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Tunde Bakare

Tunde Bakare is a Nigerian Pentecostal pastor. He has received national and international attention for his televangelism, which has sometimes been critical of the Nigerian government.

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Tunde Bakare is just using his 'lawyer' sense to bamboozle Nigerians & we think he"s a prophet sent from God
Is Pastor Tunde Bakare and Rev.Nbaka aware that CRK is almost out in our school curriculum? After 2yrs u shlf start talking ooo
How Tunde Bakare and Rev Father Mbaka can keep quiet in the face of the removal of CRK from our curriculum may surprise eve…
‘Prima Donna President’: But who are these displeased benefactors Tunde Bakare is talking about?
Tunde Bakare can't condemn removal of CRK from our curriculum but can send coded messages to Osinbajo about 'next in line'…
With the removal of CRK, how I wish Tunde Bakare and Mbaka would attack the enemies of Christ the way they attack the enemi…
Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka, Itse Sagay, Pat Utomi, Femi Falana etc have all lost their reputations with Buhari.
Buhari has destroyed the reputation of Tunde Bakare,Itse Sagay,Wole Soyinka and Femi Falana. They have been exposed as Pathet…
Silence Of Tunde Bakare and Rev Mbaka over removal of CRK surprises Satan - Reno
It is not only Buhari that is missing, where are all his town criers? Tunde Bakare, Tam David West, Wole Soyinka? Dem go Lo…
Tell that to father Mbaka and Pastor Tunde Bakare.
Believers dont fight for victory. We fight from victory because Christ has overcome. Tunde Bakare#
Now is the time we need the likes of Tunde Bakare and co to occupy Nigeria for the sake of this country
Hope saints Pastor Tunde Bakare, Wise man Wole Soyinka and others annionted social activists who mobilized against…
The Bible we should be our brothers keeper and we should stand and speak for the voiceless.Pastor Tunde Bakare it's now you are to speak.
Finally, like finally I got to watch Pastor Tunde Bakare's (2017) State of the Nation Speech... . President Buhari...
Tunde Bakare don turn sermon into Buhari campaign oh...smh
You cannot receive the peace that Christ offers without receiving the truth that Christ teaches - Pastor Tunde Bakare
Why are we preparing people to dwell in mansions of gold in heaven who are are irrelevant on earth? - Pastor Tunde Bakare
Anyway, it looks like some Pentecostal Leaders were fine with the FRC Code. Tunde Bakare to be precise spoke about it.
Wia did Martin Luther King and Our very own Tunde Bakare?
Pastor Tunde Bakare is a human being, doing God's work and full of integrity.
“When Muslims go to the Mosque, they remove their shoes and when Christians come to Church, they remove their brains” Pastor Tunde Bakare
Pastor Tunde Bakare was among the sponsors & active protesters who took to the street in 2012 when subsidy was...
Adeboye's retirement: 'Jesus is the owner of the church, not anyone Of us'- Tunde Bakare
I also request that Dr. Tunde Bakare's speech should be replayed for Nigerians to listen to again. Thanks.…
"Is it a coincidence that every state is endowed with mineral resources? "-Pst. Tunde Bakare on w/
"We need to change our cash-and-carry judicial as well as legislative systems"-Pst. Tunde Bakare on w/
"We need to change our governance structure. The present system is very wistful"-Pst. Tunde Bakare on w/
Tunde Bakare explodes: Buhari must rejig his cabinet for results - Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain...
VIDEO: Men of God Have Nothing to Fear in Being Regulated. We should have nothing to hide - Pastor Tunde Bakare
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10 popular pastors who no longer have to resign like Pastor Adeboye >>
Those that were shouting dat Buhari is an agent of change has shamefully chicken out in disappointment. Ask Tunde Bakare.
[PLEASE WATCH]. I may not always agree with Pastor Tunde Bakare but on this issue of Pastor Adeboye & FRCN, I agree. h…
Popular Lagos pastor/former Vice Presidential candidate, Tunde Bakare, and his wife, Olayide, are celebrating...
Tunde Bakare. lawyer turned Pastor. very outspoken. said his destiny is intertwined to Nigeria's
Where is Femi Falana? . A soul should wake Festus Keyamo . What about Tunde Bakare . Are they in the country? . Still slee…
2. Tunde Bakare is quiet. Wole Soyinka's voice is weak. Pat Utomi is "musing". All the NLC comrades are silent. Who will s…
He who cannot obey simple rules should not make a ruler,he will draw crooked lines- Tunde bakare
Before I go to sleep I wanna send a couple of F Us to a couple of folks out there. . F U to Tunde Bakare. You...
God That Took Britain out of EU Will Take Biafra Out of a Useless Union"- Pastor Tunde Bakare -...
Nigeria belongs to God not to the North - Tunde Bakare | Critical Times News
"Nigeria is not for the North or South.Nigeria is for all Nigerians. Anyone trying to Northernize it will fail".. Pastor Tunde Bakare...
If you can't forgive d past, you can't be fruitful in the present. Past. Tunde Bakare.
Will The Emperor listen though? "Tunde Bakare speaks. He calls for true federalism now -
Drama as Pastor Tunde Bakare gives out ‘daughter’ in marriage (photos)
Abeg, when is Pastor Tunde Bakare going to address us in his State Of The Nation press conference again?. Or is that gone with…
Actually 2011, >>Tunde Bakare on sunday predicted that a dictator is coming to fix Nigeria.
Under the awesome ministration of Pastor Tunde Bakare @ the quarterly Dominion Partners' meeting.
Tunde Bakare weeps over Chibok girls,says FG not doing enough
I just can't with this. Caption as you deem fit. SMH. |
It takes *** to be ruled by fools - Tunde Bakare. I'd like to add *** with an unlimited threshold for pain' and 'Greedy Fools'
In this time of famine, it's not time to ask for daily bread, but to thank God for giving you the privilege to own a bakery - Tunde Bakare
‘We could have done more for Chibok girls, we’ve failed them’ – Tunde Bakare via
Pastor Tunde Bakare was at the launch of the beauty book by Aisha Buhari. Professor Yemi Osinbajo and his wife were in attendance too.
The fact is, it is rude to launch a book on a day of remorse. don't chastise Aisha Buhari alone, do the same to Osinbajo, Tunde Bakare etc
I found it disgusting and irritating, that tunde bakare who shed fake tears was Present at the show of shame book launch.
Pastor Tunde Bakare that preaches fiery sermons cld not discern that it was wrong to attend Aisha Buhari's book today of all days
I also learnt that Tunde Bakare, was at Aisha's book launch today...
I'm actually disappointed at Pastor Tunde Bakare! God where did they all keep their conscience?
My child is dead is better than my child is lost - Tunde Bakare
Pastor Tunde Bakare will be Speaking on "The Role of d Church in efforts to Bring Back Our Girls &Ending Terrorism"
Pastor Tunde Bakare speaking- No citizen is distinguished until all citizens are distinguished.
