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The Turtle Island Quartet (known as the Turtle Island String Quartet before the 2007 release of A Love Supreme: The Legacy of John Coltrane) is a San Francisco Bay Area based jazz string quartet formed in 1985 and still actively touring worldwide and recording .

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Three-legged loggerhead turtle nests with volunteers' help on NC's Masonboro Island:
Bring back the habbit in the island... I wish.. (at Turtle Beach-Gili Trawangan) [pic] —
As an person on Turtle Island, I stand in with and the virtues of htt…
This week we are at The Founday by Herban Feast, Turtle Head Farm in Orcas Island, The Columbia Tower Club, Kamp...
wont sign the treaty or doctrine. Because the ppl of turtle island would get their piece of the pie.
Sign up for Sea Turtle Trek to Bald Head Island in August with Discovery Place. Get EE credits.
Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to one of the world's best sites & help with marine research.
On the far-away island of Sala-ma-Sond, Yertle the Turtle was king of the pond.
Taken tonight at Turtle Island in Beloit, a very Friendly Frog was enjoying the day on his lily pads. . ©Viviana...
Big Island & turtle waffle cone custard.sundaes at
My boss made our dress code even more strict than it was and now I have 2 outfits to wear to work. Livin' on an island wearing turtle necks
The new Sea Turtle exhibit at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island is totally worth the trip! Several tanks where...
Getting ready for the Enoch Cree Nation Powwow? Tune in for music from the best groups on Turtle Island!
The Big Island is perfect for amazing sea turtle encounters
Sign up for Sea Turtle Trek Field Institute at Bald Head Island in August.
it's okay I had a dream about flying to turtle island 🐢
This applies to our own nehiyaw nation. They're Turtle Island true immigrants/settlers define...
This is actually a really nice piece.
They're Turtle Island true immigrants/settlers define who we r on our ancestral lands
A turtle coming ashore on the North Shore during yesterday's Custom Island Tour. .
I told him not till after college, then he said that we would get married 1st, go to our amazing honeymoon on Turtle Island, and then kids😊
MT: New from "From Turtle Island to Palestine, occupation is a crime "
Peace out Canada. Time to explore the other side of Turtle Island :)
Turtle Island is purgatory for goats
Editing an upcoming column on sea turtles reminds me of my trip to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island.
turtle on the highway heading to the beach right before bells island road, DONT HIT IT 🙈🐢 poor baby
Coast Guard boat crew though they saw a person in distress in Fire Island Inlet, turned out to be a turtle in...
Loggerhead sea turtle eggs, seen on this morning's tour with Glenn & company on Anna Maria Island!…
Looking for something to do this weekend? Take a Sea Turtle Nesting Tour with Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch &...
Congrats to the for rescuing an injured turtle off Long Island! Read about it in our live blog:
The Coast Guard says it rescued this "severely injured" 3-foot sea turtle off Fire Island
There was a man asking if Turtle Island was what they called Victoria Island, then it was explained.
Lodge Songs! Today is a good day to sing! The members of Wolf's Heart Lodge (both the Sons and the Daughters of the Earth) love to sing and drum! Creator placed the drum within our chest and the fire in our voice to reach out in a joyful way. Below are a very few of the many songs we sing together at Circle (and elsewhere when asked!) Sometimes we sing in a First Nation's language, but more often in English. Even if you do not understand the words of a song offered up in Cherokee, Lakota, Crow or Delaware... you may come to be able to sing with us in time just by hearing it enough times in your heart. As we believe that drumming, chanting and singing are ways of Sacred Prayer, opening yourself up to the rhythmic vibrations of the beat and the cadence of the words is more important that your personal language skills or your known bloodline. Our Lodge is one of inclusion. With the Elders teachings, we offer the traditional ways of many indigenous tribal nations (from Turtle Island). This we do to educate an ...
Jesus and the Great Spirit by Mitakuye Oyasin Ever since the first white man landed on our shores, the Natives of Turtle Island have been hearing stories about Jesus. While Native Americans could never understand why Jesus was murdered by the people he came to help, they could understand and believe that the Great Spirit had become a man to show people how much he loved them. The childlike nature of the Indians, together with a deep and abiding faith in the Great Spirit, a faith that was common to all Native American Nations no matter what name they put on the God they worshipped, made them ready listeners to the faith-stories of others. It was not just little children that Jesus was referring to when he warned his skeptical adult listeners that, unless they became like children, they would never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He was referring to the childlike and trusting Natives of the world who would quickly and wholeheartedly hear and accept the message of God's love for all people. But there has been, ...
Never had a honeymoon since everything happened so quick. Turtle Island is a dream in its own.
I have wanted to go and stay at Turtle Island for a year!
anointing your snake head god over and above Turtle Island is what. an inheritance right for a genocide well done
As many of you are aware that the federal government is introducing bill c-10, which is better know as the 'tackling tobacco allocation act'. This bill would make it illegal for First Nations and First Nation people to buy, sell or trade tobacco without taxation (taxing First Nation for traditional medicines). This bill, if legislated would put First Nation people at risk for the distribution of tobacco. Tobacco (Samaa) was the first medicine given to the Indigenous people across Turtle Island. Samaa has been used by Indigenous Peoples for hundreds of years before federation. Our ancestors love the smell of our natural medicines. Lay down your Samaa tomorrow or tonight and stand with our brothers and sisters in spirit on parliament hill on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 at 1:00 pm as they stand in opposition to bill c-10. What would Tecumseh say or do if the government told him that he could not buy, sell or trade tobacco? What would the great war Chief Pontiac do? We will honor the spirits of our ancestors .. ...
Re: the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. I feel terrible about that, and that conditions that exist for such a violent act to take place and also be repeated. Total *** However... here on Turtle Island, THOUSANDS of Native American women and girls have disappeared or been trafficked, particularly in Canada and along the US border, and around the oil boomtowns in the Dakotas. And where is the public outcry about that? I have not seen a single person on my friend's list even broach that subject who wasn't Indigenous, and it's right here in our backyards.
SOUTHEAST LOWER PENINSULA Lake Erie: Water temperatures were in the low 50's but strong winds have resulted in poor water clarity. Walleye are being caught in the early morning or at dusk near Turtle Island in 10 to 12 feet or Brest Bay and Stony Pointe in eight to 10 feet. Try using hair jigs in John Deer green or black and white patterns as well as trolling minnows or jerk baits. Good numbers of catfish and bass have been caught from the Hot Ponds. Some big largemouth bass were caught off Bolles Harbor. Huron River: Is producing white bass and some walleye. Many are fishing up near Flat Rock. The steelhead action has slowed. Detroit River: Is producing walleye for those hand-lining or jigging in the lower river and the Trenton Channel. Most are using Wyandotte worms with a big minnow. Hot colors were orange, chartreuse or antifreeze. No word on perch. Portage Lake: Near Pinckney had few anglers. The opener of the catch and release bass season was slow. Bluegills and crappie were caught on small jigs ...
Turtle Island Fiji: An island paradise, Where Love and Nature Flourish You are enroute to a remote destination in the South Pacific called Turtle Island, part of the Yasawa Islands Group in the Republic of Fiji. A string of ancient volcanic lagoons and jagged islands pass below as you arrive by seaplane. The moment you step onto the island, your Turtle Family welcomes you with open arms and generous smiles to your paradise escape. Romantic, intimate, comfortable and friendly almost beyond belief, Turtle Island is a world entirely beyond time and obligation. You arrive seeking peace, romance and respite from your usual cares and depart with a renewal of the spirit and a deep love for the island, its people, culture and essence. Whether you're a honeymooner looking for the perfect place to begin your life together, celebrating a special occasion, or simply seeking an escape, Turtle Island is a precious slice of paradise to be cherished by all. During your stay on Turtle Island, home will be one of only 14 " ...
East end of Molokai...Turtle Island off in the distance.
Please note that Pam Palmater has not endorsed this page nor is she aware that I am setting it up. I am just an individual who feels that she would be a fantastic leader for the AFN. I am not an Indigenous person. I am an educator who feels that Pam has the strength, tenacity and right vision to fight Harper, to get the First Nations Assimilation Act rescinded, and unite the 617 Indigenous Communities towards a better Turtle Island for All! Please "Like" and Share, I feel that if we can demonstrate support perhaps Dr. Palmater will see that the grassroots want her to be the rightful leader of our indigenous brothers and sisters!
The focus of this fb page is to facilitate the gathering of information and data on the American genocide which began in 1492 and in many areas continues to this day. This is not to place blame but to work to clarify the numbers of and diversity of The Indigenous People of Turtle Island. This is important work to document in a data base intentional massacres, population decline, and population loss due to disease often intentionally inflicted and intentionally untreated as discussed in ‘a National Crime” regarding residential schools in Canada
The Constitution is a Trust,We the People are the Beneficiaries,the"public servants" are trustees.hmmmn...deeper into the rabbit hole we goethe..."Overstand that the forefathers were not the Sovereigns that gave the government their authority;it was the Turtle Island ppls of this land that gave a portion of their estate to the foreigners to set up their CORPS."~comment on a vid below District of Columbia Act of 1871 defacto formed 1 Guess because he was a great man he was ordered killed,otherwise the police would have tased him? be a crook a really good crook you get to play politics
But not soon enough...we want our country back so we can get rid of *** politicians and all the destruction they've created. Ameriklans need to understand that this is Turtle Island, Dinetah and all the names that were given to this beautiful land. I don't know who Amerigo Vespucci was and don't care but he has nothing to do with this land. featured in NBC s Science of Love
KILL BILL C-33 (FCNFEA): Grateful some of our chiefs from Treaty No. 6 went to Ottawa today to speak and voice opposition and to kill Bill C-33 and especially grateful to see oppostion across Turtle Island. The more chiefs, nations, and grassroots who share opposition the better. Seeing verbal and written opposition coast to coast. The focus needs and should be to look past ourselves and think of the bigger picture ~ our Future Generations I am close to chaining myself to the Canadian Parliament Doors in Ottawa lol like the guy did in Yellowstone National Park and chained himself to a garbage can to save the buffalo lol jks Look Beyond Ourselves &/or being critical, we are only responsible for our own actions and hope those actions lead to protecting our children ay-hey
SMUDGING AND THE SACRED HEBRS Back in the time of Spirit, Ceremony and Belief, Great Spirit gave to Turtle Island's Indigenous People four sacred plants. These medicines were meant to be used in prayer and for other peaceful purposes. When combined the smoke carried our prayers to Great Spirit. Today, what is often called a 'Sweetgrass Ceremony' opens many gatherings, powwows, meetings, conferences anywhere people are gathered together in a good way. The Native American "Azinwakiya" {Hah-szeen-whah-kee-yah} "Azidya" {Nakota} "Azilya" {Lakota} Right of The Smudge is the action of fanning or pushing the smoke over you to create harmony mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, for this is the Native American Right that unites our Spirit, Mind, Soul and Body. The "Azinwakiya" has been compared to the use of Holy Water within the Catholic Faith... To the Native American The "Inyan Natahu" {EEng-yahng Nah-tah-hoo} The Gift of The Ancient Ones, "The Crystal Skulls" are a Sacred Artifact. For These are ...
