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Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is an American television anthology series created by Rod Serling.

Rod Serling Burgess Meredith Vic Morrow Rod Sterling Richard Matheson Golden Earring Time Enough At Last Russell Johnson Jack Klugman Ida Lupino John Landis Henry Bemis Talky Tina Ron Glass Outer Limits Dan Ackroyd Black Mirror

We're all drunk, stoned & watching 50's Twilight Zone w the sound muted & listening to jazz fusion. Happy 4th of July everyone
Omigod they're like Ann Blyth with the scarab in the original Twilight Zone
I'm the biggest loser ever for being so excited for a Twilight Zone marathon on the 4th
Words of wisdom from Rod Serling in anticipation of Syfy's annual "Twilight Zone" marathon:.
I can't believe Supernatural is doing a spin off starring women. Am I in the Twilight Zone?
Real life? Nah...this is Twilight Zone when Uncle Walt pulled that sick shaking rabbit outta the hat...yeeesh that…
That's the stuff...though I like the early drama's the best: Perry Mason, Hitchcock, Twilight Zone.
[Picture of Trump] Want to feel old? This is what the kid from the Twilight Zone who could wish you into the cornfield looks like now.
1987 "Twilight Zone" director John Landis found innocent in death of actor Vic Morrow
July 1982, Vic Morrow and 2 others die in the set of Twilight Zone -the movie. Reel Horror revisits the tragedy.…
Months ago posted a blog based on Twilight Zone on how people can be destroyed by playing games with r…
Playing rad track from the 80s: Twilight Zone by Golden Earring.
Not ashamed to admit that I just listened to Golden Earring - "Twilight Zone" three times in a row 😅
I added a video to a playlist Twilight Zone with lyrics Golden Earring
"...In the Twilight Zone": Best four words ever to happen to television. Thank you Rod Serling.
Seriously I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. The crowd here is not worth the jams
Downfall of the GOP. They got in line. I feel like we're in an episode of the twilight zone
As long as they don't take the country down with them. What's happening in our country is insane. I fe…
Nancy Pelosi made a statement that actually made sense its like were in the twilight zone right now
Like some political version of the Twilight Zone.
I'm in this twilight zone rn before my summer class starts and I'm doomed come May 30th
can I just take a minute to love on the digital comics archive. twilight zone had nothing on some of these stories
"Being like everybody is the same as being nobody.". Rod Serling 1924-1975 "The Twi…
Every family has it's own "Twilight Zone" episodes. No exception. You got an hour? Submitted for your approval.
"Surreal" was Webster's 2016 word of the year. My money's on "Twilight-zone" for this year's!!
This will certainly get messy. The actual government might as well shut down while we enter into the twilight zone.
wait, the are defending the US president ? -face palm to twilight zone music- 😂.
We have entered the Twilight Zone. Bob gets defensive w spittle, crazed eyes and fist pumps to squash the
That... that looks like the core of a potential playoff team... are we in the twilight zone?!
Y'all can put them Romphims in a box with the male croptops and other carefree black boy ish and ship em off to The twilight z…
Being in your hometown is like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone
Reading the comments from his fans gives me a panic attack. They truly believe this BS.…
Am I in the twilight zone? Son just took my phone away from me cuz I was driving and texting
What you think is happening often isn't. That's a line from the twilight zone. Rod Serling
Remember when YouTube demonitized everyone? Remember the Twilight Zone? featuring sophisticated Y…
Twilight Zone levels of abnormality since descending the escalator, now continuing unabated into his presidency. Just. Not. Normal.
Nauseous just looking at it. Expect the theme from Twilight Zone to be playing.
I got my hair cut and now I'm watching the Twilight Zone and eating a cupcake because ✨self-care✨
They should be saluting as first woman to run a successful Pres campaign d…
It's not hard to remember that Yubbie and Gurr are married because they enter the twilight zone together at all times
Anyone else feel like is the guy in a Twilight Zone ep who wished to be press secretary but didn't realize it could be for Trump
What's even more in twilight zone?. Imagine you're a red-capper & you voted to subvert your own democracy to a fo…
We are officially in the Twilight zone.
Okay, this definitely can't be real life. This episode of the Twilight Zone can end now.
We're living in the twilight zone... 🙄
This is like an ep of The Twilight Zone except there's no lesson & it's not fun & also it's not an ep of The Twilight Zone it'…
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Dan Aykroyd having creature make-up applied by designer Craig Reardon for the prologue to Twilight Zone: The Movie,…
Deep in Easter Island’s “Twilight Zone,” scientists have discovered 6 new fish species.
