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Tunde Bakare

Tunde Bakare is a Nigerian Pentecostal pastor. He has received national and international attention for his televangelism, which has sometimes been critical of the Nigerian government.

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Ur character says it all not what you say or preach.Tunde Bakare is a reflection of truth and a man who practice what he p…
I just read Tunde Bakare's clarification on challenging Kutigi's Islamic prayer at the ongoing...
There more some people attach importance to English Language, the further my disdain for it. Unfortunately, some have taken it as a spiritual language but little did they know that No Scripture was revealed in English Language. Behold, Islam and Muslims cannot be separated from Arabic Language because it is our SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE! From Islamaphobia to Arabicaphobia! Pastor Tunde Bakare, Bitrus and People that share the same mindset with them should take note.
CONFAB DELEGATES MAY INSIST ON PAYMENT OF AIDES It emerged on Friday that National Conference delegates are spoiling to insist that the Federal Government should pay their aides. This is coming as the 492 delegates prepare to commence plenary on Monday with the adoption of the conference rules of procedure. The rules which will guide the conduct of delegates throughout the duration of the talk shop were released to delegates on Thursday by the conference secretariat in Abuja. Findings by our correspondents showed that the delegates are insisting that apart from other logistics, the aides they brought to the conference should be paid some allowance. Our correspondents also discovered that a group of delegates have concluded arrangements to send a written request to the conference secretariat on the need to pay their aides some allowance. A member who spoke to our correspondents in confidence said that “the issue of paying our aides a little allowance cannot be swept under the carpet for obvious reasons ...
WELCOME TO NATIONAL CONFABULATIONS Where leaders come and enjoy, sleep and get 4M a month. Lets talk about this national confab. They said the primary aim is for peace and how to move the nation forward but can anyone with foresight see this meeting yielding any good result? I Call This A Total Failure which may lead to another problem in this country but we must put our dear Nigeria in prayer. Except for Pastor Tunde Bakare and Olisa Agbakoba SAN who refused to be paid for this National Conference if not, all the leaders you and i know will get 4M a month & 12M for the three months duration of this conference. How can this be called movement for peace when no one was invited from Gov Ameachi' zone because of his lingering disagreement with The Number One Man in Nigeria. Terrorist group has held this country to ransom but none of the terrorist groups was given slot to attend. Not all the ethnic groups in Nigeria are represented. Traditional rulers play a very crucial role in this nation but preference was ...
This National Conference thing is the biggest deceit of the year!you pack bunch of old men together who couldn't deliver when they were ministers commissioner e.t.c and you want them to bring the change we desire,infact this has got to be a make available about seven billion naira for the bunch of jokers called delegates with all the money they embezzled owning houses in asokoro maitama banana island lekki e.t.c yet they can't turn down the twelve million naira three months allowance the only person who has told us publicly that he will not collect the money is Pastor Tunde Bakare a man who has never held any political office obviously the bad apples can't spoil the one good apple and i wonder how much impact he can make and i wonder if anything he says will be implemented by oga time,nigerians need young people to represent them at the National Conference people who are trully patrotic people like fela durotoye eldee idris abdukareem kemi olunloyo Pastor Bakare seun kuti japhet ...
ONE DEVIL JUST SHOWED! The moment you see a person/people who can't bear to hear the statement: I SEEK REFUGE WITH ALLAH(GOD) FROM SATAN THE ACCURSED. Then you must know your request has been swiftly honoured by God. Nigerians, endeavour to run away from Pastor Tunde Bakare because he is another devilish vice president(may be) that would be of your own making. Though, I knew my next name would be "RELIGION BIGOT" but the love i have for my country 'll neva prevent me from speaking the truth no matter how bitter.
THE Pastor Tunde Bakare ATTACK ON JUSTICE IDRIS KUTIGI, CONFAB CHAIRMAN I have been very busy to react to the attack by Pastor Tunde Bakare on the second day of the ongoing National Conference in Abuja, where he complained about the chairman's starting his speech with prayer in Arabic. It peeved me so much that I begin to think whether people who claim to be social critics in this country actually really mean well for the country. I give kudos to Professor Is-haq Lakin Akintola's MURIC's press release to this effect and wish to concur that there couldn't have been a better response. FIND DETAILS OF THE PRESS RELEASE BELOW. If Pastor Tunde, who I overheard to have once said that he comes from a Muslim home as son of an Imam in Abeokuta, can now come into the open to attack Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi, GCON, a Muslim and retired Chief Justice of Nigeria, for starting his speech with a prayer in Arabic, then, it calls to mind what manner of Muslim he was before his claim of having met Jesus, which took him t ...
WHO DO ANY HOW GO SEE ANY HOW National Conference Update: Nigerian Government Deploy Riot Police To Curb "Trouble Making" Delegates By SaharaReporters, New York The Federal Government of Nigeria has deployed hundreds of anti-riot policemen to the venue of the ongoing National Conference in Abuja. This is seen, say our sources, as ‘part of a measure to forestall any protest,’ and ‘break down’ of law and order by the delegates.Some of the officers who stormed the venue of the conference with a truck of water canon, and anti riot gear, was unsettling for many in attendance. Numerous sources to SaharaReporters say, the ‘storming’ sent (the) jittery down the spines of many delegates.There has been speculation within the conference that some of the delegates may raise the alarm, as soon as the conference organizers deviate their focus from numerous mandates.One delegate, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has vowed to “open up” any perceived secret being concealed by the conference organizers.The convener of ...
7 Billiions National Conference HUHURRU! WHY THIS HULLABALLOO? There have been a lot of outcry as regards federal government release of 7 Billions Naira released for the allowance of the participants in the ongoing National Conference in Abuja. Some have spoken in favour while some categorically against it. My take; does this argument worth it? Why? I think and want to believe that if 7billions Naira is what it is needed to put the country in the right part. Why not let us make the sacrifice and get out of the mess we are into? Be that as it may, what is the ratio of 7billions an unaccounted petroleum and kerosine subsidy? What happen to Police Pension Scam? Then Chief Otedolagate ala subsidy committee Chairman (620)US Dollars? It is very unfortunate that we are all AKINDUTIRE, so bad. For those who argued against, they have made a good point, because, most of the people in the list are those that have benefited from this country by one way or the other. Going by the saying of John F. Kennedy in his inaug ...
Adeyinka Grandson Wrote:: Pastor (Dr.) Tunde Bakare is not a Yoruba man. His father’s name was Sani Arewa, from Sokoto state, whom he did not grow up to know. His mother, Madam Abigail Eebudola Arewa nee Bakare raised him along with other siblings. Bakare is against He can no longer continue to use the Yoruba slot at the ongoing National Conference. He is on record as the only delegate to have introduced himself as a ‘Nigerian' delegate to the National Conference, at a time he was pre-selected as part of the delegates from Ogun State to represent the Yoruba people. Bakare has no moral justification whatsoever to continue as conference delegate from Ogun State, Yorubaland after he had openly rejected
WHEN PROFESSORS EAT THEIR FEET...! I sincerely hope Ishaq Akintola is not a professor in a Nigerian university. I hardly make comments on religious issues especially when they appear to be steeped in controversy but this guy's response on behalf of his organization MURIC, to Pst Tunde Bakare's insistence on a non-religious language of conduct at the inaugural session of the National Conference speaks volumes about him to any serious-minded person. I hold no brief for Bakare. He does an excellent job of defending himself on any issue and has done so on this. However, I do not know of many pastors of Bakare's status who are as accommodating of other people's religious views and positions as Bakare. He has put himself in open controversy even in Christian circles for this 'crime' when he preached messages to the effect that Christians should not think that they have a corner on God. He quotes the Quran copiously having attended a Koranic school as a growing youth, yet has no apologies for his faith in Christ ...