We have more questions than answers- Pastor Tunde Bakare
some have died waiting but we are still waiting- Pastor Tunde Bakare
those who have not lost hope- mothers, fathers, members of BBOG, every day Nigerians, galant nigerian soldiers - Past…
we have never lost hope and will never lose hope until our girls return- Pastor Tunde Bakare
we appeal to the president not to consider the case of our girls as secondary or tertiary - Pastor Tunde Bakare
In our nation Nigeria, the number 1 citizen will be the citizens themselves - Pastor Tunde Bakare
I can also admit that I don't question them working because I hear about how hard it is from Tunde Bakare, who is close to the adminstration
Chibok girls: Tunde Bakare weeps, says FG not doing enough: ABUJA—Fiery preacher and Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Gospel Assembly...
Ayo, (Pst. Tunde Bakare is a good example of a Cause to Nigerians to talk to the Government.
"Compromise will produce captivity"@ Pst. Tunde Bakare. LRA anniversary. we learnt and family values we must always remember
No time Pst. Tunde Bakare preaches he doesn't sing at least 2 Yoruba songs
I wonder how Pastor Tunde Bakare believes in you despite your stylist anti-Christianity war
Join us this Sunday 20th of March at 10am as we host the Lord's Apostle to the nations Dr. Tunde Bakare in...
Yunusa stole Ese’s childhood so his manhood must be cut off – Pastor Bakare: Famous religious figure Tunde B...
Tunde Bakare, . What parts of this man should we chop?. Taking his position as a Deacon into cognizance. .
Pattydearie's Blog: Pastor Tunde Bakare condemns Ese Oruru's Abductor, says his manhood should be cut off...
Tunde Alade-Bakare has spoken. Give it to Giggs.
How Modibo Kawu, Tunde Bakare, others are blackmailing Ilorin Emirate. There is a grand, well-oiled plot to...
"If there’s any punishment that is standard, that is in the real Sharia"- Pastor Tunde Bakare Wants The Manhood...
Past. Tunde Bakare yesterday expressed confidence on the ability of PMB to come up with a clear development plan for Niger…
According to the versatile speaking Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly has requested that...
So Pastor Tunde Bakare did BVN reg in his home yeah. *baba GOD pick up my call*
Does still speak with Tunde Bakare? Maybe pastor Tunde can explain the contents of the Confab report to him for clarity sakes
And Tunde Bakare "Indeed, PMB has a thing for people called Tunde. It was Tunde Idiagbon.. Now, Tunde Fashola."
before that we had a certain Tunde Bakare
And Tunde Bakare was saying is Please if this is d way helpless people travel n tour d world I want to b helpless
On Subsidy Removal. Before removing the subsidy Tunde. Bakare, apc and ojota occupiers. must apologize to GEJ and...
Pastor Tunde Bakare would have made a better Vice President than what we have Now...
An incompetence driven by a sorry state of helplessness. Buhari is the helpless one. Tunde Bakare said so, l am only reiterating the fact.
If not for Awolowo's free education, Tunde Bakare will have been uneducated. Just imagine what will have happened to that great destiny
Occupy Nigeria..Tunde bakare Una deceive many people
APC-The collection of rogues, right,left and center. Pastor Tunde Bakare
The first daughter of Pastor Tunde Bakare, Olubunmi weds Olaoluwa Fabode
Pastor Tunde Bakare & amiable wife arriving for the documentary today…
Gender Based Violence is terrorism at a family level - Pst Tunde Bakare
Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly and one of the conveners of the Save Nigeria Group, Tunde Bakare, has disclosed…
Where is oyedekpo, kumuyi, TB Joshua, Tunde bakare and other general overseas? Yoruba people where are your Bibles?
Tunde Bakare... A man for all seasons...
There are only two Men of God in who Speaks against Gov'ts in Pst Tunde Bakare & Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah
The control tower of your life is in your thought- Pastor Tunde Bakare
Bakare predicted that spiritual,military & traditional leaders would someday become irrelevant. I say Amen!
May God in His infinite mercy continue to bless Pst. Tunde Bakare for renewing my soul... I pray His grace never depart your household sir
Am I the only one, or is Pastor Tunde Bakare missing the true purpose of the Church? Why is he always preaching abt politics?? I'm confused
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I love listening to Pastor Tunde Bakare's preaching these days. He provides us with micro snippets of PMB's govt & his own rumoured appt.
All General Overseers must go to prison –...
When God shows up, He does not take sides. HE takes over. . - Pastor Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare said he saw an Igbo Giant on his dream.. . June 10, 2015 Broadcast... .
"Tunde Bakare was once a Muslim. They saw the business opportunity in Christendom & they swooped in. He's a con artist".
Tunde Bakare: I’m not expecting ministerial post from Buhari: Bakare, who spoke in an interview with Sahara TV... http:/…
last time I was in Nigeria, I passed through Pastor Tunde Bakare's church, the noise outside the church ws x10 of what's inside
i foresee a country of hope were Col Hamdi Ali will be Efcc boss and Pst Tunde Bakare as chairman of code of conduct bureau
"The reason for power is for service to the people not for service to self". -Pastor Tunde Bakare
I’m not expecting ministerial appointment from...
Nothing to LOL. Go read Tunde Bakare's statement on what Tinubu's conditions were for ACN's support in 2011.
Bakare rehashes a story of his supernatural escape from a giant in Igbo attire. Of course, Bakare never said the...
Tunde Bakare says he was chased in his dreams by a 'humongous giant in Igbo attire'!. If a pastor is running from...
How a ring, water and a man in Igbo attire led to Tunde Bakare’s collapse: On May 18, the General Overseer of ...
Pastor Tunde Bakare explains why he fainted, plus his dream about a giant who ‘wore an Igbo attire’
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Was it this guy that chased Tunde Bakare down in his church? This is Igbo attire, yes? No?
Tunde Bakare see's Igbo GIANT in vision.. . Yes. . Ifeanyi Ubah and TAN.. . For a new beginning. . A Better Nigeria.
"Buhari is surounded by forty thieves" says Pastor Tunde Bakare. It is a huge cage to be in the mist of thieves, he must dislodge them Or !
Pastor Tunde Bakare: “How I narrowly escaped death” + New photo of him dancing: The Senior Pastor of the Latte...
In 2012 when the PDP led federal gov attempted to remove subsidy on PMS, Nigerians led by the NLC,TUC, Ps Tunde bakare, Femi Falana,
What will the Save Nigeria Group (led by ps Tunde Bakare) do now that GMB is now the president? will they organise another ocuppy protest?
I shouted myself hoarse in 2011. Don't vote for 'Transgulation Agenda'. Many said it was because Tunde Bakare was friend. See nna sef now!
Errm! Where is ??? . And why is Tunde Bakare quiet all of a sudden?! . No vex o, na...
Pls wheres tunde bakare and otedola and Co?
There's always a reason to praise God. Today, am happy rejoicing with my leader, Pastor Tunde Bakare on
My leader, Pastor Tunde Bakare on LRA Sunday, filled with praises and thanks to God. Thank you God almighty!
one wonders what view Pastor Tunde Bakare N his Save Nigeria Group dat spearheaded the protest hold now on subsidy
Pastor Tunde Bakare is perfectly health and fit
here is tunde bakare and other misguarded youth in Ojota
Video: Pastor Tunde Bakare is back and better!. It has been thanksgiving galore as Pastor Tunde Bakare showed up...
