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Turkish Republic

Turkey , known officially as the Republic of Turkey , is a Eurasian country located in Western Asia (mostly in the Anatolian peninsula) and in East Thrace in Southeastern Europe.

Northern Cyprus Ottoman Empire Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Turkish Cypriot Prime Minister Greek Cypriot Middle East Taksim Square

Turkish FM Cavusoglu: ISIS should be invited to Syria peace talks if Kurdish PYD are.
If the Turkish Republic wishes this, you must oblige or leave. Tazminat period during Ottomans employed similar pol…
This applies to any citizen of the Turkish Republic.
If Circassians no longer want to be citizens of the Turkish Republic, you're all welcome to take your leave.
This is the Turkish Republic, not the Republic of collective minorities.
The Minister of Economy and Energy of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Sunat Atun was participated to Africa-Ko…
Islamic Republic of Turkey is a barbaric state.Turkish police in Diyarbekir forced Kurdish kids 2 stripe off clothes
Even with my dad, actually. He being born a Turkish Cypriot in Larnarca in the Republic of Cyprus before the division.
Onur isn't a name by Turkish origin. Onur is of Indo-European origin adopted by Turkish people after Turkey became a Republic.
They can't because the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is acknowledged only by Turkey and Azerbaijan..
The territory of the Republic of was illegally occupied by Turkish forces in 1983!
the solution is to recognize Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus and make TRNC as a full EU member.
Glick: Erdogan rode Obama’s wave of admiration for Islamism to destroy last vestiges of secular Turkish Republic. . Cairo is Obama's legacy
Turkish Army offensive in eastern Aleppo fails again.
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not alone. Millions of hearts with them and their independence.
""One day my mortal body will turn to dust, but the Turkish Republic will stand forever. ""
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a state, EU should not have accepted "Cyprus" as a member.
Cyprus should start kicking the Turkish troops out & force them to invade the Republic... then the EU will HAVE to step in!
We remember Rauf Denktaş, founding President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with gratitude & respect…
On the 5th year of his passing,remember w/ respect and gratitude Rauf Denktaş, Founding President of the Turkish Re…
İ dont know do you know but there is a country called northern Turkish republic !!! They are mainly Greece greeks
New era for being a citizen of Republic. See what's changed:
With our blood and determination we will establish the Turkish Republic of Eastern Africa (Somalia)
Can someone point out to the lady from the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyrpus" that nobody recognises this country?
Thank you. Greetings with love from Turkish Republic.
Today Erdogan: "foreign currency holders are equal to. gun possessing terrorists, they both target Turkish Republic"
“Turkey’s fight against terrorism is for the protection of the borders of the Turkish Republic as well as Europe and NATO,” he said.
According to a report in CNN Turk, Barbaros Şansal was deported from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus last...
Prime Minister explained : The policy of Turkish Republic has been occupied with the Constituti…
The Ambassador of Turkish Republic is giving his opening remarks
One might perceive this German support for the PKK as an act of war against the Turkish Republic.
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travelling to Istanbul, Turkey from Ercan International Airport, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
.has already made public their goal of a Turkish Republic of Northern
The Prehistoric Cultures in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus via
URGENT: tanks cross into rebels alsoentering town via
US to provide air cover for Turkish, Syrian forces in Jarabulus.
According to Turkish PM a kurdish autonomous region is unacceptable in Syrian ARAB republic, since regions should not be ethnic based. 1/2
WhatsApp why the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Eastern Turkistan no flags ?
Ataturk is the founder of Turkish Republic. This fact will never change. But the fact that Gulen hates Turks and Ataturk.
2008 Fuller's "The New Turkish Republic: Turkey as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World"As Sibel describes=.
Salamis (Constantia), Famagusta, Turkish Republic of north Cyprus. Greek and Roman remains of ancient…
His Excellency Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey: Release Turkish writer ... via
Turkish People did their Best at the darkness night of Turkish Republic
the problem is not Erdogan. Erdoğan is not founder of Turkish Republic. Kurdish question is not New. Turkey Iran are neighbors
and thats the 8th President of Turkish Republic Mr. Turgut Ozal, corn and the salt.
