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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is an American television serial drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The series follows the investigation headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of the murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

David Lynch Mark Frost Sherilyn Fenn Log Lady Laura Palmer Kyle MacLachlan Blue Velvet Gilmore Girls Gordon Cole Richard Beymer Michael Hogan Agent Cooper Andy Greenwald Dale Cooper Sesame Street

The playlist: indie – Thom Yorke, Pix, Twin Peaks and more
Mark Frost is writing a Twin Peaks book about what happened for the past 25 years while we were away!
The Showtime revival of Twin Peaks promises to pick up in the present day, 25 years after fans last saw the denizens of that town, leaving lots of unanswered questions about them—questions that probably wouldn’t have been answered anyway, even if the show had still been running this whole time. That
Ahead of Showtime's "Twin Peaks" revival, slated to hit screens in 2016, series co-creator Mark Frost will write a tie-in novel that will span the period between the original ABC series and the new...
Mark Frost announced he’ll delve into the lives of Twin Peaks' characters in his upcoming book
5 character predictions for the 'Twin Peaks' companion book to the Showtime series
The owls may not be what they seem, but this prize is! Enter here to win Twin Peaks on Blu-ray from
Live up on the slopes on Twin Peaks and you get all the fun without the honking and revving.
A new Twin Peaks book will fill in the gaps before the show's return:
Announcement time! With the fact that David Lynch and Mark Frost's nightmare vision of television, Twin Peaks, will be back for another round of episodes in 2016 on Showtime. (Thanks, millennials!)...
Twin Peaks is making its triumphant return 25 years after the series debuted with a new season on Showtime and a just announced book by Mark Frost, co-crea...
mashable: New 'Twin Peaks' book to fill fans in on what has happened since the show went off the air 25 years ago ...
Love the 'story log' in the video. So that is what the 'Log Lady' does in Twin Peaks. Always wondered...
The Twin Peaks related news just keeps on coming! Last week, David Lynch and Mark Frost shocked the world when they announced that they were bringing back their seminal ’90s television series for a nine episode run on…
So uh, just started Twin Peaks. I'm intrigued.
Flat is justice, but Nomurish Miku has great twin peaks.So I don't like her well.
Lara Flynn Boyle and David Lynch filming for the Twin Peaks pilot. Nice day for a picnic?
So I'm finally watching twin peaks and I just found out what Log Lady is and *** is this show.
The stars are aligning for garage rock concerts in November though with The Wytches playing on the 13th and Twin Peaks on the 22nd :---)
NEW YORK (AP) — The eerie TV town of Twin Peaks will soon be available between covers.
“I sure hope there's a place [in the new Twin Peaks] for at least one of my two dead characters.” —Sheryl Lee
James, on Twin Peaks, is the worst.
I can't take Twin Peaks seriously if this neon green font and synthetic 70s track is what keeps introducing the episode...
‘Twin Peaks’ Book to Reveal TV Show Characters’ Fates: By admin . Here’s something to put on your reading lis...
There were immediately questions when, earlier this month, it was announced that a "Twin Peaks" miniseries is coming to Showtime. Namely, what had the characters been doing for the past...
It's lunchtime, so get up to Twin Peaks where the views and food is always plentiful!
Just got out of the gym now going to Twin Peaks and then going tanning
Oh god it's Firefly all over again, but 100 times worse. Why didn't anyone tell me Twin Peaks (which goes out of it's way to raise more questions than it resolves) was cancelled prematurely???! I'll be playing the theme song on my keyboard while crying if anyone needs me.
The illusory mystery of Twin Peaks lives on… again. Following last week’s announcement of Showtime’s reboot of the cult-favorite series comes the news that co-creator Mark Frost is penning a novel...
Twin Peaks is back after 25 years, but I highly doubt that I will be back as Josie. I was the exotic beauty in an incestuous town, a poisonous fish out of water. And we all know I that haven’t been these things for quite a while now. However, a gl
Top 10 songs from Twin Peaks featuring music from Angelo Badalamenti.
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'The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks' will reveal what happened to the show's characters since we last saw them 25 years ago.
My girlfriend Suzanne Reidelberger is on that Twin Peaks grind. She has been taught well.
Admiring the fire works from twin peaks going to the world series again.
Twin Peaks West tomorrow at 12:30 let us know who is coming
Good running this morning everyone I believe. Good Luck to Dale Kirby participating in the Twin Peaks Challenge tomorrow to raise money for Ronald McDonald House. See you at 8am for HIIT tomorrow morning...Remember HIIT and Monday's Step can take casuals (but both bootcamps are full, with casual spots often on offer when people are away. Numbers have to be capped to ensure proper coaching can be provided). After HIIT, I am off to the Sydney Fitness Expo for the weekend with an Intense Training Summit on Sunday...Back to start week 3 with new programs and ideas...yay!
