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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines (Turkish: Türk Hava Yolları Anonim Ortaklığı) (ISE:[ THAYO.E]) is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered in the Turkish Airlines General Management Building on the grounds of Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, Bakirköy district, Istanbul.

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Air Canada, Turkish Airlines or Air france? Also, layover town..Toronto, Paris or Istanbul? ...if you have thoughts and time
Off to Tashkent, Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 with Turkish Airlines on Tango Charlie Lima Oscar Golf, an Airbus…
Turkish Airlines extends stopover services in Istanbul to more countries – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE…
I just uploaded “Turkish Airlines 20th Anniversary at Chicago Yacht Club Preview” to
Turkish Airlines banks on Africa expansion to fuel growth - The National
Turkish Airlines B777 ready to taxi to runway 15L at IAH
Hummus, babaganoush and fruit in the Turkish Airlines lounge.
A big thank you to Turkish Airlines for hosting a world class event today at TPC Boston.…
Well at least Turkish Airlines was creative 😂
Turkish Airlines ready to introduce Harare flights:
You should have flown with Turkish Airlines 💪
Thx for letting us know. I won't be flying Turkish airlines or giving $ to any co. in TR that supports such sexism.…
Fly with Turkish Airlines and you could WIN R10 000 cash!
Turkish Airlines Flight ESB-IST A320 TC-JPA has departed with more than 2 hours delay after hydraulic failu…
Turkish Airlines ready to introduce Harare flights
If this happens guess maybe Turkish Airlines shd consider sponsoring the Black Stars.
Not enjoying my first Turkish Airlines experience...
Mr Boxall discusses ‘excursions’ in a case which concerned a claim by over 600 Turkish passengers against 2 airlines.
We're very sorry but we are based in Colombia and we didn't research Turkish Airlines while st…
Home sweet home 🏡 — traveling to Israel from Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge - Istanbul International Airport
Why does Turkish airlines still fly over Iraq, is it safe? -
Today I shall mostly be exploring all of the error messages Turkish Airlines' website generates and raging at it.
Non Stop flights to SEYCHELLES from Istanbul for €351 by Turkish Airlines!
We've partnered with to offer one lucky client a R10 000 cash prize. Details >>…
Turkish Airlines to codeshare on UTair's Moscow Vnukovo - Minsk service from 29OCT17
Back from Denmark 🇩🇰 Also Singapore Airlines > Turkish Airlines > Emirates. I don't care what the awards say. 🤓
From SYD - IST is SQ, from IST-GZT I booked separately on Turkish Airlines can I get my bags at my final destination?
Turkish Airlines becomes in the world, flying to most countries worldwide
Today’s destination of the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup, which is sponsored by Titanic Hotels, is Boston!…
No need because I beard already from Turkish airlines
Worlds biggest Airport under construction in istanbul,will host over 200 million passeng…
Hey Jim look at Turkish stock market👍 wait when they open the worlds buggiest airport ne…
Very disappointed in Turkish Airlines, long delays and incredibly unhelpful, rude staff in Istanbul.
lifted in Turkey for passengers. All you need to know:
government lifts electronics prohibition on Turkish Airlines and Pegasus flights from
lifts laptop ban on Turkish Airlines and Pegasus flights:
Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic are teaming up to form Turkish Airlines
Etihad Airways,Emirates, Saudi Airline and Turkish Airlines have all been cleared to allow customers to bring elect…
Cellphone - Laptop and Tablet Ban Lifted on US-Bound Flights from Emirates and Turkish Airlines
Emirates and Turkish Airlines said the US has lifted its ban on laptops and other electronic devices on flights from…
Turkish Airlines Laptop Ban on Flights to the U.S. to be Lifted by Wednesday -
Dubai’s Emirates, Turkish Airlines to be exempt from U.S. laptop ban list
Emirates and Turkish Airlines both confirmed that the ban was lifted on Wednesday.
Is the US about to lift the laptop ban on flights from Turkey?
Laptop ban lifted from Emirates and Turkish Airlines flights from Dubai and Istanbul
Laptop ban on US-bound Turkish Airlines' flights ends
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The ban on electronic devices aboard US-bound passenger aircraft ended for Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul.
