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I know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House has ever told…
Hiding from the press: Trump White House is dismantling a cornerstone of American democracy
"To put it bluntly: There is a direct line from the Trump White House to anti-Muslim hate" https…
Violent leftists are rejected by the Democratic Party, Ted Nugent is invited to the Trump White House. It isn't "both sides."
NEWS: Secret Service doesn't have audio recordings or transcripts made in Trump White House, per htt…
U.S. Secret Service says it has no Trump White House tapes. Still no word from Russian Secret Service:
Secret Service: We don't have any Trump White House tapes
Aaaand there it is --> Secret Service says it has no recordings or transcripts of any Trump White House tapes
Kellyanne was at an embassy party last night, leaking sensitive Priebus and Trump White House conversations to
Trump White House moves from lies to authoritarian-style propaganda
Thomas Barrack Jr. with Megan Murphy talking Trump White House. live now on Bloomberg TV
Trump White House is like a conglomerate with different affiliates housed under its roof. The Bannon affiliate, the Kushner…
I think it's beginning to dawn on America's CEOs that the Trump White House is populated by morons.
Fun Fact: The Trump White House gave out as many ethics waivers in 4 months as did in 8 years.
Rep. Adam Schiff went to the Trump White House. It got weird
How the Trump White House has tried to interfere with the Russia investigations
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I've noticed there are no pets in the Trump White House. Poor little Baron is gonna need a friend if he ever moves…
If "fake news" from unnamed sources is the enemy why does the Trump White House so often confirm the reports? His twee…
Dreamed last night that I worked in the Trump White House. I don't remember many of the details but I know that...
White House 'person of interest' in Trump-Russia investigation is Kushner
'We do not have to get used to this' US official condemns politicians for accepting terror .
Melania Trump is the first practicing Catholic in the White House since Kennedy, spokeswoman confirms... -
Our breaking report: Trump is not tracking all foreign payments to his companies, despite pledge.
Oh my. White House pooler view of the Trump - Macron handshake in Brussels: knuckles turned white and faces…
Trump and his allies stumble as Russia probe moves closer to the White House
Infowars smears Manchester bombing victims on same day the Trump White House gives them press credentials...
Pres. Trump met with Pope Francis and Sean Spicer, a Catholic who eagerly anticipating the meeting, wasn't with him
my god, this is infuriating: Trump/Republicans want to stop improvement of weather forecasting/prediction
A Catholic is about to move into the White House: Melania Trump
Spicer fumed to colleagues after being excluded from meeting with Pope, admin official told CNN
Sean Spicer, a steadfast Catholic, was eagerly anticipating the meeting with Pope Francis – but he wasn't present
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Donald Trump’s White House now admits it fudged the numbers in its budget by $2 trillion
Trump's proposed trillion-dollar cuts to Medicaid are a stunning reversal from one of his biggest campaign promises ht…
Ah yes, Trump sure can deal. LOL . But give Trump credit. He's great at bluffing and being the first snake oil salesman in the White House.
Ramadan starts this weekend. Will Trump continue the tradition of annual White House iftar meals started by President Geor…
President Trump will light the White House blue to honor cont. reading: .
.why not call him President Trump? Winning the White House should earn that respect! I understand just Trump but Donald?…
"If you're on food stamps and able-bodied, we need you to go to work," the White House budget director says
This Fox poll is bad news for the White House. Pence's numbers are tanking. And 68% back the special counsel.
Spicer's absence in papal visit reveals Trump's family-first rule
Jared Kushner’s life as a predatory capitalist is the perfect symbol for the Trump White House:
Melania Trump: first Catholic in the White House since the Kennedys
John Oliver Breaks Down the Latest Scandals to Rock the Trump White House! via
Bob Mueller's thoroughness should terrify the Trump White House, writes via
Alec Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson lead SNL’s Trump White House team in singing “Hallelujah”
McCain Escalates Attacks on Trump Sen. John McCain says the latest revelations out of the Trump White House are "at
Trump White House faces mounting pressure amid Comey scandal – politics live Man, this is great.
