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Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a movie-oriented cable television channel, owned by the Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary of Time Warner, featuring commercial-free classic movies, mostly from the Turner Entertainment (pre-1986 MGM and RKO) and Warner Bros.

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Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies host and film historian, dies at 84
So appreciative of Turner Classic Movies for broadcasting "The Sorrow and the Pity" - a harbinger of life under anti-Semit…
Lovely! Turner Classic Movies is running a post-apocalyptic movie marathon. Could be next year's "Year in Review".
The TCMParty hashtag means we're all watching the same . movie being broadcast on Turner Classic Movies. LOTS of fun! 😍
Rather than updating The Great Movie ride, Disney has turned it into an ad for Turner Classic Movies. Interesting choice.
Sullivan's Travels by Preston Sturgis, Sunday at 8 pm CST on Turner Classic Movies. A great American movie, wish...
Movie alert: "Holiday Affair" (1949) will be airing on Turner Classic Movies: TCM at 8:00 PM (EST) tonight. This...
Set your DVRs or an alarm and make sure to tune into Turner Classic Movies: TCM today for their 90th Anniversary...
Watching the silent movie The KING OF KINGS the story of the life of JESUS CHRIST made in 1927 on Turner Classic Movies Dish Chnl 132
Watched David and Bathsheba on Turner Classic Movies. Adultery, betrayal, giant-slaying, attempted suicide-by-Ark-of-the-Covenant. 5 stars
A Special Citation will be given to Turner Classic Movies for preserving historic cinema and bringing it to a wider audience via FilmStruck.
should watch Turner Classic Movies instead. hasn't been funny in decades-since Spade/Farley, etc.
If Apple TV had Turner Classic Movies, Flixster and Ultraviolet apps, oh man! Great device, still.
Turner Classic Movies, Fathom Events to screen Oscar winning classic ‘Form Here to Eternity’ in December
I've had this odd obsession with the Turner Classic Movies channel lately. I'm truly getting old..
Side note: 2010 is on Turner Classic Movies right now.
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Hosting for Turner Classic Movies new streaming service called Film Struck/so happy I mite die!!
I love watching cool icons from the past. I caught this one on Turner Classic Movies and never…
Ooh this cruise next November may be a suitable replacement for the Turner Classic Movies cruise which has sadly...
. We need to block Turner Classic Movies from Juror's hotel rooms. 12 Angry Men screws them all up.
FilmStruck: Created by the movie lovers at Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and The Criterion Collection…
Visit our TV listings page to see which noirs are playing on Turner Classic Movies in December.
I just signed up for Criterion & Turner Classic Movies channel on AppleTV? YES PLEASE THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU
This afternoon Nancy and I watched "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", with Gary Cooper on Turner Classic Movies. Released...
Have always wanted to catch this. finally an afternoon showing on Turner Classic Movies: TCM — watching D.O.A.
there's always too if you get Turner Classic Movies. Hope you stick around for . feature 2 tho!
I like Turner Classic Movies. When I had cable that's what I watched. No commercials.
Turner Classic Movies appears to be running a Donald Trump film festival. The prequel to Bad Hombres...
Scrolling through the football games and noticed "Hombre"playing on Turner Classic Movies. Hat tip to whatever genius programmed that.
Turner Classic Movies pleez consider showing pre-recorded intros from the "Robert Osborne Vault" We miss him!
YES! "Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection launch streaming service for film nerds" via
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FYI Christopher Lee marathon on Turner Classic Movies right now
Classic horror fans have another reason to watch Turner Classic Movies: TCM this month: Christopher Lee is their...
Turner Classic Movies, bringing you all the Pre Hays Code demonic analingus you could ever want
I have much love for Turner Classic Movies. Just realized they have an annual Classic Film Festival 😍
Kinda hoping you'll do the 1979 Linda Blair vehicle Roller Boogie, which was on Turner Classic Movies recently.
Tiffany Vazquez Joins TCM: Turner Classic Movies has brought in a new host to join Robert Osborne and Ben Man...
Gone With The Wind is on and I'm so happy! Thank you Turner Classic Movies 😘👏
.There's an old B&W movie on Turner Classic Movies right now. No TV. No Internet, . No smart phones. People sitting & TALKING. LOL
Yesterday: Marx Brothers marathon on Turner Classic Movies: TCM. Tonight: Bette Davis marathon. This weekend was not very productive for me.