Traveling to the US from one of the cities that has banned electronics? Learn from my experience w/
NEWS: Emirates, Turkish Airlines given the OK to allow laptops on inbound U.S. flights from Dubai and Istanbul says…
ICYMI: US lifts laptop bans on Emirates and Turkish Airlines
Laptop ban lifted for Emirates and Turkish Airlines
Great news! Turkish Airlines & Emirates cleared from pointless laptop ban.
U.S. lifts its laptop ban on Emirates and Turkish Airlines inbound flights
Emirates, Turkish Airlines try to join Etihad off laptop ban More
Emirates and Turkish Airlines say they've been cleared from the U.S. laptop ban
US officials to check Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines comply with new security…
Turkish &Emirates Airlines implemented new security measures allowing them 2 be exempt from laptop ban on flights bound 4 US…
This is a move in the right direction. I'm worried what specific fixes they mandated.
BBC News - US laptop ban lifted on Emirates and Turkish Airlines
US lifts laptop ban on passengers flying with Etihad, Emirates and Turkish Airlines via…
Emirates, Turkish Airways say they have been exempted from US ban on laptops in airplane cabins
The US lifts its on Turkish Airlines and Emirates flights
Emirates and Turkish Airlines have won an exemption from the US laptop ban
OFFICIAL: Turkish Airlines EuroLeague champs re-sign Datome to a three-year deal https…
Turkish Airlines named best airline in southern Europe for 9th year in a row
I already have Asiana membership. Can I transfer miles from Turkish Airlines? How?
What are the Twin Docs Travel talking about? Turkish Airlines expands presence in Western Hemisphere
I've flown BA, Swiss Air (also great), Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa and Air China to Japan. And for one…
Turkish Airlines (THY) inked a new agreement with the US Transportation Security Administration "TSA Pre✓®".…
Turkish Airlines is taking delivery of the aircraft
As much as I hate to say it Turkish Airlines ain't that bad.
I just uploaded “We'r from Turkey Turkish Airlines commercial” to
SunExpress, JV of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, has switched over to IBS Software’s PSS platform
Shut up Ralph. You're *** Disney is paying off critics, Turkish Airlines, Disney is *** Turkish Airlines is *** …
Turkish Airlines ban on powerbanks cannot be justified. UK and US information does not include p-banks.
Spend Kshs 2000 at Artcaffe and get 20% of on your next trip with Turkish Airlines exclusively…
Being the fourth largest global carrier in terms of have comeup with lucrative…
Turkish Airlines in acquisition talks with BoraJet. For more information use the App AVIPEO on your mobile device…. P…
Students of Glisten International College allegedly abandoned by Turkish Airlines in Istanbul must get justice - DG, CPC, Babatunde Irukera
EU dream over, now, top official REUTERS
At our company signed Maintenance Support Agreement with Inc !
DG, CPC, Babatunde Irukera, announces joint investigation of of Turkish Airlines by CPC, NCAA over alleged ill-trea…
DG, CPC, Babatunde Irukera, holds joint press conference with NCAA on alleged ill-treatment of Nigerian minors by T…
Copa and Turkish Airlines’ codeshare brings Guyana into focus
A woman gave birth to a baby girl in a Turkish Airlines' flight
Copa-Turkish Airlines pact opens Guyana to Africa, Eurasia and Far East via Chronicle
Flight (TURKISH AIRLINES) from Istanbul arrived at gate 16:55.
Turkish Airlines customer service is useless waiting for refund from January
That would be awesome but Turkish airlines didn't exist back then
Copa-Turkish Airlines agreement opens to Africa, Eurasia and Far East- |
Reading this onboard Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul. Can't help marveling at the multiple and mostly conflicti…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I added a video to a playlist Rory McIlroy Turkish Airlines Open Vlog
is it possible to get a Turkish airlines reference number for an aeroplan reward booking?
(Turkish Airlines eyes code-sharing with Nigeria) has been published on New Telegraph Newspapers -
Iran Air loses out on a Boeing 777 after Turkish Airlines strikes a deal - Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)
"Javed Sheikh" becomes the first Pakistani Celeb to sign the deal with Turkish Airlines for his Upcoming film...
What about Turkish Airlines that is the airline here and which we will no longer be able to use for inexpensive flights to US
I'm from Istanbul, and I fly to the US via Turkish Airlines, meaning this ban just made my life needlessly harder.