At least Trump White House won't be distracted while writing insanely delicate speech about Islam in Saudi Arabia in one w…
GOP head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says Trump White House is in a 'downward spiral' https:…
Ex-NY FBI head: Trump White House staffers ‘better *** well’ get attorneys
Cecily Strong as Cathy Anne did an excellent job calling out the craziness of the Trump White House.
One comforting thing about the Trump White House is that you aren't forced to choose between malice and incompetence. It's…
Susan Rice mocks Trump White House for being "tricked" by Russian press
Live look at the Trump White House attempting to get on the same page about why they fired FBI Director James Comey htt…
The word "integrity" has no place coming from anyone in the Trump White House. None.
Trump White House not first to obstruct justice but first to ever brag about it in public.
NEWS: scoops that Deputy AG threatened to resign as the Trump White House made him the Comey scapegoat. htt…
In the past 24 hours, Roger Stone, Julian Assange and the Trump White House spoke out on BEHALF of Hillary Clinton. And
Matt Schlapp doesn't add much to the show. He should join the Trump White House.
"Trump White House counsel" or "Chief counsel to the National Republican Congressional Committee" isn't something you put in your rock bio.
.Trump White House arguing "it's essentially the Obama administration's fault" they hired Michael Flynn. https…
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.the Trump White House ask you to cancel the Sally Yates hearing? Asking for America.
Obama warned us that trump was the most unqualified, unprepared person ever to seek the white house. He knew he was…
White House now confirming this account, but saying "why would [Obama] be" a fan of Flynn —> https…
"Ivanka Trump shouldn't be expected to be the voice of reason for her father" nobody told her *** to be in the White ***
Just another morning in the Trump White House.
Exclusive: Obama warned Trump against hiring Mike Flynn as his NSA during 90-min meeting at the White House 48 hrs af…
Trump can't win the Nomination. Trump can't win the White House. Trump can't get healthcare through the House. 3-0 so far for R
.explains White House should know difference between "clearance" and "access" on
Candidate Trump: "I just want to stay in the White House and work my *** off...". President Trump: "Nah"
I just published “President McMaster? — McMaster to Meet with Trump to Discuss Who is Running the White House”
Frightened by an angry mob in NYC, hides out at The Yankee White House
Why isn't the end point of in the grasp of Trump being shouted from the rooftops ?
Inside the deep state conspiracy that made its way to the White House. So, this is where the crazy comes from.
Trump Team Hoped Nobody Would Notice the Man with Trump at the White House this Week -
White House Proposes 95% Cut in Funding to the Office Leading the Opioid Fight.
The unusually public debate within the Trump White House over the Paris climate accord is almost over, officials say https…
Obama once again shows what a real President does. Nothing like Dumpster in the White House
Trump bussed every senator to the White House to tell them nothing new about North Korea.
CNNMoney. Jared Kushner has stepped away from the family business since taking a key role in Trump's White House. …
Are you guys willfully ignoring the dumpster fire that is our White House right now, or are you just a bun…
The Kushners are adding China fundraising to the growing list of White House financial conflicts
White House releases short statement congratulating Macron. But it's from Spicer, not Trump .
Per sources close to White House, add Kushner to list of those who've clashed with McMaster.
Trump White House is a very unpleasant place to work, and completely dysfunctional. At the NSC this is dangerous.
Trump Family and in-laws have turned White House into Home Shopping Network. Always hawking something to make $$.
Barack Obama personally warned Donald Trump not to hire Michael Flynn
This is well and truly all on your head, Donald!
.slams Trump White House staffer for expressing "openness" to meeting with anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan
The Kushner's key to success, Chinese visas for dollars invested in their properties. Corruption is a family affair at Trump White House
And yes the Trump White House is still promoting anti-vaxxers
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Little birdies are telling me the Trump White House will be releasing its long-awaited religious freedom order for
Is the Trump White House taking credit for border fence construction approved by previous presidents?
What's disgraceful is what the Trump White House has been doing to this country, now that's obscene
surprised at the number of black Jackson portraits in Trump White House; Jesse, Jesse Jr., Michael, Reggie.
