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Tsatsu Tsikata

Tsatsu Tsikata (born 1 October 1950) is a Ghanaian academic and lawyer. He is also a former Chief Executive of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

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Our legal luminary extraordinaire TSATSU TSIKATA’s take on the SPB. "My learned friends, the Office of the...
TSATSU TSIKATA AGAIN?. "My learned friends, the Office of the Special Prosecutor's Bill 2017 that has just been...
Manifest dey do songs for Tsatsu Tsikata and ein Friends ibi dem get time to pay attention and Boogie with the rhythm.
Tsatsu Tsikata run GNPC aground n Kufuor govt had to sell off a drill ship in captivity. When ndc came back to...
Alan Kyeremateng and Tsatsu Tsikata entered Adisadel College and Mfantsipim respectively at a record age of 9.
AND this is how Tsatsu Tsikata stole ma woman. Can't wait to be rich charley. Fada Lawld, do it for ur son.
The venerable Prof. Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba Lumumba is a Ciceronian. He rubs shoulders with the incomparable Tsatsu Tsikata
Akufo-Addo prosecuted Tsatsu Tsikata and Tsatsu was jailed. but what's the verdict today?. he can also be prosecuted.
We all remember the story of Tsatsu Tsikata. - Chief Biney.
Philip Addison is a better lawyer than Tsatsu Tsikata - Deputy AG - Follow us for more news.
Tsatsu Tsikata leads NIB legal team to win appeal over payment of $60 million judgement debt - ...
TSATSU TSIKATA. "Few years ago, on June 18, 2008, a judge, without any advance indication that she was going to...
What does John Atta Mills , Tsatsu Tsikata, and President Nana Addo have in common? - Dr Obed Asamoah .
Tsatsu Tsikata is gonna be appointed the independent prosecutor😂
let's ask Tsatsu Tsikata and manifest if Akuffo Addo is a lawyer. He followed him to court
Tsatsu Tsikata jettisons Bawumia in court; exposes his lies. Take a watch please! Know the person Bawumia.
After listening to by the African Rap God , will need more than just Tsatsu Tsikata to win this…
Tsatsu Tsikata challenges his sentence for wilfully causing financial loss to the state - Graphic Online
'Twas an honour meeting and sitting next to the "god" lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata!!! So down to earth…
Another Tsatsu Tsikata found in the NDC is my comrade lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo. Chaii the dude know law! At...
NPP please we know u are scholars but wen u keep taking every case to court n don't keep it simple you make our lives hard.Cc Tsatsu Tsikata
Tsatsu Tsikata joins Danny Nettey In Worship: The show which is in it’s eleventh year, was held at the Physici...
Former GNPC boss Tsatsu Tsikata has said he was a "subject of intense period of harassment" by the NPP under former President John Kufuor
K.T Hammond has been rattling Tsatsu Tsikata's name in his inaction of the sale of our drill ship...
: PURC must be empowered to insist on lower tariffs – Tsatsu Tsikata: Former head of ...
Former head of the Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC) Tsatsu Tsikata has stated that the Public Utility...
We can no longer depend on the refinery for LPG hence the need for its importation. - Tsatsu Tsikata @ Star Assurance forum
We should see how to manage our foreign exchange resources & manage our apetite for foreign imports - Tsatsu Tsikata @ Star Assurance forum
We should begin to use our natural resources - Tsatsu Tsikata, Former GNPC Boss @ Star Assurance forum
# Balado Manu says Tsatsu Tsikata should be thankful Kufuor did. not kill him. Meaning?
A Former Chief Executive of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Tsatsu Tsikata is pushing for reforms in...
: Ghana's oil and gas sector needs reforms - Tsatsu Tsikata: Former Chief Executive of...
‘I don’t know too much about the judges scandal’ – Tsatsu Tsikata -
We can see clearly that oil prices have gone down at an unexpected level... We need to take lessons from them - Tsatsu Tsi…
We must have companies that are themselves engaged in the development of the nation - Tsatsu Tsikata
We have a framework which enables us to avoid the issues that have bedevilled countries like Nigeria - Tsatsu Tsikata
We need to encourage everybody to have their own self criticism about how they are managing their institutions- Tsatsu Tsi…
The Brazilians did a great job of developing their own capacity..Their technology in oil and gas is exported to the US - T…
We have to recognise that we do not have all the means to deal with resources - Tsatsu Tsikata
TAIKATA HAILS SON, MANIFEST . Former GNPC Boss and ace lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata has hailed his son for the impact...
Renowned lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, the father of celebrated rapper M.anifest says he is proud of his son’s success...
'I don't know too much about the judges scandal' - Tsatsu Tsikata>
: 'I'm proud of M.anifest' - Tsatsu Tsikata lauds son: A former Chief Executive of the...
am really enjoying the interview granted by LAWYER TSATSU TSIKATA
There's nothing wrong if the government accepts a stabilization package to address falling oil prices - Tsatsu Tsikata
We cant bury our heads in the sand... We have had these power problems from the 90s - Tsatsu Tsikata
Petroleum expert Tsatsu Tsikata has stated that Ghana is on track with its management of the oil sector. He,...
This may not be the best time to look at a stock flotation for GNPC ... Thats my personal view - Tsatsu Tsikata
The oil revenues are just one side of the story ... We must also look at the cost of producing oil - Tsatsu Tsikata
If you want to get into hedging, then you might need some trained people who have that capacity - Tsatsu Tsikata
is my son and I'm very proud of his talent.. His lyrics are excellent - Tsatsu Tsikata
There is also a culture of suspicions sometimes ... We need to address that - Tsatsu Tsikata
We are an importer and as an importer, we want low prices - Tsatsu Tsikata
I believe that we should be using our God-given resources to build our own reality - Tsatsu Tsikata
We really need to understand what kind of benefits we can get especially in our oil industry - Tsatsu Tsikata
There are international developments that affect all of us... We must concentrate on how we can call the shots -Tsatsu Tsi…
Cordial relationship: "I don't have any bitterness against President Kufuor ...: Mr. Tsat...
Times to get harder for Cote d’Ivoire – Tsatsu Tsikata predicts - Former Chief Executive of the Ghana...
We've been here before (with Tsatsu Tsikata). The current CEO of GNPC, Alex Mould should review some history. And we must learn from history
But the guy said ''Shatta Wale is here what do you want to know'' so where comes from Tsatsu Tsikata?
Tsikata "Tsatsu. “I don't want relationships I just want one night.”"
İ lyk Lawyer Moses Foh Amoaning'ss style of questioning,he reminds me of Atuguba and Tsatsu Tsikata...
So I'm the only one who didn't know 's dad was Sir. Tsatsu Tsikata? Wow. Oh ok.
"A woman who wants to have babies does not sleep in her clothes." - Tsatsu Tsikata
A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway.Nothing is moving. Suddenly a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down his window and asks, "What's going on? The man responded "Militants have kidnapped Mahama,Amisab Arthur,Asiedu Nketia,Tsatsu Tsikata,Atuguba,and Woyome. They're asking for a $500 Million ransom. Otherwise they're going to douse them with petrol and set them on fire. So, we're going from car to car, taking up a collection." The driver asks, "How much is everyone contributing, on the average?" The man responded "About a litre of petrol and a stick of matches."