Pastor Tunde Bakare testifies of how helped to mitigate the proliferation of the news about his collapse.
Pastor Tunde Bakare testifies of his deliverance from his encounter with the spirit of death.
If Only we listened to Pastor. Tunde Bakare in 2011; now we know beta; Destiny can be delayed bt not denied; Biro balo fogun odun, otito nbo
Mighty glad to have Pastor Tunde Bakare back on his feet. Thanksgiving service onging at LRA
Pastor Tunde Bakare back on his feet. See him on the pulpit church (11:04am)
Pastor Tunde Bakare steps into the auditorium, running around the stage dancing. Bless God for sparing the life of this His servant!. Glory!!
Tunde bakare will silently be swearing for Osibajo, it could have been him
Thanksgiving in abundance at Latter Rain Assembly. Thank God for His mercies upon his servant, Tunde Bakare!. The devil is a liar!. Esu p'ofo!
I remember Buhari/ Tunde Bakare using the subsidy removal as campaign strategy. We really need to educate ourselves as a nation
I left Deeper Life Church because they called a TV set the Devil’s box – ... -
Good evening ma, God is good. I hope Pastor Tunde Bakare is well now
Fuel scarcity - the result of Occupy Nigeria - Tunde Bakare, Wole Soyinka, Falana etc against Jonathan last time.
Pastor Tunde Bakare collapses during a lecture in Lagos
Tunde Bakare wrote: Worrying is stupid .Its like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.!
Pastor Tunde Bakare is feeling better after his Monday collapse
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Tunde Bakare warns Muhammadu Buhari and the North against nepotism. Lol!. Mr. Pastor, you are wasting your time,...
I salute Chris Okotie and Tunde Bakare who paved the way for a "man of God" to contest for the presidency...TB paved the way…
This is the 2015 Rolls Royce given to Pastor Tunde Bakare by Jonathan. The Pastor rejected it.
Nigerian Pastor rejects Rolls Royce as birthday Present. htt…
Nigerian Pastor rejects Rolls Royce as birthday Present.
Pastor Tunde Bakare explains why he rejected 2015 Rolls Royce Gift. via
see Why Pastor Tunde Bakare rejected a Rolls Royce as birthday Present
Pastor Tunde Bakare explains why he rejected a Rolls Royce birthday present – This will shock you…
Tunde Bakare rejects gift of Rolls Royce and calls on other pastors to do likewise
Nigerian Pastor Tunde Bakare Rejects 2015 Roll Royce Car 60th Birthday Gift: The news story is brought to you ...
B4 you go to the polling booth, read this. Hamzat4Truth wrote: The race to the 2015 general elections is on full gear as political actors crisscross the length and breadth of the country canvassing for support. For the presidential election, the key contenders are Jonathan/Sambo (PDP) versus Buhari/Tinubu (APC). Your inkling is as good as mine that the defacto APC Vice Presidential running mate is Tinubu; Osibanjo is merely a figure head and a decoy. As rightly averred by Chief Fani-Kayode, the February 2014 presidential poll is a struggle between light and darkness; Buhari representing not just darkness, but gross darkness and Jonathan representing bright light. Besides it has become Buhari’s gambit to gun for pastors as his running mate and appear in church services, (with his cap on), as the poll approaches. In the 2011 presidential election, he fielded a pastor, Tunde Bakare, and now another pastor, Osibanjo. It is fool hardy for a radical Islamic fundamentalist of bad renown to think that identifyi ...
At 60, Tunde Bakare builds bridges - Tributes to Pastor Bakare from President Jonathan and General Buhari
Let us not forget that Buhari's former running mate was Tunde Bakare now he went to R.C.C.G to pick another pastor .. Leave GEJ there 2015
"My political loyalty today lies with General Buhari" Pastor Tunde Bakare
My dear Pastor Tunde Bakare did same but what was d outcome? Ur guess is as good as mine! Its not by force Buhari
FROM THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER Pastor Tunde Bakare ON BUHARI Sunday, 21 December 2014 00:00 Written by EDITOR Category: Sunday Magazine GENERAL Muhammadu Buhari is one of the constants in Nigeria’s presidential elections. He started participation in 2003 and he has not missed out since then, returning every four years to answer his name. Two men who ran with him as deputies in the 2003 and 2007 outings are now deceased. They are Dr. Chuba Okadigbo and Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke. The principal is much alive and on the verge of a breath-taking fourth attempt at the presidency. He is the candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the February 2015 presidential election. The last of his deputies is Pentecostal Pastor, Mr. Tunde Bakare. He is the General Overseer and Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly Church and the only living presidential running mate of Buhari. Some people describe him as ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘radical’ and a man who says it as it is. Tracking Pastor Bakare to volunteer a view on Buhari w ...
Part 2 of my sincere response to Pastor Tunde Bakare's attack on APC party. Pastors Tunde Bakare is an insider who knows the politics of today better than you and me. what he is saying is that APC is not what Nigerians Think it keep hearing from various quarters that APC is the alternative to PDP and if care is not taken , we will all be misled by bandwagon effect and falsehood. The present leaders of APC have no good track record and you cannot give what u don't have. They don't have anything better than what PDP is giving right now, they are only desperate to seize power weather we know it or not. On the issue of the 5 APC govs richer than their state, there are elements of truth considering the debt profile of some of the states without commensurate development in place. In a situation where a kilometer of road is constructed at the cost of N1bn is unheard off...even in the Niger delta where water is a problem, they don't spend up to that and yet these same govs called themselves progressives... ...
Pastor Tunde Bakare a lawyer and formal Running mate of Buhari in 2011 General Election Which Jonathan Won is at it Again - Is this a Testimony of Deliverance, Confession or What? , Soon and Very soon Another Prof Pastor and Also a Lawyer Prof OSINBAJO May also be sharing another Testimony or Confession he is a lawyer and Buhari's ruining mate for 2015 General Elections Again with thesesame Jonathan an incumbent President May be this time it will be an epistle according to Prof Pastor Osinbanjo a against APC After 2015 General Elections, pls let's hear the gospel First according to TUNDE BAKARE . General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and former Vice Presidential candidate under the Congress for Progressive Change, Pastor Tunde Bakare has likened the leading opposition party, All Progressives Congress to the Church of Satan in a parable. Tunde Bakare said, “APC is like a newly opened church of Satan with the evil as a Pastor which could not be distinguished by Nigerians from a true living Godly C ...
PROF. YEMI OSIBANJO: APC's MASTERSTROKE I think this is APC's masterstroke! The best choice Tinubu can make. For those of you who didn't know Yemi Osinbajo, here is his CV and the political calculation that won him the VP ticket. (1) Yemi Osibanjo, is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a Senior Partner in the Law firm of Simmons Cooper Partners. He is a Nigerian professor of Public law, former Solicitor General and Antorney-General of Lagos State, Nigeria during Tinubu's administration. He was rumoured to have owed his nomination into Tinubu's cabinet to RCCG church by Pastor Adeboye. (2) He is currently senior pastor in RCCG and one of the right hand men of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. He's been a member of his official entourage for years now and he was Tinubu's pick for the proposed merger between ACN& CPC in 2011 b4 d merger crumbled. The proposed merger crumbled because Buhari refused to substitute Pst. Tunde Bakare (who was already his VP candidate) for Osinbajo (Tinubu's candidate). Tinubu's . ...