Turkish Airlines confirms it is subject to US airline electronics ban
Turkish Airlines confirms it is subject to U.S. airline electronics ban - statement
Turkish Airlines is on the Trump Administration's new electronic ban list as the only non-Arab airline:
Turkish Airlines is the only airline flying to Somalia! Please because we must become the…
everybody don't forget to thank Turkish Airlines for being the only airline which goes to Som…
Significant visit to Turkish Airlines from the International Air Transport Association…
Groningse touroperator doet Turkish Airlines in de ban by via…
Find out why Paris is called the City of Love. Fly there with Turkish Airlines for a romantic weekend getaway.
Why is Morgan Freeman selling Turkish Airlines? And he ends up on a hill, in his seat, presumably after an accident?
Turkish airlines, Arda Turan mixed with Barcelona values while Turkish govt is banning free press.SHAME
Russian citizen arrested at Alexandria airport carrying IED, trying to board a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul
Never mind the 2 hour wait/interview at the US border, of course Turkish Airlines lost my baggage again.
in 1974, Turkish Airlines Flight 981 crashes in the Ermenonville forest, France after the cargo door bursts open.…
Here's a glimpse of the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series - Mumbai at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club.
Where there is love, there’s travel! Turkish Airlines India wishes you a Happy
My interview with the new CEO Bilal Eksi now Online -
Turkey is also European in the sky. Turkish Airlines, best European airlines for 6 years, connects Turkey to Europe&Europe to…
Turkish Airlines is exptected to lease three Airbus A330 to PIA to continue its Premier Service: Sources
Airlines is exptected to lease three A330 to to continue its Premier Service via
++ The airports are not operating under Turkish Airlines' management. You need to contact the relevant airport company. ++
Discover Kharkiv, the second largest city of Ukraine, with Turkish Airlines! First flight on March 30!
Hey Zach King made a flight safety video for Turkish Airlines
EGYPT: Russian passenger detained with IED in Alexandria trying to board Turkish airlines flight to Istanbul.
Not fair using Morgan Freeman's voice to sell products. I just bought a ticket on Turkish Airlines & I have no idea wher…
Everyone freaked out about Turkish Airlines sponsoring the pre-game panel. What about Alfa Romeo sponsoring the one at half-time? Ummm.
Morgan Freeman did a commercial for Turkish Airlines. Terrorist money.
Not sure Turkish Airlines flies out of Springfield/Branson airport??
Why is Turkish airlines sponsoring this nfl pre show lol
The aviation nerd in me took notice to the Turkish Airlines sponsorship of the Pre-Game Show
Turkish Airlines are SB pregame sponsors. Things that make you go Hmmm... 🤔
Turkish airlines buying ad space for the superbowl. O the irony
I can’t believe let Turkish Airlines be a sponsor of the Super Bowl.
I did not know that Turkish Airlines existed before this pre-game show, so mission accomplished.
Why would take an ad from Turkish Airlines for a great American sports event?
The is sponsored by Turkish Airlines so clearly that America First thing is working out well.
so,Fox ,conservative news,right wing jerkoffs,ok,yet,5:00 hour of pregame,being sponsored by Turkish Airlines,,oh no!AIR terror!
Now I understand why Turkey, a Muslim country was not part of the brought 2 u by Turkish Airlines. Friends of Trump.
What's with the Turkish airlines on the pregame show? 🤔
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Pretty funny Super Bowl pre-game sponsored by an outfit that is known for bringing Muslims to US - Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines sneaking in the pregame sponsorship
How far has fallen? They've taken Turkish Airlines as a sponsor. Fans, it's time to resume the . ALL 🇺🇸AMERICAN 🇺🇸Football League
right next door to Why Turkish Airlines ad during ? Hmm!
Regardless of what happens during nothing will confuse me more tonight than Turkish Airlines sponsoring the pregame show?!?!
Impressed by Turkish Airlines pushing to be so visible at the Super Bowl. I hope they do well. They're a fantastic airline with delish food.
must be furious over this Turkish Airlines pregame show sponsorship
Just walked in the house and see that "Turkish Airlines" is investing big on The Super Bowl.
I wonder how many Islamaphobes are freaking out every time they hear “Turkish Airlines Present The Super Bowl 51 Half Time Show”.
Just a question. but, WHY is Turkish Airlines sponsoring the SB pre-game show?