If turkey permits a PKK state right by its border, that would be the end of the Turkish Republic.
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Former Prime Minister of Turkish Republic Prof. Ph.D. is coming in Closing Ceremony of
Increasingly Turkish intelligence activities in Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany is not Turkey II /via
not kurds but Turkish republic was attacked. I am a kurd, we support Mr.Erdogan!
Erdogan: Suicide bomber who killed 50 in Turkish wedding attack was a child via
Condolences to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Vladimir Putin sent his condolences to President of the Republic of Turkey
"Your first duty is forever to preserve and to defend the Turkish Independence and the Turkish Republic." M.Kemal Atatürk
: 30 killed and 94 injured after explosion at a wedding | The Republic EC
that territory is Turkish republic lands. İf You think so turkish army is defending republic lands to an armed uprising
Funny I thought they were not safe. US military will leave Turkish Republic one way or another.
Turkish regime shifts stance on Assad's future in Syria...
Prime Minister of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Our guarantor is Turkiye, we don't have any other guarantors.
Turkey's ambassador to the EU says the country wants to join by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Turkish republic.
Erdogan is a thug & an Islamist. He wants to destroy the Turkish Republic & any notions of constitutional government.
Vice President Joe Biden’s Calls with President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cyprio...
I like the sportsman who is smart, agile and also ethical. / Kemal Ataturk (Founder of Turkish Republic) - 1923...
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:-) Vice President Joe Biden's Calls with President of the Republic of Cypr...
"Undoubtedly Antalya is the most beautiful place in the world."Ataturk(Founder of Turkish Republic)
İsmet has a great saying "A new world would be formed and Turkish Republic would take its place in it"
I have a conservative mind to protect my country, Peace in the Country, Peace in the World. Turkish Republic is a uniter state
President of the Republic receives a telegram of condolences to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Oh, you mean like the War of Independence, Hatay & Turkish Republic of N. Cyprus? 😂
a Turkish man in the Sakha Republic of Russia?
Turek even is more banana republic than Iraq due to behaviors of Turkish politicians
'The Turkish Republic of Northern Clapham' triumphs last night
I'm proud of My Turkish Identity however let everyone be proud of their identity as well .but no, republic missed
Turkish FM says no plans to open airbase to Russia for Syria strikes.
He was taken by Turkish Republic army and police. We want him to be alive asap.
Ankara could allow Russia use its Incirlik airbase to fight ISIS - Turkish FM via
Visit paid by our President to Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Ankara.
Turkish Army shells ISIS border town to assist rebel forces in northern Aleppo.
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The Leader of the Republic of Turkey and The Greatest Turkish in the last century was born in…
Sahinsoy Trading Ltd will represent us in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
KTOS and KTOEOS demonstrated in front of the "Turkish embassy"against the police's practices
Turkish airport massacre will further imperil a nation on the verge of crisis
seems like Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the safest
Rebel forces retake three villages from ISIS near the Turkish border.
I am a Turkish Cypriot and I live in Cyprus with my parents in the areas ruled by Republic of Turkey.
The perpetrators were later made politicians, serving the Turkish Republic. We're run by Islamist criminals, literally.
...without disadvantage for other ethnic groups, gave even more to then any during existence of Turkish republic
Donald Trump to Turkish reporter: are you friend or foe? via HOW ELSE CAN YOU FIND OUT! WAIT LIKE OBOM
. Where is there another Turkish Leader like ATATÜRK.. The Republic needs them NOW!
Russian Air Force reemerges in northern Latakia to strike jihadists near Turkish border.
Peace at home peace in the World. First Turkish Republic Second World and that starts with elite's ambitions of Second HW.
Russian and Turkish FMs hold first meeting since ties repaired via
's President visit to Embassy of Democratic Republic of Congo in Ankara.
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Turkish police detain 11 more suspects over airport attack: media
The Republic of Love: Cultural Intimacy in Turkish Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology at the Heart
Nice of the Germans to put the Islamic Symbols of the Turkish Flag on the Brandenburg Gate! Germanstan is already an Islamic Republic!
position will be stronger post-EU - Turkish EU minister So was fixed to bring in Turkey?