I understand that Pastor Tunde Bakare has agreed to take the N12million Confab fee which I learnt he didn't want. He refers to the N12 million Naira now as, 'my own share.' The sweet part is that, he doesn't really need it, because he is only there to serve the nation. Consequently, he has promised to donate all that money to Charity. Pls tell the good pastor, that my other name is spelt, CHARITY.
God created only one race. And that is the human race. We should not let religion or tribes to divide us. Tunde Bakare
Why other delegates will not take example from Pastor Tunde Bakare, when he says that he will not collect any allowance in National Conference.paying four million naira to each delegate in month, from simple calculation it's means each delegate will go home with twelve milllion naira for three months the conference is going to last,but if i may ask if federal government is to pay this huge amount for the delegates.where is sacrifices they making their father land?
Nigerian prominent man of God unleashed on Nigeria political leaders on the state of the country dur Tunde Bakare, Muhammed Buhari, Nigerian Election, presidential Watch the latest Nigerian Movies, Nigeria Films, Yoruba Movies,Nollywood Videos, and African Movies Online
The claim by Pastor (?) Tunde Bakare that he's quote-un-quote, "well versed in the Qur'aan " isn't only hypocritical but deceitful, which makes him unworthy of his 'Pastor'/clergyman status! First, I shouldn't be bringing the issue back-and-forth but for the fact I also do not want to be this hypocritic not to let my christian brethren know the truth. Jesus himself directed his followers to extend the Salaam greeting when entering a house. That Bakare is apparently ignoramus of this or may be, simply chose to be bigotic about this baffles one. Nor of the fact a Muslim has just exhibited one or two of the classic Islamic way of life, starting what ever endeavor with the Name of Allah! Has any Muslim in this country ever raised an eyebrow over why Friday is not a work - free day, just like Saturdays and Sundays - which are Judeo - christian Holy days?? Who stops Bakare from beginning his speech in the CONFAB with a 'PRAISE THE LORD' - or what ever he chooses, if that is a christian way of life??! It's note ...
And so the long awaited National Conference finally arrives and first topic of discuss of all that plagues naija, some dummies decided to start with settlement for their "Boys" aka aids. Na only aids na HIV una for call am. Thanks heaven for people who's brains are bigger than their stomachs e.g Tunde Bakare.
LETTER TO PST TUNDE BAKARE. Sir, the news in circulation is that you are rejecting the allowance maped out for each delegate for the on going confab. If this is true, then I have these to say - 1) I admire your teachings and your stand on national issues. To me rejecting the money would mean carrying your holier than thou posture too far. The money is not bribe, we all know that. 2) You will not be making the nation richer. In fact you will be making few persons richer. I say this because at the end of the day there will be no records showing the balance of being the money rejected by Pst Bakare. 3) My advice therefore is this - collect the money. There are a lot can do. You can share the money among some less ptevilaged homes of your choice. You can also use it to award scholarship, donate classroom blocks to any school of your choice. It can also afford a good number of water borehole projects, etc etc. Thanks in advance for heeding to my advice. Yours in Nation building, VNE.
Meanwhile from Abiola's wall: Day 1 Of The National Conference- If the adage that the morning shows the day is anything to go by, Nigerians now have an idea of how the National Conference deliberations will turn out going by today's proceedings. Firstly, the entire Day 1 Proceedings lasted for under two hours, in spite of starting around 11.30am. In what is similar to the popular sitcom... 'Fuji House of Commotion', the Conference got off to a feisty start with several comic contributions from the carefully selected delegates representing about 170 million Nigerians. The National Secretary of the Labor Party was more interested in the seating arrangement than anything else. In a Conference that is 'national' in nature and outlook, should the seating arrangement be an issue? A representative of former senators was visibly concerned about how many aides and special assistants each delegate will be allowed to have. It is very apparent he missed the retinue of aides he had when he was a senator of the Federal ...
The level of greed which permeates the minds of some Nigerians can be as disturbing as well as wicked. The demand by some delegates to the National Conference best exemplify these as they insist that the federal govt should pay their aides after they are expected to pocket 12million naira each for their participation. Can't they pay their aides from such largesse? In a country with criminal unemployment rate with its attendant security implications, it's unpatriotic for a few hand-picked individuals to hold the nation to ransom in the guise of national assignment with bogus and irresponsible demand. However, the efforts of the likes of Pastor Tunde Bakare and Bar. Mike Ozehkome (SAN) who demonstrated patriotic spirit by rejected the jumbo allowance must be commended. The Confab is not a place to share national cake but to demonstrate uprightness and display intellectual sagacity with a view to finding solutions to the myraid of problems plaguing the Nigerian state. Disappointingly, the insistence by thes ...
National Conference AND JUMBO ALLOWANCE Ask not what your country will do for you, but for Nigeria leaders (delegates), it is what they can get or steal from the country. What a shame to all the delegates but one (Pst Tunde Bakare who refused to collect). Even those who owns houses in Abuja are still asking for more allowance. SHAME!!
I think Rev Tunde Bakare should collect his stipend for the National Conference so that he can comfortably do what he is expected to do there, if what I heard is right. Or does he want to rob Peter to pay Paul?
Nigeria Pastors are the richest in Africa. Here are list of some and their worth: Bishop David Oyedepo worth $150 Million (USD) with 4 (Four) private jets with properties in UK and universities around the world. T.B. Joshua worth $50 Million (USD) Chris Oyakhlome worth $50 Million (USD) Chris Okotie $50 Million Tunde Bakare $50 Million All the above mentioned all have private jets Their fellows can't afford what they have to offer
Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, has revealed that Pastor Tunde Bakare, the General Overseer of the Latter Rain ***
Culled from The Guardian Mobile Friday 21st March, 2014 Confab procedure rules drafted, for adoption Monday • Group condemns delegates’ demand for extra allowance AS delegates to the National Conference prepare to resume for serious business on Monday, the Secretariat has completed the draft of the rules for the modus operandi and course of action. The Assistant Secretary, Media and Communications, James Akpandem, in a statement Thursday in Abuja said the “draft Rules of Procedure for the National Conference to delegates will enable them prepare for the debate, ratification and subsequent adoption on Monday, March 24, 2014 when the plenary resumes.” Akpandem, who did not make clear what is contained in the rules, said it is expected that the delegates will adopt it and “when adopted, the provisions will form the official rules of proceedings for the Conference.” The statement also noted that a copy of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was also made available to delegate ...
Please, why is Pastor Tunde Bakare's name NOT on the APC's executive list; instead Alh. Atiku Abubarka and his like made the list. Pastor Bakare's silence is not healthy. Mmmm
I have no Islamophobia of any kind. Pastor Tunde Bakare
Pastor Tunde Bakare was recently tongue-lashed by some set of Nigerians especially from the North for observing that the National Confab Chairman Justice Kutigi always use an islamic recitation before opening the conference or making some remarks. Is it right to use such words either Islamic or Christian recitations in a multi religious state like Nigeria hence the Confab is a secular gathering?
The Nigerian people would then become apathetic resigning themselves to the situation waiting for the next set of messiahs..Tunde Bakare
Confab: Islamic group attacks Pastor Tunde Bakare over criticism of Kutigi’s prayer
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God bless Pastor Tunde Bakare and the Lord will continue to give you wisdom and utterance. I know you must have sought the face of God over your invitation, you don't need to tell anybody because that is your personal-spiritual affair. Telling a friend and an elderly state man like Maj-Gen. M. Buhari, that you have been with as per political matters is a wisdom. I know before the end of the National Conference many delegates will follow suit as per the allowance thing. Nigerians are praying for you (Pastor) and as many delegates that ready to allow God to use them to fix Nigeria godly. God Bless the National Conference and God Bless Nigeria
That is Tunde Bakare in his true picture...He remains my Pastor mentor and hero...