Tunde Bakare own a church!he was defeated with PA--Buhari!talk more of an associate Pastor without a political base!
Obasanjo ‘Killed’ Student Unionism In Nigeria – Bakare The convener of Save Nigeria Group, Tunde Bakare, on Monday, accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo of being responsible for the “death” of authentic student unionism in Nigeria. He made the allegation while delivering a paper titled,’ Good Governance: Sustainability of Democracy, the Role of Students in the Forthcoming General Election,” in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. The lecture was part of the programme held to mark the Students International Day. Mr. Bakare, who is also the General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, traced the history of student unionism in Nigeria from the colonial days and concluded that the body was dealt a fatal blow in 1978 when Mr. Obasanjo was a military head of state. “General Olusegun Obasanjo’s government ordered the brutal suppression of that protest. Live bullets were unleashed on protesting students,” he said. “As we proceeded outside University of Lagos main gate, I narrowly escaped dea ...
I tore Oyedepo's book because he said anointing oil is God's life in a bottle - Tunde Bakare - DailyPost Nigeria
offered to support Buhari if he dropped me for Okonjo-Iweala –Tunde Bakare
If Jesus is handling my case who can be against me?. - Tunde Bakare
"Like a car, If you are going to move & progress in life, both negative & positive terminals must be working in your life!"~Pst Tunde Bakare
Tunde bakare"Who was the Greatest Judge in the bible?
No one has monopoly in God,if HE can use a Donkey,HE can use you too_Tunde Bakare
Don't look for short cut in order to fulfil your destiny else u will sabotage your destinyPastor Tunde Bakare
The way you view God determines how you live your life_Tunde Bakare
Key in to the APOSTOLIC TRADITIONS and MOVE OF God today to become a man or woman after Gods heart.For more information on how to become u can join the Global Apostolic Impact Network (GAIN)of Pastor Dr.Tunde Bakare love assembly behind ITC park every last Friday of the month b/w10am-12pm for the Imo state chapter.God bless u
Tunde Bakare is still respected as a pastor nd a politician.
God want his word to come alive in you. By inspiration...Tunde Bakare
Faith is a fruit, a gift, a word of God...Tunde Bakare
If faith is to get material things, then Satan will be chief provider. There is more to faith than materialism...Tunde Bakare
An ingredient hidden in Faith is fear of God...Tunde Bakare
Mattew Ashinolowo & Tunde Bakare, till he decided to join politics Funny enough TB Joshua is the only pastor I watch on TV
Dr. Delroy Shirley ministrations was a blessing. He was invited by my pastor, Tunde Bakare. When are we seeing U in Nigeria?
Why Christians Should Go into Politics: God, Pastor Adeboye gave me the go-ahead - Tunde Bakare
first, Tunde Bakare wants to be Vice President. now he wants the Federal Government to APOLOGIZE TO TERRORISTS ? see his face !
The trending news in town now is the spread of Ebola Virus. As a thinker who doubt the possibility of miracles, i will be glad if our great men of God; the likes of Adeboye, Oyedepo, T.B Joshua, Oyakhilome, Tunde Bakare, etc can all lay their hands directly on the foreheads of all Ebola virus victims in countries like Guinea, Liberia etc. They should stop praying from their houses or churches for the healing of those victims. I want them to have a direct contact with them without any protective cloths or gloves. Afterall, God can do all things. All Ebola virus victims in the world should be transported to Nigeria churches like REDEEM, CHRIST EMBASSY, CANAAN LAND, HOUSE ON THE ROCK, etc so that they can receive their healing from the men of God here in Nigeria. If this Ebola Virus victims will be coming, a announcement should be made in their various churches that victims of Ebola virus will be coming to church for healing. Lol. I trust Nigerians... Lol For those that don't understand how Ebola virus can b ...
Where is Pastor Tunde Bakare? He's been 2 quiet these dys. Does it av anything to do with distancing himself from blood thirsty group?
Tunde Bakare of saves nigeria group. Pastor Tund Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly.
"I appeal to you, if you sense any slight restlessness about any project, pull back. Let no man coarse you or push you or use emotional blackmail to make you shoot yourself in the leg. Believers are not led by opportunity; they are led by the Holy Spirit" Excerpt from page 59 of the book "THE PROCLAMATION OF A NEW DAWN" by Dr. Tunde Bakare
Wow, what a message by Pastor Tunde Bakare on channels TV just now, absolutely wonderful and am blessed by it
No one can build superior infrastructure in d spirit without the holy spirit.. Pastor Tunde Bakare
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he, like Tunde Bakare aren't in APC, even though they were part of the parties that merged to form APC
Tunde Bakare officiated the wedding of Chris Okotie's latest failed marriage. Why the prayers no work?
Tunde Bakare strikes: I see danger ahead - The founder of the Latter Rain Assembly and...
If u don't put a value upon urself, they will price u cheap!!! - Pst. Tunde Bakare
Listening to Tunde Earnest Nightingale on . Okay stuff. Sounds a bit like Ayinde Bakare. The sound quality is too poor though.
Tunde Bakare suggested dat d final report b sent 2 d president, who'll set up a task force 2 implement matters on policy.
Delegates have conducted themselves in a manner that brings hope to Nigeria... Tunde Bakare, South West delegate
Pastor Tunde Bakare must apologize for protesting for GEJ to become Acting President.
Choose your friends wisely. If you don't choose you will lose. - Tunde Bakare.
Nigerian Pastor Tunde Bakare is said to have predicted the June 12 election annulment to Abiola and warned him against contesting
What did Pastor Tunde Bakare say in Church today about
Tunde Bakare subbing furiously on TV. Last one was for Oritsejafor.
It took them 10 years to get Osama and they make it look like we know nothing here - Tunde Bakare.
