaks. Opening up a whole loads of synth ideas, good and bad, for
but twin peaks is the best show ever, I mean come on.
After this I feel a little like in twin peaks now.
do.the.math. ・・・. The lovely White Trash Black Magic from last night's kolonigbg . Twin Peaks /…
You there! Yes, you! You love Twin Peaks, don't you? Well take a squint at the missus's latest clocky creation.
David Lynch and Walter Olkewicz back in the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me days.
I get new Pee Wee, new X-Files, new Twin Peaks, Harry Shearer is staying and there's new Bloom County?! Aak! indeed!
last time I was at twin peaks I fell in love.
I want to get back to watching Twin Peaks. I feel it's a day of GTA and Parks and Rec though.
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My fave memories of Twin Peaks Season 2 are of myself and my friends all pretending we knew what the *** was going on. :-)
Zera and friends RP walk the flag to victory in Twin Peaks!.
Need a be show to watch thinking about watching twin peaks for the first time.
Friday marked one of those rare summer days without fog over on Twin Peaks. @ Laguna Honda
los soprano, the wire, Twin peaks ...
I ate a burger at Twin Peaks and now my stomach hurts 😑
Twin Peaks is always lit. Lmao always.
Also Twin Peaks pls wake up from your 25 year grave
Twin peaks is so stupid, im being forced to watch this
Went to Twin Peaks for the first time ever and it was great, the food was great
It's like a scene out of Twin Peaks
Haryana twin sisters are the youngest Indians to climb the highest peaks in 7 continents
Here I was hoping you were dictating this in a tape recorder Xfiles/Twin peaks style
Shelly Johnson: I've never in Twin Peaks — yes, complications.
Today my dad told me to get a job at hooters or twin peaks when I move up to Arlington 😆😅
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Twin Peaks: Season 2.5' A comic bridging the events between Season 2 & 3, with material taken from the book by Mark Frost. .
watched the UFC fight at Twin Peaks and got drunk there lol
Have you ever been at the top of Twin Peaks at night?! Photo Credit:
During August 1970, Garcia's mother Ruth was involved in a car accident near Twin Peaks in San Francisco.
im on the last episode of twin peaks. I feel NO different
Yo tonight was crazy shout out to all my twin peaks girls who worked their *** off
Just finished the night at twin peaks❤️🌎 on top of all of San Francisco and beyond is the rest of the bay
I want to visit the twin peaks town in Washington so bad )-:
OK I just finished watching like 6 episodes of twin peaks. For those who don't know those episodes run for like 90 minutes. so there's that
Me & riley going to twin peaks tomorrow 😂👌 and I hope it's good
- These twin sisters from Haryana have conquered the highest peaks on every continent
i like 999. feels like Twin Peaks sometimes...
Finished 'Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks' by Andy Burns. Can't always get into books but this was great!
My brain after a long afternoon writing session feels like a concoction of Karen Russell, Twilight Zone episodes, and Twin Peaks.
This Elvis impersonator has taken us directly from True Detective to Twin Peaks.
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Eric Da Re, aka Leo Johnson from Twin Peaks, on the Phil Donahue show 5/90:
Nice view of downtown SF cut in half by Market street. (@ Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA)
If Pai Mei from Kill Bill had a child with Bob from Twin Peaks, then I saw him today on 53rd and 6th.
. we're lunching at Twin Peaks for Canada Day. You in?
The sun in the fog on the top of Twin Peaks feels like I'm in a Zeppelin video @ Top of Twin Peaks
"That's the whole thing about Twin Peaks: all the mystery." —interviewed by his friend Fred Armisen
Dulé Hill and James Roday earned a cameo in the Twin Peaks revival.
been rewatching Twin Peaks recently, Agent Dale Cooper is one of the greatest characters ever. Can't wait for the return!
It really bothers me when a band is lazy or ignorant enough to name themselves things like Twin Peaks, Sissy Spacek, or Crystal Castles.
Just remembering how great those final episodes of the 'Who Killed Laura Palmer' arc of Twin Peaks was.
Just drawing Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks while I wait for this Oakland Drink and Draw to start up.
Have you been watching Wayward Pines? Feels a bit like LOST x The Prisoner with the tiniest splash of Twin Peaks.
Wayward Pines. It’s a poor man’s Twin Peaks but still I watch it. Hey, I’ve always thought Matt Dillon was cool.
I'm hooked on Wayward Pines despite how its trailer made it look like a poor man's Twin Peaks. Great mystery show.
I love the scary small town feel of Wayward Pines. Reminds me of a mix of Alan Wake and Twin Peaks.
Can't think of many TV dramas I respect as much as Hannibal. Only Lost and Twin Peaks share similar high levels of quality & artistry.