A former Chief executive of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, GNPC, Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata says he finds it difficult to understand why the former Deputy...
A Letter From John Dramani Mahama To Ghanaians: Dear Ghanaians, Calm down because Ghana will be warded 3 points regards to their match against the U.S.A last night. I have strategically planned and have asked the Sport Minister to get some men on the ground at the FIFA head quarters to change the results. Don't doubt my credibility in this matter. Just remember the election petition and you will understand and start to jubilate. Afari Gyan and Justice William Tuguba are in Brazil to ensure our victory and Tsatsu Tsikata has also tendered our documents to the FIFA. Yours Sincerely, John Dramani Mahama
In the end harvey spector won the case eventhough tsatsu tsikata wntd 2 settle
Lol someone said this match is more than just 22 players on the pitch. It's Obama v Mahama, eBay v Tonaton, Harry Spector v Tsatsu Tsikata..
Harvey Spector vrs Tsatsu Tsikata.. How?? One is real, one is fiction.
The only funny one I've seen so far is "Harvey Spector vs Tsatsu Tsikata" ... That actually killed me
Harvey specter who likes to settle Vs Tsatsu Tsikata who always wins !
COALITION FOR CLEAN CAMPAIGN (CCC)-NPP Our attention has been drawn to a recent comment made by the leader of Crusaders Of Nana Akuffo Addo CONAA Mr Hopeson Yaovi Adorye on Boss FM,a kumasi based radio on the 28th May, 2014 to the effect that former president John Agyekum Kuffour's actions and inactions contributed immensely to defeat of the New Patriot Party in 2008 general elections. We wish to place on record that those unguarded utterances are a chimera of his own mischievous imaginations. His comments do not only represent a ploy to tarnish the solid reputation of His Excellency former president John Agyekum kuffour but also serve as a veritable platform for division in our great party. We are at a loss as to how a reduction in fuel prices could have fostered our defeat in 2008 elections. In the run up to the 2008 elections, a feature article dated 28th May, 2008 appeared on Ghanaweb by Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko titled " Kuffour Must Subsidise Against The Rising Cost Of Propaganda " This article appe ...
Face to Face: Nana Addo and Alan Kyerematen meet THE TWO leading contenders for the flagbearership position of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, came face-to-face yesterday amidst sharing of jokes in a convivial manner. This was during the funeral ceremony of the late fashion designer, Kofi Ansah held at the forecourt of the State House in Accra. Supporters of the two personalities have been throwing invectives and casting aspersions at one another for the past week or so under the pretext of defending their preferred candidate for the position of NPP flagbearer. Unlike their supporters who are virtually at one another’s throat, trying to undo one another, it was all smiles and exchange of pleasantries when the two high-profile personalities met yesterday. They shook hands, laughed heartily and cracked a few jokes, obviously sending a message to their supporters and followers that politics is not about fighting one another. For a couple of minutes, th ...
"If you could go to heaven for a day who would you take with you?" William Atuguba/ Tsatsu Tsikata.
My name is Ama Ghana and l am 56 years old. l have given birth to over 24 million sons and daughters minus those who passed on in the year 2013 and 2014. I am endown with every natural resources the Creator, Odomakoma GOD has deposited on this earth.I can boast of sons and daughters who have and continue to lift my name at international level in every field. I gave birth to Kofi Anan, former UN Chief scribe,Dr. Kwame Nkrumah,Dr Abrefa Busia,Tsatsu Tsikata,Prof. Ewurama Addy,Abedi Pele,Steve Appiah,Efo Kojo Mawugbe,David Donton the list goes on and on. In my house l have one of the man-made lake in the world not to talk of rivers and other water bodies. Beneath my bed l have gold, diamond,bauxite,ect. I can also boast of timber,oil and cocoa and very attractive tourist centres like Wli water falls. My problems are so many that l have tried all systems of Government,from Dictatorship to military and now democracy yet the problems keep compounding. Majority of my children are struggling to make 3 square me . ...
Some of us mentioned that, when the going becomes tough, people like Tsatsu Tsikata would be called to lead the President Mahama team of lawyers... Tsatsu T
For this Christmas, I wish you the patience of Late Atta Mills, the forgiving heart of Late Nelson Mandela, the ambition of Vicky Hammah, the persistence of Benony Tony Amekudzi, the audacity of Odike, the confidence of Tony Lithur, the Brilliance of Tsatsu Tsikata, the determination of Akuffo Addo, the favour of John Mahama, the courage of Afari Gyan, the on-the-job knowledge of Asiedu Nketia as in elections and the firmness of Justice Atuguba. May you inherit a throne like Alan Cash and be promoted like Amissah Arthur. You will live life to the fullest, not All-Die-Be-Die, from this day onward. We are Moving Forward and God has made you part of His Better World Agenda. May God provide you with both FREE and QUALITY Blessings; and protect your house even more than the special forces. May your enemies be dragged to God's Court, for the battle is the Lord's. May all their plans against you be dismissed like the frivolous 2012 Presidential Election petition. May any objection raised against your success an ...
Lawyer of the Year 2013: Now this one is very close. Is it Philip Addison,ex-convict Tsatsu Tsikata, Amicus Curia or Tony Lithur? These would be what most of my readers would pick but my pick is Ayikoi Otoo who skillfully snatched Sir John from the jaws of prison when he appeared before the Supreme Court on contempt charges. And he did it in style on his birthday too!.
FACT FACT FACT FACT THE MEN WITH BIG LOUD TALKS BUT LESS BRAIN I remembered them boasting of the best lawyers in the country.they talk all day and night till it came a time when they wanted to prove to the whole world that they have the biggest legal brain in the country hence they paraded hundreds of their best legal luminaries in the just ended election petition.they made big talks,loud press conferences,fat analisys and presented a car full of document. But little did we know that they were just tickling themselves to laugh. It takes two great brains of Tony Lithur and Tsatsu Tsikata to shut their dreams of getting to government through back door with their numerous lawyers.upon the many brains parked at the supreme court,they where not able to make good case.since then I never heard them boasting of their legal prowess.are they born to make noise in theory and become failures in practicality?.a food for thought. "Pass in Theory but fail in practical".that is what a friend told me.he said this people a ...
ATTENTION: General News of Wednesday, 11 December 2013 Source: The Herald Ex-Ambassador Nails Kan-Dapaah & K.T Hammond By Gifty Arthur Some of the major actors in the sale of Drillship, Discoverer 511, a property of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) in July 2001, may have been questioned by the Judgment Debts Commission, but there are still some salient questions still lingering on and until such questions are asked, Ghanaians may not get clearer the picture of the entire deal. So far, apart from the various government institutions that have appeared to give evidence, the then Minister of Energy, Albert Kan Dapaah and his Deputy Kwabena Tahir Hammond, as well as, former GNPC boss, Tsatsu Tsikata, have all given various accounts, but more questions keep popping up. Just last week, a former Acting High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (UK), Chris Kpodo, who was named by the Adansi Asokwa Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Hammond as having received the US$3.5 million Dollar banker’s draft bein ...