Black Lake Cemetery. A new day for all but the dead. Sorry folks. In the recorded history of mans organized attempts to civilize this planet and, more specifically, their communities, men have always formed groups, clubs or societies, often cloaked in secrecy, to protect and preserve certain elements within their social structure. Twin Peaks is no different. Sheriff Truman, Hawk, Big Ed, James Hurley and others, unknown to me, have taken up that mantle. They call themselves, ‘The Bookhouse Boys.’ Defenders in what appears to be an age-old fight against a kind of darkness in the woods surrounding this town. This is clearly a place that inspires dreaming about darkness and light. And who knows what dreams are real? Deputy Hawk spoke tonight of a soul that wanders, a dream soul, a Blackfoot legend. With her burial today, I hope Laura’s spirit finds more peace wherever it is now than it did in its brief time on this earth.
really considering going back to twin peaks part time??? hm do I still have it lol
Twin peaks sat night? Lmk anyone who wasn't tagged more then welcome to join leaving for Vegas Sunday night
Isis and Amy on there twin peaks vice.sunny.the office.
Sounds intriguing. But I've never seen Twin peaks, so I think a lot of this might be lost on me. Have fun, kids!
Twin Peaks fans, who've been away from the cult series for a while, can relax knowing they won't be lost when Showtime returns the series to air in 2016. In addition to rewatching old episodes, the...
TV's Remake Craze: Who Gets the Money and Owns Rights? reprinted from Oct 24 THR reboot and remake frenzy is spreading from film to TV. To break through in a competitive scripted landscape, networks are turning to familiar feature-film material with new fervor. Fox is reviving Big and Monster-in-Law, CBS is tackling Rush Hour and In Good Company, CW is plotting The Illusionist, and Showtime and MGM TV are rebooting In the Heat of the Night, to name a few. But the rush to remake is requiring studio lawyers to sort out rights, and not everybody — including some of the original creators — is excited. See more Faces of Fall 2014 In early October, Say Anything's Cameron Crowe appeared to quash NBC's plans to adapt his 1989 romantic comedy, leaving many to wonder whether he had that power. The answer is complicated. Although Crowe, like most screenplay writers, probably doesn't own remake rights, his mere objection — "[John Cusack, Ione Skye] and I have no involvement … except in trying to stop it," twe ...
David Lynch had publicly vowed that the book on Twin Peaks had been closed forever. Now he is revisiting the cult ABC supernatural mystery drama with a new nine-episode limited series on Showtime, ...
It is Madchen Amick and wow, she may have leaped over Sherilyn Fenn as my Twin Peaks crush.
watching some amazing old footage from Twin Peaks set visit in 1990. spoiler alert: Sherilyn Fenn was/is still dreamy.
How's Annie? Still serving cherry pie, it seems:
DO you like her music"? ARe you going to be on The NEW TWIN PEAKS show? I think you are a great actress. Your so pretty!!
When I found out Twin Peaks was coming back, I felt absolutely nothing.
Is The Return Of ‘Twin Peaks’ REALLY That Exciting? - Last week it felt like the entire internet was excited by th...
David Lynch has not yet been interviewed about revisiting Twin Peaks on Showtime in 2016. What would you ask him, if you…
Dale Cooper: Harry, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it. Don't wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men's store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee. *** good coffee!I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. Twin Peaks
You guys hear they're bringing back Twin Peaks? And that it's Tuesday?
Dang... Maybe I need to get a job at twin peaks lookin at these apartments rentals 😂😂😂
I know I'm 25 years late to the party, but I really dig Twin Peaks
Well, I finished watching episode one of Twin Peaks, and it continues to be the most awesome TV show ever. As soon as I heard the opening music, I got all giddy, and then there were all the classic lines. "She's dead. Wrapped in plastic." No wonder all these years Linnie would look at me oddly when I was making a perfectly sensible Twin Peaks reference quote. He has no clue! Tomorrow, I bribe him with pie ... and coffee to keep him awake. David Lynch is a freaking master. Love him! Which reminds me, I need to watch Blue Velvet again soon. LOL!
"this weekend ? 😩👌 lets go to twin peaks 👌" okay but there's a huge problem I'm lazy a'f no lie
Twin Peaks being on Netflix is real nice
Twin Peaks Rewatch Episode 1 is live! Hear us discuss the pilot: If you're a new watcher, we sepa…
Watching TWIN PEAKS for the first time and there is a lot of cackling up in here.
Guys twin peaks is taking me for such a ride
House of cards, The killing, American Horror Story, Twin peaks, Sherlock, Orange is the new Black!
Twin Peaks SPOILER question: What happens to Audrey? Are we supposed to assume she's dead?