With Yeremi, andreas, and 3 others at Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa [pic] —
Lol, I love Turtle Island, an love to see ur other works too :-)
I'll be posting more to give everyone a break from Turtle Island lol
“Albino baby sea turtle in Khram Island, Thailand: Noel the turtle.
Posted a recent oil painting to give you all a break from the 10,000 Shipwreck on Turtle Island pics.
Biologists hope for another busy sea turtle nesting season
is when colonists 'develop' Peoples collectively participating in healthy ecosystems into what we see on Turtle Island now.
Today's adventure on Turtle Island was one to remember 💕😍😘
Tongue Drum: Tongue Drum by Turtle Island Imports (2)Buy new: $59.95 (Visit the Best Sellers in list fo...
I just made my turtle a cute lil home and he's getting an island soon I love him
Wow, my cousin is going to go on vacation to turtle island with his girl. That's crazy.
Have a fantastic weekend from Turtle Island… Here's a special from our
Albino baby sea turtle in Khram Island, Thailand:
High wave advisory on the North Shore today. No swimming, unless we go to Turtle Bay or the other end of the island.
2ft x 3ft oil on canvas surreal painting in progress, "Shipwreck on Turtle Island"
Tom hanks has a tropical island...I have a turtle sandbox.were even bro👌
Naruto vs Guy. Travel to the Turtle Island, and beginning of Chapter 3 - Two Jinchuurikis
About 25 miles through Rock Island Prairie Preserve, home of endangered Blanding's turtle.
Turtle Island includes live singing and dancing, along with video and image presentations to help explain the...
Visiting Turtle Island. Thanks to for making this happen
I "HOPI" u r flying off 2 Turtle Island 2 dance "N" I HOPI u remove ur MASK so the whole world can finally c in BLK "N" White
Use to teach the importance of and all of her creatures
Went to the Turtle Island This baby wants to say hi to Say hi, guys!
Plot twist: sandy island is really a lion turtle
🐢 (with Alfa , Alifia, and 4 others at Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa) —
Latest progress on "Shipwreck on Turtle Island" Not cutting myself any slack on this one. htt…
WW2 gas mask detail on main subject from "Shipwreck on Turtle Island" got to let it dry before adding more detail. htt…
From Hope Town to Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay now to Green Turtle Cay. Island adventure! and I have no clue how I'm get…
I added a video to a playlist The Story of Turtle Island as perceived by Jacob (Mowega) Wawatie
First, travel to all reservations, meet all tribal nations. And then leave Turtle Island and meet all other walks of life.
Congratulations on a awesome career at Louisville Shoni Shimmel, you are a difference maker and I look forward to your awesome play in the WNBA ,youra wonderful teacher and leader and example as to what can be accomplished with desire,dedication, and heart for all First Nations on Turtle Island. I love the pic!!! WARRIOR!
Čhaŋkpé Ópi Wakpála America Bury My Heart Mind and Soul at Wounded Knee When I pass and my Spirit leaves this world Place a marker at my grave to show the world where I was shot down and killed. Give me a heart and mind With a long memory. So I can erase the lies Taught across Turtle Island about the Foundation on which the united states was built Allow me to honor my forefathers the true original leaders of this country Chief Joseph Tecumseh Sitting Bull Crazy Horse Spotted Elk Geronimo Red Cloud Chief Seattle And countless others. America give us a clear conscience So we can lay our heads Somewhere in the White House Safe and sound Every night Year after year And have a restful peaceful quiet sleep Without dreaming of the nightmare Or worry about the innocent people who's Blood was shed on a snowy winter day Slaughtered and murdered in cold blood Somewhere in South Dakota In the name of Manifest Destiny America let me wipe your hands clean of the bloodshed And clear your mind of the memories OF so ...
Delighted to announce the official release date for book one in the Turtle Island series! SURFACING will be available on on May 1st!
When in Turtle Island, have dinner near turtle rock. ;)
All Along the Watchtower, the Jimi Hendrix version, arranged for a string quartet, performed by Turtle Island was amazing
''Feminism(s) saved my life. Happy IWD everyday to all genders resisting and thriving despite heteropatriarchy. Honouring Indigenous sisters all across Turtle Island, nonstatus and migrant women on whose bodies exploitation is legally sanctioned, women around the world who are supposedly being liberated by imperial missions, thousands of women behind bars in prisons and detentions centers, transfolk and sex workers on the streets who we are told 'had it coming', women toiling in factories and fields to fill the consumption needs of Western capitalism, and mammas and caregivers laying roots for the next generation of rebellion. And big love to women and trans folks of colour in my life who are resisting capitalism and colonialism's logic of isolation and competition by being as loving to each other as they are dangerous to the systems they confront.'' Harsha Walia
The Seven Fires prophecy is an Anishinaabe prophecy which marks phases, or epochs, in the life of the people on Turtle Island (a Native American name for the North American continent). The Seven Fires of the prophecy represent key spiritual teachings for North America,...
(Mar 28) The Dragon Arts Collective is a new arts and healing (yoga, meditation) space that opened in Winnipeg's Exchange District. Their premier art exhibition featured the work of David Boulanger (Gwiiwzens Dewe'igan /Little Boy Drum - Peguis First Nation). The exhibition began on January 31st and concluded Friday night. I first met Dave in 2000 when he was an actor in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, he's since become a successful musician and now his art work has garnered a well deserved exhibition. The exhibition entitled 'NIIGAANI OSKAABE' meaning Lead Helper is intended to be a calling to Indigenous people, the artists, and healers of Turtle Island and abroad, to join in on the celebration of freedom and healing through Art & Music. His artist statement notes "My hopes are that my call to them will be answered and that the echo yet to return will bring healing." David is also known as a singer /songwriter and front-person of BURNT-Project 1 which formed in 2001. He is known for creating a cultural mos ...
Israeli Apartheid Week is only 3 days away! Join us for the launch of IAW 2014 in Ottawa on Mon., March 3 for "Settler Colonialism: From Palestine to Turtle Island" at Carleton University from 7-9 PM at Mackenzie Building Room 3275 featuring indigenous activist ROBERT LOVELACE and DEEPAN BUDLAKOTI from No One is Illegal Ottawa. For more details, visit the event page:
Six more months till the next Delaware Nation Homecoming Gathering and Pow Wow. Every Labour Day Weekend, people across Turtle Island and the world travel to our beautiful community here at Moraviantown, on the southern shore of the Thames River to join our celebration of culture, family and Nationhood. This year marks our 43rd year!! Stay tuned for more details.
This was the Best of show in Charlotte. "Turtle Island" Done by Bill Johnson. I talked with Bill and found out that this is basswood, not walnut as I had thought! The piece is very professional, clean, and the chip carving is incredible. The mount is about 36" across, a slab from a maple burl. Bill is an all around pleasant guy, very easy to talk too.
POCTALK Friday February 28th The Sleepless Goat Cafe POCTALK was born in the conversations, solidarity, struggle, and fed up feels of a few local people of colour. This event aims to give a space and a mic to self-identified people of colour and/or indigenous people to share their poetry, stories, jokes, songs, histories, resistance, and lives. POCTALK seeks to create community for us, challenge the communities that are unsafe for us, and foster room for our narratives to be brought together. Come out, come speak, come listen! Festrell / Lukayo Faye Catherine Estrella is a spoken word artist, freelance writer, and community organizer whose work has been described as both hilarious and moving. Lukayo is a settler on a portion of Turtle Island, a.k.a. Canada, who immigrated with their blood relatives from a lovely archipelago colonized in the name of King Philip II, a.k.a. the Philippines. They is a proud, sex-positive genderqueer, geek, transfeminist, survivor, and animist who is part of the Bikolano/Filip ...