We paid a visit to H.E. Ambassador of Republic of Guinea, Daouda Bangoura and presented our gift
"Turkish Republic" - it's their abbreviation. Yes. But it would pretty much rule out TAK or PKK, etc.
Hey Barry. You care about the Turkish attacks but not about the Florida attacks. You are a disgrace to our republic!
Republic Monument at Taksim Square... All together they built the Turkish Republic at the…
was a greatly contested match with the republic only winning through team spirit Great effort from the Turkish lads
B/c he can't blame NRA in the Turkish Republic.
Because knowingly creation of another state right at the borders of the Turkish Republic which will hurt relations.
Also, Boris has Turkish ancestry and his wife is half Indian. With his rhetoric, if he was in the Czech Republic media would eat him alive.
Prayers for the Turkish people today. Long live the legacy of Ataturk
Jihad, Genocide, and Flawed Peace from Ottoman Empire to Turkish Republic - Thetribunepapers
is against the Republic independent Turkish development. We will see who will be loosened.
The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella today expressed condolences to President of the Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdoga
"In the history of the Turkish republic there hasn’t been any democracy". HDP MP: Peace process must continue...
Dubai has awarded a French, Spanish and Turkish consortium a $2.9 billion contract to extend the city's ...
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov sends a letter of condolence to his Turkish counterpart ➡
One Republic is NO joke live and recorded. Ryan Tedder can SING! Been watching live videos for ever now! Euphoria is blast…
There are no messages of condolence Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
The Turkish Gov. wants to remain unity of Republic&fights against int'l recognized terrorist in SE
Lithuanian sent a message to Turkish Republic for
our heartfelt support forresilient people of Turkish Republic
attack: Turkish PM says Isis behind explosions that killed at least 36 - latest updates
Turkish Cypriot coalition to resign. The ruling coalition in the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) collapsed Monday, pav…
Ministers from junior coalition party UBP withdraw from gov’t in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus .
You can differentiate from the Turkish Republic and the Ottoman Empire all you want as if the empire's genocides didn't give the Republic of
On this day (3 March, 1924), the Caliphate was abolished by the Turkish Republic under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Zurcher: The early Turkish Republic was ruled by tightly-knit political-military elite, the Kemalists.
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Zurcher: The early Turkish Republic (1923-1945) was 1st nation-state to emerge from World War I in MidEast.
🇹🇷received Speaker of the Republican Assembly of the 🇹🇷Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
I wonder if there are any jobs going in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus or South Korea or Japan trololo
Israel should recognize Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in response to Greece's recognizing of the state of palestine.
Anastasiades rejected again - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Sure. Right after they recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern
My latest podcast - Cengiz Şişman on the Dönme crypto-religious community from Ottoman Empire to Turkish Republic.
Commemorating the founder and great leader of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
Today, on November 10th 1938, our great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic passed...
We respectfully commemorate the great founder of the Turkish Republic.
in this very day the President of the Turkish Republic, his royal highness, is honoured with a PhD title
I wonder about the numerics and charts about disabled people of Turkish Republic and also their education,…
Republic Day in Turkey, which is on October 29 each year, commemorates the creation of the Turkish Republic in 1923.
Water pipeline to improve life in Northern Cyprus: LEFKOSA, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – A water pipe...
Turkey were looking to join EU in 2020 as part of celebrations of the centenary of the foundation of Turkish Republic.
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The greatest leader Ataturk:We remember the founder of Turkish Republic on his death anniversary with gratitude. You'r…
The orientalistic antagonism to Turkey and Erdogan by the Western Press is finely discussed again by Adam McConnel:
Investigation opened against (15 year old killed by police) family for insulting Turkish Republic
All I can say is that this is not my experience of Turkish Republic over the last two decades. Another foreigner...
.The Turkish Republic was founded on lies.
The Project of the Century inaugurated - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
British jornalist and student found dead at Turkish airport -
(The Turkish Bath was a Republic of Korea Army Welfare Center for the sole benefit of Korean Troops.)
Mr Akinci is the democratically elected President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus! Condescending & unacceptable.!
