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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson (born May 16, 1969) is an American political news correspondent and conservative commentator for the Fox News Channel.

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Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and the hosts of Fox & Friends circle the wagons
Tucker Carlson: NY Times used to go to court to report Pentagon leaks! Now they hail French leaks getting buried!
A female anthropologist argued with Tucker Carlson that there's nothing wrong with FGM, it's on…
Tucker Carlson is to Chris Hayes as Joe Walsh is to Elizabeth Warren.
2. Tucker Carlson interview w/Harvey Carr of Boston Herald re immi…
Tom Friedman, Tucker Carlson, and Bill Maher walk into a bar. Jonathan Chait's the bartender. Bill O'Reilly and Brian Williams are drunk.
I liked a video Bill Nye Gets Owned by Tucker Carlson on Climate Change
Here's RFK, Jr's great interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night. Many important issues were...
Tucker Carlson talks to Caitlyn Jenner. CLICK to watch FULL VIDEO. Voted for Trump.
Tucker Carlson on Sarah Palin in 2011. Tucker is just as bad as the rest of the Faux News cesspool.
Also, in a recent poll among young women Paul Ryan was found to be approximately 50% more attractive than Tucker Carlson. Fact.
Tucker Carlson is in his glory now.He's prolly dreamed of hosting show on since he was in grade school wearing bow ties&plaid pants
Whenever you school a snowflake you should present them with a Tucker Carlson participation trophy.
Bill O'Reilly to be replaced by Tucker Carlson. . Fox has gone from a sexual predator to a guy who's likely never had…
The new meaning of arrogance.Going on "Tucker Carlson" with poorly formed aguments and se…
Just watched Mark Cuban school Tucker Carlson on Fox. Wish he would've ran for office in public service.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tucker Carlson is like the smarmy grade school kid you hated.for good reason.
"Tucker Carlson" is what you would get if you asked a robot to invent the whitest name possible
Tucker Carlson must be thrilled, since he's the kind of guy Bill O'Reilly would've beaten up in high school.
Tucker Carlson will take O' Reilly's time slot on Fox News
Foreword by Milo. Endorsed by Tucker Carlson. Get before it's available in stores right now
I'm a very big fan of Tucker Carlson but Bill O'Reilly was an old school, one of a kind journalist. gave…
Arrogance breeds contempt. Tucker Carlson will be no better. Fox is no news but provocative blowhard sensationalism.
Tucker Carlson looks like Peeta Mellark from Hunger Games if he’d stayed in District One.
Tucker Carlson sounds like the Native American name for the *** tucking cross dressing son of Carl.
I added a video to a playlist Tucker Carlson with an INSANE "School Teacher!" Listen To This!
Tucker Carlson has the rage of someone that attended a New England boarding school but was rejected by every Ivy League.
The man taking over Bill O'Reilly's slot on Fox News is beloved by neo-Nazis and misogynists:
Fox News is like a Hydra made of *** instead of heads: When you plug one up, like Bill O'Riley, another like Tucker C…
I have Loyalty to the Truth of Sean Hannity, JUDGES NAP AND Janine, Lou Dobbs, Dana Perino, Tucker Carlson…
Stop hating Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow and starting hating yourself.
When you're glad O'Reilly is gone but remember that Tucker Carlson gets the time slot and Fox News still exists and Tru…
Yeah but Tucker Carlson is also a flaming pile of garbage
Catch up Tucker Carlson IS taking Oreilly's slot and The Five is moving 2 Tuckers spot on…
O'Reilly replacement Tucker Carlson once bragged about beating up a *** man via
Tucker Carlson to Replace Bill O'Reilly at 8pm Eastern on
Tucker Carlson ALREADY had to battle false allegations years ago. Here's a lil bit on that:.
Tucker Carlson has become, seemingly overnight, one of Fox News’s most vital players
Bravo for your incredible work glad is gone replacing him...nauseating
Tucker Carlson to get Bill O'Reilly's 8pm slot on Fox News.
Breaking: Tucker Carlson to fill Bill O'Reilly's prime time slot following his ouster.👌
So Tucker Carlson has been announced to take over Bill O'Reilly's slot. Yes, this Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson wore a bow tie until Jon Stewart castrated him with it
"Tucker" Carlson is the nickname of a common prolapsed *** correction surgery
Fox News made a tough decision.. i think moving t/ five up &adding was smart . Tucker Carl…
I wonder what Bill O'Reilly's viewers think of Bill being fired? Tucker Carlson is the best Foxnews can offer in his slot? Tucker?