Message To All Since Pastor Tunde Bakare started it. I think the time is ripe to cancel all religious activities in all public places including universities and other tertiary institutions except place of worship approve. No more prayers to be said at government public functions, school assemblies by any faith. No more preaching in Molue, buses or streets. - Abdulwaheed Badmus
The National Conference 2014--- When the idea of having a National Conference was mooted by the Presidency,this writer quickly supported the idea,because he felt that it could help re-launch and usher Nigeria into her rightful place in the comity of nations! BUT the unfolding events since the conference kicked-off is unbelievably disgusting! Why is the conference paying each delegate N4M per month? The delegates are volunteers. Nigeria will violate the international standards of volunteering if a dime is paid to any of the delegates! The standards is to kit,feed, empower and give transport fares! Of course, each delegate deserves the best quality service,but no pay should be given to any delegate! I am so happy that Pastor Tunde Bakare and Barrister Olisa Agbakoba have both rejected the N4m. Other delegates should reject the pay as well. It is a sheer waste of fund to pay those delegates and a gross violation of the Innternational volunteers Standards! God bless Nigeria-
Tunde bakare don,t u know what ASALAMU ALAIKUM means? It means PEACE b upon u. Why criticising?All d problems of insecurity we are facing in nig isn,t b/c there is no PEACE? Multibillion naira is spent on daily basis b/c there is no peace. Lets invoke in calling peace live in peace nd die in peace. Islam is a religion of peace.
The utterances of people like late Saraki ("I am Abubakar Olusola Saraki, but that has not made me a Yoruba man. I speak Yoruba because it is my mother's tongue." That a man can claim in public, with gusto, that the fact that his biological mother comes from an ethnic group does not make him a member of that same group reveals one thing: the paternalistic, condescending attitude of Fulani to other peoples in their domains, a sense of cultural superiority. It is similar to the case of Pastor Tunde Bakare. A child of Sani Arewa from Sokoto state and perhaps a Yoruba mother from Egba, who defines himself as a ‘Nigerian’ delegate from the South-West, dissociating himself from his mother’s group –the Yoruba people. The desperate behaviour of late Saraki and now Tunde Bakare, can be attributed to the awareness that a politicised Yoruba ethnic consciousness will destroy his political influence in Yorubaland.
CONFAB INDEED It seems to me that Nigerians are less concern about the ongoing CONFAB. I have been able to take a critical look and discovered some hidden facts about this confab. Kindly take a look at the following hard facts and truths: 1. There are 492 participants in the confab with million each month as their financial renumeration. 2. Each participant gets million for the three months dialogue. 3. In all, there will be minimum of billion to be spent on financial renumeration. 4. I personally put each meal at (of course it will be more than that) per person. 5. This meal times three meals per day times 492 persons will be million per day. 6. This multiply by 90 days duration of programmes, will be The hotel accomodation (five star type) should be put at minimum of 50k per person. This multiply 90 days and 492 persons billion. 8. This means our government is planning to waste nothing less down billion on meaningless, visionless and unproductive confab, when this would have been better used to create e ...
"What Tunde Bakare said does not in any way qualify as Islamophobia. My take." hnm
Dear Pastor Tunde Bakare Please read how Jesus (Peace be upon him) convey greetings to his disciples Ässalamu alaikum Warahamatullah wabarakatuhu" (May the Peace & blessings of God be with you" BUT OFCOURSE JESUS (peace be upon him) WAS/IS A MUSLIM 1 Luke 10:5-6 “When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If someone who promotes peace is there, your peace will rest on them; if not, it will return to you." 2.Luke 24:36 " While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” 3. John 20:21 "Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” 4. John 20:26 "A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” it will be instructive to note that the Bible was not revealed in "ENGLISH" nor 'HEBREW" but "SYRIAC" "ARAMIC" a Palestine language so similar to "ARABIC" . We Musl ...
National Conference: Pastor Tunde Bakare explains his criticism of Kutigi’s Islamic prayer
We Want More Money: Delegates Demand More Money, Say N12M Is Not Enough, Pay For Our Aides Too, Delegates Tell FG. Some Delegates in the on going National Conference in the Nation's Capital have said that the N12Million Naira sum allocated by the FG is not enough and want more money for their personal aides. The money was meant to accomodate the delegates living and eating even though free lunch is provided in the venue. The angry delegates believe that their aides are suffering and need money so they want it urgently addressed. Hmmm these bunch of people will never come up with solution to our problems. These people are not serious. Hope they will not turn the conference to money making venture. The present N12M each for a short period of 3 months is too much. It is not mandatry to be there. They should withdraw, They have not even reach anywhere, they are saying N12m is not enough! What a country. Mugabe is right to say no one render free service in Nigeria. If only we had more Pastor Tunde Bakares in N ...
National Confab:. While notable men like Tunde Bakare and Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) have rejected the N12m allowance,...
Drama at the sham conference: The sham conference organized by the clueless man aka Goodluck Jonathan began with dramas. The disunity of the country is once more displayed. Tunde Bakare, a mistaken selection by the yoruba wanted to pray in jesus name, while Kutigi, a brainwashed Nupe wanted to pray to moreharmmade, an arab goat-hereer, that was confusion number one. Confusion number two, the gullible westernized lots wants the delegates to drop their ethnicity and language at the gate of the conference - exactly the same way the colonial masters wants us in those to drop our native otherwise bush language at home and pick engirishi, a 'civilized' language at the entrance gate of the school, and to also throw away our natural ethnic identity of either ibo, kanuri, edo, yoruba or ijaw and pick up 'Nigeria' which they gave to us. Realy shameful especialy when you remember their 53rd independence celebration. So many right thinking and politicaly forward looking people like Prof. Ben Nwabueze, Amb. Ralph Uwec ...
He rejects the CONFAB 12 Million Naira and Nigerians are still calling him names. How many Pastor will reject this? we know how to blackmail good people and that is why we have so many low people in high places, this is how we rejected Gani Fawehinmi and his NCP. Tunde Bakare is not just a Pastor, he is an advocate of the people like JESUS, he has been a thorn in the flesh of successive governments due to his ferocious criticism of bad policies. He is a man that truly abhors corruption, while others are fighting for more money, see the selfless example he is setting. I dont go to his church and I dont intend to start going to his church, but this man is passionate about Nigeria. The easier thing for him is to preach hope every Sunday and smile to his bank on Mondays. It is easier for us to hero worship the men that have chosen the easier path. This man is a hero that has GREEN WHITE GREEN running through his veins. Thumbs up Pastor!
It is unfortunate, Pastor Tunde Bakare is among the few Christians leaders who are sincere in their dealings with peoples of other religions especially Moslems,this can be confirmed through Gen Buhari and Nadir el rufa' pls let us forgive bakare,Iam sure he has learnt from his mistake by now.
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Pastor Bakare Says He'll Donate Nat'l Confab N12m To Charity Respected radical pastor, Tunde Bakare, has revealed that he will donate his own share of the allowances and stipends from the conference to charity. Bakare said he does not need the money, insisting that he is not in the FCT, Abuja, to make money but to render services for the good of Nigeria. "I do not need the money they are paying. I am here to render my service to the country. If it becomes very important [for me to collect it], I will give the money to charity. "No retreat, no surrender. I am not going to walk out, no matter what. I am going to stay here and fix the problems. In war it is no retreat, no surrender!"
Enuekwe Rebecca Chietem wrote on the hypocrisy of Pastor Tunde Bakare:. Why this high level of hypocrisy? If a...
Pst Tunde Bakare is a man of faith.He is intellectual.A man who lives for the moment and the future.He holds up...
Nigerian Pastor Tunde Bakare sermon against the government.