As the 100-day mark approaches, how have newsrooms fared in covering the Trump White House?
because it doesn't have them. Trump White House refuses to give key Flynn documents to Co…
Trump White House is 'still working on' anti-LGBT religious freedom order
It's astonishing to me that the Trump White House keeps a senior staffer with long ties to Nazi-allied groups
Trump White House releases WEAK statement on anniversary of Armenian Genocide
Global finance leaders dodge conflict with Trump White House
As US military does its thing, the Trump White House races to catch up (& spin) afterwards. That isn't strategy.
"Jeff Sessions is the Slytheryn House Elf of the Trump White House." John Fugelsang on Stephanie Miller Show.
Jonathan Jones is most of America as the New England Patriots visit the Trump White House.
“The commercial currents of the Trump White House are unprecedented in modern American politics, ethics lawyers say” https:…
Scott Pruitt calls for an ‘exit’ from the Paris accord, sharpening the Trump White House's climate rift
Trump White House says it won't be transparent at all since Obama wasn't transparent enough via
Trevor Noah back: D Love this guy. Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show via
Shut it all down: Trump White House closes - Democratic Underground via…
Top Trump White House advisor Dina Powell visited the Obama White House 8 times. I know this because they released visitor logs.
Trump will not provide details of how many foreign agents come and go from the White House, because those are mostly staf…
⚡️ “Trump administration will not release the list of White House visitors ”.
Trump’s infrastructure plan is caught in a White House turf war
A plot twist you never saw coming (😉): President Trump loves the swamp just the way it is.
There is NO SOUTHERN WHITE HOUSE. Just a country club owned by Trump. And he makes money personally every time he visits. W…
The Obama administration voluntarily released the records, a policy that Trump is reversing.
Why, it's almost as if we're talking about people whose business and foreign connections can't withstand scrutiny
Trump is now denying the public the right to know who visits the White House. What's he hiding?. This is appalling. Impeach!
White House will not release its visitor logs; will be kept secret for at least 5 years after Trump leaves office
Statement from on Trump White House's decision to keep its visitor logs secret
Trump wants to keep White House visitor logs secret. If you disagree with this practice, tell the WH 202-456-1
Trump said he'd drain the swamp. Instead, he's giving big donors and lobbyists unknown levels of influence in the White House.…
If Trump decides to keep the visitor logs of the White House secret, then we must force the administration to give the…
This seems relevant on as Trump White House announces it will keep hidden WH visitor logs Obama admin voluntarily released…
The Democrats Fear Trump Family will be in the White House 50 years..this is beautiful.!
If Steve Bannon is fired, his pal vows to spill the beans on Donald Trump and everyone in White House
Instead of *improving* on Obama's visitor logs process, by fully opening the door, Trump is just closing the door https:/…
Unacceptable: may tap a climate denier to serve as the highest-ranking enviro official in the White House https:…
Politics: Conservative and liberal watchdogs are railing against Trump over concealed White…
.on the Trump White House: "I have never seen anything like this where people just flat-out lie"
White House will keep Trump visitor logs secret from public
Deceitful behavior continues. What are you hiding?
..donnie trump has brought so much corruption to America and the White House, we should be ashamed...
Trump 's White House is not releasing visitors log... this ages nicely
White House line is +1 (202) 456-1. I was on hold for 8 mins to lodge... by via
Not a peep from White House to schools for Easter tradition
Trump should be sitting in the SITUATION ROOM at the WHITE HOUSE right now, not golfing at his chintzy rattrap in Florida…
ACLU: Trump's refusal to release White House visitor logs is unacceptable
As a reporter who writes abt ethics & lobbyists, not having WhiteHouse​ logs is a very big deal. A major rollback. http…
Trump's questioning Obama's transparency comes to mind as the White House says it will no longer share visitor logs:
This stunning decision to withhold White House visitor logs raises an obvious question—what is President Trump trying…
Inauguration singer is still waiting for a White House meeting with Trump
More huge hypocrisy from Trump, who criticized Obama for lack of transparency. Press should stand by the entrance. https:…
Trump. -will not let you see White House visitor logs. -will let internet service providers sell your browser history to th…
Trump will keep list of White House visitors secret - via
Biden demands Trump White House confront Russia over anti *** abuses in Chechnya
Trying to figure out the big difference between Seder photos from the Trump White House vs Obama White House. Hm.