Turner Classic Movies is seeking a Subscription Marketing Director. Based in Atlanta, GA. Learn more:
Turner Classic Movies ( ) host Robert Osborne ranks this as one of his favorite -
Here's some good news! Baby Rose Marie on the big screen at the Turner Classic Movies: TCM Film Festival -...
Jane Wyman was in "Pollyanna". I just watched her Sat evening in "Johnny Belinda" on Turner Classic Movies. She's great.
Lovers of old English Films are still waiting for TCM movie channel in India. Does any DTH/Cable Operator show (Turner Classic Movies)?
Turner Classic Movies on Thursdays is usually my favorite night to watch scheduled movies. Blow-Up (1966) last night
Every time I try to watch the tournament online using Firefox it redirects me to the official homepage of Turner Classic Movies.
Turner Classic Movies Scene it Game: TCM Scene It is a great party game for those who love classic movies! Thi...
Graci. The one small advantage of having a partner who is addicted to Turner Classic Movies.
House of Cards, season 4, episode 4-6, is reviewed by Ben Mankiewicz (Turner Classic Movies), Michelle Boley,...
Turner Classic Movies... i swear i watched like 4 60s movies today
F-off Turner Classic Movies Nun, too above it all to see how awesome Antonioni's Blow Up is. All her critiques complain about too much sex.
Michael Uslan to host Night of Superhero Serials on Turner Classic Movies
Fun fact about me, Turner Classic Movies cheer me up. I always watched that channel growing up.
Critic's Choice: 'The Ten Commandments' on the big screen in LA area: Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies ...
"Hey everyone, they're playing Pitch Perfect on Turner Classic Movies again!"
The Turner Classic Movies ride at Hollywood Studios had no King Kong in it. 4/10 may ride again.
Turner Classic Movies are my reason for being!!
I would 10% watch Mike watch the games on Turner Classic Movies over the actual games on the other 4 channels
They aired it on Turner Classic Movies, but it's been a good decade since I saw the original.
Watching Charlie Chaplin in the brilliant comedy "The Great Dictator" (1940), on Turner Classic Movies.
You should only turn on Turner Classic Movies right now if you want to see Martin Scorsese’s best movie.
Sally Field is a quirky woman in love in 'Doris': “I love Turner Classic Movies, it's absolutely important to ...
Hey, Jer Lew, Tonight's your night on Turner Classic Movies! We Are All French Now. thanks for the laffs
Via Turner Classic Movies: TCM: Happy 90th birthday, Jerry Lewis What is your favorite Jerry Lewis film? Some of...
I'm so incredibly excited for the 2016 Turner Classic Movies: TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood this coming...
Signed up for a free trial of Playstation Vue just to check out Turner Classic Movies for the first time in a bazillion years.
I love watching Turner Movie Classic channel. Old black and white movies are everything!
Have recent Turner Classic Movies: TCM film fest announcements got you all excited? Here's how NOT to bungle the...
Turner Classic Movies: TCM just announced it's opening night film and other gems.
Was watching show and heard Don mention Chaplin movie The Great Dictator. Turner Classic Movies has it on Thursday 5AM.
(Another Turner Classic Movies schedule scenario): Dean's tellin' Jer about it.…
Back When Journalism Thrived. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will open the 7th annual TCM Classic Film Festival on...
News on this year's Turner Classic Movies: TCM Classic Film Festival. Do you plan on attending?
Special Theatrical Showing of “The Ten Commandments”: Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies will present Cec...
I love Turner classic movies wish I had someone to watch them with .
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In my head lookin' at this pic: Tony's showing Jer Turner Classic Movies' schedule on the 15th…
Do you have Turner Classic Movies? Because TWICE UPON A TIME airs on there 3/25 at 9:15 am (at least, it is in EST)
Turner Classic Movies: TCM is showing some GREAT stuff today! — watching Victor Victoria at...
Watching Turner classic movies's reliving history. So many movies were ahead of their time.
Look what's on Turner a Classic movies
I could watch old movies all day. Like old movies, 1920-60. So good! Thank you Turner Classic Movies. The less color the better!!
Nothing says home like watching Turner classic movies with your dad on a Sunday afternoon
: Turner Classic Movies, are you taking notes? Hire her to host her 10 favorite movies from her birth year.
I watch films on Turner Classic Movies all the time If I see it, I'll let you know.