Justice Apau Sat On GNPC Debt Case - By Daily Guide on December 9, 2013 KT Hammond REVELATIONS OF Tsatsu Tsikata's GNPC It has emerged that Justice Yaw Apau, who is investigating the payment of judgment debts, particularly the sale of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) drillship to settle some of the corporation’s indebtedness, sat on a case when the state oil company was sued. Justice Apau was the judge who ruled for CDH Holding and slapped GNPC with huge judgment running into several billions of old cedis. Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, former Deputy Minister for Energy, K.T. Hammond said GNPC could not have been in a state of financial solvency and still be saddled with litigations over unpaid loans and financial arrangements. Mr Hammond challenged the ex-GNPC Chief Executive, Tsatsu Tsikata to give a full account of the financial position of the state-run oil company at the time he exited office in late 2000 for the public to *** the situation. K.T. Hammond indicated that Tsatsu run the GNPC i .. ...
JUST A RECAP OF THE DRILL SHIP D511 SAGA The issues being asked by the judgment Debt Commission are very simple: 1. How did the Judgment debt arise? 2. How was it paid? 3. It is known that GNPC’s drillship Discoverer 511 was sold. 4. Therefore, how much was the drillship sold for and how much was paid? 5. The issues were not about how many people GNPC owed? Which company doesn’t owe somebody? 6. It was not about the pros and cons of GNPC derivative transactions. Normal Sources of such Information: Ordinarily, this information should have come from the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and the Ministry of Energy. The fact that those bodies could not provide that information should tell everybody that something was not done right. That was the beginning of the current saga on the D511 drillship. 28 th August, 2013: The Chief Executive of GNPC, Nana Boakye Asafu-Adjaye, who incidentally, succeeded Tsatsu Tsikata in late 2000 and was in office in early 2001, appeared before the Commission. Mr. Asafu-Ad ...
The election petition was not won on level grounds and lawyer tsatsu tsikata was bragging and pointing accusing fingers on judges who were incorruptible unlike justice atuguba and his shameless colleagues. We are calling on the CJ to probe feather into the verdict of the election petition.
She cant defend dis Leaked tape...Tsatsu Tsikata saf no go try
Ago. Kofi : Dela , why is it that most voltarians are academically brilliant than the other tribes ? Dela : At the lower primary , whilst you were learning how to write simple names like Ama , Badu , Osei , Fiifi and Nana Akufo-Addo . We were spelling names like Hiamagbe , Gbogbe , Agbodzeze , Atadikoklo , Tsatsu Tsikata kple bubuawo. How can we be Dull ?
tsatsu tsikata got his wife through the 79 revolution,he was friendling that married woman before the revolution,so he try to linch the husband to soldiers and the man got that hint and flee out of these country living his wife and one kid, later on tsatsu went aheard and married the woman with that kid, what a shame but those NDC small boys dont know any thing about thire leaders and they are rather attacking Naa Torshie that she is the best prostitude ever since.
if I sleep on a metal bed kora I will still wake up... after all Tsatsu Tsikata saf bed for some top before
Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata was jailed over an amount less than $300,000. Today, this gentleman by name Aryeh is sitting in Asempa FM studios and telling us to leave this $3.5 million Drill Ship money? This is indeed animal farm formula! But that formulae would not work under JM! We will chase all monies involved be it 1 GH Cedi!
Tsatsu Tsikata, I knew there was something fishy. Sam George did I not warn you about the Drill Ship saga? I know Kan Dapaah very well which I will not further say much. Jerry John Rawlings was always wanting him and he was warned to watch his steps never to make any mistakes... Now here we are!.. Asempa 94.7 FM.. Thank you for reading all the memo's. NDC kai!!!
Mahama cronies are trying to drive on the reverse gear : They say, Mahama has been president since only August, 29th 2013.But is that not a lie ? When did President Mills die ?. Was I the president after the death of President Mills ?. After the scandalous election declaration by Afari Djan, how many times did we not hear Mahama say about himself : " As your elected president " ?. So who was the president whilst the SC proceedings were on going ? Atuguba ??. Let Mahama cronies stop trying to defend the indefensible Dramani Mahama with lies and " retroactive laws" ( courtesy Tsatsu Tsikata )
Jerry John Rawlings. Ex president of the Republic of Ghana .voltarian Tsatsu Tsikata.. A Law Luminary...voltarian Prof Kofi Awoonor . An internationally recognized Writer..Voltarian Mr Ephram Koku Amu.. the composer of the Ghana national anthem. voltarian. Samuel Okudzato Ablakwa.. The youngest Minister Ghana has Had. Now,to my Ashantis braggart fools, name just two prominent men u people can boost.. 4lyf..
Tv3news has finally discovered that manifest is tsatsu tsikata's son. Welcome to 2013
Eh! ,Manifest bi de son of Tsatsu Tsikata,wei de3 TSIKATA k) gee no baabi , no resemblance
Mr Tsatsu Tsikata on tv3 - lol pretty excited and proud of his son -- the way he was laughing with the makaa maka tho lool
NO ROSE GARDEN FOR GHANAIANS It is clear they are staying put in the frying pan I wrote of last year December. This is my litmus test of the Mahama regime in the Ghanaian socio-econ and political wilderness. So far, it is clear there is no rose garden being planted for Ghanaians. The evil dwarves are running rampage and total silence and darkness are descending upon us in our utter despair. But should we cross our arms on our chests or throw them into the air and cry there is no hope for us? Bagbin has reached the crossroads that Rawlings reached with Mills years ago and is speaking out against the increased and rampant corruption in Ghana. It shall certainly marked the turning point in the Mahama regime; let's hope for the better. Andy-K Feature Article of Friday, 21 December 2012 Columnist: Kwawukume, Andy C. Y. Staying In The Frying Pan . The majority of Ghanaian voters, wisely or unwisely (only time will tell), have decided to stay in the frying pan of the NDC, albeit with a new, and hopefully, a bett ...
The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has deepened the controversy surrounding the disbursement of the $24million accrued from the sale of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) oil drill ship, Discoverer 511. The GNPC’s Discoverer 511 ship was sold in July 2001 for $24million by the Kufuor Administration, out of which $19.5million was used to settle the state-owned oil corporation’s indebtedness to Societe Generale, $1 million for legal fees with the remaining $3.5 million said to have been paid into a foreign account of Ghana. However, Paul Kwadwo Djang, a manager at the Treasury Department of the BoG yesterday told the sole commissioner investigating judgment debts and compensation payments to institutions and individuals that the central bank had not been able to locate nor track the transfers of the monies. Mr. Kwadwo Djang’s claim has raised serious questions about the foreign accounts being operated by the country’s central bank on behalf of the government and people of Ghana. It would be recall ...