It doesn't matter what kind of native you are so long as you are to this continent so as a guy who's getting into the film business and understands just how casting works, I disagree with some Mesheeka that still dwell on the Selena movie because do you see us mad about Wes Studi, a Cherokee, playing Geronimo or playing Black Elk, a Sioux? No because native is native. It's not that we are out to say Native Americans are a homogeneous race we never said that what we're saying is you shouldn't let your national ride get in the way of NATIVE PRIDE. Or should we get mad that Litefoot, the Cherokee and Chichimeca rapper and actor, played Hiawatha, an Iroquois hero? NO! And I don't and I am Longhouse. The fact is, making Cemanahuac our continental name and nation is a priority (Along with Turtle Island we can have more than one just as Asia is also sometimes called the Orient) And see I know how casting also works so if not enough Mexican actresses auditioned or were good enough at acting to play Selena, they . ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"I am African Native American Excellence. I am the reflection of my Ancestors. I am Imoteph as well as Chief Seqoya. I am Hannibal Barca who defeated The Romans. I am Chief Tuscaloosa who killed Hernando Desoto during the Spanish Inquisition in Alabama during the early 1500's. I am Chief Sitting Bull and I am Nat Turner. I am a Fredrick Douglas and I am Crazy Horse. I have the blood of true warriors run through my body. I am Africa I am Turtle Island no matter how much White Supremacy tries to separate us into believing we are different we come from the same roots just different branches of the family tree and my duty is to serve the will of my ancestors and make them proud not ashamed therefore I am African Native American Excellence." -Orlando D Henry
Dear non-Indigenous ppl inhabiting the Western Hemisphere just a friendly reminder: this is Turtle Island, speak Lakota/Tlingit/Mvskoke/etc.
 Please make this travel today…..I am Back home in Capitol City after a trip to Toronto to meet with campaigners from Defenders of the Land and Idle No More and the emerging Energy east Campaign. I wanted to express that we are in a wave of reaction from our foes in the Energy & Extractive Industry Sectors and from the right wing media and Canadian Government. You will see many attempts on both sides of the boarder to discredit the incredible resiliency of our Indigenous Peoples and our powerful Indigenous Social movement rising with other social movements across Turtle Island. They will attempt to use systemic mechanisms built on race, class and gender divisions but make no mistake, we got them on the run… A TransCanada Pipeline Blew up in the night sky of Southern Manitoba last night showing how crazy this industry is….the Director of Canada's Security Intelligence Service (Former Indian Affairs Minister) Chuck Straul resigned due to the conflict of interest of him spying on Indigenous Peoples in ...
1-31-2014 DRAGON ARTS COLLECTIVE Presents: 'NIIGAANI OSHKAABE' Premier Winnipeg Art Exhibition by: David Boulanger Presented by: The Dragon Arts Collective, January 31st 7pm -10pm. tix at the door $20 which includes a special performance at 9pm from: The 2013 JUNO Nominated & 2013 WCMA Nominated ***BURNT-Project1*** Artist Biography David Boulanger is Anishinaabe, Cree, Inuit, French, Scotish and of Icelandic descent ('...product of the fur trade'). His mother is originally from Berens River, Manitoba and his father from Peguis, Manitoba. Turtle Island is his home. Upon recieved his spirit name, it was explained to him that he would meet many 'faces' and that they would not look of the ordinary '...some will bare gifts and some bring tests...' Everything from the performing arts to the visual arts and design, audio/musical world and written word are his environments of choice. Boulanger's premier exhibit was 2001 at the former Portage District Art Centre. He currently facilitates a wide veriety of worksho ...
Changes then in your experience As mine here in North America what we call Turtle Island
We have many warrior societies defending the land and the people across Turtle Island. We all have a common goal, and that is to protect our natural resources and our way of life for our children, grandchildren, and for our grandchildren's grandchildren. It's imperative that we conduct ourselves with respect when it comes to each other's ideals and how we relate with creation. Each individual has different understandings and ideals, we are not suppose to force ourselves to all be the same. It is about utilizing each others medicine and continuously learning from each others differences to reach a common goal. We all want to have good feelings and live peacefully. We're all different, but we all have something to add to that road to peace and prosperity. We can't have Longhouses calling each other down anymore. It doesn't matter if you follow the Great Law of PEACE or the Handsome Lake Code. It shouldn't matter if you follow a different set of Native teachings, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhi ...
[Start to write on: 01-11-14 at: 02:07a.m. post at: 03:49a.m.c.s.t.] Long investigation ;-) Since I have Blackfoot Indigenous running in my veins the following is all the more interesting to me, especially, if you believe in coincidence, my father didn't, he said there's no such thing as coincidence lol ;-) The so-called coincidence, i.e., Jung/Pauli Synchronicity is this: [1] I, we, my brothers and sisters have Blackfoot blood running in their veins, and [2] Adrian Frost and a Blackfoot Indigenous named, I think, trying to remember, Bobbie Brown??, not sure, a Human Being born on Turtle Island, went to the West, Wyoming?, to a Blackfoot reservation and brought Wakan Tanka HERE to within a few miles of my home town Muscoda Wisconsin, to where I went and helped build the fences on the day the Buffalo, Wakan Tanka "The Great Spirit", the "Great Mystery" arrived. So I guess that has something to do with why I live here, who knows the Universe if replete with the Great Mystery ;-) [3] Adrian Frost invited the ...
Love and Blessings Ma's!!! I am traveling with the Peace Sun Flame from the Dec. 31st catching of the Sun through the crystal, into the tobacco, into our flame we prayed with for New Years. BJ took the flame home after our Women's circle to keep it going. For those who want to catch the flame and join in the Sun prayer connect with BJ. I am taking it to Florida and hopefully across Turtle Island and up west coast. Would be great to keep the flame through out the year as an anchor point of peace with the Sun and all of us Beloveds. It is like a full amplification portal between us and out prayers. I never dreamed driving with a Sun flame could be so profound. I am going to see how to post on you-tube so I can do little up dates. The Sun kept having me randomly stop places that had the sun's name in the place or the person I was randomly talking too had the Sun's name in their name. I had to giggle when I realised my travel partner has an agenda. SO cute and sweet our Sun. Who knew the Sun was so playful? E ...
Me: Hey sweety, this is me. Look at me! . Turtle: Hey, I'm not ur… (at Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa) [pic] —
Diving, snorkling, banana boat, parasailing, turtle island (at Pandawa Dive and Water Sport) —
Guishan Island, Turtle Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean currently administered by Yilan County, Taiwan
Shark attack on sea turtle off Hawaiian island forces beach closure
when's the next fundraiser? My bucket list includes carriage ride with on Turtle Island Preserve
What's one turtle to a couple snails
I wish I was as big as that island turtle! That would be /so cool/!
A Visit to Turtle Island Preserve Eustace Conway, this guy needs to be listened to in regards to America today
*Creator is called many names on Turtle Island. Anyone in this hitech age of information who tries to make it a god is X-tianized*
You would think it's illegal for people to walk faster than a turtle in the Staten Island mall
so many turtle in turtle island bali :-D
Harper Govt planning to deport elderly First Nations man from Turtle Island where his family lives to Turtle Island where they dont
Boxing Day sunset at Turtle Island... Isn't it magnificent?
Record number of sea turtle nests counted on Anna Maria Island:
Another great Montlake author Kim Law has TWO Kindle Daily Deals today for $1.99 each: EX ON THE BEACH and CAUGHT...
Out of the 5 days, the 4th days was the best! Did water sports went turtle island and got touch by a…
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Who wants tickets to see turtle island at Newport on Saturday yo
i don't want to have a turtle connection like this for sj's Treasure Island so internet pls
Turtle Island, Fiji is an all-inclusive, private island with home to only 14 couples at a time. The breathtaking panoramas of the renowned Blue Lagoon and ne...
Don't be afraid of who you are. If God wanted you 2b quiet, you would have been born a turtle.on an island.from a cartoon never seen.
More classic Christmas carols translated into indigenous languages of Turtle Island.
URGENT! If ANYONE spots a Galapagos Island Turtle (about the size of a small Diahatzu) roaming the streets of...
Went to turtle island today at Nusa Dua and there was a little baby monkey called Johnny!! Got to hold a turtle and a snake, touch a bat and iguana.
thanks for sharing, dudes. I love to learn about all the original cultures of Turtle Island
Happy Holidays from everyone on Turtle Island Fiji! Click to watch a very special message from the Island in the South Pacific
" . . . between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference--so wide, that to receive the one as good, pure, and holy, is of necessity to reject the other as bad, corrupt, and wicked. To be a friend of the one, is of necessity to be the enemy of the other. I love the pure, peaceable, and impartial Christianity of Christ: I therefore hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land." Frederick Douglass, 'Narrative of The Life and Times of Fredrick Douglass.' 1845. This book tells the story of Frederick Douglas, in his own words. He was born a slave here on Turtle Island, learned to read and write primarily by his own wit, managed to secure his freedom through escape, and became a well known figure of our history. He has the awesome grace to tell the truth without being hateful or vengeful towards those who roughly used and abused him and his compatriots. The truth is pain ...
Leadership of Turtle Island originals is a must for me. Only we understand the restoration of Turtle Island. Only we have the tools and the original instructions to complete that task.
This is what all Native people of Turtle Island should know and all people in general. I refuse to let our people get taken for granted and taken advantage of any more and for the dream of all people being united being recognized as a reality to those that want to live in harmony with one another. Wake up, shake your demons off, and dream and become to your full potential. YOU are from a noble, intelligent, and passionate group of people. Creator's children, the protector's of Sacred Mother Earth and all living things that dwell within it. The History of the "U.S. Constitution", We Weren’t Taught in School: July 2, 2012 • By Molly Larkin. (U.S. Constitution).If you’re like me, I was taught in grade school that the "U.S. Constitution" was based on ancient Greek democracy. This is quite a stretch, since ancient Greece government was not democratic. My research into what children are taught today about the "origin" of our government is also disappointing. Apparently, the founding fathers simply created ...
The Turtle Island Quartet is returning to their Oakland/East Bay Area home for the Esprit de Django et Stephane Festival at Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley! See them perform some originals and standards on January 25.
Turtle Island Preserve is using Eventbrite to organize 1 upcoming events. Check out Turtle Island Preserve's events, learn more, or contact this organizer.
Great organic and natural food products can be found at Turtle Island Natural Foods Market Atlantic Beach FL 32233
"Friends, it has been just over a year since Watauga County's attack on Turtle Island Preserve. With your help, and the help of NC Representatives Chuck McGrady, Jonathan Jordan and Senator Dan Sou...
Visit the small Turtle Island, one of 13,000 islands of Indonesia.