Oshey Tunde bakare Back from his presence.divinely unleashed for the week. Happy Sunday to you all
Comment of the day: Olusola Opeyemi Abiodun wrote " Late Gani Fawehinmi, Wole Soyinka, Femi Falana, Pst. Tunde Bakare led those who critized the then Obasanjo's admnistration and they never labelled them as an opposition or named them as regional, but today they dare not talk. When we were out in the sun in 2011 just to vote for 'Had No Shoe at Childhood', we were not an APC. When the Yorubas were out on d streets of Abuja in 2009, demanding that Mr. Goodluck should be installed as acting president, we weren't 'Eru Gambari' or an APC. But today, we dare not talk. They have successful torn us apart beyond measure. Besides, are we even running a one party system? So why shouldn't people in d opposition parties talk? Adeyinka Grandson Tokunbo 'Ginger' Otitoju Adeyemi Love Micheal Agatha Benson Olugbenga Olayiwole Messr Moses-Oduntan Olawale Igi-iwe Oluwagbeminiyi. Raphymoj Olaitan Omo-Ajuwara. Tokunbo AremoOdua
These Lies Must StopA CLARION CALL TO ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD IN NIGERIA.I think it is time to call on all the respected men/ women of God in this nation (Nigeria) to come together & speak with boldness & authority the same way they preach prosperity & perform healing miracles to call the wrath of God on all the kidnappers, ritualists, and Boko Haram in this nation. Is it only sowing of seed, bring what you have & wait for harvest they know & believe in?Bishop David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome, Mathew Ashimolowo, Enoch Adeboye, Ayo Oritsejafor, Williams Kumuyi, Chris Okotie, David Ibiyeomie, Abiodun Fatoyinbo, Wale Oke, Sam Adeyemi, T B Joshua, Rev. Ezekiel, S Ayorinde, Margret Idahosa, Taiwo Odukoya, Tunde Bakare, Cardinal Arinze & all other pastors of churches scattered all over Nigeria.It is now we need the same faith & the vigour you use to preach in your various churches to declare a powerful war of words on the Boko Haram troubling the peaceful co-existence of this nation.It is now we need your v ...
Is Dame patience Jonathan realy a disgrace to Nigeria according to Pastor Tunde Bakare?
SHOCKING NEWS: Boko Haram MEMBER EXPOSED!! IBRAHIM BABANGIDA IS ONE OF THE SPONSOR OF Boko Haram AND OTHERS 12 May 2014 According to Nigeria News gathered Online a former Boko Haram member has describe the IBB as the most wicked man on Earth and the sponsorer of Boko Haram in Nigeria. he also mention many names and how they attack Christains and church buildings in Nigeria. . TAKE YOUR TIME TO READ FULL STORY BELOW AND SHARE THIS WITH FRIEDNS This interview is drawned out from the book written by BLESSING USMAN, On the topic that said UNVEILING Boko Haram. here’s the latest news and gist, please read carefully, Boko Haram days are numbered. Question: Who are you and where are you from? Answer: My name is Sheik Sani Haliru. I am from Niger Republic, but my mother is from Bornu State of Nigeria and I grew up inWulari, Maiduguri, (Northern Nigeria) where I was trained. Q: Trained as what and under whose tutelage? A: I was trained as an Almajiri, after four years, at the age of 14, I was sent to Kano City, ...
There is not a single state in Nigeria that is smaller in land area or population than the West African nation of Gambia, a full-fledged member of the United Nations. The current structure of Nigeria federalism will lead to the demise of Nigeria, except a thorough restructuring along True and Fiscal Federalism based on Regional Autonomy. -The New Nigeria Initiative response to the Northern Nigeria Agenda. This group is led by Pastor Tunde Bakare.
The faulty foundation of a nation, her agony and the seemingly precarious and almost endless journey to finding solution. Hopefully, we are closer to the solution more than ever before? The statement I wrote above is my description of the current situation at the National Conference, after reading this 25 page document provided in the link below. The document is a purported response provided by Pastor Tunde Bakare led group at the National Conference, to the document distributed earlier by the Northern Nigeria delegation. YOU SHOULD READ IT.
Please, don't lie to prophet. Pst Tunde Bakare
That's irrelevant, Pastor Tunde Bakare is not an islamic scholar.
"If you can't see your enemy coming from afar sometimes it is too late to act" Pastor Tunde Bakare
So, does this suggest that Pastor Tunde Bakare has fallen out with Buhari? The love between these 'strange...
5763. + I deeply think that Pastor Tunde Bakare is the most realistic of all these, dispersed everywhere Nigerian pastors. He is real. You cannot claim to be a Pastor or so-called Man of God, in a nonsense society, living outside this nonsense society, oblivious of activities in this society; only assuring the masses to pray and saying that all is well everytime with the country, when no is well. No great nation was made by prayers. Others like Ayo Oristejafor dine with the government. Pastor Tunde Bakare is the "only" one that attacks corrupt administrations and talks about the government. Others are just praying for President Goodluck Jonathan, while making money off corrupt governors and politicians. These *** have the attention of so many people, they should be more real and be agents of change-revolution in this country. At least, Pastor Bakare vied for an election and lost, and joins protests. Tell your pastor: *** wake up and fight for a better Nigeria." +
Pastor Tunde Bakare roars on Chibok girls and State of the Nation in The Latter Rain Assembly on 4th May, 2014. In a message titled; Exposing The Lions On Ou...
If I was a Christian I would certainly worship with TUNDE BAKARE
"Nobody has a monopoly on God,he can speak to you through any vessel Godly or UnGodly"Past Tunde Bakare
"Men and women of destiny must understand their boundaries,spiritual jurisdiction so that they don't die before their time"Pst Tunde Bakare
"The burden of the expectations of people will weight you down"Pst Tunde Bakare   10% Off
Lol @ Pastor Tunde Bakare using Sikiru ayinde barrister and Ebenezer obey to preach
Do you see yourself as God sees you? Your background does not determine your foreground, stop eating or taking crumbs when you can eat or take bread. Put into action what is in you with confidence, boldness and accuracy. Thank you Pastor Tunde Bakare for today's sermon, i am equipped for a greater height. HAPPY SUNDAY
This is Pastor Tunde Bakare's group presentation in response to the Gambari's presentation to the National Conference. It is a 25-page document. Reading from page 1 to 13 may get you upset as a Yoruba citizen. You may even want to stop reading the presentation all together. But I tell you, from page 14 to the last page, it will make sense to you.
We get into several problems because we always try to figure out things we have no business figuring out. Every man who is trying to figure out a woman will never succeed in that venture. You cannot figure out your wife because you were asleep when she was made. - Pst Tunde Bakare
By Bashir Adefaka Olu Craig, a retired Colonel of the Nigerian Army and ex-military police officer, was imprisoned alongside former President Olusegun Obasanjo and General Shehu Yar’Adua by General Sani Abacha over the 1995 alleged coup plot. He speaks on the state of the nation in this interview. Before the kidnapping of the schoolgirls in Chibok, there was the allegation in certain quarters that men of the Nigerian armed forces attacked some Fulani herdsmen under the excuse that they were members of the Boko Haram. When you begin to hear that kind of allegation, how does it sound to you, given your background as a retired colonel of the Nigerian Army? That army people were the ones killing people, blaming it on Boko Haram? That was the allegation. No, this cannot be correct. You see, insurgency is not a conventional war. It is a most difficult warfare to prosecute because the insurgents live among the people. In a conventional war, if the enemy is here, you are there. This problem lingers not becau .. ...
“Anointing oil is nothing more than mosquito repellent” - Tunde Bakare - While ministering in...
GEJ, THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF AND A DISLOYAL ARMED FORCES ... he was the Vice President to the ailing President Yar'adua. The events leading to the emergence of GEJ after the death of Yar'adua was a bit turbulent. Some cabals had emerged on the corridor of power and bent on preventing him from becoming the acting president. While the governance was deadlocked, the Save Nigeria Group protest was convened by the fiery Lagos Preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare. On that fateful tuesday morning, we gathered at the Nigerian Airways playing ground, Ikeja adjacent to the Police College. The group was addressed by Prof. Sole Soyinka and some other leading pro democracy activists on the need to be steadfast and see the struggle as not that of Jonathan but our collective resolve to rescue Nigeria from the claws of the cabals holding the nation to ransom. Around 10.00 am the congregations moved swiftly towards Ikeja under the bridge and thereafter matched into Obafemi Awolowo way enroute Alausa, the seat of Lagos State gov . ...