For those of you who aren't now, nor ever were fans of David Lynch and Twin Peaks, unfriend me now! I was BALLISTIC about that show, it meant so much to I will be clogging your feed wit Twin Peaks posts.I'll do my best to keep them to a minimum.maybe.
Unbelievably, Strangehaven is coming back. It's like Twin Peaks meets the Prisoner. But more fun.
“I'm pleased about it,” Richard Beymer to about the new Twin Peaks. “I get to go at it again.” htt…
New Twin Peaks box set with 90 mins of unreleased Fire Walk with Me scenes!
I really like twin peaks but I do not! Care! About James!
I think I'd like to watch Twin Peaks, but I have a really hard time getting through the first episode. I assume it gets easier to watch..?
After I spent 20 bucks at twin peaks and got a full belly, get home and the smell of gumbo makes me fix a bowl if I wanted it or not...thats when u know u hit the wife jack pot!!
Watching Twin Peaks and made a insert for my phone case ☺️💜
Shows I have never watched but probably should: freaks and geeks, breaking bad, sons of anarchy, dexter, six feet under (I did watch the first season but nothing beyond that) alias, *** as folk, the wire, 24,twin peaks, melrose place, dr who, battlestar galactica, x files, heroes or MASH. Which should I start and what should I skip?
Suppose 2 be studying instead I'm in twin peaks taking patron shots lol
i don't believe any teens in Twin Peaks actually attends classes at a high school.
Did you hear they're bringing Twin Peaks back?
I would never be able to wear something like this to work even if I worked at twin peaks or hooters tbh 😭 featured in NBC s Science of Love
How the remake of Twin Peaks is just a series of cryptic Vines
Going to try to get into Twin Peaks again
Watching 30 episodes of Twin Peaks. There are some weird people in the show.
Gonna watch an episode of Twin Peaks before bed BECAUSE THAT'S A FANTASTIC IDEA.
game: eat a dumpstered donut for every doughnut you see in Twin Peaks
Walter Olkewicz (Jacques Renault in Twin Peaks) needs your help to get back to acting. In return, you'll get coaching and/or an autographed picture.
Gratitude List for today since I'm zonked and feelin' it right now. 1. Jessica Lange's tattered, faded starlet look this season in AHS. I love dingy, sorrowful glam. 2. Finding the perfect person to stay at my place while I'm gone. We both win and that feels so good. It's like the Universe put us in each others path. 3. My therapist - who lets me super explode all my feelings out there without making me feel bad about it. She's so great. 4. Creativity. Small sketches. Art Journals. Other illustrators and comic artists that really inspire me. 5. Vacuum cleaners. Dude. Do you guys even comprehend how lucky we are that we have these machines? 6. Lime popsicles. Because sometimes you just don't want to eat dinner. 7. When someone texts you that they are "devastated" that you are going to be gone for 2 weeks. Dramatic, but awesome. 8. When you've been eating your stress for 2 weeks and somehow all your clothes still fit. Praise. 9. Twin Peaks is coming back. And even though I know that hipsters will likely rui ...
Come on in and audition from the hours of 10am to 8pm. Your new adventure starts here at Twin Peaks 2400 promenade blvd. Rogers AR.
Tomorrow I wanna get the chicken sandwich with fire fries at Twin Peaks ATTN AUSTIN Friends if you'd like to join I'll be there around 830-900. I'll go from there.
nice work! I have seen some references in Silent Hill, do you know if Twin Peaks was an influence for the story writers?
Just realized you could do a "Twin Peaks: The Next Generation" featuring Amber Tamblyn, Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jone…
Started watching Twin Peaks. Biggest mystery I've solved is the reason why Rashida Jones is so beautiful
here's her mom Peggy Lipton on Donohue in 1990, promoting Twin Peaks.
Special TWIN PEAKS inspired Free Download to get you ready for our EP Launch this weekend!
This is epic! Find out what show is returning to in 2016:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Help i had four days to finish my paper and I haven't only watched twin peaks I 💕 myself
"Twin Peaks isn't just an important fossil from TV's history. It's an essential, often ignored blue print for TV greatness"
Remember when I tried to pass off my red sweater and saddle shoes as a Red-Room-from-Twin-Peaks Halloween costume?
wracking my brain as to where I've seen the actor playing leader of the Rogues from The Warriors. IMDB reveals: Jerry Horne from Twin Peaks
Hope this 'Twin Peaks' revival does not disappoint
Madison Sawyer and Kaycee asked about y'all yesterday at twin peaks
The return of Twin Peaks AND a Big Lebowski sequel (with Bill Murray)?!
Bring me on all your podcasts so I can be the Dan Ryckert of Twin Peaks watching
Twin Peaks and some amazing .gif art - Just part of this week's Shareables: *DJ
Everyone come to the new twin peaks out west. Open to the public at 5! Got the coolest beer in Wichita!
