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Turner Prize

The Turner Prize, named after the painter J. M. W. Turner, is an annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50. Awarding the prize is organised by the Tate gallery and staged at Tate Britain.

Helen Marten Michael Gove Martin Creed Grayson Perry Rachel Whiteread Chris Ofili Elizabeth Price Richard Deacon Jane Hall Mark Wallinger

Do it, enter it into the Turner prize, win! Sell it for millions.
Winner of this year’s Turner Prize, Lubaina Himid discusses her journey and what’s next on Lis…
“We black artists were kind of held in a strange wilderness – we were showing, but we were just held at a level. It’s th…
Today marks the final day of our 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY - so we're going out with a bang with our BIGGEST PRIZE YET! We…
New post: Lubaina wins the Turner prize
Follow us, RT, & let us know who you'd share today's prize, a Disney Frozen Elsa Figurine, with for your chance to
Check Hull2017 website for what’s on. Currently Turner prize still here, Martin Parr and others. But also lots of s…
I'm getting the turner prize for christmas
Exciting to see Turner Prize exhibition in Hull! Loved the winning 'dining set' too 🙊
Final blog post of 2017, on the Turner Prize and what it means for the art scene and for Wolverhampton.…
C-ptsd is bloody exhausting. On bad days i struggle just to get out of bed! My whole f…
Danny, have you come across the work of Labaina Himid?…
"In terms of highs in the art world, Lubaina Himid being named Turner Prize 2017 winner will make this y…
I’ll probably win the Turner Prize for this one
After the Turner Prize the prepares for another major work of art. I'll talk to artist a…
Have you been to the turner prize yet
While political headlines have been dominated by Trump and Brexit, on the cultural stage there have been a few more…
> Turner Prize winners Assemble joined forces with ceramicist Matthew Raw to clad the entrance of Seve…
Seriously, this alone deserves the turner prize
From a long-awaited sequel hitting our screens to a short story breaking the internet, and a historic Turner Prize…
# lubainahimid So delighted to see that you are the winner of the Turner prize . Honoured to have been your school…
Remaking Classical Greece — with paints and pixels. Elizabeth Price, a Turner Prize-winning artist, draws on archaeology f…
As a small consolation prize, have a bespoke Frank Turner klaxon, to use as you see fit. Good luck with the new…
Delighted to be new Prof Of Arch. Joining a great team including 2017 Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid, MBE, Pro…
We're celebrating 2017 today... Art Is Everywhere at the Turner Prize was a wonderful weekend. Thank you for…
Dr S Spot: ‘Unloading at Limehouse Reach’by George Shaw ( not the one who won the Turner Prize). Marine artist b 1929. The bri…
Congratulations to Lubaina Himid, winner of 2017 Turner Prize.making history as the first black woman to do so
Lubaina Himid is oldest winner of Turner Prize
Jubilant about winning for 'Invisible Strategies and Navigation Charts' incredible work p…
With the winner of this year's announced tomorrow watch our short film where curator Sacha Craddock discusses…
Lubaina Himid wins Turner Prize — the worthiest winner in years I am so proud of this amazing woman.
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& now, for some wonderful news: Turner Prize 2017: Lubaina Himid's win makes history
You know when you have an idea too late: we should've held the Anthea Turner Prize last night - bring your Blue Pet…
Lubaina Himid receives the 2017 Turner Prize. Not only is she the first woman of color recipient, but Himid is also the…
Huge congratulations to Lubaina Himid on winning the Turner Prize 2017!
Congratulations Lubaina Himid – Turner Prize 2017 winner. Discover more about Lubaina at
The first Turner Prize awarded to a woman of colour!
"She is an artist who, arguably, has been overlooked and undervalued for most of her career", probably by majority grp,…
winner of the Turner Prize 2017 for works including 'Invisible Strategies’ and ‘Navigation Charts’ fo…
Lubaina Himid wins the Turner Prize, Britain's top contemporary art award. Her work depicts the African diaspora.
Lubaina Himid Becomes First Woman of Color To Win Turner Prize. At 63, she is also the oldest artist to win the UK’…
why is this age of prejudice and discrimination do the BBC have to tell all the Turner prize winner is bl…
What a double - first black woman and first person over 50 to win Turner Prize.