So this National confab is just a waste of resources. here are my reasons; 1. On Tuesday Pastor Tunde Bakare (a delegate) cautioned the conference chairman on the use of " Asalam aleikum warahamotulahi wabarakatuhu' which is an Arabic greeting. Stating that the conference is neither a Muslim gathering nor a religious one. 2. Today, the Northern Muslims led by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, accused GEJ of having hidden agenda. He said the process of selecting delegates to the conference negated the spirit of democracy as majority of delegates to the conference were Christians. Literally both parties are right. But the question now is "should RELIGION be seen as an enemy to peace we seek for our Nation?
10th February, 2014 PRESS RELEASE: YORUBA COMMITTEE ON National Conference: A CHRISTIAN AGENDA The Yoruba Committee on National Conference met two days ago at the Isara-Remo, Ogun State-home of an elder statesman, Sir Olaniwun Ajayi, to strategise on the selection of delegates for the South-West geopolitical zone ahead of the National Conference. Some of the prominent Yoruba leaders at the meeting were Sir Olaniwun Ajayi (host); Chief Olu Falae; Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State; Gen. Alani Akinrinade (rtd.); Afenifere leader, Chief Reuben Fasoranti; former presidential candidate, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite; Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo; Pastor Tunde Bakare; Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi (rtd.) and Archbishop Ayo Ladigbolu. The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) perturbed that there is no single Muslim among the prominent Yoruba leaders who attended the meeting. It gives room for suspicion. Such a gathering lacks balance. It is not only parochial but also myopic. They should be able to look ahead. Are they sa ...
Pastor Tunde Bakare Fiery man of God, Founder of Latter Rain Assembly and front leaders of Save Nigeria Group Pastor Tunde Bakare, was among delegate nominated for this year Nation Conference Dialogue by President Gudluck Jonathan. Pastor Tunde Bakare, was nominated by his state” Ogun State” to...
Where are the delegates for CONFAB representing Nasarawa state?Have they heard and seen what Agbakoba and Tunde Bakare did?If no,they should also follow the path of these delegates in rejecting the 12m that they are suppose to be given as allowance and rather see it as service to the nation.
Radical pastor, Tunde Bakare, came *** the chairman, Kutigi, accusing him of using a religious phrase alien...
Why not jettison prayers all togeda as advised by Tunde Bakare, a pastor at that! This conference will come to naught i dare say
are u saying dat Pastor Tunde Bakare is sitting in the same CONference this (WO)man is sitting???
OBJ, AMOSU CLASH OVER CONFAB DELEGATES There is a silent war going on between former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Ogun State governor Ibikunle Amosun. Gathered that the former president might have pulled his weight at the presidency, using some of his loyalists, Senator Bode Mustapha to remove the names of the Olu of Ilaro, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle from the list of delegates sent by the Ogun State governor, Amosun. Obasanjo was said to have been particularly angered by the fact that almost all the names on the Ogun State's list as submitted by Amosun are people who are his enemies. According to sources close to Obasanjo, "Baba cannot see the reason why only people perceived to be anti-Obj like Tunde Bakare, Olanihun Ajayi made the list as Ogun State delegates to the confab, and cannot forgive Amosun for this when he has the power to make the right choice". Gathered that Obasanjo was particularly unhappy that Governor Amosun did not deem it fit to consult with him before compiling the list sent to Abuj ...
"Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness." (Romans 12:7-8). Sometimes, I find myself laughing at the ignorance of certain persons who believe that they are closer than God and yet do not know how he operates or the methods God uses. Yesterday, Somebody called Dr. Tunde Bakare a motivational speaker and not a pastor. I prefer to listen to a motivational speaker who can use God's word to change my life than listen to one who is a prophet but his words brings pain to me. I know how many people God have used me to encourage. It is called charisma and it is God's ministry gift. If you are motivated, the cares of this world will kill you.
Nigeria, a pastor who makes "an inflammatory statement", let's just assume his statement is inflamatory, could be "treated as a pastor progressing in error", no doubt, but that does not still make him a 'fake pastor'. A fake pastor is different. It is weighty. A fake pastor connotes another meaning. A fake pastor is one who God didn't call but who was called by his stomach alone. He answereth to his stomach and nothing more. Pastor Tunde Bakare may be blamed for what he said above but he is still a genuine man of God. He is human and so he can err. If he errs, that does not turn him to a fake pastor. Kind David erred many times in the bible yet God still call only him 'a man after my heart'. I think you know what that means? That was the point I was making. I also heard you saying that: "you(Obafemi Oke) start talking because he is a pastor then there is a problem." Which of my statement says because Tunde Bakare is a pastor he should therefore not be blamed or cautioned. Pastor isn't God and therefore I ...
EJIGBO 2 NOW 3 FOOTAGE On December 4th 2013. A video link was sent through Women Arise President, WA(Dr Joe Okei-Odumakin), a citizen journalist Segun Olawoye helped to download it before midnight because Dr. Joe said she could not sleep after viewing the horrifying spectacle of the bestial and barbaric assault. The next day December, 5th was a book presentation on human rights on gender, sex and the law in Nigeria" By Dr Yinka Olomojobi. Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin who was the book reviewer, first showed the video to the audience before addressing the media in attendance where, Mr. Kunle Ogunba (SAN) other senior advocates like Mr. Paul C. Ananaba, SAN, Mr Roland Otaru and others were there when the Woman Arise President (Dr. Joe) told the whole world that the victims will get justice. On Friday the 6th, Dr Joe asked me to show the Ejigbo video to two of our board members Professor Wole Soyinka and Dr. Tunde Bakare where they all reiterated that Ejigbo 3 must get justice. On December 10th, Dr Joe had three pro ...
SANUSI LAMIDO'S SPENDINGS IN SIMPLE TERMS. Sanusi gave about 163 billion Naira as intervention fund for projects.Sanusi claimed he spent 1.6billion Naira only to buy Newspapers& books. Sanusi claimed he spent 1.2billion Naira only to feed policemen guiding him. Sanusi also claimed he spent a huge sum of 1billion,936million Naira to Airlines to distribute currency within Nigeria. Sanusi said he paid lawyers handling CBN cases 20billion Naira. Sanusi has told Nigerians point blank he spent 3billion Naira for CBN's advertisments. Sanusi cancelled 40Billion Naira loan owed CBN by people he loves.Like Sanusi,Like Farouk Lawan,if both men in their skeletal frames& posture of a saint can do this to our common wealth, we wonder how much loot takes place in all cadre & establishments of gov't on daily basis.we urge the likes of Femi Falana, Festus Keyamo, Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka & all well meaning Northerners to persuade Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to face the music than creating imaginery partners in crime.
A *** (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) can never be our leader in Yoruba Land again~ Tunde Bakare
I would rather be dead saint, than a living devil.--- Pastor Tunde Bakare.
Tunde Bakare has likened the leading opposition party, All Progressives Congress to the Church of Satan in a parable.
NOW, LET’S GO! (PART ONE) Last week, I pledged to bring us together for this, and now, here it’s come. I’m happy you all said “aye” to it. And that was encouraging go-ahead order. Here we go! Tunde Bakare wrote in his NIGERIA AT CENTENARY: “The Amalgamation of 1914. Prior to the coming of the British, the territories that inhabited the geographical area around the River Niger existed as separate, self-governing geopolitical entities with unique cultures, administrative structures, institutions, laws and government. At the point of colonization, there was the Sokoto Caliphate with its federation of Emirates including Hausa city-states and the Middle-Belt territories down to Ilorin all subjugated by jihad and conquest; the Bornu Empire with its vassal states also subjugated by conquest; the warring Yoruba kingdoms of Ife, Owu, Ibadan, Ijaye, Egba, Ijebu, and Remo; the Benin Kingdom; the delta settlements such as Itshekiri, Opobo, Bonny and Brass; numerous Igbo towns and villages and many other s ...