Indeed my Lords, the witness has actually let his side down by his "you and I were not there comments". Tsatsu Tsikata tells the Justices during his final address!
What Alfred Ogbamey saying? That Tsatsu Tsikata has been jailed so he is immune from this drill ship matter..
Hm so sake of the drill ship wey e make NPP jail Tsatsu Tsikata.
UK COURT RULED $40.8M PLUS INTEREST AGAINST GNPC There is a determined effort out there to create the impression there was no judicial determination of the dispute involving the French Bank, Societe Generale (SG) and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) which was heard in a London High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom (UK) between 1999 and 2001, the Crusading Guide newspaper reports. Apparently, the paper said, this impression has become even more manifest in the wake of some of the answers provided by a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GNPC, Dr. Amos Ofori-Quaah to questions posed to him by the Counsel for the Sole Commissioner on Judgment Debts during the former's recent testimony at the Commission. The Counsel for the Commission had asked Dr. Ofori-Quaah how the problems of the hedging transaction between SG and GNPC were related to the Drillship, Discoverer 511, and Dr. Ofori-Quaah in response, said "apparently, as a result of the hedging, there was an indebtedness. GNPC wa ...
By Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK Until recently, I held the belief that when it comes to the tenets of democracy and the ethos of rule of law, the parties from the Danquah-Busia tradition including the NPP stood high above all other parties in Ghana. Sadly, I have had to review this position after a critical examination of actions of the two governments that have been formed by the UP or Danquah-Busia tradition and their attitudes towards the rule of law particularly, judicial decisions that were against the two governments. These were the governments of the Progress Party led by the late Prime Minister Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia and the National Patriotic Party under former President John Kufuor. The best example that comes to mind was the first government of the Danquah-Busia tradition under the Progress Party government. That was the infamous “No court”, “No court” in the “Apollo 568” Supreme Court Judgement. For those who are unaware of the case, the Busia government summarily dismissed 568 public wor ...
Lawyers Philip Addison and tsatsu tsikata. Who is the best?
Hajia Tawa Zakari-Raji Is it true that today is your birthday? I wish you all Jm victory style over all your problems and may you never experience pink sheets allegations in your life. May the Holy spirit defend you like Tsatsu Tsikata in all the meeting points of your enemies to discuss you. May God exposed all lies and insults against you like KPMG .happy happy Birthday.
must we investigate people who lead a team to purchase air crafts for the nation? Do u know the amount of dollars such people made out of the purchase of those aircraft? Do you know it has cost a huge financial lost to the state? yet Ghanaians have kept mute about it and the government of the day wants to score political points about a drill ship and how its money was spent and even wants to put Nana Addo into the picture. Yes Nana Addo was the then minister of justice and attorney general through whom the power of attorney was solicited. Tsatsu Tsikata was the cause of all these. He accrue $40m debt in 1998 when he herdged our dream oil to societe' general. Nana in his effort was able to bring the money dawn to $19.5m and you will not even thank this true statesman who even deserves a Nobel prize for this.
The Sale Of GNPC’s Drill Ship…The Story According to Tsatsu & Kan Dapaah Good governance watchers, anti-corruption campaigners and well-meaning Ghanaians were at a loss last Wednesday when officials of the Ghana National Petroleum Authority (GNPC) and the Bank of Ghana (BoG) both disclosed that they did not have the transaction records and cash transfer of the sale of drill ship, Discoverer 511 which belonged to the GNPC. Officials of both state institutions made the disclosure to the chagrin of Ghanaians when they appeared before the Judgment Debt Sole Commissioner, Justice Appau. Although the disclosure left a sour taste in the mouth of many a Ghanaian on how such important public records could go missing, the Scandal believes that the jig saw puzzle could be solved by resorting to the institution of human memory. The Scandal believes that former and current state officials such as Tsatsu Tsikata (former GNPC Boss), Albert Kan-Dapaah (former Energy Minister), Ato Ahwoi (GNPC Board Chairman), K.T. Ha ...
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Kwesi Pratt is desperately trying to equalize the dangerous, irreponsible and disruptive behaviour of Tsatsu Tsikata.
Tsatsu Tsikata suffered logically deficiency with regards to his comment about the JSC..poor reasoning skills,that day.
Attacks On Tsatsu Tsikata Is Unfortunate: The Lawyers in Search of Democracy has said the indecent haste with ...
In the Defence of Tsatsu Tsikata: Tsatsu Tsikata is one among the few that the writer would jump to his defenc...
Dede Ayew's attacking prowess, just like Tsatsu. Tsikata during the hearing
Final Address by Counsel for 3rd Respondent Tsatsu Tsikata - 2012 Electi...: via
What is your comment on Tsatsu Tsikata's statement he made on "Hot Issues" about Justice Annin. Was it right or wrong?
“If you as a former lecturer in law; descend into personal attack on judges, you are bringing yourself, the...
Where are the partisan justices?: Tsatsu Tsikata, lead counsel for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the...
Former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Ahafo Ano South, Stephen Balado Manu has labeled...
Tsatsu Tsikata's life threat on Justice Anin Yeboah. forces him to flee the country for his dear life.
Leave Tsatsu Tsikata Alone: ll: Good Day. I promised to return to the topic. I hope it gave you ...
Tsatsu Tsikata: Kufuor should *** insults to Mahama, Not my comments -
Dr. Wireko Brobbey writes to the General Legal Council asking that it drags Tsatsu Tsikata & Gabby Otchere Darko before it.
In Defence Of Tsatsu Tsikata: Of all the NPP critics who have jumped on the lead counsel of the NDC, Mr Tsatsu...
A few days ago, Mr Tsatsu Tsikata offered politically-minded Ghanaians and lawyers alike an opportunity to peep...
Tsatsu Tsikata’s imputation of corrupt motives to Justice Anin Yeboah is eerily reminiscent of the attacks that...
Tsatsu Tsikata Should be Charged with Conspiracy: The leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC) Osagyefo Dr” ...
National Democratic Congress (NDC) lawyer in the election petition, Tsatsu Tsikata, who has received criticism...
Kufuor should *** insults to Mahama not my comments – Tsatsu Tsikata -
Tsatsu Tsikata lead counsel for NDC faces the press
“that Tsatsu Tsikata vrs Attorney General II citing was priceless”> priceless
AM TALK: Tsatsu Tsikata shows no remorse for remarks made about Supreme Court Judges and Former President Kufuor
This is clearly what Tsatsu Tsikata is doing atm
On Your Super Morning Show Today;. Tsatsu Tsikata declines calls on him to withdraw and apologize for making...
The error of summoning Tsatsu Tsikata in the name of the president being deemed harmless in the review was cited in the majority ruling.
"We will overcome mr tsatsu tsikata" jake obetsebi lamptey hehehe so its true he is too big for them to handle lol
You make my life check like Tsatsu Tsikata den ein pink sheets...
Audio: Listen to Tsatsu Tsikata explain his criticism of Justice Anin-Yeboah: Click to listen to Lawyer for th...