World Bank calls for Turkish energy efficiency boost: A new World Bank report, ‘Republic of Turkey: Ins...
Your faux pas towards the Mayor of Lefkosa in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as representative of the E.U, troubling
Turkish Republic founded in small town in the steppes of instead of world famous metropolitan city,
The Government of the Republic of Turkey for the Turkish armed forces responsible for our safety
Islamic States mentality existed all over Middle East long before the existence of Turkish Republic Abbasids,Umayyads
and the end of the Turkish Republic.
Ankara bombing and the end of the Turkish Republic
will send (around 75million cubic meters) to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (via pipeline
Top 9 things Turkish Cypriots spend money on in Republic of Cyprus
Turkish-Kurdish conflict spills over into Europe
The first domestic banknote issued by Turkish Republic's in 1958
Learning to Read in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic by Be
Republic of Cyprus foreign ministry in Nicosia: pipeline taking water from a dam near Turkish port of Mersin to N Cyprus "violates intl law"
There is no Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus its an illegal occupation of the soverign republic of
Turkey to continuously provide 75million m3 clean water to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus w/Peace Water Project
75 million cubic meters of water will be sent to TRNC(Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) from a dam in southern Turkey via a pipeline.
107 km long "Water Supply Pipeline" fm to Republic of Northern enters into service
The new US Ambassador to Nicosia - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Nuland to visit Cyprus - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Majority believe in possibility of a solution - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Performance at ancient theatre of Salamis - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
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The pain of remembering! Today is the 35th anniversary of the 3rd military coup in the history of our Turkish Republic.Nevermore, nevermore!
A pipeline is being made to bring drinking water to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus:
Iraqi Shia militia group releases video of Turkish hostages via
Her, alleged, statement to Vice News: "being in a civil war engagement with the Turkish Republic" is the legal basis.
Turkish republic is a wahabi state? In which world do you live in . Parallel universe.
Finance Minister of Turkey declared that he is Kurdish and Turkish Republic gave him the opportunities to became what he is so he serves TC
Turkey republic is cleaning to Cizre from PKK terorist group. Turkish and Kurdish people is friendlyship forever.
+ Cizre is not a Kurdish Town it's a Turkish town and within the borders of The Republic of Turkiye.!
That turkish republic is not welcome in Kurdistan.
they may goto rojova if they don't want Turkish state. There is a Turkish Republic Homeland.
The Turkish constitution is built upon a homogeneous nation where the reality shows the Turkish Republic to be a very heterogeneous nation.
The Leaders will meet again on Monday - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
18th TURKSOY Opera Days on 15-24 September - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Urban killings, air strikes as bloodshed worsens in Turkish southeast via
Because of PKK's civil blood bath, Turkish Republic citizen got angry.
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keep call it N. Kurdistan, so where's your Kurdistan government? Oh sorry, it's TURKISH REPUBLIC territory, right ***
PKKTerror against kurdish people of Turkish Republic
There re kurdish terrorists groups and german agents attackting turkish republic. @
Western media knows is a city of Turkish Republic. Turkish Army is fighting against terrorism
. This baby' s mom killing by Turkish Republic soldiers. they live in Turkey with Turkish terorism
Powerty forced these guys to became a soldier to fight for the freedom of Turkish Republic...
Reaction from families of martyrs - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
US designated group is Turkish republic and isil, Turkey is killing civilians its own citizens not pkk
if Turkish Republic wants to take under attack upon the kurdish civilization, kurdish race died out completely in Turkey
Ministry of EU is not allowed to enter Cizre, the place located within the territory of Turkish Republic
turkish medya won't show this because of the mad president öf Republic recep tayyip.please share
Not only MPs, but also a cabinet minister of Turkish Republic was not allowed to enter this town in
We as secular and democratic people of the Turkish Republic do not care about ethnicity
Every citizen of the republic is Turkish. The main issue you don't understand in general is;
Cizre is not a Kurdish City. Every part of the Turkish Republic soil is Turkish.
there are many terrorists in Cizre and many gun, to ocuppy Cizre. they are enemy of turkish republic
so difficult to say turks 'north cyprus turkish republic'..Internalised nationalism..?