Snorkeling & Visiting De Turtle Island..Such an amazing experience. .Luving it to de Max!
Wonderful Sunday afternoon with Turtle Island String Quartet - haven't seen better violinists in a long, long time -
~ Turtle Island Preserve wants to thank you for all your support over the last few months~ All 3 of our fundraisers were a COMPLETE success! Turtle Island Earring Fundraiser Prestons knife auction Scholarship Fundraiser Farm Friends T-Shirt Fundraiser THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Turtle Island is an amazing place with an amazing vision and thanks to you all for doing your part in keeping that vision alive. Our official donation campaign with new video can be found @
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
When will the natives of Turtle Island rise up for their freedom? ??
A trailer full of toys is on its way to children in need at the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota. There were so many toys donated this year that Friends of Turtle Island, Inc had to change their plans from driving two vehicles to renting a trailer. So many of you gave selflessly and will truly make this holiday special for many children. Thank you again for supporting this toy drive.
It will be a Charlie Brown Christmas when the Turtle Island Quartet and jazz vo Aspen Times ,OverTones
Role Models of Turtle Island - Navajo Nation Shout out to Christen Lopez, Navajo, who is a senior point guard at Colorado Mesa University, a NCAA D2 school out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Currently, Christen leads the RMAC conference in assist at (36) thus far into the season. Last season, the Mavericks went to the Elite 8 in last years NCAA tournament in San Antonio and are currently ranked in the nation this year. This Friday the Mavericks travel to play RMAC foe Western New Mexico, who are led by Ashley Mitchell (15ppg) who is also Navajo. Best of luck to Christen and Ashley this season. — with Christen Lopez.
I visit Turtle Island Preserve, work, play, live and have a Simply Real experience. Special Thanks to Turtle Island Preserve, Eustace Conway and the Turtle I...
Interviewer Nicholas Shankin met with Turtle Island Preserve operator Eustace Conway to discuss the recent government raid on the property and the origin of ...
Turtle island dream-Everything That has ever happened.. began as a thought.. a dream.. an idea in a mind.. From there.. Here we r.. the Future Is ours For the making!.
Turtle Island Native Network the best online source for Aboriginal, First Nations, Native Peoples' news and information. A well managed intersection for Indigenous Peoples on the Information Highway.
Turtle Island Native Network-Canada's Aboriginal news and information network. This site was developed to provide a well-managed intersection on the information highway for news,issues and information relating to Aboriginal Peoples, particularly in Canada
Snorkeling and turtle island today YAY
Statement by Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network - Turtle Island - Even though the WTO and its 159 member countries resurrected itself in its first multilateral trade pact in the WTO’s history,I feel it was a desperate fight by rich developed countries such as th...
Beef stew soup and chili today. Pulled pork sandwich for lunch; fresh coho salmon tonight. Desserts: carrot cake, coconut cream and cherry pies, Turtle Island cheesecake. 1869 - The governor of the Wyoming Territory signed the first legislation granting women the right to vote.
Found Turtle Island Tofurkey kielbasa at Kroger. My dreams have come true. I know what I'm having tomorrow for lunch. Hallelujah! ;)
Holiday Season Deal! Watersport and Turtle Island Adventure at BMR Dive & Watersports, Bali. Starting from Rp. 49.000,- Nett
I have worked hard at my craft. To make people laugh to bring family's n comunites together And I'm so honored and humbled to be in demand. To share my gift of laughter thru out turtle Island
Chiefs across turtle island should be informing the people about this and start fknin waking people up like *** help me out here
Turtle Island is unique in many ways. Our camp program is not just about entertainment, not just about recreation, not just about education, … Please support me and donate to my campaign!
From our fiends at Turtle Island Preserve: ~ I dare you to look at this photo and NOT feel the urge to get your kid's to this magical place ~ Register your boy now for Summer Camp 2014. Can you think of a better Christmas present? Gift Certificates are available Young Boy's Camp - June 29th - July 5th ( ages 7-11 ) Older Boy's Camp - July 6th - 19th ( ages 12- 18 ) Register & Information : mail
Last night at the Annual "Customer Appreciation Christmas Show and Sale" at Turtle Island Gallery, I gifted Georgette Johnson a pastel portrait of her grandchildren, in appreciation of all the things she's done for me and Sharon Weber. Here are a couple of pictures from last night and a picture of the pastel.
Anti-fracking face-off with police in Romania. Shared by The Turtle Island News
Meet Terra, she used to successfully land a wildlife internship at Turtle Island Restoration Network.
STOP THE PLUNDER: Mi’kmaq Warriors and NYM Speak in Mapuche Solidarity Event – Toronto PRISONERS ONTO THE STREETS! SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 2013 @ 6:30pm O.I.S.E – 252 Bloor Street West, Rm 2211 Organized by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto] More info at: ANARCHIST & REVOLUTIONARY INT’L SOLIDARITY NIGHT FROM EAST TO WEST: Representatives of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society and the Native Youth Movement (Kanahus Pelkey – NYM) from across Turtle Island will be converging in Toronto on December 7th, 2013 to speak on the ongoing struggle for indigenous sovereignty and in solidarity with the Mapuche struggle in so-called southern Chile. ***IN BENEFIT of the ELSIPOTOG LEGAL FUND for Mik’Maq Warriors defending the land against Fracking in so-called New Brunswick, Klanada.***
Chili's back! Also chicken noodle soup today. Grilled ham & Swiss for lunch, or add a grilled cheese to your chili; seafood combo tonight. Desserts: coconut cream and cherry pies, Turtle Island cheesecake. 1942 - The world's first nuclear chain reaction took place at the University of Chicago when physicists, led by Enrico Fermi, successfully carried out their research.
U.S history is European history. Named after Amerigo Vespucci, North America was called Turtle Island before colonization
As you can tell by my pictures, I made it to Kuala Lumpur, but I was simply 2 lazy to tell you about Ko Tao so far. So here it is: Ko Tao is the smallest of the three Islands in the Gulf of Thailand, with Samui being the biggest. Ko Samui is also infested with a lot of package tourists, and if you're a Backpacker it's propably not a nice place to stay. Ko Phangan is maybe half the size of Samui, and Package Tourists, and only the young ones, only come here the Full Moon Party, but Ko Tao is different. It's a tiny island, the next Airport is 3 hours by boat in both directions, and it's a pretty chaotic island including Power Blackouts and flodded Streets. So it's not good for German Pensioniers in their Sandals with Socks, but it's still living of Tourism, just the Backpackers ;) And of course, it's living of diving. Diving is huge on Ko Tao, which translated means Turtle Island. But there are no more turtles around, cause, and I'm only quoting: Asians eat everyhing. But know let's start with my journey: A ...
Turtle Island, Mother Earth it is all connected. INDIGENIZE TO YOUR ANCESTOR!
Boy Scouts have visited with us before Thanks so much for the interest in what we do on Turtle Island
I have the most wonderful mother. A couple of weeks ago she took David and I to Turtle Island to take a buggy ride with Eustace Conway. Tomorrow we are going up to Bryson City to spend the night. Wed. morning we will catch the Great Smokey Mtn. Railway to go across the Nantahaala Gorge. The leaves are supposed to be peak. Can't wait. Will take lots of pics.
Mitakuye Oyasin-We are all related. Welcome to Me & You: Mother Earth & Us. Its has never been my intention to provoke or offend anyone here on Turtle Island. If I have violated You in any way, shape, form or fashion: I humble myself to Creator & beg Your forgiveness. Kansas 'Nako' Bear B' Tall of the Onondaga Nation and Blood Brother to the Oglala Lakota Nation.
An endangered green turtle is illegally kept in a cement tank in Turtle Island, Guimaras Province and used for...
My internet is working today so I am busy answering your inquiries and my wife is posting new beads!
I just found a online game called Turtle Island, releasing their updated game soon!
Curious about what beers has on tap? speaks with JP Fournier
Impliment a "ProtectedZone" status on all Land.. / The land i have claimed will be code named Turtle Island!. and is First Nation Earth!.
Great tournament yesterday. Congrats turtle island winner Ray Beierling. Thank to Dale Henry and crew for a great day!
Eustace Conway sits near horse-drawn farm implements at his Turtle Island Preserve in Triplett, N... via
yeah I only just unlocked turtle island or whatever so I can finally stop GRINDING FOR CHERRIES to get cash
will be autographing Raven Brings the Light at Turtle Island Gallery August 15th!
Sending positive thoughts to YWEP. sad 2 hear thier dissolving, One of the most brave orgs in the US/Turtle island!
Eustace Conway, center, shows campers how to split a log at his Turtle Island Preserve in Triplet... via
Today we play for our fans & supporters from across Turtle Island, other Reserves & Communities
Turtle Island ... A Paradise Close To The Ground!, In search of a lost paradise just for you? ... ·-·▶
U galang! Loool if devon reply tell him mia slp caaz him a tek too long rn yaa man "LOL"
Eustace Conway sits in front of the horse barn at his Turtle Island Preserve in Triplett, N.C., o... via
Dreams of Turtle Island: The Monsoon Grassland I [something deep for your Sunday AM]
Whenever babe decide he wanna travel the world I wanna go to Fiji , Turtle island is gorgeous.
Reality TV and the real world meet at Turtle Island Preserve: TRIPLETT -- The way Eustace Conway sees it, there's...