Bakare Agree That British-Nigeria Stands Dissolved At 100yrs, Unless Nigerians Work Together For True Democracy--Reports New York[RR] IKEJA-LAGOS--Tunde Bakare speaking at Fawehinme's annual Lecture organized by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja, at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja, with theme: Nigeria at Centenary, A Nation Under Bondage", agrees that British-Nigeria stands dissolved: December 31, 2013", as reported by Republic Reporters and other news-outfit last month. Bakare said in part the following: "However, when a nation in the traditional sense, exists as a self-governing polity within a defined territory, that is, when a homogenous group of people with common descent, history, language and culture exists as a sovereign State, it is referred to as a nation-state. Examples include Japan, Germany, France, Egypt, Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, and South Korea, among others. These are homogenous countries where the majority of the population (over 99%) is derived from a common ethnicity and in some c ...
HERE IS A RECAP OF SOME SPEAKINGS OF GOD OVER THE NATION: This prophecy was given a very long time ago, by Pastor Tunde Bakare. I am of the opinion it will be fulfilled very soon. He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying! ”Here comes the tender shoot from the side of the north, afore prepared before the foundation of the earth, to stir Nigeria to her prophetic destiny. His two feet are deeped in the blood of tyrants. In his right hand and left hand are the swords of justice and the sword of judgement… In his time, the economy of Nigeria will recover faster than the economy of Japan. The mouth of the Lord hath spoken it, the zeal of the lord will accomplish it” – Dr. Tunde Bakare. Some foreigners who received prophetic words for Nigeria include late Pa S.G. Elton (England). Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (Germany), Prophetess Cindy Jacobs (America), Robert liardon and Rohan Smith (Americans) among others. Accordingly, some of Gods prophetic declarations for Nigeria include; 1. Nigeria is ...
BREAKING NEWS!!! APC Blames PDP and President Jonathan For Mikel Obi's Loss Of Best African Footballer. There Accuses Jonathan and PDP for Been Clueless and ask the National Assembly 2 Start impeachment process against the President. In the Meantime, President Jonathan promises to Set up committee to Look into Mikel Obi's Loss. El rufai Screams and cried to The Ivory Coast Football Federation that Yaya Toure is Number 8 on the President GEJ Sniper WatchList. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Writes a Letter to John Obi Mikel telling him How President GEJ and Caf President, Issa Hayatou worked towards the emergence of Yaya Toure as the Best Footballer in the Continent instead of Mikel bcos of the role Mikel and NNPC Played in the $49.8billion missing from the Federation Account. Boko Haram Finally Claims Responsibility for the Loss Of Mikel Obi to Yaya Toure, Promises More loss if Mikel do not Convert to a M*m. In Other News, Solomon Lar, Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Ameachi, Mohammadu Buhari, Tunde Bakare, Atiku Abubakar an ...
It is such a pity that we have a bad structure in place. This is one of the many products of corruption. I see everyone getting tired and backing out. From Prof. Wole Soyinka to Gani Fawehinmi(backed out) to Femi Falana to Tunde Bakare to Festus Kiamou etc. These and many others at their grass roots vehemently chatted the course of an egalitarian society but, are tired of these unrepentant people at the corridors of power. A lot can be achieved when a government puts her foot down on issue that affects the lives of people in a country. Those who have and are championing the course of this project have for long 'missed the mark and are still erring'. They left causes and are dealing with cases. Fellow readers, let me whisper some "secrets" into your ears. Some people don't have their wards where strikes hold, if at all they do, their 'largess' alone, not 'opened or closed letters', would bully even a VC at the first Jamb attempt of their dogs even at the age of ten,... See, when intentions are wrong, outco ...
Tunde Bakare, the General Overseer of the latter Rain Assembly, when asked his view on the campaign for 2015 which is still two years away but has begun in earnest by some politicians in the country, he says: “They have signalled the campaign by going to kneel down before Pastor Adeboye (General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God). See, I am not saying that pastors should not pray for presidents, that man was representing an office; a whole nation crumbling before men of God because of political advantage they think they can get. And if the prayer will bail him out, let us wait and see". “By going to kneel down in the open before the pastor, the man (Jonathan) did not even recognise the dignity of his office. If it were a private thing, it is okay for you to crawl or kneel but it is a whole nation. That office has been diminished by a man who does not know the worth of it and does not deserve to stay there for one more day.”
Still on OBJ's letter to GEJ. I have read through the Obj's letter, and the reactions that followed, majority of the people that. commented berated the writer of the said letter either on moral ground or on his relationship with Gej. However, the question I want to ask my fellow Nigerians is, who is qualify to write this type of letter? If it were Femi Falana, they will call hin an extremist and radical whose stock in trade is to formemt trouble, supposing it is from Lai Mohammed's desk, our people will say the opposition is out to destroy pdp, let's even assume its from the secretary of Arewa Consultative forum, the people will not hesitate to say the North is out to discredit Gej just to assume power come 2015. If it were pastor/politician Tunde Bakare, we will quickly discredit him as a bad looser. I remember in 1981 or so late chief Obafemi Awolowo wrote a letter to the then president, Alhaji Shehu Sagari on the state of the nation, he wrote then that the economy was in bad shape, and that the ship .. ...
last elections, Tunde Bakare was Buhari's running mate
My ideal church is Latter Rain Assembly by radical pastor, Tunde Bakare but am not a member and I don't reside in Lagos
"Service is not stepping stone to greatness. Service is greatness." - Tunde Bakare.
Wao! What a day we had today at HCC with Pastor Tunde Bakare
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How come Pastor Tunde Bakare doesn't use an Ipad to preach. Is it for spiritual reasons or because he wants to remain old school.
Any where you see the Church of Jesus Christ you ll always have the synagogue of satan beside it. - Tunde Bakare
ONE HOUR TO GO!!! "Operate in Dominion" service with Pastor Tunde Bakare hosted by Pastor Wale Olulana. Today at...
Wow, I'll be speaking a day before the amazing Tunde Bakare ;-) Leon de Rouwe Heiner AndChristine Merk-Parker
If you don't want to be criticized; say nothing, do nothing and BE NOTHING! -Pst Tunde Bakare.
Why is Tunde Bakare not with his guys in APC?
Tunde Bakare has sound teachings mehn...
"..Times may change, men may differ, but GOD's expectations from every generation remains the same.." -- Pst. 'Tunde Bakare.
"When communication is dead in marriage, the marriage is dead" Pastor Tunde Bakare
I am afraid for all these new generational churches in terms of leadership. Unilke orthodox churches like Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Catholics and to a extent, Redeem who have laid down procedure on how leaders are elected or appointed as the case may be, should a leaders pass on . With all these new churches that we have or are being formed on daily basis, have we ever thought of what could happen if Pastors Kumuyi, Oyakhilome, Tunde Bakare, Okotie, TB Joshua who are the faces of their churches should pass on. (I do not wish them dead now but sooner or later they will have to go to be with the Lord). People who do not have the same vision and mission as theirs will want to take over .I do not what to imagine the power tussle, the court cases of who is eligible to take the mantle of leadership, the fight among the children of the erstwhile leader to take over from their fathers etc.
Pastor Tunde Bakare: “… *** O ye foolish Nigerians, who has bewitched you? Except the blindfold is removed...
Are you ready for II? Tunde Bakare mobilises for mass protest in Lagos over N1.7trn
Generosity is when you deprive yourself of what you need and give it to others. Pst. Tunde Bakare
What distinguishes man from plant and animal is work. Pst. Tunde Bakare.
The better way to love your neighbour is to do your work competently. Pst. Tunde Bakare.
"Work is the expression of man's creative energy in the service of society." Pastor Tunde Bakare @ CLASSIIIC, LRA.
Please where is Pastor Tunde Bakare? We hardly hear his comments nowadays.
"you cannot be a parent of the future without first being a child of the past" Dr Tunde Bakare.