Transparency groups sue to get Trump White House visitor logs
Andrea Mitchell says Trump White House misleads like no other:
Reportedly there's infighting in the Trump White House between two factions: on one side, the *** and on the other…
Just curious, who exactly is this cadre of "highly placed individuals in the Trump White House," running to Politico?
3. [Putting on partisan hat] The real concern here: Trump White House has the same legal authority. Incompetence is our…
The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child:
From AM: "Buckle up ... Expect regular, sometimes violent, upheavals in this Trump White House"
Trump White House officials gave Nunes the intel—& Trump team wasn't monitored; it was foreigners talking about them. https:…
Saw an ad for Game of Thrones. Thought it was an explanation of who's suspect in the Trump White House.
Scoop by - Trump White House gets earful from head of Judicial Watch on need for transparency re Russia https:/…
"Torture memo" author spotted at Trump White House via
Sean Spicer's today confirmed that the Trump White House is a totally criminal enterprise hellbent on obfus…
CNN: Trump White House covering up investigation of Trump's Campaign ties to Russians
When the going gets tough, the Trump White House talks tough on the undocumented
Fox News is acting as an enforcer for the Trump White House. This is what state-run media does. .
JUST IN: Republican lawmakers leave Trump White House with no deal on GOP healthcare bill
Something terrible is happening. America's most prominent anti-Muslim activist is welcome at the Trump White House
Comey didn’t put the cloud there. The Russians did. The cloud isn’t over Trump’s White House; it’s over all of us. Do your job!
White House still won't back down from Trump's wiretap claims
Little Giant Ladders
White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trump’s eyes and ears
1. Here is a story that should legitimately freak out Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump, who retains close ties to her business, will take a role in the White House
FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at actions of far-right news sites in Trump campaign.
If she has no role, why does she need an office?
Disturbing. - will get a office, serve in a more prominent role, but not be sworn in, etc.
White House claims FBI, NSA told Congress that Russia did not influence election
New: NY AG Schneiderman has hired one of longtime prosecutors to handle Trump admin litigation:.
"The big question isn't what Trump and White House are saying about Russia story. They will evidently say anything."
If ANYONE thinks Trump meant Obama as in singular and not under the umbrella of HIS White House- They are literally retarded
James Comey testifies about the White House, Russian hacking and Trump's wiretapping claims -…
After only 2 months in office, Trump falls to new approval rating low of 37 %. 37% seems high to me considering.
Scandinavian taxpayers give 4-5 times more than Americans in foreign aid and to UN. Is that fair https:…
The .is willing to commit treason to get tax cuts for the wealthy.
Spicer's line on Manafort/Flynn was absurd, but the implication is clear: the White House is starting to worry
White House tries to distance Trump from campaign aides amid FBI investigation writes.
Truth has a in the Trump White House.
White House: Trump still won't apologize to Obama over wiretapping
1. Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia? The White House is suddenly distancing itself from top staff
6. White House seems to be setting itself up to argue that no one IMPORTANT on the campaign colluded with Russia
a fortune for every-weekend trips to FL; Mrs Trump staying in NY instead of White House; etc. Unnecessary expenses: he should pay. 2/2
You seriously need to do a better job of staying informed.
Hmmm, if I were or I would be scared. White House is already selling them down the river.
FBI’s Trump-Russia probe knocks White House on its heels
One Trump adviser dismisses the internal White House mess and says the only fight that matters "is the one inside Trump's he…
The battle to define an ‘America First’ foreign policy divides the Trump White House
It is difficult to understand how Abbas merits an invitation to the Trump White House. Read Jack Engelhard.
Analysis | Sean Spicer's Thursday news conference was a new low for the Trump White House
REVEALED: Moment of BRUTAL Merkel snub in Trump White House visit
Only one person more out of his league and over his head in the Trump White House than Stephen Miller -- and that is the pre…
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Assange: Pushing for 'Pence Takeover' of Trump White House » Alex Jones: There's a war on for your mind!