OHMIGAWD the 15th and 16th, Turner Classic Movies is gonna play Jerry movies for his birthday!! We don't have that channel!
The Sting is on Turner Classic Movies, one of the best.
Ultimate sadness: The Guns of Navarone is playing on the Turner Classic Movies channel right now & we no longer subscribe to that station 😭😭
Attn Disney fans: beginning at 8pm EST, Turner Classic Movies is home to a huge slate of unique…
Don't forget to watch Turner Classic Movies: TCM tonight!
I'd like to give Mr. a smile + a hug. You know why sir. Also, Swing Time is now playing on Turner Classic Movies...just fyi.
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Watched 'Dr. Strangelove' again on Turner Classic Movies. This scene with Sterling Hayden and Peter Sellers about...
Everybody! Quick! The Imitation of Life is on Turner Classic Movies it'll change your life!
Turner Classic Movies: TCM's 31 Days of Oscar is a month-long lineup that pays homage to The Academy Awards.
Great Movie Ride is still there, but now it’s narrated by the Turner Classic Movies guy instead of the ride operators.
The big car chase is coming up in Bullitt on Turner Classic Movies! Ford vs Mopar! Let the smack talk begin!
How old am I? Movies I paid to see in the theater are now on Turner Classic Movies old.
Turner Classic Movies on the hotel television. Yeess!
Comcast wants me to pay for a service call because Turner Classic Movies has disappeared. Time to cut the cord?
Fun fact: TCM (Turner Classic Movies) has no problem not censoring. Titties in A Clockwork Orange intact.
Fathom Events/Turner Classic Movies bringing "The Maltese Falcon" to 650 screens on February 21st and 24th.
It's actually on Turner Classic Movies right now. Scary stuff. LOL.
What a day to be sick & shut in the house. Cold crappy weather & classic movies on Turner Classic Movies: TCM —...
I didn't watch The I saw a couple of movies on Turner Classic Movies. I check the score then it's back to the movie.
From Liza Minnelli: Tune-in alert! Cabaret will air on Turner Classic Movies: TCM: TCM on Tuesday, February 9 at...
Whoa! James Mason and Judy Garland are in A STAR IS BORN on Turner Classic Movies!!!
watching "Captains of the Clouds" on Turner Classic Movies about the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Second World...
When I retire, I don't really want to retire. I just want to become Robert Osborne and host classic movies on Turner Classic Movies.
Turner Classic Movies: TCM star of the month, Norma Shearer. She was popular in 1930's and '40's movies. I...
Turner Classic Movies shows it occasionally. It's available from my local library on dvd so you could try that.
I just did my internship interview for Turner Classic Movies, I pray to God I get a second interview, I want it so bad.
Chaplin's THE CIRCUS will be broadcast on Turner Classic Movies on early Wed., Nov. 4, at 3:45 a.m. EST. My review:
Lake Neuron » Lake Neuron | where did we go right?: I turned over to Turner Classic Movies: TCM just now to s...
Finally. Turner Classic Movies is actually running a classic movie. Duck Soup, with the Marx Brothers. Great old flick.
Yeah me too. It's sad how times have changed. The only channel that has stayed true is TCM Turner Classic Movies.
ONLY time I turn on TV now is to watch Turner Classic Movies. Brings me back 2whn my family visited my gramma.
Turner Classic Movies e-mailed me for an interview too. Look at God.
Look what I got in the mail from Turner Classic Movies. I should've brought it to my dinner with Paul…
Jess I feel for you I say divorce or break up with your partner and stick to Turner Classic Movies
...for Slappy? Definitely. The classic horror film is shown on Turner Classic Movies tonight.
Its sad when Turner Classic Movies is playing a movie from 1992.
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Turner Classic Movies is running a silent movie adaptation "Sherlock Holmes", filmed in 1916 and lost until last year!!!
Currently watching the movie "Heavy Metal" on Turner Classic Movies even though I already have a VHS copy of it.
"Peter Weir? More like Peter Weird, am I right? Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Turner Classic Movies, I'm Robert Osborne."
"Oh, Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars." Watching Bette Davis in "Now, Voyager" (1942) on Turner Classic Movies.
guilty as charged LOL ...though I also love my Turner Classic Movies! All other TV depresses and/or annoys me. I'm a grump.
TCM promotes new brand slogan: 'Let's Movie': Turner Classic Movies, long after Ted Turner left the scene, has...