*Where Is The Conspiracy Against Nigeria? By Ola’ Idowu Since the swallowing of pride by the Nigerian government and eventually acceptance of foreign intervention in the Boko Haram terror bedeviling the nation, I have read, listened and watched many Nigerians propound different conspiracy theories on the part of those coming to help us particularly the Americans. Some say Boko Haram is a CIA project manufactured by the Americans, others say they would not help us for free. A group of people have written articles on the internet saying America wants to contain us as a nation because of our past peacekeeping success in Liberia and Sierra Leone under ECOMOG thus they invented all these crises to destroy us as a nation. A popular Nigerian pastor and former vice-presidential candidate Tunde Bakare even went as far as calling it a conspiracy by the foreign interventionist against Nigeria to ridicule us as a nation. The question I would pose to everyone with such a mindset is where is the conspiracy against Ni ...
'Beware of a man who promises you a shirt while he himself is naked.' - Tunde Bakare.
My pastor oOO! Tunde Bakare seating among this...
When ever I remember Tunde Bakare's prediction that there will be no elections in 2015 and consider Nigeria's present state.. I get scared
or Tunde Bakare saying people should be ready to fight with their blood during debate # just asking
Take care of 2014 or else there won't b any 2015 election. Politicians scheming are unnecessary. Tunde Bakare (2013)
Tunde Bakare called for an alignment of the President’s expected outcome of the Conference with the expectations of de
There was Never a Country but There is a Nation- Okeke Godwin Iyke. Pastor Tunde Bakare many years ago cried out...
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3 MINISTERS,3 STANDARDS OF CHRISTIANITY IN NIGERIA! 1.Bishop David Oyedepo 2.PASTOR E.A. ADEBOYE 3.PASTOR W.F. KUMUYI -OYEDEPO:stands for advanced worldliness in Christianity.He believes you can deck from head to toe with various ornaments and make-ups.His grandfather LATE BENSON IDAHOSA brought worldliness to Nigeria and handed him well,thats why you see their members resembling GNORMITS(IWIN in yoruba). -ADEBOYE:THE BUTTER-KNIFE preacher,not cold,not hot,not warm.He has even legalized SMALL EARRINGS in his EMPIRE,not church.He doesn't preach against sin as he should and so painful IT IS HIS RINGTONE VOICE SINNERS PUT ON THEIR PHONES;why not Pastor Kumuyi's?Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly,the spiritual thug that gave Pastor Kumuyi problem when he was once Deeper Life Pastor,helped Pastor Adeboye to establish MEGA CHURCH for The Wealthy Class! And Mega church has become A LABORATORY OF REFURBISHED SINNERS AND HOLY-IMMORALISTS! -KUMUYI:stands for undiluted holiness within and without,with ZERO TOLERAN ...
LMAO! Condoleezza Rice will end up in the cooking pot. Tunde Bakare o!
the failed politicians are now in ur oga's confab-(Tunde Bakare,Yinka Odumakin,Tunji Braitwaite.List is endless.
Tunde Bakare says give Chad, Niger & Cameroon 10 days to produce girls or face war . FORMER Vice Presidential...
Everybody knows Tunde Bakare is a pastor politician & Oritsejasor also should join Pdp & stop been hypocrite.
T. B joshua as prophet of doom while Tunde Bakare is human right pastor... Haba se na nollywood film
The fear of true federalism is rooted in slothfulness and laziness - Tunde Bakare
Tunde Bakare is now at ease as he remembered, every muslim starts with a short prayer for everything he intends to do. .if you can recall, i once told you that muslim/ christian families are the major problems of religious bigots in the northern Christian minority. Common example , Tunde Bakare himself, Jibril Jerry Gana Labaran Maku to mention but a few.
"If Tompolo or Evans Bipi abuses the Yoruba nation, you don't ask Wole Soyinka or Tunde Bakare to go and respond." - Pius Adesanmi
The experience of CKN at MFM CKN is a guy who loves visiting churches and sharing his experience with people . This time around he visited mountain of fire , read on below and here what he has to say about mountain of fire : I have visited several Churches. . Among which were Kris Okotie ’s Household of God, Tunde Bakare ’s Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Fatoyinbo’s COZA Church Abuja . I have also attempted to visit T B Joshua’ s Synagogue . I know for sure that I have worshipped at Winners Chapel as well as several parishes of Redeemed Christian Church of God but nothing prepared me for the visit to Mountain of Fire Mission today . For several years I have nursed the idea of attending this Church . The reasons were not far fetched . Even on my street, there is a local branch of the Church that commands fire and brimstone at every single minute . I made up my mind that if I ever attend MFM, definitely it will be at the Church Headquarters along Lagos Ibadan expressway. Well, today I braced the odds ...
Latter Rain Assembly @ 25. Silver jubilee. I celebrate Dr. Tunde Bakare and fellow latterainians. Through the phases, we have come thus. We will always WIN BY RIGHTEOUSNES. Bon annivesaire!!!
The Land Use Act was not included in the 1979 Constitution by the Committee of wise men. It was inserted by the military - Tunde Bakare
Land Use Act is one of the devils bedeviling the nation - Tunde Bakare
Since Aguiyi Ironsi abrogated the federal structure, no law has been passed to reverse it - Tunde Bakare
i strongly daubt the position of Tunde Bakare as one of the leader of our party, for indication he show a sign of incapacitated to tolarate other nationalist and religions in Nigeria with reference to what he said to Justice Kutigi at National Conference.
I just punch the calculator and divided the same amount by two it gave me N3billion. That is if each of the 500 participants sacrifice half of what they are to collect to health charity, 1,000,000 Nigerians will stay healthy for 3 years. Who will lead the pack? Tunde Bakare and Mike Ogihadome rather than reject the amount can start a campaign to raise fund for health charity while the confab last. Food for thought!
Ogun State Indigenes belong to the Yoruba ethnic group, comprising mainly the Egba, the Yewa, the Awori, the Egun, the Ijebu and the Remo. The people are hospitable and accommodating, hence Nigerians from other parts of the country live peacefully with them. The main languages of communication in the State are Yoruba and English. Although the indigenes speak various dialects of the Yoruba language, they are all mutually intelligible to them. They all share a common lifestyle, including culture, tradition and custom. Some of the leading traditional festivals in the State are Olumo, Ogun, Igunnuko, Osun and Orisa-Oko. Others include Egungun, Obirin-Ojowu, Gelede, Oro and Sango. The above is from the Ogun State Government website. I hope Mr Sani Arewa Jr. also called Pastor Tunde Bakare familiarizes himself with the people he is representing and stop insulting our collective intelligence.