Finally im here, many animal in here XD (with Hanry at Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa) —
The lone turtle in "Turtle Island". Feel sorry for this turtle robbed of its right to live in its…
All my turtle island promotions turtles don't even party but ill still rep it all night
Last day in here so very cold but i will enjoying my last 200 ^^ (@ Turtle Island (Pulau Penyu))
Reality and the real world, 'Mountain Man' style Turtle Island Preserve in Triplett, N.C.- Yahoo! TV
I am so rocking my turtle island promotions jersey at all the parties tonight
Lets get em next year Turtle Island
Turtle island getting the big dub today
Wildflower Women of Turtle Island Drum Group at our office at 6-7 pm -EG
Time to head back to the field turtle island promotions needs me
Nice swimming with you in Zante by turtle island, must be nuts to jump of that cliff!! Love you x
The hotel is on a turtle island, we are surrounded by beaches and turtles 🙌
By the dock of the pond Turtle Island. I will wait for you there, creeping silently
Late post (with Jessica Erdy at Turtle Island Tanjung Benoa) [pic] —
Playing in one hour at turtle island tournament. Got some practice in hotel last night with the family.
Just went to unicorns slams and turtle island. Hm
Everyday is Indigenous day on Turtle Island and carries the duty of true stewards to uphold our ancient obligations.
Too lazy to cook. Off to Turtle Island for halibut and chips. Hope that place is still open.
Welcoming Indigenous Youth who are committed to anti-violence work in our communities, and who are interested in getting involved at the level of governance, to the NASC Circle. We welcome the contributions of all self-identified Indigenous women under the age of 24, including 2-spirit and trans Indigenous women. About NASC Niijkiwendidaa Anishnaabekwewag Services Circle (NASC) is a group of Anishnaabekwewag (Indigenous women) who are dedicated to the development and delivery of healing services for Anishnaabekwewag who have been abused, are being abused or are at risk of being abused. This Healing work is to be done through the use of Traditional Anishnaabe Spirituality blended with other appropriate methods. NASC provides services to the following geographical areas of this great & sacred Turtle Island: The Counties of Peterborough, Haliburton, Northumberland, City of Kawartha Lakes, and the Region of Durham. Services & Programs: -Crisis Support Services -Transitional Housing Support -Long Term Counsell ...
by Giibwanisi (aka Richard Peters) Another version of this article by Giibwanisi appeared on December 11, 2012 at It seems that when faced with crisis, the entire nation of Indigenous Peoples on Turtle Island can put away their personal
I'm just enjoying Turtle Island's birthday while awaiting fireworks over Ottawa River.
Turtle Island, USA. - If the Keystone XL pipeline increases the carbon content of the atmosphere, President Barack Obama will turn it down, he said on Tuesday June 25 in a speech on climate change. That was one of many pronouncements he made while speaking at Georgetown University as he took up the mantle on protecting the planet for future generations, outlining a number of initiatives to combat the warming of the Earth. “Allowing the Keystone pipeline to be built requires a finding that doing so would be in our nation’s interest,” Obama said. “And our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward. It’s relevant.” He highlighted cleaner fuels and more sustainable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, as well as natural gas. He called for augmenting natural-gas produ ...
Speakers, entertainment and poetry. See below for list of speakers and poets so far.Picnic in the park, followed by a lovely stroll through downtown Vancouver. Bring your signs, pots and pans and your enthusiasm. Costumes Optional. Stop the Trans National Corporate Takeover of Turtle Island aka Canada. The National Stop Harper Campaign presents."SAVE CANADA DAY." Join us across the country as we proclaim our distrust in the Harper Government and band together to form a group of True Canadians who really care about this country. *Jaeme Lee Grosvenor has kindly offered a space and time to make signs - Sunday June 30th at Noon - Message him for details* For Events elsewhere across BC and Turtle Island - please go to this link and look for your city/town: in Solidarity with other groups and movements including IDLE NO MORE (INM), COUNCIL OF CANADIANS, AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT (AIM), PEACE ALLIANCE and CANADIANS RALLYING TO UNSEAT HARPER (CRUSH)! Speakers so far: **Lillian Howard - FN educator/activist Member ...
People are constantly saying “I didn’t think people actually won those things!” Well, they do. I read D Magazine’s FrontBurner blog daily, and I saw a link to win a trip for two to Turtle Island, Fiji. I clicked on it and added all my contact info; six months later I got an email saying I won! Cra...
Please share this around. We need to pump this up - we need more attendees. See the link in the description for events held elsewhere in BC and across Turtle Island.
Mni Indigenous Water Summit by Elissa J. Tivona and Christinia Eala “Mni wicozani is a native Lakota phrase meaning ‘through water there is life.’ Without the precious medicine of mni (clean water) life on earth will perish. Indigenous people across Turtle Island (… North and South America on European maps) refuse to let that happen.” Visionaries from across the globe gathered on May 22, 23 and 24 for the Mni Indigenous Water Summit hosted in Eagle Butte on Cheyenne River Reservation. Organized by Candace Ducheneaux, daughter of four-time Cheyenne River tribal chairman, the Summit’s goal was to explore and advance practical strategies for bringing the earth’s hydrologic cycle back into balance, or what Lakota people call “wicosani.” Among attendees was Lakota activist, Christinia Eala, Executive Director of Tiyospaye Winyan Maka. Eala speaks of traditional life-ways that motivate many of her people to stand against despoliation of earth and water: ‘Wicosani’ is a Lakota word meaning ...
Since 1996, Canadians have marked National Aboriginal Day on June 21. It is a time to celebrate the cultures and contributions of the original peoples of Turtle Island. CUPE Ontario is proud to support this annual celebration and our members who organize and participate in events on this day.
Update from Rick S. for Wednesday: Another fabulous day at UYC Summer Sailing Camp! The winds were calm at the start of the day -- but we "knew" (OK, "hoped!!!") they would build through the day, and, sure enough -- they did! Our first treat of the day was an awesome lesson on the Weather by the remarkable Ms. Linda Merkle, a long-time sailor and friend of all on Lake Lanier. Boat rigging, pizza party (thanks to Trena McCarthy for organizing!) and a wonderful day of sailing, as I hope you can tell from all the smiles in the photos. The larger boats went on an adventure all the way around Turtle Island (take a look sometime -- it's a LONG way out there!). Finished off the day with swim-time around the new swim dock -- lots of laughs and energy. We do our best to wear them out for you! Tomorrow -- weather permitting -- the adventure in the big boats! Looking forward to another terrific day!
Tears4Justice request for volunteers and donations Tears4Justice is preparing for a very powerful journey across Canada from the East coast to the West coast in honour of the Missing and Murdered Women and Children along the Highway of Tears and all women and children across Turtle Island. We are a Non-Profit group of Grassroots volunteers and family members of Missing or Murdered loved ones or volunteer social activists who fight for justice for our lost loved ones and promote actions geared towards Eliminating Violence against Women and Children in Canada. We provide a voice for those who have been silenced for decades after losing loved ones with little or no options for proper justice, closure, equality or accountability. We raise awareness on the far too many issues regarding the root causes and the lack of resources available to protect our women and children. This fifth walk is inspired by family members in the East who had met the W4J walkers at the end of their 2011 walk. The families asked for . ...
I really dig Eustace Conway. He is the Mountain Man of Mountain Men. (O; Maybe one day I will get to Turtle Island. (O;
We organise: 1. Tour to the ancient temple Tanah Lot with a romantic dinner on the shore line at sunset. 2. Tour to the magnificent mother-temple and a walk around the king's gardens. 3. Tour to the Kintamani volcano with lunch reservation. 4. Tour to Strawberry Hill and a walk around the Bratan lake with lunch reservation. 5. Tour to the Bali Art Center - Ubud city and a visit to the Sacred Monkey's Park. 6. Tour to Turtle Island on a boat with a see-through bottom. 7. A visit to the handicraft market Sukawati. 8. A two-hour descent with rafting - 10 km through the jungle with included lunch. 9. A swimming arrangement with dolphins with a 15-minute entertaining show with them. 10. Diving at Manta point for licensed divers with included lunch. 11. Diving up to 5 meters depth around the beautiful riff for unlicensed divers. 12. Diverse watersports - hawaiian surf, kitesurf, parachute surfing, jetski and snorkeling. 13. Elephant tour with included lunch. 14. A visit to the Bali bird Park with a large number ...
So I'll be driving down to North Carolina Thursday to pick up my new truck! From there I'll be driving west to Boone, NC to visit Eustace Conway at Turtle Island Preserve the rest of the weekend. He wants to shoot some videos and do some other things. Anyone interested in going down there NEXT weekend, let me know. He needs help chopping firewood.. and if you have mechanics skills he needs some minor work done on his Toyota trucks. Get at me if you'd like to visit next weekend while I'm down there and check out Turtle Island and volunteering your time to help out!
Ohhh Woahaa!! Am watching a show called America Unearthed and it is showing ancient Celtic (Mithra) and Egyptian (Anubis) symbolic carvings over 1500 years old in caves in Arkansas and Oklahoma...the carvings light up on the equinoxes and tell the story of the journey of life and death...they reckon they were carved by Celtic tribal people and that the Egyptian symbolism and beliefs had been incorporated into their Mithraeic religion!!! They believe that these Celts had fled to Turtle Island long long before Columbis because practitioners of Mithraism were persecuted back in their own homelands.
Eustace Conway at Turtle Island is free to continue his great work. NC bill 774 passed .. it will exempt "primitive" structures from building codes! It passed 113 to 0! (copy and pasted from Elithia's status!!!) I wonder if this applies to Earthaven. Check it out Martha!