Preston-based artist Lubaina Himid has become the oldest winner of the Turner Prize, and the first black woman to pick up the a…
Lubaina Himid has been awarded the Turner Prize for her colorful work examining the history of colonialism.
Congrats Lubaina Himid on winning the You read about her in our interview in September: Lubaina Himid:…
Congratulations to the amazing ! I’m only delighted for you!Turner Prize 2017 winner: Lubaina Himid wins pres…
'It looks like a potato with a helmet' - BBC News
First black woman to ever win the Turner prize. About time!
Congratulations to Lubaina Himid, winner of this year's Turner Prize
Rule change frees Turner prize from wearisome focus on the new | Adrian Searle
And The Turner Prize 2017 for top techs goes to and
Kids give honest opinions on the visual atrocity that is the Turner Prize. "I think this is like modern art, cause you c…
Tune into tonight from 9.30pm to find out who won the 33rd Take a look at previous winners:
Lubaina Himid becomes oldest artist to win Turner prize
Had a look at the when I was in Hull t’other week. The winner, Lubaina Himid, was my favourite…
Lubaina Himid given Turner Prize - the art award's oldest winner and the first black woman to win
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Turner Prize 2017: Lubaina Himid's win makes history -
“All my work is saying: let’s put this on the table, communicate, negotiate, see what is the same about us, glory in the…
Congratulations !!! Wonderful exhibition ! I loved this years Turner prize nominations ... all great artists b…
Congratulations to winner Lubaina Himid and to all the nominated artists 💥
Little Giant Ladders
New gallery launches this week in Peckham, firsts how features; Land Art pioneer and Turner Prize winner Richard Lo…
Haven't seen the Turner Prize in Hull yet. But I'm going up this week to review it. No sure about the dropping of t…
Exciting news as musician and artist announced as this year's Turner Prize presenter.
Congrats Cydonie! 1 of 2 KCL students awarded prize - the other Tamara Turner for best student Mid East p…
⚡️ “People are loving this 'Turner Prize'-worthy piece 😂”.
A can of expanding foam went off on the shed and I'm now 6/4 on winning this year's Turner Prize.
Would Turner have won the Turner Prize? Prof Jason Edwards talks about Turner's whaling paintings
Jason Edwards speaks about Turner & the Turner Prize as part of the BBC's celebration of City of Culture!
Illuminating words 2day by Turner Prize winner"Play is how children develop a sense of power to act in the world"
When Tracey Emin was selected for the Turner Prize for her unmade bed we all knew that Art as we knew it was all bu…
Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread: ‘My sheds are poetry, not pointless Plop Art’.
Artist and former Turner Prize winner Richard Deacon playfully answers the question ‘where do ideas come from?’
Artnews. Richard Deacon was nominated for the first ever Turner Prize in 1984, winning the award on his second...
was london - found this cool pic of 2003 Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry in team kit a…
A pair of tapestries by Grayson Perry, Turner Prize winner in 2003, are on a national tour and now showing at
Turner Prize winner criticises Glasgow School of Art for censoring student’s work .
delighted that Turner Prize winner Martin Creed will be talking art and playing songs at July 22nd…
Turner Prize winner reflects on his job as an artist in our Portraits series…
Great to see that tonight is brought to us by Martin Creed, who won 2000 Turner Prize for 'Work No 227. Lights Going On and Off'
Here's Turner Prize (2001) winner Martin Creed, kind of wishing you a Happy from
Two artists on Turner Prize shortlist recently on show in Nottingham: Hurvin Anderson & Lubaina Himid
I like the Turner prize shortlist. Himid and Buttner are both brills in my books especially.
All the latest art news in one place
Turner Prize shortlist announced, featuring two artists who previously wouldn’t be eligible
Turner Prize 2017: first shortlist since age limit scrapped includes two artists over 50
s/o to Hull with Big Weekend and now the Turner Prize. great stuff! .
Huge congratulations to on the Turner Prize nomination - super news!
based artist and professor Lubaina Himid nominated for Turner prize .
TURNER PRIZE: Are male artists edging out proper artists?
Who are this year's Turner Prize nominees?
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The Turner Prize is coming to Hull this year. But who will make the big decision? Meet the jury for 2017.