Pastor Tunde Bakare, was in London on 12th and 13th February 2014. C.V.Akuta Radio Show was opportune to interview and chat with the erudite Pastor Bakare. Hear him reveal alot of things Nigerians know nothing about. The nation will be shocked after listening to this explosive interview. Hear him sp...
The National Conference kicked off successfully in Abuja on Monday, 17th March, 2014. Unfortunately, it resumed the next day on a controversial note. Pastor Tunde Bakare, a South-West delegate, criticized the conference Chairman, Justice Idris Legbo…
going through the 492 delegates for National Conference.ALL i could say is that we are just recycling grey hair Men and Women.y must they give them 12m each for the 4months.let us hope people like niyi akintola,joe odumakin,falana,agbakogba,yinka odumakin,Pastor Tunde Bakare,akunyili,prof mimiko(akungba's v.c) wil speak our mind.
Ur character says it all not what you say or preach.Tunde Bakare is a reflection of truth and a man who practice what he p…
I just read Tunde Bakare's clarification on challenging Kutigi's Islamic prayer at the ongoing...
There more some people attach importance to English Language, the further my disdain for it. Unfortunately, some have taken it as a spiritual language but little did they know that No Scripture was revealed in English Language. Behold, Islam and Muslims cannot be separated from Arabic Language because it is our SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE! From Islamaphobia to Arabicaphobia! Pastor Tunde Bakare, Bitrus and People that share the same mindset with them should take note.
CONFAB DELEGATES MAY INSIST ON PAYMENT OF AIDES It emerged on Friday that National Conference delegates are spoiling to insist that the Federal Government should pay their aides. This is coming as the 492 delegates prepare to commence plenary on Monday with the adoption of the conference rules of procedure. The rules which will guide the conduct of delegates throughout the duration of the talk shop were released to delegates on Thursday by the conference secretariat in Abuja. Findings by our correspondents showed that the delegates are insisting that apart from other logistics, the aides they brought to the conference should be paid some allowance. Our correspondents also discovered that a group of delegates have concluded arrangements to send a written request to the conference secretariat on the need to pay their aides some allowance. A member who spoke to our correspondents in confidence said that “the issue of paying our aides a little allowance cannot be swept under the carpet for obvious reasons ...
WELCOME TO NATIONAL CONFABULATIONS Where leaders come and enjoy, sleep and get 4M a month. Lets talk about this national confab. They said the primary aim is for peace and how to move the nation forward but can anyone with foresight see this meeting yielding any good result? I Call This A Total Failure which may lead to another problem in this country but we must put our dear Nigeria in prayer. Except for Pastor Tunde Bakare and Olisa Agbakoba SAN who refused to be paid for this National Conference if not, all the leaders you and i know will get 4M a month & 12M for the three months duration of this conference. How can this be called movement for peace when no one was invited from Gov Ameachi' zone because of his lingering disagreement with The Number One Man in Nigeria. Terrorist group has held this country to ransom but none of the terrorist groups was given slot to attend. Not all the ethnic groups in Nigeria are represented. Traditional rulers play a very crucial role in this nation but preference was ...
This National Conference thing is the biggest deceit of the year!you pack bunch of old men together who couldn't deliver when they were ministers commissioner e.t.c and you want them to bring the change we desire,infact this has got to be a make available about seven billion naira for the bunch of jokers called delegates with all the money they embezzled owning houses in asokoro maitama banana island lekki e.t.c yet they can't turn down the twelve million naira three months allowance the only person who has told us publicly that he will not collect the money is Pastor Tunde Bakare a man who has never held any political office obviously the bad apples can't spoil the one good apple and i wonder how much impact he can make and i wonder if anything he says will be implemented by oga time,nigerians need young people to represent them at the National Conference people who are trully patrotic people like fela durotoye eldee idris abdukareem kemi olunloyo PASTOR BAKARE seun kuti japhet ...
ONE DEVIL JUST SHOWED! The moment you see a person/people who can't bear to hear the statement: I SEEK REFUGE WITH ALLAH(GOD) FROM SATAN THE ACCURSED. Then you must know your request has been swiftly honoured by God. Nigerians, endeavour to run away from Pastor Tunde Bakare because he is another devilish Vice President(may be) that would be of your own making. Though, I knew my next name would be "RELIGION BIGOT" but the love i have for my country 'll neva prevent me from speaking the truth no matter how bitter.
THE Pastor Tunde Bakare ATTACK ON JUSTICE IDRIS KUTIGI, CONFAB CHAIRMAN I have been very busy to react to the attack by Pastor Tunde Bakare on the second day of the ongoing National Conference in Abuja, where he complained about the chairman's starting his speech with prayer in Arabic. It peeved me so much that I begin to think whether people who claim to be social critics in this country actually really mean well for the country. I give kudos to Professor Is-haq Lakin Akintola's MURIC's press release to this effect and wish to concur that there couldn't have been a better response. FIND DETAILS OF THE PRESS RELEASE BELOW. If Pastor Tunde, who I overheard to have once said that he comes from a Muslim home as son of an Imam in Abeokuta, can now come into the open to attack Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi, GCON, a Muslim and retired Chief Justice of Nigeria, for starting his speech with a prayer in Arabic, then, it calls to mind what manner of Muslim he was before his claim of having met Jesus, which took him t ...
7 Billiions National Conference HUHURRU! WHY THIS HULLABALLOO? There have been a lot of outcry as regards federal government release of 7 Billions Naira released for the allowance of the participants in the ongoing National Conference in Abuja. Some have spoken in favour while some categorically against it. My take; does this argument worth it? Why? I think and want to believe that if 7billions Naira is what it is needed to put the country in the right part. Why not let us make the sacrifice and get out of the mess we are into? Be that as it may, what is the ratio of 7billions an unaccounted petroleum and kerosine subsidy? What happen to Police Pension Scam? Then Chief Otedolagate ala subsidy committee Chairman (620)US Dollars? It is very unfortunate that we are all AKINDUTIRE, so bad. For those who argued against, they have made a good point, because, most of the people in the list are those that have benefited from this country by one way or the other. Going by the saying of John F. Kennedy in his inaug ...
Adeyinka Grandson Wrote:: Pastor (Dr.) Tunde Bakare is not a Yoruba man. His father’s name was Sani Arewa, from Sokoto state, whom he did not grow up to know. His mother, Madam Abigail Eebudola Arewa nee Bakare raised him along with other siblings. Bakare is against He can no longer continue to use the Yoruba slot at the ongoing National Conference. He is on record as the only delegate to have introduced himself as a ‘Nigerian' delegate to the National Conference, at a time he was pre-selected as part of the delegates from Ogun state to represent the Yoruba people. Bakare has no moral justification whatsoever to continue as conference delegate from Ogun state, Yorubaland after he had openly rejected
WHEN PROFESSORS EAT THEIR FEET...! I sincerely hope Ishaq Akintola is not a professor in a Nigerian university. I hardly make comments on religious issues especially when they appear to be steeped in controversy but this guy's response on behalf of his organization MURIC, to Pst Tunde Bakare's insistence on a non-religious language of conduct at the inaugural session of the National Conference speaks volumes about him to any serious-minded person. I hold no brief for Bakare. He does an excellent job of defending himself on any issue and has done so on this. However, I do not know of many pastors of Bakare's status who are as accommodating of other people's religious views and positions as Bakare. He has put himself in open controversy even in Christian circles for this 'crime' when he preached messages to the effect that Christians should not think that they have a corner on God. He quotes the Quran copiously having attended a Koranic school as a growing youth, yet has no apologies for his faith in Christ ...