"Turkish child of future generations it is your duty to save the independence the Turkish Republic!" MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK..
160 k???. Oww what a mercy!! . 5m accepted only by Turkish Republic
I'm a Turkish citizen with Kurdish background. Today I'm the Finance Minister of the Republic of Turkey:
Leaders to meet with religious leaders - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Turkish Minister of Economy: "I'm Kurdish, and the Minister of Economy in the Republic of Turkey."
Hardliners dissatisfied with Anastasiades’ briefing - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Father of the Turks. This giant bust of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic,…
Ceasefire ; then what ? Continue to claim land from sovereign state of Turkish Republic ! It ain't negotiable !
President is speaking at the ceremony for 20 July Peace and Democracy Day in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyp…
The Jews of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, Shaw, Stanford J., Acce
“A committee for the Turkish Cypriot economy is established” - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Nagorno Karabakh is similar to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Not analogous to status of WB.
and what about the declaration recognizing the occupied territory as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' deputy PM resigns: Serdar Denktas has resigned from the recently-formed c...
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the university hello I want to participate in this family ...
"In related news, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus officially recognizes the Peoples' Republic of Donetsk"
FM on newly elected Turkish Republic of Northern President: "is a figure representing the Cypriot soul"
Video: Aljazeera - Who will lead the 'Turkish Republic' of Northern Cyprus?: Sunday is election day for Turkis...
Today, 23rd April Children’s Festival that M K Ataturk,the founder of the Turkish Republic, bestowed to all children! Happy children's day!
tomorrow is also a holiday for Turkey. Its the opening day for the first parliament of Turkish Republic. :)
We should learn from this great Muslim statesman! Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - He founded the Turkish Republic from d...
One more fact about Turkish Republic: total income equality between women and men since the day it was founded...
For the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic, a Christian Church will be built on Turkish soil.
We want to open a turkish bank in Ethiopia and establish FTA,Nihat Zeybekci,Minister of Economy of The Republic of turkey
Opinion: Mixed feelings curb celebrations on Turkey's birthday -
Hello What's the rate per minute for North Cyprus Turkish Republic landlines?
Soon I will become more vociferous and damaging than anyone ever has. I will DISGRACE the Turkish Republic in the eyes of people
. Pres of this Ali Babas' Republic lives in Cocoon of his own weaving . He has no idea about a Turkish CONSULAR BROTHEL in London
. For 8 months Turkish CONSULAR BROTHEL in London could not be reached by any means by this Turkish Citizen of Turkish Republic!
Absolutely the LAST STATE on the planet to make such a statement is Turkish Republic. via
And...Turkish Republic of Ali Babas and Thieves will Remain as one of the OPPRESSORS via
opposition calls PM as the man who failed Turkish foreign policy most in the Republic history during a debate
PM Davutoglu: Republic of is not about only Selchuklu and Ottoman in history. As we all remember history.
Tonight we welcomed Serdar KILIÇ our Ambassador of Turkish Republic and our new Los Angeles Consulate General...
3 hours of rain beats Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus
You should see the face of my kemalist History of the Turkish Republic teacher when I explain her that also comes from the Greek.
on our way to the Office of the London Representative of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to demand freddom for Haluk Selam Tufanlı
This is the most amazing city where i and my loved onces belongs to be Republic ❤️
Ottoman turkish lesson is unnecessary.We live in republic of Turkey not Ottoman Empire!
Atatürk, Founder of the Turkish Republic - Early History of Modern Turke...: via
The Turkish Republic is the worst thing ever happened to &
Sevinç Elamann on 'Women, War and the Foundation of the Turkish Republic'
Having a corrupt President trying to transform Secular into an Republic is a threat to National Security &
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This is Ottoman English! Marcelo. President of Turkish republic wants ottoman Arabic alphabet recently. So this is a fake😂
Rise of Turkish Islamic schooling upsets secular parents via
Why did the Turkish Republic remain neutral in World War II?
it was nither Turkish or Ottoman, nor Republic. It was Osmania Caliphate, governed by the strick Tenants of Islamic Jurisprudence
On October 29,Mustafa Kemal Pasha faunded the Turkish Republic and become the first president of it.
