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Personally i listen to James brown and Ike and Tina Turner classics. I used to listen to r kelly wh…
I need to give a shout out to Turner Classics Movies for providing James Stewart films for several weeks now. Thank you.
For those of you following along in between Netflix episodes and Hallmark classics, we’ve got undefeated Jefferson…
Love the Check out translator Emily Wilson’s reckoning with the of from
Never forget. For love of an old white man Nina Turner cosigned caucuses and other rules that'll suppress black votes in…
Nina Turner's been cancelled for a couple years now. And her "Hood" pass is permanently revoked.
🖕🏾All y'all infiltrating saboteurs. And that includes that turncoat crackpot, Nina Turner.
This thread is gonna be very long since there's so many classics so get comfortable!
Jeeez they just said “we see them almost every night on Turner Classics!” 😆
I really hope will make a Christmas live DVD in a few years... How perfect would that be with all…
If anyone needs me I will be in my bunker- watching turner classics with a sketchbook and garnacha.
Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies release schedule of film classics returning to t...
By the way, my favorite movie of all time is showing on Turner Classics right now. "The Right Stuff" really has the…
to "Nationals Classics": Turner hits for cycle in win over Rockies - Nationals Buzz
So true. I love Turner Classics Movie channel. Especially at Christ…
I love Ted Turner's conviction as a young man at Brown on choosing to study classics -- despite the disapproval of…
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Saturdays were never the best time to watch FOX,but now that you're Trump bashers, there is more relevant viewing on Turner Classics
hyped to watch all these Halloween classics
The age of streaming is killing classic film. Can Turner Classic Movies be its salvation?
It's like open water swimming when the aqua aerobics class invade the pool and start doing high knees to Tina Turner classics
Turner Movie Classics Horror Fest is ALIVE!!! Hosted by Ron Perlman(Sons of Anarchy, Hellboy) is…
Martin Turner (ex-Wishbone Ash) plays 16th Nov This is a 2 part show feat "Written in the Stars" followed by a set…
they got a super Nintendo dropping for 60 bucks with all the classics available for download
Turner set to launch FilmStruck streaming service.
TOP-SHELF STREAMING: New Turner Movie Classics-Criterion service aims to provide the cream of the crop for film:
Peter Lorre on Turner Classics == how as kids we were taught to fear those who didn't look like us.
Daughter watching "Galaxy Quest." It's important that kids see the classics.
Watching mad max fury road. Sorry the classics are always better. Tina Turner in thunderdome. Two man enter one man leave
Our deal with Sony will soon bring to TV classics like The Shield, Party of Five, Dawson's Creek, and a vast movie library.…
There's a really good Elvis impersonator on Turner Movie Classics in our lunchroom right now. Happy b-day to the King!
tonight from 9:00: the kathleen turner overdrive. Rock,blues and indie classics.
That's what AMC and Turner Movie Classics are for during Oscar's month. $NFLX should strike a deal with both
This pic reminds me of those old Hollywood movies on TNT or Turner Classics. My all time fav channel.
Over break watched some classics w/my kiddos: Big, Turner and Hootch, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
PENNY SERENADE is on Turner Classics. I really, really, really hate this movie. I want to tell it to *** off forever.
The Blue Dahlia on Turner Classics in 5 minutes: 11:45 Pacific Time. Good one.
Let’s start the evening with Jake Turner and Tom Lee Moore as they bring you a musical mix of classics at 7.00pm.
Jake Turner will also present some quirky music choices, which could be from the charts or some great classics.
it's having a mini revival at the mo! Played an all vinyl set the other night, which as nice, 96-98 DnB classics set!
Memorial Day movie marathon Turner Movie Classics all day, I've been watching
thanks TCM. (and my mom for letting me use her cable to stream Turner Classics). "whats more complicated this leaf...
Turner Classic Movies started out with Glory here is hoping they have a good selection of Memorial day classics
HOT TRAXX CLASSICS on Radio, now playing Tina Turner - Private dancer
Here is what happened to me . Got drafted twice and got a semester extension in 1967 as still in college.But i wasn't going to be lucky a third time. My parish rector was a Catholic priest and Reserve Captain in Chaplain Corps in navy reserve-known as the "Padre of Guadalcanal" Check out a film "The Gallant Hours" often on Turner Classics, about him, Chaplain Fred Gehring, a Vincentian priest and Admiral Halsey-played by James Cagney-who actually looked and acted like Halsey he was with the Marines in that deathly island hopping invasions and he helped me into the Navy Reserve when all the other reserve units were closed. I got orders to a supply ship in Naples Aug 1969 when i graduated college. I was in the Personnel Dept while in transit at Philly Naval yard and a black CPO gave me the numver of the "Seaman Assignment Desk" at the Pentagon-I talked with a Commander there and volunteered for Vietnam duty (The CPO said I was fookin mad) I got changed orders to USS Halsey DLG 23 a Leahy class guided missi ...