This is the cherry (pie, perhaps?) on top of a week brimming with Twin Peaks excitement:
New pod should be uploaded soon. I talk TWIN PEAKS, THE WALKING DEAD and a bunch of other fun stuff with &
Excited for the return of David Lynch's reality-twisting drama Twin Peaks? You should be:
In her role as a diner waitress, Heather Graham refers to her Twin Peaks character, Annie Blackburn, in the movie adaptation of Joe Hill's Horns.
The very beginning of season two in Twin Peaks is incredibly hilarious and sad and adorable and awesome
There's still hope! CBS/Paramount are asking Twin Peaks Blu-ray audio sync issues to be reported at
What a glorious sleep-in, after another late night of Twin Peaks. Grateful my loves think mornings are unnecessary parts of the day, too.
Trent getting excited around the twin peaks girl;)
Twin peaks is opening a restaurant in rogers!!! 😍😍🙈
It's pretty gusty at the top of the northern of the Twin Peaks! Significantly higher than both of yesterday's vistas!
Couldn't be bothered with hair or makeup today, just coffee and Twin Peaks' rewatch. Feels like Sunday.
related: i always thought it would be funny to have a podcast of two *** dudes watch Twin Peaks and review each episode
is that emoji a message? Should I be at twin peaks around lets say 10-11?
As the last person to the Twin Peaks party, this is a pretty fantastic thing to keep in your head daily
Also cute grunge boy likes twin peaks why do I not find these ppl irl
I hate to say it to all ye Twin Peaks fans out there, but it hasn't aged well. Not at all. Not a bit.
Jay Cutler at Twin Peaks and it's packed!
“In less than a week 75,000 people downloaded [Twin Peaks]'s first two seasons from various torrent sites.”
The Returned- french suspense/mystery, for fans of top of the lake & twin peaks
Alice Russell "Twin Peaks" From the album Alice Russell - "To Dust Soul" 2013 [Lyrics to "Twin Peaks"] (Verse) Here am I, sleep walking in the light With my ...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I scored 10 out of 10 on Quiz: how much do you know about Twin Peaks? - 'Twin geeks, more like. When it comes to Lynch knowledge, you’re a veritable giant. '
Kyle Munson from the The Des Moines Register wrote a great piece on the David Lynch MA in Film: "David Lynch and the 'Twin Peaks' of Iowa." Read it here:
David Lynch's cult series Twin Peaks is being revived. But, asks Michael Hogan, how much do you remember about the surreal murder-mystery?
Had a butt ton of fun recording Hizrim's lines for an upcoming morphE. Some behind the scenes on Twin Peaks actually helped me refine the performance a little.
The glorious autumn weather at the weekend was an unexpected bonus, hope everyone made the most of it by spending time out of doors! Well done to all those who ran or supported Saturday's parkrun or Sunday's Twin Peaks, particularly the gluttons for punishment who ran both, and a special mention for Roger Bennett who ran the Oxford half-marathon including Roger Bannister's historical mile (though our Roger took a little longer than 4 minutes!).
Just saw a Twin Peaks reference on Sesame Street!
Got a spare ticket to The Double R Club, October 16th! Anyone interested? Don't know if any of my friends are Twin Peaks/David Lynch fans?!?! x
Laura Palmer is the beloved Homecoming Queen and local sweetheart of the small logging town of Twin Peaks. But that's...
This collection of video clips was shown during the Twin Peaks Festival at the North Bend Theatre Friday, August 2nd, 2013.
It's a Bears VICTORY MONDAY! On the air @ 2pm Twin Peaks Wheeling. Jay Cutler joins us @ 2 and we'll replay for the commute home @ 5. It was one of his best performances as a Bears QB. Offense and defense both step up. JD @ 4. Good, bad, dirty 4:30. Crazy weekend in the NFL. MLB playoffs. Cubs digging. Hawks winning. Bulls working. Waddle and Silvy on ESPN 1000 2-6pm.
A totally awesome/utterly disturbing sequence taken from the deleted scenes found in the new Blu-ray edition of Twin Peaks.
Well.just finished re-watching the complete two series of Twin Peaks that originally aired in 1991, was weird then, and still is today. Memorising tv though
Drove to North Bend early this morning in the dark for work and was humming the Twin Peaks theme to myself.
After several rumors of a possible return ever since the show ended, it has finally been confirmed that Twin Peaks will be back with more episodes. It was a show unlike any other, and as with director David Lynch's films, some people even thought it was too weird to watch. As a result, it was never… [ 10 more words. ]
Twin Peaks is coming back Real Beauty via the gorgeous Sherilyn Fenn and 'that' cherry scene for a whole new generation
Twin Peaks to return with new series in 2016 I did'nt understand the 1st
Decided to finally watch Twin Peaks to see what all the fuss was about.