All purpose parts banner
Shocked at the ousting of a great journalist Bill O'Reilly!! Hope Tucker Carlson can do The Factor the fair reporting…
Ok, now who would you like to see have their own show on Fox News? This poll does not include Tucker Carlson because he…
Tucker Carlson getting moved up from JV to Varsity I see.
Tucker Carlson calls out The AP for reporting Fresno shooter's words as 'God is great' instead of 'Allahu Akbar' https:…
Fox News is going from a sexual harasser to Tucker Carlson, a man who once bragged about beating a *** man in the bath…
hits . Berkeley is now Ground Zero of our current . Ann Coulter | Tucker Carlson |…
Here is some of the sexist things neo-Nazi favorite and O'Reilly replacement Tucker Carlson has said:
Tucker Carlson will replace departing longtime Fox News Channel on-air talent Bill O’Reilly in the 8 p.m.
Have read that Tucker Carlson would replace O'Reilly's time slot.
Dang! Tucker Carlson is going to be all soaked the way this sounds. ***
To celebrate Tucker Carlson's *mini* promotion, let's all remember when Jon Stewart bodied him and got his whole CNN show…
So proud of Tucker Carlson for his new role on One of the best hosts on television!. Let's show him some suppo…
You might as well have just cloned Bill... tf. ⚡️ “Tucker Carlson replaces Bill O'Reilly at Fox News”.
Tucker Carlson once said Democrats "made up the concept of sexual harassment"
Well, now we know how it's going down.
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Fox News fired Bill O'Reilly and is giving his slot to Tucker Carlson, who bragged about assaulting a *** man in the bath…
Tucker Carlson taking over for Bill O'Reilly is like evil Matt Saracen taking over for evil Jason Street and football is just being loud
Ya but that will hurt Tucker Carlson. I think they should have put Jesse Waters there. This is sad for me I was a fan
Tucker Carlson and Jesse waters will take those ratings. Or whoever they bring in if they're good enough.
We'll get the same tunnel vision Conservatism from Tucker Carlson, but it will lack the Gravitas, & knowledge base OReilly had!
BREAKING: Bill O'Reilly Will Not Return to Fox News - UPDATE: Tucker Carlson will be moving to O'Reilly's forme... https:/…
“Tucker Carlson is literally our greatest ally. I don’t believe that he doesn’t hate the Jews.” -- Neo-Nazi Andrew…
Tucker Carlson *** but the Fox audience loves him so it's to be expected that the put him in O'Reilly's slot
Tucker Carlson taking O'Reilly's time slot would be huge win for America. .
an idea for lineup would be 7p Pete Hegseth, Tucker Carlson 8p and Martha McCallum 9 pm and this would be fantastic
Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan Discuss the Silence over Muslims War on the Cross
Watch: Tucker Carlson takes Ivy League student to school in epic safe-space debate
Not sure what a "trucker hat" is. Tucker Carlson is pretty cool though. So is Dr Ben C…
Fox News is getting bad 1st with Bill O'Reilly now Tucker Carlson attacking *** on tonights show! Fox isnt doing anything shame on both
Tucker Carlson is brilliant.Do you even watch Fox?
Tucker Carlson sets the bar for Steve Bannon.
Ben & Tucker Carlson are two guys I'd not want to debate.
Susan Rice claim is 'worse and scarier' than any Russian election meddling - Tucker Carlson
Steve Scalise fails to persuade Katrina Pierson that prison guards are at Mar-a-Lago. Tucker Carlson serenades White House guests.
David Tahari, a SUBVERSIVE, is being grilled by Tucker Carlson. And that's like asking the wolf did he eat the chickens. Your expectations?
Tucker Carlson "interviewing" Bill Nye was the most toxic thing I've made myself watch in months. What a mess. Discourse is in shambles.
Hey Steve! no explanation of why Tucker Carlson guested on after he appeared on Infowars? Sandy Hook Happened!