I see the foundational period of the Turkish republic under Ataturk as a culmination as much as a beginning point.
Turkish PM Davutoglu due in Greece for 2-day visit via
M.K.Ataturk (founder of modern Turkish Republic) teaches the new Turkish alphabet to the public. Kayseri/Turkey 1928
Seyid Rıza on the execuation of his son by Turkish Republic in 1937
I wrapped up my official visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Further information on my visit: .
Out of 13M, 4M was non-muslim when Turkish Republic had its first head-count. Not so beneficial IMO.
Submission: Students' Assoc. calls for divestment from Turkey & boycott of Turkish products.
ASA CAUTIONARY MESSAGE TO POPE: Nov.12, 2014 His Holiness, Pope Francis Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City Your Holiness, The Atatürk Society of America is a non-governmental civil society that strives to protect the reformist objectives that constituted the foundation of the Turkish Republic. While we are very proud and happy about your planned visit to Turkey, we are deeply concerned that your program includes a meeting with the current Turkish president. We have no doubt that you are very well informed about the corruption activities, and dictator style administration of the Turkish president, about his brutal treatment of his people, and the blood of the protestors in his hands. We do not want you to shake those stained hands with your Holy hands; we do not want you to visit him in the so-called “world’s largest palace” he built for his presidency in contempt of court rulings, and in contempt of public outcry and poverty. Your visit with him will be interpreted as support for his unpopular, un ...
Atatürk's War of Independence formed the Turkish Republic, seen in the Middle East as an Islamic victory over Western imperialism
I think I'm really wird. Cause last year in my dreams I saw Prime Minister o Turkish Republic continuously. Actually he's no longer exist.
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Today Mustafa Kemal is known universally as Atatürk, the founder of the modern Turkish Republic
This photograph was taken in Hagia Sophia (Turkish: Aya Sofya) back in October, 2008. It is a great architectural beauty and an important monument both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires. Its interior is decorated with mosaics and marble pillars and coverings of great artistic value. Once a church, later a mosque, and now a museum at the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia has always been the precious of its time.
Soma acilarimiz sarilirken 19 Mayis kutlu olsun, Turkiye! Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and May 19, 1919 "The founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President, stands as a towering figure of the 20th Century. Among the great leaders of history, few have achieved so much in so short period, transformed the life of a nation as decisively, and given such profound inspiration to the world at large." Columbia University And HE started all that 95 years ago today, when he left Istanbul with his military rank in the Ottoman Empire behind and landed at Samsun in a small boat to show the world what ordinary people could do for independence, self determination and freedom. HAPPY YOUTH AND SPORTS DAY, TURKIYE!!!
Prince Charles akan menziarahi Makam Mawlana Shaykh Nazim di Cyprus minggu ini. Nama Islamnya Prince Hussein dan telah masuk Islam di tangan Mawlana Shaykh Nazim pada tahun 1985... Prince Charles to visit North Cyprus this weekend Turkish Cypriot spiritual leader Shaykh Nazim, who with followers all over the world was one of the most influential Muslim figures of this era, passed away at the age of 92 on Wednesday. World Bulletin / News Desk It has been claimed that the hier to the United Kingdom throne Prince Charles will be visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) this weekend to offer his condolences to the family of the late Muslim spiritual leader Shaykh Nazim. Reports on Turkish Cypriot news websites quoting Sabah newspaper's Emre Diner have said that the prince will arrive in Cyprus either via the Larnaca International Airport in the Greek Cypriot-controlled south or the British airbase on the island. It has been said that he will then make his way to the TRNC to visit Shaykh Nazim's ...
Antalya city was occupied by the Italians from the end of the First World War until the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Large-scale development beginning in the 1970s transformed Antalya from a pastoral town into one of Turkey's largest metropolitan areas. Much of this has been due to tourism, which expanded in the 21st century.