My one hope for the Twin Peaks reboot is that no one refers to Kyle MacLachlan as 'Orson'.
Twin Peaks like you haven't seen it before! A camera drone shot beautiful aerial footage of Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge (The Great Northern).
Just working at Twin Peaks sometimes you just make crazy money. Bartending on a Sat night is like one of the best things. 😍💰
But how will we sustain suspense watching the Twin Peaks Reboot if we all know Maggie Simpson did it?
Twin Peaks is the weirdest show I've ever seen
Check in on the actors who brought Twin Peaks to life, before watching the show's revival on Showtime in 2016
Me watching twin peaks for the first time
Twin peaks will come back and i'm still stuck in season 2
'Twin Peaks': David Lynch reaps the benefits of a trend he started - For years — through his forays into...
This interview with Michael Horse from Twin Peaks is great. Hawk calls it like he sees it
Twin Peaks is returning for a third season!
Though wildly different in tone and subject matter, Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls are united by the fact that they’re two of TV’s best shows about...
When TWIN PEAKS premiered in 1990, it drew 34 mil viewers. To put that in perspective, TV's show today (THE BIG BANG THEOR…
The ending to S02E01 springs to mind with Twin Peaks!
'Twin Peaks' to return to TV as limited series on Showtime - More than two decades on, and the owls are still not...
"Twin Peaks" is coming back to TV with 9 new episodes - and plenty of questions
fans party on as show plots return to weird heart of America vía
As Twin Peaks fans delight in the news that the show will return to screens, we reveal an extract from Hans Ulrich Obrist's interview with David Lynch from the latest issue of AnOther Magazine
Twin Peaks with Parks and Rec used as a breather when Peaks gets a bit too heavy and intense (which is often).
instead of doing anything productive today I'm going to watch season two of twin peaks
David Lynch: surreal purveyor of the evil that lurks within | Observer profile via
Things I'm doing instead of sleeping: Twin Peaks re-watch~!
You know I made it so my dog Cooper was Koopa as in Mario games. Well now he's cooper as in Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks.
It's a Horror Show a day for Halloween this October! 12. Twin Peaks
Good Morning! Thermometers are reading in the 40's with a light SSE wind.- Which when you are trying to take sunrise photos off of Twin Peaks means the wind is coming directly off the lake and hitting full face. It was almost "Cold"! This year's fawns are have separated from the does and are running in little herds.
Twin Peaks' musical feats: how David Lynch's eerie influence has spilt out into music
'Twin Peaks' coming to Showtime as limited series in 2016 - October 6, 2014 12:13 PM By...
With so many networks (& streaming services) creating new TV shows, there's plenty of bandwidth for experimentation:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Real-life owner of 'Twin Peaks' Double R Diner excited about show's return to TV
Think I might change my business plan and open up a twin peaks restaurant in west Michigan.
Last week when co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost announced on Monday that they were reviving their masterful mystery series Twin Peaks for a new nine-episode season airing on Showtime in 2016, fans felt as if a long-lost relative was back, and characters long gone, but never far from our memories were back from the dead. The show's almost mystical imagery made many of us, who grew up during TV's Gold Era, proclaim a New Golden Age of Television. [ 258 more words. ]
Profile:He directed Eraserhead and Blue Velvet, but it was the dark and quirky TV series Twin Peaks that made his name. Now, 25 years later, he is back with a remake. Just don’t try to predict the outcome
So as well as announcing some cool stuff tomorrow I am also playing some shows next week. On Tuesday the 14th I am playing at the Cheese and Grain in Frome alongside some excellent acts. Sunday the 19th I am headlining a stage at Carefully Planned Festival in Manchester alongside Seth Rogan impersonator Jimmy Broomfield and The Tiny Tim of Winchester - Max William! What an absolute treat! also NEW TWIN PEAKS! YAY!
What a great day!!! We are back in Atlanta and man what a difference in 3 weeks. Tony is so much stronger and so much more independent. It was so amazing to see how he was able to get himself in Kim's truck without any help. Uses his wheel chair to give him more height. Not letting his disability keep him from doing the things he wants to do. We feel so blessed that he has come so far in such a short time. We went to Twin Peaks for lunch and then took Brendan to the Georgia aquarium. That was really fun. Man are the whale sharks big and Tony got to swim with them the other day!!! Brendan ask me did I bring his swim truck he wanted to swim with whale sharks to like daddy did. Like father like son!! Got back to the apartment in time to watch Mississippi State beat Auburn Hail State. What a game. Seeing Tony reminds use of all the things we take for granted. Life is short!! For tomorrow is not promised to anyone!!!
I've narrowed down the list of literary characters I wish to pattern my life after to 1) Mycroft Holmes or 2) Twin Peaks' Harold Smith
Sherilyn Fenn when she was in Twin Peaks. My goodness.