The not so Young British Artists: All 2017 Turner Prize nominees are aged over 40 ' | via
The Turner Prize 2017 shortlist is out! See the exhibition later this year.
An 'unexpected and refreshing' 2017 shortlist
Glasgow School of Art graduate nominated for prestigious Turner Prize
Congratulations! and are shortlisted for 2017 https…
Turner nominees over 50 as age limit scrapped
Congratulations to 2014 recipient on her nomination!
Turner Prize shortlist dominated by painters and older artists as lifts age limit
Turner Prize releases its 2017 shortlist, the first since it abolished the age limit >
The Turner Prize has grown up this year
Older artists on Turner prize shortlist after it axes upper age limit
Turner Prize shortlist features artists over 50 as age limit scrapped
Congratulation on being selected for this years Turner Prize
UAL's domination of the continues with half of the 2017 shortlist alumni! https…
A Birmingham contemporary painter has been shortlisted for this year's Turner Prize
Exciting Turner Prize shortlist. Delighted to see nominated. I've been following her work since the 80s. Brill…
Great news Turner Prize nomination. Like we said, Preston's got it all going on...
Why Rosalind Nashashibi is our pick for this year's Turner Prize
Burnsy, please ask Mr Gompertz or Mr Green if any tickets for the Turner Prize award night will be offered to us normal punters.
And there's a bus from Belfast to hear this Turner Prize-winning artist, whose work inspired Seamus Heaney…
Join our friends for an evening of songs and talk with Turner Prize-winner 27 Apr:…
Turner prize follows the rules made by Northern Art Prize., what an installation, you should enter the Turner Prize 😉
Turner prize: artists over 50...via important announcement will benefit all visual artists
English painter & printmaker best known for her abstract paintings [the Turner Prize nomination] Gillian Ayres born 3 Feb…
Turner Prize opens to emerging artists of older vintage
The street that might win the Turner prize: how Assemble are transforming Toxteth
It could be up for the Turner prize.
A positive step and absolutely right
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Turner Prize age limit removed for future awards, good to see this being opened up to all.
Turner Prize is abolishing its 50-years old or under rule paving the way for a return of the (not so young) YBAs: unma…
Have a look at the excellent new programme from the . Lots of great events for the new season!
Turner Prize lifts age limit: “Now is the right moment to make this change”
Who would have imagined had an age limitation in the first place?.
Dumb age limit lifted for T Prize. New geniuses aren't born every year + artists should get more than 1 shot.
Turner Prize now open to the young at art as under-50 age limit is lifted.
The Turner Prize lifts bans on older artists.
"I am such a great artist, please give me Turner prize in shrimps" 😹 … https…
ArtReview's and will be on the 2017 and 2018 Turner prize juries respectively:
Great news re Turner Prize + glad to see on 2018 jury! She's also a judge for this year's
Turner Prize abolishes age limit and embraces the Not So Young British Artists
Yeah! Great news. I now don't need to hurry up to win the Turner Prize. They scrapped the age limit 😚🤗🕺💋
Looks like a Turner Prize nomination to me.
Happy to be on the 2018 Turner Prize jury alongside Henry Moore's novelist Tom McCarthy and Elena Filipovic of…
The Turner Prize has changed its rules, made artists of any age eligible + TP exhibition itself now 'taken into conside…
Turner prize: artists over 50 will now be eligible for prestigious award
.to be the great British painter alive – won the second-ever Turner Prize in 1985 and was knighted in 1992.
The British painter, who won the Turner Prize in 1985, was one of the most…
Howard Hodgkin, Whose Paintings Were Coded With Emotion, Dies at 84: The British painter, who won the Tur…
Howard Hodgkin's use of color was unforgettable.
Izzy has been arranging her stuff into another art installation. Food bowl, duck, toy mice & cushion. Turner Prize?
Good prize for carnivores this month. A bumper box of lamb and a lamb butchery class…
I have an old bit of toast in the kitchen with, what 'cld be construed', as image of a cloud on it. Im entering it 4 a Turner Prize
Who ever knew? A few tubs of Dulux, a sponge, and a 4" brush, and you too cld win a Turner Prize
[Isleofwight Radio]Sir Howard was one of the artists invited to paint a poster for the …
An inspiring article about Turner Prize winner Sir Howard Hodgkin, "king of colour", who died today aged 84.