Join us on with your views and comments on the following headline stories; - Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings calls on Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo. - Tsatsu Tsikata says, he owes nobody an apology for his comments on Supreme Court Justice Anin Yeboah. - University Teachers Association of Ghana refuses to call of strike. - Two policemen shot dead by armed robbers at Pomadzie in the Central Region.
National Democratic Congress (NDC) lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata has singled out for attack and tongue-lashing, Justice...
Citi fm, I want you guys to give me a comprehensive of Law Professor and illuminater Tsatsu Tsikata
All hail the Masquerade called Tsatsu Tsikata: There is no doubt that the myth surrounding the so called legal...
I don't know whether you get my point. My point is simple if Tsatsu Tsikata is saying the sins of the presiding officer should not
Really proud of Barrister Tsatsu Tsikata and Barrister Philip Addisson. These great men just make law *sweet*
Tsatsu Tsikata's tooth lol I'm told he lost them whilst playing cricket in 1977 lol lawyer go fix them please..
There is complete confusion in the exhibits filed by the petitioners - Tsatsu Tsikata
If you came effectively on conclusion to annulled votes. That mean you retroactively penalize the voter -Tsatsu Tsikata
I Can't help but declared to the whole World that Tsatsu Tsikata is the best Lawyer out of this planet.
The constitution frowns on punishing people retroactively using Article49 - Tsatsu Tsikata
There is no where in the constitution which states votes should be annulled - Tsatsu Tsikata
There' s no where in the constitution where interpreting of article49 can lead to annulment of elections - Tsatsu Tsikata
It is now Tsatsu Tsikata's turn to be 'cross-examined' by the judges.
"...extremely poor in logic and if I may add, deficient in statistics as well."~Tsatsu Tsikata
"as a hypocritical joker who pampers the counsel for the National Democratic Congress,Tsatsu Tsikata,but habitually scolds the NPP counsel"
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"The law is quite clear on the retroactive penalty. Right to vote is fundamental and there cannot be retroactive penalties"- Tsatsu Tsikata
so Ghana most brilliant, excellent and best ever lawyer grew up in my hood hail Tsatsu Tsikata
A member of the legal team of the New Patriotic Party has taken poke-shot at Tsatsu Tsikata for suggesting that the…
Tsatsu Tsikata's 'retroactive penalty' claims is alien to the law - Lawyer: A member of the legal team of the ...
'Bawumia has let his side down': Counsel for the National Democratic Congress, Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, says the key...
After this supreme court case, I just want to be a lawyer in future!! With Tsatsu Tsikata, Mr Akoto Ampaw, Philip Addison as role models.
I will say and forever say this--- Tsatsu Tsikata will forever be a legal luminary
In times like this I weep for wisdom in old age and gray hair. Tsatsu Tsikata on my mind!!!. Law isn't ones ability to use abusive words.
“The petition is factually empty, legally pathetic, poor in arithmetic , poorer in logic and deficient in statistics” -Tsatsu Tsikata.
Makes sense. ""Failure of public duty" does not give anyone the power to nullify the votes of innocent voters ~~~> Tsatsu Tsikata"
Its clear that Tsatsu Tsikata effectively dealt with the weaknesses of the petitoners’ case, Philip Addison is distracted to respond.
I missed some of his words but I captured these... Factually empty. Legally pathethic. Arithmetically... Poor in logic. Tsatsu Tsikata
What in your opinion was the punch line in Tsatsu Tsikata's oral delivery?
Tsatsu Tsikata has lived up to the address. Using a Marxist technique of arguing. He needed more time to raise his own points.
Tsatsu Tsikata, the legend has been "over-told", i guess.
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"The weakest link in an already weak chain".I am loving this address by Tsatsu Tsikata in all its respect!
I could see Dr. Amaliba admiration for Tsatsu Tsikata
Complacency will def be the end of tsatsu tsikata
Tsatsu Tsikata and Technicalities check Like Messi nd Soccer..He is gud @ it tho..
Lawyer Tsatsu tsikata is making a good point tho, But baba God will be in favor of NPP
Tsatsu Tsikata is just too much of a lawyer. Big up lawyer. Waiting to hear submission.
Tsatsu Tsikata be too known .. "Empty barrels does make the most noise" .. He thinks he knows the law better ..
"My Lords, these shifting sands cannot be a basis for your Lordships to determine this case." Tsatsu Tsikata
Tsatsu Tsikata is making a very compelling arguments! I like what I am hearing!
The petitioner are asking you my Lords to retroactively penalize the voters - Tsatsu Tsikata
"The witness of the petitioners disqualifies himself." Tsatsu Tsikata
for the Quashie Idun is done. Lawyer for the Tsatsu Tsikata now presenting his address.
will continue sounding convincing till takes the floor. is simply interesting.I'm beginnin 2 consida law saf
Tsikata To File NDC's Written Address This Morning. - Tsatsu Tsikata, counsel for NDC Lawyers for the ruling...
The Supreme Court has waved the order and has accepted the filling of the written address by Tsatsu Tsikata, which was filed on 9:50am.
I still dont understand Tsatsu Tsikata coz he finished his cross-examination earlier.He is a legal luminary yet didnt finish writing his add
Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata (Legal maradona) haven't been able to sleep for the past 2 weeks... He was busily chatting...
Chaley, today di33 Tsatsu Tsikata didnt start well at all. Bashing frm the Bench and the bar.
Tsatsu Tsikata didnt finish writing his address?? Wait. He is the legal luminary inna the whole Ghana
Wow .manifest reall father is tsatsu wonder very he is very poetric
I wish i get to meet this genius one day. Sir Tsatsu Tsikata
This is just in: NDC fails to meet address deadline: Tsatsu Tsikata,counsel for the governing National... Thanks.
u ave made ma life lyk lyk tsatsu tsikata n his SHEETS, so how many tyms do u wnt me 2 show u dat i u
Lawyer Tony Lithur represented as counsel for 1st respondent, Quarshie Idun for 2nd respondent & Tsatsu Tsikata for 3rd respondent.
I just saw this "Then Pep wan come do tiki taka for Bayern. Eyii Tsatsu tsikata". LMAO! Boys bi wicked
Tsatsu Tsikata sef bedRT judge people that they dont even know
Tsatsu Tsikata the brain behind the 1992 constitution "Mention some people you think should be on Ghana's Currency?Dead/ Alive
it too bad how Ghanaian always talk negative about intelligent people at the age of 16 the man Tsatsu was in legon and graduated at the age of 19 with a 1st class degree in law!he is a genius.u saying he is a thief how old are u now but yet you have got no degree not even a certificate.look at u pointing one of your fingers at him whilst the rest points towards you..looser tell me what was the basics for his arrest..go read it and if you can read and understand English you will see that he did not steal.
So did Tsatsu Tsikata justify himself as perceived by some ghanaians to be the best lawyer ghana has ever had?