Three years ago today, The Cultural Recyclists (a crazy cross-country bike crew) set off from the Delaware Bay on a voyage across "Turtle Island" exploring sustainability. We traversed the Great Allegheny Passage, then through the midwest, volunteering at many ecovillages along the way. We slept amidst wild Bison in Yellowstone Park, and dumpster dived 15 pounds of delicious swiss cheese on the Oregon Coast. We slept inside redwood trees along the 101 Highway. 6 months later we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and celebrated in San Francisco...This journey tested all our fears, brought us to tears, and inspired our peers...It was an experiment in radical collaboration and interdependence. I am infinitely grateful to all the amazing beings who participated in this epic journey...Charlie Kain, Ananda Gingrich, Tina Sapphire Berry, William Morgan, Chris Romain, Adam Hintz, Anne Hintz, Amy Rose Brt, Red Russell, and so many more! Aho Mitakuye Oyasin :)
Well if we didn’t know it yesterday, we definitely know it today . . . . Hurricane season has started. Of course, Tropical Storm Andrea won’t stop us!! What’s a little wind and about 5-6 inches of rain?? Not much in the overall big picture. We needed the rain, and the wind is knocking down all the little branches that needed to come down anyway and tomorrow or Sunday, we will go out and clean our yards of the debris that the wind has kindly provided us for us. But for the visitors to our little island, a little creativity is needed! What to do on a windy and rainy day?? Of course, you can walk on the beach to see the ocean churning, but what else?? Maybe a little shopping in some of our quaint shops that are here on the island and in Southport?? And of course, later on this evening, come to Turtle Island and enjoy one of our specials starting with a local favorite, Conch Fritters or homemade Crab and cheese stuffed Jalapenos. It’s Friday, and tonight only, Prime Rib Au Jus or one of our o ...
In the 30 years of its formal history, the American Indian Movement (AIM) has given witness to a great many changes. We say formal history, because the movement existed for 500 years without a name. The leaders and members of today's AIM never fail to remember all of those who have traveled on before, having given their talent and their lives for the survival of the people. At the core of the movement is Indian leadership under the direction of NeeGawNwayWeeDun, Clyde H. Bellecourt, and others. Making steady progress, the movement has transformed policy making into programs and organizations that have served Indian people in many communities. These policies have consistently been made in consultation with spiritual leaders and elders.The success of these efforts is indisputable, but perhaps even greater than the accomplishments is the vision defining what AIM stands for. Indian people were never intended to survive the settlement of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere, our Turtle Island. With the strengt ...
I don't believe in the "Bering Strait Theory" of how Indigenous people came to populate the Americas aka Turtle Island... We were here before the Asian people began migrating through that land bridge and way before the European invasion.
May 10th 2013 I had a wonderful experience at Edenton’s NC 300th Year celebration. I was so very proud of the Meherrin Chief Wayne Brown and tribal members, Mohawk Chief, American Indian Mothers Members, Clan Mother Pura Fe and many other Iroquois nations. Together the United Tribal Natives showcased and brought forth the cultures of the First Peoples of Turtle Island. The air was filled by the spirit of the Creator as the citizen of Eden watch on and the dynamic power that surrounded the celebration, because of the presence of the ancestors of both native and citizen of Edenton citizen colonial period. The Mohawk Chief recited the first thanksgiving prayer in the Mohawk language how angelic and beautiful were the words. Chief Wayne Brown shared in the history of the Iroquois people and the welcoming of the colonial ships that arrived at these ports and was accepted into OUR LANDS. Pura Fe sang and drummed, everything about her was in order her hair, clothing, jewelry, songs, music and most pleasantly . ...
Taiwan region each year has an average of 18,5 00 earthquakes, about 1000 of them felt tremors over 6 or above per year with an average of 3.4. From 1900 to the present Taiwan a total of 96 disastrous earthquakes in recorded history. Taiwan earthquake occurred mainly in 3 seismic zone: "seismic belt in the West" and "East", and near the foot faults, Okinawa trough, the Ryukyu trench, submarine volcanoes, the most dangerous "Northeast seismic belt". Seismic zone in the northeast of the Okinawa trough expansion effect, extends from the Lanyang River upstream near Ilan County to the North-East of the Ryukyu Islands, is a shallow seismic activity zone, along with geothermal and volcanic activities (Turtle Island). Perimeter of the Ryukyu trench is rumored to 921 earthquake, one of the culprits is very likely to be raised. Apple Daily has published "published by the geological survey of the Economic Department of the Central" The probability of Taiwan offshore geology and tsunami survey "results". Taiwan may . ...
A letter from Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Present Chief and Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation of the Sioux) * A Great Urgency * To All World Religious and SpiritualLeaders * My Relatives, Time has come to speak to the hearts of our Nations and their Leaders. I ask you this from the bottom of my heart, to come together from the Spirit of your Nations in prayer. We, from the heart of Turtle Island , have a great message for the World; we are guided to speak from all the White Animals showing their sacred color, which have been signs for us to pray for the sacred life of all things. As I am sending this message to you, many Animal Nations are being threatened, those that swim, those that crawl, those that fly, and the plant Nations, eventually all will be affect from the oil disaster in the Gulf. The dangers we are faced with at this time are not of spirit. The catastrophe that has happened with the oil spill which looks like the bleeding of GrandMother Earth, i ...
THE CALLING: Now is the time to stand in Unity for the Greater Good of All Life, each other, and realize the One Great Peace. Greetings and may this post find you well. With gratitude for all you are doing to educate and train People, for speaking truth, for your love and protection of Mother Earth, our Water of Life and the People. Please let this post serve as an introduction between the Peoples, Leaders, Allies of Indigenous and First Nations of Turtle Island, All Peoples of Mother Earth…and…. Datu (meaning Tribal Leader) Kllala Lanello T. Sangcoan of Tribal Society International who will be hosting the Kaamulan Tribal International Gathering. I write to you this morning at the request of my friend Datu Kllala Lanelio T. Sangcoan, to help him make beneficial contacts and alliances with Tribes and Nations world wide. I met him last year at an International Elder's gathering in Australia. The participants agreed that the Colonial Beast and it's many tendrils of oppression can no longer be faced alone ...
Andrea here~ Turtle Island Office Admin ~ Do you want to come and live at Turtle Island with our eclectic and unique community? Do you want to do something that will have meaning and change your life forever? Become an intern and learn from Eustace Conway, please email for an application package. tiinterns PLEASE SHARE and help us spread the word!
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Watching 'History of the World in 2 Hours', it is so in accurate and deceptive when it comes to 'discovering' Turtle Island commonly known as the western hemesphere. Up to the point to where Columbus was lost, there was nothing depicted about the Peoples of the Western Hemisphere, yet the show talked about every other society before Columbus. We are and have been erased from the story as told by the Alien society on this stupit and deceptive show. We are not from monkeys or apes like the Alien Airen Anglo Saxon. Geeze.
Native Americans founded Turtle Island (their name for America) about 50,000 years ago.  The name ‘USA’ or ‘US’ was the name that European settlers put on their government in 1782 (some say 1776).  So the Native Americans were here for about 48,000 years before anyone thought of the USA!  Anyway, anthropologists and archeologists have traced the origins of the Navajo back to the northwestern part of North America (largely in Alaska, the Yukon, and the NWT) and a tribe of Althapaskan tribes known as the Dene or Dene-ta between 1300’s and the 1600’s.  In fact the Navajo refer themselves as Dine which means “the people”.  They hunted deer, mountain sheep, antelope, and rabbit, and made their clothing from these animal skins. They started raiding Spanish settlers to get horses for hunting and fighting, and became known as great North America warriors by the Spanish and other surrounding Indian tribes. They were an agricultural society which grew corn, beans, and squash in fields that the ...
For those who liked my story here is part 2! It only took about 2 or 3 hours for Turtle Island to get into view and a minute or so for the boat to dock on the island where they could see a middle aged man with a turtle shell on his back. “Hi, I am Stefan, descendant of Krillin and the android no 18 and I would like to train under you, Master Leo”. Stefan said with a bow. “This is such a waste of time but, I am Victor son of the head of Capsule Corporation president and would also like to train”. Victor said, with a bored expression on his face, “I have new students?!” Master Leo exclaimed “Well I would be happy to teach the descendant of one of my predecessors students”. Said Master Leo “Alright then let’s start training already”. Victor said “Do not mock the teacher Victor”. Stefan whispered “Why not, he looks like a moron with that shell on his back anyways”. Victor said “You’re talking to loud Vic, stop pointing out his moronic appearance”. Stefan said “Uum you rep ...
~We need to learn from the Native traditions. For perhaps as long as twenty thousand years, the Native people lived harmoniously on Turtle Island, so that the first Europeans who arrived here was able to describe it as a beautiful, unspoiled wilderness, a virtual paradise. But in the short period of four hundred years since the first Europeans arrived, this continent has become riddled with ecological disasters and pollution from sea to sea...why...~ ~Black Dawn, Bright Day~
May8: Enbridge AGM - no consent, no pipelines. 12:45pm at Metropolitan Conference Centre, 333-4 Ave SW. We are coming together to support the First Nations of Northern BC and Alberta and those across Turtle Island who are being affected or resisting Enbridge's pipelines of dirty tar sands dilbit. Enbridge has a shameful history of spills. US regulators described the response to the Kalamazoo River disaster as being run by the Keystone Cops. Enbridge operates a network of aging pipelines that are being used for new purposes and in new ways that pose unacceptable risks to both people and the environment. Enbridge wants to build a new pipeline to transport tar sands oil to the BC coast, crossing over 1,000 streams, tunnelling through impassible mountains to fill tankers for a dangerous voyage where one slight error could forever destroy BC's pristine coastal waters. Enbridge wants to reverse a 38 year old convention oil pipeline to ship tar sand bitumen through the great lakes to Montreal. Enbridge has had o ...
"Isolationist" simply meant the US ignored European squabbles until WWI. Too busy trying to take over Turtle Island.
Finding a Turtle Nest at Sullivan Island by Grant Clauser | Cider ...: At night we shut off the house lights s...
you're stranded on a deserted island.. would u rather... — cmon.easyyy. Turtle Soup everyone! :D
Don't know what it's called but the looks like a so I call it turtle…
The Lonely Island actually have an album titled 'Turtle Neck And Chain' and I think it's dedicated to you x
Dead sea turtle washes ashore on Okaloosa Island
it that the right link for your company? Is turtle mountain affiliated with turtle island?
I spent five days in paradise on the Hawaiian island of Oahu at Turtle Bay.
"Dead sea turtle washes ashore on Okaloosa Island" slow news day?