Tower of Terror is basically an original story with Twilight Zone used to tie it all together.
A good attraction can stand up behind the IP-and Tower does. It doesn't matter that it's Twilight Zone.
Great news! You can still enter the Twilight Zone at Disney's at
Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror fans are not gonna like this.
Attending Motor City Nightmares in Novi, MI? Day 165 from will be available. Twilight Zone fans will…
Love it! Miss the Twilight Zone marathons of my youth.
Well this is exciting! I hope it's as good as Tower of Terror was. Going to miss that Twilight Zone vibe.
The Tower of Terror pin from 💥 In remembrance of the best ride ever. Twilight Zone forever!. Buy it thro……
Half sure I passed the same red barn twice. Not sure if it's just that dark and late or if I've entered the Twilight Zone.
I ordered a Super Sentai soundtrack CD from Japan but I can't find any devices to play it on. It's like that Twilight Zone episode but dumb.
One of the busiest streets in Downtown Chicago with no cars during morning rush hour. Is this the Twilight Zone or…
Born on this day in 1919 – Strother Martin, actor who appeared in The Invaders, Lost in Space, Twilight Zone, The M…
It's from the episode 'My Peeps'. It's kinda dark but it's based off of a Twilight Zone episode so what can ya expect.
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Watching season 1 of the Twilight Zone and Russell Johnson, pride of Ashley, Pa., shows up. Like on Gilligan's Isla…
Very impressed with Adam Schiff, even if his opening statement sounded like a lead in to an ep. of Twilight Zone.
Karen Tumlin of National Immigration Law Center just said on Tucker Carlson that the US Constitution applies to noncitizens. Twilight Zone.
Why does it still look like its morning in Seal Beach? Weird...Twilight Zone weird
My memory insists this is a song by Donna Summer. Manhattan Transfer. "Twilight Zone".
I took a detour into the Twilight Zone @ Carlsbad Caverns National Park
I want to see GET OUT, but everything I read makes it sound like the Vic Morrow segment of the Twilight Zone movie without the cool haircut.
I think we've entered the Twilight Zone:. CNN just accurately reported on Trump's huge approval ratings from tonight's sp…
Twilight Zone then Quantum Leap. Great storytelling. Keep you busy for a little while. Then Poirot and Miss Fishet.
Rachel Maddox covered this, too, few days ago. Unbelievable, again. Twilight Zone.
Knicks fan are agreeing with Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley... ... The last 24 hours have been like a Twilight Zone epis…
. early filmography is amazing: voice acting for Charlie Brown, a ghost child on Twilight Zone, a gir…
As we enter the Twilight Zone of the Trump era, New Yorkers hold a vigil for victims of the fictitious massacre
Groundhog day, or the Twilight Zone, take your pick.
We aren't even living in the Twilight Zone, we're living in the Bizzaro World Twilight Zone.
Current mood: Dan Akroyd in the Twilight Zone movie.
Cubs win World Series,Cavs win NBA Title and now Donald Trump is POTUS.. Cue Rod Sterling..We are now entering the Twilight Zone!
sadly no not even the Twilight Zone or a Peter Lorre movie
you left out On The Beach. I'd also recommend that Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Meredith breaks his glasses at the end.
I wonder if they've relocated the portal to the Twilight Zone that used to reside in the Tower of Terror. Probably movi…
My Okie farm boy grandpa that's 80 and falling apart from Alzheimer's says to me with a smile "Twilight Zone's gone downhill."
If they ever remake Twilight Zone, Peter Sarsgaard should play the Rod Serling part. I'm watching Experimenter.
Just misread 'Obama Sees a Bridge for a Divided Nation' as 'Obama Sees a Bridge for David Niven'. Which sounds like a Twilight Zone.
How about we crossover into another dimension? Like that episode of Time Warp Trio where they end up in the Twilight Zone.
Mass movement of millions of people from a stange primative culture..welcome to the Twilight Zone..
Actor Vic Morrow of Combat tv. I met him in 1973. . Morrow was killed in the Twilight Zone movie in a movie-making helicopter accident.
Senator. This election is like The Outer Limits. The Twilight Zone. Is this to prove Darwin was right? Only the strong survive? How? How?