Watching a favorite tonight on Turner Classics...My Fair Lady. Can't wait! Between the gorgeous music by Lerner & Lowe, and yummy Rex Harrison...what's not to like!
Watching 'The Great Lie' on Turner Classics with Betty Davis of course, another one of her classics. Great fun! Night fam.
The amount Alex Turner tries to be rock and roll personally offends me. Where are your reebok classics Turner?
Can Davidson Classics alums sign on as wheelbarrow Sherpas? Please?
The closest thing is Turner Movie Classics, but you're right, there should be.
Watching the Book of Eli and its nice to know that in a post apocalyptic world beats by dre and apple ipod classics will survive lol
The Graduate just came on Turner Classics. Worth the time to see..again.
Just to remind me of you, when I'm Courting. If you try Turner Classics and the Golden years, you'll understand my disgust.
I hope Hollywood also does some Turner Classics entertainment, like they used to.
Proud Mary keep on burning.. Rolling, ROLLING, Rolling on the river' Tina Turner classics.. Can't help but shake a leg this AM
We'll be listening to classics such as Tina Turner
Happiness is discovering a Pete Smith industrial safety newsreel on Turner Classics at lunch.
I'm watching THE MUSIC MAN, on Turner Classics, one of my all time favorites, Meredith Willson being one of Mason City, Iowa's geniuses. He called it River City, but he went to Mason City High School with my mother, Madleynne. Robert Preston was BORN to play Harold Hill. The music, dancing costumes are just so authentic. the "liberry" the foot bridge, East Park, the Pest house. "There was love all around, but I never heard it singing, til there was you." It's the Iowa way, folks. Mason City still has the North Iowa Band festival every year.
If you can get Turner Classics, watch this whole month's Oscar winners and nominations of the past many many years. Their choices are remarkable, the writing and acting superb and Robert Osbornes's comments before and after are always illuminating something one might not have known about the film, its director, its actors, or its story line. I saw "Dark Victory" last night with Bette Davis. I think she won for "Best Actress" and the film won. 1939.
Watching a fine baseball movie on Turner Classics - "It Happens Every Spring" with Ray Milland.
I am watching "The Bride Of Frankenstein" on Turner Classics. For some reason I keep expecting Marty Feldman to show up.
Movie Alert/DVR Alert: Out of the Past, with Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas, directed by the great Jacques Tourneur is on Turner Classics tonight at 6:45 PT. Many consider it the greatest film noir. Tons of awesome stuff, including my favorite Mitchum line, "If I have to I'm gonna die last." If yo've never seen it - check it out.
Key Largo is on Turner Classics. If you haven't seen it, this is one of the best Humphrey Bogart movies. It's a great Film Noir.
Holy carp! I just caught the end of a Turner Classics film in which Fred Astaire ends the film by doing a 3-minute drum solo with his FEET while simultaneously tapdancing on a marble floor. I was alone seeing this, and didn't know what to do! It made me so happy I laughed, squealed, clapped and repeatedly yelled for Bill to come see. But Bill yelled back, "NO!" (He's watching a TV show about how to golf.) CAN THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED?
enjoying Turner Classics and the old movies with William Powell; Brian Donlevy; Alan Ladd; Veronica Lake: Myrna Loy; and Humphrey Bogart.
so...assuming most of you have already gone through this: we got our first HD flat screen the big picture, but things filmed in HD and watched in HD look awful to me...beyond regular human vision is best I can describe it.especially outdoor scenes. Does not help to move further from TV. My favorite pre-HD movies on Turner Classics look fine. Any helpful ideas would be appreciated. Even smart *** comments from nieces and nephews will be ok as long as they include something useful.
Turner Classics (TCM), is showing all the old World War II movies since this is Memorial Day Weekend. Now that I am awake I can see the propaganda. I see how disgusting a part Hollywood plays in brainwashing the people to believe that America entered all these wars to protect our freedoms. That is the greatest lie. All those young men, then and now, are dying NOT for America's freedoms, but the rich man's lust for power, control, money, and death.
Large cup o' joe here in Clevo. A hearty good morning to al! Well lets see the "To Do" list for today. Need to finish up the Zydeco program for my little weekly hour long internet radio show that starts next week on WPCR/WPIB. 3 shows wrapped up so far 2 more this week. Finish up an article I'm working on. Work on my advertising for the Toledo Blade, Beacon, and PIB Gazette, check on head count for our Nov. Ireland trip, make dental, foot and eye appts., run some errands bills, bank, post office, pick up meds, meet my computer tech at 3 pm to help save one of my hard drives, spend an hour or two working in the yard/garage and some rehearsing of some songs for the show. Gonna' be a full and productive day. .or I could convene with the cardinals and watch Giant for the umpteenth time on Turner Classics this morning.what a cast...what a film! Decisions Decisions.
I love the old Turner Classics... actually I'm watching Michael Feinstein's American Songbook now on PBS. AWESOME
Recently watched The Graduate on Turner Classics..Still a great movie. Mrs Robinson was first offered to Doris Day, and the Grad. to Robert Redford...Wonder if the movie would have been as good?