‘Trailblazing Women’ Programming Initiative with has launched! (EXCLUSIVE) via
Can't wait to see hosting the Trailblazing Women series on in October!
Also taking part in Trailblazing Women look: Amy Heckerling and more
hosts look at Trailblazing Women and their contribs from 1906 to today.
W.C. Fields' THE BANK *** will be shown on Turner Classic Movies on Fri., Sept. 4, 8 p.m. EST. My review:
Dude, I just watched the 1975 Rock Opera, “Tommy" on the Turner Classic Movies channel, and it blew my freakin'...
The Rock Opera "Tommy" is on Turner Classic Movies right now funk soul brothers! "It's gonna be a good year!"
We took a relatively new tour of movie locations done by Starline and Turner Classic Movies. Union Station, the...
This movie was produced by, and originally aired on, Turner Classic Movies ( ) -
Deal reportedly in place at Turner Classic Movies to have Chris Hardwick replace Robert Osborne as primary host.
Big news! Help us raise funds for a movie theater marquee! Turner Classic Movies: TCM will match unto $5,000.
It Becomes a Thing: Bill Hader on ‘Inside Out’ and Turner Classic Movies... New on
It Becomes a Thing: Bill Hader on 'Inside Out' and Turner Classic Movies: Bill Hader avoids talking about fear...
Watching this & it has an awesome introduction from Turner Classic Movies' Robert Osborne!
As much as I like Turner Classic Movies, some days I just don't want to watch it because I'm upset how old Robert Osborne is looking.
Turner Classic Movies is streaming "The Ice Pirates" through the weekend. May have to take that trip through memory lane
Did anyone else happen to notice that Ice Pirates recently aired on... Turner Classic Movies?
Turner Classic Movies started out with Glory here is hoping they have a good selection of Memorial day classics
This doc once aired on the Turner Classic Movies channel ( ) during a month-long tribute to its main subject -
This movie was originally pitched as a special for Turner Classic Movies ( ) -
Watching MAMA right now on Turner Classic Movies: TCM! Best Mother's Day movie ever!
The movie Airport on Turner Classic Movies right now: many of inside terminal shots from MSP Airport
Turner Classic Movies is running "Roman Holiday" the day before I leave for Rome. We're best friends, Turner Classic Movies.
Looking for a classic? Tune to Turner Classic Movies at 8 p.m. for “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” from 1974. Ellen Burstyn won an Oscar.
8:45p PT Turner Classic Movies: If you have the opportunity, watch GIMME SHELTER-the 1969 Rolling Stones doc by the legendary Albert Maysles
Very excited to see the great Busby Berkeley's "42nd Street" on the big screen during Turner Classic Movies:...
Albert Maysles - Maysles Brothers on Turner Classic Movies: TCM right now... Grey Gardens, Salesman (film), Gimme Shelter...
Artsmash salutes indelible Joan Crawford on her birthday - If you're a Turner Classic Movies fan (that channel...
I really need to stop watching Turner Classic Movies. Its really building an unrealistic vision of the perfect man.
Now playing on Turner Classic Movies, in celebration of Joan Crawford's birth, "Mildred Pierce":...
...I had forgotten the greatness of AMC and Turner Classic Movies.
We can't wait to see this at Turner Classic Movies: TCM's Classic Film Fest!...
This evening Barbara Kopple will be introducing four of The Maysles films on Turner Classic Movies: TCM beginning...
Turner Classic Movies to air memorial tribute tonight for filmmaker Albert Maysles ’49: .
I can’t believe Turner Classic Movies still shows pieces with Blackface
Today's viewing: Rear Window (1954)! They were playing it at the theater in the mall as part of a thing set up by Turner Classic Movies.
it was part of a six-part movie thing they do with Turner Classic Movies! One of my top 5 fav movies 😍😍
Turner Classic Movies: Shop the TCM Shop for movie trivia, remastered Hollywood classics…
Also part of the reason I'm stoked for my (4-day) funemployment is me bingewatching Turner Classic Movies. YES PLEASE.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I've never seen "Marty" with Ernest Borgnine before, believe it or not — watching Turner Classic Movies: TCM
Turner Broadcasting (home to CNN, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network, is headquartered in downtown
Hot: Turner Classic Movies hosts Treasures from the Disney Vaults tonight!
A Boris Karloff film I had not seen until last week on Turner Classic Movies: TCM
Turner Classic Movies: TCM Presents Rear Window brings the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, back on the big...