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'The Parallel' - An astronaut (Steve Forrest) arrives in a world much like his own -- except for a few small differ..
'It felt like a Hitchcock or Twilight Zone or even The Outer Limits. Lots of twists and plot changes.'.
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'Valley of the Shadow' - A reporter (Ed Nelson) visits a town whose inhabitants can manipulate time, energy and mat..
Twilight Zone marathon is our holiday tradition!
and you can't have a Twilight Zone marathon without is a classic. Long live
Drinking a kir royale but with Chambord and proseco while casually watching Twilight Zone marathon and eating chips n dips.
Now he's in the Vic Morrow segment from Twilight Zone: The Movie?
boring answer: the 20-year Twilight Zone patent ran out and Disney switched instead of paying a load of $ to renew 👩‍🏫
The 'Inside No. 9' Christmas Special is an 'Acorn Antiques' - 'Twilight Zone' styled piece of brilliance!
listener request and : Manhattan Transfer, The - Twilight Zone at
“We’re officially in the Twilight Zone! This is the height of stupidity. So what’s next? Studying to be a lawyer...
A gift idea for the Twilight Zone fan who has everything? Serling's post-TZ series, "The Loner". On DVD for $16.29:…
How is it we live in a world where Trump gets elected president of the US and Kanye gets 8 Grammy nominations? Living in the Twilight Zone!
ONLY ESPN thinks Frank Caliendo is funny and M Rapaport is talented. Like in a Twilight Zone!! Get this tool off tv.
I made the Trump/Romney photo black and white, and it looks like a Twilight Zone episode where a guy just made a foolish d…
*** ..and I thought he had passed away years ago! He was awesome in that Twilight Zone episode with Burgess...
Take 8 minutes to watch Ron Glass and Sherman Helmsley do a little Devil and Daniel Webster in the Twilight Zone.
LOVED his appearance on the new Twilight Zone ==>Ron Glass, Emmy-Nominated Actor Dies at 71 via
Burgess Meredith as bibliophile was a standout, and Shatner's episode was episodic; best Twilight Zone (original) ever was "To Serve Man"
In this old Twilight Zone episode, the Devil incarnate (played by Burgess Meredith) stages a building collapse so…
My favorite ever Twilight Zone ep is on. "Time Enough At Last." Burgess Meredith is wonderful in this.
Many know Twilight Zone hosted by Rod Serling. Come January we will be entering a new zone with twists & t…
Omg, Rod Serling from Twilight Zone! I saw every episode & loved it. Back & white but powerful show!
My hero Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone, below) would be proud of my new profile picture. Thanks for the des…
This is getting more terrifying by the day. Not even Rod Serling would write episode for Twilight Zone this outlandish and frightening.
That is the real universe. The nightmare we're currently enduring is a trip through the Twilight Zone. Rod Serling
Just found a mod for Fallout 4 that adds in the original audio of all the Twilight Zone episodes to a radio station. Thank you, Todd Howard.
Is Louisiana in the Twilight Zone? Lyndon B. Johnson now member of Caddo Parish Commission. International Abraham L…
It's mid November, and we still have this beautiful weather. . . Is this Twilight Zone!? Where is Rod Sterling!?
My jaw hit the floor as I listened to Bernie Sanders invoke Democracy to not charge her. Twilight Zone:
Talk about Twilight Zone for me! Now where were we, EVERYTHING was the same. Cry, laugh? Just enjoy
Rod Sterling's voice broadcasts from seemingly nowhere across America and says we've entered the Twilight Zone
I keep waiting for Rod Sterling to say: Tonight on the Twilight Zone
You've entered the Twilight Zone...Welcome to the segregated 1950s. What are civil rts? Maybe women wearing pants in public will illegal too
We are entering the Twilight Zone and the end of days🙃it's done. Unfortunate for the planet, not just US.Civil War…
I'm still waiting for Rod Sterling to give us the synopsis of this week's Twilight Zone.
We live in a world where the Cubs declined Jason Hammel's option but the Cardinals picked up Jaime Garcia's. Like a Twilight Zone episode
even with Harper things were civil. This US election is a Twilight Zone episode, only with less creep, more groping.
He was lonelier than Burgess Meredith in Twilight Zone playing the last man on earth who stepped on his glasses near a libra…
This has morphed into a "Twilight Zone"; Burgess Meredith or Mickey Rooney will be pitching the 10th for the Cubs.
34 years later, I still cannot watch the Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith breaks his reading glasses.