As a rule, I don't listen to Tucker Carlson for more than 5 secs but being tagged "White Genocide Professor" ma…
This Congressman on Tucker Carlson is one seriously arrogant, lying ***
. Tucker Carlson + the of phony college professor.who can't write a complete session.
BREAKING : CNN’s Cooper Ratings FREEFALL, Less than HALF the Viewers of Tucker Carlson
Poor Mike Rowe is on Tucker Carlson and his nose is running like a mountain stream after a heavy rain! He did towards the end use is hand!
So no embarrassing softball interviews or unexplained guests like Tucker Carlson. Resign Steve
Tucker Carlson interview with Trey Gowdy tonight:. Gowdy must replace Comey if we are ever to trust FBI again.
Tucker Carlson just destroyed this *** reporter in front of the whole world. He just made a complete fool out...
In an appearance on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, a Baltimore city council member compared ICE agents to...
Tucker Carlson has *** Cohen on from Baltimore..what a jack *** .your a flipping joke. Stay on your side of the bay buddy.
A refreshing blast of intelligent honesty from Mark Stein on the Tucker Carlson show.
Adam Schiff was completely exposed as an unhinged partisan during the Tucker Carlson appearance. Cannot be trusted at all.
Tucker Carlson is correct no one from Somalia has constitutional rights to travel to the USA. .
Karen Tumlin of National Immigration Law Center just said on Tucker Carlson that the US Constitution applies to noncitizens. Twilight Zone.
Matthew Yglesias: Trump to Tucker Carlson: “I know” counties that voted for me will lose under the Republican heal…
This literally happened... Tucker Carlson: "The counties who voted for you will do far worse under your plan". Donald Tru…
Thank you President Trump for recognition to Andrew Jackson. And superb interview w/Tucker Carlson. Diplomatic and refined!💜
Tucker Carlson the new King. Shame Megyn Kelly. Just Got HUMILIATING News. Trump hurt her feelings.
Tucker Carlson tripled Megyn Kelly in ratings.. maddow and anderson Cooper combined don't beat him.. proving liberalis…
This week we heard the Andrew Wilkow and Tucker Carlson have both spent time in Hartford, are you kidding, when did Hartford be conservative
. The "Know it all" nut job mad scientist couldnt answer Tucker Carlson's simple question last night. Your Arrogance was funny.
Tucker Carlson spanking Bill Nye on Climate Change. No the science is not settled my friends. far from it.
Tucker Carlson argues with Bill Nye about change: Boing Boing
Bill Nye v. Tucker Carlson . Once again, alternative facts have taken the L.
Tucker Carlson tore Bill Nye a new one last night. "Climate change", the current mantra is obviously off limits to scientific challenge!
After Bill Nye explains the consequences of climate change, Tucker Carlson gets angry and calls him a bully
Wow. Just, wow. “Tucker Carlson argues with Bill Nye about climate change” - how to utterly bend scientific enquiry.
to flip out as seen in this excerpted video. After several minutes of setup and back and forth, Tucker Carlson asked Bill Nye a very
Tucker Carlson is such a muppet. Bill Nye has forgotten more about science than he will ever know.
Zak pekanas apparently has a speech impediment. Sounded like Mel Tillis on Tucker Carlson. He was definitely relieved that segment ended.
This picture of Tucker Carlson looks like Charles Grodin is hosting SNL in 1985
‘That guy was awesome’: Tucker Carlson interviews former CIA officer about intel leaks and Trump
F u Andy Levy! You know what he meant. He saw it last night on Tucker Carlson's show.
Buck Sexton and Tucker Carlson: Two reasons why I have faith.
Juliette Kayyem said President has intel means available to him to get credible facts but instead relies on Tucker Carlson.
Hey president,I didn't know Tucker Carlson was a special advisor.
is that the elementary school teacher who was just on w/Tucker Carlson? She was assaulting that man. Why is…
always double standard with you ppl dare you to debate Tucker Carlson Georgie Porgie
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She's on Fox and Friends guys, not Tucker Carlson. You guys should hammer the View in this manner then?
On Tucker Carlson last night she said that she was a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER. Which is w…
EVERYONE needs to watch this, it is our enemy and the lengths they are willing to go to. Scary.oh...
.takes on student who called for NYU to shut down college Republicans. by…
How many people have punched Tucker Carlson in the face in his life? How many of them didn't even know him, just saw his face?