Artist Sir Howard Hodgkin, the Turner Prize-winner who 'hated dies at 84. Lovely and inspiring article:.
Stunning is a much over-used word. But I'd bin the usual rubbish like a shot & just give the Turner Prize to this a…
Swimming by the late Turner Prize-winning Howard Hodgkin, or something I painted when I was three?
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Ha! "That was my Turner prize submission you ***
Sir Howard Hodgkin CH, Turner Prize winner 1985, RIP. Go see him at the Tate if you can.
Sad news - Hodgkin perplexed me for years until I finally understood the emotional content of his images. A loss...
Turner Prize winner Howard Hodgkin has died, aged 84
Turner Prize winning painter, one of our most influential contemporary artists, has died aged 84.…
We are sad to hear of the passing of Sir Howard Hodgkin, Turner prize winner and abstract artist - here is his work 'D…
Sir Howard Hodgkin, British abstract artist and Turner Prize winner, has died aged 84
1932-2017. A passionate love affair with India.
I'd taken Mam to see the Turner Prize entrants. "You're right, it does look like Michael Gove.".
Three used teabags on a radiator or 2017 artwork called Entitled We Will Multiply by Turner Prize-win…
Loved Michael Dean's Turner Prize entry. Our white vinyl looking pretty good too
Michael Gove says the Turner Prize is 'celebrating ugliness'
Snuck in under the wire to see the Turner Prize. Really enjoyed the femme surrealism of Anthea Hanilton & Helen Mar…
Visit Britain today & Pay What You Can. Take the kids to see the exhibition says Arts Aloud.
Queen's House to reopen in Greenwich with new artwork by Turner Prize winner Richard Wright
Michael Gove is right: the Turner Prize today is vapid fluff for simpering sycophants
Why might Helen Marten have decided to share the with her fellow nominees?
I know it's no time for silliness coz the world is ending but Turner Prize 2017 anyone?
and every year they dishonour his name with the Turner Prize and promote rubbish. How sad is that?
- Answers were Hosting the The Turner Prize, Tom Courtney, and Hull Truck Theatre Company.
If he'd seen the winning entry for this year's Turner prize he'd probably laugh - right up until someone told him i…
wins the Turner Prize hands down!! 'Installation Art' at its most 'Uncompromising'
Turkey's chances of success for the Turner Prize are what now?
Michael Gove called it Peter Chappell says the Turner Prize was right to honour Helen Marten's work.
I guess Turkey will win the Turner Prize for that one?
wait today I won the prize for being a "head turner" what are these man looking at? :/
Turner Prize are fuct trying to top that Ankara gallery performance.
Looks like a late entry for the Turner Prize
Assemble's beautiful catalogue features our Granby backstory:
Ends soon! See works by this year's finalists Britain until 2 Jan:
Does the £25,000 Turner Prize help communities or is it just there to reinforce elitism?
One year after won the prestigious Turner Prize, take a look at the work they have done
Duncan Campbell's new film shines a light on recent history and exploding reductionism from a backroom
Multimedia artist Helen Marten (originally from Cheshire) is youngest to win prestigious Turner Prize 2016:
Helen Marten uses everyday objects to create sculptures. The artist just won the Turner Prize for her work.
Josephine Pryde Turner Prize winner to be announced Josephine …
Call it an art installation and you're on for next years Turner Prize 👍
Chris Ofili, 1998: The two paintings by Chris Ofili caused different responses as the winners of the 1998 Turner…
I've partnered with to giveaway a Hometown Girl Holiday Basket! Enter here and connect with htt…
'It takes a well-conceived art prize to rival the Turner in its first year, but the Hepworth has achieved just that' h…
Explore the history of 1 of the most established contemporary art prizes with our interactive timeline
Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost online + on theplatform ht…
Helen Marten's Turner Prize winning installation at the Tate Gallery
Michael Glover reveals he has never seen a Stuckist demo at the Turner Prize...
.ponders the rightwing backlash against this year’s Turner Prize and the contemporary artworld
. Turner Prize: There was always much to be outraged about – but not now
Michael Gove appears to have found a new 'blob' - the contemporary art establishment embodied by the Turner Prize
aka of the day. Turner Prize winner - T293
Think the Turner Prize is out of date? It actually created the UK's contemporary art scene
Helen Marten © Tate The news that Helen Marten won the 2016 Turner Prize this week was met with great and well...