The book adaptation of "Twilight Zone: The Movie" was written by Robert Bloch, author of the book Hitchcock based "…
It could be argued that Black Mirror is Twilight Zone fan fiction...
Butler/Wade/Rondo:. 8-10 on threes. 3-23 on twos. You have now entered... the Twilight Zone
On page 122 of 144 of Twilight Zone, by Robert Bloch
Of all the unlikely friendships this is Twilight Zone level
Westworld can hang high with the likes of Blade Runner and the Twilight Zone
I can't believe there was a time when Damien Dempsey was straight and neurotypical. is this the Twilight Zone?
Today I met 2 *** who wouldnt smash Da Brat. This is the Twilight Zone, CLEARLY.
. How old is that girl? . So creepy. Reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode with Talky Tina.
the Talky Tina episode of the Twilight Zone was definitely a deeply uncomfortable one for me too
Makes me think of poor Twilight Zone's Henry Bemis: The classic books you haven’t read via
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'I Am the Night, Color Me Black' - The sun fails to rise on a man's execution day.
Eating dinner at some Italian place in Bangor and I stg my family walked into a scene from The Godfather or the Twilight Zone
That epsiode of Twilight Zone where Henry Bemis finds the library after the H bomb then breaks his glasses really effected me as a kid.
Amen! We have entered the Twilight Zone or North Korea. Maybe both.
Reel Horror, our hit ebook looks back at the death of Vic Morrow on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie. Who was to blame?
that brings to mind how actor Vic Morrow died while filming the Twilight Zone movie.
Beth Mowins is announcing the Raider game must mean I've entered the Twilight Zone
Burgess Meredith is on this Twilight Zone episode... had a couple with Russell Johnson earlier. This show was an acting career boost!
Good morning Patriots. Twilight Zone opening theme in 1959...
put these songs ! Twilight Zone by Golden Earring . Tom Sawyer by Rush . Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Roy Ayers
"Taking Time is like watching a Twilight Zone mini-marathon." 5 stars for Taking Time and Other Sci-fi Stories
I know, right Shaun? I miss the good ole America! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone! :(
If a vote is swayed by a man eating fried chicken, I am terrified of that country. I was just making a wee Twilight Zone joke.
Not just a twilight zone episode,Chicago is close,a gun free zone but the death toll exceeds the deaths in Iraq&Stan
The people who call me, who I speak to on the phone now routinely, is like living in "The Twilight Zone." I grew up watching these people.
The old original twilight zone shows are creepy af😱
Bloody *** up at 7am 4 wk on a Sunday. *** Have I stepped into the Twilight Zone or grown up at last!?!
the Great Depression brought to you by trump. Remember "how to serve human" in twilight zone.
regardless, I'm disappointed. I think the Twilight zone theme is perfect and shouldn't be changed
Disney isn't taking down the tower of terror. They are just changing the twilight zone theme to a Guardians of the Galaxy theme
The Koch brothers are going to vote for well, cue the Twilight Zone theme.Maybe cost her some votes
Fringe, AHS, The Twilight Zone, and maybe a couple more packed into one great show. Thank you
The Twilight Zone Radio Show can be heard on WSRQ 12am-1am Fridays & 3am-4am Sunday
I think it's going to be like twilight zone and AHS. Some weird different thing each season.
Most twilight zone fish look ferocious and scary because they have long, sharp teeth and expandable jaws and stomachs
next to Trump, Puddin looks sane. The Repubs probably hate putting on the morning news. This is like the Twilight Zone
youve just crossed into . The Twilight Zone
All I've been watching on Netflix is Futurama and The Twilight Zone.. Life is good 👌🏾
Yo this white dude on twilight zone just pronounced Jimenez like Gym-Men-Ez instead of Hymn-Men-Ez. I'm so *** weak 😂😂😂😂
Is this the twilight zone or a rave
He was Spock, sure, but Leonard Nimoy was also on Twilight Zone & Night Gallery: ht…
I'm literally in the twilight zone... I gotta be lol
I know! I'm sitting here like where's the outrage? Since when did we support cheating? It's like the twilight zone
Why are they doing this to their own people are they living in the twilight zone?
I feel like I'm in the twilight zone am I mixing you up with someone else cause I swear we fake fought about them
Twilight Zone is my fav from the schedule, but wish it was aired more as compared to others.
I honestly have no idea how we could possibly be seeing this happening for real! It's like a twilight zone and...