Tonight of TCM - Turner Classic Movies, AIRPORT, starring Dean Martin. Helen Hayes is in this one. 8:30pm Pacific
What a night on Turner Classic Movies: TCM - just watched The Philadelphia Story and Here Comes Mr. Jordan.
Loved watching classic movies on on Wonder why Tata Sky removed TCM channel?. TataSky - Please bring back Turner Classic Movies
Turner Classic Movies: TCM is Now showing Viva Las Vegas with ELVIS Presley and Ann Margret!! The Choreographer...
The Interview starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Lizzy Caplan is reviewed by Ben Mankiewicz (host of Turner Classic Movies), Matt Atchity (Editor-in-chie...
My one and only idol, Katharine Hepburn, is on Turner Classic Movies with her one and only love, Spencer Tracy,...
Anaheim movie director's films being aired by Turner Classic Movies on Friday The Orange County Register -
I am eternally grateful to Ted Turner for all the wonderful movies we get to watch Without commercials. He is one heck of a guy. I admire him & his brilliance. Georgia
As you may have gathered from Paula's appearance on Turner Classic Movies: TCM, we really like classic, Old Holl...
Me: I basically have been working out. Deedee: I'm going to work out on the couch watching Turner Classic movies
The Shop Around The Corner is on Turner Classic Movies tonight at 8. An excellent, lesser known movie starring Jimmy Stewart. I recommend it
Turner Classic Movies' remembrance of those from the film world who died this year is terrific:
Turner Classic Movies knocked it out the park w their montage of dearly departed Hollywood folks. Hits you right in the feels 😩
Building a library of Turner Classic Movies TCM . apologies if this is a repeat, but more added
from the 20th Anniversary spot we shot for Turner Classic Movies.
With the news of Turner Classic Movies teaming up with Disney, we're excited for some classic Disney films and...
Don't bother me now. The 1959 film classic "The Island of Lost Women" is on Turner Classic Movies. Watching for a project I'm working on.
Photo: Turner classic movies 402 by trawnta77 on Flickr. Turner classic movies 402
"The Sure Thing" was on Turner Classic Movies tonight. I'm gonna pretend that didn't actually happen.
The Sure Thing, w/ John Cusack, is on Turner Classic Movies. How is it on TCM -- Didn't this come out, just, um, 29 years ago?
A whole new level of respect for Turner Classic Movies channel which is currently airing The Sure Thing.
"The Sure Thing" is on Turner Classic Movies right now. Excited because I love this movie but are we really this old? TCM?
Sign you're getting old: "The Sure Thing" premieres on Turner Classic Movies.
That moment when The Sure Thing is on Turner Classic Movies
FYI, my first-ever favorite movie, THE SURE THING, is on Turner Classic Movies at 9:00. Recommended.
Using all the knowledge I have gleaned from medical dramas, I prescribe lots of rest, fluids and more Turner Classic Movies.
Gentleman Jim with Errol Flynn (1942) (now on Turner Classic Movies) is a great place to begin if you want to explore the world of boxing
NEWS: Turner Classic Movies to Sponsor Great Movie Ride. Here's a look at why this is important...
Turner Classic Movies trying to keep me from going to bed tonight with this Errol Flynn marathon.
There's a Ronald Reagan film on Turner Classic Movies and whenever that happens, a Walter Mondale film plays in Minnesota only.
TCM gives us THE GREAT MAN VOTES (1939)! - Turner Classic Movies presents the greatest motion pictures of...
Y back to the future ya la dan en Turner classic movies! 😱
Head cold really killing me...thank you Turner Classic Movies: TCM for the night of Cary Grant movies! — feeling sick
His interests: War, Turner Classic Movies, spending very little time at home in an attempt to avoid the pathetic thing that his is daughter
It is aired on Turner Classic Movies in the UK.
"An Affair to Remember" on Turner Classic Movies at 7 PM CST tonight. Be there.
If you don't wish to be glued to the snowy football game from Lambeau tonight, Turner Classic Movies is airing 'An Affair to Remember'
Your channels are back! CNN, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CNN en Español, Headline News, truTV, and Turner Classic Movies are res…
Fabulous! Gilda with Rita Hayworth coming up on Turner Classic Movies: TCM
While you're at it, bring back CNN and Turner Classic Movies ASAP. MGM *** !