An ounce of FAVOUR is of gr8r value dan years of labour. Pst Tunde Bakare
If you are not superior to what you want to change, it will change you - Dr. Tunde Bakare
I can't help it but laugh,when the like of Tunde Bakare talks about Morals,Bros u gat to many roach in ur closet too
Indeed this is the coming of the Church...Some years ago I watched message preached by Pastor Tunde Bakare and he...
I really and sincerely give thumbs-up to Pastor Tunde Bakare and I wish him Allah’s guidance and protection in this world and in the next.
"People want progress without process" Pst Tunde Bakare
You struggle becos your eye is not on the cross. Pastor Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare's sermons have been making sense since before I was born and by God's grace will continue to do so until his death.
Using force to confront factions in 21st Century democracy. We have many options. "It takes *** to be ruled by fools", Dr Tunde Bakare.
Nothing but performance before now, have a look at it, Tunde Bakare in the height of Yaradu cabal fought for GEJ
Are apc governors and their leader truely looters as posited by Pastor Tunde Bakare
I wish all pastors can inspire like WF kumuyi,Paul Wongicho,Tunde Bakare, Benny Hinn,Poju Oyemade. They seem 2 know when to press pause!
"God forbid that our churches are 3 kilometres long but 1 inch deep." Tunde Bakare on
lets give Tunde Bakare thumbs up, its good to have pastors take a swipe by throwing in chips on real issues with churches
According to Tunde Bakare's daughter, she was alone with him when he wept. Nasir El-rufai however claims he was there. So who's lying?
Now, this, is deep. RTogundamisi: “Our Churches are 3kilometres long but 1inch deep.” ~Pastor Tunde Bakare.
The welfare of the people is the purpose of governance - Tunde Bakare
Today, we have in Pastor Tunde Bakare one follower of and believer in Jesus Christ who is coming out to criticise...
Lemme go through Tunde Bakare's daughter revelation. Via
[DailyStar] My Dad wept when Buhari made him his running mate — Tunde Bakare’s daughter reveals -
i'd like to download the interview you had last Tuesday,31st July,2013 with Pastor Tunde Bakare.
Quote of the day by Bukola Osuntola An average Nigerian prays on a daily basis that God should please intervene in the situation the country finds itself and I want to ask : How many of these people would actually love to vote a Balarabe Musa, a Muhammadu Buhari, a Bisi Akande, a Wole Soyinka, a Tunde Bakare as president of this country? For your information, God would not come down to hold your hands when you are about to thumb-print the ballot paper in your hands. God would continue to look at you as some set of stupid people whom he has GIVEN THE WILL and THE POWER to CHOOSE and do whatever pleases you yet they keep disturbing him as if they are the only people on earth.- Osuntola
Girls that wear Bum pads won't make heaven - Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare has gone quiet for while from his Sunday sermon politics! Maybe is in the loop like Amaechi. At least he's smatter than Gov!
“Obasanjo Sabotaged Nigeria’s Destiny” - Pastor Tunde Bakare. A lot of Nigerians will not hesitate to describe...
You keep doing what is right, what is wrong and who is wrong will leave you alone. Tunde Bakare.
analysis of the model and altruistic man of God that Pastor Tunde Bakare is. God strenghten u d more sir.
?! : : VIDEO: All General Overseers should go to prison - Pastor Tunde Bakare
Right At thingz for Pastor Tunde Bakare
While God is not the author of confusion, you don't know God until He has confused you. Pastor Tunde Bakare
why the alliance fell apart was cos they wanted a postdated resignation letter from Tunde Bakare. GMB wouldn't agree
Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge - Pastor Tunde Bakare
What you despise cannot confer benefit on you. ~ Dr.Tunde Bakare
Which party Tunde Bakare blong, I never heard him said abt APC
The best of men are still men at their very best...Pst. 'Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare is not a tru man of God 'cos a tru man of God doesn't pray 4 d downfall of his fellow human being. Woe u this …
Which group is deadliest? A) Tony Aneneh, Area Father E.K.Clark, Asari Dokubo, Bode George, James Ibori, Obj, Iyabo Obasanjo, and Pat Etta... Group B) Mohammadu Buhari, Tinubu, El - Rufai, Tunde Bakare, Ribadu, Bisi Akande, and Rochas. Made this list because am tired of talks by pundits that APC kingpins are "Badder" than PDP stalwarts. Now, you have the list; compare and contrast. Please do because we are interested in burying this matter, once and for all.
"Politicians are concerned about the next election, statesmen are concerned about the next generation. Dr Tunde Bakare".
A prophecy over Japan given by Dr. Jonathan David, Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon, Apostle Tom Hamon, and Dr. Tunde Bakare. Japan, Return to God - Return to Destiny! It was given at the ISAAC (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches) Annual Global Leaders Summit (GLS) held in Muar, Malaysia from the platform of All Nations Sanctuary (ANS) this May, 2013 Jonathan David: We gathered from 40 over nations of the earth because our concern is for the nation of Japan.  Let me read the scripture, Daniel 7:25  I sense that as we gather as prophets from the nation of the world, and begin to speak in this manner. The court in heaven is going be set that the saints in Japan who’s been weary continually push down and oppress will be broken and so today as we hear the prophetic word.  I believe that there’s going be a season coming into Japan in a very powerful way.  The devil is trying to change time, he’s been trying to change the season over and begin to wear out the saints.  But God is saying to us ...
Tunde Bakare: What has democracy done to Nigeria? -
Why do 9ja 'educated' religious frenzy journalists and people like describing Tunde Bakare as a Pastor even when he addresses social and national issues that cut across any religion, faith, beliefs, business and field of endeavors?. . . Have they forgotten he is a Lawyer?. . . Unfortunately, religious mentality has little or no value rather polarize more than ever to make especially religious frenzy simpletons start chasing frivolities and shadows.
As if we care > Abdusalami looted more than Abacha - Tunde Bakare
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Abdulsalami looted more than Abacha. Interesting rhetorics from Pastor Tunde Bakare
Social activist *** politician, Pastor Tunde Bakare, speaks with CHUKWUMA OKPARAOCHA on the polity as well as on his private life. It seems you don’t have many friends in the political or religious circle. Some people say this is because you are generally unfriendly... The word “friendship” is misconstrued by so many people. But my definition of friendship between two people is simply one soul in two bodies. The Lord Jesus Christ looked at his disciples and said, ‘I no longer call you servants, but I call you friends.’ God the Almighty called Abraham his friend; he was called the ‘Father of Faith’ and the friend of God. I would have asked you how many friends the Almighty Himself has, because a person does not become your friend by acquaintance. A person becomes your friend because you have the same value system, goals and objectives, for two cannot work together except they agree. So, in that sense, Tunde Bakare does not have many friends because birds of a feather flock together. But I hav ...
Breaking News! Pastor Tunde Bakare just said, GOD revealed to him that "they" are trying to assassinate him and Governor Babatunde R. Fashola! He then pointed out to the Church to pray against it- "make this a strong Prayer Point!" And By the Grace of GOD, he will be ministering till he's 90!
GMB will make inciting statements, Tunde Bakare will validate it on the pulpit
I find this difficult to comprehend, as it infers that had no respect for Tunde Bakare his running mate in the race (1/2)
If there is any radicalism in me, I derived from the living energy of the likes of Dr Tunde Bakare
I can still remember Dec 19 2012 the 1st time I met u in hilton with Pst Tunde Bakare, sir it is a turning point of my life.
The likes of Bola Tinubu & Tunde Bakare should be wary of who they follow all in d name of politics. Yorubas are more wiser.
dear pastor, how true can this be??? Tunde Bakare mentioned something akin to this
“I believe 2013 is the year of Nigeria’s deliverance from oppression”: SaharaTV speaks to Pastor Tunde Bakare ...