As of today I need to take 88 more trips to the Twilight Zone before January 10th (rumored closing date) to meet my goal 😁 should be easy 😆
is a solid show. Great twilight zone feel and the 80s time period fits in well. Interested to see what season 2 will be
Yarnie, you know there's nothing logical about Hillary's campaign or her zombies - we are in the Twilight Zone ...
I'm a fan of it as well but it won't just won't be the same :( I love the twilight zone and the bell hops
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did you see them call us white trash too? Am I in the twilight zone?!
"And five of us are left". Sounds like a Twilight Zone ep title.
Im dying of laughter quite honestly. His vernacular of the U.S. Constitution is somewhere in the twilight zone
Liberals who are inspired by all this pandering & condescension at the must be stuck in an episode of The Twilight Zon…
Just finished watching The Hitchhiker episode of The Twilight Zone. 👌👌
The Koch Bros prefer Clinton, and her followers are happy about it. I am officially in the Twilight Zone.
“1/2 of what we see in the twilight zone is new to —Rocha
'Am I In The Twilight Zone': Judge loses it as defendant arrives in court pant-less
This episode, and "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" are the greatest Twilight Zone episodes ever.
Feelin' obsolete like Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone.
morning...early worm gets eaten by the bird.. Maybe watch that Twilight Zone with Burgess Meredith about being last man alive!
It's like the Twilight Zone hearing this speech and reading this at the same time. So much for New England moderates
much stranger rumors afield. we are in the Twilight Zone of Burgess Meredith. "Time Enough At Last.". and then.. .
I have titles that have never been watched yet. I am like Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone..never enough time!
Paul Ryan now blaming the Dems for dividing America based on race, like is this freaking Twilight Zone?!
This is either the end or the beginning of a Twilight Zone episode.
How did we all end up having the same nightmare?. How did we all end up in the same Twilight Zone episode?. The GOP is nominating Trump.
To all new believers: make sure you word your prayer in exactly the right way, or you'll end up with a Twilight Zone situation.
only thing I can think of is Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode...
David Brooks, commenting on PBS, is like Burgess Meredith wandering through nuclear holocaust in that "Twilight Zone" episode.
Tom Brokaw has become Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode.
Cross Lanes is actually a Twilight Zone-esque portal straight into Satan's ***
Watching a great Twilight Zone episode, ‘Mr. Denton on Doomsday’, with a very young and strapping Martin Landau.
I had no idea that Mary Badham was in an episode of the Twilight Zone!!! :D
A 4 a.m. July 4th storm breaking the Texas heat with Jack Klugman and on "Twilight Zone" on TV "In Praise of Pip". I love America.
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'In Praise of Pip' - A bookie (Jack Klugman) learns his son was wounded in Vietnam.
When I get lonely or need art inspiration I turn on Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. Watching TZ right now (black and white version)
York was also one of Rod Serling's go-to male leads on the Twilight Zone with Jack Klugman and Russell Johnson.
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'Uncle Simon' - A wealthy old man makes life difficult for his greedy niece even after he dies.
These new tv shows are garbage. Give me Rockford Files and Twilight Zone.
Kennedy has Grown so much he's like Mickey Rooney in that Twilight Zone episode
This is the Twilight Zone & I'm Burgess Meredith's reading glasses...
June 24, 1983: "Twilight Zone: The Movie" is released to theaters, with narration by Burgess Meredith.
You are the first human to land on an alien planet. — I hope it's like Agnes Moorehead's Twilight Zone ep...
isn't that a Twilight Zone episode Eric when Burgess Meredith breaks his glasses on library steps and can't read anymore?
"This feels like the Twilight Zone version of Family Feud." Preview CONVERGENCE GREEN ARROW
If you haven't watch 'Black Mirror', you are missing out. It's 7 speculative fiction tales - sort of a techno-bent Twilight Zone. Riveting
Watching these Hillary pundits on tv. Had to check the channel, thought I was watching Comedy Central or the Twilight Zone!
I may not have gone to the tøp concert, but I watched a season and a half of the Twilight Zone and I think that says a lot about me
This season of American Greed though? When I watch it, it's like the Twilight Zone. I love it.
Toronto city council approved a motion to rename a small lane in the entertainment district the Twilight Zone.
WILD TALES directed by Damián Szifrón (now on Starz) blew my mind: as if O Henry wrote the Twilight Zone. Dark stories w/fun, nasty twists.