Monica Crowley, who nearly joined Trump White House, registers as pro-Kremlin foreign agent
'China has too much to lose from confrontation with the Trump White House.'
Cruz dines at Trump White House after bitter barbs in 2016 race via
Did Rex Tillerson Own Millions in Exxon Stock as Trump Promoted Company?: --While the Trump White House praises……
'There are no sacred cows': Breitbart's peace w/establishment wing of Trump White House may be over via
Recall in "Die Hard" how the terrorists holed up with hostages? That'll be the Trump White House when impeached. Hans Gruber Trump.
"But the Cheney approach, even if uniquely distinct … is a model of compliance compared with the Trump White House".
from The Washington Post. Mike Flynn’s striking farewell from the Trump White House, according to cartoons.
Trump White House pushing back against Mattis appointment of Obama stooge Patterson
Did the Obama administration leave the decision on whether to conduct a US raid in Yemen to the Trump White House?
Will the Trump White House try and erode Title IX educational protections for women?
Seems he already doesn't like us - Trump White House fails to recognize Irish American Heritage Month
Perspective: How the Trump White House is trying to intimidate journalists
What if Trump White House is more like Tribune Inc. under Sam Zell (Trump), Lee Abrams (Bannon) and Randy Michaels (Miller) circa 2010?
In late breaking news, the Trump White House has ordered the FBI to conclude that the White House Correspondents' Dinner…
Breaking News: The Times and 2 other news outlets were kept from attending a briefing by Trump's press secretary
The White House has reinstated protections for girls at school. We should also overturn "Safe Schools" policies.
Sean Spicer on White House request to FBI: "We didn't try to knock the story down. We asked them to tell the truth."
"Facts don't do what I want them to..." Trump rejects intelligence report contradicting White House on travel ban
Russia story just eating the White House alive. What are they even doing here?
Since we were not invited to The White House Briefing, we could only assume Spicer announced Trump.. bought a MoPed? -what CNN should report
It’s up to all of us to protect trans students, even if the White House won’t. Important read on how we can do that: ht…
.told hand-picked reporters in closed briefing that Trump White House 'is more accessible than probably any prio…
Given how determined the White House is to suppress stories about Trump/Kremlin ties, I hope we're equally determined to d…
The majority of the gaggle CNN was blocked from focused on CNN's reporting & contact w/FBI
Ole Jake has some bags under his eyes. Trump is wearing their fake *** out.
YES PLEASE: Newt Gingrich says Trump should ban CNN from the White House Press Room for 60 days!
Trump delivers a backhanded compliment to the reporters whose honest work provoked his latest foot-stamping tantrum. https:…
“It's not acceptable. In fact, it's petulant." just went OFF on the White House:
The White House sought to politicize intelligence officials by getting them to knock stories about Trump & Russia
Governors head for DC, will press Trump on Obamacare repeal...
This seems like presidential confirmation that the White House asked the FBI to help cover Trump campaign ties to Russia…
Chicago PD fires back at Trump: We asked White House for help and never heard back
The White House press corps has to come together and stand up to the White House as the Trump administration wages war against a…
'There is a word for that line of thinking: "un-American"' — Jake Tapper slams White House for barring… via
You know what the dictatorial regime of Maduro in Venezuela & Trump White House have in common? Both kicked out. Like…
.the media work for us,how dare you condone Trump& his lying white house stifle them from giving us checks & balance?
Trump says journalists shouldn't use unnamed sources, right after the White House pushed the FBI to anonymously deny any T…
The ban is an UNPRECEDENTED ACT and therefore requires an unprecedented response of boycotting the White House.
blocks CNN, New York Times from press briefing hours after slams media. htt…
When Trump repeats "Paris is no longer Paris." He's encouraging the white nationalism that drives his movement and his W…
Cnn now saying Trump White House contacted other agencies beyond FBI in order to get them to knock down Russia investigation…
White House asked FBI to shoot down a story, violating rules on communication | By .
The White House pressured the FBI to knock down reports of Russian contacts. . That's a big no-no. .
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Sign the card to thank New England Patriots' players for boycotting Trump's White House!