Wayward Pines is like if Lost and Twin Peaks fooled around. They didn't have a baby, they just blew each other.
Oh. Also Super Show. Needs to come back. Pronto. Twin Peaks, Clone High, and TASS is all I need.
At least we have the Twin Peaks and X-files revival, as well as shows like Wayward Pines and Agent Carter to keep things interesting
so 1 ep into Wayward Pines: cinematography is pretty and dillon is good, but i expected more Twin Peaks and its more Stepford Wives.
Well, Wayward Pines' big reveal was bold to say the least. We're no longer in Twin Peaks territory, that's for sure.
Wayward Pines is a really really good show so far... I suggest it to any Twin Peaks fan
As much as I don't really like Twin Peaks, M. Night Shyamalan, and Matt Dillon. Wayward Pines has been really impressive.
Popular This Week: Road trippin' with Twin Peaks on the West Coast
Wayward Pines seems to be the closest thing to Twin Peaks that I've ever watched. What do you guys think?
At the bar:. Me: "Let's go home, get high, and watch Twin Peaks." . Dev: "I love you."
It's really unfair to call Wayward Pines a cheap knockoff of Twin Peaks. It's obviously a cheap knockoff of The Prisoner.
Watched two episodes of Wayward Pines back to back. Definitely can see the Twin Peaks comparison.
Currently rehearsing a Twin Peaks inspired scene at for our show next Sunday - come and see?! :^D
Twin Peaks is bloody awesome. FBI agent Dale Cooper is the Man. 😎 David Lynch. 🙏
Self portrait at Twin Peaks in San Francisco, California via /r/pics
Photo: parkmerced: Working out has its rewards… Twin Peaks. San Francisco, CA
I spy with my little eye. @ Twin Peaks, San Francisco, California
It's like 65 degrees here at Twin Peaks, they really trynna make their twins peak huh...
Two more Tacoma landmarks: 1 Bob's Java Jive, like something out of Twin Peaks 2 Stadium HS
Unpacking boxes in my new home, Twin Peaks - San Francisco.
Googling BOB PEAK, Getting Tons of photos of BOB from Twin Peaks *** !
When you jump too high, you dive too deep!!! @ Twin Peaks (San Francisco)
Give dad a break from grill duty. Peak his curiosity with a gift card to Twin Peaks! Available in store and...
I was on Twin Peaks in San Francisco and I noticed this beautiful woman getting her photo …
Last view of San Francisco, from Twin Peaks. You can see Financial District, Market Street, Castro,…
On Top Of The World. This scenery would never get old. Twin Peaks, San Francisco. ---. ❓❓❓ by…
'Twin Peaks' co-creator Mark Frost on Showtime reboot, the cliffhanger...
As Pride approaches in San Francisco,the 20th annual Pink Triangle is dedicated at Twin Peaks
People of San Francisco! When going to Twin Peaks would you recommend walking up though the park, or driving straight to the top?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
can you guys play the Twin Peaks and Friday Night Lights theme songs on repeat at my funeral
shares St Patty's day love Twin Peaks style
Near closing time most bars turn the lights on, Twin Peaks puts their shirts on.
I just woke up from a dream that I was cast as a new character in Twin Peaks and honestly I'm a little disappointed but mostly relieved
Did David Lynch & Mark Frost binge-watch Twin Peaks together before writing new scripts?. I like to believe they did. ht…
Also there was a pretty slick reference to Twin Peaks in the Shadow Broker DLC. Props Bioware.
Photo: Lara Flynn Boyle and Sheryl Lee on the set of Twin Peaks
Meanwhile, Roni is headbutting the bathroom mirror like Dale Cooper in the last episode of Twin Peaks
Hundreds of bikers rally in Texas in support of brethren charged in Twin Peaks ... - New York Daily News …
It's been months since I finally finished Twin Peaks and I'm still having strong feelings about Dale Cooper on the daily.
with Twin Peaks coming back, there is no other choice! secret diary of Laura Palmer!
Maybe the new Twin Peaks will just be all the surviving characters being all "Hey remember when Laura Palmer died? That was a thing"
Am I in Twin Peaks or is that weirdass backwards talking GE commercial with the patchy beard guy and talking lights a real advertisement?
Yes, yes, and yes. Also your name font is basically identical to Twin Peaks credits font.
On this episode of Twin Peaks, we all killed Laura Palmer. It was all of us.
Maybe the weirdest sketch card I've ever done. Dead Laura Palmer in a bag from Twin Peaks.
Watching old Tales of the Unexpected. The last one had Twin Peaks' Michael Ontkean and Pamela Stephenson.
rewatching Twin Peaks and I totally forgot how hot Joan Chen was. holy cow...