John Landis should have cast his son in the Twilight Zone movie instead of those Chinese kids
Sitting in bed sick, noticing I missed sickday Classic TV. Cobra is over. Twilight Zone marathon, but the ones made in the 80s.
Time for a Twilight Zone viewing party.
In a Twilight Zone-like twist, I JUST learned it's spelled and pronounced Rod Serling, not Rod Sterling.
Fell asleep with my reading glasses on. Woke up,everything blurry,initially panicked. Felt like Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone ep.
Dean of the 707 watched The Waltons in , Earl Hamner just passed in March of this year, prefer his work on Twilight Zone.
Hearing the Twilight Zone music on makes me feel like I'm on Tower of Terror at
So Disneyland is going to replace Twilight Zone tower of terror with Guardians of the galaxy? How much more can you rape my beloved park?
Also, the Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySeas has no Twilight Zone theming. Weird!
Here's a MTB Project link to the Twilight Zone trail out at Three Peaks in Cedar City. If you havent been out to...
Twilight Zone means less than nothing to Park visitors today, I can see the thought to re-theme the Tower.
I can't imagine a worse Disney idea than scrapping the Tower of Terror theme with Guardians of the Galaxy. Do it without Twilight Zone.
"Twilight Zone the Movie" this classic series was turned into a film that is now a classic.
Remember Richard Matheson by watching 16 classic Twilight Zone eps FREE
Richard Matheson wrote my favorite Twilight Zone episode,Nightmare at 20,000 Feet !!
How Landis got those kids and Vic Morrow dead on the Twilight Zone movie set.
We've scored a goal from Adebayor running 70 yards before Yannick scored from outside the box. It's the Twilight Zone...
“Button, Button” by Richard Matheson was an awesome story turned into a Twilight Zone episode and should be…
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Why do old shows I've seen recently like Twilight Zone and Charles in Charge and Perfect Strangers say some actor...
it just makes me think of that great Albert Brooks/Dan Ackroyd scene from Twilight Zone the movie
I remember the Twilight Zone movie opening with 5 minutes of Albert Brooks and Dan Ackroyd repeating the chorus of "Mi…
"Time Enough At Last," is my favorite Twilight Zone episode. What's yours?
its good. And probably equally smart. But its so dark and bitter. Twilight Zone had some comedy mixed in with the moral.
I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. AZ doesn't follow daylight savings so I'm in Mountain Time with the same time as Pacific.
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'Printer's Devil' - A desperate newspaper editor hires the devil (Burgess Meredith) to save his failing business. W..
You have got to be kidding. They are in the Twilight Zone. Watching CNN. John King is good.
unless the connection is solely alien invasions, sort of take on a Twilight Zone anthology series.
Pull that same scenario as Twilight Zone's "Obsolete Man" ep except with me as Burgess Meredith and them as Fritz Weaver.
"Ask yourself: Do you live here, in this country, in this world — or do you live in the Twilight Zone?"
Just when I thought we were all in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone... begins trending! All is right in the world again!
The original short story is great, though! It's by Richard Matheson, who wrote tons of great Twilight Zone episodes
In those Twilight Zone radio plays, Stacy Keach is the Rod Serling.
My tabletop game starts in an hour, and I'm already mostly done with cleaning and game prep. I feel like I've entered the Twilight Zone.
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Weird fact! I share the same birthday as and Dave Wakeling ofOne of my fav records Tears of a clown !Twilight Zone
Just watched The Hitch-Hiker (the Ida Lupino movie,not the Twilight Zone episode). Really cool.(The Twilight Zone episode's cool too, mind).
Born on this day in 1929 Vic Morrow, American actor (Combat, Roots, Twilight Zone the Movie), born in New York City, New York.
Huh. This is an audacious remake of Ida Lupino's Twilight Zone episode 'Masks.'
What's the message of the Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough At Last?" People who like to read are nerdy losers?
Submitted your approval...the second poem my Twilight Zone series, inspired Enough At Last"
the fact pathogens like U exist, confirms what Rod Serling said, "& the pity of this is, its not confined to the Twilight Zone".
There was this Twilight Zone with Rod Serling saying it "ROW-butt" and I don't know how "ro-baht" shoved that aside.
And yet Rod Serling wrote 27 or so episodes of Twilight Zone in its first year.
I keep waiting for Rod Serling to show up and tell me this is a 3D version of the Twilight Zone!