Tucker Carlson debates the organizer of UC Berkeley Riots u r the facist dummy!
‘Is she from another planet?’: Tucker Carlson interviews organizer who backed Berkeley riots over Milo
‘It was so brutal I changed the channel’: Tucker Carlson debates immigration lawyer David Leopold – twitchy.
Tucker Carlson rips Trump deportation 'Hysteria'. Not a peep from the left when Obama deported 2 million illegals https…
I liked a video Tucker Carlson sounds off on nightly news' Trump hysterics
Must Watch:. interviews an absolute NUT!. Prepare to be infuriated. And this woman is a teacher!. https:/…
Are you the Mark Paul that was on Tucker Carlson , If so I am a prime example of Legally long term unemployed ( 30 years now )
Tulsi Gabbard tells Tucker Carlson that if the US topples Assad, Al-Qaeda would take over and commit genocide against religi…
I've been dreaming of a world where Jon Stewart is retired and Tucker Carlson has the most popular show on cable news si…
Tucker Carlson just called Chris Matthews a 'volcano of dumbness.' Love Tucker!
Superb segment on Tucker Carlson tonight with Stephen Miller. Check it out.
I liked a video from Tucker Carlson vs Congressman John Yarmuth: President Trump's
Tucker Carlson is so much better than Megyn Kelly it's not even comparable. Thank you
Tucker Carlson's guest--James Rosen--is too smart to fall for either one of Tucker's TWO "great to see you's".
Tucker Carlson exposes HOAXER with HILARIOUS results by via
Tucker Carlson exposes HOAXER with HILARIOUS results via
I've been told again--that the mindless nodding vegetables at Fox News--those like Tucker Carlson--purposefully say "Go…
Tucker Carlson is winning d ratings war BIGLY. So far, he is leading Rachel Maddow, O'Reilly, Hannity and Megyn Kelly. Good one for Fox News
Tucker Carlson: Easily Defeats Megyn Kelly in Ratings, Beats both CNN and MSNBC in Viewers Combined
Tucker Carlson:. Dan Carlin:. DemocracyNow:. "Stephen Cohen is an expert on Russian studies.". Um, he's a lowly, dishonest Putin propagandist.
Why is Tucker Carlson grilling Kimberly Guilfoyle?--whom I like--I thought he was supposed to be "Tucker & Fox friends".
Tucker Carlson is about to do an AMA at /r/The_Donald. Here's how he became an "alt-right" sensation.…
The good that Tucker Carlson and Steve Doocy and a couple of other Fox people do is completely overshadowed by its Trump hate. Turn em off.
I don't like how Tucker Carlson manages his interviews. Who is this *** Richard Painter he worked with G.W Bush but I'm not impressed
Glenn Beck helps Tucker Carlson kick off his brand new show in the most depressing way imaginable.
New Fox News prime-time host Tucker Carlson is beloved by white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the “alt-right”:
I love Tucker Carlson, but I had to turn off the program the minute I saw Glenn Beck!!!
"Alt-right" darling Tucker Carlson begins his Fox News prime-time show tonight:
Tucker Carlson's prime-time Fox News prime time starts now. His neo-Nazi and "alt-right" fans will be watching.
First owned Tucker Carlson, then she single-handedly slayed Martin Shkreli. She is the hero we all need right n…
Daily Caller founded by Tucker Carlson. Glad their not biased!
Megan Kelly will do just fine with the folks at ABC.can't wait to watch Tucker Carlson 👍
Tucker Carlson will take over Megyn Kelly's 9 p.m. time slot on Fox News
TIL in 2004, Jon Stewart went on CNN's TV show Crossfire and criticized hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala for t…
Tucker Carlson (Daily Caller) is Tea Klan idea of smart pro, like Ronnie's pov of George Will or Chuckie the Doll Krauthammer.
sorry but Tucker Carlson reminds me of Timmy on Seinfeld. you remember, the guy who tells George to not double dip his chip. 😂😎
when your name is Tucker Carlson you aren't really one of the blue collar crew
Have to thank Meg Kelly for leaving. Tucker Carlson to take her time slot.
FAUX NEWS make huge mistake re Tucker Carlson to replace that MAN. They needed a FEMALE Anchor like Martha MacCallum; Shannon Bream, etc.