Is Turkish Airlines still allowed to fly to the US? I very much question the timing of their Super Bowl pregame sponsorship.
I remember last year a DCEU shill said the Turkish airlines spot was better than the CW spot. I just.sometimes it's hard, you know?
Turkish Airlines a major sponsor of the Super Bowl?
Anybody think the 51st Superbowl brought to you by Turkish Airlines, is a little strange?
Can we talk about the irony that is the Turkish Airlines Super Bowl Pregame show with our current political climate?
Anyone else find it funny that Turkish Airlines is sponsoring the Fox pregame show? Was Fred's Crop Duster not available?
Turkish Airlines dropping a lot of bank on the Super Bowl. It flies out of, what, 5 US airports?
Just tuned in to the and see the pre-game sponsored by Turkish Airlines and didn't know my FiOS included Al-Jazeera.
Good thing Turkish Airlines was the high bidder for the pregame show.
Turkish Airlines pregame show!? So much for making America great again.
Turkish Airlines are the sponsors of pregame...the irony is thick.
Curious how much Turkish Airlines paid to sponsor the pregame show
I wonder if all the people who want to realize the FOX pregame show is sponsored by TURKISH AIRLINES?
I was hoping Turkish Airlines announce new flights to Equestria!
Really Fox? the Turkish Airlines pre game show
Did Steve Bannon approve Turkish Airlines advertising on for the ?
Amazing that TURKISH AIRLINES sponsored the pre-game show. Really?
"welcome back to the Turkish Airlines Super Bowl pre-game show" LOL
The Turkish airlines half time show??
Wonder what the crowd thinks about "The Turkish Airlines Pre-Game Show." I bet it's awesome.
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Turkish Airlines has sponsored Fox Super Bowl pregame show. That's something you don't see everyday
"Turkish Airlines - We;re the Radical Moose Lambs that Putin, and USA-Drumpf, Likes!"
I can't speak for everyone, but when I think NFL, I think Turkish Airlines.
and it's brought to us by Turkish Airlines.
Turkish Airlines the sponsor for the pre game show ? Interesting integration...
Donald Trump can't be happy that the Super Bowl pre-game show is sponsored by Turkish Airlines. Sad!
How is Turkish Airlines sponsoring the entire Super Bowl?
LOL on the "TURKISH AIRLINES" pre-game show. good thing the ban didn't include Turkey. d'oh!.
Biggest Superbowl question.who has ever flown Turkish airlines.
The Turkish Airlines Super Bowl preview??? I got nothin'.
I can't believe *** Turkish Airlines is sponsoring the Super Bowl again smh Zack Snyder won't ever leave me alone
Turkish Airlines is sponsoring the pregame show? Are we fo'real? That just seems... Odd.
Turkish airlines is a sponsor of the pregame
Turkish Airlines in seriously a pregame sponsor??
Why is Turkish Airlines sponsoring the pregame show, that's so random lol
To participate in CityFM89's Scavenger Hunt presented by Turkish Airlines tune into Midday Madness on Monday 6th Fe…
Turkish Airlines storms into playoff picture with win at Darussafaka.
Turkish Airlines stays strong for sixth-straight home win.
Turkish Airlines leaves it late to edge EA7 Milan.
Turkish Airlines holds on to get back on winning track.
its ACT airlines. Not turkish airlines. Can you simply verificate the News before publish ?
That's Turkish Airlines explanation, do not trust BBC news about Turkey.
Fake news, for perception. Yes a Turkish cargo plane crash, but this isn't Turkish Airlines.
Photos show aftermath of Turkish Airlines cargo jet crash in Kyrgyzstan that destroyed 15 homes, killing at least 35
Turkish Airlines cargo plane crash kills 32 people
people including an entire family are killed when Turkish Airlines jet crashes into a village in ...
UPDATE: Turkish Airlines cargo jet crash kills 32 in
Turkish Airlines cargo jet crash kills at least 20 in Kyrgyzstan.