Happy Easter from Seattle's Japanese Garden. Check out turtle island...!
New post: Easter message from the Turtle Island team.
Easter message from the Turtle Island team. -
and white guys like me have to get out there and support turtle island as well. We are all in this together.
We made it through the Kiawah Island Easter Egg Hunt after the rain ended. Going to take a walk around Turtle Point & maybe to the ocean.
I would be willing to travel down to for this - it could get more Turtle Island'ers involved in mvmt:)
Easter message from the Turtle Island team.:   Hello turtles Cube here,     Happy Easter from me and the Turtl...
Post updated March 31, 2013 - Easter message from the Turtle Island team. . Read it now at
Turtle Island: Official Blog New Post - Easter message from the Turtle Island t. Read it now at
ties right into A small win for Oceti Sakowin is a win for us all on Turtle Island.
Iktomi was one of the world's first internet search engines and this Native prophecies of Turtle Island also talk...
Wherever you are on this Turtle Island, Happy Easter! Splendid day :)
Looking forward to performing being on Great Turtle Island (USA) djing/kapahaka representing at the G.O.N-...
going to perhentian? u have to! its a incredible island. if u lucky enough u can go shark and turtle watching! :D
Turtle Island Preserve is a place you can go to learn about nature, wildlife, growing food, and primitive life...
An island would be the ideal place to raise your sea turtle or lizard.
Saturday, March 30, 2013 - the Way of the Turtle: ABOUT THE PHOTO: One plus to visiting the Big Island is the ...
E.t.a to my house around midnight. Can't wait to share my experience at Turtle Island Preserve with everyone.
Who's ready for a new Turtle Island Live News with a special guest
Awesome! I am on the same island, you will love Turtle Bay!
gee. Thanks. My daughter is on Marco Island this wk and has been sending similar pix.
To all brothers and sisters of turtle island.
There "is" a LAW before Columbus on Turtle Island & it's not man made - It's NATURAL LAW, it's Creator's LAW
Snyder had much more influence on me than Kerouac. Turtle Island lived in my college backpack.
Koh Tao of the islands, Also known as Turtle Island is situated issues 45 km from Koh Phangan…
Makapu’u Ridge Duc Ong/Việt Tide On a sunny, clear day, I joined two others on a morning hike along the summit ridgeline of the South-Eastern Ko’olau mountains on the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i. The ridgeline hike starts at scenic parking area, located at the tip near Makapu’u point. Instead of taking the more popular paved path heading towards the ocean, we opted for a road less traveled, heading up the spine of the Ko’olau mountains. The Makapuu Ridge trail is a roller-coaster of a hike that climbs up and down the crest of the Ko’olau and provides magnificent views from the cliffs overlooking the coastline. Crossing the highway and climbing the initial path near a black fence leads us up to one of the first spectacular views of the offshore islands, including Manana Island (also known as Rabbit Island because of its similarity to a rabbit) and Kaohikaipu (Turtle Island). Early on along the hike, one gains a bird’s eye view of Sea Life Park and Oceanic Institute. One of the more intere .. ...
Andrew Cabot OPEN LETTER TO CHIEFS: We request a halt to the agreements made under the framework : Made In Nova Scotia Process. We feel we have not been properly consulted. We understand that there have been many successful programs and avenues that have come from these agreements but also understand that the Made in Nova Scotia framework agreements are now re-writing our inherent Treaties. Our treaties, we believe, were made to withstand the assault on our cultural and traditional livelihood. They were carefully constructed to withstand our time here on Turtle Island. We also understand that our treaties have been instrumental in the success of our endeavours to secure our livelihood and uphold the Canadian Government's instruction, by the Crown, to honour their promises to provide for our education, our health and our right to sustain our people through hunting and fishing. In 2012, the Canadian Government passed Bill C-45, which directly disregarded these agreements in our treaties. Our people are shoc ...
For All Ah to be alive on a mid-September morn fording a stream barefoot, pants rolled up, holding boots, pack on, sunshine, ice in the shallows, northern rockies. Rustle and shimmer of icy creek waters stones turn underfoot, small and hard as toes cold nose dripping singing inside creek music, heart music, smell of sun on gravel. I pledge allegiance I pledge allegiance to the soil of Turtle Island, and to the beings who thereon dwell one ecosystem in diversity under the sun With joyful interpenetration for all. /Gary Snyder/ Smokey the Bear Sutra Once in the Jurassic about 150 million years ago, the Great Sun Buddha in this corner of the Infinite Void gave a Discourse to all the assembled elements and energies: to the standing beings, the walking beings, the flying beings, and the sitting beings -- even grasses, to the number of thirteen billion, each one born from a seed, assembled there: a Discourse concerning Enlightenment on the planet Earth. "In some future time, there will be a continent called Ame ...
Anishinaabe In Ontario, the term Anishinaabe most often refers to the three nations that formed a Confederacy known as the Three Fires Confederacy: Ojibway (Faith Keepers), Odawa (Warriors and Traders), and Potawatomi (Fire Keepers). The Anishinaabe have a long and proud history: • Language of these three nations belongs to the Algonkian family. • They share similar cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. • History of Anishinaabe began on the east coast of Turtle Island (North America) long before European contact. • Seven prophets came to the Anishinaabe people at that time and foretold of the European people and future hardships. • For survival, they urged the people to migrate and their prophecy is known as the Seven Fires Prophecy. • Seven Fires refers to the seven places of migration along the way: St. Lawrence River (of a turtle-shaped island), Niagara Falls, the Detroit River, Manitoulin Island, Baawating (Sault Ste. Marie), Duluth, and finally Madeline Island (Wisconsin). • In 1650 ...
KEVIN ANNETT BLACK OPS...ADVISORY ...Please help Dennis Banks and me, Royce White Calf, expose the greatest and most dangerous fraud and/or agent - to our Peoples of Turtle Island, in my lifetime. It has been proven that he is criminally guilty of every order of fraud, including rewriting medical and historic research of the Survivors of the Residential Schools in Canada. He has covered up under the gross pretense that we the Peoples of Turtle Island endorse his so-called ‘WORK’ on our behalf, his real crimes - including but not limited to: -engaging in sex with Native prostitutes and other Native women, -pushing and using drugs, including crack with these women,- pushing drugs and alcohol on other Native Peoples when necessary to meet his any agenda, - theft of Sacred artifacts,- lying extensively - and desecrating the memory of our children - regarding hoaxed “digs of mass graves”, -paying homeless survivors in Vancouver to appear with him in pretense rallies for his own fabricated 'PR' to promo ...
General Information Haiti Law: Historical Background Haiti is located on the western side of the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea. With an area of 27,750 square kilometers and an estimated population of 8.5 million, Haiti has a high population density. More than half of its people live in rural areas. The country has an average life expectancy of 60 years, high rates of infant and maternal mortality, and a GNP per capita of USD 480. Haiti is classed among the least developed countries in the world.[1] Christopher Columbus discovered Hispaniola on December 5, 1492. He established the first Spanish settlement in the Western Hemisphere, Fort Nativity, on December 25, 1492. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries French buccaneers used Turtle Island, off the northern coast of Hispaniola, as the base for their commercial activities in the Caribbean, invading and eventually occupying an extensive territory on the northwest side of the island. In 1697, by the Treaty of Ryswick, Spain recognized ...
IDLE NO MORE HONORING OUR SACRED FIRES AND NATIONHOOD GLOBAL DAY OF CEREMONY AND RESURGENCE Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 We formally and respectfully REQUEST across Turtle Island (North America) and across our global community, on the first day of Spring, to light sacred fires, to gather sacred pipes and pipe-carriers, to gather sacred bundles and bundle carriers, to gather drums and drum-carriers, and for spiritual leaders, carriers of ceremonies, elders, young, and community members in all territories to unite in ceremony. We call upon our women, men, two-spirited people, keepers of ceremonies, lodge-keepers, carriers of pipes (as well as bundles and drums), spiritual leaders, communities, elders, youth and everyone to begin by lighting Sacred Fires at sunrise on March 20th. Throughout March 20th, our request for ceremonies is intended to: Strengthen the Movement Acknowledge and Honor the spiritual foundation of our Nations and the Movement Nourish the fire of our commitment to our Nations, Sovereignty, ...
See Michael Doucet bring his distinct Cajun flavor to the genre-defying Turtle Island string quartet tomorrow night at The American Theatre!
Turtle Island String Quartet links classical and Cajun music on new tour Turtle Island String Quartet has stretched classical forms far enough to make connections with jazz, rock, even the music of India. So why not head for the bayou? The group's current tour links Turtle Island with Cajun fiddler Michael Doucet, leader of the acclaimed band Beausoleil. Mark Summer, cellist with Turtle Island, said he and fellow founding member David Balakrishnan have known Doucet since 1988 when he invited the quartet to play the Festival International De Louisiane in Doucet's hometown of Lafayette. They share friendship and mutual... ~MusicIsMyLife
Goog Morning my brothers and sisters of Turtle Island; How is everyone this morning? My mother, the late Grace Edith Robinson Sr, memorial (1 year since her passing) is coming near; so, I want to extend and express to my children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, all the extended families, relatives and friends my late mom, my most sincere love, hugs and kisses to each and everyone of you. I know it has been very hard this past year in losing our mom; It has been tough for me as well; but I have total trust, belief and faith in our Creator; for without our Creator as my guide in everything that I am and do, I wouldn't exist; our Creator is who keeps me going each and every day; so it is with that trust, belief and faith that I know our mom is in a better place now; and that is comforting to know; We, all that are left behind, must remain a close loving family and cherish the time our Creator gave us to be with our mom; I do sent my condolences, love, respect, honor in pu ...