Dear since I met Sherilyn Fenn on my first trip to L.A., can I be in Twin Peaks? :)
(Unless they can use stock recordings of Frank Silva as I can't imagine a BOB-free Twin Peaks).
Creators of Twin Peaks confident that revived show will hit heights of original
The Twin Peaks finale is so frustrating. 😩
Twin Peaks is the kind of show that is ill-suited to binge watching. It requires a full week of digestion between episodes
This town feels a little Twin Peaks to me for some reason.
Twin Peaks and now Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock...This is a good week for announcing cult classic sequels!
Kyle MacLachlan was such a cutie back on Twin Peaks.
It is surprising how good some blu-rays of old 90s sd 4x3 shows can look if they were done on film, Cowboy Bebop, Twin Peaks, very detailed
Hmm I don't know Broadchurch is a Log Lady away from Twin Peaks, a lot of shows still try to be it.
My brain is going to need a chiropractor after the news of Sand Man & Twin Peaks
How cool would it be if was in Twin Peaks 16?
Just binge-watched the first 6 episodes of Twin Peaks. Rager of a Friday night.
WTFWTFWTFWTF Twin Peaks season 3, how awesome is that!!
Right. Twin Peaks. Coming back. Bad idea. Bad idea. It was very much a thing of it's time. Nowadays it'll look like a parody. Bad.
Finally watching season two of twin peaks in preparation for season three
ever seen Dead Ringers? BTW what do you think of going back to Twin Peaks ?
From Laura Palmer to the Log Lady, here are the 30 best 'Twin Peaks' characters that had us coming back for more *** fine coffee.
I was just going to have a coffee and a slice of cherry pie, but apparently you can get the whole outfit
Peaks Twin is coming back and that's important to our !!!
Our definitive ranking of all 118 sweaters seen on 'Twin Peaks'
Twin Peaks: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [Import]: Alternately fascinating and frustrating--and no doubt deliberatel
Will the return of Twin Peaks to our screens in 2016 cause it to lose its relevance?
Food for thought. I've said Twin Peaks would never have been cancelled if the Internet was as popular then as it is now.
We all know that Agent Cooper loves his *** good coffee on Twin Peaks. But there are plenty of other hilarious, sensual, and creepy ways that the David Lynch series highlighted food. So as we all wait for the new season of the celebrated series to debut on Showtime in 2016, here are the most memora…
Today in one chance out between two worlds: The Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls credits collide
FINALLY going to download Twin Peaks because apparently it's going to be relevant again.
Our Film & TV section has up new interviews with Twin Peaks & Star Trek cast members
Creator of Twin Peaks David Lynch questions 9/11. Not the only one.
lol really? I been to mission peak but not twin peaks. It's been awhile since I went though
Sounds like Michael Ontkean is coming back as (retired?) Sheriff Truman (and Hawk's back too):
Twin Peaks revival slated for Showtime in 2016
"Who's the lady with the log?" ..."we call her the Log Lady" - Excellence in dialogue there, Twin Peaks.
In one of the final scenes of the iconic 1990s television drama Twin Peaks, the murdered American schoolgirl Laura Palmer said: "I will see you again in 25 years."
Look close and you can see the tower on twin peaks. My lovely San Francisco below the clouds.
Wow, Bob, wow! Are you as excited as we are after hearing the fantastic announcement this week?! Twin Peaks is coming back to TV, ladies and gentleman! In case you're new to NM or didn't pick up this gorgeous set when it released, we're sharing our Twin Peaks inspired collection, Lost In the Lodge! Available in mini, full or sample sizes, these shadows are full of the mystery and drama that is Twin Peaks! Buy the complete collection or grab the ones that speak to you. ~Laura (not Palmer)
According to GPS, Twin Peaks would be located right in the middle of the Salmo-Priest Wilderness. Rich Landers Photo. Sharing.. as the lake churns.
The sensational murder of the high school homecoming queen strips the veneer of respectable gentility from the picturesque rural community of Twin Peaks to expose the seething undercurrents of illicit passion, greed, jealously and intrigue. FBI agent Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S Truman join force…
Prowler celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday. It seems like yesterday mom and I were bringing him home from the Longmont pet store in Twin Peaks mall.
David Lynch coming out with Twin Peaks again I bet
[Puget Sound Biz] Salish Lodge could see windfall from revival of cult classic 'Twin Peaks'
How class would it be if the new episodes of Twin Peaks had the Log Lady intros
They are bringing Twin Peaks back?!? I love that show and the Log Lady. Also I think Kyle McLaughlin is secretly my dad
Rest in peace, Jan Hooks. She was Nadine Hurley AND the Log Lady in Saturday Night Live's 1990 Twin Peaks spoof:
As someone who had a poster of Sherilyn Fenn on his bedroom wall at age 16, yes, I am excited for more 'Twin Peaks'.