Cargo plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan leaves more than 37 DEAD, including children | World | News | Daily Express:
⚡️ “At least 32 dead after Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashes in
BREAKING: 28 people now killed as Turkish Airlines flight 6491 crashed into a residential area near Kyrgyzstan's capital
More than 30 killed and a number hospitalised when a Turkish B747 (operated by ACT Airlines) crashed into a village in Kyrgy…
A Boeing 747-400F operating for Turkish Airlines Cargo has crashed near Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. More…
BBC wrote this news as Turkish Airlines plane crashed, but it was wrong information, here what is truth;
At least 20 people killed after Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashed near Kyrgyzstan airport
Death toll in Kyrgyzstan plane crash rises to 37 say emergency officials
You don't claim that it is a Turkish Airlines plane? If you claim so, shame on your dirty, bloody journalism...
Turkish cargo jet crash kills at least 30 in Kyrgyzstan
least 37 people were killed on Monday when a Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashed into a...
Top story: Turkish Airlines cargo plane crash kills at least 32 near Kyrgyzstan… see more
'At least 20 killed' as Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashes into Kyrgyz village.
Dozens dead after Turkish Airlines cargo plane wipes out village near airport
At least 32 people killed as a Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan
Turkish cargo plane crash kills 37 people in Kyrgyzstan
Using irrelevant picture is a basic journalism problem. Crash is not related with Turkish Airlines.
Electronic Device Insurance
A Turkish Airlines cargo jet has crashed in Kyrgyzstan, killing a pilot and at least 19 people on the ground
Such a fake news! Turkish Airlines have to take this matter further. This is completely smear campaign.…
Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes
Turkish cargo jet crash kills at least 37 in Kyrgyzstan - ABC Online
E Yuh! . claims that the plane was belonged to Turkish Airlines. . Thats a deliberate "character assassination" to…
At least 16 dead after Turkish Airlines cargo plane departed from crashes near capital
At least 16 people are killed as Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashes near Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek - officials
Turkish Airlines, ‘Europe’s Best Airline’ for six consecutive years, has won the respected Gold prize in Epica...
Dozens of Boeing and Airbus deliveries put back by Turkish Airlines - The National
Turkish Airlines postpones dozens of new plane deliveries because of terror attacks' effect on the travel market.…
++ you for choosing Turkish Airlines and remain with best regards :)
Week in Review: Over 200 workers fired by Turkish Airlines related to failed coup
Update on Turkish Airlines flights at SFO: This alert from Turkish Airlines popped into our email box this mo...
Deans Travel flying the flag of Turkish Airlines
Flight discounts: Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines has partnered with Standard Chartered Bank Nepal to p...
After Pegasus Airline, Qatar Airways is the next in being affordable. Medyo pricey na ang Turkish Airlines and Emirates Airlines.
cool! I was surprised to see a lot of advertisements of Turkish Airlines when we were in Japan!
Not turkish airlines...we buy Brand new lol
So far everything goes smoothly. Waiting for my flight to Kuala Lumpur. Then with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Amsterdam
Remember when we were supposed to have Turkish airlines as our sponsor and we thought we were getting Messi because he did an ad with them
Bruh...Turkish Airlines stays on some bulshiittt...
•• Boeing set to deliver record number of airplanes to Turkish Airlines ! •
Read business class guru review of traveling Business Class with Turkish Airlines!
Turkish Airlines and Intelligence Service implicated in Arms Smuggling to Nigeria. 19/03/14.
Good times at Istanbul airport with Turkish Airlines ! via
Business lounge is so buff here. @ Turkish Airlines Business CIP Lounge ISTANBUL
Turkish Airlines is the sponsor for Uefa euro cup Yes 💪😊 . 😍❤
Turkish airlines b737-900er ( TC-JYP ) the turkish national team livery. new painted
set to deliver record number of to Turkish Airlines
to make record delivery to Turkish Airlines. Read more: $BA
No wonder Turkish Airlines claims the most planes and routes across
The possibilities are endless! Witness a world full of surprises with Turkish Airlines.
Turkish Airlines: Connecting Macedonia to the world since 1998
first thing I was the Turkish airlines luggage tag 😂
New post on our blog: Turkish Airlines A320 TCAS .
Suriname looking to attract Turkish investment and collaboration on back of bilateral meetings held in Istanbul.
Turkish Airlines launches new service to Bogota and Panama City
Turkish Airlines implicated in 2015 arms smuggling and corruption scandals 22/01/16
Turkish Airlines, the Official Partner of UEFA EURO 2016TM, takes off on its...