Tsatsu Tsikata seem like the sort of person a woman in labour wld pause the birth of her baby midway to listen to and continue when hes done
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Tsatsu tsikata like using this phrase "there is absolutely no way" , he be huuhuu oo
Tsatsu Tsikata lectured Addison to become who he is right now. ...
Herh bt I must confess that Addison is a very good lawyer. ...I don't know where they got him from bt Tsatsu Tsikata is class.
Tsatsu Tsikata is the guyest lawyer I've ever seen..
Main Counsel for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, has suspected the Main Counsel »
A thief who was sentenced and released on Presidential pardon
“If u meet Tsatsu Tsikata in town. Greet him for me ok!!!” Tell his son erh cc
Tsatsu Tsikata!!! He should take it easy on Dr Bawumia.
Ghana: You Are Having A Laugh--Tsatsu Tsikata: Let me be very clear with my readers about the caption of this ...
Tsatsu Tsikata will always have a problem with something.gosh
Tsatsu/Addison clash in court: Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, Counsel for third Respondent a...
Tsatsu Tsikata tells about petitioners’ case that he is exhausted of taking to check some lists of pink sheets »
You will be there noorr then the NDC guys on ur TL will say "Tsatsu Tsikata!".Few mins later Npp pple too go talk "Phillip Addison!" asem o
Tsatsu Tsikata n Tony Lithur are to blame for our lost!
eeiii NDC YOU brought your hard n bad luck into football too ad3n...? only today that Tsatsu Tsikata stood in the...
This is just in: We are tired of Petitioners’ list – Tsatsu suggests: Tsatsu Tsikata says he is tired ... Thanks.
What do you expect in return when people like Tsatsu Tsikata wish the Satelites "good luck". Do they have best wishes at all?...
oh my God!!; I want to be like Prof. Dr. Lawyer Tsatsu Kwaku Karikari Tsikata
I just love this man Tsatsu Tsikata.
How many days is Addison going to use to cross examine Afari Gyan. Delay tactic.
Love words from the supreme court. I will be your atuguba presiding over your life with clearing of throat and authority. I will vehemently object to any evidence being tendered through you that will complicate your life, like quashie idun I will keep all the important days in your life like I do with proceedings, I will introduce exhibits of my love for you like Tony Lithur without mislabelling from my heart, I will continuely duplicate, triplicate and even quadriplicate my love for you day by day even dough laywer tsatsu tsikata will point them out to me, I will throw out any amicous couri that will be a nuisance to our love. As a witness I will analyse your mistakes and make sure they appear and only used once like dr bawumia, like the "palmwine tapper" Asiedu Nketia I will make sure every word that comes out of my mouth will take away your sad memory and fill your face with smiles and laughter, l will admit my faults and mistakes when I have to but this mistakes wouldn't be intentional but all in e .. ...
Every christian is 100% sure that he/she know God, yes its true "but does God really know you too"? Check urself and know where you stand for God is coming soon th'for repent n save urself from the LAKE OF FIRE.
Infact Tsatsu Tsikata is the best Lawyer ever any objection I guess know.
The combined effect of the submission(s) by the Respondents in their opposition to the Petitioners application for KPMG to do a count of the 1540 pinksheet exhibits was to point out to their Lordships that the Report has adequately captured what the Petitioners were asking for.Tsatsu Tsikata,finally killed the application when he told the count that the Report indeed captured what the Petitioners.TSIKATA IS JUST AN ASSET#
Have been busy all day. Please brief me on today's court proceedings.
Justice Atuguba, Please, when are you jailing Sir John and Hopeson. I can't wait to witness that.
“It has become evident that Petitioners are seeking to delay the resolution of the petition and leave a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the nation even as their case is being shown to be entirely without merit,” “continuing distraction that will be caused by the significant delay that will result from the grant of this application would not just be the prejudice and detriment of 3rd Respondent but would be to the prejudice and detriment of the nation at large.”. Tsikata, the law guru.
I tot the respondents opposed to these soft copy "thing". Why are they now providing their e-mails? For what? Akoto give hard copy to also suffer. KVIP Lawyers
Folks whats de difference btwn lawyer gloria akuffo nd ato dadzie when it comes to court reportage?
Today that Tony Soft Copy Lithur is indisposed, I am highly and seriously surprised to hear Tsatsu Tsikata talking about email service. Hm I am IT literate but I am at this point forced to believe that there is a very big gab in soft copy and email services (messages). Any way we are also scared of the email service and is very costly so we will not send it by email wai Mr. Tsikata. I have said my peace so you can go to *** stay and rot there.
Tsatsu Tsikata.We'll not be in position just there nd then to.nd de case adjourned til tomoro.wat a brilliant lawyer, nd hero of our time?
Tsatsu Tsikata is the name !!! What unbelievable. Makes things happen from mountains *SC* watch it
ecially yesterday.. Which of these lawyers will you. suggest to me. 1) lawyer TSATSU TSIKATA. 2) lawyer ATTA KYEA. 3)lawyer ADISSON
Tony Lithur and Tsatsu Tsikata’s Rambo style storming of the KPMG count, Quashie Idun’s sublime reception of every suggestion from Tsatsu suggests a blood covenant between or among the three respondents. Will the three agree to any form of “divorce” prior to a re-run? I doubt it. “Till death do us part” seems to be the promise they will never back from, at least with an EC presently composed. A new Commissioner (female) has just been sworn in to replace Mr. Safo Kantanka in a quiet manner that has not even hit the newsnote#
Tsatsu Tsikata as usual spitting his propaganda brofo 1 by 1... None of the judges will be perturbed
I told u b4, this man has no moral right to appear as a counsel to defend anybody in any court of our land. Once a thief always a ex-convict tsatsu Tsikata is a disgrace to the judiciary.
Tsatsu,the legal guru has just proven to the court that the so called unclear exhibits have been captured in the report of the referee comprehensively.This application is bogus!
And who is dis confused lawyer? Even Tsatsu Tsikata n co no fit den u an amateur nobody.
Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, aka Sir John, the general secretary of the largest opposition political party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) might soon face the wrath of the Supreme Court for potentially contemptuous statements he allegedly made against members of the panel hearing the presidential election petition case. Mr. Justice William Atuguba, president of the nine-member panel, gave the hint of the observation of the court on the NPP General Secretary’s comments when the court resumed yesterday for continuation of the cross-extermination of Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan by the petitioners counsel. According to the court, it has taken judicial notice of the comments by the NPP General Secretary which was published in the Enquirer newspaper last Friday, the 5th of June, 2013, against the Supreme Court and would advise itself on the matter. Mr. Owusu Afriyie is reported by the paper to have said on a programme, dubbed "Boiling Point," a political talk show on Oman FM, an Accra based private radio station, sin ...
Folks...Who is delaying the election petition or case? A. Judges B. Tsatsu tsakata C.Tonny lithur D. Quarshie idun. Start work!!