Oh, man! The Green Berets is on Turner Classic Movies ... first time I saw it was 1969 at Camp Enari, RVN ... the Duke rocks! What a hoot.
My "go to" channel is Turner Classic Movies. I always enjoy whatever movie is playing.
On Thurs, is partnering w/ Turner Classic Movies to screen Miracle on 34th Street, all day starting at 8:15am
Near this week? Get in the holiday spirit with a special movie screening
George C. Scott's supercharged in The Last Run. Screening right now on (Turner Classic Movies) Asia.
I knew The Third Man AND The Defiant Ones, but I am a shut-in who watches Turner Classic Movies all day.
toss in Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies et. al. I don't watch but many do.
My kingdom for a cable provider who lets me have just Food Network, Turner Classic Movies, and Hallmark Channel (for Christmas movies).
Nov 17: Rock Hudson day on Turner Classic Movies. Nov 17 was his birthday. . Happy Birthday Rock!
Are you ready to get into that Christmas spirit? . Turner Classic Movies is hosting a screening of the holiday...
Perfect movie on Turner Classic Movies right now - Ice Station Zebra.perfect for the moment.%-)
I don't know if I'm turnt up or turned down for what or to everything turn turn turn or watching Turner Classic Movies.
Turner networks like Boomerang, Cartoon Network, CNN, CNN en Español, HLN, truTV and Turner Classic Movies went dark to Dish’s 14 million subscribers on Oct. 20. While customers still have access to Turner’s larger networks like TNT and TBS, carriage agreements for those channels could expire soon, the Dish chairman said on a conference call with analysts to discuss third quarter results. Ergen said that so far the Turner dispute has had little impact on the satellite company. Dish lost about 12,000 pay TV customers in the third quarter.“We’d lose some customers, but we would save a big, big, big check from a cash flow perspective,” Ergen said.
.The entire browser viewport is rendered in black & white, sponsored by Turner Classic Movies.
watching Turner Classic Movies and a character just said she sings *** songs smh that's racist
TruTV, and Turner Classic Movies to your lineup.*MH
4 of the greatest musical movies are airing today on Turner Classic Movies. You can watch them right now.
Oliver is playing on Turner Classic Movies and it immediately brought me back to my childhood!
MT During those final hours, Stritch had her TV tuned all day and night to Turner Classic Movies via
2am WILLIAM CASTLE tribute on Turner Classic Movies. First off a comedy he produced in 1950 about a midget. who...
Spinetingler, the William Castle Story - 230am on Turner Classic Movies: TCM... worth staying up for... or at least setting the DVR for...
Another shot from yesterday at the Swan House with Turner Classic Movies. @ Swan House Muesum
The Turner Classic Movies bus tour ends at a cemetery. Not to see the sights but rather to bury the patrons.
Turner Classic Movies - TCM Gift Guides are Here! Top Gifts for everyone on your list! - look ...
Soylent Green is on 6pm Turner Classic Movies. Great movie. Right up there with the Omega Man.
On right now on Turner Classic Movies...but duty calls I have to work...turn on and have fun!...
rather watch the beatles on turner Classic movies... These 2 teams suck!
Three cheers to Turner Classic Movies! is a virtual museum of film. And they do it without commercials!
For the love of all that is holy, nobody tell what's on Turner Classic Movies right now...
TV Alert: "A Hard Day's Night" at 2:15 p.m. ET today on Turner Classic Movies.
915 tonight on Turner Classic Movies - the 1953 version of The Hitch-Hiker - a great movie. IMHO
The beginning of a four-day weekend. Just made quiche having a coffee and watching Turner classic movies.
Marilyn monroe 'cherry' and beauregaurd "bus stop" to cool yo ... TCM turner classic movies ch. 1357 a young cowboy sprung on his 1st angel
On my cable system Turner Classic Movies is right next to the Lifetime Movie Network. You are never confused about which one is on.
Old movies and documentaries on school/education problems on Turner Classic Movies this morning. A reminder that many issues are not new.
Bonhams 'TCM Presents... There's No Place Like Hollywood' Auction to be Held in New York on November 25th -
Steve McQueen on Turner Classic Movies as Bullitt. Now that's a cool guy. From Indiana. One of the great chase scenes ever on film.
Oh Bullitt is playing on Turner Classic Movies, gonna need to cancel that date tonight
Turner Classic Movies for me...not by choice...