My recent interview with The Telegraph, just before entering The Turner Prize via
Turner Prize winner Helen Marten. Don't know what it is but it certainly isn't art.
And the winner of Turner Prize 2016 is...
wins for Art and shares prize money, again
Helen Marten has received Britain’s most prestigious award for rising artists, the Turner Prize
Giant buttocks, a model train and a suit made of bricks: Winner of the £25000 Turner Prize is set to be announced https…
'Found objects' worth $100K? - 31-year-old artist Helen Marten wins the Turner Prize, one of the art world's mo...
Sculptor Helen Marten wins prestigious Turner Prize for art.
“It is appalling that innocent victims expecting to see challenging art should end up bored to death."
Helen Marten wins Turner Prize for Art and shares prize money, again: Sculptor and artist…
The answer to the Turner Prize, is the Turner Diaries.
Me in shock 13 years ago. Good luck to the nominees for tonight's Turner prize
Congratulations to Helen Marten named winner of this year's Turner Prize
Britain's Turner Prize goes to Helen Marten, instead of Michael Dean, now showing his work at the…
Helen Marten wins 2016, securing second big award in a month
Sculptor Helen Marten on Monday won the Turner Prize, at a London ceremony where…
‘Turner Prize reminds us that art opens us up to new ideas. We need to encourage such openness in our society.’ - Sir Nicholas Se…
Congratulations to Helen Marten!🏅. Visit before 2 Jan to see her winning work:
Michael Dean, showing his work at the Center, loses Turner Prize to Helen Marten via
Winner of Turner Prize set to be announced:J. M. W. Turner. vs. Turner Prize 2016 nominee
I've even tried being generous to the Turner Prize, and I can't do it. Shallow, childish rubbish.
People could live very happily without the Turner Prize, but they...
...and the winner of the Turner Prize is... 😜. "Project for Door, Anthea Hamilton"
The second of four videos on this year's Turner Prize nominees features Anthea Hamilton, the creator of the...
Here's something weird - every time I see Anthea Hamilton's work at the Turner Prize, it looks deeper and better! Unusual!
Turner Prize pleasingly chaotic. I'm for Anthea Turner or Michael Pryce. But the real gem was stumbling on th…
Guardian reviewer Adrian Searle said of this year's Turner Prize exhibition: "I haven’t enjoyed being so...
Guess which shortlisted Turner Prize entrant gets the support of Red Brick blog?
Going to do a neon version of the Bar Samui poster and win the Turner Prize.
I'm only interested if it's in a garage: Turner Prize exhibition opens with giant buttocks, train rides and scr...
Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger on his work 'self-reflection' and its connections to analysis. Freud Museum, 19th
Turner Prize-winner Mark Wallinger turns Freud on his head - but hurry, it's ending soon!.
I did win the Turner Prize in 1986 remember. (Mr Turner, or maybe Miss Christian)
Yes I've been short listed for next year's Turner Prize!
Turner Prize winner stirs it up with a new show at Somerset
Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Leckey dissects the rave nostalgia that inspired Jamie xx:
From FB- "Wolfgang Tillmans, Turner Prize winner, has designed 23 posters for the EU referendum" - I'm with this one ht…
Turner Prize - Poldark star given role without audition, For more, see
Here's your chance to hear from Turner prize winner and alumnus Simon Starling 👇
Assemble, Turner Prize winner 2015, gives an Artist talk tomorrow at 3.30 pm. Note! at Inkonst, Bergsgatan 29.
Turner Contemporary Portfolio Prize Evening tonight.Feeling excited as we have been shortlisted. Winner to be announced tonight.🎨
I think I win a prize for how many times I've been to the hospital in one month 😒
The Turner Prize, I've not been making my bed for years but have I heard from them? No, not a ruddy peep.
Game of thrones best show, must see great prize.
Did he not try the following excuses;. A. I'm taking a flat pack kitchen back to IKEA. B. It's my entryfor the Turner prize.