“Do they think we are stupid. You sit there and frown like a voodoo deity. When Addison is talking you shut him down and beat him with sticks but when it comes to Tsatsu, when he gets angry you ask him apologetically if he is angry. What hurts me the most is that man you call Atugubu or Atuguba“ by sir john He also criticized questions asked by Tsatsu Tsikata, counsel for the ruling NDC, when he cross-examined the star witness for the petitoners, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, describing them as nonsensical.
is manifest really tsatsu tsikata's son? I can't bliv my ears
Lawyer Addison has now proved as Tsatsu Tsikata said earlier on,incompetent before the Supreme Court.He does not know what he is about...Shame..
Contempt of court looms over Sir John; Atuguba hints
I prefer ugly noises to the culture of silence - Kweku Baako As a section of Ghanaians continues to think that the country belongs to it, and also continues to delude itself into believing that its line of thinking must be worshiped, Mr. Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, has taken it upon himself to visit a swipe upon Ghana’s Supreme Court Judges, for jailing Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie, resulting from his extremely contemptuous and unacceptable conduct before the learned Justices of the Highest Court of the Land. Speaking with a false sense of extreme authority, Kwaku Baako condemned the said judgment with all the “authority at his disposal” and saw no sense in the decision by the learned Justices to enforce the laws of the Land as they did. Speaking on Joy FM’s News Night Programme on Tuesday, July 02, 2013, the day Ken Kuranchie was deservedly thrown into jail for showcasing his rare brand of imprudence; Mr. Baako said he prefers “UGLY NOISES TO THE CULTURE OF SILENCE”. Per Kweku Baako’s line of think ...
Da bi why i no dey pop de proccedings again on tv but following am on social network. at de momment i hear Tony Lithur den tsatsu tsikata voice noo den i start dey vomit. they should wait gradually gradually dema end dey near small small dey go smell acid.
Folks,are u aware Mr Tsatsu Tsikata entered Mfantsipim School at the age of 9?
Who is the best among this lawers 1.Philip Adison 2.Tsatsu Tsikata 3.Kwasi Idan 4 .Tony Lito
Tsatsu Tsikata Created,Shared n Looted Ghana Money,was he Transfered from Jail to Jail??.
Those journalist asking for the where about of Ken Kurankye should asked themselves whether the were in Ghana when Tsatsu Tsikata and many others were jailed.Did they ask for the where about of Tsatu? Hm do we really have professional journalist in Ghana? Atubiga was jailed with Ken Kurankye but did they asked for the where about of Atubiga? I am sad as a Ghanaian.
Lyk our presidency, Ghana's goal against Chile was an error one.Chile must gather all their pink sheets n take Ghana to court.
"16 yrs which secondary school is he in?" Tsatsu Tsikata tinnz. Tertiary. E start skul early
"Be an academic! No, be a politician." is what my mind is telling me! Ok, although it's difficult to choose between the two, I certainly am hopeful I can succeed in each case. However, on the political score, if it is one that will erode my morality, dignity, humanity and the very essence of my creation, then may the good Lord nip my political endeavours in the bud. For now, I am a young lad of the National Democratic Congress who holds Ghana in high esteem and would serve her in any respect I can. Irrespective of our differences, we can only build a true nation if we have the sense of belonging together. In any case, the commonality in man far transcends the differences we have in us. GOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND GHANA!!!
I will not be suprise if the supreme court call sir john for 4 making criminal contempt against the court. He said the judges are not fair. That they are gentle when dealing with the counsel for NDC,Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, but are *** Addison,counsel for d petitioners. William Atuguba shld be careful about those actions,he said... Npp 4 Ghana!!!
Who is the most blockheaded lawyer in Ghana?
What will the head of Prisons Officer get by obeying Julor Mahama’s order of not disclosing the whereabouts of Madiba Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie? Lucy Adjeiwaa Kuranchie and her kids are crying cos they are worried about him. According to the wife, she went to Kete-Krachi to deliver food to her husband but the prison officers told her they don’t know his where about. When the Head of Prison officer reacted to her distressed on peace Fm, he said he can’t disclose the whereabouts of Ken. Let us all pray for Mandela of Ghana before these evil people try something nasty. I heard Mahama and Victoria Hammah are planning to murder him through accident. I pray and reject the satanic notion in Jesus name. Lord Jesus protects him from these evil plans and let the hero live and see Nana Addo’s presidency. Freedom is coming tomorrow.
So Ken Kuranchie exposed Atta akyea dat, he is not a good lawyer. Addison also proves that, all lawyers from Akuffo Addo chambers are only trained to argue with judges.
Upon a reflection on my good friend Ken Kuranchie's journey to jail, I have convinced myself that Lawyer Atta Akyea is not a good lawyer! But I don't blame him coz they say all lawyers trained at Akufo Addo, Prempeh & Co chambers are trained to argue with Judges.
Can someone recommend any network apart from mtn for me,can't stand their broad daylight stealing of credits anymore,this is too bad
NDC gov't can never rule Ghana. aimless sent him to salaga, what will d NDC achieve in all this?May be this is de solution to dumsor ...confusion galore. Pray so that de decision to kill him does not come true.Madiba Ken is a hero.say amen if you believe in God.
if the NPP members claim: Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie..! Is a HERO... . then Tsatsu Tsikata of NDC is...?. one WORD
When Tsatsu Tsikata was convicted and sentenced in prison, his wife and family always visited him everyday. Why not the same for Ken?
Read the following carefully and answer the questions. ''My Lords Atuguba,I want to know what the gentleman has read to me before I respond.Is it a charge sheet or what?'' 1.Who made this statement?[10 marks] 2.Where is he now?[10 marks] 3.How will he be referred to when he comes back?[10 marks]
Tsatsu Tsikata a lawyer slept with a girl & forgot her panties in the car. The wife found them & tore them apart screaming: "What is this"? He calmly replied "U just destroyed an evidence of a rape case i'm working on worth Millions" the wife quickly went down on her knees & apologized. Is Tsatsu Tsikata : 1. Smart, 2. A good lawyer, 3. A *** good liar? 4. Genius
You and I were not there. We can only rely on the evidence on the face of the pinksheets and that suggests that there was over voting my lords.
A recap of 'Tsatsu cross-examines Dr. Bawumia': “If you want to be honest with the court let us put down my analysis. If you are not afraid of the truth, show me one repeated polling station in my analysis. If you are afraid of the truth then of course you would hide behind these exhibit numbers” ~ Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia dares Tsikata
by Nelima   A while back, local emcee, M.anifest nee Amet Tsikata wrote this entry on his blog, The Birds & The Beats,  under the posting of his newest song;  “Politics is wildly divisive and s...
“you make my life ECG, it has become like Tsatsu Tsikata and his pink sheet, it’s not your fault that you don’t believe whatever I say.