How did I not know there was a Turner Classic Movies channel? Day made. Thanks for alerting me to this!
I'd cry for days if Turner Classic Movies ever stopped being a thing.
Dish subscribers haven't been able to watch several Turner Broadcasting channels, including CNN, Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies
Sometimes I turn on Turner Classic Movies, mute the TV and improvise dialogue.
Ok Ok time to bring back Turner Classic Movies! One of only few quality channels left in existence!
Cool fact i used to stay awake all night seeing Turner b/w classic movies. So fred astaire is actually newer than me
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Oh I almost forgot Haagen-Dazs in bed TCM, Turner Classic Movies, I bid you all good nig...
Who needs Netflix when you have Turner Classic Movies
Well, looks like I will be cancelling my Dish Network, no Turner Classic Movies & no CNN!FU Hopper!
@ dish_answers We want Turner Classic Movies! One of the only Quality channels left in existence
Tom Baker as Rasputin In 1971's Nicholas and Alexandra on Turner Classic Movies!!
Hey!. Classic Whovians!. Right now on Turner Classic Movies... Doctor Tom Baker, as Rasputin the Mad Monk.
Watching Turner Classic Movies & went pass just in time 2hear ask if PBO/WH understood loses. ***
I'm an old head at heart.. I love Turner classic movies 😂😂😂
Just discovered I have access to Turner Classic Movies On Demand. Welp.
For me it's Turner Classic Movies. After 18 years with Dish, we're in the process of finally dumping them because of this.
Photo: Good morning! Let me start by saying how grateful I am that Turner Classic Movies is doing a whole...
Tom Brokaw's red-violet blazer on PBS suggests he thought he was going to be introducing a movie on Turner Classic Movies.
Yeah fine. When you on the air? 1 or 1:30? It's either you or Turner Classic Movies.
One more tidbit: Turner Classic Movies fell under Michael Wright's oversight but will now be a standalone net under Turner prez David Levy.
Sunday, December 7th at 2:00pm. Athena grand, Fathom Events, and Turner Classic Movies are proud to bring you a...
Would have been nice if Turner Classic Movies had run a bunch of politically-themed movies today, in honor of Election Day.
God bless Turner Classic Movies and all their film collections.
No, but there have been a few over the loss of Turner Classic Movies.
- I know! I don't think I'm going to watch any news show, at all, tomorrow! Can't take it! Turner Classic Movies.
Yo this class and his throwbacks b like turner classic movies 😭🙌. Yall prolly don't even know about that oldie channel
Any updates or projections regarding CNN, Boomerang and Turner Classic Movies
please my grandfather likes turner Classic movies and cnn
Going into third week with no Turner Classic Movies on my Dish TV…Turner is blackmailing Dish into paying for money for some. channels!
Turner Classic Movies should air an Ava/Nina spinoff series. Perfect companion to their library of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford flicks.
Turner classic movies is the instant nookie channel
Turner Classic movies sure has some great films.those actors from another time sure can deliver. i love those old classic films.
Somehow replacing TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES with another MGM is pathetic❗why not something like Destination American channel
About to watch North by Northwest. I'm all about that Turner Classic Movies life!
Watch a few Classic'll see at it's greatest.then go vote for values...
Throughly enjoying your father Danny Thomas on Turner Classic Movies w friends
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
When I was little my dad and I used to spend the weekends watching Turner Classic Movies. I grew up appreciating the greats. I owe him.
Why was turner classic movies REMOVED from line up on 200 channels?
& by the way, I made another Letterboxd list of most of the film's TCM is showing this month.
Due to a contract dispute, CNN and 6 other Turner Broadcasting networks have been yanked from Dish Network, a satellite provider that provides television in bundled packages like every cable television provider. The 7 channels also include Turner Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network, Headline News, a…
What do y'all think about Dish Network losing HLN, CNN, TruTV, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network? I was just gearing up to find out what they were finally going to do with Jodi Arias, as her penalty phase starts today. :( I sure do miss Turner Classic Movies, those old classics are good to watch late at night. :)
Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are coming together again to present...
On October 1st at 7:00 the Athena Grand, in conjunction with Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies, will be...
Turner Classic Movies devoting the day to Telluride film festival selections of years past. Always an interesting set of choices.
A streetcar named desire is showing now on Turner Classic Movies and up next my fave... The wild one!
Turn on Turner Classic Movies / AFI lifetime achievement award to jane Fonda
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