Had a dream that began as a Twilight Zone opening. Then Rod Serling began narrating exact things going on w/ me right now. Kinda creeped out
*Twilight Zone theme, Rod Serling voice* Consider a world where 90's spacecore dramas follow you wherever you go...
I liked the end with the lady entering the "Twilight Zone" was that Rod Serling in the background.
can you resurrect Rod Serling for one last season of the Twilight Zone?
This election season could be a Twilight Zone episode. what would Rod Serling call it?
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I'm starting to miss the Twilight Zone. At least Rod Serling was there to greet you when you entered.
Just finished a little pet project of mine for fun an adaptation of Rod Serling's Maple Street my all time favorite Twilight Zone episode
You'd probably get a kick out of a lot of femdom stories, a lot are about terrible people getting the Twilight Zone treatment.
Rod Sterling is amazing and I went way too long not knowing this. Just saw Patterns and been watching Twilight Zone and ***
ICYMI: on Federer and the losses that magnifies his legacy
Just watched a Twilight Zone about a guy who never slept. Related hard. Then he died. So...
The second episode of Twilight Zone is oddly charming, considering a major character is a personification of death.
Twilight zone is one of my favorite all time
If you've never seen the twilight zone I found out the other day it's on Netflix!
When did we enter the twilight zone exactly? I just wanna know.
Twilight Zone intro. via For Kristen Stewart who doesn't care what you think. Here's one for you Kristen :)
I wrote the first part of a what "If" to invade this Country,I finshed the scenario,That now reads like a Twilight zone science fiction!
I just wanna watch twilight zone and cuddle schmistan til I fall asleep
I liked has a Twilight Zone kinda feel to it.
As January ends it was another 50+ degree day. And you people thought the Twilight Zone was just a TV show...
Techno man. It honestly makes me feel like I'm in a twilight zone episode
I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.
I'm telling yall Potomac is freaking twilight zone. Never has brown liquor connected people. That's the fighting liquor!
These women are like twilight zone version of of other celebs. BBW Gloria, Tina Knowles Lawson, Everyln Lozada, Ashley Everett...
Tardis at the twilight zone iPhone 4 4s 5 5c 6, pillow case, mugs and tshirt.
Somebody called me beautiful today. In real life, outdoors. I'm not wearing any make up. I'm 46 years old. Is this the twi…
i could watch the Twilight Zone every day all day and be completely happy with it 🌀
Have discovered that the original Twilight Zone series is on Netflix streaming and there go any plans I might have had this evening.
Truly laughable.I just choked on my drink! That is la la land & the twilight zone mixed into 1 dream.I want what he's having
The last episode I just watched of the Twilight Zone was HELLA dark. Eek.
you haven't said a single remotely indentifiable counter to anything I've said. This is the twilight zone with you guys
Trump Jr Donald Trump Jr White House Star Wars Donald Trump Maryam Mirzakhani Bastille Day Venus Williams Garbine Muguruza Ty Cobb Middle East San Francisco Roger Federer John Mccain Chris Froome Red Sox Will Smith Disney Parks Naomi Scott Elon Musk Ryan Lochte Wells Fargo Donald Jr Princess Diana Red Sea President Trump Jane Austen Theresa May South Africa Mitch Mcconnell Supreme Court Trump Tower New Zealand Marin Cilic Islamic State Last Jedi Manchester United Nelsan Ellis Social Security Sarah Palin Gary Oldman Daft Punk Zayn Malik Gold Cup Bill Maher Alfred Angelo Shepard Smith Las Vegas Long Island Man Utd Harry Potter Lonzo Ball True Blood Western Sydney Wanderers Kid Rock First Picture San Miguel Robin Williams Andy Murray Emmanuel Macron Walt Disney World Dirty Dancing Fran Lebowitz Watch John Oliver Princess Jasmine Honda Accord Grand Slam George Clooney Romelu Lukaku Kristen Bell Marco Polo Prince Harry Nevada Gov Mutual Fund First Lady Grenfell Tower Kezia Dugdale Des Plaines River Amazon Prime Day Kumail Nanjiani Love Island Southern Rail Des Plaines Premier League Whole Foods Real Madrid Jamie Dimon President Donald Trump Winston Churchill Selena Gomez Liu Xiaobo Brexit Britain Carrie Fisher Gigi Hadid Gianni Versace Fields Medal Jose Quintana Team Sky Lewis Hamilton Chuck Blazer

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