Tucker Carlson becomes Grand Wizard. The age of the Burning Cross rises again. 😒
U did great hiring Tucker Carlson, George will must go. He's dark and negative & is ruining Chris Wallace Sunday sh…
my favorite thing about Tucker Carlson is when he lost that on-air fight with Jon Stewart.
Tucker Carlson at 9 completes Fox News' quest to eliminate that "fair and balanced" nonsense. New day, new Riefenstahl corps.
I legit thought Tucker Carlson was dead.
.has improved its lineup considerably w/ at 9 PM & at 7 PM via
Tucker Carlson to replace Megyn Kelly at Fox News, taking over for host who is leaving network to join NBC
Good. should replace her. He's knocking it out of the park.
Breaking News: Fox News has picked Tucker Carlson, the conservative TV host, to take Megyn Kelly’s prime-time slot
Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly as a Fox News anchor despite the fact that he's less of a journalist than a writer a…
Ug. FoxNews doubles down on Tucker Carlson by giving him Megan Kelly's show. This guy
The glorious Tucker Carlson comeback no one asked for is now complete.
Congrats You truly deserve the slot! ⚡️ “Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly's time on Fox News”. ht…
Tucker Carlson pick by just shows how shallow the bench is on the right. I give him 6 months. Top. Blowhard even…
Let's hear it for Tucker Carlson who will replace Megyn Kelly's 9pm slot on Fox News!
Ugh. Can't make this crap up. Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Tangled Over Hair, ‘P*ssy’ via
Tucker Carlson: “I just talked to my brother about his response, and he assures me he meant it in the nicest way”
Tucker Carlson to succeed Megyn Kelly at 9 p.m. on
Tucker Carlson has been around for years. He's a hack. . He's just as flimsy as he was 10 years ago.
Honestly Tucker Carlson just looks like a washed up frat boy who hasn't come to terms with the fact that he graduated
Tucker Carlson To Take Over Megyn Kelly's Time Slot On Fox- Roger Ailes was jealous, all he ever wanted was to fill her slot
I knew Martha McCallum would move up. I like her. Congrats to Tucker Carlson. Brother is blowing up!
We can later if we fail,but right now,FOCUS should be to keep Russians from Success in attack. Tucker Carls…
Trigger warning to liberals:. King lib slayer Tucker Carlson, will take Megyn Kelly's time slot!
Tucker Carlson replaces Megyn Kelly, now that's an upgrade!
Fox News Channel has named host of the 9p ET timeslot beginning Monday, January 9th. ht…
‘Yes, there’s been a lot of lying’: Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Jim Himes about Obamacare
Stop watching Tucker Carlson and the entire Fox News network. NOT ONE MINUTE. Like ur allergic to it. It is that important.
Tucker Carlson is 47 -- he could conceivably be a part of Fox's prime time for decades, just like O'Reilly & Hannity http…
Megyn Kelly at NBC News to be replaced by Tucker Carlson at Fox makes both networks worse. Look for much more of this kin…
.will anchor a new 7p ET show called 'The First 100 Days,' beginning on Monday, January 16th.
Tucker Carlson replaces Megyn Kelly😆🤗. “Buckle your seatbelt! It’s going to be an amazing 2017.” — Tucker Carlson.
I like Tucker Carlson, but moutha was too far left for me! even if it is without billary as a sidekick!!
Rush Limbaugh's show just announced Tucker Carlson will take over the 9PM spot at FoxNews and Martha McCallum with take th…
Tucker Carlson destroys leftist on Russian election hacking claims -
Multiple great options at FNC to replace seeming opportunist, MK.FNC having ratings bonanza with Tucker Carlson show
Megyn Kelly is likely leaving for NBC because Tucker Carlson has been overshadowing her with his high-energy wokeness.
Tucker Carlson is that insufferable blue blooded, brown-nosing *** in every college movie who colludes with the dean to crush…
Tucker Carlson is a great Ambush Interviewer, and fun to watch. I would love to down a Guinness with him. But on D…
Tucker Carlson & Steve Hilton on Donald Trump's policy on the Middle East and Israel via
the resurgent American alpha dogs have found their embodiment in Tucker Carlson
Listen carefully. Tucker Carlson gets to admit she thinks Trump contradicting her political beliefs is psycho…
I never get tired of seeing Tucker Carlson laugh in peoples faces.