Maiden flight to Paris for Turkish Airlines - Official Airline Partner of UEFA Euro 2016:
Turkish Airlines unveils its newest aircraft with Euro 2016 decorations, as the official airline partner of the...
I think Turkish Airlines, the official airline partner for EURO 2016
Turkish Airlines, the Official Airline Partner for EURO 2016 takes off on its maiden flight…
Turkish Airlines increases Male (Maldives) flights from 7 to 10 weekly from 30OCT16, the airline announced
Qatar Travel win Turkish Airlines bowling tournament: The tournament, which was held at Qatar Bowling Club, we...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Turkish Airlines - the best airline I have used so far.
Flying to more countries than any other airline, the world is closer to you with Turkish Airlines!
Results of the 2016 Air Transport News Awards were announced. Turkish Airlines has been awarded Airline of The Year! h…
This guy is a member of board at Turkish Airlines and chairman of Ensar Foundation known with child abuse in Turkey.
Head of the Ensar Foundation is also member of the Turkish Airlines board of management.
The Chairman of Ensar Foundation, is also the member of AKP Provincial Council and Board Member of Turkish Airlines.
Turkish Airlines has been chosen "Best Airline in Europe" in the 2015 Skytrax World Airline Awards. 
How many people are trying to book fights to Gotham City through Turkish Airlines right now?
Turkish Airlines pulling out all stops for Dawn if Justice. Even their Boring 777s into Bombay have the BvS livery!
I liked a video Fly to Gotham City with Turkish Airlines!
Come back Christopher Nolan, Batman is doing commercials for Turkish Airlines now.
Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor make cameos in these Turkish Airlines Super Bowl ads: Turkish Airlines already has ...
Bruce Wayne & Lex Luthor would like you to fly Turkish Airlines, please.
WATCH: Bruce Wayne suggests you fly Turkish Airlines to Gotham City in this new TV spot.
Turkish Airlines will take you to the same place Malaysia Airlines flight 370 will
Turkish Airlines as presenting sponsor for pre-game? If you gave me 500 guesses, I wouldn't have picked them. Early surprise!
Turkish Airlines is the official airline of the Manchester United (Red Devils) English soccer team...
Seriously though why does Turkish Airlines think that Centre ice is a worthwhile advertising investment?
A Turkish Airlines flight from Houston to Istanbul was diverted to Shannon Airport in Ireland because of a "bomb alert," the airline said
High winds force Turkish Airlines to cancel 95 flights: Domestic and international flights...
Turkish Airlines adds flights to Mauritius and Madagascar: Turkish Airlines has launched fights to Port Louis ...
Turkish Airlines has launched a service to Port Louis and Antananarivo:
Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque will be even easier to reach this May when Turkish Airlines launches its...
I liked a video from Airbus A330 Night Landing at Dulles Airport IAD Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines increase Abu Dhabi eff 14Dec15 from 4 to 7 weekly flights.
Turkish Airlines has become a global sponsor for Lonely Planet's "Best in Travel 2016!"
Turkish Airlines has signed a partnership agreement with the Petra Development & Tourism Authority. The agreem... Turkish Airlines flight diverts to Canada SBS The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia are…
Turkish Airlines flight diverts to Canada after bomb threat: HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) ? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police says it is...
Airport Authority's Peter Spurway says main runway closed because of the location of the Turkish Airlines plane. But secondary runway open.
Try the Android update for our mobile game Turkish Airlines: Euroleague!
Travel - Turkish Airlines announced as Official Partner of European Rugby Champions Cup and Challenge Cu...
Instagram : by zs_planespotting - Turkish Airlines on final approach into Oliver Tambo International airport Johann…
2015: 03 weekly flights of Turkish Airlines to MUR in December announced by Xavier Duval
Good news Durban! Turkish Airlines launches 4 x weekly flights to KZN capital.
Turkish Airlines launches flights to Libreville: Turkish Airlines, which is the national flag carrier ...
Turkish Airlines to operate five weekly flights to Antananarivo, Madagascar via Mauritius as of 25 October 2015.
Turkish Airlines introduces new routes to Africa: Turkish Airlines, the national flag carrier airline ...
Turkish Airlines further expands its network: Turkish Airlines continues to “Widen Your World” by addi...
World's fastest growing Qatar and now Turkish Airlines- have announced new routes to Durban Full details @ 6-7
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