I had to look up the Song of Solomon reference, but I found this e-mail thread sent to me interesting, comments are in reverse order; 2 comments, the 1st one-liner, is mine, the 1st thought in my head, and there is a 2nd lengthy comment, followed by the original text: "The United States was called Turtle Island by the Native Americans." "Historically, aristocracies arose first through physical power, then through riches financing that power, and as we became more "civilized" through riches alone, and hiring the power through lawyers and governments. So now our aristocracies no longer have titles such as king, prince, count or baron, but instead, congressman, senator, president, prime minister, CEO, billionaires, etc. For them, the laws that govern you and I do not exist, with the exception of the most scandalous and egregious acts, and only then, when it tickles the fancy of the public usually in some salacious way. A common man standing to receive a sentence is fined $250K and his life is ruined. He los ...
Okay, so my wife had us running around cleaning and reorganizing the greenhouse and our pump house which has numerous windows and a heat source in the 65-70 degree F well water. All of this could have been done at the end of the last season but... She is getting close to starting up our cold weather tolerant starts. I think she is a little bit early. It's hard to judge when stuff can go in the ground in the Klamath Basin because it is all dependent on soil temperatures and your ability to cover crops at a moments notice once you put them out. I have been watching the snow accumulations melt from my 7200 sg. ft. garden area. As the snow melts, watch how water collects (an indication of soil permeability) and runs off (slope aspect). An entertaining and informative read is, "What A Plant Knows, A Field Guide to the Senses" by Daniel Chamovitz (ISBN 978-0-374-28873-0). One of the things I learned from this 159 page read is that plants CAN NOT HEAR! So forget the Mozart or EMMINEN or Beyonce or Turtle Island ...
Have you ever envisioned what the future may be and how this future should be governed for the equal benefit in abundance for all mankind rather than one category or the next? To write the law on the wall so if anyone disagrees then they can take it to the wall. Would this eliminate the need for leaders as everyone would be the leaders of themselves which would make a nation of leaders. Have you ever really envisioned a future such as this? What would be written on that wall? Would it be something like this?.. I call this "The Declaration of the Sovereign Savage" We are born of the Spirit which is the essence that created Our flesh and blood. Our Spirit is of the essence that originated from this land that our ancestors call Turtle Island. We declare that We are the same as We are, We are Who We are and no other authority can say otherwise, only We can define Who We are and not any other authority except for the Supreme Sovereign Authority of the Spirit of the Truth, or the Breath of the Supreme Sovereign ...
Why isn't it called the Ministry of Colonial Affairs and Northern Exploitation of Turtle Island ?
When my went to the Idle No More teach in at the University of Lethbridge all they talked about was how this affected Native Peoples and your Non-Aboriginal could care less. They briefly mentioned the amendments to the Navigable Water Protection Act that allows the tailings from the Oil Sands to be spilled into the Water unregulated. All of this water empties in to the Hudson's Bay and Gulf of Mexico. The chemicals used in the process of Fracking and the Oil Sands are incredibly potent neurotoxins that are causing mutations and tumours and all different kinds of AWFUL in the animals which affect EVERYONE on Turtle Island...but the Idle No more presenters were still in the victim mentality more or less saying "Pity us! look at how bad we got it" while the rest of everyone in the World has got it bad...but...without the Water protections People won't have it bad anymore because they just won't have it.they'll be dead.
Railroad ties are spaced about 2 feet apart Turtle Island is 3000 miles across That means the transcontinental railroad took more than 8 million ties probably many more.   There are dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands or rail lines across the continent 300,000 miles; a staggering 800 million ties but what strikes me the most is that each one is dipped in creosote.   Staining the wood black the stench of it thickens the air like sludge on a hot, windless afternoon on the tracks.   They run along the ocean mile after mile, slowly leaching into the soil it is a guarantee; the surety of genocide hidden beneath the veneer of "efficiency" and the newfound trendiness of rail travel seeping into our water; the water that is us.   _     A trout 12 inches long and slender as a pike nosing the surface, smelling for food icy water churning down this valley bouncing off sandstones and their remains, small glittering beaches   hard sun and crisp air trees hanging onto the hillside where they can and clustering to ...
Since so many professing Christians have adopted the terminology that many false Native "contextual" teachers have ripped from the pages of secular books and cultural practices dedicated to "other gods", let us look at a couple of them and see if they are "reconcilable" to true Biblical Christianity. Yes, I said that. If you go to a secular book shop, you will find many of the terms/terminology that false Native "contextual" teachers have sneaked into the church under the guise of "reconciliation". So these false "contextual" teachers are not terribly original, nor are they in any way acceptable. 1.) Turtle Island: the Ojibway account, which finds a lot of "commonality" in other Native culture creation stories, finds a mythical figure called Nanaboozhoo, with the help of an assortment of animals, diving to the bottom of the ocean after a great flood, and retrieving a parcel of dirt, placing it on the back of a turtle, dancing an ever-widening circle on the back of the turtle, and with a little help from K ...
Blogger Greg Renouf has been a terrible annoyance and worse to revolutionaries and activists across Turtle Island since at least December 2011 when he was called out publicly for harassing an activist about Occupy Vancouver even though that particular activist was hardly ever at the encampment. He h...
WE GOOFED! Our google lobster-english translator led us astray. We found this in our e-mail last night. Lobstah! Lobstah! Lobstah! Rise! Coloradan lobster folk! Rise! The Night of the Red Claw is upon us. DCP's fell henchfolk are mixing tonight into the crowds in Searsport Maine, Determine to force their gigantic LPG gas tank upon Turtle Island's lobsterbasket Penobscot Bay. Tonight & Tomorrow night (Tuesday, Feb 12) starting 4pm Colorado time While DCP's is focuses on beleaguered Maine. Rise! It is but 23 stories up to the Gassers lair . Make them care! Turn grey their hair! Rise! Tomorrow night is Night of the Blue Claw so be prepared
hey guys, this is worth reading. THE YEAR 2012 WORLD WILL NOT END IN 2012 By Carlos Barrios Carlos Barrios was born into a Spanish family on El Altiplano, the highlands of Guatemala. His home was in Huehuetenango, also the dwelling place of the Maya Mam tribe. With other Maya and other indigenous tradition keepers, the Mam carry part of the'old ways on Turtle Island (North America). They are keepers of time, authorities on remarkable calendars that are ancient,elegant and relevant. Mr. Barrios is a historian, an anthropologist and investigator. After studying with traditional elders for 25 years since the age of 19, he has also became a Mayan Ajq'ij, a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide,Eagle Clan. Years ago, along with his brother, Gerardo, Carlos initiated an investigation into the different Mayan calendars. He studied with many teachers. He says his brother Gerardo interviewed nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen their scope of knowledge. "Anthropologists visit the temple sites," Mr. Barrios ...
I think its time the grassroots begin to question what their leadership are doing to oppose Bill c45, as well as the other bills that are going through the Canadian parliament because the CONSENT seems to be coming from somewhere for these bills to move forward. There are various boards and committees across Turtle Island that have been "consulted"? This is unclear but according to some information that INM is receiving these boards and committees are "consenting". How can INM continue to oppose when it seems as if there are leadership that are in support of these legislations? These BILLS will extinguish treaty. Make no mistake of that. If we continue to be silent and not declare we are in opposition to these bills than we have given our consent.
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Read and understand that this, or something very similar, is the only model of governance in which humanity has a future. We should all think about how we can introduce these ideals into our communities in whatever small steps are available to us, and resist corporate drivers dictating terms of existence. This is what the Occupy Mopvement is all about, returning life to community support and interdependence, away from male-energy dominated power constructs currently accepted as 'normal'.. "In my vision I saw something new. Something like government but unlike it completely. I saw true representation for The People of Turtle Island, starting right here in Kanata. I saw three levels of governance: 1/ The Elders Circle 2/ The Congress of Spokespeople 3/ The Youth Assembly I saw the Youth give the dreams and the vision. The hope and the energy. I saw the Elders give the wisdom and perspective. The guidance and calm. I saw the Congress of Spokespeople combine these things into action, carrying out the will o . ...
Hacking group Anonymous has created a map of missing and murdered indigenous women across Turtle Island.
Is the letter from Indigenous women of Turtle Island in support of Chief Spence online somewhere to link to?
Sending a prayer of protection to all the First Nations people of Turtle Island. May you find peace , love and happiness in your day tomorrow ..good night folks
This is where we are getting married 09/28/2013 Angelo & Maggie :) Bula Bula ! Grand Beach Weddings Imagine celebrating that special day in an exotic tropical setting; meeting your loved one on a white, sandy beach with a warm breeze stirring the air. On Turtle, weddings are special events, and some of our guests' fondest memories are of the delightful Fijian wedding ceremonies held at sunset on the shores of the famous Blue Lagoon. The bride and groom may dress in traditional Fijian wedding attire made especially for them by the Turtle Island staff members. The cloth is tapa, made from tree bark and hand-painted with traditional Fijian symbols in tan, brown and black. All of the guests, along with the bride and groom, wear garlands of fresh, fragrant flowers around their necks. The trumpeting of conch shells announce the bride's arrival on the wedding raft, called a billi billi. Drums beat ceremonial rhythms as the bride disembarks and is escorted to her groom by two Fijian attendants. As they approach t ...
Handed down as a traditional Cherokee story from grandmother to grandchild, the storyteller cautions that long ago before the Europeans discovered Turtle Island and her indigenous people, the elders of those people warned of the monsters with white eyes yet to come. Similar stories are to be found among the Aztecs and Mexican people. The spirits foretold that the monster with white eyes would cross the great eastern water. The monster would possess evil and terrifying power, and would wreak destruction in its path. The spirits of the animals and trees began to wither. Prophecy states that Mother Earth herself would be devastated and her heartbeat would become faint. The monster was said to devour the children of Turtle Island tribe by tribe, with no escape. If one did survive, its spirit would be dead since it would now be lost and have no connection to its ancestors. The story tells that one day the Earth would begin to sing a death song due to the severity of the harsh conditions. When this happens, the ...
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