Trump White House bars news organizations from press briefing via
Trump repeats the same lies & attack them. Press should boycott the White House correspo…
"The White House insisted the officials speak on the condition of anonymity — a practice President Trump has condemned." https:…
Trump White House asks for DHS intel to back its claims about refugee program. Real risk of politicizing analysis, will…
White House refuses to correlate Kansas shooting with Trump's rhetoric
The White House barred LA Times from a press briefing earlier today. Here's our full statement: https:…
EVERY SINGLE NEWS OUTLET should send trump a message about BOYCOTT the White House Correspondents Dinne…
.This White House does not value an independent press. There is a word for that: Un-American.
President Trump's administration has quickly leapt to say his talk and actions have nothing to do with this crime. https:/…
I have expertise on this matter. Push back on an FBI investigation of the White House is better known as a COVER UP: https:/…
If you’re a news outlet allowed into a Trump White House gaggle, you need to ask yourself: what am I doing wrong?
Tapper: White House excluding the press is 'un-American' .
Breitbart was allowed at the White House briefing. CNN and the NY Times weren't. Here's an example of the 'journalis…
Reporters boycott White House press briefing after Donald Trump bans three major news outlets
if the White House wants to ban you then it is time to ban and all othe…
Rumour is she applied for job in Trump White House to replace Propaganda Minister Kellyann Conway.
. statement on reports that Trump White House asked FBI to deny Russia ties:
How is Obama coordinating spying and eavesdropping upon the Trump White House not a Federal Crime?
Should athletic teams decline to visit the Trump White House?. Jeff Wagner gets the discussion going next:…
What Michael Flynn’s downfall reveals about the Trump White House:
Lot of interactions between Trump White House and FBI for an ongoing investigation that could involve Trump White House: http…
I can't. There is literally nothing the Trump White House won't lie about.
Patriots' Chris Long rebuts criticism of his stance on Trump White House visit
Team Clinton finds vindication in Trump White House as ethical, national security questions mount
So, who in the Trump White House said, "Let's not tell Pence"?
In contrast to the uncoordinated Trump White House, which can't seem to help tripping over itself.
U.S. senators register alarm about security at the Trump White House
Congressional Republicans say, Flynn's out. So, no more problems with the Trump White House. Congress wants this President above the law.
Carpe Diem Tom Brady fine with Patriots team-mates refusing Trump White House visit
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From Michael Winship:. These first weeks of the Trump White House have felt like one of those tennis ball machines...
Turns out Sally Q. Yates "informed the Trump White House late last month" that Flynn lied about his call with Russia
How is this possible, that the Trump White House didn't know how weapons sales work.
Stephen Miller and the Trump White House are continuing their false voter fraud narrative. Only 4 cases of fraud were fou…
We're going to make sure that the lies coming from the Trump White House are called out, like these surrounding the Musli…
New England Patriots and others not going to the Trump White House.
6 New England Patriots now plan to skip visit to Trump White House
How will Trump White House react to loss...
They don't have spell check in the Trump White House?
Well, y'know, the few remaining outside the Trump White House
Trump White House may not understand or respect the whole co-equal branches of government thing. John Kelly does.
Trump White House didn't just leave Jews out of its Holocaust statement, it nixed the State Dept mentioning Jews too https…
Trump White House early days are a textbook example of how not to run a complex organization, some professors say http…
Management experts grade the Trump White House. The verdict? It's a classic case of how not to run an organization
A senior policy official in the Trump White House was "mentored" by the Nazi who got punched in the face
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(1/2) UCDSDs call on Enda Kenny to refuse any invitation from the Trump White House to travel to meet the President thi…
Corsi is claiming that the Trump White House is days away from giving Infowars credentials to cover briefings:
Trump White House risks alienating entire Muslim world, playing into the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda. General Flynn: Is t…
Trump White House defends travel ban as John McCain warns of benefits to Isis
You're the Trump White House, and in just under nine hours, you have to sacrifice someone to George Stephanopoulos. Whom do you send?
Martin Amis on a Trump White House is eerily accurate.
We see at the Trump White House a group of amateurs pretending to play presidency. They are clueless. Ignorant. Dangerous. A…
Trump White House threatens to go all in on voter ID laws
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