Am sure now you know why Pastor Tunde Bakare is a very fierce minister of God!
One's father will never cease to amaze one, sipping brandy and listening to Pst Tunde Bakare preach the gospel.
Because of Tunde Bakare I miss the 2nd half of the match 😠
"do u ever fantasize of havn with Tunde Bakare?"he isnt drp dead gorgeous y shld i
do u ever fantasize of having with Tunde Bakare?
"NOTHING works like the FINISHED work of Christ" Tunde Bakare
What time does Tunde Bakare mount the podium to speak?
Then, GEJ had nobody but the people; now, he has hyenas. The same Tunde Bakare his attack hyenas attack today protested to get him sworn in.
Actress and recently divorced thespian, Laide Idowu Bakare, has just been delivered of her first son to Tunde...
If Buhari refuses to contest in 2015, we will... —Tunde Bakare
As Nigeria prepares to celebrate its Democracy day 2morow,let a special prayer session be held at the Aso rock Chapel. Aso rock shud send for pastor-turned politician-turn ed activist,Tunde Bakare to jet down to abuja to lead the prayer will be wise to reserve special seats for diepreye Alamieseya,chie f Tony Anenih,Dimeji Bankole,& many others who have done very well to redefine our about asking the UK govt. to give James Ibori one week special break to enable him attend this special presidential will be a fresh scent to the LORD if the Bayelsa state permanent secretary residing inside Aso rock,the very same who is getting paid for doing nothing,is asked to belt out a special number at the church service.Patienc e will make a light work of whatever song she may decide to sing,albeit one in english-how about letting the petroleum ministry queen of transformation read from the book of Proverbs chapter 29 versus 1 to 27? Obviously,invit ees to the church must include the ...
on mount sinai miscreants go there to smoke weed as confirmed by Tunde Bakare. Pray ...
I join my faith with that of Pst. E.A Adeboye, Tunde Bakare, Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop Oyedepo, Rev. J.A Ojuwoni and other great men of God decree that Blessing Oyebisi Chidera Abike-Jesu Alabi is heal total from her illness in Jesus name..
By SaharaReporters, New York Pastor Tunde Bakare has called on all Nigerians of goodwill to unite, work together...
8. Subsequently, a prominent leader of the movement (Pst. Tunde Bakare) made some comments that...
Senator Yerima, a notorious paedophile is a member of APC..Pastor Tunde Bakare should pls say something about this strange bed mate! Yuck!
Studying the word while joyful to know Stephen Everett, Kelley Varner, Tunde Bakare, Debo adesina, , Soji Bisileko.
Every living organism that stops growing will start dying-Pastor Tunde Bakare
When ur output is not commesurate to ur input, it is an invitation to divne wrath(Isa 5). Tunde Bakare
So Pastor Tunde Bakare that was invited by SSS for less provocative comment is a public individual?
Some inspiring quotes from Tunde Bakare on the emerging APC phenomenon:
''Pathetic, after 53 years Nigeria is a nation in fear'' Tunde Bakare
?! : : Sermon: Tunde Bakare ask Jonathan to resign, SSS invites him
Power belongs to the people, and "democratic governance" recognizes it holds power in trust for the people. Tunde Bakare
“Twenty (20) years after Hope ’93, it appears another Hope is in the horizon,” - Pastor Tunde Bakare
As a preacher of the gospel, who is Tunde Bakare's role model in the holy Bible?
ℓ̊ remember u once said on this forum that he(Tunde Bakare) is no longer a member of CPC
Thought Tunde Bakare said he's not joining APC, why is he moving the motion for CPC to dissolve into APC???
was dissolved in a motion moved by Pastor Tunde Bakare and seconded by Malami Abubakar.
Our youths are now learning to employ themselves,either as kidnappers,robbers,thugs or militants-Pastor Tunde Bakare
This moment calls for sober reflection - Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare coming up. Will he outline an agenda?
And CPC finally adopted the motion for merger as moved by Pastor Tunde Bakare in the presence of Fashola, Ngige and others
Happening now: Tunde Bakare moving the motion for merger resolution
You also quoted Tunde Bakare wrongly today. Is it intentional or genuine mistakes?
*chews toothpick* Tunde Bakare is a Criminal? *picks teeth* "Politics and crime are the same thing."
“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power.” -Pastor Tunde Bakare
To be citizens is a guarantee of equal rights, responsibilities and privileges.- Tunde Bakare
Using the holy Bible as a standard, Tunde Bakare is not a Pastor, but an angry politician
"there will be a wild wild North if the North doesnt win this election"-TUNDE BAKARE IN 2011
Pastor Tunde Bakare live on AIT 10am, is explosive
During the Occupy protests. Tunde Bakare made some very treasonable comments...did we come out with such force to call for his head?
In jail having kabir sokoto as bunkie"If Tunde Bakare or Festus Keyamo or Nasir or even had made such st
If Tunde Bakare or Festus Keyamo or Nasir Elrufai had made such statements by Asari Dokubo,where would he be?
"As your sins will find you out so will your work of faith and character find you out." - Pastor Tunde Bakare
Congrats to Tunde Bakare for being invited to camp for the Chicago Bears! Repping NOVA
Tunde Bakare, serving overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly washed clothes for a living at some point in his life.
The Lord will show you where He is taking you to. but not what He's taking you through.cos He knows you will be scared. Pastor Tunde Bakare
"The children we forget to train will kill the ones we sent abroad for training" (or something like that).Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare got invited to Chicago's training camp.
Free-agent deal No. 6 just rolled in. LB Tunde Bakare told me he was invited to camp by the Chicago Bears.
Pastor Tunde Bakare Why wont the chicken cross the road? When there is no light in her house. No fuel in her car!No food in her stomach!
May 2nd at Carleton university. Pastor Tunde Bakare & El Rufia will be in the building. Talking And taking questions. 7-9pm.
Tunde Bakare, El-Rufai to Storm Ottawa for Book Presentation and Town Hall Meeting - by NVS | more at
"Integrity is not doing what is easy, integrity is not doing what is popular; Integrity is doing what is right" - Tunde Bakare
have seen leaders have not seen one like Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai Tunde Bakare
S/O To Tunde Bakare. Hope somebody pick him up !
Former teammate Tunde Bakare in the draft tonight praying for him! FP on the map!
When God does not explain something, its bcos u don't need the details... Pst Tunde Bakare
You cannot tell clueless people not to reason wrongly-Tunde Bakare.
Listening to Pator Tunde Bakare analyse Nigeria back from the Awo era. This man is a great blessing to the future of Nigeria!! God bless him
Political Portability: The ambassadors I align with (+Tunde Bakare). I do not expect to meet a SAINT in them b'cos they aren't infallible
The narrative goes like this: "all pastors are money-grubbing PDP psychophants & Tunde Bakare is the only good pastor".
abi, u still dnt get it? Dt hypocritical *** like 'pastor' Tunde Bakare clearly deviated 4rm jah path contestin election?
Tunde Bakare is a Pastor. Why must he be protesting? What is a Pastor looking for in Politics? He is in the opposition..
still on my mind...sunday msg and 3G's with Pastor Tunde Bakare.sooo splufic!
It doesn't matter your background, just don't let it affect your foreground. ~ Tunde Bakare
"You need to choose who you listen to, and whose counsel you take" Tunde Bakare
"You have a circle of influence. A companion of fools are destroyed. Things you don't think you can do you start doing" Tunde Bakare
"Check your circle of influence, your friends. They affect most, if not all, of the things you do." Tunde Bakare
Are you going to influence your generation for evil or good? Tunde Bakare
Prov 12:26 "the righteous chose his friends carefully" Tunde Bakare
"As important as marriage is, God is your priority not marriage. You don't want to be married and miserable" Tunde Bakare
"I appeal to you to choose your friends. Daniel was not s lone ranger. You cannot be friends with the whole world" Tunde Bakare
"No one can take that which is yours but you can loose it through low self confidence"...Pastor 'Tunde Bakare
"Stop looking at your neighbour's green grass, plant your own". - Pastor Tunde Bakare.