Would be genius if aired the original Twin Peaks episodes according to the show's timeline, starting Februa…
Lake's Late Night Hot Take:. Twin Peaks is a good show
Enjoyed a nice drive today from Salt Lake City up to Twin Peaks. .
Heather Graham looks even younger than Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks--what makes Annie a better match for Dale than Audrey?!?
Dear God, thank you for fixing Twin Peaks. Now - please get Lara Flynn Boyle back as Donna Hayward. I thank you.
Lake Blanche reflections last night at sunset in the Twin Peaks was stunning!
I'm definitely the first to realize that Sherilyn Fenn and Madchen Amick were on Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls.
A Twin Peaks fan lived out Laura Palmer's life | Dazed
It must be weird for Bastille fans who have never seen Twin Peaks. I assume they have no idea who Laura Palmer is.
A Twin Peaks fan reenacted Laura Palmer's life, and now they want to make a doc about him:
Dark vs. light: both 25th anniversary festivals for Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure are the same weekend:
So I hear that M. Night Shamylan Twin Peaks show is actually good?
Oh, just the intro to Twin Peaks animated in paper.
here is a link to the photos I took at the 2015 Twin Peaks Bikini Contest
Supposedly there's this entire city behind us. Next time Neeraj! @ Twin Peaks…
I've never watched Twin Peaks but I've seen the gif sets on Tumblr so I'm super excited for the new season!
Finally finished season 2 of Twin Peaks. Yo dat ending has me scratching my head. Wonder what the new season will be about next?
One of my friends' friends on FetLife looks just like Killer BOB from Twin Peaks. Weeeird.
Ima go work at hooters, or twin peaks.
A new documentary telling the story of a *** teen’s struggles with drugs and bullying is seeking funds: http:/…
This the 3rd time im watching this episode of twin peaks Cuz I been so sleep the other 3 times smfh
So mad Audrey is relegated to the most boring plotline in Twin Peaks S2 w/her dad (Nadine Goes To School is never boring).
Guess what time it is. TWIN PEAKS TIME.
The Palmer house a week after Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me premiered. Photo by http…
there is not one bit of Twin Peaks gossip or news I don't hear about. I'll be there in July to check out the progress.
Watching more Twin Peaks. This show is so creepy/bizarre/twisted. 😱
Irrationally terrified that rat looking man (Bob?) from Twin Peaks will attack me while I sleep.
The Truth about the May 17, 2015 Shooting Tragedy at Twin Peaks Restaura... via
Check out this great Podcast: can't imagine what my life will be like without it?!
Twin Peaks '16 will collapse under the weight of no Windom Earle.
My wonderful Thursday evening has consisted of rearranging my books, spinning some records and now on to Twin Peaks.
Twin Peaks Charter of valedictorian silenced over speech disclosing he was ***
It's a great episode too. Mostly focused on the woman of Twin Peaks. She also adapts well to the show's surreal tone.
just saw someone on Reddit say the Twin Peaks vinyl reissue isn't happening. Do you know anything about that?
Check out 'Twin Peaks' intro animated with paper
You can play this Cards Against Humanity expansion pack with Twin Peaks fans... AND haters:
Original composer Angelo Badalamenti is set to create new music for the continuation of "Twin Peaks"
I haven't watched Twin Peaks since it aired and I'm not sure I want to go back.
All splinters who wanna discuss the twin peaks how owner manager got played about speech huh that was dumb I know different Intro PLEASE
I liked a video Twin Peaks panel with Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn at Seattle Crypticon - 5/23/15
One of the Twin Peaks expansion sets for Cards Against Humanity includes an autographed card! htt…
Lee, your article about Twin Peaks was excellent.
The four owners of the Twin Peaks franchise in Waco, Texas, where nine people died in a biker gang shoot-out are revealed. Police say they
Yo Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks lowkey hot af don’t @ me
I've never seen Twin Peaks and I really want to but I really don't want to at the same time because everything I've seen about Dale Cooper
Laura Palmer and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks @ by godmodule
Reminiscing on how good twin peaks was the 1st time I saw it and cry
Sister - "Paige you should totally work at Twin Peaks, you have the perfect body for it!". Oooohhhkay😅
. There's a Twin Peaks in Concord NC. I'll have to pay them a visit next time I'm in town.
And it's a win for Sweden, Twin Peaks, and graphics.
PSA: dont come to twin peaks, sit in my section and dont tip
They even found them in the flour bags at Twin Peaks!
Watching Twin Peaks for the first time. The sander/saw close-up that lasted forever made me uncomfortable. The 80s sex music did not help.
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