I understand that Pastor Tunde Bakare has agreed to take the N12million Confab fee which I learnt he didn't want. He refers to the N12 million Naira now as, 'my own share.' The sweet part is that, he doesn't really need it, because he is only there to serve the nation. Consequently, he has promised to donate all that money to Charity. Pls tell the good pastor, that my other name is spelt, CHARITY.
God created only one race. And that is the human race. We should not let religion or tribes to divide us. Tunde Bakare
Why other delegates will not take example from Pastor Tunde Bakare, when he says that he will not collect any allowance in National Conference.paying four million naira to each delegate in month, from simple calculation it's means each delegate will go home with twelve milllion naira for three months the conference is going to last,but if i may ask if federal government is to pay this huge amount for the delegates.where is sacrifices they making their father land?
Nigerian prominent man of God unleashed on Nigeria political leaders on the state of the country dur Tunde Bakare, Muhammed Buhari, Nigerian Election, presidential Watch the latest Nigerian Movies, Nigeria Films, Yoruba Movies,Nollywood Videos, and African Movies Online
The claim by Pastor (?) Tunde Bakare that he's quote-un-quote, "well versed in the Qur'aan " isn't only hypocritical but deceitful, which makes him unworthy of his 'Pastor'/clergyman status! First, I shouldn't be bringing the issue back-and-forth but for the fact I also do not want to be this hypocritic not to let my christian brethren know the truth. Jesus himself directed his followers to extend the Salaam greeting when entering a house. That Bakare is apparently ignoramus of this or may be, simply chose to be bigotic about this baffles one. Nor of the fact a Muslim has just exhibited one or two of the classic Islamic way of life, starting what ever endeavor with the Name of Allah! Has any Muslim in this country ever raised an eyebrow over why Friday is not a work - free day, just like Saturdays and Sundays - which are Judeo - christian Holy days?? Who stops Bakare from beginning his speech in the CONFAB with a 'PRAISE THE LORD' - or what ever he chooses, if that is a christian way of life??! It's note ...
And so the long awaited National Conference finally arrives and first topic of discuss of all that plagues naija, some dummies decided to start with settlement for their "Boys" aka aids. Na only aids na HIV una for call am. Thanks heaven for people who's brains are bigger than their stomachs e.g Tunde Bakare.
LETTER TO Pst Tunde Bakare. Sir, the news in circulation is that you are rejecting the allowance maped out for each delegate for the on going confab. If this is true, then I have these to say - 1) I admire your teachings and your stand on national issues. To me rejecting the money would mean carrying your holier than thou posture too far. The money is not bribe, we all know that. 2) You will not be making the nation richer. In fact you will be making few persons richer. I say this because at the end of the day there will be no records showing the balance of being the money rejected by Pst Bakare. 3) My advice therefore is this - collect the money. There are a lot can do. You can share the money among some less ptevilaged homes of your choice. You can also use it to award scholarship, donate classroom blocks to any school of your choice. It can also afford a good number of water borehole projects, etc etc. Thanks in advance for heeding to my advice. Yours in Nation building, VNE.
Meanwhile from Abiola's wall: Day 1 Of The National Conference- If the adage that the morning shows the day is anything to go by, Nigerians now have an idea of how the National Conference deliberations will turn out going by today's proceedings. Firstly, the entire Day 1 Proceedings lasted for under two hours, in spite of starting around 11.30am. In what is similar to the popular sitcom... 'Fuji House of Commotion', the Conference got off to a feisty start with several comic contributions from the carefully selected delegates representing about 170 million Nigerians. The National Secretary of the Labor Party was more interested in the seating arrangement than anything else. In a Conference that is 'national' in nature and outlook, should the seating arrangement be an issue? A representative of former senators was visibly concerned about how many aides and special assistants each delegate will be allowed to have. It is very apparent he missed the retinue of aides he had when he was a senator of the Federal ...
The level of greed which permeates the minds of some Nigerians can be as disturbing as well as wicked. The demand by some delegates to the National Conference best exemplify these as they insist that the federal govt should pay their aides after they are expected to pocket 12million naira each for their participation. Can't they pay their aides from such largesse? In a country with criminal unemployment rate with its attendant security implications, it's unpatriotic for a few hand-picked individuals to hold the nation to ransom in the guise of national assignment with bogus and irresponsible demand. However, the efforts of the likes of Pastor Tunde Bakare and Bar. Mike Ozehkome (SAN) who demonstrated patriotic spirit by rejected the jumbo allowance must be commended. The Confab is not a place to share national cake but to demonstrate uprightness and display intellectual sagacity with a view to finding solutions to the myraid of problems plaguing the Nigerian state. Disappointingly, the insistence by thes ...
National Conference AND JUMBO ALLOWANCE Ask not what your country will do for you, but for Nigeria leaders (delegates), it is what they can get or steal from the country. What a shame to all the delegates but one (Pst Tunde Bakare who refused to collect). Even those who owns houses in Abuja are still asking for more allowance. SHAME!!
I think Rev Tunde Bakare should collect his stipend for the National Conference so that he can comfortably do what he is expected to do there, if what I heard is right. Or does he want to rob Peter to pay Paul?
Nigeria Pastors are the richest in Africa. Here are list of some and their worth: Bishop David Oyedepo worth $150 Million (USD) with 4 (Four) private jets with properties in UK and universities around the world. T.B. Joshua worth $50 Million (USD) Chris Oyakhlome worth $50 Million (USD) Chris Okotie $50 Million Tunde Bakare $50 Million All the above mentioned all have private jets Their fellows can't afford what they have to offer
Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, has revealed that Pastor Tunde Bakare, the General Overseer of the Latter Rain ***
Culled from The Guardian Mobile Friday 21st March, 2014 Confab procedure rules drafted, for adoption Monday • Group condemns delegates’ demand for extra allowance AS delegates to the National Conference prepare to resume for serious business on Monday, the Secretariat has completed the draft of the rules for the modus operandi and course of action. The Assistant Secretary, Media and Communications, James Akpandem, in a statement Thursday in Abuja said the “draft Rules of Procedure for the National Conference to delegates will enable them prepare for the debate, ratification and subsequent adoption on Monday, March 24, 2014 when the plenary resumes.” Akpandem, who did not make clear what is contained in the rules, said it is expected that the delegates will adopt it and “when adopted, the provisions will form the official rules of proceedings for the Conference.” The statement also noted that a copy of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was also made available to delegate ...
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Please, why is Pastor Tunde Bakare's name NOT on the APC's executive list; instead Alh. Atiku Abubarka and his like made the list. Pastor Bakare's silence is not healthy. Mmmm
I have no Islamophobia of any kind. Pastor Tunde Bakare
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