I was at The Tate today. I took a pic of Tracey Emin's Turner Prize winning 'My Bed'. Familiar. My daughter might be about 2 make me rich 😃
I don't know but you should submit this genius to this years Turner prize
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize and the chance to refresh my memory before season 6 starts!
Fantastic prize,thank you for the lovely chance 😊
Here's that New Yorker piece by Pulitzer Prize-winning Kathryn Schulz (I'm quoted in the last paragraph):
Just look up who/what won the Turner Prize and you'll feel a LOT better about it.
Josh Turner concert and seeing my niece and nephew this weekend will be my prize for getting through this tough homework filled week. 🙃☺
How many of these winners have you read?Why not 2012?
Latest entry for Turner prize lol.someome pass me the formaldehyde!
Just came across a forgotten prize from an Easter egg hunt, tucked away amongst the driftwood and bushes...
Next up in the series — Jane Hall from Turner Prize winning collective Assemble:
Ishmael by it won the first Turner Fellowship Booker prize, semi-fictional but also fact/anthropological
Love it, you are part of a Turner Prize winning team :-) xx
I see this year's Turner Prize winner...
Big love"Last year's Turner prize winners came over to my studio for a chat and they were so lovely
Thinking of submitting my bedside table to the Turner prize.
We'll win the Turner Prize for sure with that lot.
Freedom Ride shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Lit Awards. Congratulations
There needs to be some sort of prize just for having the brass neck to subvert the name Birth of a Nation to a movie about Nat Turner.
Trailer for Nat Turner's top prize winner THE BIRTH OF A NATION is here: Best Picture- Oscars 2017?
Congratulations Nancy Turner on winning the 2016 Canada Prize in the Social Sciences by The Federation for the...
Rant of the day...I reckon if I enter this bog into the Turner Prize, I'll win hands down!
Recreated in Tate Modern this would be a Turner Prize entry. I'm entering the Burglar Alarms of Moss Side. 🚨
Someone please put forward this Porth Trecastell farmer for a Turner prize! This is art! Great photo Allie
Filming arty - not artsy - video with a future Turner Prize winner for sure , Scottish artist
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'd like to think it could be the first cake to be nominated for the Turner Prize. 😉 Good Luck, Chetna!
Wonderful post from Stevie Turner about the inspiring Malala Yousafzi, a determined activist and Nobel prize...
An exciting start to term next week - Jane Hall from Turner Prize winning Assemble to join
4 of our favorite moments with Turner Prize awarded artist
Last few hours to nominate for Turner Prize. As I've not seen the SLG Michael Dean yet I've gone for Katrina Palmer 💪
Rachel Whiteread: First female winner of the Turner Prize (1993).
For today, meets Rachel Whiteread. She is the 1st woman who received the Turner Prize
Turner Prize winner and NTU grad opens his largest ever UK exhibition in Nottingham: Turner Prize winning arti...
Listen to Turner Prize winners Assemble talking about on Front Row
It's end of an era, clearing-out-the-office-art. Worthy of a Turner prize I reckon
Turner Prize winner Susan Philipsz spoke to The Cusp about her sound installation: https…
Nottingham Contemporary presents Turner Prize-winner Simon Starling’s largest exhibition in the UK to date.
This is a great idea. Maybe after 2017 could carry on moving around the country, like the Turner Prize.
Art calendar: the exhibitions you need to see this month: Turner Prize-winning British artist Gr...
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get Turner on the phone, we have this year's prize winner!
Kevin Durant is the offseason's FA prize. Don't be surprised if the Celtics reel him in:
Chris needs to put the mop up a tree in for the Turner Prize. Have to call it "Untitled no. 17" or something though.
I'd suggest you submit for Turner Prize 2016 (could be next Rebecca Horn).
Valiant efforts by our soccer team in Turner's Cross today failed to bring home the prize this time.
Grayson Perry on how to be an artist - Turner Prize winner speaks
"If we don't get a prize I'm gonna be real mad" 😭😂
Ashmolean Museum.Turner Prize winner Elizabeth Price's free video installation opens Friday!
It sounds more like an art installation, than a buffet. A finger buffet with a sense of anticipation. Could win a Turner Prize.
Turner Prize-winner Susan Philipsz brings to life instruments disfigured by war
Congrats to Trent Turner for winning our auction prize at the Illinois Intensity Fastpitch Baggo…
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