Now You Know: Looking back on the fashion influence of Twin Peaks, from Branquinho through Kenzo.
Sherilyn Fenn talks David Lynch and how Twin Peaks should have ended
Can't wait! . Revival to Air on Showtime in 2016 … via
Cool, Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016! I liked that show alot. That new show, Gracepoint, although not as bizarre, is somewhat similar.
Twin Peaks!! I can't begin to describe how happy this news makes me.
Shamelessly scrolling thru not going to lie.
With all the buzz around returning, you might want to read 1990 review
'Twin Peaks' co-creator Mark Frost on Showtime reboot, the cliffhanger
¤ 381 Twin Peaks Twin Peaks returns: But will Laura Palmer be back too? mandari6 ? GBR Dou…
It was just announced that cult TV classic Twin Peaks will return after 25 years. It seems the creator, David Lynch, loves a good unsolved supernatural myste...
Can't believe I only just found on here. Loved her ever since I first saw "Sleepwalkers" and, of course "Twin Peaks"...
Twin Peaks and suspicion in small towns
I really hope Lynch returns to Twin Peaks as Gordon Cole. He was always wonderful.
Bike night at Twin Peaks in Wheeling. Nice turn out. To bad the season is about to end.
After the shock announcement that we're going to return to Twin Peaks in 2016, we take a look at what the cast look like 25 years on.
Should I get a Twin Peaks tattoo or should I get two Twin Peaks tattoos
"The only thing Columbus DISCOVERED was that he was LOST" Twin Peaks. lmao nah i love you CC
The track 'Loneliness' from shenmue always reminded me of the twin peaks theme tune, and that show has just been re-commissioned Thanks to its hardcore fan base after 25 years! makes me think maybe there is hope for Shenmue.
rewatching "Fire Walk With Me" as I'm excited about the return of Twin Peaks... I get to the part where the federal cops in the beginning (played by Keifer Sutherland and Chris Isaak) nail down the time of death of an unfortunate girl whose murder they're investigating. 10:10, they repeat a few times. I'm like, that's interesting, tomorrow is 10/10. I don't think anything about it UNTIL I then look at the freaking CLOCK and it's precisely 10:10. Not long after this there's a funky, freaky scene with David Bowie as a mysterious time traveler. it's all coincidence but weird shhappens with this show. Twin Peaks is like one nutty Tarot Deck and a haunted Ouija Board.
Re watched the first episode of Twin Peaks, guess I felt compelled since they announced the new set of episodes that are being made by David Lynch. without a doubt one of the weirdest TV series ever broadcast on network television, but it is so *** compelling.
The cult early ’90s TV show “Twin Peaks” is scheduled for a revival in 2016. What will it look like in today’s changed entertainment landscape?
Everything you need to know about cult TV show Twin Peaks ahead of its 2016 return.
The Associated Press NEW YORK — Showtime is returning to the weird world of "Twin Peaks" in a new series a quarter-century after the original version rocked viewers with its strangeness. Series creators and executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost will be back to write and produce the limited series. Showtime announced it will go into production next year and will air in 2016. [ 66 more words. ]
Luke's Diner makes a *** fine cup of coffee! Watch Jamison Hermann's crazy but brilliant masterpiece of a mashup. He took the intro from 'Twin Peaks', twisted it with the 'Gilmore Girls' theme song and nothing will ever be the same: Stars Hollow has never seemed more strange.
I am watching the TV show Gracepoint for the first time and I am liking it. It has David Tennent as the lead detective and the show kinda plays like Twin Peaks. small peaceful town lots of people with secrets and a small psychic element jusr popped up.
Twin Peaks will get a second life on Showtime in 2016, coming back for nine new episodes.
Richard Beymer may be best known as Tony in the 1961 Academy Award-winning Best Picture, West Side Story, or perhaps as the sleazy and conflicted Benjamin Horne in Twin Peaks, but Beymer has spent ...
At Twin Peaks. As described to me a sleazier Hooters with better food. All I can say is Oh My
UPDATED: Showtime orders Twin Peaks continuation for 2016, possibly with Kyle MacLachlan
Oh I get why they call it twin peaks now! Lol
I am sold on Grace Point. 10 episode show.reminds me of Twin Peaks. Murder. Small town. Everyone is a suspect.Twisted character's.
In other news, I've never been a David Lynch guy, but re-watching Twin Peaks after all these years is a treat.
What a many party favor cookies were ordered for tomorrow!!! And I got a sweet mega bruise from someone's dog while delivering them their cookies. Glad to be showered, watching Twin Peaks and eating chick'n nuggets.
Gordon Cole? He got contacted by the guy from Twin Peaks?