Hey why did you lie about this on Tucker Carlson show? Also why did you delete it?
Hi 2016 . Can you leave us Carrie Fisher and in return you can have Trump, Pence, Ryan, Cruz, and Tucker Carlson . -The W…
Tucker Carlson vs. actor Mike Farrell on 'unqualified' Trump
Brett and Brian are Steve Doocy and Tucker Carlson. Nick Mullen is Guiliani
I'd love to see Chris Titus's head explode again, or Tariq Nasheed, Lexi Green, Adam conover, Tucker Carlson
If it doesn't go your way, did it. Tucker Carlson and discuss claims hacked vote.
Tucker Carlson is the new William F. Buckley (but with better hair).
I liked a video Tucker Carlson interviews Nigel Farage over claims that Russia fixed Brexit vote
Another night, another *** libtard who can't answer a straight question owned by Tucker Carlson.
Going to be on Tucker Carlson tomorrow night: 7pm Fox
Tucker Carlson's interview with Democrat Senator Adam Schiff was Cable TV gold.
Engy Abdelkader shamed your fine university on the Tucker Carlson show November 30.
Georgetown university professor on Tucker Carlson is a damned Islamic fool. What happened to a once great university.
Love it!! Tucker Carlson interveiwed a student rep on his show. Seems vets are big fans 🇺🇸
Tucker Carlson is completely destroying this clown who wrote a column smearing Senator Jeff Sessions as a racist. https:/…
Tucker Carlson on Trump Bashing at AMA - Celebrities Now Becoming ' Enfo...
Tucker Carlson vs. New York Times. Yes--you are a lion, Tucker! 🦁
Here's a garden variety Leftist with lots of important ideas getting owned by Tucker Carlson. . Hilarious.
Soon liberals will learn is not someone to be fooled with or maybe they won't...I've Got his back! http…
I liked a video CEO tries to call Trump "HlTLER," Tucker Carlson responds accordingly
Tucker Carlson slams business owner who refuses to work with ‘ignorant’ Trump supporters via
Tucker Carlson tries to use logic to get young protest leader to think about why open bord… htt…
Fox & Friends Weekend is a good watch thanks to the performances of Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris.
Top fantasy show of any time; featuring Clayton Morris, Tucker Carlson.
Casting is excellent, with Clayton Morris and Tucker Carlson in the top roles.
Tucker Carlson made Jon Allen look like a ***
hopefully Tucker Carlson brings new guests starting tomorrow.
I like Tucker he is one of the good guys. Tucker Carlson is getting a nightly show on Fox News Channel
A terrific mystery with a Caribbean beat; Tucker Carlson needs to do more news shows like this.
"Tucker Carlson" I hope it's 2 replace Meghan Kelly! Kelly File is played out! Love it when Tucker laughs @ a liberal as they spew lunacy!
And Bill Richardson said it was only to Republicans until Tucker Carlson hit back. Then Richardson said "he didn't know". He knew
Tucker Carlson destroyed Bill Richardson&Marty O'Malley this A M-a beautiful thing to see.
Tucker Carlson just asked Bill Richardson why did the DEMS nominate a candidate under FBI federal investigation!! he could…
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O'Malley turns the tables on Jim Hagedorn's pal Pete Hegseth,Tucker Carlson, and Abby Huntsman.
Bret, plz, Geo Will? Where's Steve Hayes or Mara or Tucker Carlson or Charles K or Amy ?? Geo Will makes me tired. :-(
Geraldo Rivera and Tucker Carlson on the same television program is like Pennywise and John Wayne Gacy entertaining children at a birthday.
Tucker Carlson also appears on NPR; My guess is he's trying to be the Juan Williams of conservatives.
Something I just learned today: Bill Clinton's mentor, segregationist AR Senator J William Fulbright was Tucker Carlson's great uncle.
Tucker Carlson is every bit as stupid as Brian Kilmeade with the personality of that rich prep school *** who ruined every party.
As usual Tucker Carlson has it right: Ryan a (D) plant in (R) party. Tucker Carlson: Paul Ryan Is ‘Working for the Hillary Campaign’ (VIDEO)
"We are pleased to welcome Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson as our keynote speakers.". (Immediately RSVPs no).