Turkish History: Election Fraud of 1957 (before Coup d'Etat in 1960) (link: Turkish only) After recent irregularities and fraudulent activity in elections in Turkey, this turkish article tells a bit of turkish history, tells about another time in history with much election fraud in Turkey, causing people to protest, rise up, be forcefully silenced by government's police and soldiers, in 1957 elections, leading to Turkish Republic's first Coup d'Etat in 1960. The government then had expected to lose the election in polls by losing 9 points, but won by 6 points (47% to 41%).
The best cultural organisation ever in Turkish Republic history is made by Hizmet Movement.It is only TR global banding
Kemal Ataturk Admits Reality of the Armenian Genocide in a 1926 Interview (Kemal Ataturk) In June 1926 a group of disgruntled Turks, headed by a certain Ziya Hurshid, planned to assassinate the “father of the Turkish Republic,” Mustapha Kemal. In mid_June, Kemal was scheduled to visit Izmir after an extended tour of the country. The plotters secretly assembled in that city and finalized their plan to the minutest detail. The plot was given away by one of the conspirators, and almost all of them were arrested, tried and punished. Kemal arrived in Izmir and personally took charge of the arrests. He himself interrogated a few of the prisoners, who were his former friends. The infamous Independence Tribunal was summoned from Ankara, and at the conclusion of the mock trial, fifteen conspirators were sentenced to death. Those who belonged to the former Union and Progress (Ittihad ve Terakki) Party of the Young Turks, were later tried in Ankara, found guilty and executed. In July of the same year, a Swiss jo ...
"Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic.". I'm no American Exceptionalist (shh), but this guy...
“Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women.” ― Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Ataturk: First President and Founder of the Turkish Republic
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus demands 2 seats out of the 6 Greek Cypriots have in the European Parliament,...
Workers and the Working Class in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic, 1839-1950. London, 1995.
Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan: "This is an attack against the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic" Ouelle:
The EU has welcomed the abolition of anti *** laws in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, dubbed "the last territory in Europe where homosexuality was still a crime." British centre-left deputy Cashman called it "a major leap forward." EU commissione...
Economy of Northern Cyprus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The economy of Northern Cyprus (the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus—TRNC) is dominated by the services sector (69% of GDP in 2007), which includes the public sector, trade, tourism and education. Industry (light manufacturing) contributes 22% of GDP and agriculture 9%.[1] The economy operates on a free-market basis, with a significant portion of administration costs funded by Turkey. The TRNC uses the Turkish Lira as its currency, which links its economic situation to the Turkish economy. Because of its international status and the embargo on its ports, the TRNC is heavily dependent on Turkish military and economic support.[2] All TRNC exports and imports have to take place via Turkey, unless they are produced locally, from materials sourced in the area (or imported via one of the island's recognised ports) when they may be exported via one of the legal ports. The continuing Cyprus problem adversely affects the economic development of ...
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8 ODES TO ATATÜRK “The name of Ataturk reminds people of the historical successes of one of the great individuals of this century, the leadership that gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example can’t be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic and ever since then Ataturk’s and Turkey’s broad and deep reforms undertaken as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.”— John F. Kennedy “Turkish history is linked to the Western and European history. The efforts of Atatürk have made this possible.”— Charles de Gaulle “The most valuable and interesting statesman in all of Europe does not live in Europe today, but beyond the Bosphorus, he lives in Ankara.”— Franklin Delano Roosevelt “Probably no other 20th century leader did more for his country than Ataturk. He brought Turkey independence, changed its alphabet a ...
PM of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: "I'll do all it takes to not allow water-cannons into Cyprus"
“Turkey will always continue to stand by the Turkish Cypriots and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus under any condition”
Northern (or officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Book Online and Save !
/She was in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or TRNC for short, the micro-nation kept kicking the ball up./
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is belong to Turkey,They are Turks live here and it is a aprt of Turkey
What's meant by "foreign country" with a military base of Turkey wd b The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 😳
reliable rumors that Erdogan wants to declare the end of the Turkish Republic at 2023 & replace it with a Sunni caliphate
He was the founder and the first president of the Turkish Republic.
Turkish Republic: the land where slander and libel are not only normalized, but can also be the basis of life imprisonment sentences...
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