As I watch "The Graduate" on Turner Classics all I can think is how much I wish Anne Bancroft was still here with us! What a movie! What an actress!!
Did anyone happen to catch the movie on Turner Classics last night called "My Favorite Year." It is funny. Right up there with "The Great Race" and the original "Bedazzled" with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore when they were a comedy team. Though they don't say it, it's about Mel Brooks when he was a junior writer for the Sid Cesar Show in 1954. Now, of course, I'm really dating myself but you know who you are. The general plot is that Errol Flynn, who at this point was a drunk and in trouble with the IRS, would pay his debts by appearing on shows like Cesar's "Your Show of Shows as a great star doing comedy sketches on live TV. It was Brooks job to keep Flynn sober enough for rehearsals, and, of course, it never worked. The Flynn character was played by the great Peter O'Toole in one of my favorite roles of his: Alan Swan as the swashbuckling hero of yesteryear. One of his great lines in the film was when he learned the show was done live instead of in several takes was: I'm not an actor, I'm a movie star. A ...
Turn to Turner Classics for a palate cleanser that is Barbara Streisand as Hello Dolly. I make no apologies for Walter Matthau.
Nothing like being sick and watching Turner Classics. Tonights movie is Jezebel with the GREAT Bette Davis and Henry Fonda. Would be remiss in not mentioning the passing of Larry Hagman. R.I.P. Master. We have enjoyed the ride!
One of the best movies ever is on Turner Classics: It Happened One Night. Funny funny stuff
Killer Day.Trick or Treating...Good food...and Turner Classics had All The Classic Monster Movies on tonight.Frankenstien,The Wolf Man,The Mummy...Wish I would have seen Dracula.
Terry, this is just my perspective. In all probability a great many might disagree. It has nothing to do with politics. It is what I see as a whole as what the movie industry has become and many stars of today could not hold a candle to the movie stars of the earlier years. Gone are their moral values. If it were not for the amount of profanity that is written in the scripts, there would be no script. This type of language comes out of the mouths of a lot of these stars as if everyone uses and it is not what I admire and want to listen to. Also, I do not take them as serious actors. However, their words have a great influence on the younger generation. There is no need for it and it diminishes the character of the actor. No wonder that school children are using it for it is all that they hear from going to the movies. I have two favorite channels that I watch for movies. They are Encore Westerns and Turner Classics. I can watch these shows without worrying about hearing it. I also can watch some very g ...
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That was Oscar/Tony/Globey winner JOEL GREY in the audience at Two River Theater's latest opening (Ethan Lipton's NO PLACE TO GO); latest in a long line of special guests invited by Artistic Director John Dias, the man with the Rolodex to spy and/or die for... Still smarting, however, over my decision to beg off last June's opening night of MY WONDERFUL DAY, due to totally unwarranted "BamboozleFest Anxiety"...missed my chance to meet Robert Osborne of Turner Classics!!
Loving the old classic horror movies on Turner Classics tonight. Getting ready 4 Halloween!
If you like old movies, check it out: Turner Classics is showing spooky movies on Wednesdays -
For the scary movie fans, a good one is on Turner Classics tonight (7 pm central). "The Haunting" with Julie Harris. Very eerie black and white from the 60's.
Don’t miss the classic Casablanca back on the big screen on SUNDAY with our TCM Turner Classics!
One of the great "newspaper movies" on Turner Classics tonight, "Ace in the Hole," via Billy Wilder, with Kirk Douglas.
How am I going to get any sleep - Turner Classics is having a marathon of biography movies of composers such as George M. Cohan, John Phillip Sousa, Glen Miller, Woody Guthrie and George Gershwin starring people like Jimmy Stewart and James Cagney - I love all of their music and all the movies but it goes on nearly all night - guess I'll sleep all day tomorrow
I'll be in front of the TV tonite. My favorite bad film of all time is on Turner Classics- Julie, with Doris Day. So bad it's great!
Just WOW, to an oldie but goodie. Still love watching this man's movies on Turner Classics.
Celebrating the Duke for Father`s Day on Turner Classics, watching Fort Apache now.
Watching 'Rio Bravo' on Turner Classics... A. Angie Dickinson was a whole mess of woman. B. "I'm hard to get. You're gonna have to tell me that you want me."
Chris "Didn't See It" Russo is currently watching Alice on Turner Classics.
To all you movie nerds, Audie Murphy, one of the highest decorated soldiers in American history is portraying himself in the 1955 classic "To *** and Back" on Turner Classics right now.
This is too wild ... Turner Classics says RKO made this movie using Bronte's Jane Eyre, JANE EYRE! with a twist (I'm thinking a big twist), and the movie gets 3 1/2 out of 4 stars ... says it has good acting. But, where would you even find this movie ... has anyone ever seen this?
watching Where The Boys Are on Turner Classics George Hamilton, Annette, Yvette innocent!!
Swet,Turner Classics will be playing a couple of John Carpenter cult classics starting at 2:30-They Live followed by Escape From New York!
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