My take on the conventions so far:. You remember that Crossfire when Jon Stewart told Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala they suck. . That
Did Steve Inskeep just suggest that Tucker Carlson should be hung over right now?
Watching is an insult to anyones intelligence, especially with Tucker Carlson and Steve Doocy
Tucker Carlson: . > Hillary Clinton doesn't like you, America . . TIME to CLEAN HOUSE . .
Tucker Carlson. Mo Rocca. Perhaps there's some Dorian Grey-style magic in bow ties?
. Agree new panel needed..lose Steve Hayes more Tucker Carlson..and Kraulthammer can stay
"Before Trump, I would not have guessed Tucker Carlson to be the one sort of old-guard conservative…" — Juvenal2
. Tucker Carlson just said on Hannity that we live in a democracy I think you would know we live in a representative republic
Tucker Carlson wipes the floor with Lowry this morning!!
Tucker Carlson just cleaned Rich Lowry's traitorous clock!!!
I think CNN is still feeling burnt after Jon Stewart skewered Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala live on the air
Tucker Carlson just said he heard the Big issue Ryan has with Trump is on immigration as Ryan is basically open borders.
Thank you to our keynote speakers, Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala, for your valuable input.
Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala debate and entertain at ABC
Paul Begala & Tucker Carlson @ explaining the presidential election.
Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala keynoters. Carlson: "... natural rebellion of voters on both sides"
i didnt vote for Ryan .i voted for Trump .. Ryan needs to suck it up and move on.Tucker Carlson has it right ..
Loopy Jim Hoft describes Tucker Carlson as a "FOX Panelist." Hoft is terrible at peddling outrage. . Sad.
May 6 - last day to register for the Reagan-Rockefeller Dinner with Tucker Carlson!!
Jehmu Greene refers to Tucker Carlson as ‘bow-tying white boy’
That certainly proves what he told Tucker Carlson was right.
ANTI-CRUZ media complex: Fox's Tucker Carlson's dailycaller publishes cruz hit piece by trumpette roger stone, then drudge posts it at top.
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Hat's off to Tucker Carlson, he said the GOP has lost their collective minds, and are more left wing then the democrats!
How can anyone read, let alone take seriously, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller? Garbage in, garbage out
Tucker Carlson's most compelling and resonant treasure in years.
Amazingly entertaining, witty and substantive political discussion by Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala
Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson on the Presidential Election and the markets. Tucker sharing that the Republican...
"The Republican party will never be the same again ". Says Tucker Carlson of Fox News at
thrilled to speak to Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson ... I have no partisan support from both !
Tucker Carlson: "I have serious concerns about Glenn Beck's emotional state" 😆
Ha ha. Tucker Carlson is doing a pretty fair smashing of Mitt Romney & friends on Laura Ingraham right now
we agree that Tucker Carlson is a great guy!
The two things I was positive about in life were that I was going to be a t...
Tucker Carlson has not gotten a fact straight since 1985.
The courtroom perorations are drab, but Tucker Carlson takes off in the fervid slums
Tucker Carlson is a Trump fanboy with Pom pons
Tucker Carlson: This is a democracy, voters have the control |
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"It's entertaining to be aware of what and how the mind processes previously unnoticeable persuasive techniques."
are you really serious, O amalgam of Paul McCartney and Tucker Carlson
I think his "firing" was just a ruse 2 let him seem unbiased. Tucker Carlson is part of Caller & as I saw 2day, N bag 4 Trump.
written by the fashion editor,what is going on w/Daily Caller? where the *** is Tucker Carlson?oh on Fox er TrumpNews
Why the 'Dilbert' creator is supporting Donald Trump via Tucker Carlson host :)
First I find out people still pay attention to Tucker Carlson, now I'm learning Steve Almond continues to generate text, great job gang
After Steve Sailer, Tucker Carlson is the most under-rated political commentator in America.
As much about the culture that produces and fears, consumes and condemns, an Clayton Morris as it is about Tucker Carlson.
This is the TV show that, rightfully, catapulted both Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris into the superstar arena.
A1 - Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. Can’t wait to hear their stories.
A1. As a political junkie, knowing that there may still be a race going on, hearing from Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala is
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