Ken had been taken from *** to krachie. Even tsikata who had misused huge sum of money belonging to the state had never be treated this way. Woyome, Betty, Ebo and that baby with a sharp teeth are still walking freely on this soil. That why l ask always is the any human right and justice on this land?
never think that prison services is in control of the hero mandela madiba kuranchie. mahama is a wicked man. he ordered the volta police not allow visitors to the hero madiba ken kuranchie. mahama killed mills because he was tired of the veep position. he is sacrificial lamb. he sacrificed his life so the truth will come out. ndc evil men must get the fact; the mighty savior is staying for 10days and not more. kuffour allowed visitors for a criminal like tsatsu tsikata. if mahama don’t take care, we will teach him a lesson. how can this evil take us to the back days when Ghanaians maltreated because they don’t support evil ndc party? that war monger Atubigah who said mahama sent him to declared war was not maltreated. mahama can go to *** he can’t kill mandiba. mahama really came to steal and destroy ghana. the media needs freedom, the prisoners needs freedom. Akossua Domite Mugu Yaro Npp Atiwa Constituency Isaac Kwame Love Farouk Kwame Kwateng Kwame Npp Okatakyie Kofi Kusi Amponsah David Paps Tet . ...
*BROKEN HEARTED* Its your birthday my love and am far away from you . You mean so much to me my Darling. Distance is very very unfriendly my love, but its hurts to hear all those words from you on your birthday. My tears are about to filled the Akosombo dam. I will buy you kalipo and nkatie burger ok.
Home- Afari-Gyan confronted with 553 unsigned pink sheetsLawyers for the petitioners challenging the declaration of President John Dramani Mahama as the winner ofthe December 7 and 8, 2012 presidential polls yesterday brought out an additional 553 unsigned pink sheets to disprove claims by the Electoral Commission(EC) that only 905 pink sheets were unsigned. According to the petitioners, morethan 905 pink sheets had no signatures of presiding officers and were, therefore, not fit to be added to the tally of polls, but the EC had, in its defence, claimed thatthere were only 905 unsigned pink sheets, representing 3.5 per cent of the entire results declared. In his bid to negate the EC’s position, lead counsel for the petitioners, Mr Philip Addison, brought out parcels of pink sheets, which were unsigned, andsucceeded in making the Chairman of the EC, Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, confirm that each of those pink sheets was unsigned. Counsels for the respondents, Mr Tony Lithur, Mr James Quashie-Idun and Mr Tsatsu ...
Ken Kuranchie is the darling of the country as he chose the truth and went to jail. Can you believe I could not get a copy of Daily Searchlight this morning? When I went to the news vendors in Bantama, I was told the paper got finish at Kejetia so I had to glance through someone’s copy. We have men who will stand up for the truth. President Nana Addo is coming...share or like if you believe Ken is hero...
Court overrules objection by Respondents. The Supreme Court on Thursday overruled an objection raised by counsel for second respondent that a list of seven pink sheets, which the petitioners seeks to do cross examination with, donot tally with KPMG report.The petitioners want to question Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, Chairman of the Electoral Commission on the pink sheets.The Court said the objection by the respondents was pre-emptive since no question has been put before the witness.The Court gave the ruling when Dr Afari Gyan, witness of the second respondent mounted the witness box again after a long break to allow KPMG to audit the pink sheets in the custody of the registrar.Mr James Quarshie Idun, Counsel for second respondent who raised theinitial objection said the new list numbering seven do not match with the content of the KPMG report and they have duly alerted Mr Akoto Ampaw amember of the Petitioners legal team.Mr Tony Lithur, Counsel for first respondent, who associated with the objection said it cou ...
Early morning sex is 7 times more effective than coffee.
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There is something unique about TSATSU TSIKATA.. I now understand, the man is a born lawyer and a wise man indeed. He is fair and keep his principle with help of God..I salute u counsel, you are an asset to Ghana and africa...MAY GOD GRANT U STRENGTH TO DO GOOD WORK FOR OUR LEGAL SYSTEM
Pls help me find an appropraite name for ma son. Its very urgent
Do you know why i hate to watch or listening the petition hearing but rather following updates on fb is nothing but becos of Tsatsu Tsikata and Tony Lithur voice ide bore me k3k3 truely, i dont know why i hate to hear their voice.
One thing i like about Tsatsu Tsikata is, he smiles a lot.
Objection raised by Quashie Idun, Tsatsu Tsikata & Tony Lithur concerning mislabeling of exhibits just before the break is . . OVER-RULED . Glory be to God !!
We have now seen the MASTER OF LAW and a STUDENT IN LAW #
Tsatsu Tsikata has done Ghana a great disservice for refusing to be apointed as Supreme Court Judge. His knowledge as a law practicetioner can be more blessing to this Nation than he opting to be just a mere private lawyer. Dnt call me for contempt else you guys will regret it.
Tsatsu Tsikata foresaw this development that the petitioners charge would have some difficulties. The judges must be acquiring. Technicalities is suppressing the petitioners' evidence.
Why is the ex-convict Tsatsu behaving like that? Someone should tell him he can’t get the re-run Mahama seeks. Free SHS is coming soon. Woyome will vomit our money soon. Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie
Yesterday when the Judges stated that they wouldn't care if nobody does not have a pink sheet and does not want to disclose it's that individual's palava, Mr. Tsikata was quiet with his colleagues giving the impression as though they are completely beaten to it. Please, you can see for yourself that at times, silence is louder than words o!!!
Tsatsu Tsikata is even underrated.He's even 'more' than we were made to believe.He is genius.I 'swear wele'.
I still stand by this Statement!!Now the Judges are also confirming this. Gilbert Richmond Roc Rockson wrote: Knowledge is power..If Tsatsu were British,I'm sure he'll be Sir Tsatsu Tsikata!!I salute Sir!!
Tsatsu Tsikata should be appointed as the presiding judge of the hague.
Did you see what Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata has been able to make the Judges discover? Tsatsu is a real luminary!!!
Tsatsu Tsikata trap no akye bayla.hehehehehehe
Ex-convict Tsatsu Tsikata , Tony Lithur and Idun banking their hope in mislabeling!.Directionless!
“ Let us not suppress evidence Mr Justice Anin Yeboah said, “Let us not suppress evidence in a very serious matter like this,” and indicated that KPMG had been conditionally ( MEANING KPMG CAN BE CALLED BACK AT ANYTIME) discharged by the court”. Ndc's Tsatsu Tsikata asked for KPMG but now i know he has regretted inviting them into the matter
I will say it again,if i decide to read law today,is just because of Mr Tsatsu Tsikata,nonthing else.He is a GEM.
Ooohhh Tsatsu Tsikata. whether the b shark swallow Yona or Yona swallow the shark. there was a swallow !! There is no way you can say the shark should have been swallow therefore there wasn't any swallow. Once the exhibitts were captured int he KPMG's report . it is being taking into account... what is your beef in this ?? This is the reason why Lawyer Phillip Addison was requesting for softcopy of the report. Confuse lawyers !!
Tsatsu Tsikata and Tony Lithur are great counsel.Lecture the doubting thomas
Hate him or like him,he is the law Wizard.EXCLUSIVETSIKATA
knowkedge is power...Tsatsu Tsikata is de don.
Tsatsu Tsikata is still unmatched in law!!! U can say whatever u have to say but the fact still remains!!
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