All Nigerian pastors are buying private jet. Who's next in line? T.B Joshua or Tunde Bakare?
Marriage is not man's idea but God's idea ~ Pastor Tunde Bakare
We recognise the need for education for other pursuits of life. We hardly prepare for marriage ~Pastor Tunde Bakare
Genuine friendship is required for long lasting marriage ~Pastor Tunde Bakare
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The woman is called a helper before she was created ~Pastor Tunde Bakare
The way you treat your wife is the same way God treats you ~Pastor Tunde Bakare
A woman need the security of being needed. She marries the ma, who would not leave her ~ Pastor Tunde Bakare
Only a madman beats himself, only a madman beats his wife. ~ Pst. Tunde Bakare
The way I treat my wife is the way God will treat me. ~ Pst. Tunde Bakare
General Buhari and televangelist 'Tunde Bakare were at my home state of Ogun to see the Awujale of Ijebuland. Resembles 2015 permutation?
Picture with Mallam El-rufai, Pastor Tunde Bakare and a host of others during a public lecture in UNAD,march30,2011.
do you now hear that Tunde Bakare is still part of APC? Stop d rumor
Ad a nice time Idea pst. Tunde Bakare...:D
A man with a purpose a goal getter a man with many words
God is no respecter of persons but His principle - Tunde Bakare.
"Until we take the mountains we can't take the Nations."~Dr Tunde Bakare
Bakare was never in the APC. He was not a card carrying member of CPC for long. Can someone confirm Tunde Bakare has left APC?
"Honor is like shadow, the more you pursue it the more it runs away from you" Pastor Tunde Bakare
So Tunde Bakare has left the APC ? A Nation of political prostitutes .. " My belle politicians" Yeye *** ..
Can someone confirm ... That Tunde Bakare has left the APC ?
They are part of the old that is decaying.That old is passing away.The new is emerging and these ones are not part of the new-- Tunde Bakare
Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither Obasanjo, Atiku, IBB, Buhari, are part of the new. - Pastor Tunde Bakare.
Pastor Tunde Bakare is no more in the APC? —I respect this man by every word, by every action.
Is it true what I hear this morning?... Has tunde bakare been arrested?
kudos to great icons.;; Buhari, Tunde Bakare, Dino Malaye, David West for their great impact in d country. may God reward them fervently
He that believes shall not make haste. - Bakare Tunde
Nd why is Pastor Tunde Bakare not giving GEJ headache? OBJ did aiit in his Era buh Bakare kept attacking him
Like tunde bakare abi!RT The only reason why I hate Wole Soyinka is that... All he does is to warn ...
Sometimes I wonder how Tunde Bakare will function as Buhari's vice. He was totally rebellious under the tutelage of the humble EA Adeboye.
"God's man in God's place doing God's work in God's way at God's time will never lack God's support. - Tunde Bakare
Think If our religious leaders voice out the way Pastor Tunde Bakare used to...Nigeria will be better off.
Why do u think God spared Pastors E O Adeboye & Tunde Bakare? They are to preach, "repent, oh repent! The kingdom is near.
"Before i stepped into politics i called Adeboye twice and he encouraged me to go ahead" - Tunde Bakare speaking with Edmund Obilo
Jonathan and Obasanjo will destroy themselves - Tunde Bakare
That is why I forever admire: Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Tunde Bakare, Joe Odumakin, Fela, my late dad & granny and my dear mother! Lions
It is only success tht have many fathers, failure is always an orphan ~ Pst. Tunde Bakare.
Ur personal inferiority or insecurity can abort your destiny - Pastor Tunde Bakare
Da key to exercising dominion is imagination ~ Pst. Tunde Bakare.
I feel like listening to Pastor Tunde Bakare today. and I will.
Reaction by Dr Olumide Awe to the comments credited to Pastor Tunde Bakare - Thanks for sharing. The most...
This guy on Silverbird is the Pastor Tunde Bakare?
Merged APC is not a progressive, A blindman is leading us- Pastor Tunde Bakare via
[General] [THE ROMANCE IS OVER]: Tunde Bakare carpets APC and it's promoters via
When will Chris Okotie win presidential election? after Tunde Bakare has been elected President of Nigeria
Tunde Bakare once said 'Be careful about the generation you judge - another will come to judge you about similar thing' (my paraphrase)
"A parrot may speak English that does not make it an English man. Well,a parrot makes sense to parrots" - Tunde Bakare on Doyin Okupe
Tunde Bakare and the 'liberation theology'; at what point does a pastor abandon his calling to tend the flock?
Nigeria situation is what u get when the Righteous sit and give no *** at what happens to their country,Tunde Bakare is vindicated.
Precept upon precept.a little here a little there..God bless Pastor Tunde Bakare for he has thought me so many things
Kingsley Omose wrote: Tunde Bakare: It was loud and clear on television during the birthday of former governor of Lagos, Bola Tinubu, when Governor Babatunde Fashola stood up and said to Tinubu, 'I was sent by other members of the CAN to tell you to try and make ACN more democratic than it is'. Tinubu retorted: 'If I have done that, you Fashola wouldn't have become a governor, you cannot bend a dry fish;
If Pastor Tunde Bakare should be the first to disagree with the candidacy pattern of APC, then I'll take the words of his critics as truth..
"It was Pastor Tunde Bakare that dragged me to CPC NOT Gen Muhammadu Buhari" Mallam Nasir EL'Rufai
I joined CPC because of Pastor Tunde Bakare. Many people don’t know that it was Pastor Bakare that dragged me to CPC. 
To enjoy the 'blessing' you must 'dwell in the same tent' ie abiding by the same principles,the tenets of faith~Tunde Bakare
The best thing you can do for your children is bless them;or position them for a blessing as Joseph did in Genesis 48~Tunde Bakare
Times may change, men may differs, the expectation of God remain the same in every generation. Dr. Tunde Bakare
Times may change, Men may differ, but the expectation of God remain the same in all generations~ Pastor Tunde Bakare
all I think buhari needs is a dedicated deputy. It could be a tunde idiagbon, or a tunde bakare or tunde fashola. :)
Thinking back to some strange alliances during the race to Aso Rock Villa in 2011. Notable amongst those strange alliances was the Muhammadu Buhari/Tunde Bakare ticket. Buhari is well known as a muslim fundamentalist who has been accused in the past for being intolerant of people who were not fellow muslims. Bakare, on the other hand, is a muslim-turned-christian and a fiery and outspoken pastor. Let's just imagine CPC had won the Presidential elections. Do you think Buhari as President and Bakare as his Vice President would have worked out well? Do you think these two would have been able to avoid stepping on each other's toes?
Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Son Slaps NYSC Commandant In Camp. It is obvious that Tunde Bakare did not train his ...
Nigeria, a wealthy nation with a very poor people. ~Pastor Tunde Bakare.
Most activist are not just educated folks,they've all gone tru hardship, Gani Fawehimi is from Ondo , Tunde Bakare is from Abeokuta
"... may that thunder and fire from heaven burn those whose greatness is derived from Nigeria's Ruin"-Tunde Bakare at the book signing
We really are *** govern by fools as Tunde Bakare said.
People question tunde bakare's association with some people. Thats one thing in common with Jesus Christ
When Pastor Tunde Bakare led some group of eminent nigerians 2 protest n make sure Gej den vice president was install as president.
Changing the masses into mighty men'. Tunde Bakare.
I support call by Pastor Tunde Bakare, calling for Fl. Lt Jerry Rawlings approach to corrupt leaders.
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