Tonight, from 9:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. on, the boys of *** at Night are besieged by endless Kay Hagen attack ads; new music from Interpol, Kimbra, Flying Lotus and more; karmic fun at the courthouse; a bizarre, terrifying and nearly lost Sesame Street short from the 70's; the return of Twin Peaks; the mysterious (not really) cell phone tower/tree on 485; and finally, our yearly horror movie marathon begins anew with a look at the wonderfully insane 'The Last Horror Film' and 'Friday the 13th' Parts 5 & 6. Then stay tuned for a repeat of last week's episode! Whe!
Loving my pal Tom Carson's piece on "Twin Peaks" fashion
"I’ve seen characters from Twin Peaks on so many designer mood boards."
throwing it out there. FBI agent vanishes > Gordon Cole assigns investigation to agent Mulder > X-Files/Twin Peaks crossover!
Billy Zane is kinda handsome in Twin Peaks. I can see why people might like him.
Excited for the return of Twin Peaks? So are designers!:
Andy Greenwald is really excited about Twin Peaks (and so am I) -
David Lynch owes me 2 hours of my life back for Blue Velvet. No way he's getting any precious minutes for the Twin Peaks reboot.
Why doesn't David Lynch make a new season of Ally McBeal instead of Twin Peaks? Now that would be worth watching.
Why the Twin Peaks return will be AMAZING:. from:.
Andy Greenwald on why Twin Peaks return is the greatest TV reboot ever
Showtime reviving 'Twin Peaks' in 2016, with creators David Lynch and Mark ...
Twin Peaks Returns! Posted on 08/10/2014 by Kat Who knew that we would ever see this day come?? One of the most innovative and intriguing TV shows in history, Twin Peaks, is coming back to your TV screens!! Yes, you read it correctly! The past days director David Lynch couldn’t resist to send out a…
So glad Twin Peaks is getting revived on pay-cable. I always thought the show was a tad too conventional; now, we get to see what the show can be without any network suits noting it to death. At last, David Lynch has creative freedom!
"Twin Peaks marks the historical point at which a television serial fully disclosed its ambition as an art form."
"To live, Lynch suggests, is also to feel sick. Twin Peaks extends from the premise that this sickness is reversible"
How does David Lynch's Unified Field retrospective at PAFA help us comprehend the lingering mysteries of Twin Peaks?
There is NO Twin Peaks if there is NO Laura Palmer/Sheryl Lee. Remember. Bob. ht…
Hamilton Collection
We are happy to announce that the music video for "Basic Instinct" will be released this Friday! Due to a funny (but oh so suitable) coincidence, is our tribute music video to Twin Peaks and David Lynch release the same week as SHOWTIME announces that Twin Peaks will return after 13 years. So this is The Fleurs way of saying thanks to everyone involved with the making of the new season. Here's a sneak peek for those of you who just can't wait until Friday!
In 2016, exactly 25 years since the first glorious season, David Lynch and Mark Frost's masterpiece Twin Peaks will return. How many great filmmakers are choosing to work on TV more and more often? From Scorsese to Crowe, from Von Trier to Fincher, here are the most newest project.
The return of Twin Peaks teaser trailer.
So, I'm watching the tv and I see a commercial for a spa called "The Woodhouse." Lmbo, I guess that's the "Twin Peaks" for women.
If Twin Peaks does come back, what would its third season look like?
- Oops am I talking about Twin Peaks again...?
Twin Peaks is coming back, and with it comes all the style inspiration you need:
Good thing Twin Peaks is coming back -- it's the perfect fall style inspiration:
Co-worker just asked me "What IS Twin Peaks?" confirming that we have failed as a society.
Twin peaks is coming back in 2016, My *** is rock hard
In honor of David Lynch's announcement that Twin Peaks is returning:
So, you might have heard that David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing their acclaimed series Twin Peaks back to...
The problem with bringing Twin Peaks back is that 98% of the cast look like complete Hollywood freak shows now
I would argue that WAY WAY more people watched Twin Peaks than watched the Wire.
Cult 1990s TV series Twin Peaks is to return with a third series in 2016, 25 years after the end of the second series, creator David Lynch confirms.
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Twin Peaks lives and Madchen will be front and center as it should be. Congrats all around!
The town of Twin Peaks is full of colourful characters, but which one are you? Take our poll to find out!
Does anyone else think of boobs every time they hear the title "twin peaks"? Not just me right?
-Perfect. -No It's not. There is someone in the red room. -Who is in the red room?. -I feel. It's Twin Peaks coming!
Why is Twin Peaks coming back, 25 years after a cliffhanger ending? Because Laura Palmer said it would.
My wild conjecture about where it will go starts in a very grounded place: who is still alive
I want to watch twin peaks but idk if I have the patience
OMG could it be possible after all those years? A special TWIN PEAKS announcement: via
Can’t wait until 2016? Return to the town of TWIN PEAKS now http:…
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